M.F.A. (2017)

lighter touch.
I think she's looking at me.
All right, let's watch
our proportions,
lines, and shading.
Most important,
let's make life on the page.
"Life on the page."
Not just drawing
body parts, people.
Very nice.
Nice work, Luke.
He was, like,
super nice to me.
Here we go.
Class first. Practice.
Are you going to sketch
naked people?
-Yeah. [Chuckles]
-That sounds awkward.
It's -- it's really awkward,
Is that me?
All right, guys.
What do you think?
Well to me,
it kind of looks like
something you did
last semester.
I mean, I'm just having
a hard time placing the emotion
behind the expression.
Yeah is --
is that your intention?
This just looks like something
a 16-year-old girl painted
in her mom's basement.
I really like
the line quality.
It just feels
a little bit tame.
I'm hoping that
when it's finished,
that it invites the viewer
to look closer at the emotion
that's not typical.
Yeah, we're not
noticing emotion.
We're noticing
you censoring yourself.
Look, the technique is there,
but that's not enough.
Not anymore.
What are you thinking
for your thesis exhibition?
Portraits, photorealism,
the stages of life.
The stages of life.
Come on, Noelle.
Get messy.
Fail miserably. All right?
Make something ugly.
Who cares?
Fuck it. That's why
you're here, right?
Let's jump in the deep end
this year.
Shane, you're up.
I'll meet you guys there.
-All right.
-But just one second.
What's up? What's up?
-How are you?
-I'm good.
Can I, uh, just see
what you're doing?
Let me see.
Yeah, this is cool.
I like this a lot.
"Thank you, Luke."
You could just say thank you.
-That's, like, a totally
appropriate response
-thank you.
When someone gives you
a compliment.
Oh, awesome. You did it.
I like this.
This is good.
So, my roommates and i
are having a party tonight.
I'd really love for you to come.
You want to come?
-Cool. So I'll see you there?
All right, cool.
Hey. Do you mind
if I use your washer again?
Yeah, there's a, um--
there's a key in the flower pot.
-You can use it whenever.
-Amazing. Thank you so much.
Look at you, hot stuff.
What are you doing?
Are you going on a date?
-It's just, like, a party thing.
-Ooh, a party thing.
You know, you should dress
like this more, Elle.
You got a hot body.
You don't think it looks like
I'm trying too hard?
I think trying
is a good look.
Are you meeting someone special
at the party thing?
I-i mean, there's this guy,
but I don't even know
if he's into me.
Of course he's into you,
why wouldn't he be into you?
You know what you should do?
You should invite him
over for a midnight swim.
That's my move.
-A midnight swim?
-Mm-hmm. Works like a charm.
How does it even go?
I mean, are you just, like,
"hey, attractive guy.
Do you want to come over
for a midnight swim?"
Yeah, yeah.
That's kind of...
I'm terrible at this.
A little bit.
It's okay. You don't invite
any guys over, ever, do you?
I just don't have time.
I mean, just school
and stuff, you know?
Okay, let's think.
Tonight, the party thing.
You're going
to dance with him.
I don't think it's really a...
Dancing thing.
It does not matter.
Guys are guys.
You don't need game
to hook up with a guy.
You could say,
"peas and carrots"
and they're down.
-Peas and carrots?
-Peas and carrots.
Peas and carrots.
Peas and carrots.
-Peas and carrots.
So good.
I have always wanted
to be an artist,
but I actually feel like I might
be moving away from painting
as a practice.
-But you're so good.
-I think I've always had
a talent for painting
and drawing,
I think it's something
that came naturally.
But I don't know.
Like, when I think about
my life moving forward
and, like, my art,
i feel like I'm--
like, what would it mean
to develop a practice
that didn't include painting?
You know? Like what does it mean
to approach,
like, a non-painting discipline
as a painter? Do -- you know --
-Luke, hey.
-Oh, sorry,
i missed your thing.
But you're doing it
next weekend, and I'm there.
-Yeah, you better be.
-Okay. Sorry about that.
Was I seriously
just, like, going on
about the kind of art practice
i want to have?
Yeah, but it's--
it's fine.
Am I literally
the worst person ever?
No. No, no, no. I love
listening to you talk about art.
Okay, good,
because I was really enjoying
the conversation.
Usually that shit feels false,
and it didn't.
-Okay, welcome. Welcome.
-Thank you.
Okay. Um, I told you
i wanted to take things
in a new direction,
and, uh, yeah,
I started making ceramics.
You got to imagine them
like a hundred times this size,
because I imagine them,
like, in parks.
What do you think?
Yeah, I think they're cool.
I mean, this one, um...
They're cool.
I think it's cool that you're
just trying something new.
Oh my gosh,
you're so fucking sexy.
Oh, my god.
Um, Luke--
oh my god.
Mm, you like that, baby?
No, um...
Hold on a second.
You like that?
Oh, fuck, you're
so fucking tight.
No, no. No.
-Yeah, lay back.
-No. No.
Be good.
-Be good, okay? Be good.
-No, no. Please
-Be good.
Be a good girl now.
Oh, my god.
No, stay, stay.
Stay. Stay. Stay.
Stay. Stay. Stay.
Oh yeah.
-No, no.
Oh my god.
You're so fucking tight.
Oh, you're so fucking tight.
No, no, please.
Please no.
Yeah, get ready.
Fucking ready.
Get down. Get down.
Oh, my god.
Oh, fuck, yeah.
That was so fucking good.
Here, let me get you a towel.
Want to go grab some food?
No. No, I'm good.
What's wrong?
I'm just really tired.
You look pale.
I'm fine.
Did something happen?
You know you can
talk to me, right?
I went to go see
that guy last night
and everything was fine
and then, um--
and then...
We went to his bedroom,
and he, like...
What happened?
All of a sudden he was,
like, all over me, and...
I don't even know.
It's okay. You're okay.
I have to tell someone, Skye.
-Like who?
-Like the school at least.
No. Listen to me.
I have a friend.
Something similar
happened to her,
and she told the school.
And they made her
feel like shit.
They told her she was
a slut, basically,
that she was crazy.
No, you're not going
to go to them.
You told me,
and I believe you.
It was one night.
One shitty night.
Don't let it ruin
the rest of your life.
Come here.
Today we'll be discussing
hieronymus bosch.
And as you see
on the screen here,
we are looking at
"the last judgment."
In this project,
we see the garden of Eden
and the god is shown seated
in heaven, and there are...
...the center receives
the damned souls.
The torture scenes
continue in this panel
within the dark landscape...
-...By flames and demolition.
Are you okay?
...as you can see on the right
panel...It's not different.
Thank you for sharing that,
I can only imagine
how difficult.
What are you feeling right now?
I feel like he could
do it again.
When did this happen?
Last Friday.
Isn't there a test
or something I can do?
Like a rape kit?
Was he wearing a condom?
Then, yes, I would say
getting tested for stis
is probably a good idea.
As far as the rape kit,
I'm assuming you've showered.
Did anyone else
see this happen?
I mean, people saw us
go to his room together,
but no one was in the room.
How much did you have
to drink, Noelle?
Um... a beer?
Did you ever say "no"?
-You just told me
you said, "wait,"
but did you ever use
the word "no"?
Are you sure that you said
"no" and that he heard you?
Come in.
Do you want a drink
or something, or...?
I'm smoking.
Aw, god,
I'm so fucking tired.
This house becomes,
like, a fucking zoo
and, like, these people
were over till, like, 5:00 A.M.
Sometimes you're just like,
"i need my space."
Sure you don't want it?
What's up with you?
I want you to say
you're sorry.
Mm...For what?
For what happened
the other night in your room.
I want you to say
you're sorry.
You want me to apologize
for fucking you?
That's not what happened.
And what do you think
happened in my room?
What are you -- why are you
looking at me like that?
What the fuck's wrong with you?
You raped me.
Excuse me?
Oh, that's fucking rich.
Stop being
so fucking sensitive.
You were into it.
You liked it.
That's not what happened.
Oh, come on.
Don't give me that shit.
Go fucking read me
a jezebel article.
Ah. What the fuck?
Don't fucking do that.
All right, you know what?
If you're going to act this way,
just, like --
you can just leave, all right?
I'm sick of this.
You can let yourself out.
-I said you can
let yourself out.
-I want you to admit--
-get the fuck out.
Fucking crazy.
Stop acting crazy.
I'm not crazy!
It looks like
a skull fracture.
We got a picture knocked down
in the upstairs hallway.
We got a 911 call
from one of his roommate.
Said he came home this morning.
Probably out of his mind
on something.
We're, uh,
dusting for prints...
Did you hear about Luke?
He fell off his balcony.
Hey, guys. Um...
I'm canceling class today.
The counseling center is across
the quad if you need to talk.
Of course, my door
is always open, so...
You guys take it easy.
Noelle posero.
Detective Kennedy.
I'd like to ask you
a few questions, if I may.
Did you see Luke last night?
Do you remember what time?
Probably around 7:00 or 8:00.
And you went over there for--
for what?
To talk. He texted me.
He texted you because
he wanted to talk?
He probably wanted to hook up.
-How long did you stay?
-Not long.
I wasn't in the mood
last night,
and he was pretty gone.
Mm. What was he on?
I'm not sure.
I'm not into
that sort of thing.
Was there anybody else at the
house when you two were there?
Not that I saw,
but I didn't stay long.
My card, in case anything else
comes up, give me a call.
Noelle, I'm sorry
about your friend Luke.
Thank you.
Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
This is what you wanted
when you came around.
That was seriously good.
I think she's thirsty,
I think she's thirsty.
It's water.
It's just water.
-Oh, it's just water.
-It's just water.
-It's just water.
-Just kidding.
Let us take care of you.
No, nope, no. Wrong move.
There you go, there you go.
There you go.
Lay down, baby.
Just lay down. Lay down.
Excuse me.
Have some respect.
You're at our house,
you're in our bed.
Fucking lay down.
-How about that?
Yeah, there it is.
Oh, she loves that.
Kappa phi! Kappa phi!
This is really nice.
Yeah, I kind of needed it.
-Yeah. Bye, guys.
Um, can I help you?
I'm Noelle. I'm an--
I'm an art student at bu.
I'm sorry to just
show up like this.
I just want to tell you
that your story
has really inspired me.
I'm sorry.
I've got to go.
I just need a couple minutes.
I'm working on my thesis.
It's about the brutality of--
good luck with your project,
but please just leave me alone.
-Look, you don't
know me, okay?
You don't know
anything about me.
I-i don't want to be the subject
of your project.
You're not the subject.
They are.
Your thesis
is about my rapists?
Not just yours.
Mine, too.
If I could go back,
i would have kept my mouth shut.
I could have done without people
calling me a liar.
Especially people I thought
were my friends.
Even girls?
Oh, yeah.
Girls hate sluts.
I didn't know that I was going
to be the one on trial.
"How many people
have you had sex with?
"Were you flirting?
Did you have an orgasm?"
-An orgasm?
-Oh, yeah,
it was really enjoyable.
Especially the part
where I woke up bleeding,
not knowing what happened,
staples on the back
of my head.
You did the right thing.
Did I?
They're fine.
They're more than fine.
They are throwing
a huge rager on Friday.
And I got the text.
It's funny.
I'm still on their contact list.
I'm sorry, Lindsey.
You know, I might not be
able to have babies?
I don't even know
if I wanted babies.
Have some respect.
Kappa phi!
I didn't even believe
that even happened.
I was there all night.
Oh, my gosh, really?
Yeah, I was with Conor
and his friends.
Hi, I'm Jenna.
I'm the president
of v-day balboa.
What's your name?
-Come here.
So I spoke to mark
at the gazette,
and they're going to place
our rio article
in next week's issue.
What article?
Oh, there's a case
of a 16-year-old girl
in Rio de Janeiro.
She was drugged
and raped by 33 men,
and her video is posted
all on social media.
-That's so awful.
-So, we still need a name
for our fall awareness event.
They posted a video,
like the three football players
that raped a girl last year?
The fraternity brothers,
the ki phis.
Yeah. Lindsey Shaw.
They got off,
and she went off the deep end.
-Do you know how
they got off?
I mean,
there's a video proof.
Yeah, but you couldn't
really see their faces.
They said she was a freak,
into gang bangs.
It became a classic
he said/she said situation.
Well, that's like Daisy,
remember freshman year?
Yeah, she got raped
by her ex-boyfriend.
He was on the basketball team.
Oh, yeah, I had classes
with him. And he beat her, too.
Like, bad. And you know
what the school did?
They put him on probation
for probably like a week.
I don't even think he missed
any of his games.
He graduates right on time.
Nothing happened.
It was just a little blip
in the time line.
-I can't believe that.
-That's sick.
Oh, heroes for rio.
That's perfect.
Hashtag - rioheroes,
like, "real heroes."
Okay guys, check it out.
So, you know that nail Polish,
it changes color
if there's a date rape
drug in it?
You put it on,
you swirl it around,
-it'll change colors?
-Oh yeah, I've heard that.
We totally need that on campus.
-I love that.
-We should urge the school
to provide it
for incoming freshman.
Or guys could just stop
drugging and raping girls
so we don't need
color-changing nail Polish.
That would be nice,
but until that day comes,
I think we need to be prepared.
What if we're not prepared?
What if we have a drink?
What if we wear high heels
and we didn't learn taekwondo?
What if we forgot
our rape whistle at home
and we didn't paint our nails
with color-changing nail Polish
that tells you
if your drink is drugged?
Then what?
We just get raped?
How about instead of that
really useful fashion advice,
the administration starts
teaching guys
that they can't stick
their dicks wherever they want?
Some people are going
to be violent no matter
what they are taught.
We've got to do our best
to protect ourselves.
-With hashtag - rioheroes?
-At least we're
spreading awareness
and we're actually
doing something.
You're right. I'm sorry.
You're right.
Okay. Let's talk about
the beauty drive...
-...For next week.
I'll bring a box
to the meeting
and we can collect some
gently used beauty products.
-How's it going?
What's up?
You here all by yourself?
Not anymore.
You trying
to take advantage of me?
Yes, I am.
Careful when you suck.
Yeah. Shit.
Oh, fuck.
What's your name?
How about
we get another drink.
Fucking crazy.
You're so fucking sexy.
Is that for me?
Mm-hmm. Here, drink it.
I know you want it.
I know you want it.
It's okay. It's okay.
Hold on.
Hold on. I need--
i need... water.
I need some water.
Hold on.
Are you okay?
I just need a little water.
Oh, water, water, water.
I just--
i just need some water.
-Is this water?
Just kidding.
There you go.
There you go.
Just lay down, baby.
Just lay down.
I know you like it.
She loves that, dude.
Get her, get her,
get her, get her.
You're welcome.
Morning, sunshine.
Good morning.
Seems like
you're in a good mood.
Meet a boy?
Something like that.
Mm. Attagirl.
Peas and carrots.
Cause of death
is asphyxiation
due to aspiration
of his own vomit.
He's one
of the football players
from that rape case
last spring.
Was he suicidal?
Look, man, he was going
through some shit.
Ah, man, the press is basically
canonizing this kid.
I'm surprised that house
is still standing.
Date-rape accusations,
the president drinking himself
to death, right?
Yeah, yeah.
That's what it looks like.
I don't know.
It didn't feel right.
Are you going
to tell us anything?
You'll find out when
you need to know.
You're a fucking tease.
Just on mondays.
Let me see that.
What do you think?
I love the multiple hands.
It's very suggestive.
Very haunting,
but in a beautiful way.
The richness of the black,
there's so much depth to it.
It's - it's sensual
and tormented, sad, beautiful.
Well. Who are you,
and what have you done
with Noelle?
Keep going.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Can I help you?
I've got a surprise for you.
Close your eyes.
Oh yeah.
Oh, bro, bro, you can't just
walk in here like that.
Are Jeremiah and Conor home?
-Oh, guys--
-oh-- oh, shit!
Earlier today, balboa
university chancellor...
Blunt force trauma
to the right posterior skull,
causing craniocerebral injury.
Police are not revealing
the cause of death,
citing the ongoing
-I'm sorry.
-How long did you
know Jeremiah?
I remember him going upstairs
with a girl with a mask on.
-She had a wig on her head.
-It was pink.
Immediate loss
of consciousness resulted
in a secondary injury to the
upper jaw and loss of blood.
Police are asking the public
to come forward...
How about Conor?
How many years
did you know Conor for?
Same amount of time?
When was the last time
that you'd seen Jeremiah?
Hi. Lindsey Shaw?
Detective Cavanaugh.
I just want to ask you
a few questions.
-Do you have a minute?
-About what?
Jeremiah marks
and Conor Mckinley.
-Am I a suspect?
-I'm not saying that.
Are we done?
Look, I'd just
appreciate your help.
Like you want a tip
from the poor girl
who couldn't prove her rape?
For every one of me,
I'm guessing there are a few
who never even tried--
Why don't you start there?
It's so crazy.
Well, I, for one,
am all for it, so...
Maybe now guys
will think twice.
Does murdering a rapist
really help heal the survivor?
I don't know, but do we really
want rapists on the streets?
Jenna, you know
that most rapes
are repeat offenders, right?
We're here
to support survivors,
not to celebrate
serial killers.
I thought we were here
to create change.
There are other ways
to create change.
Like what?
Writing letters to congress?
Sure. Whatever it takes
short of murdering someone.
But that's just me.
Yeah, I think it is just you.
You ever heard the saying,
"an eye for an eye leaves
the whole world blind?"
The world's already blind.
Due to the tragic incidents
of this past week,
a curfew is now in effect.
Please return
to your dormitories.
-Hey, Noelle.
-Ah. Hot.
-Is it?
Yeah, it's really hot.
Be careful.
It's not that hot.
-I'm really sensitive.
-To heat?
To hot pizza.
Um...Is that--
is that how you eat pizza?
No, yeah. This is
the way the Italians do it.
-Pretty sure it's not.
-Oh, no, no.
You see, girl,
'cause I'm Italian,
I know my culture,
and this is the way we do it.
Ah. You're not Italian.
Have you not seen me?
You can't tell by my face?
You got a little--
just a little something.
Yeah. Yeah.
A little, uh-- little higher.
No, a little bit on the other--
the other side.
A little lower.
Oh, there you go.
It was disgusting.
It was gigantic.
What's that?
-Was that a snort.
No, it wasn't.
-That was a snort.
-It was not a snort.
I'm not making fun of you.
I'm not making fun
of your piggish laugh.
I mean, look,
you're, like, the only girl
I've known that could make
a snort sexy.
I don't want you
I don't want you no more
I thought
that I was good for you
and maybe you were good
for me, too
but we're through now, babe
oh oh oh
I really hope that
you're satisfied
on the other side
where you don't want me
and I don't want you baby
Because I'm having a hard
time trying to read your mind
and I don't need
this kind of pain
I don't want you
want you no more
if it takes this from me
baby, be gone
I don't want you
d-did I, uh--
get out.
-Are you okay?
-Get out.
Okay. Okay.
Hey, Skye.
Don't come in here right now.
-What's going on?
-Oh, my god.
-I'm fine. I'm fine. Nothing.
Please don't look.
It's okay.
You know my name's
actually Daisy?
Something happened,
and i-- I changed it.
Do you want
to talk about it?
Do you ever think back
at a different time
in your life...
And a different person
you used to be...
And just think....
"I wish I could
be here again"?
I get that.
Will you sleep
with me tonight?
-How can I help you?
-Do you know what
sort of crime reports
the public has access to?
-On-campus crime?
They, uh, release these every
year -- clery statistics.
Clery statistics.
All set?
What if I wanted
a more detailed report?
I'm not really supposed
to let anyone back here,
but here it is.
-Yeah, I guess.
Just a bunch of boxes.
So criminal justice, huh?
What do you think you're going
to do when you graduate?
-I don't know.
Oh, you probably
actually shouldn't
really look in the files.
Just a peek?
All right.
Just a peek, though.
So, where do you, uh,
live on campus?
Somewhere close, or...?
Kind of.
Yeah, I'm just actually
down the street.
I really like this area.
It's, like, got a lot of bars
and stuff that you can go to,
which is cool.
Oh, those are just
kind of the same things.
Why do you have files
from 2003?
That's just the same thing.
Whoa. Hey. Whoa, whoa.
-Oh, my god. I'm so sorry.
-No, no, it's okay.
You know what? I better do it.
It's -- honestly--
-i got it.
-No, no, no, no, no.
Can you--
can you let me just--
yeah, yeah,
I'll let you do it.
Thanks. It's just they go
in a certain order.
-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay.
It's totally--
it's totally cool.
All right, well, I think
the tour is done for the day.
Sorry. Did I freak you out?
Hi, cutie.
I brought your mail.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-How was home?
-Um, well, my parents
are out of their
goddamn minds.
What else is new?
You okay?
I'm going to go out tonight.
You want to come?
-I'm going to stay in.
-Okay. I'll see you later.
I'm here for you.
I know you are.
Love you.
"Melinda Sanders."
Excuse me.
Uh, did we have--
zero rapes
in the clery statistics.
I'm sorry?
Is someone paying you off,
Melinda Gabriel Sanders?
Why don't you have a seat and
we can talk about your issue?
My issue?
You love that.
Let me guess.
Next you're going
to diagnose me
with borderline
personality disorder,
doctor speak for
"I'm fucking crazy"?
You really need to watch
the way you're speaking to me.
No, you need to watch
the way you speak to me.
I'm getting
that you're angry with me
about how I handled something,
but threatening me is not going
to give you what you want.
You probably drive home
every day all proud of yourself
for saving the world again,
but let me take a moment
to advise you, Melinda.
Be better at your job, at life,
or do us all a favor,
and I don't mean
this hypothetically,
remove yourself from here,
from everywhere,
or I will do it for you.
Nice shoes, by the way.
"Calvin Reeves."
Oh, wait.
Don't forget your keys. Here.
Thank you. Bye.
-You know it.
-Okay. Thanks. [Smooches]
I'm so sorry to do this.
I just got a flat tire,
and I've never had one before.
I know I have a spare
but I just don't know
exactly how to, um, change it.
Do you think you
could help me?
-I'm so sorry.
-Where's your car?
-It's right here.
-Yeah, sure.
-Thank you so much.
No, it's fine.
How'd you do it?
Just, you know, driving.
Did the same thing
a couple months ago.
-Where's the spare?
-It's, um--
it's in the trunk.
It's an art installation.
So, basically,
on these patrols,
I'm looking for anything
out of the ordinary.
You know, um-- you know,
people standing around
that don't look like
they're students,
checking the bushes.
Um, you know, vagrants,
which are homeless people,
Oh, then of, course,
any violence that may occur.
Um... and then, you know,
more recently,
that has meant murder.
This doesn't bring back
your glory days?
I hear you were
quite the point guard.
You were real proud of that.
I'm just fucking with you.
Nice handiwork,
by the way.
Is that blood?
Right there.
Don't move.
Stay right there.
Jimmy, this is Dave, over.
Jimmy here, go ahead.
We have what appears
to be human blood
outside the west entrance
of the gymnasium.
Send backup, over.
Do you want to talk about it?
Please... don't hurt me.
I know what I did.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I'm so sorry.
I'm a good guy.
I'm changed. Please.
Okay calm down.
Aah! Help!
-Help me!
-Shut the fuck up.
I'll check the kid.
Elle, are you bleeding?
-No, it's paint.
-What is this?
It's paint!
Daisy. Detective Kennedy.
I-i don't go by Daisy.
It's Skye.
Okay, Skye.
Is there, uh--
is there someplace
we can speak privately?
-I'm sorry, what is this about?
-Calvin Reeves.
Um, I'm actually--
i can't answer any questions
without my lawyer present.
So if you want to talk to me,
you can contact her directly.
Calvin was attacked.
He's in the icu.
That's very interesting.
So, I've got some news.
Uh, I talked to the department,
and we'd like you
to speak at graduation.
-Are you serious?
-Pretty fucking serious.
-What do you say?
-Thank you.
-You deserve it.
Back to work.
Oh, my god.
Where did you get this?
Where did you get it, Noelle?
A cop questioned me today.
Where were you last night?
Where the fuck were you?
I was working.
Don't lie to me.
What did you do, Elle?
Noelle, what did you do?
-He hurt you.
And then he went
back to school,
back to graduation,
like it never happened.
No, no, no, no, no, Noelle.
You know what they did?
They put you in the back
of a fucking room
to gather dust like it
never fucking happened.
That is what I want.
After everything
he did to you?
Yes. Why would you do this?
I couldn't let him
get away with it.
It's not your responsibility.
Whose responsibility
is it, then?
The cops? The school?
They are not protecting us,
-But I will.
-You're not protecting me.
That cop has been following me,
he wants to ask me questions.
Calvin is in the icu.
He's going to tell them.
-He's going to tell them.
-He's going to tell them,
and they are going
to come for me.
How could you be so stupid?
All I have ever wanted
was this to be over,
and now it's back
because of you.
Because of you.
Why would you do this?
Oh, my god, I'm going to have
to go back to that.
I'm going to have to prove
that I'm not crazy,
that I didn't--
i didn't do anything.
I didn't want this.
I'll tell them.
I'll tell them what I did.
He's not going to follow you
No one's going to
come after you.
First thing in the morning
I'm going to go to the station,
and I'll turn myself in.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I love you.
Hey, Skye.
I'm sorry.
Skye, please don't leave.
Please, please.
Yeah, no dice.
Keep looking.
You knew that Skye
accused Calvin of rape.
I know that she
accused him of rape
because he raped her.
You know, no offense, detective,
but this case,
the search for
the rapist slayer
might be a waste
of your expertise.
How do you figure?
Well, I didn't know
any of the victims personally,
but from what I hear,
they didn't really sound
like stand-up guys.
Good guys, bad guys,
short, tall--
you break the law,
there's going
to be consequences.
I guess it depends
on which law you break.
Do you know why
your friend Skye
would want to take
her own life?
Can't keep running
from your demons, now can you?
Whispered something
in your ear
I'm really sorry that I didn't
text you back. I've been --
don't worry about it.
I'm sorry about your neighbor.
Thank you.
I've got to go.
Nothing's gonna hurt you,
as long as you're with me,
you'll be just fine
nothing's gonna hurt you,
thank you all for being here
for the unveiling
of the 2016 visual arts
thesis exhibition.
Enjoy yourselves.
Thank you so much.
Hey, how are you?
-You did really good.
-Thank you. So did you.
Thank you.
Kind of retreating
in isolation.
With our sunglasses on
to our favorite songs
nothing's gonna hurt you,
as long as you're with me,
you'll be just fine
nothing's gonna hurt you,
nothing's gonna take you...
Hello, everyone. Hello.
Thank you for coming out
to celebrate this journey
that is culminating into today
for these fine young people.
The mfa visual arts class
of 2016.
It is my great pleasure
to introduce you to a student
who has gone on no less
than a transformation
these last few years.
Soon to be master of fine arts,
Noelle posero.
Knock them dead.
Why art?
One of my earliest memories,
I was painting a sunflower
with my watercolors
and somewhere
in my little-kid brain
I knew that
this perfect sunflower
would shrivel up
and die one day.
But I had the power
to preserve it,
to immortalize
the beauty around me...
...to save it
from the brutality of life.
Leonardo Da Vinci said,
"every painter should begin
with a wash of black
on their canvas,
because everything
in nature is dark
except for where
it's exposed by light."
Perhaps we are conditioned
to begin on a white canvas.
But maybe what we need right now
is to see the water
turning murky,
to see the petals falling.
Maybe it's through art
that we come face to face
with our own darkness
and that's the only way
we can change.
Mfa class of 2016,
i urge you...
Aim not to preserve the beauty,
but to expose the truth.
Dare to make the world
uncomfortable with your honesty
no matter what
the consequence is,
because the world
will be better for it.
You will be better for it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
On behalf
of balboa university,
congratulations to the master
of fine arts class 2016.
You may now move your tassel
from the right side
of your cap to the left.
Noelle. Noelle.
Hey, where you going?
This is it.
The space grows
-Whoo-hoo! You guys did it!
An empire falls
need a remedy for the pain
drift and fall again
drift and fall again
stop right there.
Turn around.
Stop. Do not move.
Drop whatever's
in your left hand.
Drop whatever's
in your right hand.
Put your hands
behind your back.
Cover me.
The last light of memory
is hiding from the mind
a lost game
in an endless path
mysterious and wild
drift and fall again
your cold heart is changing
sea waves are raging
beautiful and strange
as we drift and fall again
your cold heart is changing
sea waves are raging
beautiful and strange
as we drift and fall again
drift and fall again
drift and fall again