Ma ma (2015)

When did you notice the lump?
Two months ago,
but it hasn't grown since then,
its the same.
- You have another, deeper down.
- Another one?
On the chest wall.
Then I didn't check myself right.
I'm sorry.
It's not easy.
Some nodules escape self-examination.
They're a minority.
So what you're touching
is in a minority?
What percentage of women
get breast cancer?
1 in 8 are at risk.
Your face is telling me
that I should, isn't it?
That I'm the weird side
of the statistics?
The bad side?
Why didn't you come two months ago
when you noticed the lump?
Because as I said...
it's small and it hasn't grown.
I don't know.
You can get dressed.
I'm sending you to Radiography
for an X-Ray and a mammogram.
I didn't come before because
I didn't want to be paranoid.
The crisis and unemployment
are affecting my health.
- You're unemployed?
- Yes.
Well, I taught children
until last week.
I won't know what it's like
to be unemployed till after summer.
Can you imagine how lonely
I'm going to feel next year?
I can imagine.
- Have I got something bad?
- It doesn't have to be.
That's why we have to find out
exactly what it is.
- Sure.
- Here.
At the end of the hallway.
It's early so hardly anyone
will be waiting.
- Doctor.
- Hello.
Stage 3.
- What have I got?
- Let's do an ultrasound.
What can you see?
- We have to make two punctures.
- Two?
- The deeper one is the worst.
- Yes...
...on the chest wall.
It's something to worry about,
isn't it?
I can see it on your faces.
The lab will tell us
if there's cause for concern.
- When do the lab results come out?
- In two days.
So what does "stage 3" mean?
I heard you.
Is there a history
of breast cancer in your family?
Yes. My mother died
of breast cancer.
Then why didn't you come before?
I barely remember her.
She died when I was 4.
We're going to ask the lab
for an urgent biopsy.
Today at 6,
can you be in my office?
I'll be on duty.
At 6 I had to go
to the hairdresser.
I'll go earlier.
Do I go to the hairdresser or not?
Could you prescribe
some tranquilizers for me?
I've got some here.
It'd be good if this afternoon
someone came with you.
Are you married? A husband?
I don't know.
That's another problem I've had
for three months,
unemployment and my husband.
- One? Two?
- One.
I'm sorry, Magda,
I'm driving out of Madrid.
I've decided to spend July
out on my own.
I need to think about us,
it's better for both of us
to spend time without in-laws.
A big kiss for you and Dani.
Some holidays without arguments.
Come in!
- My hair...
- You look very nice.
Thanks. So?
The lab report says
that both nodules are carcinomas.
I knew it.
I thought about it
while I was brushing my hair,
I'd be told I had cancer
and get a breast amputated, right?
Well, the term "amputate"
usually refers to limbs...
a leg, an arm...
I'd rather lose a breast than a leg.
I don't believe it.
Will you take it all,
or leave me a little?
It has to be a mastectomy,
a complete removal.
But in time you can get
reconstructive surgery.
And my nipple?
You won't even leave me
my nipple as a keepsake?
It's invaded.
I don't want a silicon nipple.
In this hospital we have
psychologists who could help you.
Think that there's still time.
And that your prognosis is good.
And that 70% of breast tumors
at this stage are cured.
They're cured...
Why move over
to the bright side of statistics
when I've already stepped
on the dark side?
Because you've got a better chance
of getting better.
Two against one.
That's my Dani!
Excuse me.
Before the operation we have
to give you various chemotherapy cycles
to reduce the size of the tumors.
You have to be here
at 10 am tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- 10 tomorrow for the first dose.
And what do I do with my son?
Quiet, please!
Good! Yes!
That's how you raise your kids?
When your son approaches
with the ball, he's a danger.
And the way he's sweating.
He put on two shirts today.
He's an extraordinary player.
The kind that makes a difference.
Thanks a lot! I'll tell him!
I never liked soccer,
but since he's so keen...
I work for Real Madrid.
Are you a scout?
I train the Juniors and I'm looking
for kids for next season.
I see a future for your son.
That's his dream,
to play in the pro league.
It could come true.
That's great!
I needed some good news today!
He really does play well.
Excuse me.
Alejandra Yuste is my wife, yes.
Yes, that's my daughter's name.
What is it?
No, no, I can't, I'm working.
In half an hour...
In which hospital?
What happened?
Virgen... Virgen de la Luz...
Virgen de la Luz Hospital.
My wife is alive.
My wife is alive.
I'm fine! I have to see my wife.
- We have to take him to her hospital.
- I have to wait until the game's over.
It's about to end. You go, I'll stay.
Please tell my son,
the one who scored...
- From the penalty?
- That's him!
Tell him I've gone to the hospital
to help a man and he's to call me.
Your wife will be alright.
My daughter's been run over!
My daughter... She's been killed!
A bit faster, please.
We'll be right there.
Look, take these,
two tranquilizers will help.
Let's sit down here.
Take another pill.
Honey, you didn't call me!
A medic brought me.
We lost.
They scored two goals against us
after you left.
Who's that?
He's a scout.
- Really?
- Yes.
And he liked you a lot.
It doesn't look like it.
I think I overdid the pills.
- You gave him pills?
- Yes.
- Why?
- I'll tell you later, sweetie.
Mama, I'm tired. Let's go home.
We're going to stay with him
a little longer, okay?
Why, Mama? What's going on?
You're acting weird.
Yes, sweetie. But I've got you.
You're my beautiful boy.
Did you like the way I played?
You can't imagine how much
I loved watching you play.
But Mama, I missed the penalty.
Don't exaggerate.
But I loved that too.
This man has lost his daughter
and his wife is in a coma.
I'm deeply sorry.
I'm sending you all the strength
I've got right now.
In case it helps you overcome this.
Thank you so much.
Where's Dad?
He's in a town on the coast.
He had to go
to teach a summer course.
He didn't say goodbye.
He'll call you later.
You know something?
Aunt Sofia's going to the reservoir
with your cousins tomorrow.
- Would you like to go with them?
- Great!
I'll get to see the Eurocup final
with my cousins.
On Sunday.
Watching soccer with you
and Dad is a bit boring.
- I only like soccer when you play.
- Sure, you've got no idea.
And you can stay there
as long as you want.
Cool! My cousins can show me
how to water-ski!
What are you going to do?
I have to stay.
Are you going to the hospital
to see that man?
I want to see if they sign you
to the Real Madrid Juniors.
If that's the reason, I'll let you.
We should help that man,
it's just terrible.
But do you know, this afternoon,
while he was watching you play,
I saw him smile?
I swear.
- A lot of clothes, isn't it?
- Yes.
- Okay, honey, have a good time.
- You too.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Call me.
C'mon, guys.
You know this experience
will make you stronger, don't you?
I'll try.
I have to warn you about
the side effects of chemotherapy.
The first symptom will be nausea.
Try not to vomit.
You?! have pain
in your muscles and joints.
Your palms will go numb,
and the soles of your feet.
- You'll have diarrhea.
- A kick in the head, huh?
They're very strong drugs
that destroy cells in mitosis,
or cell division,
the cancerous ones.
But they also destroy healthy cells
that are fast-growing, like the epidermis.
Your skin and mucous membranes
will dry out a lot.
You'll have to use a lot of cream.
And you'll feel fatigue
from the destruction of red blood cells.
- Sweating.
- Well, that's normal in summer.
And your hair will fall out.
But after the treatment
it'll grow back.
When I'm cured.
- That's how you have to see it.
- Of course.
Cured. No boob, but cured.
During the treatment
I want you to stay at home.
Relax. Distract yourself.
Read a lot, watch TV...
- Is that your daughter'?
- She will be, I suppose.
You're going to adopt?
My wife and I have been in
the adoption process for a year.
If all goes well, this year
we'll go to Russia and get Natasha.
Wow, that'll be a fabulous trip!
The two of you going so far
to get your daughter.
How nice.
Don't you think?
4,000 kilometers.
In an orphanage in Siberia.
What I'd give to go with my son
to Siberia and find him a sister.
- Hello.
- How are you?
How's your wife?
- Thanks for coming.
- That's alright.
Tomorrow we're burying...
burying my daughter.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, brother.
The Spanish economy
is still plummeting.
The unemployment rate
is now at 26%.
The worst affected, young people,
with 54% unemployed,
the highest in Europe.
The risk premium is also soaring.
International experts advise Spain
to request a European Union bailout
to stave off economic collapse.
Good pass to Cesc from mid-box,
in the back of the net!
Goal by Silva!
The Canary Islander comes from behind,
heads it and Spain head over heels.
In the Eurocup final,
a goal by Silva...
Spain 1 - Italy 0.
What a goal by Spain!
Playing on,
playing on... to the end.
Xavi looks for support,
Jordi Alba overlaps like mad.
Pass to Jordi Alba. Go, Jordi!
Goal to Spain!
Magic goal!
Jordi's got some balls!
Spain 2 - Italy 0.
There's Xavi, Torres...
- Goal!
- Goal!
There's Busquets, pass to Torres,
great position...
Goal by Mata!
Goal to Spain, and that's four!
With you, the champs of Europe
and the world!
Dani! I'm so glad, sweetie!
Spain's got the greatest
soccer players in the world.
There's no soccer like ours.
That's true alright.
I'm going to be a soccer player.
And a great one, I'm sure.
Of course.
I'll see you scoring tons of goals.
Imagine if I became
a world champion, Mama?
You will be. Of course!
You'd better start
understanding soccer, eh?
Yes, I'm working on it.
It was such fun!
I'm going, Mama,
there's a huge party here.
Go on.
Don't be scared.
Don't look.
How is she?
The same.
Which in her case
means worse.
Time's going against her.
What's wrong? Are you sick?
I'm on the strange
and bad side of statistics.
I've got breast cancer.
I'm being treated in another hospital,
a public one.
But I've got a 70% chance
of being cured.
Two against one.
Then that bad 30%,
we'll kick it hard...
- Let the other team take it.
- That's right.
And are you alone?
In summer everybody's away.
Even my son.
- You don't have a partner?
- Not anymore.
Ral teaches philosophy
at the university...
and now he's spending summer
with a student, a blonde...
Getting a suntan somewhere.
You'll have time for the beach.
With your 70%.
Good luck.
Hi, Mama!
- Hi, honey!
- I learnt how to mono-ski.
You climbed a tree?
Not "monkey" silly,
skiing with one ski!
- Oh, right! Of course.
- Dad hasn't called me.
Well, honey...
It's okay, you know what he's like.
And the scout?
Fine. Time's on his side.
Cheer up, Magda!
We're on the last cycle.
What if after this
all the bad side gets burnt off?
Maybe you won't have
to take anything from me.
Get down now and eat something.
Those were her parents.
They've gone to the canteen.
They've been here for hours.
Good, good, good...
but when your lips touch mine,
kissing me, provoking me...
She's getting worse.
Gynecologist, are you singing?
- He sings beautifully.
- Oh, really?
Go on, please.
- And how are you?
- Well, good.
Waiting for the operation.
Maybe they can completely cure me.
I'm so glad.
They're taking off my whole right breast.
They even take the nipple.
- In which hospital?
- General Hospital.
Do you want me to go with you
to the operation?
- Tell me when...
- You can't.
- Yes, I can.
- No. You've got enough here already.
Go on, please.
Come on, a little.
My brown-haired girl...
if this isn't happiness...
let God come down and see,
and if he doesn't believe...
that this is heaven...
and I'll! do my damnedest,
whatever you give me,
give it to me, give it good,
a little like this,
a little for the one...
- What's wrong?
- She hasn't long. If you want to go in.
- Her parents are in the canteen.
- I'll tell them.
All the best.
What a sight I am.
You can't just put on anything.
Fashion matters at the beach too,
and there's a new trend
this summer...
- Hi, Mama!
- Hi, son! How are you?
Dad called me.
- Oh, I'm so glad.
- But he's not at the beach.
He said the course he's teaching
is in the mountains.
That's better. Cooler.
He asked about you.
Isa/d you were going
with a scout from Real Madrid.
Did I do right?
Yes, son, fine. Wonderful.
Thanks, Mama.
When are you coming for me?
What? Are you missing me?
It's the longest summer
I've had without seeing you.
I do miss you, sweetie.
I'm sick of the reservoir.
I want to go to the beach.
Even if just you and I go.
Well! Hold on a little longer.
Soon we'll go
to the prettiest beach in Spain.
- Okay?
- Okay!
Since you won't answer,
I'm leaving you a message.
Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital
to have my right breast amputated...
Well, "amputate"
is not the right word, but...
who cares?
What the hell do you care?
You're on vacations with a student,
the one you call "my little blonde...
I saw her photo on WhatsApp.
Very cute.
AH I ask is that
during this time,
call your son more
in case he needs something,
because I won't be able
to call much.
And please don't tell him.
I don't want him to get scared.
I'M tell him when I get out.
Please respect me on this.
That's all.
Goodbye, Ral.
Big kiss for the blonde.
By the way,
I don't have brown hair anymore.
Now I'm bald. How about that?
Is someone waiting for you?
No. And I prefer it like this.
It gives me strength.
Didn't you call a friend?
Sure, and screw up their summer!
And you? Have you packed
your bag for the trip to Siberia?
- No.
- Why?
There's time.
I know someone who'd be so happy
if he could be going
to get his daughter.
Then he can go in my place.
- What?
- Never mind.
Come on, Julin, tell me.
We've spent a lot trying.
Now I'm not sure I want
a daughter with my wife.
Poor Natasha.
Maybe no one will go and get her.
You know what to do...
if there's the slightest chance
of saving that nipple of mine.
But at least sing me something
before you operate on me.
Go on.
It relaxes me to know
I'm in the hands of an artist.
I walk the streets
with your name
enclosed in my fist.
And I drag along
a scarf
full of memories
towards oblivion,
my love.
If your pain
were mine,
and mine
were yours,
how beautiful love would be,
to love.
Not today or yesterday,
but I will have".
tomorrow. .4.
so I can fly.
Thank you!
- It looks like mine!
- It doesn't look anything like it.
How do you know? Have you seen it?
You're right,
it looks nothing like it.
Hi, Mama!
Hi, son!
They told me they took
one of your boobs away.
Yes, but I've got another one.
This way you have a souvenir of her.
By the way,
Dad found out where you were,
picked me up at the lake
and brought me here with him.
Go outside a moment.
Dani! Go find him, hurry!
- What do I say?
- That I don't need his gift, I only want him.
Magda, I'm staying with you,
I've decided.
- I'm going to take care of you.
- No, Ral.
No way. Look...
I'm going with Dani
for what's left of summer...
and winter too.
Make up something so he doesn't worry.
Don't push me away, please.
And get out of my room for good.
Hi, Mama.
- Hi, honey.
- Do you know who's here?
- Who'?
- The scout.
Arturo, this is great.
I just had a dream about you.
How are you doing?
A little groggy. Fine. And you?
My wife died last week.
I'm so sorry.
Stay here.
The operation was a success.
You put me on
the good side of statistics?
You're free of the disease.
I'm free?
When I told you about my friend,
the one who'd go anywhere
for his daughter... that's him.
His name's Arturo.
- I'm discharging you tomorrow.
- That's great.
What do you want to do tomorrow?
- Me?
- You.
I'll take you wherever you like.
Well... I promised my son
I'd take him to the beach.
With your 70%.
Are you sure you want to go
to the beach?
To get rid of any complexes,
from the first day.
But you can't sunbathe.
Then we'll buy a beach umbrella
for the three of us.
Let's go!
- Hi, Mama!
- Hi.
- We've got a surprise for you.
- Oh, yes?
It's real hair.
It looks like mine.
Wait, wait.
It already smells like the sea!
You can't miss the sea
in summer, right?
Sure, or it wouldn't be summer!
Thanks, Arturo.
You set yourself up here.
I'll sleep on the sofa.
Oh, sure!
We came to be together, didn't we?
To keep each other company.
Yes. But you're the one
who needs company the most.
We sleep in the same bed,
in T-shirt and underwear.
Without touching, nothing.
But we're going to look
into each other's eyes,
up close...
This season Madrid's team
is way better than Baras, right?
Yes. It's our turn to win the League.
And the Champions.
Who's coming to the water with me?
Let's go.
Dani got a shock when he saw
my prosthetic breast.
It's only natural.
He'll soon see it as normal.
What position did you play?
I rotated a little
in the first years, but...
left back...
and then I started playing midfield,
distributing the ball,
which is my thing.
Why did you stop so young?
I'll tell you later, Dani.
Let's talk to your mother.
It's alright, keep talking.
C'm0n, honey, I'll put you to bed.
It's just...
I wanted to talk to Arturo.
He wants you to put him to bed.
you still haven't told me
why you left the Madrid squad.
Do you really think
you can leave Madrid just like that?
No. Madrid leaves you.
I got a bad injury.
- How old were you?
- 22.
So young...
How did you get hurt?
I went in hard to finish off a goal,
and snapped a ligament in my knee.
And you could never
play soccer again?
No. Not as a professional.
- That's why you became a scout?
- Yeah, my sight was still good.
you don't need to wear the T-shirt,
I've seen you in swimming trunks.
- Feel like a dip up to your knees?
- Yes.
It's so hot...
Dani, are you coming in?
Not now.
Yes, hello?
Magda, I'm Julin,
your gynecologist.
Wow, what a surprise!
How are you? Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
How was your Christmas?
Great, celebrating being together,
being a new family.
Arturo's the best thing
to happen to us.
He's acting like
a real dad for Dani.
- And haw are you?
- I'm great. I'm doing the best here.
They've got more to get over.
I help them as best I can.
But I'm fine.
The days get a bit long.
I miss the students,
but I'm in this house, which Hike,
and it helps me to start
a new life.
- It's Dani that worries me a little.
- Why?
Because he's still affected
by me, poor boy.
What do you mean, affected?
He avoids eye contact.
He can only look at me
for a few seconds.
We're thinking of taking him
to a psychologist.
Ral, his father, is no help at all.
He has seen him once
since the school year started.
They said you didn't go
for your check-up.
Yes, of course I went,
but they said there was a months-long
waiting list for a mammogram.
You should have come to my office.
Yeah, right. Why would I barge
in front of everyone else?
Because your gynecologist says so.
Come tomorrow at 9:00.
That way I won't be worried.
Come in.
- Alright then...
- Look.
Don't I look terrific?
You're an artist, Julin.
- It's healed over well.
- Yes, and it doesn't hurt.
I've got almost total mobility
in my right arm.
And I examine this one
every day and thoroughly.
Since I only have one left,
I can give it full attention.
And Arturo helps me.
I've got nothing,
not the slightest lump.
Alright, let's take a look.
But Arturo can't get it up.
We've never made love, not once.
He caresses me, kisses me, he's nice
and all that, but it stays the same.
So in May I'm getting an operation
to get two monster boobs,
hit the beach, sunbathe
and turn him on!
- And your daughter?
- She's not my daughter.
That means she's still in Siberia.
It must be so cold there now!
Poor thing!
Julin, don't look like that,
I know that face.
You're scaring me.
Maybe I shouldn't have come.
Your son was great at training today,
he's amazing.
- Great!
- She doesn't care about soccer.
No, Dani, that's not true.
- You have to respect her tastes.
- She broke her promise.
- What promise?
- You were going to try to understand soccer.
- Oh, did I promise that?
- Yes.
Then I'm sorry.
Give me a kiss.
You don't kiss a mother like that.
What is it? You have to take
the other one off too?
That girl's cold.
It's incurable now.
How long do I have left?
Six months, at most.
Six months, just when
my unemployment checks run out.
So I won't make it to summer?
I can't even celebrate
my first anniversary with Arturo?
Magda, it's spread.
You couldn't have found it
with self-examination.
It's invaded the chest wall
and you have metastasis of the lung.
It's an advanced 4th stage.
That really is on
the fucking far side of statistics!
I just don't get it.
After the chemo cycles,
after the mastectomy,
it's a very rare relapse.
- Can't anything be done?
- And so malignant.
I'm sure something can be done.
I can tell you about
a palliative treatment with chemotherapy
to improve your quality of life.
Quality of life!
Vomiting all day,
feeling like shit, bald again...
If you want to wait until I'm off work,
I can go home with you and tell Arturo.
And who's going to tell my son?
Who's going to tell my son?
Dani can't be an orphan!
Not Dani! Not Dani!
Not Dani!
Dani can't be alone!
Dani doesn't have to find out yet.
Do you know the greatest love
in the world,
and which nothing can surpass?
I think so.
But you tell me.
That of a mother for her son
and that the son
can return to his mother.
Yes. Just what I thought.
So? What's your problem with her?
Nothing. I don't think she wants me
to be a soccer player when I grow up.
No, Dani.
Your mother's very proud of you.
But we can't force her
to like soccer.
But then, she won't be able
to understand me.
Or my problems,
or what's wrong with me, nothing.
Think about what she went through
in the summer,
and how she protected you
from suffering.
And now she's recovered.
When are you giving Mama
her new boob?
Before the summer,
but don't say anything to her, eh?
Come on, now let's say
the Lord's Prayer.
"Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name..."
I'm glad you haven't
taken away her photo.
It's not there.
I took it away some time ago.
I'll tell Arturo.
I'd rather he found out from me.
Like your team.
Don't cry, honey.
No, no, no!
We'll do this without tears.
We'll do this without tears.
Just help me to be strong.
My love.
- Aren't you working today?
- No, I'm staying home today.
That's not good.
I hope you don't stop working
because of me.
I want to spend the day with you.
I spoke to Julin before.
He wants us to go see him to... tell us what it'll be like.
The path.
I'd rather not know.
He has experience,
he could help us.
- He never went.
- To where?
He knows some specialist psychologists...
I don't want a psychologist
poking around my head.
I only want you.
I want you to make love to me
right here.
I swear to God, if I could,
I'd give my life for you.
You're inside me.
Yes, my love!
I have to confess something crazy.
I'm pregnant.
I'll settle for lasting 9 months.
8, 7...
I'll make it to August, for sure.
Could she?
Whatever you want.
I want a girl.
And one more thing...
I want...
to live to see her little face.
It's not much to ask, is it?
Then I'll say goodbye
to this world.
Go out in style.
So, you're not going
to congratulate me?
Yes, Dani.
Dad's girlfriend looks a lot like you.
He's changed already?
So quickly?
I don't know,
she's the only one I've met.
What color's her hair?
Just like yours.
- How old is she?
- Around 20 or 30.
And she's got these boobs...!
One of your wishes came true.
It's a girl.
It's a girl!
It's a girl.
It's my gift. For Dani. For you.
What have you got there?
I'll tell you if you look me
in the eye.
One, two...
A ball!
Three, four, five.
Honey, no!
Remember I promised
I'd get you a little sister?
She's right here.
You ordered me a little sister?!
- When will she be born?
- The end of summer.
Dani, unless you get better
at Language and Math,
you're going to fail.
I can't get my head around them.
As of tomorrow,
every night after training
it's dinner and homework with Mama.
Even if you're tired.
How did she get there?
It's very easy.
Do you know where Siberia is?
I've got to teach you
Geography too, huh?
- It's in Russia.
- Oh, yes.
A mother once went
to Siberia alone
and found a little girl who was lost.
She was called Natasha,
and she had no parents.
- Natasha...
- Do you like that?
Natasha was terribly cold...
a freezing, freezing wind blew...
So Mama picked up the girl,
put her in her tummy
and brought her home.
Look! Look! Look!
It's incredible.
She does it so well.
Without even touching your heart.
Every night it's the same,
while I'm dreaming.
Of course.
Now I understand why you're improving.
- Of course.
- You'll get on very well.
Hi, Natasha.
I'm your mother, Magda.
It comes from Magdalena.
I hope that now you're alive
and watching this video.
I... I don't know,
they say I won't be around.
Medical science says so.
Oh, my girl...
I want you to know
that thinking about you,
thinking that
you're taking shape inside me,
is helping me so much.
When the crisis is over
will you be a teacher again?
Right now I'm teaching
my only student.
Which is better,
'cause I love him the most.
I'm on the home stretch,
there's no going back for me,
and I can't make
any detours or stops.
You're looking at me from the future,
and I'm talking to you from here,
but we're moving together,
straight ahead, both of us,
you with your beginning,
me with my end.
Look, you're right here.
Arturo said he feels
that God is protecting him.
- That's great.
- Doesn't he protect you?
I don't know.
Arturo also says that God helps
to know what's good and bad.
He thinks that when you die,
God judges you
and if you followed his advice,
he sends you to Paradise forever.
My wish is for you
to be born healthy.
And if I could see
your little face as well, then...
I have another wish, I can't help it.
That as you grow inside me,
you cure this disease.
I'd be so grateful to you,
I think I'd go crazy with joy.
Can you imagine?
Feeding you with my left boob,
raising you, watching you grow up...
tolerating your adolescence...
going to your wedding.
Making me a grandma!
And you watching me die.
I know I can't ask you
for all of this.
I think...
it's time you found out
what your Mama thinks of God.
In the beginning of time,
Man was terribly cold
and created gods
in his imagination.
- Do you know why?
- To get warm?
Yes, and for protection.
And to defend himself
from the fear of death.
- The fear of vanishing.
- So, do you believe in God?
Since Man has believed in gods,
he's wondered the same thing:
When the body dies,
does the soul die too?
Right now you and I are alive.
The same as Natasha,
but she isn't born yet.
And we'd like to think
we'll meet in another life.
- After death.
- Sure.
But after thousands of years
believing in gods,
Man has no proof
that the soul is immortal.
What I want to say is that...
when I found out I might be leaving,
my worst fear was Dani.
What would happen to him,
the one I love most in the world.
Don't be jealous.
Though it doesn't matter if you are jealous.
It's only natural
among brothers and sisters.
I bet you're laughing, it's so silly!
if you don't believe in Heaven,
what do you believe in?
What do I believe in? In life.
It's the only thing
we know we've got.
In enjoying it without sacrificing
for the hereafter.
Though maybe it exists.
We have to be as happy as we can.
First with ourselves,
and then by encouraging
those around us.
So, honey, even if I go
you'll have your brother Dani
and your dad, Arturo,
the best dad you both could have.
And they'll love you to bits.
What do you do to live happy?
Try to get close to the things
that give us pleasure
and stay away from the things
that give us pain.
- But in good measure.
- What measure?
Don't hurt or be bad to anyone.
Or to ourselves.
I understand you now.
You're a good teacher.
But don't just listen to me.
Listen to everyone.
To Arturo, your father, Julin...
to Natasha
when she starts to ask questions.
Listen, as best you can,
and come to your own conclusions.
Mama, you're a great teacher.
Thanks, honey.
Thanks for telling me that.
Well, my girl,
I hope you don't forget me.
If at any time
you want to see your mama
in body and soul,
then put on this video.
I love you, Natasha!
That's why we stay alive.
Would you like to baptize Natasha?
I'd understand.
I want to ask you something, honey.
Whatever you want.
Call Ral, Dani's father.
Ask him to come see us.
Tell him about my disease,
then I'll speak to both of you.
Thank you.
Hello, Ral.
This is Dani's home.
I want him to keep living here,
with Arturo
and his little sister, Natasha.
You can still see him under
the usual divorced father system.
My wish is that you two agree
to take turns,
vacations, weekends
and, of course, education.
A little philosophy wouldn't hurt
our soccer player.
I'll comply with your wish, Magda.
Don't you worry.
But first I want
to ask you something, Magda.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Of course I forgive you.
Of course.
And I want you to know...
that in those first years
when I was your Aphrodite,
you made me very happy. Very.
Thank you.
The whistle's about to blow!
Come on!
C'mon, one goal
and we're the champions.
Go, Dani!
Dani. go! Go!
I passed everything!
I passed everything.
Math and Language too.
That's great!
Honey, that makes me so happy.
Next year I want you to get
good grades from the start.
With you as my teacher,
it's a breeze.
- Hello!
- What are you doing here? Hey!
I came to see you.
Look at this.
So you stopped being a singer
so you could cure mothers.
You're doing great with me.
You should come to my office
to get more tests.
The best test is your face.
It says you don't know how,
but this is going strong.
I have an extraordinary nature.
Yes. That's true.
At this rate we're going
to break a lot of molds.
And has your wife forgiven you
for not going to Siberia?
We're separating.
The two men of the house
watching movies.
Which one is it?
"El Cid", in the conquest of Valencia.
He's dead, but tied to a horse
so the soldiers don't find out.
I want Arturo
to take me to the beach.
Tell him it'll do me good.
I've got such good memories
of last year.
Go on! Just a few days.
To celebrate our anniversary.
It already smells like the sea.
There's nothing better.
Do you know that Arturo
and I are celebrating our first anniversary?
And I want to tell you
that with you I've had
the best year of my life.
It's a boob.
It has an inscription.
"You are our life.
Natasha, Dani and Arturo".
Thanks, honey.
It's lovely, Dani.
Three... Four...
- Seven...
- Seven, eight, nine...
- One thousand?
- That's easy.
Have nice dreams.
Look, a gynecologist
in swimming trunks!
How do you feel?
Very tired.
But I'm 8 months pregnant,
so that's normal.
You look great.
Sun and sea really suit me.
May I examine you?
You just got here.
- Shall we go into the sea?
- Yes.
I want to dedicate a song to a friend.
How am I, Doctor?
Approaching the goal, right?
This is for you, Magda.
To your beautiful madness.
For everything
you've already given us.
And for everything
you're going to leave us.
Magda, you have to consider
going back to Madrid.
- Why? Am I in a bad way?
- You're doing great.
You're telling me.
But you should be admitted
until you go into labor.
Cry because you're afflicted
with a great pain.
A great pain.
Fight to fulfill! your dream.
What a dream.
Laugh because happiness
has caught up with you,
it has caught up with you.
It's living, it's living.
It's living.
Speak, think,
cry, fight,
feel, love,
That is living!
It's living.
Speak, think,
cry, fight,
feel, love,
dream of that which was ours,
hold on to your passions,
always keep walking straight ahead,
even if you have to suffer...
That is living!
Here, it's for you.
Thank you.
How old is she here?
- Will I see her when she's five?
- Of course.
Really? it's that easy?
You're not going to bet?
Come on, Julin,
I'm not in the water now.
Here, in your medium,
you can tell me the truth.
What's the plan?
We have to do the Cesarian now.
You girl's fine.
And she won't need an incubator.
Will I see her? I will?
And then what?
You're going to destroy my cells again
with the pretty skin I have now?
We'll see, you decide.
you're an artist.
Give my girl tons and tons of culture.
- See you soon.
- Okay.
- He knows you're sick now.
- Well, we'll discuss my illness later.
Now I'm getting Natasha taken out
and I'll be back later, okay?
Who's she?
Natasha, when she's five.
I want her to have brown hair
and look like you.
Me too.
Sure! Genes! Fine.
We'll see when we look in her eyes.
Then we'll meet up
and decide who she looks like.
Thank you, honey.
For everything you've done for me.
Leave me alone with Dani for a moment.
Your children are my children.
And you're my only God.
Dani, do you have an idea now
what happens to the soul
when the body dies?
- Have you thought it over?
- Not yet.
Well, never mind.
You'll have time to think it over.
But I'm sure of one thing.
The soul never dies.
That's right!
Mine will go wherever you want it to.
You're the thing I love most
in the world.
Your sister knows that,
so if she ever gets jealous,
you'll have to be understanding.
Sure, I'm her big brother.
A kiss for both of you.
I'll see you later.
Let's get the girl out.
My girl...
Her eyes are open.
She's looking at me.
Hello! Hello, chubby!
She has her mother's eyes.
I love you, Mama.
Think, speak,
cry, fight,
feel, love,
That is living,
Cry, fight,
feel, love,
dream of that which was ours,
hold on to your passions,
always keep walking straight ahead,
even if you have to suffer...
That is living!