Maari 2 (2018)

Move it.
What's your name?
Gangadhar Beeja.
- Thanatos.
- What does that mean?
God of Death.
He means he's the God of Death.
He's given himself that name.
If you want to kill someone in prison,
he is your man.
No matter who the target is,
he'll get them.
He reads a lot of English books
and blabbers like this.
But he's good at what he does.
But our gig is not in the prison.
It's at a public place.
He will do it.
Good evening, sir.
- Go out for a while.
Someone's coming.
What's that in your mouth?
- Boss!
- What?
They're here.
Don't panic.
Just do as I say.
Have a seat.
What would you
like to drink?
Where are you going?.
Don't leave!
- Finish your meal.
- I'm out of here.
I'm looking for someone.
Who are you looking for?
Shut up!
A gangster from Madras has come here.
I know he's been coming to this bar
at this time for the last few days.
One moment.
What's this?
He asked me to give you this
if you come here and threaten us.
Read it.
I will count from 1 to 5...
go back to where you came from.
Or what?
Who are you messing with?
Playing games with me?
Now, I'm telling you the same thing.
I'll count to 5.
If you don't tell me where he is...
I'll just shoot down
all of you!
Now, tell me...
where is he?
Tell me!
You're counting down
to your own death?
How is it?
The bad guy is over there.
- Maari!
- That guy is so scary.
Stop that.
I don't care that he's a child.
I'll slit his throat.
Curly-Wurly is being mean.
Like hell you will.
You think I won't do it?
I'm a very bad man.
Oh yeah?
What a show-off! He had a gun all along
but fought them anyway?
I'm a bad man to bad men.
You can plot to kill me in Madras...
or plan an attack outside my turf.
But I'll know about it
even before my hit-man.
You can't get me in my hood,
so you attack me outside?
I'll finish you off!
'It's impossible to kill someone
who is not afraid of death.'
That's Maari's philosophy.
So far, there have been
99 attempts at his life.
This is the 100th attempt.
It's a record!
They've tried every trick in the book.
Nothing worked.
Somehow, I get caught in the middle.
Let's go to the cinema tomorrow.
- Nurse...
- One second.
What is it?
- I'm hurt.
- Where?
- Right here.
He called the doctor himself,
threatened him to attend night duty...
and got himself operated!
As last resort, I tried poisoning his food,
but even that didn't work!
The alcohol in his booze cancelled out
the poison in his food.
So much booze!
What happened, Maari?
- Nurse! Doctor!
I'm the first doctor to prescribe
an antacid for a case of poisoning!
We stabbed him.
Shot him.
Even poisoned him.
He just refuses to die.
When so many attempts are made
to kill Maari, our boys do retaliate.
Maari forbids it, but there is one guy
who just won't have it.
Kalai - Maari's best friend.
Kalai is Velu's son.
Oh God! Save me!
Though Maari is surrounded by
many people, Kalai is his best friend.
Kalai is a big gun,
but he has one weakness.
At one point, his father's
main business was cocaine.
Maari doesn't even touch that stuff.
But Kalai slowly got addicted.
Then it was Maari who struggled
to get Kalai out of his addiction.
Dude, don't cry!
Stop crying.
You're my Deva.
I'm your Surya.
But Deva dies in the film!
'Coal' Velu.
Back then, the mere mention of his name
would make the hood go quiet.
It's been over a year
since he died.
After Velu's death...
everyone including Kalai
asked Maari to take charge.
Maari is like Tendulkar.
He is at his best game
when he isn't the captain!
Kalai is Velu's heir.
His younger brother, Vallavan,
will stand by him.
I'll stand by both of them.
My first decision
as the leader is...
Maari will henceforth have
all decision making powers.
The leader of our opposite gang
made the most out of Velu's death.
Without Velu's influence, we do our best
to hold Singayya's gang at bay.
With the constant trouble we give him,
he's really pissed off with us.
Over half the attempts to kill Maari
were plotted by him.
It was this Baldie who sent those men
at the 100th attempt to kill Maari.
Though the entire hood
is under his control...
Maari is always out of control.
I've got a garland!
- What's this?
- We're celebrating the 100th attempt!
Come here, boys.
Burst it!
Get going!
Hi, darling!
Don't you have any sense?
Is that how you drive?
I learnt it all from my Rowdy Baby.
You know what, darling?
When I heard you're here...
I cancelled two Ola bookings,
knocked down the dividers on my way...
and rushed here to see you!
But you greet me with a frown?
Let go of my hand.
Let go!
If you go around telling people
we're in love...
I'll smash your face in.
I must not tell anyone?
We're secret lovers?
Go away!
Maari, let's walk away.
I don't want it!
Don't pretend like you
don't like me.
Brother, would he have bought
me an auto if he didn't like me?
Tell her why I
bought her that auto.
Tell her, Saturday!
So that you will drive the auto...
instead of driving us crazy.
But why would he give me
'his' auto to drive?
She has a point there.
Girl, you leave now.
Call me lovingly by my name 'Anandi'...
and I'll leave.
Shall I call you by your name?
Look at her gait!
Look at her smile!
Hi, Maari.
Slap her, Maari
- Hi, Anandi.
- He didn't mean you.
I did.
Do you want 'Unruly' Anandi
or 'Awful' Anandi?
You decide your fate.
Maari has always been awful.
And Maari is into Awful.
Come on, Maari!
I'm feeling so 'sky'.
That's 'shy', not sky!
If you dare touch him,
I'll break your arms.
You're all by yourself.
If we get married, I can cook for you,
take care of you and our home!
We can be so happy!
Why do you refuse?
There are women out there
achieving so much...
And you're blabbering about
cooking and cleaning.
Get out of my face.
I'm a working lady, too.
I'm not a jobless loafer
like them.
Thank you!
I'm not counting on you
to support me...
nor do I need to cook and clean
for the rest of my life.
What I have for you...
is 'true love you'.
Me too.
I sincerely...
mean this.
I want this Anandi.
- No!
- Why?
- My family won't accept this.
- We won't accept that!
Maari will forever be solo.
Enough of your silly talk.
Get going.
I'm not one of those silly girls
you see in the movies.
I'm Maari's girl.
A gutsy girl.
Hey, Silly!
Your auto is over there.
- Do we make a good pair?
- We were just joking.
You can put this garland
on your auto.
- Maari!
- I'm there for you.
Did you just call me by my name?
I'll knock your teeth off.
- Go away.
- You said You loved me.
Normally, Maari tortures
everyone in the hood.
But the only person who has the
might and power to torture Maari...
is 'Unruly' Anandi.
Earlier, I used to get beaten up
for many different reasons.
These days, there's
just one reason.
This annoying bug.
'Unruly' Anandi is the only person
in the hood who isn't afraid of Maari.
But the two of us
are terrified of her.
Hi, Rowdy Baby!
Why is she calling me
'Rowdy Baby'?
You're ruining my life!
Don't disturb me.
- Are you talking to her or me?
- I was talking to her, of course.
- Think I believe you?
- Yeah.
Why did you give Anandi
my phone number?
She sends me 100 WhatsApp messages
and calls me 50 times a day.
What's so special about me
that Anandi keeps running behind me?
Yeah, I have no idea.
You're insulting Maari!
No, you said it first!
It's okay for me to say that.
- What are you supposed to say?
- What?
You should say I look like Kamal Hassan!
She drew inspiration from Maari
and became an auto driver.
She is a rowdy herself.
But the moment she sees Maari,
she just melts!
What's the problem?
- Did I say that? It's our hood...
- Come on!
You know how she is.
We occasionally use her
to smuggle our goods in.
You don't trust me?
Look at my face!
Fine, get going.
She takes up all these gigs
just to impress Maari.
Take a look!
No matter how hard she tries,
Maari doesn't pay heed.
He mocks her and sends her home.
"I'm a don, don, don;
You can be my don all you want."
"It's a scene, scene, scene;
When you touch me, it's some scene."
"It's been a long day, my dear;
I'll be your caffeine."
Is this something to celebrate?
Happy 100th murder attempt, Maari!
Many more happy returns
of the day, Maari.
You don't say that
for such occasions.
What is he saying?
He wishes you more of this!
You need to watch out.
You've fought with Singayya.
That's nothing.
He can keep trying.
He thinks he can get my Maari?
This is a record!
We're going to rock the entire hood today!
"When he whistles, eardrums burst.'
When he flies a kite, the spool wears out."
"When Maari spins around and pounces;
You will see your mummy daddy's faces."
"When he whistles, eardrums burst.'
When he flies a kite, the spool wears out."
"When Maari spins around and pounces;
You will see your mummy daddy's faces."
"It's not your hood, you can't do a thing;
This is his jungle and he is the king."
"Yeah, he's the king!"
"Be a true friend and tell no lies;
And he'll protect you with his life."
"Oh yes, he will."
"It's not your hood, you can't do a thing;
This is his jungle and he is the king."
"Yeah, he's the king!"
"Be a true friend and tell no lies;
And he'll protect you with his life."
"Oh yes, he will."
Maari, are you a good person
or a bad person?
I don't know!
"Move out of the way, here he comes!
Just deal with it if you're jealous."
"We're something else, Maari's people;
Go Maari, go Maari, go Maari!"
"Tick-tock - the clock's ticking;
Walk, walk - keeping walking."
"There's no point trying;
The Youth Army will send you packing."
"Left, right - they come marching;
Break, break - barriers breaking."
"You are not welcome here;
Take your business elsewhere."
"Oh, he's soaring!"
"It's his time, he's soaring up;
You've been exposed, now cut the crap."
"You got caught!"
"You got caught, your attempt failed;
All your grand plans are now foiled."
"What's mine is yours, till the end;
Ask, and it shall be yours, my friend."
"I've got nothing to call mine;
I'll have your back till the end of time."
"Move out of the way, here he comes!
Just deal with it if you're jealous."
"We're something else, Maari's people;
Go Maari, go Maari, go Maari!"
"See the guts of Maari"
"Move...give way"
"See his caliber"
" away"
"When he whistles, eardrums burst.'
When he flies a kite, the spool wears out."
"When Maari spins around and pounces;
You will see your mummy daddy's faces."
My hood, my rules.
I didn't expect Maari to be here.
Inspite of knowing that I sent those men,
you dared to come here!
It's out of trust, brother.
That's good.
It's not you I trust.
I trust myself.
Since my father's death, your men have
been causing trouble in our hood.
That needs to stop.
It's not so easy.
You said there was one last option.
What was that?
Chennai is fast becoming the
narcotics capital of South India.
The consignments were coming in
from Kenya all year.
We had no issues.
The business was running smoothly.
But suddenly, the customs department
has become strict.
Once it got too risky,
the Kenyans killed their own men...
left us in the lurch and
started distributing it on their own.
The Kenyan gang needs to be wiped out.
Then we need to consistently smuggle
the goods in without getting caught.
I know Maari can do this.
If you agree to this...
I'll spare your lives.
Yeah, let's get going then?
Think before you make a decision.
You know we don't
get involved with drugs.
Don't forget you're here
to bury the hatchet and make peace.
Boss, they can't leave this place
in one piece unless we let them go.
Brother, we aren't here
to fight with you.
Being calm and respectful
is good for everyone.
'Using drugs is a punishable crime'
If I'd come here to start a fight...
I wouldn't address
you as 'Brother'.
I normally address people like you
with... other words.
I'll kill your boss?
Singayya, I knew you might
get jumpy at any point.
That's why I've had my gun
pointed at your crotch all along.
Kalai, say what you have to say.
He is in a mood to listen!
'Using drugs is a punishable crime'
We're laying out a condition for you.
Don't cross our line again.
The next time your men...
so much as leave a strand of hair
behind in my place of business...
they won't have heads left.
- Let's go, Maari.
- We can get him anytime, Kalai...
but you keep saying 'no'...
Kalai, think about it...
What if all those ships, cars and cranes
out there belonged to us?
I'll take the orange ship,
you take the white one.
You think we should have taken up
that cocaine gig?
Not under Singayya, of course.
We could have figured the route,
cut him out, and done it on our own.
Come again?
We decided a long time back
that we won't get involved in drugs.
I was just kidding.
Stop kidding, then.
We don't need to make a living
out of such businesses.
We can make money anytime.
But we have good, trustworthy boys.
Let's do our thing.
I agreed to this meeting
counting on you.
You don't know how to
convince your own brother?
Then you're of no use to me.
I can only try.
I can't guarantee it.
Even now, I'm so nervous.
What if someone saw us together?
I thought my brother would fall
at the sight of cocaine.
But Maari is always around,
foiling our plans.
I don't hold onto things
I've got no use for.
You got that Kenya contact through me.
Don't you forget that.
I can't do squat with
just the contact.
We need to mitigate the risk
and get the goods.
Can you do that?
How about you?
I needed Maari to do that for me.
Guess we have to do it by ourselves.
Tell them we'll be there tomorrow.
Let's try talking to them.
Let's go.
It's slanted towards one side.
Put it up properly.
Who did the Photoshop work?
You look fairer than me!
Yeah, sure!
Who told you that it's okay
to use Maari's picture?
You want me to ask Maari.
Is that it?
No, wait!
He's in a foul mood already.
If you annoy him, he'll hit us.
That's her ploy.
So you get it.
Tell me how to bait him!
You're asking this guy
for romance ideas?
- He's a 40 year old virgin boy.
- Shut up, Mossy-Face.
Only I know what kind of women
will be liked by men.
Like me?
- Ignore him.
- Women need to be dainty.
While walking...
look down!
Besides, your speech should have 'lime'.
- What's that?
- He means the fruit.
- I'll squeeze lemonade out of it.
- Okay, sorry.
I meant, you need to speak
in a seductive manner.
For instance, you want
your auto-stand inaugurated...
If you inaugurate
our auto-stand...
the auto business will run successfully.
- You know why?
- Why?
Ever since you inaugurated my heart...
my thoughts have been running wild.
I need to do all this?
It looks disgusting on his face,
you can pull it off.
- Right?
- Your face looks rotten!
You talk too much.
Leave it
Maari is here.
How dare you put up
these banners here?
Punch-bag, she didn't even ask Maari.
You're in for trouble.
Step aside, or it looks like
you printed those banners.
Who told you that it's okay
to print these banners?
Come here.
Go on.
We should get out of here.
What's that?
Why does she look paralysed?
She's going to get me thrashed.
Is that how I walked?
The way you drive, I thought
you might get paralysed someday.
Before I forget...
Is she bowling?
Ever since you inaugurated my heart,
my thoughts have been running wild.
if you inaugurate my auto-stand,
it will run successfully.
What say?
I told her to speak seductively.
She's talking like an old lady.
You're looking at me with love, darling?
Brother, you're awesome!
It worked.
- I'm done for.
- Let's run away.
He's looking.
I told you to wash the Jeep,
but you're giving her 'love advice'?
He even taught her
how to walk.
How dare you?
Don't hit him, Maari.
I'm hitting them because I can't hit you.
I'm giving you five minutes
to take down all the banners.
You hooked me up with that Sridevi girl...
So you won't attend the inauguration?
Looks like she won't stop
till she gets us killed.
- She's pissing him off.
- Why won't she understand?
- Why won't she understand?
- Okay, let them go!
- Vallava, you told them we're coming?
- Yeah, I don't know why no one's here.
You've killed everyone.
Why are you waiting for me?
You can take the goods
and walk away.
This is not what I want.
What is it you want?
What's your rivalry with Maari?
Eight years back,
I killed a gangster
and went to prison.
Only after I went in
did I realise...
Half the inmates there
belonged to his gang.
My brother was a big-shot lawyer.
He was the defence lawyer
for all the major gangsters in Chennai.
Beeja, they've thrashed you so badly.
Just hold on for another two days.
I'll get you out somehow.
I can take it...
but I don't know if
my body can.
You killed that man for me.
You're all the family I've got.
I won't let you down.
I was very hopeful.
But after two days...
Hold him down.
You know, we killed your brother?
We got him last night.
He died on the spot.
- You're going to die here.
- Drown him!
What they said, is it true?
Yeah, it's confirmed news.
A man called Maari.
Some new gangster.
That's the first time
I heard that name, Maari.
When you go through
unbearable torture...
you either die right there...
Or you turn
into a new person.
But I turned into a new beast.
The new warden
is being such a pain.
Let him be...
- What happened?
- Must be a voltage drop.
Who is that?
That day, Beeja turned into Thanatos.
Thirty three murders inside prison.
I became the God of Death.
No matter how many people I killed...
my thirst for retribution won't be quenched
till I kill one man.
The man who killed my brother,
and made me suffer inside a prison cell.
You've killed so many people
all by yourself...
but you can't get Maari?
He shouldn't die easily.
The pain I suffered
stuck inside that prison...
I want him to suffer that pain.
And then I will kill him.
I'm going to achieve that
with two things.
One - this!
I understand your anger.
But instead of complicating things,
just kill him right away.
I'll give you more drugs and money
than you can imagine.
Men without goals seek money.
Men with weak hearts seek intoxication.
My ambition and intoxication
are one and the same.
I am the God of Death.
Maari has defied Death.
We'd be worthy adversaries.
It's not just that I don't want
to kill Maari easily...
It's not possible, either.
This is my offer.
It's my way, or no way!
We absolutely need a punch line here.
What are you scholars up to?
We're working on punch lines.
- What?
- Punch lines.
There's thunder and lightning before rain.
When Maari hits, it's only pain.
He's going to hit you.
That makes no sense.
It had a nice rhyme.
- Hear mine!
- Tell me.
Church-bells ring on Sunday.
It's the day after Saturday.
There's no 'Maari' in this.
These are out of fashion
He wrote many things
He forgot it
You're writing punch lines
for yourself?
It was a mistake.
Now, here's one for you.
Tell me
If you are bad,
I am your dad.
- If you're bad--
- Dare to point your finger at me?
...I'm your dad.
If you are bad,
I am your dad.
- Say it in English.
- English?
Say it.
If you are bad,
I am your dad.
That's all.
- I need to try it on someone.
- Here He comes.
Want to hear a punch line?
If you're bawd, I'm your dad.
- How is it?
- How is it?
- Who taught you this?
- He did.
It was him, not me.
- Didn't know it was a cuss word...
- What happened?
Not me...He only wrote it
That is 'bad'
It's a simple gig.
Your girlfriend Anandi,
the auto driver, can do it.
I've told you, there's nothing
between us.
I know.
But if you give her some work,
she does it with extra interest.
So what?
A consignment arrives
from Malaysia every day.
Foreign perfumes and soaps,
5.1 speakers, bodybuilding supplements etc.
When our boys go,
they get unwanted attention.
If that girl goes instead,
she can get away with ease.
No one will doubt her.
What should I do?
You tell her yourself!
Maari, she won't listen to me.
You should put in a word.
Is it safe work?
One hundred percent safe.
It's almost legal!
Saturday, you go tell her.
Tell her I gave her the job.
Go with her for the first few days
to make sure it's safe.
So he does care about her.
'All I want to say is that,
they don't really care about us.'
I'll slap you.
Thanks, Maari.
What is Kalai up to?
- He is at home.
- Ask him to stay put.
They start a rumour
and believe it to be true.
On behalf of the
Women's Self-Help Committee...
here to make this occasion special...
is Chennai's new Collector,
Vijaya Chamundeswari.
We'd like to give her a warm welcome.
Accepting our invitation,
here to grace this occasion...
the lion-heart of our hood!
A man who is pure gold!
See, Maari didn't come to our inauguration
but he's come for this.
Maybe he agreed because those girls
went and asked him.
I should have gone instead of you.
He would have agreed.
- So much trash!
- Luckily I'm wearing slippers.
We should clean it up.
I'm really pissed.
Cut you crap.
Get lost.
To encourage the lady auto-drivers,
Maari will present five free autos!
We request him to present them.
Look there
You think you're the only girl
Maari gifted an auto to?
He's giving it to random women.
'Unruly', see my man up there?
- Goodbye!
- I need to speak to you in private.
I only have two minutes.
I need to go and drink.
All the illegal business here:
the rowdyism, smuggling...
committed by Singayya, Kalai,
and even you.
I know all about this.
I don't know what my
predecessors were like.
But I'm not like them.
I will put an end to this.
I asked around, and they said
good things about you.
- It's the truth!
- They do say good things.
Help me, and we can put an end to this.
You can treat this as a request,
or a warning.
Don't judge me by what you saw
on that stage.
That was a different Maari.
But I'm a different Maari.
I'm the worst of them all.
Madam, you can't do a thing to us.
You know why?
You have to play by the rules.
But we've got no rules at all.
We play it any way we like.
These days, if you want to do good,
you need to be a bad person.
Stop joking around.
Whether you decide to cooperate or not...
I'm going to get this done.
If you're with me, you'll be out here.
Or, you'll be behind bars.
You speak without fear.
I like your courage.
Very good!
Leave, now.
Get home soon, it's late.
- The way she spoke...
- It was something else!
They say I do good for the people?
That's alright.
But she can't talk to us that way.
You dare to attack our Maari?
Come, face us.
My heart aches!
When I catch you...
Don't forget, he's the hero.
I was feeling...
See his acting!
It doesn't suit you.
Attempt number 101.
Let's go.
- You set this up?
- It was you, wasn't it?
I knew it.
You want to kill us off?
Looks like you've been planning this
for a while now?
Why are you sleeping
in so late?
What's this?
You got slashed?
You haven't even bandaged it.
It will get infected.
It's like a mosquito bite for Maari.
One SMACK! and ZAP! It's finished.
He is running a high fever.
I trust you two with him...
and this is how
you take care of him?
Maari, let's go to the hospital.
You need to get a tetanus injection.
No hospital.
What happened?
He is afraid of needles, that's all!
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah!
Maari, you're afraid of needles?
Me? Afraid of needles?
I've been slashed with machetes.
Don't look at me like the devil.
Fine, this is just a small wound.
We can treat it with tablets.
- What are you doing?
- Blowing helps the wound heal.
- We'll do a complete health check up?
- Sure, sister.
No need for all that.
Just give him the injection.
You said there'd be no injection!
You lied to me...
You're no father of mine.
Show me your back.
I may die, but I will not
get stabbed in the back!
Though you're a warrior, you can't
get an injection on your chest!
This is a strong injection.
We have to give it on your bottom.
Don't be shy.
She'd have surely
seen many bottoms!
- What?
- I meant, while you gave injections.
It will be done in no time.
You can hold my hand.
See green color, bro
Be gentle.
Maari, not so hard.
Maari, it hurts.
Maari, Maari, Maari...
We've run a complete check up
including blood tests and scans.
- You can collect the results tomorrow.
- Give him good grades.
Son, the injection we gave
you is a bit strong.
You'll feel dizzy for a while.
So much hype for a tiny injection?
I can chug down a full bottle
and carry out my rowdy duties.
- Look how my darling sleeps!
- On his tummy.
He only looks rough and tough.
But he's a child at heart.
Don't coddle him too much.
He's got a perfect shot at your face.
He'll punch you.
Saturday, your ideas...
they're ancient, like you.
Get lost.
You see my darling here?
How he encouraged the women
of our hood yesterday!
We saw that.
There's a reason
why I fell in love with him.
Now he's reminded me that
all over again.
Where were you, sister?
Why are you so late?
I was so worried...
Why are you crying?
Did something happen?
You promised
your brother you'd bail him out?
If we kill him inside prison,
it's one less thing to worry about.
You've taken money from me
for that included.
Just money won't cut it.
You know about my weakness.
Why are you crying?
Who will marry me now?
Everyone will say I'm spoilt...
You're not some object
to get spoilt!
Get it?
A woman should be viewed
as a human, not an object.
Till you find such a man, stay single.
Nothing wrong in that.
Even from a young age,
Maari knew to respect women.
I wanted to fall in love
with a man like that.
But it's been one-sided so far.
Hope he's still asleep?
If Maari knew about this,
things might work out.
Shall I tell him?
Don't tell Maari.
At least he makes fun of me now.
Then he will stop that, too.
Someday, my darling will understand.
Till then, this is enough.
Even this is a jolly good feeling!
My rowdy baby!
"Hey, my fizzy cold drink;
My spicy hot sauce!"
"I'm your little puppy;
Take me, take me."
"Hey, my silky soft thing;
My smoking hot chick."
"Dripping with love;
Talk me, talk me."
"My dear prince, just say the word;
And we can cuddle, all day long!"
"My dear princess, you rock my dreams;
When we get together, it's fireworks!"
"Come, let's hit the beach;
And dance to some beats."
"You are my rowdy baby!"
"Come, you're my only girlfriend;
Here, I've got you flowers."
"We'll make us new trend, baby!"
"Let's go"
"Come up"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Girl Friend!"
"Flower bouquet"
"Trend baby"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"You've got my mood all worked up;
My hormone-u balance-u damage-u."
"Hey, Kamakshi! My Meenakshi!
Maari's got his eyes on you."
"One plus one is two, my love.
You plus me is three, my love."
"Hey, Jhansi Rani! My Krishnaveni.
I'll buy you a pony, come ride it."
"Hey, Magician! You're a smooth operator.
I'm part of you, we're the perfect pair."
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Hey, my fizzy cold drink;
My spicy hot sauce!"
"I'm your little puppy;
Take me, take me."
"Hey, my silky soft thing;
My smoking hot hunk."
"Dripping with love;
Talk me, talk me."
"My dear prince, just say the word;
And we can cuddle, all day long."
"My dear princess, you rock my dreams;
When we get together, it's fireworks."
"Come, let's hit the beach;
And dance to some beats."
"You are my rowdy baby!"
"Come, you're my only girlfriend;
Here, I've got you flowers."
"We'll make us new trend, baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
"Rowdy baby!"
What's wrong with you?
I erected lavish, magnificent sets
to dance with my rowdy baby...
and you shove your face
into the camera?
Buzz off.
Maari would kill us if he found out
about this scene and song!
He assigned a job for you.
Will you do it?
What job?
You'll get a call tomorrow.
All you need to do is deliver the goods
without any hiccups and collect the dough.
Who are you?
I am Anandi.
We spoke over the phone?
What's in the crate?
Gym supplements.
- All safe?
- It's all safe!
- Stop.
- Hello, sir!
Okay, go!
I'm Anandi.
Tell me.
- All okay?
- Yes.
Call me if there is a problem.
Anandi is sharp as a needle, sir.
If Maari asks, tell him great stuff
about me. Okay?
Check this.
It's filled with cocaine.
A lot of it.
Just answer my question.
Where is it coming from?
Make it fast!
I'm getting late.
- Don't say that again.
- I won't...
Isn't that Anandi?
Yes, what is she doing here?
Brother Kalai!
How are you?
Maari is not here?
Maari is not here...
What's this?
It's some bodybuilding powder.
I didn't pry for details.
Lesser I know,
lesser the trouble.
They told me not to open it.
- Who gave you this work?
- Maari did.
Maari gave it to you?
Why, is there a problem?
Not at all.
These goods are ours.
Leave it here, I'll handle it.
Did you inform Maari?
I'll call him?
If Brother Kalai says it's fine,
it's fine.
- Okay.
- Anandi...
- Where are you delivering these?
- Some warehouse near Red Hills.
- Okay!
- See you.
Are you calling Maari?
Wait! That girl might have lied to us.
She doesn't lie
when it comes to Maari.
Let's find out
who the supplier is.
Then you can talk to Maari.
Keep it safely
Keep it, inside
Hey, come this side
Stop, you can't go in.
- Buzz off.
- Calm down.
Let them in.
That girl screwed up?
What does Maari
have to do with this?
She ratted his name too?
I thought she was a sharp girl.
But very bad.
Let that be.
Who are you?
How do you know Maari?
I've only known him for a while now.
I'm not from around here.
I came with the consignment
from Kenya.
But the Kenyan gang was adamant
about running the business here.
It was Maari who
sorted it out for us.
He didn't want you to know,
but that girl screwed up!
Maari would never do anything
behind my back.
Maari doesn't like drug smugglers
or drug users!
You know why he is doing it
behind your back.
Maari is a good friend.
He'd never let anything harmful near you.
But at the same time,
he is good at what he does.
He'd never pass up
on a great opportunity.
You are lying.
Why would Anandi do this work
if Maari didn't tell her to?
Hope you haven't
taken any packets for yourself!
Maari would kill me!
How come Singayya doesn't
know about this?
Who said he doesn't?
Who do you think attempted
to kill Maari that night?
Kalai, if you need anything,
don't hesitate to ask.
You had given Anandi some work,
is she doing okay?
It's all good.
You know how Saturday works.
But Saturday is an off day.
- Isn't that Vallavan?
- Yes, that's him.
Maari has come
Why is he running away?
Why are they running away from us?
What are you doing here?
- I was just talking to my friend...
- I know all your friends.
- What's in that bag?
- Just our stuff...
You look nervous.
Check the bag.
He knows we don't deal with drugs
and yet he took up this job?
Maari, Kalai doesn't need to know.
I made a mistake.
Don't blow this up.
You can take a cut, if you want.
Maari, let me go.
Listen to me.
- See what he's done!
- What happened?
He's peddling drugs
behind our backs.
He's doing the very business
we wanted to stay away from.
He's pinning it on me!
- You're crossing a line!
- Maari...
Calm down.
I went to Maari's house
and found packs of cocaine there.
When I questioned them,
they dragged me down here.
I will hit you
if you talk lie
Kalai, he is the one lying.
We caught him red-handed
while he was dealing.
You begged us not to tell Kalai
and now you're turning the tables on us?
Where would I get the drugs?
Who would trust me with it?
Especially, with you around.
- Kalai, Maari has betrayed--
- Stop right there.
Is there something
you need to tell me, Maari?
If you want to say something,
now is the time.
Are you dealing drugs
behind my back?
What's this Kalai?
You believe his lies?
You take his word over Maari's?
I know everything.
I got to know yesterday.
I even know who your supplier is.
What are you blabbering?
I asked you myself...
if we can peddle drugs.
They're lying to you.
Why would she lie?
who gave you that job?
Saturday told me...
that Maari wanted me to do it.
I only transported the goods.
But I had no idea
what was inside it.
He was the one
who came up to me...
and said he needs Anandi
for some work.
Sure! Blame it all on me.
Have you ever seen me
in that job anytime?
Kalai and I saw her carrying it
only yesterday.
We checked the goods
and found coke in it.
Now I get what's going on.
She went to Maari
after getting caught yesterday.
Now he's pinning it on me.
I don't know what's going on.
- You two...
- Shut up, woman!
Yesterday, even I believed
you didn't know what's going on.
Now, I have my doubts on you.
Maari knows how to use you.
Say one more word and you're done for...
He's lying through his teeth!
Don't pounce on me now.
You've been cheating
your friend all this time...
Watch your mouth.
Know who you're talking about?
Are you high on coke?
You think I'd dare to hit you
only when I'm high on coke?
Hit me.
Come on.
Why did you stop?
Hit me!
You're not in any state
to understand a thing I say.
It will all appear wrong to you.
Lay a hand on Saturday again...
and I'll chop that hand off.
Maari, is there a problem?
- Wait...
- You!
I'm furious.
Just go away now!
What did I do?
You should have told me
when you sensed something was wrong.
I didn't do anything on purpose.
Have I ever done anything
to wrong you?
I'm sure it's not her fault.
- You're supporting her?
- No.
I'm not.
She came behind me like a silly girl,
and they've used that.
Tell her to leave.
Is it wrong express affection?
Did I ask for it?
It's your affection
that's landed me in trouble.
There are so many people
longing for affection.
I consider you the centre
of my universe...
you only think of me as trouble?
You're angry now?
Have you ever thought...
'I've sent her on a dangerous job.'
'Is she safe?
Did she get home?'
Are you not one bit
concerned about me?
I've been caring for you
all this time...
took you to the hospital...
I pray to the God every single day
for your well being.
And think about you all the time.
But you...?
You don't even consider me
a living thing, do you?
You'll understand my worth
only when I'm gone.
Kalai is not in a state of mind
to listen to anything we say.
He won't understand.
We must handle this on our own.
Vallavan isn't smart enough
to deal with drugs on his own.
I'm sure Singayya is behind this.
Let's get him.
But if I get involved in this directly,
it will blow up into a gang war.
Every man sows the seeds
of his demise somewhere.
Well done!
You turned the thickest of friends
against each other.
This is the right time.
Let's not delay it.
Kill them both tonight.
The time isn't right yet.
We should wait a little.
We shouldn't delay any further!
We should draw first blood.
It was my plan.
I decide when it's time.
Who is he to order me around?
Thinks he is some mastermind?
- Listen...
- Yes?
Find a good hit-man
from outside the city.
It will be different this time.
Maari and Kalai must not
live to see tomorrow.
Okay, brother.
- Who did that?
- Calm down!
'If one auto driver faces a crisis...'
' holds good for
all drivers as well', he said
Manikkam anna gave this
He asked me to wait till the surgery
is over, in case you needed help
Bless his generous soul, bro
Who are we to say?
Our entire country echoes this!
- Where is he?
- Today is 'Ayudha Pooja'
He'll be thanking the Gods now
with a rock and roll song!
Someone is throwing it intentionally.
Find out who it is!
What happened to you?
Maari used the Kenyan to kill our boss
at the cinema.
Gather all our men and arms.
This day, he will--
He will what?
What will you do to him this day?
This is Kalai's turf.
If I ever see any of you
in the hood again...
I will finish you off!
Chase them away.
The entire lot has been
burned down to ashes!
Where were you people?
What the hell were you doing?
I worked so hard
to get that lot.
It's all gone now!
Toss him into the fire.
Call up Kalai and tell him...
Maari burnt down the warehouse
with Vallavan in it.
Maari killed Vallavan.
Hi, darling
Why are you still here?
You should get home.
I know my way.
Don't pretend like you care about me.
My affection is a problem to you.
Affection is a problem for me...
If only someone had shown me affection
in the past, I'd know how to handle it.
This is the best I can do.
Are you even listening?
I'm talking to you!
You annoying piece of crap!
Couldn't you find another time?
After all these years,
he finally decides to say something...
and you choose this time
to attack him?
I wasn't going to say anything!
Oh, dear god!
The moment is gone?
You scum-bag!
See, he's got cold-feet now.
Go home.
Who are you?
Who sent you?
Go home.
I'll handle this.
Just go!
Turn the lights on.
Let go of me.
Let go!
I said, let go!
Just give me the guy
who hit her...
and the rest of you
can run away from here.
It was him, Maari.
You're dead!
What are you guys
doing here?
- If Kalai finds out...
- He sent us here to kill you.
Maari must die.
Get him tonight!
Let me out!
How many of you have set out
to stab me in the back?
Let him go!
Good question.
After all this, it would be a pity
to let someone else kill you.
You need to die at the
hands of the God of Death.
You need to die knowing
I was behind all of this.
You need to die knowing who I am,
and what you did to my life.
You should go through the same pain
I went through.
Just like I suffered in the prison
with nobody on my side...
you're alone and helpless now.
Even your best friend
wants you dead.
There is not one person
who wants you to live.
Even you've lost the desire to live.
You are ready to die.
Maari, they stabbed you?
Come, let's get you to the hospital.
Die together.
Drive to the hospital.
Hurry up!
What is it?
Is it done yet?
Have you killed Maari?
Even if all my friends turn traitors...
and all those traitors
become my enemies...
I'll face it all.
I'll survive.
Be well.
You can't afford to be
so low now, Kalai.
There are many people
dependent on you.
It's just you from now.
If you need any help,
I'll be there for you.
Why have you spared Kalai?
If you get him, you're the top boss.
We need Kalai to run
the business for now.
Once we reach the top,
we'll kick the ladder off.
Ask the SI in Maari's area
to talk to me.
Police investigate murder attempt
over gangster Maari by mysterious group.
Chennai's Collector Vijaya vows to wipe out
crime in the city with the help of police.
Vijaya Chamundeswari takes charge
as the head of Law and Judiciary.
Miss Vijaya promoted as joint secretary
of state for Law and Judiciary.
Joint Secretary Vijaya forms a
special task force...
to prevent unlawful practices
in the upcoming elections.
You'd asked for a background check
on the assembly election candidates.
We've narrowed it down
to 574 candidates.
Criminal records?
More than 80 percent of the candidates
have prior criminal records.
Thank god for the 20 percent!
Ignore the former MLAs and MPs.
46, madam.
First time nominees?
5 members.
Vedharaj from Tindivanam Constituency.
S. Mani from Trichy East.
Gangadhar Beeja from Thousand Lights.
- From Madurai West...
- One second.
What was that third name?
Gangadhar Beeja from Thousand Lights.
- He is a known gangster...
- Thanatos.
Thanatos is just a myth, madam.
It's a rumour started by someone.
We had admitted a convict
at the hospital.
He killed a police constable
while getting discharged.
He had a mental disorder
and committed suicide.
Here is the certificate.
What about Beeja?
He was an ex-convict.
Because of his good conduct,
he was granted an early release.
Since his release, he's involved in
various businesses and social activities.
Now he's contesting as MLA
in the Thousand Lights constituency.
Long Live Beeja!
Hail the mighty Beeja!
Love live!
Hail our Leader Gangadhar Beeja!
Long live.
Hail our Leader Gangadhar Beeja!
Long live.
We nominate Kalai as our party's candidate
in the Thousand Lights Constituency.
Congratulations, Kalai!
Beeja! Get ready.
We have a lot of work to do.
I am ready, Kalai.
I am ready to be the candidate.
They've announced the list of candidates.
I know.
That's why I'm asking you...
I'll run instead of you
in Thousand Lights.
You should withdraw.
Choose your words carefully.
I made you a leader.
I've spared you only because
you were of some use to me.
When I feel like
I have no use for you...
you'll be dead the next second.
I'm trying to be patient,
but you're crossing the line.
Son, forget it.
Come here.
Be quiet!
This is your last warning.
I don't want to cause trouble during election
by killing a fellow party member.
Get him out of here.
Hi, dad.
Hello, Kalai.
I was just asking your wife
when you'd be home!
I want to strike a deal with you.
It was I who killed your brother.
And it was I who
pinned the blame on Maari.
It's such a terrible feeling.
Don't make me do it again.
Beeja, one moment.
Those three big arrests last month...
I found out
how it happened.
Stop the car.
- What's wrong, sir?
- Step outside, man.
Let me go, sir.
Sir, why are you arresting us?
What have we done?
Sir, spare us...
This is gross injustice.
If we have the right information source
and immediate police action...
these arrests are proof that we can arrest
even the biggest criminals.
The new Commissioner has an
informer in one of the gangs.
An informer?
- Is it confirmed?
- I'm sure there is an informer.
But I don't know who he is, which gang,
or how long he's been around.
He could even belong to your gang.
Your job is to find out who he is.
The Commissioner is being very secretive.
No one else knows except him.
You need to poke and prod and
investigate within your gang.
More importantly,
you need to be very careful.
Two top bosses have already
been locked away.
You could be the next target.
Gangadhar Beeja must not
be allowed to contest in the elections.
He has a hardcore criminal background.
I'm sure you know...
He is an ex-convict who killed the jailers
and escaped 10 years back.
Take a look.
Even in this case...
it was Beeja
who committed these murders.
Thanatos and Beeja
are both the same person.
Are there any witnesses?
There was a witness.
But not anymore.
I don't know where he is.
I heard you have an informer
in one of the gangs.
If you will it, we can
definitely use that informer...
to collect evidence against Beeja
and mount a case.
Please take your seat.
The safety of my informer
is the most important thing.
Because this is a dangerous job.
Beeja is real sharp.
Try through some other source.
Find some solid criminal evidence.
Come to me then.
I can give you that support.
These days, if you want to do good,
you need to be a bad person.
Maari has been missing
for 8 years now.
So many people tried
finding him for various cases.
Neither the cops nor the gangs
could find him.
Beeja is trying to hunt him down, too.
He's had no luck either.
I have never missed my mark.
This was the first time.
I need to set things right.
We've given up looking for him.
I don't know if he is even alive, madam.
No one has seen Maari
in several years.
Beeja attempted to kill Maari
eight years back.
He killed four others in that spot.
Maari is the only witness for that.
Re-open this case.
If you find any sort of information,
report directly to me.
We need to find Maari.
There was a girl who kept
running behind Maari...?
- What's her name?
- Anandi, madam.
We don't know where she is, either.
Can I get a photo of her?
Circulate these photos
of Maari and that girl.
Media, social media, channels,
posters, police stations...
Put them up everywhere.
We've circulated those photos
all over the state.
No information.
There can be only one explanation.
Maari is dead.
- Hello?
- I heard you're doing my work!
You don't even need to inform me
if you find Maari...
I'll get to know anyway.
I've got ears everywhere.
I'll take good care of you
after I become an MLA.
Think before you act.
Else, I'll have to take
care of you right away!
Why did you come by auto?
I'd have sent you the car.
That's okay!
The auto driver wants to meet you.
He says it's something important.
Everyone says that.
Don't encourage such people!
Just go talk to him!
He said his name is Maariappan.
I came here to tell you
to stop looking for me.
Please take down my photos
and my Anandi's photos.
I'm requesting you.
I knew this would be the first thing
you'd say when I find you.
But I thought it would
come as a threat.
I didn't expect it to come as a request.
She survived.
But because the bullet
hit her spinal cord...
her legs have been paralysed.
So she can never walk again.
It was my price to pay for all my sins.
Why did you get in the way?
Is it a sin to protect a girl?
I have committed many sins...
For the first time,
I wanted to do the right thing.
But now...
The girl you saved
was my older sister.
Before you knew the reason
why I loved you...
I wanted you to
fall in love with me.
But that didn't happen.
Look at us now.
Let's go some place
no one can find us.
I don't have a friend here...
nor a life.
From now, you're my everything.
Only you.
They say bad things lead to good things...
Looks like it's true, after all.
So what if I've lost my legs?
I've got you.
She gave me her whole life.
So I decided to
change my life for her.
I took her as far away
from my world as I could.
I'd never really believed in
relationships or family ties...
But Anandi changed all that.
Anandi, Saturday, Punch-Bag, and I...
they were my family.
My world.
- Ma'am?
- Yes?
I heard you have
a house to rent.
Oh yes! They said you'd be coming.
Lakshmi, take them upstairs
and show them the house.
I tell you not to eat biriyani everyday!
You're getting heavier!
Keep quiet and lift me!
Is the ground floor included?
- Where would we go, then?
- Go to hell.
Shut your trap!
The house is in the first floor.
Is that okay?
Is there an elevator?
- What's that?
- An elevator...
We don't have all that.
That's not a problem.
He can carry me up and down.
You look like good people.
He is mocking us.
You're putting on a performance?
- You can move in tomorrow.
- Okay!
Hold on!
'Open the door, you old ghost!'
Oh, no.
I think Grandma Dora and Grandpa Boots
have gone missing.
I already told you,
your performance wasn't working...
What is that song you were singing?
It's from a horror movie.
We've shifted upstairs.
You can take the ground floor.
You don't need an elevator now, do you?
We don't want to impose...
Not at all.
You can still carry your wife around.
I'm talking to you.
Bring those water cans up here.
From this distance, doesn't it
look like Maari is doing some chores?
He is doing chores!
Hurry up.
Maari, you're being useful?
The world will come to an end!
It's fine.
He says it's fine.
Let him do it.
You do it, moron.
That was funny.
Why is he throwing like this?
Don't keep hanging around at home
like a bunch of idiots.
Go for a night show movie
and come back in the morning.
What's all this?
Friendship comes first
to Maari, Grandpa Boots.
Everything else comes last.
They don't know us.
Let them be.
- Here, take this.
- What's that?
Bus tickets to Madurai.
Come back next week.
Okay, we'll take our time.
Or we could just move back
to Madras permanently.
Let's go.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Why so emotional?
I'm 28 years old.
Should I feel bad
that I'm still unmarried?
Don't feel bad.
Or should I feel happy that
this guy is unmarried at 40?
- You're getting too cocky.
- Let's go.
Come back here.
What are you looking for?
You were looking for
something on the floor...?
Oh, that...
it was 'shy'.
It doesn't suit you! Don't bother.
- You're going to sing?
- Let's be man and wife.
We're already married.
You're useless!
Sit down.
You bossing me around.
Don't act like a drunk hobo
leaning against a lamp post!
That's the best I can do.
Fine, don't get mad.
What do you like about me?
Why do you need to think so hard?
- Is there nothing at all?
- Wait, I'm thinking!
Yes... your smile!
- Like the way you're smiling now...
- Really?
Bright as a Petromax lamp.
I have checked you out, too.
Petromax lamp?
Is that all?
You're the light of my life!
It took you all these years
to realise that?
You were saying it out loud.
And I just didn't say it.
But it was there all along.
You're just lying!
You could have told me.
My life could have ended any minute...
I don't want you widowed and wailing.
Shut up!
Is that how you speak
on such a special day?
But you wouldn't let my life end.
Your life is mine.
How could I let it end?
"Tell me, would there be green;
If heavens didn't burst into rain?"
"Tell me, wouldn't flowers bloom in vain;
If you didn't wear them in your mane?"
"My love, I'll always have your back;
Wrap you around me like exquisite silk."
"My love, I've turned over a brand new leaf;
Even learning to be a little lovey-dovey."
"Come on, walk with your swag;
My Warrior!"
"Let's jaunt the world in my auto;
My Saviour!"
"Our bed creaks a sweet melody;
I slip into the most tranquil dream."
"You brought me calm and composure;
My Quest has attained closure."
"I will bear you in my bosom always;
Everyday, I bolt across the blue skies."
"The world seems to revolve around me;
My eyes rest as peace engulfs me."
"You're the fairy flown down,
To fix my faulty fate."
"I've been re-born now,
How could I thank you enough?"
"Princess, you melt this stone heart of mine;
It's you and me till the end of time."
"Tell me, would there be green;
If heavens didn't burst into rain?"
"Tell me, wouldn't flowers bloom in vain;
If you didn't wear them in your mane?"
"Handsome, you are my lion;
An unpolished chunk of gold."
"What did you see in this ruffian?
You're stuck with me forever now."
Are you really happy?
What more could I ask for?
I've got my deer cub on my arms.
And my lion cub in your tummy.
What more could I want?
What if it's a girl?
Girl or boy, Maari's kid is a lion cub!
This is the sort of life
I always wished for.
So I'm really happy!
But that's not the case with you.
You were a proud rowdy...
now you've left it all behind.
I really miss that old Maari.
What are you saying?
I should go back to my old ways?
Be whatever you want to be.
Just one thing...
Never hurt someone for your happiness.
Never let someone's mistake
take away your happiness.
I indulge in random
philosophy only when I'm drunk.
But you do that even when you're sober?
They say it's normal
when I'm carrying a baby.
Don't blame my child for
the crap you're saying.
What is it?
- Maari...
- Yes?
The baby is coming.
You had a baby boy. He is healthy.
But her legs were paralysed
so there was a complication...
What happened?
We tried.
But we couldn't save her.
What do you mean?
This is why I wanted
to be on my own all along.
She chased after me and...
what was the point?
I showered all my love on one girl...
and now she just left?
I won't even see her face.
Try to wake her up.
She looks like she is asleep.
We should try waking her up.
I feel like my heart might shatter.
My eyes are watering...
Without you, Maari is a lifeless corpse.
Your life is mine.
How could I let it end?
God bless her soul.
She handed my future to me...
made my life beautiful...
and took my death with her.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know about Anandi's death.
I thought if I search for her,
I might find you.
I wouldn't mind you searching for me,
nor Beeja finding my whereabouts.
But I'm not alone now.
So you have a son now?
His name?
I've been trying since morning.
What is it, baby? What is it?
I did the same thing!
The granny is singing merrily.
She is a professional.
So Maari is a family man!
I swear I can't believe it.
Sometimes I can't believe it myself.
Is Kaali like his mother or his father?
He is something else!
It happened 8 days back, they say.
He isn't even old enough
to wear full trousers!
He was messing around
with 5th grade kids, that's fine.
Today, he's gone to a whole new level.
He is such a mischievous kid.
He troubles others just for fun.
Come here.
You brat!
You fainted before I hit you?
Give me back my cane!
It's time for class. Let's go.
Mr. Maariappan,
you look like a calm person.
You should teach him to tell good from bad.
You know the Bhagavat Gita?
I know.
It's the fat book they make us
take the oath upon at courts?
You should spend some time with him,
and explain things to him.
- Okay.
- See you.
Do you get angry all the time
like your Principal says?
Not all the time.
Sometimes I get angry,
sometimes I get confused.
I'll tell you something simple
that your mother once told me.
Never hurt someone for your happiness.
Never let someone's mistake
take away your happiness.
Got it!
It's that simple. Come on.
- Dad?
- Yes?
Can I go for the state level
running selections next week?
Superb, go ahead.
But it's happening in Chennai.
In Chennai?
I had to come to Chennai
even though I didn't want to.
It's a big surprise to see you
as a family man.
But you're also being
a responsible father.
I'm really happy.
Let us be happy, too.
My priority is to ensure that this tiny
haven of mine doesn't get ruined.
I can't come to testify at the court.
Beeja or Kalai can't know
about my whereabouts.
You didn't have good people
in your life all this time.
But things have changed now.
You have a son.
Do you want your son
to grow in a good society...
or in a society where bad people
like Beeja are in power?
That lies entirely in your hands.
It's not in my hands.
Raising my son to be a good person
is the only thing in my control.
Please let me do that properly.
I hope you understand.
Go with him.
You must run perfectly!
Come on, Kaali!
Come on, go for it!
Run like the wind.
That's my boy! Go for it.
Come on, Kaali!
That is my student!
- I've trained him well.
- What?
- Get us something to eat.
- Okay.
They'll call for me in 5 minutes.
There's a final selection round.
We can go home after that?
- I don't know.
- Drink up!
What will you accomplish running this race?
Surprise, surprise!
It's been so many years
since I saw last you!
You've changed.
Why do you look shocked?
This is Kaali?
He has a cool name, just like his father.
Hi, Kaali. My name is Beeja.
Hi, uncle.
I'm an old friend of your father's.
Kaali, the next round is yours?
Go on, get some practice.
Wait, Maari.
Let Kaali join the conversation.
How long have you known my father?
I knew him well when he lived in Chennai.
We had a lot of give and take.
I missed your dad for 8 long years.
I'm glad I caught him here.
We had a disagreement about something.
I've come to set it straight.
You need to give the verdict.
Do you watch Discovery Channel?
Have you seen a tiger hunt down a deer?
Yes, I've seen that!
Now, instead of the
deer running for its life...
imagine how it would look
if the tiger ran for its life?
That would look bad.
Heard that, Maari? Your son agrees with me.
If a tiger doesn't roar...
it's no tiger.
But uncle, I've read about tigers.
We think the tiger roars
before it attacks someone.
A tiger doesn't roar before
it strikes another animal.
Which is why...
No one knows when and
how a tiger is about to strike!
But when the tiger strikes the target...
One SMACK! and ZAP! It's finished.
If you just let things be in their
rightful place, it's best for everyone.
What say?
No, Maari.
It's one thing for a tiger
to be quiet normally...
But say, a man shoots down
something that the tiger really loves...
and say, it dies...
if the tiger still quietly
hides in the forest...
that's not right.
- Get some practice now.
- Okay, dad.
What do you want?
In all this time we were talking here...
I could have killed you
both several times.
You know why I haven't done it yet?
Watching you in this state, with that thing
on your forehead and timid as a mouse...
-is more gratifying than
watching you dead.
I'm giving you one last chance.
Kill me if you can, in front of your son.
But this is your last chance.
I'm going to count to five.
In front of your boy...
and all these people...
kill me if you can!
Starting now, you're going to spend
every waking moment in fear...
wondering how and when
I'm going to attack you.
I want you to die of constant fear.
But I won't take too long.
You and your son will die gruesome deaths.
Don't do anything till
the elections are over.
Yes, the Commissioner and the
Joint Secretary have already marked you.
- Watch out.
- I know.
Till the elections, let him and
his son die of fear every day.
After the elections,
I'll give him a royal farewell!
Dad, what are you looking for?
What took you so long?
The teacher didn't let us go.
Don't be playing after school.
Come home directly.
Good work.
We'll see tomorrow.
Sir, do you have a minute?
Yes, please.
We have strong evidence against
Beeja in the drug smuggling case.
We've fast-tracked the case in court,
and there is a hearing day after tomorrow.
We'll send the summon today.
His party members might
create a problem in court.
- Strengthen the security.
- Okay, madam.
Who is the witness?
That's confidential.
Who is it?
Sir, she hasn't even told you.
How would I know?
Just like how the Commissioner
has an informer in their gang...
I hear they have an informer
in the police department, too.
- Really, sir?
- Why do you ask me?
Investigate it, sir.
You have all the resources.
Okay, madam. I will try!
Carry these.
This new teacher is so hot.
You heard that?
Your parents raised you to talk that way?
They will be very pleased to hear
that kind of language from you.
She looks good even when she is angry!
You complained to the Principal?
My father is the Councillor.
- Not here, let's take it outside.
- Let's go there.
Grab him!
- Drop that stick!
- You want to hit me?
- I dare you to touch me.
- Go away.
Get up and leave.
You think I'm just a kid?
I'll rip you apart!
Get going.
You little devil!
They came to hit me, dad.
You could have left it at that.
Why did you go to the Principal?
Remember what Mother said?
Never hurt someone for your happiness.
Never let someone's mistake
take away your happiness.
Both of these things happened there.
I was the only person
who could have stopped it.
When I see somebody hurting another person,
I should make it stop, right?
Or they will go on and hurt someone else.
Sorry, dad.
Why is your face covered in bruises, son?
Your classmate hit you?
No, dad. A 5th grade kid hit me.
A 5th grader?
You got beaten up by a little kid?
Drag that boy down here!
- Go.
- Okay.
The Councillor has sent for us.
What do we do now?
I'll talk to him.
They've filed a case against you.
Joint Secretary, Vijaya.
They've sent you a summon.
Not just that, she's got a
witness to testify against you.
They say it's the informer in your gang.
Everyone seems to know who
the informer is, except you!
Find him.
Find him now.
I'll find him.
Get Kalai.
I need to talk to him.
I need accurate numbers.
Or I'll thrash you!
- It's all here.
- That's better.
- This is the guy?
- Greetings.
Your son hasn't come?
No, sir.
Your son has beaten up my son so badly.
Sir, I spoke to my son...
It was your son's fault.
They're just school kids.
Let's not sow ideas of revenge
in their heads now.
If you are still angry with my son...
I apologize on his behalf.
You're an important person.
Please be gracious.
You're waiting to finish
me off, aren't you?
If I were a single man...
I'd have slashed your throat
the day you came home.
It's been a long time since
someone held a knife to my throat.
I don't even remember what it feels like.
But now...
-a certain black sheep is trying
to hold a knife to my throat.
When I think that the black
sheep could be one of my own...
-that makes me angry.
And that's why you need
a friend by your side.
You look at people as enemies or traitors.
You just won't get it.
A slave will be loyal and
lay at my feet till the end.
But a friend...
can turn into a traitor any time.
You know that only too well!
We found Maari's location.
He is in Tenkasi.
Take 10 of our men. Find him and his son.
I'll get there after I sort out this case.
We don't need 10 people.
He's timid as a mouse now.
Even today, he had a problem
with the Councillor.
He went and begged his forgiveness.
I enquired at several places.
I even tried threatening people.
I've poked around the
entire police department.
But I couldn't find
anything about the informer.
You will know who he is
when he comes to court tomorrow.
He shouldn't cross the court entry gates.
- Kill him in front of everyone.
- Okay
Long Live Beeja! Long Live Beeja!
Long Live Beeja! Long Live Beeja!
Down with Vijaya! Down with Vijaya!
Down with Vijaya! Down with Vijaya!
Down with Vijaya! Down with Vijaya!
He has to come past you.
When he gets close,
just plunge the knife into him.
If the witness comes with security...
I'll do something to create a diversion.
Then you'll have to get him.
Spot the informer and kill him.
Maari does live here.
The information was true.
He did meet the Councillor.
But the story we heard
about Maari apologising...
that's not true.
I'll take leave.
Wait up.
We can forget it...
but those who saw my
boy getting hit won't forget.
Let's do this.
my son will break your son's
limbs in front of everyone.
I will bear all his hospital expenses!
Give it to him.
Here. You will bring
your son over tomorrow.
We'll break his limbs and send him back.
Take it.
After you wake up...
tell your boss that he should
stay away from me and my son.
After I wake up?
You buggers...
I used to kill time by smoking
cigarettes and thrashing people.
I can't smoke cigarettes
freely because my son doesn't like it.
Let's kill some time?
From tomorrow, your son must not
attend the school my son goes to.
You must not do any business in this town.
You must not live in this town.
I must never lay eyes on your face.
If I ever lay eyes on you...
I will rip you apart.
An auto is coming this way.
See if the lawyers are
showing any reaction?
They're getting ready.
Looks like he is the guy.
That's the Maari I wanted to see.
Now you're a worthy adversary.
Not good enough!
Your act is not good enough.
I see fear in your eyes!
You're the informer?
We know who the informer is...
But if you want to find the informer,
you have to get past Maari.
Judging by the fear in your men's eyes,
you should know that's not possible.
Why didn't you bring the informer today?
You gave me one chance.
Now I'm giving you one chance.
Withdraw your candidature,
apologise to Kalai and his family...
forget the fact that I even have a son...
and go settle down in the place
meant for psychos like you.
If I see you around, one SMACK!
and ZAP! You're finished.
You're giving me a chance?
This case will disappear
without a trace tonight.
Your informer will be a corpse
by the time he comes to court tomorrow.
And I will kill your son...
Try touching him.
Touch him!
Touch him!
You still don't know me too well.
I'm a very, very bad man.
If you are bad...
I am your dad.
Without providing details
about the witness beforehand...
the Prosecution cannot
produce the witness for a hearing.
We demand that they
produce the witness right now.
Revealing the witness' identity will
endanger their life, Your Honour.
Since the Prosecution failed
to produce their witness...
the case hearing
is adjourned to tomorrow.
In tomorrow's morning session
you must reveal the witness.
It's the police department's duty
to provide adequate protection.
Court dismissed.
We have a problem if the witness
testifies tomorrow.
If we kill him after that,
the blame would naturally fall on us.
I need to know his identity tonight.
He must die.
Move away
Come here
Who are you talking to?
We've built this case
with great difficulty.
We need to ensure the black sheep in
our department doesn't leak information.
Please find out who that informer is?
It's not as easy as you think.
It's easier than you think.
Important informers like these
communicate with the boss directly.
If you follow the boss
and see who he talks to...
-the black sheep will
automatically get caught.
I heard Maari came to court today?
You didn't go to see him?
How will I face him?
He is your friend, right?
I don't know.
- Kalai's house?
- Yes...
You've changed completely!
How are you?
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm okay.
This is Kaali.
Maari's son.
When I heard about you,
I really longed to see you.
But your father
was angry with me.
That's why I couldn't come.
Why is my father angry with you?
It was my fault.
I fought with him.
He fought back with you?
I would have preferred
if he had fought back.
But he forgave me,
and walked away.
I made a mistake, Kaali.
Your father's anger...
is justified.
You are Kalai?
Your father mentioned me?
Oh, yes. Lots!
What did he say?
He said the first friend and best friend
he got in his life...
is you.
This is Kalai's house?
Uncle, my father is here.
- Have you eaten?
- Yes, dad.
Even after I became an enemy...
and a traitor...
you still remain a friend.
Forget it.
You didn't do anything!
Come on!
You're crying?
It doesn't suit you.
I'm not the informer.
I know.
I'm on my way there.
What's going on?
Listen to me, Beeja.
All this is out of my control.
I gave you information
because I trusted you.
Now, you have another informer to get me?
Stop saying that!
I didn't plant any informer.
You are my only informer.
The Joint Secretary has someone else.
I trusted you...till yesterday.
But now, even Maari tells me
there is someone in the gang.
You're playing a double game?
The information you provide is just bribe
for me to not take action against you.
Instead of locking you up
behind bars...
I'm rounding up other rowdies
using the information you give me.
Maybe someone else is using
an official higher than me.
How do you know that's not the case?
- Stop asking me...
- You rascal!
You are the informer?
What are you doing here?
- Be quiet, sir!
I'm looking all over the town
to find the informer to save you...
-and you are ratting out
your own people?
Yes, I am!
This is how I cleaned up
my past records.
You can't even find out
who the other informer is...
-you have the gall
to question me?
You can never find out.
That informer doesn't exist.
So who is that witness?
It was a lie fabricated to reveal
your true colours to everyone.
What are you looking at?
All of them belong to the gangs
of rowdies you got arrested.
I trusted you and came here.
So many people know this place?
I don't want to be a part of this!
I'm leaving.
- Hey!
- Leave me
Let that man go.
The black sheep is right here.
How do you like
Maari's plot against you?
Please let me do that properly.
'Beeja is a informer'
How do you know
Beeja is the informer?
I've got ears everywhere, too.
This is just a job to you.
But it's my life!
I know these things.
If he has the Commissioner's support,
getting him will be harder.
If I tell this to other gangs,
no one would believe me.
That's your problem.
My part is done.
Maari, hang on.
They'll believe it
only if you tell them.
'Remember what Mother said?'
'When I see somebody hurting another
person, I should make it stop, right?'
'Or they will go on and hurt someone else.'
I'll come
I'll come. For my son.
On one condition.
Arrange a hearing against Beeja
at the court.
- What case?
- A false case.
The drug smuggling case against Beeja
has become strong...
A case has been filed against you, Beeja.
We need to make him believe that a
non-existent witness will appear in court.
I don't know anything
about the informer.
You will know who he is
when he comes to court tomorrow.
We need to make him believe
there is another informer in his own gang.
A certain black sheep is trying to
hold a knife to my throat.
He will definitely go
to see the Commissioner.
I'll take it from there.
I have an old score to settle.
Is this really you?
It's not a false case.
The crimes are real.
Just one thing...
We're going to hide the identity
of the witness till the very end...
and eventually say
the witness didn't turn up.
We're breaking just one rule.
We've got the evidence
against Beeja, like you asked.
I just need your help to fast-track
the case, like you promised.
- Who is the witness?
- Sir, hope you don't mistake me...
I think it's safer to keep his identity
a secret till the end.
It's definitely not your informer.
I understand.
Are you the informer?
We know who the informer is...
But if you want to find the informer,
you have to get past Maari.
You must reveal
details about the witness.
I need to know his identity tonight.
The informer who ratted on your
boss will get caught tonight.
Follow the Commissioner.
- He is dead tonight.
- I'm leaving right away!
- Let's go.
- Okay, boss!
If you follow the boss
and see who he talks to...
-the black sheep will
automatically get caught.
You think only you
can play mind games?
We can't play this game?
He's finished you off.
What did you say?
You are the God of Death?
Get ready for the prayer.
Come on!
I dare you.
I've seen worse.
You think you can live
after going against me?
The Commissioner is on my side.
I'm the God of Death!
Stand by me.
die right here.
The Commissioner must not
leave this area.
Get him back here.
You fools!
Will you never learn?
Beeja, I made a mistake.
Please forgive me.
I acted in haste.
I'm begging you...
I'm always at your service.
Just like your brother,
you're going to die in flames.
You got stabbed
in the back, too?
I've fought for 10 years
to get to where I am.
You've brought me back to square one
within a single day?
I should have killed you
and your son that day.
I'll do it now.
Just like I killed your brother.
Just like I killed your wife.
You are going to die today.
Your rotten tooth, psychotic behaviour,
your drawings...
-none of this scared me.
But these long monologues you speak
every time you see me...
-that really scares me.
You should cut it short.
Let's just get to the fight.
Here, Maari.
Everytime you feel for being unable to walk,
you must think about my Anandi.
A man who fights to live is
stronger than a man who fights to kill.
Based on the evidence provided,
the accused Gangadhar Beeja...
-has been proven guilty beyond doubt
by the Prosecution.
According to Section IPC 302...
he is found guilty on 28 accounts for murder
and is hereby sentenced to life in prison.
Don't act too cool.
Calm down.
Beeja entrusted me
with all the responsibilities.
- Oh yeah?
- You can't enter our hood.
We'll break your bones.
- It's a challenge.
- We'll see.
My hood, my rules.
I will finish you off.