L'enfant d'en haut (2012)

I'm having a dump, sir.
Wow! You got 'em easy?
The Speed Course T1, just like you wanted.
Too classy! Thanks!
- The other foot.
- Too beautiful!
That's right, man!
I'm clamping you in.
Go ahead.
There you go.
You got the money?
Yeah, don't worry. Here.
In your race...
will you do well?
Yeah, not bad, I think.
Well, I'm going. Ciao.
You talk to me. I'll find all the brands.
- Helmets and goggles, too.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm trying.
Ciao! You forget, this, right!
Stop right now!
- What?
- Give me a cigarette.
Go on, beat it!
Fuck you!
- I'm tipsy, Simon.
- Who's that guy?
Who is he? A guy from work.
- That's a Series 1?
- What?
The car. It's a Golf Series 1,
I think. An old one.
It's a car cunt of a car anyway.
I really need to piss here.
Don't look!
I took the lead with the boss.
I'm fed up with all these shit jobs.
I won't go back to work.
- What will you do then?
- I don't know.
- Hey, you're looking!
- No.
You want a Christmas tree?
Hey, did you see this?
I kept this blouse. I snapped it right up.
Let's go.
- You do the shopping?
- Don't worry, sister!
Well then, is that all you've got?
- Are you sure they're fresh?
- They were this morning.
But it is disgusting! What is this thing?
It tastes like shit, it's disgusting.
People eat up anything.
You're right, it stinks of shit!
I think it's from Dutch folks.
Take this one.
- Hey, what's yours?
- Salmon.
- Salmon?
You cheat, you kept the best!
- Let me have some!
- No way.
- Go on!
- No!
Take it. It's a gift, for you.
It's for me, is it?
You didn't take any risks, were you safe?
People don't care up there.
They're seasonal rentals.
- Go ahead, try it.
- OK.
It's pretty high-tech, for a jacket.
This is super-hot.
It suits me well, don't you think?
Can you move, please?
- Well?
- Turn around a little.
I'll test it out immediately.
I'm not cold!
- Open up!
- Keep testing it a bit!
Open up, Simon!
Simon, open up!
- What's she yelling about?
- She's being punished.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing. Just eating.
What do you want?
There's a problem with the skis.
- They are too new.
- So what?
My father will kill me.
- You could have said.
- I didn't think of that.
Simon, open this up for me right now!
- You're so stupid!
- Bring them by tomorrow morning.
- Great, thank you. Enjoy your dinner!
What's the story, you done yet?
Get on with it, OK?
What are you waiting for?
This is where you pissed.
Cut the one next to it.
I thought that you were strong!
Here, give.
It's the blade. It's shot.
- Shit.
Would you wait here for two seconds?
What are you doing here?
I can't, my brother's there.
It is my intention to take the air.
You said it was a cunt.
Besides, you know I hate Christmas.
When will you be back?
I won't be long.
You can manage by yourself,
anyway. You're big enough.
Right, Simon?
Can I go?
"Enjoy the snow. "
"Enjoy the snow. "
- She's not here, your sister?
- She's on vacation.
Yeah, what did you think?
- When'll she be coming back?
- Soon.
You're lucky, there's
no one to give you shit!
- You do it.
- Oh no, I can't.
It corn holes me to do this. You're a shit.
That's one done. Let's get
that second-hand look.
It would have done better to peel some off!
Look, guys! It's Simon!
- Simon!
- Come on, line up.
Next! What do you want?
- Here.
- Super, they are super cool.
You got any loot?
- How much?
- Ten.
- Ten.
- And this is how much?
- Twenty centimes.
You don't have enough. Empty your pockets.
Come on. Empty your pockets.
That's it. There, there you go.
He needs gloves. His hands are chapped.
Show him your hands. Look, they're blue.
Oh yeah, they must smart.
- How much have you got?
- Two francs.
- They're four, with two up front.
- What are you smoking?
I have to pay the fee.
There's nothing without this.
You know how much this costs?
Mittens or gloves?
Real gloves.
I'll see what I can find.
Move over, Blue Hands.
- Can I go get them with you?
- No way, Jos!
Anybody out there?
Stand up.
Stand up!
- Are these yours?
- Yes, sir.
Are they really yours, Simon?
No, sir.
You stole them!
- Yes, sir.
- You're a thief.
You're a thief, you little bastard!
Steal. Why?
Oh no, sir.
I'll show you.
Thank you, this is very nice.
A pleasure. My name is Julien,
like your son.
Ah, Julien.
Hello, Julien.
What are you doing here?
Come down from there immediately!
There's nothing for you here.
The restaurant's on the other side.
- Hey, sir!
It was more than I could carry.
I was too cold.
Yes! I found them!
OK, I'll keep them.
- For three.
A hundred ten.
A hundred twenty, one hundred thirty,
one hundred forty.
Am I glad to see you!
What are you doing here?
I lost everything. Even the keys.
What have you got here?
Did you notice? I wear it all the time.
I should change.
- I can't.
- Why?
I have nothing to pay with.
What do you want?
A sandwich and coffee, but I don't know how.
I'll pay.
- Shall I pay for some cigarettes, too?
- Sure.
You're well organized.
It's a bit like your room.
I haven't been here before. Is this yours?
Yes, yes.
I have something for you.
- Is it silver?
- I don't know.
It's nice. Will you put it on for me?
How much do you have there?
Pass me those skis there?
You got a hell of a lot, it seems.
You're going to cash in the skis.
- How much are they worth?
- Uh, new?
With the fittings, 1,200, 1,300.
How do you sell them for?
Skis like that, 200, easy.
They're beautiful, huh?
Set to the wool setting.
You melt few drops like that,...
over the entire length, like that.
It must plug all holes.
Smooth as the skin of your ass.
- Like what?
- The skin of your ass.
It's smoother,...
and it's much more expensive. Go on.
Always along the direction of sliding.
Hey, can you light me a cigarette?
Like this, there?
- But stop, you'll burn the surface!
Always be in motion!
- Like that.
- OK, OK.
I am not disabled.
- Where did you learn this?
- I just watch people.
Oops, damn it! You could find
a dead body in that hole!
- Can't you see this hole?
- Watch out, you bitch!
You're a slut! It's disgusting now.
Now you scrape with a spatula
to fix it, you know?
- Let it have some fresh air.
- I will.
- I've got go.
- Where?
I've got go, I tell you.
We've got work here.
You're not finished.
Finish before you go.
OK, Simon, you're not my boss.
I'll finish tomorrow.
Damn, I smell of wax.
Who is this guy?
Don't start this crap.
Can you give me an advance?
Can't you spare a little more?
I can't do anything with that.
When'll you be back? What time?
No, it's OK. Here.
It's me, Julian.
You recognize me?
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
Are you on your own?
You have no friends, or a sister, a brother?
No, I'm all alone.
I'm all alone.
You can address me familiarly, ma'am.
- Not formally.
- Oh, OK, if you want.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you very much.
Bon apptit.
- A beer?
- Sure.
This is my brother, he's
staying here for a moment.
- Hi.
The groomer, it died.
Guys, move it, the boss wants you!
You need sunglasses?
What? What did you say?
Do you need anything?
Sunglasses, masks, gloves?
- These, 35.
- What is this stuff?
35 for these.
It's 35, it's got anti-fogging.
- Let's see these glasses.
- They're not bad.
- How much for the gloves?
- 40.
- It's OK I have for the job.
- This is for my son.
- Your son?
- What size is he?
- Like you.
Like me?
I recommend this model.
How much?
Ten. They're very warm.
- How much for this helmet?
- 40.
40? This helmet's been damaged.
- It has already been damaged.
Where did you say you found this stuff?
- Where did you find it?
- In a surplus shop.
From surplus?
Do you want the model for sunlight or fog?
- Sun.
- OK.
I recommend this model
for 100% U.V. blocking.
Here you go..
Hey, mister! You've robbed me here!
You talking to me?
I'd point out that if there's
a thief here, it's you.
You're going to search me?
- How much?
- 20.
Here, boy.
My glasses!
Are you there, Simon?
- What did you do to yourself?
- I fell.
You fell?
You were in a fight, right?
You got busted up?
You said that there was no risk.
Yeah, but...
Ow, gently!
Let's see.
Look at me.
You've been hurt everywhere.
Check it out. You see?
Soon I'll be as big as you.
Come on, stand next to me. Look.
The day I get bigger than you,
what'll you do?
The guy in the red BMW,
what did you say about me?
How much will you ask for?
You've redone the entire surface,
at least 200.
You won't get it!
And the CISS 300 application?
There's a Giant Slalom you can try.
Where does it say it's a Slalom?
There, you see, G.S. Giant Slalom.
Oh yeah, it's stupid.
You get some jeans, too.
They'll look nice, OK?
OK, thank you.
- You'll come back on which bus?
- The 4 pm.
Are you sure?
This summer, you'll steal bicycles?
Simon, are you all right?
- You look like a chicken.
- I'm a chicken.
- Chicken Boy.
Are you hurt?
So how do you find?
Move some, please?
A bit more.
A little, again.
OK, OK! Well?
You look good. You've got
a nice ass, I think.
Oh, you're stupid!
- Is it the same?
- This is the one you told me about.
How much of the Giant Slalom is left?
I know there's more.
How much, do you know?
- You'll give me the rest of the money?
- Come on, Simon!
You got a new oven - isn't that enough?
- Hi.
- Hi.
There's no milk here?
What are you doing...
with these skis?
If I get a chance, I'll sell them.
Oh yeah?
It's good stuff.
It's yours, that red BMW?
Yes, why, you saw it?
It accelerates well?
OK, yeah, it goes well.
I can get you a price.
What is your level of skiing?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you OK?
Your brother's trying to sell me skis.
That's how he gets pocket money..
Is there any coffee?
Where do you live normally?
- At my parents.
- They're far away?
Yeah, pretty much.
It's a bit like the Bronx, our family.
He goes, he comes.
It's true.
Our family is shit.
I left her floundering
so she'll learn faster.
- You've already sat in a BMW?
- No, never.
There's still some work to do here.
- Go on, get in.
- Get in
- No, he'll block me.
He'll be very small.
- It can reach 240, your car?
- Well, yeah.
You see, it's affordable.
- But how will I pay?
- We can make arrangements.
And it'll help you find a better job.
Oh yeah, you think?
And it's a Toyota. It's
indestructible. Incredible.
I'll check under the chassis.
Can we get you something for tonight?
No, it's OK.
This isn't my sister, she's my mother.
What did you say?
This isn't my sister, she's my mother.
He says he's your brother?
Louise, what did he say?
This isn't my sister, she's my mother.
What did he just say?
No, but wait, Louise!
Say something!
Louise, ho!
This kid will say anything.
You shouldn't have brought him along.
You're done saying anything!
What do you take me for?
What is this crap?
What's the fuss?
What is this crap?
He said that to piss me off.
She's lying!
There's a problem here.
I'll let you two off to discuss it.
I would have told you.
What does it change?
What difference does it make?
Can't you see any difference?
For you, it changes anything?
But you're crazy, both of you!
Get out immediately, I don't
want to see you anymore.
You, too.
You, too.
I would have told you, I swear.
You should have told me when?
You were going to tell me?
It was him who had to tell me.
You're completely sick. Get out.
Get out.
This is your fault.
It's your fault!
Why did you do that?
Huh? Why did you do that?
Did you have to say that now?
You're a drag! For twelve years
now you've been a drag!
Do you hear what I'm saying?
I can't fuck with you!
I can never fuck with you!
Always nothing!
Stop following me like a dog!
Stop now!
It's you who's the drag.
You fake anything!
Even your jeans, it's me who paid for them.
You hear me?
Can I sleep with you?
- I can't sleep with you?
- No.
Why not?
You can't, that's all.
And if I pay you 100?
No way, right? Get the fuck out.
20... 50...
Stop it.
- 100...
Wait, I still have a little bit more.
160... 180...
Can I sleep with you, now?
Hey, sis.
I don't have that much.
It's OK, come on.
You can hug me a little?
Where should I put my head?
I didn't want you, Simon.
Why did you keep me, then?
I don't know.
To not be alone.
And to piss someone off.
No one wanted me to keep you.
What? No one?
No, no one.
You know, the money is
for real. You can keep it.
I don't care, really.
I'm OK with being your brother.
You think she's asleep?
She's drunk!
Madame, Madame!
I think she's pissed!
You could help me carry her.
She's well built, your sister.
- What?
- She blew all our money.
What are you doing?
Turn around.
That's fab!
Whoa! Did you see that jump?
Shall we?
Wait, there was a guy who'll make a figure!
You're shit, Blue Hands! Did you
come along to actually do anything?
Will we ski this afternoon?
Put on your ski mask.
I can't, it itches.
Put it on anyway and don't ever
take it off if you get caught.
You know the good brands?
Yeah, you think I'm lame?
Pull on your gloves!
You sure you're not scared?
He's asking your age.
- Say ten.
- Ten.
You look like a baby.
- He said what?
- That you're a baby.
- What an idiot!
- Why him?
Is he taking them or not?
Shut up!
It smells like shit here.
Can't we go to the restaurant?
You got the money?
And we haven't even skied.
- I don't even know how to ski.
- Are you kidding!
This is pointless, it's just small change.
- Hey, baby.
- You idiot!
Pass me a sandwich.
- Pie or cheese?
- Anything else?
I'm keeping the other one.
- It's for your sister?
- What is it you doing?
What does she do for a job?
She is a whore or what?
It's not me, that's what my brother says.
I'm having a dump, sir.
The little laugh. Shhh!
Open up! Get out of there!
I didn't do anything!
I had a dump.
Look at this work.
You shit teddy bears, now?
You've eaten one for lunch?
You take me for a fool, do you?
I saw it, we unearthed
all your messing around.
Come here, you!
Mike, wait!
Your loot.
Your loot, I said!
This is the key to what? For a locker?
No, sir, I swear.
OK, small garbage with the trash!
Take a good look at these tykes.
They never come back!
Blacklist. Blacklist, OK?
OK, send it!
Five francs!
Five! Five! Five!
Good afternoon.
Five francs.
- Ten francs.
- No, too expensive.
- Five francs.
- Too expensive.
Three! Three!
- Stop it.
- Stay there.
- Go!
- Stay there, I'm selling stuff.
Just leave me alone, stay away.
- You're not going to sell stuff
all your life. - Buzz off!
- Go away!
- Look at me when I'm talking!
Even farther.
Further! Further!
Further! Further! Further!
Have you got something to eat?
I've got nothing.
Wait, I'll see.
I'll cook.
Who's the kid?
My brother. He helps me.
Good enough.
You want to sit on my knees?
Simon, what you are looking for there?
- Don't steal anything, right?
- OK.
I'll pay you back.
Pay me back what?
What you lent me.
Why? I don't care.
I don't want to owe you anything, Simon.
Here, take this.
Take it.
Go on, take it, there.
Take it, listen!
Come along.
- Can I raid the fridge?
- No, not here.
The owners are there.
What can I do then?
- Go help Maria instead.
- Hello!
Can you mind the baby for five minutes?
Otherwise, I can't pack.
Thank you very much.
- Whose is that baby?
- The son of the boss.
You know how to do that?
Sure, what did you think?
Take this.
It smells like shit!
So did yours, yours felt like shit.
Can the boy help me with the suitcases?
What are you waiting for? Go help.
You clean cottages, now?
She's my sister.
She cleans. I help.
Always busy with the hotel, Julien?
I'm not Julien, ma'am. My name's Simon.
Julian, Simon.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
OK, can we go?
- What you got?
- Nothing.
Where did you know the owner from?
What do you care?
I'm done.
Can you ask the boy to come here?
Can you come here for a few minutes?
There was a watch in the bathroom.
It's no longer there. Was that you?
I didn't take it myself.
I didn't even see it.
And your brother?
- Simon?
- No.
- Empty your pockets.
That's all you got?
Are you sure?
You're an asshole, Simon.
You can go now.
You're sick!
I don't want you! I don't want you!
You're still here, are you?
Everyone works, don't stop there.
Ho! Watch where you put your feet,
I just polished there.
- Hey, goodbye.
- Ciao!
It is that the keys there?
Hey! Look, guys, here's the little thief.
- Where are you going?
- To work somewhere elsewhere.
It's finished here.
Can I come?
How old are you?
Just what do you want to do?
I can do stuff.
Come on, come on, hurry!
I'm paying for more hours!
Last dump load in half an hour!
I know you, you.
You're back, you couldn't stop yourself.
Come on, get the hell out.
Get out of here!
Come on, kid.