Mute (2018)

There is
major internal tissue damage.
I'm not promising we can repair it,
but if we don't try,
Leo will never be able to talk.
Your son deserves that we do our best.
I understand you have your own beliefs,
but sometimes the good Lord does
his best work through human hands.
Come, my child, help me.
He'll be fine.
We just need to get him home.
God will heal Leo. are not just
a customer, you are part of the machine.
If you see acts of graffiti
being committed,
please notify the authorities.
All American military personnel
must have valid passes.
I'm so sorry.
I'm late.
So sorry.
Yeah, let's go.
Leo, I got something for you.
Well, you have to wait.
Come on. I'm starving.
Please watch your heads.
FlyMeal coming through.
You really don't mind eating this again?
It's comfort food, you know?
Don't get me wrong.
I really love your very...
peculiar way of living, but...
it would make things
so much easier.
It's the oldest, simplest phone
I could find.
So that's where you...
Wait, let me show it to you.
So... Okay,
that's how you turn it on, and...
Leo, stop hiding.
You are so beautiful.
Da stargo tora.
The black of my eyes.
Da stargo tora.
Means "the thing
that makes me feel beautiful."
- Hi!
- Hi.
One more?
That's a real sexy hood ornament
you got dancing up there tonight.
I need two more of those.
That's my favorite so far.
But it's too easy.
Make me a sea horse.
- Here you are, mate. Here she comes.
- Come on, love.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Here, love.
My man's got a question for you.
I'm wondering
if the top matches the bottom.
Isn't he charming?
- Just take that.
- Hey, Naadirah.
- Hey, pretty girl.
- Naadirah, let's go take a break.
Come on.
- She loves it.
- Loves it.
So, did Nicky talk to you?
- Yeah.
- How much money you have saved so far?
- Not enough.
- And why isn't he helping?
He doesn't know.
Luba, get off the car.
What? He doesn't know?
Wow! Mute and dumb. What a catch.
You haven't brought him over.
I hope it's got nothing to do with me.
You can put a sock on the door handle
so I know not to come in.
Or wait till I'm asleep.
I know he'll be quiet.
Why the hell can't he talk anyway?
It's complicated.
It's his mother's fault.
He needs surgery.
It's against her beliefs.
If my mom tried to stop me talking,
I would fuck her up.
And she's in a wheelchair.
He doesn't need words.
He's kind.
Why wouldn't I love him?
I didn't do that?
- Aw, Luba...
- No.
- I'm gonna go back inside.
- Wait, wait. So who did Nicky suggest?
It doesn't matter how close
you rub up against Grace, Luba,
you will never be as beautiful as her.
- Get off my car.
- Okay.
- Back to work. Let's go.
- Fine.
Blue is my favorite lollipop color.
I just lick 'em like...
You know what I think?
Maybe I didn't offer enough money.
- Get your hands off me.
- This goes easier if you don't fight...
- Get your hands off me.
- Who do you think... Hey!
What you doing? Hey! Rob! Rob!
- What you doing? Hey!
- It's all right. Leave him be.
- I didn't know she was your woman.
- Leave him be.
Get your hands off him!
- You all right?
- Yeah, he took my money, man.
- Fucking thief.
- Never put your hands on me.
- This is expensive shit.
- It's not worth it.
Leo. Leo.
I can't lose this job.
Yeah, listen to your bitch, Leo.
Yeah, go on.
Keep walking, lanky prick.
Yeah, get out, man.
Hey, don't push me!
Please take your seats
and fasten your seat belts.
Yeah? That's what your mom liked.
Oh, yeah.
All right. All right. Getting it.
Thank you.
Hey, lover boy. Let's go.
I built my dream here,
piece by piece.
My car, my club, my security.
Not easy.
If you interfere with what I have made...
One warning.
I don't want to see you in here again.
Something happened tonight.
No. No, I'm not hurt.
But I...
I need to tell you something.
Someone I...
I need to tell you about someone.
But no! No, I'm not leaving you, but I...
I have to tell you something about me.
God, Leo. The last thing
I want to do is leave you.
What are you always doodling in there?
A bed?
A bed for us?
Leo, where are we going?
It's freezing cold.
Leo, do you have a car?
It's like it's from a fairy tale.
I don't deserve you, Leo.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I always will.
But you don't know me.
Maybe if she saw Josie more,
she'd get off your back.
You're down here half the time.
She's my daughter.
She stays with me.
What does Josie want?
Hold on.
I can't see shit.
You know what? We're gonna have to cut
these pants right off.
She's a kid.
She does what she's told.
Her mom can kiss my Yankee ass.
I'm trying to save this leg.
I'll make it up to Josie
when we get back to New York.
Oh, what fun panties.
- Club camo?
- And they work with the garters.
What do you have in here?
Are you throwing this out?
Junk. Leave it.
You know, I can see the shell,
I just can't...
- Yeah, yeah...
- Easy...
I know. It hurts all over.
Put weight on it.
That, my myopic friend, is a.38.
My, my. So it is.
You got eyes like a hawk.
Leave those baby blues to me.
I'll recycle them.
- Want to chuck some rock later?
- Sure do.
Is good?
- He was shot five times?
- Gunther...
- Da. Five.
- Yeah.
Well, then... is good.
Old slim here's gonna be ready
to rob and roll before you know it.
Go on, close him up.
An honor and a pleasure, my friend.
- Is this guy family or one of your goons?
- Not family.
No. Make the stitches big.
No one in my family
is stupid enough to get shot five times.
Tell him to get
the fuck out of the way the next time,
because I don't plan on sticking around
to help him sort out his social life.
So, you leave soon?
I don't know, Akim. Do I?
Boss says two days. Three at most.
That sounds like an excuse, babe.
It does, right?
I mean, that's an awful lot.
Still, it's gotta be nice, right?
Having a surgeon on call?
All private and such?
Well, that is me. Miller time.
How about you, Akim? Want a little drink?
Black Russian, maybe?
If he say
he get you out of country, he get.
It's delicate.
Maksim has to be careful, yes?
He doesn't want trouble
from military police.
You are a-hole.
AWOL. Yeah.
See, I'm AWOL. You're a-hole.
Expensive to make
American soldier disappear.
Especially now. Lots of work.
But he likes you, Cactus. Relax.
Is not going to be problem.
Oh, goody. 'Cause the sooner I am out of
this shit stain of a country, the better.
If you hate Germany so much,
why are you here?
He joined a fraternity. Wanna-be-a-papa.
Don't be a fuckin' AWOL.
We're trying to keep this
as relaxed as possible, Mr. Bell.
You can be seated, you can stand.
It really doesn't matter.
Um... I'll sit. I'll stand.
I mean, I'll sit.
Do something, man.
- My name is Sam Bell.
- So is mine! So is mine, pal!
- Hey, come on!
- Order!
- Come on!
- It's my name too.
- Order!
- Yeah.
Are you strict?
You turned away from the TV.
You're a strict one.
We've all got vices, my friend.
- Shut up!
- I understand...
I watch
too much of this shit anyway.
What does a guy have to do
to get service?
There's no table service.
Are you serious?
- There's no table service. You order here.
- It's like three fuckin' feet.
Such a...
Man. All right.
Okay. All right. Okay. Okay.
I'm gonna be all right.
I would... Hold on.
Could I get a cappuccino?
Just give me a bonca
fucka-fookin'- fuckin' coffee, would you?
You work at Dreams, right?
I heard you got in a fight
the other night with some limeys.
Now, I'm not the kind of guy
to get between a man and his grudge,
but don't do that again.
I'd really appreciate it.
I need those assholes.
At least for another week.
Hey! Mine's bigger than that.
Did you spit in this?
Hey, dummy. What'd you do with Naadirah?
Where is she?
Leo, this is Nicky.
He runs Maksim's business
across the street.
He drinks free, all right?
What are you having, Nicky?
Two shots, single malt.
Send that and a Stoli up to the office.
Two vodkas
on the rocks, please, mate?
- Chop, chop.
- Come on, boy.
No hard feelings about last night.
These things happen, all right?
Oh yeah, one more thing, mate.
Where's that little blue-haired waitress
from yesterday? Hmm?
'Cause I'd like to give her
an apology as well.
I'd like to give her a very big apology.
Come here!
Hey, stop!
Leo, you're fired.
Cocksucking commie assholes.
It's a good likeness, babe.
You know who drew that?
That fucking barman
who beat up my ticket out of here.
God! This place...
No wonder the Krauts
keep invading other countries.
If I knew I was stuck here
for the rest of time,
I would be blitzkrieging my ass
through France too.
You'll make it back to the States.
It's gonna be great.
Uh-oh... Someone's awake.
Come here.
Say hi to your Uncle Duck.
What are you doing awake? Oh.
Oh, man. What a beautiful babe.
You sure she's yours?
She says she can't sleep.
No? Did you have a nightmare?
- You want some water, honey?
- No, I'm gonna stick with beer.
- Bill, I need to take off.
- Okay. Here, take a cab.
You need any help with her again,
call me.
- Thank you.
- Bye, Josie. See you soon.
Hey, you did great tonight.
Thanks, Kanwal.
- She work at the club?
- She works at the parlor.
- Oh.
- Sweet kid.
What do you say we take you upstairs?
I'll read you a story.
Come on. I'll tuck you in.
By the way, what happened downstairs...
The little word game, "Wanna-be-a-papa"?
Don't do that again. I'll hurt you.
I was just playing, babe.
Hmm. And don't shtup our babysitter.
That'd be weird, right?
Volkea Reward credits
are still available
for customers reporting the whereabouts
of US service personnel
absent without leave.
Don't be shy. Screw that guy.
What do you want?
What do you want?
Don't know her.
You've got the wrong place.
Follow me, love.
Get out.
You're going to get me in trouble.
If you haven't found her, it's probably
because she's finally dumped you,
you useless shit.
maybe you're here for me.
Yeah. That's right.
Oh, what? What? Are you judging me now?
You fucking tech-tard!
- Hey, Luba!
- Do you think your girlfriend's a saint?
You think your girlfriend's a saint,
don't you?
Trust me. Trust me. Naadirah has secrets.
You all right, Luba?
I touch his dick
and he jumps like a spooked dog.
Let me help you.
Da stargo tora.
Da stargo tora.
Da stargo tora.
All these people are here for IDs?
No, mate. The whole thing's organic.
Different crews in on different days.
You know, chop shops, data miners,
arms dealers, cybernetics.
If you want it, someone in here
can supply it. Probably me.
The cops don't shut you down?
Nah, we migrate.
Try not to overstay our welcome, you know?
I do not believe this shit.
Rob! Rob! That motherfucker...
Hey! Jesus.
Come on.
Oi! No trouble from you, son.
Not today.
You lost, mate? Hmm?
I'm not interested in her, Leo.
We saw enough of her at the club.
Didn't we?
Yeah, we did.
Take a hint and fuck off.
You heard the man.
Now look, I'm not trying to be
disrespectful. Am I, Rob?
No, you're not stupid.
What's a class bird like
your missus doing with a Joey like you?
I mean, look at you.
Mute, broke, bullshit fashion sense.
Hey, are you even listening to me?
Fuck me, he's weird.
Oh, the duck flies. Oh, he flies.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, sit down.
- Yeah, ball's loaded, babe.
So, you and Josie all plugged
into the system now?
I think so.
- You know that bartender from the club?
- Yeah.
He crashed the session.
- Are you serious?
- I got Josie out of there.
Something's going on.
I don't know why you
don't use my passport.
You know, do your fingertips,
retina implant,
you gotta bleach your hair,
and then you gotta shave
the lady tickler off.
I'd rather kill myself.
I understand.
It's hard to be this good-looking.
It's a responsibility.
Yeah, that's it.
Are you gonna stick around here
for the rest of your life?
Why not? Plenty of work, good perks.
Make better implants than anybody else.
I don't mind being the big fish.
Besides, my life's a lot less complicated
than yours, babe.
As long as I've got enough to eat,
some cash to splash,
and some cooch to smooch...
I am...
Ooh!...a happy man.
I should turn pro.
Oh, look at that.
School girls, babe.
Itty-bitty titties
and smooth little pussies.
- Then they grow up.
- Take your fucking shot.
I'll tell you something,
it's not gonna be long
before you're fighting
all them young studs off that
cutie-pie little daughter of yours.
Ow! Fuck!
Don't do that.
Don't talk about my daughter.
Get off me, man.
Just fucking playing around, man.
You need to maintain
a sense of humor, babe.
Ah, fuck!
Why don't you just build yourself
a new hand, big fish?
Let me see it.
Come on, let me see it.
Hold this against it.
All right, I'll take your shot.
So close.
This is Oswald.
I'm busy.
Please leave packages downstairs.
Who the hell are you?
Hey! Hey!
You can't come barging
into a man's home uninvited.
I could be entertaining.
This is my place.
What's your name?
That's... that's none of your business.
Don't worry about that.
Oi! Dickhead, that's private!
You speak English?
You speak Deutsch?
Oh, shit.
- Oh...
- Ah...
You work for Nicky Simsek?
This is ridiculous.
Wait there. Hold on.
If Nicky wants to keep
this little sideline of his running,
he needs to get a better class of whore.
Fat Max wasn't even that fat.
And he should shower next time,
between clients.
You're here for Naadirah.
I already paid her.
If Nicky didn't get his money,
his problem is with her, not me.
But you can tell Nicky,
if he wants to do business with me,
he can do it in person,
not through that thieving whore Naadirah.
Okay. Okay. All right.
You wanna earn a bit?
Yeah, we can go on the bed.
You tell Nicky, you can come next time!
If Nicky didn't get his money,
then his problem's with her, not me.
This is Nicky.
He runs Maksim's business
across the street.
Da stargo tora.
Da stargo tora.
Da stargo tora.
How old are you, sweetheart?
How old do you think I am?
I don't know. My eyes might be playing
tricks on me, but I say 17, maybe?
- You don't think I could be 16?
- Oh?
Kanwal, we don't need
that kind of trouble.
- I'm 21.
- Twenty-two next week.
Why are you fucking this up for me?
You hate money or something?
Kanwal, how would you like
to make me feel 16 again?
Move your butt here.
- Are you really a doctor?
- Yes, I am.
Don't look at me like that.
Carpe culus.
Is Tanya around?
I thought Kanwal was watching Josie.
Yeah, well, Prince Charming there
just stole my babysitter.
Hey, Cactus.
Hey. Can you do me a favor?
Watch Josie for a while?
How are you, sweetie? That looks nice.
Need a babysitter again, Bill?
'Course. It'll be fun.
What the fuck's
on your face, Luba?
You want some dinner, angel?
Daddy's gotta go. Oh!
No soda.
Hey, Bill.
You know, I've always wondered
what goes on in this place.
I see a lot of guys going in tense
and coming out smiling.
Not everyone enjoys their job
as much as you, Robert.
Some of us need help to relax.
Not so much you, though.
You're always tense.
Think I might
like to check it out sometime.
- Have a look around.
- Any red-blooded male should.
Thing is, Uncle Sam's
a cheap son of a bitch
and I gotta send most of my money
back home to Sally and the kids.
You know the drill.
Well, hell, Robert,
let me have a word with the ladies inside
and get you fixed up.
Hey, you do like the ladies?
Oh, I'm a straight shooter, Bill.
You can bank on that.
You're a brother.
And being as we're bros,
I think it's only fair I tell you
that somebody out there
is sure keen to see you
get picked up by us.
Your ex-wife.
Willing to pay real money.
Good thing we're so close, then, huh?
Take it easy, Cactus.
Tell Maksim his car is ready.
Halt! Halt!
I've been to America.
I didn't like it,
but many of you do, so...
Can I help you?
Don't worry, he'll move on.
How freaky is that?
We have a beachside restaurant
on the fifth floor.
Hey! What is this?
Fucking art class? Hmm?
- What the fuck...
- Nicky, language.
Okay, take the kid out of here.
- I'm still hungry.
- Please, Makiko,
- take the kid out of here.
- Come on. Let's go.
See that syndicate over there?
They work with my boss,
so all I got to do is call them over
and they'll cook your nutsack faster
than this fine piece of fillet.
Do you understand?
Doesn't work for me.
You're a bit of a perv, aren't you?
I'm sure we can find someone
at the massage parlor
to cater to your kink.
I said, she doesn't work for me.
Wait. I know you.
I know you.
You're the barman.
Dude, I wouldn't tell your crazy ass
anything if my life depended on it.
Who the fuck is this?
What are you doing
searching for all these girls?
Are they related to you?
Are you stalking them?
I think you need to leave. Now.
Come on, guys.
Would you escort this bartender
back to his bottles?
They must be getting lonely by now.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
What did you have in mind?
Yeah, we could do that.
I know. I know. I know. I know.
Yeah, I gotta go.
What the...
I'm so... I'm sorry.
Who is this gorgeous girl?
I seem to remember
a really sad little girl coming in here.
A sad girl with one leg, but...
Are you sure it's the same girl?
Um... play Wayne.
Fit's perfect.
I just wanna record her gait for analysis.
Of course.
Take a look. Beautiful.
You are moving on that thing.
You're a pro. Here.
We'll get you up on this treadmill
and Uncle Duck is gonna record
this beautiful moment forever.
Careful now. Keep your back straight.
- Thank you so much, Dr. Teddington.
- Please. My pleasure.
A nice straight back for me.
There you go.
Just walk normally.
That's it.
That's it. Yes.
Yes, indeed.
I would like to order something.
Make it the pork with sauerkraut
and a beer.
No, track my phone. I'm out and about.
Welcome to Dig-Ins.
What can I do for you tonight?
Great. I just need you
to tell me your phone number.
I forget my phone number too.
I need my mental power for chick digits.
Please tell me your phone number.
You have to
speak your number into it.
You have to speak your number into it.
That's messed up.
You can't talk at all?
Let's see.
You can't send food to this number.
Please enable
tracking for this phone number.
You can wait here
or have it droned to your apartment.
Do you want a drink?
What did you do to Nicky?
He said he needed to find Naadirah.
I've never seen him so scared.
I mean, you did that.
It's... it's pretty impressive.
I thought you and Naadirah were trying
to pull some disappearing act
to get away from me.
You really are looking for her.
Aren't you?
What, you like these?
Don't worry, they come off.
You can borrow them.
Love is fucking crazy, man.
She needed money,
and I told her I would get it because...
I hate myself enough to do that for her.
Would you?
Do you really love her that much?
Would you do anything for her?
If she's not with me,
why would she be with you?
What are you?
You're nothing.
She's gone.
She took the money that I made for her
and she left!
And now...
Now Maksim knows what I did.
Fuck, I need to get out of here.
Do you want help in finding Naadirah?
I know you're not that big on technology,
but do you know what this is?
I shouldn't be here.
I need to tell you something.
There's something you need
to know about me.
I shouldn't be here.
I'm leaving you.
I shouldn't be here!
I need to call you, you know?
I need to be able to reach you.
Here's your FlyMeal. Bon apptit!
Da stargo tora.
Da stargo tora.
Da stargo tora.
Naadirah! Naadirah? Naadirah?
Please quietly state
the name of the publication
you're looking for.
Just take my coat...
Here. Let me move that for you.
Oh, you're an American, are you? Lovely.
glasses, purse...
Would you be a dear
and watch my things for a minute
while I go and get my biscuit?
It's called a fucking cookie!
Oh! Hello.
Did you bring your mom with you?
No, that's the new girl at the parlor.
I thought she'd make
a nice change of pace for you.
Is that for me?
Maksim called.
What's he want?
He wants us to put the squeeze
on Nicky Simsek.
That's heavy. He's a bad boy.
But I thought he was team Maksim.
What gives?
Asshole wants to find out
what Nicky's been doing behind his back.
And you watch. I'm not gonna make
a goddamn mark from this thing.
What did Nicky do?
Oh... The fuck knows.
Besides, Maksim's being
all rapey about it.
"Do this to his ass.
Do this to his ass. Do that..."
When did torture get so gay?
Jesus. You know, I've had training.
Years have gone into these hands.
Now, I'm wasting it
on this Spanish Inquisition bullshit.
That mute bartender was with Nicky.
They were probably just making
very small talk.
That's funny.
You know, I think that freak
is looking for Naadi.
Good luck with that.
What do you mean?
Nothing. Just...
I hope he finds her,
so everyone can mellow the fuck out.
- What do you wanna do about Nicky?
- Well...
I say, we just slice the guy
a new fucking Jap's eye
and see what the son of a bitch
has to say.
Hold on just a second. Lady,
why don't you stare at your fucking tea,
because the next time
you give me that stink eye,
I'm gonna take that cup
and ram it so far up your snatch,
it'll look like you grew a third ear.
That way.
Jesus. People are so fucking rude.
You sure you want our help with this?
You seem to be doing a fine job
beating the shit out of him without us.
- You want him on the table, babe?
- Yeah. Put a sheet on it first.
Thank you very much.
How are you?
Maksim. Where are my fucking IDs?
What is it? German Valentine's Day?
For your daughter.
It's Trippies Sugar Bombs.
Come on. I know how much you miss home.
I feel bad.
I didn't bring anything for you.
So, this is where you work?
Not much, but it's home.
- Who's this?
- This is Duck.
We used to sleep together.
Don't give him
the wrong impression.
We were in Kabul together.
Did a tour of duty. Shared a bunk.
Where we touched penises.
- Duck, how are you, my friend?
- Nice to finally meet you.
- Do you need papers too?
- Oh, no. No, sir.
No, I served all my time.
How are you?
This fucking mother-sucker...
Nicky has been sending girls out
on personal business.
I want to know what the deal is
Nicky has with this crazy bartender.
This kind of thing hurts my reputation.
You know what, Maksim?
I don't care how many discos you own,
- you're still a dirty communist to me.
- Hey!
You are a bitter man, Bill.
Like the world owes you
something so much better.
But you live pretty good life.
You have a beautiful daughter,
a nice house, women, friends.
I pay you good money.
You are living the dream. Trust me.
Be a little more courteous, Cactus.
I make your life possible.
Don't take it personally, boss.
Cactus has been a dick
to everybody lately.
Then take it out on this asshole.
Duck, do whatever you have to.
Whatever Nicky says,
record and give to Gunther.
He'll stay with you.
It's your money.
And, Maksim,
I want those fucking IDs in the system.
new birth certificate for Josie.
Certified data in the fucking net.
No problem. No problem.
"No problem."
"No problem."
"No problem."
Think I'm giving that poison to Josie?
They're called Sugar Bombs,
for fuck's sake.
What an asshole.
This is all
just about finding Naadirah.
We know why the Mouth
was hassling this guy.
He's not gonna tell us anything new.
Maksim needs to hear
what he needs to hear.
He's got some cockamamie story
in his head? Let's give him just that.
Well, that's kinda harsh on slick here,
you know?
Maybe give him a shot. Take the edge off?
Not with the book club over there.
It's gotta sound real.
- I haven't done anything.
- It's been a blast, Nicky.
You are one unlucky son of a bitch.
My daddy always did say,
"Girls are nothing but trouble."
Ducky boy!
Hey, Duck, where you at?
When did you get here?
"Itty-bitty titties," huh?
Jesus Christ. Are you high?
Stay the fuck away from my daughter.
Don't talk to her.
Don't touch her. Don't even look at her.
As far as you're concerned,
she doesn't exist. Got it?
What the fuck, Bill?
I know what you are,
you sick son of a bitch.
And I got a good idea
what was going on in Kabul too.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- I saw your cameras.
Oh, come on, man.
The fucking cameras are for patients.
I use them for work.
How long has it been going on?
I just installed them.
I haven't even recorded anybody.
Don't lie to me.
I just saw a little girl...
...naked on your screen.
You gonna lie to me now?
I... I was... I was just messing around.
Like, as a game...
"A game"? No.
Basketball's a game.
Tiddlywinks is a game.
Bowling is a fucking game, Donald!
- Well...
- This is gonna stop, right now.
The minute you're thinking,
while you're thinking of something?
You're thinking of it.
But the second you do something,
that is a world of pain, my friend.
I know. I...
No, you don't. Clearly, you don't know.
Here's what's gonna happen.
You are done treating kids.
There are plenty of other doctors
that can do it.
No child is going to step foot
in this fucking room ever again.
You wanna know what else?
Now I know.
What does that mean?
Means it ain't a secret anymore.
The second that you do something,
or the second that I think that you're
even thinking about doing something,
I am going to break your fucking arms.
From your shoulders
all the way down to your fingernails.
- Jesus, Bill.
- Got it?
What the...
- Got it?
- Yes, I...
- Got it?
- Yes. I... I... Yes.
I will. I will try.
Don't. I'll do it.
I'll stop. I promise. I promise I'll stop.
I promise.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
Fuck. I love you, brother.
All right? I won't let anything happen.
Talk to me, Maksim.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Tell me when and I'll pick 'em up.
All right.
Yeah, thanks, Maksim. Thank you.
I got my papers.
Josie's, mine.
Well, that's great.
It's great.
We're gonna celebrate.
Grab your shit. We're going to the mall.
Fuck you!
Oh, my God! I'm so homesick.
Oh, I'm gonna have a burger, baby.
A real fucking hamburger
with real fucking red meat.
Stop hiding.
You are so beautiful.
Leo, Naadirah. Leo, Naadirah.
There's someone I need to tell you about.
Cactus. Cactus.
Cactus. Cactus.
Leo, where are we going?
It's freezing cold.
Judy, Judy, Judy! More beer!
I got 'em.
Stand down, Judy.
There you go, darling.
Thank you.
I got a plan.
Lay it on me.
I wanna give you the house.
Cactus, no.
The house, man. It's yours.
It's perfect. Look...
Get rid of the surgery.
Get rid of that whole kids cyberwear deal.
Ah, yeah, all right.
Give yourself a little perspective
on things.
- Hey, I have to make money, babe.
- Exactly, from Maksim.
- That fucking Russian prick? No way.
- He needs a surgeon and I'm gone.
He's met you.
He knows that I trust you.
Come on, man.
It's pulling rounds and sewing tears.
- You could do it in your sleep.
- I don't know.
You'll be doing the same amount of work,
but getting paid double.
Look, you sell the clinic?
You got it made in the shade, buddy.
I can't believe you're really going, babe.
End of an era.
Fuckin' A.
To you, my friend.
You, sir, I love.
- The band in the sand.
- Band in the sand.
Fuck it.
Let's get laid.
My treat.
We gotta stop and get Josie first.
Kanwal wants to take off early.
Hey, Cactus...
I wanna thank you for everything.
Oh, shut up. Have a peanut.
No, hey...
Thank you.
I'm serious, man. Thank you.
Gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you too, babe.
Hey, I'm sorry
I've been such a dick lately.
I've had a lot on my mind.
Hey, listen.
I gotta tell you something too.
I'm kind of fucking
with that mute bartender.
Just, you know, like, on the phone.
Why would you do that?
Like you said,
you were kind of being a dick.
He could've fucked everything up.
Hey, relax.
He's a goof.
Hey! Hey! Excuse me, please.
Who is this?
She's a jealous little Nazi.
Hey, hey, stop!
You're just not our type, okay?
God, what is wrong with her?
Penis envy.
You must pay, sir.
What, did they have a half day
at school today?
Huh? Who says I should pay for this?
You? You says?
Is that it?
I'm talking to you,
not your faggot friends.
I've got a better idea.
How about I just eat all of them?
And that way, there's no fucking evidence.
You are under arrest.
Okay, why don't you grow a foot
and come back and talk to me man-to-man?
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
You mean business?
How's this for business?
Fifty cents worth of candy?
How about I pop out your pupil
and put the change in the socket?
Cactus, don't fuck up
your last night in Berlin.
Cactus, come on. Come on.
That's for fucking with my shit.
Please. Please.
There you go.
It's a little word,
but it makes such a difference.
It's a crime to be so selfish
when there's so much of me
to go round, right?
What's happened to your lip?
Oh, um... I tripped. Such a klutz.
Have you ever played seesaw?
- You don't know seesaw?
- No.
They have seesaws here, right?
Never taken Josie to a park
all this time in Berlin?
I'm gonna teach you girls everything.
I'm gonna teach you...
kick the can, monkey in the middle.
- Oh, I'd love to.
- Yeah?
Teach you four square? Ever played?
- Let's go.
- No.
If we play four square,
we might need some more rubbers.
Come on. Let's go.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah. Fucking fantastisch.
Maksim, talk to me.
All right, I'm gonna be there
in 15 minutes.
Do you think you could...
Josie? Hmm.
Sure, she can stay.
She's no trouble.
That's it, baby girl.
You want more?
You know what? It's all right.
I'm gonna take her with me.
Hey, wanna go for a ride with Daddy? Yeah?
Hey, isn't that Maksim's car?
What? I can't believe it.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell?
It's all right. Don't move.
Don't move, it's okay.
Are you in some kind of turf war
or something? What the hell happened?
Barman. The barman...
He's looking for you.
He has your address.
Where are the documents?
Where the fuck are my IDs, Maksim?
He took them.
Took them.
I'll give her a surprise. A big surprise.
Got your seat belt on, sweetie?
What's going on in here?
You hear me? He's got my papers
and he's got my address.
I'm dropping Josie at the... Move!
I'm dropping Josie at the parlor
and then I'm home. Meet me there.
If you have any information
on American military personnel
absent without leave,
please notify MPs in your district.
Wait here. I'll be right back.
You think I'm gonna let you take
my daughter away from me? Huh?
That's insane.
You're crazy. You're a crazy
fucking bitch, you know that?
She's family.
She's my blood.
I'll kill you before I let that happen.
You're evil!
You are evil!
You need time to get
your mind right, Naadi.
That's it.
You need a lot of time.
Jesus, Nicky,
these stairs are gonna kill ya.
Go ahead.
Open it.
Did you make this?
This is some quality work.
I like the dolphins.
Hey, can you make me some bookshelves?
I take your silence as a "no."
Where do you think you're going,
you big, dumb son of a bitch?
You gonna give me some trouble, big boy?
Or are you gonna channel
that famous Amish Gelassenheit serenity?
What the fuck did she ever see
in a fruitcake like you?
Fuck you.
Fucking mute freak.
Lose your keys, Cactus?
Oh, fuck, man. Oh.
Oh, that's bad, babe.
I don't think there's anything
I can do here. Maybe I can...
Maybe if I got you back to my place
or maybe a hospital, where I...
Is that what... You want a hospital?
Oh, I don't think so, babe. I...
They'll talk. They'll say something.
They'll call the police.
No, you don't want that, babe.
Leo, stop hiding.
You are so beautiful.
Da stargo tora. The black of my eyes.
Why'd you have to kill Naad, babe?
You had it made.
All this over a broad?
You're smarter than that.
I always knew your temper
was gonna get you into trouble.
You should have been nicer to me, Bill.
There you two lovebirds are.
You and I need to have a talk.
You know who had a great voice?
My grandpa.
Smoked three packs a day.
Had to have his voice box removed.
When you start out,
you're gonna sound something like that.
Big fella like you is gonna need
a deeper voice than that, right?
She's watching cartoons.
Kids, right?
You killed that little girl's dad.
You did that.
Not me. You.
You should apologize.
Stop the pain.
I'm so sorry I killed your buddy Cactus.
Yeah, well, you should be sorry.
Say you're sorry.
Fucking say it!
Now, say it.
Say it.
I got an idea.
I'm gonna show you something.
...then dip into France,
we can go anywhere.
We can go to Florence,
we can go to London, go to Cannes...
see all the movie stars.
Let's just say we can have a lot of fun,
baby. A lot of fun.
Morning, sir. Was wondering
when you might be joining us.
You look beat.
Oh, uh, Josie, this is Leo.
Leo, this is Josie.
The young lady and I were just discussing
the splendors of the Cote d'Azur.
You have any tales
you'd like to regale us with?
Stories of the French high life?
Josie, how about you?
You may have your father's eyes,
but you do not have
his knack for conversation.
It's supposed to be fun.
You're supposed to be having fun.
Hi, Bill.
Your battery is at 37%.
Go ahead, say something.
Did all that work.
All right, you stay in the car, darling.
Uncle Duck's gotta drop Leo off.
You recognize this place?
Your photo of Naadirah...
I took it...
Bill and I used to come up here
with Naadi in the summer
with her friends, back in the day.
She was a real hottie back then.
Before she got all fucking knocked up.
You see that?
Ain't that the sweetest thing?
It's funny, you know, because now...
they're together forever because of you.
You did that.
Fucking you!
Well, I tried, Bill!
Fucking goon's got a heart of stone.
Looks high.
I chopped your girlfriend's tits off
and I wore them as fucking earmuffs!
Fucking say it.
You fucking say it. You fucking say it!
You fucking say it.
"I'm sorry, Duck.
I'm sorry about your friend."
"I'm sorry that I did that to him."
Get the fuck off of me!
Get the fuck off!
Leo, are you okay?
Josie, get back!
It's dangerous!
It's dangerous.
You sound funny.
So do you.
I'll take you to your grandmother.
She misses you.