Made (2001)

you fight like a girl!
come on, you guys!
Let's go!
what the hell was that?
- whoo!
you guys suck!
come on!
Let's see something!
come on, ref!
Do something!
come on, ladies!
hit him.
Hit him!
hey, come on!
Hit the guy!
- break! Break!
get the fuck off--
- step back. Step back!
- take a point for that shit!
- step back.
that's a late hit.
fuck you!
did you talk to max
about the job?
What about boxing?
you told me that if you
didn't have a winning record
after 11 fights,
that you'd be happy
to talk to max
concerning the job.
yeah. And?
It was a draw
and i'm five,
five and one.
That's not
a winning record.
it's not
a losing record.
Bob, that's
not what you said.
you said awinningrecord
after 11 fights--
don't be shitty.
How am i
being shitty?
don't be shitty.
How am i being shitty?
how am i
being shitty to you?
i'm home.
You're late.
i'm not late.
I just got done.
what kind of gig
is this?
Easy night.
bachelor party.
Oh, can we give wendy a ride?
Oh, my god. Baby,
what happened to your face?
it was a draw.
What kind of
bachelor party is it?
easy kind.
Young, rich,
what makes you think
they're well-mannered?
'cause they're rich?
bobby, this is
a plum gig.
it's a bunch
of young hotshot agents
at a restaurant.
it's gonna be easy.
I'll make a lot of money.
i don't like when you
work with wendy.
sweetie, they requested her.
Max only put me on
as a favor.
some favor.
I hope they know
you're not like her.
oh, please.
you know
what they like.
god knows
what they're expecting
if they hired wendy.
get ready.
We're late.
Who's watchin' the kid?
she's downstairs,
with ruth.
come on. Get ready.
I'm ready. Let's go.
I'm waitin' on you.
uh, did you talk
to maxie today?
i am not gonna mention
ricky to him.
i don't want you to, but--
he'll go with ricky
if you're in too.
that's not gonna happen, honey.
You know that. Here.
I'm fine.
if you wanna help ricky,
talk to maxie yourself.
i feel weird doin' it,
you know, 'cause he's like--
so what?
Forget ricky.
just be glad maxie got you
drivin' for me, huh?
hennessy and coke.
With an ice cube.
will you put it
in a snifter this time?
you know snifters are
for warm drinks here.
Didn't you know snifters...
is for cognac?
when served warm.
you ain't got no snifters
in this motherfucker?
we have snifters.
like i'm gonna break
your goddamn snifter.
it's been a rough night, man.
Where the fuck you been?
i had a fight
at the sportmen's.
did you hit
the motherfucker
at least once?
it was a draw.
what's your record now?
It's five, five and one.
that shit ain't flyin.'
bustin' concrete
or layin' bricks or whatever
the hell you're doin.'
might be nice to buy
your bitch somethin.'
hey. Hey, hey, hey.
No touching.
No touching.
what about them?
I don't give a shit.
I work for her, okay?
no touching.
Are you okay?
what the fuck was that?
i said no touching!
Goddamn it!
as you can see,
i've decided to improvise a bit.
the basic concept is now
a surprise around every corner.
- oh! I love that.
- he's laying in a koi pond.
Isn't it brilliant?
in the kitchen.
I do too.
I like that idea.
the flow in this room
is gonna be fabulous.
the parties that you will have.
You won't believe it.
unfortunately, the trades
are stacking a bit.
excuse me. You don't
have to hit me.
this is where
the ed bouchet's going to go.
Excuse me?
i'm sweeping.
You don't have
to hit me with a whip.
you got a horse outside?
Don't hit me with a whip,
what's your name?
My name's not important.
I'm trying to do a job--
what's your name?
My name's not important.
what's your name?
My name is
bob ricigliano.
bob ricigliano.
Well, you stay after school,
bob ricigliano.
don't hit me with
your fucking whip again.
I'm serious.
what the hell
is going on here?
honey, let me
handle it, all right?
- excuse me.
Do you speak english?
- yes.
my studs
are too far apart.
this is supposed to be
15 and 3/4 inches,
and they're 16 inches.
my studs are too far apart.
I don't like it.
Okay, uh--
i'm a mason, but arthur's
gonna be here--
i don't like it.
do it over.
The g.C.
what's your name?
Uh, bobby.
bobby what?
Bobby ricigliano.
jesus christ, is everyone
in this goddamn house
named bobby ricigliano?
i don't understand
what you're saying.
i'm having a brilliant piece of
teak sent from bali for this.
This is a spice rack.
we'll be in
by easter, right?
you'll be moved in
when i'mgoddamn good and ready.
-what are you talking about?
- ms. Streisand asked me
to redo the boutique.
where's he going now?
Why do you always
gotta hire these guys?
because, uh--
but i don't
understand, okay?
come on, adam.
It's really--
come on, adam.
Let's go already!
hey, bobby,
did you see that?
Did i see what?
the lady was throwin' me
vibes and stuff.
i think she wants
to fuck me.
No, i didn't catch that.
you didn't catch
anything at all?
oh, my shit's blowin' up.
i gotta make
a fuckin' call.
That's the job phone.
i know, but i gotta
use it if i got
a phone call.
- ricky--
- what other phone can i use?
I don't have a cell phone.
ricky, the owners are here.
It's not cool.
watch out.
The fag's here.
i'm thinkin' about
cuttin' out early today.
Get off the fuckin' phone. Now.
now! Get off the phone.
I gotta get off.
What, do you think
you're on piecework?
just makin' a quick
phone call. I been
bustin' my ass all day.
you been bustin' your ass?
W-o-r-k. Four letters.
that's all. Work. Now!
Yeah, but i'm
bustin' my ass--
and you wanna know why
you're still sweepin' floors.
-bobby, can i see you
for a minute?
- this is gonna set--
one minute.
That's it. Come on.
who the fuck is he
to scream at me like that?
i'm makin' a fuckin' call.
What if it was an important
family situation or somethin? '
i'm gonna go relax
for a little bit.
i don't think i can be
any good to you right now.
I'll be back in about 15, 20.
come here.
look, bobby.
I don't know what happened.
i don't wanna know
what happened,
but something's up.
what are you
talkin' about?
maxie wants me to,
uh, replace you
on the job tomorrow,
and he wants you
to stop by
the office today.
he was grabbin'
her fuckin' ass.
What am i supposed to do?
i don't know,
and i don't wanna know.
as far as i'm concerned,
you're a good kid.
i got news, though.
Without you here,
i can't keep on your friend.
i got enough people
pretendin' to sweep.
just do me a favor,
arthur, please.
he's done a lot for me
when i was younger.
just keep him on until i can
figure out what's happening.
All right? Please?
i'll do what i can, bobby.
I'd appreciate it.
I do.
all right. Good luck.
I'm gonna take care
of this. Thank you.
can you just
calm down a minute?
you're gonna get
the money.
how do i know?
you have my word.
Is that enough?
you know,
you talk too much.
get off the fuckin' phone.
I love ya!
go-- all right.
i'm tellin' ya--
you like the ponies?
yeah, sure.
You bet ponies?
ye-- n-no.
Not really.
oh, smart. They're hard
as hell to handicap.
you know what
i like? Jai alai.
with the--
yeah. You know
why i like it?
it's fixed.
sure thing. That's
the only way to win.
you see
that horse there?
the blaze.
This one.
This one here?
yeah, yeah. I bought
the horse in '66.
i hired a trainer,
stall, whatever.
that horse
made me $100,000.
in sixties dollars
you know what that is?
yeah, it's, uh-- yeah.
It's a lot of money.
A million, easy.
a lot of money, yeah.
Must have been
some fast horse.
it never won a race.
it got me in good
with the trainer.
Sit down.
yeah, the trainer and i,
we had a thing.
i don't remember
what it was.
Some fuckin' thing.
the jockey would raise
the fuckin' whip...
and whatever
the fuck it was.
we had a good thing.
But, you know, this one
tells that one.
the other one
tells another one,
and before you know it,
the whole world,
everybody's in on it.
that's what you call
the smart money, right?
yeah, yeah, that's--
that's the smart money.
bobby, i like you.
why do you make it so hard
for me to take care of you?
max, i swear to god,
these guys were outta line.
no, no. You know,
maybe last time
with the puerto ricans.
these were nice
jewish boys.
They were outta line.
bobby, i love jessica just like
she's my flesh and blood.
i would kill anyone
if they as much as laid
a finger on her...
or her beautiful daughter.
but that fuckin'pisher
that you socked
in the teeth...
has the most expensive dentist
in beverly hills, wants i should
buy him an implant.
your gorilla horseshit
cost me eight grand.
if it's money,
i'll work it off.
you know i'm good
for it.
Not drivin' jessica,
you won't.
what are you talkin' about?
Two strikes,
and the second one
was big.
the bachelor's father,
he belongs to my shul.
so... What? That's it?
i'm out.
It's over.
did i say that?
No. I don't know.
What do you--
i'm sayin' it's my fault.
i'm sendin' you out
to watch scum drool over
the love of your life,
and then i wonder
why you see red?
it's my fault.
The tooth is on me,
but no more.
- i'm reassignin' you.
- uh-- n-no, no.
i don't wanna drive
another girl.
the only reason i'm workin' here
is because i wanna be around--
hey, is this
a fuckin' democracy?
who the fuck do you think
you're talkin' to?
you want out?
do i put food
on your table?
i sponsor your training.
I take care of your girl
and her little baby.
i even pay for that
deadbeat friend of yours...
for pushin' a goddamn broom.
yeah, yeah, you're right.
So are you ready
to sit down and listen?
sit down!
sit down and hear!
can you hear now?
i think i got somethin'
that'll make everybody happy.
i work with a guy
named ruiz.
i want you
to go with him,
accompany him
on a drop.
he's got his own men.
You're just scenery.
i want a big guinea
with a busted face
hangin' around as a deterrent.
you go,
i'll take care of you.
and we're square
on the tooth.
i-- it--
what about ricky?
he would jump
at an opportunity
to do this.
ricky? Ricky
"i lost the truck" ricky?
i-- you said you liked him.
You wanted to work with him.
that was before he lost
my carpet-cleaning van.
okay. Let me talk to him.
He'll work it off.
jesus. You know,
i don't know the kid.
the little that i know
about him scares me.
i grew up with him.
He's a good guy.
uh-huh. Well,
you vouch for him?
i-i-i grew up with the guy.
you vouch for him?
do i--
you mean, do i--
do you vouch for him?
um, he-- yeah.
Yeah, of course i vouch for him.
how about this?
you're in, he's in.
i don't--
you're beatin' people up.
You might as well
get paid for it.
think about it.
you gotta take that guy out.
You own that guy.
You own him. Come on!
we need guns.
He didn't say
anything about guns.
he implied something
about guns, i'm sure.
it's not something
you imply. It's something
you lay out on the table.
he didn't say anything
about guns. Besides,
i'm not taking the job.
it's the opportunity
of a lifetime, bobby.
You nuts?
you've been waiting
for this opportunity.
no,you'vebeen waiting
for this opportunity.
You're damn straight.
you think i like livin'
on fuckin' yucca?
you do good
on something like this,
and then you're in.
you have opportunities
after that.
What about boxing?
bobby, you're outta
your mind.
Oh, you're full of shit.
i clowned with you
for two fuckin' rounds,
did this shit.
Oh, stop.
it was a fuckin' draw.
I didn't train for the fight!
That was horseshit!
you're not gonna be
a professional boxer!
Let's do it right now.
i'm not talkin'
about fighting.
You'll never be a boxer.
come on. Right now.
Don't start fuckin' pushin' me.
Fuck you, man!
let's do it.
Don't be a fuckin' child.
Don't be a fuckin' child!
ricky! Bobby!
Cut that shit out!
Sorry, coach.
how's the boxing going?
really good, coach.
Yeah, really good.
He's five, five and one.
stick with it, bobby.
You know it takes time.
you always had
the heart.
how 'bout me, coach?
Did i always have heart?
what are you
gawkin' at, ladies?
this is not recess.
run a play.
Let's run a play.
fuck him. You'd think
he'd let it go after a while.
the fact is we probably
could've beat fairfax
if you hadn't got suspended.
whatever, man.
Fuckin' asshole.
i mean, t-shirts?
I liked those shirts.
you never wore
those shirts?
We could have bought them.
i almost got suspended
over that shit.
thank god you took the bullet
for me and didn't say anything.
I appreciate it.
want a hit?
Nah, man, i gotta
pick up the baby.
why you always get stuck
pickin' up the kid?
I like it, okay?
it's not even your kid.
You want a lift, or you
wanna stay here and walk?
that looks great.
i don't know why we don't
get a drink instead of
sittin' inside this place.
i promised chloe
we'd come here.
she doesn't even know
where she is, bob.
she'd have more fun
if we were at boardner's.
she could play
the trivia game or the little
racing game thing she does.
she's a little girl.
Little girls don't like
to go to bars.
we had fun.
We went to bars
when we were kids.
and all the different people,
right? Remember slimmy?
excuse me, sir.
There's no smoking
allowed in the store.
why, you serving food?
No, it's store policy.
and you can't sit
at a station unless
you purchase a ceramic.
can you believe this shit?
I can't sit at a station
without purchasing a ceramic?
why don't you bring me
an ashtray, then?
can i color me that,
a ceramic ashtray?
Right away.
and what color paints
can i get you?
I don't know.
surprise me.
I'm not sure what
i'm feeling today.
now, listen to me.
i think maxie's starting
to reach out to you
with this thing,
and it's not something
that you should let slip by.
what's wrong, baby?
He's not doing it.
what is
she saying?
He's not painting.
-i'm gonna paint
when i get my paints.
- there you go.
there's a nice way
to do that.
Will you paint?
maxie won't let me drive jess
Who's he have
drivin' her?
i don't know. I don't know
what he's got goin' on.
- isn't it fun?
- what's that, sweetie?
isn't it fun?
What's that?
isn't it fun?
What fun?
isn't it fun to paint?
To paint?
Yeah. I love it.
really calms me down.
Frogs aren't purple,
by the way.
have you ever seen
a purple frog?
You have?
when you were asleep?
Why you giving her
a hard time?
this is a good opportunity.
If we play this right--
i don't want anything.
He's a sketchy character.
i don't wanna talk about him
in front of the "aby-bay".
Okay, let's drop it.
let's drop it.
Let's "ex-nay"
on the "bex-nay".
"ig-pay atin-lay".
Can you "ut-shay"
your "outh-may? "
You're doing it wrong.
i don't understand
what you're saying.
"onch-pay oo-bay".
your "ass-ay".
"ut-shay" your "ace-fay",
did you hear that?
Did you hear
what he said?
what do you
think of that?
-here you go, sweetie.
- i don't want grilled cheese.
you love
grilled cheese.
I hate cheese.
come on, sweetie.
Mommy's in a hurry.
Don't be a little shit, okay?
hey, hon?
i'll fix her dinner.
Go get ready.
you sure?
Thanks, sweetie.
bobby's going to
fix you something, okay?
I love you.
- you're not my daddy.
- you wanna bust my horns?
or do you want
some spaghetti?
- i want spaghettis.
- of course. It's your
favorite food, right?
I want you to watch me
very carefully,
so you'll learn
how to cook.
you don't know how to cook,
you eat in restaurants
every day.
you don't wanna do that,
because cooks in restaurants
scratch their ass...
and they touch the food,
and it's no good,
it's not clean.
there's things you wanna
spend your money on instead
of restaurants, right?
what do you want
to spend your money on?
And stuff
that i care about.
what do you
care about?
i care about getting...
food for my pets and...
feeding them
every day.
that's right. Feeding them
every day. If you don't feed
the animals, what happens?
they die.
They die,
this is called
pasta puttanesca.
You know what that means?
that means
bad girl's pasta,
and there's
only enough for one.
that means you get to eat it.
That means i gotta eat
a grilled cheese sandwich.
look at that. Can you
smell that? Smells good.
could you get that?
all right. Hold on a second.
Don't touch the stove.
It's hot.
i got it.
jess ready?
You're drivin' jess?
no way that cocksucker's
drivin' you.
ho's fine.
Ho's a fucking pimp, okay?
he encourages wendy
to turn tricks,
and she's his fucking wife!
keep it down.
He can hear you.
It's my house!
i'm not gonna keep it down.
He's not fuckin' drivin' you!
listen to me, bobby.
this is my job,
it puts a roof over me,
my daughter and you,
for as long
as you wanna stay.
i want you to quit.
will you look
at my bills? I can't.
i'm not gonna put her through
what i went through.
I-i just can't do it.
i'll support you.
With what?
i-- maxie offered
to stake me.
max offers
a lot of things, okay?
i got news for you.
He's not the sweet old guy
you think he is.
don't get
my hopes up, okay?
if i quit, and it doesn't
work out, then what, huh?
i-i can't go
through this again.
this is the last time i speak
to either of you in person...
about work-related matters.
all our interactions
in the future
will be social.
if you have any questions
that are work-related,
you will direct them
to ruiz.
he has
my complete confidence.
everything you need
or need to know...
is in
those envelopes.
do notopen these envelopes...
until you have
left the office.
i started opening it--
mind if i borrow
a piece of tape?
- that way i'll--
- open the fuckin' thing.
you will each have $1,500,
a numeric pager,
a double-"a" battery
and first-class...
round-trip ticket
to j.F.K.
you will be contacted
on your pager--
so we're going
to new york city?
yes, you're going to new york.
you will be contacted
on your pager--
max, one more thing.
who am i dropping this
off to? Who gets
their hands on this?
that's your per diem.
that's my per diem.
who do i give it to?
Who do i drop it off to?
it's yours.
You keep it.
This is mine to have?
yes. Yes.
For spending money?
and you got
1,500 too?
you will be
on your pager
as to where you go.
you have each been given
an extra battery.
so there should be
absolutely no excuse...
when you get
a page...
that you will
answer it immediately.
Yes, sir.
you will not carry
any other pagers with you.
you will not,
for that matter,
carry anything...
other than what
i have just given you.
- keys?
- what?
what about my house keys?
That way i can get back in.
i could leave 'em with you.
Whatever you wanna do.
You're callin' the shots.
you can carry your keys.
you will not mention
my name...
or imply that you
are in my employ.
you will not
speak to anyone
when you are working.
when you are not working,
you are considered
to be on call...
and available
24 hours a day.
that means that you
do not get drunk...
or do anything
that will prevent you...
from operating
in a professional manner.
there is a number
in your pager's memory.
it is a car service.
if they call you up and they
ask you the account,
you say "cardiff giant".
they will come
and they will
pick you up...
and take you
wherever you
want to go.
that means that
there is no destination
that you cannot reach...
within 15 minutes.
fifteen minutes.
Is there a pattern
forming here?
What is it?
- you want us to be
wherever you want--
- let him tell me.
don't worry about it.
I got it.
tell me. What is it?
i don't understand why
you're picking on me, max.
because you lost
my fuckin'
carpet-cleaning van,
and i don't like you,
you cocksucker!
i parked the van and
left it for five minutes,
you want us to be...
wherever you want us to be
I locked it,
put the club on it--
yes. Good-bye.
what am i dropping off
on the trip?
what's the--
what are we--
here we are.
3d and g.
3d and g.
i think you got it wrong, bob.
That's mine. I'm in 3d.
you're right here, 3g.
They're both aisles.
What's the--
i was assigned that seat.
I like to follow the rules.
you're in 3g,
and i'm in 3d.
All right. Okay.
oh, man. See,
when you're in with maxie,
he takes care of your shit.
do you know what i mean?
Stretch it out, keep it nice.
I'll tell you what else.
beats the hell out of
cleaning carpets.
You got that right.
comfortable, comfortable,
I wonder what the movie is.
i'll ask the lady
what the movie is.
Don't bug her.
they like to help.
That's what they're here for.
you'll get used to it.
Don't carry guilt with it.
champagne or orange juice?
Oh, perfect.
what a wonderful kickoff
to the trip. Cheers.
thank you very much.
Uh, ooh. Okay.
my button down here.
i love
this shit, my man.
this is the kind of thing
i'm talking about.
You with me?
give me it.
Right here.
yeah, i was
just wondering...
Excuse me.
what the movie was tonight.
It's in your copy
i believe it's
mickey blue eyes.
I can bring you
a list of videos.
i just want to offer the other
passengers a drink first.
That's great.
what's the overhead
on something like that?
what's the action
that's gonna come my way?
what's the action that's
gonna come your way?
what's it gonna cost me
for the videos?
Oh, no.
you're up front.
Everything's free up here.
oh! Wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful.
See that shit?
oh, wait a minute.
That-- see, now--
they set you up.
they drop this on you.
I bet there's a hidden tax.
excuse me, sweetie.
Excuse me.
where the drinks
are concerned,
is that a hidden tax?
does that fall under
the complimentary service, or is
that something you pay for?
no, no. They're complimentary.
Would you care for another one?
they're complimentary.
You bet your ass i would.
thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
can i get a cutty
on the rocks too?
Is that complimentary?
yes, yes.
Cheers, man.
You hear that shit?
everything up here
is free.
you can drink as much
as you want up front,
have a nice fling,
we get our videos going.
if we didn't have to be on call,
we could drink as much as we
want, but we really shouldn't.
oh, yeah, because they're
probably gonna page us...
and ask us to whack out
the pilot up front.
unless we have
something to do
in the next five hours,
we could sit here,
have drinks, relax like
gentlemen and enjoy ourselves...
and actually have fun
with the trip,
versus complaining about the
trip and every time i sit down,
it's your seat, my seat.
as long as we don't
show up hammered--
as long as we don't talk
to someone like a schoolteacher,
we have fun.
we have to represent max.
That's all we have to do.
I'm representing fucking max.
could you stop
with the--
yes. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
i want to know
where you're located.
Where's your home?
i operate
out of chicago--
i'm ricky slade.
it's a pleasure
to meet you.
this is my friend here.
This is robert ricigliano.
and what
was your name?
it turns out
we're gonna be spending
the night in new york.
it worked out well for all
of us. I want you to take it
back to the business class.
round up
a couple honeys.
at our hotel room, we're gonna
have kind of a pool party,
california gangster style.
you know, kick-ass
pool party thing?
listen, asshole. I don't care
if you're the sultan of brunei.
no man talks to me
like that.
now, you can either
learn some manners,
or i can make a formal complaint
to the airport authorities...
and we can sort this out
while you're waiting standby
for the next flight to kennedy.
okay. Yeah.
what does that mean,
"we can sort it out? "
does she have to do that
so they don't know
she's into my shit?
let's sort it out now.
shit! I got
no new pages.
i don't even know where
we're supposed to go.
maybe we should
just call a cab.
oh, wait.
There's our guy.
look. The sign.
Cardiff giant.
hi, i think
that's us. Bobby.
Hi. I'm jimmy.
ricky slade.
Soho grand,
you're going to
the soho grand hotel,
am i right?
i don't know.
All i know-- cardiff giant.
That's our account.
right, and you're staying
at the soho grand. You got
any luggage checked?
Travelin' light.
I like that.
hey, uh, is it nice?
The hotel.
the soho grand?
You're from l.A., right?
damn right i am.
You'll love it.
see, that's what
i'm talking about, bobby.
first class, you know what
i mean? You gotta get used
to it. You deserve it.
you're looking good.
hey, lady, you missed out.
I'm staying at the soho grand
this trip.
i'd give you a ride,
but i gotta stretch my shit out.
i'm a tall drink of water.
I don't wanna wrinkle anything.
looks good. Okay,
so whenever i want to--
uh, yeah, well, uh,
grab one of those cards
over there by the phone.
right over there?
These, by the thing?
call my number.
It's my cell.
you want one here?
Get a card.
perfect, my man.
so, jimbo, you're pretty much
like my boy for this thing,
like my own private guy?
well, i handle most of, uh,
cardiff giant's accounts.
Yeah. Okay.
do you
know my pager number?
I don't know. What is it?
i don't know.
I thought maybe
you'd know what it is.
you got any idea
what kind of job
i'm throwin' down this time?
the job?
all i know is, uh,
that i'm taking you
to the soho grand.
where is that?
It's in soho.
the area is called soho...
because it's located
just directly south of houston.
therefore it's soho.
There's a spa downstairs.
You gentlemen work out?
let's see the digs here.
Is that all right?
oh, max.
Lookin' good, huh?
there's an excellent cafe
called caviar,
and it's downstairs.
it's great for people-watching,
and willem dafoe comes there
sometimes and--
where are you
gentlemen from?
we're from out of town.
Here's the key
to the minibar.
oh, great.
Is that for this here?
room and tax
have been picked up
by cardiff giant,
sure has.
Plus 150 in incidentals.
i'm sorry. An incidental.
I'm not following exactly.
oh, that's, uh, phone,
room service, minibar.
Any additional expense.
thanks a lot.
Take care.
Show him his room.
oh, mr. Slade,
you're in room 808.
give me the key.
I'm gonna hang here
a bit. Thanks.
oh, is it good?
Uh, what's that?
right. Okay.
Let's see here.
The room.
I can take you there.
that's all right.
Let's see here. Uh--
that's all i got.
You got change
for a hundred?
i don't.
Not on me, sir.
Okay, bring me back 80.
are you sure?
Go on. You know
what we're doing.
thank you very much, sir.
I'm sorry.
How is it?
So i know.
what kind of room
are we looking at
now that this happened?
- all the suites
are about the same, sir.
-yeah. Okay. Look it.
i don't have time to negotiate.
I know you got fish
to drop off, probably.
what are we
looking at?
the suites
are about the same.
If you bring me back 60,
does one suite look better
than the other suites?
Hi, girls.
uncle bobby here.
...As good a suite as
we have, unless you want
two bedrooms.
would you like
two bedrooms?
No, that's cool.
just make sure i get back
the original 80, then.
i want back the 80.
But the 20's for you,
thanks for
showing us up.
Thank you very much.
thanks a lot, man.
Hey, uh, one last thing.
where's the place tonight?
Tonight's a good--
as far as?
you know, nightlife.
The hot ass and that?
Oh, uh, women?
yeah, women. If i was a fag,
i could get laid on the subway.
stay with me here.
Just stay with me.
Go quickly.
i-i-i don't know.
Oh, the forum's
pretty hot tonight.
forum's hot?
Might be hard
to get in.
you let me worry about that.
Look at me. Okay?
what's the address?
Throw it to me.
it's on west broadway.
Need me to write it down?
no. We'll see you
with the 80.
I'll bring up your change.
i'll put this in your room.
Don't spill that.
I like the fish.
come on!
Who you callin' now?
don't worry about it.
hello, room service?
Can i get a couple cheeseburgers
and two heinekens, please?
no, i'm ricky slade,
but i'm actually staying--
how did you know that?
that's cool.
They got computers so you don't
have to say what room you're in.
- find out how much it is.
-just so you know,
they know where you're at.
how much is it? Perfect.
if it's up in the next
15 minutes, i'm gonna
tell you how i do right now.
ten-dollar tip.
I'm settin' the precedent now.
how much is it?
In the future
when i call,
and i say that
to you, okay?
how much was it?
It's 46.
That's all.
forty-six plus ten.
Yeah, but you
have to tip people.
it's my fuckin' room.
You don't give a shit.
bob, you heard the captain.
You have $150 in incidentals.
that falls under
the incidental, but you
didn't wanna listen.
- ricky, how long
are we gonna be here?
- i have no idea.
we don't know. That's my point.
We might have to make it last.
do you want 'em
to put it on mine?
I want this to stop.
- it's on me, okay?
- i've looked forward to
this trip for a long time.
could we just be
smart about this?
I'll be smart.
fine, but i'm gonna
tell you something.
- i don't like your attitude.
- you don't likemyattitude?
What's wrong with it?
look around.
We're moving up in the world.
We should be enjoying ourselves.
i know you had a blue-collar
mentality pounded into your head
your whole life. I have too.
but if you act like an asshole,
and you don't own your shit,
they're gonna smell you
coming away like a cheap suit.
- who's gonna smell me?
- i swear to god.
i'm trying to save you
when we have to meet
the real people...
that you don't
come off like, you know--
i don't wanna say it.
i don't want to get
into name-calling.
okay. Can we
make this work, please?
i'm trying
to make it work.
Let's settle down.
you know what i'm talkin' about.
Don't play dumb with me.
- what are you doing?
- what the fuck are you doing?
i know you're not
calling jimmy.
i am. You got a problem
with that too?
hang up the phone.
I'll talk to you.
Just hang up the phone.
look, we're here
representing max,
and you're running around
like a puerto rican
on the 15th of the month.
you don't think maxie wants us
to roll hard, why give us all
the bread or the pager?
you represent max well
by showing some fucking class.
the man has got an operation
in new york, bobby.
please, hang up
the phone.
I am not
nickel-and-diming my way to--
the bar's across the street.
We can walk there.
I don't wanna fuckin' walk!
give me
the fucking phone!
I don't fuckin' wanna walk!
fuck you! How do you
like that, motherf--
how 'bout jimmy?
You know jimmy, the driver?
or cardiff giant?
Maybe you should check that.
cardiff giant.
You ever deal with them before?
have you ever dealt
with my people before?
jimmy, the driver?
Are you familiar with him?
we're with
the cardiff giant account.
fuckin' horseshit.
"maybe you should try
the china club".
fuck you,
place looked like
a fuckin' fag bar anyway,
don't you think?
a fuckin' fag bar.
that's it.
That's it.
that's us.
Let's go.
Move your shit.
what are you doing?
You gotta call him!
It's out of order!
whatever you want.
I had a really good time
the other night with you.
i just want to make
a part two. Shit.
Excuse me?
give me a second.
Give me a second.
yeah, so, like, you know--
i need to use the phone.
It's an important call
i have to make.
you got to give me
a second, all right?
Okay. A minute.
a minute. Whatever.
so, yeah, so, like,
i'll rub your feet,
oh, yeah.
give you a back massage
and shit like that.
it's an emergency.
I have to use the phone.
I'll pay for the call.
hold on a minute.
There's a million fuckin' phones
in this city.
you're fuckin' with my phone.
You're gonna have to wait
a fuckin' minute.
this is bullshit.
It's bullshit.
I just wanna--
he'll call you back.
so, jimmy, you know
where this address is?
yeah, i'll find it.
I know harlem.
is that wher--
we're going to harlem?
you don't know
where you're goin? '
i know the cross streets.
well, this is
the corner.
i could wait around
if you want.
no, that's cool, man.
what exactly did
they say to you?
they said meet 'em
on the corner of 135th street
and 12th avenue.
did they tell you
what kind of address?
i told you what they said.
They said meet 'em here.
They didn't say anything else?
i told you what
they said. No.
how the fuck did
they know who you were?
They asked me.
then they
said more--
they didn't say shit.
they fuckin' said--
they asked me who i was.
then they said to meet 'em
on this corner.
That's my point.
they said more than
what the fuck
the thing was.
they did say more
than you said
that they said.
be honest.
They said more than
you said what they said.
they said fucking
meet here, okay?
oh, fuck. This is such
fuckin' bullshit, man.
I don't know where i am.
what the fuck do you
have to complain about?
Don't fuckin' start with me.
you should get
fuckin' information
when you're on the phone.
i don't understand
what you got to fuckin'
complain about, man.
why is this gig
so fuckin' horrible to you?
you've been on my ass
to get on maxie's list.
Here we are.
because i never fuckin' met
this fuckin' ruiz guy.
i got no idea what the fuck
i'm dropping off,
who i'm fuckin' pickin' up,
or what the fuck
i'm supposed to meet.
and fuckin' maxie's
still pissed at me because
i sold his carpet-cleaning van.
I thought you said
i sold it.
What the fuck difference
does the fuckin' thing make?
oh, motherfucker!
Don't make it like you
feel bad for that fuckin' guy.
give me a fuckin--'
i vouched for you!
look, relax, okay.
you don't get it.
That's what fuckin'
bothers me.
you fuckin' have the wrong idea
to feel bad for that guy,
because you know that max
fucks all the girls that work
for him as strippers.
if there's one guy
not to feel bad for,
it's him.
what does that mean?
Listen to me
before you do anything.
i'm just saying
that i fuckin' heard
that he fucks girls.
that he fucks his--
i heard he fucked them.
I'll protect myself.
come on.
Come on.
Fuck you, motherfuck--
get the fuck off me!
yo, bobby!
you know this guy here?
Yeah, his name's horrace.
ricky slade.
ready to meet ruiz?
fuckin' embarrassing.
I gotta ride down the street.
the whole neighborhood.
The guy doesn't have
a fuckin' shirt on.
be a man. Come on.
Suck it up. Come on.
no, man, no.
It's too risky.
I want out.
listen, man. We made
a lot of money on this one
together, but it's over.
shit's goin' down.
I'm sellin' my end.
this internet shit
is entirely too volatile.
i'm gonna take my block
of microsoft-- yeah.
with the problems they have,
and that nigga bill gates
is a bad motherfucker.
yeah, and i'm gonna take
my profits on yahoo!
And all the portal stocks.
yeah, the bubble's gonna pop.
all right, then.
that's it?
This is maxie's cavalry?
who the fuck swole
y'all up like that?
no one sw--
we had a thing
with each other.
i gotta tell him.
He asked me a question.
Sit your asses down.
thank you, man.
It's good to meet you.
if this shit
don't beat all.
maxie done sent me
two broke-ass,
swole-up guineas from l.A.
i could've hired some
local guineas for some
beer money, right, leo?
sure. You boys
want anything?
yeah, bring us
no, thank you, actually.
I'll have astrega,please.
What, motherfucker?
you drinkin' "the witch"
after dinner? No class!
look, there's
absolutely no reason
to start name-calling.
it's midnight,
and this motherfucker's
orderin' an aperitif.
with all respect, ruiz,
it, uh--strega,that is--
is adigestif.
Is an aperitif.
sorry, leo. I'm gonna
get up outta here, man.
what do i owe you?
It's on the arm.
thanks a lot.
Love you, man.
-you need anything,
you give me a call.
- thanks.
all right. You rode?
- nine hundred, baby.
- big boy.
jimmy. Ruiz.
come to luna,
pick up maxie's guineas
and bring 'em to spa.
yeah, right now.
jimmy's gonna bring
the car around.
me and horrace,
we rode the sleds.
y'all gonna meet us at spa,
in the v.I.P. Room.
- don't get lost.
- i don't know
where the spa is.
13th street, man.
Jimmy knows.
Just be cool, man.
who the fuck is he
to call me a guinea?
what do you care
what he calls you?
A guinea!
is he your friend? Let's get
this shit done with and go home.
He's not my friend.
do you think this isn't
the drop happening now?
i don't know.
I don't know anything.
you'd think
if it was happening now,
they'd tell us that.
yeah, one would think.
So i'm under the impression
that it's not the drop.
probably not. I don't know.
- i don't know either.
taking a time-out
from you, jimbo.
that's not cool.
I don't want him
looking at me.
i don't want him to think
you're blowin' me.
You're so fuckin' weird.
excuse me, honey.
I'm on the list.
step aside, guys.
I'm on the list.
excuse me.
I'm on the list.
What's up, bro?
- how you doin', man?
- you on the list?
sorry, sweetie.
I'm on the list.
Yeah, i'm on the list.
ricky slade.
You see
a ricky slade?
cardiff giant.
Maybe check it out.
cardiff giant.
Just check the list.
cardiff giant.
Maybe you want to try
the china club.
again with
the fuckin' china club.
do i look like
a fuckin' persian to you?
i'm half lebanese, man.
Okay, look.
We're with ruiz.
okay, is ruiz--
ruiz isn't here.
you might check the list.
We were supposed to
meet ruiz here.
he might have put our name--
ruiz is always on the list.
He's not here.
you might check
if he's here.
He's not here.
we're supposed to meet him
in the v.I.P. Area.
He's not here.
well, i'm on
the fucking list.
hey, what's up, man?
what's happening?
Can you just
check to see?
what's up, man?
How are you?
All right, bro.
hey, man, how's it goin? '
you look big, man.
You been liftin? '
a little bit.
I got a six-pack.
Started out with a forty.
all right.
You look good, man.
Here, babe.
thanks, man.
Catch you later.
did you see that shit?
did you just let screech
in the fuckin' club?
i'm waiting in line,
and you just let screech
in the fucking club.
he's on
the list, man.
Show me the list.
i wanna see on your fucking list
where it says that screech
is on the fucking list.
- show me the fucking--
- get your hands off--
hey, hey, hey, hey!
Get the fuck off me!
Shut the fuck up!
we'll fuckin' throw
your ass outta town!
Who, you and screech?
yeah. Yeah.
Me and fuckin' screech!
You and screech?
hey, what's happenin', bro?
What's up?
how ya doin', man?
What's goin' on?
you look big, man.
You been liftin? '
a little, some.
all right.
What's up, rich?
It's poppin' in there?
oh, man. Big time.
Big time. Hey.
- those two say
they're with you.
- yeah, they're with me.
i'm with him.
All right.
These two are good.
-sorry, man.
- next we have a very,
very big group by the name of--
all right,
over in the corner.
That's him.
y'all know
the drill, right?
What drill?
no one's told me anything.
maxie told you to keep
your mouth shut while
you're workin', right?
- are we workin' now?
- what the fuck you think?
i wanna hang out
with you motherfuckers?
and put down
the goddamn champagne!
the lady
just brought the champagne
for the whole table!
for all she knows,
you're john motherfuckin' gotti.
put down the champagne and act
like you been here before.
you better get this straight
before i get back.
is he makin' the drop?
nah, he's making contact.
That's the welshman.
what's his name?
ruiz don't like to use names
on cell phones,
so he calls him
the "red dragon," but that's
just between us, on a low.
- when is the drop?
- to be honest with you,
i don't know shit either.
all i know is
it ain't drugs
and it ain't now.
how do you know
it's not drugs?
because maxie know
i ain't doin'
no more cocaine time.
it ain't now because ruiz
didn't tell me it was now.
Now shut the fuck up.
all right,
all right, man.
are you
What, motherfucker?
it means are you
carrying a gun?
I know what
the fuck "strapped" means?
what's up with this
21 jump streetshit, man?
yo, this is my boys
right here.
how ya doin'? Bobby.
A rogues' gallery, huh?
bobby. This is horrace.
This is rick.
you must be
the red dragon, huh?
uh, the name's tom.
so where's
the red dragon's lair?
where do you
call home?
where do you lay
your head down?
Home? Home? Glasgow.
yeah, and where
exactly might that be?
uh, that's, uh, scotland.
how come the word
on the street is that
you're welsh, my man?
there's a buzz goin' around
about you bein' welsh.
enough of the introductions.
I want you to meet somebody.
you like
big titties, right?
Yeah! Love big titties. Yeah.
what the fuck was you told?
Don't talk, right?
unless spoken to, ruiz.
Isn't that right, horrace?
you know that
to be true as well.
Don't bring me into this shit.
look, he spoke to me.
what do you expect me
to do in a situation
like that? Dis him?
"dis"? "dis?"
let me tell you something,
you're in no position
to "dis" or "give props..."
or whatever your mtv
real world sense of fuckin'
decorum tells you to do!
you're nothing!
You're a fuckin' amateur!
you wasn't sent here
to make fuckin' friends!
askin' the motherfucker
where he's from.
and who the fuck
told you red dragon?
you fat motherfucker!
we get it.
We're sorry.
Fuck that "sorry" shit!
y'all fuckin' up
my money now.
now that limey motherfucker's
all uptight,
shaky and shit,
tryin' to change shit
around on me.
that's a fuckin'
problem, fellas.
tell y'all right now,
maxie gonna shit a nokia when
he finds out about this shit.
fuck, i better
call his ass before he
finds out about this shit.
you're fuckin' up
my money now.
i don't like my money fucked up.
I'll catch you later.
shut the fuck up,
you fat fuck!
well, that's one way
to handle people.
i'm not sayin' shit
to neither one of you.
shut the fuck--
what the fuck did i say
that was so fuckin' bad?
the red fuckin' dragon?
Why is that bad?
what did i say
that was so fucking--
the red dragon!
how bad is the situation?
how bad
is the situation?
It's bad, man!
ruiz already said you were
fuckin' max's token goons
and not to be trusted.
he wanted to do
this shit himself!
I was gonna ride shotgun,
keep the fuckin' english dude
above board.
now this fuckin' bull?
Oh, my--
when's the drop
going down?
it was supposed to be tomorrow,
but who the fuck knows now!
ask the red dragon
when the drop is!
if it's gonna
make everyone happier,
i'll tell him
i heard the red dragon thing
from somebody else, okay?
i'll tell him
i heard the red dragon
from someone else!
all right.
You know what? I--
we don't wanna talk.
We wanna scream at people.
but we don't wanna
listen or problem-solve.
that's what's frustrating
about the fuckin' dynamic
of the group.
are you happy?
am i fucking happy
about what?
why do you have to
make everything
so fuckin' difficult?
don't come at me too.
I'm gonna come at you.
you're like a fucking bull
in a china shop, man.
fuck this shit.
I don't need this shit.
Where you going?
work is over. I'm gonna
go in, have a good time,
have drink.
i'm not gonna sit here
and be negative.
not in there.
They know you're with ruiz.
damn straight.
That's why
i'm going back in.
fuck you. Go.
I'm taking the car, though.
Fuck you. Fine.
take the fuckin' car.
I don't give a shit,
you fuckin' sissy.
where to?
- wait here.
I'm having a lot of fun.
Are you having a good time?
you were really dancing.
That was some great stuff.
hey! Look who's back.
Grab a bottle, will you?
get the fruity shit. It's good.
I don't want this
on ruiz's tab.
close ruiz's tab.
You're damn right.
Close the tab.
but two more bottles
of dom champ, okay?
here's 50 bucks.
Take this in case i get drunk
and i call you a bitch later.
i'm only kidding,
but take it anyway.
i'm gonna do it all night long,
know what i mean, girls?
no, you don't know him.
I don't know him.
Loud on the phone.
not fun at the club.
his shoulder's been killin' him
all week. Could you give him
a little on his shoulder?
all week.
He's been naggin'
and naggin.'
ohh, god.
is there like
a nice place?
i don't know
where we are.
I'm having
a great time right here.
let's go to soho.
Soho's the best. It's so l.A.
you all right?
i'm fine. I'm fine.
all right?
It's all right.
should i fuck him?
if you want to.
He's cute.
he's funny. He's tall.
he smell at all?
Smells like alcohol.
He's all right.
oh, he's watching.
You wanna fuck him,
fuck him.
- you don't smell. You're nice.
- yeah.
wow. Still a lot
happening out here,
i see.
i see someone's
getting real comfortable
in their kimono.
- very comfortable. Yes.
- that's right.
do you like surprises?
i like surprises.
Because i got a surprise
all ready.
- for me?
- i got a little surprise
for you. Sure.
Let's check it out.
all right.
This is a surprise
built for one, though.
i'm sorry.
That's all right, honey,
i'm hanging here with, uh--
wait for me here.
Fun boy.
he always said
i didn't go to the gym,
but i work out.
yeah. I hear you.
I don't wanna
work out all the time.
i don't wanna
talk about him.
That's what i'm trying to do.
let's not argue,
because we're having
such a nice time.
We're not.
are you okay?
You comfortable?
I'm so comfortable.
don't laugh at my foot
if i have a corn on it.
No, that's part of who you are.
mind if i roll a joint
or something?
- is that all right with you?
- no, i can't!
what the--
I'm sorry. I just--
come on. We gotta go.
what the fuck happened?
What did he do?
what did he do?
We used to
take baths together.
oh, the bath. Honey.
i can't.
I just can't.
oh, hi. Sean,
can you pick me up?
nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Have a great easter.
i'm sorry about this.
Bye. I'm sorry.
She-- baths.
that's real fuckin' class.
She was jonesing for me.
Next thing, she freaks out.
is everything okay?
I heard a noise.
Is everything all right?
i heard a commotion.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
they're complaining
It was just
a little weird.
this is a mess.
They're complaining
downstairs about you.
i'm sorry.
Everything's taken care of.
Our last guest is leaving.
i'm fine.
I've had a rough night.
You okay?
i just want to be alone.
I'm fine. Thanks.
i'd give you some money.
I don't have it.
Want us to bring some--
i just want you
to leave, please.
get the fuck out. I'm sorry.
Just get the fuck out.
Can you get out of the room?
get the fuck
out of the room.
hi. It's bobby.
We're at the hotel now.
okay. Five minutes.
We'll be downstairs.
Where we--
okay. So the driver
knows where to go?
We'll see you in five.
what's up, man?
Ruiz wants to
meet with us right now.
where does he want to meet us?
He didn't say. He said
jimmy knows where to go.
that means that we're
fucking getting whacked--
we're not getting whacked!
then why the fuck
wouldn't he tell you
where the sit-down is?
who says it's a sit-down?
Shit's fuckin'
all going crazy!
he says we're gonna
go over the plan.
- yeah. Okay.
We're gonna go over the plan.
-what are you doing?
i got a bad feeling.
What are you gonna do,
shank him in the shower?
is it so unrealistic
to believe that ruiz,
who doesn't want us here,
is gonna throw us
to the fuckin' wolves
as an apology?
i don't know
what i'm dropping off!
You don't know what!
i don't know
where the drop is!
We haven't had any sleep.
let's keep our mouths closed
and not make any mistakes.
i'm gonna go upstairs.
Throw on some clothes,
all right?
let's get downstairs
in five minutes so we're not
late and make things worse.
would you put
that thing out,
come on.
I swear i'll puke.
Put it out.
where they taking us?
Where they gonna whack us?
if they're whacking you,
they're doing it in style.
jesus christ.
Where y'all been all night?
You look like shit.
good morning.
good morning. Shit.
you think this shit
is funny, horrace?
nah, just saying that--
you think this is funny,
all i said--
all right.
Easy, ruiz.
don't "easy ruiz" me.
You turned an easter egg hunt
into a butt-fuck-a-thon.
gimme four eggs benedict
and a mimosa.
y'all want mimosas?
No, thank you, man. I don't
think i could eat anything.
four mimosas.
You'll love 'em.
all right, tom, the welsh dude,
he don't but dabble a little.
He's small-time.
maxie had me
hook up this loan through
an austrian passbook account.
- money laundering.
- would you tell peter jennings
to shut up and listen?
so what do you want from us?
What do you need us to do?
come here.
Now, here's the plan.
take the money
to the welshman.
He's gonna check it.
he's gonna hand you his marker,
and you're done. That's it.
as long as you
hand off the bag,
you're tight.
all right.
When is the drop?
Now, you three,
y'all gonna set up
dinner with him?
there you gonna find out
if and where.
- anything else?
- so who's gonna outfit us
for this thing?
outfit? What the fuck
is he talking about?
i realize you're gonna want
to have me strapped in case
there's a situation.
strapped? The last person
i want with a gun is you.
please don't give this
motherfucker no gun.
this is as routine as it gets.
i could've turned it offshore,
but maxie likes to do it
his way-- safe.
i could've
dropped the bag myself.
It's only 200 gs.
but he sent you two.
so i can either
call maxie and tell him
how you fucked up,
send your asses home,
or we can flush it down
the toilet one more time,
see if it goes down.
look, man, all we have to do
is meet the welsh guy.
make him feel comfortable.
Do whatever it takes.
drink some tea. Whatever
the fuck they do in scotland
or wherever he's from.
make him feel comfortable
till he brings up the drop
on his own.
you make the drop, we're on
a plane back to california,
fuckin' hos off melrose.
this meeting?
6:45 at the globe,
park avenue.
6:45. 6:45.
6:45, motherfucker.
we need guns.
I'm telling you.
We don't need guns.
i'm pretty sure
we need guns.
they specifically said
we do not need guns.
That's all the more reason...
why you do need a gun.
you couldn't even
get a gun.
You wanna bet me?
you couldn't even
get a hand job from
the bridge-and-tunnel posse.
that fuckin' girl
had personal issues
with the bathtub.
now float me 100 bucks.
wanna see how fast
i can get a gun?
What happened to your money?
i have some stuff left.
I got, like, 80 bucks.
How much?
I got five in the room.
- what happened to the 1,500?
- you could've picked up a tab
once in a while.
- i picked up half the fuckin--
shut the fuck up!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Don't do it to me!
watch it, boys.
Watch it. Let's go.
sorry, ma'am.
Yes. Okay. Be careful.
now, look at that.
They're all standing up for us.
okay. Look,
can we calm down, please,
and try to
talk about it civilized
and have a discussion?
all i'm saying
is i vouched for you,
ricky, and you fucked me.
this is peanuts compared
to what we're gonna make
down the road.
i don't wanna
make money down the road.
This is it for me.
i wanna take this money
so jess doesn't have to
grind her ass...
into men's erections
to put her kid
through private school.
you're my friend.
You stuck up for me
to be on this trip.
i respect that. I'm sorry
if i've caused you problems.
i see things
i don't think you're seeing.
i'm not mad at you,
it just could've been easy
if we handled it differently.
let's get some sleep.
We're gonna feel better.
we can't sleep.
We got three hours.
that's why we should
spend this time getting guns.
see? You're crazy.
We don't want a gun.
That's gonna get us killed.
you knocked the jew's tooth out.
That's gonna cost max
eight grand, maybe more.
you probably lost him
his whole line of clientele too.
You've fucked up jess's dancing.
i think he knows
i sold the fuckin' carpet van.
He's been giving me looks.
he can't kill us in los angeles
'cause there's questions,
all of a sudden he flies us
to new york city to do a drop.
we don't know what the drop is,
but if we disappear here,
there's no questions involved.
there's no questions.
L.A., questions.
drop out here.
A lot of questions.
how do you come up
with this shit?
you're fuckin' los--
you got a screw loose.
I'm loose? I know.
i'm always loose.
Here's scenario "b" for you.
See how you feel about this one.
i don't know if you've noticed,
but i think i'm starting to get
under ruiz's skin as well.
it all started
with the red dragon
or the welsh guy.
they can play it down,
but you know 200 grand's
a lot of money.
that's a fucking lot of money,
okay? Two hundred grand
is definitely a lot of money.
i got ruiz, along with fuckin'
fruit pie the fuckin' magician,
tellin' me that i can't
fuckin' call my main man max
who fuckin' sent me?
what about the welsh guy?
He's fuckin' scared all over.
They disappear and talk.
you haven't noticed, but when
he's not fuckin' looking at me,
or you're doing whatever,
i got jimmy in the mirror
with his shit too.
it's fuckin' comin' at me.
I don't know where it is.
might be comin' this way,
might be comin' that way,
but the shit's comin,'
and i'm not gonna be late
for the dance.
i'm not gonna be fuckin' late
for the dance on this one.
you're not
getting a gun.
they're all together.
You're telling me
it's not a setup?
Hey. Tom.
how's it going?
You're, uh--
how's it going, tom?
Right, right.
you know ricky.
Ricky. Ricky.
Tricky ricky.
how you doing?
The thugs, right?
How are you?
the thugs.
the thugs.
wan-want some tea?
Yeah. Tea?
tea? No. No.
you want a drink?
you know what i mean.
A drink.
I know what you mean.
a drink.
Be nice.
- get up there!
Get up, you.
well, give us
a new drink.
Want some of this here?
You're very slow,
you american boys.
you're a bit slow
with the old fuckin' bevy,
aren't you, boys?
Want get up the--
this is the greatest
fuckin' country in the world.
the place is mad.
I love this country.
I think it's fuckin--'
you know what i love?
I love the fuckin' breakfast.
you say, "can i have
some toast, some eggs,
some coffee"?
"how would you like your toast?
You can have black toast,
green toast, white toast,
fuckin' rye toast,
russian toast".
i just want toast.
Gimme some fuckin' toast!
I'm starving, you know?
i love that.
You know when you
go for breakfast?
it's like a fuckin' night out,
you know? It's great.
for the business at hand--
anybody got any drugs?
yeah, uh, what you--
what you want?
i mean,
what you want?
A little charlie maybe.
- who?
- charlie?
you know.
oh, some blow.
Yeah, i can get you some blow.
No. No, blow. No.
charlie, you know?
coke, you know?
oh, yeah.
We call blow--
what'd you call it? Henry?
We call henry "blow."
charlie. Yeah, charlie.
Who? Whatever
fuckin' name, man.
they all white.
Yeah. They all white.
man, i like that.
Oh, very black.
i'll get you some coke.
they say the coke here
is yummy-- fantastic.
yeah. Oh, here we go.
Special delivery for you.
special delivery.
special delivery.
Colombian marching powder.
you ever call it that?
Colombian marching powder?
Did you get it?
that's great.
I'll keep watch.
let's get this done.
You know how it is.
These places get busy.
oh, oh.
Aah. God!
oh. Sorry, mate.
All right. That's okay.
there's a laugh.
It's a laugher.
Ah. Great times.
this is great. You guys,
i really appreciate this,
you know that?
you are the best.
You got it.
youse guys are so, so--
you say that?
mind if i go first?
Oh, no.
looks like i went first.
You went first.
oh, jeez.
Listen, it doesn't look as if
there's an awful lot left.
it's all you.
All for me?
thanks, you guys.
fuck. That's good.
It's good stuff. Shh.
listen. Come here.
what's say
we make a go of this...
and you drop off the cash
that'll do it.
look. Here's what worries me.
he wants to have this meeting
at this bar in red hook.
know where that is?
brooklyn. He must have
that shit troughed off.
what do you mean
"troughed off? "
protected like a fortress.
ruiz tied in
out there?
puerto ricans
and irish immigrants
fresh off the boat.
hey, i'm half irish.
you ain't
this kinda fuckin' irish.
Ever heard of the westies?
yeah, i heard of them.
Them some bad motherfuckers.
they used to
cut people's heads off,
leave them on the bar,
finish their drink...
when they were
making a play against
the italians in the eighties.
i'm not fuckin'
with those kind
of motherfuckers.
sounds to me like everybody's
getting a little jumpy.
Yeah, whatever.
he's got nothing at stake.
This is just a drop.
i say we go to his
"troughed off" bar, drop off
the bag like ruiz said...
and get on a plane
and go home.
not a word to maxie.
Maxie finds out we crossed
the bridge, he gonna shit.
hey, bobby, we're home.
Come on. Wake up, wake up.
get some sleep.
Let's go get some sleep.
hey, guys.
It's, uh, uncle bobby.
i'm gonna be home
really soon.
uncle bobby's gonna
be home really soon.
Can you come home, please?
i love you.
Yeah, i love you, too, baby.
I gotta go.
i just want you to be here.
everything is going as--
is going as planned.
if anything changes,
i'll call you.
where's ricky?
ricky's taken care of.
how so?
He's gonna meet us down there.
where's ricky?
I don't know,
and i don't give a shit.
let's just take care of this.
a friendly group. Thank you.
thank you very much.
enjoy yourself.
Welcome towheel of fortune.
Glad to have you with us.
you folks at home
figure out the preview puzzle?
let's take a look
and see if you were right.
it's european vacation week,
featuring some great cars.
we have trips to the riviera
and germany, london and spain...
hey. Hey, guys.
How you doing, bobby?
how you doing?
You all right?
oh, it's all right.
Sorry, guys.
you know--
you know the deal.
You know how it is.
yeah. Sure.
So, uh,
you want a drink?
no, i'm gonna
pass on that.
no? Uh, listen, um,
where's your mate?
He-he won't be with us.
look. Here's, uh--
here's the money--
not to rush you.
you give us the marker,
we can be on our way.
i'll have to count it,
i can't verify the amount,
don't worry about that.
Just write down that
you took a delivery.
sure. Sure, man.
- fuck! Hey! Hey!
- fuck, man!
- what the fuck are you doing?
What are you doing?
- shut the fuck up!
ah! You fuckin' bastard!
all right. As far as
any of you are concerned,
a gang of spics took the bag.
understood? Good.
- grab his fuckin' wallet.
- i fuckin' hired these guys
to watch my back.
will you shut the fuck up?
maybe you should
shut the fuck up.
all right. Steady, guys.
Take it easy.
he's got six shots.
He's bound to miss.
what are you,
an oddsmaker?
you gonna work everyone
through this thing here?
let me tell you
something, fucko.
if that motherfucker right there
don't take that knife away
from my friend's neck,
i'll use all six shots
to make sure you're dead.
now do you
believe it?
do you fuckin' believe it?
now i want everyone
to drop their bats
and toys and--
- it's a starter pistol.
- what?
his gun is a fuckin'
starter pistol.
i can see the red plug
in your fuckin' barrel!
listen to me. I intentionally
make this gun look that way
because i am smart.
i don't wanna draw--
that's enough!
That's enough.
come back here, ho.
Get over in the corner,
all you guys.
get over in the corner!
Drop your weapons.
i said drop
your fuckin' weapons!
get over in the corner.
over in the fuckin' corner!
take out your wallets right now.
Put 'em on the table.
turn around.
turn around.
put your hands
behind your head.
now get
on your fuckin' knees.
Get on your knees!
bobby, come here.
Take that.
nice work, bobby.
i'll let maxie know
you're good in the pocket.
go home.
you know,
you boys did good.
i never intended to test you
to such an extent,
but you come through.
i could've used a call.
ruiz said not to call.
i'll take that up with ruiz.
you got the money,
The money come through.
i could've used a call.
as for you, ricky,
your draw,
that's gonna go
to a new carpet-cleaning van.
i walked into a room
full of fuckin' westies
for that.
if they were westies,
you'd be dead.
that's not the point.
We're square.
as for you, bobby,
your days of fighting
for crumbs are over.
take a week, come back,
we'll talk about
the next thing.
i don't think there's
gonna be a next thing, max.
take a few days.
i don't need a few days.
I'm through, and jess
is through dancing for you.
yeah, well,
i hate to, uh--
i hate to break up
your, uh,
fantasy dream,
or whatever the fuck it is,
but i've been
paying jessica's rent
for eight months.
thank you for the opportunity.
We're gonna be leaving now.
oh, god.
a lot going on.
but there always is,
isn't there--
a lot going on?
I gotta tell you,
i am sure glad that
that fuckin' van
is out of the way.
it was hanging over my head
for too long.
bobby can be
a little hasty sometimes.
you said what to him?
"wait a few days".
smart. Let's let him
wait a few days.
i'm gonna go ahead
and hold onto this for him.
Keep your hands off the money.
maybe he'll decide--
okay. Okay.
Don't touch the money!
leave the money right there.
my point being--
get the fuck out.
understood, but if he changes
his mind, can he come back--
get the fuck out.
okay. Okay.
nice to see you.
i'll check on the girls.
i'll be right out.
- where's mommy?
i just--
why don't you get your shit?
i never promised you
anything, okay?
how could you let her
see you like this?
bye, bobby.
- i bought you out with max
in case you wanna leave.
- i don't wanna leave.
you do
what you gotta do,
but that little girl out there
is such a special person--
- take her.
- what?
take her.
hey, chloe.
i just talked to your mom,
and she thought that, um,
it might be a good idea
if for a little while...
maybe you and me
went on a trip someplace.
Is that okay?
We're gonna go now.
all right?
- there's ricky.
- hey, baby. How are you?
Yeah? You feel good?
I don't think
they were expecting me.
i'm sorry, man.
Is she okay?
yeah. I think
she's hungry.
wanna get something to eat?
Get the seat belt on.
you wanna go color
some things? Frogs?
- are you all right, man?
- me? Oh, yeah.
I'm all right.
you okay?
You should be okay.
I'm okay.
i'm okay. I'm okay.
You should be.
- don't ask me
if i'm okay again.
- i'm not asking you.
let's just
get some food.
Let's get some food.
- i'm not okay.
here we go.
did everyone get cake?
let's say happy birthday
to chloe. Get your toys
and do your things,
'cause the big people
gotta talk now.
everyone's reading
the same stuff, but 6-7,
it's different reading material.
that's an age
we wanna get her going.
I listened to the counselor.
she said she tested
she said the public schools,
with the magnet schools,
will take care of everything.
i understand what a magnet does.
i don't mean
to condescend.
But you do in a way.
worse comes to worst,
we send her to private school.
don't spend $10,000
for her to learn to color.
if you're on this side
of the hill, she can
go to regular school.
it's easy
when you're at work all day
to say she shouldn't watch mtv,
but you deal with it
for eight hours.
oh, there you are.
Where were you five minutes ago
when the kids were going crazy?
now you show up. Okay.
Mousy, i'm trying to do
a little business here.
here. Go run
around the parking lot
or something, will ya?
look out.
look out.
take it away, munch.
now we can sing the love
song that i wanted to--
oh, well, look at that.
We're all out of time.
kids, we're gonna
take a short break.
we'll be back in a few minutes
with more songs and fun,
so, uh, stay tuned.