Muyeong geom (Shadowless Sword) (2005)

In 926, the capital of Balhae
fell to Georan.
On the territory Georan founded
a new country called Dongranguk,
which means 'Georan of East'.
The survivals of Balhae,
however, kept struggling fiercely
to restore their country.
In 927, Autumn
A raid by the Killer-Blade
Army of Dongranguk!
Form a defense line!
Don't give an inch, just fight back!
I'm honored.
The commander of the Killer-Blade Army
has come to pay a personal visit.
I came all the way to ask you something.
Wouldn't you rather cooperate
with Dongranguk?
I'm a human being.
You want me to be a dog
for Georan, like you?
Any last words?
I'm sad to announce
that even our future king, Prince Suhyeon,
has been assassinated by Gunhwapyeong.
that traitor is killing off everyone
from the royal family, cutting off the lineage.
Son of a Bitch!
I heard the news has spread all over,
hurting the morale of the people.
It's a big problem.
We need a king at a time like this.
With Prince Suhyeon dead,
who can become our king?
Who else is left?
I've found a prince
whose whereabouts were unknown.
Oh, is there a prince?
Who is he?
Do you remember Prince Jeonghyeon?
What happened?
As you ordered, I sent
Maeyoungok and Mabul to Jungwon.
She always works hard.
According to a secret agent,
Balhae has also dispatched
an excellent fighter...
Who's that?
We don't know yet.
Does anybody have any idea
who it could be?
This time you have to go far.
He's the son of LADY OH.
He was involved in some political strife
and sent to Jungwon.
He was exiled.
The Killer-Blade Army will be coming.
We must find him before the they do.
We must have a king to unite our people.
If we can unite our people and soldiers,
instead of fighting all over the place,
we can never lose...
Don't forget that.
Balhae's fate depends on him.
How was today?
What about the girl?
- Sosam?
- Yes.
What have you got?
What do you need to sell?
I'll meet the gentleman first
and tell him.
Sit over there and wait.
There's no need to doubt.
Just tell me how much you can pay.
There are others who are doing
this kind of business.
Why did you come to me?
I heard there's no later trouble with you.
No trouble when dealing with Sosam.
That's right.
The important thing is whether there will be
trouble or not. The price is the next concern.
So, how much are you asking?
Fifty jeon...
You rat!
That's too cheap!
Is about right,
but I'll give you up to 80 jeon.
Hey, Sosam, well...
I'm not sure where you heard of me
but you found the right person.
It's very important
who you deal with here.
You have to find a credible person...
I have a question to ask you.
What is your honorable name?
You were looking for Sosam.
I'm asking for your real name.
There are too many eyes here.
Follow me.
What you have,
only two of them were existed.
I thought I've been seeing strangers lately.
Your Highness,
there must be a misunderstanding.
I'd never misunderstand assassins.
Do me a favor.
Hey, Sosam.
That's no favor...
I thank you.
Don't worry and just go!
A misunderstanding?
Aren't you going to follow him?
I don't think anything
I say will matter right now.
Please, you guys need to help me.
Before that, you must help us first.
We're desperate.
I don't think so
All I have learned is how to kill.
No need to talk to you.
Kill her.
I said "I don't think so".
Okay, okay! Understood.
I would like to know something.
There is so called
"Rules" on the back street.
I know 10 ways to make you speak.
But, I'm not sure you can bear it.
Calm down.
I'm willing to give out everything.
Please sit down.
I'm Yeon Soha,
officer first class of Biseonwon.
Please forgive my discourtesy,
Your Highness.
Of course,
I have to forgive in this situation.
I don't know why you think so,
but I'm not an assassin.
Do you think I'm stupid?
They'll leave an exiled prince alive?
- What if other princes...
- All the other princes are...
are no more.
Your Highness!
You must become the king of Balhae.
I will be escorting you to Balhae.
I've lived in a place like this,
hiding from assassins for 14 years.
And now that painful time is all gone
and I am to be the king of Balhae, right?
Do you think I believe that?
Let's say that's all true.
Do you think I'm crazy?
That's only a title. You're saying that
I should become the king
to be chased by Georan,
not knowing when I will be killed?
Do you know what I believe in?
"Survival, above all else."
That's all I'm interested in.
Your Highness!
My kids came back almost all crippled,
which means I lose face.
What are we supposed to do now, huh?
I didn't do it.
Did I say you did it, Prince?
You ain't from battle field, are you?
Tell me.
About what?
Tell me the details
so I can decide on the price.
How much money will you bring me
when I hand you over?
Always the same routine...
They need to be beaten to start speaking.
You... Stop!
She... She's the one!
She attacked us!
I've heard interesting stories
about your skills.
I'm the boss of...
I told you to take your hands off of him.
Not gonna work.
You should talk to me.
I'm the boss of...
Oh, Shit!
Your Highness, are you okay?
What's going on?
They're on the same team!
Please don't worry.
I will protect you.
Bo... Boss...
Yeon Soha... It's you.
You came here.
We've passed a couple of times,
but this is the first time
we've said hello.
What do we do?
There are more than two of them now.
Don't worry.
This is our region.
And we've got more people.
Who are they now?
They're Dongranguk's Killer-Blade army.
Officer Yeon,
wouldn't it be better if we avoided
any unnecessary killings?
Give us Prince Jeonghyeon
and we'll guarantee your life.
I can never allow you to take him.
It's not going to work by talking.
Everyone stop!
Looking at the current situation,
I think you're the one we should join up with.
Get out!
Lt'll be better to talk.
I'm the boss of...
What are we doing?
Kill them!
Your Highness, please run!
We have to run away.
What is the matter?
Your Highness!
They'll keep coming.
You have to keep away from them!
Follow me!
Tell me.
Who are you?
What do you have to do
with the Killer-Blade Army?
Most of them are traitors to Balhae.
In the past, I've seen them
in the military.
Is that why you introduced
yourself like that?
Is there something wrong with
how I introduced myself?
Then, how are you related to
my brother Suhyeon?
I've once guarded
the Crown Prince for a while.
We must go now.
Where to?
This is the safest place.
There is no safe place.
As long as we are here,
they'll eventually find you.
They will kill everyone on Wolnak street
if they need to...
That is the Killer-Blade army's way.
Didn't you say that surviving is
your only interest?
Then there's no other way.
Then follow me,
I know a shortcut out of here.
You want a drink?
Is this the fast way you've mentioned?
We must eat well to go fast.
How can we travel far without eating?
They are the Bidomun, a branch of
Heukdobang's gang. I recognize the symbol.
I heard they are out of their minds
because their boss was killed.
Let's go now.
We don't have much time.
I will decide whether to go or not.
If I don't like it, I won't go.
Who the hell are you?
My boss here told me
to ask you something!
That girl?
What did she say?
She wonders if it's true
that your boss died
from overdoing it with women.
That bitch!
Please just ignore him and let it go.
Too late. We already heard him!
What are you doing?
We are still in mourning for my father.
That guy picked a fight with us.
We didn't have a choice.
I gave you an order to be cautious,
no matter what happened!
Say again what you just said.
I found him! Here! Here!
It's very late.
Let's go now.
Uh... OK... Go quickly.
I appreciate your help very much.
Don't say that.
How can I just ignore this kind of thing?
I wish...
I wish I could cut him though
for your sake...
Everything will be okay, don't worry.
Let's go.
What happened?
After listening to our story,
she said she would help us.
You told her everything?
Are you out of your mind?
You have no idea how fast rumors
spread in this town.
I said that you abandoned your wife
and children to run away with a widow,
stealing your ill mother's money.
Hey! You're a warrior.
How can you lie to people like that?
Sword is not the only thing
you need in the battle field.
Put these on. It's going to be
a tough walk and quite cold from now on.
That's okay.
I'm not going to care
if you get cold later on.
Let's go.
How did you learn martial art?
I've only trained to use sword.
Where did you learn to use it?
I learned from a military camp.
I had learned from many soldiers
since I was little.
You had one rough life.
I would've give up.
What is going on?
I need to get horses.
I don't think it is possible.
It is not like stealing clothes.
It is way too difficult to steal them.
We have to wait till dawn, and...
Don't worry, I can pay.
Damn, it's hot!
It's killing me...
Wow, who's this! Brother Sosam!
- I brought you a customer.
- Customer?
Do you like any of them?
I want to buy the one on the far right
and the fourth one.
You know your horses.
But they are quite expensive...
Since you came with Brother Sosam,
I'll give you a good deal.
For the two, give me 300 jeon.
I live off of you, Brother.
But they're real good horses!
- But they're stolen.
- Shhh! Come on...
She's fine. Who is she?
A devil from hell.
Come to take me to die.
What? Never understand a single word...
Anyway let me take a sword.
I'd better carry one
since someone's trying to kill me...
Let's see.
This one should be good.
Why did you choose that one?
Take a better one.
I'll pick one for you.
Doesn't matter.
I'll never use it anyhow.
You surprised me...
You're here again.
No word from the Deputy Commander yet?
Please don't worry...
Maeyoungok has never lost her quarry.
Wouldn't it depend on who the quarry is?
- Have you found out?
- Of course!
Do you know a female warrior
called Yeon Soha?
I'll go myself.
Are you going to kill the prince
again this time?
The royal court wants
Balhae's royal family to cooperate.
To help calm the conflicts and uprisings
all around the country.
But because you've been killing
every member of the royal family,
the court can't trust you.
If you want to gain something big,
you'd better control your vengeful spirit.
How can I help you?
We don't need dinner.
Give us a place to stay.
How many rooms...
Can't you see?
There are two people.
Then I'll prepare...
Give us one room.
One's enough.
Are you going to stay
like that all night?
This is the way Biseonwon warriors
guard the door of the king
until he falls asleep.
Please do not worry.
If you're going to be silly,
you'd better come in and be silly.
You're going to be the king.
There shouldn't be
any kind of scandalous rumors.
Are we in Balhae?
Who's going to see?
Whoever's watching or not
is not important.
Under the heavens,
The king should have nothing to hide.
You speak as if I'm going to be the king.
When did I say I would?
I'm not going to.
He said they went to Hadong.
The Chief Commander is coming.
Hey, Officer Yeon Soha!
You said you grew up in the military.
Was your father a soldier?
No, Sir.
Then, why?
I didn't have anywhere else to go.
Georan soldiers killed my father
when I was 9,
my mother when I was 10...
I didn't have any other relatives.
It'll be tough to get to Hadong today.
There's a place to stay near there.
A very cozy place.
What's that?
That incense...
It's my habit to comfort the dead.
Those who I used to know and the enemies
who have been killed by my sword.
You comfort even the souls
of your enemies?
With no hatred or resentment?
At least you won't be eaten
by an evil spirit.
I also learned how to use
the sword in Balhae.
I know the story
that evil spirits born from the resentment,
spite, and hatred,
that lives on in your sword.
Grown-ups used to scare me
with the story
that an evil spirit grows
by drinking blood
and finally makes the owner of
the sword evil as well.
I learned when I grew up
that the story meant one shouldn't
lose serenity because of hatred.
I believe evil spirits grow in the sword.
Do you still believe what you were told
when you were little?
That is why you treat it so carefully.
It protects you from evil spirits.
I believe I have to use the sword
to protect my important things.
What would people think
when they hold the sword?
Protecting? No way...
Killing comes the first.
That is instinct.
I have tried to tell a couple of times,
don't give me that look.
Don't give me that pity look.
I have had a fairly great life
until I met you.
I need to meet someone.
Wait here for a while.
We don't have much time.
There's still a long way to go...
It's the owner of this shop.
Don't go anywhere, just wait here.
It'll only take me a moment.
Hey, who's this?
Here you go!
What are you doing here,
without telling us you were coming?
I'd like to get back my money
that you're keeping for me.
It looks like I'll have to go
in hiding for a while.
What have you done?
It's a long story. I'll tell you later.
So where are you going this time?
For now, quite far...
Sosam, to be honest, some people
came by here yesterday.
They... Said they were
with the Killer-Blade Army.
And they're looking for you!
Let's talk.
Did you think you could
get away from me?
Let me ask you one thing.
Would you like to cooperate
with Dongranguk?
I don't know what you mean by that...
Why are you trying so hard
to take me?
Because you're going to be
Balhae's king.
You've seen how I live.
Do you think the throne fits me?
You'll be an excellent king.
Thank you for thinking highly of me,
but let me tell you one thing.
I was going to leave you here
and run away.
I failed because my friend betrayed me.
If you were really going to do that,
there were a lot of chances.
Why do you think I'm telling you this?
I have no intention to go to Balhae.
If I hope to survive,
there are many other ways.
You have to go no matter what.
Then tell me one good reason
why I must go to Balhae.
Why do I have to go there?
As far as I know, you weren't present
at your mother's deathbed.
We'll pass by Cheonaegok
on the way.
There is a graveyard.
Your Highness!
Long time no see.
I know only one thing.
My father and family were dishonored
and brutally killed by
the royal family of Balhae.
The charges against them
were not false.
I don't care who says what.
I will kill whoever insulted
my father and family.
Your Highness, are you OK?
No, I'm not OK.
Do you know how terrible
it is to be stabbed from behind?
A message came from headquarters.
What would you like to do?
Say we haven't found them.
I'm not going back
before I kill Yeon Soha.
Kill Yeon Soha?
As long as I'm under orders,
I want to take care of it on my own.
I don't want to cause trouble to you,
most of all.
I will give you four days.
If I see Yeon Soha,
you'll have no more chances.
It was quite close.
I guess it may not be that serious...
It is from the street fight.
It is from the battle field.
What made you think...
I wouldn't even get close to it.
I was told you joined the majesty,
your father,
for the battle against Georan
when you were only fifteen.
Georan soldiers!
They seem dropping
out of the headquarters.
Your highness!
Look at this chaos.
They wouldn't have time to pack.
They wouldn't even dare to fight, but run.
What is that for?
It is for you since you are not well.
It seems so convenience.
Hand it over.
I will do, your highness.
Have you ever done carpenter's work?
I had to fix stuffs to sell.
Some dorks broke things
when they stole goods.
What? This is what I have been doing.
You see!
I'm not even close to be a King.
You made wrong decision.
General KeumHwee.
For the fifteen years old prince
who was brave and fought in the battle field,
every soldiers called you by that name.
With glint helmet,
You were surely stand out in the battle field.
How well do you know about me?
There were many princes
who fought in the field
but no one could even get close to
what you had done.
You are the one people rely on
in this harsh time.
I'm nobody.
All that is left is useless myself, Sosam.
Your real nature wouldn't have changed.
That is wrong.
I have confidence in you.
Don't be silly.
What if you are wrong?
I bet my life on that.
Do we have to do that?
Going across the border
is the fastest way to Balhae.
We could get into big trouble
unless we put on Georan costumes.
Don't reveal your emotions.
They are looking for
Balhae's militia corp soldiers.
Those who fought here were not
from regular army of Balhae.
They were from militia corp.
They used to be normal farmers
or wood gatherers.
Give me the reins now.
I'll take it from here.
That's okay.
I'm bored. I'm bored to death.
Take a nap.
Or sing a song.
What is wrong with you?
You seem so upset.
With all your help, I try to help you back,
but all I get is your angry look.
What is wrong with me, you asked?
Your highness, you were almost killed.
You should be a king.
Your life does not only
belong to you, but to all people.
What you have done
would have kill more people.
You shouldn't worry too much.
Reason why I'm heading that way is
to visit my mother's graveyard.
We are almost there.
There should be a person
from Balhae waiting for us.
What's wrong?
You don't look well.
I'm okay.
Let's rest for a moment.
We must go.
We can't slow down because of me.
Take it.
I may not be able to protect you,
but I can avoid causing you more trouble.
Let's go, please.
You said the life of a king is not his own,
and said that he should run away,
even if the man
who would protect him is dying.
Let's say I'm the king of Balhae.
You're telling me I should become a king
who only thinks about himself,
although his man is dying?
Is that a king?
If that is...
I will never become the king.
Please let me go.
You have to receive a bow in welcome.
I, Jocheonsu, under General lmsunji,
greet Prince Jeonghyeon, Your Highness.
What happened to you?
- Uncle...
- Yes.
Please take care of the prince.
Why is she sick? Is it serious?
Tell me what's happened.
She's been poisoned by snake venom.
I think it's too late.
I heard that lmseonju moved
to protect the prince.
With his army...
Do you understand what this means?
Once they arrive here,
there'll be no chance!
I'll finish before they arrive.
The royal court wants
something more specific.
They sent the Golden Boy Army here!
The Golden Bow Army
will catch the prince.
The Killer-Blade Army can wait
for a new mission.
It's the orders of the court!
Are you going to go against them?
I called you because of Gunhwapyeong.
The Killer-Blade Army
should have taken care of this job.
But the Golden Bow Army
has been sent already...
If the Golden Bow Army
takes the honor of victory,
I cannot keep my promise
with Gunhwapyeong.
Send us please.
We are sure to succeed!
I wish I could.
But I already have my orders.
Well, there may be a way...
Can you give me your life for it?
Of course!
Do you know what I mean?
I... I am a warrior!
If there is any way for you to succeed,
you must take it,
don't you think?
Don't you regret?
About changing your country...
Why... don't you like it?
I don't care about country.
My only concern is to serve you.
Whatever your position is,
you're always the same person to me.
It won't take long...
Once the last prince is killed
the dream will come true...
I will establish my own country
on the territory of current Balhae
with a help of Georan.
Now she passed the crucial moment.
She will wake up soon.
Now you should go
meet your mother.
Yayul cheolla said we have to leave
before the Golden Bow Army arrives.
I will never forget
what you wished for, Maeyoungok...
Have you contacted
the Golden Bow Army?
Of course.
They might attack you Killer Blades
unless they know you're coming.
Prince Jeonghyeon will be dead...
No matter who finds him,
the Killer Blades or the Golden Bows.
What do you mean?
You're still thinking like that?
The court wants the prince alive...
You... think you'll be okay after this?
The Balhae people killed you.
Or, better yet, Prince Jeonghyeon.
So I killed Jeonghyeon to avenge you.
It's a simple story.
You... Ingrate...
He is dead.
Send this message of his death
to the Gloden Bow Army.
I think you should go.
She may be awake.
I should.
Your name is Jocheonsu, right?
Yes, your highness.
You look familiar.
I have seen you a couple of times
in the battle field,
General Keumhwee.
How is the wound on your back?
Your Highness.
There is a person from headquarters.
Chief of assault team, Jochensu.
I came here to see you, your highness.
You are deeply wounded.
I will call medic to bring you
to headquarters.
It wouldn't take long, your highness.
I remember you, now.
Chief of assault team, Jochensu.
Please take your time to see her.
I will.
You're awake. Good.
The prince is not here.
He went to Lady Oh's grave.
He was on guard for you all night.
Gunhwapyeong's here!
Is that how Gunhwapyeong indicates
he's on the hunt?
The prince is in danger!
Mother, I'm here.
I survived no matter what
as I promised to you.
Are you satisfied now?
Aren't you... Jocheonsu, the one
who used to be called the One-Strike-Killer?
It's been a long time, Gunhwapyeong.
I've heard enough
about your brutal killings.
Take off.
I'll catch you up later.
Now that you've met me,
I think you're killing days are over.
We must hurry.
Have you recovered? Are you ok?
Yes, I'm fine. Let's go.
Better than expected, Gunhwapyeong.
But you're just an old tiger now...
This... This is...
To the victor goes the spoils...
Your Highness!
No more energy, already?
I know what's happening to you.
If you overuse your energy
when you're poisoned,
your blood gets all twisted.
If you practice your military techniques,
you'll die.
You're wrong.
There's difference between
not being able to use the techniques
and not being allowed to use them.
You... What's going on?
Stop right there,
Commander Gunhwapyeong.
Jocheonsu is dead. I killed him...
And now
I'm going to kill that prince...
There's only one way.
There's one attack,
but it will cost you your life.
Do you know what you need for
that one blow?
You need the will to kill.
Think of how much you want to kill.
That's all.
The sword... it's not for killing.
It is for protecting valuable things.
But nobody can block my way...
Just sit there...
and watch the prince die helplessly.
That... sword...
You know it well...
Your father gave the same sword
to two young princes.
How... How did you...
Because I killed Daesuhyeon.
Your Highness.
Teach me how to use the sword.
Why do you want to learn?
My father and mother,
both were killed by the Georan people.
I... I want to learn.
The sword is not for killing
or hurting people.
Rather, it's for protecting something valuable.
Let me ask you one thing.
Why do you have it?
I saved it to kill you...
the last in the lineage.
That's wrong...
That sword is not the secret sword
you think it is.
But the sword you were lookin for is...
The true sword is
the valuable spirit of Soha's.
I must save that spirit.
No matter what.
There's this thing called
the Body-Attack technique.
Both Daesuhyeon and Jocheonsu...
I killed them with this skill.
With this skill...
I will also kill you. Slowly.
With the secret skill of
the Balhae royal family.
You know,
this was the only military technique
that I learned completely.
I guess you haven't learned
how to overcome the inner shock.
From the beginning,
you couldn't beat me.
Why didn't you tell me?
You must pass Cheonaegok now.
I'm asking you why...
You really thought I'd be the king?
Since the day I met you in Junwon,
I've never doubted. Not even once...
Because you must be...
the same person you were 14 years ago.
Without you...
I wouldn't be here.
You brought me a reason to live...
to me who lost everything.
You were my life for 14 years.
It's General lmsunji
and soldier of Balhae.
Please get ready to meet them.
I... I have no chance.
What are you talking about?
Everything is over!
We're almost there!
Please don't say anything.
Please stay like this for a while.
I beg you...
Your Highness, I kept my promise.
But... You didn't...
Save your life.
I saved something
more valuable than my life.
Sword is to protect
important things to you.
Am I right?
We were robbed our castles, our land
and our country.
They even stole our capital
and changed the name of the palace.
A lot of people have died.
They're telling us
to recover the valuable things
the things they lost.
So, in this battle,
we are not going to falter or fail in!
We'll continue to fight.
If our swords break,
we'll fight with our hands.
If we have no strength and are caught,
our eyes will pierce the enemies.
We'll speak about their sins
to the heavens!
We'll let them know
they can never take us from this land!
Now this castle will again
be called Holhan Palace
and we'll restore our country!
In 928, Dongranguk
withdrew to Leaotong area.
Post-Balhae and Jeongahnguk
were founded on the territory.
Both of them proudly called themselves
the descendants of Balhae.
The medics have arrived to escort you.
- Genera Jo.
- Please speak freely.
This kid lost both parents.
Please take care of her.
Yes, sir.
You remember everything I told you?
Can you promise you won't forget?
Yes, I promise.