Made in Europe (2007)

Are you coming over?
I don't know.
Come on man, it's his last night.
So I'm supposed to leave a woman
who's right here to hang out with you?
Dumbass, you haven't even screwed her
yet? You live in the same flat.
I was joking. I'm really tired.
Don't be stupid,
he's your friend, too. Come on.
I don't know.
Come on, don't make such a big deal.
- Ok, I'll be there.
- Come on!
I said I'll go.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Go straight to the house.
Ali's there.
I said ok. I got it.
Something happen?
I have to go out. You remember Ali.
Yeah. What happened to him?
He received an expulsion card.
It's his last night.
Come on! Does he have to
go back to Turkey now?
No, but he's leaving Madrid. We found
him a job in Valladolid. He's going there.
- To do what?
- Teach Turkish.
- No way.
- What else could it be? Kebab of course.
- Damn. It could be anything.
- No, it couldn't be anything.
What are you going to do?
I don't know. Play cards...
...smoke weed, stuff. Bye.
- Bye and fuck off.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Take it easy.
- Thank you sir.
- It's so cold. Don't you get cold man?
- My balls shrunk so much that...
...I don't feel anything.
- The street seems nice from here
- Doesn't it?
- Yes, it does.
We live in the most beautiful
part of the city, don't we?
- Yes, you do but...
- But what?
The neighborhood isn't the same anymore
It's full of pickpockets and robbers...
When my kid was born
I moved out of here.
I didn't want to raise him here.
You know?
- I see. Have a good night.
- See you, kid. Be careful, don't get wet.
- Good evening, Martin. Hello, Carina.
- You going back to work, man?
To listen to the boss's crap?
No thanks.
That's my boy.
Want a beer or a shot on me?
- I'm meeting friends. Another day, ok?
- There are beautiful girls inside.
- Thanks, really, I'm meeting some friends.
- Your loss, man!
- Good night.
- Good night.
Are you coming over?
- Are you asking me?
- Yeah, you.
Just a minute.
How much money did we make?
There should be 1,865 but...
...there's only 1,855.
- Did you calculate it right? - I've checked
it three times 10 euros is missing.
Yusuf, did you put the receipt
for the tomatoes in the register?
- It should be there.
- It's still 10 euros after I took it out.
Sit down, Yusuf.
I accounted for that already, Yusuf.
Here it is.
God, you strange specimen.
- Did you charge that Arab?
- Which Arab?
The one sitting next to the door.
Which one, Tarkan?
There are thousands of them.
- The one who spoke German with you.
- They all speak German.
- What'd he have?
- A regular and an ayran.
- So 6 euros are missing.
- Didn't you say you'd ring him up?
The one who works the register
takes the money.
Animal, didn't you send me
to buy tomatoes?
Don't argue. How many times have
I told you to take the money...
...before giving them food?
We warn him all the time
but he doesn't listen.
Tarkan, don't get me started.
We all know you.
- What do you mean?
- Come on, Tarkan cut it out.
- Say what you want to say. We're all here.
- Cut it out! What should I do now?
Cut your salaries.
I don't want to be like my uncle
but every day there's a problem.
- One day it's the money, the next
it's bread missing. Right? - Yes.
I don't want to say these things but you
force me to. If it were a couple of euros
...l'd understand. But it's 10 euros.
- It's just 6, man!
- It'll turn up somewhere.
- You say that but it won't. And...
on top of that you want raises, advances
If I earn more, we'll all earn more...
If not, how can I give raises?
Look how dirty this place is...
Personally, I wouldn't come in here
either. Pick this place up and...
I'll give you a raise. This place was
making good money, wasn't it, Tarkan?
- Yeah, it was.
- And you? Why aren't you shaven?
- I didn't have time.
- What do you mean "I didn't have time"?
I told you so many times to
buy a razor and keep it here.
Where is it?
Starting tomorrow, everyone will be
shaven. I don't want to say these things...
...over and over.
Open the door, it might be Cengiz.
My brother Cengiz is here.
- Are we going or what?
- Come on let's take the garbage and go.
- Do you have hash?
- I do. Is there anything to drink?
- Sure. What do you want?
- What do you have?
There's beer, vodka, wine.
And a little whisky. Chivas.
Damn, take care of the house before
buying Chivas. Is there any chocolate?
- No, we're not that decadent.
- Nevermind. Come, sit here.
Take this pillow for your back.
Are you ready?
It all fits in a backpack.
So Mr. Ali what about you now?
You know, Halil. We made a deal...
I'll go there and we'll work together.
He doesn't know the business very well.
There's no other choice.
Haven't you thought about
going back to Turkey?
- No, I haven't.
- Why not?
I can't go back in this condition, Halil.
They'd say "You've been away for...
...six years.
Haven't you saved any money?"
Do you still have prison time in Turkey?
The amnesty saved my ass.
But there's still military service.
- So you can't go back.
- I can't.
Look man, I'll tell you a couple of
things. Actually, I'm no authority.
Go on, man. At least it comes
from someone like you.
I'm not saying anything special.
But... be cool, lay low for a while
Like the other day you shouted at
our man 'cause he didn't let you...
...fuck that girl in the restaurant.
He said he couldn't.
He had guests. And you shouted,
"You're a bastard, etc..."
The other day, same thing with Serdar.
Can't you control yourself?
After every fight they call me,
"Come and get him. He'll...
...listen to you.
If not we're going to kill him."
They're children. You believe them or me.
You know they're full of shit.
And I also know what a shit you are.
I've never a known a bigger slob than you.
You stayed with me three months
and didn't clean your room
- Not once. Am I lying?
- No, you're not.
I'm not finished. One morning
I wake up and Pablo's shouting at me...
"Why are there used condoms in the
onions?" What can I tell him?
Then you go on, yelling "shut up"
at him and saying you'll buy...
...10 kilos of onions if he wants,
and so on Enough of that.
I'm trying to make things better
but they always put up obstacles, Halil.
Come on, who puts up obstacles.
Whatever happened here,
forget about it.
Just go there, work hard,
get your shit together
And it's a small city, Valladolid.
You can save money.
All I want to do is run a little
tea garden on the seaside...
- I just want tranquility.
- Lf you save money for two years...'ll have enough money
to start a place like that
- This shit is good, isn't it?
- We'll see.
I have been fucking around
Europe for six years and I haven't...
...made anything of myself yet.
But I've seen lots of things...
...gotten into lots of shit,
met people from all over.
And you've also learned some
languages, but they don't give...
...medals to people for
developing themselves.
Look! Americans in Afghanistan,
turn it up.
Let's hear it, live off the wires.
I saw it in the paper.
They drew them like Rambos.
But those Afghanis are like rats
in that land. Extra vitamins and...
...Kellogg's won't scare them.
I was going to say one more thing...
One night Tarkan brought a girl home
and sent all of you out.
- And you guys got angry with him.
- We didn't, man.
Yes, you did. He says if he brings
a girl home, he'd send his own...
...father away.
And he has helped you guys a lot.
Tarkan is a good guy but
sometimes he makes mistakes.
Look how you're talking still.
You've been living for free in...
...his house for two months.
- Sometimes it makes me...
...feel bad getting all this help.
- Lf you feel bad, move your ass.
- Are they in? Crush those Arabs, dammit.
- They're not Arabs, they're Afghanis.
It's the same shit.
Aren't they all thieves? Kill 'em.
- What's up, Halil?
- Not much. You?
- Was somebody looking for me today?
- Yeah, he waited two hours.
We called you, but your phone was off.
Why do you carry that phone?
If it's on you, why is it turned off?
Let him wait.
Once I waited for him a lot.
Did you go to that Venezuelan woman
again? If I had as much money... you, I'd go, too.
- What money are you talking about?
Shit, now you say what money!!!
Yusuf, your wife might worry.
- Did you call her?
- Yeah, I called. I told her that... was Ali's last night.
She told me not to be too late.
- Where's your wife from again?
- From Paraguay.
Come with me Halil, help me.
Let's cut these up.
Well Ali, so you're going at last.
Did you talk money with him?
Yeah, we made a deal.
Halil, you know I like you.
- Here's a little beauty.
- Fuck.
- It's so good. Where'd you get it?
- From the Arab.
He ordered a sandwich.
He didn't have money so he gave me...
...this instead. Man, I want
to show you something.
Don't show me any more papers.
Enough. If it's your electric bill...
...don't show me.
Your company is different.
What kind of man are you?
Look at this, for God's sake!
- Open and read. Read.
- What's this?
My hands are sticky.
What does it say? What's it about?
What's written there? Tell me.
I think he hit his wife.
- And she filed a complaint.
- What a bitch!
- You deserve it, Yosu. That's why his
residency process stopped. - Poor Yusuf.
He asks every two days
why his papers haven't come.
Of course they won't. Stupid.
That's what I thought it was.
- What an idiot!
- He thinks he's still in his village.
- Does he know about this letter?
- No, it came today.
Listen! If he finds out
we opened it, he'll kill us.
- Don't make any jokes about it.
- Are you mad or something?
He'll kill us, really.
Yusuf, you'd never have listened to
a woman before. What happened to you?
It's true. What happened?
"Don't be late"...
We'll see about you.
Weren't you the one...
...who said, "I'd carry a woman
on my shoulders if I love her."
Yes, Yosu, yes. Ali, have you prepared
everything? Eat, asshole, take some.
- No, I don't want any.
- Eat animal, eat. Cengiz! You too
Did you buy a pineapple?
Yusuf, this letter came for you today.
- What is it?
- How would I know? Look at it.
- It's your turn, Yosu.
- Wait a minute
- Who opened it?
- I did. Because it's addressed... the restaurant so I opened it
when I saw that it was for you...
...I didn't read it.
It's your turn. Come on, play.
- You really didn't read it?
- You asked me and I told you.
- I swear I didn't read it, Yosu.
- Ok. They're human, maybe they didn't.
How about you?
You didn't read it either?
- I didn't read it, Yosu.
- You swear?
- I swear, God dammit.
- On the Koran and God!
- On the Koran and God dammit.
- Don't swear so much. It's a sin.
He doesn't believe me if I don't!
What's that letter about anyway?
Something about the kid.
- Why are you laughing?
- Is laughter also a sin, or what?
How are your papers going?
Did you get any answer?
Tomorrow I'll go to a lawyer.
Is it my turn?
- Yeah. It's your turn.
- Come on, Yusuf. Go. This isn't chess.
Whatever it is, forget about him.
Come on, play, I'm waiting.
- What do you mean?
- What, what do you mean?
We didn't come here to wait
at your leisure.
- I was reading the letter.
- Don't raise your voice!
- What if I do?
- Cut it out! We are playing...
...a game here man. Come on Halil.
Come on, Yosu, it's Ali's last night.
Calm down please.
We'll talk later.
What am I going to talk about with you?
So Serdar was the second assistant
of the cook on that ship.
- He even went to China.
- Once, he told a story about
...a forecast that warned of a giant
wave approaching the ship.
One and a half days away.
The nearest land was a day away.
No, it's the other way around. One day
from the wave, one and a half to land.
- Yeah, whatever... not important.
- Where did this happen?
- In the Chinese Sea.
- Where's that?
Between China and Australia.
The wave was 27 meters high.
- Something like a tsunami.
- What's a tsunami?
- Japanese for "big wave".
- He speaks Japanese, too, son of a bitch.
Whatever it's called, there was no
way out. The captain told them...
..."Nothing left to do. Those who
want to jump ship may do so..."
Then, at the last minute the wave
does a 360 and crashes into the...
...Japanese islands.
So many people died.
How many?
You didn't get it. If it turns 360
degrees it'd come back and...
...hit the ship again, wouldn't it?
- He's lying. I know his brother...
...from Germany.
- Yeah, but he spoke fluent...
...Chinese with a Chinese guy.
- You see?!
Look at the TV, they're always
fucking the same chick.
Halil, the fat one looks like you.
Fuck off.
- They always fuck the same woman.
- Poor girl.
- You remember Erdem?
- Which Erdem?
- Erdem. "Por favor" Erdem.
- He told me that he'd settled down... in a Greek restaurant.
- Do you think he stole Tom's money?
I'm not sure but there wasn't anyone
else there who would do such thing.
- Who's Tom?
- Tom the communist.
...German dude. You don't know him.
- By the way... No more free food...
...for Tom. He's a friend, he's one of us,
but you gave him five for free.
- Who did?
- You did.
This is not a shelter for the poor.
We're running a restaurant here.
- Tarkan, didn't you charge him?
- I thought you were going... charge him.
You were talking to him.
- You were talking to him.
- What am I going to talk to him...
...About? You were talking to him.
- I was preparing his dner and you...
...were talking to him on the corner.
What's with you?
What am I going to talk to him about?
He's your friend.
He's not my friend, man. Damn.
Enough. No more free
food to anyone. Done.
- Who's Erdem?
- You don't know him...
...he used to work with us.
"Por favor Erdem". Salad man.
He hijacked the ship he was
working on with some friends... go to Barcelona from Valencia.
- That's a lie.
- Europe is a lie.
The girl doesn't go away.
So I gave the dust pan to Yosu...
...I had a stick. We pretend
like we are hitting each other.
- What is it?
- Why did you tell that girl...
...I was from Bitlis?
- What are you talking about now?
- It's none of your business.
- I told her to make her go away...
...she wouldn't have left otherwise.
- Lf we tell every whore where we're from
Why do you call her whore?
Did you see her fucking someone for money?
- She's married to a Dutch man.
- And?
When there are so many Kurds
and Turks why does she have to...
...marry a Dutch guy?
- And you're married to a Paraguayan
So what? Is it bad being
married to a Paraguayan?
- Did I say anything like that?
- What do you want to say then?
I mean you are also married
to a foreigner. That's it.
You don't understand man. She's from
Paraguay. They're all poor. Miserable.
Okay, Yusuf, I didn't say anything.
- Aren't you with an Italian.
- And so...
They chose Berlusconi.
They're all fascists.
What does that have to do with anything?
Aren't they fascists? They are fascists.
Cut it out. Play. It's your turn.
Don't pay attention to him.
- Peace be with you.
- You, too.
Keep the sweatshirt and
shirt I gave you. I have others.
- Ok, thanks.
- Give us a call once in a while...
...don't forget.
- You have money?
- I do. Thanks.
- What time's your bus?
- Eight.
- Don't forget the things...
...we talked about, and
they say he's a bit nationalist...
Don't get into a debate with him.
Stay out of trouble.
Ok, don't worry.
I'll take care of things.
Just a minute, I'll take a picture.
- Ready?
- Turn on the flash.
So you'll just grab your
jacket and ride off...
I don't have anything but a
leatherjacket in this world, right?
Do itjustice.
- Good night.
- Hey. You're still around!
I'm waiting for my girl.
We've just closed.
"Don't ask me how I manage to have a
girlfriend with this face and this chin...
...Being an ugly Colombian is much better
than being an ugly Asian. I can find...
someone from my own class. A fat Bolivian.
The other ugly guys, they have to wait
...'til New Year's Eve to kiss someone
without paying for it. Fuck after this...
...this cold night at least I'm going to
put my head between her fat breasts... It's
...something after a night without earning
any money, better than jerking off."
Let's see if I am lucky
And she comes soon.
- Ok, I'm going. See you.
- Good night. See you...
- Good night.
- How's it going?
Aren't you cold?
Let's get out of here. Come on.
I'm a little cold.
I'm getting ready to go.
"Look at Halil. Stupid. Still works in
kebab. If I spoke that many languages, I...
wouldn't stay here. I'd go to Canada. Once
I got a fake German passport when I was Germany. I was about to go to Canada
If they hadn't screwed up my height. Fuck.
...The police at the airport caught me.
"You're not 1.82. You wait there."
...I lost a lot of money."
"I'm so cold, I'm so cold. I have to find
a Japanese passport for my son...
...Wang has some maybe,
he wants 2000 euros for it. I have to... more. How long will it
take to save 2000 euros?"
- Hey pal! A dime for a pastry?
- I don't have anything, Jose.
- A dime for a pastry?
- I really don't.
- Ajoint please!
- I don't have one, Jose.
- Ajoint please!
- I'm out.
- Please!
- There isn't any.
- Please?
- Come on, Jose, I don't have any.
- A cigarette please.
- Come on, Jose. Take it.
Thank you. Fire, please.
You should go home now.
Okay, at last someone reminded me.
I'm going home. I am going home.
- I am going home.
- Very good, Pepe!
He hit his head hard. What do we do?
Are you okay? You don't move.
Call an ambulance.
Yeah, I will.
I don't have credit, man!
Call with this one.
Are you okay? You don't move.
I'm okay. It's something like after
you run too much then lie down, the...
...exhaustion evaporates from your
toes, do you know what I mean...
...something like that happened.
Where is this shithead Remy?
It's eleven o'clock already...
People are hanging out with women in their
arms and we're just starting work now.
Mehmet, which one should I use? Look!
These last four ones I liked them.
Pick something that isn't annoying,
just loud enough to be heard. How much...
...did you pay for that phone?
Hey, how much did you pay for it?
- I paid a lot, but it was worth it.
- Celal, for God's sake, please...
...sit down. I get dizzy looking at you.
- I feel sleepy when I sit down...
Please don't play that
shit people's music, I beg you.
- Why man? Sounds like our music.
- Where did you buy that phone?
- From a store or from Barbes?
- Umm. 200 euros I paid...
If I don't like it, I'll sell it, I thought
Ismet abi, you're an educated man, you...
know these things. Which one should I use?
'Jazz' or the one that says 'Classic 1'?
Whew you paid 200 for that!
Please be a little responsible. You made
the kid, at least take care of him properly
We take care of him! What? It's a kid
in the end, he grows on his own.
When your wife takes care of him,
he grows of course... Jesus Christ!
Don't waste your money like this.
You may need it for something, some...
...illness, some infection might happen.
- I worked for this ten days last month...
By the way, give me your number,
Ismet abi. Sometimes I need it for...
paperwork and stuff. We can't find anyone
who knows about these things. At least...
...we can call you. You'd come, right?
- Yeah, I can, just let me know... advance one or two days at least.
- Didn't you only work ten days last month?
- Uh huh.
- Didn't she say anything to you after... bought the phone?
- What can she say? Fuck her!
I earn it and I buy it, let's see if she
dares! -lf Fethi's wife said anything to...
...him. I'm sure he'd beat her.
- No beating here. This is not...
...a village. But I'd throw her out,
she'd have to crawl around, shit...
But when I open a restaurant with the
help of God, we'll make another kid... she'll dedicate all her time to
them. If she gets bored, then...
...we make one more kid.
- Check out the chick. Eat me!
Don't shout like that to women
It's no good!
I shout in Turkish or Bulgarian,
how could she understand?
Don't wonder about how she understands,
because she does, my son!
Abi, you are older than me and that's why
I don't talk back to you. I know...
...speak to people. Don't think we are
stupid because we didn't study at... It's a lack of money.
- What did I say now?
- Don't talk as if you know a lot...
...more than us is what I mean. We don't
have to talk the way you want us to.
- Ok, Celal, calm down.
- We are not kids. What do you...
...mean by "my son" and stuff!?
- Good, ok, shout however... want. I don't care.
- That's right you shouldn't care.
- Look, this one is beautiful.
- You would also shout and you...
...want to, but you can't because you're
shy. He's not embarressed, that's all...
It's the same thing in fact.
Right, Celal, my brother? Give me five.
Good evening.
Good evening. Understood.
Ok. Of course... Got it.
Come on, take your stuff, let's begin,
there aren't too many things..., a few old pictures,
tables, and some lamps.
I'm sure there are lots of things but
he doesn't tell us. Come on, wrestlers...
...let's get to work...
You're from Deliorman, aren't you?
No, I am from Kircali. In my region
we are all weightlifters. Wrestlers...
...come from Deliorman.
- Mehmet from Kurtdereli...
...was he from Deliorman?
Look how dumb you are, you said it like
he's "Kurtderelian from Kurtdereli."
Wrestler Celal, look what this man did!
Three dots he put on the corners of...
...the square and that's it. Who knows
how much they will pay for this?
- I can also do that.
- Lf Ismet abi looks at this picture
...he would say "Wow, what a
beautiful painting." And he would...
...keep talking about it,
as if he knows art.
- Doesn't it have its pieces?
- I didn't see it on the list...
...they would be here.
- Be careful, that was one of the...
...first chess tables to come to Europe.
- Ok, got it, dumbass.
Damn it's heavy.
As if it's made of marble...
- Who invented chess, Ismet?
- I think people from Horasan... today's Iran more or less.
Or maybe Indians. If not, then I'm sure...
...they were Arabs.
- You just named every nation...
...I could say that, too.
- Then you shouldn't have asked.
Everything they have here now came
from our part of the world. Toilet...
...yogurt... I wonder how much the guy
made who first brought chess to Europe?
No money, but he got wheat
according to what I read.
- What do you mean?
- The French king liked this new game...
...a lot so he told the merchant
"ask whatever you want from me," and...
...he wanted wheat. You know how?
- You're bullshitting.
I swear. He said, on each square put
double the grains of wheat than the...
...previous one, he said.
And the king thought he was stupid so...
...he accepted. They started to count
wheat.1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512 went on like that. When they reached
the 30th square the number got so big...
...that they couldn't do it anymore.
Everyone working in the palace started... count wheat grains. Mathematicians
couldn't even devise a better way.
Did you hear about this, Celal, the
story of the first chess board in Europe?
Maybe it's not the first one but one
of the first. When they understood that...
...they couldn't do this,
they cut off the merchant's head.
And they call us barbarians, fuck them.
In history every nation had a barbaric
period. If you only knew what the...
...French massacres in Africa,
you would have herpies on your lips.
Don't carry it on your own, you're
going to break your back!
- We carried heavier stuff than this.
- Sure you did, we believe you...
...but not without warming up... plus
it's not a well balanced thing to carry.
It's going to fall down, son
you can't see in front of you.
Abi, don't call me "son"!
Smoke's coming out of the fire.
- What kind of animal are you?
- While you were looking at paintings... a woman, I was
carrying a big table, mister!
- I said wait, let's carry it together!
- When did you say that?
Fethi! Cut it out, enough.
- Shit Perfect, very good. Who did this?
- Does it matter?
- What do you mean does it matter?
- You know no one here has enough... to pay for it.
- What should I do now?
You want me to pay for it?
- Don't cheat me, Remy! It's all insured.
- We're not selling insurance claims...
...tomorrow: We're selling a chandelier...
or would have!
- What is he saying?
- You did that?
It was an accident.
Don't make such a big deal.
I'll have to face Francois tomorrow.
If Francois says anything, you tell him
"Ismet will expose all your shit," ok?
The tricks he uses to lower salaries,
the people he employs without papers... he changes the paintings,
I will, I assure you!
Do it and you'll find yourself
out the door with all of them.
I don't mind, we're not desperate
for this work, are we kids?
Ok, that's it. It's over, get out and
come back tomorrow morning...
...for your money.
- No problem, we're going.
- We've already put everything in its place
- Sorry, Ismet abi. I got you into trouble.
I don't give a shit. Nothing will happen.
They'll forget tomorrow...
Fethi stop playing, come on!
See you later, my love!
What are we going to do now?
Thanks to you, we lost the job!
- God is great! We'll find something.
- Fuck your God! So your God will...
...find us a new job.
- Watch what you say, I'm already angry.
The road back to doner kebab
is in our future, huh Ismet?
- Which one will you go back to?
- Serdar's place.
- I won't go back there, to hell with me
if I do. - Why, man? What did he do to you?
He accused us in front of the boss
in the old place, of selling hash.
- Who's "we"?
- Me and Mehmet.
- He accused me, too? Fucking worthless.
- What'd he say?
Damn, I made a joke. I was the waiter then.
They confused the orders, and I said...
"You started a war." In fact, I was
making fun of Hasan, Bulgarian Hasan.
- You keep making jokes about Bulgarians.
- Fuck you, shut up. What does it have to with anything? Since Hasan doesn't
speak good Turkish, he kept getting... wrong. That's why Anyway...
So Salman started to speak...
"You're smoking weed, you're dealing
and stuff, and the boss knows me...
I said, let's go, man, let's go outside
if you dare. He didn't move, the son of...
...a bitch. Later he calls me and...
...says he's sorry, fucking pussy.
- What else did he say?
- What can he say, the insect?
- What you've just told about...
...happened years ago,
later on you worked together.
Were you smoking or dealing
during working hours?
Yes, but outside and
without disturbing the work.
- Would you bring me a coffee?
- What kind of coffee?
- Are you new here?
- Yes, I started today.
- Ilyas isn't here?
- He's eating. Do you want me... tell him something?
- No. You just bring me coffee...
...Espresso, and put a
few drops of cognac in it.
- You became French, huh, Ismet abi?
- Come on, cut it out.
One day this same crazy guy we lived
in the same house. Over the restaurant...
Our boss also stayed there weekends.
One night Salman comes home so drunk
He puts a knife under my pillow. Then he
wakes me up. 'Why do you want to kill me? '
He asks. I was surprised. I say, 'What
are you talking about. Lie down and...
...sleep, fool.' 'What's this? ' he says,
showing me the knife. Maniac! That guy... sick. Anyway, the boss was awake
and saw it all and watched Salman plant...
...the knife. If not he would have framed
me, the infidel. A drunk in the end...
So many things I could say
but never mind.
If he did something like that to me,
I would kill him.
Yes! The best solution is killing!
For God's sake!
He has a sugar daddy now, you know.
- What sugar daddy?
- His old man, Jean Pierre.
- Does he sleep with him?
- I don't know that much.
- What a pity!
- It's a pity for all of us. Look at...
...what we're talking about here, so far
from home. One stabs the other, someone
...doesn't give him his papers,
another hasn't been home in ten years...
...and the others laugh because
one turns out to be gay.
- Maybe!
- Maybe!
The other night we had a meeting after
work. The boss said, "From now on you...
...only get two sandwiches a day." I said,
"Kadir abi, I come here at 11:00 or 11:30
a. M on weekends and leave at 3 a.m. Let's
make it three sandwiches on weekend."
Man, the food you're talking
about is so small.
Yeah! He insisted on two. "If you eat
more than two, you pay for it," he said... I shut up. What can I say?
- You go on shutting up, so they mash...
...your head more and more.
- The other day I said, "Don't treat me... you treat that Albanian.
You're paying him 1100 euros...
At least pay me a bit more. I've been
working with you for such a long time."
He said "There's the door,
leave if you want."
- Why didn't you leave, all of you?
- I have two kids, you know, and we...
...wouldn't have found work. Fuck it!
Communists couldn't beat the rich... can we fight against them?
My mom married a German policeman.
School wasn't so good. Two times I...
...escaped from my house. The man was
beating me, I swear. My mom doesn't want..., either. In the end,
she threw me out. - What's this?
This is my laptop computer. I went back
and stole it from the house. This is mine.
I bought it with my money. German
dormitories won't take me because...
I'm a german, you know. And they informed
the police, accused me of running away...
They want to lock me up in the mad
hospital. So I ran away. I need money.
I'll go to Turkey.
I'm trying to sell this.
In fact, I don't know anyone who
would buy this. People around here...
...don't know anything about these.
And I am looking for a place
to stay tonight.
- Don't use so much, animal!
- It's good, it's good.
- We're eating here, not lifting weights!
- Fuck it, eat!
- For God's sake!
- Give me that ayran...
- Where are you staying right now? - With
a friend. You don't know him, French.
- Who is this "friend"?
- A friend, you know...
- Are you staying with an old man?
- How do you know?
- I heard it...
- Did that animal Fethi tell you?
Doesn't matter. I heard it. You can
imagine the rumors, right? I don't care...
I don't talk behind anyone's back, nor
am I interested in someone's private life.
- What are they saying? - You know,
don't tell me you didn't hear it.
Fuck, everyone talks about it.
I have honor and a name, too.
- I don't say anything. - I couldn't do
such a thing. I wouldn't do it...
...for millions. Look, you're an educated
man, don't listen to those maniacs.
That's why I am asking you.
You wouldn't lie to me, would you?
- Fethi, that son of a bitch told you?
- No!
- Do you swear?
- I swear, I said.
Because of him, we lost the restaurant
in the end. You ask him "Fethi, could...
you clean this?" Really, like that always
requesting or begging. But he was...
...always like, "You can't order me
around. I thought we were shareholders...
- I thought we were brothers..."
- Were you shareholders?
The cash register was always open!
Ask him if it was open or not? He'll...
...have to answer you like an honest man.
He found that Russian whore...
...the idiot, and he made a child. Spends
all his money on her. I pity his child so.
I gave him the job. You get sad,
you know. But him, he does three things...
...every day... smoke weed,
look at women, listen to music.
Was he always like this or is
this Mehmet's influence?
- He was always like that, since Germany.
- Now Celal, Mehmet and him asked...
...lsmet abi for a job.
- That Celal is no man either...
That guy is crazy. Two out of every
three phrases he says God is great...
I'm a believer, I trust in God... then
shouts at girls, fucks the landlord's...
...daughter... just for chocolate!
- He doesn't smoke, man...
No, man, the chocolate you eat. You can
expect anything from that kind of man.
- Don't talk behind people's backs.
- I can take ten more like them out...
- Don't belittle people.
- In fact, they belittle me...
Who's the one who opened a restaurant?
They crawl from country to country for...
...years. Right? Right?
- Yes.
I worked as a mason, I was a cook,
I did construction. What shit...
...have they done meanwhile?
Fuck them! Weightlifting champion!
Don't talk with food in your mouth,
it's getting everywhere.
Let it, it's fruitfulness.
Do I have to ask you how I should eat?
Hit them on the head,
maybe they'll become human.
You'll understand one day
if they bomb your house.
We are allies of the US.
Nothing will happen to us.
They made a call forjihad.
Celal, look they're calling you.
- Fuck Muslims like that.
- Look son, I don't mean that... shouldn't look at women, you're
young: Of course you're going to look... them. But show a little respect.
Because you speak Turkish you think...
...they don't understand?
- Do you think they do?
Of course they do!
First you shout, then loud laughter.
It's easy to see from your face.
I wasn't like this before.
I changed because of Fethi.
What does that mean?
You don't know yourself!
God is my witness, look,
I wasn't like this, I swear.
Let's leave God out of this now.
What does it have to with this?
If they did that to your sister,
you would burn down the world.
- Of course, I would.
- So you shouldn't do it either.
- Sergeant!
- Hey, Mehmet abi, how are you?
Fine. Have a seat.
Can you come outside?
I have to talk to you about something.
Whatever you want to say, do it here.
Are we among strangers?
- Come. It's private.
This is not the place. - Sit down kid.
- You don't talk to me anymore, Serdar?
- How are you, Ismet abi?
- Fine. How are you doing?
- Sit down and have a drink.
What are you doing, Muslim? They called
you forjihad, didn't you hear? Run.
- Screw their Islamic interpretation.
- Thanks to him, we lost ourjob tonight.
- Why? Any good reason? - Mister
here knocked down a big chandelier...
- His head doesn't work.
- Fethi! If you're going to sit...
...properly, then go away.
- Serdar, What are you doing?
- Who is working in your place?
- There is no "my place" anymore...
Ismail took it back from me.
And that happened thanks to him.
- What the fuck happened because of me?
- Look, still insulting.
- Kids!
- Ismet abi, let him speak!
Let him speak, whatever he will say.
Look, dog, who picked you up...
...from the casinos and bars
when you were drunk? In the morning... were coming back at 7 or 8.
Am I wrong?
Have you ever seen me fail at work?
For days was been working alone, man.
"Serdar get up, there's a lot...
...of work, I can't do it all alone."
"No I will sleep." That kind...
...of place goes bankrupt, of course.
- Look, on the top of that he's lying...
- You're always stoned I guess.
- Serdar, you want to have a drink?
Order wine. Ilyas knows
I have a bottle there, I beg you...
...please don't lie. How many times did
I let you go early after you worked alone?
Look, brother. Ismet abi, I close the
store. And go look for him where he...
...hangs out, they give me snow for free.
Because I'm his friend.
Serdar, look, you're my friend: Don't...
...tell lies in front of people at least.
Everyone knows what kind of shit you're in
Fuck, I felt pity for you,
because you have a kid...
...we came together from Germany.
Don't tell me that I'm lying now.
When did you start having enough
class to feel pity for me?
Everyone feels sorry for you.
Isn't it true, Mehmet abi?
I don't know, solve your
own problem with him.
Don't look at them, you look at me,
look at me. Who feels sorry for me?
Don't shout when you speak.
Let's go outside.
Fuck, Let them hear! I don't hang out
with faggots like you do.
Why do you talk so much shit
about everyone? He talks about..., too, you know?
- Who did I talk about? Fuck people...
...who talk behind backs.
Everyone knows you.
What did you hear?
I've been in seven countries
and I never met a man like you.
Serdar cut it out, ok! Go and shoot
each other if you want, finish it...
You couldn't get it up with two hands,
and now you're accusing each other.
You had a nice shop. You couldn't
handle it. You didn't have what it takes.
Stop bullshitting about nothing.
You're both grown men.
Not kids.
Instead of asking yourself,
where did we make a mistake, it's...
..."you did this, you did that."
Look, I'm going to tell you something...
Once in our village in the winter a young
boy stole a sheep from someone's herd...
- They reported him to the military police.
- What does it have to do with anything?
Shut up, what do you know!
They denounced it to the MP.
They caught him on the mountain...
They called everyone in the village to
the lake. In winter the lake is frozen or.
...half frozen. The captain held the boy
from his neck, "I hope this will be...
...a good example to you," he said.
Then he dumped the boy in the water... and out, several times.
In and out, in and out...
...until he froze to death.
Ten minutes in and out...
No one said a word.
Then he dropped the boy
afterwards on the ground...
..."take him and bury him," he said
and he went away. Everyone started...
...accusing each other afterwards.
The kid died in front of their eyes...
A sheep, man! One sheep!
They just ate it. My villagers are...
...still say "because of you,
because of him." This or that, you or me.
- You see, it's like this.
- It's not that. The boy is dead...
There is nothing to save now, is there?
Ok, I'm going home.
Ok then, see you later.
I'll ask about a job for you these days.
You check out construction sites. Ok?
Ismet, I gotta run, too.
The wife waits, then she talks, you know.
Send kisses to our auntie.
Good night, Mehmet abi.
Let me know if something comes up.
- Which way are you going?
- This way. Ok, Ismet abi, see you later
I am so sorry we gave you a headache.
Ignorance, you know.
- No, please. These things happen
- Ismet abi, do you always...
...listen to strange music?
- Mind your own business!
- Look! I have Muslim's latest CD.
- Bring it, I want to hear it.
- Tomorrow I'll bring it here. - Don't
forget. Ok, Ismet abi, see you later.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
Sir, I just came from Germany.
I don't have any place to stay tonight...
- I am looking for a place to stay.
- What is this?
My laptop computer. I am trying to sell
it. I'll go to Turkey. The dormitories...
...don't take me, and they want to
lock me up in the madhouse.
- Ok, easy.
- The police are looking for me...
Mom married a German policeman.
He beat me.
- Come on, that's enough.
- Tonight I need to place to stay...
I don't have any money. I jumped on
a train. I saw you knew these people.
Go on in.
Ilyas! Look this friend is looking
for a place to stay tonight.
- Where's the fire?
- You had it.
It's nice.
I wish we had that in my time.
- Impossible in our country.
- Take our high school principal...
...for example... if he saw us walking
in the hall with a girl, he would shout,
"What am I, a pimp?"
We were in high school.
I mean we were kids...
And that was scientific high school.
It's supposed to be the place...
...with the best professors. - But
it's true. If you put girls and boys... the same dormitories,
there will be problems.
- Why, man? What kind of problems?
- Come on. You know better!
Think about German women.
They complain that their husbands don't...
...want to sleep with them. They say
that's why they love Turkish men...
...I mean, sometimes too much
freedom isn't good either.
The most absurd thing I've heard about
Turkish sexuality is that Malaysian girls Saudi Arabia only sleep with Turks.
What the heck is that about?
A loader who was working in a spice
factory told me this. He says he was...
a cook. He approached me and said,
"You know, us Turks, our raven is big."
Supposedly he was smuggling BMWs to
Saudi Arabia for 3000 marcs a piece...
He could prepare 208 cold dishes. "You
know I went to culinary school in Mengen"
He's the factory owner's nephew.
A loader. Our country is full of stories.
You've been in lots of countries,
I'm sure you heard tons of stories.
That's why I've been telling you about
these things that happened from...
Switzerland to Holland since morning.
My grandchildren won't believe all this.
"Gather 'round children.
Once upon a time...
...German women were fucking
only Turks." Of course they won't.
Watch out! I also came here
to marry a German woman.
But you told me you had asylum.
That's how it is now. But at the time
I was married to a German woman.
- Did you come already married or?
- No, but we married as soon as...
...we got here.
I see.
- What was her name?
- Inge.
Be careful...
What were you doing then?
Did you start to work immediately?
How could I work?
I didn't even speak German.
- Was she taking care of you?
- Uh huh.
Mister Ahmet, no one took care of me
like that! I swear, nobody.
- But then...
- Then what?
- Then the woman got with someone else.
- Come on! How did you hear about it?
- She told me.
- Shit!
What did you do then?
- You hit her, didn't you?
- Uh huh.
Good! Good, because at least
they didn't kick you out.
They were about to.
That's when I applied for asylum.
Why'd you hit her man?
Is that who you are?
Don't say that, Cem! In this case,
everything about you depends on her...
...and she's with someone else.
What if she divorces you?!
Everything was finished then.
She divorced you when you hit her!
- Are you stupid or what?
- It's not stupidity.
Then what!
I think I got scared.
Anyway, what should I say now?
Should I say don't do it again? But...
...look I'm just curious about it.
I've never seen such things in my life...
I mean in my family those things
don't happenHow do you beat a...
...woman? You hit herjust once or
you beat her like really beating?
- I beat her, as if I was beating a man.
- How can you say that so easily?
She's a woman. She's weaker than you.
And then you go around saying...'re a leftist.
Shame on you. Whatever...
Inge was her name...
- Where are you from?
- Romania.
- Sister, don't cry. Are you hungry?
- No. One more glass of water please.
Are you from Kostanza?
- When did you come to Germany?
- It has been a month.
I'm looking for a job.
- What do you do?
- Sorry?
- I mean what is your line of work?
- Dad, are you going to save them...
...all by yourself? Yilmaz abi told us
not to let in her type either.
Recep, you keep doing yourjob.
Come here!
I won't slice any more tomatoes,
it's enough I guess.
I don't know, you know better.
We are about to close.
- Who is Hasan talking to?
- A girl from Romania.
Is she looking for a job?
Is she looking for a job? I asked.
- I'm asking you something.
Answer properly. - I guess so!
Why doesn't he send her away then?
There isn't a place to fill here?
How the hell do I know?!
A friend told me to come here,
that there was a job here. She works at...
...night. They wanted me to work there,
too. I don't want a job like that.
But we can't give you a job here.
There's nothing.
I don't want a job around here, it should
be further out. They would find me here.
Dad, send her next door.
Maybe they'll find her a job.
Recep, you see to your work.
Sister, we don't have any work here.
- Are you the boss?
- No.
- Isn't he here?
- He's not.
- Isn't he going to come?
- Yes, but late.
I have to work.
Sister, you'd better go back to Romania.
- I can't. I don't have any money.
- Dad, don't give her any money.
- Is she still there?
- Uh huh.
- What's she doing?
- Come and look yourself.
- Why would I look, I don't care!
- Why do you ask then? My God!
- What are you doing tonight?
- Armand's taking me out, to a disco.
Nice! You're living the German life.
Is he the new one?
- Yes.
- Is he handsome?
You'll see when he comes.
- What's your father talking about with
her? - Nothing. He's crazy, you know!
- Do you want to come with us tonight?
- No, I'm tired. Next week, ok?
I thought you were young.
It was easier before,
but now, it's so difficult.
Because the country's full now.
But the statement I gave sounded good,
you know. I also had a deal with the...
translator. We wrote a nice little letter.
I mean we didn'tjust say the usual...
...that I was born in the East,
there was repression, I was tortured...
We also have my sister in an organization.
We got her to send papers, too.
- What did she send?
- Some stuff that makes me...
a member of a leftist organization.
We arranged some stuff.
Man, because of people like you, some
people who really need asylum can't get it
What could I do, Cem? They don't give
you a job if you don't have documents.
- Do you want me to die of hunger?
- What do you mean you can't find...
...a job? Hardly anyone one
I've met has papers.
Yeah, I can find work that's unsteady.
You know how? The bosses don't care,
you work 'til you're about to get caught.
The boss calculates the social security...
...cost. If it's higher than the penalty,
they give you a job...
You work weekends or when there
is a lot of work during festivals.
- So you find work.
- The lastjob was good actually...
...where Hasan works.
He seems like a decent guy.
I mean...
He's a little kiss ass.
The only one I trust is Aylin.
- Damn, she's beautiful.
- Yeah. She's the only one I trust there...
That's why I gave the
restaurant's address in court.
- Don't they deliver your mail here?
- Here they would steal it. And...
...if that happened, Germany
would never give me papers again.
- Aylin does the paperwork there too? - She
does a lot there. I swear. She's also...
teaching Recep German. She wanted him to go
to school but the kid insisted on working.
He left in the first year of high school.
His grades weren't that good either
In my opinion he did the right thing.
Now at least he has work.
Maybe you're right.
Want to do another line?
Don't be shy! Ask.
You're always buying, that's why...
Uncle Bosch pays good salary.
I studied like a dog to be an engineer...
When will I enjoy it if not now?
Don't you have any drug friends
around here?
Of course I do...
Albaricoque in Spanish.
I won't be coming soon.
I'm okay here.
Let me talk to dad he's not there?
No one's home? I told you, I'm okay.
I have a job, no need to worry.
I have a place to sleep... tell them to
wait one more year, I'm going to bring...
...them here. Tell my brothers not to mess
around in the protests. It's dangerous now
We were there and
none of us had papers.
If we'd had papers
we would've done something but...
- Didn't you call an ambulance right away?
- We did, but the police came first.
I told you, you needed to say that
a friend fell down and fainted.
How could I know the police would
respond to a work accident?
The police get involved in everything
here. So many times we told him to... careful, watch his step
up there, don't talk too much.
- Which floor did he fall from?
- We were building the fourth floor.
So he must have died, then.
He couldn't breathe, that's for sure.
What did the police say?
We left him. We had to run
when we saw the police.
We don't have papers.
They would've caught us too.
Fuck this country.
- Let's go out and do something.
- Let's go where Armando works...
- It's clean. There's no other place,
anyway. -Then let's do another line, Ahmet.
Have at it, Cem. They don't let Arabs
in there. So there's never any fighting.
To the window.
Just to-go orders.
Chief, it's forbidden to sell from there.
You know how many times we've had trouble.
- Why's your nose in everything? So what?
- We were fined twice...
You don't take the police
seriously here.
Aylin's right, dad. We don't have a
permit. It's not only illegal to sell from
...the window but
you can't even open it.
You go on and turn off
the air conditioning.
- No, Recep, go close the windows.
- He doesn't get it, Aylin, what can I do?
All he's thinking about is helping
Yilmaz earn twenty more euros.
Dog seed, go turn the air conditioning
off. And then come back here...
...I don't know how many
they will order.
Why do you shout at the kid?
What he's saying is true.
Why do you get involved in everything?
Is anything harming you here?
Do whatever you want. Just don't hide
in the basement when the police come.
I'm asking if something is harming you?
Is there anything here that harms you?
God damn it...
How many you want?
- I want five but I'm only paying for four.
- No way, not going to happen.
- Everyday we eat here.
- So what?
Please, you know me.
I haven't eaten anything all day.
Oh you poor baby!
You know me.
Don't make such a production of it.
You eat here everyday.
But you never pay the whole price...
...l'll put meat for four into five, ok?
Ok, but add more salad and
a lot of sauce.
Of course. As if this
is your father's place...
- How many?
- Five.
See here, Recep! You! Until I die,
don't get into business with Arabs...
If you do, you're not my son anymore.
- Come on, be quick, dad.
- Are you listening to me?
Habibi, could you open the door.
You sleep here tonight, Recep...
...l'll go home with the lady.
- Come on, dad!
Man, the other day I had to sleep here,
when you brought a girl to the house...
Push out.
- The Arab lady is here, too.
How is it going? - Fine, and you?
Fine. What's up, Recep?
Do you want a beer?
- She doesn't want anything.
- What can I do? No, thank you.
- Hey, you're from Sivas, what's up?
- Not much.
- What's wrong with you, girl?
- We said no serving from the window...
...just yesterday. Look, we're doing
it again. - Just let it go! Who cares.
Yeah, it's okay for you But they
don't have papers. The police will...
...see the window and come.
Then we'll all be in trouble.
- Fuck it, don't worry.
- I'm just saying...
Check out those how
those animals devour.
Okay, close the window! We're going.
Recep, why is it so messy here? Put
these bottles in order, throw the empty
...ones out. The tickets shouldn't be
spread around like this. Put a nail... and keep them all together.
Don't make me arrange everything...
- Did you fill the fridge? - Ok.
Mister Yilmaz, I'll get it all done...
...we've just stopped serving.
- Don't you dare answer Yilmaz.
- Closed. Closed!
- Ok, I'll open it. That's him.
- Girl! Is this the only one
you could find. - Yes, this is him...
This is Hasan. This is Armando.
So you're with our girl, she's the best...
I swear. You can't find a better one.
- Recep...
- Welcome...
- What's your name again?
- Armando.
- Where are you from?
- Cuba.
Viva Castro.
And this is Yilmaz.
The owner of this place.
Good evening. Are you from Havana?
Aylin, give him a beer!
- You want a beer?
- Ok.
Recep, open a little bottle.
And this is Gulay...
I'll change and come back, ok?
- Are you from Havana?
- No, I am from Santiago.
- Anything you need to tell me? I'm going.
- No. It's ok. You can go...
- I've been to Cuba four times.
- Really?
Boss, these letters came today.
Cuba is so nice.
I was expecting more misery but
it didn't seem as bad as I'd been told.
- Yeah, for tourists.
- No, I lived with ordinary people there...
Yes, you suffer from lack of some things,
but I didn't see anyone living real misery like here.
- Well, there aren't many, but... one is well fed.
- Don't say that, it's a nice system...
...that Fidel built up. There are some
minuses but that's because of the embargo.
No one talks about this, but Fidel is
still in power because of the embargo.
He's struggling all alone against the
capitalist world on behalf of everyone.
- Not in my name.
- But in my name.
- Is that the best she could do?
- Why? Didn't you like him, Gulay abla?
- He looks dirty.
- The man is black.
- He looks like tar, I don't like it.
- How would you like him to be?
Some of them are lighter. Those are ok
for me but him He's real black...
- Look at his palms. Looks all dirty!
- Sister, do you hear yourself!
I don't like them. Some of them have
wavy skin. They're the worst!
- Seems like they didn't bathe.
- I'm dark-skinned, too...
No, they're different. They look dirty.
If they served me with...
...their bare hands, I wouldn't eat it.
- Oh my God.
- I just wouldn't!
- Of course, I am a communist.
- So?
So what, why don't we go to Cuba?
Why do you make these people
work twelve hours?
- That's how gastronomy goes.
- Come on!
Yes, it is. That's why most of them are
family establishments. If not, they work
long hours. It wouldn't work otherwise.
Where would these people find...
...other work? Things aren't that black
and white. I give them opportunities.
What German factory pays this much to
its workers. Isn't that right, Captain?
He's right.
Please don't throw these things out
before reading them.
It's a fine, girl, throw it out.
No one pays fines.
They always say German police are so
strict. Our discotheque never pays either.
We don't pay.
We pay high enough taxes.
Man, this is the response to
Ahmet's asylum petition!
It doesn't matter.
He doesn't work here anymore.
This was separate.
- Was it approved?
- Yes, but you messed it up.
Give it to me.
I told you don't throw it out
before reading it.
I did what I did. So what?
We can't follow his papers.
Wanna go?
Come on, get ready, let's go...
Recep, come on.
- I'm sleeping here tonight.
- He's going to stay here tonight.
Come on, let's get out of here!
Why don't you like Hasan?
Why do you
"throw away master's house"?
Where's that from?
From a Zeki-Metin comic duo movie...
A mini golf course is going to be built.
Kadir Savun's house is going to be...
...torn down. But the brave guys
Zeki and Metin build a house by the sea.
- They sell sausages and stuff.
- They use barrels to build it, right?
The Minister of Tourism comes and so on.
Ok, I remember. I even...
...remember the music.
- Why don't I like him? Because...
...he's a chicken. Two- faced. The man
has been working with the same boss...
...for years, all his money goes through
him, but he's still shivering like a dog.
- Not that bad, man.
- That's how it is. That's...
...why he brought his son. To have someone
to blame when things go bad.
He's essentially a good guy.
What goodness is this? If I never met
a good guy you could tell me he was a...
...prophet. He's the one who got me fired.
Two friends of mine came in...
It was hot already, and I didn't
want to stay in front of the meat...
I just wanted to talk a little with my
friends. He doesn't object to it usually
The boss came in that minute. Hasan
immediately started saying, "We're...
...working like slaves,
while others rest like some landowner."
- No shit!
- I said, "Hasan abi, what do... mean?" I show him respect with
"abi". "Seems like you don't want to... here anymore," he said.
Whatever he's a slave...
These kinds of people cannot be workers:
They can only be slaves.
His situation is different from yours.
He has to take care of four kids.
So it's normal that he gets frustrated.
If he was so bound to his children,
he shouldn't have left them.
- Lf you think like that...
- But it is like that. Fuck his children...
He was calling me "my son" too.
I was also earning bread money there.
- What's up? Everything all right?
- What's up?
Where did you come from?
We wanted to have some fun. I'm not
always going to sit around that place.
- What's up, Aylin?
- Not much. You? Look, this is Armando.
- We already met. How's it going?
- Good. You want a drink?
- Yes, send me more over.
- We're all going to need...
...another one in a minute.
- Why do you say that?
- Ahmet, your petition response arrived.
- When?
- Today.
- Where is it?
- I read it...
- Tell me, girl, what does it say?
- I told you I only trust her.
- The answer is positive.
My God! They can't hold us
back anymore, Cem.
- What happened, Aylin?
- His paper arrived today...
The answer is positive.
He has six-months permission.
So so good, wonderful. Wasn't he
waiting for this? He told me that his...
...declaration was good
- But our boss tore up the paper.
- Why?
- He thought it was a fine to pay.
But the answer is ok.
Ahmet, the answer is positive,
look, it's positive.
How could he tear it up, son of a bitch?
- Then he threw it in the bin.
- Didn't you take it from there.
How could I take it? He said,
"He's not working here anymore," tore it
...crumpled it and threw it away. Come
on, calm down. Go and wash your face.
You'll invent a lie, and get another copy.
You'll get another copy later.