Mac, Le (2010)

- A big problem, Ace.
- Do not tell me anything
you have noticed.
Of course not. Why? Did it?
- What do you think?
I'm your rear, rear up, Tiago.
Do you like me the monkey!?
What do I pay you anyway?
To the wall behind
your back to be.
You sing immediately show a softer tune, and off you go!
All right, do not get on.
What 's the problem, anyway?
- Hurry up here.
Got a problem?
- You psychiatrist now?
What are you still there?
Koff to wait?
Go on, go to work!
Goodchild, Snoesje.
I said, lie Snoesje!
And what?
You have paid me to you "find
a girl, you are n.
That they do not cent yield,
is your problem!
Good, I catch him on.
I give you something back?
Half of your dough?
And what do you give me back? Half of the girl?!
Okay, Manu?
I knew it, they bake
anything about it.
Everybody wants to
bully me today.
Hey, Ace!
- Fuck.
Ins! Najma!
Are you OK?
Are you waiting for the bus?
You got arthritis in your hands?
Damn ...
What does that say?
Find his car keys?
He behaves.
Overruns on it, I forfeit!
And you subscribe you again for 3 minutes
or you get your face in my usage!
Away, ok?!
Come on, do yourself at home.
Ace, Rodrigue. Rodrigue, Ace.
He really show a face that
asking for trouble.
Wine is so fascinating.
Do you mind of grands crus, Ace?
My Strongest Suit-an is
rather nice bum, Tiago.
We know each other for
... The age of this wine.
To show a grand Cruts make, you need time ...
and good grapes.
'S Problem with grapes ...
... That one bad pit
is sufficient ...
... The whole bunch
of flags to help.
With us ...
Called ... 's bad attitude ...
... 'T tell.
And I think I've found one.
What do you think?
I swear, Ace ...
... I'm not it.
Have you got a tell-all
say, "Yes, I am" t "?
Let me go or I'll work face to a pulp!
Rotten pit!
The care, Ace ...
... Is that sometimes two bad
seeds in 'n spray down.
And Franky who thinks
you're second.
And you let lull you to sleep
by that filthy whore tongue.
Nothing lulls me to sleep
if I have doubts.
Of doubts I am crazy.
'T spoil my night.
I get nervous, see everything in
black, nothing distinction.
You can make me especially
nervous, Ace.
I must find my sleep
again, and soon!
I want you also do not need wrapping paper to wrap.
Perfectly clear.
You can rest assured.
Just go.
Why in your fucking car, huh?!
What now?
Damn, he's got a problem!
He emerged from behind!
Ride, quick!
Go ahead.
He is so burnt that he immediately
'n urn fits.
Are you sure he is?
- He bore our micro itself.
Give me your bag.
Godverdomse Give me
your bag, I say!
Why do you not give
me that bag, fuck!?
Give me your bag!
Enter here, I tell you!
Give me that!
Give me the barker, I tell you!
You've killed my man!
Asshole! You have shot my guy!
Look! You killed him!
Drop your weapon!
Turn around! Face to the wall!
'S shot went off by itself.
I was not it.
What was your dispute
with that guy?
'S got to do with your
stuff in Marseille?
I've been here 12 years
bank clerk in Paris,
in the Foreign Service,
Bureau 114!
You, Ace, bank clerk?!
But of course.
I practice ice skating,
here he's my trainer.
Stop us to keep the monkey!
I am it does not!
I got a clean criminal record,
yet all my points on my license,
and I know that Ace is not!
I'm Gilbert Chapelle.
Look, here is' t.
And now I want to go home
because I'm tired.
I'll be back tomorrow ...
- You currant! On that chair!
I'm not it!
- Who is that?
That you might not?
I recognize myself,
but I am not.
He recognizes himself,
but he is not he.
So far did I not sure, but now.
He takes us completely
taking the piss!
We retaking in the beginning.
Name, first name?
Gilbert Chapelle, born on October
Forget it, he's not Ace.
- Who is?
Gilbert Chapelle, abandoned
on the day of his birth
in 't 18th, Porte de la Chapelle.
- This time, I've definitely.
October 2, 1969.
- Same birthdate.
Paris' s 18th.
- Same place.
Same mug.
What I say to you since
this morning?
Did you know that you were
a twin brother did?
Sorry for the blunder.
'S Twin Brother?!
Why? I 's twin brother?
We carry you over to the Brlgade
Crlmlnelle Paris.
Good luck to 't process.
With 's good lawyer to get there from ...
- Another beer nice day.
It's not true!
This is a nightmare!
- Ho but, wait 's. ..
There maybe a solution.
- What?
It never works.
- What?
Butt ...
- Wait ...
If thou wilt me explain, I understand everything.
So I am just one, but ...
If we in our report ...
... Plenty going for legitimate defense,
"one stupid mistake ...
... And insist on the
evil of the dead,
get thee into the worst three years.
- Yes, even conditionally.
In return you replace
your brother.
His boss prepares 's striking
out with' one Colombian.
Burs to them, we want a date,
an hour and 'a place.
Your brother played us now and then info
on, but he took sabbatical leave.
So you replace him until we
have the info, and voila.
Very complicated is not it.
No, so viewed, is
it not, but ...
... I have not understood
My brother ...
... What does he do in life?
Who is that?
- Your new best friend.
Can I have your glasses here?
Good day.
I'm waiting for you in the car.
"Pimp n never says goodbye.
These tough, that was
the "hoerenlel.
And some good swipe with the palm open.
What is my name?
No idea, they told me nothing.
This, the "pimp stallion",
put in brand fnaal.
What is my name?
- No idea ...
I dunno, they told me nothing.
The basis of all learning
is repetition.
Hold on, does that damn much.
Try saving elsewhere, because ...
I'll do whatever you want!
Well done, you rule No. 1 bites:
He wants respect, it should show a
pimp always first use aggression.
Now I know my name you never forget.
Saurir clever. What is my name?
Smart! Smart! Smart!
Well done, mate.
I've got two of those
cops notify.
If you were a peep shows or
blocks, I save it, okay?
Any info about your whores, your habits,
the places you hanging, your boss.
Learn everything from outside,
we come along tomorrow.
No, wait, I'm not staying
at that fruitcake ...
And now the studio for engraving.
- What is that?
No, it 's tattoo never existed.
Respect for her, Babtou.
She is blind, so she put all
her talent in "r fingers.
And I peep and renovation
also your choice.
Now repeat your lessons!
- When my girls mugs,
is positive, I still
under the whip.
If they are going to have
fun, I have on my guard.
Relax your sphincter,
but, it's done.
It hurts, terribly hurt.
Beware, that hurts ...
hold on ...
That tickles ...
What is she doing now?
You bitch!
Another important rule: 'n
continually lying pimp.
With his fists. Left, right!
Sheet No.
Boss of the Calao. My target.
Knee Surge ...
Withering glance ...
Sheet No.
My favorite.
The fche!
- Sorry.
Still 's. .. Watch ...
Your hands! Knees upwards!
Shoulders ...
Chest forward ... ... arms ...
You're the Slim Saurir ...
because you know nothing!
Today you're still keen, so ...
Sheet No.
Right arm mends. 'S Killer.
You will begin to learn, Babtou.
Seen? Touch, huh?
Here, you!
What is my name? Ace!
What is my name? Ace!
Take that ...
What is this mess?!
Nice, huh?
That's one of my
henchmen, Mario.
Marco, damn! Marco!
- Yesterday I knew 't!
And such a blunder and kill everything!
We come along tomorrow.
No, wait!
You have not seen everything.
Wait! Look!
I destroy in my eyes.
I am the boss!
The playboy of the neighborhood!
I do what I feel like!
What? You got's problem?
Okay, you?
Not bad, but there
is still work.
Why, do not miss?!
I'm the max, mean you!
Come on, say "t!
Say I'm the max!
Say I'm the max!
You are the max who?!
Ace! You're the max, Ace!
Let us go, damn!
We tell you that you're ace!
I'm a fool! I bugger you!
I shit in your face!
You're calm, we can pick you up.
- Is it any better?
But ho, wait 's!
D'r missing something ...
Dr. ...
- Mr. Something ..
Show what?
That's already better.
Very well.
Damn ...
That nose of yours ...
something in common.
Those bastards have
It's cool to see you, Ace.
- No!
Will it continue?
- Nothing!
If you ...
- Stop!
No, shhh, quiet!
Jente us but you. So I recognize you again ...
- What? You recognize me ...
Mario?! Marco!
I do not want to be recognized, do you hear?!
Nothing! I don 't want! Never!
OK? You too?
You're in our bars, for sure.
Damn, you!
That is one word too many!
You know what?
Take the car and round it off.
Sphere it off!
- The Acorn's ties to us ...
I heard that!
And you never recognize me more of your life!
Roger, Marco?
Come on, ball it off!
Given how I've put on his number?
He had not returned.
You had to do without
a car can go away.
I just say, it meant nothing.
Oh, yes, it would be good if you showed
up again in the neighborhood.
Since your disappearance,
Franky follow us closely.
That fruitcake slijmt mends
to your place to pick up.
I have seen it.
- Damn, Franky ...
... That fche No. 9!
That's a tough guy!
By the way ... This is yours.
Oh, yeah, can I?
Here. 'S Farm-valve, h?
Until tomorrow.
Hey, what are you doing?
Calm down, calm down, woof!
Boel sucks!
If you are beaten, say.
What happened?
Mark came by yesterday in Calao.
He told us that all that time
in lik Sat You okay?
No, but ...
- What is that?
What is happening to you?
'Tis the woof.
When he saw me coming through that door,
he went all the way through it ribbon.
And that is all his work?
Yes, he started to piss
everywhere ...
... I'm off to continue.
You look wiped out ...
We thought something had happened to you.
We were worried sick.
Well done, keep it up.
You, as well as they ...
and so are you.
I give you in, girls?
Covers furniture, huh?
And again, it works ... are you?
It's quietly.
From that purchase, I am
also happy because ...
... 'T move.
- I don 't al
Looking for this sometimes?
You do not poop so
much to support.
Here's your dough al
The whole week is on the table.
Dt, for a week?
We did not know what had happened.
We saw it not really like.
Because you saw it not there?
Now keep on at work to think.
We are yours' s relax.
Do you got a little massage, Ace?
- Here and now? In full day?
Wait, I'd rather ...
I need to breathe ...
What should that stuff, Ace?
Tiago wants to see you. It's urgent.
- Who? Wait ... Tiago?
I've seen you!
I do not want to hear!
I'm not here.
- What? I'm not here?
All right, let's go.
Hey, Ace? It's still Tiago.
Damn ... 'S shirt.
And comb your hair.
I've been worried about you.
- That was not necessary, Tiago.
Indestructible, this valve.
You must have had fun
with the cops, huh?
Initially not, but then I've
given them a broadside.
I got it made them hell!
- That's right, Ace.
Because I am doing it all wrong.
I sleep getting worse and I
start to think seriously
Franky is right that as for you.
But I also, Tiago.
I think about as you like.
Courage you have, Ace ...
guts to me so take
the piece of shit!
What were you doing when the cops?
- Nothing.
They wanted to interrogate
me about 's murder.
'S Murder two times nothing, really.
- What murder?
They found it corpse 's guest at sea
with a bullet in his head ...
... And he was drowned.
So they wanted to know who fired the
bullet that had him was drowned.
- If that it was ...
... Then I swear I have nothing
unloaded, Tiago.
Sometimes you trip?
I got your eyes Rodrigue
Fri afgeknald!
That I what I said,
Tiago, I swear t!
I have no one denounced, not
yours, not Franky ...
... Not the dead!
I have the cops sand sprinkled
in the eyes.
He poeiert us.
I tell it you in the beginning,
he is their sentinel.
No, damn it! Sentinel ...
... I'm seen by the cops.
It's ... other!
The other one?
- 'N Guest cooperates
with Rodrigue.
Once I saw it, I thought, "He's
got a real indicator head.
That should Tiago know
when I'm see.
And I know him? What's his name?
No idea, but I 'd be able
to recognize problems.
I listen ...
He is not very big ...
between 20 and 50 years ...
... Maybe 30, but he's a
very ordinary indicator.
Vaporing enough.
You will find that everyday
back and tell him resign.
Franky will gladly go.
If you're bluffing, let Franky,
who is good at magic ...
... You with his barks in
'n seesaw disappear.
Give me anyway for a week,
a question of ...
Three days.
And who else's magic trick
with Franky barker.
No, but I have to ...
- Two days seems fine.
Sphere it now.
Go pick up my envelope with the Japanese.
Get out!
Hats off to your workout!
- Calm down ...
I have just replaced my brother
and I have already
dough to pick 'n Japanese and show a guest
flats that does not exist or even die!
You can mends' trust can only recover
if you do what he says.
You hear it now and then when we have guests you have afknallen.
- Disturbed!
You need either one pushed back without
hesitation set in 'n garage, so ...!
This is going too far!
Find it 's other brother, my
twin brother to replace.
Maybe it was my mother
's triplets ...
... Let them also one behind
the Porte de Montreull!
Your Desk is here on the street.
Or go back to work or to
the lick in 20 years.
Leave me alone.
I control everything.
What have I been 's that?!
You stay here.
Come with me.
- You sure?
Yeah, come anyway.
Goodbye, sir. Three people?
Well done, you count properly.
But we are not as customers
but for the envelope.
Envelope? I do not understand.
Show a rectangular piece of paper
with 'n stamp and "For mends.
Go ahead, get him out soon.
He translates it word "envelope"
in 't Japanese.
It lasts a while, but
I got a good feeling.
What are you looking for? Money?
There is no money.
It's a restaurant.
You eat, or else d out!
But ho, calm!
Tell your vrouwte calm, and
even if your wife is not.
I'm talking toughest job.
I leave you it finish,
because she ...
Sami? Marco? What are you doing?
- 'N classic.
If they do not afdokken,
we fkken tent.
If they cause trouble, we shoot them down.
- As usual.
Wait a minute ...
How can they give me the envelope
when they're dead?
That makes sense.
- What I say to Tiago?
That thaw 'n envelope look
in' n restaurant?
Frankly, I do not think
he believes me.
What inspires you, Ace?
Usually you are their
radio anyway
'S signal right between the eyes?
Qu pasa?
Qu pasa ... I try 'n. ..
Go ahead, you have the honor.
- I'll stay standing.
... Show a slightly
different approach.
Get Started!
It's good, we have the envelope.
See you then, parting
Please! Suit.
Say to M.
Mends that things sincerely
regret the delay.
It will not happen again.
Where did that suddenly
come from?
Do not touch my restaurant, please
- fuck!
You are two and not one has
come close to exploring.
What are you?
- I got nothing to say ...
And you, you say nothing at all.
Whether swinging
something for you.
Do not complain ... afterwards.
Hi, Ace!
Beretta 92.
Never used.
'T Is your cousins experienced
great difficulty to find it.
How often have I dreamed
of the moment ...
Nothing to do.
If you dream to own
this barker ...
... You have afdokken mr.
I did not track with acid.
You can easily take n moles.
I have so much to say ...
Do not start whining.
We had agreed in prices.
What should that stupid smile of yours?
- What?
Looking for me sometimes
to cheat?
Of course not!
It's just me ...
... Is currently always on the other
to think. I do not know why.
The other thing?
The twin brother, you know, the
one you left behind in Paris.
I know you, I've told
you that yet.
You'll tell him, will
soon be done.
We have very little
time together.
I wish to know why you've
left me and not him?
No, I mean, why have you
dumped him and not me?
I mean, why?
Why am I here ...
... And he does not?
Because you are the best, Ace.
The best? Why the best?
It's simple.
I never knew I was going
to have one twin.
And when I did, I realized
I had 13 kids standing
at the counter.
Thirteen, you hear me? Thirteen!
But never! Never! Vade retro!
And just why?
- I've been in shit ...
... I did not go my whole
life, unlucky.
So to determine which
I went to leave ...
... I threw my last bill
from your tween.
Two seconds, Ace ...
the time you needed it to catch.
I still see the frumpy look of the
other, with big round eyes ...
... Just like yours now.
And you've never tried
to him again to find, just to ...
I do not know ...
To do what?
If something grows only
in his corner,
that bitter, hateful, resentful.
That 's the kind of kid that is wrong
to end, as a lawyer or cop ...
Bugger of cops! Or a banker ...
What you can be crazy sometimes!
That would it be height, "one
banker in the family!
Oh, you're stupid!
What's not?
You've been here two days,
it is disturbing.
So can you not understand, Luna.
I experience something
like a huge void.
Listen, Ace, we all have programs
in the throttle.
But you I have never seen.
Me neither, Luna.
I have also never seen.
But it is something that ...
... From very far.
I can not explain, it's ...
Is it any better?
Take this the wrong way, but ...
... I think you had to
frequently go to jail.
It is true, since you're
outside ...
... There is something in you changed.
- You sure?
You have something delicate
and fragile ...
... That is not against me.
- Yes!
That is the lick now.
"A week in the lick?
It's already ...
I do not know why,
but this time ...
... Are you not over.
I'll get ready for Calao.
- Yes, do it.
And that man of you?
- Someone from our department.
And not many propose,
easy to shoot down.
We took instant 'n fat.
Impossible to miss.
Pops up three bullets into his
bulletproof vest, and voila.
Why not with blanks?
Franky will be with you and your
only at the last moment
"Barks one pass.
We take no chances.
And we are close, you
have nothing to fear.
You must be very stupid to
let's start a fake murder.
Will hold our own in an hour
at this restaurant.
Now you call Franky and you say
'to tell that you have found.
Well, which is it?
There is only one fat.
Do not bother me with your questions.
Let's go.
No, Franky, stay.
I'll go.
That seems quite 'n
cozy restaurant.
And where is your husband somewhere?
- There.
That fat there?
Goes' t. .. Wilfried?
Do you recognize me?
- No.
Ace, with "n" A ". Ace!
Do you know me again?
Unbelievable, dammit.
He is working with
the wrong fat.
No, do not you.
And you know why?
Some years ago I already 's
a guy just like you meet.
'N Simple guest, not talkative,
quiet, no more.
And I found it again
in 'n restaurant ...
... Like the one where you think
nothing can happen to you.
'S Family affair, not expensive ...
exactly as shown.
Expensive or inexpensive, so
once he sends you walk ...
... So do right now with him
off and we smear him!
And he had taken the daily
special, just like you.
With 'n spider crab,'
n Chablis ...
And he chuckled to himself as early
as it was dessert that follow ...
... And suddenly ...
... Collapsed, he collapsed.
He fell smack down, just ...
... And he started
blren. Pathetic.
What are you doing?
We read from the Michelin Guide?
Do it quickly!
I make him some hot ...
- Do it fast!
You know why he started crying?
- Not really.
He do not know.
You do not know?
Why, you do not know?
He do not know.
Ace ...
put him down if I hold
myself doing it.
I have rarely barks.
Someone will shoot you
without a barker?
What are you doing?
I do not know you ...
Do not start to kick stand, you,
or I get the crab and ...
Damn! You see that?!
You see now what you did?!
You're going down, pal.
You have really the head of
one today will kick off!
You're just 'n loser.
- I?! 'S loser?!
I'm a loser?! Give me that!
Everybody out!
'S loser?!
And wipe that sauce off your mouth or indirectly
support the laughs I got a cherry.
You will die like a man.
First you look at me.
Look at me. Here.
You will die like a man.
Go ahead, die like a man!
Die like a man.
- Blast your'm still
down, damn it!?
Yes, I shoot him down!
Take that! You ...
What do this?!
- That was the sentinel!
He wanted us tackle treacherous.
Fortunately I was alert.
I just saved our lives!
- And who is that?
Damn! If it ever ignites ...
... I'll come back damn it ...
... And I fuck you!
Ace, my size!
Where is he anyway?
Being at her tear
off or something?
Another beer from fche
's file was ...
What's up, buddy?
Will you do not find
size Doggy Bag?
What is it?
- Silently?
Shut up, I tell you!
Shut up! Shut up!
My animals yet?
I train them for future battles.
All day, 6 hours per day, locked in
the car, heating on full house.
Motivated they are. Bek here!
'S Lids antitheft system.
Gladiators, I tell you!
And since only ball leek 'n Mon
And no one gram of meat.
Otherwise they are
obscenely fat.
Are you a friend or not?
You must do me a favor do.
Make sure my chances with
the bookmakers to rise,
so you and I deal with
oily dough, h, pal?
Sure, I'm your friend. And your dogs.
- See you!?
Take care. If you need anything,
you call it, and I and
my dogs come off.
Ok! Bye, huh?
- See you later!
Kutbeesten Damn! If you still do retebek 's open ...
I'm the boss here!
Who's the daddy?! I'm the daddy!
What should hide this
dinner, Ace?
Nothing, Luna. No, I ...
I really have nothing to hide.
But because we work all the
time, came up and never ...
... Hence this TTE
by candlelight.
That what?
- TTE?
TipTop Dinner.
You know how long
ago our last TTE?
'S Watching ... few weeks?
Right, yes.
- For years, Ace.
Anyway ...
- Exactly seven years.
Damn ...
Just what I said, we work
and work but ...
... And see the time pass. Would you like champagne?
A bottle of champagne!
The coolest and most
expensive, please!
Chapelle Not gossip.
This girl already 's views?
And if you show a little
patience, I promise you
Ace you that you knew, you
will find them again.
I swear you, on my head.
Promise of Ace.
- Yes?
Gilbert Chapelle?
- No. We do not know each.
Chapelle, are you doing?!
What incredible together
here to take.
Day, ma'am, I imagine: Vergnault
Olivier, a fellow of Chapelle.
Well, his superior ...
... For "the" Chappelle went on sick parade,
but if he does not look sick.
I do not know you.
Do you know him, Luna?
You know what? Sphere it off.
- Even the others have
recognized you.
Come here, you.
We are here at seminary, but we bales
somewhat since we have to peddle.
Day, Chapelle ... Miss.
You've obviously cast off
the brakes, Chapelle.
That's not the green plant that
decorated the bank, huh?!
Did you happen to not have
friends as the lady?
Because we are all with
my pants full of lust.
What does this?
You recognize people
you do not know?
What are you doing?
You put 'n dikkenek because you're
with your girlfriend?!
I will be yours' s explain
my name, asshole.
I explain: there is nothing or no one you know.
Sphere it now!
And you, two assholes,
you know my name?
My name is Ace! Is that clear?!
Sphere it now! I'm a fool!
Come on, Seminar! Photocopier!
You know what, Luna?
The world is full of people
recognize each other, but
that do not exist.
And my champagne?!
I do not understand.
Why will not you play
for Arsenal?
Arsenal is d club for you.
Read your contract anyway.
What's bothering you?
They speak English and drive on the
left of the steering wheel right.
'T his averechtsen.
And such people can
not play football.
We lend you one year and
then come back to OM.
You will at how much some of your
toes then n all will be worth.
Here, Tiago ...
Excuse me! Sylvain, Ace.
Your most faithful fan.
I've seen your match delayed 50 times.
You are ...
Ace, let me alone with
Sylvain, please.
Listen well.
If you send to Arsenal Sylvain,
they put him on the
bench anyway.
In OM he is the max!
So cut your 'm' s
lawn underfoot.
I'm not going to OM.
It's my club, my
city, my region.
And I understand that field the ball,
the ball and understands me.
I do not want angry at
you, nor your ball.
I leave you I got a week's
easy to talk ...
... You both, you and
your ball. Agreed?
Thanks, Sylvain. Until later.
And another bravo for the
match on Saturday ...
What are you doing?!
- The guy's a miracle!
It's one to do you guessed it.
Put your stupidity right.
I have all their efforts on his transfer.
When not at Arsenal draw
I lose 's fortune.
Pull out your plan,
but he should draw.
What about the Colombian?
Hurry it up?
When I need you, you can hear it though.
Sphere it now, you have work.
Franky wants to see you.
- That he 's appointment.
Franky, "an appointment?!
No, really, he wants to see you in the parking lot.
He expects you alone.
Alone is not a problem.
Marco, you and I have always been one.
Come on.
Franky is not stupid, he
can really count to 3.
If we keep up with you, he will
immediately smell danger.
Yes, that's true.
Then I'll go alone.
Pipo your mate is coming
to find me today.
He wanted something
to show me a s.
No idea what it could be?
I got a vague idea
who that is ...
Take the piss out of me, Ace.
He wanted to sell me pictures.
Only time he sold his talent.
Too much.
That I'm already said, but ...
... Is simply Pipo Pipo.
He must always exaggerate.
How much would you be willing
to pay for it here?
What do you do when two cops
of the drug brigade?
Dt, the drug squad cops?
Pipo Why did I say anything?
If I address you, he
will hear from me!
I will give you that pleasure.
Only I'm not sure he hears you.
He asked me too, that
Brown could not go.
Tiago I'm sure some will
find the photos.
You're right, Ace.
Together we n.
What have you done?!
- Why?
We saw him up and threatened ...
Stop! Now you say nothing.
I still get it on your shit!
What are we saying to Tiago if he ever
realizes that Franky is dead?
Hang on, Franky!
I think he is still
somewhat dead.
Do not stand there, call an ambulance,
police, somebody!
The cops?!
Are you sometimes overwrought?
Tiago and wants of his ears, he must first
show a corpse, but if one is not ...
You do know 's where we can
to make it disappear?
If you have anything nodlg, my dogs and I are ready.
Gladlatoren, say I jel
Go ahead ...
Wait ...
In order ... Go ahead!
Good idea of you.
Worse than piranhas,
which pit bulls.
You have to think about it!
What do you want?
I do not understand, damn.
They have slept for days.
I had them yet given
nothing to eat.
If it can comfort you, you were no
better off dead pit bulls die.
They were eaten while still asleep.
They have not abandoned.
Damn, bastard, "one darn
flair you have.
You're the only one who gave Doggy
Bag losing all battles.
What's up, Tiago?
How far are you with Wiltord?
Will he sign?
No, there is no moving forward.
Besides, I got an idea that
you will surely like.
You better.
Oh, yes, have you seen Franky nowhere?
No one has of him hearing.
At the head of Sami
and Marco, I swear
I'm been a long time not seen.
Every time I call, I
find his mailbox.
Franky you insist.
He is like death.
I mean, he likes to beg.
I call 'm.
Go ahead, Franky, well zol
Everyone Fri me.
Go ahead, Franky, well zol
Today, forget all DLE
undersized tubers.
There's only nNote
wlppen in life ...
... There is also sex.
I do not understand, Tiago, I'm
sure nothing in between.
Franky would never have let anyone
to steal his mobile phone.
Everybody sing!
Go ahead, Franky, well zol
I'm 5 minutes late, and then?
The cargo of Colombian
arrived tonight.
And what did you come to info on the deal passed?
Our rebuff for your affairs,
you can dt.
You're worse than your brother!
You must keep the family
business is not running!
We just want to know when, where and
how the Colombian and mends meet.
I can not help mends solves nothing!
- Pull out your plan.
I would you guys' s busy to see.
At night popping
freaks on me ...
Day 3 ...
and I remain the boss bitches!
Never knew such a hot damn!
They come into the room and without asking
me something, is it from dattum.
Every 5 minutes!
'S Been here, my leg there ...
... Loezen in my face,
I still pretty off!
Reason for leaving your
job to finish quickly.
Or your life will never be long
enough to sentence you to sit!
It'll never be long enough
for it to finish.
They make me, dammit!
My dick looks like 's tea bag!
So we have it again?
This time no mistakes.
If you ever whatever comes,
you come to me first.
We put him just under pressure.
No more, no less.
Strike at the right place.
What is it?
I can still say Sylvain?
Tiago is not?
- Oh, if I Tiago, n em.
We have reserved the entire bar.
Smart, huh?
If Tiago let me come to Arsenal to play ...
I stand by my decision.
Relax you still here!
On the field has yet to
play even in defense?
So we're going to the
game's about it.
My mind is, I do not
sign with Arsenal.
You know what?
We keep a half-time,
and meanwhile
read my assistant do it contract, so you
know exactly what you're missing.
Please do not bother, I'm
not going to Arsenal.
Lecture contract?
Do you drink anything?
- No, thanks.
Sami, would you do as background
's contract can read?
'N juice?
'N juice mandatory nowhere.
Go ahead, 'n juice.
Damn, the bastard!
He screwed up my knee!
My season is soap!
Call an ambulance! Hurry!
Just the way you wish, Ace:
hit on the best products!
I am far too hurt!
My knee! My leg is killing off!
The contracts ...
and like an autograph for
my cousin, as it can.
I have pain!
- Kevin is his name.
I'm not good!
What is it, Ace?
He had to sign it?
I am far too hurt! Hurry!
Why did he sign?
To go to Arsenal.
And what was he doing
at Arsenal?
Exactly. And how do you play soccer?
- My knee! I'm not good!
With 's ball.
And ...?
And, and, and?!
- And ...
And his feet, damn!
- But hey!
The silly bastards!
- Is there been a
light burning?!
It was not me, but he!
I tell you now that Arsenal play
football with your hands?!
Call an ambulance, I can not!
It's already, Sylvain!
Please! You only hear you yet!
We also have problems!
What do I say to Tiago?!
It will do nothing if they can
say 't find them again ...
I have pain!
- Shut up!
The pit bulls?
- No, we hide 'm.
But yes, the pit bulls!
- Go outside, you!
And this time I did not start.
Let it fall and help me.
We will try to put
your leg, okay?
Anyway. Watch ... 1 ...
... 2 ... 3!
And look!
'S state law! Look! Feel that?
Rule, Ace, or I bury you alive
under the turf of 't Vlodrome.
Do not worry, we 're going
flavored dough suits.
Beware of the bumps, damn!
It's looks best stadium
in the world, beef.
Say's that it is bumpy, and
I spoil your other knee.
And smile, they keep
us in his sights.
Look there ...
Thought about our proposal, gentlemen?
Are you ready for him to insure?
We are going into just about the premiums and M.
Wiltord is injured.
Of course.
But look at him anyway.
Look how fast it goes.
Is not he in shape?
Make him an ambassador of your group
and you win thousands of customers.
Plus the impact on the shares
of uwmaatschappij.
I calculated that every
time he scores ...
... At least 3% added value.
Sylvain And this year ...
... Accounted for 32 goals
during it season.
I got a little review
about it years made.
If that is not nice of profits
is exponential!
Why does he really
rounds out there?
You can not really say
that he trains.
If you write him wanted to see training,
you had to come at 6 am this morning.
Were you at 6 am already?
- Not this morning.
What have we to do?
I will make it still but at explaining,
just for you two.
Sylvain plays its final
match tomorrow for OM.
And he has come to set up
lawn to soak, to feel it.
Yes, gentlemen, that's the
power of great champions.
And you know what?
You deserve him not.
You deserve him not.
Come, M. Mends.
Still waiting ...
- No! Come on.
I bale kloefkappers.
What are you doing?
They were willing to sign.
Listen ...
With an eye to show a
rise in our premiums
We can 't discuss contract might again.
What do you think?
That depends.
For roughly a broken leg ...
... To how high would you go
in terms of compensation?
Good work.
You have your ticket to deal
with my Condor earned.
The Condor? The Colombian?
Because do you think the Russian
Condor sometimes sound like?
We'll meet tomorrow in the Calao
to talk about business.
Okay, guys, grab it back again!
Hey, Marco.
Stop the car here in the wash.
Good, I get 'm.
Damn, he looks back acid!
This morning he was so
paranoid as hell.
You had me see what he was
doing one of his glrls.
Wait 's. Is that you?
Over there 's along.
- Why?
Are you that or not? Look ...
All right, calm down ...
Still, you're "t. Look ...
- Damn, he wears' s micro!
I'm exposed! Come get me, quick!
Later, I ...
Go ahead, say!
Is everyone asleep sometimes?!
Circle of Ace!
Where is everyone?!
I do not hear you!
Sphere it off, bitch!
Come get me anyway, dammit!
If we move, is it in there
to show a massacre.
What's he doing with his micro?!
Come get me, goddamn it!
Are you, Ace?
- Shut up!
Damn, I'm lost!
That's not nice.
What are you doing?
Go get that little coat it into
the audience threw up.
I'm sure he 's Micro said.
Yes, against two cops in their
car outside the Calao.
"Damn, I'm surrounded, they
are going to kill me."
You hit really gibberish, Tiago.
- What is that?
What have you got?
Dt? These are the girls.
Tiger collection.
Have you ever wondered if Franky
was not the sentinel?
Nothing in his jacket.
- Of course not!
You hit the ball completely wrong.
I have enough of jouwkutplannen.
I got a business, babes that I must maintain.
I've needed dough.
Whether you light me on the Condor,
or you do not need me ...
... And I ball it off.
Let's go 'n drink.
The commitment is
Tomorrow afternoon, in
't Htel the Castllle.
transferred to 's account of
the Condor Tiago passes.
And the drugs?
- In 'n numbered container
stored somewhere in 's dock.
Once the 40 million paid, gets Tiago
's number one container dock.
We take contact with you one
hour before the attack.
Why? What attack?
I do not raid with you!
'd Rather lick than 20 years
in my life to be dead!
Your shirt!
- No way! I did my part.
I've had enough, I do not count.
Driving, he agrees.
- Nothing attack!
Hljo the puta!
You can slap me all you want, mom ...
you simply let you fool.
The person to whom you gave
barker, is the other.
The person to whom you give
the ball, me, Ace.
Cousins, come d'there.
When I phone up to 3 ..
... Grab this fri
all your cousins.
Watch ...
... 1 ... 2 ...
... 3!
Now honestly, Mom.
Test me with 'n false bench
demonstrates no respect.
Bitch I am!
I had the other at
birth to drown!
'S Are the acorns of those twin
brother cops got there.
A plan that I had prepared for months.
Me death issue ...
... And the money of the deal between
the Colombian and Tiago anyway.
Nobody could accuse me!
Neither the cops nor Tiago, nobody!
This is disgusting!
How many zeros are you in
this battle of yours?
But if you help me, is it
No. 50-50.
All right.
And if you bepikt me, I pop you.
You know me, mom ...
Very reason ...
That was the Condor.
He is about 'half an hour.
Ace, go to Carlos.
Once Condor give me the numbers,
you come with the cash down.
You and Carlos are not already down.
You stay here.
Let 's look at the car parks.
Carlos, I'll send you Ace.
It's Ace.
- Now Ace is back already.
Hey, you there ...
- Where?
'm On the floor.
It's Ace.
Now we can talk.
- And the provision, barker?
Do not panic, I take care of everything.
I crawl back into my old skin.
Whenever I asked
for your mug ...
... I saw it said.
- Did you think it's just me?
Me? All day.
Every morning I had it
with meetje about you.
Then I asked, 'r: Why have you denied me my brother?
With each birthday I
blrde as a child.
All those moments that
we missed it:
first whore, first fart ...
... First robbery. Damn,
I'll never forget her.
It's quite all right, Ace ...
Yes, I'm glad to have.
Now we are with tween, huh?
Tell me, why are you gone?
- I? Why?
To take a breath.
With those two maniacs
from cops ...
... Plus I got the paranoia
of Mends not breathe.
So I held my own death.
I Jatte a car, drove
to the morgue ...
... Grab 'n dead with it, brought them together and hop!
The fk it.
What I wanted to know ...
Have you whores my birding?
Who, me?! Are you crazy?!
Never would I call something
my own brother.
Because I would not have done.
Did you do it?
- No! No ...
Surely not.
Come ...
Fucking bag!
What have you done with Carlos?
Dt, brother, you go 'a few
minutes to explain ...
... He added.
But remember, it will 't like.
- I summarize here together.
Dt ...
because you've made
my hood trim big!
Dt ...
my whores because
you've birding!
And dt is just for fun.
Mends makes you decide to side.
And he'll love me already,
and I'm dead, you die two times,
which is rare, brother!
Bye, flute ...
... And glad to have known.
With me.
Linke lot.
Carlos has doubts about the men
Get them out of there fri they have
betrappen and soap is all about.
Eeneden 5 and 6, clear
it the second level!
Damn ...
Are you heading to?
- No.
Give me Carlos.
That is just a piss.
What's wrong?
Sometimes there's problem?
No, everything is fine.
Yes, the money is here.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Nothing wrong, Tiago.
It's just can not view all
the dough that takes me.
Tiago, you come up best.
Ace, what are you doing here?
Should not you wait up?
And should you not
keep your head?
I'm gonna put my bag in the car Fri I go to Carlos.
No sense of orientation, huh?
The car is over.
No, down. Let's walk with you.
I just got to pull my plan.
Your brain from year to year to see softening ...
I think that ...
... I not going to tolerate.
We go better apart.
- Young Whore!
The whore is you got a third eye deliver,
and that will be ugly ...
Nor have you stir up, bastard!
Godverdomse and put
your bag down!
I'm still your son, Mama.
Therefore I know whom
you have your parts!
Make the bag open.
Can I?
- Please ...
'S Battle of 500,000, huh?
I was sure you took me in
the asshole, bastard!
Would you kill those two idiots, but
so we can talk quietly among family?
I have here the barker,
I am here the talking!
And if you even show a lobe
moves, I shoot you down.
For the first and last time,
Ace: Where's the dough?
If I get an explanation,
you will not believe me.
Carlos, death m.
We have solid Ace.
The Squib wanted to run
away with the loot ...
The only one who currently is holding Ace,
Carlos, and they are here fri me!
Bring him up so we can arrange
the Condor Sun is there.
'T lie somewhat complicated.
I would rather that
you came down.
Geef'm some air.
Apparently he has me now in the
parking lot at her fuck.
What do you do with
barkers on you?
That is rotzakje of 's
twin brother of mine.
A bank clerk that the cops want
to take you and the Condor.
He's playing for
t tell the cops!
Oh, yeah?
Why do you have the
bag of money?
And a micro-piercing
through the nipple?
For one time I was not out of my dick neck!
Here he chats anything!
I'm Ace, goddamn it!
Take your clothes off!
Something quickly,
much eat dirt!
Angel, help 'm.
I still get it from you shit, twins!
Vade retro!
He's off with the loot.
He was too quick for us all.
"He". But who?
Damn, still ...
We have the codes from the
account of mends broken.
We can transfer 40 million.
- On what account?
He is the man of the profession.
- I have four accounts:
Luxembourg, Malta, the Bahamas
and the Cayman Islands.
You have put them firmly
to shit, brother.
Beautiful bastard you are.
You have cheated them all:
the cops, Mends, everyone!
You know what he said because I'm
the man suggested 5 million?
"50 million under two is
better!" We know 't.
Well, I have it all 's said.
But when you imagined you a bullet
in the arm to shoot ...
... Then I took you
really seriously.
Seriously, but also very stupid.
Why else are we brothers?
Next time we'll arrange it back
to that golden oldie ticket.
Forget it, you're no chance.
Look what I got.
Whoever it can pick, picks
it part of the Other.
Go ahead, brother, you
will be humiliated.
Suit yourself, my likeness.
Can you count to three, Luna?
Go ahead. And ...
... Two ... three!
edited by kataklinker
from Duch translated google translator