Madeline's Madeline (2018)

There you go.
Nurse Kelly,
can you bring the gloves?
What you are experiencing
is just a metaphor.
The emotions you are having
are not your own.
They are someone else's.
You are not the cat.
You are inside the cat.
Now lie back.
Are you...
Are you okay?
Hey there.
Yes, my sweet kitty.
Oh. Do you want a little
scratching, kitty?
Does that feel nice?
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, kitty.
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na
Now it's still on me
Hey, na-na
Na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na
Hey, na-na Na-na-na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, na-na-na
Hey, hey
Hey-hey, hey-hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Yes! Yes!
Hey! Hey!
Your house is too weak. You
have to keep running to a safer house.
Just like your birth. Just birth
yourself right out of the cocoon.
what are you doing?
I was a sea turtle.
You were a sea turtle, and then you
were a woman playing a sea turtle.
Look at your hands.
Whose hands
are those?
Are they yours,
or are they the turtle's?
Yes, that's it. You're there! You're there!
You're there.
We can all feel it.
Good entrance.
I like that entrance.
We don't really have,
like, a professor.
That's great.
Feel that beat.
I think you
should come with me right now.
- Okay.
- Come with me, honey.
What is it? You're in my...
What is going on?
One, two, three.
Duck down! Duck down!
Drive! Drive!
- Okay.
- Duck, duck, duck! Duck down! Duck!
Drive, drive!
- Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
- Go, Mom!
I'm going, I'm going.
I can't duck and drive.
Just go! Just go!
I'm going!
Are you okay?
Oh, my God.
We just mooned Evangeline.
- You did?
- Yes.
Let's go!
I thought you... I
thought something had happened.
Are you really okay?
- Mom. What... Why... We-We-We just ran away.
- Were they mean to you, or...?
No, no. They're really fun.
They're nice.
- But they're always, like, making fun of you, or...
- No, that's at school.
Can we go now?
But you were running
from them.
Great. Great paws.
It's so... It's so...
The cat
has its own personality.
I mean, when you invest
like you did,
it's not just an idea of a cat,
it's... great.
Okay, moving on.
Uh, Jamal
is a friend of mine,
and he's come and offered
to share specifically
some of his experience,
uh, being incarcerated.
And thank you so much
for coming.
Well, thank you
for having me here.
We really
appreciate it.
Um, how do you...
How does it...
Do you want to just talk, or do you
want us to ask you some questions?
- What's good for you?
- Uh, whatever works for you guys.
Just go around,
ask a few questions.
Did you get out because
your sentence was over?
Did you get out early?
You know, how long
have you been out?
I spent two years
and three months
in a cell by myself.
Your brain...
Your mind is always working.
And it's like, you know,
you have to stimulate it
to keep it going.
I would read
the back of my toothpaste.
Like, the fluoride and, you know,
like, chloride or whatever.
Whatever the percentage.
If you could change one thing
about the past, what would it be?
my association with people.
Does anyone else have an
experience or a moment of violence
that's happened to them
that they might want to share?
give you a hug. Would you mind?
You're so tall!
Come down here.
Okay, let's do, um...
Let's do an improv based on
the theme of "no way out."
- Okay, we're basing this on Jamal's stories, right?
- Yes.
- His prison experiences, right?
- An open canvas on the theme of no way out.
In a simple, single
gesture, crossing the stage.
You want
to jump in, Madeline?
Are we gonna... Are we gonna use his story?
Is it Jamal's?
Is Jamal gonna be the character?
Is he one of the pigs?
Why is prison
relevant to this?
Hey, Evangeline,
can we ask you something?
Is this a metaphor? Are we
using prison as a metaphor?
So what are we making?
This is just a metaphor.
But, so...
I mean, I just really wanted
to stay after rehearsal.
- I'm just bummed I'm not staying after rehearsal.
- Well, do you want to walk home?
No. I wanted to tell
Evangeline something.
And we're always late so I
never get to talk to her.
- It's a five-mile walk back.
- No, I...
- Shit. Fuck it.
- What?
- Go to rehearsal, go to rehearsal, go to rehearsal.
- What?
What? What?
- You just... You wanna... You wanna go? Okay.
- Mom...
- I thought we were ordering takeout.
- Mom!
I said
we can go home.
You wanna go, so go.
Get out!
- No! Mom, we can go home.
- Get out!
- Out, out, out, out! I will be waiting here!
- No. No. No.
We can go home.
Mom, what would you be
if you were someone else?
Do you mean,
like, a famous person?
No, he means, um,
if you could cut out someone's
face and wear it as your own,
who would it be?
- You been smoking?
- No.
Oh. Oh.
- You mean...
- What's your answer?
Spring rolls.
- The sky.
- Sky, as in the YouTuber?
The motherfucking sky.
- Okay. Yeah.
- The sky.
You don't have to
use that word.
- Yeah, Madge.
- W-Well...
Don't call me Madge.
Okay, Madge.
You know what? Call me Madge one more time,
and I'll cut your face out and wear it.
Well, I would
be Chris Paul.
- You're not gonna eat anything?
- You'd be cutting off Chris Paul's face.
Do you want
some peanut butter toast?
Yeah, do you want some toast?
Put some little
peanut butter, Madge?
- I'm gonna cut your face out.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
- No scissors.
- This is my face.
- You can have my face!
I mean, I don't...
I just wish that I knew
she was safe. You know?
Or that I was safe.
She threw an ashtray at her brother's
forehead. He had to get stitches.
If we move away from the prison
concept we need more rehearsal time.
We can't afford
this space here anymore.
- So, it's a...
- Hey.
- No, I...
- Um, can I...
- Can I talk to you about something?
- Sure.
I had this dream that I wanted to
tell you about, but, you know...
I know.
You know what they say
about dreaming.
You just have to
trust yourself.
Jung says that...
in all chaos there is a cosmos,
in all disorder a secret order,
that the pendulum of the mind
swings between sense
and nonsense,
not between right and wrong.
Dreams are awesome.
I dreamt I slammed my
mother's hand with an iron.
I couldn't breathe.
It felt like I was underwater,
watching her.
Anything like that, you can
always share it with me.
I dreamt
you were my daughter.
Do you feel safe
around your mom?
Ladies, let's go. Let's get in here.
Gotta celebrate.
- Harsh.
- Shut up.
I just have to watch out
for the, um...
- For the cracks?
- Yeah. The, um...
All right. I mean... Stop.
We could race.
Life has
a lot of pain in it.
No, I'm serious.
- Uh-huh.
- But, um...
Like, Socrates said that or something?
- No.
- Uh-huh.
Socrates didn't say it.
Aristotle did.
You're kind of making
a new dance up.
It's called, like,
the roller blade stutter step.
Oh, man.
You're really quiet.
- No?
- No!
You're like, my hair's
just blowing in the wind.
Oh, sh...
Where are you
- Good night!
- You're going home?
I mean, can I get a kiss without the hair in it?
She is lovely.
How far is she gonna go up
your ass though? You know what I mean?
No, that's Adrianna. Chill.
Adrianna, what's up?
- Going to the park?
- Yeah. You going to the park?
Hey, Madeline.
What's up?
What's in your basement?
Yo, me and the guys over
there, we took bets,
and we think there's
five dead bodies in there.
Five, for every finger
on your hand.
I killed 'em
with my fingernails!
You're weird.
I feel like this is the start of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.
Okay, what do you guys think?
Yo, check out
the titties everywhere.
- Oh, God. Henry. Henry.
- Your dad likes white women.
- Yeah, he does.
- He sure does, dude.
My mom's white, so...
Ooh! Jungle fever.
- What?
- Check it out.
- You guys want to watch it?
- No.
- Why? You've seen it before?
- Yep.
What, are you guys,
like, porn freaks or something?
I wouldn't say "porn freaks."
More like porn scholars.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Okay, Henry, move.
I'm gonna find something.
How about
Dr. French and the Llama?
Oh. Dr. French?
Do you want me to
hold her down, Dr. French?
- You like this, Madeline?
- Not really.
Oh, she's eating her ass.
I think I'm gonna need
some help here, Dr. English.
Your dad sure is
into that good stuff.
Bring me the whip.
Show me where it hurts.
- You come down here and make out?
- Yeah.
- I've never been in here a day in my life.
- No!
Oh, God.
If you keep saying that, I'm
gonna have to throw you out.
You got Steamboat Willie?
Yeah. What's... Oh.
- Oh. Hey.
- Don't hurt me.
Ouch. Ouch.
- Madeline?
- Ouch! Ouch!
Oh, shit. Oh, fuck.
Is that right?
Okay! Ah!
I was just
showing them the basement.
Why don't you sit down.
Let's watch this!
Okay. Right? Sit down, Madeline.
This what you were doing?
- This what I interrupted?
- We were just...
Yeah? Well, just do it.
Go ahead. Do it. Whip it out.
You're putting
it in her asshole!
This is a good idea? You want her in
a psych ward for another six weeks?
With her condition?
- Are you crazy or something?
- No. I'm not. I'm not.
Mom. Mom!
We're not in your office.
It's just a metaphor.
Get out! Get out!
Madeline the slut.
The slut Madeline
arranges a special treat for me.
That is...
Okay. All right.
Okay. We're done.
Done. Done.
No. No. No!
- Would you like some help with that?
- Uh-huh.
Lay down. Lay down!
Put your head down!
Lie back.
Lie back!
- Hey.
- Hi.
We thought you were Evangeline! She's pregnant!
She's pregnant.
We're so excited!
Oh, cool. Um...
- Well, I want to say congratulations too.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- Shh-shh-shh.
- Okay.
- Where is everybody?
What the hell? Max?
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- For what?
- For being pregnant!
Yeah, I told...
- For the next generation!
- Oh!
Just for today, we're gonna...
Madeline and Santos are gonna be
doing that workshopping, so let's...
Okay, let's party
for a little bit.
Hi! Thank you!
- Take a piece.
- Why you picking at your hands?
Why are you so jittery?
I'm not. Why are you
looking at my hands?
- This is for you.
- Oh.
- Madeline?
- Hey.
- You okay?
- Hey, you know...
Come talk to me.
I've been thinking about how fun
it's been to work with you.
- The group's been struggling.
- Yeah.
And you get my work
like no one else.
This process is so intimate,
and I'm really glad you're here.
Me too.
So I-I was thinking that,
I want to deepen the work
that we're doing with the
character that you're gonna play.
Do you want to name her?
Oh, I... I thought of a name.
- What?
- Zia.
- Zia?
- Yeah.
That is...
It's really powerful.
You know, one of the ways
that we could maybe...
sort of make Zia
more concrete would be...
I was thinking we could explore the
dream that you were telling me about
and maybe act it out.
- Dream?
- The one that you...
With the iron, and you
slam your mom's hand.
It's so just potent.
And I-I can't stop thinking about those images.
You know, dream work
can be this really...
Uh, anyway...
we should...
try acting it out.
How do you feel about that?
I, uh...
- I guess, yeah.
- Okay.
- -How did it go again?
The day started
out, we were in the car.
She thought my friends
hated me.
- Are they bullying you?
- She thought my friends were being mean to me.
Are they being mean to you?
Be silent. Great. You're hurting
your mother. That's fine.
One day you'll live
to regret it.
Well, look at me. You're
looking at me like I'm crazy.
Go play
with your kittens.
At the
beginning, between the mother. Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Madeline, was that...
Is that about how it felt?
I think we need to, um,
the fractured, um,
disjointed relationship with
the mother at the beginning.
- Okay. At the beginning.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey. Come here.
Yeah. Come here.
Try it.
Just really look
at its face.
Look at its face. Really look.
'Cause you're gonna become that.
Can you see?
Try to focus. That's right.
Good. Great.
Stay in the center.
Madeline, where are you go...
You're in the middle for this!
Are you done,
or should...?
Is she done, or...?
CK is one block south.
Have you seen
my daughter?
I'm sorry, no.
Oodles of noodles.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Oh, brah, brah, brah.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah!
Yeah. Yeah. Let me get some noodles.
Let me get some noodles.
Go, go! Go, go! Go, go!
Go, go! Go, go!
Go, go! Go, go!
Oh! Oh!
Hi. How are you?
How are you?
I could really,
really like that.
Hi. How are you? How are you?
G-Go, go! Go, go!
Go, go! Go, go!
Go, go! Go, go!
Yes, it's an emergency.
Her prescription ran out
a week ago.
Mm-hmm. Y...
Because she didn't tell me.
I'm sorry.
She's a teenager, so...
She just doesn't tell me
everything in her life.
Honey, I have food.
And a little present
for you.
Okay, well, here it is.
I'm leaving it here.
Okay? There's...
Maddie, maybe no rehearsal
for a while. Right? 'Cause...
All right.
Get it, or the cat'll get it.
You're gonna want to be on varsity.
But you don't have to,
you know.
JV is for the younger guys too.
You know?
It's not, like,
an embarrassing thing.
That's what it's there for.
Come on, honey.
- And that lady over there?
- Yes.
- She's got cobwebs in her vagina.
- Oh!
Never say that about an older
woman, because that'll be you.
It will be. It will be.
It already is!
- Okay, look at...
- Oh!
See the middle one?
Do you know what I'm gonna say?
Yeah... Well, no.
She's a lesbian.
Well, she's actually not.
I've seen her with a different man
in this park, like, just walking.
Not doing anything,
but a different man,
maybe six or seven times.
Just saying. Seriously.
Oh, she gets with it?
Yeah. I don't know what that is.
I mean, you really...
Let's look at her.
Look at her.
- Hey!
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God. Don't. Don't.
Really sorry.
Did I hurt you, hon?
Oh, God. I-I kissed that guy.
Uh, maybe we should have...
Maybe we shouldn't have,
like, rushed into something
where there was quite
so much responsibility.
He could have herpes.
He probably does.
He knows a lot about porn.
And that's a sign.
All just, like, around your
mouth, little pustules.
Stop using that hand stuff.
That just dries your skin out.
- That only makes the whole thing worse.
- I have allergies.
No, you don't have allergies.
You have hypochondria.
Are you looking at Tinder?
Is that what that is?
Have you been snooping
on my phone?
- I-I-I...
- Never trust anybody. Okay?
- Can I get out now?
- No, wait, I...
Make sure to choose the right... Okay. Excuse me.
Hi. Yeah. Okay.
All right.
Have a good day! Good-bye!
He's just doing his job,
you know, and you just...
You want to use protection.
You want to be tested
Why would I
get tested before?
Okay, right. After.
Um... and...
Oh, honey,
wait, wait, wait.
You know, I just...
I want...
I want you to be careful.
You know?
you're not...
- I'm not what?
- Um...
You know. You're not
like the other people.
- Because I'm black?
- No. Madeline.
I just feel like you're
maybe not ready, you know.
- Your situation, which is different...
- What are you saying?
It's different from the
other people in the...
Everyone else is...
is stable, and, um...
You know,
if you had an episode,
which you probably will,
what would happen?
What, Evangeline
is gonna...
- Fuck!
- You suck!
Just stop it.
- Hi.
- Hi!
You're here!
- Sorry we're late.
- No, no, it's good. It's good.
No, you're here.
Come on. Let's go.
- How are you?
- She's so glad to have worked with you.
Oh, we love her so much.
We're so glad she's here.
Can you get in your wardrobe right away?
'Cause KK's only got 30 minutes.
Yeah, I have
another set to be on.
Another set
with Robert De Niro.
Are you all right,
Because if we did...
You could use your
fingernails on my back.
That might be
real, real good.
It's like
a nail file.
KK, you could come too, baby. I could maybe
get in there and squeeze your ass cheeks.
You ready for that?
Mom, you can come too,
if you want to.
Let's start
getting it together over here.
We'll put the...
Hey. Hey.
I was thinking about
investing in a water bed.
I heard it really
makes the rock.
KK, you look so great!
Everyone's gonna
love these posters.
She... As soon as
she's done, get her over here.
That's, um, long-haired.
Yeah. We can't... Can you...
Come on, sweetheart.
Madeline, can you just, uh, please
come over here with the animal?
- I want to...
- Yeah. Come on. We gotta get going here.
- Thank you.
- Okay. Great.
Just step right
up here on this mark, honey.
That's the best
pig head ever.
Good. Okay,
you guys look amazing.
Wow, wow, wow.
- Uh...
- Oh, Mommy. Bad news.
Um, do you know what?
It might be great if you could
just step out just for a minute.
'Cause I think it will just allow
her to relax a little bit.
- Okay.
- I mean, I know it's, like, sometimes a thing with parents.
This is her snack.
She probably won't take it,
but give it a try.
- Okay, thank you. Thank you.
- Yeah.
Uh, do you
want this coconut thing?
Okay. Great. Um...
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Okay. Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
My God. I feel like I haven't even got
to talk to you yet. Are you okay?
- I'm good.
- Yeah? How's things with your mom?
On the way here, she
tried to give me the sex talk.
I'm 16. I know everything.
Are you kidding?
Oh, my God. That is so...
She just got the sex talk in the car.
That's so weird, because we were just...
- That's crazy.
- Hunter, you don't get to be a part of this conversation.
That's so weird, because Laura was just
telling us, and then we did that pi...
It's so funny.
Okay, let's shoot this.
- Can you get me that stool? I wanna sit over here.
- Okay. Sure.
Can you guys
change positions, like...
Yeah, yeah.
Good, good.
- You're on your game today, babe.
- Oh, yeah.
Here. Hold on. This is just... You know what?
It's weird, that sort of falling down.
Can you just...
Can we get the costume...
- Do you know what? Fuck. Do you know what?
- What is it?
I-I love these costumes, and I know
it's exactly what we talked about,
but now that I'm seeing
it all together,
I'm just starting to
feel like it's not...
These costumes are
from the prison theme.
And I think now we're moving on to this
whole mother-and-daughter theme...
- I think I was wrong. Can we change?
- What are you talking about?
We've got two hot black chicks in space
suits with big hats and a white cat.
Fuck off. Fuck off.
'Cause I just need to get this...
- What do you want to change?
- Can you, uh...
- Let's just put them back into the clothes they came in.
- Oh, my God.
Well, it's...
Yeah. Can we try that?
Do you know what?
Could you
go and ask her mom
if we could borrow her
sweater for the shoot?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Okay, good.
Madeline. Madeline.
Just... You know what?
You know how you're really good at
getting, like, emotional on cue?
Just try one this time with,
like, a lot of emotion.
Any emotion?
Yeah, like, um...
I mean, just like...
Think about how you felt when your
mom gave you the sex talk. Try that.
That's really fucking good.
More! Yes! Yes!
Now just less. I mean,
just like a little...
That, but subtle.
More subtle.
Uh... Okay, wait. Hold on.
Hold on. I don't know.
Maybe, just, I didn't
understand what you were...
Okay, do you know,
What if it made you
feel kind of sad?
Like just thinking about what it means
for her, and it was, like, a lot more...
Yeah. Let's try that.
Let's try that.
Just... Just... Just for
the photograph. Okay?
Is that...
That's depressed?
A little bit more.
More, more, more.
Oh, good. Yeah.
Oh, yeah. Good, good, good, good!
That's so good.
Okay, great. Can you turn
and say something to KK?
Yeah, KK. Perfect.
Regina, could you come
in here for a second?
I have an idea,
and I was thinking...
I would love it if you would just pose
with Madeline for a minute and then...
'Cause you're not...
You won't be on camera.
- The two of you together...
- Oh, my...
We won't see you. You won't be on camera.
You'll be off.
- Can you give her her sweater back?
- Yeah, sure.
- Just give her her sweater.
- This sounds like a great idea.
Okay, good.
Good, good, good.
- Just... Um...
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
Okay, great.
And then, um,
I'm just thinking,
like, we'll just get you and your mom and
something like a little less powerful,
a little
kind of more just...
I don't know,
but, uh, do you know...
Actually, you know what? Let's
have you sit right here.
So you're just looking
at each other. Okay?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Oh!
- Don't worry about what I said about the water bed.
I know, I know.
It's been...
We've been
workshopping for months.
I'm not sure this
is turning into a play.
It is a play.
It's not a play play.
It's just not about
making sense all the time.
I don't know
if you really need me.
- You know, it's the story...
- A lot of us are barely in this anymore.
You know, actually...
You're mostly using
Madeline and KK.
We all are in... You're
part of this collective.
But if you... If you go now, what's
that going to say to everybody else?
So let's get ready
for doctors and nurses.
Um, why don't you
just stay for today?
Now, who's, um,
gonna play the patient?
Ooh, I'll do it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll do it.
you want to do it?
I'm okay. Mm-hmm.
I'm ready and waiting to go.
Come on!
Doctor? Doctor.
Yeah, I'd like to do the improv
with the same characters
and maybe try to generate text and
this time in a psychiatric ward, okay?
What seems
to be the problem?
I'm sick.
What do you have?
I'm de...
With, uh...
Hey, Madeline. It's a
psychiatric ward, not a pregnancy ward.
My mom wants me
to have an abortion,
but, um, I'm gonna
keep the baby.
Wh... I mean, do you...
Do you think you're...
you're ready?
I think I'm ready. I... I
want to take care of someone.
Like she will.
But I'm afraid that the birth
will be horrible.
How will it
be horrible?
Bloody and hard.
What if the baby
doesn't wanna come out?
What if it's, like...
And it dies inside of me.
Let's take five minutes, and then
we'll, uh, regroup and try some more.
Do I have a weird time?
Hey. It's just me.
I was just saying hi.
Oh, are you okay?
Just ready to give birth,
I guess.
Yeah. Look, if you want
to be there with all the family, fine.
I'll... That's fine.
No, I said it's fine.
Can I just talk about
next week's rehearsal?
Hey, guys. Where are you going?
Where are they all going?
- See ya. Have a good one.
- See ya.
- Um...
- Guys! Where...
- I let everybody go.
- What?
Hey, guys! Guys!
We're not done rehearsing.
No, no, we are!
We'll catch you next time!
Regina. Hi. Yeah.
It's Evangeline.
We, um...
We finished rehearsal early,
and so we were calling to see if
it would be all right with you
if, um, Madeline came to my
house for dinner tonight.
And then you wouldn't have
to come back and pick her up,
and I could... I could drop her
off at, like, 9:30 or 10:00 or...
Yeah, I hope that's okay. Everyone's leaving now.
So I think I will
just take her home and...
Do you want to say something to her?
On the message.
- M... Madeline. That's my husband George.
- Hi.
You know what?
a really great actress.
Yeah. She's applied to a whole
bunch of really fantastic colleges
like Juilliard and NYU.
Yay, Madeline.
Yeah. I-I really don't know
if I'll get in though.
She's amazing. She could get
into any college that she wants.
If Evangeline says it,
it's true.
Look what
I've got for you guys!
Here we come, here we
come, here we come.
- Better be good.
- Come on. Who said that? Who said that?
You know I'm the one
who said it.
One for you, girl?
Okay, good?
Mama, I do that for you.
What about you, sweetheart?
I'm a vegan.
Vegan. All right.
All right, vegan.
I'm-a put this down here.
I'm-a take you out bread.
- Do you want some bread?
- No, thank you.
Okay, I'm-a leave you alone.
Listen, guys.
I'm-a be right back
in a minute.
Madeline was telling us
your show is about prison?
Uh, no.
No, it's not.
It's... It's a metaphor.
- Metaphor?
- No, it's not a metaphor.
It's-It's, um... It's
about mental illness.
- And-And...
- Wow.
Madeline is the lead.
I'm really interested in people who are
out of control of their circumstances.
Oh, my God. Come here.
Welcome to the nut show!
Oh, no. Don't!
Nut is a peanut
because they pee a lot.
Jason, no!
- Okay.
- A nut...
...can kill you!
You can't do that.
You're making a huge mess here, and you
really can't stand on the couch, all right?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey.
- Give me a smile.
just a little tired.
That's okay.
It's all for you, sweetie.
Where's Solomon?
Come here.
Don't worry about it.
Really? That's it?
Are you
Evangeline's daughter?
Blessings for the one
that's on the way...
and hopefully will grow
into an incredible host
like Mom and Dad.
This is for Evangeline
and George.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- To future baby.
- Beautiful baby.
Go ahead.
Next we're gonna...
- Aw!
- The future of enjoying family and friends.
To the right.
Are you sure you're okay to...
To go to the bathroom by myself?
Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.
Hi, Onur.
You guys need
help with cleaning up?
- What?
- It was like pig face.
- Pig face?
- Yeah, like pig face. You know, like...
I'm gonna get me
some more vino.
My, what soft skin
you have.
I won't tell Evangeline.
It's showtime. Showtime.
I don't know.
Oh. Oh. Oh!
Meow. Meow.
Meow. Meow.
Meow. Meow.
Meow. Meow. Meow.
Everywhere I roam
Either land or sea or foam
You can always hear me
Singing my song
Show me the way to go
Oh, how I wanna go
Oh, let me go home
She used to be
in vaudeville, y'all.
She's not that old.
She's not that old.
Mama, Mama. Mama.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hey. Mad... Made...
- Madeline.
Right. Right.
- George.
- Yes.
- How are you?
- I'm okay. How are you?
Doing great.
- You're really talented, you know?
- Oh.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, you're welcome.
- You need anything?
- So... Oh, no.
- You good?
- I'm okay.
You need anything?
No, I got it. I got it.
- They always leave it for me to clean up.
- Hmm.
So, um,
how long have you and
Evangeline been together?
Oh. We've been together
five years.
Five beautiful years.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
That's funny, because
she has never mentioned you.
She hasn't?
That's my wife.
That's my wife.
I am so happy
I came to this party.
- I'm glad you came too.
- Yeah.
Had a good time?
So great.
Mmm. We enjoyed having you.
- You sure you don't need anything?
- Yeah.
There's more juice
in the fridge.
- I could grab you some juice or something.
- I don't need any juice.
So, um, it's my birthday
this weekend.
Are you serious?
Well, happy birthday.
You're turning...
- Seventeen.
- Seventeen.
And do you know what I am
doing for my birthday?
I'm going
to lose my virginity.
That's... That's great.
That's great. Who's...
Who's the...
Um, who's the lucky guy?
- I haven't decided yet.
- Okay.
You know, if you have
any recommendations
for, like, a position
or anything, for...
'Cause I'm a beginner,
you know.
I was thinking
that I could bend over,
and he could squeeze
my ass cheeks.
Whoa. Hey.
Were you drinking
at my house, Madeline?
Because you're not acting
like yourself.
You don't know myself.
I am being myself.
I do know you.
I know you!
Are you insecure?
- What?
- Are you... insecure?
I don't know!
No. I mean no.
I'm so... I'm not insecure. I'm trying
to do something that's really hard.
And I am, you know, holding down
the fort on the whole project,
and I'm spearheading this very collaborative
vision that is fucking just...
kind of fucked.
So, yes. I mean yes,
I'm insecure,
because I don't know
if the project's gonna work.
I don't even know if my fucking
marriage is gonna work.
And I don't...
- Good.
- What? What's good?
That you admitted it.
I'm insecure too.
It's why I want you
to like me so much.
I don't think...
I don't think I should be
in your project anymore.
I feel like, you know,
I think you might
be right, Madeline.
I think maybe you shouldn't
be in the project.
And actually, it feels
like a huge relief.
I mean, I... Of course,
I want you to be in it,
this doesn't feel like
it's good for either of us.
What was that?
What... Was it a cat?
I don't know.
Maybe it was nothing.
Should we check on it?
- No, it's dead.
- Oh.
Hey, Madeline.
We didn't see you at rehearsal today.
We hope you're okay.
Mmm. Mmm.
Are you coming
Someone's here
to see us.
Madeline, is that you?
My God. Last time, um,
they left out the mint lemon.
I don't know why.
As if I couldn't do it.
Just put a tent up.
- What did I do? Nothing.
- But it's usually a lot more than just putting a tent up.
Our board member Christa, that's
her favorite, first of all.
So are the... Are they...
Oh. Madeline.
Look who's here.
- Hi, Evangeline.
- She came to ask about you, but we...
- Hi.
- We've just been talking about, um...
- Your mother's been telling me about her...
- The tent.
- The tent. The event tent.
- Which you get because it's...
Yes. It's, like, um, you know all
about that. You know, just...
Yeah, I mean I guess
it's kind of the same.
She said that you said
you were pregnant?
- And I told her...
- Well, just in the improv.
absolutely, of course not.
You're a virgin.
You've never even kissed a boy.
We've really missed her.
I mean, she is amazing.
You're an amazing actress.
And just the capacity
to go, you know...
She has a lot of depth,
and I'm sure
it runs in the family.
I think so too.
I mean, it might even be great to
just sort of have you... Do you act?
Do you want to try something?
Just, like, as a part
of the workshop, we could...
Oh, my goodness. Um...
I wonder what the plan is.
Do you think... Is it that
she saw something about me?
You know, because we were talking
for a long time there, and...
She is really freckly, which is something
she'll want to watch out for, you know?
I hope she gets every one
of those things checked,
because it only takes one.
I wonder if she's
on top of that.
- Hi.
- Hi, Regina.
Everybody remember Regina?
I invited her to join us today.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Great, okay. So, let's, um...
Let's rotate,
and let's have a new leader.
Regina, you want to step up
front and be the leader?
Come on. It's fun.
I don't know what to do.
Just kind of what...
Just make any kind of ordinary,
normal gesture that feels natural to you.
- Pretend nobody else is here.
- Just...
- Can I touch my purse?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Okay.
See how relaxed that was, everyone?
Just that relaxed gesture.
But what kind of, like...?
- Because I did that.
- Yes. Okay.
That does always come...
That was so great. Thank you.
That was fantastic.
Hey, we're
gonna clown your mom,
so just copy her walk
and gestures and stuff.
- You can sit down if you want.
- Okay.
Just go one at a time.
Do you want to go next?
You really shouldn't use hand sanitizer
like that. It dries out your skin.
Oh, what sweater
should I wear?
The one with floral
or the one with floral?
The mood swings.
They can be so bad
High, low. You never know
where you're gonna go.
Throwing things, hitting me.
But I love you
no matter what
because you're my daughter.
Were you smoking?
I can smell it on you! Go take
a shower, for Christ's sakes.
Do you want
some pancakes?
I know you hate butter.
Will you eat anything?
See, Damon eats.
Damon fucking eats.
And he keeps it in.
You're not going
to rehearsal on Friday
if you don't eat
these pancakes.
When you were a...
just a little baby,
I stroked your head
so soft.
I-I... I said to myself... I said,
"This baby, she's so perfect.
She's gonna be so strong."
And look at you now.
You are sick.
You are so sick that you...
No, Madeline.
Madeline, no.
you're scaring me.
Damon, tell her to...
Put it down!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
My hand! My hand!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
That was so great.
That was so amazing.
- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- Yes.
You're so good.
That was amazing.
Did you guys see that?
Oh, my God. That was amazing.
Wow. I, uh...
This... This is the play.
This is immersive theater.
I was thinking we were
gonna do something else,
but I think that, in light
of this powerful new work,
we should, uh...
Let's everybody pick a piece, just a section
of the improv that Madeline just did,
and then we will make a dance.
Make a dance of it and, um...
When you talk about this
being the play,
is this about Madeline?
Well, no, no.
I mean, it's about a character
that we've been work...
you know, creating
together called Zia.
- It's about a character.
- And it's Madeline's story.
No, Zia.
- Her name is Zia.
- Zia.
And she's comfortable with that.
You're comfortable with that?
With us telling your story?
I mean...
So you're going to tell the story
of the inside of her brain.
You know, I'm just saying.
I mean, you, right?
And her.
- I mean, just, like, think about the optics of...
- I... Yes.
It's her story.
It's also my story.
It's everyone
in this room's story.
We could keep talking, but I think
we could put it in the work.
So, I think we have about 20 minutes.
- Bless you.
- I'm so sorry.
- Excuse me.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- We have about 20 minutes? Twenty minutes?
- Yeah, we have 20 minutes.
- About 20 minutes.
Get together in groups of three, and, uh...
and we'll reconvene.
This is...
Sorry, I have to take this.
Yeah, so we should, um...
Yeah, no, I
just wanted to tell you...
- Um...
- Sorry. I know I'm supposed to meet you there,
but I-I'm still here.
I just... Yeah, uh...
Does anyone want
to join our group?
How you doing?
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
I know you feel
it's urgent.
It's not urgent.
I'll call you back, okay? Bye.
Guys! Guys!
Open the door!
Guys! Open the door.
Just... Wait. Oh, God.
Okay. Okay.
Ugh. Fuckers.
- Max, what the fuck?
- Hey, sorry.
- Come down here and open the door.
- I can't.
- I can't let you in just yet.
- What do you mean, you can't? You're my assistant.
- I know, but we need to talk, okay?
- What are you wearing?
- You take that.
- You want a sweater?
And take that.
- Wear the mask.
- Okay.
Wear the mask.
Yes. Give me the line,
but two weeks ago.
- What about the whiskers?
- What?
- Whiskers!
- No whiskers.
She's coming. She's coming.
She's coming.
- You ready?
- Ready.
- Right there.
- Okay.
- Somebody get the lights.
- I'll get 'em.
It's a long road
getting to here, to you, and, um...
I made pancakes!
Honestly, I think what she's
taking isn't working at all.
Maybe we could make a plan.
I think what she's taking
isn't working at all.
Have you been smoking?
Madeline! It's just me!
- Stop it!
- Good!
Give me that.
Give me that!
Give it to me.
Stop it!
Get off me!
Madeline. Madeline.
Great job.
You know, you're obviously
taking a lot of risks, and I...
- -think you're
so talented, you know?
But if we're gonna
I think we should talk about a
process that's a little more...
This is done. I think this is done now.
Okay. Everybody?
Everybody, I think
this is done now!
So thank you very much,
everybody! Great job.
Just stop! Stop!
It's a miracle.