Mutant Chronicles, The (2008)

And in the end of the Ice Age
the machine came.... came from the outside, it came from the space.
It came for one purpose,
to change the men into mutants.
subtitled by fullfreak (2008)
After much suffering and death,
a warrior Nagh-Than,
united the ancient tribes of men,
together, they sealed
the deadly machine, in the deep of earth.
In distant mountains
of the eastern Europe
only the brotherhood descending of Nagh-Than,
kept the knowledge of the machine alive,
in histories... in myths,
and sacred book of chronicles.
Years later,
four corporations governed the world,
Mishima, in the east,
Bauhaus and Imperial in Europe and Africa,
Capitol, in the west...
Each corporation fights each other,
for the few resources are remained,
in a world without end...
In the many places of Europe,
The Bauhaus corporation prepared
for another attack in the lines of Capitol.
Between them, in deep...
the machine still waits.
Those bastards...Many of shit...
Enjoy !
Good, it could be worse...
only follows me alive, right.
I want you to destroy them!
You will now fight!
I want to see only ashes remaining!
- Did the patrol come back?
- What is that...
Who takes care of the wounds?
- What happens?
- the artillery does not stop to shoot.
- How many losses?
- 5 aerial units.
- Shit.
- we left them behind...
and we marked the position,
the enemy was just behind.
After finishing with this,
we will look for them.
Just another day!
fucking up to us.
Here they come.
I assume that he will not smoke more.
Thanks Father,
I feel like better with this.
Sergeant, Want the blessing?
go away to hell.
you do not create that,
already has been there,
approaches, come fast.
Any minute will be the last one.
here a surprise...
are shouting to leave the box,
what matters...
Of what you speak?
you have taken one whenever we fought...
single one we are again here.
- I do not make it single by the money,
- they give extra money You
when there is but low.
Some times I think we believe in the misfortune
that it would cause to us to lose.
do not pay me believe Sir.
absouletly right,
They pay you... to win shit war!
this is it
Move... move...
Come on boys
Come on ladies.
time to war fight.
Wait my order...
Easy one...
Fire !
Gas !
you were going to shoot to me.
for a second I was
We need to leave here, coordinate soldiers.
Can I just buy a drink.
we cannot move, damn
it looks for its weak point, come on.
You keep that fucking hat soldier
Our soldiers did not do this.
Fuck... body pieces.
Mother fuckers!
What was that?
Murderer !
Put your weapons...
Wait.. wait.. easy,
My men did not do this.
- So you will kill me?
- Yeah.
What is that?
Fucking mutants...
Come to me..
Where are the others?
anybody else...Let's go...
In the first one,,
had a battle in the sky...
The enemy was in fast expansion,
and started badly.
They had fought with everything,
but it could not stop.
Consumed by the hatred,
created an image of the enemy.
then enemy created a machine...
... machine that would cause one more a
bitterer death to us.
and replaced, to its own soldiers.
Nagh-Than, founder of our order,
assembled to the ancient tribes,
together, they defeated the enemy...
and sealed the machines in deep of Earth.
War has broken the great seal and woke up to
the machine.
Released of their prison, the mutants
draged everybody...
to the hole, and in the depths of ground,
the machine began to turn again...
changing the course to die...
Changing the enemy of the man.
Not even power of all the
corporations couldn't stop them.
the chronicles promised to us that
someone will rise and follow footprints of Nagh-Than,
lowering to the same hell, and freeing
the humanity of the machines.
I travelled to see the corporations, to
convince them to follow the prophecy,
and to defeat the enemy of the man.
How much time do we have?
Days, less maybe.
Begin to the evacuation?
Move to keep away from all the colonies,
and then we can resource the situation..
You want to say to me that the Earth will
Yes brother. You understand well.
we are finished here.
leave with all their ships?
How many millions do you think to leave behind?
and do you think that the enemy will stop
with this world?
they won't, they'll follow you.
will follow you without mattering
where you run.
There is still hope...
What hope?
To fulfill the prophecy.
Give me 20 soldiers and a ship.
What can these 20 that our armies could not...
Can go to where the army cannot arrive.
Can arrive down at the Earth, can destroy
to the machine.
I know what must be thinking,
a man of science, reason...
but I am a faith man.
I'm asking...
I'm begging,
have faith.
Not in me, not even in this...
but in the humanity,
faith, one that would leave
behind deserve a chance.
imagine that this day goes to live well.
You should have gone Brother
the barricades are crumbling,
will arrive soon.
- When do you leave?
- the absence of gravity interferes with...
... my digestion, so... I should stay.
Perhaps Men can make a fresh story in
new worlds...
but will not be giving returned in
circles, making same mistakes
where will you go?
I should... return to my brothers and
How do you get there?
the city is under siege on, all sides
These should be a God's wills?
God wills?
Yes, absouletly..
I have a ship, you won't hold 20,
you have to make this less.
Take these.
What are they?
Offroad tickets.
they should help you to recruit men for your
why are you doing this?
Many Man think they are going to die,
brother. A few of us know it.
and while I approach more in the end,
encounter that the hope is the unique
thing that calls my attention.
Sir, the barricades has fallen, is
inside. Your ship is ready.
I'm staying, but brother Samuel will be
traveling with you.
Take him to where he wants to go.
Brother Samuel, we have very little time..
God bless you.
I sincerely hope so brother.
Brother Samuel?
Are you the one? Will you deliver us?
Pray the God that I am.
Do you,evil, have a name?
- Mitch?
- Ady.
Nathan is not here.
Yeah I know...
please come in.
I make some tea.
- My God, you changed.
- Yes.
How long you have not been here. You look like different.
- You remember Grace?
- Yes.
Yes, Madam
She is 10 now. 10 years old.
Which means almost 5 years since that the vestment.
Here it is tea
Nobody told you?
Nobody told me anything.
On behalf of...
In behalf of the executive vice-president
I have been authorized to inform you...
that captain Nathan Rooker has been missing...
in the action
I have dreams, I could see him.
he is still alive, I know
he is still alive,
if you think therefore you gonna drive so
You have to think about Grace.
and they just expect us we were here until
he died?
I do not know as to say
Leave it
Sergeant Hunter?
The name was suggested by a soldier of
his squad.
Jesus Barrier.
What he wants?
I need soldiers for a mission
mission to destroy the enemy.
What enemy?
The enemy of the man.
I do not expect any of us will survive,
but, it is a chance.
chance to save mankind
maybe save the world,
maybe the last chance.
fuck mankind,fuck the world.
fuck you...
Barrier said me like that
He also said that ...
you needed to get out of this hell, but...
these will get you out the hell.
But maybe put you wrong.
the tickets was the life, everyone wanted one
But, who would take this offer?
Jesus Barrier, he would not go away unless
it promised to him that her mother would go to the Heaven,
I did it.
God forgive me.
John McGuire, the only soldier who refused the
are the type of man who saves without
Valerie Duval, a single mother with 61
kills, so young.
Juba Kim Wu, when I told him that non of
us would coming back...
He just smiled.
Maximillian Von Steiner, an officer and
A leader but would he follow.
the chronicles tell...
that the enemy will expand everywhere,
marking the end of ours were...
also profess the survival of the man.
demolition deliver us a reborn
between us,
and will free to us of the destruction.
That follows the prophecy,
we now, we are prevailed without opposition.
- How is it?
- it is good
between a shock of artillery between
Bauhaus and Capitol,
and your friend?
In the ruins of the imperial city of
Caino, one old cathedral exists,
their catacombs opens a network of
underground tunnels.
We travel along these tunnels,
to find the machine and to destroy
and all?
Simply to destroy them.
We have a device.
a device?
from the first battle with the mutants,
started of the machine,
before they were buried.
so it is a bomb?
we do not know.
But we think it is.
- You think so?
- Our information comes from ancient writings,letuanent
we do not have an insctruction manual.
the device is as ancient as Nagh-Than hisself,
the chronicle show it
it goes in the center of the machine
it is covered with symbols which we think covering warnings
- How it is safe to transport?
- What it matters that, McGuire?
You can call me captain, Steiner
And yes...
I hope that it is stable when we arrive.
it is two stage devices, took the detonator
without both, single a dead weight.
- What type of detonator?
- Mechanical,
placed within the device and it
activates with a key, which we do not have.
You can believe this guy?
it is look like this, and should be in the machine.
and if we can not find it?
Then the misson will fail
and every man, woman and child of this
planet will die.
Why we are throwing it into big fucking hole?
The machine is 10 thousand years old
it is survived earthquakes,
pressure changes
the tectonic changes of boards.
and why the fuck bomb?
Because... Barrier,
one of us must place the bomb inside the
- the liberator?
- Yes.
who will make this?
I did
That are a very handly book, but our
adventure will entail some deaths in the slope.
chronichal... offers some suggestion on
the matter to us?
I can.
it was captured by the Bauhaus corporation
do not approach.
As you can see,
the individual bullets are largely useless.
the mutants do not feel the pain.
nor shock.
How can be moved on?
the chains avoids that much can be
can cut with his arms.
and how you captured it?
Our scientists requested a subject for test
Then we went to look for them its nest.
the deads was useless, demolished like a
papers to us...
finally we found to a this low tank.
- How many man did you loose?
- I did not count them.
what is the fastest channel to kill it?
With a fort damage to the weave.
the automatic weapons is most
usually shipper or more, explosives.
and that there is of launch rockets?
Is better, of course.
and... the swords.
somebody alive in there
- it will not make the sacrament?
- I am not hungry.
- That man.
- He died.
he said anything?
yes forgiveness
You think inside of his...
I do not know.
we can only for God mercy
I do not think like that.
- Brother Samuel?
- Captain.
This is the list of supplies...
we need them as soon as possible.
- This is the house of God
- We are going to die, doing this work.
for the onething, we do not have alcohol here.
tell me God do not drink?
that is for the comunion.
This is comunion.
One last man...
One last comunin.
Severian... guardian of chronicles,
prepared to get dressed for the
In silence... she cannot voice the pain
that she feels,
for leaving home that she has known.
Now, I must succeed or the man will
God help me, God help us all. Amen.
it is time.
Juba Kim Wu
Maxilillian Von Steiner
Valerie Duval
John McGuire
Jesus de Barrera
John Mitchel Hunter
will not any left?
Do you use this?
I have done it sometimes in the war.
- You fought with the 103 in Africa?
- That is right
I was in the other side. The Imperial
I know.
- four ninety two.
- four ninety two.
the four.
- What?
- Your fish.
Kills every one of them.
- Your are the shark?
- the death is the shark.
I am just a guy with a gun.
multiple Contacts in 014 and 015.
transporters.. get out of here.
there goes all the money.
seems that we are going in the opposite shuttle
you were born in opposite shuttle.
So, who got them?
your tickets.
What you want to know?
suicidal Mission? we are supposed
die together. That is an intimate thing.
you say It as if we went to fuck.
You can fuck a lot people, you only
die once.
Fucked up
what about you?
What about me?
Your tickets?
Stand behind the line.
Just looking
It looks at what you want. But they do not
pass the line or we will have some problems.
So, where we are?
Cross, crossing means. We are on
an Imperial sector.
Already nothing are of anybody, it does
not matter to where you go.
After we land, you will go away to Mars
or something?
I am with you.
Then, you are as fuck as we.
All this happen through something,
although you do not know it.
Where are God? It is as one of those
things out there.
Just another demon.
How you got yours?
- I have 2 children.
- You look a little young.
- I started young.
- What are their names?
Jack 7, Constance is 5.
getting in the ship thinking that they
went of stroll, were very contentments.
and that were everything.
that is a girl, I do not know her name.
she works crossing the cabins,
was a pure beauty,
has the precious eyes...
you gave your ticket a woman who
you did not even fuck her?
I said I did not know her name...
So you fucked her then?
Another contact to 343, closing.
step backwards
Here Tango 6, approaching our position.
Come on to change the course.
Changing to 285.
Dive in 15 thousand feet.
Change the direction.
They are going to get close.
- It goes to the station.
- It is a civiliation ship.
Take the station, soldier.
somebody tells me what is going on
Captain, I lost him.
All into the capsule. Let's go... Let's go..
Come on, we go.
The bomb.
Take the bomb?
Get out here!
Why do not go off?
does not work.
- What are you doing?
- I will make it work.
you will kill.
where is the parachute.
What's going on?
we are still falling.
- What happens?
- we lost the parachute.
- is there a backup?
- backup... here is backup
- No.
- No.. fuck you! Yes, mother fucker!
it now would be like the first.
We have to open it when we are arriving,
before hitting.
- He is right.
- What you say?
- I do not have idea
we have one shoot
Come on to hit.
the damn backup.
you are right with this,
Sergeant Hunter
leave me to go
with a grenade.
Thank you!
Good luck, Sergeant.
- It is necessary to go fast.
- It sees with her. He is very quick.
But it is certain that they not to be
when the weapon to blow up..
- Where we are?
- We must direct to us...
... of the north to the southwest.
To go directly for the city, as it said
the ancient one.
Let's go.
check the targets.
needs a hand with that
- Yes.
- Be quiet.
Oh, Jesus.
where are the hell they are going?
it starts.
It starts with 2 of gold and diamond clocks
and gold a thousand gold talents
get back. I said get back.
one ticket, not two.
We are together.
and to show our gratitude, we needed to
see a good amount of marks.
He is reach to buy another one
But... all my money.
Then fuck off
Do you know who I am?
That is you are.
He frees his cash, nobody goes
We need to get there.
it is a good place for an ambush.
I cannot have many mutants,
it is too much easy to meet.
All the others come.
Come on, give me that... we will show his money.
- Give that.
- we are speaking of the life.
It gives this to me. Oh, fuck.
It leaves to pass, hunter.
we go this corner then.
- Come on, we do not have time for this.
- Beam time.
next one begins with 5 thousands.
In agreement, 5.
Come on, show your money, come on.
Get out of here.
leave them now.
you are making a bet?
First let pass kids and
women and later men if there is still space.
Hey soldier boy
the ship cannot carry as much as its weight.
What do you want?
Stop there,
let's go.
Come on.
What do you wait?
a little.
Load the suitcases, take them all.
is not very far.
middle of the old city.
- they already know towards where we go?
- Straight on.
listen, threatening the mission of new,
and I take off me.
What kind of Church is this?
How they loose the city?
We gonna go down to the lost city.
They must be thousands.
Each new age receive the bones of the
How many times they come before?
They did not do this.
we did this.
Always we kill another
Challenger is our supremacy architecture
of our proper ones.
- Brother.
- Yes.
The lost city.
This is crappy.
We need to go down deep in this.
Oh, the city of ancients.
Throughout more than 500 years back, in the
black winter.
Holly Shit!
is watching...
Where are they?
I have no idea.
What it says?
Abandon all hope?
Mother fuckers!
No shit.
Jesus, that's deep.
Someone can stay here.
we are not going to lower thus.
I got it.
You watch your ass you are there.
not safe
That has to happen sooner or later.
Take care yourself Juba.
Prepare these toys,
we go first and we leave others them
follow the way.
Hey what you say?
This is brake.
If very fast it loose, you fall, in
Lift it up
put youselves down.
Once you do it, hold.
That is it
Take it easy.
- and this?
- That is a fast exit, I do not touch it.
Let's go.
take care ...
Fucking deep is this, ha?
- Nice... getting hot down here.
- 40.
- tell me.
- 55.
How far?
- stop!!
- 60.
- we cannot continue.
- It is very far.
it is dark.
Yeah, it is dark.
Something is not right.
it cannot be.
- What says in the damn book?
- What I lost?
We are people come down
go back, a long way.
Yes, always for help.
Sound that it is here.
It must be here. 55 or 64 floors below,
must have an exit. The access is right here.
- do not let me fall.
- First died!
You are a lucky son of a bitch.
God provided, Sergeant.
God provides.
Hold on!
Hold on!
very ugly.
That opened the bottle
Here, use this.
- Grenade.
- Grenade.
what happened.
any last words?
shut up mother fucker!
are you well?
Anybody hurt?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Dead end.
anybody take the cards?
They use tunnels take the bodies
towards the machine.
takes days,weeks even.
You faith in that book.
- You're wasting your time.
- We have many stones that to clear.
- fucking more than half.
- You found an inspiration?
much in the book, Sergeant, but in
the end, even this book is... just a book.
Good one.
I take my faith from something superior.
Well I have not seen much reason
why we have faith.
you have seen the worse thing than a man
can do.
But you have not seen what is the worse
thing than the enemy can do.
- Who got your tickets?
- What?
Your tickets.
it doesn't matter.
it matters to Me.
Who cares!
I'm sorry...
Everything comes from God.
Everything is from God.
the enemy
came from outside.
and if God is life, enemy is unlife.
it is the end.
everything and everywhere in all
and for all the time.
and so I have faith...
... over which we will prevail.
Because the other alternative is too
terrible to even think it.
and if I do not believe in God?
If you did not believe in God you would
not be here.
You are going to help?
Maybe you have not noticed it, but the
mission gonna be fucked.
You should have a little faith.
Give me the hand.
something there.. down...
Hold on!
Must there have been a few weeks.
We must persist.
What demons take in?
What is he doing?
- Sergeant.
- Jesus.
- Hunter.
- What happens?
He is Nathan.
Come on, let's go.
it is just one man
I know that man.
We have a mission.
Good bye!
Let's go!
- Nate.
- Mitch.
- Thanks heaven that you are here.
- Do not talk.
Come on to leave here, we go.
- Where are the guards?
- You are safe.
We have to go now.
Almost there. Keep going
What is that?
Mitch, what are you doing?
I gonna find another way to leave here.
I am going to make a bell crank.
We have to leave this hole.
- Mars, eh?
- Yes, Mars.
- How you explain that?
- There is a deal with a guy.
Yes,you know. To save to the
world and that.
How is going?
Hey... hey...hey...
Dissmis me
Finish the mission.
- I cannot leave you here.
- I am not asking you.
Tell Adelade and Gracy...
... tell them... tell them...
... tell them...
The bag, we cannot lose the bomb.
Take it!
Take it!
Give me your hand.
- We must go on.
- Yes.
- We have to go on.
- But he is still human.
- Thank you.
- It is an honor.
we go there.
Oh, come on. Give me a sign.
Die bastards!
Holly Jesus.
When the last time you spoke?
I cannot remember it.
I could not save them.
They tooks them move to the Machine.
What are you doing?
Everything what we need are in the damn
it is not permitted
took everything to it.
We have to continue looking for between
these things.
What it says?
- I do not know it.
- Read it.
I cannot.
I cannot read!
How you can believe in a book that not
even you can read?
I do not need to read it, I do not need
to read it to think that it is truth.
- That is the nature of the faith.
- Fantastic!
What do you believe in?
I do not believe, I know it
Come on?
Shit! comes with one.
He still alive.
they remove weapons?
only has mine
What about the rope?
stay then.
Damn it!
- they are coming.
- Tunnels are not going to hold.
- This rope is not going to hold them much more.
- Then we gonna faster.
are you one of them?
just picked up of my face.
are you?
What you create?
Give me that bomb
Give me that fucking bomb
come mother fuckers.
there is no time...
place the detonator in the hole.
You have to put in hole.
- put in the hole!
- Which hole?
any hole
this one?
it is Shit.
does not fit.
- it is not working.
- What?
Give me the pages.
Come on.
- What are you doing?
- I am working on.
I lost my sword.
No, that is not Samuel.
Come on, no.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Ssshhh...You are Samuel. It is allright.
That's for Nathan.
This for the Jesus.
and this is for Samuel
Have faith.
and so ended.
I feel...
.. it did not...
incredible unbeliever...
... save them