Mad Mission 4: You Never Die Twice (1986)

This is a dangerous experiment.
You're the 1st guinea pig,
how are you?
It hasn't started, ho're you feeling?
- Exactly, a normal reaction.
OK, we'll make it this time,
we'll make it for sure.
Let me help.
I can't openit.
My last pill.
Do you want to kill me?
Alright, an eye for
an eye, she's yours.
You're kidding!
Come here, ain't!
Call him "hubbie",
We're unbeatable!
- What?
We've to lose, all of
your players are hurt.
Let me do it.
- Look.
We scored, hooray!
Let's open the champagne.
- Champagne.
Another score...
He's here, I've to leave first.
Thanks for your case!
Funny, very funny!
Morning, Inspector!
What, drive the car away!
Ye, Madam!
Madam, your husband's
great, jumping from 8/F.
Yes, I know.
You've guts jumping form 8/F.
It's absolutely pandemonium that day.
The gangster was cornered,
at the instant moment, jumped from 8/F.
He thought I wouldn't dare.
When we're doing this dangerous action
have to forget your family.
Pretending they're all dead.
Then you won't dare about the height.
Come, I've something to talk to you.
A prize?
- Yes, a prize.
I've got a prize!
I won't lose my temper.
The guys're flattering me.
Really, sit down...
And sign it.
OK, what s it?
Baldy, Jr's school application letter.
Itisn't, it's a resignation letter.
Why do you want me to resign?
Of course, no cops risk their
life like you did, sign it!
Isn't this a cop's duty?
But you've got a wife and a son.
Jumped without second thoughts.
It's ready from the 3/F.
You're insane, now just sign it!
If I resign, who'll
support the family?
You can't do that. I don't
want to live on woman's money.
If you don't sign,
don't come back home,
I was bluffing just now.
Baldy, the prism's very important.
What shall we do?
Not now, see what's
left of me first!
Please listen to me!
You won't care, will you?
Kodojak, when will you drop by,
we all miss you.
Visit you when you're free, Playboy.
You're smart.
I don't know them!
Come on!
And two more charges.
Darling, no taxi!
Taxi! Taxi!
Please forgive me.
Forgive you!
You're out of your mind,
why should I forgive you?
I dare you to jump from
here, forgive you!
I want toys.
Wait, go away first!
I want to buy them now.
Alright... let's get some toys.
What is it? I didn't order rice.
I'm here to save my son.
Is it your son up there?
What are you doing carrying this then?
Give it to me!
You're afraid he'll starve!
Son, I'll get back the prism
and swop your mom in New Zealand.
I might never return,
What do you want to say, say it!
I don't want you to blame me,
there're 2 alternatives.
First, the orphanage.
They have no toys and it's boring.
What's the second?
Go to new Zealand with me to save your mom.
This is good.
And third choice?
- No.
Which one shall I choose?
- The second one.
I want to save mommy.
Kid, you're great!
Hands stretched!
Raise them!
Raise one foot!
A somersault and then
walk a few paces.
Comein, do it...
It's easy!
- Where?
I'm scared!
Your dad's last wish asked
me to take care of you.
How can I break his wish?
You're loveable.
- Let me kiss you.
- You said you love me.
1 did meanit.
Raise your hand!
Let's run.
What shall we do?
- We ask them.
Darling, what is it?
Dad, be brave and don't cry.
- Can't hold it.
I'm useless.
The prism is gone, and
I can't save you.
At least we're together.
You've agreed on a fair exchange!
Hit me in my sleep?
Want to scare me?
It's good seeing you, let me hold.
- Thanks.
Sam, how're you!
Look, Kin's here.
He wants to compromise.
OK, let's shake hands.
- Let's do so.
Cody, Sylvia, Sam!
On behalf of Interpol, congratulations.
It's our credit, not yours.
The HK Royal Police is so proud.
This is our case,
they solved the case, it's our credit.
You're being unreasonable.
Hold him please.
Yes, teacher!
- Get the club.
I dare you to hit me.
What if I dare?
- Stop fighting now!
Yes, didn't you have enough!
Let's shake hands!
Why such a heavy one?
Why are you so angry?
What if I'm angry?
I'm not scared!
Come on!
Stop it...