M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016)

India! India! India! India!
India! India! India! India!
India! India! India! India!
'And now a quick recap
of the two dismissals.'
'Sehwag leg before to Malinga.'
'Caught right plum
in front of the wickets.'
'And Sachin Tendulkar caught
behind off a very thick edge.'
'Muttiah Muralitharan!'
'The Wizard of the Emerald Isle'
'being introduced
into the attack!'
Excuse me, Gary.
- Yes.
If a wicket goes down,
I think I should go in.
But Yuvi is padded up
and ready.
No, it's Murali.
I think I should go in.
You sure?
- Yes.
Just tell him, I'll.. I'll go.
'Go, go, go, go, go!'
'Has to hurry,
chance of a run out!'
'Gambhir survives!'
'Catch it!'
'That's a stunning catch!
Kohli has to depart!'
'India now in a..'
Go Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Pan Singh Dhoni?
Congratulations, it's a boy.
Mr. Ghosh.
Congratulations, it's a girl.
Thank you.
Rascals, you have a sister.
Both are okay, Dhoni.
Mother and daughter.
But Doctor,
the nurse just said
it's a boy.
Huh! Did she say boy?
- Yes.
Just a minute.
What did Pan Singh Dhoni have?
- A boy.
And Ghosh?
- Girl.
You're right. It's a boy.
And Mr. Ghosh, congratulations
for the baby girl.
If they continue like this someday
the babies will get exchanged!
Mr. Dhoni.
Just don't argue with him.
- Okay, sir.
Just listen to what
he says and say yes.
Right, sir. - Actually,
Mr. Deval is rarely wrong.
He has played for Ranji.
And he was also the Vice-President
of the Bihar Cricket Association.
- Yes, sir.
Pause here.
Who commissioned this AV, Roy?
Mr. Sinha did.
There's something I must
tell him over the phone.
Remind me later.
Yes, sir.
Rakesh, we're in the 90s now.
- Right, sir.
Change the sitar music
in the background.
Yes, sir.
And reshoot the ground
footage in three months.
Is there anything wrong
with the ground footage?
You call this a ground!
Is this where you want
our children to practice
and compete with kids
from other states?
Reshoot this ground
in three months.
We're putting in
a turf wicket here.
I'm going to completely
revamp this stadium.
Sir, may I ask you something,
if you don't mind?
Why aren't Bihar's players
regulars in the national team?
Isn't that what you want to ask?
Yes, sir.
We love politics more
than cricket. Get it?
See you.
- Yes.
- Yes, sir.
Why haven't you
watered the ground yet?
The pump operator, Pan Singh,
is refusing.
What do you mean
by he's refusing?
He's saying
that there's no water.
Get him here.
- Yes, sir.
What's going on?
- Don't worry, sir.
Pan Singh, Mr. Deval is
calling you to the ground.
What happened now?
Be strict with these people.
- Yes, sir.
Do you see
the condition of the ground?
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Why haven't you
watered the ground yet?
Sir, right now the water is being
supplied to the family quarters.
I'll water the ground
if there's any left.
What's the problem
in doing it now?
If the family quarters
don't get enough
I'll have to answer to them.
And what about the stadium?
If the families need to eat
the children also need to play.
- Yes, sir.
Do you expect the
children to play on this?
You're right, sir.
Then water the ground right now.
it'll be wrong to do it now.
I have a suggestion.
I'll water the field
at night after 11.
That will solve everyone's problems.
What time do you sleep?
Currently I'm in the morning shift.
So I sleep by 9 p.m.
Can you sleep at 9 p.m.
and wake up at 11 p.m. again?
Yes, don't worry about that.
Goodbye, sir.
What do you mean he won't play?
Try to understand, Mrs. Shukla.
The match is just three days away
and now you're saying he won't play.
If he doesn't play, who's
going to do the wicket-keeping?
His father is getting furious.
His board exams are
just around the corner.
If he wastes his time playing cricket
then when will he study?
But the exams start
after two months.
Exactly my point,
only two months are left.
Wicket-keeping won't
do him any good.
And if his percentage
drops even by a notch
his father will create a ruckus.
your son plays really well.
You're ruining his life
for a few marks.
Let him play,
he'll make it really big someday.
How big?
At the most he'll go
from Ranchi to Jamshedpur.
No, Mr. Banerjee,
please spare him.
His father wants to
make him a lawyer.
He wants to send him to Kolkata.
Come, Pintu. Come on.
- Mrs. Shukla.
Listen to me!
His present is still uncertain
and she wants to shape his future.
Chittu, come here.
Yes, sir?
Who's that boy?
- Goalkeeper? - Yes.
That's Mahi. He's my classmate.
Look, don't tell him I asked.
Ask him if he's interested
in playing cricket.
What did he say?
He said, 'Are you mad?
Who wants to play with a tiny ball?'
tell Mahi to do his homework!
Mahi, do your homework!
Just five more minutes.
Mahi, dad is home!
'...the world of architecture.
'The Taj Mahal is one of the seven..'
- Here.
'...wonders of the world..'
'Which he built for his wife..'
They sat down to study
after they saw my cycle.
Of course.
Why don't you two fix
a daily routine for yourselves?
2 hours for studies and
then 2 hours for playing.
Mahi has already fixed
a routine for himself.
2 hours for playing and then
another 2 hours for playing.
Let it be, I'll deal with them.
I have to go tonight.
Why? Overtime again?
- No. It's a small thing.
You haven't been
well the past two days.
Let it be.
I've already said that I'll do it.
It's not too much work.
The ground has completely
dried up as well.
'Monuments are built by..
Between 16th and 17th century..'
Come back soon.
Budhia, switch on the lights
and start the water-pump!
Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Did you do your
history homework?
Sir, me?
- Yes. Come here.
What's your name?
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
You're a good goalkeeper.
I saw you play yesterday.
Keep it up.
Thank you, sir.
What other sports do you like?
Badminton. Table Tennis.
Would you like to play cricket?
- No, sir.
No interest in cricket?
Not really.
Scared of playing with a hard ball?
- No, sir.
The wicket-keeper trials
are after school today.
Play for me.
Okay, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm not scared of playing
with the hard ball.
Thank you, sir.
Catch the ball!
Yes, catch it.
Catch it.
Yes. Don't drop it.
You're completely useless
in sports and studies.
Let's see you catch some more.
Come on.
What's your problem?
Can't you see the ball?
It's a red ball!
Can't you see it?
You can't do anything right.
Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
Shabbir, give him a pair of gloves.
Wear those gloves.
You come here.
Now go.
Go, stand on the mark, come on.
- Yes, sir.
You don't
punch the ball in cricket.
You catch the ball. Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Come on, throw, throw.
Are you trying to
catch a ball or a fish?
Catch it. No problem!
Keep your eyes on the ball
right till the end!
Very good!
Yes, that's it. Correct.
Very good. Very good.
Very good.
That's it! That's it!
Very good!
Good. Very good!
Come here.
Hey, stop!
Would you like to do wicket-keeping
for the school team?
Sir, I like to bat more than
anything in cricket.
Concentrate on your
wicket-keeping first.
But sir..
- I said wicket-keeping.
You must practise everyday
for two hours after school. Okay?
Can I keep the gloves?
Keep them.
give him the inners as well.
Take care of them.
Yes, sir.
- They are school property.
I'm only allowing this
as a special case.
- What?
- What is that?
Wicket-keeping gloves.
I've been selected
for the school team.
All play and no work
will ruin your life.
All work and no play
will help you succeed.
All work and no
play will ruin my life.
All play and no work
will make me succeed.
Mahi, wait!
Mahi wants to say something.
Tell her.
What is it, Mahi?
Mom, I've been selected
for the school's cricket team.
So, I have to practise for
2 hours every day after school.
And your studies?
I'll do it when I come back.
Just talk to dad.
Please, Mom.
And his studies?
- He'll do it after he comes back.
What do you mean by he'll do it?
- He'll manage.
His heart is set on it.
Come here.
Yes, Dad.
When did you catch
this cricket fever?
Fine, but don't let
it affect your studies.
Not even a bit.
- Yes.
What am I?
What do I do?
- You're a pump operator.
That's why I keep insisting
that you study.
Don't be like me.
Sports has its own importance.
But only if you study hard
will you be successful.
It's so hard to get
a government job these days.
"Smear 'Malai' on the face
of the sun."
"Ride the foolish clouds."
"Smear 'Malai' on the face
of the sun."
"Ride the foolish clouds."
"We open our books to study"
"and they teach us
about the Panipat War."
"Listen to your heart
and be a brave-heart."
"Fear will get you nothing."
"All work and no play
will help you succeed."
"All play and no work
will ruin your life."
"All work and no play
will ruin your life."
"All play and no work
will make you succeed."
How much is that for?
Rs. 400 for that one.
- Oh, no!
And this one?
- Rs. 200.
Fine, how much for this one?
- Rs. 80.
Hurry up,
I'm getting late for practice.
Who told you to schedule
the practice on Sunday?
- Fine, final price is 60.
I won't pay more than 50.
He won't give it.
Let's go, let's go.
50 isn't possible.
- Okay, fine.
Good shot! Who's next?
What are you doing?
You're bowling so short.
Come on, Sanjay.
Good ball, good ball. Next!
- Good shot again!
Next, quickly!
- Yes, Mahi.
Will you let me bat for a while?
Mr. Banerjee only
makes me do wicket-keeping.
What are you doing?
Bowl properly.
No.. I said 50.
Okay, 55 and it's yours.
Oh, God!
- 50 and that's final.
Just give it to her!
- Okay.
Weigh it first. Come on.
- Quickly.
Give him 50.
- I am, hold on.
- Fine, fine.
Cut the pieces.
Mahi is stretching like
he's going to whack the ball.
Sanjay, bowl him an easy ball.
Good shot, Mahi, good shot!
Here's your money.
Take it.
What's the hurry?
You don't understand anything.
- Yes!
Because you're the
only smart one!
Taking me shopping during
practice hours.
Wait, wait, wait.
Now hurry up.
Are you seated?
- Yes.
Get off, get off.
Get off quickly!
Be careful! - Okay.
- Godspeed!
Good shot, Mahi!
Hello, Mr. Pan Singh.
- Hello. Hello.
Let's buy some bangles.
- Yes, sure.
Mom, Mom.
Mom, listen.
- Mom..
Can I buy that?
Lord Hanuman?
- No, the one next to that.
Which God is that?
And that's a strange
crown he's wearing.
What will you do with that?
just buy that for me please.
Look, he has hung Sachin's
poster on the wall.
Why did you buy it?
What could I do?
I saw his expression
and I couldn't say no.
Don't think too much.
You know what happens
to sportsmen, don't you?
I know he likes to play, but..
All I want is for him to
study and get a decent job.
Is that all?
Will that make you happy?
Yes, it will.
What if Mahi isn't happy with that?
What do you mean?
I watch him
and kids his age.
My heart says
that he is not going to stop
at these small milestones.
Just wait and watch.
From the bus stand end,
right arm over the wicket.
And that's.. That's a miss!
- Oh, no!
That was a really good ball.
- Straight to the keeper's hand.
It's getting really hard
for DAV School to score.
Prashant Sharma is
a really good bowler.
In the previous match
he took three wickets
and did a hat-trick.
Making things difficult
for DAV School.
Let's see what DAV School's
strategy is going to be.
Come on. Come on!
The match is
at an interesting point.
DAV needs 12 runs to win,
with just 4 balls remaining
and 3 wickets in hand.
And now the next ball.
And that's out!
He's clean bowled.
It seems like the match is
slipping out of DAV's hands.
DAV needs 12 runs to win.
There are 3 balls left
and I can see a new player
coming to the ground.
- His name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
I know you won't listen.
Will you score if I give you
the strike? - I'll try.
Then I would rather try myself.
Come on..
It's going to be tough
for DAV School.
Prashant Sharma is bowling
from the Khairali end.
Prashant Sharma, gesturing
for a change in the
fielding positions.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni ready for
bowler Prashant Sharma.
Bowling right hand over the wicket.
And he has smashed that!
The ball is soaring
through the air!
Go, Mahi!
The second ball from
Prashant Sharma.
The viewers are waiting.
This is a golden opportunity
for DAV Shyamali.
Two balls to go
and six runs required.
Prashant Sharma.
Hit towards the bus stand!
With that six, DAV has stolen
the match from under their nose.
The sky is clear and it's
a good a day to play cricket.
DAV Shyamali
and Khairali's captains
are in the middle of
the field for the toss.
And DAV Shyamali has
won the toss.. - Batting.
...and elected to bat first.
What do you think, Mr. Tiwari?
Right or wrong?
Mr. Shukla, let's see
how the match plays out.
Well said.
This is the batting order, follow it.
- Okay.
Excuse me, sir.
- What?
I haven't got a chance to bat
for the last 8 matches.
You'll get it today,
their bowling is really strong.
With your permission,
can I open today?
Sir, Shabbir and Anuj
open every time.
Give me one chance too.
we'll see in the next match.
The next match is with RPS.
- So?
What's the point in
scoring against a weak team?
They are both
padded up and ready.
I'll talk to them, sir.
Just a minute.
Hey, listen!
Mr. Shukla
both teams are really enthusiastic.
Anything can happen in today's game.
That's what I predict.
Let's see what happens.
Sir, Anuj is ready.
Can Shabbir and I open?
First tell me what you said to them.
Mr. Banerjee!
- Yes, coming.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yes, sir?
Don't be in a hurry to return.
- Yes, sir.
Shabbir Hussain and
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
will be opening
for DAV Shyamali.
Play carefully.
Mr. Banerjee won't
give you a second chance.
I'll take the strike,
just don't get me run out.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
usually comes in at No. 6
but is set to open today.
What are your thoughts on
this Mr. Tiwari? Right or wrong?
Let's see how the match plays out.
First ball of the over.
Shorakat Chowdhary.
Pacing towards the pitch
and the first ball.
And he has smashed it!
Six runs!
- Brilliant!
Wait a minute, I know that boy!
He's a hard hitter, Mr. Shukla.
He hit two straight sixes
and won the last
match for his team.
He's really good!
How many viewers do you
see on the ground right now?
Roughly 15-16 people.
Why are you asking?
Mr. Shukla,
let this boy play for an hour.
And you'll see a different
scenario altogether.
That's superb!
- Beautiful shot!
Six runs!
- Great shot!
Mahi is smashing the ball.
- What do you mean?
How many wickets did we lose?
He has opened the innings today.
Girish, look after the shop.
The next bowler is ready
and he has bowled to Dhoni.
And Dhoni has hit that
hard for 4 runs!
- Well done!
What a player!
And that's a 50!
You're playing really well.
Keep at it. Play carefully.
Ma'am, Mahi is smashing the ball!
That's great!
- That calls for a holiday. - Yes.
Dhoni's batting is
spreading its magic.
Children are
flocking to the ground!
Yes, yes, yes!
That's great!
That's Dhoni's second century!
Double century for him!
I'm proud of you.
He has unravelled the opposition!
Hello. - Hello, please
connect me to Mr. Somi.
Please hold, I'll connect you.
Call for you.
- Hello, Mr. Somi.
Param speaking from Ranchi.
Param, I gave you this
number only for emergencies.
This is an emergency.
Remember that boy, Dhoni?
I spoke to you about
sponsoring his cricket kit.
Yes, you keep calling
up regularly for him
and I keep saying no.
What's his name? Dhoni.
Yes, that's him.
You know,
he scored 213 runs in 150 balls.
And in a single day.
His game is getting
better day by day.
I just wanted to
give you this good news.
Okay, are you done?
Can I hang up now?
- Yes.
I'll call you again tomorrow
for the sponsorship.
And I'm coming
to Jalandhar at the month's end.
- Don't come!
Hello, Param.
How much?
'And now for sports news.'
'India was eliminated from
the 1999 World Cup competition.'
'While playing against
New Zealand in Trent Bridge'
'India won the toss'
'and elected to bat first.'
'Ajay Jadeja made
the highest score'
'of 76 runs on behalf of India.'
'India made 251 runs in 50 overs.'
'The New Zealand team..'
Come on, Mahi, it's quite late.
Chotu, I don't think this one's
going to last for too long.
Why do you hit so hard?
Use it gently.
I hit gently.
It's you who thinks I hit hard.
Girish, close the shop.
May I ride it?
- Here.
the MRF bat which Sachin uses..
How much does that cost?
MRF only makes tires.
Sachin has been paid to
put the MRF sticker on his bat.
People pay good players
to put their stickers on their bats.
That's great.
And Dad, everyone says
that Mahi plays really well.
And if he keeps playing like this
someday he will make it really big.
When do his exams begin?
- Day after tomorrow.
And you know, his Under-19
trials are coming up too.
Just a second.
How are your studies coming along?
- Just fine.
My exams start day after tomorrow.
Will you pass?
That's what I want
to talk to you about.
The Office Leagues
begin day after tomorrow.
Trials begin at 11 a.m. everyday.
But will you appear
for your exams?
The exam starts at 8 a.m.
If I finish my paper by 10:30
and catch the 10:45 passenger train
I'll make it to the ground on time.
Will you finish your 3 hour
paper in 2.5 hours?
It's difficult,
but I'll get through.
That must be Chittu with the notes.
I'll be right back.
Listen, listen! - Water.
- Don't worry so much.
Drink some water.
- I'll drink the water
but how will he finish his 3 hour
paper in 2.5 hours?
Like I said,
let him do what he's doing.
Leave him be.
You worry too much.
"The roads run faster
than your feet can."
"What you want from life
is way beyond the ordinary."
"The roads run faster
than your feet can."
"What you want from life
is way beyond the ordinary."
"Why think too much?
Where do you want to go?"
"Just go where destiny takes you."
No, Param.
We never sponsor any
non-established player.
That's not our policy.
Sir, the boy's very special.
He just needs your support.
Exactly, it's not
possible to support him.
You can support
Pakistani players
but not someone
from our own country.
No drama, no emotional drama..
Tell me something.
What's his name?
- Dhoni. - Dhoni.
Is Dhoni like Tendulkar?
No. Dhoni is Dhoni.
All that boy needs
is an opportunity
and someday
he'll make it really big.
And one day you will
remember what I said.
when are you going to Ranchi?
My train leaves tonight.
Fine, you go on.
I'll think about it
and get back to you
in two days. Okay?
Then why don't I
stay back for two days?
I'm sure you'll think
of doing some good.
And you'll be doing
that poor boy a favour.
How do you benefit from all this?
Why are you advocating that boy?
What's his name?
- Yes, Dhoni.
What's your interest in all this?
I have a very big interest.
Even I loved cricket.
But had no talent.
But this boy is really talented.
If he makes it big someday
it will make me feel like
I played too.
"Clouds will bow down
before you"
"as long as you feel this way."
"Your wealth and your treasure"
"are this determination
and this passion of yours."
"Why stop the inevitable?"
"Just go where destiny takes you."
Dhoni, 2 balls and 5 runs.
Good shot!
- Yay!
Hello, sir. You called me.
- Yes, Pan Singh. How are you?
Fine, sir. - I've heard a lot
of praise for Mahi's game.
Don't worry about his career.
- Yes.
Cricket will shape his career.
- By the grace of the Goddess.
He has great potential.
It shouldn't be wasted, that's all.
What stipend is the
Steel Authority giving Mahi?
Rs. 625 monthly, sir
and Rs. 25 for practice as well.
Will Mahi join
the Central Coal Fields?
I already had a word with them.
His stipend will be 1500.
Mahi's stipend will be higher
than any new player's till now.
It's a good team.
Mahi will benefit a lot.
With your support, he will.
If he gets a job and
then if he becomes permanent..
He's too young for that.
We'll see when the time's right.
You've been generous to so many.
If you consider him as well..
He's like my boy.
Of course I'll look after him.
Okay. - Will the Steel Authority
guys let him quit?
I'll talk to them.
Let me know if they don't let him.
I'll make sure that
they let him quit.
Get some sweets for everyone,
come on.
Yes, of course.
Come on..
- You're doing great.
Just keep bowling like that.
I'll stand here at mid-off.
It's the last ball, come on.
Come on, come on!
1 ball to go and 5 runs needed.
Bowl at his feet,
okay? His feet.
Come on. Bunty, forward.
- Come on, come on!
- Yes.
Where did you learn to
play that shot? - Liked it?
I call it the 'Slap-shot'.
Will you teach me?
- Will you buy Samosas for me?
Of course.
- Then I'll teach you.
Then tomorrow..
- Mahi!
Mahi, your family has
been looking for you.
See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Your father has been
looking for you.
What happened?
- I don't know what happened.
He said, 'Pan Singh,
this is just the beginning.'
I was really glad to hear that.
Quiet. Quiet.
- Yes.
What happened?
- Hi.
Yes, Dad.
You were looking for me.
- Me?
- No.
- This arrived today, by courier.
Mom even gave Rs. 2
to the courier boy.
You know, Mahi,
Mr. Deval called me today.
He's asked you to join Coal Fields.
1500 stipend.
And he was also saying that
he'll make your job permanent.
It's a joyous day today.
I'll be right back, Dad.
Mahi, Mahi, listen!
Where are you going?
Anything else? - That's all.
- Rs. 210.
What's wrong?
Why are you so serious?
The kit bag has arrived.
Are you insane?
This is just a kit bag.
Just focus on your game.
The Lord will take
care of the rest.
And yes, I want a century
in the next match.
Go on.
What are you doing?
You scared me. It's beer.
Do you want a sip?
It gets you high.
Have you lost your mind?
Do you want to be
a cricketer or an addict?
just a little doesn't matter.
This is your party, right?
Just let me have some fun.
Don't make me furious, Santosh.
If I see you drinking again,
I won't talk to you.
Mahi, don't get angry!
Listen, Mahi!
Welcome everyone to the
Keenan Stadium, Jamshedpur.
This is the final match
of the Cooch Behar Trophy
between Bihar and Punjab.
Bihar's captain Vikas Kumar
and Punjab's captain
the talented Yuvraj Singh,
are standing
in the middle of the field
for the toss. - Heads.
All the best!
Bihar wins the toss
and elects to bat.
What do you say, Mr. Shukla?
Very good decision.
You can't give away wickets.
It's a four day match
and you guys must bat
for at least 2 and 1/2 days.
If you wish to play the Under-19
World Cup, then let me tell you
that there are two people here
from the All India Junior
Selection Committee.
The World Cup is next month.
The team will be announced
in a few days
and this is your opportunity.
Rattan Kumar and S. Vich
heading towards the field.
And he's bowled.
Wonderful shot!
There's a fielder under it.
And that's a catch!
Come on!
And that's out!
Dhoni, we must save our wickets.
Play carefully.
He doesn't know you too well yet.
The next batsman coming up
is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
The entire responsibility
lies on Dhoni now.
Let's see how he performs today.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
had already judged the ball
and he hit that over
Yuvraj Singh's head.
You can see Yuvraj
staring him down.
Dhoni's ready.
Yuvraj's next ball
straight to the
wicket-keeper's gloves.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
couldn't judge the ball.
Yuvraj staring directly
at Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Did you notice their
attitude towards each other?
And that's a fitting reply!
Catch it!
And with that
Dhoni completes 50 runs.
50, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Come on, guys!
At the end of Day 1, Bihar's
score is 254 runs for 5 wickets.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni has
scored a total of 70 runs, not out.
And Ratan Kumar is
playing at 77 not out.
What would you like to say,
Mr. Shukla?
Just make 200 runs more tomorrow.
Then we'll see who can stop you
from playing for India Under-19.
You'll get selected,
you don't need to worry.
What a player!
The weather is really cold.
The next ball of this over
to Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
The next ball.
And he has hit that hard!
The ball's straight up in the air.
Sodhi's right under the ball.
And that's out!
Sodhi has taken a wonderful catch!
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is out!
When did he return?
- This morning.
I see. - He didn't go home.
- Okay.
He came here and threw me out.
- Oh?
He has locked the door
from the inside.
He always does this.
Open the door!
Won't you guys let me sleep?
What happened?
- What happened where?
What happened at the finals?
You're laughing.
- Take a seat.
Chittu, get some water.
Will you tell me already?
- Take a seat, and I'll tell you.
Don't get so..
Here you go.
He'll tell us after
drinking water.
So, on Day 2
I got out after scoring 84 runs.
The entire team got out at 357 runs.
Now Punjab comes to bat.
They lose their first
wicket at 60 runs.
Then Yuvraj Singh comes to bat.
The score at the end of Day 2,
108 for 1 wicket.
Hurry up,
tell me what happened next.
It's when I hurry that I mess up.
Let me tell you properly.
On Day 3,
they lose only one wicket.
The score at the end of Day 3
is 431 for 2 wickets.
Yuvraj Singh hit a double century.
He hit a lot.
Broke all records.
Last day, Day 4,
Punjab's total score was 839.
Yuvraj's individual score was 358.
One run more than the Bihar team's
entire score.
We never got to play
the second innings.
Do you know where we lost the match?
Not on the cricket ground
but on the basketball
court at night.
What are you blabbering?
Any new movie playing?
'Captain Mohammad Kaif,
R. S. Ricky'
'Manish Sharma, R. S. Sodhi'
'Arjun Yadav, Yuvraj Singh'
'Venugopal Rao, Niraj Patel'
'Wicket-keeper Ajay Ratra,
Shalabh Srivastava'
'Mritunjay Tripathi,
Mihir Diwakar'
'S. Vidyut and Anup Dave.'
There are three more players
whose selection was debated upon.
But they couldn't secure
a place on this team.
Opening batsman Gautam Gambhir.
Wicket-keeper Amit Deshpande.
And left-hand spin-bowler
Rakesh Dhurv.
They didn't even
mention Mahi's name.
Chotu, come here.
A dozen fritters
and 1 kilo sweetmeats.
I'm telling you,
this is all a set-up.
Why else would Mahi
not be selected?
You fool..
Mister, take this.
Bring all of it on a plate, it's hot.
- Okay.
What happened?
Why are you all so quiet?
- Mahi, your..
I didn't get selected, I know.
Look, this tournament
has made me realise
that what I did wasn't enough.
I must work harder.
So, it's an important day
for me today.
I'm giving this fritter
and sweetmeat party
so I don't forget this day.
Will you guys start or should
I leave? - Mahi, listen.
Where are you going?
You didn't get cold drinks.
First eat this.
- Let's start.
I think you didn't
get enough fritters.
Have some.
How much for the pomfret?
Rs. 80.
- That's too much.
Why do you haggle so much?
Just buy what you want.
- I have to.
I can't pay whatever they ask for.
Pack them. - Keshav! How are you?
- All good, Chanchal.
Mister, weigh this. - Are you
enjoying yourself? - Yes, I am
enjoying myself.
Tell him to hit harder this time.
- Tell who?
Dhoni, who else?
I want a better performance
at the Duleep Trophy this time.
Duleep Trophy?
- Don't you know? - No!
He's been selected
from the East Zone.
It was published
in the newspaper today.
He has a match against Central
Zone day after, in Agartala.
Show him today's newspaper.
Give me the newspaper.
- Here.
- Take a look.
He doesn't know.
Hold this, hold this!
- What happened?
You go home,
something important has come up.
I'll be right back.
Well, that is..
- Param!
Do you know Dhoni's been
selected for Duleep Trophy?
Come on.
You've been selected
for Duleep Trophy.
The match is day after tomorrow.
But I didn't receive any letter.
It must be stuck
at some association.
Didn't Mr. Deval inform you?
- No.
I've all the details.
You must report at Dum Dum
Airport at 9 a.m. tomorrow.
But how do I get to
Kolkata tomorrow morning?
- Mahi, go and talk to Mr. Deval.
He'll arrange something.
Sir has asked you to wait.
Gentlemen, let's take a break.
Yes, sir.
- Right, sir.
Give that to me.
- Come..
Yes, Mahi. - Sir, I've been
selected for Duleep Trophy.
And the match is day after tomorrow
at Agartala
and I have to report tomorrow
at Kolkata Airport.
- Sir.
Wait here.
Have you sent a letter for Mahi?
But somebody should have
informed us.
How can he report tomorrow?
But then, he will lose
one big match.
Such a big competition
and you guys are so irresponsible!
The news is right.
I guess your letter's
stuck at Jamshedpur.
What do I do now?
There's a flight tomorrow
from Kolkata at 9 a.m.
Yes, sir.
You missed the chance.
- Sir, should we try by road?
If we leave now,
we'll reach by 9 a.m.
Do you know the condition
of the roads?
Sir, we'll take turns to drive.
No, no, you can't make it.
Just arrange for a car and we'll
handle the rest. - Yes, sir.
The Accounts Department
is also shut.
You guys manage
something on your own.
I'll reimburse your expenses later.
Mahi, call me when you get there.
Why would we come here
if we had the money for a car?
What a man!
I think he didn't forward
the letter. - Will you be quiet?
How will we arrange something
at this late hour?
Let it be.
- What's the problem, Mahi?
We'll manage now.
And get it reimbursed later.
But how?
- Just go and pack your bags.
We'll get the car.
- Go on, come on.
You go on. - Leave..
- Come on, go and pack. Quick!
Do you guys have some money?
You just said that you have money!
My intentions are right,
but I am short of money.
And Mahi must go.
We must do something.
Do you have anything?
- I may have something.
And you? - Yes..
- I'll take a look.
I'll arrange for something
as well. - Come on.
Let's meet at Deepak's garage
at 12 o'clock tonight.
- Come on. Hurry up.
Let's go, let's go.
Chittu, you're back home.
Chittu, you're going?
- Yes, I'll be back soon.
We'll pay the rest
after we come back. - Okay.
- Come on, get in, get in.
He's here!
Come on, give it to me.
- Drive safely. - Bye!
Get in.
Come on.
Bye, Mahi.
All the best!
Param, should I drive?
Mahi, wake up.
We've reached the airport.
Mahi, wake up.
We're here.
Quickly. Quickly.
We're here.
Mahi, we worked really hard.
Hit a century for us.
Mahi won't stop,
he'll definitely hit it. - Come on!
Of course, he will.
He'll make a century.
What happened? - The flight
took off half an hour ago.
- I'll be back in two minutes.
Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
You called for me, sir?
- Come in, Satyaprakash.
Doesn't Mahendra Singh Dhoni
play with you?
Yes, sir.
He's my junior. But plays well.
Will he join Railways?
Will he become a ticket-collector?
Don't know, sir.
Heard of
Bondamunda Railway Station?
Sir, I'm better off in Kharagpur.
Offer him a job
on behalf of the Railways.
What happened?
Your dad's looking for you!
Come quickly!
What did you do this time?
- I did nothing.
Maybe, that's why
he's looking for you.
Your son will go very far.
- Yes. - Where were you?
Congratulations, Mr. Pan Singh.
The Railways has a Sports quota.
And Mr. Animesh loves cricket.
He's looking for a good
wicket-keeper batsman
for the South-Eastern Railways.
And he's had his eye on Mahi
for a long time.
Is his job as a TC confirmed?
Mr. Animesh will test Mahi.
If he passes that,
his job's guaranteed.
He will pass the test.
This is great news.
His first posting
will be in Kharagpur itself.
After that we'll try
to relocate him to Ranchi.
And with everything included
he'll get Rs. 5000 in hand
on the 1st of every month.
With the Goddess' blessings,
Mahi will become a ticket-collector.
What more can one ask for?
Why don't you tell dad
if you don't want to go?
Did you see dad's face?
- Yes.
And he'll need money too.
Don't try to sound so responsible.
Tell me something, Sister.
Will I ever do
anything with my life?
Why not!
Wait and watch, someday you
will be very successful, Mahi.
Satya was saying
that if you do your job well
then you could
be the boss someday.
What happened?
Should I have said something else?
I will miss all of you.
- Me too.
Mr. Animesh bowls personally
to every player
before selecting him for the team.
You just play well.
What does he normally bowl?
- Everything.
On his own?
- Yes.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Dhoni, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
I've heard a lot about you.
Wear your pads.
- Yes, sir.
Is it too fast?
Should I bowl slower?
- No, sir. It's fine.
Try that again.
Catch it!
Dhoni, I'm going to bowl
a bouncer next.
Wear your helmet.
Sir, sir!
Please get out or
he will keep bowling all day.
Your job depends on it.
I won't get out to get a job.
Well played, good shot.
- Your bat swings are really good.
But try to hit straight.
Play in the V,
mid-off and mid-on.
And don't hit too many
Yes, sir.
Practice every day
after your duty hours.
You practice as much as you work.
Would you be able do it?
- Yes, sir.
The railway trials
are in two months.
You must perform well.
- Yes, sir.
You can join duty next week.
- Thank you, sir.
Very good.
Are these the quarters?
- No, they're at the back.
That is Mr. Animesh's bungalow.
The one adjacent
to the boundary wall.
He's made a cement pitch out there.
And we stay here
so that he can call us for practice
any time he wants.
Come in.
Can I keep this here?
- Yes.
There are two rooms here.
- Yes.
This one
and this one.
Close that door.
If you don't close that door,
you can't open this one.
I see.
This is the bathroom
and this is the kitchen.
There's tea, sugar,
vegetables, everything.
Every ingredient to cook a meal.
And this is our garden.
In the railways,
gardens are bigger than the rooms.
We have planted trees here.
Always keep this door closed.
- Yes.
Sometimes snakes crawl in.
- Through here?
It's nice, quite big.
No, three other guys live here.
- Okay.
They have their day shift,
they'll be here soon.
I told Mr. Das
not to teach me all that.
That was right, Deepak.
They are here.
Hey! - How's everything?
- Just great.
Remember I told you about Mahi?
- Yes.
This is him.
Mahi, this is Robin.
- Hello.
Deepak, Jayesh.
- Hello.
He's too young.
How could they give him a job?
Play a match with him
and you will know. - Really?
Yes! - But where will you sleep?
- Anywhere.
Doesn't matter.
Eat your meal
and hit the sack early. - Okay.
You should've seen how
he whacked Mr. Animesh's balls
all over the ground.
He bowled a spinner
and he hit it for a six.
Fast ball, again six.
Six, six, six..
Mister, where does Mr. Sarkar sit?
- There.
- Yes, in the opposite room.
Just a second.
Good morning, sir.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
reporting, sir.
- Sir.
This is your table and chair.
- Sir.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning. File this.
Okay, sir.
Did you take your 'picking-up duty'?
- I did yesterday.
That's Mr. Das.
- Good morning, sir.
And that's Mr. Singh.
- Good morning, sir.
8013 UP will arrive
on Platform No. 1.
It was supposed to arrive
at 8:30 a.m.
but it's running late.
Find out the arrival time.
- Sir!
You will find Ghoshal
in the TC compartment.
Give him this paper
and keep whatever he gives you.
- Sir.
8029 DOWN will arrive
on Platform No. 2 at 9:30 a.m.
You will find Shukla there.
Give him this paper
and then keep the sheet
that he gives you.
- Okay, sir.
8013 UP Platform No. 1, Ghoshal.
8029 DOWN, No. 2,
Shukla at 9.30 a.m.
Excuse me!
Move aside!
'The train will now
arrive on Platform No. 3'
'instead of Platform No. 1
at 9.30 a.m.'
'Your attention please.'
'8013 UP Steel Express'
'travelling from Tata to Howrah,
is running one hour later'
'than its expected time.'
'This train will arrive
on Platform No. 3'
'instead of Platform No. 1
at 9:30 a.m.'
'Thank you.'
Both will arrive at the same time!
'May I have your attention please!'
'8013 UP Steel Express'
'from Tata to Howrah,
is running late by one hour.'
Sir, sir.. Mr. Shukla..
Who is Shukla?
I'm Abhijeet Ghoshal.
Here you go.
- Do you have the ticket?
Go and check there.
This is for 8029 DOWN.
- Where do you want to go?
Sir, this one.
Just a minute. I'll check.
Please hurry up, the other train's
leaving. I've another copy..
Stop yelling.. - Just a minute.
- ...and let me do my work.
I'm giving it to you.
Sir, help me with my seat, please.
- Come here.
Sir, check my ticket, please.
Here you go.
Move aside, please!
One second, one second.
Sir, both the trains
arrived at the same time.
I tried, but..
- How hard did you try?
Sir, I tried my best.
- Fine.
Train no. 465 is arriving.
- Sir.
Take the fine book and go
to Gate No. 3. - Okay, sir.
All of them are repeat offenders.
Fine them heavily.
Okay, sir.
- Now, go.
How is Dhoni doing?
He missed a train on the first day.
And I already gave him
the 'Platform No. 3' experience.
He's your responsibility, Sarkar.
- Yes, sir.
He's a special case.
- No worries, sir.
But Mr. Das and Mr. Singh
are not taking his recruitment
too well.
We'll see.
May I ask you something, sir?
What's so special about him?
Do you still play cricket?
Sometimes, sir.
Play one match with him
and you will find out.
You're back, Mahi!
- Yes.
How was your first day?
- It was a Yorker.
Eat something,
we have to go and practice.
Are you catching a ball or a fish?
Catch! Oh!
Well taken!
Very good!
Very nice!
Please move.
Your ticket, please!
Come, Dilip.
Morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- Thank you.
How are you?
- All well, sir.
Did you see yesterday's match?
I did, sir.
The boys have done us proud.
Kaif and Yuvraj were brilliant.
They were too good.
John is doing everything right.
Whether Sourav should have taken
off his jersey is still debatable.
Otherwise, Indian Cricket
is in good hands.
We must think about
the future as well.
Of course. Of course.
Last year,
Makarand Waingankar joined
Karnataka State Cricket Association
as a consultant.
Makarand has achieved
some fantastic results
in getting new talents
from smaller districts.
Some really good players
are coming up
who are outperforming
these state-level players.
BCCI would like to do
the same thing.
We want to open TRDW
which is the
Talent Research Development Wing.
And the focus
will be on B-tier towns.
Sounds nice, sir.
But this will only work when
this body reports
directly to the Board.
If it goes through
the State Cricket Association..
TRDW will report directly
to the board
and the players
will be sent directly
to the National Cricket Academy.
The board wants to appoint
you as the Chairman.
What do you say?
Sir, I'll be honoured.
- Good.
Brijesh will assist you.
Think about the structure.
- Sure.
Let me call a meeting next week
and let's get this going.
- Sure, sir. Sure.
Keep that file on my table
in the morning. - Okay, sir.
Dhoni. Why are you sitting here?
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
Just like that, sir.
Sit, sit.
Sir, my roommates
are out on duty.
So, whether I sit in my room
or here, it's the same thing.
And what were you thinking?
- Nothing, sir.
Just like that..
Nothing important.
You should open up.
It lightens your heart.
Sir, I keep wondering
as to what I am doing.
I'm a cricketer, but working
as a TC at Kharagpur Station.
It's not that I think
the job is small.
But I don't know
how I'll play ahead.
Only I know what's going on
in my life every day.
First I jog between
8013 UP and 8029 DOWN.
Then I stand at Gate No. 3
and collect fines.
Neither my game's improving
nor am I getting any
opportunity to progress.
Still playing 'Ranji'.
How long will this go on?
Sometimes I feel like quitting
everything and going back.
But then I think of dad.
Every night when
I return to my room
I feel like I'm returning
to the pavilion after getting out.
You asked why I'm sitting here.
This is what I keep thinking
no matter where I sit.
Oh, God!
Were you thinking all that?
Sorry, sir..
But I'm start feeling depressed.
Well, tell me something.
What do you do when
you get bowled a full toss?
What do you do when
you get bowled a full toss?
I hit it.
And a juicy half-volley?
- Drive.
If it's a good out-swinger?
Leave it.
If it's a good in-swinger?
Defend. - And when you get
an unplayable bouncer?
I duck.
- That's it. That's life.
Imagine that all these are bouncers
and you need to duck.
Don't think too much.
You won't get
the same ball each time.
You've to play on your merit
and stand your ground.
The scoreboard will keep moving.
And don't worry too much
about your job.
As long as I'm here, you can play
anywhere you want,
whenever you want.
I will take care of your attendance.
Don't worry.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, may I play
the tennis tournament?
They play on 18 yards
instead of 22.
But I think it will be good for me.
- Yes, of course. Go and play.
But everyone's saying
it will ruin my game.
Ruin your game?
- Yes, sir.
Which fool says that?
- Sir..
Your game hasn't improved yet
that it will get ruined.
Your plus point is that
you're a complete natural.
- Sir.
Let's go.
Come on.
Don't be too serious for
absolutely no reason. Understand?
And why aren't you
cutting your hair?
I'm thinking about letting it grow.
And you must work
on your spoken English.
It will come in handy
in the future. - Yes, sir.
"The path is studded with stones.
I don't care."
"The guise of dreams are blurred.
I don't care."
"My heart is imploded.
Let it be."
"Now come what may,
I don't care."
"Chancily acts my heart and
recklessly does what it wants."
"Wildly beats my heart
just like a thunderbolt."
"It looks for odds in the cloud
and shares an untamed courage."
Just two more steps
and straight to the Indian Team.
- For sure! - Yes.
Listen carefully, Mahi.
First see where the selectors
are sitting. - Okay.
And hit a six towards them.
- Okay.
"I don't care!"
- Play well!
"I don't care!"
Mishra, next.
Where do they come from?
Look at his hair.
Yes, Mahi. How was it?
I only got three balls for keeping
and one over for batting.
Why do they call if that's
all they want you to do?
Did they treat everyone like that?
No, I guess I was the special case.
"Whether it's false or true,
dreams are dreams."
"You can keep
the light of the stars."
"All the fireflies are mine."
"Wildly beats my heart,
unstoppable it is."
"My heart beats with
an untamed courage"
"stubborn is it's throbbing."
"Be it make or break!"
"I don't care!"
"I don't care!"
"I don't care!"
"I don't care!"
This can't go on!
- He hasn't come in to work again.
I'm worried about Mahi.
He's going nowhere.
He quit everything
and ran away to Dhanbad
to you for six months.
There was a huge ruckus
in the office.
Mahi's game has reached
a completely different level.
Do you know? He's hit
25-30 centuries in six months!
And when he's batting
it feels like he's venting his anger.
- Exactly!
He's so talented
that sometimes I fear
he'll do something wrong
out of frustration.
Let's go.
Yes, everything's fine. - I tried
explaining things to him, but..
Travelling all over
Bihar and Jharkhand.
Ask me where I haven't played!
Well, I'm in a bad mood nowadays,
so only playing football.
Okay, I'm hanging up now.
Talk to you later.
How's everything, Mahi?
This is exactly what
I was talking about.
I think he's gone crazy.
- What happened?
The phone's not been
working since 15 days.
The line's dead.
The phone's dead?
- Yes.
Who was he talking to?
What will we do now?
The phone's actually dead.
- I know!
His family will say, I took him
to Kharagpur and drove him insane.
Well, I feel..
- Hey!
- What's this, Mahi?
What's all this?
- You got worried! - Go away!
W-Why are you hitting me?
'Shot pulled away for 4 by
Tendulkar.' - Wow! - What a shot!
Catch up! - That wasn't from
the middle of the bat.
That's Sachin!
- The ball is coming slow.
Wonderful, Sachin..
- 'Up in the air..'
'McGrath underneath it!'
- Oh, no!
'India lose their first wicket..'
- What the heck!
Why did you have to play that shot?
- 'Sachin Tendulkar..'
What kind of a shot was that?
- He should've asked you
before he played that shot.
- We've lost the World Cup!
Does anyone want tea?
- These guys will definitely lose it.
Don't say that. Please don't
say such negative things.
Be quiet and stop bothering me.
Didn't Kaif, Mongia and Yuvraj
start at the same time as Mahi?
All of them have
played the World Cup.
I wonder what's going
to happen to Mahi.
Can you speak a little softer?
No, sir.
I understand, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
I will definitely look into it.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, you called for me.
A notice has been
sent in your name.
Someone's complained about you.
About your attendance.
Sir, the bouncers don't
seem to stop coming.
I've been ducking
for three years now. And now this.
Look, Mahi, the enquiry
is day after tomorrow at 10 a.m.
Two officers are coming down
from the Head Office.
I have a suggestion.
Before they can question you
you have your defence ready..
Did you understand?
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
Bless you.
When did you arrive?
In the evening.
All okay?
- Yes.
You've lost weight.
Have you been eating properly?
Yes, it's all okay.
I hope you will
stay longer this time.
That's what I want
to talk to you about.
Yes, tell me.
I'm quitting
my job with the Railways.
I cannot handle both.
I can either work or play cricket.
If I concentrate on cricket,
the head office sends a notice.
So I've decided to shift
my focus entirely on the game.
And then we'll see.
I just want to play cricket now.
- And when
you grow old
and can't play anymore
how will you make ends meet?
You can't play cricket forever.
I will find another job,
don't worry.
Since you've decided already,
do what you want.
You don't have to tell me anything.
Dad, please don't say that.
If I get caught up with
this security of a daily job
then I will never move up in life.
Just give me some time.
I just want to give it
one last try.
If nothing concrete
happens in a year
then I will do as you say.
You shouldn't have
quit your job, Mahi.
- No, no.
Welcome, audience.
East Zone Vs. Central Zone,
for the Deodhar Trophy.
A very important match
is being played today.
The 'Talent Research Development
Wing' officers are sitting here.
And they will keep an eye
out for talented players.
'Check where
the selectors are sitting.'
'And hit your six towards them.'
And the first ball of the over.
Oh, my God, that's a six!
And he has swung his bat again.
Yes, Prakash.
Yes, I've heard his name.
And again!
- What a shot. Wonderful.
Who is that player?
- Good morning, sir.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Where is he from? - Jharkhand.
- He plays really well, sir.
He hits really big sixes.
He's batting really well.
- Absolutely, sir.
Very nice.
Dinesh Karthik,
extremely talented.
Naman Ojha, he's a safe
wicket-keeper and an okay batsman.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
and Deep Dasgupta.
Dhoni's performance in the
Deodhar Trophy was quite good.
He's a good batsman but his
keeping technique is very poor.
But Gopal,
technique isn't everything.
If he's getting results
with his poor technique
then I don't
see a problem in that.
Look, sir, in my opinion..
- One second, one second.
Does he have poor technique
or is he an unconventional player?
There's a difference
between the two.
Great shot!
Mahi! - You've been selected
in the India A Team!
You're in the Zimbabwe
and Kenya Tour! Yes!
Mahi, it's published in the papers.
Come on.
Didn't you hear, Mahi?
We're giving him good news
and he isn't listening.
Let's go, celebrate.
You guys go on,
I'll finish the game and join you.
He's unbelievable. We're going
to celebrate. - Yes, let's go.
Mahi, one more game?
- One second.
I'll go now, it's time.
- Bless you.
And keep calling.
- Okay.
Take care.
- Take care and eat properly.
Mahi, your train is about to leave.
I'll call you.
- Yes, please.
We'll miss you. Take care.
Sir.. - Come on.
- All the best.
Come on, get on.
The train's leaving.
Take care, Mahi.
Hit it out of the park!
Bye. Bye.
- Bye!
Play well and take care, Mahi!
Go Mahi!
The Man of the Match
and hands down..
All the commentators..
M.S. Dhoni!
I'll request you to give away
the Man of the Match Award.
You seem to be in love
with this pitch.
Yes, definitely. This is
a very good wicket to bat on.
Apart from first 10 overs.
After the shine is gone, I think
it's all for the games
that are played by the batsman.
Here comes Mahi!
There he is.
- Amazing!
- Why is everyone here?
How are you, Mahi?
Bless you. How are you?
- Hi, Mahi.
Sir, one photograph.
One photo.
Sir, a bit to the left.
Smile please, sir.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Dinesh Karthik.
- Let's try Dhoni.
- Bye, goodnight.
India has got off to
a very slow start here.
Now let's see how
the match progresses.
They really need a partnership
at this point of time.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the
debutant is coming in to bat.
India are really under
pressure at 180 for 5. - Mahi!
Let's see what the boy from
Ranchi can do.
He's an explosive
wicket-keeper - batsman.
Mohammad Rafique
continues to bowl.
Chance of a run out!
He's got him!
Mahendra Singh Dhoni!
Why did he have to run?
- What happened?
Kaif called for a run
and sent him back.
It's his fault. He got him out.
Chittu, enough.
Dhoni's just short
of his crease.
This can be a turning
point in the match.
What happened?
- Run out!
He's always so impatient!
Got out on the first ball.
How about some tea?
Has to depart in his
first One Day International.
And that must be
a huge disappointment
to the very, very young,
talented man.
Tapash Baisya bowling right-arm
over, medium pace to Dhoni.
Struggling with timing.
- No, no, no, wait, wait.
It's not an easy track.
- Careful.
The ball not quite coming
on to the bat. - Hit it.
Beaten again outside the off stump.
- What is this boy doing?
The ball not really bouncing.
- Calm down.
Can't he be a bit patient?
Taken at short mid-wicket.
Good sharp catch by Bangladesh.
And they would feel
that they've..
What's he doing?
- ...got their foot into the door
in this massive contest.
He only has one match now.
He won't get so many opportunities.
- It's okay.
I think that's a no-ball.
- Stop it, Chittu.
Catch at mid-wicket..
- How about some tea?
And Dhoni is gone for 12
and India are 155 for 6.
Now this has been an excellent
batting display from the Indians.
What.. What great stroke play!
Pitched up
and Dhoni climbs into it!
That's huge! It's a six!
India 347 for 5.
- Yes.
Why does he keep hitting sixes?
How about some tea?
He was in great form today.
If he had played
higher up in the order
he would've definitely
scored a century.
Stop it, Chittu.
I wonder what's
going to happen now.
He only made 19 runs
in 3 matches.
I wonder if he'll get a chance
in the Pakistan Tour.
India's run-rate has come down
a little bit in the last 5 overs.
Dravid is set here.
It's in the air!
And taken at deep mid-wicket.
You should start praying.
He should've played defensively.
Only 3.5 overs to go.
He was playing for
the team not himself.
So, Dhoni departs and a string
of low scores continues.
What are you doing?
And why doesn't he cut his hair?
I wonder how he'll
stay in the team.
Let's see where the
match goes from here.
Excuse me.
- Yes, ma'am.
Can you please get me
Sachin's autograph? Please.
Sorry, ma'am,
the cricketers are very tired.
And they have requested
to be left alone.
I hope you understand.
- Hi.
Are you with the cricket team?
- Yes.
Do you know Sachin?
Can you please get
me his autograph?
No.. - Please. - No..
- Please..
I'm his biggest fan.
But right now..
- Please!
What's your name?
- Priyanka.
Priyanka.. - Please..
- Give it to me.
Thank you.
His condition was really
surprising.. - I know!
Sir, one autograph please.
- Sure.
She is a huge fan of yours.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What do you do?
I'm a keeper-batsman.
- In the Indian Team.
Sorry, I didn't know.
- Why are you sorry?
You don't know because I have not
done anything worth remembering.
In four matches I have
0, 12, 7 not out and a 3.
I don't know whether I'll get
a chance to play the next match.
It's okay.
If you keep staring at me,
how will I sleep?
You know what.
You will get to play tomorrow
and you will have a great match.
How come you're so sure?
Just one of those things.
All the best.
If it really happens
and if I want to thank you
then how can I..
I mean..
So, ma'am?
Thank you.
Your name?
Watch it on TV tomorrow.
Yes, Santosh.
- How are you, Mahi?
Fine, but you've been
drinking again.
No, Mahi, I swear, not at all.
- Swear on me.
Let it be.
I'm going to beat you up.
You always..
- Let's talk about cricket.
Why don't they move you up?
- They were saying
that they will try sending me in
at No.3 in some game.
But I have no clue whether
I'm in tomorrow's match.
I'll call you later.
Hello. - 'Dhoni, you're in the 11.'
- Thanks, Dada.
Good luck.
That's it.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Mahi, take a look.
Chisel 50 grams more.
- Okay.
Here, chisel off 50 grams more.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
promoted up the order.
Looking to get the full Monty.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Why are you bathing
since so long? Come out.
I don't want to watch
the match today.
Drives and drives well through the
off-side. Finds the boundary!
That's beautifully timed,
through the off-side.
He finds the fence again.
And a half century
for Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
I've always been saying
that Mahi should go in early.
Stop it, Chittu.
Don't throw your wicket.
Well done.
It's outside the boundary.
Mister, give me a carom board.
- I don't have it.
There's one right beside you.
It got drenched in the rain
and the wood has swollen up.
But it's all wrapped up.
Do you know better or do we?
Who's the shop-keeper?
Come back tomorrow. - What
kind of a shop-keeper are you?
There he goes on the on-side!
What happened?
- Nothing, you continue.
He pumps the air in delight.
A first One Day International 100
for Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
And it's always a great feeling,
getting your first ever 100
in One Day International cricket
for your country.
And it's obvious that this
young man is thrilled to bits.
Later, boy, later.
Sir. Mahi played very well.
Take some more, sir.
Hello, ma'am.
Give everyone, everyone.
- Mahi played really well.
Take some sweets.
You too, ma'am.
Hello, sir.
Mahi was amazing yesterday.
'You will get to play tomorrow'
'and you will have a great match.'
- Hello.
- Speaking.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Thank you.
Everyone in India
now knows your name.
Maybe someone's prayers worked.
Would you like to meet?
You will have to come to Delhi.
That's where I live.
I came to Vizag on
official business.
I'm at the airport,
heading back home.
By the way,
if you change your mind
then Delhi isn't too far.
It wouldn't have mattered
even if it had been far.
See you soon.
I'll be waiting
for your autograph.
"This moment stands still."
"It is mine and yours."
"Let me live this
moment to the fullest."
"I'll be lost in you and
you'll be lost in me."
"We'll find each other
sometime again."
"I'll keep seeing you."
"You'll keep seeing me."
"We'll see each other
sometime again. Sometime again."
"Why does it hum
without a reason?"
"Why does it smile
without a reason?"
"My eyes have begun to glitter."
"How shall I conceal
my dreams now?"
"Say words that are fragrant"
"fill your eyes with laughter."
"This bewilderment,
where else to look!"
"I'll be lost in you and
you'll be lost in me."
"We'll find each other
sometime again."
"I'll keep seeing you.
You'll keep seeing me."
"We'll see each other
sometime again."
"Sometime again."
Hair, hair.
One second.
Do I look at this one or that one?
Okay. On action?
- Yes!
Finolex pipes are..
I forgot my lines.
Action! - The secret
behind my active life.
Low fat cooking with
Nature Fresh Acti-Lite Oil.
Whether there's pressure
in the game or the water
Finolex pipes are
unbreakable like me, always.
Conquer the world with
Sanjay Ghodawat Institutes.
Where will you be going from here?
- Ranchi.
And Pakistan?
- On 5th January.
For how long?
Until 20th February.
3 tests and 5 one-day matches.
Will you miss me?
- Missing you will distract me.
And you cannot afford
to have distraction
when you're playing
for your country.
Why do you even meet me?
Because I like it.
Don't you like it?
- I do. - Then?
In fact, I want
to meet you every day
and always be with you.
Priyanka, I recently
started playing for India.
I need time.
What happened?
You look worried.
Why would I be worried?
I just don't want you to feel hurt.
Do you really like me that much?
It's not that.
- So, you don't like me?
You're trapping me.
I think I really love you.
Don't worry,
I don't need an answer.
Do you have Chittu's number?
- Yes.
My phone will be switched off.
So, if you have any message,
give it to him.
I will call you back.
Mahi, are you sure?
We do have a lot of time, right?
Of course.
There you go!
India win by 5 wickets!
They take a 2-1 lead
in the series.
I would first of all like
to congratulate the Indian team
for playing exceptionally well.
And may I specially
congratulate Dhoni
for being the architect
of the victory.
And may I, may I tell Dhoni
that I saw a placard
asking you to have a haircut.
But if you were
to take my opinion
you look good in this haircut.
Don't have a haircut.
What is this?
How do I switch this thing on?
Here you go.
Dad, it's Mahi.
Yes, Mahi.
You played really well today.
Everyone was praising
your game today.
Did Musharraf say anything else?
No, Dad.
Are you happy?
Yes, I'm very happy.
I'm happy to be proven wrong.
Just keep playing well.
Make your country proud.
And don't let all this
go to your head.
Hang up.
Get some rest.
'This call could not be completed
due to insufficient balance.'
Hi, is there a PCO around?
- Yes, take the next left.
Thank you. - Mr. Dhoni!
- Yes.
Mr. Dhoni, you were amazing today.
I swear, I really enjoyed it.
- Thank you.
You want to make a call, right?
- Yes.
Then do it from here.
- No, I want to make an ISD call.
Do it from here, no problem.
- It's okay, I'll manage.
Come on, this is unbelievable.
You can call from here,
I'll wait outside.
- Yes, of course. Make the call.
Were you waiting
next to the phone?
I knew you would call today.
How does it feel, Mr. Mahendra?
How do you feel, ma'am?
Feels like I made you
win the match.
Do you want anything from here?
- Win the series.
Anything else?
Just come back soon.
Why are you whispering?
Because my family's having dinner
in the next room.
Should I tell them about you?
Let's discuss this when I'm back.
You get so worried.
Well, I haven't even told
my best friend how much I love you.
Who is your best friend?
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, Mahi.
What do I buy for you?
Buy a nice watch for me.
Something that's
affordable and durable.
What will you get for me?
I don't believe in Valentine's Day.
Mahi, are you sure we have time?
- Of course.
See you soon.
See you.
See you.
"I can feel you in me
whenever I breathe."
"The crossway of your heart"
"I pass through every day."
"You tease me like the free wind"
"and I aberrate like loose sand."
"Who'll love you as much"
"as I love you."
"The quest of my vision
stops with you."
"What more is left to express?"
"Nothing is left unsaid."
"My eyes long for your eyes."
"and you're unaware of that."
"I gaze at your eyes"
"while hiding
my feelings from you."
"Who'll love you as much"
"as I love you."
That's pitched up!
Hammered over mid-on!
India win by 8 wickets.
And once again, it's that man
at the finishing line.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
quietly earning a name
of a finisher.
Hello, Mahi.
You were spectacular today.
It was really fun.
- Great.
Did Priyanka call you?
I've been trying to call her
since 3-4 days.
But her phone's not reachable.
Did she give you
an alternate number?
Yes, I do have her
friend's number.
Find out.
- Okay.
When are you coming to Ranchi?
Day after tomorrow.
Find out and let me know.
- Okay.
See you.
Mahi! Mahi..
- One second, just a second.
Let's go.
Mahi, there's a horde
of media outside.
The car's parked at the back.
But my bag..
- We'll deal with that, let's go.
Move, move!
Where's Chittu?
- He called.
He said he'll meet you
directly at home.
Give me your phone.
- Mahi speaking.
Oh.. - Why aren't you
answering my calls?
Well, I was stuck and..
Did you find out?
Yes.. Well, no.
I mean,
I'll tell you when we meet.
What's wrong, Chittu?
P-Priyanka met with an accident
on the 14th.
Please stop the car.
Why? What's wrong, Mahi?
- Please stop for a minute.
There's something I need to do,
you guys go ahead.
What.. I mean, we'll wait.
How will you get back home?
- I'm telling you.
'Mahi, are you sure?'
'We do have a lot of time, right?'
India beaten by Bangladesh
by 5 wickets.
The faces say it all.
Good morning, sir.
How are you, sir?
Watching your success
makes me proud.
It's all thanks
to people like you, sir.
There's something I have wanted
to tell you for a long time now.
Yes, sir?
Mahi, it's not like
I didn't want to
or couldn't send you
to Kolkata that day.
But since I was busy
with meetings
I didn't realise that you..
Don't hold that against me.
Don't think like that, sir.
Keep going like this.
And don't get complacent.
- Yes.
You still have a long way to go.
- Yes.
And aggression suits you.
Don't try to play defensive.
Bless you.
- Thank you, sir.
What a setting
for the first World T-20 final!
We are in Johannesburg
and at 'The Bullring'
one of the great stadiums
in world cricket.
13 needed from 6.
That's a huge wide!
Misbah goes big!
It's huge, it's a six!
Just six needed now for Pakistan!
And M.S. Dhoni walking up
to his bowler to have a chat.
It's up in the air..
takes it!
India have beaten Pakistan
to win the World T-20 title!
The celebrations begin!
It's a young Indian team
that lifts the T-20 World Cup
with all the big boys resting.
Now he's going to wreak havoc.
Mahi, time for the tele-conference.
Hi, M.S.
- Hi, sirs.
- Hi.
So, as you know, today's
agenda is to.. - Excuse me, sir.
Before we start this discussion,
can I say something?
Yes, sure.
Sir, if we want to win
we must take some tough calls.
I'm taking a tough call today
as a captain
and I want you, sirs, to take
an important call as selectors
who want the betterment
of Indian cricket.
What's the matter, M.S?
Sir, three players
no longer fit the ODI team.
They are very slow
as fielders, sir
and the format
needs fitter players.
Age is not the issue, sir,
fitness is.
But M.S, they are still
very good as batsmen.
No doubt, sir.
But due to their fielding
we never succeed
in choking the opposition.
The result is that they
keep rotating the strike
and we can't build
pressure on them.
And here in Australia,
the grounds are bigger.
This also has an adverse effect
on the other team members.
It reduces their morale.
I'm a sportsman myself.
I can understand they
don't want to give up
but the fact of the matter is
that we just can't
have them in the team.
Sir, a bowler will take wickets
a good batsman will
make runs in some matches.
But a good fielder will save
runs for you in every match.
We've just lost
the test series, M.S.
Do you think we can
turn it around in One Days?
Sir, I can't promise you that.
But this will definitely
start a process.
And I think we should also
be looking at the 2011 World Cup.
The sooner we make a core team,
the better chances we'll have.
But M.S, the World Cup
is three years later.
Sir, only three years
to the World Cup.
We have to let these three go.
At least for this tour,
and then decide.
This will have
large scale implications.
And he is a huge servant
of Indian Cricket.
Precisely, sir,
we're all servants
and we're all
doing national duty.
I know they will feel bad.
The media is going to burn us.
People will feel bad.
But if we're right and if we
achieve results in the future
then people will understand
why we did what we did.
I think, sir, more than players
we need characters.
Characters who want
to express themselves.
Characters who are desperate.
If we invest in the youth today
only then can we expect
results in the future.
M.S, we'll reconnect with you
in 10 minutes. - Right.
Sure, sir.
He's pretty new to this game.
He'll understand
when it's his time.
How I see it is that he has
got results in T-20 World Cup.
He's eyeing One Day World Cup.
That's mistimed in the air
and Chawla takes it!
India win the
Commonwealth Bank Series!
They've beaten Australia
by 10 runs.
Orient fan's air
reaches every corner.
Switch to smart.
Lava never lets you down.
For instant pickup, I use Gulf
Pride 4T Plus Bike Engine Oil.
Whether the fight's on the field
or against pimples on the face
I will always win with
Garnier Men Face wash.
Whether it's cricket or insurance
a long relationship
is all about trust.
Exide Life Insurance.
M.S. these guys have arrived.
- Coming.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
I think I've misplaced my keycard.
- No problem, sir.
Please follow me.
This way, please.
Please, sir.
Sir, could you help me
with your name, please?
- Sir, your name.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Sir, your room number?
- 601.
Could I have some ID, please?
I don't have any ID.
Actually, it's in my room
and I've locked myself out.
Sorry, sir,
I need to see some ID.
Sakshi, right?
- Yes, sir.
Sakshi, tell me something.
Why will I pretend
to be Mahendra Singh Dhoni?
I don't know, sir.
Actually, I am interning
with this hotel
and this is what we've
been instructed to do.
Okay, Sakshi,
why don't we do this?
You take my keycard,
we'll go to my room.
And then I'll show you my ID.
Will that be okay?
Mr. Sanjay, could I do that?
- Yes, please.
See, we can.
- Sure, sir. Please.
This way.
Just a second.
Thank you, sir.
- Okay.
Have a good day, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- You too.
There she is.
What happened, guys?
Sakshi, do you really
not know who it is?
I.. I'm so sorry, sir.
I didn't recognise you.
Thank you. It's okay.
Actually, I don't like cricket,
so I'm..
I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm really sorry,
I didn't mean to..
Can I have your autograph?
- I'm sorry?
Just a second.
You were doing your job.
You really didn't
care about anything.
It's rare.
Can I have your autograph?
- But sir, I..
It's okay.
- That's so embarrassing.
How can I..
- Go for it.
Have a good day, sir.
- I'm having one, Sakshi.
Sir, thank you.
'Does Dhoni not want
to play with Viru?'
'Do the two have
personal differences?'
'Are Viru and Dhoni fighting?'
'Is Mahi angry with Viru?'
'Why has Mahi removed Viru
from the One Day team?'
'Is this the reason
for the divide in Team India?'
All right, leadership skills
in hospitality do demand
understanding of the open
communication model
by Johari Window.
It was evolved by two people,
Joseph and Harry.
Now the first..
With themselves and others,
which was created
by psychologists Joseph Luft
and Harrington Ingham.
Hi, Sakshi,
Mahendra Singh Dhoni speaking.
Well, I'm coming to Kolkata,
day after tomorrow.
But I'm in my college
in Aurangabad.
Aurangabad isn't really that far.
If you make up your mind
then Delhi isn't too far, Mahendra.
- Okay, bye.
- Where are you?
It's 4 a.m.
I'm in my hostel, obviously.
You said Aurangabad isn't too far.
But I had to go through hell
to get here.
You're in Aurangabad!
I'm staying in Hotel Rama,
Room No. 304.
I'm here for just two days.
Come and meet me
if you're in the mood.
Ritu. Ritu.
Ritu, listen.
- What?
Do you know
Mahendra Singh Dhoni?
He's really hot.
Would you like to meet him?
I just met him
day before yesterday.
He kissed me on my cheeks.
Things were getting interesting
when the alarm started ringing.
Here you go.
Greetings, ma'am.
- Greetings.
Who are we going to meet?
- Come on.
You're creating such suspense.
Sakshi, you better tell me
where we are going!
Just wait.
Ritu! Ritu! Ritu!
Ritu! Sorry, sorry.
Please wait.
See, 315 is here.
304 must be here somewhere.
- Okay.
What.. - Hello.
- Hi.
Come in.
Just a moment.
- Sure.
Mahendra Singh..
- Ritu, shut up, shut up. Please.
That's Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Oh, my God!- Just chill.
I knew you would
bring a friend along. - Chill!
Yes, this is my friend, Ritu.
Hi, Ritu!
Say 'hi'.
He's so cute.
- Take me for sight-seeing.
If people see you,
it will create a huge ruckus.
Keep quiet!
No one will recognise me.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
"Until I simmer
in the warmth of your heart.."
"Until I travel
to the moon with you.."
"Stay near me
and don't talk of going away."
"Stay with me
and don't talk of going away."
"Until I simmer
in the warmth of your heart.."
"Until I travel
to the moon with you.."
"Stay near me
and don't talk of going away."
"Stay with me
and don't talk of going away."
What happened?
What next?
What do you mean?
I mean
you come to Aurangabad
to meet me.
I come to meet you in Mumbai.
What happens next?
I'll drop you to Aurangabad.
"That which would suit you"
"that which would make
you look stunning.."
"What's that gift
which I could offer you?"
"What's that gift
which I could offer you?"
"The lines of my hand.."
"Let me gift them to you."
"Let me gift them to you."
"Until my eyes are
filled with your beauty.."
"Until I die and live
in your melody.."
"Stay near me and don't
talk of going away."
"Stay with me and don't
talk of going away."
Ma'am, how long
have you been with Dhoni?
What relationship do you
and Dhoni share?
Sakshi, do you love Dhoni?
Move back! Please!
Sakshi, are you okay?
Don't worry, let's go.
Excuse me.
Good afternoon.
Mr. Satyaprakash?
- Yes.
Sir, this way please.
This way.
Yes, sir.
No, I understand, sir.
Just a second, sir.
No, sir.
Sir, the entire team-selection
gets leaked to the media.
I only express my
point of view
and the next day,
in the media, they say
'Dhoni didn't want
that particular player.'
Sir, one of our own selectors
is leaking the news to the media.
You tell me, sir. How is my
team supposed to trust me?
A captain is only
as good as the team.
And secondly sir,
if you can't give me my team
then I don't want
the captaincy either.
Sir, I have no interest
in the captaincy
because I can't be a puppet.
Thanks, sir.
How are you, Satya?
I won't be fooled again.
There was no one on the phone,
You were only pretending.
You're right, you caught me.
- I knew it.
You now speak such good English,
You've become a big man.
What big?
When you play, millions of
people hold their breath.
Because of you.
Forget that.
How is everyone in Kharagpur?
All okay.
I came over because
I wanted to see you.
You did the right thing.
See you.
I'm a nobody and
you must be a busy man.
I'll make some tea for us.
- No, no. I'll leave now.
Okay, see you.
- See you.
Can I say something?
- Of course.
That lady who showed
me the way here. - Yes?
She was wearing
very short clothes.
I'll do something about it.
Bless you.
- How are you? All okay?
All well. You?
- Fine.
Well, my second test
starts tomorrow.
So my phone will
be switched off.
Mahi, mom was asking about you.
What did you say?
What I always say,
that we're friends.
There's nothing wrong
with that, Sakshi.
Are we just friends, Mahi?
Mahi, I like you.
I trust you,
but this stupid news..
All this makes me really upset.
I get hurt.
And I think I love you
and that's why I get hurt.
So, avoid everything like I do.
I'm not like you, Mahi.
My world is different from
yours. It's much smaller.
I just don't know
what you're thinking.
I don't know how
important I am to you.
Well, at least you know
that you're important to me.
Sometimes it's better to say it,
Look at me,
you have a game tomorrow
and there I go again.
tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
What should I buy for you?
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day,
What should I buy for you?
I don't believe
in Valentine's Day.
Of course.
Have a good match, Mahi.
Yes, Mahi.
Sakshi, my world
isn't bigger than yours.
In fact, it's only
as big as a cricket kit bag.
You'll have to
endure all this.
So, think before you answer.
Will you marry me?
Are you sure, Mahi?
As sure as I'm of getting
a century in the next match.
Will you marry me, Sakshi?
Yes, Mahi!
"Until I fill up your life
with unconditional love.."
"Until I learn you as my prayers
a hundred times and over.."
"Stay near me and don't
talk of going away."
"Stay with me and don't
talk of going away."
"You've come into my arms"
"with millions of sunrises."
"With millions of sunrises."
"You've been brought
from the skies"
"for me."
"Only for me."
"Until my fingers
say something to your tresses.."
"Until my desires sail
in the stream of your love.."
"Stay near me and don't
talk of going away."
"Stay with me and don't
talk of going away."
The Wankhede Stadium on their feet.
So, Sri Lanka end up 274 for 6
after their 50 overs.
The target for India
when they come out to bat.. 275!
Now that is a massive score
in a World Cup final.
No team has ever won it
in their home country
and India have
a job on their hands.
The crowd expectant.
They are in anticipation.
What do you think, Mr. Tiwari?
Who's going to win?
Let's see how the match plays out.
We're going to lose
today! - Shut up!
Stupid guy! - India
about to start their innings
as the two Indian openers
come out to bat.
Virender Sehwag
and Sachin Tendulkar.
Malinga on his way.
Sehwag is the man on strike.
Howzat! - Rapped on the pads,
a finger goes up!
This is close!
And Sehwag wants to go upstairs.
He is in big, big trouble
as the finger goes up. - Oh, no!
Virender Sehwag dismissed.
India lose their first wicket.
Edged and taken! It's Tendulkar
who has to depart.
India lose their second wicket
with just 31 runs on the board.
Pin drop silence around
the Wankhede Stadium
as the Master departs
for the final time
in World Cup cricket.
And a young Turk comes
out to the centre
with number 18 on his back.
Virat Kohli!
Crucial moment in the game.
Muttiah Muralitharan.
The Wizard of the Emerald Isle
being introduced into the attack.
Excuse me, Gary.
- Yes.
If a wicket goes down,
I think I should go in.
But Yuvi is padded up and ready.
No, it's Murali.
I think I should go in.
You sure?
- Yes.
Just tell him, I'll.. I'll go.
Has to hurry. Chance of a
run out. Gambhir survives.
Catch it!
It's a stunning catch.
Kohli has to depart.
India now in a spot of bother.
A 114 for 3.
Yuvraj Singh has to wait.
The skipper rolls up his sleeves
and makes his way out
to the centre.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
promotes himself
in the batting order
and this is a World Cup final.
India 3 down, the skipper
making his way to the middle.
This is a massive moment
in the World Cup.
Huge moment in the game.
He's not had the best of World Cups
with the bat so far.
But the captain here trying
to make a statement.
Hit harder, Mahi!
Come on!
Mahi, what a shot!
Didn't I tell you?
Didn't I tell you
that if Mahi comes up
he's going to hit really hard?
Massive ruckus from
the Indian captain.
This is a World Cup final.
He's in the zone!
He now realises that he has
reached a half century.
The crowd senses there's something
special in the offing.
52 needed off 53
and Perera on his way.
He's gone!
Looking to give himself room
Gautam Gambhir
misses it altogether.
It's cleaned up here by Perera.
And Sri Lanka believe
they still have a chance.
This is a World Cup final.
275 the target.
India now 223 for 4.
11 needed off 16.
That's whipped away on the on-side.
He finds the boundary.
There's dancing in the aisles.
The whole of the country
senses a World Cup win!
4 runs to win.
11 balls remaining.
What a moment this is!
History in the making!
India have never won a World Cup
in the last 28 years.
The nation on their feet..
- India. - India..
- Mahi!
...as are the crowd
at the Wankhede Stadium.
The prayers begin.
Fingers being crossed!
People on edge.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni on strike.
Dhoni finishes off in style!
A magnificent strike
into the crowd!
India lift the World Cup
after 28 years!
And it's an Indian captain who
has been absolutely magnificent
on the night of the final.
So, India have won
the World Cup once again
after 28 years!