Machine Gun Preacher (2011)

Here you go.
Y'all go fuck
yourselves now, okay?
Give me a smoke.
I don't got any.
What? You quit?
Shit. That ain't gonna last.
Hey, bug. How you doing?
Did you see our sign?
Grandma and me made it this morning.
[SAM]: Yeah.
It's really nice.
Welcome home, son.
- Excited? Want some juice?
- [PAIGE]: Yup.
All right, then you
help me set the table.
I made you all a meat loaf.
Hope you'll stay for supper.
[DAISY]: Oh, I don't know.
What time you gotta work?
[DAISY]: Want me to warm
up the corn for you?
Yeah. That'd be great.
I ain't on tonight.
Friday night, you ain't on?
What the hell is that?
[LYNN]: Baby, why don't you go
bring out the chair, huh?
That cocksucker Mark better
be givin' you your time
or I'm gonna go over there
and bust in his teeth.
Why ain't there no beer?
[LYNN]: I ain't dancing
no more, Sam.
Quit a couple of weeks ago.
Got a job over at Freemont.
Are you telling me the
truth or is this a joke?
Pick up a second shift every now
and then, weekends if I want 'em.
It's good money.
Good money?
What, are you stupid, woman?
You quit stripping?
To pack fucking
mushrooms at Freemont?
- [DAISY]: Sam.
- Ma, keep your mouth shut!
They're good to me over there, Sam.
They got daycare for Paige...
- [SAM]: No.
- medical at the end of the year.
I'll tell you what
you're gonna do.
You're going back
to the Bunny Hop,
and you're gonna get that cocksucker
to give you your old slot back.
You wanna go outside
and ride your bike?
- No, Sam.
- The fuck you ain't.
You're gonna get your ass back
up there and make your tips.
- It ain't right.
- Fuck are you talking about?
I ain't dancing no more because it
ain't right in the eyes of God.
- He don't want me doing that no more.
- Oh, you've found God now?
- That's what this is?
- He found me.
- Don't give me that bullshit!
- He's there for you too, baby.
You're a fucking junkie
stripper and you know it.
Not no more. God helped me
change while you was away.
Get your hands off of me.
You can't keep going the
way you've been going!
Hey, Big Dave, how's
it going, buddy?
What the fuck?
Crazy horse, there he fucking is!
- Donnie.
- It's about time, man.
[WOMAN]: Holy shit.
Figured you must be rollin' out
sometime soon.
- Man. How you doing, boy?
- Look at you.
- I'm doing.
- Yeah? I get you.
You look no worse for the wear.
- I'm all right.
- Yeah?
You make any new
friends in there?
- Funny fucker.
Hey, your old lady ain't at the Bunny
Hop any more. What's going on?
- Bitch found Jesus.
- No way.
Better him than the
milkman, right?
- Not so sure about that.
- Ah, yeah, right?
Glad to have you back.
- That's sweet.
- That's Jackie. Let's go.
Hey, here's to you.
Quit fucking around.
What, you want a taste?
Fuck, yeah.
All right. Get moving.
Come on, let's go.
- Crazy horse.
- [SAM]: Crazy horse!
Crazy horse. (CHUCKLING)
Down at the cross
where my Saviour died
God's righteous
nature was satisfied
There to my sin was
the blood applied
Glory to his name
Glory to his name
Glory to his name
There to my sin was
the blood applied
- Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
It's right up here.
Open up, man! You there?
- Come on, man, open up.
Fuck are you, man?
It's just me, man. Come on, let me in.
It's fucking cold.
- I don't know you.
- Yeah, you do.
We were hanging out the other day.
I'm Bobby's friend.
Fuck is Bobby?
Man, get your crack ass...
Okay, have it your way.
[DONNIE]: Fuck that.
Where you going?
What the fuck are you running
from, pussy? Huh? Huh?
Piece of fucking shit!
You wanna fuck with me?
- I'll smash your fucking skull in!
- I'll give you whatever you want!
- I'll smash your fucking skull in.
- I'll give you whatever you want, man.
Tell me where the
fucking shit is
or I'll blow your nigger brains
all over the fucking floor!
It's in there! It's in there!
Get it! Get a fucking move on!
Piece of shit!
- Get a fucking move on!
- All right. Okay.
- Hurry the fuck up!
- Be cool.
Fuck, here's...
here's the shit, man. Fuck.
Be cool, man. Be cool.
Oh, shit. Oh, that's nice.
Give me the cash.
Give me the fucking cash!
You piece of shit.
All right!
Fucking nigger bitch.
All right!
- Be cool, man!
- Piece of shit.
- Whoo!
Yeah! That was some crazy shit.
- That was pretty fun, I have to admit.
- Where'd the fucking ashtray go?
Shit, Donnie. Your car is a mess.
You gotta clean this shit up.
Yes, stick me, baby.
I'm ready to take off.
Get a wake up?
I want to hit this.
I'm going 100 miles an hour.
- [SAM]: This is some good shit.
- Fucking levitate!
Okay. Be still now, baby.
I'm still.
I'm still as a cucumber.
[DONNIE]: Yup. Find it?
We good? Yeah?
- Get the wheel, get the wheel.
- [SAM]: Got the wheel.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.
You got it! You got it.
I feel the need.
The need for fucking speed.
Whoa, whoa.
Look at this sorry fucker over here.
[DONNIE]: I see him.
- Should we pick him up?
- Yeah.
[DONNIE]: This is my good deed
for the day, right'?
- Come on, bro!
- Come on.
Fucking cold as hell.
[DRIFTER]: Shit.
Ah, fuck.
Cold enough for you out there, boy?
[DRIFTER]: Yeah.
Where you going, man?
That's up there
past Muncy, right?
We can take you as
far as McClure.
Take me to Dushore.
We ain't going to Dushore.
We said we can take you as far as...
What the fuck!
Keep driving.
I'll cut his fucking throat.
Take that fucking blade off him!
Dushore or I cut his
fucking throat.
Take that fucking blade off him!
- No! Shit!
[DONNIE]: What are you doing?
[SAM]: Pull over!
Help me.
[LYNN]: Good.
Wanna try it again?
Let's try it one more time.
- I pledge allegiance to the flag...
- To the flag...
- of the United States of America.
- Of the United States of America,
and to the republic
for which it stands.
[LYNN]: One nation...
[PAIGE]: One nation...
[LYNN]:.. Under God...
[PAIGE]:... Under God,
indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.
He coming or ain't he?
I don't know.
Honey, you ready?
I don't got no good shoes, Lynn.
Oh, baby, He don't care what
kind of shoes you wearing.
[PASTOR KRAUSE]: He breathes his
spirit into the darkness,
and He makes something good.
He sees our shadow
and He says, "Let there be light".
The point of receiving
God's word is life.
Life upon life and to
accept the blood of Jesus
that is life upon
life upon life.
- Praise be to God. Praise be to God.
In Mark it talks about John the Baptist,
how he went about baptizing the water.
I'm unworthy even to unlace
the thong of his sandal.
I baptize the water.
But he will baptize you
with the Holy Spirit.
Let us now proclaim
His saving Grace.
If there are sinners here
today, looking for God,
I want you to raise your hands.
Come on, raise them up high to heaven.
Raise your hands and stand up.
Come on, now. Stand up.
Receive Jesus Christ as your
light and your Saviour.
Brother, I see it.
I see that look of doubt in your eye.
I know you're thinking, "I'm
just too dirty a sinner.
- "He can't forgive me".
- Yes, He can.
Yes, He can. You just knock
and be received. Come on now, stand up.
Come on home to Jesus. Yes.
Stand up. All right. All right.
We're gonna wash away our sins
in the blood of the lamb.
We're gonna baptize right now.
Come on down. Come on down right now.
Come on down.
Everybody. Come on down.
Come on down, brother and son.
Praise be to God.
We're gonna save some folks tonight.
Yes, come on down now.
Come on, Brother.
We're gonna save you now.
Come on in. Yes, I want you
to cross your arms now.
Cross your arms. Yes.
Stand right here. Okay.
Upon your confession of faith and
your obedience to the word of God,
regarding His death,
burial and resurrection.
I do indeed baptize you in the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ
for the remission of your sins.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Welcome home, Brother.
Welcome home. You're saved.
Hallelujah! Praise God.
When we've
Been there 10,000 years
Bright shining as
The sun
We've no less days
To sing God's praise
Than when
We first begun
Here you go.
Thanks for the work.
Hey, you need me
to stay on, I can.
We're gonna be moving
inside next week.
I'll give you a call if something breaks.
You do good work.
And out of the houses
the rats came tumbling.
Brother rats, sister rats.
And husband rats followed
their little rat wives.
Till they came to
the ragin' water,
where they drowned and
lost their lives.
I don't deal bikes. You might have a
better shot if you take it over to Pitt,
or maybe down to Philly.
I gotta sell it today.
I got something in Pitt.
But you gotta have
some college for that.
Well, well, well.
I was wondering when I'd
see you again, man.
How you doing, my brother?
I'm doing.
I've missed you.
I heard you found Jesus.
Yeah, a little bit.
Hey, Jackie.
Give me a mash and a bud.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Jackie.
You want something?
No. I'm good.
Hey, you know...
that old Indian didn't die that night.
Yeah, saw it on the TV.
Somebody picked the poor bastard up.
Took him to the emergency room.
Can you believe that shit?
God was looking out for both
of us, I suppose, then.
Here's to Him.
I didn't hear you pull up.
I got Lynn's car.
She broke down on you?
I sold her.
No fucking way, man.
Should have come and seen
your old buddy first.
I know. I know.
You want a taste?
I'm sorry I'm late.
Gave blood over in Pitt.
It's all I got.
[ANNOUNCER]: We're tracking what now
looks like a tornado outbreak.
We've now confirmed
two tornadoes
that have touched down
in the Harrisburg area.
Two touched down
near Harrisburg.
Moving northeast towards Allentown,
Reading and Lancaster.
- Come on, Paige, you gotta get up.
Wake up.
Come on, come on, come on.
Baby, what are you doing?
I know.
Stand back.
Get in.
[SAM]: Bug.
You hear me? You hear me, bug?
We're going to play
the game, bug.
[PAIGE]: Whale!
I'm thinking of a snail, bug.
I'm thinking of a whale.
Good job, bug. Good job.
You said whale.
I'm thinking of a pail.
You said pail.
I'm thinking of a tail.
Good job, bug. Good job.
Hey, Billy.
Tried ringing you, but
your phone's down.
That damn twister touched down eight
places between here and Noblesville.
Chewed up 600 homes in
Fulton County alone.
Got all the work you can
handle, if you're interested.
I'm interested.
But I'm putting my
own crew together.
We go 50-50 on the jobs.
You cover me and any
heavy machines I need.
60-40 till you pay me
back on the tools.
Then we go half and
you got a deal.
I can still see.
- [SAM:] Keep them closed.
- What are you doing, Sam Childers?
- Ready?
- Yes.
[PAIGE]: Yes.
Open them up.
[PAIGE]: Where are we?
We're home, Paige.
That's ours?
Go on, check it out.
Your room's upstairs.
It's the small one.
[SAM]: That's everything.
[LYNN]: You get
what's in the trunk?
Lord, you are filthy,
Sam Childers.
Who you calling filthy, woman?
- Now you're filthier than I am.
Come on, give me a little shake.
I don't do that no more.
- Uh-huh?
- Mmm-mmm.
Not even for your old man?
Maybe just a little bit.
There you go.
You're naughty.
Come here.
[ALL]: There is power, power
wonder-working power
In the precious
blood of the Lamb
Today we have a special guest.
It is my pleasure to present
to you Pastor Relling
from the Kilangire Christian
Mission in Uganda, Africa.
Pastor Relling.
Thank you, Pastor
Krause, and thank you,
brothers and sisters, for inviting
me into this house of the Lord.
I'm here today to talk to you about
your Christian brothers and sisters,
families just like yours, half a world
away, that desperately need your help.
Though they might
appear to be strangers,
living a life very
different from our own,
in God's eyes, every
man is a brother,
and every soul is deserving
of your Christian charity.
Don't move.
Be cool.
What the fuck, man.
What are you doing here?
I'm here for that
boy right there.
You gonna get in
the way of that?
Oh, Sammy, I can't do it.
I can't. I can't.
God don't make trash, boy.
He ain't giving up on you so don't
you give up on Him, you hear me?
What was wrong with her anyway?
I don't know.
They called it thrombosis.
And she couldn't walk, she
couldn't drive any more.
But you know, I think that prayer circle
made all the difference in the world.
- And now she can get her hair done.
- That's right.
Babe, why don't you go grab
some more beans, will you?
You know, I was thinking
about that fella, Sunday.
What fella?
That Pastor Relling.
- The missionary fella.
- [DAISY]: A nice-looking man.
Oh, yeah, he talked funny.
He's just from a difference place
than us, baby, that's all.
[SAM]: I like
what they're doing down there.
- It's a good cause.
- Sure is.
I was thinking maybe I could
go over there. You know?
See what they got going on.
- Africa?
- Yeah.
- You mean like to help them?
- Yeah, why not?
Reckon they can do with all
the help they can get.
Especially in construction.
[DAISY]: Oh, yeah.
- Well, that's a good idea.
- Thought I'd go and do that.
What about the business?
What about that job you've
got going over in Boswell?
Job's gonna be
finished in five days.
I'll only be gone for
a few weeks though.
I'll be back before you know it.
[DAISY]: It's not so long,
we'll be fine.
It's not so long.
- Yeah? Yeah?
- It's a nice idea, Sam.
What are you?
Ugandan Army or something?
SPLA. Sudanese People's
Liberation Army.
Yeah, I don't know that.
What's that?
We are freedom fighters.
Well, hello, freedom fighters.
I'm Sam.
My name is Deng.
Deng? Nice to meet you, Deng.
- Marco.
- Hey, Marco.
So, you boys busy or...
Maybe you can give me a
hand with the rubble.
No. I didn't think so.
All right. Good.
Well, I'll let you guys get
back to what you were doing.
But I'll be seeing you around.
Some of us are going into
Kampala tomorrow night.
Try to find a little fun this weekend.
You wanna come along?
Actually, I was thinking
of going up north.
You crazy? There's a civil
war going on up there.
I know.
Suit yourself.
Hey, Deng, want a Coke?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
You got a cool breeze blowing
through the shade here.
It's very hot today.
I got a question for you.
I wanna go into
Sudan this weekend.
I need someone to
show me around.
You interested?
The others are going to Kampala.
I know.
That ain't my speed no more.
I wanna see some country.
You want to see?
[SAM]: This thing go any faster?
[DENG]: I wish it could.
Travelling is the most
dangerous time in Sudan.
If the rebels find us on open
road, it will be very bad.
So where you from?
A little village called Aweil.
Many hours from here. And you?
Are you from New York City?
I ain't no city boy.
I'm a hillbilly
from Pennsylvania.
That's it. Pennsylvania.
Is Aweil where your family is?
Not any more.
My family was killed by the IRA.
[DENG]: The Muslim north
has been killing...
the Christians in the
south for over 30 years.
Two million of my people
lost their lives.
These people have been
driven from their villages.
But as you can see, these
camps are not much better.
Cholera and malaria
are everywhere.
Even here, they are afraid the
IRA will attack at night.
Sorry, I will be right back.
Do what you gotta do.
Excuse me, you.
Black shirt. Come over here.
Please help me.
I need to transfer this woman to the bed.
Grab her by her shoulders.
One, two, three.
- What do we have here?
- Trauma to the lips.
[DOCTOR 1]: Can I have some gauze,
please, for direct pressure?
- [DOCTOR 2]: What happened?
- Trauma to her lips.
What happened to her face?
She argued with the rebels
so they cut off her lips.
These are Kony's orders.
Who's Kony?
Who are you with?
I'm with Deng over there.
Which organization?
I'm with the Christian
group down in the south.
Just up here taking
a look around.
This isn't a tourist
destination; This is a war zone.
If you stay here, you're
going to get killed.
Thank you for your help.
[DENG]: Some people say Kony's a wizard.
A shape-shifter.
He calls himself a Christian,
but I say he's Satan,
who devours his own people.
So, Kony is the...
He's the leader of the IRA?
Yes, he's the one we've
been fighting for years.
But there's very
little we can do.
Our weapons are old, our
boots full of holes.
We've been forgotten
by the whole world.
What are you doing here?
Excuse me?
What are you looking
for in this place?
I ain't looking for nothing.
So, you get your picture taken?
Go back to your life and all this will
be stories you will tell your friends.
Yeah, maybe.
Hey, can I take a
look at that gun?
You say she's jamming on you?
Yeah. Yeah, that's cause
she's full of dirt.
Dirt and grit.
You gotta strip her down once a day.
Keep her well-oiled.
No wonder she's jamming on you.
Are you military?
Hell, no.
I just like my guns.
[DENG]: The night commuters.
They come from deep in the bush.
Their parents send them out
because it's safer to sleep here
than in their own homes.
[SAM]: Why?
Because death comes at
night in the villages.
These are the lucky ones so far.
The ones the rebels
haven't found yet.
Come on! Get up, let's go.
Come on, get up.
Let's go. Get up.
Hey, get up. Let's go.
Get a move on. Get up.
- Hey, come on. Get up.
- What are you doing?
Let's go. Get up.
They ain't sleeping out here.
Tell them they're coming inside.
Come on, you all get up.
- Sam.
- Let's go.
Sam. There are too many.
You can't help them all.
Well, I can take
these ones here.
Yeah. Come on inside.
Come on. Hurry up.
Keep 'em coming.
Go on. Take a bed.
The IRA attacked a
village last night.
You said you wanted to see.
You see any tigers over there?
No, I didn't see no tigers.
Do they even have
tigers over there?
I don't think so.
You go on a safari?
No. I didn't go on no safari.
Come on. Let's go to bed.
- There we go.
- I'm thinking of a plane.
- No, no, come on. You gotta get to sleep.
- Come on, Dad,
plane. I'm thinking of a plane.
You said plane, I'm
thinking of a train.
You said train, I'm
thinking of a brain.
You said brain, I'm
thinking of a...
- Gotcha. Okay.
- Okay, you got me.
You could have said drain or
mane, like a horse's mane.
Sweet dreams, bug.
Good night, Dad.
Good night.
I'm glad you're home.
Coming to bed?
Yeah, in a bit.
What you doing?
Making plans.
You been to bed yet?
I had a vision last night, Lynn.
I know it sounds crazy,
but God spoke to me.
Here. Take a look at this.
You want to take a look?
I'm going to build a church.
A church?
Yeah. Right across the street.
But not a church like Faith United
or Calvary Fellowship, you know.
A place that ain't
gonna turn you away
if you're a prostitute or
drug addict or something.
A place for sinners just like me, but
who want to hear the word of God.
How you gonna pay for a church?
Well, we got money in the
bank, business is good.
Besides, I own a
construction company,
so I'm gonna give us one heck
of a good deal on the build.
You're crazy.
A little bit.
Now here, take a look at this.
- What is that?
That's the orphanage
that I'm going to build.
In Sudan.
[SAM]: Frank, make sure
that siding's long.
[FRANK]: All right, Sam.
I witness
I see the cross
up on the Calvary
His light still shines in you
His light still shines in me
I witness...
- Sam.
- Yup.
It's five till and
he still ain't here.
Call him?
Yeah, I called him.
Well, then, call him again.
Found me in darkness
and gave me sight
Your love and your
glory are endless
Oh, yes, you're here with me
Guiding me with
your eternal light
You built my heart
and you made it right
Your love and your
glory are endless
Your love and your
glory are endless
Oh, Lord, you're
here with me
Thank you, Tory. Now you folks are
sounding pretty good up here.
Gotta say.
Sorry. There we go.
- How's that? Good?
- [MAN]: Good.
- [WOMAN]: Yeah.
Well, I'd like to thank you
all for coming out today,
for the first day of worship here
at Shekinah Fellowship Church.
Thank you.
Never really been too keen on
talking in front of people.
But the guest speaker we had
today, well, he didn't show up,
so I thought I would get
up and say a few words.
Okay, well, lot of youse
knows me pretty good.
Knows I ain't exactly the
best seed in the bunch.
Maybe you was wondering what made
me want to build this here church.
I gotta tell you that standing up here
right now, I ain't so sure myself.
But God don't only
call the good.
I reckon every now and again
he calls us sinners too,
and I was about as
bad as they come.
Bunch of years ago I
was in the woods.
I was running from some pretty bad fellas
in the woods over there by Cleary.
And those old boys, they was
coming after me pretty hard.
Well, I reached in my bag.
I was looking for my old shotgun.
Well, it was gone.
And my momma had took it
out when I wasn't looking...
and shoved this here Bible
in there instead. Yes, she did.
All right, Momma.
Well, I figured I was
pretty much done for,
so I sat down under an oak tree
with this useless book in my hand
and I just waited.
And then the strangest
thing happened.
Those boys, they just,
they ran right on past me.
They didn't even see
me sitting there.
Nowthe way I figure it, things would
have turned out pretty different
if I'd pulled out that shotgun
instead of this here Bible.
But you know, it
got me thinking.
God is looking out for each
and every one of you, too.
And all you gotta do
is just open the door,
and let Him right on in.
[ALL]: Amen! Amen!
[SAM]: It's okay, sweetie.
I'll be back before you know it.
You're gonna miss my play.
Well, Momma can
videotape it for me.
I gotta get.
You watch out for them while
I'm gone, buddy, okay?
That's done, man.
You came all the way here
to bring us some new boots?
Okay, okay, Okay...
Right here. Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Sam, wait.
It's not safe here.
This is it.
This is not a good idea.
I think it's a heck
of a good idea.
It would be better a little
further south, towards Kampala.
Oh. If I wanted to be closer to
Kampala I'd be closer to Kampala.
But I want to be right here.
What are you saying?
What's he saying?
Said the north is
very dangerous.
Villages in this area are
very remote, Mr Childers.
There's nothing there.
Then I would think that them
people need help the most.
This is a war zone, Mr Childers.
The IRA will kill you.
Look, I don't think you
understand what I'm saying,
so let me make it
real clear to you.
I'm buying this land.
This is what can unite us.
Arabism cannot unite us.
Africanism that is opposed
to Orba cannot unite us.
Islam cannot unite us.
But Sudanism, Sudanism
can unite us
because it is a common factor.
I told you. Stay out of there.
You'll get all dirty.
Sure you don't wanna play
someplace else?
[SAM]: No.
- Sam.
- Yeah.
This is Betty.
She's from Kotido.
Hey, Betty. How are ya?
I'm fine, how are you?
I'm okay.
[DENG]: She knows you need
someone to run the orphanage.
I said stay out of there.
I'm looking for somebody, help
me keep the place in order,
look after things
while I'm away.
She can do this.
And now, what about
the children?
Can she feed the children?
Fix them up when they're sick?
Can she do that?
She's hired.
Thank you.
You say your prayers
or something?
I already did.
All right. Sweet dreams.
Ain't you gonna read me a book?
Then let's play a game.
I'm thinking of a dog.
What about it?
Never mind, Donnie.
All right.
My dad usually gives me a kiss on
the forehead before he leaves.
You can do that.
Yeah. Sure.
Night, Donnie.
[DONNIE]: Sweet dreams
Busy, busy everybody's busy
Playing the game of life
But now it's time
to say a rhyme
Let's all have some fun
- How many are there?
- Around 20.
Where are your men?
Down there.
Get me a gun.
We gotta get everyone back
to the church. That's our best shot.
I'm going to get the kids.
Cover me.
Betty, Betty, bring them to the church!
Come on.
Come on.
Tell them to stay together.
Stay close.
Come on.
[MAN]: Get down!
Get them in.
Okay, get in the corner.
Get in the corner.
Get in the corner!
Get in the corner!
All right, you'll be fine.
Come on, come on.
[SAM]: Hey, it's me.
You okay?
It's all gone. All of it.
They burnt it down.
Nothing left.
Where are you?
It's a test, Sam.
I can't do it no more, Lynn.
It's over.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you.
Them kids have had their whole lives
burnt to the ground and worse.
How many of them you
see giving up?
God gave you purpose,
Sam Childers.
Now get off your butt, stop your
crying and build it again.
You hear me?
Cut it all down.
Till they got nowhere to hide.
Up. Down.
[SAM:] All right, outfielders.
Stand nice and spread out.
Hey, what's this?
No patty cakes. None of that.
You're the short stop.
You're here. Don't move.
Poppy, you ready?
Remember what I said?
Put your right hand
there, left hand there.
Now you swing through.
There you go.
- You look great, Poppy.
- Yeah.
You look great.
Matak, pay attention.
- Ready to pitch? Is everybody ready?
- Yes.
Everybody ready, outfield?
All right.
Let's play baseball.
All right, Matak.
Nice and easy.
Give me a pitch.
What are you doing?
Don't kick the ball.
What are you doing?
- It's supposed to be baseball.
What happened?
There was an attack
outside Adjumani.
What's she saying?
She's asking what she did wrong.
You didn't do nothing wrong.
She wants to know if
you are the preacher.
I'm the preacher.
You tell her she's
going to be okay.
- Where you going?
- Adjumani.
Sam. Sam, please wait.
No, I ain't waiting around
no more for this to happen.
See what waiting gets you?
Marco, no! Marco!
Don't fire that thing!
There's kids behind the truck!
You okay?
It's okay.
Hey, buddy.
Ain't you gonna say nothing?
I'll see you later.
I see you have a bodyguard.
Guess I do.
Take care of things
while I'm gone, okay?
- [DENG]: I will, Preacher.
- All right.
You can't come with me, buddy.
Come on.
In your actions, you give
service to the Lord.
He's not interested
in your good intentions.
Your good thoughts.
No, He wants your backs.
Your hands. Your sweat.
Your blood to pour into the foundation
that will build up His kingdom!
- Amen!
- [ALL]: Amen!
- What do you think?
- I think it's great.
Started day care last month.
Monday through Friday
from 8:00 to 2:00.
Sundays after first worship for a
few hours if anybody needs it.
I'm thinking maybe we could
set up a playground...
some swings, some things
that kids can climb on.
No, we can't build any more.
Not for a while.
You said Sundays has been full.
Yeah, it's been full, but that doesn't
mean people are giving money like today.
You know, economy's slow, construction
business is slow. Times is tight.
- Be good for them kids, Lynn.
- Yeah, well, they got the playground
over at Cairnbrook,
and they can play at the school
on the weekends if they want.
No, no.
No, I'm talking about Africa.
[BILL]: I heard you built yourself one hell
of a church over there in Central City.
[SAM]: Yeah, we set it up pretty good,
but we still got a ways to go.
Anyways, Bill.
The reason I called you...
the reason I'm here is because
I wanted to talk to you...
a little bit more about our
Outreach Programme.
You know, the thing we're
doing over there in Africa.
Of course, I know about what
you're doing over there.
I mean, hell of a thing, Sam, helping
out those kids. God bless you.
Thank you, Bill.
I appreciate that. I do.
But I gotta be straight with you.
We are hurting for money.
Now if we had the support of
good people like yourselves,
sure would help things go a
lot smoother over there.
Sam, everybody around here
is feeling the pinch.
I hear that, Bill. I do.
But if you once could just see
what it is we're doing down there.
I mean, it's about more than the money.
And I ain't asking for a lot.
- How much you looking for?
- $5,000 or something.
Jesus Christ, Sam. $5,000?
Come on, Bill. That ain't
hardly gonna put you out there
- on the street now, is it?
- Well, that's not the point.
And that's gonna keep them doors
open for another six months.
Look around here.
People are losing their
jobs left and right.
It's tough to go asking
for $5,000 for a bunch
of African children
halfway around the world.
Bill, I understand that -
we got problems right here,
- but this is a different kind of problem.
- Different, how?
That orphanage is the
last hope these kids got.
Now with that kind of money, we can
feed them kids, house them kids.
Buy me a new generator
which is sorely needed.
I gotta tell you, Bill, you would
be saving a hell of a lot of lives.
All right. Here's what I'll do.
I'll see what I can come up with.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay, Bill.
- Okay.
Hey, why don't you bring the
family over next Sunday.
We're having a little
bit of a barbeque.
Well, come on in.
You all must be the Childers, welcome.
I am Shannon, Bill's
ball and chain.
- I'm Lynn. This here is Paige.
- Good to meet you.
There he is.
Hey, Sam, glad you all could make it.
- Oh, who's this lovely young lady?
- [LYNN]: Paige.
I'll tell you what. You come on in here
and you meet some people.
This is the gentleman I
was telling you about.
Sam. There you are.
A little something for the kids out there.
What we were talking about earlier.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, don't mention it.
- Why are we leaving so soon?
- Get in the car.
- Is everything all right?
- Thank you.
What is wrong?
Son of a bitch is crying
poor-mouth to me,
and he's living in
a damn Taj Mahal.
I asked him for $5,000 to feed
a bunch of motherless babies.
And you know what he gave me?
150 bucks.
He spent more than that
on salsa for his party.
We are locked in a
fight with the devil.
Now I can't do this on my own.
I can't take the pressure
and the pain and the loneliness.
I need each one of
you to back me up.
And I need you all to bring your game.
And the Lord will raise you up!
- Hallelujah!
- [ALL]: Hallelujah!
If we have to cut back,
then the devil has won.
And we don'!
Want the devil to win, do we?
[ALL]: No!
I'm sorry, but 2,500 is the
best I can do for those guns.
Tell you what.
Throw in the car for five.
Almost there.
Hands over eyes.
Micrah, no cheating. No cheating.
Just a little bit more.
Okay, stop.
Open your eyes.
- [SAM]: Yeah!
Come on.
[BOY]: Thank you.
[SAM]: It's all right.
It's good to see the kids laugh.
Amen to that.
Listen, I would like to add a few
more guards to you during the day.
Because Kony's offering
money for your head.
- Offering money for my head?
- Yes.
I must be doing something right.
Don't worry about it.
I can take care of myself.
He said anything yet?
All we know is that him and his
brother were taken by the rebels.
- [SAM]: Where's his brother?
- We don't know.
You don't want to go play
with the other kids?
You know, sometimes it
helps to tell somebody
what you got locked up inside.
I've done a lot of things
that I ain't proud of.
Hurt a lot of people.
Truth is, helping you kids...
is about the only good thing
I've ever done in this life.
But I'm scared that...
one day I'll...
close my eyes to all this and
make it somebody else's problem.
You got no idea what
I'm saying, do you?
Who's that?
It's our leader.
John Garang?
So, they call you the White Preacher.
Is this what I should call you?
You can call me Sam.
I hear what you are doing for the
children of Sudan and I'm grateful.
I just wanted to see it myself.
Well, this is it.
We've got a couple hundred with us here.
Feed another thousand a
day, nearby villages.
And you do this.
And yet these are not your people.
The struggle is not your own.
Yeah, well, I've kinda
made it my struggle.
Till someone else starts fighting
the fight for these children,
then I'm the one
that's gonna do it.
- You're just stubborn, aren't you?
- As a mule.
I wish I had more men like you.
There are peace talks scheduled
for the end of August in Russia.
I would like you to
come as my guest.
You know, talking about peace
in a roomsomewhere is a waste of time,
if you ask me.
- You gotta go out and make it.
You speak what is on your mind.
I heard this about you.
Really? What else did you hear?
Well, I heard that you
don't suffer fools.
And that you like a good fight.
I heard you were taller.
So you see, we're not
so dissimilar, Sam.
You made the fight for these
children your struggle.
And I made the freedom of
Southern Sudan my struggle.
But part of my struggle
happens in these rooms.
I hear you.
So you think maybe we could convince
you to come to peace talks one day?
[SAM]: Maybe.
Should be coming out soon.
Anybody see anything?
Marco! See something?
Nothing. Nothing.
I don't know.
Should be around here.
You should pull over.
- The intel was very clear.
- [SAM]: I don't see nothing.
This is it.
No, wait, wait.
There. I got two.
Right there.
(WHISPERS) Come on.
Come on, it's okay. Come on.
Okay, they ain't moving.
AJ, Nineteen. Go get those kids.
Deng, call camp, tell them we're coming
back with two, possibly injured.
[SAM]: Be careful.
[SAM]: What'd he say?
What's he saying?
AJ is dead!
[SAM]: Tell him don't move.
Don't move!
[SAM]: Stay down!
Ask him if he saw the shooter.
[DENG]: Did not see him.
- You see him?
- He's on the ridge. Within the rocks.
Can you reach the Mauser?
When I say go, I want you to put all
you got into those rocks up there.
- Hello?
- [DONNIE]: Sam, it's me, man.
[SAM]: Donnie.
Is everybody okay?
[DONNIE]: Yeah, everybody's great, man.
I'm just calling to say hey, that's all.
[SAM]: Hey.
How are the girls?
Oh, they're doing great, man.
Yeah, Paige made us
dinner the other night.
Chocolate chip pancakes.
[SAM:] By herself, huh?
[DONNIE]: Yeah. All by herself.
I mean, I helped her with the stove.
But, you know, she
mixed it all up.
They were real good, too.
So, how's it going over there?
[SAM]: It's going fine, buddy.
[DONNIE]: Yeah?
Man, that must be wild.
I'd like to come over there sometime,
check it out, you know?
Get the hell
outta here for a while.
That'd be nice.
See what that's like.
Sounds good.
- Hey, Sam, can I ask you a question?
- Yeah.
You really think... God's gonna
forgive us for everything we done?
[SAM]: Is that all
the soy milks we got?
They talk about you in the camps.
The children.
They say there is a white
preacher who hunts the IRA.
This place does not need
more guns, Mr Childers.
Just trying to help these people.
Same as you.
Don't delude yourself.
You're a mercenary...
not a humanitarian.
I got 200 kids
that're gonna sleep safe tonight.
Right or wrong, that's
all the reason I need.
That's how it always starts.
With people thinking that they're
killing for the right reasons.
Why don't you fight the evil
in this place your way,
and let me fight it mine.
They say you're doing good,
that you have special powers.
You're protected by angels and
can't be killed by bullets.
They said the same thing about
Kony in the beginning, too.
[SAM]: Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
[DENG]: Preacher.
Let's get them out of here.
Deng, tell them that we're
not going to hurt them.
Okay, in the light.
That's good. That's good.
We don't have room
for all of them.
- How many can we fit in the truck?
- Twenty, 25 maximum.
What have we got? Like 40?
Okay. All right. You, you go.
You. You go. You, go.
What are you doing?
You. You go. You. You.
We gotta take as many as we can.
We gotta take the little ones,
and the ones that are sick,
we'll come back for
the other ones later.
Marco, Adeem.
Take these ones here on the truck.
- We should call for backup.
- No, we got no time.
We take the ones we can.
You, you go. Yeah, you go. Go, go.
All right. You, stay, stay.
Okay, tell the other ones
we'll come back later.
Tell them.
[SAM]: Don't come back
until you see my face.
- Hey, hey!
- [DENG]: Get in here.
Tell them to hide.
Don't move till they see my face.
Deng! Get in.
I don't have no more space.
[SAM]: I'll be back in two hours.
Two hours.
Two hours we'll be back.
Marley, gas it up,
we're leaving in five.
What are you doing over there?
Hey, sorry, man. Sorry.
Route 16 was all backed up.
Welcome home, buddy. Yeah.
You must be wiped out, man.
Yeah, I'm sorry, 16 was a fucking mess.
All these assholes out
driving at night...
Shut up. Shut up.
Open your eyes, wake up.
Wake up! Shut up!
You call yourselves the children of God?
Well, you ain't.
No, y'all just sheep following Him.
Deaf, dumb and blind.
But God don't want sheep!
[MAN]: Praise the Lord.
He wants wolves to
fight his fight!
[ALL]: Amen! Amen!
Men and women with teeth to tear
at the evil that is out there!
The Lord's prophets are
not men in fancy clothes.
They're warrior prophets!
They're men of conviction, who ain't afraid
to pick up a sword and use it! Why not?
Soldiers willing to fight against
His enemies, wherever they may be!
[SAM]: Soldiers willing to fight
till their last breath.
- Hallelujah! Wake up!
- [ALL]: Hallelujah!
I want you to look at this.
- It's a 10-year-old boy.
- Sam...
He had his arms cut off.
Just hacked off.
This is not necessary.
It's not necessary.
Could you come back
in a minute, please?
- Please.
- Look, I only got one truck over there.
I need the money
to get another vehicle.
Now I found this one
in Kampala that I can get.
We already took out a
second on your home.
I got a real good deal, I
just need you to get...
Sam, we know what you're doing over
there in Africa, and we support it.
But I'm telling you, we cannot
give you any more money.
- You hear what I'm saying? Look at this.
- Sam, you're completely leveraged.
- [SAM]: See this?
- Yes.
This girl watched her family being
killed and then they set her on fire.
This is not necessary.
No, no, no. John, just look at...
John. John, look at the picture.
- I do see it. I'm looking, Sam.
- Look at the picture.
Now, I ain't asking for money
for a hot tub or a vacation
- or something like that.
- Company policy says...
I'm asking for an extra vehicle so that
I can save some children, John, okay?
- Do you understand that?
- I do, but I'm telling you...
But nothing!
But nothing! Now, I need you to
get in your little book there
and do whatever it is you
gotta do to get me that car!
- Sam, you need to calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down!
Mary Strauss and them's
having dinner at the Chimney.
- [LYNN]: Who's her date?
- Tony Wilkes.
I thought Tony Wilkes was going
with Patty Hobbes' daughter?
They broke up last month.
Sudanese opposition leader.
John Garang has been killed
in a helicopter crash.
That's according to a statement released
by the Sudanese government in Khartoum.
Garang was hailed as a
peacemaker in Sudan
and was instrumental in
ending the 21-year civil war
that has ravaged that country.
Six of Garang's associates and seven
others also died in the crash
which is being blamed
on bad weather.
What do you think about us
getting a limo for next weekend?
Wouldn't be too expensive
since there'd be six of us.
What do you think?
Hello? Earth to Dad.
Honey. You okay?
Oh, heck, I'll
just take you all.
We ain't cramming in the
back of your Caprice.
Fit in there easy.
You're little.
We got dresses, Donnie.
We'll get all wrinkled.
Plus it smells in there.
Yeah, I'll squirt some
perfume You'll be all right.
Dad, what do you think?
Can we get a limo?
Dad, please, Patty and
them's getting one.
We could probably get a deal
through one of Tom Hickey's boys.
Wouldn't cost too much
between six of them.
You ain't spending money
on no freaking limousine.
- But, Dad...
- What the hell did I just say?
Honey, we're just
talking about it.
Yeah, well there's too
much talk in this house.
I got mouths to feed.
You're talking about pissing
money away on a limo.
But it's my formal, Dad.
I don't give a shit what it is!
Okay? You ain't getting no limo.
You love them black babies
more than you love me!
Watch your mouth, little girl!
- Before I slap it...
- Hey, hey, hey.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Take it easy, bro.
Don't tell me to take it easy
in my own fucking house!
All right?
Now that ain't your wife.
And this ain't your family.
You ain't nothing but a stray
fucking dog around here.
You don't mean that.
Like hell I don't.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Before I put your face
through that fucking wall.
You that preacher, ain't ya?
Yeah, you him.
I seen your face in the
papers a few years ago.
- Yeah.
- Told you this is the guy.
God damn, I knew it.
The papers were talking about you as some
kind of African Rambo or something, right?
If you don't mind, I'd just
like to sit here right now.
You still helping them
niggers over there'?
See, the way I figure it,
the reason you're so interested
in helping them porch monkeys
is probably 'cause you throwing it
in them nigger bitches, ain't ya?
You're gonna sit there and
you're gonna let me talk.
I've always believed in you.
Trusted you, trusted the Lord.
And do what I could so you
could follow your dream.
But I ain't willing to lose you
to what you're doing over there.
Ain't just gonna sit back and
watch you get swallowed up by it.
Now I know that you're all them kids got
over there, but you're all we got, too.
Paige needs her father.
Damn it, Sam, I need my husband.
(GROGGILY) Shit, man,
where the hell are you?
Leave a message.
It's Donnie, man.
Shit, I was hoping
you'd be there.
I wanna talk to you.
It's no big deal.
I was just thinking about...
when we were kids.
And in the summertime we'd go over
to that quarry near Montrose.
Remember that?
Yeah, we'd bring our ropes.
Or go swimming.
Climb around on the
walls all day.
I wish you was here
to pray with me.
A lot of youse want me to stand up
here and make some sense out of this.
Tell you there's some meaning.
You know, maybe there's a purpose
for what happened to Donnie.
That's why you came here today.
You want me to tell you that God
has His plan for all of us and...
when it's time to
call us on home...
He's just gonna do it.
That's what you want me to say.
But that's not what
I'm gonna tell you.
Mom, who are those men?
I don't know.
- [MAN 1]: Hey, does this go?
- [MAN 2]: No, I don't think that goes.
- Excuse me. What are you doing?
- Loading up.
Sam! What is going on?
What is...
- This is the last of the tools.
- Where they taking our stuff?
Ain't ours no more.
You best go through it and make sure they
ain't taking anything that belongs...
Hey, don't you touch that.
Baby, I know you're hurting.
I know you're angry, but we
need to talk about this.
It's all done.
So save your breath.
You sold the business?
You sold the business?
- I need a new truck for the orphanage.
- A new truck?
You sold the business for a new truck?
That was our future, Paige's future, Sam.
Everything that we have has
gone to those children.
There's a point, baby, where
there ain't no more to give.
What's the combination?
What's the combination?
Paige's birthday.
You don't know it, do you?
You don't remember your
own daughter's birthday.
You fight for everyone, but us.
That's all we got.
You can make it up
with the ministry.
What ministry, Sam?
They see how far gone you are,
they see what you've become.
You need to get quiet
with the Lord.
No, you know what?
I'm done with the Lord.
No, don't you say that.
Don't you turn your back on Him.
He turned His back on me.
Where is He, Lynn?
Where is the Lord now?
'Cause I don't see Him around here.
Did He save Donnie?
Did He save those kids?
I gotta save those kids.
Please don't leave.
Welcome back.
Don't reverse. Don't reverse.
- They are going to kill us.
- No, they won't.
If you move, they're
gonna shoot.
Calm down, I'm going
to go talk to them.
It's okay, we're a relief convoy.
Relief convoy.
We've only got medical
supplies, we're non-military.
The men no longer trust you
to lead them into battle.
They say you have a wish to die.
I'm worried about my friend.
I don't need your help.
I remember my parents
when I sleep.
My father was big like you.
They shot him.
The rebels gave me a club.
And told me...
if I did not kill my mother,
they'll shoot my brother and me.
And so I killed my mother.
If we allow ourselves
to be full of hate...
then they've won.
We must not let them
take our hearts.
Baby, can you get that?
- Hello?
- Bug? You there?
Yeah, it's me.
Are you okay?
I'm thinking of a tree.
You said tree, I'm
thinking of a knee.
You said knee...
I'm thinking of a bee.
I love you, bug.
(SOBBING) I love you too, Dad.
And I want Britney
Spears bringing me these
And I want Christmas
that lasts, lasts, lasts
You like that?
Every night we pray to Jesus
For all the things we want
That's my daughter.
To make our wishes come true
- What's going on?
- An IRA unit has been spotted.
They are moving north
across the border.
What are we waiting for then?
Gotta go.
The village outside of Akot says an
IRA caravan came through an hour ago.
Come on.
Come on.
- [SOLDIER]: Come on. Come on.
- [SAM]: Push in, everybody.
There you go.
Sam. We cannot make them work.
This is the only one we have.
Okay, watch your hand.
Keep your eyes peeled.
That road back there might still be hot.
So, be ready.
What about you, Preacher?
We're staying.
Go on, get out of here.
For me to sit here and give all
kinds of excuses to make it right,
I can't do.
But what I wanna ask
everyone out there,
everyone that has a child,
everyone that has a brother or a sister,
if your child or your family
member was abducted today,
if a... if a madman came in,
a terrorist came in,
abducted your family
member, or your child,
and if I said to you,
"I can bring your child home,"
does it matter
how bring him home?