Ma soeur (2015)

My sister...
- Hello?
- Hello. It's me, Sarah.
I'm planning dad's retirement party.
What party?
For dad's retirement.
Can you come now to organize it?
No, I'm on my way to work.
- Come for an hour or two.
- I can't, Sarah!
I have to finish the presentation
of my next week exhibition.
I don't work today. It's hard
to decide what to do by myself.
Mom will be there later today.
She counts on you.
OK, I'm coming.
What's the subway sta...
- Hi.
- Close the door. I'll be right back.
Don't stay here, come in.
Do you want coffee?
No, thanks. I don't drink coffee.
I have to call the hospital.
Check out the leaflets on the table
and tell me what you think.
Doctor Villiers speaking.
Did you get the results
for the urine test?
I'm holding.
What? You don't have the results.
But I asked for them 3 hours ago!
I stay on line. Go and fetch them.
Look at the leaflets
and at the envelops' colour.
OK. Do also an antibiogram.
Call me as soon as you get the results.
- So, the envelops?
- Raspberry.
I've forgotten my cup!
It's not raspberry, but purple.
it's not dad's favourite colour.
- You really don't want coffee?
- No, thanks.
Come on...
Purple is a nice colour.
It's different. I really like it.
Raspberry is not a colour for men.
And It's ugly.
What a clich!
Like when you have a baby:
blue for boys and pink for girls.
OK, he can have raspberry or purple.
I don't care.
And what about the bands?
Jazz, traditional, salsa?
I don't know. Ask dad.
How funny.
Zo, it's not a surprise if I ask dad!
I'll take care of it then.
Or I'll ask mom.
The seating arrangements are amazing!
- No, it's...
- I'm hungry. I need a snack.
An organic cracker.
Kind of not too expensive.
- Do you want one?
- No, thanks.
I don't get how you can like it.
Maybe with chocolate.
But the noise it makes...
The seating arrangements are great.
It's old-fashioned, Sarah.
You're not going to tell people
where to seat.
When I got married...
It's not your wedding,
it's dad's party.
- Mom would agree.
- You know what she thinks?
It's not the problem, Zo.
It's a way to meet people.
I have a colleague, a single doctor...
And dad likes him very much.
I had in mind to seat you
next to him.
He doesn't even have children.
In fact, you don't need my help.
You've already decided everything.
I'm gonna go.
Dating always drives you nuts!
You know what? Organize dad's party
and I organize my life.
Come on. Calm down.
Seat, and I'll make coffee.
I don't like coffee!
I'm sorry.
Come on. Stay...
Seat down.
Everybody drinks coffee, but you.
Stop that, Zozo.
Don't call me Zozo,
I'm not a child.
You're right.
As a matter of fact,
wouldn't you like to have children?
Have a family?
It's changed my life.
There're always things to deal with,
but it's magic.
Instead of waking up your child
in the morning...
you look at him,
thinking: "Did I really make him?"
You should live this experiment.
Are you into women?
Is that it?
Are you scared of telling me?
Feel free to talk.
I see crazy stuff at the hospital.
Anton would love to have cousins!
I don't want to worry you,
but medically...
Enough with your bullshit!
I have no interest
in your life as a mother.
What are you trying to do
when you talk to me about that?
To make it better?
- To justify yourself?
- To justify?
Why should I justify?
I don't have any problem.
But you do.
It's impossible to talk to you!
Not about dating, children.
And I can't even ask you for help.
- Do you have interest in anything?
- How dare you judge me?
You never listen to people!
You want to run everything.
You're a control freak.
Everywhere you go,
you think you're at the hospital.
You act like you're the boss
so that people look up to you.
We all know you save lives!
Yes, we do.
But what do you know about me?
Not a thing!
When I came to your room
15 years ago, thinking I was pregnant,
you said you had no time
and sent me to the family planning.
So I went there.
It was great.
It went fine. Easy.
Two pills and it was over.
I'm not finished.
I was so nice
to my boyfriend of the time.
I met him for a drink with friends.
It wasn't the best idea.
But I couldn't miss his birthday.
I bled so much.
I was doubling up with pain.
I felt so humiliated.
I fainted
and I woke up at the hospital.
Mom was there.
She was holding my hand...
and crying,
but I didn't understand why.
The doctor said I lost blood
and there were complications.
I felt something was wrong.
Mom wanted to call you
but I said no.
Do you realize? I said no!
You had no time?
Is that right?
One more thing...
the best of it all...
I'm infertile
due to a perforation of the cervix.