L Storm (2018)

Mr. Tsui ,
you laundered $500M for Director Zhao.
How much was your commission?
That's a trade secret.
That's a bit steep.
In the U.S.
they charge 25%.
One thing about me,
nothing ever goes wrong .
The money. . .
Wherever it's from ,
after we're done with it,
will be squeaky clean .
Give it a try.
Lau Po-keung.
Congratulations on becoming a Chief Inspector!
Thank you, Sir!
Here at JFIU,
Joint Financial Intelligence Unit,
our main objective is Anti-Money Laundering.
Each year, over $3T USD
are laundered around the world.
We received a tip
about a huge amount coming our way.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Don't let these criminals get away with it.
Yes, Sir!
Miss, please kill the engine.
Show me your I . D. and pop the trunk.
Thank you.
96728 calling Control.
Bravo-481 6359
Please open it.
Let me. . .
Chief Luk!
What's the number?
Cell phone number.
1 52 1 50 44662
Orange BMW, plate UW91 80.
Kwun Tong.
"Tsui Yau-choi is not your only choice"
You run a big business in the Philippines?
Whatever makes money.
Am I right?
The new President is cracking down on dope. . .
No fucking bullshit, pal!
One month,
$20M in USD.
Yes or no?
The amount is not an issue.
Yes or no?
Piece of cake.
You're a piece of shit!
Don't waste my time.
If you have no say,
take me to your Boss.
We checked out firearms for this operation.
Be careful!
Yes, Sir!
I made you coffee.
What's the story?
Claims to be a dope dealer in the Philippines.
Can't tell if he's lying.
Repeat after me.
"Last week, 2 Chinese dope dealers were killed."
"You know them?"
- Sir?
- Miss?
How are you feeling?
Are you okay?
Call 999!
Chief Luk
We blew it!
Those two
were my brothers.
Chan and Wong.
"It broke my heart."
Are you testing me?
If this is Manila, you'd be dead.
Just shooting the breezze.
I'll stop if you don't like it.
The deal is off.
Bring him over.
Mr. Lau!
The Boss
wants to see you.
2/F. . . Standby.
Watch out!
Damn it!
You're a cop!
Police! Freezze!
"Independent Commission Against Corruption"
Drop your weapons!
Stop !
Don't move!
Hey, that's my car!
Inspector Lau!
Chief Luk from ICAC sent over some files.
We're ready for the briefing.
ICAC is after a Customs officer taking bribes.
Inspector Lau is after a money laundering cartel.
Tsui Yau-choi probably paid Dik Wai-kit
to let cars through Customs
without proper checks.
Tsui Yau-choi is the mastermind.
The unregistered phone used
to contact Dik Wai-kit
probably belongs to Tsui Yau-choi .
Zhao Mei-xin,
came here a year ago
under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
has a mysterious background .
Zhao Mei-xin
is not our target.
Bribery and corruption is not our concern.
Money laundering is not our concern.
But If we find Tsui Yau-choi and Zhao Mei-xin,
we can bust this money laundering outfit.
Dik Wai-kit and Tsui Yau-choi are the targets.
Get to work!
Yes, Sir!
Mr. Tsui ,
your turn.
It's a piece of cake.
Just $1 0M in RMB
will be done in a jiffy.
Mr. Lam, Inspector Lau
from JFIU is here to see you .
Please come this way.
It' okay.
Be patient.
We'll get it done.
Mr. Lam just stepped away.
Mr. Lam!
It's Mr. Lam. . .
"Private number"
Hello, 999?
This is Inspector Cindy Lee of JFI U .
Hello ?
We're in the back stairs
of New Development Bank in Central.
We have a man with a head injury.
Please send an ambulance.
Forget it !
Be patient. It's okay.
Don't worry, we'll get this done.
No, you can't.
Who are you?
What the hell?
Hello, Miss Zhao.
Wong Hoi-wo, I'm your new partner.
Okay, get to work!
Your $1 0M is now squeaky clean.
We kept 15% as commission.
Much cheaper than Tsui Yau-choi .
no one else in Hong Kong can take your order now.
Think about it.
Thank you.
The Boss wants you to lay low in the Philippines.
You know your way around .
The new Boss is much nicer.
That son of a bitch Tsui Yau-choi
hung me out to dry and won't pay me.
ICAC can't trace this phone. I'll be in touch.
Please come in.
Mr. Yau?
For my ear.
Did you report Hanson Lam?
Yes. That's right.
Can you tell us what happened?
I'm with the bank's anti-money
laundering department.
I noticed some accounts
had unusual transactions
and found out those were Mr. Lam's accounts.
That's why
I decided to call it in .
I didn't expect
Mr. Lam would . . .
We need you to come in to give a statement.
No problem.
William !
I'm here to bother you again.
you finished your fruits.
I'll buy some later.
No need, Han will do that.
The air con is new, turn the fan away from you
or you'll get sick.
Oh, I forgot. . .
- I need to pay you .
- No need . . .
I'll sort it out with Raymond .
Are you hungry?
I'll cook you something to eat.
No need.
But I'm hungry.
Hey. . .
Are you busy lately? Doing what?
Oh, I forgot. . .
You can't say.
I go cook now, this won't take long.
Hey, William. Raymond .
How's my Mom?
What a coincidence.
I just saw her.
She's doing great.
Give me your account number.
I'll pay you for the air con.
Don't bother.
Consider it my room and board
back when I was in the U. K.
Tell you what. . .
Treat me dinner when you're back.
I saw a flat online for $1 2M .
I want to buy it for my Mom .
That's great!
Since my CPA license is recognizzed in Hong Kong.
Sorry, I have another call.
Call you later.
Sure. Bye!
Chief Luk!
We got something.
Keep the money safe.
After I settle down in the Philippines,
I'll manage you to get there.
What about that Eva?
Is she going with you?
We split up eons ago.
Why bring that up?
I was at the doctor's this morning.
I'm pregnant.
6 weeks already.
If it's a boy,
I'll teach him boxing.
If it's a girl,
you can teach her to cook
and pick up guys.
She'll be a heartbreaker.
Don't worry.
You have to go alone.
Take Care.
You too.
Luk Chi Lim.
Chief Luk!
This is Dik Wai-kit.
How can I help you?
I want to turn myself in
and be the state witness.
I gave Zhao Mei-xin's contact to the new Boss.
He wants to take over Tsui Yau-choi's outfit.
If you guarantee I won't go to jail,
I'll tell you everything.
That's up to the Department of Justice.
If your information is useful,
we can plead your case.
Meet me in an hour
in Deep Water Bay.
Give me your cell number.
9465 4808
Yes, Sir!
Just after this turn.
"Almost there"
"In Repulse Bay"
Repulse Bay? This is Deep Water Bay.
I'll go take a look.
Be careful.
"Repulse Bay"
"Calling. . .Tammy"
Where's Chief Sir?
He. . .
How is she, Doctor?
She suffered a heavy blow to the head.
We found blood stasis in her brain.
The next 72 hours is most crucial.
If it goes away,
she'll be fine.
Will she be in any danger?
We'll do our best.
Thank you.
Tsui Yau-choi is missing.
Dik Wai-kit has disappeared .
We hit a dead end .
What can we do?
Just now in Deep Water Bay,
if I got out instead of Tammy,
would I be sitting here?
You never know.
Just like darts,
everyone wants to hit the bull's eye.
But few people can actually do it.
Except me. . .
Have a drink.
Senior Luk,
You want to see me?
Why did you put Mark and Derek on my tail?
Senior Luk
let's talk somewhere else.
Yes, Sir!
Have a seat.
Senior Luk,
you never sat on the other side.
The view is quite different, right?
Just a few questions.
Let's have a chat.
Have you been to Macau lately?
Investments in real estate or stocks?
Any offshore accounts? Side business?
Cut to the chase. Why is there a file on me?
On July 1 5,
$1 2M went into your account.
Can you explain that?
I knew nothing about it.
How is that possible?
Why didn't anyone give me $1 2M?
I don't know.
Senior Luk,
my account number,
except for a few companies for auto transfer,
even my Mom doesn't know about it.
Don't try to tell me
your new cell phone provider
gave you a $1 2M rebate.
I only gave the account number to a friend.
His name is Raymond Chan.
He's an old classmate.
He emigrated to the U . K. for over 20 years.
Last week,
he called me.
Chief Luk speaking,
I'm out and about
running to the bank.
Give me your account number.
I want to pay you for the air con.
I told you no need.
For my job,
if I take $3,000 from you,
I need to write a report to my Boss.
Forget the money.
Look. . .what if
something happens to my Mom
and she needs surgery.
It'll cost tens of thousands.
I can't let you pay for it.
We should be clear on money.
Give me your account number.
Are you telling me
other than Raymond Chan,
you did not give anyone your account number?
He told you
he wanted to pay you for the air con?
Is that it?
The guy is dead .
I have bad news.
On July 1 4,
Raymond Chan was in a car accident.
He was dead on the spot.
The money went into your account on July 1 5
But Raymond Chan
died on July 1 4.
Unless he transferred the money from Hell.
We checked your phone log.
3 days before and after July 1 4,
there were no calls from the U. K.
It's $1 2M !
Where did it come from?
Senior Luk?
You started a file on me
because someone reported me.
You won't tell me who it was
or why they did it
because you must interrogate me
and spot the weakpoint in my statement.
Raymond Chan,
his death is the biggest giveaway.
You think I'll make such a mistake?
You wish to discuss interrogation technique?
From the Dunning-Kruger Effect,
another conclusion is drawn.
Two types of people are extremely confident.
Type A,
those who are ignorant.
Type B,
those who are arrogant.
Which one are you? A or B?
At least tell me which day?
July 1 6.
Did you check up on the informer?
Worry about yourself first.
Are you so hard up for cash?
The Principal Investigator of ICAC
worth $1 2M only?
The acronym ICAC can't be that cheap.
I'm not on the take.
There must be a reason behind this.
I need you to check it out.
I need to know the truth.
Maybe the truth is. . .
the person cracking down on corruption
is actually corrupted.
Very well!
Think it over.
Figure out
how you can help yourself.
Well, Senior Luk?
Anything to add?
You're in luck.
We spoke to the Department of Justice,
what we have
is not enough to press charges.
But this is a letter of suspension
signed by the Director of Investigation.
While you're on suspension,
you're not allowed to follow all your cases,
log onto the ICAC computer,
or enter the ICAC building
until further notice.
If there's any new development,
we will call you in for questioning at any time.
For the time being,
you're not allowed to leave Hong Kong.
We need you
to surrender your pass
and your ICAC cell phone.
Mark, Derek,
escort him
back to the office to pack his things.
This way, Chief Luk!
Carry on!
Cel, come inside.
I need you to follow up on some files.
please wait over here.
Go down to reception
and see if I have a DHL package.
Get to work!
"Cel: Eva Ng is the only one
who sees the Internal Investigation on 7/1 6"
It's Luk Chi Lim.
Can you check someone for me?
I'll send it to you now.
"To: William"
I forgot your phone number.
Raymond is dead.
When you see this note,
I have gone to the U. K.
Don't worry about me.
Hey, kid!
Don't touch that.
Are you okay, Teddy?
Mommy's here.
Look at Mommy.
It's okay, look at Mommy.
It's okay, kid .
Calm down. . .
Listen to this. . .
Calm down. . .
Breathe. . .
Thomson. . .
Come on. . .
Quiet. . .
Let's calm down.
Listen to the music and concentrate.
Let's listen to the music.
Breathe. . .
Yes, just like that.
Thank you. . .
- You're welcome.
- He is okay.
Poor kid.
How can I help you?
I need to check my account.
All transactions for the past 2 weeks.
No problem.
I'm sorry, Mr. Luk.
Your account has been frozzen.
I can't log in.
Thank you.
Eva Ng
Ng Chung-wah
is a model
and part-time online bidder.
You're in luck.
She has a prior for theft record .
That's why she's in the system .
Her address and phone number
I'll send that to you later.
- Thanks.
- Be careful!
Hey, Chicken!
Weren't you in Thailand?
Landed a last minute job.
Need to finish that first.
It's a new client.
He's in Room 3.
Thank you.
What kind of pose do you want?
I brought a lot of clothes.
I'm new at this.
Why don't you tell me about yourself?
As a warm up?
The clock starts ticking.
No problem.
My name is Eva.
I study in Cambridge in the U .S.
In the U.S.?
Haven't you hear that?
It's famous.
I came back because my Grandma is sick.
How sweet!
Of course!
I'm a blue blood.
I charge you $3,000 an hour only.
That's cheap.
You must know a lot of people from work.
Accountants, doctors and lawyers.
Including. . .
Brother Fatt.
But don't tell anyone.
You ask so many questions.
Are you a reporter?
Butt out and get lost!
I gave you a flight ticket.
What are you doing here?
Come with me.
Let go!
Get her!
Let me go!
Help! Let go!
Get in!
- Over there!
- Help!
Over there! Come back. . .
You can drop me off here.
Did you report me to the ICAC?
I'm Luk Chi Lim.
Of course not!
I really don't know anything.
I didn't mean it.
I really don't know anything.
I didn't do it on purpose.
Watch it!
Thank you.
Why did you report me?
I borrowed money from a loan company.
When the interests start adding up,
Fat Fook came to me.
Hi , Brother Fook.
Hi !
About the money,
I will pay you back.
Just give me another. . .
2 or 3 weeks.
Don't bother if it's so difficult.
Brother Fook,
don't toy with me.
I will pay you back. . .
But not in 2 weeks.
2 days, okay?
I said, don't bother.
Won't you do me the honor?
Then I won't.
I won't pay you back.
If I pay you back,
I'll be struck by thunder.
Don't forget.
You'll be hit by thunder if you pay.
Turned out Fat Fook
wanted me to report you.
He said you took $1 2M from Dik Wai-kit
to let him get away.
He must have known I dated Dik Wai-kit.
That's why he came to me.
That's why ICAC would believe me.
How stupid of me!
Where is Dik Wai-kit?
How would I know?
We split up a few months ago.
Did you know
that creep is married?
Take me to Fat Fook.
Help! Let me go!
Get in the car !
Luk Chi Lim harassed the witness.
That's the evidence.
Bring him in.
Let him explain.
If we do that,
we're using ICAC's reputation to cover up for him .
I suggest
we go by the book.
Thank you, Sir!
Director Yu signed the warrant.
Mark, Derek
wait for Luk Chi Lim by his flat.
get the paperwork to tap his phone.
take Luk Chi Lim' s picture
and do a survey in the neighborhood .
Yes, Sir!
Go to the Jockey Club,
deposit some money into my account.
Yes, Boss!
Brother Fook!
Someone wants to talk to you .
Fork used to work for me.
- Inspector Lau!
- Cindy
What's the scoop?
This afternoon,
there was a serious car accident in Sai Kung.
Crashed into the mountain and caught fire.
Two bodies were found inside.
Tsui Yau-choi and Ho Tai-sing.
We're looking into it.
We're waiting for the autopsy report.
What's the word around town?
8 words
Out for blood.
Run like a headless chicken.
What does that mean?
Tsui Yau-choi's thugs
are convinced he was murdered.
They want blood.
But can't find any obvious suspects.
Nobody has a clue.
Something else is rather fishy.
When Tsui Yau-choi first started out,
he was under Kwai Hing.
Inspector Lau,
he's someone
you should know.
They say Kwai Hing
has a stake in Tsui Yau-choi's business.
Yet after what happened,
Kwai Hing gang's are awfully quiet.
Way too quiet.
Uncle Kwai-hing!
Long time no see!
Should you be eating that much sugar?
Who cares?
I'm in my 80s.
I'll eat it whenever I can .
No wonder even though Tsui Yau-choi is dead
you're not exactly heart broken .
It was an accident.
Nobody expected it.
Get off it! It was no accident.
Who did it?
That's your job to find out.
Someone you can't afford to piss off?
Tsui Yau-choi started out with you.
You had high hopes for him
and he took care of you.
He cut you a share in his business.
Look what happened to him.
Christ! I'm eating!
Let me. . .
Have some tea.
Look at this one.
He can't rest in peace.
I heard. . .
Strictly hearsay. . .
A gangster
recently returned from the Netherlands.
He is
rich and powerful,
callous and ruthless.
They say he's interested
in Choi's business.
But I don't know much details.
I'm in my 80s,
I'm content with having my daily dessert,
No more triad vendettas.
Grandma left me this house.
I meant to make more money
so I can buy you a better place.
But I was useless.
You couldn't wait.
Dik Wai-kit was quite sweet at first.
He offered to
give me his money.
I was thrilled , of course.
I could save up enough
to buy a new flat.
Then I found out,
he opened an account under my name
to hide his bribe money.
It was my fault.
I fall in love too easily.
And I trusted him wholeheartedly.
Am I really stupid or what?
No one can predict the future.
But life goes on.
Take good care of yourself,
and your Grandma won't have to worry.
Sorry, you'll have to sleep on the sofa.
Good night!
No wonder Hong Kong is safe.
It's late,
but Police officers
are still at work.
Do I know you?
Inspector Lau .
My name is Hong Liang.
Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau .
I notified your superiors.
Now I want a word with you.
"Urgent! Come back in!"
It's quite alright.
It was rather ad hoc.
I only decided this morning.
Have a seat.
How can I help you?
Here's the deal. . .
We're on a case
that involves a Vice Ministerial level cadre
and bribe money
in the billions.
While tracking the money
we find out he intends
to launder the money through Hong Kong.
That's why
we need to liaise with JFI U .
How can we help?
Our investigation shows
his mistress
is acting as the go-between.
And his mistress
is currently in Hong Kong.
Her name is Zhao Mei-xin .
Chief Luk is innocent.
Trust me.
Ms. Ng,
you came over here
to change your statement.
When exactly are you telling us the truth?
I know
I lied last time.
But Chief Luk is truly innocent.
You can't arrest him.
we'll look into it.
You don't believe me?
Perjury will land you in jail.
Of course I believe
you're not lying.
Forget what I said.
we want to help Chief Luk.
We will look into it.
So you believe me?
Pretend you didn't hear anything
and I was never here.
I better go.
Thank you!
Chief Luk!
You made contact!
OCTB "Organizzed Crime and Triad Bureau"
is looking for you
and so is ICAC.
You're sizzzzling.
What have you been up to?
Look up someone for me.
Fat Fook in Yuen Long.
He works for a loan company.
That's all I know.
You're off the hook.
I told Chief Ching everything.
He believed me.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Police business!
We're on a case too!
What are you doing?
You have the right to remain silent.
Everything you say
may be used against you in a Court of law.
Follow me.
Get in! Follow them.
Yes, Sir!
You lied to me.
You said everything is squared away!
Answer me!
Hold her off!
- Miss!
- Liar!
Let go!
Let go of me!
Inspector Lau,
what you did
is out of line.
Not really.
Chief Ching,
here at JFIU , we always go by the book.
Luk Chi Lim is a suspect wanted by the ICAC.
Please hand him over.
I can't.
Because Luk Chi Lim
is also our suspect.
He has committed
a very serious
and complicated crime of money laundering.
This is something
hard to explain
It'll take a while to take his statement.
I know you and Luk Chi Lim are friends.
You're just trying to cover up for him.
Is it necessary?
I know you and Luk Chi Lim are colleagues.
Must you treat him like a murderer?
Is it necessary?
Those of us at the ICAC
simply loathe
investigating a member
of the Disciplined Services.
But we can't help it.
We're guarding the tailgate
of Hong Kong's rule of law.
Group L "Internal investigation"
is guarding the tailgate of tailgates.
It's a dirty job.
But someone had to do it.
I know ICAC's Group L
investigates their own staff
and it's known to go by the book.
You complain about your dirty job,
of guarding the tailgate of tailgates.
But to me,
you seem to enjoy it and are proud of it.
Just like
cleaning the toilet is a dirty job,
but that doesn't mean
those who clean it
cannot be proud of it
and find it quite satisfying.
I'll let you get back to clean the toilet.
- See yourself out.
- You can keep him for 48 hours tops.
Thanks for telling me.
I didn't know I have that much of time.
You're welcome.
We'll be back.
Take turns and watch them round the clock.
Yes, Sir!
Chief Luk
Have some coffee.
I made it myself.
It can't be that bad .
Has it been 48 hours?
It's dangerous out there for you.
You're wanted by both sides of the law.
I dare say,
the safest place in Hong Kong
is right here.
I have the dirt on Fat Fook.
His real name is Yeung Ching-fook.
Triad background.
Basically, a punk.
How did you piss him off?
I don't even know him.
But he sent someone to report me.
I don't think someone with triad background
would mess with an ICAC investigator.
He's just a stooge.
I checked his loan company.
The owner is
Wong Hoi-wo,
a Dutch Chinese,
and is consistent with our Intel.
Highly suspicious.
What have you heard?
Dik Wai-kit told me
a new player wants to replace Tsui Yau-choi .
Everything fits.
If Wong Hoi-wo is the new player,
when you went after Dik Wai-kit,
you have become a threat.
So he ordered someone to report you.
But this Wong Hoi-wo
is very mysterious.
I checked his business registration,
the address
is a secretarial service.
The trail went dead.
Don't be disheartened .
We have another lead .
Zhao Mei-xin.
The ACBB in China gave us her name.
They're your counterpart in the Mainland .
This case is
not just your case,
but mine as well.
I'll keep an eye on it.
Please behave and get some rest in here.
When we prove you're innocent,
You can have abalone. . . Lafite. . . and . . .
Let me go.
Our coffee
is much better than the ICACs'.
Thank you.
We're on a tight schedule.
What can you do?
Do you know playing soccer
how can you get a sure win?
Which is the referee is on your team.
Keep talking.
I'll introduce you
to an anti-money laundering expert.
Roger that.
Inspector Lau,
Fat Fook has disappeared. We're looking for him .
The CCTV from Customs is ready.
Miss, please kill the engine,
your I . D. card
and pop the trunk.
Zoom it in .
That's a limited edition handbag.
You can rest assured
while I'm around,
nothing goes wrong.
Here he is.
Let me introduce you.
Miss Zhao,
my brother Thomson.
Yau Chi-sun .
We have met.
Have we?
It's you!
That's right.
old boss at the bank
was helping Tsui Yau-choi .
he died recently,
that's why he's now in charge.
Miss Zhao,
how much
are we talking about?
"1 0 billion"
2 months. . .
for other people.
I only need 3 days.
In that case,
I'll let you meet Mr. Zhang,
you can tell him your plan.
Here's to us!
Hong Kong only has 3 quotas
for this limited edition.
These are the credit card receipts.
Zhao Mei-xin.
Call the card center and monitor the card.
Here's the delivery!
We got something.
Autopsy report said Hanson Lam died
of a broken neck.
But further tests showed
red paint in his hair
at the back of his head
that matched the fire extinguisher on the 26/F.
On the fire extinguisher,
we found samples of Hanson Lam's hair.
We have reasons to believe
Hanson Lam
was attacked from behind ,
he fell down the stairs
broke his neck
and died .
There's a mole inside the bank.
I have someone in mind.
Is Mr. Yau around?
He's on leave till next month.
Thomson lost his parents when he was young.
He's autistic.
His senses are 5 times more sensitive.
The tiniest sound or images
can provoke him.
Once he suffered an attack at the orphanage,
he spun out of control and pierced his eardrums.
He's deaf in one ear
and only has 30% hearing left in the other.
You have been his doctor all along?
He's very smart,
but has deviant behavior
and shows a propensity for violence.
You have something to show me?
That's why we arranged for him
to learn martial arts
so he can let off some steam.
It's the focus of his treatment.
Are you kidding?
I lose again?
I'll drink up.
Brother Fook!
I'm glad you're here.
You're late.
Don't you have to work?
Bring in the ladies for my boys.
I want those
who don't mind groping
or action on the spot.
You look happy, what's going on?
Never mind that.
The Boss is taking me
on his gambling ship tomorrow.
Must be a big deal.
That's great!
You must celebrate.
Send the girls in .
Okay. . .
Pretty chicks, not the fat one.
Fat Fook is going on the ship.
Miss Zhao,
please wait.
Miss Zhao,
I'm sorry,
the car you booked
will be a bit late.
Here. . . Here's your card.
Inspector Lau,
this is the card center.
Zhao Mei-xin just swiped her card.
Copy that, thanks!
Admiralty Hotel, Lets go!
Take care.
Sign here.
Inspector Lau,
Chief Luk is leaving.
Stall him .
I can't.
It's been 48 hours.
He knows the law too well.
Senior Luk!
Are you talking to me?
How flattering.
What's up?
Chief Luk,
you don't need help?
I'll be in touch.
Be careful.
Keep this pace.
Inspector Lau,
this is Hong Liang.
Zhang Peng the suspect
just left Shenzzhen by boat.
He's probably going to Hong Kong.
For now,
we can't tail him .
If you spot him ,
let me know right away.
Brother Fook!
Mr. Wong wants to see you.
Mr. Zhang,
this is Mr. Wong.
Mr. Zhang.
Welcome aboard .
Thanks for coming .
Let's go inside.
This way, please.
I'm very excited to have Mr. Zhang here.
How can you
launder my $1 0B?
Let's get down to business.
Mr. Zhang, please have a look.
Here. . .
is a cheque for $500M
Consider it your winnings on the ship.
It's clean .
Win money without betting?
What else?
Here. . .
we have different ways
to launder your money.
Buying and selling of jewelry,
antique auction,
luxury property,
phony transactions.
We have several hundred
local and overseas
bank accounts
for telegraphic transfers.
they can launder
What about the remaining $3B?
a new stock will be listed .
We have a placement of
a billion shares
for you, Mr. Zhang.
The face value is $1 00M .
When the market opens,
I'll push the stock price up from 1 0 cents
to over $3.
Then your $1 00M
will become $3B.
Mei-xin told me
ICAC is giving her trouble.
Can you fix that?
Here's the deal. . .
Mr. Zhang,
don't worry.
I spent $1 2M
and took care of him.
He's suspended .
He can't touch the case.
Look. . . what if
My Mother needs surgery suddenly.
It'll cost money. I can't let you pay for it.
Give me your account number.
I bet that asshole
would never find out
it was me
who nailed him .
Mr. Wong, you have an interesting friend.
You're too kind.
He's just a brat.
Or like we say in Cantonese,
he's just the messenger.
Laundering $1 0B in 3 days
for Mr. Zhang
takes a genius.
Good! l like him.
He's bright.
You have his contact?
- Sure!
- Good!
Come, Mr. Zhang!
A toast to us.
I'll be waiting for the good news.
Definitely! We won't let you down.
I'm leaving them with you
- to give you a hand.
- Thanks!
- I'll walk you down .
- Thanks!
Take care.
What's this?
Lok, go that way.
This way.
The restaurant.
There he is!
That way!
Brother Wo!
He's in the kitchen
Mr. Luk!
We meet again.
I got him .
Tell us
or we'll zzap you again.
Brother Wo,
he won't tell us where the recorder is.
Fry him until he does.
You have reached the voice mail.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Chief Luk,
This is Lau Po-keung.
Call me back.
Zhao Mei-xin owns several shell corporation
in Hong Kong.
I also have a phone number.
Let's check it out.
The number you dialed is unavailable.
Keep calling.
Yes, Sir!
Please come in.
Securities Department.
In a while,
everyone will be busy when the market opens.
Brother Wo!
- Miss Zhao!
- Hello!
This is your office, let me show you.
No need, you're busy.
Get to work in 30 minutes.
This is the laundered amount.
This is what we make.
what do you want to tell me?
Chief Luk is innocent.
Dik Wai-kit wanted to turn himself in.
That night,
he arranged a meeting with Chief Luk.
That doesn't mean he's clean.
He must explain in person.
Where is he?
I'm trying to help him .
Get to work!
Hello, Mr. Zhang.
We can start.
Mr. Law,
start signing.
We can proceed.
Mr. White, Mr. Lam ,
you may begin.
How about the others?
Yes, that's good .
Lot No. 21 1 1
We're standing at $480M ,
anyone going to see $480M?
Henry, Justin
push it up to $1 B.
Chief Luk is still on board.
We'll split up.
Yes, Sir!
Send out the fake receipts
after you stamped them.
Call me when you're done.
Push it up to $3.
This way.
Okay, Understood. . .
Push it up.
We're at $930M,
ladies and gentlemen,
for Lot No. 2 1 1 1 .
$930M . . . is anyone going to see $930M?
$940M , very good, Sir! $940M . . .
$950M , very good for the gentleman in the rear.
The jewelry deal is done.
The contracted price is $1 B.
Mr. Zhang's antiques are auctioned
at $1 B.
The BVI that owns 4 villas
has been transferred to Mr. Zhang.
The fake receipts have been sent out.
Thank you, everyone.
"$7B confirmed"
Senior Luk, are you OK?
Thomson Yau set me up.
Everything is recorded in here.
I'm sorry!
Chief Luk!
I'm okay. . .
Mr. Zhang's shares worth $3B
are sold.
Plus the other $7B,
the total adds up to
$1 .5B commission into your account.
Well done!
Mr. Zhang,
it's done.
Hello? Who's this?
Hello, Miss Zhao!
We're calling from
the card center of Joint Commercial Bank.
Call me later.
I'm sorry,
this will only take a minute.
Hurry up.
Thank you.
Is your credit card number
Your birthday
is it
December 3rd?
And your mailing address is
Shunyi District
Dragon Knoll Villa?
We also want to know
did you. .
I can't talk right now.
The address is
New Star Building in Kowloon Bay.
Thank you!
You're simply brilliant!
Come. . .
Good job! Cheers!
Cel, give me your phone.
Luk Chi Lim.
You're alive! Where are you?
They're on the move today.
We tracked down Zhao Mei-xin.
They're in New Star Building in Kowloon Bay.
We're on our way over.
New Star Building.
You're not going to the hospital?
Just go!
reached our overseas account.
It's all there.
I'll go wash my face.
It's Thomson Yau!
I should go.
Please tell Mr. Yau.
Take care.
Let's go.
Mr. Wong,
Leopard is dead .
Over there!
Miss Zhao Mei-xin!
We need to bring you in for. . .
Protect Mr. Wong. . .
Are you okay?
Call an ambulance.
Yes, Sir!
What are you doing?
ICAC, we need your boat.
Choi , cover for me.
Yes, Sir!
Drop your weapon! Hands in the air!
Drop it!
Raise your hands! Don't move!
Hands in the air! Freezze!
Stop the boat!
Target just showed up. He's 1 ,000m away.
Get in the car.
We don't have the warrant yet.
He's leaving if we don't take action.
Get in the car.
Drive faster!
Minister Zhang,
going out to sea?
That's none of your business.
We'd like you to explain a few things.
Please come down to the ACBB with us.
Like you,
a division level cadre has no right
to order a Ministerial level cadre.
How dare you investigate me!
Do you have a search warrant?
And the warrant for my arrest?
This just came in.
Please come with us.
Get out of the car.
I'm not getting out. What can you do to me?
What's this?
What are you doing?
This is outrageous!
ZhangPang : Guilty of accepting bribes,
abuse of power
and property crimes of unknown origin.
Sentenced to life imprisonment
and confiscation of all personal assets.
Wong Hoi-wo : Guilty of money laundering,
illegal possession of firearms and assault.
Sentenced to 25 years in jail.
Thomson Yau : Guilty of money laundering.
Sentenced to 1 5 years in jail.
Guilty of murder, sentenced to life imprisonment.
Zhao Mei-xin :
Guilty of assisting in money laundering.
Sentenced to 1 0 years in jail.
Eva Ng : State witness,
received bind-over order for 1 year.