M Is for Masochist (2013)

- Alright, Sam, how did you get out.
- Too early for my dad
to close his bar tab.
- Hey wheezy, you're wheezing again.
- Yeah, forgot my inhaler.
- Ooh, what's this?
- Step right up, step right up.
For the one, the only, Masochist.
Leave that tension,
take out that aggression
in a game so cruel, it's cool.
Give him what he wants, get what you want.
- What are the rules?
- Use anything you see to make him bleed.
Get enough blood, win yourself a bud.
- I'll give it a shot.
- You maybe a winner, by
giving it to this sinner.
Take your pick, son, take your pick.
- This one.
- Ah, pins for the sins.
- How about you?
- No thanks.
- Jesus, Sam, stop being such a puss.
- I'll do it.
- Take your pick, take your pick.
- These.
- You can cross this off your wish list.
Now, give it to this masochist!
- [Speaker] Thanks, I needed that.
Now, I'm getting tingly.
- Sam!
- Oh my god, Dad.
- Sam, come on, help me.
Get me off of here.
- Give him what he wants.
- Sam!
- Get what you want.
You can win, Sam.
Looks like we may have a winner.
If he gives it to this sinner!
- Sam, just stop!
Stop, stop it, Sam!
- Quit crying like a little girl, dad.
Where's your balls?
- Stop, Sam, I'm sorry.
- Sam, I'm sorry.
- Step right up for a
game so cruel, it's cool.
- What are you doing?
- Got your nose!