Madeline (1998)

In an old house in Paris
that was covered in vines,
lived 12 little girls...
in two straight lines.
In two straight lines,
they broke their bread...
And brushed their teeth...
and went to bed.
They smiled at the good...
And frowned at the bad.
And sometimes
they were very sad.
They left the house
at half past 9,
in two straight lines,
in rain... or shine.
The smallest one
was Madeline.
Eh, what do you think?
It's great.
You've really captured it.
Au revoir.
The circus is coming!
Come one, come all!
See the Idiot Popopov.
the depth of terror...
at the sight
of the man-eating tiger!
To the tiger in the zoo,
Madeline just said...
Poo, poo.
And nobody knew so well
how to frighten Miss Clavel.
Get down!
Take that!
Bless Lady Covington...
and protect her
that she may recover quickly.
And bless this food
we are about to receive...
to our use...
And us to Thy service.
Voila. Chicken Helene.
Vite, vite.
Good night, little girls.
Thank the Lord you are well.
And now go to sleep.
Good night, good night,
Miss Clavel.
Elizabeth, Veronica,
Sylvette, Marie-Odile,
Serena, Beatrice,
Lucinda, Chantal,
Lolo, Victoria,
Aggie and Madeline.
Especially Madeline.
Something is not... right.
Ooh. Madeline's
burning up, Miss Clavel!
Should we call
the fire department?
No, Chantal,
"burning up" is a metaphor.
- Like "Chantal is thick.
- As a plank."
No, that's a simile.
Go get Helene, now.
Ooh, my tummy.
She must have eaten
something super horrid.
We all ate the same thing.
That means
we're all gonna die.
Girls, that's enough.
Helene, telephonez
a I'hopital.
My hat!
Where's my hat?
Girls, find.
Madeline's hat!
Vite, vite!
Oui, madame, oui.
Where is it?
Think like a hat.
I'm a hat.
I'm a hat. I'm a hat.
I'm a hat! Voila!
Hurry up!
Come on, everybody. We found it!
A bientot.
Miss Clavel!
Hold it very tightly.
That's good.
S'il vous plait.
I think they'll have to
take out her appendix.
My appendix?
No, you'll be fine.
She'll be fine!
Repeat after me, Madeline:
"I can do anything."
I can do anything.
I can do anything.
I can do anything.
- Our patient from here on.
- I'm sorry.
But I must stay with her.
Wait. Miss Clavel, please!
I'll be right outside.
I can do anything.
I can do... Ow! Ow!
Are you her mother?
Uh, no, no, I'm not.
I'm her teacher.
And where
are her parents?
- She's a ward of the church.
- She has no parents.
- They died.
- When she was very small.
Oh. Here.
I can do anything.
We won't be visiting
for long today.
It's only been a few days
since the operation,
and Madeline will be...
We must be gentle with her.
Hi, everybody!
You're okay.
Girls, your flowers.
She's got as many toys
as you do.
Yes, but these aren't hers.
They're for charity cases.
It's a crank!
We were super,
super worried.
Was it scary?
Did you see a white light?
They cut
a three-inch hole in me.
Then they stuck
their bare hands in
and pulled out some of my guts.
You're so lucky.
All right, I was asleep.
So basically, all you did
was take a long nap.
I haven't shown you
the best part yet.
Look. Come over here.
Come and look.
Look what they gave me
in exchange for my appendix.
It's not that big.
Are you kidding?
It's huge.
It's "gi-normous"!
All right, girls.
We'll say our good-byes now.
Madeline's had a hectic
and sleepless evening.
She's emotionally drained
and needs her rest.
Bye, Madeline!
We'll come
and see you soon.
Bye, Aggie.
Bye, Miss Clavel.
Can we visit Lady Covington?
Not today, Aggie.
Please report to surgery
in room 24 immediately.
Lady Covington.
Hi there, Madeline.
You remember me?
Of course I remember you.
From my visit
last Easter.
Come in.
I heard one of our girls
was in this hospital.
Are you feeling better?
Yes, ma'am.
I hope...
they are giving you
a lot of ice cream.
They are. I hope they're giving
you lots of ice cream as well.
Not much.
Are you feeling better?
Much better.
You know, Madeline, my
grandmother started the school,
and I was a student there myself
when I was a little girl.
Can I tell you a secret?
When I was nine, on
the baseboard in the dortoir,
I carved my name.
You carved Lady Covington?
No, my name
was Marie Gilbert.
Marie Gilbert.
See if it's still there.
Marie Gilbert.
Who gave you permission
To be in here?
N-Nobody. Lord, um, Covington.
This is a hospital.
It's not a playroom.
You're not allowed
to just wander around.
Yes, sir.
Something is not right.
What? What is it?
We want our appendix out too!
Good night, little girls.
Thank the Lord you are well.
Now, please, go to sleep.
Good night, good night,
Miss Clavel.
Au revoir, Madeline.
Au revoir.
Wait, Miss Clavel. Um, but
that's Lady Covington's room.
Did she get better
and go home as well?
No, Madeline.
Lady Covington...
Lady Covington
passed away.
But I only
just spoke to her.
She was very sick.
We'll miss her
very much.
I'm sorry.
Are you all right?
My first husband
was a truck driver. Stupid man.
What's your name?
Miss Clavel.
Is this a pet chicken?
No, you know the rule,
Madeline. No pets allowed.
Then what's it for?
What is it for? What do you
think it's for, dancing?
It's for eating.
For eating?
In honor of your return,
we'll have Chicken Helene.
Enough is enough.
- Hello, street.
- Hello, house. Hello, vines.
Take care, Madeline.
the Spanish ambassador's
moving in next door.
Wait! Hat, wait!
- The Spanish ambassador's.
- A midget?
This is Pepito,
the Spanish ambassador's son.
We're off to the races.
No leaving the courtyard.
Hasta luego.
That boy's a bad hat.
I don't think you should
judge people too quickly.
But I guess
I understood him quickly.
So you're Pepito, eh?
He's positively Elvis.
Don't give him any attention.
He's a bad hat.
But I like his hat.
Madeline, you're so young.
This boy's got charisma.
But is he intelligent?
Who cares?
He's got a motorcycle.
It's a Vespa.
He'll probably
get run over someday.
He is sort of handsome.
Forget it, Aggie.
You don't stand a chance.
Nobody wants a chance, Vicki,
except for you.
"He's got charisma."
You're all googly-eyed.
I am not googly-eyed.
He'll see us.
Tonight, Madeline, I made your
very favorite, Chicken Helene.
It looks super.
It looks great, Helene.
Smells gorgeous.
Oh, no. Fred.
Fred? Who's Fred?
That's Fred.
It's a chicken.
Chickens don't have names.
How do you know?
Madeline, aren't you hungry?
I've suddenly
lost my appetite.
You see, this chicken
was a friend of mine.
I met him earlier
in the car.
I'm think I'm
a vegetarian.
This is just - too idiotic.
If you knew the chicken
the way I did, Vicki,
you wouldn't eat him.
Of course I would.
He's nice and crispy,
just the way I like him.
Well, I'm not
eating Fred.
Fred's already dead.
Well, I think I'm
a "vegetable-arian" too.
I can't eat it either.
What's going on?
Who is Fred?
I don't understand.
I'm sorry, Helene,
but you killed him.
Well, I wasn't friends
with Fred.
Eat it.
Eat it, Lolo.
Don't be one of them.
Eat it!
Everyone is entitled
to her opinion.
If Vicki wants
to eat Fred,
the chicken...
May I ask
what's going on?
Excuse us, my lord.
You found us
in the middle of a debate.
A debate.
Miss Clavel, I wonder if I might
have a word with you.
What's Lord Cucubutt
doing here?
Lord Covington.
On behalf of myself
and the girls,
I would like to offer you
our deepest sympathy.
Thank you very much,
Miss Clavel.
The girls.
Yes, I'm afraid
they lack discipline.
They are usually very
well-behaved, if I may say so.
You may say so,
but it is not my experience.
I've been going through
my wife's papers,
putting her final affairs
in order.
This must be a very
difficult time for you.
In 43 years of marriage,
the only thing that my wife
and I ever disagreed upon...
was her indulgence
of this school.
It needed a new roof,
my wife wrote a check.
Cook needed a new refrigerator,
my wife wrote a check.
Trips to the zoo.
She was a wonderfully
generous woman.
Well, it can't
go on like this.
I'm closing
the school down.
But the... The girls.
Will find another school
to attend.
Eating chickens is not the same
as wearing leather shoes.
- Yes, it is.
- No, it isn't.
End of debate.
If you won't eat your chicken,
it's off to bed with you.
What did we do?
No dinner at all?
"Marie Gilbert."
Who's that?
A friend of mine.
I'm super hungry.
You're super everything.
It's better to be super
everything than super nothing.
I don't think I'm
super, super everything.
All right.
We're all hungry.
So let's eat.
But we're not allowed.
Poo, poo.
Come on, come on.
I don't really think
we should do this.
In the French Resistance,
we knew how to deal with a man
like Cucuface.
Oh, Helene,
Don't even joke
about such things.
Who is joking?
Shh. If they hear us,
we're dead meat.
But we're vegetarians.
Stop whispering.
You stop whispering.
It's knickers.
It's a bra.
Booby baskets.
boobies, boobies.
Pickle sandwiches.
Are dairy products all right?
Super bad smell!
All right.
Who did it?
Smells like
one of Vicki's.
Pew. Gross.
She who smelt it dealt it.
It's not me.
It's this.
Nobody breathe.
It's that special cheese.
Close it.
Give me a Jack.
Go fish.
Chicken Helene.
Chicken. Chicken.
Je t'aime, George.
Now, what's
for dessert?
We can bake a cake.
- Come back here, you. I don't.
- Care who your father is.
We're not in Spain!
We're not gonna take this.
If you think you scare me,
well, you don't!
It is an outrage.
We were just going
to get something to eat.
It's all Pepito's fault.
- Who's going to.
- Clean up this mess?
We are, Miss Clavel.
And then what
do you suggest?
We eat.
All right.
But from now on,
I do the cooking, okay?
Up, up, up.
Hello. A nun.
Leopold's the name.
Tutorin's the game.
I'm, um, Pepito's
new tutor.
I'm Miss Clavel
from the school next door.
Pepito appears to be
a bit of a handful.
It seems to me he needs
an outlet for his energy.
Well, we all do,
don't we?
I thought he might
appreciate this.
It's a toolbox.
Um, do you mind
if we talk a little shop?
These, um, kids...
What do you actually do
to keep them occupied,
keep 'em out of your hair?
Well, tomorrow, for instance,
I'm taking mine to the museum.
The museum?
Not bad.
What do you do
on your day off?
I pray.
Despite being
rather tiny in size,
Emperor Napoleon held France
in an iron grip.
I don't want you to simply
copy the painting.
I want you
to loosen up,
express yourselves,
go wild.
You have exactly 20 minutes.
Madeline, where's
your drawing pad?
Oops. I left it
in the other gallery.
I know where it is.
Are you sure?
Then you may go
and retrieve it.
Where are you going,
little girl?
I asked you a question.
What's the matter?
I wasn't scared of you,
Were you lookin' for this?
That's mine!
Hey, I know it's yours.
You stole it.
I was gonna give it back.
- You should say "thank you,"
- don't you think?
Give it to me!
Keep it down.
Some of us are trying to sleep.
Adios, little girl.
Beware of what?
We've received an invitation
from our new neighbor.
"His Excellency,"
the Ambassador of Spain,
"requests your presence"
for afternoon tea...
to celebrate the tenth
"birthday of his son."
But we can't go.
The message said, "Beware."
It's a trap. We'll
never make it out alive.
Of course we're going.
We never get invited anywhere.
Vicki's right. We can't let him
frighten us off.
It's only a boy, girls.
Excuse me, Miss Clavel.
- This is the room that requires.
- Some attention.
- May I help you,
- Lord Covington?
May I ask what these
marks on the wall are?
Those are for keeping track
of the girls' heights.
Huh. Paint them over.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
We have just begun
our class.
Perhaps you'd be kind enough
to reconvene elsewhere,
Miss Clavel.
Go ahead.
Downstairs, girls.
In an orderly fashion.
Uh, young ladies.
Right. You, paint it over.
- No matter what you wear,
- Vicki,
You always look
super gorgeous.
You can wear whatever you like
to the party tomorrow.
I know what I'll
be wearing.
Don't worry, Miss Clavel.
One of us will look smashing.
Hmm. Serena.
Look at the dress.
Oh, you all look
so charming.
Buenas tardes, Senora y Senor.
Embajador de Espana.
Que lindo. Muy bien.
Please come in.
Girls, girls, girls.
They're here.
May I present the reason
we have opened to you our home...
Our birthday boy,
Senor Jose Marco.
Filippo Juan Franloco...
Lopez de Vega
Esteban Machado...
Jorge Santiago
de la Rocha...
Carlos de Fuentes.
Coruna Diego y Sevilla.
Of course, his friends
call him "Pepito."
What friends?
Senoritas, you honor me
with your presence.
Your limousine is waiting, sir.
Do excuse us.
I wish we could stay.
Happy birthday.
Bye-bye, darling.
Do you have the tickets?
Yes, darling.
I think you look
very handsome, Pepito.
But no one told us this
was a costume party.
This is not a costume.
This is the uniform
of a Spanish toreador.
The great heroes
of the coliseums... de Madrid.
He's a bullfighter.
Those must be some
pretty small bulls.
Please. You're not
a real bullfighter.
Senoritas, allow me
to show you my menagerie.
What's the matter...
You damn idiot!
I'll get him to the circus.
That's not your concern.
I don't know.
You just stick with the plan,
then we'll all be rich.
I need to talk to
my brothers about this.
Look, no worries, mate.
He's as good as delivered.
Do you happen
to know my uncle?
- He's the British.
- Ambassador in Madrid.
Is there meant to be
a clown at the party?
The only clown here
is you.
It stinks in here.
What's in there,
It's a surprise.
I'm not afraid of mice.
No? Perhaps you're afraid
of the snake...
that's gonna have
this mouse for lunch.
You wouldn't feed
a live mouse to that snake.
Of course not.
That would be cruel.
But what I would do is execute
him with the guillotine I built.
It's quick, silent
and deadly.
Like Helene's cheese.
It's just an innocent,
little mouse!
I'll show you!
Let it go!
Girls? Girls?
Mon Dieu!
You big idiot!
Miss Clavel.
- Look.
- Ohh!
I'll get you!
You're choking me.
Stop it this instant!
I'll get you!
If you can't behave,
we're leaving.
What about the cake?
There's only 197.
Begin again.
Thanks a lot,
I've never been
so humiliated.
Can you believe them?
And that poor carrot.
Trust Madeline
to get us all in trouble.
It was a super bad
He deserved it.
He was about to kill a live,
baby mouse right in front of us.
But he did say
he was joking.
What do you think?
I've been praying
for inspiration.
Yes, I can see that.
You don't like it?
Listen to me.
It's not my fault
that boy's a bad hat.
How can you take his side?
Have you all gone mad?
I did the right thing.
The boy kills bulls.
He kills mice.
He's a maniac.
Very interesting.
I'll show that bullfighter,
that mouse killer.
I'll fight him myself!
- Yes, Aggie.
- Take that, Pepito, and that!
Somebody help her.
The current is taking her
across the bridge.
Keep your head up!
Madeline! Madeline!
Where is she?
Madeline! Follow me.
Girls, quickly.
Help! Help!
Not too fast.
Help! Help!
- Madeline!
- There's a dog! Look at the dog!
Stop! Stop.
Thank you.
Oh, Madeline!
Hold on tight.
The dog.
Where's the dog?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I was so scared.
Tea, soup and covers.
I want you to stay
under the covers,
eat your soup
and drink your tea.
You're giving me - gray hair.
Can I see?
Stay in bed.
Bye, Madeline.
Miss Clavel, can I stay home
tomorrow? I'm feeling sick.
No, Aggie.
Leopold, where are my keys?
Could you please find my keys?
All right. Pipe down.
Could you find my keys or not?
You don't need a bloody key.
You can use a paper clip.
Oh, yeah, right.
Hey, hey.
It worked.
Whoo! Yeah.
You found me.
You found me. I never thought
you would. Thank you. Thank you.
- I think you'll find.
- It's in immaculate condition.
The house was built
in 1852.
It's charming,
isn't it?
The property's been in my wife's
family for generations.
What a place
to invite your guests.
You don't have any children?
No, no, no.
Just the two of us.
Let's start in the dining room,
if you'll follow me.
The house has been used
for the past few decades
as a school for girls.
Hence, the sensible furniture.
What a spacious dining room.
Oh, such a beautiful portrait.
Is that your wife?
It's my late wife, yes.
She was very lovely.
Yes, indeed,
she was.
Shall we go and have a look
at the kitchen?
It has all the modern
Kitchens are my staff's
I never set foot in it.
Just reassure me
that you have one.
We have one.
This room speaks for itself.
The music room.
I think you'll agree it has
an air of real sophistication.
Mmm. Splendid.
So, upstairs?
Have a look at these doors.
Solid oak.
They don't make them
like this anymore.
And so, we arrive
at yet another room...
with the most elegant
Think how splendid it will be
to see the Liberian flag...
fluttering out of that window.
I see nothing to prevent us
from purchasing
this magnificent house.
Did you hear something
just now?
No, I can assure you,
the neighborhood
is uniquely peaceful.
What is that sound?
Ole, ole!
That boy down there.
Arriba, arriba. Andale.
The Spanish
ambassador's son.
We had a terrible little boy
next door to us in Ouagadougou.
The worst three years
of my life.
He never slept,
not ever.
I'm sorry.
This just won't work.
I should warn you that I've had
inquiries from a number
- of other foreign diplomats.
- Never again!
- The Indians will.
- Be here tomorrow.
- Under no circumstances.
- Never again.
I'll get rid of the boy.
He's a pest. I'll speak to
the Spanish governor.
Did you know that Joan of Arc
was burnt at the stake
when she was only 19?
Girls. Vite, vite.
Now go to bed.
Listen, everybody.
I've something to tell you.
I'm gonna be burnt
at the stake too, someday.
What a neat way to die.
You're all nuts.
- Yeah, cashews.
- Bless you.
No, really.
This is a big secret.
The dog from the river.
I told you
we should've stayed.
She's cute.
I'll give her my bone.
So this is
the big secret.
No, this is not
about Genevieve.
Great name.
We'll never be able to keep her.
Something is not right.
Vite, vite!
Thank you
for finding her.
What's going on, girls?
We're not hiding
I'll tell you what's going on.
Lord Cucuface...
He's going to sell the school.
I heard it.
Oh, no!
Is it true?
Yes, girls.
Lord Covington intends
to sell the school.
That's terrible. He can't.
Please. Please.
All of this is no reason...
for us to stop acting
like proper young ladies.
We will not
fall to pieces.
We will maintain composure.
Lord Covington
is showing the house tomorrow,
and I intend for it
to be spo...
Bless you.
Thank you.
Good night.
And another thing.
All of you young - ladies know
There is a strict rule
against pets in the school.
What you do not know is that
I am highly allergic to dogs.
Your new friend can sleep
in the garden shed.
Now go to...
I can't believe
she let us keep her.
She's just a dog
from the streets.
It's a beautiful dog.
I can't believe
they're closing the school.
We'll never see each other
It's not fair.
Close the school.
That Cucuface is super wicked.
what are you doing?
- Trying to find.
- Some way out of this.
You only just found out
how to tie your shoelaces.
I think we're all
being terribly selfish.
Just think of poor,
pathetic Madeline.
She doesn't have
any family at all.
think of Madeline.
I can't believe she just
said that. She's not pathetic.
I'm sure you'll find
someplace to stay, Madeline.
I'm staying right here.
We all are.
You three
on construction.
Aggie, you and Chantal
cover the kitchen.
And you two
on dog patrol.
And the rest of you,
fall out.
And I'll negotiate
with Spain.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Yes, Vicki.
Come on, Genevieve.
A bientot.
Pepito! Pepito!
You want me to go
and break it up?
No, no. Look.
That boy is simply
The property's been in my late
wife's family for generations.
The house has been used
for the past few decades
as a school for girls.
Say hello to.
Lord Covington, girls.
Good morning,
Lord Covington.
Young ladies.
Miss Clavel.
Hear the song
Of the nightingale
Singing beautifully
Everyone who listens
To her song
Sings along
Think how lovely it will be
to have the Indian flag
fluttering on the lawn.
Now, this is the music room.
Oh, yes.
There is
good karma here.
What is that smell?
I can't smell anything.
Don't look at me.
Oh, come on, Gopal.
Have a look - at these doors.
Solid oak. They don't make them
like this anymore.
That's probably
a good thing.
The song of the nightingale
Singing beautifully
- Now, the garden.
- Do come.
Have a look at the garden.
It's most delightful.
Oh, yes.
Smiling happily
Immaculate lawns,
of course.
Such peace.
Such tranquility.
It's true.
Dance, you suckers!
Look, it's Pepito!
No, please, please!
Aaah! Ohh.
The Uzbekistani Ambassador
will be arriving soon.
I know he means business.
Please reconsider!
We did it.
We did it!
Everybody was like... Ah!
What exactly did you say to.
Pepito this morning, Madeline?
All I said
was that we were having
some very important
guests this morning,
so could you pretty please
be very quiet at that time?
[RADIO PLAYING UPBEA Wait! Stop the car.
If I may say so,
your little boy is a menace.
Your Excellency.
I want an explanation.
Why did this loco fellow
say our Pepito is a menace?
I have no idea.
Pepito is a sweet,
well-behaved child.
Th-There's just, eh,
one problem with Pepito.
What is that?
Well, he needs some diversion.
He spends all day cooped up
in the house, studying.
I'm teaching him Latin.
I'm teaching him biology,
"algebration," "calculometry,"
and, eh, astrology.
But he
can hardly read.
Nah, he's taken
huge leaps.
Oh, wonderful.
So, um,
as a reward
for all his hard work,
- I'm gonna take him.
- To the circus.
The circus?
The circus?
I love the circus!
We'll all go to the circus.
A great idea.
We will all go.
No, no, no.
J-Just me and Pepito.
Ah, Miss Clavel, I wonder
if I could have a moment.
Lord Covington, do you have any
idea what time it is?
The girls are asleep.
I'll be brief then.
- Here are 12 letters,
- one for each one of your pupils.
- Kindly see that they.
- Reach the parents.
- I'm informing them that I shall.
- Be closing the school
- At the end of the term,
- sale or no sale.
That's quite enough.
- After your acts.
- Of sabotage this morning,
I am in no...
Miss Clavel wasn't the one
who did it. I was.
Go back to bed.
See that those letters are
delivered in the morning.
You can't sell the school,
Lord Cucuface.
You can't.
What did you call me?
Lord, um, Covington.
Oh, no, you didn't.
You called me Lord Cucuface.
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did!
Yes, she did.
I heard you.
Miss Clavel,
- don't you teach.
- Your little brats
Even the slightest
respect for their elders?
They are not brats.
They are young ladies.
They respect their elders...
between 7 a.m. in the morning
and 9 p.m. in the evening,
when they go to sleep.
This is insubordination,
Miss Clavel.
please go to bed.
Is this
your resignation?
As long as there are children
here, Lord Covington,
I will teach them.
Excuse me, sir.
We won't be needing
this one.
has no family.
They have an animal.
He's leaving.
And he's taking Genevieve
away too!
Sir, leave Genevieve
Come on.
I can't hear you!
Now, get out, you filthy beast.
Get away from the window.
We have to
go get her now!
Girls! Please.
We have to go get Genevieve now,
Miss Clavel.
- It is the middle of the night.
- You are little girls.
You know
I will not allow you to go out.
Genevieve will be all right
for one night.
We'll find her tomorrow.
Now... to bed.
noblest dog in France,
you shall have
your vengeance.
Where can she be?
But Miss Clavel,
this isn't 9:30 yet.
Never mind.
We have a dog to find.
Wait for Vicki!
I didn't get to brush my hair.
She's about so big
with a pink bow in her hair.
She's really brave
and a fabulous swimmer.
She runs really fast,
and she's got big, golden eyes.
She's... got floppy ears and...
Well, I can't tell you any more,
but please find her.
You did very well.
Have you seen my dog, Genevieve?
Have you seen our dog?
She's quite skinny...
And she's about that big.
- Yeah.
- And it's ac Labrador...
Um, a golden retriever.
Are you sure?
Oui, oui.
She's gone.
Genevieve's gone.
No, she's not.
We'll find her.
I promise you.
We have to have faith.
I used to wish so hard for
my parents to be alive again,
but you can't make something
happen just by wishing for it.
Genevieve's gone. She doesn't
have a home. She needs a home.
I know she does.
I need a home too.
Madeline, you will
always have a home.
Yes, but it won't always
be with you, will it?
Will it?
Madeline, there's no place
on Earth I'd rather be...
than with you
and the other girls.
You know that, don't you?
Get your tickets now!
et Messieurs...
I was in love once
with a carnival man.
He broke my heart,
you know,
and he had
a beautiful tattoo that...
Helene. Please.
All right, girls. Everyone stay
with your partners and...
let's have fun!
Come, Madeline!
Ooh, ooh, ooh!
I wanna get a teddy bear!
Oh, yeah. And then I want to go
- on one of those games.
- Where you go: Yeow!
Bang! You're dead!
Ooh, and I want
to get some taffy!
I guess that means
he's here.
Miss Clavel!
Uh! Monsieur, monsieur...
Up here! Up here!
Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!
Come on, Madeline.
Allez, allez!
And now...
the Idiots Popopov!
They're so stupid.
That's why they're idiots.
Thank you.
I have something
to tell you.
I'm not going back
with you.
You're not going back?
- I'm running away.
- With the circus.
What are you talking about?
We have to go home.
I don't have a home, Aggie.
The school's closing,
and it's all my fault.
The circus will be my new home.
All I have to do is learn
to juggle or tame lions
or eat fire or something.
But what about Miss Clavel?
I'll write to her,
explaining everything.
Aggie, you're my best friend
in the whole entire world.
You can't tell anyone
where I went.
But Madeline...
No buts. You've got to promise.
Do you promise,
Agatha Emily Warden?
I promise.
Good luck, Madeline.
No, really!
I don't want to play!
Oh, come!
Be a sport for once!
Come on, Mom. Go!
Come on. Let's go get a balloon.
Ah, but I'm watching this.
Come on. Come on.
- Ah, but please! Wait...
- No. Come on.
Wait, wait!
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me out!
Oh, terrific.
It's Thumbelina.
Leave him alone, you!
I knew it.
You're not really a tutor.
Give Pepito back right now,
or I'll go get Miss Clavel.
Miss Clavel!
I'm terrified, really.
Ow! Ow!
Bravo! Bravo!
Pepito! Pepito!
- Okay.
- Pepito!
Have you seen Pepito?
No, I don't know!
Chantal! Chantal!
Tie the knot, - idiot!
Look, for the last time,
"idiot" is a stage name.
I'm called Pierre.
You won't get away with this.
My father will send
the Spanish Armada after you.
Your father'll thank me,
you spoiled brat!
Take that, you idiot!
I thought we were just
kidnapping one kid.
Two kids. Two ransoms.
This is the life, huh?
Get in the truck, idiot!
And he's the smart one!
Silence! Silence!
- One, two, three, four, five,
- six, seven,
- Eight, nine, ten,
- eleven, twelve.
All right.
Helene, allons-y.
Help! Save us!
Help us!
Please! Someone!
Somebody help us!
Please! Someone!
Someone! Please!
My coat is just dripping!
Ooh, let's go upstairs
and dry off.
- We don't want anyone.
- To catch pneumonia.
Miss Clavel?
Aggie, what is it?
She ran away.
Who-Who ran away?
I tried to stop her. I tried.
Oh, la-la-la-la-la.
Please, please.
As I said before, he was with us
all afternoon, and then we...
the clowns in the act,
and then he was with his tutor.
Oh, Miss Clavel!
Miss Clavel!
Oh, Senor Ambassador,
have you seen my smallest one,
my Madeline?
- Oh, Pepito is missing too.
- My baby!
Is it possible...
- the young boy and the young girl.
- Have run off together
On a romantic adventure?
Absolutely not.
Definitely no.
Perhaps if the boy
were French... Alors.
Uh, we are doing
everything possible.
We have roadblocks everywhere.
- Extra units.
- Have been called out.
The proper thing for you
to do is to go home
and leave this
to the professionals, please.
- But Inspector...
- Ma soeur,
Don't worry
your pretty little head.
Mr. Ambassador,
we have this under control.
This kind of thing
happens all the time.
Children go to the circus.
Their little eyes fill
with big dreams
of the way life should be,
and soon...
What happened
to the nun?
Down six percent due to
a lack of consumer purchasing.
A search is on tonight
for two missing children
who disappeared from
the Cirque Pandora Carnival
late this afternoon.
- French police are.
- Looking for the son
- Of the Spanish ambassador.
- To France
And a local schoolgirl.
- What if we never get.
- Out of here?
Never go home?
Your family will pay
the ransom.
So will yours.
They can't.
I don't have a family.
What do you mean?
They're gone.
They're in heaven.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
It happened
a long time ago.
My parents probably
don't even want me back.
I'm a lot of trouble,
you know?
You are a lot of trouble, but
you know, you have got charisma.
You think so?
I miss the girls
and Miss Clavel.
Don't worry, Madeline. I won't
leave without you. I promise.
Thank you, Pepito.
There have been no signs
of the children.
Not bad.
Authorities are asking
for public cooperation...
in the departmental-wide
How could she run away? Do you
think she's okay out there?
It's all my fault.
I should've never let her go.
You did the right thing, Aggie.
I would've done it too.
I miss Madeline so much.
I really miss her. I do.
So where is she?
Hey, where's your brother?
I don't know.
I can do anything.
I can do anything.
I can do anything.
Come on, boys.
Stop pratting off.
I can do anything.
Pepito! Pepito!
Wake up!
They left us here
with the knives
that they juggle at the circus!
What idiots!
Okay, on the count
of three, okay?
Uno, dos, tres.
Okay. Go.
Got it?
Move it!
You're getting better.
Move! Now!
Hurry up.
They're leaving.
But we're still trapped in here.
I've got it!
So it's a motorcycle.
And you know how to drive one.
This is our escape.
But... But I drive
a Vespa.
Doesn't even have gears.
This is a motorcycle. I can't
drive something like this.
Yes, you can, Pepito.
You can do it.
Look, technically, I'm not even
allowed to leave my courtyard.
Okay. Give me
your hairpin.
Vite! Vite!
Hold on!
In the truck! Now!
Now! In the truck!
Sorry about that.
Hey, wait!
Yes, we did it!
Where are you, Thumbelina?
Oh, no! Look!
Quick, quick, quick! I'll drive.
Get off!
Come on!
Come on, Pepito!
I'm going!
Hang on, Madeline!
Hang on!
Faster, faster!
Hey, you wanna drive or what?
Hey, who's there?
Oh, great. Miss Clavel!
Who's Miss Clavel?
Oh, some nun.
A nun?
A nun!
Hold on, Genevieve.
Don't kill the nun!
Forget the nun.
Don't kill the idiots.
Oh, no!
Yea, we did it.
Ha-ha. We got you!
Get off me,
you idiot!
My name is Pierre!
Look! Look at them!
Miss Clavel!
- Hey, easy! Are you all right?
- Miss Clavel!
Pepito? Pepito?
Mama! Mama!
- Mr. Ambassador?
- Not now.
- Mama, a drove a motorbike,
- a real one.
You did?
Yeah! Papa!
We'll never leave you again.
Never. Never again.
Te quiero mucho, hijo.
Te quiero mucho.
She's here! She's here!
Madeline's back!
I was so worried!
I missed you.
I missed you more.
Great car.
I thought you were dead.
Oh, thanks, Vicki.
Tonight, I'm going to make
a wonderful vegetarian dinner,
I want Chicken Helene.
Oh, no!
Miss Clavel.
Lord Covington,
We were just about to have
a celebration.
Oh, yes, indeed.
Young ladies, the ambassador
from Uzbekistan has just agreed
to buy the school.
Very nice.
Just like in the pictures.
Very shortly,
the Uzbekistani flag
will be fluttering
from the roof.
I'm so sorry.
Um, the house has been used
for the past few decades
as a school for girls.
Yes, as you said.
Oh, I-I'm so sorry.
Very nice portrait.
Yes, it's of my late wife.
It was painted shortly after we
got back from Venice one year.
It's rather a good likeness.
I'm very fond of it.
Marie Gilbert?
I know why you're doing this.
It's because you're
all alone, isn't it?
Please, young lady.
Please mind your own business.
You must've loved her
very much.
- She was your whole family,
- wasn't she?
Miss Clavel.
I thought you were mean,
Lord Covington,
but you're not.
I understand now.
Understand? How can you
possibly understand?
You're only a child.
You see,
my wife, Marie, and I...
This is totally inappropriate.
Um, please go away.
Would you...
I lost my family too...
a long time ago,
but they're not really gone,
are they?
She's not gone, is she?
She's dead. She's gone.
No, she's not.
She's still with you,
and she's in the school too.
Please, Lord Covington, she
wouldn't want you to sell it.
My love,
no matter what happens,
I'll make sure you and I
will be together.
- No, Miss Clavel.
- Yes!
The child's right.
Yes, you're right.
But the school's already sold.
There's nothing I can...
I might be allowed...
Please, Mr. Ambassador.
I know the girls school
may not mean much
- to the Uzbekistani government or.
- To you, sir, but...
I'm not the ambassador.
I am the ambassador.
You can keep your school.
I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you
And I think to myself
Miss Clavel?
What a wonderful world
I see skies of blue
And clouds of white
The bright blessed day
The dark sacred night
And I think to myself
Stay together.
I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Oh, yeah
Doo-doo-doo-doo, life is fine
Twelve of us
In two straight lines
The bravest of all
Is Madeline
Doo-doo-doo-doo, life is cool
Pepito chases
Circus faces
And saving school
In two straight lines
We break our bread
In two straight lines
We go to bed
In two straight lines
We go upstairs
We say good night
And then we say our prayers
Life is sweet
Dress so prim
And on a whim
Holding up traffic
In the street
Doo-doo doo-doo
Life is swell
Passing the days
And thinking of ways
Of knockin' the socks
Off of Miss Clavel
In two straight lines
We're on the bus
In two straight lines
It's up to us
In two straight lines
We're wild again
When Madeline falls
Into the Seine
Doo-doo-doo-doo, life is new
When Madeline
Terrifies a tiger
Not to mention
The rest of us at the zoo
Doo-doo-doo-doo, life is fine
The twelve of us
In two straight lines
The bravest of all
Is Madeline
Doo-doo-doo-doo, life is cool
Pepito chases
The circus faces
And saving school
Doo-doo, doo-doo
Life is sweet
Dress so prim
Dress so prim
And on a whim
Holding up traffic
In the street
Life is swell
Passing the days
And thinking of ways
Of knocking the socks
Off of Miss Clavel