Made in Heaven (1987)

the Story you are about to see
could be true.
You may even know some
of the people
Made In Heaven
We lead such dull lives
- It was great? yeh I loved it.
- Are you hungry? Yehh
- Let's eat.
- It wasn't romantic?
- Take.
- Take it.
great take
- What do you think?
did you Like it?
What are you looking at
Remember when I got fired from
the donut shop
I wasn't fired,
Brenda. He released me.
- My boy didn't get fired.
- now I'm the best.
operator at Jimmy's hairdresser.
So should I get a job at Jimmy's?
- My boy didn't get fired.
- You know what you should do now?
- just. Call up Orrin.
- I knew it would...
- That Orrin is a jerk.
- he is.
Yeh- I know, but...
- A shit.
- Orrin has always been a jerk.
- Always.
you can't go asking a guy like that
for a job.
You don't have a suit?
- I'll buy one.
-You Need more than one.
- So I'll buy two.
I can't believe you want to be
want to be a caller mike . I know you.
I do , Orrin. I really do.
I have the image of the bank
After all its something about
people's money.
I am honest as the day is long.
You Can call up Big Bob Williams.
- He did fire you.
- He let me go
Soo ..
I need a job, Orrin.
Truthfully mike I just don't think you'd fit
in here with the rest of us.
You're a jerk, Orrin.
you were a jerk in high school.
You're a jerk now.
And I don't care how many suits have...
you'll always be an jerk
Bob Elroy got a beautiful
Buick car in the lot.
Yeh- A beautiful green four-door,.
- Green?
- Yehh.
- I like that.
Just beautiful.
Bless bless.
- Thanks.
- You know what ..?
- Huh?
I was thinking of...
catch that car...
you and me...
we drive to California...
You open a beauty shop out there
and I get a job out there.
start a life together out there
... - Mikey, honey
- Mike.
- Yeh?
Jimmy asked me to marry him.
I Was waiting for you to get a job to tell you
And what did you say r?
I... think I said yes.
- you Said Yes?
- Said.
Take care, mom.
- Take care, Mikey.
- I will.
Thanks for everything.
Here son Your mother and I thought you might
need this
- I'm OK, Dad.
- You take it.
I'm just sorry I can't give you a job.
Goodbye, son.
Take care of each other.
Lets go, Skunk.
Ahh gee, Skunk. did you have to fart again
You could roll down the window when you know you're
gonna do that.
Help! Help my mother.
There are children in the car.
Come here.
Take them.
Hello, Mikey.
Aunt Lisa... Aunt Lisa?
They said you would arriving today.
so I came to pick you up.
- But you're dead. So are you kiddo
Welcome to heaven.
Here put these on
I can't stand here talking to you bare assed
No, no. I got outa that car. I...
I didn't drown. I'm too good a swimmer.
- No! I didn't drown!
Mikey - Please don't give me a hard time.
A hard time coming to receive you here.
till Somebody meet you.
this Is all wrong.
I talk to the man in charge right now.
- Right now. you can't talk to him right now?
I can tell you one thing.
His name is Emmet Humbird...
and he hates to talk to new arrivals.
I refuse to believe any of this I'm not dead!
Mikey, you kicked the bucket, you bought the farm
You're dead.
I'm dead!
Ohh Mikey, Don't ..Don't
Shit. I'm dead.
- I don't wanna be dead.
- It's a wonderful adventure.
Come on lets go!
- How's your mother?
Ohh- She's fine.
- she was fine until this.
- Don't worry about it.
It is iron.
- She got that furniture?
- What?
My preferred way to travel here.
you Just think where you want to go and
you're there
Well, I can fly, of course. And there
cars, horses, but I...
Mike. I know you're tired.
I'll show you your room.
its yours as long as you want it.
Try get some rest
I slept for days when I first arrived.
Who painted it?
Like? Many people like.
Yes, they are great.
Didn't know you painted.
I didn't on earth but I do here
but. I don't know why.
One day I picked up a brush and there it was.
Not that I've always wanted
be a painter, is not so.
Is... I don't know!
Maybe its my reward for being
so untalented on earth.
Now get some rest.
it Takes a while,mikey. But
you'll realizine where you are.
'Il be outside, if you need me.
I'm dead.
Mikey. What's the matter? Can't you sleep?
- No.
- What shall we do?
Well I do not know. Maybe take a walk.
do you have any friends who you'd like to visit?
- You mean... dead friends?
- of course, Mikey.
- It's a good idea.
-OK heres what you do.
Think about you friends face.
think about being with him. And that's all.
there is to it
- OK?
- This.
You sure you do not want to just float
? Or drive?
- They have any car you want.
- No. I want to try this.
Now, if you want to come back here,
think about my face and you think about this room.
OK? Right.
You go ahead. I'll go to work.
- Sorry about that.
- Okay.
I think I thought of
back too soon.
'S all right, all right.
just Concentrate
or I'll call you a taxi. It worked.
How lovely, Annie
Webster or something?
When leaving Rome.
- Cosmo, his lunch.
- Thanks, Mom.
Sorry, I missed the door. Sorry.
- I'm Mike Shea.
- Hello Mike.
looking for my friend Larry.
missed home, but that's okay.
Larry and I served together in the army
Omaha Beach.
He is somewhere.
Happens to all of usl.
Want a sandwich?
You just need to concentrate
on your friend Larry Pulsky
and what he looked like, and everything will be fine
, Mike Shea.
Nice seeing you, Mike.drop in anytime.
Maybe I can help you. I am a guide.
- Annie Packert.
- Hello.
Now, just think of your friend. Mike.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- A boy so beautiful.
- I wanna show you something.
Already know that.
Anything you imagine, happens.
anything that is in heaven,
will eventually find its way back to earth.
Nothing is lost, you understand?
- This is a school?
- yes.
But... then those children are...
and we have the king and queen.
- Hi - Hi, Annie.
- Well, I have to go now.
- What?
Well ..
You are not the only new arrival.
- ...Annie - I know.
I like you too.
Where did the light
different objects
behind the blackboard.
- Can you say ornithology?
- Ornithology.
Good.that's all the Latin we're gonna
need so don't worry about it.
These fellas are blue and gold macaws.
these Are found in Surinam.
The northern part of South Africa
you will recognize that call.
If your lucky to see them, will be in Australia.
This is a rack of yellow crest.
Now for the Unguro unguro crater
its on the edge...
OK now. When I come back
I want you all to give me brand new programs
OK, my little angels?
License. I'm looking for Larry
- Wow! What is this?
- Pulsky's gone back.
- Excuse me. back to where?
- Back To earth.
Nobody told you?
we go back to earth?
Sure. Larry Pulsky
is a baby again.
But you will love staying here.
You're gonna do things that are great.
- Good day to you, Guy.
- Freddie!
Play cricket with us before tea?
I'D love to.
Bring your friend. Burly.
What I tell you?
How we
times until we get the land?
Well Each case is different.
I knew a guy who was here an hour
And those who fell thousands of years.
I've only been here for
for eight years myself, but there's no time.
-Nooo time.
-You just Don't know?
- And who cares?
- Guy Blanchard.
Mike Shea. Newcomer.
my Pleasure.
I'm suddenly very tired.
Was a terrible week.
- And now this.
-well we don't die every day.
I have to drop off these papers
and get back to my electronic mind test
maybe one night we can meet
and go out together and have a few beers.
toodle ooo
We come back.
- Hi Annie.
- Hello Mike.
- How was school?
- was great.
Would you like to see a secret?
Annie? ANNIE!
All you have to do is imagine
When you get good at it,
you can imagine things that don't exist.
And then imagine how to make them work.
- Will I be able to do that?
- OhhI don't know.
of Course you will.
Are You God?
Well- are you?
- No. I just help Emmett.
is Emmett God?
No, he just runs things.
- But there is a God?
- of course.
Well I have to go now.
- So all I do is imagine. Right?
- Right.
And if I imagine something bad?
You can't. You're in heaven.
If I could,
would be some place else?
Mike? There is little Mike Shea?
- Yes.
- Al Bjornstead Mike. I used to be your postman.
Mr. Bjornstead! How are you?
We were sad when he died.
I went to his funeral. It was beautiful.
- I should have gone. All
... - Everyone was.
If you don't mind me asking
how did you die?
- Everybody wants to know.
- I drowned.
Did you know that theres a bunch of us
from Sunbury
up here?
- Some you already know.
- Is that right?
Course. When
order, we would like
- Catch us up on all the news.
- Great I'd like that very much
Would be great. I'd like that very much.
- Aunt Lisa?
- Yes?
Did you- put this it in my room?
- No.
Emmett Humbird, Mike
Nice to meet you.
not exactly what you expected, am I?
- Hello Emmett.
- hey i Lisa. How's the painting coming?
When it comes to dinner, see.
When you invite me, I will come.
I just invite.
I Just came
to ask Mike if he had any questions.
Now that the boy has stopped crying and settled in
you show up.
You did a much better job than I
could have done.
You have a question, Mike?
Anything that you don't understand
and think you should.
Well several This shovel here. This blade mentioned
- Must be something then.
- You know what?
No. That's entirely up to you.
Think I'll take it
me? When I...
Probably not.
maybe the idea is on the shovel.
Maybe its something
musical like a guitar or trumpet.
You see, Mike, very few souls
take a whole idea back.
most of the time its bits and pieces
of an idea.
usually, something that they never seen or heard
but its is in the air. its all around.
thats whats great about the system, Mike.
What You choose to do with it
once you get back down there is up to you.
Anything else?
No... I only hope i imagine something new.
If you really want, you will .
But Annie should already have told you.
- Annie is...
- She's special,
-Ohh Yes she is.
- she is.
You'll do very well here, Mike.
- Where are you from?
- Here.
I'm a new soul.
I haven' been to earth.
- you haven't ?
- uh uh.
So your parents must have been here?
At least twice. I have a brother.
have you been to California?
No, I was on the way there, when I died
Were you really born here?
Been to New Guinea?
- have I said you could do that ?
- No.
in fact I thought the sky was
angels with wings
playing harps in the clouds.
They are . They are old gods.
Thats my house .
Thats my hous.
I Grew up in that house.
- Want to go inside?
- Can we?
Look. It's so real.
This couch was bought for my
mother when I was in the army.
shipped it from Philadelphia.
My baby shoes.
Metal shoes.
Hello! Mom?
did you like earth?
Yes I wasn't ready to leave.
- did I say you could do that?
- No.
- Do it again.
- Later.
- Annie.
- Hello Mike.
- What are you thinking?
- You...
Really? That's nicel.
I tried to think of an idea,
but I kept thinking about you.
I'm not complaining.
I like thinking about you.
Ok Bye.
Wait. Anniie One more thing.
I think I'm in love with you.
I made you nervous, didn't I?
What do you think?
I think that we should see a lot
more of each other
Have You ever made love?
-Yes. And you?
- No.
- Would make love to me?
- Yes.
- I'm glad you died.
- Me too.
- Aunt Lisa?
- Here.
- When do I get my own place.
- Great.
- love you, Aunt Lisa.
- That's nice.
My new baby. you Like it ?
- Yehh.
- Really?
Educational toys invented here.
We these toys for learning.
Toys creativity.
We inter-toys...
Annie! can you hear me?
Annie, I had an idea.
- The best toys.
- Great. What is it?
Already said, the toys.
I want to tell
because it involves you personally.
Is something for both of us,
but want to enhance first.
Annie, I miss you.
Keep an eye on the toys,
Annie. Is that what you mean.
Annie, I want to marry you.
According to heaven, we already are.
Really? Well ..
So would you mind to much
if we had a wedding?
We would be in front of
a lot of people and...
say you love me and I would say I love you?
I would love it.
I would be terrified.
I hope
up in front of Annie and then get...
You ask me do I take Annie?
I say yes, then you will
asks does she take me.
Oh I've Always wanted to do this.
I hope I can remember everything.
I'm so excited!
This is not my area, but
But I'm delivering them personally.
- Which she will like the most?
- This one.
Hopefully the cake does not fall
. It never happened.
This is an option
music. It is not definitive.
We are ready.
- Right.
- You are beautiful.
- Not yet begun.
- Have not heard.
you are more beautiful than a windup toy!
Thank you.
I love you.
thats just the way things work , Mike.
Happens with all
world. Up to you.
Mike, I think you're
who should tell her.
Do you know what we've never done what?
We've never... Danced.
I'm going aren't I ?
Don't be sad.
Don't get sad, Mike.
Why does it have to be you?
It's not fair.
I'm gonna be somebody's baby.
Emmett? I know you can hear me.
I Need to talk .
EMMETT? Don't block me out, Emmett.
The answer is no.
Is She is a girl?
The answer is still no.
then send me back as a boy.
- I can't do that.
- Yes you can Emmett.
You can do anything. I know you can.
- How'd you find me?
- Cigarettes.
- you're the only around here who smokes.
- What a deal!
Now that announced
'll have to drop.
I'm not asking to be her neighbor.
just put in the same
country. I'll find her.
Mike you Fell in love with her
Will fall in love on earth.
They will be together forever.
When will that happen?
I don't know? A life ..
Maybe two, two hundred.
How do I know?
You'll love again. I can promise you that.
I was in love too.
My wife wanted to spend the rest of our lives together
She wanted to get married, we did
Wanted children. We had.
She wanted to spend the rest of our lives together
and died in each other arms, we did can't.
not happened, does not.
Listen to me
If I let you go,
There's no guarantee that
You'll come back. you Understand?
Yes, I understand.
But if I believe that
I can find her, I will.
Okay, I'll give you 20 years
thats all I can.
It's the best I can do.
If you do not find it in 25 years,
both married to others.
But you'll never be completely happy.
Terrible. Damn.
If you do not find it in
30 years, you'll never find her
Got it?
'Il find her, Emmett.
'''lll find her.
Good luck, kid.
have you thought of a name, Mrs. Barnett?
- Elmo.
- And the father's name?
just put "friend."
Hi Elmo. You are a beautiful baby.
You'lll be very happy, Elmo.
No, Elmo. not again
Elmo, how many times I told
you not to play that damn piano?
Elmo? Your uncle wants
sleep. didn't you hear me?
- I'll show you...
- Elmo. No! Wait!
Uncle Gus does not like you
piano.Entende touch, no?
I wish you'd stop doing that. Ok
Stay here and play like a good boy.
I'm sorry, dear.
But it has to be good
with Uncle Gus, you know?
It took me forever to find it. Gus?
we'll have to take care of Daddy now, Ally.
OK, Grandma.
Are really thinking about getting out of the army?
Yes, going from
base to base like this it's no life for Ally.
Bless you are you catching cold?
I got a great idea.
Toys that make people laugh.
What do you think?
Toys that make people laugh.
do you want to take Oswald to bed with you?
No, father. Mike wants to come.
- Who is Mike?
-He's My Friend.
Ohh- Where are you, Mike?
- Ali.
He's a good little kid. here, Mike.
Mike you can stay with us
as long as you want.
- Good night, darlin.
- Good night, Daddy.
night, Mike.
night, Mike.
I am a child.
A hard time
You can not imagine
pleasure in my smile.
You hold my hand.
rough up my hair.
It's lots of fun to have you here.
God gave to you now you give me.
I wonder...
Hey, Elmo.
Good luck, man.
Gary here. 7:30 tonight. Be there.
- This guy. It is in my class.
- Really?
I'm. Looking for
Larry Pulsky's class
is a class movie and...
Pass the door on the left
see a brick building.
I go there. If you want, I'll show you.
- Thank you.
- I thought I had literature.
No. Come on. I'll See you later.
sure It's out of your way? No not at all.
Seven-thirty tonight. Be there.
- I'mr Alluson Chambers.
-I'm Tom Donnelly.
- Hello Tom.
- Nice to meet you.
- You .. make movies?
- I.
I'm totally obsessed with it
. I'm gonna be a director and...
O really! thats nice
Speaking of which, you know
French new wave directors?
Yes There's this festival of huu...
Hey, kid?
Where you going?
I don't know.
wherever i go, that would be great.
well you know where you from, no matter what road you take.
Come on!
Coffee? course.
I hope that does not change its mind.
Andy, how are you?
I'm surprised you came.
Can not say that their filha.
is beautiful.
They have the whole world in front of them
I hope he loves
much as she loves him.
Hey Romeo and Juliet.
Can I have the honor?
- Is there a bathroom here?
- I think so.
press this here Try.
- Where consguiu medal?
- DMZ.
Were you there?
No. I saw it on television.
- Don't forget your purse.
- have a nice trip.
- This guy has no bag, do you?
- No.
You would not have... wait.
Let me see those timestables.
Elmo! Elmo
where you goin, dude!
- How about a beer?
- Sure, the topless bar.
Mr. McKisick
returned your call.
Mr. Flynn called but I can't change
at 3 to...
discuss the shades of
windup toys.
Mr. Packett called
asks if you want to talk at a seminar.
Tom rang he has to work late.
Thank you.
- Oh, your father wants to see it.
- Okay. Thank you.
I didn' know
you remembered your litle friend Mike.
Ohh Ally this is great, I read it. it's Wonderful.
-Well Thank you.
- Ally
I read the manuscript.
and its very literary.
Shown throughout the world in the office?
- What arel yougonna do with this?
Maybe I will get it published.
Hey can look at this?
could do with water in , or somethin.
Water, or a little... a little oil
not work with cars?
Works with cars?
- No.
-I think it Needs a little more than water.
No, I think it's just water problem.
I will look for you.
Well ..
I think maybe the battery.
Oh, shit! watch you cigarettes buddy
there you go. the problem.
It's burned out totally.
Tell you what. $550. Parts and service.
For six you fix the radio?
For six bucks I wouldn't fix
my mother tyre.
550 dollars I'm talking about
who do you think I am?
- Get out of here, Jaws.
- Okay, Lucy.
Its Lucille.
Seems like you're in a little bit of trouble.
You Know, I think I might be able help you find
that money that you need
You see, Elmo,
all I really want you to do
is start a fight.
To this place.
There'll be these people there.
I don't know who they are.
Anyway, they've been...
takin advantage of me.
my mothers money.
anyway I thought if I just started a little bitty fight...
then I could do a little you ... know,
maracutaia with your fingers.
Maybe I'll try make a couple of passes there
get a bit of my money back
nobodyl knows anything
and nobody gets hurt.
Hello? Hi Honey.
When will you be home then?
Saw this guy sitting next to you?
That's the guy I want
you pick a fight with...OK
Now Wait till I give the signal.
- Okay.
Hey Stank?
Full Moon, Lucille.
- Seven.
- The girl won.
They give me lots of luck.
Where did you get this data?
Something wrong with my data, Stank?
I hear right? Not like my data?
- That it?
- What do you, stupid?
- No, no, I fight with him.
- Sure, buddy.
Now Elmo, baby, I want you to go right over there
To Mr Stankey and relieve him of all his money.
With Pleasure.
Don't forget the money, Elmo.
This is going right
back to her mother, where it belongs.
You Should be ashamed of yourself , Stinky.
- What do you think? I thought it went well?
- Get in the car, Elmo.
I said get in the car, Elmo honey
- I'm going.
- Great.
Sorry about that, Stankey.
You are a devil, Lucille.
Stankey and I'll catch you next time, OK
We had some fun tonight didn't we
- Now What?
-Your gonna Get the hell out of my car...
and give me back the $ 250.
Get out
Get out
Now Give me back my money.
C'mon, like a good boy.
Thats right . Start running.
And you can take your
And now, the culmination
this marvellous evening.
The moment we've all been waiting for...
the best comedy ppromotion of the year.
The lovely
Doris will give me the envelope, please.
OK...Comic best commercial of 1979 will...
"New Fresh." deoderant
"New Fresh."Deodorant
I'm glad you
was last at school.
so am i
This is called a pig, I said.
Each sun... irradiation but maybe...
Each sun... rotation but maybe...
pain blend of heat
Here comes a car.
-and There goes a car.
One in five...
Happy Birthday, Elmo.
Thanks to you, I can only
smoke down here.
Am I supposed to know you? or somethin
We met in heaven.
You Know, you think you're looking
,For her but You're just driftin.
I'm driftinI? I'm not the only one around
here whos driftin buddy
Jesus Christ,
Elmo. Remember heaven?
Think about where you want
to be and you'll be there.
Come here , Elmo! Damn!
Elmo, your
28 years today, and look at you!
You're a mess
look at your clothes?
Look at your hair.
it doesn't look right?
And look at that cheap jewelry?
you only got two years to find
that woman. so you better get fluid.
I gotta go now. But you Remember...
Just Imagine and believe in yourself
It's very very simple.
I care about you Elmo.
I want you to get the girl.
'Il want it on video.
- I wont shoot food on video tape
- Why?
because it doesn't have the depth. It just won't work.
Ally? tell em I'll be there in a minute OK
- Hi - Hello
I bought this for you.
- You working on you feature?
- No. I'm not
I just finished a couple of really
very innovative dog food things.
I will work for Jim Connor.
Henry,Tell them I'll be right there in a minute.
I'll be right there
Ally, I'm sorry, I've gotta...
I'll change.
Ally I don't wan't you to chane.
I'm not telling you to change.
I'm telling you I tried
to keep up with you...
And ... I just can't.
Maybe it's because
I'm a taurus. I don't know
You're like a kid.
Your imagination...
You think nothings impossible.
You get an idea, you go out and do it.
Well its not like that for most most people.
- It' isn't hard to live.
- I love you.
I a...
Ally, sorry.
Good luck.
Let's get started.
Between Heaven and Earth.
There's a Ballroom floor.
Where couples glide
in the evermore.
Dancing through the clouds.
Laughing in the rain.
Eyes that can see no lies.
Hearts that feel no pain.
I hope not too late.
We were more than friends.
And I can hardly wait.
Until we meet again.
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced
the night...away
We never danced...
Come on, girl. Walk.
Someone came to pick you up.
Walk. This is not your home.
Arise. Come on, girl.
Walk. Come on. Come on.
Sign here, here and here.
Yes....I already signed those
in triplicate Where is she?
- Right over here.
Should'nt really let a girl like that go
drinking alone, Mr. Chandler.
Thank you
Three steps. Three steps.
Come on girl. You can.
Come on, you can.
... That just one more.
- Need more help?
- No, okay, thanks.
Daddy... help me.
- I'm here, honey.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
- Let's go home, honey.
- Why doesn't he love me?
Why don't you get away from here for a while?
Go out to Los Angeles. Take over the
Footlights project.
Oh I don't know.
I'm tired of toys.
I make you a deal:
just Give me one more year.
If at the end of that time
you still feel the same about toys
then I'll sell the company.
- Dad,Thats not fair.
- Don't worry about that.
- Hey. Are you okay?
- Oh yeh, I feel fine
What do you say?
California? Huh
I'll give it a year..OK
Mike told me
why people have to die.
Is so they can go to heaven.
He said...
Heaven is where the future is born.
How far...How far you folks goin
We're going to California.
We can take you all the way to Los Angeles.
That Would be great.
- I'm Annette Shea.
- Hello.
And This is my husband Steve.
I'm Elmo Barnett.
We don't usually pick up hitchikers...
but you look like...
You looked like you needed a ride.
Goodnight, Irene.
Irene, Goodnight.
I'll see you in my dreams.
Thank you.
Why don't you folks go ahead?
I'll walk a little bit I'm not hungry.
I''ll meet you right back here
You - Sure you do not want something to eat?
- Yes Really. I'm fine.
-You're welcome to join us.
- No,really I'm fine.
Do you Play an instrument, son?
I think I can.
No,I don't. I do not know why
I said that.
You don't have any money? Do you
Come. Going to eat us.
Come on, Annye.
'll Love the house.
The kitchen is enormous
there is a view from the centre of the city
all the way downtown.
Do you hear water running?
No.let me fetch you upstairs.
I have something to show you.
Look at the trees
as a small forest.
in the bathroom we have heat lamps...
whirlpool tub, double shower
... and a balcony seat...
I'm Donald Summer.
Nice to meet you.
- She hit her head?
- No, I think she's okay.
Let's raise it.
Give me one second, okay?
OK. Thank you.
- Mrs. Burwell?
- She has no father?
Please don't...
she okay? Of course.
Mrs. Burwell?
think I should send her some flowers.
See I always check the showers
when I'm thinking of buying a house.
Iif the showers
are good, then you can
Pretty much work around anything else
- Really?
- Well Yes.
- Would you like to go for dinner?
- No thank you.
But... it was nice to meet you.
It was nice meeting you too
under very strange circumstances.
How about lunch?
Is there a husband?
That was tacky of me wasn't it, no?
How about Breakfast? how about Potato chips
by the lake?
- No.
- You're right. There is no lake you can't see that.
Well do you wan't to just give me your telephone number..
I promise I'll only call you once a day
. And you've already seen me naked.
-You'd like to go to lunch?
- Yes I would.
What a wonderful idea
synchronize our watches.
Lunchtime. unfortunate.
I'm dying, Elmo.
That's a relief!
After all, I said.
Steve doesn't know.
I'm scared.
Real scared.
We had a son, Mike. Mikey.
He was about your age.
And... like you, he was going to California
about a job.
He got killed. about a 100 miles from home.
There was an accident.
Mikey rescued one woman and her two children.
I loved him so much. and one day...
I was setting the table for dinner...
and put a place for Mike.
I forgot.
When I realized what I'd done I started to cry.
I took his plate to keep...
and suddenly i knew that Mikey was ok...
that he was in a good place.
Really I shouldn't be scared.
I don't think you should be afraid.
Thank you.
Hi there- Flll her upl?
- Yes, please.
Not really want to go to Aunt Julia
No I'm fine from here
Thanks for the invitation to
almoar.Me lot of fun.
Don't be afraid.
I want to see them again.
Will see. Be careful now, ok?
- Don't say anything you'll just offend us.
- I just can't.
- Don't be dumb, son.
I know you want it. go ahead and take it
and do something with it.
You're a good boy, Elmo.
It's been nice meeting you.
If can't learn to play it ,
just sell the damned thing.
- Come on, Mother earth. lets go.
- I'm going.
Goodbye, son.
- We never danced...
- Ah Jesus Christ.
- We never danced
... - Hey. Thank you.
- Alright.
- Elmo, let me get some bridge.
Elmo, excuse me.
I think both of you have crossed the bridge.
I don't think God intended for you
to be a vocalist, OK?
I like the melody, but your singing
... I'm sorry.
Lets get the next bands up here,
Lets get Poodles and Bondage."
are wonderful.
Look at it this way
You've never run a company before,
you can be very good at it.
You could be a disaster and ruin everything.
I'm your lawyer.
And just trained to do all sides.
Never told him how much I loved him
We never do
I can't pay you, but I would
give you a piece of the album.
Its gonna be real good I think
Real good
Give you both chance to
play on something
Well if we like it, we'll play on it.
If we don't we won't
There was this little Italian restaurant...
in New York where I was going
. One day
One of the customers choked to
death on a meatball...
and the owner closed the restaurant
and turned it into a shoe store .
I've no idea what that means.
Maybe he wanted to save his soul.
This is the apartment.
- I had a great time tonight.
- Ohh good
I'm - Sorry, I just ...
- Its alright.
Okay, really.
It's good to know what you want
, Ally...
because you just might get it
- Good night.
- Good night
Please Wiley . I wash the floors,the bathrooms,
your car. Anything you want me to do.
Please don't do this to me.
Elmo...I wish that I could.
But I've alreadty bent over backwards
for you because I do like you...
but I need the money.
I'll give you a percentage of the album.
How about? that.........YES...YES
Do you Have any idea how many albums I
have a percentage of?
And none of them pay my bills.
I Believe in this one , Wiley.
Elmo, this is titus.
He plays bass.
He owes me money.
Never owe Wiley money.
Let's start with the first bar, right?
"I hope not too late"
I hope not too late.
We were more than friends.
And I can hardly wait.
till we meet again.
- What do you think?
- What do I think?
I think we need a manager.
Elmo? What?
I know that Bryan.
He has his own label.
- Hello How are you doin?
- Nice to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
- What is the name of your label?
- Halo.
I hope not too late.
We were more than friends.
And I I can hardly wait.
Till we meet again.
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced the night.
you don't even know
where to go.
It makes no difference.
Which road to take.
Mr Elmo Bartlett.
Barnett Gus. Elmo Barnett.
we're glad to have you with us.
Elmo, you are a fascinating musician.
The name of the album is
"We've never danced"?
Is there a special lady in your life?
There is, but actually
I haven't met her yet.
How long have
nssse place to stay?
It's your birthday, 30 years
take a s long as you want.
Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday dear Elmo.
Happy birthday to you
Is his 30th birthday, kid.
Times running out on you.
We are on track.
I think I'll walk.
You sure?
Yeh.. I just you know
I feel like walking
If you want, it's yours.
Is it real?
It's real. Okay.
If you're a natural blond,
then you have to use a much better
If it's bleached at all you
have to go with something
just a little darker.
Ally? Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
I just won another Clio fo this
hamburger thing.
- That's good.
- Yeh
Do you know what that woman said
about my hair?
Look at her hair.
Ally, this is Pam, my wife Pam.
Hi Nice to meet you.
Tom, we better be going.
OK It's getting late.
we're late. We gotta go.
Was good to see you.
- Bye bye
- bye ok now
got to talk to you,
God has sent you a message.
Go to hell, you're gonna diel
here? Read this.
Where am I?
Hello, Elmo.
Where am I? I don't understand.
Happy Birthday, Elmo.
Its gonna be all right. She found you.
I was Hoping I'd see you again.
Here I am.
What would you like to do?
- I want to marry you.
- According to heaven, we already are.
Between heaven and earth.
There's a balroom floor
Where couples glide
in the evermore
Dancing through the clouds.
laughing in the rain.
Eyes that see no lies.
Hearts that feel no pain.
I hope its not too late.
We were more than friends.
And I can hardly wait.
Tilll we meet again
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced
the night away.
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced the night away.
If you don't even know
where you want to go
It makes no difference.
Which road you take.
I hope not too late.
We were more than friends.
And I can hardly wait
Till we meet again.
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced
the night away
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced
the night. away
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced
the night.
We never danced.
We never danced.
We never danced