Maalgudi Days (2016)

How is it?
Good now I'm going to click
Come little more closer
Now I'll stand
Come daughter
See, how is this one?
Pappa, let me also see it
Keep the hand to this side
Daughter, smile
Smile girl
How is it?
Akash, had enough of it no?
Come, we'll go
Ready, daughter look
You wait and see
Isn't it daughter?
Sister attend her
Will come now
Doctor, Akash was
everything to her
Because of that sudden death
daughter was very much affected
To play with her and
for everything
She shouldn't think of anything
else to be upset
Especially with kids
I can understand what doctor says
That is why I extended
the leave to this month also
Actually what she wants is
a change from this environment
She never leaves
out of her room much
When I compel a lot for
some time she'll sit at the sit out
Over there also her
attention is on bike of the Akash
Can I tell one suggestion? There
is one school known to Ekka
'Malgudi National Public School'
It is at Idukki, it's a residential
school where homely care is received
Why don't we admit daughter there?
So far, she has not stayed alone
But in this mid term how to
get an admission overthere?
All that can be done, in
the director board of the school
There is a friend of Ekka,
I had gone there once
"In this dawn, bathes
the golden sun"
"On the tearfilled eyes,
the snow is melting"
"On the hill top brooks, which
flows coquettishly was reddened"
"When it was dawn at hill range
time when new day arises"
"Bathed in wet mist,
gentle breeze came for a visit"
Fellow, stop there
Will show you
Hey you!
Joseph, this is the
last warning for him
In this year itself how many times?
Only for this time, sir
you can beat him or scold him
Do whatever you want
There is no use of beating him
If at all I receive any complaint
Don't hesitate just come
here to pick him up, that's all
Sir, can you give the phone to him?
Go, boy
No Pappa, yeah promise
Boy, might have
received really good
Sorry Pappa
Enough boy, don't over act
You don't worry you will be
thrown out from school
There are lot of other schools here
Since Pappa has told that,
don't do anything naughty okay
Give the phone to that bald
Sir, he won't make any problems,
I have really scolded him
Regarding this matter, there shouldn't
be a chance to call you
Do you remember what Pappa
has told? - Bald!
I remember it sir
Sir, come
Daughter, did you like the school?
Teacher, are the boys
accommodated here?
This floor is forthe girls,
for boys it is down stairs
This is reading room
This is recreation
That's good
From now on daughter, read and
play if you want
Don't sit alone in the room okay
How many good students
are seen here?
From now on they are yourfriends
Should play with them
You should be happy okay
Daughter has come after a long
journey, hasn't she? Go and take rest
Mother will go and come, okay
Daughter you may go
This belongs to her Pappa
When Akash died only
this was left behind
She has got an
obsession towards this specs
Without her notice,
I kept it away
But if she is compels a lot and
when she is very much upset
Mam, you may give this to her
Fellow where is the biscuit?
Fat fellow
Wait there
Take the biscuit
I'll show you - Go man
Kids, just move
Who has locked him inside?
Didn't anyone see this?
Fellow, isn't there a big stadium
in two acres to play?
Then why did you get into this?
How to take this elephant out?
How did you get trapped in here?
See uncle, easily puts head
inside and very slowly, my god!
Got jammed, someone help
Why is Atheena standing alone?
Uncle, do you want this?
Go man
Why no one is coming
to play with you?
Don't know everyone
is scared of me
Are you scared of me? - No
Then come
You may go first
Leave me - You come here
Leave me man
By today everything is over
It's paining, leave me
I was waiting for a chance to
corner you, today I'll settle everything
Shut the mouth, you come here
In the history of this school,
has not seen such a naughty kid
Walk fellow
Don't react, go I say
Here sir
You can't be tolerated here again
I slipped and fell down myself
That is...
That is not what I came to know
I fell down myself
Sir, she is scared of
him and she is not saying it
On beating him he'll
tell like a parrot
What is that?
Which means buttocks
All the bad words what students
say here is received from you
The buttocks can be called
buttocks only, can I say Salman Khan?
You have to be
more careful, okay
Now all of you go to classes
Why sir wearing black,
did anyone die?
I think it is a very serious matter
In fact if there is an
emergency situation like that -
- we'll close down the school
Students safety is
the main concern
An information, that they have
camped in this area, that's all
Is the visitor's register updated?
Sir, that is all perfect
You should be alert 24 hours
It is like that only isn't it sir?
Then okay sir, if you get
any information, call me
Sir, are they very
dangerous people?
Will they do anything to us?
Mr. Jayan no human
being is dangerous
The situation, that
makes them dangerous
If you look like that you
and me are all dangerous
Isn't it?
My god, am I dangerous?
No, there is no chance for that
Don't know the conversion
Give this to her
If that fat fellow is send out
I would have got a company
Here comes anotherfat fellow!
Fellow, you are always outside
Aren't you also always outside?
What a pity!
Go man
Go man
I could have
decently walked off
This fellow and
all children snatchers -
- even they don't want him!
Earlierthey used
to come in white car -
- don't know where they are now
I didn't understand anything
"The rain pours down in
small drops on this narrow lane"
"Covered with an umbrella
with a smile croons this peacock"
"Near the clear sky,
beautifully beside me-"
"- when the peacock dances on
the shores where waves flow"
"Like a beautiful cloud,
shall fly down the hill"
"Gliding and rowing on snow"
"You come to write
smile in the eye"
"When the towers
of snow are built here"
"Come to pick hail stone"
"When the breeze plays
the flute, colored tailed butterfly"
"Playful deer and colored parrot"
"Can you go this way with
a mountain heap of playfulness?"
Be careful
Please don't make noise
I won't hurt you
Child, you may go
Don't tell anyone that
you saw me here
You go
Where is the ball?
Come, I'll tell
What happened Atheena?
Then shall we go and check?
I've arranged a discussion
on science fest
Where are you both going?
One person wants to go there and
another person wants to go here
And you are going straight
Won't mingle with
others and always together
By the way it's reading
time for you, isn't it?
From the students
call Rahul and Athira
What is the name?
Is police searching, uncle?
Is there police here?
No few days back,
police was searching here
Did you tell anyone
that you saw uncle here?
Do you often come here?
No, for the first time
In the places like this
Where there are no people,
kids shouldn't come
You go to school
won't they enquire?
What is uncle's name?
Don't tell anyone that
you saw me here
What is uncle's name?
Why did you come again?
Somehow I should go from here
What is the mistake done by uncle?
I don't know what to
say to you kids
I don't know if I say that
whether you will understand it
Somehow I should reach my home
Only that is there in the mind
Where is uncle's home?
Look, beyond this hill
Such a long distance
with this ailing leg?
We'll bring the food and water -
- but you may go only after
the wound is healed
In which class are you?
Fourth standard
Is there everything?
What's up man?
Any clues
Sir, that is...
This is his phone call
details forthe last six months
Only very few calls
Many are, his calls to his wife
Local calls
There is nothing in this,
that will help investigation, sir
"On the tearfilled eyes,
on the rose flower cheeks"
"All of a sudden the love is filled"
"Wishes to indulge in it"
"On these plains where
the white snow falls"
"Shall melt into one soul,
like an inseparable bond"
"The time on this flowery
meadows, like a blissful blessing"
"Has created a beauty"
"Flower, when yourfragrance
is spreading like chill"
"My lover mind is blossoming"
"Milky streams
caresses the valley"
"Shall become the swans
of music which flows in it"
"During the time when
night birds croons"
"We shall become
inseparable lovers"
"Always in my dawn"
"You are the smiling first
sight, that comes near"
"You are the divine flower"
"In hundred births"
"My soul has searched
for you, a lot"
"You are the valuable
treasure my daughter"
"While you sleep,
the dreams flowers"
"It was full of colors to rapture"
"On the blue sky -"
"- will the glittering stars
come as her friend?"
"On the tearfilled eyes,
on the rose flower cheeks"
"All of a sudden the love is filled"
"Wishes to indulge in it"
"On these plains
where the white snow falls"
"Shall melt into one
soul, like an inseparable bond"
"Will you give this
birth, as a blessing?"
"Will you come
along as my lover?"
Hello, aren't you here?
Did you see this?
Didn't understand?
That cat is covering its
shit with mud by the cat itself
No one has to say
that to the cat
Is there any other
creature like this?
In the world cat is
the neatest animal
The chicken lays
egg, cow gives milk
The dog will at least bark
With the cat which husband
has told, is there any use?
Then, is the rat caught
by your father? - So what?
Daily is it catching one rat?
The creature which has got
no use, can cover its shit
The people with no
job can watch that
What, the greatness of cat?
Come running
Daughter, you sit here
We will tell our mother-
- why can't we make
our cat a national animal?
Daughter, you take
a bath and come
Shall hear Pappa's madness later
Hey girl, today night I'll make
you hear Pappa's madness
Why, don't want?
So, that's it, now who is drawing?
Didn't I say Pappa
will draw for you?
Indeed when Pappa
draws and she will go to school!
Pappa, Mummy is
drawing very well
Is it so? It's a scenery isn't it?
I know what Mummy draws
Shall I say it?
Okay then you tell
There are hills, no?
Now comes the sun with 'spike'
Over here one coconut
tree, over here one river!
A small house
Daughter, isn't this
what Mummy drew?
It is not that super
One thing is missing
Which is that thing?
I'll correct it now
Now its correct, isn't it?
Hubby, what magic is this?
Young sheep, there is
no big magic on this
The one who knows to draw well
And one who doesn't
know to draw
Right from childhood, there
is a picture we try to draw
That is this picture
Right from our grandfather's
to daughter's generation
Forthe first time, they try
to draw this picture
I'm not a Picasso and all
My goodness!
She is angry
Daughter do you know -
Which is the best picture
drawn by Pappa, so far? - No!
Look, this is the one
"Will you give this
birth, as a blessing?"
"Will you come along
as my lover?"
"Will you give this
birth, as a blessing?"
"Will you come
along as my lover?"
I have called to say
an urgent matter
All the class teachers
should contact today itself
The guardians of resident
students over the phone
On Friday exactly at 4 O'clock
the bus should start from here
At 5 O'clock we should reach
at the Day School at the valley
Yes, the road block, when they all
come to narrow high range paths
More than that the mist
which comes now and then
The last year's accident
since that girl was lucky -
- it didn't become a tragedy
The condition of the road
is poor than before
Even for expert drivers this
high range path is not so easy
Call a staff meeting immediately
and convey this message
Is it still aching?
No, boy
It has reduced
A slight problem to walk
That's all
When is your exam getting over?
So today is?
So, only two more days
After that I'll also go
How can uncle go?
You don't worry on all that
Now for the remaining two days
Without delay come
and meet uncle
It must be late, for me
day time is when you come
And the rest is night
Kids, you may go
Go and come
Uncle, you keep this
But let it be with you, son
Now, uncle's time is
decided by 'HIM'
Okay, you may go
You go and come
Sir on this Zaffan,
I still have a confusion
Not even a single person has
given a statement against him
Relatives, neighbors, compatriots -
- no one knows about
such a background
These people...
That is all true sir
Something is...
Whatever it may be...
Did you understand?
Color got finished,
isn't it husband?
Now, what to do?
By leaving me alone,
you'll wake up David uncle
And make him open the shop
and after buying the color
Will complete this whole painting
at a stretch at night, won't you?
Otherwise Janet, you also come
we'll have an outing and come
Who is this at this time?
Is it Balettan?
What is it?
I'm Sudharshan
Myself and my friends had
come for a trekking
In between went wrong with the route
By that time, fell from the
rock and his leg got wounded
Needs a place to
stay on this night
This was the house
which was seen at first
Thought if its a inconvenience over
here, will enquire other house
We were about to go outside
Then shall we leave?
Please wait, his wound
is bleeding very much
Can go after putting
some medicine
Please come
You make some coffee
This is a big wound
Sir, we'll wait outside
My goodness, can't
stand watching this
What are you all doing? - We are
working in an IT park at Cochin
Monthly there is a weekend
trip, which had ended up like this
After our meeting, so far
didn't mention the name
I'm Zaffan
She is there and daughter is there
right now daughter is not here
She has gone with
grandma, she'll come tomorrow
You are an artist, aren't you?
My goodness, managing a tea estate
that is the main job
This is only my passion
This is not complete
okay, the color got finished
While we were going out
to buy that, you came in
Zaffan, I'm telling this
painting of yours is complete
Because tomorrow this red color
will completely cover blue sea
Bhai, nothing is covering anything
What I'm trying here
is to unite these two colors
Then the sea will have
a new color
A new color which
we haven't seen so far
What a bullet?
Actually, who are you people?
Who are you people?
Didn't you hear what I asked?
Who are you?
We have not come to hurt you
Just ten minutes when that
wound is stitched, we'll go
No, nothing is possible!
First of all tell who you are?
Tell, who you are
For people like you, you can
call us revolutionist
People who had not lost
the powerto react or 'Maoist'
Can call us whatever you like
My goodness!
What, 'Maoist? '
Must get out from here now
Ours is a family
living peacefully, sir
If anyone sees, you are sheltered
here -Zaffan, let me say
Nothing more to say
Who is it?
What is it?
Outside there is police
They have come searching for us
Please don't say we are here
They will leave, after
that we'll also go
If at all if you betray us
On the shoot out which is
going to happen here
On that anything can
happen to anyone
You stay here
Akbar Khan, cobra
commanding officer
Have you seen anyone
going through this way?
Why are you so perplexed?
Are you staying
alone in this house?
Wife is there,
daughter is at the native
What is this?
The hand got cut
Show it
Not mine, wife's
Is that so?
He has gone - Within 5 minutes
they will surround this house
From your behavior
they had known everything
Right here now
anything can happen
What is there to happen?
I'm there, you come!
Wait on opening this door
Hardly two feet within that
time, they will shoot you down
Sometimes, we may
not see again
Just remember one thing
After 50 years when
'Maoist history in Kerala' -
- is made to a book
The first chapter in that
will be 'this night'!
Did you try to fool me?
4 officers are dead
I'll kill!
Husband, you may leave me!
Go somewhere and escape
If husband is dead for our daughter
She will be left alone!
For me... Not too long
What happened uncle?
Uncle, are you crying?
Only today I can see the daughter
So, doesn't uncle cry?
Milan had come a little while ago
When uncle goes,
won't you come back?
Why not I don't come? When
daughter returns after the vacation
I'll come along with daughter Jenny
Simply saying
Come -Where to?
That's all there, come
Look at this
Daughter did you like it?
Fatty don't leave
What are you searching?
Pappa's specs
It will be inside this one
Did all get in? - Yes sir
I'll be in the next block
I've told Jayan to lock
computer lab and dormitory
Where did it go?
Teacher you confirm that and come
Make it fast, only our
3 vehicles are pending
Did you fall down?
When we board the bus with this
wouldn't teacher scold?
Come, we'll wash and go
It is over here
Wash fast there is no time
There is lot of dirt
Enough come
My goodness, the bus
Open it, open it!
Someone open it!
Someone come fast
Open it!
Hello, is there anyone here?
Who has locked this one?
Open it
Open it!
Open it!
Open it!
Open it!
Is there anyone?
My goodness, open it!
Hello help
Open it, who has locked this one?
Open it hello
Is there anyone?
Is there no one here?
Anyway ran, if you had taken that
bag, could have eaten the biscuit
You don't worry on seeing
we are missing -
- someone will come for help
Will anyone come?
Can you understand any of this?
What is there to understand?
Do you know the meaning
of the word 'security? '
A watch man - No, a person
who simply sits like this
18 years back I came like
a 'Jayan' now I float on water
Why is that? Because of this job
Then very often to
get rid of our boredom
We should listen to -
- Kanada, Marathi, Telugu,
Gujarathi languages on radio
You should know all this
I'll teach you
Come, we'll go -Where?
Then who is here?
Hey fool, this one month
is for us to enjoy
There is no need to
come to this area
Till afternoon, can sleep
at the quarters
After that take the office
jeep and go to toddy shop
Go there have
4 pegs, barrage on his father!
Return back to quarters at 7
O'clock and sleep nicely
What if someone calls
in the office phone?
What if someone comes here?
Who is going to come here?
What is there to take?
Fellow, once in a while principal
will call on that land phone
If not received, will call
on my phone
What so?
Fellow, simply tell we
are on the rounds -Isn't it?
You do one thing go
and bring the jeep
Come, come
"We are going to rock"
Bad mirror
What are you searching? - Let
me see, there will be some way
What, uncle?
Here hold this
Break the glass
Break it fast uncle will go
Did you check at the school?
I called the security
he is not picking up
We are about to go there -At that
time who was the staff in the bus?
Sir, I was the one, it is me
who boarded them on the bus
I'm sure have marked
the attendance
Have you stopped anywhere
on the way? - No sir
Do you remember seeing
them after the bus got started?
All the kids were shouting in
between that, these kids?
Sir then I'll go and check
Sir, we'll go there and check
We'll go
Call at the station
and arrange more force
"Will the sorrow of the
earth be removed?"
"Will the cover of
darkness be removed?"
"Searching for a route"
Stop, there is a person
"Will the sorrow of
the earth be removed?"
"Will the cover of
darkness be removed?"
"Searching for a route" -Did
you understand what is said?
Elephant has come down on path
for one kilometer road is block
Only after one hour
block can be cleared
Park the vehicle to the side
Okay sir
Hold this
My god, there is only
one match stick
What if it turns off?
This won't turn off, this is
how Pappa lights the cigarette
I'll close the window
You go and close the door
of the bathroom and come
Otherwise we'll die of
cold, see that it doesn't turn off
What happened?
Come, no problem
Even when the bars are closed,
there is no crowd at toddy shop
How is that? Everyone
started brewing at home
With half kilo yeast, half
kilo sugar and one kilo jaggery
Can brew alcohol
with a cooker, at home
If that's not strong
Then put 2 battery
Why don't you eat that?
My god not getting
high after drinking
My goodness, 10 miss call of
principal, Jayan is finished!
Jayan is finished! Fellow,
didn't your phone ring?
My phone - Where is it?
There is no range here
Then what is the use of this?
Will it be a problem?
Do one thing, take the vehicle fast
Seems like got busted!
Take the vehicle fast
God, go straight
God, where did these two kids go?
You do one thing, turn on the
outside light and check here
I'll go and check at the hostel
Take the key
The key! - You go and turn
on that main switch
What is it man?
From where did you get that?
You call and tell that to principal
I'll come there
Here sir
Where did you get this?
Sir, got from here
Did you check all the rooms?
Yes sir
Both of theirs, sir I have a doubt
After this ground, it is forest there
Very often these
kids used to play there
And did you check there?
No sir
As elephant squad and
forest department came
Sorry, the news received now
On the kids missing case at-
- Rajkumari, Malgudi
National Public School
A main deviation, the 4th
standard students of the school
Atheena and Milan are kidnapped
by Maoist, as reported by police
More details cannot
be revealed now
At the earliest the kids will be
found out, SP told to the media
Neither the kids or dogs
or cats are in this area
The sleep is also lost -Was drunk
previous night, couldn't sleep
What is wrong on that?
Go to room and have 2 pegs
Can get rid of hang over
My dear brother, since you
came, nothing more to say
What did I do?
What a sign?
What happened to you?
What happened to you?
Do you want water?
You don't worry, there
is nothing wrong with you
Someone will come
and save us Atheena
That is for sure
Someone will come
No one there?
Someone come, otherwise
we'll starve and die here
Fellow, no one there?
Atheena, Atheena!
I'm going to go out
You don't worry I'll
bring the people at the earliest
Atheena, we can't escape!
Defeat me
You stupid security
Bald headed principal
If my Pappa had come
here, he will deal with you
There is mist outside,
can't you come and sit inside?
My daughter, she, in this cold?
Sir, any news?
By the time when this night
dawns, by the time will find them
Sir, is there Maoist behind this?
May be, one person in it
which we are searching
There are people who had seen
him in the forest at this day time
Don't we have to escape?
Don't leave!
Son, hold tight!
I'll fall now
Is there anyone?
Milan, don't leave!
Is there anyone here?
No, nothing
Get up!
Don't be scared
Uncle, will go and call someone
Hello, hello is there anyone?
Anyone there?
Dear, Atheena!
Uncle, uncle
Zaffan, uncle had send me here
I'm uncle's friend
How are you fellow?
You may sleep
Had called principal
Kids are safe
We'll reach at the
station with in half an hour
Sir, he has surrendered himself
Then shall we go?
Daughter is smart okay
Other than me, for the
first time giving him love
Actually I should say
thanks to Milan
I regained my old child back
Mom stop!
What is it? - Stop!
Mom, uncle
Which uncle?
Mom, stop the vehicle
Don't pull like this
What is it?
What are you doing?
Sir, I know it is my fate
Along with Janet I would
have gone long back!
My daughter Jenny, to
see her once
To hold her close
Only for that I lived so far!
But now it is not possible
Isn't it sir?
I've a request
Otherthan sir, right now
I don't have anyone to say
My daughter Jenny should be
admitted at Malgudi School
Over there, she has got
a brother and sister
To see that her eyes
doesn't get filled with tears
Always they will be present
If sir can do it
For me