Mad Ship (2013)

Be ready to run.
Run, Liv!
Run, Liv! He's behind you!
- Dad! Stop.
- I want to taste you!
Come back, Liv. Liv!
No, Dad. Go away.
What do you think?
- We need rain.
- It's coming.
- The best crop of all times!
- If you say so.
What...? No no no!
Life believes that a monster
has taken her body.
- She's afraid of everything.
- She's perfect as she is.
So are you.
Like that, Anders.
Here you have something to drink.
- Mrs Sorensen.
- Mr Cameron.
- Tom.
- Mr Cameron.
How does it look?
Well, Tom ...
The problem is that the bank
kept you floating last year.
- I know.
- I can't do anything.
Do you get anything from the crop,
then we have something to work with.
Oh well. Yes.
Kids are fine?
Yes, they are fine.
Good, Tom. Keep in touch.
- I'll find dinner for you.
- Later. You eat first.
What did he say?
We owe money.
We can't do anything about that.
Speak English, Solveig.
Tomas, I can't bear
to argue.
Looking for America?
They just give us soil?
If we are willing to work.
I can't leave my dad.
I know how it is.
I really know.
But you have to understand this
is our chance.
If you trust me, you will realize
that it is the best solution.
Come on! Give us the rain!
Give us the rain, then!
Yes! Come on!
Come on! Show what you can!
Come on! Give us the rain!
Come on!
- Yes!
- Tomas ...
What are you doing?
No no no...
No no no!
No! Stop!
Why are you doing this?
Where is the rain?
Stop, your devil!
- Mom, What happens?
- Just stay inside!
Where's the fucking rain?
Stop! Stop that!
Stop, you devil! Stop!
Why are you doing this to me?
- Tomas!
- You are killing me, destroying us!
Where are you?
- Tomas!
- Why are you doing this to me?
Hey ... dear Tomas!
Please, Tomas,
come inside!
- Why are you doing this, you bastard?
- Tomas! Come now.
My god.
I'm sorry, Tom.
- What are you doing here?
- My wife and I are on our way to church.
I just wanted to see if ...
I just wanted to ... Listen.
Come to the bank in a few days,
Then we'll talk about it.
We will do what we can
to fix it.
Tom ... Mrs Sorensen?
It's horrible.
Is something wrong, dear?
The family we met this morning ...
I don't get them out of my mind.
You do what you have to do.
Would you rather
that it should be us?
Good night.
I want to go home.
Look at me, please.
- It's the only solution.
- No, it is not.
- I can get a job.
- Where then?
I'll have to go away for a while.
- We can do this.
- There is nothing left for us here.
- We can start again.
- I will not. It's too heavy.
I don't want to argue.
- We can have a good life there.
- Solveig ...
You won't even talk about it!
What's the point? We wouldn't
afford the tickets even.
- Dad can send money.
- No no no...
I promise he won't say anything.
And he will give you a job,
a good job.
Tomas ...
I hate it here.
I hate this life.
You never even tried.
You never gave it
a real chance.
We must do the right thing
for Petter and Liv.
- I do.
- No, you can't go on like that.
- It is over.
- We'll get through it.
Can't you listen to what I am saying?
We need food!
We cannot pay the bank.
We will not survive the summer.
What will we do in the winter?
You have to trust me. All right?
Trust me.
I've always done that. Can't you
trust me for once?
Where are you?
Until I get some things sorted out.
You must take care of the mother
and your sister while I'm away.
All right, dear.
Will you walk me out?
- Mrs Sorensen.
- Mr Cameron.
- Is Tom here?
- He's not home right now.
- When does he come back?
- I do not know.
- He was going to have a talk with me.
- He went to work.
My god. Where does he think
that he should find that?
May i trouble you for
a glass of water, Solveig?
Yes. I'll get it for you.
So he let you be alone?
I'm not alone.
My kids are here.
That was better. Thanks.
I wish you and Tom all the best,
but I doubt he finds anything.
Tomas is good. He can build
anything. He built the house.
- I don't want to take your home.
- We will pay, Mr Cameron.
I have to meet Tom immediately.
I'm sorry.
- Here. Take them.
- Solveig ...
Take the money.
Unfortunately, it doesn't help
at all.
I'm sorry.
You bastard!
Go back ... There. Good.
There you go. Gently now.
Can't you do something?
Shall I throw myself in front of them?
- You must be able to call someone.
- I've done it all, Adeline!
- Not today, my friend.
- I can build these.
- What?
- Coffins.
Go away, I said.
- How much?
-20 per coffin. Plus materials.
10 a week, plus housing.
And you do assorted work too.
-10 or nothing.
- All right.
He get to sleep in the workshop.
Do you have tools?
- I got something.
- No.
Do you have a better idea?
- Mrs Sorensen.
- Tomas has not returned.
It's urgent. We must have a talk.
We have to take the property,
Mrs. Sorensen.
You are too far behing
with the payments.
No. No no no.
Tomas finds a job
and will send money so we can pay.
It doesn't work, Mrs. Sorensen.
It is over.
You must leave here.
No, we ... we can't go.
We have no place to do.
We're not leaving here.
This is our house!
Next time, I will be with the bailif,
who will put everything on the truck
-and lock the door.
You have no choice.
You do not understand.
I can't go.
- How will Tomas find us?
- Take it easy.
One thing at a time. Sit down.
All right ...
It must be a place you can go,
to someone you know.
- A sister? Cousin?
- No.
A friend? You must have friends.
No ... No one here.
Mr Cameron,
I can't go to a camp.
I can not
bring the kids to a camp.
- Petter ... go out, please.
- Why are you crying?
- Has something happened to Dad?
- No no. Dad's fine.
You can't do this to us.
You have to help us.
You can't do this to us,
It might be something I can do.
Maybe I can do that
some payments for you.
If ... we can come to an agreement ...
- I can buy you time.
- It's best you leave now.
Push down the skin,
all the way to the fingers.
- Is it okay? Take a smoke.
- I dont smoke.
Put it in your mouth.
The smoke removes the stench.
Oh well.
- How did you end up in the industry?
- That's a question right there, that's a goldstar fucking question.
I got suckerpunched, that's how.
Now we take the upper body.
Adeline up there
became pregnant with a boy.
I should have left right away.
But I did the right thing.
Her father gave me a job at the company.
He died a few years ago.
And here I am.
Now we take our legs.
Pull them down like that.
My hardest decision is my life.
But you have a good buisness here.
So you think, hobo?
You have no bearing.
You don't know shit.
- Hello.
- Come in. I'm almost done here.
I brought this one.
You need it for services.
I let the seems out the best i could. Try it,
I want to see if it fits.
- Now?
- I'm turning away.
Oh well.
- Are you writing your wife?
- Please, it's private.
How long have you been married?
- For 13 years.
-13 years? That's a long time
Do you still love her?
Yes. Yes I do.
How does it fit?
- Tight.
- Turn around, arms up.
It's not so bad.
I can't sew it anymore.
Just...don't sit down. Here.
Try this one.
Come on.
It'll have to do.
You look nice.
You do. You look nice.
- I have to finish ...
- I want to thank you.
You have worked very hard.
Thanks for the dress.
I'll see you at the service.
No! No! No...
No! Petter, run after him!
No, come back!
Damn, damn!
Fucking horse!
Let me take it, Petter.
Take this.
Thanks, Liv.
- Does it work?
- Yes, perfectly.
- What can you give me?
- Take it home again.
- I thought 25.
- Five.
I can't offer you more.
What about these?
I'll give you a dollar.
Oh well. Thanks.
Stay here.
Oh christ.
- Judith.
- Who was it?
A customer.
Let's go.
We might just
sit for a bit ...
No. Please hurry before my
daughter come looking for me.
Solveig ...
- Do we have an appointment?
- It's already done.
See you next month.
What are you doing home?
- Where does it come from?
- I found it at the store.
But we already have a Wictrola
and much newer one than that.
It is very rare.
- I'm going to bed.
- You don't feel well?
Would you like me to
bring you some dinner?
What kind of language is this?
- Enough about that!
- Listen to me.
- You're wrong.
- Why did you let that happen?
There is nothing I can do!
Father and grandfather
kept this buisness alive for over 50 years!
Yes, you come from
a long line of fucking heroes!
- No one pays their goddamn bills!
- You're completely spineless!
- You don't do anything, as usual!
- Enough!
- Wake up, Edmund.
- Fuck off!
Embalming fluid.
He soaks his cigarettes in it.
Not my cup of tea.
It's gone.
The buisness, the house, everything.
We can't pay you.
He wanted to go to Vancouver.
There were some opportunities there.
I was scared, i said no.
- I'll leave tomorrow morning.
- No, stay with me.
Put your arms around me.
I'm afraid I'll disappear.
- Please.
- I can not.
You feel so good.
Just hold me.
Just a little longer.
All right ...
You'll get through this.
No, we won't.
- I can't stop thinking about you.
- Leave it alone. Just drive somewhere.
- How do you know it's not Toms?
- He's gone too long.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- I want you to get a doctor.
- Jesus...
- I can't feed it.
- Jesus. Jeesus!
This has been
a terrible mistake.
I have to go back.
Relax, Solveig.
I've done this many times.
Solveig ...
Forgive me...
I'm so sorry I made
you come to this place.
I'm lost.
I'm so lost.
Stay back!
- It's me.
- Don't get closer!
- Peter, it's me.
- Dad?
She got sick.
Burning up with the fever.
And then, yesterday, -
- she didn't wake up at all.
I didn't know what to do.
Come here. Come.
Liv, come here.
Come here, sweetheart.
I know how you got it.
I really know.
But you have to understand this
is our chance.
If you trust me, you will see
that it is the best solution.
It's so far away.
- Solveig ...
If you are not happy there,
I promise I'll bring you home.
Dad, we need more food!
What are you doing?
Look up!
- Stay away!
- Why are you doing this?
- Sure! Dad!
- Petter!
Come on down. I mean it.
Put that down.
Give me the gun.
- What is wrong with you?
- Give me that.
- Get up with you.
- Dont touch me!
01:03:14.960 01:03:17.315
Let him be!
Yes, sir.
No ... I left a bit early.
The Sorensen family ...
There was one payment made.
I will, sir. Consider it done.
Distress NOTICE
What are you doing?
I'm returning it to the owner.
I'm going with you.
- They must have moved.
- I hope so.
Wait in the car.
Where's your mother, son?
Has your father back?
Where is he?
In the barn.
Did he come back before she died?
Did he come back before she died, son?
Did they talk to each other?
Don't! Please...
It's the first time he sleeps
in days.
What the hell is he building?
Hi, sweetheart.
Are you hungry?
Do you want something to eat?
Now we'll see...
There you go.
That was better.
Now we can see your pretty face.
The mother?
- This little one goes home with us.
- Judith ...
Look at her. She is starving.
You get the boy.
I am staying here.
Can you get to town on your own?
Everything is going to be all right, son.
Everything is going to be all right.
What's wrong?
Liv is gone.
Wife of the banker
took her home.
Dad, Iet her stay.
For now.
The banker asked me to give you this.
Petter. Petter!
I have to show you something. Look here.
We can do it.
Oh well...
Do you see this? We follow the Assiniboine
to Lake Winnipeg
-and go north along the Hayes
to Hudson Bay.
Don't you see?
We can do it.
- Do what?
- Take your mother home.
What are you doing?
- My children, are they here?
- Mr Sorensen ... No!
- I'll get you home.
- You shouldn't be here.
Petter, I didn't mean
to scare you. I'm sorry.
- I want you to come home.
- Mr. Sorensen ...
- I'll take them home.
- You can't come in!
Come on! Petter!
- I'm calling the police.
- These are my children! You can't do this!
- Go to the kitchen.
- I want them home with me!
- You can't do this!
- Keep him out there.
- You can't do this!
- Yes, 478 ...
We have an intruder here ...
- I want my kids, you bastard!
- Go home, Tomas.
Yes, there are children are involved.
He's attacking my husband!
- No!
- Come on, baby.
- Liv, Petter, come on.
- He's in the house!
No, Ia be.
Please, leave them alone.
Leave them alone! Archie!
Dad, it hurts.
You can't keep him
from his kids.
How about you? Do you want to make a complaint?
No. He has gone through enough.
- Dad, where are we going?
- To the river.
- We can't go without food.
- I can fish.
- She's too little. She won't make it.
- She can sit on top. It will be fine.
- There.
- Jesus ...
What the hell is this?
We're done with you, Cameron.
Petter, Liv, let's go.
Whatever the hell this is,
don't drag your children into it.
Kill yourself if you want to,
but leave them out of it.
Come here.
I promised her to
take us home. Come now.
I don't wanna go.
Will you look after them?
Come here.
01:19:12,320 01:19:14,038
I'll come back for you.
No, you stay too.
Stay here with us.
We'll start over,
when I come back.
Dad, please.
Listen. I have to do this.
- Do you understand?
- No...
I can't let her down again.
Come on. Come on, sweetie.
Come on. Come on.
Come on!
Come on, damn it!
Come on...
Come on!