M.I.A. A Greater Evil (2018)

As part of Operation Homecoming
President Nixon has secured the
release of all American prisoners of
war held by the North Vietnamese.
All our boys are back home, no
man was left behind.
Washington was rocked this week by
eyewitness reports claiming that 41
American POWs are being held in the
jungles of Laos, 20 years after
the Vietnam War ended.
None of these reports are verified.
Stop giving these families false hope.
Senate hearings today heard evidence
of signals and signs on the ground in
Southeast Asia that some claim
were made by American POWs
held captive since the
Vietnam War.
The government dismissed the
reports amidst growing calls of a
cover-up in Washington.
Questions remain of the almost 2,000
American soldiers listed as missing
since the Vietnam War.
(guns firing)
You know the story. Back in
1889, the French set up a gold
mining operation on this river,
between Vietnam Laos and Cambodia.
The French miners, soldiers, and
geologists sent back reports of
massive gold discoveries that
made them fabulously rich.
But then, they just disappeared.
55 people vanished into thin air,
along with the gold.
But this river is full of gold
and we're going to find it.
We've been on the river for
two goddamn days.
When are we going to start
panning for gold?
We passed the old French mining
station a few miles back, we're doing
a short detour first.
- We passed it?
- Yeah.
We didn't agree to no detour.
We're doing this as a group,
aren't we?
But as your Geology professor and the
expedition leader, sometimes I'm
going to call the shots.
Says who?
Alright, stop messing with the drone.
You're wasting batteries.
Let's get back on the river.
Maybe this is what they
mean by fool's gold.
Rachel, Anita, shall we head
I'm going with Steve.
Me too.
Jez, are you taking your meds?
You're mom asked me to make sure.
I'm sick of that shit, I don't
need it out here.
Yeah you do.
(folk music playing)
It's so peaceful.
Yeah, it is now.
But only 50 years ago, this was
the epicenter of the Vietnam War.
The whole jungle was ravaged in
fighting and bombs.
Even this river was part of the North
Vietnamese army supply route called
the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Same as the city.
But during the war, before it fell
to the communists, Ho Chi Minh City
was called Saigon.
It's where my parents lived
before they escaped to the US.
When we left Vietnam, we spent
many years in refugee camps.
So, you're one of those Boat
A lot of shit happened after the
And during it.
You know my grandfather was a pilot,
shot down in the Vietnam War?
They never found his body.
Sorry, I didn't know.
The war cast a dark shadow
over my family.
I don't give a rat's ass
about the Vietnam War.
We've come for the gold.
Thanks for the sympathy.
Sorry, come on,
you know I didn't mean that.
You're like family
Steve, you didn't say
there were rapids.
They're not marked on the map.
Better break out the life vests.
- Where did you put them?
- Last I saw, they were at camp.
How could you just
leave them behind?
You said the river was flat,
no rapids.
Until your goddamn detour.
Hold on!
Watch Out!
Come on guys,
just keep paddling.
We're going to make it.
Come on, come on guys.
Fuck yeah! That was a blast!
Is everyone ok?
Let's head over there.
Is everything there?
Seems to be.
That's pretty damn impressive.
That's what happens
when Anita and I pack.
You two dummies can't even
pack the life vests.
- You all right?
- Yeah
Ok, let's make a
fire and dry off.
Shit! The map.
So you don't know where we are?
Not exactly.
But I know how to get back.
The way we came from.
I've got this if it helps.
Yeah, when we get back to
Ho Chi Minh City.
Let's go.
Hey guys.
The geology looks great!
I'm gonna check for
gold in the river.
Anyone coming?
We're still drying out after
your last brilliant plan,
the detour.
Suit yourself.
What the hell do you see
in him Rachel?
He's an old fucking man.
He treats me well and
he's not a kid.
I heard him treating you
well last night.
Pretty sure it's again the
rules for a professor to
be banging one of his students.
Grow up Jez. You haven't
changed since high school.
High school probably wasn't even
invented when he was a kid.
Are you taking your meds?
Yeah, ask Anita. I took them
before the rapids, right?
My watch stopped.
I kinda wish I was back home.
Already? We've only
been here for two days.
I usually spend the
summers with my dad.
We'd go fishing and stuff.
I don't get to see him much
since my parents got divorced.
Wait, hang on, you fish?
Well, my dad fishes.
I work on my tan.
Can you hear that?
No. What kind of whispers?
I don't know.
This place gives me the creeps.
I think we should get
back on the river.
So do I. Something's wrong.
You still can't hear that?
The jungle can play tricks on your
mind, but I've been on too many
camping trips back home to
be scared out here.
No, this is different.
Not scared? My ass!
Steve, we're gonna split.
We just don't feel right here.
Are you sure you want to go?
Yeah, let's get back up river.
Just so you know.
I've found more gold
here in the last two hours,
than I've found in Nevada
for the past two years.
No fucking way.
Look for yourself.
Look how the plates roll.
- Hey come on.
- What?
That's it you got
some too right?
I told you.
Another one.
Oh my god!
We sure as hell hit the jackpot!
We need to go get more firewood.
I'll go with you.
What are you doing?
Hiding the gold.
You can't be too careful,
even out here.
Well, Anita and Jez have gone to
get some firewood.
We should take advantage
of this time.
What are you doing?
Sending a message to my hunting
They'd love it out here.
You won't get any signal.
We're in deep jungle.
Where are we exactly?
But we'll be out tomorrow.
Vietnam's just upriver.
But that's why we can't stay any
longer, we don't want to get
busted for visas.
Where'd you stash the gold?
It's safe.
Man, I gotta hand it to you.
That was some haul.
To Steve, guys.
To Steve.
You think we'll get the
same kind of action
at the old French
mining station?
If the historical
accounts are true
and if they found all that gold,
why not?
What happened to
the French miners?
Maybe they were killed by gold
robbers, maybe disease.
Back in 1889, this place was
wild and dangerous.
There were no clues?
None. No bodies were found.
But what happened to the gold miners
isn't even the greatest mystery.
This jungle is good at
keeping secrets.
What like?
Hundreds of U.S. soldiers and
airmen are still unaccounted for
from the Vietnam War.
Just like Anita's grandfather,
maybe thousands
Many were still alive
when the war ended,
left behind
by the U.S. army
after they pulled
out of Vietnam.
I wonder what happened
to all of them.
They just disappeared.
That's bullshit.
The whole POW thing's a myth.
It's stupid shit,
from people who can't let
go of America's glorious past.
My grandfather also served.
He was drafted as a teenager.
You should be more respectful.
Who cares? The world's moved on.
And the families of the
missing haven't.
Hundreds of thousands of North
Vietnamese soldiers are still
unaccounted for.
Nobody's talking about them.
They're still here too.
It must have been tough
fighting out here.
Hunting each other like animals,
trying to blow each
other's heads off.
I'd hate to have been caught in one
of the Viet Cong's booby traps.
Those fucking bastards were
dangerous with bamboo.
My grandfather was disabled
by a mine. It blew his leg off.
What is it?
Are you ok?
Someone's out there.
I didn't hear anything.
What the hell?
Travel insurance.
Where did you get that?
Ho Chi Minh City.
The guy said it was from
the Vietnam War.
[Scraping Sound]
Come on out you asshole,
I've got a gun.
I aint askin' again.
Don't point that gun at me.
Go tie him up.
What are you talking about,
he's not a prisoner.
It's what he deserves, sneaking
around in the middle of the night.
Put the gun down.
What are you afraid of?
Not you that's for sure,
I'm sorry about him, but
you scared us.
Please sit.
What are you doing
out here so late?
Do you live nearby?
Do you have a name?
I am the guide.
The guide? What do you guide?
I guide people out
of the jungle.
We don't need you help man.
We know where we are.
Just leave us alone.
You should not be here.
Where, in Laos?
There are many dangers.
Yeah, like tigers, elephants,
snakes, bears.
We know the risks out here, man.
Other dangers.
Other dangers?
You are all in this jungle.
Surrounded by 70 million
years of history.
Where a human life,
can pass by in the
blink of an eye.
It's pathetic. This
guy's still trying to sell us.
We don't scare that easy.
You must go quickly.
Why? You got some drug operation
you're protecting?
Some tiger poaching going on?
We'll be gone tomorrow. We just
checked the river for gold,
we found...
He doesn't need to know what we found.
He sticks to his business,
we stick to ours.
Hey man, back the fuck off.
Jez, it's ok.
What are you going to do?
I'm here to help you.
Fucking leave her alone. Go!
I'll go.
But others will come for you.
And they'll get some
of this too. Now git!
Hey man, where the fuck
are you going?
The gold that you stole from the
river, it must be put back.
No fucking way!
You cannot steal from it.
You cannot hide from it.
It is coming for you.
What is?
Whatever old man.
Back the fuck off!
Jez put the gun down.
Jesus! That was an accident.
See what happens when you
point guns at people?
Are you taking your meds?
I didn't think I needed them.
Goddamn it!
What meds is he on?
Bipolar disorder.
You need to take control.
Ok, listen up.
It was an accident.
Jez didn't mean to kill him.
We all saw that.
But now we've got to deal
with what's happened.
What are we gonna do?
Move the body away
from the camp.
Tomorrow we go downriver
to the next town,
take the body with us and
report the accident.
Is that a good idea?
We don't know who he is.
What if he is with the authorities? I
don't want to spend the rest of my
life in a fucking
Laotian prison.
So, what do you suggest?
Leave him. He's dead already.
Let's just bury him and be on our way.
Nobody needs to know.
No. We've got to do the right
thing, and that's final.
Give me a hand.
I've never seen a dead
body before.
I've never killed anyone before.
We wouldn't be in this mess if
we hadn't taken you detour.
That's right.
Blame me for your own stupidity.
The gold, it's gone!
What do you mean?
It's gone. I hid it in the tent.
Or was it you.
You said you didn't want
to hand it in.
Hey, I'd never steal from my
closest friends.
But I never trusted you.
You fuckin' gook.
Guys! Stop!
- Steve! Steve!
- Shithead!
- Get off him.
- Apologize!
- Ok, I'm sorry.
- Get off him.
Steve, Steve!
But I didn't take the gold
you fucking dick.
Who did it then?
Maybe it was the guide, before
he approached us.
Why would he risk his life if
he already had it?
It couldn't have
just disappeared.
I guess it's one less thing we
have to worry about, when we go to
the cops tomorrow.
We can always come
back and find more
Or not.
Steve you asshole.
What did you say about
wasting batteries?
I'm fuckin' losing it.
Where've you been with that?
Checking the batteries.
Are you ok?
Are any of us?
What the fuck was that?
You all heard it, right?
Could be drug gangs fighting.
Lots of heroin gets trafficked
through this jungle.
They were heavy weapons and they
were landing close by.
Whatever it was, it's over now.
And earlier, my drone, it...
What about it?
Maybe I'm going crazy.
If it was drug gangs and we're in the
middle of some kind of turf war.
What if the guide
was one of them?
What's gonna happen when they
find out we killed their guy?
This is all my fault.
The firefight might actually
help us. Maybe,
they'll think the
other side did it.
Will we be safe tonight?
It's too dark to leave.
Let's try and get some sleep.
We'll start early tomorrow.
He's been there all night.
OK. Let's get this done.
We need to prepare the boat
for the Guide's body.
Then what?
Head downstream, find a village,
find the cops.
What happens if they
put me in jail?
They won't.
We're the only witnesses.
We know what happened.
Let's go.
Watch your head.
The boats! Where are they?
They were here last night.
When we got the tarp to
cover the Guide.
The Guide!
What the fuck?
Where's the body?!
Maybe he was wounded, and he
took the boats to escape?
No way. That dude was dead.
We checked, and there was
a ton of blood.
But there's none on the ground and
there wasn't any on the trail.
This is a seriously
professional clean-up job.
Maybe he was part
of a drug gang.
And it also explains the gun
battle last night.
Whatever. Let's get
out of here while we still
- can.
- (whispering) Help, It's coming.
- (whispering) Get out of here.
- Can you hear that?
(whispering) You need to leave.
Quit it. We're already
freaked out.
They're out there.
And they're coming.
I don't know.
Oh my God.
Who did this?
Who? Or what!
Our drug gang friends
from last night.
They also left a calling card.
You. Leave. Us.
What do you think it means?
I don't know.
Who cares? They want us out!
Where are our dry bags?
Our passports, all our money?
We're slowly being robbed of
It's like the jungle is
bleeding us dry.
I'm sure it's gonna
to be alright.
Have you still got your gun?
It was in the dry bag.
My meds too.
Why did you leave us?
We'll stay put tonight.
We have a camp.
We're near the river and it'll
be dark in a few hours.
Will it be safe?
I hope so.
You hope so? Is that
the best you got?
We'll head out early tomorrow,
moving east towards Vietnam.
How long will it
take to walk out?
There's a logging road about
30 miles from here.
But we're almost out of food.
No map and we'll be mostly
traveling through dense jungle.
But I have a plan.
What? Another detour?
We'll take turns as
lookouts on this river.
Try to attract passing
boats this afternoon.
It'll save us a long
jungle trek tomorrow.
Any questions?
What time is it?
I left my watch in the dry bag.
I don't know. It's
still drying out.
How you holding up?
I think I'm going nuts.
Remember last night,
my drone started flying
around with no batteries.
That's impossible.
I know, right?
Nothing seems to make
sense anymore.
Everything changed when I
shot the Guide.
I never should have
never bought that gun.
Listen... Listen.
It was an accident, ok?
What's important now is
that we're all safe.
Not one boat all afternoon?
I guess that settles it.
Tomorrow we have to trek out.
Why can't we go now?
It's too dark.
Now is the worst time
to be there.
At night this place turns from a
jungle paradise to a primeval hell.
Full of fear of the dark,
of the unknown.
Of whatever's out
there in the night.
Cut it out Anita, you're
freaking me out.
Out here, I don't
even have to try.
Where you going?
Call of nature.
Alright. Stay close, OK?
Do you think Anita's
acting strange?
Strange, how?
She just seems a bit off.
You don't think she
took the gold?
No. No way.
What are you guys talking about?
What are you doing here?
Are you CIA?
I'm on holiday.
Yeah, holiday my ass.
Who holiday's out here in a
fucking war zone?
What war?
What the hell is this?
It's a cell phone.
Turn that fucking thing off.
They're gonna see us.
Are you the rescue mission?
No. What rescue mission?
Then who the fuck are you?
And what are you doing out here?
I'm American.
I'm from Wisconsin.
Yeah? And how
about your friends?
And don't give me any of that
bullshit that you guys are on some
sort of vacation.
We came here on the river
looking for gold.
That's it, I swear.
I thought you guys
came to get us out.
There's more of you?
We're scattered all
over the jungle.
How long have you been here?
A long time
Evading the Viet Cong, the
North Vietnamese Army.
And others.
But we're all trapped here now,
and there's no way out!
Who are you?
I'm a pilot.
I managed to escape.
But ever since then I've been
waiting for a rescue mission.
I really need it and you're
obviously not it.
Are you saying that you fought
in the Vietnam War?
I'm still fighting in the Vietnam
War and so are all the others.
Look, it's not safe for you
and your friends here.
You need to leave.
What year is it?
It's 1970.
You don't know that?
Tell me something
who's the president of
the United States?
Donald Trump.
Who the fuck is he?
It's Richard Nixon!
The Secretary of State is Henry
I've been here too long. I'm
starting to see shit or you're
some sort of a fucking
ghost or something.
I am not a ghost.
I'm real, but...
How did you get here?
We were POWs.
We escaped. But that doesn't
matter, because we've
been waiting for a rescue
mission every single night, and
nothing's showed up.
Nobody's coming for you.
What the fuck are you talking
People back home think that POWs
weren't left behind.
They think it's a myth.
Well, let me ask you somethin'g.
Do I look like a goddamn myth?
They said that all POWs were sent home
before the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam.
Withdrew? What the fuck
are you talking about?
The Vietnam War ended
decades ago.
You're full of shit.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Down here! Down here! Hey!
Fucking assholes!
I see them every night.
It's an SAR flight.
What is that?
Search and rescue.
They're looking for us, but they
never fucking see me.
That's because it's a commercial
airliner and they have no idea
that you're here.
A commercial airliner?
Are you fucking stupid?
The gooks have anti-aircraft
missiles all over this jungle.
It's the 21st century.
That would make me a real old
man then wouldn't it honey?
Let me ask you something, do I
look like an old man?
No, but you should.
Look, I'm only 22 goddamn it. I
need to get back home to my wife.
She's pregnant and I need to
get back to her.
We go married before
I shipped out.
She was my high
school sweetheart.
That's your wife?
How the hell do you
know my wife?
She's my grandmother.
We have the same photo on
our mantle at home.
Oh my god.
You're my grandfather,
Kenneth Bosco?
MIA since February 1968? Shot
downover South Vietnam?
I was shot down in Laos.
That was supposed to be a
top secret mission.
You said you're my...
I'm your grand daughter.
Your daughter Caroline, she was
born in 1968. She's my mom.
What about Martha?
She passed last year.
She never gave up on you.
She always would pray that
you'd come back.
But you're never going home.
Because you're already dead.
Your country forgot about you,
but your family never did.
I don't know how
you know all this.
But they wouldn't just leave me
to die all alone in the jungle.
They wouldn't leave us.
No man left behind right?
Yes they would.
And they did.
I'm sorry.
So they really left us.
No one is coming for
us except...
Except what?
I was worried.
I woke and you'd gone.
Did you see him?
The guy I was talking to.
Huh? There was no one.
Come on, let's go,
let's go back.
He was saying...
The jungle can play serious
tricks on your mind.
Come on, let's go.
Follow me.
I came to tell you
that I'm going.
You made me realize,
nobody's coming for me.
For us.
It's time I joined Martha.
I'm sorry it had to
be like this.
Don't be.
Because of you, I don't have to spend
the rest of my days being hunted and
tracked in the jungle.
Like the rest of em.
How many more are there?
Too many.
But look, that's not important.
Anita, something really bad is
coming for you and your friends.
The Greater Evil.
It's too powerful and I
can't protect you.
You have to get out of here as
soon as possible.
It's time. I gotta go.
Take care.
Wait. Wait!
OK guys, this is
gonna to be tough.
We're traveling through deep jungle.
It's full of unexploded ordnance
from the Vietnam War.
So we gotta be careful, OK?
Let's go.
Mind your head guys.
Let's take a break.
How much further?
Can't be too far.
Just keep moving.
What is it?
On second thought,
don't even tell me.
Guys, look. I've found a trail.
This'll make our
lives much easier.
Hey, look at that.
Seems fresh.
Maybe there are others lost
out here, also looking for help.
We'll follow the trail. It's
heading in the right direction,
back to Vietnam.
What's that?
You hear it too?
So can I. Sounds like
wind chimes.
Just keep moving, they
clearly want us gone.
Hey guys! Come here!
What are you guys doing?
Don't go in there.
You're just gonna
waste more time.
Someone might live here,
could help get us out.
Let's just keep moving.
Are you OK?
I'm freaking out
without my meds.
We're gonna make it
OK? Trust me.
Let's just check out
this place first.
What is it?
Let's go.
What the fuck?
Hello? Is anyone here?
Are you OK?
What's wrong?
I think I sprained my ankle.
Are you OK?
This is beyond scary. Let's go.
Oh my god.
This is my grandfather.
He came to me last night and he
showed me this photo.
What are you talking about?
Let's fucking leave.
Look, this is my
grandmother Martha.
We have the same photo at home.
It looks like her, but you said
he visited you last night?
Yes he did.
Dog tags.
What are the odds?
We have to bury him.
No way, let's get out of here.
What the hell?
It must have been a prison cave,
for American POWs.
Poor souls.
Now we're in the same situation.
No one knows where we are, no
one's gonna come and find us.
And if we die out here no one's
gonna know what happened to us.
That ain't happening to me,
I'm leaving.
Jez, please stay.
I gotta get the hell
out of here.
I wish you wouldn't.
I'll stay on the trail.
I might find help.
I've got to bury him.
I'll be fine. I,
I just gotta go.
OK. Be careful.
We'll be right behind you.
Be careful.
Watch out for the drug gang.
It's hardly Arlington.
At least it's a burial.
Most didn't even get that.
Any last words?
Can I have a minute?
I don't want to slow us down.
Don't worry.
I'll carry you the whole
way if I have to.
I love you.
That's the first time
you've said it.
I love you too. Always have.
By the way, when we get back, you
should move more of your stuff
into my apartment.
How much?
All of it.
You said you're goodbyes?
From now on, we stick together,
that way we're stronger.
No one's getting left
behind out here.
Jez can't be too far ahead.
. OK, let's get moving.
Jez! Jez!...Jez!
I have a very bad feeling.
I think he's out there.
Oh my God! It's him!
Do you see him?
There's no one there.
Cut it out Anita.
He was right there.
I think you're hallucinating.
I saw him.
Come on.
I know what I saw Steve.
I don't think I can walk
on it tomorrow.
I'll carry you.
I'm serious.
So am I.
I don't want to slow us down.
Guys I'm worried about Jez.
He must have gotten out.
How long before we hit
the logging road?
Maybe tomorrow.
Who did you see earlier
today on the trail?
You won't believe me.
Try us.
When my grandfather visited
me last night...
...he warned me of something
called the Greater Evil.
I think it's coming for us.
So your grandfather's
ghost came and...
Let's turn in.
We've got a long day tomorrow.
Who the fuck are you?
Are you the rescue team?
No... No.
Are you tracking me?
Are you trying to kill me?
Are you him?
The Greater Evil.
I can help you.
What's your name?
Special Ops.
How did you get here?
I was captured. Held in the
jungle as a POW for years.
Then one day, the Vietnamese
were gone, and we escaped.
I've been here ever
since, waiting.
To be rescued?
When was this?
April 1970.
We were on a secret mission.
Into Laos?
How do you know that?
That's classified.
Not anymore.
You were never rescued because
the US government didn't want
the world to know where you
had been captured.
It was the CIA's Secret War'.
How do you know all this?
My grandfather died out here.
What are you from
the fuckin' future?
You expect me to believe that?
Look, you gotta help me.
Something ain't right.
I've tried to leave, I keep
ending up back in the same place.
I think I'm losing my mind.
Shhh... He's close.
The Greater Evil.
You're really not him?
Shit kid.
If he comes for you,
you'll know it.
You said you could help me?
What I'm gonna tell you sounds
crazy, and it's bad news.
- Give it to me straight.
- Ok.
You're dead. You died
a long time ago.
Is that supposed to be
some kind of joke?
Because it ain't funny.
- It's not meant to be.
- Then it's some stupid fucking
Let me prove it.
I can prove it.
You know this city
as Saigon, right?
Ho Chi Minh city.
What the fuck is this?
Saigon fell in 1975 and
changed its name.
The world has moved on and
you've been lost to history.
You mean to tell me.
I've been out in this jungle.
For 50 fuckin' years
Fighting a war that ended
decades ago?
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault kid.
You've done me a real solid.
I just gotta get to
where I need to be.
Take care.
What do we do now?
How can a trail come
to a dead end?
It can't just stop here.
I'll look around.
I'll come with you.
No, stay with Rachel.
I won't go far.
Be careful.
Steve, do you think
we'll ever get out?
I have to.
Now's not the time to lose hope.
But if this is the
end of the trail.
What happened to Jez?
He may have got lucky.
Found another way.
Hey! I found a viewpoint.
We can get our bearings.
Maybe even see a village.
What are you doing?
I'm not leaving you.
You can't get me through that.
Leave me, I'll be fine.
She's right.
It's not far.
We'll be quick.
Don't go anywhere.
I love you.
I love you too.
Be right back.
Who's there?
Jez, Jez is that you?
Guys! Hey guys!
Guys I think I've found Jez.
Wow. It's beautiful.
But there's no roads,
there's no villages.
This isn't right.
We're heading west, but we should
be moving east, towards Vietnam.
You mean we're lost?
I don't understand it.
I t doesn't make sense.
So where's the logging road?
I have no idea.
Don't say that. You're the one
who's supposed to be
getting us out of here.
Jez! Jez!
Jez, is that you?
Steve, Steve.
Help me, help! Help! Help!
Where is she?
She must be here somewhere.
- Rachel!
- Rachel!
- Rachel!
- Rachel!
I left her right there on the
path! Right there! Rachel!
- Rachel!
- Rachel!
What was that explosion?
Maybe the drug gang took her?
Oh God. Oh God!
It's been hours.
She's not here.
Let's get back on the trail.
I promised I wouldn't
leave her out here.
We have to face
reality she's...
Let's find some more help
and come back for her.
It's the only way.
I can't leave her, I won't!
I care about her too, but we're
no use to her dead.
We have to keep moving, come on.
Come on Steve.
Let's keep moving.
I couldn't even protect her.
Don't say that, you did
what you could.
It's all my fault.
If we hadn't taken the detour...
...the rapids
...the Guide, Jez, Rachel.
It's hopeless.
It's hopeless.
Hey, we have to keep moving
for Rachel, and Jez.
Let's get some rest.
It's impossible!
Stay back!
Stay back!
Hello Anita.
You don't have to fear me.
Are you going to kill me?
Did you kill my friends?
I don't need to kill you...
...because you're already dead.
But don't worry.
What the fuck is going on?
What do you mean
we're all dead'?
You drowned at precisely
12:01 p.m. on the river.
But you're dead too.
I saw you get shot.
That had to happen, so you'd
believe in me now.
What about my friends?
They didn't know they'd died.
So I helped then move on.
How do you help them exactly?
I roam the jungle...
...tracking the already dead...
...and those that have not come
to terms with the situation.
I hunt them and kill them, using
their worst fears.
It must have been tough fighting
out here, trying to blow each
other's heads off.
I'd hate to have been caught in one
of the Viet Cong's booby traps.
Those fucking bastards were
dangerous with bamboo.
My grandfather was disabled
by a mine. It blew his leg off.
Leaving them with in doubt that
this time, they're dead.
Sounds like a sadistic way to
deliver bad news.
It has its drawbacks, but
it's effective.
How long have you
been doing this?
But now you are here.
You're different.
You have a gift.
What gift?
The gift of compassion.
Soul seek you out, they come to you
for help, and you can give it.
So let me get this straight.
I'm dead.
And you want me to stay out
here, herding souls like you do?
Think about it Anita.
It is no coincidence that you died in
the same jungle your grandfather did.
I always believed my grandfather
was betrayed by his country.
My whole family did.
We never gave up on him.
It's that empathy, that
connection which is so powerful.
You can lead them to their
final resting place.
Who's out here?
Soldiers from all sides of the
wars that ravaged this jungle.
Why are there so many Americans?
POWs from the Vietnam War.
Ignored, forgotten, left to die and
rot out here by their own country.
They deserve better.
And with you they'll get it.
You can finally free them
from the despair...
...the betrayal, and this
never-ending jungle.
Do you accept?
Because of you, I don't have to spend
the rest of my days being hunted and
tracked through the jungle.
You made me realize, no
one's coming for me,
For us.
It's time I joined Martha.
I accept.
Then my time is at an end.
And when you guide the last
one out, you too will go.
But what about the Greater Evil.
The thing that's coming for us?
There is no Greater Evil.
It's just a fear of death of
those caught in limbo.
They thought I was the Greater
Evil because I hunted, tracked
and killed them.
But I was their greatest relief
too, if only they knew it.
And the drug gang?
A figment of your imagination.
It is time.
Goodbye my child.
Be strong.
(whispering) Help me.
Are you the rescue mission?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Please help me.
I want to go home.