L.I.E. (2001)

L.I.E are expressway.
It got the wings go east, it got wings go west.
It also got the wings straight to hell.
A lot of people died on it.
Harry Chapan. Eric Perkor, the movie director.
You probably hear of them.
I bet you never heard Silver Blitzer, my mum.
She died on a crash.
I really miss her.
Its taking a lot of people and I hope it doesn't get me.
I lost my pouch, can you tell?
You won't use any protection.
So what? I'm not fucking anyone else.
I'm not gonad catch anything.
He means that if she get pregnant.
Think its too young for that guy.
Did she bleed, man? Did she get any period?
You better start using a rubber,
cause a babby could be a little hard
to explain to parent.
Actually a headed baby.
Hey, fuck up, something wrong with my family?
He's right, everybody knows it.
Look, even Esburt, he may know.
He don't know shit.
What you think if a brother making a baby?
Who have a baby.
He fucked his sister.
I don't believe it.
I don't mean I don't believe it....
I do believe that you fucked your sister,
I just think...
I think he's trying to say that it not
directly you fucked your sister.
What you are not involved.
Such a stupid joke but...
I shall have a sister.
why you give it to him for?
It's got to be a part for these things,
he is to make a contribution.
He gonad be angry.
Oh yeah.
I know once he's angry could squash his brain.
You know what, he would be caution for years...
He's study very hard, to be fucking idiot.
Squash him fucking brain.
"We're now headed to the fire Free Port."
"Michele, are you there?"
"Yes, I am, Mike."
"The hard Funded Loaded Compounded
House Project in Free Port..."
"That was spell an matter raging
controversy two years ago..."
"has become a source of Federal investigation."
"The March 14 fire, courting damage to three
floors killing two fire fighters.."
"was apparently cause by faulting wiring."
"Fire Martial investigating discovered that
illegal illumine wiring..."
"may been substituted in an effort to save
on construction costs."
"The FBl said that are expected."
"Back to you, Mike."
"Thanks, Michele."
Who's there?
You got to see this.
Man, he was bending like crazy.
Look those in the ass.
I fucked her.
I fuck anything.
You fucked her?
How about you, Dock.
I know my father, may be asshole.
Tell me your secret.
Nobody else knows.
You tell me one.
You first.
All right, seriously you won't fucking around?
Seriously won't fucking around.
All right, I really been with the girl.
That's your secret?
What? I never told anyone before.
I don't have any really worry about.
New good skin,
Great eyes.
With highlight in the hair
I know his house.
It is a loaded.
Promise this.
Needs someone's helps.
You know you can get me, man.
Good friend.
Sounds cool.
Gary, this is fucking nut. Many people's up there.
I'm so scare, pussy.
You baked me a cake, mum.
its a big day.
You baked me a fucking cake.
Sorry mum.
Its a carrot cake.
So good.
What kind of carrot did you put on this?
What you think I am?
What the fuck is this?
Thanks mum, what a great birthday.
For god sake, god's smile.
Let's do it again... H.. A.. I... I...
Fuck you!
He got my fucking pants.
You better tell what's going on.
He's the Washington guy.
Why you doing this to me now?
You know about my wife?
Now you completely clean,
as I starting to do with you.
I can't talk right now.
I'm telling you, please, just give me two days...
I'll call you later, ok?
You know you got good skin.
Great eyes.
Tell me a secret. I know this house...
I've never really been with the girl before...
You know, nobody else knows...
I won't take care of anyone worry about you...
Good friend.
He had good skin...
He've gone nut with that shit.
What you looking at?
You played hockey yesterday?
What? Hockey?
Don't be wise guy. The school called that
you missed some of your classes.
Could I come the office today?
Don't be wise guy.
Now get your ass out of bed.
You better up the bus this morning.
And... Your friend, Gary is waiting in the kitchen.
Yeah, I don't like him. He smile too much.
You got none to be shame on.
Not shame on anything.
I'm just saying that...
Sometimes you guys should shy about the boidies.
I'm not ashame.
My body is ok for my size.
I'm ok, you know?
You know what I just said? Don't get a complex.
Man, your crib is looking good.
Got own freight, fucking computer, a huge TV.
Yeah, I think this is Washington.
Somebody might serious here.
Its is miles from Califonia.
Just you don't say anything.
I don't want anyone to know, duke.
Your parents all know?
No. I don't care what they say.
Why don't you come with me?
You could reach your coffee house, man,
you should great...
You get pay.
I don't know man, I mean I don't
woking for fucking car wash.
What's wrong with that?
We'll having fun.
Come with me.
You really serious, huh?
Fuck you. You want to go or be here?
Think I'll be going with you, man.
All right!
Turn on the wall in the bath room,
water comes on right my hand.
Anyway spread water over fucking place.
I called a plummer cause I can't turn off the shit,
I mean it's every where.
So the plummer gets there, swept them all...
the place is fixed. Hand me the bill...
Damn! 400 dollars.
Elliot, 400 dollars.
You work like what? A half hours?
Promised said so? I said so.
Its like 800 dollars per hour.
I'm a lawyer. That's more money than I made.
He said, that's more money than
I made when I was a lawyer too.
Elliot. - What?
You're not listening to me.
I'm listening. I'm trying to take your mind off.
I can't do this legal shit right now.
You're not one of them.
I didn't cause the fire.
I didn't fucking do anything for that.
You got 1 00 guys working for you.
There's no way that they could make a case on you.
It's not even work with you anymore.
That is a lovely name.
What do you call the other one?
Jesus crist.
You got to relax.
Listen, l...
Come on, are you nuts?
Cut it out, Elliot, come on.
Elliot, its too much.
Its too much, come on.
I don't give a fuck with that, you know?
I know my whole fucking life, but
he was taking care of me...
and I got always fucking problems now.
I thought he was kidding around.
Damn it!
Fucking car!
What the fuck you doing here?
Why aren't you in school, damn it!
Get off of me!
He's my son. - Is that makes you ok?
I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry.
Hello, who is him? What's going on?
How you been?
What the fuck's your problem?
You are fucking srew.
She's watching. She's watching.
Get the fuck off!
What the fuck is fuck off here?
Get the fuck off!
Don't fucking touch me!
Get the fuck off that.
Ok. All right.
Who punish you?
No one.
Why did you guy gets you tight?
I don't know.
Cause me and Gary hang out everyday
never saw you around.
You better watch your ass on that guy.
Have I ever stiff you?
Have I ever fucking stiff you?
you know very well what they are, Gary.
Who was the little guy with you?
Howie Blitzer.
Where is he live?
I don't know he took the guns afterwards.
And I yelled the man, but he only sole them.
You're not going to hurt him, Marlin?
Will I hurt a boy?
He's a kid boy.
Get in the car.
How did you find me?
You should know.
I have magical power.
Mr. Blitzer.
what happened to your eye?
I got a fight with my brother.
If you having any trouble at home,
I want you to come talk to me, ok?
So, I see you having an appointment with Mr. Nelson.
Yeah, I can't feel...
Mr. Nelson is not dim of disappoint for no reason.
He's a very...
unsympathetic person.
He will spell you in a hard beat and
I'm not be able to help you.
No one can help me.
I know you're different, ok?
You're not a scholar or Romeo...
Or gangster?
Or a clown.
So what am l?
You are Howie Blitzer.
I don't category.
Howie, quick it, ok?
Now, when you see Mr. Nelson, do now be a wise ass.
You're not one of these favour people.
Hey, I guess you two want to be alone now.
Go fuck yourself.
Suck my Titanic, kids.
Shit, I got to spilt with you, man.
I got a call on home. - what the fuck.
Fuck you all!
So, get's ready for California, man.
You and me?
You and me, duke.
Oh yeah, but... everybody calls me Howie..
Wait a minute, let me join...
No, no, please...
My name's Harrigon, John Harrigon,
people call me Big John.
I don't see I know you well...
Maybe I don't remember I've seen you.
I just got back from L.A.
That's good.
How do you know I speak French?
Your mummy talked about you all the time, Howie.
She was so proud of you.
While you finish this, I'll...
I'll give you right back the run of drive.
I'm going that way.
I'll be great.
You like it, huh?
I mean this is my dream car. I suppose
I never seen it in real life.
Real life?
Get in.
Oh God.
So. What's tough speed on this boy?
It's great tough.
Oh yeah, proof it.
Not now.
I've walking around with this thing.
Have you seen around this?
Perhaps you've seen it.
Believe me, Howard, youw ant to talk to me...
you don't want to talk to the cops.
I know my house is not the only one you breaking into.
Now, come back over here.
I just want to talk to you.
You don't know my mum.
Oh, get in the car. - No fucking way.
Come on, I'm being reasonable here,
I just want to talk about this thing...
and then I'll drive you home.
Or I can take you to the police right now.
Listen, I don't want to chase,
I don;t chase after people...
And use your head, all right? Never try sometime.
You remember me now, don't you?
You look different than they like.
I have that before.
Gary told me everything.
You know Gary?
He told me you guys were very close friends.
That's right, we are.
He also told me that my guns were gone.
I guess so.
You guess? Come on, Howard.
You sold them, you know that guy.
I didn't sell them, I didn't even touch you guns.
Somebody did.
This is nothing to do with me, Mr.
Don't call me that. Call me Big John.
Big John.
I don't lie, all right? I don't touch the stuff.
I don't believe that Gary told you I didi.
Then what the fuck were you do in my basement?
I just want a long. - You just want a long?
If I don't get pay back,
I'm gonad change the way that fuck look perment ugly.
How much they worth?
What if I can get them back for you?
Is that do able?
Could be.
Well, you do that.
Then, we'll see.
Will we?
Hey, Gary.
Where the fucking money...
Oh, boys...
Is John home?
Who are you?
I have some for Big John, name Howie.
You can give it to me.
Who is it?
Some kid name Howie.
I don't know any kid call Howie.
Howie Blitzer.
Come in. Come on, in.
Well, well, well.
Look at you.
You are so son of a bitch.
That's all I can find.
That mean you guys owe me about a thousand dollars.
Shit. Come on, I mean there's no way I can get that.
I eman that's now ay.
All right, look, maybe...
Maybe I can work it off for something?
work it off, huh?
I just how you propose to work of a thousand dollar?
I don't know, you tell me.
Look, I did show up, I brought you the shelf.
Oh come on, come on. Come here, sit down, relax.
You make me nervous.
Oh how much you own. Better take anything
should stole on this.
I'm certainly deal with the high class
criminal with you.
How old are you, Howie?
I'm 1 6.
Well, when is 1 6?
I don't know, 5, 620 pound. Why you want...
You do all this for your freind, Gary?
What do you know about Gary, Howie?
He's a good friend and cool guy,
that's all I need to know.
What you know about me?
Do you want to know some about me?
What do you got this worth thousand dollars, em?
What I got will be nothing.
Hey, listen to me, Harward.
It's tremedously rate, but it whole of dick.
You got more than 5 inches are, huh? Do you?
She's good, isn't she?
She knows how to suck a cock.
Ever have a blow job, Howard?
No. Probably not.
Not yet.
But you thought about it, aren't you?
You had thought about it.
Its better than sex.
Everybody says so.
I'm better than her.
I'm a best cock sucker in whole western atmosphere.
"Hi, leave a message after the beep."
John Honry. John Honry.
This is your mother.
Hello, why don't you pick up the phone. Hello?
John, your mother's on the phone.
I know, I know, I'll have it.
...and talking to your mother, John Honry.
How this thing work?
I'm coming over. Bye.
What you people doing on me?
Did you know this delecar work?
Listen, confident they won't get out of this reagion,
we can work out on this.
I'll see about you.
You should be ashame to yourself.
Oh, I am.
I am.
I always have.
Gary, where the hell are you, man?
I got to talk to you.
I mean why did you tell him I took
the gun stuff, huh?
How couldn't you ever told me about it?
Look I have to get back the gun,
or you want a deep shit.
Where is the other gun, man?
Just call me, we got to talk about the trip.
Hey, its Captain Cook.
Yo, where the fuck is Gary?
Her dress is so short, you can see her clean.
What? - Her clean, it's mean her ppussy.
You mean click.
Holly shit, man. Something about Blitzer.
That's fuck.
Let me see the paper. It's got a lot of Blitzer.
Back off.
All right.
Let me just see the fucking paper, Core.
Its my fucking paper.
Just give me.
What you get, punk?
Yeah, hello, is Gary there?
Excuse me?
Oh shit!
He said that Gary ran away.
Fuck over!
Never trust him for shit, man.
And he was gone, maybe to chase some
girls for something.
I'm trying to say, when you do stuff
for guys, that's gay stuff.
When you do stuff for girls, that straight stuff.
What the fuck you trying to say?
Look I never did anything to Gary.
He's rich.
So? - Fucking idiot!
You don't want to do this.
Stop, man!
Always fucking shit off, man.
You're fucking your sister.
What the hell happened?
You don't care. - I care very much.
Bull shit.
Its only what the fuck happened?
It's great, dad. It's great.
Come here.
Come here.
We never did this.
I miss mum too, you know?
I see her every room in this house.
Why don't we get out of here?
We got a boat this weekend, you and me...
You always say that.
But I mean it this time.
Not the lady too, right?
I wish she tell me what was up with you.
I just wish she take care of yourself.
Tell me what the fuck is going on with you?
I took care of myself.
You can open.
My father gave one to me.
Listen, I don't think I'm going to be
working for a while.
That's good, you worked too much.
Actually, it's not that funny.
So, are you going to take a drive to the side?
Yeah, sure.
And.... you can bring your little smily
little friend, Gary along, you know.
Actually, we're not friends anymore.
I told you about him.
Hey, Calvin. Heard you got a C+, that's great.
What happened?
Your eye.
Fell on the washroom.
Howie, what's going on?
I got to get back...
How were things at home?
Things were great.
You know Mr. Nelson cut your grade.
He's not going to spell you.
That's great.
Howie, listen to me. I'm gonad get you a number.
If you have any trouble at home,
I want you to call it. Ok?
Look, I don't need any number, all right? I'm fine.
Hey, duke.
Good to see you looking so happy.
I heard about Gary.
He just took off, huh.
You know where he is?
Nobody does.
I do.
Oh yeah? Where?
No, I can't. You don't want me to tell you.
Hey, I understand.
You miss him a lot.
Not really.
Well, you want to take for a spend?
I don't know.
Look, we're friend.
I'm not going to say about you and
Gary breaking the house.
All right.
Hey, Shumicheal. You drive on this side.
Wait for me.
So what was the eyes?
It's smell.
Well that, its me.
You can have some if you like. - No.
So you used to work for the government, right?
What did you do for them?
I was a Force of United State.
That's exactly what on me.
Big John was a spy, huh.
Look me in the eye and deny of that.
I can't.
Why not?
Because your eyes should be on the road.
You think I was a spy.
What would you think of me then?
I think really just like James Bond?
So, tell me about you.
That's stupid.
I'll tell you what's harder.
I've been ever do something because some assholes
said you couldn't do it.
Don't waste what you got, Howie.
I can remember smell for her perfume.
I don't think you'll remember her smell but it's her.
And I know that never again for the rest of my life...
never anyone check to see if I have a fever,
touching her lips for forehead.
So, what about yours?
Her name's Dian.
Her name, Dian?
Yes, Howard, Dian was a girl.
But... - I like girls, Howard.
I know. It's confusing.
You're a...
So amazing.
So amazing about it.
The professional ball buster, you know it.
So, how long you and Gary be known horizontal member?
How long have you guys beeb lovers?
I never did anything with Gary.
You must be only guy in Long lsland he wasn't fucked.
The only thing he doesn't been
use doing innocent brain.
Can I drive again?
Well, you always can.
I got it.
Demond of birth,
sent the boy soul,
isn't this told you made to your think?
Well, it's really to me.
For I was a child,
My tongue used slipping,
Now I heard you.
Now in the moment,
I know what's I'm for.
I awake.
Never more the price of unsatisfy
love be absolutely for me.
Never again leave me be the peaceful
child that I was before.
What there the yelling seagant room,
messengers there around,
the unknown what.
And the destiny...
of me.
Long work them.
I got to take a piss.
Hold on.
You try to seduce me?
You know what?...
I think I want to walk.
No! No!
hat the fuck you want from me now?
Marvy Blitzer, FBl.
OK, stop, hold it. I give up.
Ok, I'm down.
This is so fucking unfair, it's my own neighbours.
What the fucking people in the Federal government?
Hey, dad.
Hey, dad.
"Hello, you reach Blitzer Builder Coperate,
please leave a message, thank you."
What the hell you... Get out of here!
You Howie Blitzer?
We would want to take some questions
from you. Let's go.
Come on.
Get that off on police station
What's your name, son?
- What the fuck matter with you?
All right, go to sit over there.
Well, actually is my comfort fighting.
Shut up.
What's going on here?
Some houses was robed, they thought that....
they thought that might be us.
We didn't tell any shit with the pants.
See your pants, Blitzer.
Don't tell a shit. - Ok, I won't, all right?
I'll see you.
You thought you make me real proud right now?
Sorry, Dad.
Let's get out of here.
I came to pick up my son. Core. It's Francis Core.
Right up there.
Calvin. Are you all right?
I know what. I knew this couldn't be your idea.
Come on, I'm taking you home.
Why did you with these kids?
Come on.
Hey, we found your dog.
What if no one comes for me?
What if no one comes for me?
I guess I want to put you in jail.
Practice, Tuesday.
Big John. - Hi. Tommy.
What's up? - Just went by to pick up him here.
He's yours, huh?
Is my sister get my nephew.
I want to know, man. Just tell some.
All right, that's all, this kid's clean.
Did they questionaire?
No, not yet.
They trying to contact the parents, but...
you can take him, you know?
Tommy, if you need anything for you...
I can get them for you/
Hey, how's your mum doing?
Come on, Howard.
He's great, Tommy.
Thanks. - See you.
Let's go.
So see you stay in my room as yours.
All right, nothing to worry about.
What I need you to stay in motel for a few days.
I really appreciate that.
Get the beg with you.
That's gonad be you someday, special boy.
He get you fuck, you know that?
You got everything you want.
Now you want to take what's mine.
Why don't you give me your mother?
She's dead.
Get the fuck out of here.
This is for you.
You shave?
I got a few.
No bad.
Wash your face.
I guess you like me, huh?
Did your father see your look?
I heven't seen no one fucking love me.
That's what you talking about.
Talking about an empty house?
He's gone.
What about his clothes case?
Clothes case.
Howie, you got a clues what's going on with your dad?
What do you mean?
He was arrested. Your father was arrested.
You think he abandon you?
He left me.
He's a Federal prisoner.
It's all over the news.
Holly shit.
Come on.
Come on. Let it out. Let it out.
That is.
Come on.
A good boy here.
Don't leave me.
I better get you some pants.
Damn cell.
I hope you're hungry.
I'm making a mix grill.
You know what that is?
It's an old trend in city.
Breakfast things, like a ham, some sausages,
couple of bacon...
two eggs, any style, home fries, and...
butter toast.
Ok, now me.
Take your time.
Hi, mum.
You know what?
because that doctor isn't at town.
What?... Would he rather to complain about it?
Ok. I'll call him.
Bye, mum. You too.
Kiss kiss.
We're gonad be late.
For what?
To see Pa.
You know...
you can come back...
when you finish.
Anything you want.
I'm there.
You are like sex?
I don't be crash, Howard.
I mean freindship, like help.
Safe place when we need it.
I don't know if I can go in there.
Look, I'm no good to be a novel.
But if you don't go in there,
You're going to regret.
Maybe not that moment,
but soon at the rest of your life.
I can't believe you.
It's from the movie Castle Blinker.
You take this.
Hi, I'm here to see Marvy Blitzer.
No watches, belt.
Look at this place.
You know I never do this, right?
Give me a break, dad.
Why I give you a break? What? You think I'm lie?
But your whole lives are lie.
I'll call Mellward come get you.
Don't need anyone to come get me.
I'll find the house.
Might get stuff to you?
Yeah. Use some money.
My ATM card's in the kitchen junk truck.
The code is 7886.
Its my birthday.
Howie, I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry about everything.
You sorry about bringing the Brimble
into mummy's bed?
It's not a Brimble.
Did you ever think for a second how it
feel about that?
I mean you just like roll mummy around
so you can get someone else.
But that decision took you like a weak.
I eman how would you feel if I got some
guys replace you?
I's still your father, Howie.
Time's up.
Guess I'll see you when you get yourself
out of this mess.
Where you're gonad be?
Be at the house.
I'll see you when I work out.
And... Dad.
Don't ever fucking hate me again.
L.I.E are expressway.
You got the wings go east and you
got wings go west.
You also got the wings straight to hell.
A lot of people died on it.
Harry Chapan. Elliot Perkor,
the movie director.
Silver Blitzer, my mum.
But I'm not going to let it get me.