Madame Freedom (1956)

Mom, what is this?
Honey! Honey!
Could you help him?
How callous...
I'm busy with my manuscripts
Why don't you help him?
You're always saying that.
What is it?
What word is this?
Can't you see, there's a dot here
It's "Jin". It means "Rise".
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
What is it?
I can't write because of that record.
Send Kyoungsoo to tell him to turn it off.
We can't just tell someone
to stop doing what he likes.
Hobby or whatever,
he's always turning on records.
I'll send Kyoungsoo then.
- Kyoungsoo! Kyoungsoo!
- Yes?
You go and ask the man next door
to turn off the record
because your father can't write
- I can't study either.
- OK.
My father can't write
so please turn off the record.
Who said that?
Your father? Your mother?
- My mother.
- OK.
- Honey! Can I ask you something?
- Yes.
I'm going to my brother's place at Dongdaemoon
tomorrow. Can I accept that job I told you about?
Let's think a little more about that.
But I have to answer by tomorrow.
I can earn 50 to 60 thousand won a month.
It's a good opportunity.
Sweetheart, how can a professor's wife
be a clerk at a Western-style goods store?
It's not being a clerk
I'm taking charge of a whole store.
I'm not doing this for fun.
Winter's coming along
and don't we have to spend a lot of money?
Honey, that's enough writing for today.
What do you mean enough
I've got so much work to do.
By the way, who was the owner of that store?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I told you it's Mr. Han Taesuk. The company president,
who funded my brother's political activities.
Mr. Han's wife started a store
but she can't work there every day
so she's looking for someone.
My sister-in-law's already nearly said yes.
It's OK, isn't it?
OK, I'll decide by tomorrow morning.
Honey, I'm leaving.
It's cold now.
Make her do it.
How could she wash a shirt?
Honey, what do I do?
About what I mentioned?
The job.
I'll leave it up to you.
- Good morning.
- Oh, my.
Where are you going all dressed up like that?
Where are you going, Choonho?
I'm going to see my girlfriend.
With all that dating and dancing,
when will you study?
Love is also fantastic study.
You can see it from the great Goethe.
But why do you try to restrain me?
Turn the record on, turn the record off.
I only obeyed because it was your order.
How absurd!
You took my picture?
Yes, and I'll never give it to you.
I'll print it
and make it my eternal mascot.
You can't do that!
It's my free will.
I'm free to refuse too.
Hey, Sunyoung.
Oh, Yoonjoo.
Good thing I met you. Get in.
- Why?
- Just get in.
I'm on my way to Dongdaemoon right now.
Dongdaemoon or not, just get in.
Who is that?
No one.
You sly girl.
But where are we going?
The notables' wives have made
a new club called Hwagyohwae
and you're a member of that club too.
You are a professor's wife.
Today's a meeting day
so I was on my way to pick you up.
Where is it?
It starts at ten at the Asawon.
- But I have to go to Dongdaemoon.
- Is it urgent?
It's not that urgent,
but I made an appointment.
Then make a phone call to postpone it
and go to the meeting today.
It'll be magnificent.
This Saturday could be the day
we promised to meet, just the two of us.
Just thinking of meeting my beloved one
makes my heart pound.
A Saturday for 'avec', a joyful Saturday.
A youthful Saturday.
Look at Haesook's diamond ring,
it must be at least 3 carats.
Youngran is wearing a real necklace.
This Saturday, even if it rains
could be the day we promised to meet secretly.
With no words, we only exchange glances
and he also smiles.
A Saturday for 'avec'.
Their husbands must make
a lot of money.
Even if they did,
who would do all that for them?
They all have their own businesses.
Savings clubs, money lending...
So I'm planning my own business, too.
You, why?
My husband's having an affair,
can you believe that?
Come to think of it, you're happy.
Professor Jang doesn't leave home.
So you're with your beloved all the time,
that's happiness.
Stop it.
This Saturday could be the day
I dress up in a pink skirt and whisper
When I hide my face in embarrassment
Love is set ablaze. A Saturday for avec.
A joyful Saturday.
A youthful Saturday.
Everybody, we have had a significant
and delightful meeting today.
We will end it for today.
Wait, in order to tighten
the bond of our meeting
We've planned a dance party after this
so those who will participate
please sign on this paper.
What about our partners?
- Can we bring our husbands?
- I don't know.
- You can dance, can't you?
- I've never learned.
Dear me! You can't dance?
Let's go, Ms. Oh.
I have to go somewhere else.
But you have to go, everyone has signed.
- My husband wouldn't approve.
- Who would?
- Mr. Jang, a phone call for you.
- OK.
Jang Taeyun speaking.
Yes, who is this? Ah, Miss Park?
Yes, Mr. Jang?
The cosmetics your wife requested are here.
What shall I do with them?
Should I bring them to your place later?
You really don't have to.
When do you get off from work? 4pm?
My lecture is also finished for today.
Let's meet at a coffee shop or somewhere.
OK, and I have something special to ask of you.
Yes, you're the only person I can ask.
OK, then I'll tell you later.
Where should we meet?
How about Kkachi coffee shop, across
from Donghwa department store?
OK, at that place by 4:30.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
The preparations for Mr. Oh's
reelection bid are on schedule.
As always, thank you for all your support.
Don't mention it.
- Hello.
- Come on in.
Mr. Han was waiting for you.
I'm very sorry, I suddenly had a meeting.
That's OK, it doesn't matter.
Please, sit.
So, tell me.
Do you consent or not?
I don't know if I can handle this work.
Well, is it a yes or a no?
I do want to try it.
Alright. Did Professor Jang also agree?
I'm surprised that
narrow-minded person agreed.
Then you can start tomorrow.
I'll tell my wife today.
Thank you.
I believe the store is in good hands.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must leave.
I'm afraid I must say goodbye now.
- Why don't you at least stay for dinner?
- No, that's OK.
- I'm a bit late, aren't I?
- No.
What are you going to drink?
- Coffee for me.
- Coffee.
- A present.
- When did she ask for this?
You didn't know? You should be watchful.
What is it you want to ask me?
Our company has 7 or 8 female typists
but unfortunately...
- they don't know Korean very well.
- How unfortunate.
So they'd like to learn precise grammar.
How long will it take?
It should be 3 months at the least.
Could you teach us?
If you'll take part in that class, of course.
Thank you.
Then could you spare two hours a day?
OK. Where will we study?
We'll prepare a classroom.
How about two hours from 6pm?
When can you start?
I can start tomorrow.
Thank you. Then I'll see you tomorrow.
Thank you for the meal.
There wasn't much.
Where's Myoungok?
I don't know. I'm worried.
Once she leaves, she disappears for hours.
Now that she's graduating
she should prepare for marriage.
She doesn't like to talk about that.
She says she'll find her own husband.
She's a liberalist.
Nowadays she's all fussed up
about going to America.
- I have to go now.
- Why?
- It's late, my husband will be waiting.
- Your brother will be back soon.
I'll visit another time.
Good bye.
Hello, madam.
Hello, Myoungok. On your way home?
- Hello
- How do you know her, Mr. Shin?
- Then how do you know Ms. Oh?
- She's my aunt.
Your aunt? It is a small world.
Hurry in. Your mother's waiting.
Good night.
Good bye, ma'am.
Let's go.
How about taking a walk?
It's too far to walk from here.
The moon is shining
just keep me company for 30 minutes.
Choonho, do you love Myoungok?
- She's only a friend.
- Then you don't love her?
I can only love one person
but I can have a lot of friends.
But I saw the evidence
that you love Myoungok.
If you have any, please present it.
In the alley, earlier on.
Oh, you saw that.
That's just a farewell between friends.
What would a kiss change?
Myoungok is just a dance partner.
- Myoungok can dance?
- She's a first class dancer.
Good night then.
Can an old person like me
also learn how to dance?
Why do you keep saying old?
You're young and beautiful
and if you wear a Western style dress,
it would be very good.
You're lying.
Knock on my window
whenever you need me.
I'm always ready.
Tonight? Or tomorrow night?
I don't know.
OK, I'll always be waiting.
It was an unforgettable night.
Good night, Madame.
This should be the best one.
Wrap this up for me, please.
What is this thing called bed perfume?
Just pay the money.
It's perfume that
you can spray on your bed.
The owner is coming.
- Thank you.
- Have a nice day.
- Welcome.
- You're doing a good job, Ms. Oh.
The showcase is so neat. As I expected, the business
skills of a professor's wife are also distinctive.
After Ms. Oh. came, the sales have gone up.
We've already exceeded
yesterday's total.
Is that so? That's good to hear.
Anyway, I'm counting on you, Ms. Oh.
My husband hasn't dropped in, has he?
I haven't seen him yesterday or today.
He praised you
for having aesthetic sense.
You must have
made a good impression on him.
I want the best foreign cosmetics.
- What do you have in mind?
- Anything of the highest quality.
Then how about buying a set?
Yes, it's a wedding gift
and it has to be of the highest quality.
Then how about American Max powder?
- Is it the highest quality?
- Yes, it is.
- How much is it?
- It's 24,000 won.
24,000 won?
Could you deliver this
to the bank over there?
Yes, don't worry.
- Would you like to smoke?
- Thank you.
Your service is excellent.
I have been to many Western style shops
but this is the most pleasant I've been to.
Please visit again.
Oh, I didn't introduce myself.
- I'm Oh Sungyoung.
- Madame Oh.
I'll drop in occasionally. I'll leave it to you.
Oh, Madame Choi, welcome.
- Have you been waiting for Long?
- No.
That thing I asked of you before,
is it still progressing?
You mean the smuggled goods disposal?
Unfortunately I've already made plans for it
as our company's business.
Is that so? I have gathered the money.
Well, it can't be helped.
- How much have you prepared?
- A million won.
A million isn't enough anyway.
You need at least two million.
Then how about I prepare two million
and we run the trade together?
Why should I Let you in the profit
when I can manage alone?
- When can you prepare the remaining?
- In 3 days
Actually I'm forming a savings club.
If you can prepare it for sure in 3 days
then I have something good for you.
Actually my friend has laid his hands
on a good route.
- What are the goods?
- Western style goods.
You'll be able to double the profits.
First sign a contract with a million won and when you
collect from the others, pay the remaining million,.
Then you get the goods.
Very well.
I was planning to do this alone,
but since you're asking me...
This is a heavy price for dancing with you,
Madame Choi.
Stop it...
Then shall we
discuss it more over a meal?
So, this 'ahnta' has come from 'anihada'
and the "n" and "h" has become
the base of the previous character.
And the reason it is
'daedanhee' and not 'daedanee'
is because it can be turned into
'daedanhada' or 'daedanhanee'
and so it is 'daedanhee'.
- Sir.
- Yes?
Can I say something
that might make you scold us?
What is it?
We made you a nickname.
A nickname?
Schoolgirls usually make
nicknames for teachers.
- Such as gorilla or turkey.
- Yes?
Do you know what your nickname is?
It's a good name.
So, what is it?
- It's "no touch. "
- No touch?
- Meaning, don't trespass.
- What does that mean?
No, it's not that.
It also means rich veins in mines.
Since you're as precious as a nugget
of goad to this country.
And also since we can't touch you
because you have such a stern personality,
no touch.
Oh, who came up with that name?
- Who do you think?
- It must be you, Ms. Park.
That's right.
By the way, we have to decide the fee.
How much do you want per week?
I won't teach if you say things like that.
Ms. Yoon, I'm leaving.
Have you been waiting long, Yoonjoo?
No, so how's business?
Nothing special, so what brings you here?
- I've come to get you.
- What?
I'm joking. Let's go to a
Chinese restaurant and talk or play.
You're getting better.
No, I'm not.
How can you make money so well?
The important thing is money.
Nothing is impossible with money.
Especially us women. We need
to be economically independent,
to avoid the tyranny of our husbands.
What's the use of husbands?
Oh my, you're saying unthinkable things.
Then should I be like you,
not even know how to dance?
We're just withering roses.
ALL that's left is to enjoy this short life.
And in order to enjoy it,
we must make money.
So I'm planning a savings club,
do you want to join?
- How much is it?
- A million won.
- I left the third position for you.
- Oh my, a million won?
- Ah, Madame.
- What are you doing?
Of course, I was waiting for you.
- No you weren't.
- Please, come in.
Just 10 minutes.
Why only 10 minutes?
Oh, my.
What is that?
- I have to take it down.
- No.
- You don't have the right to.
- Why not?
Because I am free to love.
Please, sit.
Don't let the landlady see that.
- Now, stand up.
- Why?
Haven't you come to learn to dance?
Madame has a loving husband,
and I'm in love anyway.
Oh my...
I don't know if I can.
- Has Sunyoung come back?
- No, she hasn't.
Dad, Mom isn't back yet.
Mom always comes home late, I hate it.
I'm not going to study either.
That's because Mom's always busy
you shouldn't think of not studying.
Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow.
- See, you can do it.
- This isn't anything.
One thing more, and you'll
be able to go to the hall.
Do you dance with Myoungok these days?
Myoungok? I don't even meet her.
Why not?
She's hanging out with a foreigner
to learn English. How can I stand that?
Then it's a knockout?
Madame, excuse me.
- Has Dad come back?
- Yes, he's back.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
Oh, you're back already. Have you eaten?
Yes, I've had dinner.
I'm so annoyed.
I had to stay and fix
mistakes in the sales figures.
You shouldn't have started that
stressful work.
You should think about Kyoungsoo
who's almost like an orphan.
An orphan?
You can call a child with no mother
to look after him an orphan.
That's absurd.
Why say he doesn't have a mother?
You're being jumpy these days.
I'm not going out for fun, you know.
The perfume and powder are from France
and the others are all from America.
Wow, this is tremendous.
You might think that
women are mere slaves of cosmetics.
How rude of you.
It's true.
You can say that for modern women who
must decorate themselves for someone,
a prostitute-like nature gradually deepens.
Oh my, that is abusive language.
Makeup is an absolute necessity
for the beauty of a woman's life and mind.
You have a very uncivilized view.
Now I'm being deprived of
my qualifications of a gentleman.
Like a barbarian?
- What's so funny?
- It's just funny.
The owner buying things
from his own store, isn't it?
But I don't know what my girlfriend likes.
Can you choose something, Madame Oh?
How old is she?
Well, think of her as the same age as you.
Then we should choose some
elegant perfumes or lipsticks.
How about this?
Oh my, you're paying for it?
My wife will know if I just take a present
for my girlfriend.
It's an absolute secret.
- How much is it?
-9,800 won.
What? What's so expensive?
I've bought the present
but I don't have a girlfriend to send it to.
If you're uncomfortable taking it
yourself we can deliver it for you.
I really don't have a girlfriend.
- Then we'll send it to your wife.
- Huh?
If I give her a thing like this,
she'll think I've gone mad.
Then why don't you give it to Madame Oh?
Stop it, how could I receive a present
for his girlfriend?
Then how about this?
Why don't you keep this for now?
- When I find a girlfriend, I'll come for it.
- OK.
It's about lunch time.
Why don't we go out and eat something?
I'm always giving you trouble.
Where shall we go?
Chinese food? Western food?
- Anything's fine for me.
- Then Let's go there.
This place is famous for its Mexican salad.
Darling, quick, something's happened.
I'm about to treat Madame Oh to lunch.
Just get in.
- What?
- I haven't eaten either.
Sweetheart, I was paying my respects.
Respects? Why were you at the store?
Are you a customer or what?
Are you buying things?
You wanted to see
Madame Oh, didn't you?
Good bye.
This is Paris Boutique.
Yes, this is Oh Sunyoung.
Who's calling?
Oh, Choonho.
Yes, I'm just calling from outside.
Could you make some time this evening?
Why? Where are you?
What? Oh, the 25 Hours coffee shop?
I'll be right there.
No, you don't need to come.
I have to leave soon.
Would you Like to go
to the hall this evening?
The hall? I don't know if I'm qualified.
I heard there are lots of dancers there.
I'll only embarrass myself.
What are you saying?
You're qualified enough.
Watching other people dance
is a good way to learn.
Yes, 7 o' clock then.
Here? Then I'll be here.
Phew, I just asked for a shirt on credit,
and they said no.
You give dancing lessons but
you can't even buy a shirt on credit?
Yes, I think I should receive instruction fees.
Mr. Shin, why don't we see
an opera this evening?
I have to meet someone from the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs. I don't think I'll have time.
What's your relationship with Mr. Baek?
He's my boss.
Yes? This is Oju Trading.
Madame Oh? How have you been?
I kept planning to visit you,
but I've been so busy.
Yes, actually it's a wedding gift for
the daughter of a bank president.
Yes, of course.
What would be appropriate?
Send something of the highest grade.
How much is it?
OK, if you send me the bill,
I'll send you the money right away.
Ms. Yoon!
Take it to him carefully.
Pack this up nicely.
- Two bottles of beer.
- Yes.
- Here, Madame.
- Oh my, how could I drink alcohol?
- Beer isn't alcohol.
- But I've never tried it.
You haven't?
See, isn't this the ideal place
for cultural life?
It's blues, shall we dance?
It's embarrassing.
Let's dance when some people leave.
- Now, stand up.
- I'm not sure if I can do this.
See? Different from
dancing at home, right?
Really, my legs are moving automatically.
It must be the band.
- Have you met Myoungok recently?
- Now and then.
So you're meeting her,
when you said you were dumped.
We meet on business since
she's preparing to go to America.
Myoungok must be
planning on marrying you.
- I don't know.
- How about you, Choonho?
I don't know.
Myoungok's here.
Since when has she worked at
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
- Hello, Myoungok.
- On what business are you here?
You have lots of boyfriends.
He's not a boyfriend,
he's just a partner.
- May I borrow Myoungok for a while?
- Dance with Madame Oh.
Madame Oh can't do the skate waltz yet.
Madame Oh, what brings you here?
- Sir.
- Why are you alone?
What about your partner?
Why are you seducing her?
Seducing her?
Dancing together is seducing?
Of course.
May I ask you to dance with me?
I can't do the skate waltz.
- Ms. Park.
- Yes?
I look old, don't I?
No, you have a very mature,
masculine attractiveness.
Then why do young people
treat me as an old man?
That's because of your strict personality.
- Then I could also go out on a date.
- I don't know about that.
I feel Like I'm becoming young
when I'm with you.
And my mind becomes quiet,
and I become very happy.
Oh my, you don't look good these days.
Do you feel bad that your wife got a job?
Not exactly, but our home
is a mess these days.
She's always late
and not looking after our son.
He looks Like a beggar.
I'm sorry to have made you
waste your time Like this.
We also admire you being so understanding.
You let your wife go to work.
Isn't it good for a housewife to have a job?
Of course, how could someone
without tremendous understanding,
let his wife get a job?
Or maybe you don't love her.
If only I'd known
you could dance so well...
- Do you dance with your wife also?
- My wife?
Of course not.
I'd rather dance with a barrel.
Isn't my unskillful dancing boring you?
No, not at all.
When are you picking up
the cosmetics you made me keep?
What? You didn't take them?
Those are a gift from me to you.
Oh my.
What should I have said?
There were other people.
- You are simple and honest.
- I didn't know.
Is this where you lodge?
Yes, would you come up
for something to drink?
No, you go in.
Then I'll take you to the main road.
No, I'll Leave after seeing you go in.
Then good bye.
Now, what will you do?
If you don't pay your debt today,
I'm going to sue you.
It's been over a month already.
You tricked me by saying
you would buy me the goods
and then after receiving the money,
you gave me a bad check.
Are you even human?
You're a monster in human skin.
I told you I can give it to you today.
You always say that.
Then you disappear from the coffee shop.
You say you're going to
the bathroom and disappear.
Today that won't work.
I'll sleep here if I have to
in order to finish this.
I said it can be done today.
Fortunately the owner of the goods is here.
Please, sit.
Now, are you satisfied?
Don't snap at me Like that.
Now, everything's good?
Then the matter of the
two million won is done.
And concerning the company, well send
it to you when the bank loan comes through.
If you hide the goods, then I'll sue you.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Were you late with the money?
I was scolded for being 5 minutes late.
Yes? This is Baek Kwangjin, Oju Trading.
Mr. Baek? Is this Mr. Baek?
I'm in an awkward position because you haven't
sent the money for the handbag you bought yesterday.
What? I can't hear you.
Today's Saturday, isn't it?
My accounting chief has taken the seal
so I can't write you a check.
Yes, tomorrow's Sunday anyway.
So Let's do it on Monday.
Don't worry.
lend me some money,
"Donate some money," it's painful.
By the way, this isn't much
but my friend bought it while abroad.
You use it, Madame Choi.
What? How much is it?
No need for that. I'm giving it to
you since we're doing business together.
Oh, I can't just receive something
as expensive as this.
Of course you can. When you make a
million won, you'll buy me a nice gift.
Of course.
Hello, Yoonjoo.
You wretched thing,
I haven't heard from you for a long time.
- Now you've become a modern woman.
- So what have you been doing?
Me? I've been doing business.
- Business?
- Yes.
It's a full-scale business.
By the way, would you want to buy
two million won worth of Western goods?
- Yes, I could, but what are they?
- You must be interested.
We haven't met for so long, and you
don't even ask me out for a drink?
- Then Let's go out.
- Now you're asking?
Ms. Yoon, I'll be at 25 Hours coffee shop.
- What do you want, Sunyoung?
- Tea.
2 teas, please.
Where did you buy this handbag?
Someone who went abroad brought it
back as a gift, it's not that good.
So, what are the Western goods?
I have something
more interesting to tell you.
The second dance party
of Hwagyohwae will be held
at the Soojunggoong Hall.
- You know how to dance now, don't you?
- Can you tell?
- It's written all over your face.
- When is it?
It's on the 28th, 7 o' clock.
But on one condition.
You can't bring your husband as a partner.
What fun is it to dance with my husband?
Oh my.
You've made progress.
You have a boyfriend, don't you?
Stop it.
I'm going to use the phone.
She's at 25 Hours coffee shop.
Is one week enough?
I've signed the contract,
so it should be soon.
If you bring them, I'll take good
care of them. See you later, bye.
I'm on my way to the coffee shop.
- You've come at a good time.
- Did something good happen?
Yes, something good.
Would you Like to eat?
Are you afraid of your wife?
Where is Madame Oh?
She had a female visitor
and went to the coffee shop.
- Has my husband come?
- Yes, he just left a while ago.
What is this sincere request?
It's a very special request.
OK, yes.
How can you say yes
without even hearing what it is?
It doesn't matter.
I'll do anything to do you a favor.
It's not that difficult.
I just want to ask you to be
my substitute boyfriend.
What? A substitute?
Why a substitute?
I'd rather be treated as an actual boyfriend.
- Well see that day.
- That day?
Actually there's a dance party
at the Soojunggoong Hall on the 28th.
The regulations are that your partner
must be your boyfriend.
- Then it is a boyfriend.
- Stop it.
Let's see, the 28th...
I have some business in Pusan.
OK, I'll be back by that day,
whatever it takes.
You have to come.
I'll wait at the Choonhyang coffee shop
in Jongro until 7 o' clock.
Then I get to become a boyfriend.
Let's eat.
Now, since I might be able to be
your boyfriend, we must prepare.
- Prepare?
- The dance.
Madame Oh, Let's go to the hall tonight.
As you wish.
I'll be a little late because of a meeting,
but Let's meet at 7 o' clock.
Yes, where shall we meet?
The meeting is at Sogongdong,
so Let's meet in front of Midopa.
My husband?
Why are you worried about him?
I thought you had courage
but you have a delicate way of thinking.
Don't worry,
my husband isn't even in Seoul.
He's not in Seoul?
He's always on a business trip.
Business at day, and at nighttime...
You know. Now, Let's dance.
- Madame.
- Yes?
Why don't we go out to the countryside
and take the air to celebrate
the success of our business?
What about a picnic?
Why don't you just say
that you want to go to a hot spring?
What are you doing here?
What about you?
- Let's go.
- I have to meet someone.
Who are you waiting for?
Standing in this cold weather.
Don't worry about me, just go.
What's upsetting you?
You've been jumpy recently,
tell me if you have any complaints.
Are you angry because
I didn't let you meet someone?
Meet someone?
You are saying the someone is a man?
Let's say it is a man...
Are you trying to hide your actions?
Why are you so coward?
I don't feel any jealous
that you are meeting Eunmee.
How great is it? You, dating.
I also have lots of people to walk
on the street at night together.
- Mom, where are you going?
- You just go and sleep.
Are you there, Choonho?
Who is it? Oh, Madame.
Madame, why are you so depressed?
What is that?
- Whiskey, do you want some?
- Yes.
I want to learn how to do the skate waltz.
Madame, Let's first do the tango
to cheer you up.
- What are you doing?
- Madame.
- Madame.
- What are you doing?
I love you.
Madame, please use me as you Like
this evening.
Mom, are you here?
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
I have learned so much, thanks to you.
I will never forget your kindness.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Ms. Park, Let's shake hands.
- OK.
Sir, this isn't much but it's a gift from us.
Sir, we won't be able
to meet Like this anymore.
Why? What do you mean?
- I don't think we need to.
- What?
It will always be Like this.
I'll wish for your wife to come back
to your family soon.
Then you will become stable.
Then you will not need me anymore.
You should wear a new shirt,
going to America.
It's 5,800 won.
What? You don't have any money?
I thought it was a gift from you.
- When are you leaving?
- The 22nd.
There's only 5 days left.
We should throw you a farewell party.
I would be grateful if you threw it for me.
Come to the 25 Hour coffee shop
at 5 o' clock.
Well have dinner and then go to the hall.
Sunyoung, I have urgent business.
Please lend me 200,000 won.
The goods I told you about before,
we're finally able to get them.
I need custody taxes so lend me
the money for about 3 days.
But you have to bring the goods here.
Of course.
Thank you, Sunyoung. Then see you later.
I borrowed it from a friend, saying
I was going to get the goods.
This will be all I need, right?
Yes, of course. Who'd have known those
goods would cause so much trouble?
Anyway this will be enough to maneuver.
If I don't pay a million won by the 28th
I'll be humiliated at the Soojunggoong party.
A creditor will be there.
Well if you just get the goods,
money won't be a problem.
You'll be able to dance at
the Soojunggoong in a pleasant mood.
- Have you been waiting Long?
- No.
What do you want to eat? Chinese food?
I won't be able to
spend time with you today.
My friends are throwing me a farewell party.
What kind of party
is planned so suddenly?
- I don't know.
- Then we'll do this tomorrow.
- I don't have time tomorrow either.
- Then when?
I don't know.
Then Let's meet after your party.
I want to see you drunk.
Obviously I'll be coming home
just before the curfew.
What are you doing, Mr. Shin?
You only told me to wait 3 minutes.
We won't be able to buy tickets
if we don't hurry.
Today is this opera's last day.
Let's go.
Choonho, come here.
Choonho, you've been sporting
with me, haven't you?
What do you mean?
You plan to stop seeing me,
don't you?
There are only five days Left anyway.
ALL you said about loving me
was a lie, wasn't it?
That was my heart speaking.
Anyway you don't have
the right to accept it.
The right?
You have a husband,
which only means that
you took advantage of me.
I must also straighten myself out.
Hey, tell me.
You sported with me, didn't you?
Then sir, we really won't be able
to meet each other.
There will only be suffering if we meet.
There's a necktie I made for you
in that box.
Think of me and put it on now and then.
You were at home?
What do you mean? look at the time.
We had graduation today,
so I received this gift and talked...
You were with that Eunmee bitch again.
Sweetheart, don't say that.
For the sake of your character.
I don't know any such thing.
You teach them for three months
and now you get a present?
You were stupid enough to
not even receive a penny.
Let's see what kind of
wonderful gift you received.
This is it? How much would this cost?
It's not the money that counts.
It's the thought.
Here's your thought.
Who made that necktie?
It's Eunmee, isn't it?
Why can't you answer me?
Eunmee Likes you, doesn't she?
Your wife is working hard every day
and you go out on dates?
Mom, don't, don't do it.
Dear Mr. Jang.
You might be annoyed to receive this kind
of letter from someone you don't know.
Your wife is acting so immorally
and disgracing your social reputation.
You must quickly detain your wife
or you will meet great misfortune.
From Ko Minjae.
- You delivered it for sure?
- I delivered it to him in person.
- Keep watching.
- Yes.
Today is the day he comes back.
Ms. Oh.
I saw the account books
and there's an old bill.
Yes, it's the president of Oju Trading
but he's always out so I couldn't receive it.
Then I'll expect you to deal with it.
Good bye.
What? Yes, I see.
Isn't there anymore?
How much more have you embezzled?
- Please, come here.
- Yes.
It seems you conspired with him.
You didn't really know who he was?
How should I?
I just gave him money and asked to
Let me into the business.
You went to the Onyang Hot Springs
with him on the 8th, didn't you?
We're not trying to intervene
in your private matters
just because you're the wife
of a celebrity.
But since you are related to this case
we must come down hard on you.
He will be back by tonight.
He won't be late for the party.
- You were waiting for me?
- Welcome back.
Honey, I have to go somewhere
on urgent business.
So you take this luggage and go home first.
What? You just came back
and there's other urgent business?
Why don't you just go home and rest?
I can't do that.
Of course you can. Let's go home.
Madame Oh...
I'm sorry I'm late.
- Did you have a good trip?
- Yes.
I hurried here without looking back.
Get up, we'll be late for the party.
Wait, I have one condition.
What condition?
Being a substitute is disappointing.
Why don't you just make me your boyfriend?
No, because you were late.
Then I won't move a step from here.
OK, I'll make you my boyfriend.
- Then I'm your boyfriend?
- Yes.
- Truly?
- Yes.
- We must be too late.
- Let's go in.
- Madame Oh.
- Why?
It's already too late
so why don't we find
somewhere else to dance in private?
Itll only be crowded if we go in.
- Is there such a place?
- Of course.
Excuse me.
- Yoonjoo.
- Yes?
I need that million won for sure tonight.
You did bring it, didn't you?
Of course. I'll meet you after the party.
Give me a highball.
Here, get in.
Let's dance one more time.
What happened?
You've become very skilled.
You must have danced a lot without me.
Madame Oh...
It's nothing.
Come to Soojunggoong I will show you
the disgraceful behavior of your wife.
A woman who has violated
her husband's honor.
Please... turn off the lights.
I already know why you are so late.
- Honey.
- Step back.
Driven by vanity,
you abandoned your family.
You gladly exchanged
your duties as a mother.
With what honor did you come back?
If you have at least
a scrap of conscience Left,
Leave this home.
That is your duty as Kyoungsoo's mother.
Honey, that is too cruel...
Cruel? Who do you call cruel?
You think about your behavior.
We are already too far apart.
We must walk separate paths.
Dad, Mom has come, hasn't she?
- It's Mom, open the door.
- It isn't Mom.
No, it's Mom, open the door.
I told you, it isn't Mom.
It's Mom.
Dad, open the door.
It's Mom.
Open the door, Dad, open the door.
- Mom! Mom!
- Kyoungsoo!
Kyoungsoo, it's all Mom's fault.