Madeo (Mother) (2009)

At ease!
Hey, Benz! You asshole!
Do-joon, are you okay?
Oh no, blood!
Oh no, blood!
Do-joon, you're bleeding!
Shit, mom, get back in the store!
You're bleeding!
He's bleeding!
I knew it!
This is your own blood!
To the golf course.
Royal Palace Country Club!
Did they go there?
You idiot,
Where else in this town
would a Benz be going?
Is this hit-and-run?
Bastards who slam on the gas
after hitting someone
deserve to have
their faces slammed.
- I'm bleeding!
- All right, All right.
Plate number 5362...
White Benz...
It's 5293, idiot.
A black Benz, fuck.
Ah, a black Benz, black...
How could you mix up...
It could happen.
For you, it could...
That head of yours is special.
Oh, there it is!
That must've hurt.
Come on, stupid.
Enough, it's not a surgery.
What are you, a doctor?
Wait, don't move your finger.
What are you doing?
This is driving me crazy.
Where the heck has he gone?
It's a golf course.
Right. It's a golf course.
But you don't remember
why we came, do you?
Twelve of them!
What does she see in you anyway?
Your mom?
Right, mom...
The car... Vroom.
My blood!
This is revenge.
Right, we're here for revenge.
Where the fuck are
these Benz assholes?
They should have passed by now.
Wow, look!
What're you gonna do
with all those golf balls?
I'll give it to a girl.
You got someone to give it to?
Uh... Yeah.
You ever slept with a woman?
You with your pretty face.
I slept with a woman.
What woman?
Where the fuck are they...
Come on!
They're here!
Revenge! Revenge!
What's that idiot doing?
What's with him?
Fucking assholes!
Stop the car! You!
What are you doing?
Who do you think you are?
What is this?
You shitheads!
Who was driving the car?
You hit-and-run bastards!
Who was driving? You?
What is this?
- What's gotten into you?
- Who was it?
Were you the one driving?
Excuse me.
This person is
too important to be here...
As I was saying, settlement
would be better for both of you.
After all, respected professors
such as yourselves
being involved in a hit-and-run...
And these two aren't
some kind of hustlers.
They're just local kids.
So we're going to settle, okay?
The hit-and-run and the assault
cancel each other out.
The verbal threats don't factor in.
Dean Kwon, the car...
They smashed my rearview mirror
in the parking lot.
A Mercedes Benz 280.
Aw fuck, why the hell
did you smash their mirror?
That'll cost a lot.
You bet.
Damn... Why did I do that?
You know how much that cost,
you dumb retard?
What are you doing?
Let go! Let me go!
That bastard,
who does he think he is?
Sit down, Mister.
The mirror on a Benz...
That would cost...
A lot.
$1500? $2000?
Ah, here she comes...
Good afternoon, sir.
Eat up.
Always eat well after
coming back from the police station.
I can feed myself.
I boiled this
with deodeok root and gugija.
It's good for your virility.
Really? My virility?
Why are you
so concerned about that?
Are you seeing someone?
Sure. Gonna sleep with her.
Sleep with her?
Who is it?
Gonna sleep with a woman.
How could you do that to
that Benz-whatever?
That expensive mirror?
Smash! With my foot.
It was revenge!
Good boy.
But I've got no money.
Where will I dig that up?
Whose yard will I dig it up in?
Why dig it up?
Just borrow it from Jin-tae.
Stay away from him.
Rotten kid.
He's from bad seed.
Where are you going?
To meet Jin-tae.
You should finish dinner.
Have some medicine then.
You shouldn't skip medicine.
Do-joon, you didn't finish this.
Come home early!
Don't be late.
It doesn't hurt, right?
No, it's fine.
This won't hurt,
and I won't charge you for it.
So can you lend me some money?
How much?
It's really urgent.
And I'll give you medicine
instead of interest.
- Medicine?
- Yes!
To make you pregnant,
guaranteed effective.
Is there such a thing?
It really works.
I took some, and then
I got pregnant with Do-joon.
Your son will be
just as good-looking.
His eyes are a work of art.
Like a deer's.
- Like mine?
- Yeah.
They're just like yours.
They're beautiful.
you're looking sexier these days...
- I mean...
- Yeah, whatever.
Why hasn't Jin-tae shown up?
He's not?
He should be here by now.
You've been saying that for hours.
Don't mess with me.
I just came back
from the police station.
Have some respect.
Jin-tae, where the hell are you?
Hurry up!
Go to bed, mom!
I'm staying up late.
I told you to go to sleep.
Good shot!
Hey, wake up.
Wake up!
Do something about him.
Did you have a nice sleep?
Wipe the spit off your face.
Goddamn freak,
piss off and go to hell.
Call your mom and tell her
to come pay the bill!
This is driving me crazy.
Hey, I told you
to use the backstairs.
- Mina!
- How have you been?
Yeah, you wanna
have a drink with me?
- Turn around and march!
- Call me.
Okay, I'm going.
Shut up
and go do your homework.
That skirt is pretty.
You! Turn around!
Her legs are prettier.
Get your eyes off her!
Get out of here!
Please fuck off, okay?
To pay for the drinks...
Expensive ones...
Where are you going?
How about you and me...
have a drink?
With a guy... Don't want to?
You don't like guys?
So late...
What was her name, Ah-jung?
It's Moon Ah-Jung.
Seorin Girls' High School,
second year, fourth class.
You called her house?
She has guardians?
There's a grandmother,
but she's a real loon.
Always walking around with
a rice liquor bottle in her fist,
making a scene.
So the kid is the guardian.
She takes care of her grandma.
Anyway, how long has it been
since we had a murder case?
It's the first since I came here.
Has it been that long?
The crime scene seems intact.
It is.
Quite a picture, huh?
Cops these days...
You know, CSI and all that on TV.
They all watch it.
The forensics team
is pretty sharp, too.
a rain shower passed earlier.
So things must be
pretty mucked up.
I suppose.
Anyway, it must have been
a blunt object.
A fractured cranium,
lots of blood...
What's with this?
Didn't this come in last week?
God, that smell...
Yeah, well...
This smells like a rotting corpse.
My god!
Look at this if you're not blind.
And the appearance...
People are going to think
they're from China.
Ma'am, these are from China.
Give me a break.
Don't even mention China.
Besides, Chinese imports
aren't that bad.
Don't tell me...
You're still giving acupuncture
without a license?
No, no way!
My husband is a public official.
You know how much trouble
we'll be in?
Sure, I know.
He'll be promoted soon,
so let's not cause any trouble.
Last year, do you know how hard
it was to cover for you?
You think only you will
get in trouble?
It will ruin my family completely.
Listen when someone's
talking to you.
Do-joon! Do-joon!
Get down!
Oh geez...
She's a good runner.
Yoon Do-joon, you're charged with
the murder of Moon Ah-jung.
You have the right to remain silent
but there's no way
you'll be able to afford a lawyer.
There she is.
Not that she can
afford to do anything.
Can't you drive, idiot?
Are you hurt anywhere?
Turn your head.
Your head isn't hurt?
Turn your head around.
Why is he...
- A dog?
- Dog...
- A wolf?
- Dog...
It's usually hot here.
We're all guys here,
so take that off.
Your pants too, okay?
- Pants?
- Take off your pants, it's okay.
This isn't police torture.
I'm taking my pants off too.
It feels good.
Anyway Do-joon,
Have you heard of Sepaktakraw?
- You have, right?
- No.
Only likes mainstream sports,
the fucker.
Bite it!
Come here and bite it.
That's right, turn around.
The sin always turns around.
Stand straight. Close your eyes.
Don't move or you'll get hurt.
Bite it hard!
Did you see it?
I bet not.
This is power of Sepaktakraw.
It's one of the basic moves.
From now on, if you don't
answer clearly yes or no,
I'll kill you right here.
I'll be watching you.
what did you do last night?
Hey, spit out the apple.
What did you do?
I had a drink...
- Manhattan.
- That's right. And then?
I slept at home.
You slept, of course.
But before that, I mean...
At home, no,
after drinking at Manhattan
on your way home,
what did you do?
The lady at Manhattan said
you were like a dog in heat.
Her daughter, what's her name?
- Mina.
- Right. Mina.
You were hitting on her?
Well, I...
Answer clearly!
I slept at home. With mom.
- That's simple.
- You sleep with your mom?
You don't have to answer.
you say you don't remember
but everyone remembers you.
There was a guy who saw you
while feeding his dog.
You were following
after Moon Ah-jung.
Heading towards
the scene of the murder.
Isn't that right?
I don't remember...
You wanna
die here right now, punk?
We've got plenty of apples.
- Open your mouth.
- Never mind that.
You know,
we also found something
next to the body.
Why didn't you put up
a marker next to the body?
With your name written right on it.
- Don't laugh.
- Do-joon,
Just between us...
Why did you do it?
On personal level,
I'm really curious.
So did you want to do it
with Moon Ah-jung?
We need to know why,
then the judge can be lenient.
Maybe we can
do something for you.
He's asking this
for your own benefit.
To be honest,
you're not the kind of person
to commit murder.
Not everyone
is able to kill someone.
You've never been a bad kid.
I can be bad.
Right, anyone can commit murder.
It's not like you need a license.
you don't know the motive,
but you killed her, right?
The fact that you killed her,
that's what's important.
He confessed.
Anyway, this document contains
all the details of the case, see?
Check it over.
But you can read, right?
Want me to read it for you?
I can read.
Sure, anyway, don't just sign it
without reading it.
Check the contents, and sign.
Read it well.
Why did you do it!
How could you do that?
They hit you?
The cops beat you, didn't they?
Where did they hit you?
An apple...
at times like this,
you need to focus your mind.
Focus. Take a deep breath.
Everyone says I killed her.
Breathe like me.
And so...
the sin turns around
a few times
- and comes back to me.
- What are you mumbling about?
Did you really sign
that confession?
Why? Why? Why?
Even if you really did it,
you have to deny it.
If I killed her, I should admit it.
Did you kill her?
Are you crazy? Of course not.
Then why did you sign it, idiot!
Don't call your son an idiot!
How could you
of all people do this to him?
You know him,
he couldn't even hurt a water bug.
A water bug...
Wipe off your face first.
here's some of the camphor ginseng
you used to take in high school.
You said it helped you think clearly.
- Take it.
- Listen.
From early morning,
I'm going to be up dealing
with the Juhwang county
robbery case.
And... that crazy kid JP ran away
from the sanatorium
on Mt. Dogye.
I gotta go there and then...
I know, I know
how busy you are, but...
What I mean is...
regarding Do-joon,
his case is closed, okay?
Do you understand?
It's finished, 100%.
you sure were having fun.
I left early, you ass.
Excuse me, people. Step aside.
What the hell are you doing?
What's inside this thing anyway?
Put it down there.
Turn it over.
What in god's name
are you doing?
Are you kidding me?
Turn the damn thing over.
Mister, don't touch it!
Actually I'm not a relative,
but I'm close to them.
If there's a reason
you believe he's not guilty, tell us.
If you read through this here,
you see this golf ball?
The golf ball has
already been reported.
What's this?
'Apple-biting human rights abuses'?
Mister, please read it
before throwing it away.
Read it carefully first,
then throw it away.
It's my only son.
Is she crazy?
Why is that woman here?
Yoon Do-joon's mother...
How the hell could you?
Are you out of your mind?
I'm just...
As a member of this community
I wanted to pay my respects.
You came to apologize?
For your son?
Does that make sense?
Actually, my son didn't do it.
Listen everyone,
regardless what the world may think,
you of all people
must understand!
It wasn't my son!
She's completely insane!
Hey bitch!
How could you
bring your ugly face here?
Throw some salt at her!
I just wanted to tell you
that my son is innocent.
Stop it!
What do you mean he's innocent?
It was your son, Yoon Do-joon!
- The murderer!
- Bring back our Ah-jung!
Bring her back to us!
Let's talk civilly!
Bring Ah-jung back to life!
- It's a misunderstanding!
- Misunderstanding my ass!
Let go!
What's there to discuss?
How could she dare?
Shut up you fuckers!
What's this god damn racket?
Fucking bitches.
How could you
raise such a rotten son?
That goddamn son of a bitch!
Don't curse my son.
I won't stand for it!
Rip that bitch's tongue out!
Don't hate him!
I won't...
This place has the best seafood.
You know everything, don't you?
It's true.
Shall we sit down here?
When I come to a buffet,
I never sit down.
Don't run!
I just keep scooping it up
and eating it.
Yes of course,
because you're so busy.
I save time that way.
This is the lawyer, Gong Suk-ho.
Say hello to him.
Tuck your shirt in.
That side, too.
It looks better this way.
Does it?
Are you getting
along well enough here?
the food is good.
The rice with beans
is better than I thought.
Rice with beans?
That's what prisoners eat.
The most important thing is
what you remember that night.
However small a detail,
just tell him what you can think of.
You understand?
What you saw, what you heard,
even what you smelled,
tell him everything in detail.
Anyway, you need to try
really hard to remember.
That's your only task in here.
Isn't that right?
Yes, do this.
Is this some kind of exercise?
No, we call it
the Temples of Doom.
From childhood,
whenever he does this
it helped him remember.
- So for memory?
- Yes, for memory.
Yes, it's some kind of,
what do you call it...
Oh, I remember!
I didn't do it.
It wasn't me!
That's right!
Of course you didn't kill her.
not that.
I didn't kick it off, the mirror!
On the Benz... Jin-tae...
It was Jin-tae who did it.
I went whoosh!
And he went crunch!
Let me explain.
What he is saying is...
It's a long story.
I just got an urgent message
from the office.
I need to go.
Then what about us?
For a first meeting,
this is enough.
- Should I Call you?
- I'll call you.
Then when will you call?
Did he leave?
He doesn't like us, does he?
He's a very busy man.
The most expensive lawyer
in our county.
Damn, wasn't there
anything else to tell him?
I should have said more.
Right, who cares about
the mirror?
But, you mean
it was Jin-tae who did it?
I knew it.
That rotten little scoundrel.
That jerk never came
to visit me even once.
But Do-joon,
that night, didn't you go out
to meet Jin-tae?
Then you never met him.
And the golf balls,
he knew about those, right?
Good afternoon.
I've come to see Attorney Gong.
He's not in now.
His car is outside.
He's really not here.
He is, isn't he?
Oh, Mr. Gong! Excuse me!
Oh, look who's here!
- Sir, I...
- Yes?
- Miss Kim, some green tea!
- What I'd like to say is...
If he's here, why can't I...
would you prefer coffee?
To be honest,
about your case,
we are proceeding
slowly and methodically.
Here, have some.
I understand you feel impatient.
But what can we do?
You just need to wait patiently.
But we need to open an investigation
on Do-joon's friend, Jin-tae!
Let me be honest with you.
In monetary terms,
if this were Seoul,
the fee we're charging
wouldn't cover an assault case
involving two broken teeth.
You should understand that.
This is Jin-tae's house.
I'm out right now,
so leave me a message.
If you are interested
in fishing equipment or bait
You can call me at
Son of a bitch.
Files on Scientific Investigation
I said stop.
Let me look at this first.
Let me take this off first.
- Cooperate a little.
- Just a sec.
Okay, okay.
There you go.
Shit, this is the climax.
Where's Je-mun?
- Detective Nam Je-mun.
- What's the problem?
Out of my way.
Push this.
It's not yours, right?
Do I look pretty?
She put way too much on.
Isn't that...
the Manhattan lady's daughter?
Is this what you do together?
Lucky bastard.
Watch this part, here.
That's what it is, lipstick?
But do you play golf?
Me, golf?
Those professors
gave it to me when they left.
Excuse me. Sir?
Do we really have to call
the forensics team?
Anyone can tell
this is just lipstick.
All right,
tell them not to bother.
Take an umbrella.
Wait a minute.
I went to pick you up
at the station.
Please get in.
Attorney Gong wants to see you.
Welcome, ma'am.
We started without you.
You, wait outside.
Have a seat.
You've had quite a day today.
I heard it from the police chief.
I feel so sad for you.
It's the first time I've seen
you sitting down.
Ah, you have a fine wit.
Pass her a drink.
Ma'am, do you remember
the 2002 World Cup?
The Red Devils,
Gus Hiddink!
Four years passed in a flash
I could still feel
the excitement of 2002.
But then suddenly
it was 2006.
The Germany World Cup!
Four years
is no time at all, I mean.
I really don't understand
what you're saying.
Regarding Do-joon,
let's send him off
for just four years.
It'll be a hospital, not a jail,
and he won't
have to serve 15 years.
We need to think realistically.
Four years in a mental institution
for this case is a legal jackpot!
I forgot to introduce you.
To my right,
my high school classmate,
the president of
Agape Psychiatric Hospital,
Doctor Yoon Jong-gu!
Hey, wake him up?
And next to me
my bar exam classmate,
Attorney Park Jong-pyo!
He's handsome.
What? Are you holding a protest?
He's smashed
after just a few drinks.
Mr. Gong!
Look, my son is...
Why are you so late?
You've been drinking, haven't you?
It's so late...
Did you eat?
I was wondering if you ate.
Thanks so much for asking.
I feel so fucking betrayed.
How could you
do this to me, bitch!
Jin-tae, I did a terrible thing.
Forget that.
Just pay me $5000
as a settlement.
In cash.
All I have right now...
it's not much...
I've been saving this
to pay back my debt.
Take this for now.
Send the rest to my bank account.
I'll text you the account number.
You know what texting is?
Wait. By the way,
that dead girl, Moon Ah-jung.
Do you know anything about her?
Actually there were
rumors about her from way back.
It's not nice to talk
this way about the dead,
but rumors are rumors.
there are only three motives
for murder.
Money, passion,
and vengeance.
Try to think this through.
That poor kid living on the hill,
what kind of money could she have?
So it must be
either passion or vengeance.
So we need to start
by investigating
the people around her.
But those fuckers
on the police force
found that golf ball
and just close the case?
Do-joon is the
obvious scapegoat for them.
If it were me,
I'd never investigate like that.
Sorry, I didn't know
you thought that way.
Of course. Do-joon has been
totally fucked over.
I'm his friend after all.
Thank you, Jin-tae.
Don't cry!
This is no time to cry.
Quit it!
Do you know
what the strangest thing is?
The roof.
The body was left on the roof.
That dead girl.
Usually you bury a dead body.
But in this case,
it was hoisted up.
Her body was
practically put out on display.
Like hanging out laundry.
'Look, everyone,
I murdered this fucking bitch.
Do you see the corpse? '
That sort of thing...
If you put the body there,
the whole town can see it.
Anyway this neighborhood
is pretty strange.
So my point is...
Don't trust anyone.
You don't need them.
Don't even trust me.
You go out and find the real killer.
you're trying hard to remember
that night, right?
If you recall
or remember something,
be sure to tell just me.
Only to me.
Do you understand?
What about that lawyer?
I fired him.
You printed the memorial photo
for Moon Ah-jung, right?
She's a real pretty girl.
That's why
'pretty girls have no luck.'
Isn't it 'pretty girls die young? '
That's why she left us early.
That girl, her mother died early
and her father ran off
with another woman.
Her relatives are
a bunch of bitches too.
That young thing got
by all on her own.
She must have been
lonely as hell.
Who're you talking about?
They say she had a boyfriend.
Crazy JP.
Crazy JP from the sanatorium?
No fucking way.
Crazy JP is ugly as hell.
It's true.
Ah-jung really liked boys.
They say she couldn't
even take a nap by herself.
Those are all lies.
Ah-jung's nickname
was Rice Cake Girl.
Rice Cake?
Did she eat lots of rice cake?
I bet she ate fish cake too.
Isn't there anything else
you kids remember about her?
I remember
seeing her from the back.
She wore a backpack.
White calves.
Are you sure she was alone?
There was nobody else?
From Manhattan up to that place,
you saw no one else?
You see him?
Go over and call him retard.
And then what?
It's fucking hilarious.
You gotta try it.
You guarantee me
this will be funny?
Just try.
Hey retard!
What the fuck,
I feel like an idiot.
Here he comes!
How could you do that?
Why would you fight...
I told you to meditate.
That's what I was doing.
Quiet down.
You don't know anything, mom.
Sure, your mom
doesn't know anything.
What would I know?
Why don't you just keep quiet?
You told me if anyone insults me,
I should kick their ass.
Sure, if they insult you...
Kick their ass.
If they hit you once...
Hit back twice.
What about your poor body?
Did you take your medicine?
Did they give you some?
But you know,
it's amazing.
After I got beaten, I remembered.
The memories came back.
You remembered something?
Something important.
Then what is it?
That you tried to kill me.
When I was five, right?
You gave me a Bacchus bottle
with insecticide in it.
Are you okay?
Shit, this is embarrassing.
There are lots of people here.
How could you remember?
It's true.
You tried to get rid of me.
How could you say that?
I was so desperate...
I was going to kill both of us.
But you made me drink it first.
The insecticide drink.
Will you shut up?
You had to be first,
so that I could follow.
Let's step outside.
I was so desperate then.
You and me are one.
We've only got each other.
Hey, get over here quick!
How could a five-year-old
remember something like that?
Ma'am, please stop this.
Let me give you acupuncture.
There's a meridian point
that can loosen the knots
in your heart
and clear all horrible memories
from your mind.
Let me see your thigh.
I'm the only one
who knows this point.
Up your thigh to the partition.
you can see that he's sick inside.
Please let me do it.
this time you gonna kill me
with your needles?
What are you doing?
Hurry up and get him out!
Don't ever come again, mom.
I won't see you.
Can you enlarge it
and print it out clearly?
I should've
used Gramoxon back then.
If I had, we'd be frolicking
in heaven's flower garden right now,
instead of suffering.
I didn't have the heart,
so I used Lone Star.
That's a weaker brand.
So instead of dying, we spent
two days vomiting and shitting water.
After that, I fed him
all the good stuff in the world...
He was the cutest then.
Though he's still cute now.
Yeah, in this photo
he's cute as a button.
It makes you want to
have a baby, huh?
You will soon. You're taking
the medicine I gave you?
This thing is amazing.
There's nothing
you can't do these days.
This is nothing, just the basics.
Just the basics...
This works great.
It's completely gone.
This is nothing, just the basics.
It came out well.
Do you like it?
I wish this would work in the mirror.
By the way,
how much would it cost
to print about
twenty cell phone pictures?
Not sure.
But why would you
want to print those anyway?
The quality won't be very good.
it's just a memento.
Here's a tissue.
This happens
to you like every day.
Why don't you go see a doctor?
It's too expensive.
the one with the nosebleed
was Ah-Jung.
But why cell phone photos?
The photos...
are pretty awesome.
You've got plenty of rice,
and the water works.
And you have rice liquor, I see.
Do you have a cell phone?
Why? You wanna buy me one?
Or even better,
just give me the money.
Your land line is dead,
that's why.
Who knows, ask Ah-jung.
That bitch left home
and hasn't come back.
Wow, the poop is spinning.
Where can I get that done?
I made it myself.
I like that kind of thing too.
I want one. Like this.
That model is kind of too old.
She's really good at that.
She makes pervert phones too.
- If you pay her.
- Shut up.
Earn lots of cash, bye.
What's a pervert phone?
When cellphones take pictures,
they always make a sound.
Cheese, ding!
I just tweak it
to remove the sound.
For hidden cameras.
I'd like that
even more than the poop.
You're a master.
Where did you learn all this?
It's just a hobby
and part-time job.
Did you do this for
that poor girl Ah-jung?
You know where
her cell phone is, don't you?
Do you have it?
A menstrual pad.
I haven't used one in ages.
There's a store across the street.
Could you go buy me some?
I'm so sorry.
Why'd this happen all of a sudden?
It's not time yet.
Don't go anywhere, okay?
- I know you have it, bitch.
- I don't.
Hey! If we find it on you,
you're dead meat.
Fuck, I'm gonna search you.
Look in her bag.
If we find it,
we're gonna rip your head off.
I know you have it bitch.
Where did you stash it?
I really don't have it.
You were the only friend she had.
Tell me now.
We're busy guys, okay?
So answer us
before we get mean.
I don't know, assholes!
You know,
your face looks unbalanced.
You can use a little symmetry,
couldn't you?
Spilling blood over
a stupid cell phone.
Where's Ah-jung's phone,
you fucking bitch!
Tell us, you slut!
Who's this fooling around
in my workplace?
What the fuck are you doing here?
I said what are you doing, fuckers!
Answer me! Get out of here!
Hey, push me.
Stop! Stop!
If I see you back here,
you're dead!
Yeah, so where are you now?
I need your help.
Can you come over here now?
Yeah, now.
Who are these little shits?
Let go of me.
And who the fuck are you?
You in your stupid fucking hat?
You shithead.
Why are you looking for
Ah-jung's cell phone?
Were you one of
her boyfriends, too?
Rice Cake Girl, for sure.
Rice Cake?
Don't you know that?
Give her rice and fuck her.
Have your cake,
and eat it, too.
Ah-jung, you poor thing...
I know things are hard, but still...
How could you
take rice instead of cash?
Fuck! If the Schoolgirl Pussy
for Money Union finds out,
I'll get expelled!
If you take rice one more time,
you're dead.
Cut it Out, dude. Fuck it all.
You're the bastard
who paid her in rice!
Get out! That was crazy JP
who stole rice
- from the sanatorium.
- Fuck off, asshole!
It's true!
Pretty Ah-jung had
turned all cold,
and you kept insisting.
Ma'am, listen to this.
It's in my blood.
I should have been a fuckin' cop.
Moon Ah-jung's cell-phone...
If those pictures ever get out,
lots of guys will suffer.
That phone is an atomic bomb.
She photographed them all
with her pervert phone,
those guys she fucked.
It must be
two soccer teams or more.
were you on the soccer team too?
How could you say that?
But I was actually
quite close to her,
in a spiritual way.
Back then I asked her.
Hey Ah-jung,
did you really take pictures
of all those guys?
Sure I did.
Hey, am I in there too?
Why? Are you scared?
You think I'll blackmail you?
Give me a break.
Me scared of you?
I'm sick of it...
Sick of cocks?
I hate all this.
I should throw
this damn phone away.
A perfectly good phone?
Just delete the photos!
I don't want to.
I'm sure
he's there among the photos.
The guy who killed her.
But that idiot Yoon Do-joon
sure got fucked over.
Yeah, that retard
never even saw her panties,
and then he gets blamed.
That's enough.
Hey, I heard that
Do-joon sleeps with his mom?
I said shut up!
Does he just sleep?
Or does he fuck her?
What the hell?
Who are you?
Wait, don't move.
Tell me.
Is that really all you know
about the cell phone?
Not again...
Why don't you all leave me alone
for Christ's sake!
I remember
her saying something...
If I traded this cell phone
for rice liquor,
how many bottles would I get?
What, are you drinking
rice liquor now too?
Mom! Visit!
Mom! Visit!
I remember! I remember!
Mom! Call mom!
Are you home?
Ah-jung sent you!
The money?
Is that it?
Is that all she sent?
By the way,
where's Ah-jung's cell phone?
The phone?
I already traded it for rice liquor.
You're lying.
Ah-jung told me
to be sure to bring it back.
That crazy tramp
keeps taking it back.
Look closely.
No, no...
He had white hair,
an old man.
I've seen this man before.
Is anyone home?
Who are you?
Do you see me?
Have a seat.
But why have you come
to a place like this?
I'm from a volunteer organization
called Hyeminwon.
We provide free medical checks
for elderly people living alone.
For free?
We also provide
free acupuncture...
All sorts of things.
I've heard of them, Hyeminwon.
Since you're here,
let's have a chat.
It's cold.
I've seen you before.
I don't think so.
Maybe not.
Anyway stay awhile
now that you're here.
- You can sleep over if you want.
- You're quite a joker.
Are you sick anywhere?
No place in particular.
But my heart's
not so good these days.
Your heart?
Actually not long ago,
I saw something I shouldn't have.
At my age it was a shock.
I felt it in my whole body.
It's good that I came.
There's a meridian point
that can loosen the knots
in your heart
and clear all horrible memories
from your mind.
On the thigh...
Oh, should I take off my pants?
Just a minute.
I need to prepare first.
what did you see,
a traffic accident?
You're curious, aren't you?
I haven't told a soul about this.
Tell me.
I'll make sure it doesn't hurt.
You remember that incident
in this town a while back?
The murder case.
When that young girl was killed.
The house where it took place
had been abandoned for a long time.
I happened to be there that night.
Careful, it's hot.
Actually, I sometimes go there.
It's quiet there,
being empty and all.
But that night, that girl came in.
And behind her,
some strange guy
was following her...
You don't like guys?
You don't like guys?
Do you know me?
I said, do you know me?
Then why...
I hate guys.
So don't talk to me like that,
you stupid retard.
Why are you lying there?
Hey! Are you hurt?
You must have seen it wrong!
What's gotten into you?
You must have seen it wrong.
They say Yoon Do-joon is innocent,
that he'll be released soon.
They're going to
re-open the investigation.
That's what the cops said.
That's nonsense!
I saw his face with my own eyes.
It was him for sure!
Yoon Do-joon.
He threw that rock
and he made
these weird movements.
How could they let him out now?
Anyway they caught the right guy.
I better call and report it myself.
Those idiots...
Where's the number?
Never, no! No!
No way, you trash!
You're not even worth
the dirt on my son's toenail.
What do I do?
What do I do? Mom...
We caught the killer.
Do you remember?
I think I mentioned it before.
JP, who ran away
from the sanatorium.
He was... Where was it?
- Mt. Dogye.
- That's right.
They caught him there.
Anyway, on his shirt,
they found some bloodstains.
They analyzed it
and it matched with Moon Ah-jung,
so it's game over.
A golf ball can't
compare to evidence like that.
Why did he do it?
Well, he's not
what you call normal.
It could have ended
in attempted rape, don't you think?
Sure. But according to him,
it was all because of love.
He says he's Ah-jung's boyfriend.
And the bloodstains,
he says the two of them
were going at it passionately
and then she got a nosebleed.
Wow, that kid
can think pretty fast.
But ma'am,
Do you really
need to go and see JP?
Do you have parents?
Have you got a mom?
Don't cry.
Yoon Do-joon!
Happy release from jail.
Happy release from jail.
Happy being proven innocent,
happy release from jail.
Snap the picture.
Ready, one, two,
- Congratulations!
- Here too.
When did you get this car?
I received some money recently.
Cool, huh? I ride it every day.
Does the tofu taste good?
You didn't hear?
The junk collector's place
burned down.
They said he died.
Eat up.
Have some deodeok root, too.
What happened to the chestnuts?
I put in several.
I've been... thinking.
About what?
That crazy JP,
why'd he put her body up
on the roof,
way up high?
Why think about that?
So I think,
maybe it was
so people would see her?
She was bleeding
she needed to go to the hospital.
So he put her in a place
where people could see her fast.
I bet that's it.
Attention, y'all.
Passengers on the
Thank-You-Parents Bus Tour,
Mom, take this on the bus to eat.
You didn't have to buy so much.
You can share it
with the other parents.
Don't leave it behind.
Oh, I forgot,
Mom. Here.
I have something for you.
What is it?
Well... I found this at
the junk collector's burnt house.
How could you
leave this lying around?
Hurry up!