Madame X (1966)

Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Cronyn.
Thank you.
It isn't exactly cozy,
darling, but it's home.
And I thought
I was living
on a grand scale
when I moved into
a five-room apartment.
Hello, my darling!
Hello, Mother.
this is Holly.
Welcome, Holly.
I hope you'll be
very happy.
Thank you.
When you know
how I love
to stage weddings.
That's exactly
why we did it.
This is your home now,
my dear.
It's magnificent.
There's not
another house
to equal it
in all
Fairfield County.
CLAY: My ancestors,
Were your ancestors
all men?
I've always had
a sneaking hunch
they drowned
the girls at birth.
Who'd have
the courage to face
one of these pirates
and say, "It's a girl"?
Holly, my dear,
I'm sure you're longing
to unpack and relax.
Let me show you
your room.
You've changed
the colors in here.
I thought
it should be fresh
for the new bride.
If ashes of roses
doesn't please you,
you must pick
something that does.
I won't be offended.
It's difficult to choose
for someone
you've never met.
It was kind of you
to bother.
Not at all,
I wanted you
to feel welcome.
Clay will want
to show you
the house.
I'll acquaint you with
the inner workings later.
It's good
to have you back.
It's good
to be back, Mother.
Mrs. Anderson.
I didn't think the woman lived
that could
ever get Clay
to the altar again.
You know Phil Benton,
of course.
Everyone knows Phil.
Well, I do now.
Hello, Mr. Benton.
My pleasure,
Mrs. Anderson.
Phil and I
were in last year's
Bermuda Race.
Yes, in different boats.
Mine came in last.
We must
have lunch sometime.
I'll call you.
Marvelous party, Estelle.
You're the host.
Start hosting.
You're consumed
with jealousy,
aren't you?
Absolutely destroyed.
I am Phil Benton.
But of course,
everyone knows
Phil Benton.
How do you like
the Bed of Antiquity?
I admire the antiques,
but I worry
about the plumbing.
In our neck of the woods,
it's the facade that counts.
It covers our corrosion.
Well, that's hardly unique
to Fairfield County.
It was spawned here.
This is the breeding ground
of the shallow set.
time for the wedding pictures.
Will you excuse me?
I have no choice.
Estelle has us all
under her iron thumb.
And don't you
forget it!
You made it! You made it!
You made it!
Merry Christmas, darling.
Merry Christmas.
CLAY: That Swiss angel
could go a little
to the left.
That's the German angel.
Well, how do you
tell the difference
between a Swiss angel
and a German angel?
Swiss angels are thin.
German angels are fat.
CLAY: Mother,
there aren't enough
icicles on your side,
and that finial
is still a little crooked.
Thank you, dear.
I can't imagine how we ever
trimmed this tree
without your help.
That's why
I hurried home.
I always enjoy
decorating the tree.
And you do it
with such style.
You know it.
You're cold.
Someone's walking
across my grave.
That's an
old wives' tale.
It's so good
to have you home.
It's so good
to be here.
It's midnight.
This is
the happiest Christmas
in my life.
You say that
every Christmas.
I guess
it's my time
of year.
Next stop,
Virginia City.
Passengers change
for Central City,
Boulder and
Denver, Colorado.
This is Albany.
Can't you read
what it says
on the depot?
Well, not
with my imagination.
Have I ever told you
you have the most
beautiful imagination?
it's about time
you noticed.
Make the train go,
Yes, sir!
I'll meet you in Denver
when he takes his nap.
I would love to.
I have a weakness
for railroad men.
Hello? Yes,
this is Mr. Anderson.
It's the Secretary
of State.
Good afternoon, sir.
Merry Christmas!
That's quite
all right.
North Africa?
Yes, yes,
I know it is.
I understand.
Well, when would you
like me to leave?
I'm your wife,
at least
I'd like to be.
Of course
you're my wife.
Now what kind
of a thing
is that to say?
I don't share
your life.
I exist in a cubbyhole
of it.
Half the time
I don't even know
where you are.
I am so close now
to getting
what I want.
What is it
you want?
Well, you've heard
of the old family disease,
Washington fever.
But if you
want Washington,
why are you going
to North Africa?
Because reputations
can be made in places
like North Africa,
and being
a troubleshooter
is one way
of coming
to the attention
of the right people.
I have got to prove
that I stand for something
on my own.
That I'm not just another
rich man's son
living on dividends.
One of these days,
you're going to be
a senator's wife,
and we'll settle down
in Washington,
and I'll be around so much
that you'll be sick of me.
CLAY: I hesitated to
tell you until I was sure,
but the situation
is much more complicated
than I thought.
It looks as though
I'll be here
several more weeks.
I've asked
Phil Benton to be
extra man tonight.
He'll pick you up
around 7:30,
Well, I have
a dreadful headache.
I was just about to call
and beg off.
I won't hear of it.
I've already asked Phil
to take Clay's place.
You can't become a recluse
just because your husband's
a traveling man.
I'm only having 10.
You'll throw my seating off.
Wait till you hear. Elsa
arranged the blind date,
and who do you suppose
it turned out to be?
That phony prince.
Oh, no!
I can't believe that
you didn't hear about it.
Well, I'm beginning
to feel like
Rip van Winkle.
Darling, you really
must keep in touch.
Only bears hibernate,
you know.
If I were
your husband,
I wouldn't
leave you alone
so much.
Confirmed bachelors
always claim to have
How about taking in
the Rodgers and Hammerstein
opening next Friday?
Can you escape
from the Ice Palace?
That's not the question.
Isn't it?
Aren't you an escapee tonight?
I don't find that amusing.
I'm sorry.
I hoped you would.
I'll try to think
of another gambit.
What is it,
I think if Clay doesn't
come back soon,
I'll go out of my mind.
Well, it's your own fault.
You stay cooped up
too much.
You turned down
four parties
this week.
I don't like to go
without Clay.
Your social obligations
don't stop
just because
he's away.
I miss him so.
Anderson men
are ambitious,
They can't be changed,
and they won't
be stopped.
Anderson wives must
learn to wait.
Anything from Daddy?
Maybe tomorrow.
will you take these up
to Mrs. Anderson's room,
Yes, Madam.
Goodnight, baby.
Goodnight, Mommy.
Down you go.
PHIL: Hello?
Hello, Phil,
it's Holly.
About the play
tomorrow night,
is the invitation
still open?
The rumba was
invented for you.
It suits you much better
than the minuet.
the minuet's all right,
but you can't
dance it alone.
You have to be
the most beautiful woman
in the world.
Why, thank you,
kind sir.
You make me feel
like a woman again.
Darling, no one
could possibly miss
the fact you're a woman.
Now there's really
a subtle compliment.
You know,
I admire us.
No, seriously.
We have style.
We dance well.
We converse well.
We understand
the jokes.
Even when
they're on us?
Especially when they're on us.
We are the greatest couple
in the world.
If not
the most modest.
To life!
It's only a bore
when you take it seriously.
I'll drink to that!
To six perfect weeks.
To us.
Where've you been?
Where've you been?
That's fair enough.
I want to kiss you,
but you seem so far away.
It's been
such a long time.
Was your trip
Yes, very.
I'm glad.
I've got
wonderful news.
I've just been appointed
Deputy Under Secretary
of State.
It could mean that
I'll get that nomination
next election.
That's wonderful.
I have to be in Washington
in the morning,
and I want you
and little Clay there
just as fast
as you can get ready.
From now on,
we're going to be together.
You know that little house
you always wanted?
I'm going to start
hunting for it.
Red frame, wasn't it?
With pegged floors
and brick fireplaces?
while you were away...
let's not look back.
Let's take it
from here, huh?
All right.
I've missed you so.
I've been so lost lately.
I needed to see you,
to be close to you again.
I guess I needed
to feel needed.
Don't you ever doubt
that you're needed.
I never will again.
Good luck,
Not so fast,
Let's not count
our constituents
before they're hatched.
You've worked hard
for that office.
Don't let anything
stop you.
I'll do my best.
Well, be a good boy,
I will, Daddy.
A red-frame house
in the middle
of a friendly block
with good neighbors
and lots of children.
I've got the picture.
I've been drowning my sorrows.
You're late.
I know.
You are beautiful.
All is forgiven.
Clay got back
last night.
I picked up the phone
a dozen times today
to call you
and hung up again.
Did you?
That's quite a dress,
Wonderful for your figure.
It didn't seem fair
to say it
on the phone.
Well, I hope
you're not going to
say anything
I might regret.
I'll fix you a drink.
No. No, thanks.
We don't seem to be
our old merry selves tonight.
Maybe a change of locale
would cheer us up,
I'm not staying.
I only came
to talk to you.
I'm not going to
see you anymore.
that's putting it bluntly.
Don't tell me
you're afraid of your husband?
I'm in love
with my husband.
Are you sure?
You're a real,
live human being.
Clay's a blueprint
of the Anderson male.
There can never be
anyone else for me.
I realize that now.
Well, well, well,
what do you know.
We've got
a triangle going.
Phil, I don't want
to quarrel with you.
We're two adults.
We know
when something's over.
What happened
to the two adults
who knew life was for laughs?
I liked their style.
I guess I didn't know
as much as I thought I did.
Too bad, isn't it?
You're in love with Clay,
and I'm in love with you,
and no one's laughing.
You're not
being honest,
You don't fall in love.
Who told you?
You did
on several occasions.
Did I?
I'm eating my words,
and there's a damn
bitter taste in my mouth!
Please, Phil.
I'm sorry,
but this isn't my year
for bowing out gracefully.
Look, it's over!
It should never have started,
and it's over.
There's nothing more
to say.
The hell there isn't!
I've never felt
so unloved.
Let me go.
I am in love with you.
If you don't let me go...
Please don't leave me!
I could never leave you.
I'm sorry.
The music plays for us
and the champagne sparkles,
don't write that off.
Phil, I'm going.
Why, you contemptible,
Contemptible, rotten what?
Never end
on a dangling insult.
Please, let me go!
If you promise
not to leave.
I want to make
a person-to-person call
to Washington, DC.
The party
you're trying
to reach?
Mr. Clayton Anderson,
Lincoln 72791.
Mrs. Anderson is calling.
Well, when do they
expect him in?
Operator, tell them
to have him call
the moment he comes in.
It's terribly important.
Thank you.
a terrible thing
has happened!
So you killed your lover,
my girl?
Oh, no! No, no, no.
It was an accident!
I knew what you were
the moment
I laid eyes on you.
Please, listen to me.
Your scarf was brought back
by a detective.
he worked for me.
I had you followed
to protect my son
against just this moment.
You don't mean that.
You can't mean that.
Let me tell you
how it happened.
I don't care
how it happened.
There's no
further need for pretense.
I blame myself.
You've been an embarrassment
from the day
you entered this house!
But how?
Tell me how.
To what purpose?
You can't help what you are
any more than you can help
what you aren't.
You've always been in
over your head.
You couldn't cope.
Just as you can't
cope now.
You're still
a little shop girl
from San Francisco.
You should've stayed
on the other side
of the counter.
Where are you going?
To call the police.
My detective
has already
called the police.
It was careless of you
to leave this.
It could so easily
turn into a noose.
In the name of God,
Itll be an unsavory trial.
Philip Benton had
quite a reputation
among the bedroom set.
But I was never
going to see
Phil again.
I only went
to his apartment
to tell him.
I swear
it's the truth.
Please believe me!
The prosecution will say
you quarreled and
pushed him to his death.
Even if a clever attorney
gets you off,
the mud will cling.
You will never be
free of it,
nor will your husband
or your son!
I could help you.
I have the means at hand.
Why would you
want to help me?
To be rid of you!
You'll have to give up
my son and grandson
for all time.
Do you think
I'd do that?
Then stay.
Face trial!
I will before I'll leave
my husband and child.
If you do, I'll go to court
and fight for that boy,
and I'll get him!
You're an unfit mother,
guilty of adultery!
No, I'll fight you with
every breath in my body before
I'll let you take my child!
You have no child! You
forfeited him when you became
involved with Phil Benton.
Estelle, please.
Please, I'll get
on my knees to you.
I'll do anything you ask.
But don't try to
take my baby.
You'd rob him
of his birthright?
Well, if you won't
protect him, I must!
Clay! I have to talk to Clay.
Is he to be sacrificed,
Are you bent on dragging
both father and son
to destruction with you?
What do you think
Clay's future will be
if this scandal ever
becomes public?
And even if he chose
to sacrifice himself,
you actually believe there can
ever be any happiness
between you two again?
could you really
do this terrible thing?
I'm fighting
to protect my son,
and yours.
Time is growing short.
I won't be able to help you
once the police get in this.
What do you want?
The death
of Holly Anderson.
Hello, Holly?
Hello, Clay, darling.
I called to tell you
we'll be on
the yacht all weekend.
We decided to
get an early start.
that sounds wonderful.
you and little Clay
mean more to me
than anything in the world.
That's what I wanted to hear
from Party Headquarters.
Listen, I was going to
phone you anyway.
I've got a surprise.
I think
I've found the house.
It's red frame all right,
with three brick fireplaces,
and there's a bonus.
A secret panel where
they swear Dolly Madison
hid the Constitution.
I put a deposit on it
this afternoon, and
if you like it, it's yours.
are you crying?
I know it's silly.
It's just that
I'm so happy,
but I've waited so long
to be with you.
The house sounds heavenly.
Are there neighbors
with children?
why they run in packs.
If anything should happen,
if I should get carried away
by Indians, or trampled on
by wild elephants,
if anything should happen
that I didn't get
to Washington,
please take Clay
to live in
that little house,
to grow up
on that lovely street
with other children.
Well, don't get
in the way
of any wild elephants.
Remember, you've got
a very lonely husband
waiting in Washington.
I've never been wise enough
or good enough,
but I've never
loved anyone else.
I never will.
Here's your mother.
Clay's found a house.
Hello, dear.
Hello, Mother.
How are you feeling?
I'm fine, thank you,
but let's not waste time
on the telephone.
Captain McCauley
is waiting for us.
Hey, wait till
you hear about
the house I found.
You can tell us
all about the house
when we get back.
Put her back on,
will you, Mother?
All right,
but don't go on and on, now.
Don't worry, Mother,
I'll make it short.
Honey, this time next week
you'll be here,
and it'll all
be behind us.
Yes, it will all be behind us.
Goodbye, dear.
Goodbye, Clay.
Goodbye, my darling.
Your passport.
Elizabeth Miller,
citizen of Switzerland.
Country of birth,
United States of America.
I've listed you on all papers
as unmarried.
I thought it would
make things less
complicated for you.
Did you?
Your birth certificate,
and enough money
to carry you through
till you get to Switzerland.
An account has been
opened in the name
of Elizabeth Miller
at the International Bank
of Geneva.
As soon as you're ashore,
go there and get
your signature on record.
The sum on deposit
will be duplicated
every January.
In the event of my death,
my executors have
been instructed
to continue the deposit,
annually, as long as you live.
Have you any questions?
You'll be well provided for
with the necessities of life.
What do you consider
the necessities of life,
Hi, Mommy.
Bedtime, Clay.
I'm gonna catch a fish.
What kind of fish?
A big fish.
Captain McCauley's
going to help me.
How about
your prayers?
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord
my soul to keep. Amen.
If I should die
before I wake...
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord
my soul to take. Amen.
Are you gonna
stay in here?
For a while.
what's die?
To die is
to go away.
To go away where?
To another life.
Would you
be there?
Some day.
I don't want to die
before I wake
unless you're there.
But you won't.
What your prayer
means is,
"Dear Lord,
keep me safe
till morning."
I want it to be
morning now.
I don't like tonight.
I'm scared.
No, darling,
I miss you.
But I'm here.
I miss you.
I miss you.
I'm right here.
I'll stay with you.
Until I wake?
Until you sleep.
My baby.
Mommy, what's die?
To die is to go away.
To go away where?
To another life.
I've got a surprise.
I think I've found the house.
HOLLY: I've never been
wise enough
or good enough.
CLAY: A red-frame house
in the middle
of a friendly block
with good neighbors
and lots of children.
Mommy, I miss you.
CLAY: You've got
a very lonely husband
waiting in Washington.
HOLLY: I've never
loved anyone else.
I never will.
CLAY: You've got
a very Lonely husband
waiting in Washington.
My baby!
My baby!
CLAY, JR: Mommy!
Where are you,
Mommy, Mommy,
don't leave me, Mommy.
Please, I'm scared.
where are you?
I miss you!
Herr Torben,
come in.
Come in.
You have been
very ill.
My name is Christian Torben,
and this is Nurse Riborg.
Herr Torben carried you
from the road by the canal
on Christmas Eve.
I don't thank you
for it.
I don't ask you to.
All to be faced again.
Nothing changed.
Your family
must be very anxious.
Where can I reach them?
I have no one.
No one at all.
You have now.
There is an old Chinese adage.
When you save a life,
it belongs to you.
I'm a very
Oriental Dane.
The doctor says
absolute rest.
If you get up too soon
after pneumonia, you will only
make yourself sick again.
You are welcome here.
Rest and grow strong.
You're in kind hands.
Herr Torben,
our patient thinks
she's ready to go home.
Dr. Valdimar says
not for a long time yet.
what did I tell you?
Not another word
about leaving.
You've been
so kind already.
It's my pleasure.
The garden becomes you.
A garden
becomes everyone.
This time last year,
I didn't even know
you existed.
Now, I can't even imagine
my garden without you.
There's such peace
and serenity here.
I feel renewed.
It's so beautiful.
It's never been
so beautiful before.
My father used to say to me,
"This is my kingdom
and now it is yours.
"The North Sea,
the forests,
the islands of Denmark.
"This is where
you will always return.
This is home."
This is home.
What a wonderful kingdom
he gave you.
And some day,
all this will be for my son.
Of course,
first I must find a wife.
But I'm never
in one place long enough.
I'm on tour most of the time.
I must marry a woman
with the heart of a gypsy.
She's not
easily found.
Love is not easily found,
but I'm sure you'll find it.
I hope you're right.
When Dr. Valdimar phoned me
at rehearsal,
I didn't believe it,
but it's true?
Dr. Valdimar
pronounced me cured.
Dr. Valdimar is a quack.
Pay no attention to him.
Come on, unpack.
He says
I'm as good as new.
Did you ever hear
such nonsense?
You've barely begun
to convalesce.
Unpack, I say, unpack!
I'm well, Christian.
It's time I left.
More than time.
You know that
as well as I.
No, I don't.
Why do you say
these things
on rehearsal day?
I'm not
supposed to be upset.
It makes my hands shake.
You want to make
my hands shake?
How will I
ever find the words
to thank you?
Stop saying goodbye!
I won't let you
go from me.
But I have to.
Help me.
Please, help me.
Help you leave me?
If you go,
I'll throw myself
into the canal!
Live with that
on your conscience.
Please be serious.
All right, I will.
I've longed for you.
I've searched for you.
I've dreamed of you.
Don't, Christian,
You've asked me to be serious.
I honor that request.
I welcome it!
You don't know
where I came from
or why I wanted to die.
You never
once asked.
I never will.
My concert tour starts
next Monday. Come with me.
Please, come with me!
I couldn't bring you happiness
as much as I would want to,
as much
as I owe you.
You owe me nothing.
don't go from me.
Do you think
I want to?
I'm known as Christian
the Determined.
You shall not leave me.
In an hour
I must be onstage.
Will I be tied by then?
I'm not sure.
If a man has trouble
tying it frontwards,
how can a woman
be expected to tie
it backwards?
Don't move your neck!
I adore you!
A likely story.
I'm mad
about you!
Talk, just talk!
Anything in the world
I'd do for you!
Will you tie
your own tie?
Put on that basis,
I can hardly refuse.
How did the concert
go tonight?
I didn't listen.
I was thinking of you.
Kaereste, I made myself a vow
never to question you.
There is something
I must ask.
I'll tell you anything I can.
Whom do I ask for the honor
of your hand in marriage?
Kaereste, what is it?
Christian, forgive me.
I couldn't face the emptiness.
I was so terribly alone,
but I never meant to hurt you.
Darling, I don't ask
that you love me.
I ask to love you
and care for you.
All these weeks
I've been trying to believe
what I wanted to believe.
That I could live
with you as though none
of the past had happened.
I don't give a damn
about the past! The world
begins with you and me!
Nothing begins
with you and me.
I can't marry you, Christian.
I can't marry anyone.
All right,
you've turned me
down tonight.
We'll drink to tomorrow.
Didn't I tell you?
I'm known as
Christian the Determined.
Shall I order breakfast?
HOLLY: Christian, my beloved,
you are a man
of warmth and kindness,
with a great capacity
for love. I wish for you
all the good things
you could never find with me,
the wife with the heart
of a gypsy, the son
to carry on your name.
Look to the living for love.
I am not alive.
I only exist.
Goodbye, Christian.
Thank you for the memories
I take with me.
Be it ever so humble
There's no place like home
You wouldn't happen
to have a couple
of aspirin, would you?
Ma'am, I always
keep my aspirin
close to my hangover.
Thanks, friend.
Look, maybe you
do not understand me.
I'm a poor man.
I have many expenses.
I have a big family
to support.
Appreciate it very much.
What's the date,
Don Quixote?
The date is December 24th,
and this bill
is two months old!
I'll be in funds January 1st,
and the bill will
be paid in full.
Okay, January 1st,
but if I do not get
my money January 1st,
I go to the police.
You can go any place
you want with my
compliments. Merry Christmas!
What you need
is a hair of the dog.
Come on, I've got a bottle.
Friend, you are a friend.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Let's get a Christmas tree.
I had a beautiful tree once.
Do you know the difference
between a Swiss angel
and a German angel?
I'm afraid
my acquaintanceship
with angels is very limited.
This is one hell of a place
to spend Christmas.
Most places are.
This is the worst.
This is the cesspool
of the world.
Say, that's a real bon mot.
You're Suzy Somebody,
ain't you?
You bet your brass
I'm Suzy Somebody.
I've come a long way down.
From princess
or duchess, maybe?
I lived in a house
as big as Buckingham Palace.
It's been in my
husband's family for years.
Where was this wigwam?
Fairfield County, Connecticut.
You worked Fairfield County,
did you?
Worked nothing.
I was lady of the house.
Sure you were.
I had the golden spoon
on a silver platter.
A butler to open the door,
a maid to draw the bath,
a chef, a chauffeur...
Thousand apologies,
there, Duchess. You know,
you're disguised so perfect,
I didn't realize
you were just
down here slumming.
"Would you prefer
the Rolls or the Mercedes
this morning, Mrs. Anderson?"
"Shall I lay out the sable
or the ermine?"
"Will you be using the yacht
this weekend, Mrs. Anderson?"
My baby.
My little boy.
My darling,
darling, darling...
Now, wait a minute.
Don't start on a crying jag.
You had a kid, did you?
Not a kid, a prince.
A squab to be
raised under glass.
I wonder if the old lady
ever made him to her liking.
How do you get 100% Anderson
out of 50% Parker?
Were you the 50% Parker?
What's it to you?
Just friendly curiosity.
I, my friend, am very drunk.
With any luck at all,
very soon,
I'm gonna be a lot drunker.
Now then, girl.
Take this over
to the Western Union
office right away,
and I'll give you
a half a peso.
Not so fast, seor.
You'll be paid, after you
bring me back the receipt.
Half a peso on delivery
of the receipt. You have
said it yourself, seor.
Morning, Duchess.
It isn't morning,
it's afternoon.
And it wouldn't
be a good morning
if it were morning.
So the less said
about it, the better.
How about some ham and eggs?
Are you deliberately
trying to be offensive?
No, of course not, Duchess.
I hope I didn't
talk your ear off last night.
I wouldn't know,
I was stoned myself.
Well, with a few drinks
I get a lot of fancy ideas.
I wouldn't want you
to take them seriously
and be disappointed.
Duchess, all my life I've been
reaching for the brass ring,
hoping it's gold,
and I do mean gold.
Well, no matter what
I say when I'm drinking,
this is all I am.
It's not much,
as you can damn well see.
It happens I like what I see.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Just a social visit.
These are not visiting hours.
All right. In that case,
I'm going to leave
my present and go.
Merry Christmas.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
That's what you
really go for, isn't it?
Absinthe is hard
to get and expensive.
What are the hidden costs?
I just want you
to listen to a little
business proposition.
I could use a woman like you
in my line of work.
What line of work
is that, Mr. Sullivan?
Investments, business counsel,
that sort of thing.
Here's to my new partner.
To the mud in your eye.
I'm not such bad company.
And you've been going it
alone for a long time.
You could use a friend.
God knows I could.
I'll buy you some new clothes,
fix that hair
a believable color.
You'll be respectable.
The road between me
and respectability is
strewn with broken bottles.
Respectable enough
for my purposes.
A shill?
A front.
A spade's a spade.
We can get a plane
out of here tomorrow.
Well, I can't leave
until my funds come.
Have them forward them
to you in New York.
New York?
I have good connections there,
and it's a good place
to pick up a wardrobe.
New York.
I've already paid
your hotel bill here.
You take a lot for granted.
I just don't take no
for an answer.
All right, I'll go
a few rounds with you.
But I warn you,
if you're thinking of playing
against me, think again.
What makes you so suspicious?
Experience, friend.
Everything's fine, fine.
I like your hair.
I'm beat.
I haven't worked so hard
on myself for years.
I couldn't locate
any absinthe. You'll have
to settle for a whiskey.
I'd settle for
denatured alcohol.
Take it easy, honey,
I've got a friend coming up.
Weren't there any
New York papers today?
I thought you might
want to see some
Connecticut ones.
Auld lang syne.
I've never been
to Connecticut.
Governor Clayton Anderson
is in New York,
and so's your kid.
I have no kid.
You told me you did.
Well, I was drunk.
Keep drinking, honey.
I like you better
drunk than sober.
I like the world better
drunk than sober. I can forget
that it's filled with vermin.
DAN: Harry, only one
witness actually saw her fall
overboard, the mother-in-law.
And she could have had
her own reasons for saying so.
CARTER: The crew searched
the waters for 48 hours,
so did the Coast Guard.
That's right.
They never found the body.
If she didn't drown,
where was she?
Someone must
have picked her up.
Holly Anderson
was front-page news.
It would have been reported.
No, no.
Not if her disappearance
was planned.
Harry, those clippings
you dug up nailed her.
Everything ties in.
Governor Anderson's
all but got the presidential
nomination in his hip pocket.
He can't afford a scandal.
I told you I'd struck oil.
It'll take careful handling.
The Governor won't
be easy to get to.
That's why I came to you.
Here's the Duchess.
Duchess, I want you
to meet my friend, Mr. Carter.
How do you do?
It's nice to meet you.
I'm all fuddled tonight.
I forgot what
I'm supposed to say
about falling overboard.
Did you fall overboard?
Well, how did you
tell me to say it happened?
I didn't tell you
to say it happened.
But you did, Danny.
Don't you remember?
I didn't tell you to say
anything. Don't you
try to get cute with me.
Well, shouldn't I have asked
it in front of Mr. Carter?
You wouldn't try
to con an old pal,
would you, Danny?
Don't pay any
attention to her.
She's tanked.
But I'm trying, Danny.
I need a little time
to get it down pat.
Rotten, lying...
Now, wait a minute.
Are you Holly Parker Anderson?
What do you want
me to say, Danny?
The truth.
Tell him who you are.
Betty Miller.
You drunken rip.
Listen, scavenger.
I crawl in the same gutter
but I'm not a beast of prey.
Look at me. Look at me!
Do you think
I could get in the
back door of a decent house?
He thought he could
put me in respectable
clothes, and I'd pull it off,
but I couldn't even fool you!
You liar!
Danny, I think I'll pass.
Listen, I'm cutting you in
on a good thing, Harry.
Thanks for the thought.
You know,
you're buying a snow job.
No, just not buying.
See you, Danny.
I've got a winner.
I've got a winner this time!
You slut! You're
Holly Anderson.
Shut up. Shut up!
The brass ring again, Danny?
How could you possibly think
I was anything
but the brass ring?
You're Holly Anderson.
Why, you poor, pathetic
garbage-collector. You're a
bigger loser than I am.
Maybe Governor Anderson
won't agree with you.
You won't get near
Governor Anderson.
All right,
then I'll have a little
talk with Junior Anderson.
He's not hard to get to.
Would you want me
to go with you?
You wouldn't go.
You can't make a sale
without showing
your merchandise.
And this merchandise
wants a 50-50% cut.
Just you and me, no outsiders.
So that's it.
That's it, Danny.
Half the pie.
All right,
get your coat.
Yes, Danny.
When I walked in,
there she was with the stiff.
"Get the police," she said.
"I killed a man."
Okay, son, okay.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
We'll let you know
when we need you.
My guess is
he's been dead two hours.
We'll know better
when the coroner gets here.
Are you gonna
tell us your name, lady?
Come on, lady.
Now let's have that name.
You find anything
that might tell us who she is?
Nothing. Best I can turn up
is an empty picture frame.
Something was
burned in this basket.
Looks like a passport folder.
Blood pressure, low.
No reaction to pain.
Doesn't respond
to oral command.
Give her 10 milligrams
of Nalline.
If she doesn't
come around in 15 minutes,
we'll try another five.
I think I'll send her over
to Psycho for observation.
No. I killed him.
I'll sign a confession.
I want to sign a confession.
Dr. Evans, will you witness
this signature, please?
Good morning.
I've been appointed
by the court to defend you.
I can understand
that you'd like someone
older, more experienced.
It isn't over.
There has to be a trial
in the interests of justice.
I'm here to help you.
No one's heard
your side of it, yet.
Your life is at stake.
Please, let me
do something for you.
Please, tell me
how it happened.
Please, let me help you.
I guess
that'll be all for today.
You know, you might
as well have stayed in
New York this weekend
for all the company
you've been.
I've never been
so conscious of my
monumental lack of knowledge.
Criminal law. Whatever
possessed an Anderson
to take up criminal law?
Probably his 50% Parker,
You two
night owls still at it?
How did the meeting go, Dad?
Very promising. Joe thinks
we have enough pledges
to swing the nomination.
That's great!
I knew I would dance
at my son's inauguration ball.
Now, now,
it's all just straws in the
wind until the convention.
Many come but two are chosen.
Don't be negative.
I'm ordering my
inaugural gown in the morning.
Well, did you meet
the mysterious Madame X?
Yeah. Dad,
she breaks your heart.
She's just
completely withdrawn,
waiting to die.
She doesn't even
want a defense.
Clay, I realize how
important your first case is,
but no one expects
you to win it, you know?
Maybe not,
but I've got to try.
You're the best lawyer I know.
What would you do?
How would you defend her?
Well, I'm only
a corporation lawyer, but it
seems to me that I remember
an old professor
of mine at Harvard.
He used to say that
a best defense
is a good offense.
Now, Sullivan's got a record
a mile long, hasn't he?
He sure has, grand larceny,
procuring, blackmail...
Try him on that record.
"Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury, this poor
woman did not sin.
"She was sinned against."
Try Dan Sullivan
for his own murder?
The prosecution
on behalf of The People
of the State of New York
charges the defendant with
murder in the first degree,
and asks that the
penalty be fixed at death.
How does the defense plead?
The defense pleads
not guilty, Your Honor.
The defense will show that the
defendant was not responsible
at the time of the crime,
and that the
so-called confession was
obtained under duress.
Prosecution may
present its case.
Is this the gun?
It is.
Had the gun been discharged?
Yes. Three bullets
had been fired.
No further questions.
JUDGE: Cross-examine.
Did you speak to the defendant
when you found her?
Yes, I asked her name.
What was her answer?
She didn't answer.
Now, according to the
report you filed,
you addressed
several questions to her.
Did she answer any of them?
Did she look at you
when you spoke to her?
No, she just sat there
and stared out.
In other words,
the defendant appeared
to be in a state of shock.
Objection, defense counsel
is asking the witness
for a medical opinion.
Well, Your Honor, I think
we can presume that a police
officer is experienced enough
to recognize a state of shock.
Objection overruled.
Did the defendant
appear to be
in a state of shock?
Yes, she did.
Now, will you tell the court
the defendant's words
when you entered the room?
She said, "Get the police.
I've killed a man."
Did you see the gun?
Yes, she was holding it.
Mr. Lopez,
did you see the defendant
kill Dan Sullivan?
Point the gun,
pull the trigger?
No, he was already dead.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Will you read the court
the criminal record
of Daniel M. Sullivan?
Objection. The record
of the deceased is irrelevant
and immaterial to this case.
Your Honor, the defense
respectfully contends
that the character
of the deceased had a
direct bearing on his death.
I'm going to allow
the witness the answer.
In 1954,
Sullivan served three months
for petty larceny.
In 1955, he was convicted
of extortion on charges
of a Mrs. Arthur Golden,
paid a $1,000 fine.
In 1957, Sullivan was
convicted of procuring and
served a year in state prison.
In 1960, three years
for violation of the
Federal Narcotics Law.
In 1963, a bench warrant
was issued for his arrest
on another extortion charge
by a Miss Frances Elliott,
age 63.
But he got across
the border to Mexico before
he could be apprehended.
Were there any
other blackmail charges
brought against Sullivan?
Yes, four times
extortion charges were
brought, and dropped,
when the claimants
refused to sign.
Your Honor, I must
protest. If the charges
weren't substantiated,
surely they're not
admissible as evidence.
Your Honor,
victims of blackmail
are rarely willing
to sign complaints.
Objection sustained,
the answer is stricken.
The jury is instructed
not to consider the
last question and answer
in their deliberations.
Sergeant Riley,
based solely on convictions,
Daniel M. Sullivan's crimes
were mainly directed
against women, weren't they?
No further questions.
Doctor, would you describe
absinthe to the court?
Absinthe is a green,
toxic liqueur,
between 70 and 80 proof,
distilled from
wormwood and aromatics.
Is absinthe procurable
in this country?
Not legally.
Well, is absinthe
legally procurable
anyplace in the world?
Not to my knowledge.
Why not?
Well, absinthe
produces a degenerative
effect upon the system.
It attacks the digestive
organs and nerve centers.
It can induce
delirium and has been
known to destroy sanity.
Doctor, is the defendant
addicted to absinthe?
She is.
No further questions.
Dr. Evans,
did you examine the defendant
when she was arrested?
Did you request a
psychiatric examination?
I considered it.
Did you request it?
Then we must assume
that you considered
the defendant legally sane.
No further questions.
Dr. Evans, what does the term
"legally sane" mean?
Well, that the
defendant understands
the nature of his act
and its probable consequences.
Well, would it be possible for
an individual to be legally
sane, but medically insane?
Tragically so.
Now, when you
allowed the defendant
to face trial,
did you consider
her medically sane?
Objection. The medical
sanity of the defendant
has no bearing on this case.
The Penal Code of the State
of New York plainly states...
JUDGE: Address your remarks
to the bench.
But Your Honor,
the medical sanity
of the defendant
is not the consideration
of this court.
Overruled, Mr. Spalding.
Did you consider the
defendant medically sane?
Thank you.
No further questions.
Are you a doctor
of psychiatry?
Would you feel yourself
qualified to pass on
the sanity of the accused?
The prosecution is attempting
to impeach its own witness.
You can't play both
sides of the street...
JUDGE: Order, order...
Stop it! Stop it.
I can't bear anymore.
How long must I wait?
JUDGE: Order, or I will have
the court cleared.
How long must I wait?
Counselor, please
ask your client to
try to compose herself.
Take my life!
The sooner the better,
but take it.
Court will recess until 2:00.
How is she?
Well, I've given her
an injection, but it's like
trying to hold onto a wraith.
May I talk with her?
Only for a moment.
She's worn out in spirit
as well as body.
She can't endure much more.
There's only
a little time left.
We still have a chance,
but you've got to
tell me what happened.
You've got to give me
something to fight with.
Help me before it's too late.
Please, help me.
I'm sorry, sir,
would you mind using
the main entrance?
Now, you've seen
the murder weapon,
and you've heard the
defendant's admission of guilt
to the hotel employee,
Manuel Lopez,
and to Detective Combs,
and you've seen the confession
signed by the defendant, "X."
I solemnly charge you,
do not be tricked
into sympathy for her.
She is a murderess.
She has broken
the law of God and man.
She must pay for her crime.
Now, the defense attorney
would persuade you
to convict Dan Sullivan
of his own murder.
He'd have you
believe that the deed of
Madame X was justified
because Dan Sullivan
was a disreputable man.
Disreputable or not,
I would wish for Dan Sullivan
what can never be his.
A fair and honest trial
before a jury of his peers.
Madame "X" appointed herself
his judge and his executioner.
Now, the defense attorney
comes before us on his
first case, young and eager,
son of a brilliant
and famous father.
And I'm sure
Governor Anderson is proud
of the resourceful fight
that Clayton Anderson Junior
has waged in this court room.
However, admiration
for the young man
or sympathy for his client
must not sway you.
I charge you to uphold the law
and to punish its violators.
Madame "X" is a murderess.
She's taken a life.
And on behalf of the people,
I must demand
her life in return.
Mr. Anderson, are you
ready to make your
concluding statement?
Wait. There's something
I want to say.
You're out of order.
If you wish to make
a statement, you must be
sworn in, and take the stand.
No, Madame, no. Your Honor,
may I have a recess
to talk with my client?
Itll be all right.
Don't worry.
No, you're not prepared
as a witness.
I know exactly
what I want to say.
Raise your right hand.
Place your left hand
on the Bible.
Do you solemnly swear that
the testimony you are about
to give before this court
is the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I do.
Please be seated.
Madam, do you want
to tell us what happened?
You're a child, fighting alone
in a terrible darkness.
I would have left this earth
without explanation,
but you, you alone,
have made it impossible.
Over and over
he begged me to tell what
happened, and I never did.
I let him stand up here
in front of you without
a weapon in his hand.
Life had long ceased
to have meaning for me.
And I didn't think or care
what I was doing to him.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
I'm not dead, after all.
The dead don't weep
or feel such pain.
Child, don't fight any longer.
I killed Dan Sullivan.
He fished me
out of the sewers of Mexico.
He bought me dirt cheap.
A couple of aspirin,
a few bottles of whiskey,
and I killed him.
Why did you kill him?
He found out I once had a son,
a family, respectable family,
and a fine son.
They thought I was dead
more than 20 years,
and Sullivan was going to
tell my child that I was alive
and what I'd become.
I don't have much
to leave my son.
Only a lie that his mother
was clean and good.
Why did you leave your family?
I wasn't suitable.
I really wasn't.
I wonder why it took me
so long to see it?
I killed Dan Sullivan
to keep my son
from knowing about me.
I'm not sorry.
And if time were turned back,
I'd kill him again.
That's the truth, child.
The truth.
These are the most
important words I may
ever have to say,
and this is the most
important decision you
may ever have to make.
I stand between
a woman and death,
and you stand here with me.
There was a speech
I was going to make,
but I can't make it now.
Not after those simple,
heartbreaking words of hers.
Mr. Spalding has cautioned
you not to try Dan Sullivan
for his own murder.
Well, how can you
do otherwise?
He'd be alive if it weren't
for his own evil greed.
His sins finally
caught up with him,
and he reaped the whirlwind.
The prosecution
accuses my client
of breaking the law of God,
or did, before he
heard her story. Perhaps he
wouldn't charge that now.
For does the lioness
lose favor with God when
she fights for her cubs?
Does the mother bear,
who kills at the
mouth of the cave?
In all creation is there
the female of the species
who will not sacrifice
her own life to protect
the life she has conceived?
Dark and terrible years
lie between this woman
and her son,
but she protects him,
even now, with her life.
Her son will never know
how deeply he is loved.
She thinks he would be
ashamed of her.
I think he would kneel
and hold her to his heart.
The prosecution
asks for justice.
I would remind him
and you of the towering
words of Sophocles.
"There is a point at which
even justice is unjust."
Justice must be fair.
It must be merciful.
It must be understanding.
My client doesn't ask for her
life. She's ready to die,
knowing her son to be safe.
I ask it.
I give this woman's life
into your hands.
And I beg you
to return it to her.
JUDGE: Ladies and gentlemen,
you have heard the evidence.
You will retire
to deliberate your verdict.
I must see her.
I can't tell you
how important it is.
I'll see what I can do,
I'm beyond reason.
Holly drowned.
How can she still be alive?
May we be alone?
We'll wait outside.
You must be very quiet.
I know.
We're going to win.
Don't worry.
Did you do well in school?
Middling well.
Middling well.
I haven't heard
that expression
since my father died.
Where do you live?
In New York.
In a one-room apartment.
Let your son know
that you're alive.
Give him a chance to love you.
Do you have a girl?
We're going to be
married soon.
You love her very much?
Very much.
The moments of love are
the only ones that matter.
The moments of love
illuminate and are gone.
Treasure them.
And when you're married,
live alone.
It's so important
to live alone.
And when you have a child,
get a little house.
A red-frame house
on a friendly street
with good neighbors
and lots of children.
Did you have a house
like that?
I was once almost
a rich, rich woman.
Please let me call your son.
But if I were your son,
I'd want to know.
Don't make decisions for him.
It's the only prerogative
of motherhood I still possess.
He's free of my sins.
Your son should be here.
You're here.
Today, I've had a son.
And, oh, what a joy.
Dr. Evans! Dr. Evans!
The jury is ready
to come back.
You'll be needed in there.
You're going to win
this case, Son. I'm sure
you're going to win it.
It doesn't matter now.
Yes, it does.
More than you'll ever realize.
I don't know why,
but I loved her. From the
moment I saw her, I loved her.
I know.