Madaari (2016)

The Hawk swooped on the
prey and carried it away..
Story sounds believable,
but you don't like to hear it..
The prey then attacked the hawk.
Sounds unbelievable,
but is so pleasing to hear..
A shocking news story,
your heart will skip a beat!
A story you'll refuse to believe!
The common man will be
forced to ask.
When 'they' themselves aren't safe,
what is to happen of us'?
When he couldn't protect his own home,
hovv then will he protect our homes?
The biggest news-story today!
'When'? 'Where? 'V\/hy?'
'Hovv?' ..they won't tell...
But this news is certain that.
The Home Minister's
son has been kidnapped.
Watch where you're going!
L-low can anyone just kidnap
the Home Minister's son'?
They're simply spreading rumors.
- What happened?
Swatantra TV is going
to get in trouble with the Cops.
Yes, yes...
It was on a Hindi News Channel.
Dad! Stop it! It can't be true.
You barely understand Hindi.
What if this is a rumour?
A big news story
coming up from Bihafis...
a big news story
coming up from Mumbai!
A section of the Metro
over-bridge has collapsed.
News of 'Farmer Suicides' are now coming
in from different parts of the country..
'Progress' is nowhere in sight.
Nothing is getting accomplished.
All one hears is Scandals'
on the News.. nothing else to show!
Corruption in India has to stop.
It has been going on for
too long, and now with
the growing economy,
the amount is bigger.
Until and unless someone takes an
initiative, nothing can be done about it.
What can the ordinary people do? They'll
have to bear the five year tenure...
'They' will decide for us
whether the times are good or ugly..
More than twenty-eight
people lost their lives in the.
Bridge collapse across
the Chambal River in Rajasthan.
Six people are dead.
Twelve people have lost their lives.
This terrible tragedy
was a result of negligence...
There is definitely
a lapse somewhere...
Long live the revolution!
We want Justice!
There is no help from MCT...
Some lives can be saved here!
The Government is silent. Everything
they are looting! I mean this is high time!
They fill their pockets
up by hiking Diesel-Petrol prices.
The poor get poorer..
But the Government does nothing
to fill the pockets of the poor.
Prices of vegetables are so unreasonable,
can't really choose what to cook.
We could survive plainly on Water,
but the taps are running dry too!
The Puppeteer.
Someone will enter
and see you like this.
My tears will violate
your protocol. Is it?
No Prashant! Not this time.
I want my son!
He is my son too, Jaya.
Fine then bring him back to me.
If we were under no threat,
then where is Rohan?
I kept telling you let us
send him to London, at my sister's.
But you wouldn't listen.
It would have ruined
your Socialist image.
I have got Nachiket on this, okay.
- Yeah, sure!
He will be here any -
Where the hell is Nachiket?
They had me handle the party,
when I was to become a Minister.
Now they want me
to handle the Minister too.
Where is Nachiket?
Home Minister is meeting him first.
That's the NIA Chief, Raghuvaran.
That's Director of IB, Bakshi.
And what's the RAW chief's name?
Some Singh?
Hello, Mr. Shivender Singh.
- Hello, sir.
Please sit down.
Please, sir.
Sir you first.
Mr. Nimbalkar.
Such an important case to the CBI?
To a Joint-Director ranked officer?
And Nachiket is a lot junior to us.
It's a collective responsibility,
why not a collective decision?
We need a party loyalist right now.
Nachiket is very competent.
As a cop he knew all the
kidnapper gangs in his region.
In the Court he would address
these thugs by their first name.
In politics, election ticket
is given on the basis of Caste,
while a case, on the basis of Stature.
He will be the team-leader.
And he will find out who
kidnapped Rohan, why and where to.
- Hmm!
It isn't time yet.
Uncle, chicken momo.
Phoenix is sleeping.
Phoenix is stationary and safe.
Zero hundred hours,
Phoenix is stationary, safe.
First inspection, midnight.
Get up.
Phoenix is sleeping.
We've got to return before 4:00 am.
Not from here, from back route!
Quick! Run!
Here take this uncle.
Spidi wait for me!
Do cops ask for your license?
Of course they do.
Once you pay them off,
they stop asking for it.
One fried rice.
Where can one get a food-cart?
- Lots of places.
I first started on a moped.
- Why?
Sometimes I had to make a run for it.
Here, your money.
Spidey, momos.
- Let us go! It will be 4 o'clock soon.
Babulaal must be on his way.
Four hundred hours.
Phoenix is stationary and safe.
Second inspection, sharp 4 o'clock.
Then a gap of four hours again.
I will go on my own,
but will you come to pick me up'?
So the kid was abducted
between 12 and 4 am.
And it is 8 am right now.
We've been raiding suspects in Dehradun for
the last 4 hours, but haven't found him.
Wasn't he under 24 hour surveillance?
Yes but Mr. Home Minister withdrew it
after the security reforms last year.
There were just the two of us.
The School threw a tantrum.
On school authorities' advice,
security presence inside was reduced.
But Rohan knew both
of us were outside.
The other kids told us he would
sneak out by climbing over a wall..
After listening
to his stationary report.
That's how he earned
his nickname 'Spideyi.
Bur the other kids
never hinted a thing.
Boarding school kids have
different codes and ethics.
You should've won over one of
them to keep an eye on Rohan.
They will never use their brains.
People learn after it is over.
Who could've predicted that Rohan
would run into his kidnappers himself.
Spidey! Spidey! l-lousie! l-lousie!
Do you Know... Do you Know..
Into 2... Speak up.
Into 2...
Into 2...
Into 2...
Into 2 meaning...
- Spidi...
you are repeating everything twice...
- Spidi things are spinning around...
Twice... twice...
- Spidi...
Black Day.. Command come in!
Command come in! Black Day!
Did you inform his security outside?
Two kids are missing, sir.
He isn't here, sir!
He has been drugged.
But he should be fine. I will visit
again in half an hour.
What is the status of the Army?
All our units are on standby.
We will cover from Dehradun Cantonment
to Modi Nagar and Saharanpur.
No, sir. I don't think
we should deploy the army.
Why not Nachiket?
Only the Army is competent.
Excuse me sir, can I?
Your units will cover these areas.
And triangulate the kidnappers here.
- Absolutely, officer.
Kidnappers will realize
that they are trapped.
Their stakes are too high.
And pardon me for
what I am about to say.
They will panic.
Slash the boy's throat
and disappear in the crowd.
And we will never know their faces.
Cheeku! Where are you?
Listen.. You will hurt yourself!
Cheeku, sky is falling.
Be careful.
What do you want?
- Cheeku be careful!
Are you hungry'?
We should keep the units on standby,
but not deploy them.
We should search the kid..
Like he is an ordinary
business man's son..
And not the Home Minister's.
So that's your strategy?
I am sorry, sir.
But there is no strategy yet.
We need half an hour to
absorb and filter the information.
The basis on which to act
will decide our strategy.
We will need to setup a central command
office right here at your residence.
Not at the North block.
We may have information
leaks from there.
I will need a team,
which I will personally handpick.
Whatever needs to be done,
we'll need to do it together.
Nachiket, I am giving you a free hand.
I want Rohan. I am not interested
in inter-agency politics.
Thank you, Mr. Home Minster.
It is better if the decisions
are made by one person.
But we can decide on a
strategy to find Rohan together.
That is, if he is still in captivity.
This is the Jungle Your Highness.
You have been running
in circles for half an hour.
Did you ever get off your car
to walk this long?
You will tire yourself!
Come along.
Anything yet?
- No, sir.
- All the units are on standby, sir.
He is a terrorist.
That is why there
is no ransom call yet.
Who would dare make a ransom
call to the Home Minister?
Who is dealing with the opposition?
- Mr. Nimbalkar.
Mr. Jogi... you can make
an issue out of this saying.
He couldn't protect his son,
hovv will he protect the country.
But we are all vulnerable in a crisis.
Right now we are very
disturbed and sensitive.
So avoid raising this issue.
Else you know how low
we could stoop.
You do, don't you?
'Long live India'.
Jogi has been tackled.
- Very good sir.
Who is handling the media boses?
- Mr. Ramasvvamy.
In the interest of the Nation.
Neither confirm the news
nor state that it's a rumour..
The Home Minister was never under
any terrorist threat.
Still ask him to speak to
the PM of Pakistan for any chatter..
From his so called non-state actors.
This is not how terrorists operate.
They would have stormed the
school and abducted the kid.
Shock and awe.
They are hungry for publicity.
Could it be some political rival..
- No ways!
Dogs don't eat dogs.
- Right!
That Dog! V\/hom the boy was licking.
What about the dog?
No, the boy.
- Make up your mind, boy or dog?
Maybe the kidnapper came
to abduct the other boy!
Mistaken identity!
You are making a mistake.
You have no idea who I am.
You had probably
come to abduct Cheeku.
Even an eight year old
knows what 'Power' is.
Who should, or should not
be kidnapped.
Do you know who I am?
I know who you are.
You are the Prince, aren't you?
You bloody kidnapper!
I still have Cheeku with me.
My men are holding him captive.
One phone call and they will kill him.
"Please Spidey, save me!"
"Save me Spidey!"
"Save me Spidey!"
Now cooperate for
the sake of your friend.
Or I will take you back to the School.
Should I take you
back to the School?
Come, I will take you
back to the School!
What do you want?
I will handle my demands.
You just cooperate.
Okay now, go to sleep.
You won't do anything to me, right?
Good touch - bad touch!
I know those things. I am not a kid.
What did you say?
Good touch - bad touch..
Quiet! Where did you learn all this'?
We never thought of
such things at your age.
I am more embarrassed
than you are!
Imagine who is feeling embarrassed.
Didn't you feel any
embarrassment while kidnapping me?
You better not be sleeping
anywhere near me at night!
Q Kay-
We have been circulating
Rohan's picture in the Police.
Should we distribute some
amongst our party-workers?
Have you guys lost it?
Didn't I tell you... No overt
arrangements, no Red Alert, no Press!
If the kidnappers panic,
the boy will lose his life.
We will lay the trap smoothly.
You mentioned they might
have abducted him by mistake.
They will let him
go when they realize it.
Do you think they made a mistake?
It is best that they did.
People forgive when
their kids are abducted.
They take it to be
their fate and endure it.
But if they find out that
the Home Minister's son is abducted.
They will take it to
be a law and order failure.
People don't expect Rulers
to have commoner's fate.
They will stop respecting
the Government.
Is that an lpad Air?
I thought it wasn't launched here.
When people buy things before you,
bad times are around the corner.
For whom?
- For your kind.
Anything to eat?
- Why didn't you spare any?
I kept telling you all morning.
You will get to eat when we leave.
When will we leave?
Had you been someone else's son
we could have stayed here for days.
But like you said,
you are the Home Minister's son.
So we will have to leave soon.
I understand sarcasm very well.
Don't talk to me that way.
I don't like it.
You thank your God
that I am simply talking.
I am surprised at myself
that I am just talking.
If I were to really go ahead and do
what I am itching to do your highness...
Okay fine.
I was just.
Don't say a word right now,
be quiet for sometime.
This childish tone hurts me... here.
Pierces me here.
- Shut up!
Not a word.
Not a single word. Quiet!
Sir he had long hair..
He was very weird..
He was going to setup a cart.
Do you remember
anything else about him?
Any other features.
Maybe a cut on his face.
Yes, sir. He used to limp.
Maybe he had polio.
Sir, sketch.
Hide the photo,
someone might see it.
Who is he anyways?
I was making a fast buck out there.
We are uselessly posted here.
Kidnappers don't take
their captives to bus stands.
Don't even think about it?
- About what?
Think about Cheeku before
doing anything stupid.
Look... - One phone call
to my men and Cheeku will...
Look, you're still alive.
If you try to run, I will shoot
the police first and then you.
And then I will press this
button and jump in the crowd.
Everyone will be blown to bits.
You are a suicide bomber?
Only in an emergency. Come along.
Only Swatantra TV managed this CCTV footage
from Dehradun's Champion School.
Because only we show you the truth.
The naked truth.
If everything is fine..
Then what was the Joint-Director
of OBI, Nachiket Verma looking for?
He was looking for Rohan.
Our News is verified.
The Nation is being kept in the dark.
The only one who dares
to speak is Swatantra TV.
why wasn't Swatantra TV stopped?
L-low did Sanjay Jagtap find out'?
Put pressure on him.
Let the kid sit on your lap.
- I am not a kid.
Son, move on to your dad's lap.
I have paid for the full seat.
- Please go away!
Do I look like a beggar?
Then stop begging-
He said he is not a kid.
I have always bought a full ticket
for my child. I meant for Him..
Okay fine.
Mostly checking farmhouses
in and around Dehradun.
We searched for known gangsters,
suspects and their hideouts.
But we haven't found anything.
Keep trying, I want hourly updates.
No one goes off to sleep, understand.
Or they can collect their resignations
from the Home Minister's residence.
Yes Arshad.
- He is all alone, he can't go too far.
Saharanpur, Modi Nagar, Ivleerut.
We're checking everywhere.
Have you seen this man anywhere?
Nothing so far.
Did anyone say anything
in the interrogation?
L-low can we be certain
the man was alone'?
Let's say one of them abducted him..
The kid could have
been passed on in a chain.
There can be others.
Then how will we catch them'?
The answer to your 'how' is 'why"?
'Why' he was abducted, will
tell us 'who' abducted him.
I too am counting on the 'Mistaken
Identity Theory' like those fools.
Ravi, I'll give you instructions
when the time comes.
Listen to me..
Bar-H, Ravi is also on
the conference call with us.
What's the matter brother?
Ls Cheeku all right?
Everything is fine.
Cheeku is right here.
I am sending 1O million
in cash with Zakir.
If Cheeku is ever abducted from
Jalandhar or Nagpur, then pay them off.
Think positive.
Think negative for positive to happen!
Just hold on a second..
I am getting a call,
maybe it's Zakir.
One second.
Yes, sir.
Listen to me carefully.
- Who is this?
Without interrupting.
Stop! Where to?
Hello. Please sit.
Jaya, did you ask him for tea?
Will you have tea?
- No, I get acidity with tea.
Cold milk?
No, I am allergic to cold things.
May I begin? - No.
I am expecting someone,
we will start after he comes. - I see.
He might understand things from
your information which I may not.
What did he say?
- Jaya!
She is a mother after all.
I will narrate now
and repeat it later.
No problem. I'll go ahead?
Did you mention this to anyone.
I had to tell my wife.
She is suspicious by nature.
When she asked where I was off to
so late, I had to tell her.
You'd know the nature of women.
Anyone else?
Not at all! I swear to God.
I had my wife swear
on our son Cheeku.
So that she does
not tell her Father.
Her father is like BBC news.
Is that the expert?
Has he arrived?
Come, let us go.
- I am sleepy, let me sleep!
Sleep in this bus. Up.
Go sleep now.
Excuse me, Mr. Expert.
I own a company myself..
Where we manufacture locks.
The setup has modern equipments.
I had a question for you.
What is this for?
So that we can tell the
facts from the fabrications.
So speak the truth at all times.
You go ahead and check.
I will only tell the truth.
Mr. Nachiket,
I have patched you through.
Can you hear me clearly?
'I will only tell the truth',
was that the last thing he said?
It is clear. Go ahead.
Let me recollect clearly.
I kidnapped him on purpose,
it was not a mistake.
I don't want money..
I need information.
My son is missing too.
Someone opened up their big
greedy mouth and I lost my son in it.
I want the Home Minister to
find the one responsible for this.
Find out how and where
my son went missing.
I don't want any inquiries.
No inquiries.
I want the person responsible.
I will punish the
guilty and free his son.
And if this isn't carried out..
..then as a matter of Principle.
Then as a matter of Principle.
Another son will go missing..
What do you make of the phone call?
That we are in big trouble.
The comman man,
in fact is the most difficult to find.
But then how will we find him'?
L-low will we catch him'?
The answer to 'how' is 'why"?
He said 'Someone opened up
their big greedy mouth.'
He lost his son in some
corruption based tragedy.
Find the tragedy,
and you will find the guy.
This will take a long time.
That is precisely his motive.
He wants to play.
He wants to teach us a lesson.
Let him play.
The longer he drags the
affair the sooner we'll catch him.
Not this.
I have called for bottled water.
Take it..
My mouth is on fire.
What's the point now?
Stop making all my decisions for me!
Just kill Cheeku!
Sorry! I blurted in anger.
I will drink the water you tell me to.
But please don't kill Cheeku.
- Okay.
He has challenged us using that guy!
We have to show him who is in charge.
What about the Army Units?
He will panic under show of strength.
We have to be patient.
Let him think he is winning.
He will keep Rohan alive.
What are the leads?
The phone used to make the call
was found in a bus heading for Ivleerut.
He replicated a stolen
simcard in Dehradun.
I know. His son is missing
due to some corrupt act.
He demands we find the guilty.
We cannot give in to such demands.
I am interested in the tragedy,
not his demand.
If his son is really missing in a
tragedy and if we find that tragedy.
Then we will find him too.
For this, I will need permission
to setup a parallel investigation.
Please, sir.
I told you not to drink that water.
Now your stomach is upset.
Why is it taking so long?
- There is no water inside.
You people never provide
water to second-class passengers.
Scan every news item.
On the Internet, television..
Shortlist every story that
has any corruption allegation.
Come on!
Nachiket, meet Mr. Ivlishra.
Please inform him
anything relevant you..
Find in the Internal
Inquiries being carried out here.
I am off to collect the
Input Reports from State Level IB.
Only these many scams.
Then we will find him for sure.
Mr. Ivlishra, a bridge
collapsed due to heavy rains.
Do I put it under natural
calamity or corruption?
Mr. Sinha, how old was the bridge'?
- 25 years.
Surely then,
some great soul must have built it.
Put it under natural calamity.
Find bridges that collapsed
within 3 or 4 years.
Yes sir.
Take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
Just a minute son.
Sit straight.
- I can't bear it.
Is it paining?
Sit straight.
You will be fine.
We will need to admit him.
Why don't you take some money and
just give me the medicines.
What nonsense!
Don't hospitals admit patients just
to make a bill.
You look educated,
don't talk like ignorant people.
His stomach can't hold food, he ends up
vomiting.. Isn't that what you said?
He needs to be given
Glucose through a drip.
Go take him home
and give him glucose.
You go ahead and admit him then.
- No take him home.
Admit him then.
Okay fine, go.
What's wrong with you!
He just has a stomach infection.
He will be fine by tomorrow.
Where is his mother?
She has gone abroad.
Be a man. Don't lose courage.
Go! Get lost!
He will die!
Everyone will die! I will die!
I'll send them in a bag!
No. I won't go this time.
It is really late!
They throw so much torch in my eyes,
lam blind by the time
I reach his doorstep.
Then do one thing.
Record this.
On your phone, where else?
I don't know how to.
I've never tried.
I am a very simple man.
I make locks for a living.
Then you don't have a choice.
Take your phone and go to his place.
Right now!
Come again?
Sir, mean to say..
Hello! Hello!
What the hell!
Home Ministry!
A lot of thought must
have gone into it's name.
That caught my attention.
And then look at the irony.
We are both Fathers.
You haven't given us proof of life.
No need, I know he is alive!
And he will stay that way for now.
You must have run a
polygraph test on my voice.
You must know by now.
He is using an internet phone. IP
address is masked. We need more time.
What happened to my demand?
What will you get out of all this?
Let us talk, we can find a solution...
- Shut up!
I had given you the solution!
Why didn't you search?
These things take time.
We are trying our best.
Thousands of files, TV reports and..
You will have to scan
files like common people.
Or you won't be able to?
You are not used to it.
That is why give us some time.
You are asking time to find me,
not to do what I asked.
You won't find me.
Technical department must
have told you why.
Then again I am a common man, and
look like one. Hovv will you find me?
I look and dress just like
the other 1.25 billion.
You won't find me.
I guarantee you that
you can't find my location.
Don't waste time, get to the point!
Did you find out
why my son went missing?
Which state are you from?
Where did this tragedy occur?
Now who was that?
The attitude in the voice
sounds like the Big Boss.
But something in the
voice says it was a Father.
Even the Home Minister
doesn't know where my son is?
Why are we wasting
each other's time?
The list is long, if you delay
like this how will we find your son'?
That is true.
So many people must have lost their
sons recently, the list must be long.
Otherwise wouldn't you've
got your son back by now?
Make some efforts. Face hardships.
At least you will get an
idea what hardships feel like.
Officer, give me your number.
Write it down.
- Tell me.
- Is it paining? Tell me..
This was lying outside.
I accidentally dropped it.
- That's okay.
What is he trying to say?
- I'll check on him.
Don't do it.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
You will get better soon.
Everything will turn out fine,
don't cry.
I want to go home.
Let me go home please.
You won't understand
what I am about to say.
Not today. not tomorrow.
Five, ten, maybe fifteen years down the
line my words may affect you.. deeply.
Maybe even change your life.
But right now, don't do anything.
Don't say anything.
I am scared. I am angry.
I might end up doing
something terrible.
Only recently have I learnt
what terrible feels like.
Jaya, get some sleep.
Okay, fine. I am sorry.
Champion School was my idea.
I cut down on the security.
It was a lapse.
Can I talk to my mom?
I hate you.
Your hate doesn't matter.
But my hate, it matters..
It is capable of much worse.
"Technical department must
have told you why."
It's confusing.
By his style of speaking,
he could be from anywhere
It's a neutral accent,
he could be trained or not.
He talks like a civilian but his clarity of
demand is that of a trained group.
So, he can be from any of the locations
we short-listed on the basis of tragedies.
Excuse me sir.
We have zeroed down on Hyderabad,
Nashik, Mumbai, Almora and Jamshedpur.
National Integration.
I don't appreciate your sarcasm.
- I was just...
You be quiet!
- Yes.
We will need to visit each victim's house
to check if any of their relatives.
Have recently been to Delhi,
Rajasthan, UP or Dehradun.
Only your bureau can carry out
this task in these states.
Hold on.
Vvhat is more dangerous?
- What?
Let us eat something.
Look, I don't want to fall sick again.
Let us eat there.
Add the bill in your list of demands.
If you don't have the money,
my Father will pay for it.
Now let us go.
Cooked food doesn't spread diseases.
Diseases are spread because of
the dirty water your people provide.
Did you get that Your Highness?
You will be eating here.
- What's your problem?
Why should I tell you?
Why should I tell
you what's my problem?
What's my problem!
You people dismiss our needs.
No more asking. From here on,
I will snatch it away!
Everyone will listen to me now! Come!
Look, don't force me!
- Come along!
I am sorry! I was making excuses.
I feel like eating french-fries,
or curry-rice.. Things like that.
Only that will suit me.
My stomach hurts!
Okay wait a minute.
Let's go then.
Did he buy it?
Got him!
You got your way because you
reminded me of someone.
Not because of
your cunning ways.
Come on.
This man is travelling in
the North or North-West Interiors.
And that's why he isn't being spotted
on Airports or Railway Stations.
He is travelling within the interiors,
he is using buses, tempos and autos.
Based on the list of tragedies.
He is either from Uttarakhand,
Jharkhand, Maharashtra or Telangana.
And considering the time after kidnapping,
he can be in Rajasthan, UP or even Delhi.
Cover towns of population
of ten thousand to cities of..
One lakh, using the
police and local agencies
For the kid's safety, do not
disclose the reason for the Alert.
Just warn them,
a terrorist of this profile..
Using an eight year
old for cover is on the move.
What are we doing here?
Our train leaves in the evening.
What will we do until then?
Everyone is quiet,
no one is speaking up.
Nothing on television either.
So what had happened?
Why are you doing all this?
What's your damn freaking story?
Your freaking story..
Your story..
I will give you one tight slap!
Am I some clown to entertain
you with my stories?
I will shoot you! And then Cheeku.
DO it!
My Dad will squish you.
I have seen what
your Father is capable of.
Father. Father.
He is the Home Minister,
he will easily find you.
I know he is the Home Minister
and I know he will find me!
But he is not a father!
A real father would have been on
his knees to get his son back.
I thought he would
definitely do something.
But he isn't a father!
We wouldn't have been comfortably
sitting here otherwise.
No he...
Just shut up!
Lam losing my mind.
Don't test my patience.
People know only half the story.
Time to complete the story.
To be born in India is no big deal.
But it is when they are born to us.
Or people like me
make a big deal out of it.
He was so small.
I feared I would lose him
if I touched him.
Sister, would you please
pick him up for me?
Aren't you the father?
You should be picking him up.
No, not me.
These are hands of a labourer,
I might hurt him.
You will spoil him.
He will disown you when you grow old.
Hold him!
Wait a minute!
I'll Will take him?
Wait a minute!
Nothing will happen?
So vulnerable, that the parents decide
to become their pillars of strength.
And when this responsibility
comes on a single parent,
he needs double the strength.
Like I did.
Is Mom in Heaven?
Some people do call America Heaven.
Why did she go there?
She went there to work,
and grew fond of that place.
Did she love me?
Yes, of course she did.
That is what she would tell me.
And who wouldn't
fall in love with you.
- Yes?
L-low m uch longer'?
Who is it? Who are you?
Dad, don't you recognize your son?
It is a family disorder.
My father never recognized me either.
There were so many of us too.
You know what happened one day.
One day I was sneaking in
with a kite, when my Father called -
"Who is this?"
"What do you want?
"Who are you?"
I said, "It's me, Nirmal!
Where are your spectacles?"
He said "Nirmal, I see.
So you are Bisheswafis son?"
I said "No, I am your son!"
"What, my son?"
I said "Yes, don't you remember
you put me in School last year?"
He said "Yes,
I did do something like that".
"It is getting cold.
Go oil your hair and sit in the Sun."
Dad this is a bluff.
L-low can anyone forget his son's name
I swear this used to happened.
By the time I was born,
my father had turned very old.
No teeth left, poor digestion
and no control over population.
There were 2, then 4,
then 8, then 16 of us.
Why can't we all live together..
In your big joint family?
Joint family..
Dad it is okay to lie.
Not to you.
You see, I was banished from home.
Your mother was not a Hindu.
So! Exactly, that's what I said.
You and I think alike, partner.
Sorry! It flew off by itself.
Will you read to me
the story you are writing?
You were screaming for 'Apu'.
I saw it on the lpad.
- Why should I tell you?
Halfway through my story
and I have lost all my anger.
I don't want to complete it.
The Hawk wants to prey
on me and I give up my fight?
I won't complete it!
I will give up my peace
but deny the Hawk it's victory!
I was naive.
I never troubled anyone for answers.
Always kept to my affairs.
Kept away from propaganda
and even the news.
Never indulged in political
views or opinions.
That was not my World.
My World was right in my lap.
I would stroke his hair.
He used to sleep in my lap.
I was the ideal voter!
Lost in a world of my own.
Busy making ends meet.
Believing in the dreams they gave me!
Trusting what was shown on TV
and written in the papers.
But you snatch my World away from me,
and I will tear into your World!
I won't complete the story!
I will leave it
incomplete in the middle!
You sleep.
We were the first to tell you that the
Home Minister's son Rohan was kidnapped.
Now Swatantra TV is bringing you..
The video posted
by that very kidnapper.
Did you see this Father-Son video?
Where could his son be?
"I know where your son is..."
"...but do you know where my son is?"
The Home Minister should promise him that
his son will reach home safe and sound.
Is this a clue?
What is the connection between.
The Home Minister
and the Kidnappefis son?
For the helpless ones..
The only option left
is to turn to violence.
The Home Minister must reply, that
is the clear verdict of the people.
If he feels that his
personal situation.
Is affecting his work, then
he will quit his office himself.
You slapped him but
I felt the thrills.
You seem happy today.
The public opinion might have changed.
But not your Father.
"What is the connection between."
"..the Home Minister
and the Kidnappefis son?"
"Keep tuned in -"
Hitting the pause button
won't put a pause to all this.
What was he saying earlier?
"He is playing a game. Let him play."
Now he is winning the game.
He has become a hero.
The smarter he acts,
the faster he will fall.
Let him act smart.
I suggest that you
speak to the I&B Minister.
Get this video blocked.
Yes, a few more videos
and he will become an icon.
'John Doe', 'The Fearless One'
they are making him famous
with all kinds of names.
I agree with Mr. Nimbalkar.
I disagree.
The issue is not the videos,
it is Rohan's safe return.
On the fifth day now, other than
his growing popularity.
Is there any development
from your end?
There is.
These videos are giving clues.
And you want to block them off?
Will he be providing all the clues, or
can we expect something from you too'?
We found our first
lead in Uttarakhand.
We found Rohan's fingerprints.
And footmarks.
We found fingerprints of a man which did
not match with the owner of the hut.
These prints were not found
in any of our criminal databases.
This guy is a first timer.
A vigilante who is
out to prove a point.
Why hasn't he been caught yet?
Because he is constantly travelling.
L-low can you be so sure'?
We have checked every hotel,
every lodge.
We need more deployment.
This is not a job for the Police.
What use is that
technological setup of yours.
That man is from
a technical background.
That is the reason we aren't able to
track his location through his calls.
I said no calls.
L-low is Jaye'?
She is not doing that well,
Mr. Prime Minister.
We pay a heavy
price for our public life.
We are receiving a negative
feeling from the ground workers.
The Opposition is giving
it's usual reactions.
Sympathy for your personal life.
And a demand for your
resignation in your public life.
Nachiket, you have only two days.
I just spoke with the PM.
Someone is angry.
Did the Home Minister just arrive'?
L-low strange'?
He doesn't even want to talk to
his son. What kind of a father is he?
Is Rohan with you?
So you are present there.
At least you are a
Father enough to speak up.
I want to talk to my son.
And I want to talk to my son.
I order you.
First have me talk to my son.
We are looking for him.
Where are you looking for my son?
We have records of
6 cities from 4 states.
All the tragedies that happened.
- You can't find a boy?
Write an application to me,
I Will find him!
I will do your job for you!
What good is your system?
Ask the Home Minister.
Is it only for filling
up your pockets?
My wound is fresh,
and I won't allow it to heal.
I will give you a wound and disappear!
You have until tomorrow. That's it!
The rest is your responsibility.
'My wound is fresh' means
it is a recent tragedy.
He could not have taken more
than a month to plan all this.
The kidnapper had
setup his stall fifteen days ago.
As soon as we know the
tragedy we will find him.
It is just a matter of time.
I will be here for two more days.
Someone else might
replace me after that.
He is not the only one beaten
down by this system, Nachiket.
Where are you headed?
We are waiting for the train.
It will arrive in five minutes.
Be sure to board it.
A unit of RTF is arriving
here in 1O minutes.
Why are you telling me all this?
You know very well why.
He is my son.
You still have your son.
Many don't have their son with them.
You scared me.
Nashik or lvlumbaL.
The tragedies that occurred
in Nashik and lvlumbaL.
Everyone is finding the
kidnappefis demand genuine.
Why don't you fulfill it?
I cannot setup a Kangaroo
court to give him instant justice.
Why don't you understand Jaya,
lam the Home Minister...
You cannot get him justice,
you cannot get me justice.
Are you really the Home Minister then?
Shut the hell up!
Not a word more!
Okay, fine. Not a word more.
I won't talk to you.
I am a mother.
I will talk to a father.
From a mother... to a father!
Neither your son,
nor mine, are at fault here.
I don't know where your son is.
And I don't have the
strength to find him for you.
But my Rohan paying the
price for it is not fair either.
You told us about your son.
I will tell you about my Rohan.
His childhood is being spent in
his Father's political shadow.
But that did not make him a grown-up.
He is a kid after all.
That is why you could
get to him so easily.
This is a mother's plea to Mr.
John Doe.
This video has aroused
the nation's sympathy for Rohan.
Will Mr. John Doe reply to this video?
"But my Rohan paying the
price for it is not fair either."
ls there a room available?
Please check.
There are no rooms available.
Damn it!
Damn those shy trains!
Again you will make me
travel in those trains!
Lets go.
Rohan who?
Where was the sighting?
Near Tonk. At a guest house.
We have already informed the team.
Did you cover the highways?
- Yes.
Talk to the concerned SP.
Deploy Central and Parliamentary
forces at the Checkpoints.
Instruct local stations to patrol
all the lanes and neighborhoods.
I hope he doesn't harm the
kid fearing our growing presence
Hope the idiot doesn't panic.
Madam has uploaded a photo.
The kid is now being recognized.
If he disappears in the crowd
this time, we will be done for.
L-low did he know my name'?
Even I was wondering.
I swear, I didn't turn
around intentionally.
When he said Rohan, I naturally...
"Neither your son,
nor mine, are at fault here."
"I don't know where your son is.."
And I don't have the
strength to find him for you.
So easily the World switches sides.
People change so easily.
Mister please stop the truck.
- Just a minute.
Central command.
- Hello.
An old man from Mumbai had called.
Vishwas Poddar.
He said he knows who the kidnapper is.
- Copy.
We have either hit the jackpot
or the old man is bluffing.
Arshad you leave for Jaipur.
I will head to Mumbai.
Why Ivlumbai?
The sighting was in Rajasthan.
He wanted us to find out the tragedy.
We have zeroed-in on Mumbai.
If we don't find him in Rajasthan.
We will at least find
his identity in Mumbai.
Come on, get going. 'Long live India'.
When will we leave this place?
There is no one around.
Nothing to eat either.
Where will we go?
Your mother played the emotional card.
We will have to lay low now.
Home Minister's little son is missing.
The man claiming responsibility for the
video, even his little son is missing.
The man I knew, even
his little son was missing.
My son is missing too.
So I think the
same man is behind all this.
If you are angry with the system,
take it out on me.
But tell me that man's name, quick.
I don't remember his name.
Do you suspect anyone?
I remember his number.
Number 3.
Relief Commissioner
Gupte will know his name.
It is a good thing you showed
up to collect the cheque.
Wait outside, I will call you.
That's enough, Father.
Stop coming around here.
Calm down and sit.
There is nothing wrong in this.
Number 3, correct?
I am number 8, Poddar.
He was his younger brother.
He was supposed to go to Boston.
Now we won't have to spend
on Boston and my son...
He was 22 years old.
He argues with me.
Says don't take the money.
Though he was dependent on him.
I am not collecting compensation
against his life.
Not his compensation.
I am taking it for this one's future.
I will draw a FD on his name.
That one has left
us, but this one is right here.
He is still here.
What will you do with the cheque?
What Will I do'?
I will do a lot.
I will roll the cheque into a dagger,
and stabb it in the chest
of my son's killer.
What Will I do'?
I will do something for sure.
Mr. John Doe, they now know your name.
They will be reaching your home soon.
The man you mentioned the 'dagger' to,
informed them about you.
He remembered Gandhi bapu's teachings
but forgot his son.
They ignored my appeal,
but heard your mother's.
The noose is ready.
What are you doing
in the jungle at this hour?
I am asking you.
We were headed to Jaipur.
The truck's driver was drunk,
he dumped us here.
It is okay, I will drop you.
Come on, or the both of
you will freeze-up by morning.
Come on, don't think so much.
Come on, hop in!
Is he your son?
What is your name, son?
- Rohit.
Come on now.
Come on, let us see what happens.
Come on, don't think too much.
Mr. Gupta?
Kishan Nagar Police Station,
SP Sharma.
Kanta, Satya speaking.
Satya, are you drunk?
- No.
I am bringing with me, what you have
been looking for all over Jaipur.
Where are you?
- Closer to Sanganer.
I will be there in half an hour.
Are they both with you?
- Yes.
We will talk when I get home.
I will cover you from three sides.
Are you coming here directly?
- Yes. Very good.
Are you with the police?
Come again?
- Are you with the police?
No, I am a forest officer
at the Tiger Reserve
up ahead, near Tonk.
Show me your phone.
- What?
Show me your phone!
- Keep your hands off!
Uncle, give it to him,
he is carrying a bomb.
Uncle, give it to him!
Let go I said!
Get down! Give me your phone!
Get down or I will shoot you!
Listen, return the gun.
Don't run or I will shoot you.
You have 'Cop' written
all over your face.
I know what your
mother is going through.
But she just made
things difficult for us.
You are in no real trouble here.
She told her story
and ruined everything.
Does she even know what I have lost?
Now I will tell my story.
When the story ends,
so will this game.
Ready, handsome.
- Who is it? What do you want?
Please Dad. No time for all that.
Let us go!
My father did not have time for me,
now my son doesn't..
And my wife didn't
have the time for me either.
Partner you are hitting a raw nerve,
I am very sensitive about this.
Had you shown this sensitivity
back then, she wouldn't have run away.
My sensitivity was a problem for her.
She wanted an action hero.
Her loss. Come, let us go.
Yeah, her loss.
Wait, let me answer this.
- Please come setup my vvi-fi,
on your way to office.
No, I have to drop my kid to school.
Take 500 extra, it is urgent.
500 extra.
But you never paid me the last time.
- But I will pay this time!
Dad go ahead.
I will go to school by myself.
- Wait, I will call you back.
L-low will you go alone'?
- Dad, I know the way.
I will go on my own,
but will you come to pick me up'?
Yes, of course I will.
"We will be speaking with
our expert Charanjeet on this."
"But before that, there is bad news".
"Reports are coming in
from Andheri East, Mumbai"
"that 8 have died and 4 are
injured when a bridge collapsed.."
This is now up.
- But this one just went down.
Breaking news.
Another bridge collapsed.
The extra fee..
Thieves, all of them.
This is what happens
when you cheat people.
They are all in it together.
My blood boils when I see such things.
Doesn't yours?
I don't get the time.
I have a seven year old kid.
The very sight of him soothes my soul.
I raise him all by myself.
They are saying...
- What's wrong? Your extra fee!
Mister is there a kid named
Apurva Kumar, Apu Kumar on your list?
Go over to counter number 1.
Mister, accident cases?
Check this board.
He said, 'I will go on my own.'
I said 'No, I will drop you.'
On the way he said..
Where could he disappear like this..
They are saying he is no more..
This is all they gave me.
He was with me in the morning.
He was with me.. We left to drop him..
I went for a job..
Where did he leave me and go?
L-low is this possible'?
He was right here with me.
Where could he have gone.
Apu! He was right here.
He was right here.
I don't want compensation,
return my son.
What do I do with the relief money?
Donate it. Do anything with it.
If you don't want it, then
come and sign some forms at my office.
Knock, Knock!
Who are you?
Whose son are you?
Behind the curtains?
He has a wound, and it is fresh.
This is a Taj Mahal for his Kid.
His tomb.
Match the finger prints
on this with the ones in the hut.
I don't have the courage
to say I am proud of you.
I won't console you.
Don't even wipe your tears.
Apu may never return, but then, no
one may have to lose their Apu again.
Apu's mother has written about Apu.
The fingerprints
from the hut are a match.
We will be taking a decision today
itself, that is all the time you have.
We know the face,
we know the area he is in.
We just need your permission.
We will shoot him wherever we see him.
Jaipur, Sanganer, Tonk..
We are really close.
But Rohan's safety.
After Rohan's photo was leaked,
and after all the provocation
he didn't hurt him.
The officer from Rajasthan
confirmed that Rohan is fine.
If in the firing..
- No, sir.
We will take care.
He is back on.
He is using that officer
Satyasheel Puniya's phone.
Same area.
Your son is hungry since last night.
I was feeding him,
but you increased surveillance.
You will be caught.
Surrender, and I promise
you won't lose your life.
I promise your son
will lose his first.
Did you do my job? Did you find out?
I am sure you know who is behind it.
It takes time to bring
a culprit to justice.
Will you take this long
to decide to kill me..
Or have you already
taken that decision?
Look there is a process to follow.
We act in accordance with the Law.
Where was this Law
at the time of my son?
You will get justice,
it may take some time.
If that was the way to get it,
then I would have got it by now.
I want it my way.
Right now, immediately!
The Press has even announced his name.
Justice cannot be served under
the pressure of press and public.
We follow the Law.
And if we don't,
people have a right to change us.
When? 5 years later?
When all is lost,
and you have raked in all the cash?
And who will answer for
your plundering and loot?
You have a responsibility.
You are accountable.
Which responsibility
are you talking about?
'Answerable to the people',
it is a figure of speech.
We are accountable, but
only in the assembly,
or in the elections.
It is not our responsibility to
justify to every Tom, Dick and Harry.
Who will look after the country?
We are like the doctors.
If a couple of patients die,
do we stop practicing?
Do you tell the people
all this before the elections?
Do you tell them all this
before taking their votes?
Drunk with power you
have lost your manners!
L-low will you look after
the people or the country?
You who kidnapped a child..
You will give me lessons
on 'Rule of Law'?
Do you know how to manage a country?
L-low would I'?
Never saw it managed efficiently.
Exploiting the masses.
Come and face the public!
You are the hero of the masses,
aren't you?
Fine, come to Delhi.
Come on, and openly debate with us.
That is when you will learn.
- Debate?
Will you debate with someone like me?
In the open?
Yes! I will debate with you.
Come over to Jantar-Mantar
tomorrow morning.
Protesting at Jantar Ivlantar has become
fashionable for people like you.
I will be there.
Step down your security.
Any checking and I will kill
your son and then myself.
I am coming.
People will witness our debate live.
I am letting them know.
We have found out who approved
the construction of this bridge.
Your name is repeatedly
being mentioned in this scandal.
It is said that you are
a shareholder in lndico.
Nonsense. It is all nonsense.
Sabhyata Party claims that.
The opposition
is provoking the people.
Step down if you cannot
manage the country,
We will run it with the people.
People all over are staging rallies against
Pratap Singh Nimbalkar and Sabhyata party.
It is finally going to happen.
I will be free tomorrow morning.
Both of us will be free.
You are not as special
as they are making you out to be.
Did anyone seek your
opinion Your Highness?
So I am a Prince! I will voice my
opinions when I feel like.
Sh man! I am talking like you.
I must have Stockholm Syndrome.
What is that?
A strange affection or sympathy
between the kidnapper and the victim.
Can the kidnapper have it too?
Stockholm Syndrome.
You say. You will know better.
All the routes coming in
to Delhi have been covered by snipers.
He is walking straight into the trap.
L-laryana Bus Depot is
six kilometres ahead of ISBT,
our snipers will be
waiting for him there.
We will then say that a lady moved
by Ms. Jaya's appeal, spotted him.
She tried to reason with him.
He panicked and drew his gun.
And our duty officer
was forced to shoot.
The masses won't digest it.
We will immediately run a
news story to distract the masses.
What news?
The news of your arrest.
- What!
Don't threaten me anymore.
I know now there
is no bomb under your belt.
But now I have that police man's gun.
But I stayed for Apu.
It happens.
It can happen.
One can have the fear of losing
someone twice in this same life.
Thank you for the compliment.
You had said,
back in the nursing home..
Five, ten, maybe fifteen years down
the line, I might start to understand.
You Know..
I already understand some things.
Like I was never really
hungry in the hostel.
But I would still
run away from school.
Do you know why?
The heavier the shackles
holding us down.
The higher we want to fly away.
I had shackles fastened
tightly around my neck.
I know.
It is my job to gather party fund.
If something goes
wrong in the process,
then will you throw me behind bars?
The news of your resignation
and an immediate inquiry...
should be enough, Mr. Nimbalkar.
For now, let us give
Nachiket the go ahead.
The Hawk swooped on it's Prey
and carried it away.
Story sounds believable,
but you don't like to hear it..
The prey then attacked the hawk.
Sounds unbelievable,
but is so pleasing to hear..
It is as if the day
never dawned today.
Neither the Home Minister nor
Nirmal Kumar showed up.
People are calling in with
the same question, what went wrong?
We have a call.. from Ivlumbai
We have a caller from Mumbai.
What would you like to ask?
What is your question?
I need an answer.
I am in my house,
the doors and windows are all closed.
There are two gas cylinders.
I have already opened the valve
of one cylinder and emptied it.
I am holding a gun in one
hand and a lighter in another.
Hello! Are you..
This is the last game left to play.
If the Home Minister
does not show up to play..
Then it won't really matter
if the gas cylinder explodes.
Mr. Nirmal, is that you?
Some more cops knocking on my door.
But I want some other people
at my door, as soon as possible.
Starting with you and your camera.
People will see the truth today.
I have a list, and all those
on the list should be here.
And they must all speak
the truth or no one survives.
The rest depends on you.
First on the list,
Home Minister Prashant Gosvvamy.
I am not showing
you the rule book.
But we cannot let the Home Minister
of India go to any such place
which holds possibilities
of his assassination.
If you still insist on going
then we will blow up Nirmal's building
half an hour before you reach there.
He wants to play this game
with the Home Minister of India.
Not with some ordinary politician.
I will submit my resignation
to the PM before I go.
But for the sake of Rohan's safety,
I will request him not to make a
public announcement of my resignation.
Second on the list,
Pratap Singh Nimbalkar.
No, Prashant Goswamy is no
kin of mine.
But if I go there and get killed,
then at least my son or my son-in-law
can win with the sympathy wave.
The owner of lndico, Farheed Wadia.
They can't force you.
You don't have to go!
Contractor Abhay Sahani.
Structural Engineer Sameer Farooqi.
Come on! Faster!
Dad is always busy.
I don't have so many pics with him.
But I have a lot with mom.
One from Singapore, when
we sat on the roller-coaster ride.
In the roller-coaster, we
went all the way up and then stopped.
We thought the ride
had stopped working.
Then they brought
us down in full speed.
Even the giant wheel was a lot of fun.
All the rides were a lot of fun.
Will you really do it?
Will you really kill me?
When our goal is set very high,
then we have to give up all
attachments to loved ones..
And do things that we ought to do.
I have lost one already ..
And to achieve my goal,
I will have to
be prepared to lose you too.
Don't you get it?
Should I blow everyone up?
The guy from Swatantra TV is here.
Stay back!
Get back!
Are you capable of handling this?
Whatever happens here,
will the people get to see it?
They haven't arrived yet.
Please, don't do it.
We will choke with gas,
and we have a kid here too.
I had planned to become the Governor
of Nagaland after my retirement.
Now I'll happy if I even get a job
in a Security Agency.
It is your fault.
He eluded us for seven days.
And then suddenly one day,
using that police officer's
phone he said he is coming by bus.
I think you knew very well, he
would not board that bus from Jaipur.
Do you have any proof?
Circumstantial evidence?
I feel somewhere you too believe,
that he is doing the right thing.
Doesn't matter what
you or I believe.
What people believe,
is what matters.
I'll keep this short
and ask questions.
I will blow up the cylinder at
the first lie and everyone will die.
You were the structural
engineer for the bridge.
Was there a flavv in
the design of the bridge?
No, there was no flaw in the design.
There were other things.
Substandard material,
hastiness, poor column support.
We weren't even given
the vehicular traffic calculation.
- Not you.
I am asking the
contractor of the bridge.
You have built many bridges.
What went wrong?
We made a mistake.
We had to pay a lot of bribes,
that is why..
Did you bribe him?
Did you bribe him?
It was me! I took the bribe.
I took the bribe.
Loads of it.
For the sake of the party fund.
I did it for myself as well.
But none of the
bridges ever collapsed.
This was just an accident.
The bridge under which
my son was crushed to death.
Your party took a bribe for it,
you took a bribe for it!
In party politics,
there are no tabs on money.
Things that are beyond you..
What the...!
No! Please no..
Please no!
Please... My son..
Sir he is safe!
Are you sure?
I shot inches away from your son
and your heart skipped a beat.
You people crushed my son under
tons of cement and rubble.
I could not even bid
farewell to my son.
The hospital handed him over to me
in a small plastic bag.
I could not figure whether
to bury or to burn him.
No more tricks!
Just straight answers!
Or I will burn everyone
in this room to ashes.
Listen keep calm. We will
pay you a handsome compensation.
Tell me what you want...
Only the truth.
No more games!
The truth is shocking.
It will scare you out of your wits.
It is not true that
the government is corrupt.
The truth is the government exists
solely for corruption.
So these amounts we hear about
in the papers and on TV..
700 billion.
1000 billion.. 2000 billion..
These bizarre,
inconceivable amounts, do they even..
Yes they exist.
Many of us have these amounts.
We shared it amongst us.
So whether you are in power or not,
the business of corruption continues?
If the government is the chief-contractor,
the opposition is the sub-contractor.
The contracts run into billions..
No one can do it alone.
No time for the 1.2 billion people.
1.2 billion?
Your mathmatics is flawed.
You are all divided by religion,
caste and regions.
We analyze the figures.
Not 1.2 billion!
You are all divided into small pieces!
Not bound together but separated,
easy to break.
That is the reason why we..
We crush you under our feet.
So these are not some odd scams.
This is your actual
primary business. Correct?
But you do a lot
of things to please us too.
We even wear uniforms. See!
Have you ever seen anyone
of us wearing denims?
We go to the Parliament,
the Assembly, we debate.
We give speeches
under the scorching sun.
And ask for your votes too!
We simply sideline the
good and the honest ones.
They are just decorative
pieces for us.
Power is meant only for
those who can make money for us
And it is really your fault.
We show you a dream,
but you fall for it.
You don't see the truth.
We know before-hand where
new roads will be built.
So we buy the unclaimed
lands around it.
Sell it to the government
and make profits.
Want more details?
I have sacrificed my political
career for the sake of my son
But the business won't stop.
Primary business.
Isn't that what you called it?
Things like the Law,
the Police, the Constitution.
They are all just
to keep you frightened.
That's it!
You won?
Happy ending!
Happy ending?
I have lost everything.
These things mean nothing to me now
But for those who are listening.
Maybe not today. not tomorrow.
In five, ten,
maybe fifteen years. Perhaps
All of you leave then.
Go on, leave! Get out.
You leave too, son.
Let us go, Rohan.
It won't take me
15 years to understand.
I have understood everything.
Okay go.
"Speak, for your lips are free"
"Speak, your tongue is still yours"
"Your upright body is yours."
"Speak, your life is still yours."
"Speak, this little time is plenty."
"Before the death of body and tongue."
"Speak, for truth is still alive."
"Speak, say whatever is to be said."