Madama Butterfly (1975)

"Madam Butterfly"
Japanese Tragedy
By: Giuseppe Giacosa
Luigi Illica
Music by:
Giacomo Puccini
Mirella Freni
B. F. Pinkerton
Placido Domingo
Christa Ludwig
Robert Kerns
Michel Senechal
Prince Yamadori
Giorgio Stendoro
The Bonze
Marus Rintzler
Conducted by:
Herbert Von Karajan
Jean-Pierre Ponnelle
Act I
Atto I-1- E soffitto, e pareti
The ceiling and walls...
come and go just as you wish
Giving a different look
to the same place
different views to the usual ones.
Where's the wedding nest?
or there...depending...
It has false ends,, too!
And the living room?
One side glides...
I understand!
I understand!
Another one.....
slips along
It's a house of cards
Solid as a tower,
from floor to ceiling.
It would fold in the breeze.
This is the maid
who has already
served your bride
The cook
The manservant.
They are embarrassed
by the great honour.
Their names?
"Miss delicate Cloud."
"Ray of rising sun."
"Breath of scent."
2- Sorride Vostro Onore
Is your honor smiling?
a smile loosens the knot of worries
Wise Ocunama said:
"A smile breaks through
a web of trouble.
It opens the shell for the pearl,
to man it opens the gates
of Paradise.
Perfume of the gods...
fountain of life... "
The wise Ocunama has said:
"A smile breaks through a web of troubles."
Her chatter sounds
like all women
all over the world
What are you looking for?
To see if the bride's coming yet.
Is everything ready?
You're a gem of a marriage broker
The Registrar,
the relations,
your console ...
the bride
You'll sign the documents here,
and marriage is done.
Are there many relatives?
The bride's mother
and grandmother,
her uncle the Bonze
who won't honour us
with his presence,
And cousins, old folks,
Let's say, with their families
and contemporaries,
about two dozen.
As for descendants
that depends
on your honor...
and the pretty Butterfly
Jewel of a marriage broker
puff and stumble!
puff and stumble!
The Consul's coming up.
Those stones
have worn me out
Quick, Goro,
some refreshment
It's high up, here!
But, it's beautiful!
the sea,
the port ...
And a little house
that works by magic.
Is it yours?
I've bought it for 999 years,
with the right,
each month, to cancel the agreement.
In this country.
houses and contracts
are flexible.
the clever man makes the most of it.
3-Dovunque al mondo
Emperor Meiji prolongs USA Commercial Rights
All over the world,
the traveling American
does business...
He laughs at risks
He drops anchor
where he chooses
Milk punch or whisky?
He drops anchor
where he chooses
until a squall upsets
his ship,,
its moorings
and rigging
Life only satisfies him
Life is not worth living...
if he dos'nt gets the best
out of everywhere he goes
It's an easy gospel
the love of every pretty girl.
It's an easy gospel
It makes life pleasant,
but it leaves the heart cold.
Unruffled by defeat,
he grabs fortune by the neck
His talent
works everywhere
So I'm having a Japanese-style
marriage, for 999 years
Free to break the contract
every month
It's an easy gospel
Atto I-4-"America for ever!"
"America for ever!"
"America for ever!"
Is your bride very pretty?
A garland of fresh flowers
A star with
rays of gold
And cheap:
only 100 yen
If your honor
I have a good selection.
Go and fetch her, Goro.
What's got into you?
Are you really infatuated?
I don't know!
I don't know!
It depends on the degree of cooking!
I couldn't say if it's love
or just a whim
She's certainly
enticed me
with her simplicity
She's as a fragile as blown glass
So tiny
and dainty
like a figure
on a painted screen.
But suddenly she leaves
her varnished perch
with a sudden movement
she frees herself;
like a butterfly
she flutters and settles
with such quiet grace
that a madness seizes me
to pursue her,
even though
I might
damage her wings.
5- ler I'altro, il Consolato
Two days ago she came to the consulate
she came as a visiter !
I didn't see her myself
but I heard her speak.
The mystery of her voice
touched me to the heart.
It was the voice
of someone in love
It would be a great sin
to strip off those delicate wings
Or crush that trusting heart
My dear Consul,
don't worry! It's usual
It would be great pity ...
at your age to take a pessimistic view.
- There's nothing wrongl
- That heavenly
- if I want to teach those wings
- meek, pretty, little voice
- the sweet flight of love!
- shouldn't utter a note of sadness!
Another little glassful.
Here's to your family at home.
And to the day
when I shall get married
with real wedding ...
to a real
American bride.
6- Ecco! Son giunte al sommo del pendio
They've got to the top of the hill
You can hear their buzzing
like the wind
through the leaves
Ah! Ah!
Ah!What an expanse of sky!
What an expanse of sea!
Just a few more step now...
You are so slow!
There we've reached the place!
look, Look at all the flowers!
A spring breeze..
floats the earth
What an expanse of sky!
What an expanse of sea!
- a joyous breath of spring.l
- Oh, the gay chatter of youth!
I am the happiest
girl in Japan,
or rather,in the whole world.-
Friends, I have come
What an expanse of sky!
What an expanse of sea!
- at the call of love
- Joy to you,
- I have come to the portals of love...
- Joy to you, sweet friend,
Joy to you, sweet friend,
- where is gathered the happiness..
- but before crossing the threshold
- of all who live and die.
- which draws you,turn and look at
the things which you hold dear,
look at all that sky,
of all who
live and die.
of all who live and die.
I have come
at the call of
We have arrived.
B. F. Pinkerton.
7- Gran ventura
great fortune
Our respects.
Was the climb a bit difficult?
for a well-brought bride..
not as hard as the hours of waiting
What a nice compliment
I know better ones
A jewelry!
if you'd like to hear some now
Miss Butterfly.
A pretty name,
it suits you to perfection.
Do you come from Nagasaki?
Yes sir.
From a family
was wealthy once.
Isn't that so?
That's so
No one
admits he was born in poverty.
There's not a beggar
who, to hear him,
doesn't come of great lineage
I have known riches.
But storms uproot
the strongest oak
And we worked
as geishas
to support ourselves.
Didn't we?
We did
I don't hide it,
or feel ashamed
[noticing that Sharpless smiles]
you laugh?
life is like that.
That childlike manner of hers
sets my heart on fire
Have you any sisters?
No sir
I have my mother.
A noble lady
But without wronging her,
very poor, too.
And your father?
How old are you?
Make it more.
Make it less.
Just exactly fifteen;
I am old already.
Fifteen years!
Fifteen years!
The age for toys
And candies
8- L'imperial Commissario
The high Commissioner
and the Official Registry,
Get on with it quickly.
What a joke
this parade
of my new relatives
My temporary family.
There he is!
Certainly behind that sail
Fan pavonazzo ...
My mother-in-law lurks
And that thing from overwork
is the mad, drunken uncle
Here, she was chosen,
she acts like she's better than you
Because she was chosen
she acts like she's better than you
- He'll divorce her.
- I hope so.
She's losing her looks
For goodness' sake,
keep quiet!
Is there any wine here?
Let's have a look.
I just saw some,
some is crimson.
some the color of tea
He's so handsome
one just couldn't imagine anything better!
Of course, you would!
He's not handsome, truly.
Goro offered him to me too,.
But I turned him down
To me he looks like a king
In truth he divorced.
I hope so. He'll divorce her
For goodness sake, keep quiet!
Sch! Sch! Sch!
My lucky young friend!
Yes, it is true,
she's a flower in bloom
- Her exotic fragrance ...
- on whom Fate has bestowed
- makes my head spin
- this newly opened flower!
I've never seen such a lovely girl
No lovelier girl have I ever seen
than this Butterfly.
-and, upon my honour, I've plucked her!.
- And if you don't take this contract
and her trust seriously
She believes All this!
Mother, come here.
Do as I say:
everyone bow
9- Vieni, amor mio!
Come, my love!
do you like our little house?
Mr. B. F. Pinkerton,
excuse me...
I've brought,
a few woman's things
Where are they?
They're here..
you don't mind?
Why should I,
my pretty Butterfly?
A sash
A little clasp.
A mirror
A fan
What's that pot?
A jar of rouge.
for shame!
Don't you like it?
A way with it!
And that?
Something sacred to me
Can I see it?
we're being watched..
Forgive me.
It's a present
from the her father.
who suggested...
And her father?
My Ottoke.
These puppets?
You said?
They are the spirits
of my ancestors.
Ah ...
my respect.
10- leri son salita
Yesterday I went
all alone
in secret, to the Mission.
With my new life
I can adopt
a new religion.
My uncle, Bonze, doesn't know,
nor do my relatives
I follow my destiny ...
Full of humility
I bow to the God of Mr. Pinkerton.
It is my destiny
In the same church ...
kneeling beside you
I'll pray to the same God.
and to make you happy...
I will
try to forget my people
My dearest love!
11- Tutti zitti!
Quiet, everybody!
It is permitted to the herein named
Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton...
Lieutenant in the warship Lincoln,
United States Navy,
North America,
and to Miss Butterfly
of the Omara district of Nagasaki,
to be united in matrimony,
the first by right
of his own wish
and she with consent
of her relations
who witness to the contract.
The bridegroom.
Then the bride
And everything is done.
Madam Butterfly!
Madam B. F. Pinkerton.
My best wishes.
Many thanks.
Is the consul going down?
I'll go along with you.
see you tomorrow?
May you have many children
I'll try.
remember !
And here we are family
Let's get rid of all these people
as soon as we decently can.
Hip. hip!
12- O Kami! O Kami!
O Kami! O Kami!
Let's drink to the new bonds.
O Kami! O Kami!
Let's drink to the new bonds.
We drink,
we drink!
O Kami! O Kami!
Let's drink to the new bonds.
13- Cio-Cio-San!
It's an Abomination!
Her uncle the Bonze!
Damn the trouble maker!
How do we get rid
of such nuisances?
What were you up to at the mission?
Answer, Cho-Cho-San!
What's that madman shouting about?
Answer, what did you do?
Answer, Cho-Cho-San!
What, Have you no tears?
So then, these are the fruits?
She has betrayed us all
Hou! Cio-Cio-San!
I tell you she has renounced
the ancient cult of the ancestors.
Hou! Cio-Cio-San!
Kami sarundasico!
Hou! CioCioSan!
your soul will be tortured
awaits your soul
Hey, that's enough, I say!
Come, everybody!
Let us go!
She has disowned us
and we ...
disown you
Get out of here at once.
I'll have no shindy in my house
and none of this hocus-pocus!
Hou! Cio-Cio-San!
Kami sarundasico!
We renounce you!
We renounce you!
14- Bimba, bimba,
Dear child,
do not Cry
over that croaking of frogs.
They're still howling!
The whole tribe of them
and all the bonzes in Japan
aren't worth a tear
from your sweet
pretty eyes!
Then I won't cry any more.
And I scarcely mind
their repudiation
because of your words
which echo so sweetly in my heart.
What are you doing?
My hand?
I've been told that over there
among well-bred people
it's a sign
of greater respect
And Izaghi and Izanami
Sarundasico, e Kami
Who's that muttering in there?
It's Suzuki
saying her evening prayers.
15- Viene la sera...
Night is falling.
bringing darkness and peace.
And you're here alone ...
Alone and renegade!
but happy!
Come here
and close up the house.
Yes, yes,
we are all alone...
and the world is shut outside...
And the furious monk.
my clothes.
Good night
How I've longed
to take off this sash,
With motions squirrel!
- let the bride be dressed
- The knots are coming undone!!
- in pure white.
- To think that this little toy
- Whispering to himself
- is my wife!
My wife!
- If I could only hide!
- she is so graceful..
It makes me blush so!
I am consumed with fever ..
And still
of sudden desire!
I still hear that curse
but happy.
Dear child,
with eyes full of witchery,
now you are all mine.
You're as pure as a lily
I love your dark tresses
amid the white veils.
I am like the moon-goddess,
The little goddess of the moon
the goddess of the moon that descends
who comes down at night
from the bridge of heaven
And captivates hearts
It takes them,
and wraps them
in a white cloak.
And carries them away
to the higher regions.
But meanwhile,
you haven't told me yet,
you haven't told me
you love me.
Does that goddess
tell you the words
that satisfy burning desire?
She does
Maybe she's unwilling
for fear of having
for fear of having
a death!
Foolish fear
love does not kill,
but gives life
And smiles for heavenly joys
I see it now
in your long
oval eyes
For me
you are now
the eye of heaven.
And I liked you
from the first moment
I set eyes on you.
You are tall, strong
You laugh out so heartily.
And you say things
I've never heard in my life before.
I'm happy now,
I'm happy now,
16- Vogliatemi bene...
Love me
with a tender love,
like you would to a baby.
the kind that suits me.
Love me
We are people accustomed
to gentle things
humble and quiet ...
and tenderness
spillway and even deep ..
as the sky,
as deep sea
let me kiss
your sweet hands
My Butterfly!
How well named you are
fragile butterfly!
They say that overseas
if a man catches
any butterfly
he pierces it fixed to a board!
There's some truth in that;:
and do you know why?
So that it can't fly away again.
I've caught you...
and I 'll hold you
You are mine!
Yes, for life
Come come!
Cast away all sad fears
out of your heart!
The night is so calm!
Look: everything is asleep!
Oh, lovely night!
Come come!
so many beautiful stars!
- Never have I seen you beautiful!
- And clear night!
Ah! Come come!
And clear night!
Look: everything is asleep!
lovely night!
What a lot of stars!
Come come!
Never have I seen them so beautiful!
Come come!
Every spark twinkles and shines
Come, you are mine!
like the sparkle of an eye.
kick the fear from your heart!
- Ah! The sky is full of dancing eyes
- You serro throbbing. You are mine!
- On all sides to look upon!
- Ah! Come, you are mine!
- In the sky,...
- Ah!Come along See,
- along the shore,, out to sea
- sleeps everything!
I tremble when I hold you
.. Ah! Vien!
Ah! The sky is full of dancing eyes
- dancing eyes!
- Look, everything is asleep!
- Ah! Come. Ah! Come come!
- Ride the sky! Ah!
Oh, lovely night!
- In a ecstasy of love
- Come! Ah! Come!
- heaven smiles!
- You are mine! Oh, come!
"Three years pass by.
despite his long absence...
Butterfly still awaits
Pimkerton's return"
Atto II- 17- E Izaghi ed Izanami,
Izaghi, Izanami,
sarundasico Kami
Oh! My head!
And thou, Ten-Sjoo-daj,
don't let Butterfly
cry any more,
any more.
any more.
Fat and lazy
are the gods of Japan.
The American God,
I'm sure,
is much quicker in answering
those who pray to him.
But I'm afraid he may not know
we have our home here.
how much money is left?
This is all we have left.
Oh! Too many expenses!
If he does not come back
and soon,
we shall be in a trouble.
he will be back!
Are you sure?
Why does he arrange for the Consul
to look after the rent?
Tell me, quick!
Why did he take such care to have
the house fitted with locks...
if he didn't mean to come back again?
I don't know.
You do not know?
I'll tell you then:
in order to keep mosquitos,
and troubles outside,
and inside,
jealously guarded,
his wife
his wife
his wife - me
No one has ever heard
of a foreign husband
returning to his home.
Be quiet,
or I'll kill you!
On that last morning,
"Are you coming back, sir?"
I asked him.
with a heavy heart ...
trying to hide his unhappiness from me,
smiling he replied:
O Butterfly...
my dear sweet little wife,
I'll return with the roses
in that happy season
when the robin
builds his nest."
He'll come back.
Let us hope so.
Say it with me:
He'll come back.
He'll come back.
You're crying?
Whatever for?
Oh, you are lacking in faith!
18- Un bel di, vedremo...
One fine day, we'll see ...
a trail of smoke arising
from the edge of the sea's horizon,
and then
the ship will appear.
a white ship
enters the port ...
it's guns thundering a slute
He's come!
I won't go down to meet him.
I'll stand there
on the brow of the hill
and wait,
and wait a long time,
and I don't mind
the long wait.
Emerging from the city crowds ...
A man,
a little speck
Climbing the hill;
Who will be?
who will be?
And when he arrives,
What will she say?
what will he say?
He will call "Butterfly"
from the distance
I, without answering,
I'll stay hidden,
partly to tease,
and a little '...
not to die
at the first meeting
And he rather worried
he'll call
he'll call
"My dear little wife,
fragrance of verbena!" -
the names he gave me
when he came here.
this will happen,
I promise you.
Keep your fears
with unalterable faith
I shall wait .
"meanwhile, unexpectable vistors
came calling on Butterfly."
19- C'. Entrate.
She's there. Go in.
Excuse me.
madame Butterfly...
Madame Pinkerton
My dear consul,
You remember me?
to American home
your honorable ancestors
are quite well?
I hope so.
Will you smoke?
I have here...
Sir, I see the skies are blue.
I Have ...
Perhaps you'd like
American cigarettes?
I have to show you ...
Here you are.
B. F. Pinkerton has written to me...
Is he well?
I am the happiest woman in Japan
May I ask you a question?
When they make their nest
in America
What did you say?
before or after they do here?
My husband promised me
to return in that happy season
when the robin
builds his nest again.
Here he's redone
three times ...
maybe there it happens
it doesn't nest so often.
Who's that laughing?
Oh, it's the marriage-broker.
A bad man
at your service.....
Be quiet.
He dared... ...
No,..first answer
my question.
I'm sorry, but I don't know.
I haven't studied ornithology.
20- Non lo sapete insomma.
So you don't know in fact.
We were saying...
Ah, si.
as soon as B. F. Pinkerton
Was at sea
I was
he came annoying me
with gossip and presents,
offering me first this one,
then that one in second marriage.
Now he's promising me riches
from a silly idiot.
The rich Yamadori
She hasn't a penny.
Her relations
have all renounced her.
There he is. Look.
aren't you tired
of pining for love?
will you still slash your wrist
if I refuse you a kiss?
One of the most annoying things
is hopeless sighing.
You've had so many wives by now
you must be used to it.
I married them all ...
and divorce has set me free.
I am flattered
- But with you it would be forever.
- I'm afraid I shan't succeed
in delivering the message...
villas, servants, oro,
to Omara
a princely palace!
I,m already committed.
She thinks she's married.
I don't think so -
I am.
I am.
But the law ...
I know nothing
for the wife has made desertion
equivalent to divorce.
Japanese law ...
not in my country.
Which country?
The United States
The poor woman!
21- Si sa che aprir la porta
We're quite aware that to open the door
and chase out the wife
with no further ado
is called divorce here.
But in America
you can't do that.
Can you?
But ...
There, a good judge,
grave and upright,
says to the husband:
"You want to go away?
Let us hear why?"
"I'm bored
with married life!"
And the magistrate:
"You rascal,
into prison with you, quick!"
Suzuki, tea.
22- Udiste?
You heard?
her blindness depresses me
Pinkerton's ship
is already signalled.
When she sees him again...
He doesn't wish to show himself.
I have come expressly
to take her out of deception.
If your Grace will allow me?
What tiresome people!
I leave you with my heart
full of grief,
but still I hope
sorry for that.
Ah! If you would like ...
The trouble is,
I don't want to.
23- Ora a noi.
Now to us.
Sit down here.
Will you read
this letter with me?
Give it to me.
To my lips,
on my heart...
You're the kindest man in the world.
Please begin.
"My dear friend, will you go and see
that pretty girl... "
Does he really say that?
Yes, he does,
but if every moment...
I'll keep quiet,
I'll keep quiet.
I won't interrupt .
"Since that happy days
three years have gone by... "
He's counted them, too!
"And perhaps Butterfly
does not remember me any more."
Not remember him?
you tell him.
"may not remember me any more... "
"If she still loves me,
and still waiting.. "
Oh, what sweet words!
bless this letter!
"I beg you
to be so good as,
with tact, to prepare her gently..."
He's coming.
"... for the shock."
Quick! Quick!
this is unbearable!
I must break it to her without more ado.
damn Pinkerton!
24- Ebbene,
what would you do,
Madam Butterfly,
if he were never
came back?
Two things
I could do:
go back
go back to entertaining people
with my songs;
Or else,
It grieves me deeply to rob you
of your illusions.
but Accept the proposal
of the wealthy Yamadori.
you, sir,
say this to me!
Great God,
what can I do?
Come here. Suzuki,
quickly, quickly,
His Grace is leaving.
he goes
Are you throwing me out?
I beseech you,
already not worth the stress.
I was brutal,
I don't deny it.
Oh, you hurt me
so much,
so much,
so much,
so much,
it's Nothing!
it's Nothing!
I thought I would die..
But it's already passed,
as passag clouds on the sea
He is forgotten me?
25- E questo?
And this?
And this?
And this
can her forget this too?
It is his?
Who ever saw
a Japanese child
with blue eyes?
And his mouth?
And his curls
of pure gold?
It's obvious.
And does Pinkerton know?
The child was born
after he'd gone back
to his great country .
But you
will write him
that a son
is waiting for him here!
And then you'll see
if he doesn't come hurrying
over the land
and across sea!
Do you know the heart
of this gentelman thinks of?
26- Che tua madre dovr
That your mother would have
to take you in her arms
in the rain
and the wind
walk the city streets
to earn you food
and clothing,
and to the pitying crowd
stretch out a trembling hand,
"Listen, listen
to my sad tale.
Charity for an unhappy mother!
move to pity. "
And Butterfly
oh, horrible fate
will dance for you!
And as she used to do,
the geisha will sing!
And the geisha will sing
a merry song will end in a sob!
Oh no, no, never!
Not that profession
which leads to dishonour!
To dance no more!
Rather my life
to be ended!
Ah! Dead!
How pitiful!
I must go back now.
Will you forgive me?
give him your hand.
What pretty fair curls!
What is your name, darling?
Reply: Today my name
when you write-
to Daddy tell him
that the day he comes back
my name will be:
my name will be:
Your father shall know it
I promise you.
27- Vespa! Rospo maledetto!
Serpent! Accursed toad!
What's happened?
He buzzes round us,-the vampire!
And every day...
to the four winds he spreads abroad-
that nobody knows who the baby's father is!
I only said
that over there in America
when a child is born so unfortunate
he will always be an outcast
among people!
Ah! You lie! You lie! You lie! Ah! You lie!
Ah! You lie!-
Say it again and I will kill you! -
Get out!
You'll see, my little love,
my sorrow and my comfort,
My little love,
ah, you'll see ...
your father will
take us
far away-to his own country
far away.
The harbour gun!
28- Una nave da guerra
A warship!
The American flag of the stars
Now it's to drop anchor.
Steady my hand
so that I can see the name...
the name,
the name,
Here it is:
Abraham Lincoln!
All they did lied!
Everyone! -
I alone knew...
Only I who love him.
see how foolish your doubts were?
He's come!
He's come! He's come!
Just when every body
when everybody said:
weep and despair!
My love triumphs,
yes, triumphs!
My faith
is completely vindicated!
He has come back
and he
loves me!
29- Scuoti quella fronda di ciliegio
Shake that branch of the cherry tree
and inundates me of fine
Let that fragrant rain
cool my fever
Madam, calm yourself
Don't cry ...
no, I'm laughing!
How long shall we have to wait for him?
What do you think?
An hour?
Two hours maybe
must be full of flowers,
as many stars in the sky
pick more.
All of them?
All the flowers!
All the flowers!
yes, Peach blossom, violets, jasmine -...
every bush, plant
or grass, or tree flowers!
A Desolate winter
It will be all over the garden.
Throughout the spring
I want scents here
Throughout the spring
It will be all over the garden.
Here you are, Madam.
Pick some more.
You used to come to this hedge
so often to gaze
in tears,
in the deserted immensity.
The long-awaited one has come,
I ask nothing more of the sea,
I gave tears to the soil,
it gives its flowers to me!
The garden's bare.
Is it? Then come
and help me.
put Roses at the entrance
Throughout the spring
I want scents here
Sow fair April
sow april
All spring beauty
I want scents here
- Lilies? Violets?
Scatter Around, around
Sow fair April
Sow fair April
-His chair let us twine...
- lilies, roses spandi
- with flower garlands!
- I want all the perfume of spring
- Lilies, violets around spandi - Pour lilies, violets
Let us sow April all about us.
We throw in hands full ...
violets and tuberoses,
blossoms of verbena,
petals of every kind!
blossoms of verbena,
Petals of each flower!
30- Or vienmi ad adornar
Now, come and dress me
But no! First bring me the baby.
I'm no longer what I was.
These lips have breathed too many sighs...
and these eyes have gazed
too hard into the distance.
Give my face
a touch of rouge...
and you too, little one,
so that the long wait
won't leave your cheeks
pale and hollow.
Keep still,
I have to do your hair.
What will they say now?
And Uncle Bonze?
All of them so glad
at my sad plight!
And Yamadori, with his languishing!
Ridiculed, disgraced,
Ridiculed, disgraced,
the unkind creatures!
I've finished.
The sash I wore as a bride.
Bring it here for me to put on.
I want him to see me dressed
as I was that first day.
And a red poppy
in my hair..
. like that.
Now we'll make three little holes
in the paper screen to look through,
and we'll stay quiet
as mice, waiting.
Atto III
31- Intermezzo
32- Coro A Bocca chiusa
33- Gi il sole!
The sun's up already!
He'll come
he'll come, you'll see.
Go and rest,
you're tired out...
When he arrives
I'll call you.
Sleep, my love,
sleep on my heart.
You are with God,
and I'm with my sorrow.
On you shine the rays
of the golden stars...
Sleep, my child.
Poor Butterfly!
Sleep, my love,
sleep on my heart.
You are with god,
and I'm with
my sorrow.
Poor Butterfly!
34- Chi sia?
Who can that be?
Hush! Hush!
Don't wake her.
She was quite worn out!
She has been standing waiting for you
all night long with the baby.
How did she know?
For three years now
no ship has put into the harbour
without Butterfly scrutinising
its colour
and flag from afar.
I told you, didn't I?
I'll call her...
not yet.
You see,
last night, the room
flowers all over
I told you, didn't I?
This is dreadful!
Who's out there in the garden?
A woman!
Shut up!
Who is it? Who is it?
Best tell her everything.
Who is it? Who is it?
She has come with me.
Who is it? Who is it?
His wife.
Holy spirits of my ancestors!
For the little one
the sun has gone out!
the sun has gone out!
We chose this early hour
in order to find you alone,
and in this hour of trial
to seek some means of consolation
and support with you.
What good is it?
What good is it?
35- Io so che alle sue pene
I know that her penis
there is no consolation.
But the child should
secure his future.
- Oh, the bitter perfume
- the pitiful
of these flowers
that does not dare to enter ...
- is poison to the heart!
- will care like a mother
for the child.
Oh, I'm so miserable!
The room where we loved
is unchanged...
- And you want me to ask a mother...
- Come, speak to that kind lady
- has the chill of death
- and bring her in here.
- Oh, I'm so miserable!
Even if Butterfly
should see her,
On the contrary,better if she should realize
the truth through seeing her.
Three years have passed,
and she has counted the days and the hours!
Come, Suzuki, come...
I can't stay here...
Oh, I'm so miserable!
Sharpless, I'll wait for you on the way back...
36- Non ve I'avevo detto?
Didn't I tell you so?
You give her some help...
I am completely crushed by remorse.
I am completely crushed by remorse.
I told you!
Do you remember?
When she gave you her hand,
"Beware!" I said, "she believes in all this!"
I was prophet allor
she wasDeaf to advice,
deaf to all doubts,
a victim of scorn,
obstinately waiting,
she fortified her heart.
Yes, it's all my fault
I see now
and realise I shall never
find respite from this torture.
respite from this torture.
The sad truth
she must hear the truth alone.
37- Addio,
flowery refuge
of happiness
and love...
Her sweet face will haunt me ever,
torturing me agonizingly.
Her trusting heart
already senses the truth
-Farewell, flowery refuge...
- I told you
- Do you remember?and my words were prophetic then!
- I can't bear your desolation...
I can't bear the sorrow...
I flee. I flee.
ah. I am vile!
I can't bear the sorrow
I flee. I flee.
ah. I am vile!
Will you tell her that?
I promise.
And you'll advise her
to trust me?
I promise.
I'll care for him like my own son.
I believe you
But it must be quite alone with her...
in this hour of crisis!
quite alone
She'll cry so bitterly!
She'll cry so bitterly!
38- Suzuki...
Where are you?
Here I am...
I was praying tidying up...
Don't come in... no... no...
NO, no, no
He's here,
he's here...
where's he hidden?
He's here,
He's here,
There's the Consul...
and where?
. where?
He isn't here!
That woman?
What does she want?
Nobody speaks!
Why are you crying?
NO, do not tell me anything ...
or I might die right here
39- Tu, Suzuki,
You, Suzuki,
who's always so kind
don't cry!
if you realy love me..
just whisper yes or no
Is he alive?
But he won't come back any more.
They've told you?
Will you answer me?
he'll never come back.
Buthe arrived yesterday?
Oh, that woman makes
me feel so afraid,
so afraid!
She is the unwitting cause
of your misfortunes.
Forgive her.
Ah! she's his wife!
Everything is finished for me!
Everything is over! Oh!
Be strong.
They want to take everything
away from me! My son!
it will be better for him
Oh, unhappy mother!
unhappy mother!
To give up
My son!
Very well then!
I must obey him
Can you ever forgive me, Butterfly?
Under the great dome of heaven,
there isn't a happier woman than you.
Be so always,
do not be sad for me
Poor little thing!
it's devastating
will you give us the child?
I will give his son..
if he comes to get him
come back in half an hour
40- Come una mosca prigioniera
Like a fly captive
her little heart is beating!
There's too much light ,
too much spring.
Close the screens !
Where's my child?
He's playing..
Shall I call him?
Let him play...
Let him play...
Go and keep him company.
I'll stay with you.
'Go, go'.
I order you
41- "Con onor muore
"who dies with honour
who cannot live with honour."
Your? Your? Your?
my little angle
My Love, my love,
flower of the lily and rose.
Never know:
for you,
for your innocent eyes,
Butterfly is about to die...
so that you may go
away beyond the sea
never regretting
when you get old
that your mother was deserted
Oh, you who have come down to me
from high heaven,
take a good long look..
long look..
to your mother's face,
that you may keep a faint memory of it,
Look well!
Little love,
my little love!
and play.
and play.