Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

I am William Henry manwaring, and a member of the
victorian detective police I will read some extracts
from my manuscript describing the later outrages, pursuit, and death of
Daniel Morgan. I am stationed here at
beechworth in the colony of Victoria. After being engaged in
the pursuit and present with the
police party at the death of Morgan
at peechelba station on the ninth day of April in this year of our lord, 1865. Good day, Dan. Eh eh. Ah, claim jumping bastards. Watch what you're doing, you bloody bastard. Look at you dung face, some
yellow ass, chink-loving... Don't ever hold me. Don't ever hold me when I'm
in a fight, that's the way you get hurt. I know you mean well. What's that bloody
bastard's name? Wendlan. Wendlan. Jesus, you've got an
Irish temper. Well, that's better than
looking at it. But that bastard, a police
pimp, that's what he be. He's the one who's been telling
the traps, who's been digging without
3 licence. I know I've seen him,
and I'm gonna get him. A trap pimp, that's a
bloody accusation. Aye. What's your name? Morgan. I'm Martin. That's a serious
accusation, Morgan. I know, but I
know it's true, I seen him. God be my witness, I'm
gonna get him. Well, let's talk about it where are you heading? Be heading over to Chinatown what? Yeah, you can
have more fun over there I bet you can. But Jesus, Morgan, you know how
they feel about Chinese down here. They buried two of 'em
alive here yesterday. Well I suppose they'll be buried right under our feet. They have stronger things over
there than beer, you know. Why don't you be coming with me? Come on, come on. Are you sure it, it's
all right to do this? Uh, I'm fine. Ooh, when you're in the
gold fields, it's the best cure if
you're not finding gold. Come on, hey. That's a good idea. Kill the bastards! We'll fix you, you
moon-faced bastard kill the bastards! You Chinese-loving bastard. What bird are you calling? The Willie wagtall. Well, it doesn't sound like that sounds like this. No, no, that's the
lilac-crowned wren. Oh good lord, I must be
getting back to castlemaine, I've got work to do. I've got a session in court
this morning. Ah I've been meaning to tell
you, judge, how much I admire the
severity of your sentences. My goodness, cobham, I didn't
take you to be a simpleton. I give long sentences because
we've got roads to build. I said stand and deliver. You'll be emptying your
pockets now. I don't want none of you
taking this personal. I been out in the gold
fields, and I'm broke. Well then I won't be taking
your money. I'll be taking your clothes. Not those you're wearing,
but all the rest you'll be getting blankets too. I'll be tying you when
I'm leaving. Well, hurry, man. I wouldn't want you freezing
to death and your families will
never see you again. For the pernicious
crime of highway robbery, I sentence the defendant,
um, um... John Smith, your honour. I sentence the defendant,
John Smith, to 12 years hard labour, the first two years of the
sentence to be in irons we will not tolerate
lawlessness in Victoria next case, please. Down, down to hell; And
say I sent thee thither. Take a good look at
your new home, you vermin, the prison success. Boat ahoy. Guard boat with prisoners. Well thanks guard boat,
bring your prisoners ashore. Man escaping! Halt, halt or I'll shoot. You haven't got a chance. I eave him. Bastard wants to escape,
give him a chance. You can't escape. New boy, eh? Eh, and what of it? Can you read, boy? Yes, sir. What's this it's an m, sir. M is for malefactor and on this island, we brand you so you'll never forget
for the rest of your life what you are. What are you, boy? I'm a malefactor, sir. Aye, do I detect a sound
of Irish in your voice, boy? Not from me, sir, maybe
you've overheard yourself. You miserable booger, you wouldn't be so game if I
wasn't tied down like a dog. You bastard! Spread the fingers of his
right hand. Here boy, you'll find there's no room
for spunk on this island, boy. There, welcome to success. I eave me alone. Leave me alone, leave
me alone, don't hurt me. Piss off wouldn't you be frightened, huh? What do you want? You're late, you're late. Get me out, they're killing me! Help me someone, help me,
help me! They're killing me,
help, help, help, help! Help, help me! They're killing me, help! Help, help, help! They're killing me, help! Help Mel! Don't kill him, or there'll
be trouble Water break, water break! Water break. Ho! J you tramps j j you dirty tramps j oh-oh, let's go. Hey, ho. Head up. Timber. Hal Timber! John Smith, you are to be
remanded for good behaviour. You've served six years of your
sentence, and it has been decided that
you should be given a chance to return to society. You'll be released today
on tentative leave, but you must remain in
the islands and check in down at the police district. You must report to the police
as often as is required. Is all this understood, Smith? Yes, sir. Sir, may I ask you a question,
sir? What is it, Smith? Well sir, that looks like a
gorilla skull there, sir, and, and those other
human skulls and, I was wondering what they were
doing in your office, sir. Prison officers are to
attend a lecture today by professor halford on the
relations of man to apes. Those are his exhibits. Aye. Well, that'll be all, Smith. But be warned, you must report
for parole. Ah, I'll be back sir, I'll be back, sir. Thank you, sir. Ordinary criminals
come and go every day, the bushranger comes once
in an age. Nature requires time
to produce her titans, and these monsters reappear
after the lapse of years. They're leaving, we've got
to beat 'em I'm going to blow his bloody
bum off Matey, I'm sick of these
bloody horse thieves, come on. Look up there. Now what do you suppose
they're doing here? Stop moving, I think I
saw him draw his pistol. Oh, he's got a gun all right. Use the shotgun, Evan. But I can't possibly... Use it oh god. Who are ya? And what you being doing here? You cover him and I'l rush him. I'll cover him and you rush him. Shoot him, you bloody coward. I have as much right to be
here as you have to be here. A bloody horse thief. Give me the bloody shotgun. Don't you come any closer,
I'll blow your brains out. Stop in the queen's name. What are you bloody mad men,
has the sun gotten to you? I'll get ya for
this, you son of a bitch, you bloody bastard. Well do you think you
hurt him bad? Aw, come on. Disappears like a bloody bloke. Holy mother, holy mother. I'm dying. Take me in your arms. Take me in your arms,
holy mother. Holy mother. Holy mother. Holy mother. Who are you? What, what, what be your name? Billy bellon. Good on you, Billy. Holy mother. I want to cross the river and
stay in new south wales, and I don't wanna come
back until I'm ready. Will ya, ya come with me? Billy. Where do you come from, Billy? I don't know, really. I think my father was white, I think because they came to kill
my tribe, because they took the sheep. Hey! Hey, you got it. I'm never gonna believe
you're half-white, boy. Let me see if I can get it out. I'm getting better. I live with the, in the
bush, and some of the tribe tried to kill me, tried to leave me in the
big station. I worked there, and then I
went to bush Billy, you know that I love you and that I'll always be
your friend. You'd better see how my
arm's doing, you know. Come on. Good, your arm is better it's your money or your
life, and it's in that order. Your money or your life. It'll be your money or
your life. Take a look. Stand and deliver, sir. It's your money or your life. Aye. I could look like this man
Lincoln, I like the way he looks. I could look like him, you see. Hm, hm. Aye. Stand, or he'll blow your bloody
head off and I'll knock out all
your teeth. Daniel Morgan has been
described by four witnesses as having been leading
and party to four armed robberies in
this district during the last month. Sergeant Smith,
mounted policeman, has been sent to track
the suspect, Morgan, who has been described as
heavily armed. I'll get the bastard. Ha, ha, boomerang
sir, ha, ha, boomerang! What next, but a robbery? You know that was a
game, t'why you gave it. But very foolish, you could've
been shot shot be damned, I'm the
magistrate of wagga wagaga. Oh, it's Mr. wagga
wagga, is it, oh, well. And we were expecting a whole
droplet of money from you. Now you'll be leaving no worse
than when we first met ya. If you come before me
I'll have to do my duty, you've broken the law. Well now, you don't
have to say it matters. I can't promise to suppress
the matter, I have my duty to do. Ah, and I have my duty to do. This is an outrage. Good morning. An outrage. Boomerang, sir. We've been trying to get
this Morgan for a week, Mr. baylis. He's hard to catch, see. He got lot a support from
travellers and sharers in the... Oh, support be damned. The man's an outrage. Ah, well now... Outrage to the public
and danger to the roads. Do you have any good trackers? Well, we've got... Well, I happen to have
a good deal of experience in tracking, inspector, I
will accompany you tomorrow. He shall be stopped. Can I accompany you, sir? I wish to take a photograph of
an outlaw who's that? I am roget, photographer
extraordinaire drunk and disorderly. Mr. baylis, we done our best. Been three days now, not a
sign though. Perseverance, sir. We'll give it one more day. Whoa, there. We're searching for
Daniel Morgan. Oh, no sir, I've seen
no strangers around here. For days. Aiding and abetting a
bushranger is a serious offence. Well, there's no Morgan here. I think I did, I heard riders, this morning. Where? I, nor'east, further in. A few miles in. These tracks are fresh we'll backtrack them. They may have a camp round here. If they don't, come back to this spot and
follow the tracks forward Shall we wait then? Yes, we shall. Bloody idiot. Morgan, Morgan. You're gonna be all right, sir. You're gonna be all right.
I'm dead we're not gonna let
anything happen to you. You're still breathing. They're gone. Let's go. Good morning, Mr. Haley,
good morning to you, sir. Good morning to you, sir. Whoa isn't it a beautiful morning
today, sir? No doubt, look at the sky, it
could be what'd they say? Ah, but Morgan, no! They tricked me. Well, I never said it was you. You filthy, slimy bastard,
you filthy, slimy bastard. You know what you did? See what you did. Hey! Well, wanted dead or alive, 200 pound reward for
Daniel Morgan. And it's a nice big
size too, huh? I like to give you a skin. Aye. It's a thing of beauty, Billy. 200 pound reward, dead or alive. There's one of
Buckingham Palace with me. Where's the queen at? Here she is. You won't take any photographs
like that around here, Matey. I want to photograph the
exotica of your colony. Your plighted wanderer, wild
desperado, well, be Daniel Morgan here. You're always welcome for
a drink here anytime, Morgan. There's not one would want
the blood money on your hide. Right on. How are ya? I want to see Martin, he's an
old-timer, knows the area like the back of
his hand if Morgan's about, he's sure
to know. Come on. I would like to photograph
you, monsieur Morgan. Well, do it right now
then, with my mateys here. We'll do it together here. Oh no, no, no, there
is not enough light. I must do it in the light. Oh it's the light, is it? Oui, monsieur. Ah, well, we'll do it at noon
tomorrow. You know, noon tomorrow. Fl grande station: Now get outta here,
you ole bastard. He's with me. Don't you ever hurt him,
he's with me trap, trapping. Well, been nice drinking
with you. Aye. We'll be leaving because
there are traps here. In the area take the time you want. All right, we'll see you soon. Ahoy, monsieur. He's got giant balls, that one I beg yours. I ike this. We heard that Daniel Morgan
was headed in this direction Well, Mr. Gibson, is that a chequebook you
have there beside you? Yes well, I'd like you to write
eight checks for 30 pounds each. I do what I want, when
I want, and how I want. No bloody horse thief is
gonna tell me what to do. I'll blow your fucking
bloody brains all over this fucking barn! Just write! Who do I make them out to? You make 'em out to
cash, you bloody fool! You can bloody count. It's Morgan, Mr.
Gibson, he's bloodthirsty. Bloodthirsty am I, well
I'll be seeing you later. Pass out the checks,
you bastard. And don't you be knocking
me too hard either, I'll put one right through
your ear. Do you understand what I mean? Did you ever see the way a
back of a man's head looks from the front when it's
blown off? Did you ever see anything
like that? Billy. Burn down the barn. But not the shed Morgan, please. You tell your police mags not
the shed burn it down Billy, burn it
down! Burn it down, burn it down! Burn it down! Burn it, burn it! To burning the shed. Aye. The photograph, remember? All right sweetheart,
and where do you reside? El grandio station, monsieur. Well you can see I'm a little
busy right now, can't you? Ha, ha, ha! Morgan. All right, don't worry. Hello there hello. Aye, dum, duda, da da, duda. Here we came here to see the
frenchman he left this morning. You're Morgan. I am Daniel Morgan. Why the, the police are looking for you. Now take it easy, mclean. What did you say? I said, well, clear off, the
police are looking for you. And what else is new, boys? We didn't come here to
kill anybody. We came to have our
photograph taken. Well, I just wanna
keep my head, Mr. Morgan. Would you like a drink? Oh yes, I'd like a drink. Thank you. - Cheers you know, you're a
bloody scoundrel, Morgan. You scared the piss out of every
rich landowner in the area well, it's what I meant to do. You, you, you proved the
police to be a bunch of incompetent idiots. There, what, what, what is that? Hm? That, what is that? That's an extinct
animal, Morgan, like you. But what does that mean? There's a reward for you dead
or alive, that's what it means. Does it? They've been trying to make a
murderer out of me, you know. But um, no. They won't be doing it. I'll be no murderer. Hey, Morgan! Morgan, just don't Rob Mel! I'm the best best? Watch this. And up. You missed
him get on his horse... Hey, who are you laughing at? Dear friend,. You let go of my... The bastard shot my hand. Bloody hell. Bloody hell, he shot my hand. Just lie back here just lie back here, just lie
back here just lie back here, just lie
down now who the hell shot at me? Nobody shot at you
Morgan, you stupid bastard. It was your own gun went off. It's a damn ricochet, it
was a bloody ricochet boy. Hey, mclean, go to walla walla, you get Dr. stitch. I hear you calling for
the police! If you call for the police. Aye, I'll kill ya. You understand, do you
understand? All right, well, move,
man, move. Get moving. All right now, all right now. Who shot at me? Nobody shot at you. Shut up. Who shot at me? Best we going back to the
cave, boy. Mclean going for the police. Who shot at me? You can catch him at. Come on! You stop mclean, stop mclean, you stop or I'll shoot. Hey, hey. You know, you're a fool, mclean. I told you to stop. You killed me. I warned ya. I told you not to go for
the police. It's your stomach, is it? My family fought at the battle
of agincourt wearing this. 1415 ad please, hold your
weapon still, Mr. mayor. What brings you down this
way, baylis? The hunt, for Morgan,
the murderer you need anymore men? I've sworn in townsfolk
as special constables, we'll get the rogue, but
thank you for the offer. Trackers they're not much help. The man knows the bush
like a bloody animal. Why'd he kill mclean? Who knows, you can't fathom
the heart of a gorilla, can you? He's not a gorilla, he's a man. Listen, I don't know how long
you've been in the colonies, roget, but our problem here, we have a lot of born criminals, they come from convict stock. How's the hunt organised? We've circled the whole
area, we're closing in. You heard about that being seen around here? Ah, hogwash, that was just
some drunk seeing Morgan. Oh no, I read the report,
mcginnity. Two or three people seen him, Billy. Jesus! Billy. Shit you're arrested! I had to ride out of it, sergeant,
my gun, it were jammed. You will be suspended
and tried for cowardice and neglect of duty. The new south wales police force
has become a laughing stock and I will not stand for it. A thousand pounds reward
for capture of Morgan, the new south wales government. Thank you, sergeant. All right, men. Let's get that reward for
Morgan. Sergeant, can I come with you? I'm afraid not, Mr.
Roget, far too dangerous. Get out of the way. Take it easy on my boys, Smith, they've done you no harm. Sorry, mate, well, they're in
the way. Aye, you're
behind the times, Smith. President Lincoln is freeing
the slaves at this very moment. Who? The President of the united
states, Abraham Lincoln. Ah, you mean the war over there well good luck to him,
Morgan is my problem. Who? You know who I bloody well mean, Morgan, the bloody bushranger
that shot sergeant mcginnity. And how the bloody hell
would I know that, sergeant? Ask one of your bushbabies. Morgan, the bushranger. Can't help you, sergeant. L, I am sorry. Don't ask any favours
from me, will you, maples? And don't forget,
there's a thousand pounds for the capture of Morgan. If you hear anything, we'll be camped back at
doodle station. I want that bastard that's bad for all of us, when scum like that mock
the forces of her majesty. You could go for a little
walk, boys. I take you have some news for
Mr. Morgan. Light the fire, I could use
some grub. Um, sergeant, sorry, sir, do you think we should
light the fire with Morgan about and all that? We are not sucking up to fear,
men. There's no room for the
spunkless in this job. Light the fire. Spunkless. I reckon he has a screw loose he's looking for us to get
bloodied up. I'm sick of being a trap. My bloody clothes don't
even fit me get me back to city on the sly. You. It's me. The police across the river
border are totally and completely
incompetent. We will not tolerate
anarchy in our colony. If Morgan crosses the river, he will not last 24 hours
in Victoria. He will be relentlessly
and mercilessly cut down. Thus, the boil will be
expunged and obliterated. I hope that you members
of the press will relay this message across
the colony, and across the river, so that our mothers may sleep
without fear of their husbands and children
being cruelly murdered. Everyone is talking about it, you won't last 24 hours in
Victoria. Aye, 24 hours, is it? There's something else. New Shepherd, at grand
station, bounty hunter, he wants to skin you. And what's his name? Simon. Simon. Simon the Morgan-Skinner, huh? Aye. Hiya, hi, ha, ha, ha, ha. Come on through here. Come on through here. Simon! Morgan! Simon, Simon, is it? Well, I tell ya, huh? Hi Mercy, Morgan! Have mercy, is it? You'll be hunting my skin, will
ya? Mercy! I heard you wanted to have my
skin mercy! Well you missed a thousand
pound reward. But I'm gonna give ya a
pound for your trouble. You tell 'em, you tell 'em, 'cause you're believing now. You tell 'em, I'm coming cross
that river. Sergeant, the animal, Morgan, may cross the Murray
into Victoria very soon. He wants it, he will get it. Telegraph superintendent
winch, beechworth. Tell him that I want every
police officer in the district alerted I want the best officers
concentrated between beechworth and banana. I want the best horses,
the best riders, and if Morgan crosses
the border, I want him smashed
and destroyed. I have an appointment for
luncheon with the coroner I shall come back later
and hear the progress. Yes, sir. Tell me, what do you
think creates a monster like this man Morgan,
Dr. dobbyn? Well, apparently he has
some of the physical features of a gorilla. Professor halford would
like to examine his skull possibly, that could
be arranged quite soon. Is he coming down here? Rumoured. Very good. You know, halford studied
the comparative anatomy between men and gorillas. If Morgan has gorillaroid
features, he could tell. Tell me, do you really
think Morgan could be half man, half animal? By all means. I don't credit this new
nonsense from Charles Darwin at all oh, the origin of the species. Ah, yes, yes, the origin of
the species. Well, oh god. Morgan, like most criminals,
I think so, is a throwback to primitive man. I wouldn't know
anything about that. I will tell you one
thing, doctor. The more I see of man,
the more I admire dogs. You go to. All right, that ought to give
me a pretty good position on where the police are. And I'll do the Melbourne
road, it's full of money. No, no, of course not, no. Because I got those scores. I've got some scores, some old
scores, and I want 'em paid in full. Thanks, go on, go on, be gone. Where are we gonna meet? Dead gumtree at midnight. All right, all right,
you take care, Morgan. I'm just gonna tell you
one thing, I'll never believe your father
was white Fire, Mr. Robbins,
there's a fire, wake up, Mr. Robbins! Mr. Robbins, there's a fire. There's a man, he's gotten the
haystack, Mr. Robbins, wake up. Wake up, Mr... Oh, Christ! Quick,. Fire, fire! Quick, the hay's on fire. Bail up, bail up. Bail up, all of you, move
forward put your hands over your head,
all of you. Move up, move up! You move up, men, hands up. Move up closer. Now, anybody that moves, they're dead halt, who be you? He's only a station boy,
Mr. Morgan. Move, boy, you almost
got your head blown off. Is this everyone then? Yes, I think so. Oh, except for my wife,
she's still in the house well, where's that bastard
Evan Evans? You know he tried to
kill me four years ago. Well, he's not here, Morgan. He won't be back for weeks and who be you? I'm his brother if he's in that house,
I'll burn it to the ground. He's not here, Morgan. Oh, where's the luck? I wanna kill the bastard you're a bloody cheerful
looking lot. Has anyone seen my wax work in
the museum? In Melbourne? Aye, thought it might do you... I've seen it, Mr. Morgan. Aye, and how is it
compared to the real man? I don't know. Well now, what
do you mean, you don't know? You've seen it, haven't you? It's taller, it's taller. If I'd be robbing brains, thank god I'm not
robbing brains. I'd be a very poor man. You'll be coming with me, Evans. Move. Move. The way he looked at me. Lord, undressing me with
his eyes. I'll have nightmares
for the rest of my life. God, the thought of him
kissing me, touching me. Horrible, disgusting. I'll be going for the
police then? Then get going, boy, fast! Morgan took Evans as a hostage. Telegraph every officer you can. I want the cry of my hounds in
his ears I want his spleen on my desk
by sundown. You'll be pardoned here, Evans I bear you no grudge. Why don't you tell that
bloody brother of yours. I owe him something for
my scars. I'd be getting burned too. Good morning. Hey, I need some food and grog. Higgs. Higgs, higgs will be fine. Huh, you two women, you
be here earlier we are. Well, you have any
Irish whiskey? Yes aye, well, make me one of those for a tired stranger. I think that looking at maps is not the way to catch the fox. My guess is that he's on
his way to bond's place. He's sworn revenge, he's burned
wheat fields, bond's next. I disagree. Why? I want you to intercept him before he gets to bond's place. I think you're probably
feeling a wind. Saint Joseph said the world would melt, but he liked the way his
finger smelled. I learned that at Saint
Mary's in Sydney. I wouldn't know what to do,
ma'am, I never had the opportunity. The only woman that I knew
was Mary, my mother, and I, ah, you're so beautiful. But I, I, 'ma, I'ma
tired stranger, ma'am. You're no stranger,
you're Daniel Morgan. You know my name. Thank you. Where's manwaring? There. Superintendent winch asked me
to get you back to beechworth, sir. What the hell is going on? Morgan's been spotted at
winton, sir. He had breakfast at
whitley's hotel. Where is he now? No one knows, sir,
he's disappeared again. Well, it looks like
he'll last the 24 hours where do you think he's
bound, sir? Morgan is bound for hell. You'll take my waggon? No, I be too tired to be
taking your waggon, poor man. I'll be giving you a pound. And only for one reason. That I may have to take
it back from you some day. No, Matey, I won't be drinking
with ya. No, because I've come here to tell those bloody flash
police of yours that they'll not be doing
what they're talking about doing to me. And I'm gonna give 'em a
chance at the blood money too. What call you, senor? Call me Mr. Daniel Morgan. You'll be coming out
with your hands clear. Hey don't worry, stranger. I'm just an old traveller. You certainly know how to give
a fellow traveller a fright. Well, where you be from? Last few years I've
been across the river, in Morgan country. Morgan country. It's not like the good old days, when a stranger was
always welcome. But you know, Morgan's put the
fear of god in their hearts so they're frightened,
they'll refuse a man a feed. And what's this Morgan be like
then? He's a real good sort of a bloke and the police will
never catch him up there, he sleeps with one eye open. Well, thank you, old man. That be worth knowing. You'll be sharing my fire with
me tonight. Morning. You're Morgan, aren't you? I saw the brand on your
palms, in your gun's. God bless and protect you
from your enemies, son. That's my prayer, night and day. You're not safe here, Morgan,
there's police everywhere. There's rumours you were about, why have you come here? My god, man, for revenge. We caught him outside wangaratta counting troopers,
superintendent. He's a Morgan telegraph
for sure. I don't know what
you're talking. You little scum, where's Morgan? I don't know what
you're talking, I don't know mullen not mullen, Morgan, you
lying animal. Let me go. Let him go, Mr. montford. There's no need to be afraid There've been reports
of up to 20 holdups by Morgan on the Melbourne road. If he tried to cross
that river, he'd be dead, I've got men lined on both sides
of every possible crossing. He outwitted us today, but I
think we've got him in a net. I think you underestimate him. They've been trying to catch him across the border for years. He's humiliated the
entire police force there. He keeps them running in circles there's more to him than
meets the eye. Rubbish. I've sent constable
shubridge, Percy, and hall to to help cover him. I've telegraphed constable
crily at chiltern, constable levin and rothkin
to proceed to wangaratta and then join shubridge. I've ordered hays to
take all available men from wahgunyah to the crossing
at mulwala in case Morgan tries to get out
there if he doubles back on his
tracks, and tries to cross back
on the upper Murray he'll be facing a detachment
from wodonga. I'd like to track him. From whitley's hotel. There, there, now, now. You're a day late, officer. No, we've got the
whole area covered, sir, he won't escape. I believe your daughter
encountered Morgan. Yes, he stole some
food and some whiskey. In what kind of a
condition was his horse? Knocked up. He'll be needing a new horse. If he hasn't got one already. Superintendent winch. Yes, boy, what is it? Message from glenrowan, sir. Morgan was sighted two
and a half hours ago by a station hand called bussey, three miles north of glenrowan Morgan asked him about horses
at taminick, then headed off in
that direction did he now? Hey-ya, ho! Then he had me
cooking breakfast, very hungry he was, too. And then he told me he
was going to hold up the glenrowan hotel he's heading north. It's all he can do. Did he mention any place north? I don't think so. If you would, please try
to remember hey Bob, come over here. Yes, Mrs. walby. Bob, did Morgan ask
any directions when you gave him the horse? Yes, Mrs. walby, he
asked me the way to c-c-c... Oh, come on, Bob, this is
important. Connolly's boatyards. Connolly's boatyards,
that's six miles to the north. On the way to the river. That's where he's heading. I'll stake my life on it. He's only got an hour
start on ya. And he seemed fairly tired. And no wonder, he's bailed
a path of Victoria, ma'am. Quite a man. He's a name with a
thousand pounds reward and blood on his hands,
and this time we have him That bloody line, that bloody line. Yeah, you talk to much. You don't give a horse a chance. Turn around boy, we'll be
chopping this down now. Heave it you watch out for the axe now. Ah, j the traps, the dirty traps j j you get 'em when you're able j hey, come back here, you come back here. You come back here or [I'll
bash you in the head with this. Will you listen to me? I'm your boss here, will you
wait, I'm doing this for you, boy. That's communication now, they'll beat us whether you're
the best race horse or not, you understand what I'm saying
to you? Will you stand up, boy? J oh you traps, you
dirty traps & j you get 'em when you're able j j oh you traps, you
dirty traps & j you get 'em when you're able j we're able, boy. Well, what has happened? I don't know, superintendent,
it's just gone dead. Dammit. Gideon, go see what they want. Certainly, flanders, you go on. Oh, you have beasts that hop, do not, trees that shake off
their leaves at your back. And that one angry platypus... I believe. Odd we should have
visitors at this hour our first? We've let in enough company in the ordinary course
of things. Hi, be Morgan. I suppose you've heard of me. Aye. I have that. You're not to worry in here. Sit down, young MacPherson. Move on, move on. I apologise for my appearance, I'm a bit weary from the road. Mr. MacPherson, sir, it's an
honour, sir. I've heard that you've
been friendly to the traveller in my
class, sir. Will you not be seated? Take at ease he's not showing up. Must've bypassed us. Mr. Morgan, please, I have
a sick child in the nursery, can I go see it for a
few minutes? It's true, Mr. Morgan,
let her go, please. You go, and look after it but if you're too long, you'll be the one that's sick. What is this, some sort of
quaker wake? Peechelba he's heading north. If he's bypassed us, he's
going to stop at peechelba, for food or horse. No sign of Morgan's evident? Take these two men and go to
peechelba I can almost smell him. I heard organ music as I was coming by and... It's a piano. Who be playing it? I was aye. Aye. I saw you when I come in. With your permission, sir, ma'am, to play some music. L, I really like the music. Please, ma'am. McIntosh, quickly, come here. What is the matter, Alice? Morgan's bailed up the place. He's got the boss and
everyone in the parlour. Go tell Mr. rutherford,
and get some men and guns. Who? Mr. rutherford, tell Mr.
Rutherford Morgan is here. Me tell mr rutherford? Yes, you bloody old fool. Play, play. It's so beautiful Aren't we having a wonderful
evening? What a wonderful day at
what a wonderful time isn't it wonderful? I think so, I, I never,
I never really, I could imagine, you know, they said I could never read,
you know, they said I could never read but
I really, I learned a little bit, I, well uh, well, I don't know
how to write yet though, I uh, don't know really how to write. I missed so much of
my life, sir. Mr. MacPherson, I've missed
so much of my life, sir. I've missed so much of
my life, sir. And I'm not trying to
be sentimental either. I'm not trying to be. Do you know how lucky I
am to be Dan Morgan, sir? Do you know how lucky I
am to be Dan Morgan, sir? I could've, aye, well,
you only go around once, you know, as they say. I tell you what, that Irish
whiskey's pretty good. Ah, Mr. MacPherson's chair. Mr rutherford! Alice, what's all the
excitement? Has McIntosh been here? Did he tell you about Morgan? No, what's all this about? Morgan's bailed up
MacPherson's in the homestead. Mrs. MacPherson didn't want
me to tell you anything because she's frightened
he might kill someone, but we can capture him. Right, go back to the
house, I'll get the men. To your family. I'm not as bad as they say, but
I'm worse! I'm a mad dog, sir. I'm a mad dog, sir! But I'll be served and treated
as in kind. The ladies and children,
they may go to sleep now. Well go, move. Go to your beds. Thank you, Mrs. MacPherson,
for your good company. Good night, Mr. Morgan. Ah, what a wonderful,
wonderful time what a wonderful family you
have, sir. I'd like to take a
shot at the devil now, mr rutherford no, if you missed,
there'd be carnage in there. We'll get him when he leaves the
house. Where are the others? Oh, they're by their horses. If he gets past us, which
he won't, they'll get him. There's a thousand pound reward for Morgan, Mr. rutherford. My concern is for the innocent
people in there, wendlan. We must avoid harm to them at
any cost. They should be here any minute. Huh, bloody queen Victoria. I will return... Eh, oh, I'm sorry, what did
you say? Hm, I was speaking Of Queen bloody Victoria's police. Oh, really? And I was saying may I'd piss on their heads for
eternity. Sh, the children, don't
you agree sir, though? I, I agree. You know what? What? Aye, I think you're only
saying that to please me, sir. You know what? What? You're right. But you see, to be
friends, sir, to be friends. Aye. That's important, yeah. Aye, aye, because you
see, friends, friends, they can disagree. No We're from wangaratta,
rutherford these men are volunteers. What's the situation? He's still in there everyone armed? Yeah I'm gonna spread my
men around the house, make sure everyone keeps hidden, make sure everyone keeps quiet. Here? They're all around me. Aw, the bastards are here. Make a move, damn you. Mr. rutherford, sir,
I could move up closer. Shall I go? Christ, they'll ruin
everything, stop them! Who's in command here? Two of our constables from
wangaratta. You really wrecked the surprise. As senior officer here, I assume command of
this situation there are two points I
would like to stress, which you will relay to
all the armed civilians. Firstly, we will take
Morgan alive. Secondly, if there
is a need to open fire, care will be taken to aim at
his limbs we will take Morgan alive, and no one will rush the house we'll wait till Morgan appears. We'll wait so, I'd like to wash my
face and wash my hands, and I have something in
my saddle. Have a skin, a sacred skin,
of an extinct animal, sir. Aye. And I want someone to get it
for me. Aye, all right, certainly. Alice coming, Mr. MacPherson we'll be needing breakfast
and some hot water, and there's a skin tied
to Mr. Morgan's saddle, will you... Alice Alice it's a sacred skin to me, and
be careful how you untie it, and you bring it to me directly. When will you be leaving us,
Morgan? Um. I'll be leaving ya right after
breakfast, right after breakfast, sir. Psst Christ Jesus. Bloody armed civilians. Shepherds with guns. There'll be carnage. Good morning, all. Uh, good morning, Mrs.
MacPherson: I'm washing my bloody hands. I'll be having to borrow a
horse here which I will return
immediately or otherwise. Constable Percy, go and
repeat the command to every man. We will take Morgan alive. Right. Sir. Sir. Would you help me, Mrs.
MacPherson, would you help me with this? And put it around me, please do. It's a beautiful day. Aye. Oh, it's got the geese flying. Keep smiling. He's not even looking around. Always smile. Because it's a beautiful day. It's a beautiful day. Send for the surgeon,
quick, man. Where can we take him? You best put him in
the blacksmith's shop. You, you, you, take him to the
blacksmith's shop. There 1s no hope for him. Are you in pain? Mm-um Would you like to hear a prayer? What was that? He's dead. I eave the dead be! The shot fired by wendlan
was effective, but premature, as it prevented the police from attempting to capture him
alive, which they were about to do. Upon his person was found
nearly 100 pounds in cash, and two watches. He was removed to the
blacksmith's shop and laid on a mattress. He refused to converse or
to take any sustenance. A surgeon arrived from
wangaratta and he received what
help could be given him but he died about two in the
afternoon Make it quick. Finished meh, off with you then. Bring them around as soon
as possible. Oh, wendlan, out with you too. Dr. Henry, would you please
flay off Morgan's beard for me? You can't be serious, sir. Who is the senior
officer in this district? You are, sir. Thank you. Dr. Henry, you will
please proceed to flay off Morgan's beard, and cut off the
scrotum, might make and interesting
tobacco pouch. Lse that good day. Good day. Superintendent cobham, I
don't really approve of this. Then good day, sergeant. Superintendent,
remember I mentioned professor halford in Melbourne, an authority for gorillaroid
skull structures yes, yes, of course. It would be of great
interest to send Morgan's head to him for study. Will you permit decapitation
for this purpose? And of course, we will make a
death mask before we send it on to
Melbourne frankly, I consider
Morgan scarcely human. Therefore, he is not
entitled to the consideration due to other men, however
criminal by all means, off with his head. And don't forget the scrotum. J' over the border to rifle and
plunder j j over the border went Morgan
the bold j; j over the border, a terrible
blunder j; j for over the border
bold Morgan lies cold j j over the border, oh, why did
he wander j j 'midst cold-hearted strangers
all friendless to roam j j was it that the absence
might make him grow fonder & j of those he had left
in his own native home j j well, over the border
not long did he plunder j j swift is stern justice
as slow she is here j j' bold are the men over
the border j j where even the women
know nothing of fear j j fiercely they hunt
him, a cruel marauder j j quickly they follow
him, dead on his track j j line with their troopers
the riverside border j and over he may come,
but never go back & j never from far and
near gathered quickly j j' stern faces watch him all
night through the gloom & j nought can avail him
now sympathy sickly & j sealed is for ever the
murderer's doom j j shot like a dog in the
bright early morning j j shot without mercy who mercy
had none j j like a wild beast without
challenge or warning j j soon his career of dark
villainy's run & j so honour the brave
hearts over the border j j great was the lesson
they taught us that day j j oh, that each other
bushranging marauder j j' over the border should
venture to stray & j so over the border
to rifle and plunder & j' over the border went
Morgan the bold j j over the border, a
terrible blunder & j for over the border
bold Morgan lies cold j