Mad Mom (2019)

[ For One Moment by Lee Hazlewood ]
The hurt I hurt
Is nothing like the hurts I've hurt before
The things I feel
do not feel
Like things I've felt before
And the loneliness
and the emptiness
And the hopelessness
are fine
Because sometimes
my cloudy brain
Remembers for one moment
you were mine
- [Woman on voicemail]:
Hey! You've reached Amber!
Leave a message.
[Voicemail beeping]
- Hi, honey!
It's Mom calling, again.
I don't know why I keep getting your answering machine.
I... I hope everything's OK.
I'm just about to
leave for work,
and I was hoping
we could talk before I left,
so call me back, OK?
All right. I love you! Bye!
The pain that pains
Is not the pain that's pained my heart before
The tears I tear
Are not the tears my eyes have teared before
Good morning!
And the loneliness...
- How's anyone supposed
to stick to their diet
while working with you, Sharon?
- That's why God gave our
uniforms elastic waistbands.
Because sometimes
my cloudy brain
Remembers for one moment
you were mine
Shhh! No, it's OK.
Shhh! Jackie,
it's OK.
It's OK.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
[Woman talking in distance,
- I'm honestly a bit surprised.
I saw her just a few hours ago,
and her vitals were strong.
- She'd been suffering
for so long,
and the fact that she
didn't have any family...
She probably lost
the will to live.
- Well, she was
only gonna get worse,
so it was probably for the best.
- Mmm. She's in
a better place now.
- [Man on recording]:
You have one new message.
- [Amber]:
Hey, Mom! It's me.
Sorry I missed
your calls earlier.
So, I have some news.
I'm getting married!
Luke took me
to Martha's Vineyard
for the weekend and proposed.
We haven't set a date,
but we're leaning towards
the end of the summer,
so as soon as you
can get days off,
you should come to Boston
to help us plan!
Luke's mom offered for you to stay with her, so no excuses!
Anyway, call me back!
Love you! Bye!
[Insects chirring]
[Amber laughing]
Oh!- Mmm!
- Missed you!
- I missed you too!
- Here, I'll... I'll take that.
- Oh, thank you, Luke!
- So, how was your drive?
- Um, no complaints.
- What is it, like,
8 hours to Cleveland?
- Um, just over.
- I'm so happy you're gonna be
here for our engagement party.
- Honey, I wouldn't
miss it for the world!
So, who's coming?
Just mainly your friends?
- And some of my mom's
colleagues from the art world.
- Jill thinks it'll be a good
networking opportunity for me.
- OK. Wow!
You weren't kidding
when you said
she'd have enough room
for me to stay here.
- Yeah!
- Uh, she's just
finishing up a phone call,
and then she'll be right out.
- OK!
Let me see your ring!
- Oh...
- Oh, honey!
It's gorgeous!
[Both chuckling]
I'm not so sure
I can say the same thing
about your nail polish!
What made you
choose this colour?
- There she is!
- I'm just...
- Sharon, it's so good
to finally meet you!
- You too, Jill.
You have a beautiful home.
- Thank you.
And as long as you're here,
I'd like you to think
about it as your house too.
- Thank you.
That's very kind.
[Inhaling deeply]
I, um... I brought
you something.
- Oh, that's so sweet!
Totally unnecessary.
- It was my pleasure.
It's a macram pot holder.
It's for plants.
I... I make them and sell them
at the local flea market.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- I love it!
- So, Amber tells me
you're an art dealer.
- I am.
- What exactly do you do?
- Well, my main job
is to facilitate
the sale of artists' work,
which hopefully, I'm going to be
able to do for Amber one day.
- Did she give you this to sell?
- No, no, no.
No. That's a gift.
But I am working on
getting her art out there,
since she's graduating so soon.
- Great!
She never mentioned
you lived in a museum.
- Well, I like to think of
myself as a high-end hoarder.
Plus, it's good for clients
to see how pieces might
fit into their own homes.
I change things around
quite regularly.
- Well, you certainly
have an eclectic taste.
- Art is subjective.
One person's Rembrandt
is another person's
Dogs Playing Poker.
Do you have a favourite artist?
- My daughter.
- Good choice!
The bedrooms are upstairs.
So, Amber tells me
you're a hospice nurse.
- Yes.
That's right.
- Must be difficult,
working around so much death.
- You get used to it, actually.
And it's so rewarding,
being able to comfort people
in their final days.
- Here's where
you'll be staying.
Thank you again for hosting me.
- Yeah, of course!
We're going to be family.
I can't have you
staying in a hotel.
So, I've printed out the Wi-Fi
password, door and alarm codes.
My room's just down the hall,
so if you need anything,
just knock!
- Thank you.
When was this taken?
- Oh, I had a photographer
friend come by
and do some engagement
photos of the kids.
- Amber emailed me some.
I didn't see this one.
- Well, I figured since
I was paying for them,
I might as well get in on some!
[Chuckling, sighing]
She's just a dream, isn't she?
- Yes, she is.
- Well, why don't I
let you freshen up,
and when you're ready,
you can join us downstairs.
- I'll be down in a jiff.
- Take your time.
You know what, Sharon?
The very first time I met Amber,
I looked at her,
and I thought to myself:
"Now, that's the kind of girl
I wish Luke would date."
It's true.
Little did I know, a year and
a half later, they'd be engaged.
Oh! Looks like we
need another bottle!
- That went down quickly!
- We're celebrating!
It's so nice to have
you here. Any requests?
- Oh, I'm fine with whatever.
- Sharon?
- No, I'm good.
- Back in a second.
[Luke clearing throat]
Look what I found!
It's that organic Chardonnay
we got in Cape Cod.
- You went on a trip?
- Technically,
it was for business,
but we did manage to squeeze in
a few trips to local vineyards.
- Did you go too, Luke?
- I wasn't invited.
- It was a girls' trip.
You know what I'm thinking of?
- What?
- That B&B we stayed in!
- [Laughing]:
Oh my God!
Where all night, we kept on
hearing that spooky sound!
- It was so scary!
OK, make the sound.
Make the sound.
You're so good at it! Make it!
- OK, OK, wait. OK, wait.
[Jill and Amber laughing]
- It was like a strange, old man
was underneath the
covers or something.
It was like, whoa!
So scary!
- Oh my God!
That lobster we had!
That was probably the
best meal I've ever had.
- I was gonna wait until
tomorrow to surprise you,
but I called the restaurant,
and I had them ship some in
for your party tomorrow.
- No!
- Yes, I did.
- Oh! You're
the best!
- I love you, honey!
- Love you!
[Doorbell ringing]
- Oh! Dinner's ready!
[Chuckling softly]
- [Whispering]:
- You know, there's no
shame in using a fork.
- I can manage.
Thank you.
- Guess Cleveland isn't
exactly known for its sushi.
- Go, Browns, go!
- So, I was thinking that we
could visit some caterers
while you're in town.
- OK.
- Amber and I met a few, but we
weren't blown away by them.
- Well, depending upon where
you're planning on having
the reception, honey,
you might be required
to use their caterer.
- Well, we... We're leaning
towards having it here.
- At the house?
- Well, the backyard, yeah.
- Oh!
- Yeah, it actually was my idea.
I think it'll work great.
- Do you have a church
in mind for the ceremony?
- Actually, we were thinking
about doing that here too.
- You are?
- Yeah, we still plan on having
a prayer and bible readings,
just doing it outside.
- I think it's a great idea!
I love the idea of getting
married outside, in nature.
I mean, church weddings can be
so stuffy, don't you think?
- No, actually, I don't.
- Well, what is it
that they say?
"Church isn't so much the
building as it is its people."
- Are you planning on
using your pastor?
- Uh, no.
Luke and I have a
friend that's ordained,
who we've asked to
perform our ceremony.
- What denomination is he?
- He doesn't really have one.
- He... he just did it online.
It's pretty easy.
You give them your name,
$25, and you're a minister.
- It's their friend Scott.
He's really funny.
- A marriage is a commitment
made before God, Amber.
It's not a comedy show.
- It'll still feel traditional.
- I don't see how.
- You know what? Sharon,
it's the kids' wedding.
Just let them do what they want.
- Is it what they want?
Or is it what you want, Jill?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You know, um, I'm actually
pretty tired after the drive,
so if you'll all excuse me,
I'm gonna call it a night.
[Insects chirring]
- I'm sorry for springing
all the wedding stuff
on you like that.
- I don't get why
you're not having
your ceremony in a church.
Don't you want your wedding
to be as special as it can be?
- I do want that.
But special means
something different to me now.
- I suppose your
future mother-in-law
thinks people who go
to church are feebleminded.
- Oh, Mom, this has
nothing to do with Jill!
- Really?
Because you both look like
you're just two peas in a pod.
- We just have a lot in common.
- We used to have
a lot in common.
- We still do, Mom.
- Everything I have ever done,
every decision I have ever made,
I have always put you first.
And I'm willing to
give you away to Luke,
but I am not willing to
give you away to his mother.
- If you'd just
give Jill a chance,
I know you two could be friends.
- I love you, Amber.
And for your sake,
I will be nice,
but trust me when I say
that woman and I
will never be friends.
Good night.
- Good night!
Well, that was awkward!
- She's still upset?
- She blames your mom.
- For?
- Everything!
- Did you tell her
that you don't wanna
wear her wedding dress?
- Sort of.
Not really.
- Amber! I...
- I've already upset her enough.
I just wanna get through
the next few days
with as little
drama as possible.
- OK. So...
You know, if things get
a little too stressful,
we can just elope.
- Vegas?
- Yeah, we could get an Elvis
impersonator to marry us.
Har, har, har.
- You're kidding,
but that's actually not the
worst idea I've ever heard.
- Oh, what a shame!
- Can you still serve it?
- No! I can't risk giving
your guests food poisoning!
What a disaster!
I... I don't know how this
happened, but I am so sorry.
- So, you're
cancelling the party?
- No, I'm not gonna
cancel the party
because of some spoiled lobster!
That's ridiculous.
I'm just gonna call the caterer
and order more food.
- Good!
- Easy fix.
[ Upbeat jazz playing ]
[Guests chatting, indistinct]
- I'm gonna steal
her away. Come with me.
- OK. I'll be back.
[Talking indistinctly]
Hi! How are you?
Good to see you!
- Ah! So nice
to see you!
- Hi! It's so nice
to see you!
[ Electronic music
playing on PA ]
[Guests chatting, indistinct]
[Woman coughing]
- Uh, does this have gluten?
- Sorry?
- Th-this cracker,
does it contain gluten?
- I don't know.
- Aren't you one of the helpers?
- No. I'm, uh...
I'm Amber's mother.
- Oh! Ah! I'm sorry.
I just... 'Cause you were
standing back here, and your...
I'm Evan. I'm Jill's partner,
here at the gallery.
- Sharon.
- Sharon! So...
Jill just adores your daughter.
- Yes, I've noticed.
- And vice-versa.
They're so lucky.
I mean, I could barely stand
to be in the same room
as my mother-in-law.
Ex-mother-in-law, thank God!
I couldn't imagine choosing
to spend my free time with her,
let alone inviting her
to come help me pick out
my wedding tuxedo!
It's like...
- Your tuxedo?
- I just mean how they
went wedding-dress shopping.
- They went wedding-dress
shopping together?
- Uh, yeah. Uh...
I don't think they
ended up buying anything.
I need a drink.
Uh, such a pleasure
to meet you, Sharon.
- Yes, it was nice
meeting you too, Evan.
You two went wedding-dress
shopping together?
- Uh...
- Yes. Yes.
- I don't understand.
I thought you were
gonna wear my dress.
- It's just not my style.
- Or anybody's.
- Excuse me?
- I'm sorry, I just...
Sharon, I... I saw a photo of it,
and it looks a bit dated.
And Amber's such
a beautiful girl!
We want her to look her best
for her wedding, don't we?
- Of course I do, Jill.
- Well then, perhaps she should
wear something a
little bit more current.
- May I please speak
to my daughter alone?
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
- I know you hoped
that I'd wear your dress,
but Jill's right.
It's just... It's just not me.
- Honey, it's not just
about the dress.
- Then why are you so upset?
- Because shopping
for a wedding dress
is something special that a
mother and daughter do together,
not a mother-in-law.
- You're right. I'm...
I'm so sorry, Mom.
- It was Jill's idea, wasn't it?
- Well, yeah.
But I don't...
- Don't you see?
She's trying to manipulate
you to get what she wants.
- Mom, she's just encouraging
me to do what I want.
- Oh, Amber.
- Mom...
- Can I get your attention?
- You're smarter than that.
- Mom!
- [Luke]: Amber!
- Go on! Go, go, go!
- We'll talk later.
[Talking indistinctly]
- Um, yeah, no, seriously,
I just wanted to thank
everyone for coming out
and making this such a special
day for both of us, so...
- Thank you so much
for being here, everyone.
Um, I actually just
want to point out
a really special guest:
uh, my mom, Sharon Vickers,
who drove all the way from
Cleveland to be with us today.
Growing up, my mom never
missed a single art show.
She was always the first
to volunteer for bake sales
and made me, always,
the best Halloween costume
in the neighbourhood.
[All laughing]
No matter what was going on,
she always put me first,
and she still does today.
So, I just want to say
that I know you don't always
agree with my choices,
but I love you,
and thank you for
being such a great mom.
[Guests applauding]
- Yeah!
And I would like to
take this opportunity
to thank my mom, Jill,
for being such a great host.
- Yeah, Luke could
not have asked
for a cooler and better mother,
and I could not have dreamed
of a better mother-in-law,
so, to Jill.
- [All]: To Jill!
- Oh!
- Yes!
- Thank you so much!
I'll drink to that!
[All laughing]
And, would you mind?
I would like to...
Thank you so much.
I just wanna say a quick word.
I... I just wanna thank you all
for coming out here and
celebrating Luke and Amber.
It's hard to hand
over your only son
to another woman.
I think all of you know my story
and know how it's always
just been Luke and I,
since the beginning.
Whether he liked it or not,
he was always a mama's boy.
- That's true!
- Yeah, I was!
[Both laughing]
- But the truth is...
[Clearing throat]
...I always wanted
to have a girl...
as well.
And it just wasn't in the cards.
And then Amber came
into our lives.
She's sweet, smart, talented,
everything anyone
could ever want,
and I realize she's
the daughter I... I never had.
And I just love you
so much, honey.
- I love you!
- [Guests]: Aw!
- Thank you!
Thank you for everything!
- I love you too, Lukey!
- I love you, Mom.
[All laughing]
- Now, everyone, please,
have a drink and eat!
- Party!
- Dance!
- ...then it
will be done...
- Well, don't worry about that.
That's a decision.
- Yeah.
- You know, you make
that for yourself.
- Something smells good.
- Your mom made
a roast and a pie!
- I did!
- Wow!
- Oh!
Wait till you try
her Christmas baking.
- Well, that settles
where we're gonna have
our first family holiday!
- I hope you don't mind that
I've taken over your kitchen.
I just wanted to
show my appreciation
for letting me stay here.
- That's so sweet!
- Sorry we took so long.
We had to stop by the gallery.
- Oh, that's fine! Luke's
been keeping me company.
He told me all about
the big presentation
that he's gotta make
to all the CEOs
at the conference you're
going to in Hartford.
- It's a big opportunity.
Actually, we leave the same
morning as you head out,
so it works out well.
- He also told me
that you're using
his grandparents' wedding bands.
- Yeah.
Yeah, they helped
raise him, so...
- I think that's lovely
that you can use something
with sentimental value.
- Sharon, you know, Amber
and I were talking in the car,
and I realized
how I've overstepped
by taking Amber dress shopping,
and I wanted to say
that I'm sorry.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It's just that this is
as close as I'm ever gonna get
to being mother of the bride,
and I'm just really excited.
I'm sure that if the
roles were reversed...
Anyway, I'm sorry.
- Thank you. I appreciate
you saying that.
- Seeing as tomorrow's
your last day,
I was thinking just you and I
could go to some bridal salons.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I'd love it!
- So, what's for dinner?
- Well, the pot roast and, uh,
the candied carrots you love
and roasted potatoes.
- Ah! So
- You know, I'm not very hungry.
[ Classical music
playing on stereo ]
- What do you think?
- You look stunning.
I don't know how you can
justify spending so much money
on something you're
only gonna wear once.
- You're probably right.
- I know it's not
your first choice,
but besides saving money...
[Sighing] dress has
sentimental value,
just like the wedding bands.
- Oh! That dress
is gorgeous!
- What are you doing here?
- Oh, I had some business
in the neighbourhood.
I thought I'd pop in and
see how things are going.
You don't mind, do you?
- Of course not.
- Wow!
Oh my God!
It looks like it was
custom built for you!
- But it's so expensive.
- Yeah, um, Jill, Amber
and I were talking,
and she's changed her mind.
She's leaning towards my dress.
- I'll pay for it.
- I can't let you do that.
- What's money for
if you can't spend it
on the people you love?
- That's generous,
but it's too expensive.
- I want you to look beautiful
on your wedding day,
and in this dress,
you will, you do.
- I think Amber
should wear my dress.
I mean, I... I made it, and...
- Please! Let me
pay for it!
Will you? Please!
- Oh my gosh!
- Yes? Oh! I'm so happy!
- Thank you! Thank you!
[Amber laughing]
- Oh, you just look
absolutely radiant!
- I love it!
[Birds chirping]
- OK...
[Car door closing]
Jill, thank you
for your hospitality.
- Absolutely!
My pleasure.
- I love you.
- I love you too!
[Inhaling deeply]
- Good luck at the conference.
- Thanks!
- You're gonna do great!
- Drive safely.
- I will.
I'll talk to you soon, OK?
- Call me.
- [Both whispering]:
I love you!
[Car door closing,
engine starting]
[Door beeping]
- Hello!- Hello!
- Mwah!- Mwah!
- Must feel good to be
rid of your house guest!
- Next time, I think
I'm gonna suggest a hotel.
- She's definitely a bit creepy.
- You think?
- I don't know.
I just got a weird
vibe off of her
after I saw her staring at
you a few times at the party.
- I was with Amber
most of the night.
- Yeah, I guess. Do you
have the Irwin contracts?
- Oh! I was reading
them in bed last night.
I must have left them at home.
Do we need to get
them out this morning?
- I promised we would.
- OK, no worries.
I'll just go home and get them.
- Sorry, babe!
- No problem!
[Alarm beeping, wailing]
[Alarm stops]
- [Whispering]: OK! OK!
[Door closing]
- Sharon?
Sharon? You here?
No! Aaah!
- [Whispering]:
No. OK.
[Sharon]: Jill!
[Sharon grunting]
Are you OK?
Don't move! Don't move!
Don't move!
I'm gonna get help!
- Is someone in the house?
- No, he's gone!
He's gone.
Just stay calm.
[Line ringing]
[Machine beeping]
I was on my way home,
um, and I... I realized that I
forgot my phone back at Jill's,
so I turned around.
But by the time I got back,
everyone was gone.
So, I let myself in, and, um...
And I was just about
to enter the alarm code,
and he grabbed me.
He stuck a knife to my throat...
and he said if I made a sound,
that he'd kill me.
And then he... he... he tied me up,
and he gagged me, and he
forced me into the kitchen.
[Whispering]: I never thought
I'd see Amber again.
- Take your time.
- Then I heard Jill come home.
And, uh, she was
calling out my name,
but I... I couldn't answer.
I saw her go upstairs.
And I knew he was up there.
And I tried.
I... I...
I tried to warn you, I did.
And then I saw her... her body
fall to the ground.
I thought you were dead.
- Hmm.
- And then I heard him
run out the front door.
And somehow, I, uh...
I managed to get my hands free,
and I made my way over to Jill,
and I called 911 on her phone.
- Can you describe
the man to me?
- Uh, I don't know, uh...
Late 20s, uh, early 30s.
Um, he had brown hair.
He was white.
And, uh, about 5'10", 6 feet.
[Inhaling deeply]
And, um...
he was wearing gloves.
- And if you saw him again, you
think you'd be able to ID him?
- I don't know. Maybe.
It was such a blur.
- I don't understand
how he got in.
- The back door.
Looks like he used
a crowbar to pry it open.
- But I have an alarm system.
- The wires were cut.
I'm gonna need a detailed list
of all the stolen jewellery.
Um, any photos
or serial numbers,
that could very helpful.
- OK, but all I really care
about are those wedding bands.
- We'll do what we can.
- Thank you.
- [Man on PA]:
Dr. Green in cardiology.
- Hi!
- The doctor wants to admit you.
- What? Ugh! But I didn't
have any surgery or anything.
- You still suffered
a very serious break,
not to mention you
lost consciousness.
Concussions can be dangerous.
- So, how long does he
think I'm gonna be in here?
- Not sure. Probably
just a few days.
- There's really
no way I can go home?
- With your limited mobility,
you'd need to hire
a private nurse.
- Well, I can hire a nurse.
- You'd really prefer to leave?
- Oh, absolutely!
- I'll take care of you.
- Well, that's very
generous of you, but I...
I wouldn't wanna put you out.
- I'm a nurse.
It's what I do.
- I know. And I... I just...
I cou... I...
I... I... I couldn't feel
comfortable asking that of you.
- Oh!
You said to me
when I first got here
that we're gonna be family.
Family takes care of each other.
- Well, OK. Yeah.
- Now, do you want me
to call the kids
and tell them what happened?
- Yeah, OK.
Actually, no. Don't.
You know what?
What can they do?
I don't want Luke to feel
like he has to leave
his conference early.
- OK.
Then let me see if
I can talk the doctor
into letting me
take you home, OK?
Just give me a sec
to get things ready.
You're safe now.
I'm gonna take care of you.
I'm gonna get you
set up on the couch.
OK, you're gonna
have to lift it.
- Ow!
- I know!
I know!
OK... OK.
I know.
I'm gonna...
- Ow!- I know!
- Oh!- Ah, ah!
Wait, wait,
wait! OK...
- Ow! It's...
My whole body hurts!
- I know.
- OK.- OK.
I want you to put
your arms on my shoulders
and clasp your hands
behind my neck.
- OK.
- And I'm gonna
lift you on three.
One, two, three.
- Oh! God!
- OK. It's all right. OK.
- Oh!
- Here we go!
- Ow!
- Here we go! Oh!
- You're OK. You're OK.
You got it! Breathe!
- Oh!
- Can you scoot yourself back?
- When is my next pill?
- Not for another 20 minutes.
- OK, close enough.
- Jill, your medication
contains oxycodone.
- Well, it's only 20 minutes.
Ouch! I think
I'll be OK.
- My watch, my rules.
- OK...
- Can I get you
something to drink?
- Yes! I would love
a glass of wine.
- You can't have alcohol
with painkillers.
- Well, I'm not operating
any heavy machinery.
I think I'll be OK.
- I still think you shouldn't
have alcohol with painkillers.
- Sharon, I could
really use a drink!
- OK. I'll get you
a glass of water.
Here you go.
- Oh, great!
You changed your mind.
- Oh, no, I didn't.
- I thought you said
you didn't drink.
- It's been a long day.
I know it's hard
to find the positive,
but if you hadn't come home,
he would've taken all your art.
And considering he had a knife,
you're lucky you only got a
broken leg and a concussion.
- Thank you...
for trying to warn me.
- Huh?
- You said you called out to me.
- Yes.
You would've done the same.
- I like to think so.
- I know so.
- I'm not looking forward
to trying to get up those
stairs to my bedroom.
- Oh, I wouldn't
let you risk it,
not until you're at least
getting around on crutches.
- You know, I... I do have a
little pull-out bed in the den.
- Great! I will
go set it up.
- Thank you.
[Insects chirring]
[Phone ringing]
- Hey!
- Hey! I can't see you!
- Uh, yeah, um...
the, uh, camera on
my phone is broken.
- No worries!
- So, how was the drive?
- Good. We, uh, we got
here a few hours ago.
Luke had a networking thing
we just got back from.
- You know, I'm just in
the middle of something.
- No problem!
You can call me back.
- OK, I'll call you in
the morning, actually.
- Sure!
- OK, have a good night!
- That was Amber?
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I... I asked her to
call me when they got there
to make sure they were safe.
She's probably gonna
call you in a minute.
- You don't have to pretend
that you two aren't close.
- Thank you for
sharing her with me.
- I'm fine sharing her, Jill.
I just won't lose her to you.
That, I won't allow.
OK, OK. Hold on!
Hold on!
And how's that?
- You know, I'm
in a lot of pain.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think I should
have one more pill.
- It's not time yet.
- Just to help me sleep.
- The dose is the dose.
- Why are you taking that?
- So I don't bump into it
in the middle of the night
when you call.
Good night, Jill!
[Jill moaning loudly
in distance]
- Oh!
- Ah! Oh...
[Exhaling loudly]
[Jill continues moaning]
[Insects chirring]
[Moaning softly]
Oh my God!
- I just wanted to
make sure you were OK.
- I'm fine.
- Night-night!
Good morning!
How'd you sleep?
- Not great. The pain
kept me up quite a bit.
- Hmm...
- Could I have
my medication now?
- Sure! With breakfast.
How's your head?
- It's fine.
- You don't feel
dizzy or nauseous?
- No, can we just
move this along
so I can get my medication?
- Of course.
[Phone ringing]
- It's Evan.
- Have you told him
what happened?
- I told him I broke my leg,
but I didn't tell him
how it happened.
Hi, honey!
- Hey! How's the leg?
- Oh, fantastic! Just about
to go out for a run.
- Any idea how long it'll be
before you're back to work?
- I don't know, but I don't
think it'll be any time soon.
- Why don't I just come to you?
- Yes! That's a great idea.
We can take care of
some paperwork here
and whatever else needs doing.
- I'm sorry, Evan.
Jill needs to rest.
- And I need her
to sign some things.
- Are those things
a matter of life and death?
- Obviously not, Sharon!
- Good. Then it can wait.
Have a wonderful day.
- Sharon, what's the big deal?
I'm just gonna be sitting
around all day anyway.
- Jill, you have
a severe concussion
along with a broken leg.
- Yes, I realize that.
- Then you should realize
you need to rest
your body and your mind.
- Yeah.
- Let's get you dressed.
[Birds chirping]
Here's some tea and some snacks.
- Oh, thank you.
- Mm-hmm!
I'm just gonna pop out to the
store and get a few things.
Any requests?
- Uh, no, I'm fine.
- I won't be long.
- [Man on TV]: What changes
colour like magic...
- Here's something
to keep you company.
...and transforms
regular drawings
into magical works of art?
- [Man and children]:
Magic Pens!
- Regular pens are a bore
and make drawing a chore!
Draw a face on a sun,
because Magic Pens
are super fun!
[Phone dinging]
Colour over with
a white Magic Pen
to change colours
again and again!
- Sharon! Sharon!
- ...or decorate
a butterfly's wings!
With the eraser set, add flash to a rocket ship...
[ Classical playing on radio ]
...and they easily wash away when you're done.
With Magic Pens, the fun
and creativity never stops!
Just ask anyone,
from parents to tots!
Colour change and eraser sets
sell in the high-end art
stores for $30...
...and they're worth it!
But order now,
and you'll only pay $19.95!
But that's not all
you're gonna get!
Call right now, and we'll also include the Magic Blow Pen!
Instantly transform any marker pen into a dazzling air brush!
A $15 value, yours free!
And if that's not enough,
we'll include...
- Whatever gets on
doesn't come off.
You need the brush, but it comes with the brush.
Sweep it down. You have garlic
that spreads like butter.
Spread it on steak
before you barbecue it
and fish before you bake it.
Garlic toast's unbelievable!
In mashed potatoes,
it's fabulous.
Ginger! Ginger cookers
love this thing.
Ginger's a pain,
'cause of the hairs...
- Hello!
- Where have you been?
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
The traffic was worse
than I expected,
and I don't know
Boston very well,
so I got completely
turned around.
- Well, you've been
gone for hours.
Is everything OK?
- Fresh ginger with no hairs,
no threads, no fibres...
- No, everything's not OK.
- Does fresh apple sauce for baby food or pork dishes,
Parmesan cheese for Caesar
salads or Italian dishes...
- Don't worry, Jill.
I deal with this sort
of thing every day.
OK, Jill, I need you to scoot
to the middle of the bed.
- Ow!- Good!
- Oh! It must be
time for my meds.
- Jill, you need to
take them with food.
- Honestly, Sharon, do you
have to be so by the book?
- Yes, I do!
- Why don't you trust me
with my own medication?
- I just want you to receive
the same quality of care
that you'd get if you were
still in the hospital.
Let's go. Just,
we'll move you.
- What is that?
- It's a baby monitor.
You can think of it
as a call button.
It's a good idea, right?
- Actually, I think
it's overkill.
- Sharon...
My ankle's feeling a lot better.
I'm hoping to be able to
get around on my crutches.
- The doctor doesn't want
you to put weight on that
for at least a few days.
- I know. I just really wanna
do things for myself.
- OK. Let's try the
crutches after breakfast.
Breakfast is served!
- Oh! Ah...
You really don't have to
go to so much trouble.
- No, it's no trouble.
As long as you're my patient,
you get the very best care.
- Thank you.
- Oh, and I know you want these.
- Yes, I do.
Thank you.
- Take it slow.
How's the ankle?
- Uh, it feels
a lot better, actually.
- Oh! Well,
that's encouraging!
- I feel really dizzy though.
- OK. Why don't you try and take
a couple of steps on your own?
- OK.
- I'm gonna let you go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- OK, I, uh...
- OK!
- I think I better sit down.
- All right.
- Ah!- OK.
- Just a couple
more. Yep!
And go back.
There you go.
- Why am I so light-headed?
- Well, you're on a very
strong pain medication.
- I felt fine yesterday.
- Well, that's because
your body was in shock
from the day before.
The medication didn't
hit you as hard.
This is your body's way of
telling you not to push it.
- I guess.
- I know.
This is what I do.
- Oh! Hi!
- Hey!
- I'm so happy to see you!
- Hi, beauty!
[Clicks tongue]
- What are you doing here?
- I'm here to visit Jill.
- Well, you should've called.
- I did.
- I told Evan he could stop by
so we could take care
of some paperwork.
- Oh.
- I promise, I won't do
anything too mentally taxing.
- OK. Can I get you
anything to drink?
You want some tea or coffee?
- I'm fine.
- Actually, I... Hi!
Actually, I would love a coffee.
One cream, two sugars.
Thank you!
- Of course!
- She needs to chill out.
[Whispering]: What?
- Baby monitors are everywhere.
- Why?
- Because she's trying
to keep tabs on me,
like we're in a hospital
and I'm her actual patient.
- OK, she is behaving
like an actual psycho!
- I know. It's definitely
a bit excessive.
- I'm sorry, are you comfortable
having someone like that
take care of you?
- She's not my first choice.
- Look, I don't care
what she says.
I'm not going anywhere
until your kids get back.
- Thanks, baby.
- Yeah!
- Here you go!
One cream, two sugars!
- Thank you.
Are you sure there's
only two sugars?
- Two heaping spoonfuls.
- Oh.
- OK, I'll let you two
get back to work.
If you need anything, just call.
- Thank you.
No, yes. Boring!
I mean, there is Paris and
there's London and there...
We've just done
and seen them all.
I'm looking for something else.
Hey, what about Antwerp?
- [Evan]: Is it even
called dating anymore?
There's the one with the
two different-coloured eyes.
- Uh-huh.
- The cat one.
- Yeah, no, he's...
We call him Bowie, right?
- I mean, well, yes,
he's Bowie-ish. He's...
- Is he super thin?
- Very thin.
- Yeah?
- Like, he's like a bookmark.
- And does he... Is he English?
- No.
- Oh, he's not?
- Oh, no, you're
confusing him with...
- Visiting hours are over.
You need to go.
- Uh, you're serious?
- Yes. Jill has a concussion.
She needs her rest.
- Uh, w-would you like me to go?
- You know, I am
a little bit tired,
so why don't you take the
paperwork back to the gallery,
I will have a rest,
and then I'll see you
here later, right?
- Actually, yes,
I do have some stuff
to finish up at the gallery.
And yes, I will drop by later
to check up on you.
Love you!
- Love you!
- Bye!
- Now, let's get you
more comfortable.
You've had enough
screen time for now.
- But I just nd to
send a quick email.
- It can wait.
- OK, you know what, Sharon?
This playing nurse
thing is cute, but...
- I'm not trying to be
cute, Jill. I am a nurse.
- OK. Whatever.
- Here. Let me.
- Oh, no. It's OK.
- Shhh! Just
relax, really.
[Inhaling deeply]
- Mmm...
Do you do this
for all your patients?
- Just family.
When my husband was sick,
this always made him
feel better.
- He had cancer, right?
- He did. He was diagnosed
when we were engaged.
He wanted to
postpone the wedding,
but I wouldn't let him.
Besides the day Amber was born,
my wedding day was the
happiest day of my life.
Amber was 6 weeks old
when he died.
- Mmm... Must have been hard
to lose him when you did.
- It was. But it
really was a blessing.
He suffered for way too long.
And nothing any of the doctors
did could help with his pain.
I used to pray
to God every night
to just give him some relief.
And then one night,
God answered me.
It was like it came
through my hands.
- Ow... What did?
- Mercy.
- I'm not sure that
I'm following you.
- He died in my arms.
It's the reason
why I became a nurse.
It's like it was my calling.
And now, in his honour,
I do whatever it takes
to help my patients.
[Doorbell ringing]
- Uh...
- Detective!
- Good afternoon, Miss Vickers.
I've got some mugshots
I want you to look at.
Do you mind if I come in?
- No, not at all.
- OK.
- Please do.
All these men have records?
- Mm-hmm! Most of them
are career criminals.
Anyone look familiar?
- That's him!
- You sure?
- Positive!
- Do you recognize him?
- I don't think so.
- He pushed Jill from behind.
- I know. And whoever
broke in knew the alarm code.
- What?
- It was manually entered.
- You said the wires were cut.
- After it was disarmed.
Your alarm company
has electronic records
down to the last second.
- But why would someone go to
the trouble of doing that?
- To try and make it look
like a random break-in.
Who knows the code
besides yourself?
- Uh, Luke and Amber,
my son and his fiance,
Evan, my partner
at the gallery...
- And me.
Maybe Luke told someone?
- No, he wouldn't do that.
- You told me that
you've brought clients by.
- Yeah.
- Well, maybe one of
them saw you entering it.
- My clients don't
look like that.
- I'll bring him in
for questioning.
- Thank you.
- I feel stir-crazy.
- Well, being a patient
requires patience.
- Yeah, well, this patient
could really use a shower,
or at least washing my hair.
- I can help you with that.
- No, that's not
what I was getting at.
- I know.
- No, honestly.
Thank you, but...
- Jill... Jill, it's gonna
make you feel better.
- I've been thinking
about the break-in.
When I came to,
you told me that he left.
- Yeah, that's right.
- How did you know that?
- I heard the door close.
I assumed he'd left
after he pushed you.
- But how did you
even know that?
- Excuse me?
- I mean, how did... How do
you know I didn't just fall?
- I didn't. You told me
he pushed you.
- Ow!
Could you... Could you
just finish up, please?
- Of course.
- Ah! You know what?
I can do this.
- I know!
- You know what?
Seriously, I... I... I got it.
Sharon, my leg is broken,
not my arms.
- I was just trying to help.
Why are you being
so damn unappreciative?
- I think you should
go home in the morning.
- Who would take care of you?
- Evan can help. Amber and Luke
will be back tomorrow night.
I'll be fine until then.
- Hmm...
Well, that's some thanks
for me rearranging my
entire life to help you!
[Phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Hey...
Uh, I just wanted
to let you know
I'm not gonna be
able to make back today.
- Are you OK?
- I think I have food poisoning.
- Oh no!
- I've been throwing up
pretty much since I left.
I just need to
get home, lie down.
- Yes, of course!
- I'll call you later.
- OK, babe.
Feel better!
- Thanks!
- Give me your phone.
- What?
- You were dizzy this morning.
You need to avoid
all mental stimulation
for at least another 24 hours.
- OK, you know what?
I just won't look at my phone.
- I'm in charge until I
leave tomorrow. Give it to me.
- Well, I think confiscating
my phone is a bit much.
- Actually, I don't.
As a matter of fact,
you need to be in a dark room.
- What? You're
putting me to bed?
- Yes.
- No! You know what?
No! I've been trying to keep
my cool, but this is crazy!
- Now you're calling me crazy?
- I didn't say you are crazy.
I'm saying this is crazy!
- Give me your phone.
- I promise I won't look at it.
- Give it to me!
- Sharon! Oh my God!
How did you get your phone?
You told the detective you left
your phone in the guest room,
and you came back to get it.
- So?
- But you also told him
that you were tied up as soon
as you came into the house.
I saw you get yourself loose.
You were by my side
the entire time
and in the ambulance with me,
but you had your
phone at the hospital.
Oh, it was you.
- I so wish you hadn't
just said that!
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Slow down!
- No!
- What are you doing?
[Screaming, grunting]
- Shut up!
- Ah!
- Shut up! This is
all your fault!
You brought this
all on yourself!
And remember, I can hear
everything you do!
[Jill moaning, screaming]
[Whispering]: Shut up!
Shut up, shut up!
[Phone ringing]
Oh, Amber!
- Hey! Just me again! Call me.
[Phone beeping]
[Grunting, moaning softly]
- Ow!
[Exhaling sharply]
Ah! Oh...
[Beeping in distance]
[Footsteps approaching]
- Didn't I say I
could hear everything?
[Machine whirring in distance]
- Sharon!
I need my meds!
[Loudly]: Ow!
[Jill moaning loudly]
Sharon, I really
need a painkiller!
[Moaning loudly]
Ow! Sharon!
I need my meds!
[Moaning, screaming]
[Alarm wailing]
[Muffled screams]
[Alarm continues]
- Shut up! You want something
to scream about, huh?
[Alarm stops]
Shut up!
[Moaning, screaming]
- If you let me go,
you have my word
I won't say anything!
- That means nothing
coming from you!
- Stop before you
make things worse.
- No! The worst
thing that happens
is Amber never
speaks to me again.
- There's no way out of this!
- Yes, there is!
You decided you wanted
to sleep in your own bed.
Without my knowledge,
you climbed the stairs,
fell and broke your neck!
[Doorbell ringing]
- [Screaming]: Help!
- Shut up!
- Help!
- Shut up!
- Aaah!
[Doorbell ringing]
- Detective, hi!
Do you mind if we talk outside?
Jill just fell asleep.
She's been having a really
hard time with everything.
Is there something
I can help with?
- I tracked down
the guy you ID'd.
- Uh-huh...
- He was in the
Suffolk County Jail
for the past 3 days.
- So, there's no way
it could be him?
- No.
- I guess, uh, I just
wanted to figure out
what happened to Jill so badly
that, uh, my mind
played tricks on me.
- What happened to your neck?
- Oh!
Um, I tried to
pick up Jill's cat.
It was a bad idea.
- Just wanted to let you know
we don't have a suspect.
- OK. I'll let Jill know.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you. Good night!
- [Jill screaming]: Help!
You're never gonna
get away with this.
Nobody's gonna believe
I fell down the stairs.
- Yes, they will. I'm gonna
set the scene in the morning.
[Breathing heavily]
[Line ringing]
Hi, honey!
- I've been meaning to call you.
How was the drive to Cleveland?
- Um... Actually,
I'm still in Boston.
- Really?
- Yeah. Jill fell down the stairs and broke her leg.
- When did this happen?
- The morning you and Luke left.
- Why did nobody call us?
- It... Jill didn't
wanna worry you.
And... and you shouldn't worry.
I'm... I'm...
I am taking care of her.
- So, she's OK.
I'm not sure.
I... I don't know her very well,
but she just seems,
I don't know, off.
- What do you mean by that?
- She's got a pretty
bad concussion,
and she is really dizzy, and she just seems confused.
But... but she refuses to let me bring her back to the hospital.
I'm really worried
that she's taking more pain
medication than she should.
- Can't you manage them for her?
- I'm trying.
She won't let me!
- Let me try speaking to her.
- No, you can't! She made me
promise not to say anything.
- But we need to do something.
- I know. So...
Would you mind
coming back early?
- We're on our way.
- Really? Oh! Honey, thank you!
And just drive safely.
You must be hungry.
Trust me...
you don't wanna die
on an empty stomach, Jill.
But I know you're thirsty.
- [Evan]: Hello!
[Door closing]
- Don't say a word,
Jill! Not a word!
- Jill?
Where's Jill?
- She's taking a nap.
- Well, I wanna see her.
- You'll have to
come back later.
- What's that noise?
- The washing machine.
- [Muffled]: Help! Help!
- I'm in charge.
You need to go.
- Get out of my way.
Get out of my way!
Jill! Where are you?
- Help!
- Jill! Where are you?
- Help!
- Jill! Oh my... Oh my God!
- Evan! Call 911!
- What?
- You gotta call 911.
Sharon's gonna kill me.
She threw me over the railing.
- OK, OK!
- She's right behind you!
What have you done?
[Breathing heavily]
[Exhaling sharply]
[Phone ringing]
[Jill continues sobbing
in distance]
[Exhaling slowly]
You screwed up!
You might've been
able to explain
what happened to me
as an accident,
but two bodies?
If you were doing all of this
to get Amber back...
you just lost her!
- She's not gonna find out.
- What are you doing?
- Shut up!
- Where are you taking him?
- Shut up!
[Body thudding]
- [Whispering]: Oh my God!
Ah! Ah!
[Rustling sound on baby monitor]
[Moaning softly]
[Both grunting]
[Grunting, screaming]
[Door opening]
[Men and women laughing
and wailing in distance]
- Where's Amber?
- Amber's never going
to see you again.
She asked me to bring you this.
- They eloped!