Mutants (2009)

The first cases appeared in early summer.
For months the virus tried to destroy the population.
A single hope for the survivors: radio to the military base in Noa
Drive faster, shit?!
But someone push!
We have to stop, shit!
Impossible, continue!
To get where?, To hell?
Leave the area!
Please help! - We are all dead now!
We have to escape.
It is difficult.
The vital organs are not affected.
Show me his wounds!
Stop the car.
What is it, Sonia?
Stop the ambulance!
I need to know ..!
In the car ... In the car!
Sonia ...
Do not touch anything.
Clean up.
I have to rely on you.
You have to clean and disinfect.
This base ... Noa
Is it false information?
Is it really there?
They are hiding Inside the bastards.
If we are to continue, we must find a station.
She has no emotions.
If there is a small change, she will get rid of us.
She is a military Marko.
We need her.
It is loaded.
Do you know how to use?
At least in an emergency leave. Okay?
I'm not leaving without you.
Shoot, dammit!
Leave her alone!
Are you okay?
What do you expect to do?
He comes with us.
He is scared, that is all.
We'll take care of it,
once we reach the base.
Are you sure?
Look, this crazy.
I will not leave him
Sonia ...
Infected or not - he is not coming.
Why cant he joint us?
I told you I trust you.
You manipulate us from the start.
Why do we follow you?
Both ...?
You have to explain to us ..
Give me the keys!
What do you think? Explain now, dammit!
Shut up!
Give me the fucking keys!
I am not giving them back ..
Leave the gun ..
Turn around and back away three steps.
Framework will be OK, calm down, relax ... Calm down!
Mark, wake up!
Stay with me, Mark!
I'll find another place.
You have to leave, my love.
Emergency call to the base in Noah.
Repeat: an emergency call to the base in Noah.
My name is Sonia, ER Medical, Dupri.
I call through the radio of my car.
My companion was hit by a bullet.
We sat in the middle forest in a large building.
A helicopter flew over us
We are demanding evacuation
Please evacuate .
Come to us.
We are not contaminated .
Base Noe, confirm.
Base Noe, please confirm evacuation.
Roger, now our position is confirmed
- ... car ...
Base Noah?
Base Noah?
Yes, by contacting them on the radio.
They will come to us.
How can you trust them?
Never take any risks.
After finishing
You all right, have any pain?
Some dizziness, is it bad?
It hurts a little, but it's bearable.
What is it?
Sonia ...
The wound was serious.
Is it good news?
I'm not doing anything.
The virus does not spread well.
Come ...
There were bandits,
Who will come after us.
To report about our presence here.
Are you OK?
Calm down!
Marcus! Calm down!
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
I was not sure ...
How long do I have?
The virus probably is in a vegetative stage.
How much?
Three days ...
Maybe less.
The military probably will have to contact us.
Once we're there, we can take care of you.
You must be stegnesh
Do not leave me.. become one of his victims.
I beg you ...
You can not expect that from me
Hold on, Mark.
Mark, no.
Look ...
Mark, look!
Look at me!
It was just before the quarantine.
One of my patients
Just while I was tending him
It's been two weeks now.
I must be immune.
There is hope, Mark.
Without a scientist,
we can not find an antidote.
Give me that chance.
I'm with you.
I'll always be with you.
I need morphine.
I can not give you any..
I want morphine!
Look at me.
Do you want me to suffer?
You can do it.
You can do it.
Calm down.
Calm down.
I have the virus in my blood.
O Negative
I am a universal donor.
It's worth trying.
Sonia ...
Open for me.
I want to apologise,
I am sorry,..
Open, Sonia.
I can not control myself.
I open.
Get here.
I love you.
The first injection will transfer you into a deep sleep
With the second one it will make your heart stop.
And it can cause dizziness
I love you so much.
I'll be back, my love.
Wake up.
Wake up.
You take the pedal
Sorry for the head
Are you military?
You were at the radio?
Stay with us.
Were are the car keys?
I do not know
In any case, there is no fuel.
I think she is joking us, Frank
In the call she said that
there were two of them
Where is your friend?
I lied.
I'll kill you ... and ran into the woods.
You think this nonsense Frank?
Two sugars.
You're going to win the walk in the forest.
Slowly, slowly ...
It was easy to fuck!
Some cannibals attacked us
and we fled as children.
He jumped in the mouth of one
to help his brother.
More details?
Nice toy for a physician.
The keys are there Frank.
Why not remove them?
A bullet in it.
and go.
We care about others, Frank.
He told me always.
Just you and me.
The radio works
Not working.
You can only receive not send.
There's a military base in Noah
Helicopters fly from time to time.
Fuck, helicopters do not stop ever
You know you have housing, nothing sucks.
Three days he carries us.
If I were you, I would not go near.
More than bloodthirsty..
These monsters are shit.
Aret you not dead?
Tomorrow morning we go.
We must gather fuel and return here fast.
I will not go out without the keys.
First fuel.
After the keys.
For your blood
I'm infected.
Not me.
I am expecting a baby.
It is necessary to know ...
Was there a radio where you were?
Take me there.
I have to call the military base.
The keys to the ambulance?
Where are you going?
Even under the rubble.
I want to bury my family.
Can you help?
Hurry ..
Calling urgent basis in Noah.
I repeat..
Calling urgent basis in Noah.
Six survivors are in a large building
in the middle of the jungle.
You flew over us several times,
You know very well where we are.
This message will be distributed in open frequency.
Call urgent basis in Noah.
Please come for immediate evacuation.
Emergency call. We are in the infected area.
Please come for immediate evacuation.
Use it!
Lets go!
Finish your message.
Dupri is Sonia I'm pregnant...
He bit, but I'm immune.
I repeat: I was bitten, but I'm immune.
My name is Sonia Dupri.'m pregnant
...they bit me, but I'm immune.
Naebete I wanted.
Take the keys! Now!
The fuel?
Fuel ?
The fuel?
What was that?
Frank! - Shut up!
A tree?
What the fuck?
They are coming!
Come !
Close the damn door!
The damn door!
It's not your fault!
Come on!
Lets go
Frank ...
Open up!
Fran, Fran!
Come on, almost ..
Base Noah, "1-S-61".
I repeat: Noah basis, "1-S-61".
Military intervention in an open area.
Risk: Level Four.
Priority evacuation confirmed.
I repeat priority evacuation confirmed.
Medical class.
Individual: Sonia Dupri.
Code "Rosemary".
Code "Rosemary".
"S-61", base of Noah, understood.
Twelve minutes ETA
Are you Sonia Dupri?
Are you Sonia Dupri?
We shall take care of you.
And the baby.