Mad Love (1935)

- No, I won't. Let's get out of here.
- There's nothing to be afraid of.
When I go out to a play,
I want to have some fun.
You bring me to a place like this
where they make you scream and faint.
But it's a fillip to jaded nerves.
It's a new shudder.
Well, if that's the kind of a man you are,
you can take me home.
Now, wait a minute, darling.
You've got it all wrong.
Flowers again.
- A gentleman of the old school, Marie.
- Old or new, they all try the same things.
"Tonight I'm sad. For no longer will
I be able to watch you every evening
"from my lonely, shadowed box."
And no signature.
A man can't take the same box
every night for 47 nights
without the whole theatre
knowing who he is.
Gogol. Nasty, foreign-sounding name.
That was very mean of you.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Making fun of a famous man
like Dr. Gogol.
Well, if he's so famous, what's he doing
hanging around here all the time?
Why, Marie, my public.
No, he really is a great surgeon.
He cures deformed children
and mutilated soldiers.
Soldiers? I wish he'd fix one up for me.
Your usual box, Professor?
- Will you do me a favor?
- Of course.
Call Dr. Wong at my clinic and tell him
I'll be there before midnight, will you?
Most happy, Doctor.
I've been meeting you in dreams
all my life,
standing just like that.
You know me.
Raoul, your own little cabbage?
Take your hands off.
Why didn't you warn me, my dear?
My card, monsieur.
I'm perfectly willing
to give you satisfaction.
Don't be a fool.
And don't you be jealous, my friend.
She's not for either of us. She's only wax.
Good evening, Doctor.
What time is it?
Just on the hour.
What number is the station?
Madame, I only told you
four times tonight, 12.50.
After I was married a year,
I remembered things like radio stations
and forgot my husband.
Continuing our concert
from Fontainebleau,
we shall now hear one of the most
brilliant younger English pianists,
an artist with a great future.
How about mentioning that he's married
to an artist with a great future?
Louder, Marie, he didn't hear you.
- Curtain call, madame.
- Oh, yes, yes
... here, tonight, for the first time
on any concert stage,
an original composition of Monsieur Orlac.
Hurry, please, please, hurry.
His enviable reputation for purity of tone
and brilliance of technique.
Monsieur Orlac is now on the platform.
- Curtain call, Yvonne.
- Oh, yes, Charles.
You listen, Marie. You know the signal.
If he coughs twice, it means "I love you."
Sir, how dare you threaten your Duchess
with torture?
- The Duke.
- You see my warrant.
You only have one question to answer.
Who was the man who escaped
from your balcony in the palace?
Don't! No!
How you must love him.
Nicolo, you're my husband.
You loved me once.
His name?
Yes, he was there. Yes, I do love him.
But do you think I'd betray him
to your vengeance? Never!
- How very unpleasant. Bring the irons.
- No!
Yes, yes, it was your brother!
- Did he cough?
- Certainly.
- How many times?
- Six, eight, ten times. I lost count.
Maybe he has a cold.
If he doesn't cough, he doesn't love you.
If he coughs too much, he has a cold.
What a system.
From now on,
we won't need any more systems.
Maybe we'll miss all this.
Curtain calls, grease paint, an audience.
Stephen will be my audience.
It's a waste, one person.
No, no, not waste, Marie. Happiness.
Marie, come on, we need help at the party.
You go, I can dress myself.
And don't get too near the punch bowl.
Monsieur Orlac's last number will be
the G Minor Ballade by Chopin.
And I love you, darling.
Madame Yvonne, would it be possible?
Come in.
Oh, it's you, Dr. Gogol.
- You know me?
- We all know you.
You've kept the theatre running by
buying that box every night.
Won't you come in?
Thank you so much
for all the lovely flowers.
Every night I have watched you
and tonight, the last night,
I felt I must come and thank you
- for what you have meant to me.
- I'm very flattered, Doctor.
And when the theatre reopens,
I shall be in my box again.
- Every night.
- I do hope so, for the theatre's sake.
- I won't be here, I'm afraid.
- You are playing somewhere else?
Never again.
- Never again?
- No.
I'm going to England with my husband.
Your husband?
Yes, that's he playing now
from Fontainebleau. Stephen Orlac.
I'm meeting his train tonight.
- Stephen Orlac.
- How do you think he plays?
That's his own composition, you know.
Very modern music.
We've been married a year,
but he's been on tour
and I've been busy with the theatre.
So you see,
this is really going to be our honeymoon.
You know, I've come to depend
on seeing you every night.
But I'm going to England.
But I must see you again. I must.
Yvonne, we're all waiting. Hurry.
Dr. Gogol, why not join our party?
You represent our public. Come on.
Oh! Lovely!
A wedding cake for the bride
who's been married a year.
Who hasn't been on her honeymoon yet.
What am I bid for the first slice?
- A kiss for the bride.
- Sold.
I want to kiss the bride, too.
The line forms on the right.
One kiss, one piece of cake for each.
- I'm next.
- Me, too.
What... Doctor.
- No champagne, no cake, and no kiss?
- No, thank you.
Come along. Yvonne. Yvonne.
Yvonne. Yvonne, don't forget our public.
- Dr. Gogol.
- Dr. Gogol.
That's a good one.
- I wish I had one like that.
- You would, eh?
- Who's next?
- I'm next.
- No, I...
- No, I am next.
How about me? How about me?
Where are you taking that figure?
- To the melting pot.
- Melting pot?
Yes, 50 francs of wax in that thing.
And no doubt you'd take 75 for it.
Would you?
What's the idea?
- Did you ever hear of Galatea?
- Galla who?
- Not wanting a statue of him, are you?
- I don't want a statue of Galatea.
You see, she was a statue herself.
Pygmalion formed her,
out of marble, not wax.
she came to life in his arms.
Start the motor, Henry.
There's queer people on the streets
of Montmartre at this time of night.
Here, 100 francs,
if you'll deliver the statue to my house.
It's a go, Dr. Gogol.
First thing in the morning.
You see, monsieur, 20 francs extra
for the dog in the van.
Of course, monsieur, the guard.
You will keep my confidence?
Well, if my silence
is worth 20 francs to you, buy it.
I'm hungry.
- Who is that man?
- Rollo, the murderer.
Rollo. You read the case, monsieur?
The American threw knives in a circus.
Stuck one in his father's back
because of a woman.
He was convicted last week.
His autograph.
I have here autographs
of a hundred famous persons
and not a single murderer.
May I use your pen, monsieur? Thank you.
- Pardon me.
- Come on in, fat boy.
- Monsieur Rollo?
- Yeah.
- Don't you stick your nose in here.
- Yes. You might get it pinched.
Give a guy a break.
You boys won't gab with me.
- I followed your case in the papers.
- Yeah? For once I got top billing.
Boy, I bet it burned
those guys in the circus.
How did you happen to become
such a great expert at knife-throwing?
Practice. Learned to toss
a penknife when I was six.
Run away with the circus at 10,
and made my living with a knife.
- May I have your autograph?
- Sure. Give me.
Say, you can't talk about her like that.
I loved that dame,
even if she did two-time me.
The pen.
Well, old hands can still do their stuff, eh?
What do you want here?
- Well, this happens to be my pen.
- Well, take it and get out.
- What about that call for Dr. Gogol?
- They're still trying to get him.
Here's the American journalist
you sent for.
Hiya, kid.
- Hello, Chief.
- Monsieur Reagan.
You are the gentleman
who's going to cover this execution?
Yeah. I wish they'd cover it
so I can't see it.
You know, I got a weak stomach.
This Rollo is an American.
Yes. That's why it will make
a good story for our paper.
The fact is, we are anxious to avoid
undue sensationalism
- in the American papers.
- I know what you mean.
- I'll use a soft pencil.
- Thank you.
And if, as you say,
your nerves are a little weak,
- I suggest you bring a flask of cognac.
- No. Gin, Chief.
Gin for executions, beer for birthdays,
wine for weddings and champagne.
- Oh, champagne.
- For what?
You ask that and you're a Frenchman?
Dr. Gogol's clinic on the wire.
Her first natural sleep in weeks.
Poor little thing.
Tomorrow you can take the boards out
from under her.
- Telephone for you, Professor.
- Don't disturb me now.
- The brace will give sufficient support.
- Yes, Professor.
But, it's the Prefect of Police himself.
He insists.
Yes, Monsieur Rosset?
Tomorrow at 6:00?
Of course, I'll be there. Thank you.
Is that Dr. Gogol, the famous surgeon?
- You're very inquisitive.
- Well, that's my job to be inquisitive.
I wonder if I could get him
to write some articles for our newspaper.
You'll see him at the guillotine.
Why not ask him?
Good idea.
Rollo's train gets in
from Fontainebleau in 20 minutes.
Like to come to the station with me?
Why, certainly. A welcome committee
and a farewell party rolled into one.
Hey, Chief, let's get out of here.
This thing's a Turkish bath.
Can you please tell me when
the Fontainebleau Express will arrive?
Go ahead and tell her, Chief.
No one seems to know, madame.
It's 20 minutes late already.
Hey, Chief, look.
What's the matter?
Has this whole town gone crazy?
Wrecked! Number 18 is wrecked!
What train is wrecked?
Sorry, madame,
I can't give any information.
Then give it to me.
Fontainebleau Express,
Monsieur le Prefect.
- Is it serious?
- I don't know, madame.
- Where was it?
- Near Geron, 20 miles out.
Relief train leaving on Track 9.
- Please.
- Can I see you a minute?
Please. Please, may I go
with the relief train?
- Sorry, madam, it's against orders.
- Come on, we'll get a taxi.
All right, fellows. Come on, everybody.
Help me, please. Please help me.
Help me somebody! Please, here.
- Well, Doctor?
- Your husband will live.
Madame, what joy.
The head injury is not serious.
It's only his hands.
- Only his hands?
- I'm afraid we shall have to amputate.
Amputate! No, no!
No, Doctor, you don't understand!
His hands... He's a great pianist!
But even so, madame, what are hands
when it's a matter of saving life?
- But his hands are his life!
- Excuse me.
- Madame, Dr. Gogol.
- Oh, no, not that man.
But he's a genius, madame,
and if it means Monsieur Stephen's life?
Yes. Yes.
Doctor... Doctor, can you get an
ambulance to take my husband to Paris
- to Dr. Gogol's house immediately?
- But, madame...
I know the risk. I'll take the responsibility.
Dr. Marbeau,
there are two operations waiting.
As you wish, madame.
It's great to start the day off.
Oh, all right. All right.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Ring your head off. All right. There.
Hello? Hello?
Yes, this is
the Professor Gogol's housekeeper.
Well, the Professor isn't here.
If you want to know,
he's visiting Madame Guillotine.
He never misses
one of those head choppings.
Present arms!
Say, Chief, I barely made this.
You know, they had me in the jug.
They said I insulted one of those
gendarmes at the wreck.
- Quiet, Monsieur Reagan, if you please.
- Okay.
Boy. Ain't that something.
He's an American, ain't he?
Can I ask him a question?
- Hiya, buddy.
- Hiya, partner.
- Tough luck, kid.
- We all get it in the neck some day.
- Say, tell me something, will you?
- Anything you want to know.
Well, I'm from Las Vegas and I hear
they finished the big dam.
Biggest in the world,
and it's making a lake 200 miles long.
It's the gospel truth, kid.
Well, what do you think of that?
So long. Come on.
Not ill, my friend, are you?
Oh, Doc, on the level
I'm as sick as a bedbug.
Come here a minute.
Say, how'd you like to make
a couple of bucks
by writing some articles
for the magazine section of our paper
- back in New York?
- Why buy articles about me?
You can get all you want
from the medical journals.
Wait a minute.
Who reads the medical journals?
The stuff I want is the stuff you do
you don't put in the journals.
Are you catching on?
And I'm not interested
in your publicity, young man.
Well, Doc, you want to make
a couple of dollars, don't you?
Chief, will you talk... Ain't that murder.
- Yes, Professor?
- Why that ambulance?
I ordered no case here for experiment.
They brought a man whose hands
were smashed in the Fontainebleau wreck.
What man? What wreck?
How dare you let people turn my clinic
into a public hospital?
But, Professor, his wife brought him,
a Madam Orlac.
- What?
- She said you were her friend.
- Where is he?
- In the ward with Dr. Wong.
- Has he come yet?
- Yes. He's with your husband.
Oh, thank heaven.
Prepare for amputation.
Doctor. His hands? Can you save them?
Calm yourself, madame. He's in no danger.
There are other outlets for musical talent
besides playing.
He's also a composer.
I understand.
You mean to amputate.
And I believed you could save them.
Believed you would help me.
If it would help,
I'd gladly give my own two hands, but...
All right, then.
Now you must rest and when you awaken,
everything will be over.
If I could only help her.
If I could only find a way.
- There must be a...
- Impossible, Professor.
- Impossible?
- Impossible.
Napoleon said that word is not French!
Suzanne! Suzanne!
Call the Prefecture of Police.
Get Prefect Rosset himself.
Emergency call!
Stop the anesthetic.
Stop the anesthetic.
Of course I want to help you, Dr. Gogol,
but I've got to get a release.
Don't worry about it.
I'll have Rollo's body at your clinic
within 30 minutes.
Good luck with your experiment.
Increase the carbon dioxide.
Congratulations, Professor. You've done it.
Once I felt the blood pulsing
through the hands,
I knew the operation would succeed.
- Thank you.
- Good night, Professor.
Good night.
Whatever made him bring you here?
There's never been any woman
in this house but me.
And if he must have them here,
I prefer live ones to dead ones.
Yes, Monsieur Professor. Pretty, isn't she?
- Get out.
- Yes, monsieur.
- Hello, there. How are you?
- Well, who are you?
That's no way to talk to a gentleman.
Ain't that a pretty bird?
You know, I got a parrot of my own.
- Well, what do you want?
- I got to see Dr. Gogol.
- It's a very important matter.
- Nobody comes in here.
Come here. Come here, queenie.
Lookie here. Now, there's a 50-franc note.
I'll give it to you if you'll answer
me one question.
Now, they brought a stiff in here.
What did he do with it?
Oh, I don't know.
He's upstairs fussing over it now.
There's your answer. Now get out.
What are they doing with the head?
Playing football with it?
The head?
Yes, the head's off.
I saw it come off myself.
Well, the head was on
when they carried it in here.
- Are you sure of that?
- I'm sure of it.
Holy jumping catfish!
What's going on in here?
Now, now, you can't come in here!
Do you want me to lose my job?
Come here a second, will you, please?
But I am no Pygmalion.
"The face of all the world is changed,
I think,
"Since first I heard
the footsteps of thy soul"
"Guess now who holds thee?
"'Death,' I said
"But, there, the silver answer rang
"'Not death, but love'"
You know, it was wonderful having
you to myself all these months.
You're a selfish little thing, aren't you?
Spring in Paris.
I feel so helpless.
Never mind.
You won't have them much longer.
- They... They feel dead.
- They will for a time.
You see, the muscles are atrophied
at present from lack of use.
But they... They don't look like mine.
You forget they were badly crushed.
No one in the world but you, Doctor,
could have performed this miracle.
We can never repay you.
I had to find a way
because you trusted me.
- We can't possibly express our gratitude.
- Don't. Please.
Now, try to move your fingers.
There. Splendid.
Well, I began playing the piano
with one finger.
I can start that way again.
Of course, there's still much to be done.
You'll need some regular massage,
some ultra-violet treatments,
graduated exercise.
I'm afraid it will prove a long
and expensive business.
You're an angel.
You know we'll pay you just as soon as
Monsieur Stephen is well again.
I understand, madame.
I used to play rather well once, didn't I?
- And you will again, dear.
- No, not with these.
Wonderful invention, the phonograph.
Keeps a man alive long after he's dead.
Please, don't say things like that, darling.
Sometimes I feel that these records
- are all that's left of Stephen Orlac.
- All of Stephen Orlac is left.
His tenderness, his genius, and his arms.
The arms that hold me close to him.
Forgive me, darling,
for thinking so much of myself.
More practice, that's the answer.
Yes, that's it. More practice.
Well, but if it weren't for
these money troubles...
I know what you're doing.
Selling everything.
Even your rings.
Yvonne, I'm so sorry.
- We'll be all right.
- Yes, of course, we will.
- Stephen.
- Yeah?
I know how proud you are,
but why don't you go to your stepfather?
No. No.
I swore I'd never see that man again.
But, darling, this is an emergency, surely.
It wouldn't mean a thing to him.
Have we heard one word from him
since my accident? No.
I tell you, darling,
it isn't a question of pride...
Then don't go. We'll manage somehow.
You have no right
to force your way in here.
The piano is still our property
till the loan is paid.
Sorry, madame,
he pushed his way past me.
I want my money.
But, monsieur,
we really intend to pay you.
I want my money or I'll take the piano.
But you can't take it.
It means everything to my husband.
So, you can't pay, eh?
Very well, I'll return tomorrow
with a court order.
This happens to be my pen, gentlemen.
Monsieur Stephen.
Hello, Pierre. Is my father in?
Hello, Father.
Well, the great musician, eh?
- What do you want?
- Can't you forget?
- Can't we be friends?
- And how is the piano-playing?
Well, since my accident,
I haven't been able to play.
- Can we go into the office?
- So that's it.
- You've come here for money.
- I never said so.
But I thought you might have
a little understanding, sympathy...
- Sympathy?
- All right, Father. All right.
- I don't want your money.
- That's good.
Because you won't get a franc, not a sou.
For years I've wanted you
in business with me.
But being a tradesman
wasn't good enough for you.
Now that your hands are smashed up,
you can't thump a piano any longer,
you come crawling back to me.
And that actress you married.
Why don't you let her help you now?
Her pay may be small,
but she could supplement her earnings.
Stop it!
Monsieur! Monsieur!
To be near you like this,
is more happiness than I've ever known.
But, Dr. Gogol, quite frankly,
I asked you to come here
to talk about Stephen.
And you must tell me the truth.
Will he ever be able to play again?
I mean, as he used to play?
Her thoughts are only for him.
He's my husband and I love him.
Is there no room in your heart,
even pity for a man
who has never known
the love of a woman,
but who has worshipped you since the day
he first walked by
that absurd little theatre?
Dr. Gogol, please.
Well, I can't be silent any longer.
- You're a woman. You must have known...
- Yes.
Yes, I knew of your feeling for me.
I traded on it.
And since you saved Stephen,
I feel deeper friendship for you
than for anyone, but...
I can give you nothing else in return.
- Nothing?
- Nothing.
Even if I didn't love him,
there's something about you that...
- Repulses you?
- Frightens me.
You are cruel,
but only to be kind.
Thank you for trying to understand.
And now see what he's gone
and bought you, dearie.
It cost him a whole month of my wages.
But what's that to you.
I hired out as a housekeeper,
and what am I now?
Lady's maid to a waxwork.
And flycatcher for a plant.
Wait a minute now. Just wait a...
Now, here's your dinner.
You'll be dead soon, dearie.
He likes dead things.
Now who can that be?
Now, you stay here, Josephine,
go on, till I go and see who it is.
I'll see who that is ringing the bell.
All right, all right. Coming. I'm coming.
It's a woman's place to carry her
all the way down.
If I could only get to that bell,
I'd be all right.
That's fine. That's it.
Now I can see all right.
So, it's you again.
Now, how many times
am I to send you away?
I've got to see the doctor or
I'll get fired. Listen, queenie...
- Well, you can't see the doctor.
- I got a present for you.
- Napoleon Brandy.
- Cognac?
- I like cognac.
- Well, I like you.
You do like that cognac. I like cognac.
You know, I used to go with a girl like you.
Only, she drank.
Now, tell me, what did he do with it?
You said it had no head.
Well, I looked at the head
and there ain't no marks on the neck.
When did you look at the head?
I look at it every day.
He makes me brush its hair every evening.
Brush his hair? Where does he keep it?
Upstairs in his drawing room,
just like it was alive.
He sits at his organ
and he plays music to it every night.
- He plays music to it every night?
- Every night.
- And you brush his hair?
- Every...
I got to see this.
Sorry, I gotta see the whole thing...
Wait a minute.
You can't go up there. My job...
I'd get into an awful row
with the Professor.
You know, I can't do this.
What are you doing?
- Madam Orlac.
- Yeah, but you can't go in there.
- What is she doing in there?
- The Professor...
- Francoise!
- Monsieur Professor.
Hiya, Doc.
I'm sorry to butt in like this,
but we newspaper fellas
have to barge in places
we're not really welcome.
I didn't know there was anything going on
between you and Madam Orlac.
- Get out of here.
- I'll go.
I got a business proposition.
I got a proposition to offer you.
$2,000 to write some articles
for our paper.
You know, of your experiments.
I want to...
- Get out of here!
- I'll go.
Will I be able to walk after?
Yes, my child.
Then, I'm not afraid.
I have saved 50 francs.
- All I have in the world.
- I do not operate for money.
Thank you, Doctor.
I must see him. I must.
What have you done to me?
- Monsieur Orlac.
- What have you done to me?
- Come in here.
- You and your black magic.
- What's wrong?
- You know very well.
Now, what is it?
I've just come back from Geron.
I've seen Dr. Marbeau.
He told me that my hands
were crushed beyond saving
and that these aren't mine.
Marbeau? Who is this Marbeau?
- Well, whose hands are these?
- What's wrong with them?
Ten fingers, every nerve,
every muscle works perfectly.
What's wrong with them?
They have a life of their own.
They feel for knives.
They want to throw them.
And they know how to.
And that's not the worst.
They want to kill.
And today they tried to kill my father.
- With a knife?
- Yes.
Now, my friend, I understand your case.
And I think I can help you.
Well, go on.
Ready for operation, Professor.
First, forget that provincial fool.
I am Gogol, and I tell you
those are your hands.
- Yes, but why...
- Don't interrupt.
After the shock of the wreck
came a second shock.
Your hands were altered by my knife.
You could no longer play.
As a result, your disturbed mind
was ready for any phobia.
But the knives? The wish to kill?
Your case is one
of arrested wish fulfillment.
But why should I wish to throw knives?
Perhaps, as a little child,
some playmate threw a knife cleverly.
You wished you could do it like him.
Now, that wish was not fulfilled.
It festered deep in your subconscious.
If you could bring that forgotten memory,
whatever it is,
into consciousness,
you would be cured instantly.
No, I remember nothing.
Marie, has he come home yet?
- I've looked everywhere for him.
- No, madame.
But Dr. Gogol called.
He wants you to come to him at once.
- Dr. Gogol? When?
- Half an hour ago, madame.
Half an hour ago?
You told him the truth?
I told him a lot of nonsense
I don't believe myself.
I didn't dare to tell him
his hands are those of a murderer.
That would probably drive him...
to commit murder himself.
Madame Orlac to see you, Professor.
Have her come in.
- But the operation, Professor.
- Leave me.
What's happened? Where is he?
I sent him home.
- I think if he follows my advice...
- What advice?
To go away,
burrow himself in the country.
It's absolutely necessary for his cure
that he go alone.
But, do you mean
that I'm not to go with him?
Why did you give him that advice?
I did what I could for him.
I've failed.
The shock has affected his mind.
His life is ruined already.
get away from him
before he ruins your life as well.
Now I understand.
You don't. How could you?
I, a poor peasant, have conquered science.
Why can't I conquer love?
Don't you understand?
You must be mine. Not his.
You are mine.
Liar. Hypocrite. You disgust me.
Start the anesthetic.
You disgust me!
They are laughing at you in there. Go back.
They are laughing. Go.
Let them laugh!
Nothing matters to you but one thing.
Yvonne in your arms.
You can conquer love.
Of course you can.
You've thought for others,
now think for yourself.
Power of suggestion.
See how easy it is?
Already working.
He's a weakling, anyway.
Do it.
And then she'll be helpless.
She must come to you.
Doctor, thank you!
My little girl will walk again.
You saved her. You saved her.
I'm so happy. Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
Extra! Read all about it!
Rich jeweler murdered!
Extra! Read all about it!
Rich jeweler murdered!
Rich jeweler murdered! Extra!
Yes, Monsieur Stephen,
he grabbed the knife from the counter.
He threw it at his father.
And then, he ran out.
- Is this the knife?
- Yes.
Take it to Varsac to check for fingerprints.
Tell me,
why should Stephen Orlac
want to kill his father?
They were arguing
about money, monsieur.
There were hot words.
Was it you who telephoned me
to come here?
You said you'd tell me the truth
about my hands.
They throw knives, huh?
How did you know that?
I have no hands.
Yours, they were mine once.
I knew it. He lied.
And so when you knifed your father
in the back last night,
you killed him with my hands.
I killed my father?
No. No.
I threw a knife at him yesterday, but I...
Last night.
Last night, I...
- No.
- You remember now?
No. Since I left Dr. Gogol,
I can't remember anything.
Pick it up.
Feel the balance.
Use it
when they try to arrest you.
Who are you?
I am Rollo.
- The knife thrower.
- No, no.
Rollo died in the guillotine.
Yes, they cut off my head,
but that Gogol,
he put it back here.
Arrest Stephen Orlac. 151 Avenue Colbert.
Wanted for murder.
Bring to General Headquarters
immediately. Repeat.
It wasn't I who did it.
- It was Rollo's hands.
- What is it?
What's the matter, darling?
I've murdered my stepfather.
I've just seen Rollo.
You remember Rollo?
They cut off his head,
but Gogol put it back on.
It was Rollo who told me that I did it.
Stephen, my darling. You're not well.
All this is some wild dream.
You're with me now.
Everything will be all right.
So you don't believe that
these are Rollo's hands.
All right then. I'll prove it.
They may not be able to play the piano,
but you watch how they can throw a knife.
That's what it is.
He's trying to drive you mad.
You can't take him this way!
Pardon, madame. These men insist!
- They say they are from the police!
- The police?
Yes, madame. I'm very sorry.
- Monsieur Stephen Orlac?
- Yes.
In the name of the law, I arrest you
for the murder of your father.
Murder? There must be some mistake.
It isn't true.
When did this awful thing happen?
- Last night.
- Stephen.
Tell her how my father was killed.
Stabbed with a knife.
Throwing knives seems to be
a hobby of yours.
- No, no, no, please!
- It's no use, darling.
All right, Officer. I'm ready.
If you like, I can put these on downstairs.
Thank you.
Wait! I'll go with you.
- I'm sorry, madame, but...
- There's nothing you can do, darling.
All right, Officer.
No, no, there's some mistake!
He didn't do it! Stephen, tell them!
You can't, you can't do this!
Stephen, my darling! Let me go with you!
Monsieur Rosset, there are no two sets
of fingerprints alike in the world.
These two prints are those
of the same man.
How can that be, Varsac,
when Rollo is dead?
I don't understand you at all.
You must have made a mistake.
There can be no mistake.
Fortunately, our case against
Stephen Orlac
doesn't depend on fingerprints.
Here's to you, Josephine.
Come on. You come in and have a party.
That's your perch.
'Cause you say he's a... vain as...
You're a jolly old girl Josephine
Well, I'll tell you,
if it's that man again, I'll show him.
I'll show him what it's like
getting the doorknob with...
That's it. Now I'll show...
How did you get out?
Go upstairs quickly where you belong,
before he comes back
and finds you wandering around loose.
Upstairs, I say. Go upstairs.
Get up there because
I've got to see you in there
before he comes back. No, no.
Not in that one.
Get into that one. Get in the room.
I'll get all the blame
when the Doctor comes and finds you...
But I must see Dr. Gogol.
Nobody answered at the clinic.
It talks! It's come alive.
- Please, I must see him.
- It's come alive!
It's come alive!
Dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. Oh, dear.
It went out for a little walk
and then it started to talk.
I'm not going back there.
- Not me. Not me.
- Who went out for a little walk?
The wax statue. It came to life, I tell you.
They often come back to life,
and go out for little walks.
- Yes.
- They do?
Now, you come for a little walk with us.
I know a doctor who wants
to have a word with you.
Well, I never saw a statue come to life.
That fool.
He believes he murdered his father.
He'll kill now.
Power of suggestion.
How easily it worked.
Triumph, Galatea.
He thinks he murdered his father,
when it's I who killed him.
Galatea, she'll come here now,
flesh and blood, not wax like you.
And he shall be shut up in the house
where they keep the mad.
I, Gogol, will do that.
He shall be shut up
when it's I who am mad.
But nobody knows that.
Excepting you and me.
It's our little secret.
And now I shall play to you,
for the last time.
No, you don't understand.
These are Rollo's fingers, Rollo's hands.
It was Rollo who told me that I killed him.
My friend, Rollo's head
was cut off months ago.
Yes, but Gogol put it back for him.
He took off his hands and put them
onto my arms. Look.
The fingerprints on the knife.
The prints of Rollo, and this man's prints,
they are all the same.
I got it.
Man without head kills rich jeweler.
What an eight-column spread
that'd be on the front page.
Why, that's the greatest story
since Lindbergh flew to Paris.
Oh, boy, it was only true.
Let me see those hands of yours.
Say, you were in a bad railroad wreck,
is that right?
Chief, I don't like the marks
on this guy's hands.
You sent Rollo's body to Dr. Gogol,
and I've been trying to find out
for months what he did with it.
Never mind about his head,
but I believe this hand stuff is true.
- You say you saw Rollo tonight?
- Yes,
and he's got his head fixed up
in a sort of steel and leather brace.
Rollo's got his head back.
Orlac has got Rollo's hands.
And what has Dr. Gogol got?
If I don't find out, I got no job.
Chief, let me talk to you a minute.
This is private. Come here.
Hey, Chief, that Dr. Gogol is 100% crazy.
He tried to strangle me the other
night. You know why, don't you?
I found a woman in his house.
Now do you catch on?
- But surely he...
- Now, wait a second, please.
This is important.
You know who the woman is, don't you?
Yvonne, the actress, this guy's wife.
Now do you catch on? It's the old story.
The old family doctor's stuck on a girl
and tries to plant a murder
on her husband to get rid of him.
He's been doing something
mighty queer with Rollo's body.
I begin to think
you're right, Monsieur Reagan.
We'll look into this immediately.
Order my car.
Now you're talking.
There's blood on your cheek, Galatea.
So it seems that wax can bleed.
Galatea, I am Pygmalion!
You were wax,
but you came to life in my arms.
Dr. Gogol, please!
You speak. You speak to me.
My love has made you live.
- give me your lips.
- Let me go! Let me go!
Ren, Ren.
Don't drive so fast, there's no hurry.
Why are you afraid of me?
I love you, I love you.
You came to life for me.
- Don't you know me, Galatea?
- Yes.
Yes, I am Galatea.
But let me go now, please.
I promise to come back.
- You are lying. You wouldn't come back.
- No.
- You hate me. You despise me.
- No. No.
Liar! Hypocrite! You disgust me!
But I love you!
Each man kills the thing he loves.
Each man kills the thing he loves.
Each man kills the thing he loves.
Yes, yes.
Each man kills the thing
he loves.
Wait a minute.
My wife.
It's wax. And I thought
I had a front page murder.
Help! Help!
- It's locked.
- Break it open.
"And so I find a thing to do
"with all her hair
"In one long raven string I wind
"three times her little throat around
"and strangle her
"No pain feels she"
- It's bolted from the inside.
- We've got to get it open.
"I am quite sure
"she feels no pain"
He's killing her! Get out of my way!
Yvonne, are you all right?
- Oh, Stephen.
- My darling.