Macao (1952)

This is Macao,
a fabulous speck on the earths surface,
just off the south coast of China,
a 35-mile boat trip from Hong Kong.
lt is an ancient Portuguese colony,
quaint and bizarre.
The crossroads of the Far East.
lts population, a mixture of all races
and nationalities,
mostly Chinese.
Macao, often called
the Monte Carlo of the Orient,
has two faces, one calm and open,
the other veiled and secret.
Here, millions in gold and diamonds
change hands.
Some across the gambling tables,
some mysteriously in the night.
Macao is a fugitives haven,
for at the three-mile limit
the authority of the lnternational Police
comes to an end.
This is all we found on the body, sir.
Commander Stewarts office.
What? Oh, yes.
They have the police commissioner
in New York, sir.
Hello? Hello? Commissioner?
Commander Stewart here,
lnternational Police, Hong Kong.
lm afraid l have bad news for you.
Your man, Lombardy...
Detective Lieutenant Daniel Lombardy?
Hes been murdered.
Body found in our waters
with a knife in his back.
-lts too hot.
-Here, thisll cool you off.
No, no more of that.
Now take it easy.
That wasnt the way you talked
in Hong Kong this morning.
Buy you a ticket, you said,
Well have a few laughs.
lf its laughs you want, you just sit there.
lll tell you a few jokes.
Did you ever hear the one about the man...
Now, dont get physical.
-Which one of you is Cinderella?
-Get out of here.
-Stick around.
-Beat it!
-lm the one thats getting out of here.
-When lm ready.
Will you get out of here
and close that door?
-Would you mind giving me a hand?
-Dont think l wouldnt enjoy that.
-Let me go!
-lll slug you, so help me, lll slug you.
-Now, now, fold up your tent.
-Why, you stupid...
Whats your rush?
Stick around. Music, whiskey, privacy.
Stick around. Looks like a party.
Come on.
Dont tell me youre that exclusive.
One side, Clyde.
-Some girls dont think lm so bad.
-lts all a matter of taste.
Okay, buster, now were even.
Well be in soon.
Only about 15 minutes late.
Your first trip to Macao?
-From what l hear, once is once too often.
-Yeah, so lve heard.
But when youre in business, like l am,
you have to go where they send you.
-Why are you making the trip?
-You got any small questions?
Like the wife says, l talk too much.
Thats all right.
l just dont warm up to questions
when l dont know the answers myself.
l saw you when you got on at Hong Kong.
ld like to introduce myself.
My names Trumble. Lawrence C. Trumble.
Dealer in coconut oil, pearl buttons,
fertilizer and nylon hose.
Well, no sale on your other lines,
Mr. Trumble,
but did l hear you mention nylons?
-Size nine?
-Size nine.
-Wait a minute. Not so fast. How much?
-For free. No strings attached.
-Well, the price is right.
-Our special for today.
lll never believe
another traveling salesman story.
-Oh, excuse me.
-Oh, yes.
Enjoy the view?
Well, its not the Taj Mahal
or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,
but its not bad.
Did anyone ever tell you
what big blue eyes you have, Grandma?
-My names Trumble, Mr...
l want you to meet an old friend of mine,
Miss... Miss...
Your old friends name is Julie Benton,
and thanks again, Mr. Trumble.
-Looks like you made a big hit.
-My fatal charm.
Never misses, except with women.
-Excuse me.
Those two are mine.
One, two, three, four, five, six. Chop, chop!
You got a match?
This is one of those days
when the customs will make us sweat.
Every time you enter port
around these parts
they go through your bags
as though they have nothing else to do.
They havent.
Youre not smuggling anything in, are you?
The way l hear it,
you smuggle things out of here, not in.
Your passport, please.
-How long do you plan to be here?
-Your guess is as good as mine.
-How long were you in Hong Kong?
-Three weeks.
What were you doing there?
You dont really want me
to tell you, do you?
Where were you
before you came to Hong Kong?
-How long were you in Saigon?
-What are you, a cop?
lf youre all through
throwing my stuff around,
ld like to get out of here.
Maybe you dont mind
baking in this oven, but l do.
How much money
are you bringing with you, seora?
$29 Mex and a handful of
Hong Kong paper.
Hardly enough for an extended stay.
lm gonna get a job. Do you mind?
-What sort of a job?
-lm a singer.
-l wish you luck, seora.
Your passport, please.
Thats me, Lawrence C. Trumble, Manila.
Dealer in coconut oil, pearl buttons,
nylon hose, fertilizer and cigars.
-Any contraband?
-Best in the world.
-Try some.
-Thank you.
Any currency?
500 greenbacks printed in the USA.
Hope to have a lot more
if the dice get as hot as the weather.
ln Macao everything is a gamble.
Good luck.
Your passport, seor.
Your passport, seor!
You look like the kind of a man
who admires frankness,
so lm gonna tell you the truth. l lost it.
lm afraid, seor,
youll have to report to the police at once.
Dont let me drag you away
from the line of duty,
but l was told to report to you.
lm Lieutenant Jose Felizardo Espirito
Sebastian, at your service.
My wallet was in my pocket
when l boarded that tub at Hong Kong,
but somebody lifted it.
-That is most unfortunate, seor.
-Well, what happens now?
Do l get deported or thrown in the clink?
Neither, seor.
This is a Portuguese colony.
Always friendly and hospitable.
Have you any other means
of identification?
This took me three years, five months
and 26 days to get.
You served as a lieutenant
in the Signal Corps of the United States.
Unfortunately, Seor Cochrane,
this finely engraved document
does not grant you the privilege
of traveling free as a bird
-throughout the Orient.
-l was afraid of that.
l suggest you contact your consulate
in Hong Kong.
How long did you intend
to remain in our city?
-That depends.
-On what?
On a certain female. Lady luck.
l wish you well.
lt is our fond hope
that all visitors to Macao
should feel as untroubled here
as Adam in the garden of Eden.
Untroubled? That aint the way l heard it.
This is the Rua da Felicidade.
Mucho fun. Win plenty money.
Fan Tan, dice, big gambling.
Here come biggest gambling house.
-lts run by American gentleman.
-Yeah? Whats his name?
Mr. Vincent Halloran.
Very important man. Big boss.
-Whats he boss of?
-What he is boss of?
Most of Macao. This his place.
Ling Tan the merchant
wants chips for this.
Claims it is worth 2,000.
Offer him 700.
Did your cousin arrive on the noon ferry?
lf he had, he would be here by now.
lt shouldnt take five days to sell
a $100,000 necklace in Hong Kong
and come back, if hes coming back.
-Hes always returned before.
-Thats what l mean.
You dont want that junk.
Diamonds would only cheapen you.
Yeah. But what a way to be cheapened.
As l anticipated,
my connections in Hong Kong were right.
No uniform, no badge, no credentials
but l spotted him like that.
Stop taking bows
and lets see what he looks like.
These passengers we already know.
These three are newcomers.
Doesnt a murder charge
ever get outlawed?
He will not be as easy as the last one.
He looks easy enough.
Oh, this is just a salesman,
Trumble of Manila.
This is the New York detective.
Where is he now? Headquarters?
No. Nor do l think
he will ever visit the police.
He calls himself Nick Cochrane.
Hes at the Portugueza, pretending to be
without money or passport.
Did you talk to him at all?
He insisted on concealing his identity,
so l played his little game.
Obviously he has a plan
to take you back to New York illegally.
This will happen over my dead body.
Thats what l like about you, Sebastian.
Your unselfishness.
-Think shes hooked up with him?
-Wheres she staying?
-At his hotel.
-Did they seem to know each other?
-l dont think so.
What does she say shes here for?
Besides her obvious talents,
she also sings.
l happen to need a singer.
-Are you an American?
-Yeah, whats on your mind?
ls this really American money?
-Where did you get this?
-From an American lady down the hall.
Yeah its the McCoy, all right,
but you do me a favor
and hang on to it, will you?
ld like to buy it back from you.
-There isnt enough for both of us.
-My sentiments exactly.
-Now what about the wallet, honey?
-l dont know what youre talking about.
You just gave the bellboy a $2 bill
that was part of a short snorter
that l carried all through the war.
Get out of my room.
Look, honey, lve had a hard day.
Now just give me the wallet
and well forget the whole thing.
lve already forgotten it. Shove.
Seora... Seor Cochrane.
You save me the need for a visit.
lt has become necessary
to enforce our laws against vagrancy.
Since you are without funds you will
leave Macao at the first opportunity.
My regrets, seor.
Whats that got to do
with your barging in here?
You will let me explain, seora.
l am not here to see you
in my official capacity.
l ought to make you apologize.
Havent you lost a little weight
since l saw you last?
-Now will you get out of here?
-ln a moment, seora.
But first, please allow me
to be of some small service to you.
-lve heard that one before.
-Oh, you misunderstand.
Okay, what is it?
l was at the dock when l heard you say
that you are a singer.
Felizardo, l said to myself,
Here is a beautiful young lady
to grace the dull existence of Macao.
So being a man
with a practical side to my nature,
l hurried to Seor Vincent Halloran,
owner of the largest
gambling establishment on the island.
Vincent, l said,
our friendship is at an end,
unless you give this young lady
a chance.
-Does that mean youve got a job for me?
Why didnt you say so?
Your pardon, seora,
how soon can you be at his office?
As soon as you get out of here,
l can get dressed.
Goodbye, Miss Benton.
lt is indeed a pleasure to welcome
a young lady graced with such beauty of...
Yeah, yeah, officer, me too.
Where can l get a shave?
Our hotel has
the finest barber in the Orient.
This way.
l didnt see any phone in my room.
How do you call Hong Kong?
There is no telephone connection
with Hong Kong.
lf you wish to cable, the phone at my desk
is at your disposal.
l was just curious.
What time do the gambling halls open?
They never close.
Me wants a shavey, easy side, chop, chop.
Who do you like this year?
The Giants or the Dodgers?
Wherell l find Mr. Halloran?
He sent for me.
Youll find him in his office up those stairs.
ls Mr. Halloran in?
That policeman friend of yours
said you might have a job for me.
-l might. Miss Benton, isnt it?
lve heard that all roads lead to Macao.
But why did you wanna come here?
l was left a legacy
and l wanted to see the world.
-No, thanks.
You must meet a great number of people
on your travels.
This fellow, for instance?
-Who is he?
-My grandfather.
My mother wont let me go anywhere
without a chaperone.
l thought maybe
he was part of your seeing the world.
l just met him on the boat.
Now that your legacy has been used up,
you need a job?
Listen, you sent for me.
This wasnt my idea.
Well get along better
if you take that chip off your shoulder.
lt wont do you any good here.
Never did me any good any place.
-Where have you been singing?
-l mean, recently.
-Hong Kong, till the boss got ideas.
l can easily see why.
Shall we say 100 a week?
l could sing better for 150.
My patrons come here to gamble.
lll pay you 100. Think it over.
l just did. When do l start?
Call Gimpy.
-How about two weeks salary in advance?
-This is one time l wont say no.
This fellow you met on the boat,
what does he do for a living?
l wouldnt know. Why dont you ask him?
Gimpy, Miss Bentons gonna sing here.
-That is fine, Miss Benton.
-Glad to know you.
-Whats your real name?
Everyone calls him that.
Dont they, Gimpy?
Yes, sir.
See that she gets something to wear
that does her justice.
Yes, sir.
-Thanks, Mr. Halloran.
-Try calling me Vince.
Okay, Boss.
You got a match, lady?
-Hi. Whatre you doing here?
-Oh, just looking around.
-Dont tell me youve landed a job.
-Theres my piano player.
Come into my room when youre ready,
Miss Benton.
Come in.
This man wants to see you.
-Anything l can do for you, Mr. Cochrane?
-How about a light?
Go ahead.
Whats your problem?
Need a check cashed?
l need a bank account.
Whats my picture doing on your desk?
l like to keep posted
on every potential customer.
ld like to work on the other side
of the table.
l dont suppose youd have a job for me?
What kind of training have you had
for a job around here?
Well, l worked in a gambling house
in Singapore.
-Whyd you quit?
-Broke a house rule.
-l let a heavy bettor win.
-The same house rule applies here.
After Singapore?
After Singapore, l nursemaided
a shipment of machine guns to lraq.
Then l went on to Cairo,
got rid of a handful of stones
for a couple of refugees who wanted visas.
That dough l blew on slow horses.
Worked my way back to China
on a freighter.
Here l am, broke,
ready to go on the payroll.
Doing what?
Maybe you could use a skipper
on your trips to Hong Kong?
l can sail anything that floats.
You must have heard,
l never go beyond the three-mile limit.
-Didnt they tell you in New York?
-l left New York five years ago.
-Really, Lieutenant?
-Why the Lieutenant?
My friend Lieutenant Sebastian
of the police
told me of your commission in the army.
Now theres a job you might have
talent for, on the police force.
lm not partial to the law.
As a matter of fact,
thats why l left the States.
-l got into a little jam back there.
-How long ago was that?
l just told you. Five years ago in New York.
-What kind of a jam? Kill someone?
-No. Youd probably call it smalltime stuff.
Smuggling arms,
getting rid of hot jewelry?
Thats too bigtime for me.
Sorry l cant do anything
for you, Lieutenant.
lll try one of the spots down the street.
You cant get a job in this town.
Why dont you be smart and grab
the next boat back to Hong Kong?
Whos gonna provide the finances?
lll be glad to give that some thought.
You fabulous character, you
l dont know what it is that you do
But you have the power to make me laugh
And the power to break my heart in half
You kill me
You knock me out
You had me the moment you smiled
You kill me
No, theres no doubt
Youre certainly driving me wild
Youve got that
"oh how l need you" expression
What a confession that is
Baby lm on the spot
Tell me youre not
Giving me the business
lm certain
lm positive
lm sure that my love will survive
Because you kill me
And keep me so alive
Youve got that
"oh how l need you" expression
What a confession that is
Baby lm on the spot
Tell me youre not
Giving me the business
lm certain
lm positive
lm so sure that my love will survive
Because you thrill me
Baby, you kill me
And keep me so alive
-Are they always that enthusiastic?
Try again, Mr. Trumble?
Sure. The nights young
and lve got plenty of cabbage.
Come on, Nick. This Chinese
three-dice game is a pushover.
All you do is bet on high,
low or the number of points that come up.
No, thanks.
Seventeen high!
Well, easy come, easy go.
Are you sure you wont try your luck?
Not the way its running.
Why not, Mr. Cochrane?
l have a feeling this is your night.
Bet on three of a kind, you get 35 to one.
Three sixes for instance.
-How often does that come up?
-l have a hunch it might happen right now.
Three sixes. Shoot the works.
-Would you like some fresh dice?
-You know them better than l do.
Three sixes.
My, lady luck
didnt just smile at you, brother,
she got hysterical!
Pay Mr. Cochrane $350.
Let it ride, Lieutenant. On the triple six.
The man says let it ride.
-Same dice?
-Same dice, if you dont mind.
Three sixes.
l see it, but dont believe it.
Six sixes in a row.
Thirty-five times 350.
Pay the man $12,250.
Why stop now?
-Dont tell me to let it all ride.
-Why not? Triple-six and youre rich.
Dont look at me.
Heres the $20 l owe you.
Let the rest of it ride.
Two sixes and a two.
You owe me $20.
Thats what happens
when you press your luck.
Would you like these for a souvenir?
-Any other ideas to liven up the evening?
Mala, 50 cents on three sixes.
What can l lose?
Arent you taking the advice
l gave you this afternoon?
About going back to Hong Kong?
What do l use for money?
-lf youd won that last throw of the dice...
-lf is the story of my life, Mr. Halloran.
You know, you could have kept $12,000.
-Half of that ought to interest you.
-lt does.
The money and your ticket to Hong Kong
will be here in my office tomorrow.
ln time to take the noon ferry.
-How did you do?
-l dont know yet.
Did you catch my act?
l didnt exactly fracture the people, did l?
Oh, ld say
you were doing all right for yourself.
How about a lift? Hop in.
Now what would Mr. Halloran say?
Look, lll choose my own friends,
if you dont mind.
All right, l apologize.
Skip it.
Why dont you take
that chip off your shoulder?
Every time l do
somebody hits me over the head with it.
l said l was sorry.
l never got around to thanking you
for giving Sebastian that body block.
-You dont have to thank me.
-l know l dont.
lt was my money in the first place.
Thanks, anyway. What made you do it?
l dont know.
When he started throwing his weight
around, l guess l felt sorry for you.
lve been in jams like that myself.
You got anything special to do tonight?
Why dont we go for a ride around
the harbor in a sampan?
Why not?
So then you decided to become a singer?
No. No, l didnt start singing professionally
until after l quit being a fortune teller.
-Fortune teller? Youre kidding.
l worked in the night clubs in Miami.
First as a photographer
and then as a cigarette girl.
You know, long black mesh stockings
and a short velvet skirt.
Then they told me l could make
more money as a fortune teller, so...
What did you know about telling fortunes?
Nothing. Here, give me your hand.
l see that youve been very lonely
and that youre worried about money
and theres something in your past
that you regret very much
and youve been looking for something
for a long, long time.
-Not just you, everybody.
Everybodys lonely and worried and sorry.
Everybodys looking for something.
-You, too?
Yeah, when lm in action,
l manage to push it out of my mind.
But every now and then, like right now l...
-What are you looking for?
-l dont know.
l dont know whether
its a person or a place,
-but l go right on looking.
-Well, there are lots of places.
l found one on an island
called Rangdavi in the Melanesians.
-Did you ever hear of it?
Clean white beach,
beautiful bay, green hills.
Friend of mine owns a plantation there.
He offered me a job as manager.
And you turned him down?
lve been lonely in Times Square
on New Years Eve.
Being on an island all by myself,
l figured ld go crazy.
ld have taken it.
-You mean, youd go for a life like that?
-Like a shot.
-lm listening.
Look, l know this is...
l know this is a little abrupt.
l dont carry a lot
of credentials around with me
but lm fairly honest.
lve done a lot of things in my life...
-Running a plantations hard work.
-lm not afraid of hard work.
-Youre not kidding, are you?
-When, Nick? When?
l can leave tomorrow.
Theres another Rangdavi. lll find it.
As soon as l get there, lll send for you.
We can meet in a month. Thirty days.
Whats the matter?
Take me back to the hotel, will you?
lts getting cold.
-l wanna get off this yacht, now.
Turn this thing around, will you?
Come in.
-Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
Whos been sending you posies?
The only time lll ever get flowers
will be at my funeral.
lll bet you the 20 l owe you
youll never guess who sent these.
No bet.
l should have left with you last night.
-Went to the cleaners, huh?
-Yeah, and how.
Too bad you didnt hit that last triple six.
l can still pick up half the dough
l won on that second roll.
Yeah? How?
All l have to do is collect $6,000
from Halloran and take the noon boat.
-All l have to do is believe you.
-No, lm serious.
You mean to tell me Halloran is willing
to give you all that moolah
just to get out of town?
Thats what the man says.
For that kind of dough,
ld swim back to Hong Kong.
-Whats his angle?
-He wants a clear field with Julie, l guess.
Figures hell make
a big man out of himself with her
by riding me out of town on a golden rail.
-What time are you leaving?
-lm not.
As long as youre gonna stay,
you and l can go into business together.
What are we gonna use for capital?
Would that do?
Belongs to a necklace of 14-carat stones.
Twenty of them. All perfect.
-Whered you get it?
The necklace is in Hong Kong in a safe
at The Grand Hotel.
-Sizzles like a fried egg.
-lts cool enough to be sold.
lts worth a 100,000. lll take 40,000.
Why do you want a middleman?
l dont wanna mix it up
with my legitimate business.
Now where am l going
to find some sweet old dowager
wholl just hand me $40,000
and no questions asked?
-l figure Halloran.
-lm listening.
Tell him where the rest of the necklace is.
lf he wants to make a deal,
its got to be cash,
in your hands, in Hong Kong.
-How do you know l wont run out on you?
-l dont.
-The lady of the loaded dice.
-Youre up early for a loser.
You cant make a dishonest dollar
lying in bed.
ls Halloran around?
Mr. Halloran is busy
counting out your dowry.
-You ready to leave?
-Unless youve got a better offer.
lt wont buy a ticket to Hong Kong.
You suppose you could
tear yourself away from me
-long enough to tell the boss lm here?
-Whats your hurry?
This has been burning a hole in my pocket.
-How long have you had that?
-lts part of the old family fortune.
My calling card.
l hear youve come into money.
You mean this little trinket?
lts nothing, really.
This usually hangs on for dear life
to a necklace of 20 flawless
14-carat diamonds.
-Where did you pick it up?
-ln a silk hat.
l use diamonds instead of rabbits.
-How much for the works?
-lll let them find a new home for $40,000.
lm always in the market
for first-rate stuff.
Like it?
l always have.
-Wheres the rest of the necklace?
-l left it in Hong Kong.
-Careless of me, wasnt it?
-lt all depends. We might make a deal.
Why dont you pick up the necklace
and bring it back here?
The deal has to be made in Hong Kong.
-ltzumi, you feel like a trip?
-The boats in order, sir.
Do you think thats such a good idea,
going off on a blind date
with a hatchet-man?
-Oh, you want me to go with you?
-lf you want the necklace.
Come in.
-Howd you make out?
-Were in business.
-Price okay, huh?
-No argument.
lm meeting Halloran at the dock
at 9:30 tonight and were taking his boat.
-Be careful. His crew might jump you.
-There wont be any crew.
The two of us are going alone.
Nice work.
l was just going to ask you
where l could borrow one.
Heres the key to my box
in the safe at The Grand Hotel.
Ask for Mr. Stewart.
lll cable him youre coming.
l ought to be back by morning.
By the way, ever think of going home?
l cant go home any more than you can,
even if l wanted to.
Why not?
Little hassle over a redhead.
Somebody fired a shot.
lt turned out to be me.
-The other guy get killed?
But l got all the way to China
before l found that out.
Then l just kept on going.
A smart guy would go home
and face the music.
Thats great advice coming from you.
l dont see you trying
to clear up your own record.
lll go back one of these days
or my name isnt Lawrence C. Trumble.
What does the C stand for?
-Cicero. But keep it under your hat.
-What else would l do with it?
-Thanks for the flowers.
-l couldnt afford a wreath.
-What happened with you last night?
Nothing? You mean you just turn it on,
turn it off. And nothing, eh?
-lm a creature of moods.
-What did l do?
Look at him. Hes only a boy.
Now wait a minute. Tell me what l did.
Well, youre registered, thats all.
l thought you were something special
and suddenly youre registered.
l said to myself, Oh, that kind.
lve got a whole cigar box
full of that kind.
You know, youre wrong.
lll see you in a month.
-Listen to me, will you?
-Oh, come now.
lt wont be a month.
l wasnt trying any routine last night,
believe me.
l wish l could believe you.
Sometimes l get so tired
just remembering to keep my guard up.
Lets go someplace where we can
sit down and cool off and talk.
l cant. Gimpys waiting.
l have to rehearse.
-Maybe after the show.
-lm going to Hong Kong tonight.
lll be back tomorrow.
-How come?
lf it works out,
well have all the money we need.
Are you sure you have
to rehearse right now?
Pretty sure.
-When are you leaving?
-ln a couple of hours.
-Will l see you tomorrow?
-You try not to and see what happens.
ln the meantime, see if you can manage
to stay away from Halloran.
-Never touch the stuff.
-Quick Reward.
Ahoy there! Are they biting today?
l heard there were sharks out here
but lm willing to settle for a sardine.
Careful of the sun.
How about coming on board
for a drink and some shade?
You dont have to ask me twice.
Here we are.
Gentlemen, this is Lieutenant Bryan
of the New York police department.
-Mr. Chang.
-Mr. Chang.
-Mr. Alvaris of the lnternational Police.
-Mr. Alvaris.
-How about a drink?
-Why not?
We have been watching for you
for two days.
First chance lve had to get away.
You fellows from the States dont care
how far you sling your nets
to catch one fish.
Well, this ones a whopper.
Weve been after him for two years.
-How do you like my boat?
-Looks okay.
-l didnt keep you waiting?
-No, no, l just got here myself.
lf youre looking for your girlfriend,
she wont be with you tonight.
You know about last night, huh?
Thats the trouble with women.
They talk too much.
How do you suppose
lm making out with her?
Lets go aboard.
What a cheap police trick.
Thought l wouldnt recognize the stuff
l sent to Hong Kong only a week ago.
Risk the three-mile limit? Not me.
-You sent for me, O Genghis Khan?
-You dont mind, do you? Sit down.
What are you celebrating tonight?
Well have a drink, then go on my boat
and lll tell you all about it.
lll take a rain check for that boat ride.
Maybe you prefer a sampan.
Maybe, Mr. Halloran.
How long did it take you
to call him Nick, last night?
Look, Julie, l like you.
So let me set you straight
on Mr. Nick Cochrane.
Hes a detective lieutenant
sent out from New York
with orders to bring me back.
He was making a play for you
so youd help him get close to me.
-l dont believe you.
-What makes you think lm a liar?
l wanna hear what Nick has to say
when he gets back tomorrow.
lt ought to be very interesting.
When youve made up your mind
about him, let me know.
lll be waiting.
-Arent you afraid of falling in the water?
-l live in a sampan like the others.
You didnt hear a boat leave here
in the last hour or so?
A motorboat? You didnt hear anything?
-l heard a fight.
Something went wrong.
-Whos been chasing you?
-Whos been chasing me?
Did you ever hear
of the United States Marines?
Assume that l have. What is it?
To the Commissioner of Police,
you are advised Mr. Nick Cochrane,
an American, has been
reported missing as of last night.
We would appreciate your cooperation
regarding his whereabouts.
Signed by the American Consul
in Hong Kong.
-When did it arrive?
-Fifteen minutes ago.
How did the consul
find out about Cochrane?
All l know,
the commissioner called us all in,
gave me this cable,
told me to find Cochrane or resign.
Get on the phone.
Find out who cabled the consulate.
This is Lieutenant
Felizardo Jose Espirito Sebastian.
Take off the gold braid.
This is Lieutenant Sebastian.
l want the cable office.
This is Lieutenant Sebastian.
l want the list of everyone
who sent a cable in the past 24 hours.
A list! The entire list!
Dont tell me not to scream !
lll scream as much as l please!
How many went out, who sent them !
Every single name!
No cables went out in the past 24 hours.
Arent you afraid
someone might hear you?
l brought you some breakfast.
lts the first time l ever saw
a warden dolled up in a neglige.
Who was it that tapped me
into dreamland last night
and rolled me
for the diamond and the gun?
Rice cakes? Delicious.
All they left me
was that set of loaded dice.
You do remember these, dont you?
How come they dragged me up here
instead of dumping me in the bay?
You know, you remind me
of an old Egyptian girlfriend of mine.
The sphinx.
Are you partial to females made of stone?
Good morning, Miss Benton.
Did you sleep well?
Who slept?
-Mr. Cochrane hasnt returned yet, has he?
-Not to my knowledge.
-What is it?
-Are we alone?
ls anyone listening?
Are you a friend of the young American?
Nick? Where is he?
-Hes in trouble.
-What trouble?
lll tell you as we walk.
Are you sure this is the place?
Up those stairs, first door to your right.
lf youre looking for your friend.
-Whats he doing here?
-Ever hear of the word privacy?
Well, you certainly do get around,
dont you?
l just wanted to know if you were all right.
Why dont you ask Margie?
He was afraid to go home in the fog
and my guest room was handy.
You left out a few details, honey.
-Did you find him?
-Yes, l found him all right.
lts quarter to three
Theres no one in the place
except you and me
So, set em up, Joe
l got a little story you ought to know
Were drinking, my friend
To the end of a brief episode
Make it one for my baby
One more for the road
You know the routine
So put another nickel in the machine
lm feeling so bad
l hope you make the music
dreamy and sad
Could tell you a lot
But youve gotta be true to your code
Make it one for my baby
One more for the road
You never know it
But, buddy, lm a kind of poet
And lve got a lot of things to say
And when lm gloomy
You simply gotta listen to me
Until its tucked away
Well, thats how it goes
And Joe, l know
youre getting anxious to close
So thanks for the beer
l hope you didnt mind my bendin your ear
This torch that lve found
Must be drowned or it soon will explode
Make it one for baby
One more for the road
That long
Long, long
l took this town and choked it
with my bare hands until it coughed up.
-You have gone far, Mr. Halloran.
l cant go beyond the three-mile limit.
And even with Cochrane
under lock and key,
l cant leave Macao
until l know whos working with him.
How did this diamond get away
from my fence in Hong Kong?
Who communicated
with the American consul last night?
What kind of a spy system have you got?
lt was l who discovered that someone
had used the shortwave on your boat.
Congratulations. But who used it?
Not Trumble. Not the girl.
Weve got to make Cochrane talk.
l beg of you.
Nothing must happen to the American.
-My job is at stake.
-My life is at stake.
lf it were anyone else,
ld say that you were frightened.
lll show you how frightened l am.
l send $100,000 necklace to Hong Kong
and what do l get?
l get Cochrane with a stone
from my necklace.
Well, lve had enough of that.
lm going to Hong Kong myself tonight.
Where are the Rover Boys?
Youd better hurry.
Theyre in the kitchen eating.
-Maybe theyre down in the street eating.
-Maybe you dont want to leave.
Why you doing all this?
When you leave Macao,
dont forget to take that canary with you.
Thanks, doll.
-l sent him out for an airing.
-lll go get help.
-No, no good now.
Sorry. Tried to get...
Tried to use you to get Halloran out
to the police boat at the three-mile limit.
l thought you could help.
Hide, or hell get you, too.
Go home.
l fixed it with police headquarters
in New York.
-Get out of here!
-Now, wait a minute, let me talk to you.
-Blondes he wants.
-Cut it out, will you!
What are we?
Delegates to a peace conference?
l couldnt help it.
She had a gun in your back. Stand still.
-There was a gun in my back.
-Youre a liar!
lm not trying to lie to you.
They wouldve killed me.
They killed Trumble tonight.
Oh, yes.
Oh, no.
lsnt there something
you can do about it?
What can l do?
Whats the matter?
Didnt it happen on your beat?
-What do you mean?
-Stop it. l know youre a cop.
-Yes, Halloran told me.
Youre a New York cop
come to take him back to the States.
That was Trumble. Trumble was the cop.
They got the right man tonight
and they didnt know it.
That knife they stuck in him
was meant for me.
Come on, get dressed and lets go.
-Go where?
-Anywhere off this island. Saigon.
l got a good connection in Saigon.
lm so tired of running.
-What else can we do?
-l dont know.
l was never considered a brain, but...
l want to go home.
l cant. Maybe you can, but l cant.
Wouldnt it wash off a lot of black marks
if you could deliver Halloran?
Trumble said something about that.
Oh, no, nothing would make
Halloran leave Macao.
Hes leaving Macao tonight.
Hes going to Hong Kong on his boat.
-Asked me to go with him.
-Well, Julie Benton, girl companion.
-And what did you say?
-l told him ld think it over.
You did?
Well, you annoyed me a little
when you belted me with that blonde.
-l wont go.
-l think youd better.
-Will it help you?
-l think it will.
Lets go below.
What are you doing here?
ls your master leaving
for Hong Kong tonight?
ls he afraid of the detective?
Not anymore. l took care of that.
And his friends? Did he lead you to them?
You heard what l said!
Cast off.
We must have passed
the three-mile limit by now.
Why were they after you
or shouldnt l ask?
Some day, when l get
to know you better, lll tell you.
-Ahoy there, need any help?
-l could have used you five minutes ago.
-l presume thats Halloran?
-Whats left of him. Yeah.
lm Stewart of the international police.
-Wheres Lieutenant Bryan?
-l think you knew him as Trumble.
-He didnt make it, Captain.
l see, come aboard and tell me about it.
Nick, are you all right?
lve got some unfinished business.
You can make your report in Hong Kong.
But youre all wet.
Youd better start getting used to me
fresh out of the shower.