Madame Butterfly (1932)

Lus Filipe Bernardes
Guide this daughter of my son
on the path she is now about to take.
Thy blessing upon us.
Look down, Hotoke sama,
give this daughter of mine thy protection.
Oh, Hotoke sama,
May I do nothing which will bring dishonor
to my departed father's
honorable name.
Make it possible for me to be
of assistance
to my illustrious family from now on...
even though I'm only a woman.
I will tell the honorable Mr. Goro
and Madame Goro
that your most honorable augustness
has arrived.
Do not weep, Mama-san.
But you are so young
and never have you been away
from home before.
But consider, Mama-san...
soon I shall be very great geisha.
And then you, the august grandfather...
and my little brother will have much money.
This is no place for the daughter
of my son,
the daughter of a noble samurai.
I should never have consented
to your coming here.
But we must live.
And I'm the only one
who can work and help.
Your father died with honor
when he could no longer live with honor.
Is it then so shameful
to make people happy?
To sing for them,
make music and dance?
And I may make a fine marriage.
Then I can buy you many gifts.
So this is Cho-Cho-San.
What distinction, what eyes...
What teeth.
And you speak also the English?
Yes. I learned from a visiting scholar.
She teach me very high class
Brooklyn accent.
And no man will be permitted
to see her alone?
No man. Unless, of course, it is to arrange
an advantageous marriage for her.
And every night you will say
the little prayer I taught you.
Yes, Mama-san.
A new one, Goro?
I have not seen her before.
May I not meet
the honorable young lady?
Cho-Cho-San, we have the privilege
to present the noble Mr. Yomadori,
a gentleman of excessive culture.
She is not a joyful one.
She is highborn and feels
strange in this place.
But when she's made ready
as a geisha
she will be more gay.
Go now, my child.
Your girls have improved, Goro.
I might even seriously consider
a look at meeting
for marriage with such a one.
Why not this very night.
Vet well.
Tonight when I return.
Well, I wouldn't be caught
at the consul's party tonight
dead or alive, drunk or sober.
The consul's giving this party
on your account,
you know that, don't you?
What do you mean on my account?
He figures if he can keep you cornered
the women ought to be safe
for the first night anyhow.
Listen, when I come around,
no woman wants to be safe.
Where's your nail file?
I don't know.
Where's your own nail file?
Mine is packed. Where is yours?
Hey, you won't need these glasses.
You're going to be close to everything.
Will you put that down
and get out of my way?
- Pinky, look.
- What?
Let's you and I duck
this consul's party tonight...
and I'll show you the sight.
And no tourist stuff either.
What do you say?
- Think we can get away with it?
- Why, sure.
Well, looks like the consul
will have to get along without us.
Now you're saying something.
Over here...
We'll get a cab over here...
No, no, I can't use that.
I've had my breakfast.
What else have you got,
what else have you got?
Hey, will you get a load of these beads.
- What are you going to do with those?
- Find myself a neck to hang them on.
What have you got here?
That's a good gig. I'll take these.
You never can tell
how hot it might get around here.
How much is it?
Hm? No?
Too much. Here you are.
All I need now
is a mama and a canoe.
Hey, rickshaw!
Come on.
Well... taxi...
Lieutenant Pinkerton!
Why, how do you do?
I'm Sharpless, the American Consul.
Oh, how do you do, sir?
This is my friend, Lieutenant Barton.
- How do you do?
- How are you?
Weren't you in these waters
a few years ago?
- I guess I was at that.
- I thought I remembered you.
I'd rather hoped you wouldn't.
He had to get out of bed
to get me out of jail.
I knew your father
pretty well, Pinkerton.
- You look exactly like him..
- He often spoke about you, sir.
You planning to come
to the party tonight?
- Why, of course, sir.
- Oh, sure. We wouldn't miss it for anything.
Well, we'll see.
Well, good-bye, gentlemen.
Good-bye, we'll be seeing you,
You mug, you would have to look
like your old man.
Come on.
See what I have done with her.
She should attract a husband
as easily as honey attracts a fly.
Her appearance is indeed
most gratifying, Suzuki.
If the conduct approaches
the same high level...
Yamadori will undoubtedly wish
to arrange immediate marriage.
I shall endeavor to do nothing
that may prove disappointing.
The maid will now take you
to the Rose Room.
You will wait there for Yamadori.
So you're going to be married.
That is if the gods may decree.
It is undoubtedly what you should try for.
A little mouse like you would never
make a success as a geisha.
If you were an example as a geisha
to be unsuccessful would be no calamity.
If I were not a successful geisha,
I would not be wearing these.
Display is vulgar.
If I have any judgment,
the men who gave them to you
may consider themselves swindled.
Here you are.
Buy yourself a horse.
Wait a minute.
You have to anchor the gun boots here.
The Willow Room.
Two officers.
Well, well,
Greetings, greetings.
Here we go, boy.
Hello, sweetheart.
Welcome, Excellency.
The same to you.
You'd better get used to this.
How are you?
What do your excellencies desire?
- Music.
- And girls.
- And dancing.
- And girls.
Yeah, and er... girls.
- How many.
- Well, one's enough for me.
Let me have three.
Say, what do you want three for?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Madame Peach Blossom
for the big lieutenant.
Also Bamboo Shoot,
Honey Bee and Spring Rain
for the little ambitious one.
Oh, thank you.
I trust you will find
our modest entertainment acceptable.
Oh, you must come over
and see us sometime.
Thank you, thank you.
Well, here we go.
Yes, laugh on...
We're going to have a lot of fun.
Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute...
- Pretty?
- Okay.
Well, here we go again.
Thank you.
- Park it, Pinky.
- Right.
Ah... one, two, three, four.
Yeah, they're all there.
Good morning.
Yes, crawl right in.
Good morning.
Hmm... ain't that something, eh?
Well, Bamboo Sprout,
you come over here and sit here.
And the turtle, that's me,
sits here, see?
Ain't that homey?
Oh, Heaven help the sailors
on a night like this.
Is there anything else
the excellent officers desire?
I'd like a piece of pie
and a cup of coffee.
A thousand pardons, but not that one.
Be so good as to open the door.
- Hello.
- Oh!
This is unheard of?
Please open at once.
The honorable Mr. Yamadori
has arrived.
Say, don't be scared.
I won't bite you.
Thank you, most honorable sir.
Say, I didn't know you spoke English.
As exalted American officer,
honorable intentions,
for return to Tea House?
At this moment,
all my honorable intentions
are getting sort of weak in the knees.
How too bad.
Weakness of knee very uncomforting.
You have no idea.
Perhaps I return to Tea House
for order assistance.
Oh, no, no, no.
You see, I'd rather not be left alone
when I have an attack like this..
What then is to be done?
Generally, the best thing to do
is walk it off.
You don't mind If I use you
to lean on?
I very happy to be such service.
- How do they call you?
- Cho-Cho-San is my name.
Cho-Cho-San? That's cute.
What does it mean?
How you call in America?
Flying Butter.
Flying butter?
Oh, you mean Butterfly.
Yes, yes, Butterfly.
That what I say.
What your name, please?
Mr. B.F. Pinkerton.
Mr. B.F. Pinkerton.
Oh, that very high sounding name.
You Commander honorable
United States Fleet?
Commander? Oh, much more important
than that.
I'm the whole works.
With a little help from the President,
I practically run the U.S.
I'm a lieutenant.
Mister Lieutenant...
B.F. Pinkerton...
the whole works.
Here, wait a minute...
you mustn't do that.
What's wrong, please?
Well, it's not an American custom.
What is American custom, please?
That very interesting custom.
You're sweet.
Hey, Pinky, are you in there?
Oh, hello, stranger.
Come on in and join us.
Thank you, no.
I'm here on business.
Yeah, monkey business, I betcha.
The American humor
is of remarkable construction.
Wait a minute, I'll explain it to you.
Come with me,
I'll need your support.
Look, here's an easy one.
Olafsson and Greta had been married
about five years, see?
No, wait, you don't know the answer yet.
They had been married five years,
so one night...
Greta said to Olafsson
She said, 'Olie... '
Where is she? Is this the way
to treat a man of dignity, of culture
A most devastating accident,
A splinter maliciously embedded itself
in her dainty hand and...
The handsome officer who took her
into the garden
has probably removed it by now.
So! I might have known.
But I did not know she was
in the garden, excellency.
- I shall go for her at once.
- I shall never enter these doors again.
I fine you a hundred yen!.
You let him sue you, baby,
I know the judge.
I forgot!
Shameless one!
Your first night here
and you run to meet strange man
without consulting me.
I couldn't help it.
He was taken very ill.
You make me lose much money.
I will send you back to your mother.
Your venerable grandfather
will die of shame.
Hey, what's all the shouting for?
This miserable had a chance
to make a fine marriage
and she spoiled it with you.
Doesn't take much to spoil
a marriage around here, does it?
Yamadori, my best,
my wealthiest client.
What a commission I would have made
on her marriage.
And now it is lost.
What's the matter, Pinky?
Wait in here.
You're unnecessary.
If Madame Goro's patience
is a great as your stupidity
maybe she will teach you
the etiquette of geisha
Look here, Goro. I'd like to engage her
for myself for the evening.
That not possible.
She no ordinary geisha.
No man permitted alone with her
unless he has intention to marry.
I'll say, she's a honey.
If it weren't that I'd disappoint a lot
of other girls, I'd marry her myself.
What do you mean, marry?
Well, you know... er...
What's the matter?
Don't you savvy?
Acquaint this guy
with the facts of life, will you?
To marry, that very usual arrangement.
Not with me it isn't.
No, you don't catch on.
Marriage doesn't mean the same thing
to these people that it does to us.
What makes it so different?
All you have to do while here
is to sign a marriage contract
with the girl's parents
and that's that.
Yes. Contract most necessary.
Yeah? What about when we up anchor?
Well, you just leave, that's all.
And when you do
the girl is considered divorced.
That's pretty tough on the girl,
isn't it?
No, not at all.
A marriage broker like Goro here
gets her a new husband before
the old one is halfway down the front steps.
My list of wives always popular.
Especially beautiful,
high-class girls like Cho-Cho-San.
How soon can you get
a contract ready?
Very soon. But of course the family
must also consent.
Well, talk them into it, Goro.
Tell them I'm okay.
Yeah, he's a good old banana.
He comes from a grand bunch.
I make all arrangements.
I also get house for you.
But it will cost you much money to buy
geisha contract I now have with her.
And I must pay considerable sum
to her exalted family.
All right. That's not important.
Well, Cho-Cho-San?
You've got yourself a husband after all.
Thank you.
I try hard to make very fine wife...
Mister Lieutenant...
the whole works.
Well, what is this?
Those are just a few
of your new relatives.
Look at her.
Isn't she lovely?
Hey, hey, hold your honorable horses.
You can't even talk to her
until after the san-san kudo.
- San-san kudo?
- That's the marriage ceremony.
That's equivalent to saying 'I do".
Only over in this place they say it
with three cups of sake under their belts
instead of a skuttle of champagne.
Here's luck.
Well, down the hatch.
Are they going to stay
here all night.?
Yes, I think so.
They all very pleased to be here.
Will you excuse me a minute?
Well, well, after all these years
you haven't changed a bit.
Come over here, Barton.
Listen, do me a favor, will you?
Get these honorable relatives
out of here.
Get them out of here? They belong here.
What will I tell them?
I don't care, tell them anything
only get them out of here.
I feel about as private
as a monkey in the zoo.
Leave it to me, monkey.
Well, good night, and thanks awfully.
Kannon, goddess of peace and mercy...
pray have some effect on my
so beautiful and so peculiar husband.
The merciful goddess,
she make you come back.
Well, she didn't have much
of a job on her hands.
You don't know how hard you are
to stay away from, Cho-Cho-San.
I so glad. I say you were angry
with me and go away.
You are a strange little person.
If only I make speech
in my own language
I could tell you exactly
what in my heart.
Now, now, Cho-Cho-San,
please don't.
Everything's all right.
I thank you so much...
Mister Lieutenant
B.F. Pinkerton.
Your husband.
My husband.
Listen, how about giving
your husband a hug?
Don't they ever hug in Japan?
When a wife sees her husband
after a long absence
what's the first thing she does?
- This.
- Oh, no, no, no, darling.
You must never do that
to me again.
This is a hug.
Did you like it?
It's most pleasant.
And the next thing is a kiss.
Oh, I know that.
No, no.
I don't mean that.
You funny little darling.
Don't you know what a kiss is?
Before kiss, I love you.
Now I know I will love you
for always.
Naughty Miss Massachusetts.
Bad Mister Connecticut.
Even if you very special present
from Mr. B.F. Pinkerton,
you know very well no one allowed
sit in that chair,
except him, my honorable husband,
the whole works.
They becoming very large.
It is the excellent American food.
It's more likely those four goldfish
that once inhabited this bowl.
Please not to speak
in such Japanese manner.
You must try to speak
my honorable husband type of English.
Okay. I go hoopy in big way
for everything.
You talk very sour, Suzuki.
My husband say American house
filled with laughter all the time.
You must laugh, Suzuki,
That's great improvement.
So many bells. I must count.
Must be very late.
Hurry, Suzuki, here he comes!
He very happy tonight.
He sing very loud.
He make big stride, so.
He must have very big present
for his wife, I think.
- Why you wait, Suzuki?
- I have nothing better to do.
Well, how's everything?
Everything okay.
- How are your everything?
- Couldn't be better.
That very strange lump,
Mr. B.F. Pinkerton,
Where you get it all of a sudden?
Oh, that, that... hm...
That's my shore leave.
- Shore leave?
- Certainly, Oh, yes, yes, yes...
If I don't have one of those I can't get
off the ship to see my Cho-Cho-San.
Then why I never notice it before?
Well, as a rule, I leave it down
at the dock in a pale of ice water.
What for this ice water?
Well, you see, a shore leave
is a very delicate animal.
It's sort of a cross between
an oyster and a shark.
And if he doesn't get his bucket
of ice water every day
he's apt to get annoyed
and bite holes in your pocket.
Oh, he sounds like very
destructive creature.
- May I see it please?
- Sure, go ahead.
You make big joke with me like always.
So many beautiful presents
you always bring me.
Hello, Suzuki.
- You're looking fine.
- That is so.
What's all the noise for, Suzuki?
- She laugh.
- What at?
Just American custom.
Laugh at nothing.
Well, here's to looking at you.
- Down the hatch!
- Right!
Wonder where my pipe cleaners are.
Oh, Suzuki use them to wire reverend
grandmother's hair for funeral party.
So sorry.
I have very bad house keeper.
All right, there's an extra pack
in the top drawer of my trunk.
May I get it?
Here we are.
I find them like this.
Oh, thank you very much,
She very beautiful that American lady.
Oh, I guess she'd pass in a crowd.
She some lady you know very well?
Sure, sure, we've known
each other for years.
love you very much perhaps?
Oh, of course not.
What this writing say?
Oh, that?
That just says 'Lots of luck'.
But... maybe...
you very much in love with her.
How can I have room in my heart
for anyone but Madame Butterfly.
- Hello, darling.
- Hello, beautiful!
I so glad to see you,
Honorable Lieutenant Barton.
Of course you are.
All women are.
I'm nature in the raw.
Nature very wonderful sometime.
Did you hear that?
Excuse me. I go tell Suzuki
bring drinks.
Well, well, your English has improved.
Yes, I now speak like rich
Park Avenue lady.
Talk very fast. Say first word
that coming up in head.
What do you know about that?
That's funny.
She's as happy as though she didn't know
you'd be gone by tomorrow morning.
As a matter of fact,
I haven't told her yet, Bart.
- I didn't have the heart.
- Oh.
I couldn't spoil her last evening.
I understand.
Make mine a strong one, Butterfly.
I'll be right back.
Be with you in a moment, Barton.
When sufficient is poured,
please speak word me stop pour.
Ye... Whoa!
Excessively snappy service.
Oh, thanks.
Shrine look much better that way,
don't you think?
What did you change it for,
I no like old gods so much no more.
I like new God of my honorable husband.
What's he been telling you
about his God?
Oh, very nice things.
His God do not like divorce.
He say marriage made in Heaven.
He say continue to be married
till death do us part.
Most people seem to forget
that part of it.
They do?
How that is stupid.
That part I never forget.
there's one thing your husband
has forgotten to tell you...
Well, how about paying
a little attention to me?
When he say pay attention like that,
it mean he very hungry.
I go tell Suzuki make great speed.
Step on dinner.
Wait a minute.
Let's go to the hotel tonight for dinner.
What do you say?
Oh, I don't know, Bart...
What do you say, Cho-Cho-San?
They make swell cocktails.
Oh, cocktails?
Then I be just like American wife.
Quick! Quick!
Boy. I wouldn't be in your shoes
tonight for a million dollars.
This cocktail have wooden tail feather,
I think.
Here's how it started.
These American wives
have very tough throat.
Don't be silly.
It never touches their throats.
One of you two chaps
has awfully good taste.
This is Madame Butterfly.
Commander Anderson.
How do you do?
- Oh, sit down.
- Thanks.
No wonder we haven't been seeing
anything of you
for the last couple of months.
Well, that's been a break
for you fellows, hasn't it?
Why don't you come over
and join our party?
- No, thanks.
- Well, it's nice to have seen you, Commander.
Oh, I get you...
Last evening together
before we shove off, eh?
Shove off?
That's new word to me.
Up anchor, get going,
back to the good old USA.
I understand.
Thank you very much.
Please don't, Butterfly...
I know I should have told you, but...
I didn't want to spoil our last night.
I beg many pardons.
I forget to be good wife.
Everything okay?
Now everything is okay.
Now you sing song
same as always, please.
All right.
you not go back to that girl?
The girl in the picture?
Of course not.
You do love me...
not much...
just a little?
You are the sweetest thing
on earth.
Then maybe...
you come back to me?
Of course.
Surest thing you know.
I so happy you say that.
See? I smile now.
When you come back?
Oh, I don't know.
In the Spring, maybe.
When the robins nest again?
Yes, that's it.
When the robins nest again.
Good-bye, Butterfly.
Suzuki, come quick.
Look, little man. Look up there.
- What is it?
- It is a robin.
- He's very skinny one.
- He's special extra beautiful bird.
You may go.
Now he build nest
and then quick, as soon as he finish,
your papa come home.
How he make face of astonishment
when he see you.
He say, 'Hot dog!
How you get hold of that?'
Then I whisper so...
He say, 'You very clever girl
bring me son like that. '
Then he say,
'What's your name?'
And I say,
'We call him Trouble now. '.
We wait till you come back
to call him Joy.
Now, what you think of that?
That sound like very
Japanese reply to me.
If so, you get bounced
right out from here.
No one allowed speak anything
but United States language in this house.
Oh, look, dear, a robin.
Just think of a robin building it's nest
in the heart of New York.
Now Spring is really here.
What's wrong, Ben?
Oh, nothing.
It must be something.
You know, ever since
you've come back from Japan
you're different somehow.
Different, how?
I don't know...
Except that ever since we've been kids
we've always told each other everything.
But now...
for the first time there's something
you'd rather not tell me.
That makes me afraid.
There's nothing for you
to be afraid of, dear.
It's silly of me, I suppose.
But I do love you, Ben.
You know that, don't you?
Enough so that I can tell you
something that might hurt you?
As long as you don't say
that you stopped loving me.
No, nothing like that.
Just something I think you ought
to know about.
Daughter of my son,
this cannot go on.
It is our wish that you make an immediate
marriage with the noble Yamadori.
Most venerable grandfather,
Your wish great respect from myself.
But how I marry one man
when I still married to other?
He has deserted you.
Therefore you are divorced.
No. You not understand.
In his United States husband
not get divorced from wife like here.
They say, I go.
You go walk yourself back to parents.
What can a woman know
about such matters?
I have all this explained to me
by my husband.
The Honorable Lieutenant B.S. Pinkerton,
he say...
no one get divorced in United States
except to stand before judge...
for two, three, four, seven years...
Very tiring.
You think it reasonable my husband
go to all this trouble?
You were married
under the laws of our country.
These things do not apply to you.
But he say...
continue to be married...
till death do us part.
If only for the sake of your child
you should do as we request.
His honorable father would be most angry
if he not find us here
when he come back.
Bring down the wrath of the gods
upon your own head if you will...
but save your son this misery.
We love him and he should be
brought up as befits a Samurai.
Give him to us.
No, no, I cannot.
He's his child.
Everything in this house
belongs to him.
His money, his son, his God...
and me too.
We all belong to him.
You have forsaken the traditions
of your country.
You have forsaken your ancestors
and your gods.
You have dishonored our name.
From now on the door of my house
is forever closed against you.
From now on your mother
has no daughter.
Now we dot nobody in the whole world...
except him.
So he must come back.
It's third time these foolish
Japanese robins play trick on us.
Maybe Japanese robin
much too domestic and industrious.
Mama, papa come soon?
I go make visit to that
very wise American Consul.
Get me a rickshaw.
A lady wishes to see you, sir.
Says her name is Mrs. B.F. Pinkerton.
Mrs. Pinkerton?
That's funny.
I thought she was in San Francisco.
Show her in.
Good night.
- Night?.
- Oh, excuse, please.
I little bit rattled, I think.
I mean, good morning, I expect.
What did you say your name was?
Me? Oh...
I Mrs. Honorable Lieutenant
Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton.
I see.
You very well acquainted
with him, I expect?
Yes, I expect I am.
I come to ask you
a very important something, please.
All right, go ahead.
You know all about birds?
Well, I guess I know something
about them.
That's what I think.
That's why your country
send you here.
Because you know everything.
Oh, not everything.
But you know about robins?
Just little bit about robins?
I guess so.
What is it you want to know about?
How often do these robins
make nest in your United States?
I think not so much as here.
Maybe only every three,
four years, perhaps.
What makes you think that?
He say he come back to me...
when robin nest again.
Japanese robin nest two,
three time since then.
And he not come back yet.
What you think?
Now that I remember it...
in the Unites States the robins
only nest every three years.
Oh... I'm so glad you say that.
- All right now?
- Oh, yes, thank you.
I very much all right, sir.
You the most best nice man
in all world.
Best nice man except...
I think now I go pray.
Respectfully request my husband's God
to remind him to come back soon.
That's a good idea.
Mr. B.F. Pinkerton's God, very powerful...
very nice...
but I think perhaps he no understand
my language so well.
Maybe safer if I pray
to gods of my ancestors.
That's right.
Miss Fenton...
Take this radiogram, please.
Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton...
United States Fleet,
off Yokohama.
See me at once upon arrival.
That's all.
Look down, Hotoke-sama,
and listen while I respectfully request thee...
to let those American robins
keep their schedule.
Suzuki! Suzuki!
He has come! He has come!
Laugh, little man, laugh.
That big man, your father,
he coming soon.
Same face like that.
Only way up here.
Plenty surprise when he see you.
Then, right away,
he recognize you as his son.
That very easy
on account you have exact
resemblance to his honorable self.
Is that not so, Suzuki?
I not notice it until you speak.
We make his house more gay
like it has never been.
Go quick. Buy many lanterns.
Much flowers, much everything.
What we use for money?
How much less have we today
than yesterday?
This is all that is left.
Oh, how we have wasted
beautiful money.
Well, we be very American.
Spend everything.
Oh, darling.
- Oh, I missed you, honey.
- It's good to see you, dear.
- Your leave is for about two days?
- Yes.
I was on that boat too.
- Hello, Bart, how are you?
- Okay, okay.
Isn't this exciting?
I guess you haven't heard...
that the American Consul is giving
one of those first night parties of his.
Oh, say, that's what his radiogram
must have been about.
That was it. And don't you two
try to back out of it
because he's short on lives.
Well, he'll have to go short tonight
as far as I'm concerned.
I'll see him tomorrow.
See you at the hotel, Bart.
Good-bye, Barton.
- All right.
Very much nice American lady.
Well, well...
Hello, old girl, I wondered
what had become of you.
Oh, his pipe...
his tobacco jar...
Oh, how he be pleased
to find we keep this for him.
He's like his father always says:
one hundred per cent American.
Mama-san, Papa come soon?
Yes, yes, very soon now.
Oh, Suzuki...
I tell you what...
We play big joke on
Honorable Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton.
As soon we see him come,
you take baby...
hide him in the next room...
Then when I clap, so...
you bring him out like magician...
bring rabbit out from hat.
Six bells...
That means he come very quick now.
Come, Suzuki.
We watch here.
We see him quicker.
Cho-Cho san, the night has passed.
You must rest.
Soon he will be here.
Very soon now.
No use to wait any longer.
No use to wait?
I'll wait for always.
He forget you.
They always forget.
do not dare to speak like that.
I know he will come.
He not forget.
He not forget.
He will come.
And Sharpless said she's waited
for me all these years...
and never married again.
Don't feel so sadly about it, dear.
It isn't your fault.
I wish I could think that.
It's pretty much of a mess.
It'll all be cleared up
as soon as you see her...
and have a talk with her.
I hope so.
You don't mind my going
to see her, do you, dear?
I should mind very much
if you didn't.
I wonder...
I wonder if you'd come along with me.
It might be easier
if I thought you were nearby.
Of course I'll come, darling.
I'll wait here for you.
Thanks, dear.
Suzuki, he has come!
Hide him quick.
Don't make sound.
When I clap, bring him out.
Go, quick!
Oh, my so long absent husband.
I knew...
I always knew you do come back.
Come quick inside.
Everything just the same
as you left.
Except I have big surprise for you.
I can't stay very long.
Not stay?
You make big joke with me like always.
Maybe you forget your shore leave too.
I'm not joking, Cho-Cho san.
Is it because your ship
she sail right away again...
you must go?
If so, I very sorry, of course...
but I wait a little longer...
until you come back
to stay for always.
I'm never coming back, Cho-Cho san.
Never come back?
What have I done?
Oh, don't, Butterfly, please don't...
same lady...
as in picture?
She come here with you?
Yes, she...
She's my wife.
Oh, I never dreamed you'd wait.
They told me you'd forget
and go back to your own people.
I understand now.
I beg pardon...
I make such foolish mistake.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no need be sorry.
On contrary.
I wish you be excessively happy...
your wife.
Isn't there anything I can do,
Cho-Cho san?
Oh, no...
thank you very much.
If you excuse, please...
I go inside now.
Please to excuse me, little mistress.
But I hear silence for so long...
I afraid.
He gone, Suzuki.
But he will come back.
Not need wait anymore
for him to come back.
He gone for always.
He gone for always...
with lady in the picture
He go back to her.
She his wife now.
Oh, little man...
little man...
You wait so long
to see your honorable father...
and when he come
I not even tell him about you.
Maybe I wrong.
But I think you never
can be joy to him now.
Only trouble.
Your papa, he so fine, so beautiful man,
we want he should be happy for always.
Is it not so, my son?
So please forgive
if I disappoint you very much...
and not introduce you
to your illustrious father.
Look how his little hands
grasp your father's sword.
Already he's a samurai.
It is better so, perhaps.
Better for him now.
Better for you always.
May you hold this sword proudly
when you are a man.
May the law of the samurai
be written in your heart.
Take the child to my grandfather's house.
He shall be brought up
in the ways of his ancestors.
But you can't stay here alone.
I will follow soon.
Tell my grandfather...
I remain only long enough
to pray to the goddess Kannon...
that she may purify my heart.
I will tell him.
I'm so sorry I take you away
from happy Geisha House.
I only make you sad.
May the gods smile on you,
my son.
Go now.
Wash me clean
of all my impurities, Oh Kannon,
As one washes away uncleanliness
in the river Kamo.
He say...
death do us part.
I love you...
for always.
Lus Filipe Bernardes