Ma (2019)

Honey, quit picking at it.
Are you nervous or what?
Yeah, a little.
It's a pretty big school.
Well, first days
are always a little goofy,
but you and I
are gonna be fine.
We are modern babes
in a modern world.
Oh, my God, how am I
related to you?
Hey. Do you need some help?
Um, yeah. Maybe.
It didn't charge right
last night,
- so it's low on juice.
- Here. Hold up.
- Let me get you.
- Oh.
So, which way are you headed?
All I needed was a push.
It should be enough.
Oh. Okay.
Thanks for being so nice.
- You're a lifesaver.
- Yeah. You, too.
"You, too"?
You are Erica. I am Stu.
We are now coworkers.
Nice to meet you, Stu.
How's your first day
on the floor going?
Is it everything you ever
dreamed of and so much more?
Sure beats having a desk job.
You do have a nice ass.
I noticed it this morning.
I'm very perceptive.
I'm not, like...
a lesbian or anything.
You're new, on a Friday,
in February,
which is very weird.
Military brat?
Uh, no.
Uh, yeah, I'm Maggie.
Today's my first day.
- I transferred.
- That sucks.
- I was new last year, so I get it.
- Mm.
Stephanie, are you still
having people over
for a party tomorrow?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
You can come with us
if you want.
- Haley.
- Yeah.
Thanks. I'm going to
the music festival with my mom.
Damn, a lot of people
would kill to be so popular.
- Okay.
- Have fun with your mom
and all those
fucking old people.
Shit, shit.
Hey, what's wrong?
Well, nothing. I'm just...
I have to cover
for somebody now at work.
What about the music festival?
Well, there's not much
I can do about it, honey.
I'm the new kid,
and we got to make money, so...
I made you some pancakes.
All right, I'll text you
a little later, okay?
Maggie came to party.
Maggie came to party.
Get in. Go.
Faster, faster. Boys...
- Yo, what's up?
- Maggie, boys.
How you doing, Maggie?
Oh, you-you might know me.
I'm Darrell.
- Okay.
- That's Andy.
- Hi.
- And this gay dude is Chaz.
- Yeah, I'm-I'm very straight.
- HALEY and DARRELL: Super gay.
- I love pussy. Babe, tell 'em.
- Super gay.
- Tell 'em I love pussy, babe.
- So, the party's canceled.
Stephanie's mom's
a complete bitch.
And I think
we're just gonna, like,
drive around and get drunk.
- Okay.
- Is that cool?
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Very cool.
- Are you sure?
- Super cool.
- Great.
- All right, let's do it.
Let's get drunk!
Hey, hey, mister, uh,
can you, uh...
Yup. Nah.
Literally looks like
he's gonna throw up.
Dude always looks like that.
Want a drag?
It's cotton candy.
- No, I'm good.
- What, you don't vape?
- No.
- Come on, you're in high school.
You can smoke
as much as you want
until you're 25 and then quit,
and nothing bad will happen.
Here we go.
- Hey, sir, can you, uh...
- Piss off, boy.
He's too desperate about it.
Hey, yo, man,
this shit racist out here.
- Your turn.
- Nope. Not me.
The guy that works here
knows my stepdad.
I vote Maggie.
She's new,
and no one knows who she is.
And truthfully, you could be
a narc, and that scares me.
Look, if the cops come,
just cry. They'll let you off.
What? They never let me off.
Yeah, 'cause they know
you nasty.
- Hi. Excuse me. Could...
- Get lost.
Be more confident.
Hey, what you got for me?
- Hey, come on.
- Uh-uh.
Not today. Not today.
Come on, sweetie.
Come on.
Got to do one more lap.
- Um...
- Come on.
- Excuse me? Hi.
- Yeah?
Um, would you mind buying this
for my friends and I?
I have money for it.
Not interested, kid.
- Come on.
- I know it's... I know it's weird, but please?
You want to spend the night
in jail?
Does that sound fun to you?
The fuck?
- Andy, can we just go?
- Yeah, let's roll. Yeah.
Now I see what's going on.
A man sending a girl
to do his dirty work.
Guys, I used to do
the same thing
when I was your age.
We're sorry.
Could you hook us up, though?
Mm. I wouldn't be able
to live with myself
if you got into an accident.
Oh, well, I'm driving,
and I don't drink.
We were just gonna go to
the rock pile for a little bit.
I promise. Just...
I know where that is.
We used to hang out there
all the time when I was a kid.
Hell. Hold this dog.
And don't tell.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Sue Ann.
Hey, y'all know dogs kill
more people than sharks, right?
That's great, Darrell.
Thank you.
Whoo! There's my girl.
Okay. They didn't have
whatever Fireball is,
so I got After Shock.
- Yeah.
- Man said it's the same thing.
This never happened, okay?
- Whoop.
- Thanks again for doing this, ma'am.
For doing what, darling?
Come on, baby.
Come on, sweetie.
Yo, that old chick wants
to sit on your face, dude.
- What, you think so?
- Like, your entire face.
- Smash her back.
- Dude, I don't know.
- Oh, come on. Guys.
- That's not really...
All right,
I would... I would smash.
- Hey. - CHAZ: Whoa!
- Oh, my God.
- What the fuck?
- Oh, shit.
Your change.
I'm not some thug.
No, of course not. Thanks.
- Thanks again.
- Drive safe.
Sue Ann!
Go clean out the kennels!
Oh, hey, could you
get me some lunch first?
All right, someone start
the fire, assholes. Let's go.
Let's all get shit-faced.
Seems pretty secluded.
Yeah, sadly,
this is pretty much
the best drinking spot in town.
So, when did you get here?
From where?
From San Diego,
like a week ago.
Oh, yeah. That's, uh...
that's enough time to realize
there's nothing to do
in this town.
It sucks.
- Sorry. I'll stop.
- Thanks.
You live here now.
It's not the worst.
Kind of just like
anywhere else.
Not anymore.
Guys, what are you doing?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Come on, man.
Yeah, we're good. We're good.
Yes, hello? This is Ben.
Um, Ben Hawkins?
Hawkins Security?
Yes. Who is this?
A young man you know
just might be drinking booze
with his friends
out at the rock piles.
And who might I know?
Okay. Who am I speaking to?
A little birdie.
Sue Ann?
- Why isn't this dog prepped?
- Oh, I-I just...
You know what? I don't want
to see you anymore today.
Go. You go home,
and I'll prep this dog.
Do it myself.
And stay off your damn phone.
No, no, no, no.
No. No, no.
Don't dab.
I don't think
you should dab anymore.
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie.
- You got to try this. It's my favorite.
- Okay. Okay.
Oh, you don't have to
if you don't want to.
- No, no, I want to.
- No, she has to.
- Okay.
- I have to.
Take a sip. Take a sip.
Oh, my God.
- Hell yeah. It's very strong.
- It's fucking strong.
- - Fuck.
- Oh, fuck, that's a cop.
- Andy, where's the weed?
- What? Okay, wait.
- I got the weed. Okay.
- Put it away.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Do I hide? - Shh, shh.
No! Maggie! Come here.
- No? I don't hide?
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Okay.
- You're-you're a girl. He's not gonna do anything.
- You're fine. Shh.
- My mom's gonna fucking kill me
- if I go to prison.
- Act cute. Act cute. Act...
Come on out.
- Oh, oh, okay, sir.
- I said get out here!
- I-I'm sorry.
- Come on! Right now!
- Okay.
- You, too, bud.
Come on. Get out here.
I just got a phone call
from somebody,
telling me that there were
some teenagers
drinking out at the rock piles.
You seen anybody out here,
young lady?
- Sir, we don't have any...
- Wrong young lady.
Put your arms out.
Put 'em out!
- Wide. Back up. Move back.
- Mm.
Your daddy sent me out here
to arrest you.
I played football with your dad
in high school.
And he's a dick.
I'm gonna come back
in ten minutes,
and all your shit out here
is gonna be gone. You got it?
- Yep. - Yeah, I-I got it.
- Do you?
- Yeah, I think... - Yes.
- All right, get your shit,
and let's get out of here.
- Okay.
- Right now.
So, I want to go home.
How is that funny?
- Dude! How did...
- We would have been
shot the fuck up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You smell like pot.
I didn't smoke anything.
Who were you with?
Just some kids from school.
I-I left you a note.
Yeah, you leave a note
when you're up to something.
Why didn't you just text me?
Uh, I don't know.
My phone died.
We just drove around.
- And you got high. Maggie.
- I didn't smoke anything.
And they asked me just
to go out, so I said okay.
It's really not
that big a deal.
I'm not gonna be
some fucking loser
and tell them not to smoke
'cause I don't.
Do not talk to me like that.
- Come back here.
- Why should I wait around for you
while you're at work all day?
How is that fair?
I'm glad you're fitting in.
I really am.
I want you to make
smarter decisions than that.
Like all the amazing decisions
you've made.
I'm Erica. Uh, I'm dropping
this boy off for shots.
This is Louie.
Well, you're right
on time, Erica.
Actually, I'm running late
for work.
Can I just fill this out later?
Oh, yeah, just-just sign the
bottom, and I'll do the rest.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
Sue Ann.
Sue Ann!
Answer the fucking...
Brooks Veterinary.
Yeah, hold on, Mrs. Macy.
We'll get your file.
Why aren't you
answering the phones?
I'm fighting a migraine.
Well, go get
some horse tranquilizer.
I don't care. Do your job.
Come on, boy. Come on.
I'm marathoning
John Hughes movies,
if you want to hang.
Have you seen Pretty in Pink?
Well, no, I'm hanging out
with Haley, remember?
Oh, yeah.
You look like
you're going to see a boy.
Are you going to meet a boy?
- No.
- No?
We're-we're just friends.
Okay, well, be smart,
and call me
if you need me to come get you.
I won't be mad.
- Promise?
- Promise.
- Okay.
- Okay, I love you.
- Bye, honey.
- Bye.
Yo, why the fuck is she
putting it in her truck?
Oh, I bet it smell
like ass in there, too.
Oh, here she comes,
here she comes.
Okay. I got two bottles
of Parrot Bay,
uh, 18-pack of Bud Light,
- and they had the Fireball this time.
- Ah, sweet.
- Thank you.
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why don't you just, uh,
follow me down the street,
and you can pay me
and get the stuff.
I got eyes on me.
I don't want to lose my job.
Cool. Yeah, I'll follow you.
Secret hand-offs?
Are you freaking kidding me
right now? Fuck yes!
I feel like she really
doesn't want to get caught.
It wouldn't be so bad
if she didn't drive so slow.
- This place is creepy.
- All right.
- This is fucking sketchy.
- No, it's good.
No, I think she wants to
bang him for real.
Oh, shut up.
What, are you jealous, Maggie?
You jealous?
Shh, shh, shh.
Wait, he's talking to her.
He's... Shh.
Did you give her the money?
Uh, well, kind of.
She said we could hang out
in her basement
if we didn't want
to drive around all night.
I didn't know what to say.
I mean, I'm down.
I got to pee really bad.
No. No, no, no, no.
We don't, we don't know
this chick, so...
- No.
- No cops, though.
What do you think?
- Whoa! - Aah!
- Yes!
- Okay...
- All right, let's go!
- Are y'all serious?
- Yes! Get out.
- I got to pee!
- Whoo! Fuck yeah.
You guys come on in.
Come on in.
It calms me down so much
to know
that you guys aren't out there
drinking and driving.
I mean, to be honest,
I would rather you be safe.
If you're gonna do it
might as well be here, right?
Do you have a bathroom
I can use?
It ain't much,
but it's all you.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
The bar is open.
Wow. Nobody's been
down here a minute.
- Ugh.
- Weird, though.
Oh, that's nasty.
Is it just me,
or is it cold in here?
Yo, this place smells like
my great-grandmother's house.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, everybody,
listen up real quick.
My only house rules are:
- Don't take the Lord's name in vain.
- Sorry.
And don't spit
on my floors, please.
Oh, and you...
I'm gonna need your keys.
You got to check in with me
before walking out that door,
'cause I got to know
you're safe to drive.
Cool. Yeah. Fine.
Okay, oh,
and nobody go upstairs.
That's my world,
and right now it's a mess.
So, uh, you guys are free to do
whatever you want to do
down here, but, you know...
Hell yeah...
Heck yeah.
Thanks, lady.
I'll get you some cups and ice.
Uh, excuse me.
What's your name?
Sue Ann.
What's yours?
Darrell. That's, uh, Andy,
Chaz, Haley and Maggie.
You got any Pizza Rolls, Ma?
Boy, you are too much.
I'll get you some snacks.
Go ahead and, uh,
make yourselves at home.
Guys, this is so sick.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, if it's personal...
- Oh, that's gangster, bro.
No, no, it's fine.
Um, my dad left my mom
for someone else,
and I don't think she really
had anywhere else to go.
Oh, you guys are cute.
Eee. It's nice.
- Okay.
- Oh, that's a lot.
- Here we go. Oh.
- Bro, you are not good at those tricks, dawg.
I had Pizza Rolls, Darrell.
This place could be incredible.
You know what you need?
Okay, hear me out.
Couch there.
Snack wall, bam.
Maybe, like,
a projector situation
going on over here,
hang weird lights.
Speakers over there,
rugs all on here,
and then just, like, a real
table for flip cup, beer pong.
You get it.
I'll get right on that
as soon as I win the lottery.
Then I can turn this place
into the Taj Mahal.
I mean, unless you hate
being cool.
If you don't want to be cool,
that's on you.
Just saying.
You want to see something cool?
Pretty cool, huh?
Oh, shit.
Get naked, boy.
Oh, my God.
You are under arrest
for being so dang cute.
Put that thing away.
- And I'll put this thing away.
- Oh, my God.
That-that was insane.
This thing doesn't even work.
I found it
when I was moving in.
What, y'all think I'm Madea?
- Here, take it.
- Uh-uh. - No.
- Toss it in a pond, for all I care.
- No, it's okay.
Pretty cool, huh?
Ma, you fucking got me.
Are we cool?
We'll see.
You fucking scared
the shit out of me.
- I-I think I got to puke.
- She did.
We need to get
this one outside.
Ma, all I...
I just need some pizza.
And you need a breath mint.
You got him?
Thanks for having us over,
Sue Ann.
Oh, look at me.
Okay, follow my fingers.
Don't mess it up.
You're married?
Uh, he left years ago.
My finger's too fat
to get it off, so...
It was nice to meet you.
And hey, thanks
for letting us hang out.
Oh, please.
I haven't had this much fun
in God knows how long.
Get home safe.
That's all I care about.
A large sausage pizza.
A large sausage pizza?
Now you know
where the party is.
We're headed back
to the rock piles tonight,
if you want to come.
We'll just drink a few beers,
Well, that sounds cool.
- Thanks.
- Yeah?
- See y'all tonight.
- Mm.
It'll be fun.
Oh, you're good, honey.
- Did you have fun?
- Yeah, it was cool.
It was no big deal.
So, you just balance it out.
You find your center.
- Okay.
- And then you go.
That's how... One more...
No, I'm not giving 'em
back to you.
That is bullshit.
- Yes.
- Oh, wait. Excuse me.
- Those aren't for you.
- Take those.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, my God.
Erica fucking Thompson?
Mercedes, hi.
What are you doing here?
Uh, didn't you, like,
go to California or something,
and, like, you were gonna,
like, make it?
Well, I did.
I got married,
I moved to California,
and my marriage didn't make it.
I understand
yours didn't, either.
Fuck no, right? No, thank God.
I'm so happy.
- Look who's here. Hey.
- Oh.
- It's Erica Thompson.
- Hi, Ben.
- It's fucking Erica Thompson.
- Oh, hey.
- You look nice.
- You, too.
You're not working here,
are you?
No, I just want
to wear this every day
and-and, um, help the bar out.
Can I please have
the two glasses back?
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
You, like, left, and then
you had to come back here?
That is so sad.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, my God, no...
Um, I'm gonna need you
to leave, please.
Hey, don't you fucking
touch me, Mario.
- No.
- If you don't get her out, I will. Come on.
- No, I'll take that.
- Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.
- All right. Okay. Hey, Mercedes.
- Oh, oh, okay.
- Hey, hey, let go of me.
- Mercedes, come on.
You're not drinking anymore.
- I'm gonna have that.
- Come on, let's just...
- Mercedes, come on.
- Yeah, you left
- my fucking bag on the table.
- Come on.
- Come on, Mercedes.
- Thanks for taking my drink.
- Come on. Come on. Come on, please go.
- Fuck off.
Come on, guys.
Nice seeing you, Erica.
I'll see you.
I think I got
everything I need.
Oh, hi, Stu.
- Hi. Oh, hi.
- Meet Maggie.
- Hi. Hi.
- Stu is who I work with,
- and we're doing the seminar.
- So nice to meet you.
- You, too.
- Hello.
Oh, Mom, you look great.
Oh, thanks.
I never know how dressy to get
with this training crap.
Well, you have a skirt,
though, right?
- I think so.
- Okay.
Honey, so I left you $80 here
- and a couple delivery takeout menus.
- Okay.
On the fridge is
the number for my hotel.
- Okay.
- Hey.
No one is coming over
while I'm gone, okay?
- I know. I won't.
- Seriously.
I'm trusting you.
You are gonna be fine.
- Thank you, honey.
- Love you.
I don't know.
I don't think I can.
Dude, your mom is, like,
ten states away.
You're not gonna invite
your new best friends over?
That's fine. That's fine.
I'm not offended.
- It's okay.
- I totally would, seriously,
but we're not even
unpacked yet.
There's, like, nothing to do,
like, at all.
- Yo, what the fuck?
- What is it?
- I am... I'm not touching it.
- Yo.
What if that's a bomb, bro?
- That would suck so hard.
- Fucking suck.
"Love, Ma"?
Hey. I was just thinking,
why wait for the weekend?
It's 5:00 somewhere.
- How did she get our numbers?
- Oh, my God.
Probably Haley. She gives it to
everyone when she's fucked up.
Eh, I can't argue with that.
Yes, yes! Aah!
- Let's rage.
- Whoo!
- Let's go!
- Okay, okay.
To Ma's house we go.
Oh, get in. Get in.
This is... better.
This is way better.
Maggie, Andy, hey!
- Can I get you something?
- Oh, uh...
Got you some wings.
Oh, no, thanks, Sue Ann.
I'm good.
Sue Ann? Oh, uh-uh.
Around here, you call me Ma.
- Ooh.
- Oh.
Oh, look at this place.
Girl, look at you,
getting all fancy and shit.
Let's get filthy.
- Yes! Yes!
- Yeah?
Hey. Hey.
- Hey!
- Welcome to Ma's.
How you guys doing?
Looking good, handsome. Mmm.
Hey, do you think
we should, like, wake her?
You know, she's been like that
since we got here.
No. That's Ashley,
and she's faking it.
Her dad's a pastor,
so she comes to parties,
pretends to be passed out
so she doesn't have to drink,
and then she won't get
in trouble when she goes home.
That might be the dumbest thing
I've ever heard
in my whole entire life.
Yeah, no, no, no.
It's dumb as shit.
Guys, move that coffee table.
Let's get this party turned up!
Wind me up, Darrell!
- What are y'all up to over here?
- Hey.
- How are y'all doing?
- Whoa.
- Good.
- Good.
- You already started drinking without me?
- You good?
- Yeah. Catch up.
- Come on, now. Come on, now.
Party doesn't start without me.
Watch this.
Hey, Sue Ann.
Oh. Thank you.
Why are you sitting down?
Why aren't you up
dancing with everyone?
Um... well, I guess
I was waiting on you.
Oh, okay.
So you're not...
you don't go
to a lot of parties?
Oh. No, no, no,
I-I go to a lot of them.
Oh, no, it's...
no, it's-it's fine.
There's a first time
for everything. Absolutely.
I like your hair.
I like yours.
Really? Thank you.
Here you go.
Come on, Ashley.
One's not gonna kill you.
Ow. Can you help me?
Milk did that body good.
I-I don't even want this.
Those earrings
are beautiful, Maggie.
Oh. Thanks.
My mom gave them to me.
I mean, well,
my dad gave them to my mom
when they first started
going out,
and then she gave them to me.
I mean, they're broken up now,
but, you know.
- You got a sweet mama, huh?
- Yeah.
Yo, turn the music down.
Listen up!
En fuego!
Ma, come here.
We're toasting you.
- Do a shot.
- Ooh, I-I don't drink.
I mean, the last time I did,
you really don't want to know.
Ma! Ma!
Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!
Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!
- Come on, Ma.
- What was that?
That old-ass ice machine.
Uh, crank up the music, honey.
Who wants shots? Pour me another one.
- I'll be right back.
- Yeah!
I have to pee,
like, really bad.
- Like, right now.
- Okay.
Oh. Hi, Ashley.
- I see you've slept it off.
- Very funny, Haley.
I think Kinsey and Dustin
are fucking in there.
Let's go find another bathroom.
- What?
- Come on.
- No, we can't go up there.
- Shh!
We'll ask nicely.
Oh. Fuck.
Yep, that's creepy.
You shouldn't have done that.
I told you.
- Hey, hey, we have to go.
- What? Why?
- No, no. We got to go.
- I'm not done.
- I don't care. Just finish.
- Okay, okay, hang on. Hang on.
- What's going on?
- We have to go.
- No, don't flush!
- Why?
- She'll hear. Just get out.
- Okay. Shh. Shh.
- Whoa! Christ, Ma!
- What the hell?!
What the fuck are y'all doing,
huh?! Get back downstairs!
What's happening?
Can we please just
get out of here?
Oh, my God.
- Maggie, what?
- I don't want to talk about it.
Jumpin' music
Slick deejays
Fog machines
Laser rays
Look out, weekend
Look out, weekend
Here I come
Because weekends were
Made for fun
Because weekends
were made for fun.
God, she's texted me,
like, four million times.
Honestly, I don't even remember
what happened, really.
Chaz says I should still
sue her, though.
So, do you think
that she'd let us throw
a birthday party
at her house this weekend?
I heard she lets you do
basically anything.
I'm sure she'd be down.
You just, like,
give her a list of stuff,
and she'll hook it up.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah, it's kind of cool.
Oh, my God.
I love your bracelet.
Where did you get it?
Taylor gave it to me
for our five-month.
- Aw.
- So I finally let him go down on me.
Wait, how did you wait
five months?
Hey. What's up?
Um, do you want
to go out with me?
- Okay, that's great. Great.
- Yeah.
I don't know why
I was so nervous.
I-I was gonna text you first,
but then I was like,
"Oh, I should ask
old-school," and...
That's cute.
Wait. Like, on a date
or, like, like a couple?
So, why did it take you
so long to ask me out?
I so obviously like you.
Yeah, 'cause I was actually
talking to this other girl.
- Oh, really? This other girl?
- And so I was deciding, like,
- who do I... who do I...
- What's up, lovebirds?
- I love you guys!
- Aah! Oh, my God.
Either she said yes,
or you're holding her
- against her will.
- Shut up, dude.
Ah, I love love, bro.
Don't you love love?
I friggin' adore love.
Hey, guys, guys,
if you get pregnant,
- can you name it Chaz? Please?
- Oh, no.
Oh, my God!
Are we going for pizza or what?
Hell yeah!
I got nine bucks, bitch!
Hey, guys.
Hi. Uh, what-what
are you doing here?
I got us a beer pong table,
and a keg of Bud Light
is on ice if y'all are all down to clown.
I can't tonight. I have to write about
historical shipping routes
of Africa, so...
Yeah, all those ships
with our people in the belly.
Ain't that right, Sue Ann?
What about the rest
of you guys?
Um... Sorry, Ma, I can't.
School night's hard for me.
Well, who needs y'all?
Girls, girls, you guys want to
party like rock stars, or what?
No, I got to clean the
house before my mom gets home.
Hey, maybe next time.
Damn, Ma.
Don't you got a job?
Yeah, I guess
I should work a double
since you guys
don't have time for me.
Girl, you need a man.
Girl, you need
to watch your mouth.
Okay, bye.
So weird.
- Here you go.
- All right. Thanks, Ma.
You need to follow me.
Hey, Ma!
The hotel is amazing,
and my instructor said
that my card technique
was the best of the bunch.
And then Stu thinks we'll be
actually dealing at the table
in about two months.
- That's exciting.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry
I've been gone so much.
No, it's okay.
I know you're working hard
and someone's got to
pay the bills, right?
That's sweet.
How was school?
School was good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What are you not saying?
Andy asked me out.
He asked you out?
Who's Andy?
And what did you say?
Oh, my God, he's so cute, Mom.
I said yes.
Well, I got to meet this Andy.
Maybe next week.
We're going out tomorrow night,
if that's cool.
Yeah. Okay.
I think it's super cool.
You have a boyfriend.
I mean, I-I guess.
We won't stay long, I promise.
Tell Stephanie
"happy birthday,"
and then we're
getting out of here.
It's my birthday!
Who are all these people?
Probably from other schools.
- Finally made it.
- Hey.
Everyone is here.
Yeah. Well, it really is a great party.
- Hey, let me get you a drink. Okay?
- Ah, yeah.
Something sweet.
- He's a cutie.
- Yeah, he is.
You be careful now.
Take it real slow.
Men are dogs.
They only want one thing,
and you don't want to mess
your life up with a baby.
Jesus, you sound
like my mother.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, yeah. That was, that was great.
- Yeah.
Oh, I was gonna ask you.
Oh, God.
No, that was perfect.
Did you know my van's
actually parked...
Let's do some shots, everybody.
Come on, birthday girl.
Get your shot.
Maggie, do mine for me.
- You know I can't keep up.
- Uh, I don't know.
If I do more than one,
I'll be sick.
Don't be a loser, just do it.
Come on, it's my birthday.
For me.
Okay, to Stephanie.
- Hey, what's up, dude?
- Oh, this is a good one.
Oh, what the hell?
What the...?
I remember...
going to the party,
and then I woke up.
Don't remember
getting h... home.
Oh, God, what did I do?
You got really sloppy,
like, really quick.
You were falling
all over the place.
Flashed Chaz your tits.
No. No!
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
I got you out of there
before anyone really noticed,
so it's not a big deal.
Oh, my God, no.
Oh, my God.
I'm fucking with you.
Seriously, you're fine. You...
Oh, you're such an asshole.
What's wrong?
I don't want to hang out
at Ma's anymore.
And I don't want
you there, either.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Okay, I won't.
But now you have to go
get egg rolls with me.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna put ketchup on them.
Oh, shit.
- What?
- She's home. She's home.
All right.
Um, uh, get in the chair.
Just... sit down.
I don't know.
Hey, Mags.
There's a boy in my house.
Do you know him?
Hi, Mrs. Thompson.
I'm... Andy. Nice to meet you.
Nice to finally meet you, Andy.
How was work?
It was busy.
You two thirsty?
You cooking?
- Do you want one?
- No, I'm good.
Have a seat, Andy.
My mom passed away
five years ago.
And my dad owns
an armored vehicle company,
so they transport stuff
for, like,
museums and banks
and that kind of thing.
Is your dad Ben Hawkins?
- Yeah.
- We went to high school together.
I didn't know about your mom.
I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
Dad's got a new fuck buddy now.
Uh, sorry.
- Mercedes?
- Yeah.
How do we like her?
Let's just say
I'm more of a...
Porsche kind of guy.
- Yeah, she's a bitch.
- All right.
- Sorry.
- Do you want some more to drink, guys?
I'm okay, thanks.
You're really
blowing up there, kid.
- You got a lot of girlfriends, Andy?
- Stop.
- Oh, just block her.
- Jesus Christ.
I did.
Yeah, Andy had to as well.
I feel bad.
Don't. Who cares?
You know what? I'm gonna
tell everyone else, too.
All right, listen up, bitches.
Everybody block Ma for good.
I'm serious.
That bitch is crazy.
Look, my grandmother
is very sweet.
We'll see if we can,
like, hang out
in her lame-ass house
instead. Okay?
Do you mind?
How about you mind
your own damn business!
You're making
your business my business.
Not today, old lady!
Not today!
You bitch.
Here, Donna.
Listen up, bitches.
Everybody block Ma for good.
I'm serious.
That bitch is crazy.
Look, my grandmother
is very sweet.
We'll see if we can,
like, hang out
in her lame-ass house
instead. Okay?
Sue Ann!
Have you fed the animals?
Over here. Close the door.
Hey, this is Ma.
I got a new number!
Just picking up a few things.
Don't make me drink alone.
And I don't want to hear
any of this
"I have homework" crap.
Don't make me drink alone.
Don't make me
drink alone
Don't make me drink alone.
Are you guys mad at me
for something?
I mean, I, uh, risked my job
so that you could have fun,
and we definitely did.
The least you could do is,
you know, say thank you.
Hey, guys. It's Sue Ann.
Look, I really need you
to meet me...
at the rock piles
after school tomorrow.
It's an emergency.
Please come.
- What's up, guys?
- Hey.
You guys are so sweet
to meet me out here.
- What's the matter?
- Oh, it's...
Sorry-sorry for the dramatics.
It's just that, uh...
I'm sick.
What's wrong?
It's cancer.
And I've been taking
a lot of medicine lately.
The doctors don't really know
how to treat it yet.
And it's scary,
because the meds make me...
less fun and-and not myself,
so I'm sorry.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- We had no idea.
I know, honey, I know.
I just... I try
to live my life privately.
But I'm gonna beat this.
- Yeah.
- I could sure use
some friends, though.
I'm gonna beat this, right?
Oh, sweetie.
I got to go back to work.
I just wanted to...
let you guys know.
You can beat it, Ma.
My granddad did,
and he's a fucking pussy, so...
Yeah, Ma.
- Stay strong.
- Thanks.
And, uh, if you have time
or you want to come over
on Saturday...
No pressure, though.
No pressure.
Well, fuck me in the butt.
Come with me.
Come on. Goddamn, Rosco,
bring your ass...
Oh, shit!
Come on.
She was wearing
Stephanie's bracelet.
You didn't notice?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Get your ass
in this motherfucking trailer.
I've been missing
my grandma's ring,
and my mom is gonna fucking
kill me if I don't find it.
And I bet she has it.
You know, I'm missing
the earrings my mom gave me.
We're going
to that bitch's house.
Hey. Hey!
What if somebody sees us?
We're in bum-fuck, dumbass.
Nobody's gonna see us.
- Oh, shit.
- Haley? Haley?
Let's go, okay?
I'm serious.
No. I know she has
my grandma's ring.
Don't be such a pussy.
Let's go.
Wow, this is...
really graceful.
What the hell?
Cool it with the pics, Ma.
This is so creepy.
Sue Ann?
I didn't know you worked here.
How are you? How you been?
I'm-I'm good.
Yeah, I'm-I'm good.
Well, uh,
this old guy needs his shots.
Our vet moved to Florida
in December,
so we're looking
for a new spot.
we can certainly do that.
Well, it's good to see you.
You look great.
How long has it been, huh?
15 years?
- 20?
- Something like that.
That makes me feel old.
I don't like it.
Me, neither.
I feel it every day.
Oh, just-just sign it.
I'll do the rest.
Well, it's good to see you.
We should catch up sometime.
I'd like that.
- You know Magill's Pub?
- Yeah.
I'll come back after work,
pick him up,
and we can go right there.
I-I wouldn't want to go
in my scrubs.
How about I meet you there
at 6:00?
All right.
Uh, Maggie?
You might want to,
um, take a...
Oh, my God!
What are you guys
doing in here?
It's okay. I don't mind.
Uh, what are you doing here?
I live here.
This is my house.
Uh, you can walk?
- I mean, I thought that...
- I'm not supposed to.
- I'm sick.
- Uh, sorry.
What's happening?
Uh, do you know Haley?
Haley, this is...
Genie. Genie, right?
Yeah, we were here,
uh, last week,
and I left my school I.D.
I need it for the PSATs.
Hi, Genie.
You have pretty teeth.
Uh, that's-that's
very sweet of you.
I haven't seen you
at school in, like, forever.
Yeah, my mom, sh...
I get sick a lot, and my mom
thought it would be better
if I stay home for a while.
- Oh.
- My mom says that the doctors say
it's my spine
and it's getting worse.
My mind is, like...
Ma is your m-mom?
- I'm sorry, uh, Sue Ann is your-your mom?
- Yeah.
I hear you guys downstairs
in the basement a lot.
Is it fun?
Uh... it can be.
You should come.
Y-You guys should leave.
My mom doesn't like
when anybody's in her room.
It's better
not to get her upset.
I won't tell her
you were here if you don't.
Oh, no, we're not saying shit.
Maybe I'll see you at school?
- Maybe.
- Yeah.
- Go ahead.
- Maybe.
- Shit.
- Go, go!
Get out of here!
Yes, Mama?
You been down here
messing with these kitties?
No, ma'am.
Well, they've been moved!
You look pretty.
I'm going out.
It's time for your medicine.
I was wondering
if I can go back to school.
I'm feeling better,
and I miss my classes.
You're too sick.
And these doctors,
they don't quite see it yet.
I know.
But maybe half a day
would work.
That way,
my teachers can grade
my homework
and you don't have to.
I can ride the bus.
You don't look well, baby.
And your hair is way too long.
So maybe we should just
cut it all off
before it all falls out.
The other kids
will make fun of you.
That's what they do.
That's why you have
to stay here with me,
where it's safe.
Mommy loves you.
It's your first time, isn't it?
Do you even know
what you're doing?
You're gonna get on your knees.
Put it in your mouth.
Move your head
backwards, forwards.
Believe me,
it won't take long.
You look hot.
- Thanks, Mercedes.
- Mm-hmm.
Pow, girl.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Don't even worry about it.
I got caught up at the office.
Well, you look lovely.
Oh, hey. How are you?
I'll have a Maker's, neat.
And Sue Ann?
Uh, uh, Diet Coke, please.
Are you really gonna
make me drink alone?
Oh, I am content to sit here
and watch you do your thing.
Hmm. Fair enough.
So, uh, you keep in touch
with anyone from school?
No, no.
I mean, I run into people
every now and then, but, uh,
I don't do reunions
or anything like that.
I went to the ten-year reunion.
After that, forget it.
My wife hated
the entire experience.
I heard she passed away.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah. Cancer got her.
What are you gonna do.
Yeah. I was, uh,
married years ago.
But... it didn't work out.
Sometimes you want something
so badly,
and then suddenly you just...
Do you know what this is?
What is that, a Taser?
You gonna tase me for drinking
a Diet Coke, Ben?
It's a personal
tracking device.
I have these devices
on my entire fleet
of trucks and vans,
including my son Andrew's van.
Why the fuck is my son
spending time at your house?
You need to talk to him.
Well, I'm talking to you,
right now.
I don't know what you want me
to say, Ben.
C-Could we please
not do this here?
Well, here's what I think.
I think you're trying
to get back at me.
Come on.
We both know
you had a thing for me,
and I barely gave you
the time of day.
You're a loser, Sue Ann.
You always have been,
and it's pathetic.
Some people
just don't change, do they?
No. They don't.
This is your one warning,
Sue Ann.
And if I hear that my son
has ended up anywhere near you
or your damn house,
I won't be calling the police.
I'll handle it myself.
You understand me?
Sue Ann,
put down the damn phone.
Get the clippers
and shave this fella.
Genie is Ma's daughter,
and she never told us.
Okay? She can walk.
And she's been in that house
the whole time
we've been there.
Ma went to high school
with our parents.
Like, she tore out pages
from her yearbook
and pasted herself
in pictures with your dad
and my mom and Mercedes.
- I mean, it's so creepy!
- Who cares?
Pancreatic cancer's
some fucked-up shit.
All that medicine
makes you do some weird stuff.
You can't be serious.
My mom acted weird, too,
before she died.
I'm sorry about your mom.
But I don't... I don't think
Sue Ann has cancer.
I think she used to be
in love with your dad,
and I think she's, like,
in love with you now.
Well, duh.
Oh, my God.
- I'm kidding.
- You're totally into it.
I'm sort of kidding, yeah.
that was the easy part.
I didn't worry about that.
The move was hard.
Oh, I hear you
loud and clear with that one.
Right? And I just never realized
how much stuff I had
until I saw it all in boxes.
- Oh. Mm, mm, mm.
- So...
It was diffi...
Hi, honey!
I want you to meet someone.
This is Sue Ann.
Nice to meet you, Maggie.
Nice to meet you, too.
She works at the vet
where we take Lou.
And then
she was just stopping in
to check on how he was doing.
Oh, just a friendly follow-up
to make sure
there wasn't a reaction
to the shots.
Here. Come. Sit down.
And guess what.
We went to high school
- with Ben and Mercedes.
- Huh.
Mm. So, uh, where do you go
to school, Maggie?
I go to Franklin.
I know how hard it can be
to make friends.
Well, she's doing good.
She's made some great friends.
Really nice kids.
I'm proud of her.
- Oh, shoot. Look at me.
- Oh.
Always running behind.
Sorry to just drop by
I just get so attached
to these animals so quickly.
- Oh.
- There's probably something wrong with me.
Oh, please.
Thank you so much.
Come by anytime.
You're welcome.
It was so good to see you.
You, too.
And, Maggie,
you look after that dog
for me, now.
Don't stop.
Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't.
Was I... good?
Um, Ben, are you gonna talk
to me tomorrow?
Let's get out of here.
Oh, God.
That took forever.
So, how was she?
- Was she good?
- It was fucking awesome.
Fucking cunt.
Oh, my God. You're bleeding!
His breathing's slow.
I don't think
we should move him.
I'm gonna call Sue Ann,
and she...
Don't call her.
What's the matter?
I know her.
I've been to her house.
Well, look who it is.
I don't have time
for this shit.
Where's my son?
Nobody's here
but you and me, Ben.
I know he's here.
Andrew, come out here!
Do you know what this is?
Jesus Christ! You...
I am so disappointed in you.
What were you thinking?
Everyone kept going over there,
and I thought,
if I didn't want to,
they wouldn't want
to be friends with me anymore.
You are 16 years old.
Do you realize...
Sneaking booze
at prom is one thing.
But hanging around
in this fucking bitch's house
while she's feeding
everyone alcohol,
that is unacceptable!
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling Andy's father,
- and he...
- No! Stop!
Please don't call him.
He had nothing to do with this.
He's the most innocent one
of all of us.
Please don't call him.
Go in your room.
Go to your room.
Your ass is staying in
this house till summer break!
And you are never
stepping foot
in that woman's house!
You're not going in Andy's van!
You're not going
wherever the fuck you think
you want to be going!
Oh, don't worry.
I'll let Andy know
you'll be out late.
Ben, Ben, Ben.
You know...
...I didn't know
what to do with you at first.
Sue Ann, please.
What do we have here?
Is this what you were gonna
show me in that closet?
Maybe I should cut it off.
Maybe not.
What you did to me...
...the humiliation... never goes away.
Please, Sue Ann.
But then it hit me.
"Sue Ann,
you're thinking about this
the wrong way."
You see,
you treated me like a dog,
because that's what you are.
you're no man, Ben Hawkins.
What the fuck is that?
Please, Sue Ann.
I was just a kid.
So was I, motherfucker.
No. No!
No, no, no.
Tomorrow's my day off.
You're getting up and
coming with me to run errands.
And your butt's in my car
at 8:00 a.m.
Hey, Erica.
You ever come near my house
or my daughter again,
I'm calling the police.
What on earth
are you talking about?
What kind of mother
parties with high schoolers?
I think you've had
a little too much coffee.
Excuse me.
I'm not joking here.
Back the fuck off.
Oh, I know how to deal
with your type.
Pretty, athletic, popular.
But then you did move home to
sling cocktails at casinos...
They're children!
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
How does it feel to be
on the outside looking in?
Hurts, huh?
Well, I can assure you
that the view from the center
is amazing.
You need help.
Sounds like someone's
a little jealous.
A little jealous of Sue Ann!
Think I thought we had
some kind of a connection,
but you just threw it all away.
You threw it all away!
Ungrateful bitch.
To think I took care
of Mercedes for you.
you're missing out.
And look.
- Oh, look who I found.
- Are you fucking kidding?
He's mine now.
Thanks for these earrings.
I don't know what Ma's deal is.
Yeah, she's weird, man.
Fuck it, birthday.
You fucking liar.
You said you weren't gonna
hang out here anymore.
It's Chaz's birthday.
What the fuck?
- So?
- I didn't have a choice!
And if I told you,
you would've been pissed.
- Thought you don't drink.
- Ma's getting everyone
out of here, okay?
She just wants
- to hang out with the original crew, okay?
- Right.
- You're full of shit.
- Oh, my God! Maggie!
- God.
- I'm so happy you're here!
God, you're so beautiful.
What the fuck?
You should drink
some of the punch
that Ma made
for Chaz's birthday,
'cause it is so good.
No. No!
Okay, time for bed.
- Wait, it's almost over.
- I said turn it off.
Open your mouth.
I hear all those people
I always do.
Good night.
Mommy loves you.
Come on!
Hey. Hey.
No, I know, I know. But I need
you to stay awake, okay?
Help, please.
Help me. I'm in here.
Oh, my God.
I can feel those big doe eyes
watching me.
Maggie, you are something else.
That much diazepam
can knock out
a Great Dane for five hours.
Mags, come on!
It's my day off.
We're doing this.
You know...
...some people
just fit right in.
It comes effortlessly.
Those perfect little touches.
Perfect skin.
Oh, that perfect skin.
Perfect belly.
Must be nice, Most Handsome.
Where you going?
Girl, you're pissing me off!
And then Haley, Haley.
Most Popular,
born with the gift of gab.
I need a man, huh?
This ought to shut you up
for once.
What the...?
Stu, Maggie's gone.
Can you ju... can you come over?
Thank you. Okay.
You know how hard it is
to know that everybody's
having fun without you,
without even considering
that you might want to join in?
And the hard part...
is when they can't even see you
standing right beside them.
I'm sorry, Darrell.
They've only got room
for one of us.
What the...?
Ma, are you mad at us?
Come here.
Come on, up, up.
Oh, you're a big boy.
Mmm, you smell good.
Just like your daddy.
This feels nice.
Like we're the only two people
in the world.
You know who we are?
The Cutest Couple.
We are.
You're Most Charming, too.
I love you.
Why are you doing this?
You need help.
You need help.
Not one fucking sound.
Not one fucking sound
or I will slit your throat.
You hear me?
Sue Ann, how you doing today?
I'm good.
There are quite a few cups and
bottles in your yard right now
and, uh, couple cars
on the street
parked near your driveway.
Is there anything
you need to share with me?
- Are you serious?
- I'm serious.
Well... must be some sort of
a sorority prank or something.
I guess I'll have to spend the
whole day picking all that up.
Who's in this house with you,
Sue Ann?
Mom, is everything okay?
My daughter is very sick,
and right now
you're preventing us
from getting her
to a doctor's appointment.
I see.
My apologies, young lady.
I hope you feel better.
Help! Somebody, please!
I told you to stay in bed.
You just made me kill this man.
I did not!
Now get your ass
out of that chair
and help me drag him inside.
Erica, what's going on?
Where are we going?
I think she's off Highway 18.
Okay. We'll find her.
I hope so.
Bad girl, Maggie.
I told you not to make a sound.
Get up.
Over here.
We have to set the picture.
Now go get Chaz
and put him against the couch.
And if you try
to leave this basement,
I'll kill all of you.
Where do you want me?
Oh, you're not gonna be
in the picture.
You're gonna take it.
The button on the front.
One more.
Oh, are you smiling?
Good girl.
No, no, no, no, no!
Ma, he's still moving!
Ma, help!
I got you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Breathe. Andy.
Okay. Breathe.
Andy. Andy, can you hear me?
Help! Help!
Come here.
- No, leave me alone!
- Genie, shut up!
Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my God!
- Maggie!
Mom! We need
to get Andy, okay? He's...
- Help me!
- No!
- Genie!
- Help me!
She's not gonna help you.
- No!
- Genie!
She's really
just like her mother.
You tell her!
Tell her how weak you were.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay, Sue Ann?
What happened to you
should have never happened.
And I-I should have
stopped it, okay?!
- I should have stopped it!
- But you didn't!
You didn't!
You didn't.
- Come on, baby.
- Help me, Maggie! No!
- No, I'm sorry, Sue Ann! Please, I...
- Genie! Genie!
Sue Ann!
Time to go to sleep.
Mommy loves you.
You didn't deserve it, okay?!
- No. No, no, no.
- Mommy loves you.
Maggie, no!
I am not weak
and I'm not my mother.
Maggie, come on!
Oh! Maggie!
You're okay.