L.A. Without a Map (1998)

This is Bradford
in England.
And 'here that my father took me by
Scotland when I was fifteen.
It was a time when
everything seemed perfect.
I had a job ...
A true friend ...
even a girlfriend
a good family.
But I always felt
being assigned to something else.
I heard a voice
from heaven that said:
"Happy are those who die
in the faith of Christ
Why henceforth
holy spirit
refresh themselves of their worries
and to collect
of their actions. "
We have entrusted our brother
Leonard at the mercy of God ..
we return her body to the ground.
Earth to earth
ashes to ashes
dust to dust. In
some hope of
resurrection to eternal life
give thanks to Christ who mor?
was buried
resuscit? and for us.
May God show us
the path of life.
In His presence
the fullness of joy ...
His side felicit? the eternal.
At the same instant in which I
view, I realized that I was in trouble
I'm sorry for your friend.
Leonard Blenkinsop?
It was not a friend of mine
say that it was a job offer.
I funeral business.
-Are you serious?
This could be
define my kingdom.
Well, quiet!
So why in
This charming town?
The train was passing by here with e. ..
the place was pretty cos?, which I
said: because it does not stop for a little '?
Um ... How long will you stay?
Oh, I start in the afternoon.
-In the afternoon? No. ..
-You can not start in the afternoon.
-And why can I not?
Well, one reason c'?. Our
seemed like a good start.
Why you know, this, this ...
can become a true friendship, you know
and then I thought of you
go around the cities.
To know a little 'better, in short,
after all, you are alone and, and, e. ..
-You are alone ... right?
-Well, yes I am alone.
This ? ... hm ... the
my core OS.
Come here.
This button.
Thank you.
Stop it!
Come on.
Come on, hurry up.
We have not even spoken.
No, no one has ever
talked about marriage.
We avoided the topic.
I am against the
marriage on principle ...
but this time we
make an exception.
You can also stop working.
My paintings give us
enough to live.
And after?
What far??
We will continue
to live as lovers.
Want to watch the movie?
Sar? easy to see, just that when she
go away, I knock three times on your window ...
Verr? at home tomorrow night.
I will aspetter?.
Come on, after all
cos? not go wrong.
In short, relaxed ...
are a sample of stress:
put in a little '...
philosophy, Richard.
You know ... Up to now I never
I had not realized how
atrociously unhappy here ...
gives me a whiskey, please?
Why this happens to you
depend dall'attivit? your father.
It 'really what you want?
Today ? something happened.
-Hm ... with the pretty tourist ...
-Yes ...
were Barbara.
He comes from Los Angeles.
Big green eyes ... hair
blond, beautiful skin ...
looks like a goddess.
-I am an actress.
No, I do realt? the waitress.
And I smile to men
hoping that with the beard
are film directors.
-I love the cinema.
Well, then ...
a little 'I write, too.
Ah, write ...
-Hm-hm. Yes.
Well, you know, for a local newspaper.
-Well, I write ...
I write obituaries ...
But becoming a real
? writer my dream.
I actually wrote
a novel.
"Suicide Nosebleed."
-A beautiful title.
It seems to me a little 'stupid
Of course I never published.
And my girlfriend, Joy, says
? always been lucky.
Richard ...
but what do you think?
What's going on today?
For a moment I
wanted to tell her everything.
Oh no ...
only the same thing yesterday ...
and the same the day before yesterday ... The same
everyday things: nothing.
But this ? your profession.
Gives you a good profit.
When we get married,
pap? dar? us the money to put
New to the undertaker.
It may be that I do not want to put
the new undertaker.
It may be that all this
I can not more.
It may be that wants to do other things.
Richard. Do not say
nonsense tonight.
And 'the party and not pap?
permetter? you to ruin.
Why you say that the feast of pap? ??
They are all here to see the sculptures and
the paintings, but depicted them not him, right?
-Pap? ...
Where you been?
I thought you had lost.
Oh no, no, hm ...
-Hm, ? wonderful to see you here.
So, young man, what
do you think of my show, huh?
First-class ladies,
I like what he does.
We are proud of,
very proud.
I knew that I was being
As a stupid teenager.
But I could not stop
thinking about her.
Oh, Denise, look.
And 'Los Angeles.
I went the year
last year, following Corf?.
-A great lap!
-Oh ...
Do not worry, really.
Who cares?
It 'a nice guy.
And then I can look after myself.
I'm saying to my father.
No, no, he died ... ?
when I was seven.
Oh, sorry.
Sometimes he comes to me
and speaks to me.
He tells me if what
? I right or wrong ...
She was what
I had been waiting for.
I was an idiot, not
I even asked for the address.
I had lost my
only chance.
This would have
be the end of the story.
Yamashiro Restaurant.
Thanks, man.
I did not know what was
happening. But I liked it.
I looked out the
window and saw ... I'avventura.
The double hot-dog special Sam
in who gets ...
Tell me, cher?, you're new to the area?
-Are you new?
-Excuse me ...
Very, I just
arrived from the airport.
Bijou-Oh, so you're English, right?
-Scottish, actually.
Oh yeah, feels accent.
-Hi, Mr. Hellman, how are you?
Jean, what a pleasure ...
-Enjoy your meal.
-We should come here more often ...
-So you're the environment?
-Excuse me, what environment?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, if you're not in the cinema,
citt? in, you're nobody to them.
Who are they?
-Bonjour, madame.
-And now ... "The menu."
Very nice.
I suggest that our unique
Magret de Canard sauce Caramel
Lit et sur des Pommes Julienne
Petits de la Maison de Legumes.
Or, if you prefer, today the fruits
seafood are very fresh.
You will be served from our beautiful
Julie, her take you order.
-Then I say bienvenue
-And I wish you bon appetit.
-Well, thank you very much.
M. ...
Mimi, you're always
more attractive.
Well, last weekend I saw
Spielberg on the beach in Malibu,
near my house.
L? was with all the offspring.
I mean, but how many
this man has children?
At a guess about ninety.
Well, when you are
get up to go
have left a
pit in the sand.
And I, I went and I l? ...
seated in the hole and I thought ...
What was going through my head, Steven?
What was going on in that head
Hello, I'm Julie. I'll take
Our special dish?
Um ... no thanks, I think
precisely that prender?
the "Sandwich Manufacturer", thanks.
-Soup or salad?
-Salt soup?
-Yes, thank you.
-No soup or salad?
Well, no thanks, not today ...
Listen, you want a soup,
o. .. you want the salad?
Ah, now I understand, sorry,
sorry I got hm,
yes, thank you. Um ...
yes, I ... take
soup, salad ...
-Okay, thanks.
-Uh, listen, Julie,
? a little embarrassing, but, uh ...
I was wondering if you could help me, if
can you tell me if Barbara ... ? on duty today?
-Do you know Barbara?
-Yes, I am a friend of his English.
Oh, my God, you are him, Richard ...
-Excuse me?
-You are the famous English writer.
No, I do not think.
No, no, no, I
saw the photos ... See,
? This is not her ... these
tables are not his ...
but when it ends can
e. .. come here you meet.
Thank-you very much.
-Okay ...
Barbara. And 'here.
-God, ? cos? cute.
Julie-Who, who?
The writer, what
English, your friend.
-Here, take this.
Oh, oh my God
... I'll take that.
God com'? cute.
I will, you go.
It looked different from when
we were in Bradford.
Slightly more cold.
But maybe it was just the uniform.
I still could not believe
that a woman attractive cos?
could come right to me,
needing to cross that space
to talk with me.
There you are.
Do not believe my eyes,
?, ?, ? ... surprising.
You left a clue.
You can call me Sherlock.
Richard, what are you doing here?
I wanted to see you smile
bearded men hoping
they were famous directors.
See, I can grow my
I too, look.
-You're crazy.
This ?-safe, do not worry.
Why did not you
called ... first?
-Are not you glad?
Oh, you're saying?
Sorry ... It 'a piece
that Mr. Durgnatter
waiting at the table thirty-five,
I strongly recommend going there.
Oh ... okay.
Thank you, thank Sandra.
When can I see you?
Um ... Well, tomorrow I have a service
photo, you can come if you want.
-Okay, perfect.
Good morning, madam.
Oh, excuse me.
-What are you doing?
Excuse me.
In this room we slept
John Wayne with his horse.
-It 's a true story, you know?
Ah, yes?
Yes, sir.
Ah, I know that sometimes, and Tom
Nicole be lockable
suite for days
integers? Yes, sir.
Still I could hardly believe it.
I was in Los Angeles.
Barbara was here, and
my future with her.
-Are you in Paris?
-Of Bradford.
Yes, good, that looks like ?
one who was in Paris.
Have you ever been to Paris?
Well yes, of course I was there.
I'm moving there ...
You know how many dogs there are in Paris?
Uh, no, never
I have no idea. No.
Five hundred thousand ...
and imagine ...
each of those sons of bitches
leaves a Bisognin least
once a day. It 'a
Lots of dog shit.
-And you know what?
Down with the assholes: if ago
one thing I can not stand
-Are the assholes. Right?
-Quite right.
Do you think you're doing.
And you seem very cool ...
? like I wanted
I wanted to get in touch
with Christ, uhu!
-You say?
This ?-pure philosophy, understand?
It 'a ... metaphor for love.
Yes, but not as ...
Ges? and Mary,
-Oh no, ? ... as e. .. Ges?
-Hey, Michael ...
-Tell me.
-Uh, sorry
excuse, but ... can not find it
a little '... blasphemous?
Per? works.
Mary Magdalene.
The bad girl, right?
England ...
Write-what, Richie?
Oh, uh ...
er, biographies ...
scripts ... novels ...
-Obituaries, here ...
a little of everything ', that is.
Do you know who might be ...
a great person, hm?
-Lo. Already.
-For an obituary?
For a story, you idiot.
Hey, King Richard,
make yourself useful. Pass ...
Pass me that lens laggi?.
Okay, we're gearing.
Let's see.
Yes, this good ?.
Well cos?.
Brava, cos? I like ...
-Quiet, bite only if
are good or if they're crazy.
This crazy ?
and is very well ...
An Indian would not kill
never a rattlesnake.
Would keep it in a cage to use
the poison as a sexual stimulant.
-Can I get gi? from this ...?
-It 's the big beast, more
I've ever seen in my life.
And 'what is usually
I say women.
-What I also hope that Barbara ...
I dir? soon. There liberariamo
Richard the old, huh?
We go into a
bath, eh?
And we invent a thing or two
felicit? with the trunk, huh?
Take away off those
slimy paws.
-Slippery? Hm, I like it, come on.
-I told you I'm not touching you.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey, that's all.
E-arise, asshole!
Just ...
I can not take more of
hard men and testosterone!
Give me the car, star. What are you doing?
Cos? the break, I want to kill?
-And give it to me ...
One less asshole-between your feet.
-And you.
-I did it?
Well, I thought you were different.
Well, great!
But you wonder.
Barbara Look
come home with me or not, hm?
Or would you prefer ... remain in
desert in Lawrence of Arabia?
-Go away, Michael.
-Your bag.
Thank you.
You say, we walk?
Yes ...
you and me.
From walk-quant'? that?
-I do not know. I seem to days.
-I hurt your feet.
-Excuse me ... please
-What a beautiful, comes to the rescue.
Sorry ... give us
citt? a ride?
Look, look!
-Have you forgotten this ...
-Have fun!
Hello. Goodbye.
-Hello ...
-Thank you so much of the passage. Hello.
Hello ...
-It 's coming, did you see?
?-Who came?
Yes, I know ? cute.
But yes, I feel it too.
Your father?
-Do you remember my father?
-Why should not I?
Already, he also reminds
you. It was here right now.
Well well ...
says that he likes you.
Well well, I think we should
get married straight away, immediately.
I do not believe ...
-Well, actually it was not bad.
-Richard ...
Oh look, is going
all too quickly.
We must ... give us time, ok?
-Hey ... Barbie.
But honey, you should not have
to do the photo shoot?
Yes, I have just returned.
Guys, I want to
Barbara present.
My muse, my actress.
My ... diva.
-Hello ...
?-Who's your friend?
Oh, yes he ? Richard
-Photographer of the service today.
Oh, hey, what a pleasure!
Bel-service? It 'was easy right?
She-? ??cos? beautiful, right?
Ah, yes. Very, very.
We go to a projection
all'universit?, want to come?
Oh, yes, gladly.
-Be right back.
Come on guys.
-Thanks for the help.
C'? what-not.
-You want to talk.
-Not now.
We have to go ...
by the move.
And 'normal, uh ... you are
delicious, beautiful, you are talented.
Only on Mars
would have the boy, or ...
in certain neighborhoods of San Francisco
pressoch? where the entire population
male ?
homosexual. No, I'm fine.
I'm fine, really.
?-Not true, I'm shocked.
No, no, no, Richard.
Ago only a report
professional relationship between me and Patterson.
Richard ...
Why did you come here?
Tell me, Why?
To be with you.
-Can you give me one more favor?
-Of course.
You could take my car e. ..
... you back to the hotel?
Oh, no I ... I can not drive.
Hey, I know you're kidding ...
You are funny, you know? Thank you.
See you later.
No, I'm not kidding.
I'm in the shit.
Why do cos?! No, no.
Shit, shit!
No, return gi?, asshole!
Watch how you drive, kind of moron,
but have you smoked today, eh?
The car is still here.
Excuse me.
-Welcome to Los Angeles.
Excuse me.
-Oh! Barbara.
You tell me what are you doing in California?
Well, I do not know.
It means that you go to bed with?
-Not exactly.
-So what, exactly?
-I do not know, really.
Oh, fuck you, Richard. Fuck you!
Oh no, no, no, no, no! Away from
machine fucking brats.
Outside the balls!
What a ca ...
-Hey. Hey, hey. Hey, you.
-Fuck you!
Hey, hey, like, thing. Relax,
I know, but a bad time ?
accepts a small
personal advice.
Never, ever tell you, the stick
wheels in this isolated, blond.
? Not just the neighborhood, blond.
Look what they did to you. Bleah.
Listen, you who
rent an apartment?
Not me personally,
blond ... per?
per? I have the keys. And if you like
to visit the great palace,
-You just have to ask.
-Yes, I would like.
Hey, blond, you have
dried tires.
-Yes, I see.
It is not nice-?.
Do not sweat it, by ... let's go.
-Fuck ...
-Come on, do not fix ? okay.
See, this ? my car.
Here, a little ? '
dusty now,
but just to clean up:
This ? the fridge, blond.
It should be strong, we put
inside your groceries ...
-Those who lived here before?
-Well, I never met the guy.
The avr? seen around
a couple of times.
One set with karate. Watch
that fucking poster ...
One day the sheriffs
if they are drunk.
-Hey, blond.
-And why would it be?
Oh ... Oh, here,
fear not blond.
-It 's dead. You see ... ? dead.
-That sucks!
I hope you still want to
live here. Eh!
Yes, say yes.
Oh, Richard. Hello.
-I just rented an apartment.
A-flat? Where?
-Er ... Pico Union?
Oh, no. Um ...
then you stop?
Well, yes it was the idea.
C'? What, you do not want?
Well let's say ...
You're cute ... You're cute.
... yes, you're cute,
see what happens.
Yes, I'm pretty. But
when we meet again?
Well Why not today
work, but, uh ...
Why, because it does not I
call tomorrow and see.
And ... park
machine in that way, okay?
Well ...
Certainly not, do you take me for?
Then ... You say that, Johnny?
We live here?
-Hello, Moss.
-You know your old camel?
Oh, no, what else happened ??
-Come on, revs, do not get excited, relax, come on.
I talked to a
couple of friends, right?
Yes ? thought ... that
now you are in the neighborhood,
it as a great
family, right
Cos? we have been busy e. ..
ta-daaah! Try it, blonde.
Oh, my God, this great ?!
E-go ...
This ?, ? this, this .... ?
-How can I thank you, Moss,
-Thank you, thank you.
-Take it easy, good, good, from ...
You were a genius ... that fig.
?-This, you have, you're ... You ...
-It 's been Moss ... Moss ? great ...
Moss ? great.
Hey, Richie.
Shit, shit, shit, shit!
Do not you dare ...
Out, out, out, strength
piece of sausage, out!
Hey, Richie ...
The lights went out.
I have a big suspicion
like a house, you know?
Hey, Blonde.
Plan with the electricity.
You blew it.
The electricity ? serious.
Hey, blonde, I'm hungry.
Have you burnt
The frankfurters, blond.
You have not adjusted.
Oh, Mom.
-Barbara, good to see you.
-It 's a pleasure for me.
-Come inside.
-Um, maybe more later.
First let us make a revolution.
-Yes, okay.
-Er ... Ie keys?
The keys? yes, the keys.
Just, uh
the car keys.
My little car ...
See this on ?
My orange tree.
-Cute, right?
-Here is full of orange trees.
I talked more with my father.
So what?
Then ... me ...
recommended a lunch.
Beautiful ...
so at least eat.
He wants us all to go okay.
-Yes, I, I e. ..
and Patterson.
I ask only
please me, okay?
I imagine the laughter.
Beautiful to vomit.
Sinks over the line ...
is done ...
forty-two to forty ...
But it is impossible: they have lost.
Oh, poor baby.
-They lost.
And 'as if I were
dead mom and dad.
Very soon I saw
Patterson for what it was.
He tried to look
tenebrous of James Dean,
but it was far from
quiet as he wanted to appear.
What I wanted to smash
the face of Job.
Barbara told me that you're a ...
emerging young director.
Um, Patterson,
why do not you tell him
-That thing you're working on?
Oh, yes ...
Everyone will go crazy.
Even Spielberg
Ia its production
are concerned.
Is listening, this is brilliant.
You know, I have the first act, the characters have ...
I miss just the plot.
See, it's a little 'Alien ...
But with cats. No
monster from outer space, only cats.
-Gagliardo, right?
-Clever, right?
True. It might
called "Apocalypse Meow."
-It was a joke?
-Like, excuse me?
I thought a movie,
I will tell?
There is a boy, a type
layer, our hero.
And hm ... well, I want to be
this girl died, right?
He wants,
is that clear?
-And this is me.
-Absolutely yes, done deal.
However, there is also
another guy ... a loser,
who tries to steal the girl
to our hero when he's not there's.
You mean a pig-coward?
-Yes, as you say.
Anyway ...
day three
go along with
explore the caves.
Have you ever explored
a cave, Dick?
-It 's the same ...
Then, the three together
go on all fours ...
in a cave. Our hero
is just a little 'back.
Then when you reach the bottom,
at the end of the tunnel ...
I'inquadratura widens ...
and there is no ... absolutely nothing
Only a cliff
and an amazing leap.
Our hero says:
"We can not go back.
You need to go over there. "
For the first two of you,
head with a rope ...
for safety. "
Do you like up to now, Dicky?
Mah ..
is a little 'obvious, is not it?
But then comes the fun part.
Okay? Because the
losing is so stupid
that is thrown down with
rope from the cliff.
Down, praying
that everything is fine,
understand, okay? And the girl ...
is behind him, looking at him,
and suddenly, boom!
The rope suddenly broke, the idiot
begins to twirl in the air. Screams ...
It 'cry the worst of his life,
worse than that of a girl.
And now the girl screams.
It clings to the edge of a rock on
a small slit
in the stone wall
The nails begin
to bleed ...
Our hero smiles
Bring out the biggest knife
fighter of all time
Cut the cord of the girl.
Then the hero goes off peacefully
He's laughing because he knows that
the girl can resist the maximum
thirty seconds, but then
crash into the ground and die ...
As the loser.
The machine shakes
Fear is in his eyes!
End Titles!
Richard should be the
Our loser, it's clear!
-Just kidding, come on.
Hello, I'm Barbara. I'm sorry,
but now I can not answer.
Hey, Richie ... that salmon Patterson
not possible with your girl.
All you have to do
is to be very hard,
very hard.
Wait patiently outside ...
Exit crazy. The young gentlemen did not
keep it in control.
Let's hope so.
You know say amen?
-Yes, but believing, because
-We must believe.
Yes, but believe us, we
takes faith, understand?
You pretend to believe
and you will believe it.
-You go safely, and everything will be smooth.
-Amen ...
Hey, Mr. McCrea. This is the
Richie my friend I mentioned.
Mr. McCrea-ll: he is the boss here.
-Ensure you?
-Sure, he's a big one is serious.
Mr. McCrea-ll.
-Sit down.
Okay. Stay there, Richie.
See son, we have
severe weather here in Los Angeles.
God knows that we could not stand him
from the emotional point of view.
So the Lord gave us
the sun.
-And then he gave us ... Ie holy pools.
-Well said.
But the Lord also knows that our
People do not like the dirt
in his pool.
This is why I asked
create the Rapid Bleeding Blue
And 'the mission that He has entrusted to me.
-And now the son, is also yours.
-How true.
The people here is out of tune ...
out of tune!
In short, once I call
to remove a Chihuahua
pool cues.
It seemed a little dead mouse.
A guy comes and says ...
me: "Hey, you want to participate
oral sex at a party? "
I told him: "Wow."
It 'lasted three days.
Come on, let's save
some pool.
Oh, what budellame.
Bleah ...
-But it seems harmless.
-I do not we throw to him, Moss.
-It does not smell either.
Neither for-Jesus, nor for anybody else.
But look, yuck.
This morning we got up
and we found it so.
And 'getting worse.
Hm, but quant'c strange. It 's like
be in a horror movie.
Well of course, is strange.
Nick says that almost surely
is guilty of the comet.
Yeah, right, a serious matter
the comet.
Now going on around here
anything from storms
mysterious murders ...
Successful films for MGM.
-But that comet?
-L 'last, right?
Well, but that is gone ...
gone for quite a while, I guess.
But Nick says he has
still be around,
somewhere, it is clear,
and is exerting its influence
evil, and in any case,
there to clean?
Oh ... Well sure,
is also right, here is ... hm
I can also put in place,
but I do ... by degrees.
Well, do it until the
Work will not be finished.
will be done, I think it right
This work is like
A lady cane.
And 'serious.
Hm ... we have to thank
the crap that takes the wind
It 'really ... very serious ...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
quiet blond.
I just wanted to ask
if we could ...
meet two of us alone, pretend
too much? No!
Every now and then ... or always.
Sure. Oh!
-Hey, you're crazy!
-Hey, blond: parking.
You see, the handle is made of poplar and fiber
glass, there's no way to do it to bend
with the humidity, remains perfect
for years and it's more
is on special offer ... So if the
price is the old one, look at that
This is a bargain
the convenient advantage.
It will be the fifth time you come
here to prove that guitar
What are you doing? You buy it or not?
Hello, Barbara. Are still
Richard. Um ... retry. Hello.
You know there's a real musician,
one of Motley Crue
that tomorrow is to buy
that guitar?
Well I do not think so
Yes, because ... Ia I buy now.
-Are you kidding?
-No, Richie, Richie hey, do not.
No, please, no.
No, okay, okay.
Hey, blond, is a guitar
it costs. You make me feel poor
It was the death of my finances.
But I was happy to give
a hand to Moss.
Otherwise everything would become
boring as one of my funeral.
You made ten thousand kilometers ...
just to see a girl
blond ...
and not even know to find it.
go get a ...
... living well ... twenty-seven
minute drive ...
on a beautiful highway.
Why twenty-seven minutes-enough.
Hey! Intercontinental flight. Hey!
See that's not good.
Twenty-seven minutes ...
Hm ready. Ready.
Barbara? Yes, yes, when?
Sure, where?
Cool, hello.
Cazzoooo Oh!
I won,
I won!
You can not do
without Patterson?
It does not work well in Los Angeles.
Hey, do not we talk more, okay?
What will become of us?
I do not know
looking for my friend, okay?
Leave Patterson.
Hug me.
Richard ... swear that you came
in Los Angeles just for me.
I had to go to the North Pole.
But California was hotter.
It was incredible. The I
holding in my arms
Had happened.
I had made it happen.
My life was changed. The
My dream had become reality.
I had done it.
He is what?
What, what the ... the center,
with the guitar.
That night was very
important for Moss.
But for a boy
province like me ...
was even enlightening
I saw myself in the received
ranks of the great dancers.
Astaire, Kelly, Travolta.
Men who dance at every step ...
seemed to make love.
Hey Moss!
You are the god of rock ...
-I was serious? Hey, hey. How are you?
-It 's the god of rock ... She is Barbara.
-Hey, Barbara, how are you? Ah, Barbara.
-Hello. Nice to meet Moss.
I heard of you.
Oh, really?
-Yes, but well, I say nice things.
Ah ... er, this is Julie.
-Hello, how are you? Very pleased.
Wow, blonde ...
that girls series, eh?
Not bad, eh! You know ...
It must be stressed, is not it?
-Hm, maybe.
-Dev 'be the dress.
A fashion plate.
What do you think, huh?
Yes ... is nice. Different.
Yes ... is, different. You know, Otis
Redding always said
"Vive la difference funky"
But I also like
The way you dress.
Bello, very wild.
Oh, thanks. Me I am doing it alone.
How about if I dedicate
rest of my life to you?
Maybe then I could
take it off with his teeth.
-I like your banana.
-My what?
Your bananas.
It is called so in France.
Ah, hair. Yes, it is for the group. Is
written in the contract, is normal, right?
-You are really cute.
And you're funny.
I like it. You're great.
Want to be a follower
the scenes with me?
Now or never.
WOW will be ...
Please, please. This way, yes.
That said, it was fast.
Well, neither do you have
lost too much time.
When you're playing, not
I could think of nothing else.
I could not. I could no longer
sleep, I swear ...
I was, I was so in love with you ...
I dreaded the idea that there
we'd seen more. But now no more.
I want to steal a kiss.
What a bastard!
I do not believe. Even him.
-Barbara, Barbara, leave it alone.
Do not call me Barbie, are not
stupid blonde plaything.
Oh well, it depends on your point of view.
-Do not interfere, Sandra.
-Listen ...
I can explain what
you saw, but ...
Ma .. I do not think you
saw something
Who are you to judge? That
were doing a moment ago with, hm ...
Loser-brother of Benny Hill?
-I do not care to discuss.
-I am going.
-Barbie, without me you do not go.
Hey, Barbie.
Stop it.
I expected much more from you.
Oh, come on, Barbie. You know I'm crazy
you, but I appreciate your talent.
Sure, you've got a terrific body,
but it is ... is purely secondary.
That's why there are women
Sandra will always be like that ...
trivial entertainment.
And there are women like you:
intended to be ...
Please Barbie.
You asshole
you slimy ass licker
I do not like Sandra, but I
sucks like you're using.
Patterson, you can satisfy your cravings
with all the girls in the local
for what I care ...
You know why?
I no longer need you.
I do not want more.
I have no intention
thinking about you ...
-I am free.
... there we go.
I'm sorry, Patterson.
Do not mess,
Mr. Bell'accento lnglese.
Look, I'm Scottish.
Who cares! Here
no one goes anywhere
until the two of us we have not finished
to speak ... without interruption.
No, Patterson, there is no
nothing else to say.
-Barbie ...
-Hey, hey, hey.
You have heard it said, um?
What have you done?
Oh, you bastard.
No, no.
Oh no!
Oh God!
From ... strength, Hustler ...
Get up.
that beast, that asshole!
-Hey, uncle, hey, let me know ...
-It 's dead?
-I do not know.
-Richard, Richard, tell me, Richard.
-Hey, flogged the salmon ...
Oh, are you okay?
The yes-
-And you?
-Yes, I'm fine. I'm fine, yes.
If I say accoppiamolo,
the pair all together.
Good things Patt.
-Come on, come on.
-Sorry ... think about you guys, huh?
-Banana, you are great ...
-Excuse me, we would stop, but
-Very ... you are great!.
-We really must, you understand it?
Hey Uncle, good things ... take care.
They are fantastic ...
Am I going too fast? Too easy?
No, you're serious.
Come on, Julie.
Hey, look, uh ...
Julie and I are
a little 'to e. .. pieces
So we thought
maybe go into e. ..
to take ... take
a room and do, do ...
Having sex!
Hours of sex!
An avalanche of sex! Sex
wild in industrial quantities.
Hey, it's a good thing.
It 'a lot of sex.
Um, is still your friend
really serious, blonde.
Okay. See you later, Rich?
-Come on.
-Trattamela well.
Ah ... orders, ma'am.
Hey, Grandpa ... hey.
This is a serious machine,
the same color as ours!
Hey ... is serious!
My mother ...
was a true force of nature.
Te-I have never spoken?
No, I just know your father.
After my father died ...
My mother wanted
away from California,
so we moved to New York.
E. .. her second husband was
a guy named Jerry.
A real estate agent
Rochester. And then there was John ...
Eric and then
and then a Welsh name Bryn.
And then married Charles in Palo Alto.
And so sets a new record, because
stay with him only a week.
He said that the first six days
was nice but the problem
was the seventh day ...
I love my mom, but ...
I know that would be a tragedy if I ...
I become like her.
If I get married I want
means something.
Me too.
I want a double cheeseburger ...
medium fries
and a Coke.
Wait, wait, wait.
Give me those glasses.
Oh okay, ma'am.
Um ... wait a while '
What's dessert?
Um, that stupid question. As
do you know what's for dessert?
Probably there is ...
there is a successful burger
poached apple
with cheese ...
wrapped in a crust
puff pastry.
Hm, looks good.
I'll take five.
-Hm, no, we are.
I could have a
peckish later.
Oh, Richard ...
Yes ...
Let's do it.
-We do what?
Let's get married-
-Are you serious?
-I believe him.
Do not cry, Julie.
Hey, you!
For the powers granted to me
the state of Nevada, I
pronounce you husband and wife.
Now it can ... b-b-b-kissing
happy, happy, hooray!
So in the end happened.
All in a night.
I found the love and
conquered my beautiful.
The hard part was gone.
From now on,
everything would be downhill.
No, you know what I can do?
I'm sorry.
So, uh, sorry
I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Richard, I'm on the phone!
Come on, Barbara. We have not yet
had our daily bread.
No, no, no, no. Listen to me!
Tomorrow I have an audition for a
leading role in a movie.
-Hey, congratulations!
-E, e. .. I have not finished yet!
E. .. I also have a
appointment with an agent.
-Hey, congratulations again!
-No ... Richard.
And 'love for you, is for you.
-For me?
Richard ... you can not clean pools
for the rest of your life.
-Well ...
-Treasury, is a great placed at suitable.
I mean, who knows! One day
write a screenplay for me.
We will be like Marilyn and Arthur Miller
Treasury ...
that's wrong?
Oh! Do not do so. Come here.
-You want it?
Oh, yes.
You want so much?
We'll talk later. Okay.
-You must be Richard. Oh, hello.
Oh, look. You know you're really
beautiful? See you very little.
We do not know how it ends.
Well, I'm vulgar and concise ...
and very well known.
-Come on, tell me.
-Well, here, I'd write a novel.
A novel.
Oooh, this is beautiful, yes.
We want to call it
treatment, is more correct!
Look, it's useless to me explain
break what is hard
in the world of screenwriting.
We are in Los Angeles
Here even my manicures
Quentin Tarantino wants to be.
Which reminds me ... Sonja ...
Yes, dear. We have moved
that appointment a. .. Friday?
Ah-ha. Yes.
What a nice ... and ask whether David
and Martin will be. Yes, yes.
So tomorrow call me Jesus.
Okay. Hello hello.
However you have a particularity,
Richard, do not you think?
-Yes, your luck is
-That you ... English.
But that's nice ... anyway ...
what makes you special
is that ... 're British,
I say English of England.
As Mr. Bean.
Otherwise you're just another
with a poor bell'accento.
In any case
I think
of ... Iavorare with you.
Now I'll explain:
writer, now I give you ...
a consonant and a vowel.
B and O.
They are not to smell good, or for
Bella Otero, is much more simple.
I'm talking about:
Box Office.
Box Office.
Box Office.
Concept easy, I also understand
children, and I am terribly
young to have success
I have, and I am a millionaire.
So I, I certain
I mean things.
And you must be ...
very deep?
If you insist ...
sex, challenge to constituted authority,
destruction of property,
gratuitous violence,
preferably all together.
Ma ..
-It seems to me essential ...
Ah ... sure.
I give him a look.
In the meantime come up with some facts
idea, then we'll talk about it together.
-Very good. Oh, and remember ...
-Very deep!
Oh, my God!
Today we celebrate ...
call Julie Moss.
Let's go ... the Speed ??Zone.
-What 'is the Speed ??Zone?
-Hm ...
-God party until tomorrow.
-What happened?
And 'success. I made a
great audition, you know?
The producer told me that they are
by far the best actress
of all those who have seen it. And
I will know in a few days.
-And the director?
Sooner or later the-know.
I felt so free
front of the camera.
It 'was great.
-It 's been better than sex ...
Certainly better than sex, is obvious.
I'm stuck.
Hello little man!
I wondered how I would
if he had heard.
I should have been
happy for her ...
but I was not very safe.
I had never imagined
in another film.
A serious place, huh?
Hey Richard, why not
we get something to drink,
a nice cocktail
and we reach the pool?
-Yeah, okay.
-I told you, not for me Can you do ...
-So to save time.
You have the most beautiful mouth
I've seen.
-You think so?
-You know I do.
I made the big
injections of silicone
I wanted more fleshy, understand?
I wanted to look like Julia Roberts.
And similarities,
You are almost identical.
I would love to photograph you
one of those days.
What a lousy ...
Moss, who happens to you?
The guy over there has made me
heard his tape.
The music was all a
scopiazzatura Ramones.
Then I said ...
"I just signed with Warner
Records ", can you imagine?
Sure ...
it's a shame.
Not just a shame, Richie.
I sent my tape to
record by more than a year,
and have not yet heard.
I think ... I should point them
a gun to the head
they may hear the tape of shit.
But we do not know how to do with weapons, I
and I know, I know the type
venderr million records
This is because
what happens to cheaters.
It works like this.
Are you saying that there is over there
diventerr someone famous?
Come on, guys ...
we look for Barbara.
-Yeah, gonna be perfect.
Oh, thanks, honey. I
introduce you to my producer.
-Hello, I'm Joel.
-He is Richard.
-Pleasure. He's Moss, and she is Julie.
-You must be ... I'am Barbara.
-I am the husband.
Yes, perfect.
When I look at Barbara ...
I see ... I'ardore ...
Ia fragility ...
but also something strong.
Like a hot iron in the fire.
As a young
lngrid Bergman.
Oh, thanks.
Oh, but it is not sweet?
Yes, but she is blonde.
Yes ... good.
you're right.
Now everything about her.
It 's my Treasure Island, huh yeah.
Now, can you excuse me a minute?
I would like to finish our
discussion on his part, hm?
Oh yeah ... yeah right. Let's go back now.
First-... it gets ... my director.
-A soon.
-Okay, good luck blonde ...
-It 's in good hands ...
You see the passion he.
What's wrong ...
Barbara really burns.
-Yes, but ...
-It 's your wife, I hope for you to burn.
Ardi too ...
Oh, damn ...!
I understand, are a manufacturer,
that is not only a producer,
I have the soul of a director, I
do also the director ... pern see ...
-Eh-hey. Here it is ...
-You are the great ....
-Thank you, Jo.
-Hm ... you two know each other?
-I should hope so.
And 'he's my director.
-He is the director?
-How nice! Congratulations.
What a coincidence! Richard,
is not beautiful?
-Dai. Toast, drink something else.
-Okay, we do have another drink ...
-How you doing, Richard?
-Very well.
-Hey, still muttering, salmon.
-What are you looking?
-Come on, come on, come on ...
I'm here Richie
quiet, 'kay, I'm here ...
-Interested as I am?
-Of course, I care about it.
-Believe me, I care.
I did not think.
I want so much that
I want to make a bet.
You choose the mail. Thousand ...
two thousand, twenty thousand.
What you want, you decide.
A bet?
On what?
Mollern not ever.
Really, I do not know
What are you talking about.
Oh Richie, you determine the desired amount,
and I guadagnern that money.
She is too much for you, because
you can not admit it?
She needs a man
much stronger on the side.
So, you two, how are you?
Get along?
As I was saying, Barbie ... and I
Richard will become great friends.
I drink to you, Barbara
and your success.
-What is bullshit?
A shade-west coast, is not divine?
Twelve of these ...
and you can tell that you have been drinking.
What happened tonight?
You know where is?
What an idiot ...
I misbehaved.
Really bad.
Oh god!
Oh God!
-Oh, who is? Oh dear oh dear, who is?
Hey, hello.
He must have gone very
worse than what I feared.
You have been gracious last night.
You can also get out of the closet.
You said such a
avalanche of bullshit ...
Just listen to this: my grandmother is
reached eighty years
without touching a glass ...
drinking from the bottle!
And then you challenged Patterson.
Are you serious?
-And I won?
-Stop it, I'm not kidding.
And then ...
Barbara listens:
I know that I lost my head
tonight, but I was screwed.
Richard, do not invent
excuses, you're an adult.
No, look, maybe you do not make
account of the facts as they are,
I can not always be watching
and let things happen.
And then you get drunk?
No. .. no, it's not, it is not, is not
what ... listen ... listen
what's happening is ... not
see that Patterson is playing with you?
You are an achievement of
much for him, nothing else.
Really, what are they for you?
Richard, I do not know how long
riuscirn bear
Ia sick your jealousy.
You've got to calm down.
-He says to me?
-Do you remember the party at the old warehouse?
Where to put those old rock video?
And Milly and the
sventolona dressed in satin?
I'm sorry, but I at
that party was not there.
Although sventolona seemed ...
But you're British!
Would not you tie me?
Let's go to my house.
Let's go now.
Hm, I'm sorry, I
down, good day.
But what's wrong? Huh?
You see, having to pretend to be
interested in what
a person tries to tell you
for more than fifteen minutes.
-Hello, I'm Richard.
Hey, hello hello,
what a pleasure, the great Hitchcock
Just kidding ... died ...
Hello, Richie. Sorry, but just
I can not meet you for lunch,
I called my tailor, is a
urgent matter.
You know, a period that is
I do not have much time.
Hm, Mr. Takowski, I wondered if
if anything he looked
to my "bloody suicide."
Of course, I did it, Ricardo.
And let me tell you, you
written a film say things ...
Iesbico, goodie, but, uh,
nothing more.
You have come other ideas?
-Well, yes, I worked hard.
Okay, er, a rock star ...
is kidnapped by terrorists ...
waiting for the ransom, it saves a
teen martial arts champion,
daughter of a widowed samurai
already the victim of multiple rape.
Eventually the two marry
and go to live in Colorado.
No, it's too depressing.
Raccontamene another.
Well, er ...
uh ... Robin Williams changes
sex and becomes the first woman
President of the United States.
More or less has been done already.
The president Doubtfire?
A heavy-rock version ...
Jurassic Park.
Hear, hear Richie ... er this idea
seems impeccable
maybe you could do the Bon Jovi
part of a dinosaur.
Give in, my boy. Bye-bye.
Okay, hello.
A film about submarines.
Excuse me?
The had to propose
a film about submarines.
I have a great big
idea on submarines.
Convoys. Torpedoes. And
machines that make table
ping ping.
I will sell you a treatment for three hundred.
A perfect movie ...
Harrison Ford.
Um ... no thanks,
maybe another time.
No? Lost
your chance.
Jesus is knocking
the door of your heart.
Jesus is knocking
the door of your heart.
-Sorry I'm late.
What happened?
Is not it?
Patterson ...
I have not got the part.
Rifarai you next time, do not throw it down.
No, of course ...
'll Do it to him to see.
When I was little my
mother told me one thing.
She went on vacation and wanted to
I stay with my aunt.
For me it was a monstrous thing.
One day I said "Mom ...
but it is not fair. "
And she said abruptly:
"It '... that life is not fair."
It was absurd of him, because ...
even when you have seven years ...
sometimes you begin to suspect.
Then when you grow up, you realize
So in the end is right,
that sometimes life is just
but really no other,
Ia life is not fair.
But we're together.
Apparently ...
Let's go somewhere.
Call Julie and Moss.
We need to get her spirits up.
Sure, it's been unfortunate.
Well, the guy said "If you get fucked
works in the film, if there are, no. "
It's not bad luck, blond,
this is crap.
Patterson told her she would have
the part when they went to bed?
-If they fucked.
-Did not he say?
I'm sorry,
I thought you knew.
Why do not you tell me?
Della-part, Patterson ...
It did not seem essential.
-What did he say?
-Not told you Julie?
What did he say exactly?
-It 's important?
-Yes, I know.
Forget it, Richard.
You were tempted, right?
What can I say?
I was going to go to bed?
What, that there is not enough?
-So you were tempted ...
-All right, I was tempted!
I would do anything for that
part. I was tempted, but I did not.
Are you satisfied?
Do not worry,
Richie is fine ...
There were other problems?
As soon as I squeezed my legs
around the body ... and begin to moan and
to pant and everything
infiammn ... I yelled "hallelujah"!
And I felt useless.
Did you say something?
-It was your father again?
No, I do not understand.
I have to repeat it again, Ramondo.
You're a man.
Patricia is Patrick.
Oh, my God
You are insignificant, this is what
you! Arid and insignificant!
One more effort,
come on, we must do it!
Sam, I think you
is made to the core.
Where I 'have put their faith?
Oh, I keep it here.
You know, the restaurant does not like
the port, the 'idea ...
The 'idea is that we should look
available even though we are not.
Well, this is a
shit sound!
I know. You say to me?
Mica is not fun.
This is a scandal, I should
sue, the bastards!
The next time I tell
in the face what I think.
Who is?
It was Patterson. I thought of
tell him that Barbara was
quarantine and who was
emigrated to Bolivia.
Instead I opted for something
much more subtle.
Who was he?
They wanted to sell me
life insurance.
I do not want to talk to you now.
No, I ...
Look, I owe you
call later, okay?
What did he want?
What insurance?
Yes. Patterson.
Well, just wanted to apologize
for not giving me the part.
It wants us to see.
Of course, how stupid it was obvious.
Have not you understand?
What? She just wants to see you
at home at three, but in short,
-That's wrong?
-Oh shit, I can not believe it!
You do not want to go?
Maybe I go there, or maybe not.
Maybe we go! Want to go to his
apartment to fuck shit
small part to get your diva!
Fuck you!
First, I thought
was an earthquake.
But then, when the water
begin to flow into ...
I realized that my beloved wife
had pushed her into the ocean.
Let me out!
Oh my God ..
Oh, my God!
It 'an old acquaintance, Miss.
You know him, Miss?
Yes, that is my husband's degenerated.
-Degenerate, hm?
Oh shit!
Look, have the
sleeping legs.
This is not the behavior
a normal person.
I had blown it.
This was the reality.
I know who you are.
How are you, Richard?
Very well ... I can speak
with Barbara, please?
Richard, you do me the
Please leave me alone?
Stop calling.
Tomorrow chiedern
a new number
unlisted telephone.
-Do not you ever give in one day.
-This is America.
Goodbye, Richard.
The number of her
selected is no longer active.
Please check
closely at the numbers ...
Patterson was right ...
this was America.
And she was gone.
Stretches the nerves, blond,
Take it easy.
Did you know? It 'obvious that
I have serious difficulties
to understand the
concept of peace,
be like that. You are the
second that tells me so.
Richie In short,
take the matter
a little 'less seriously ...
If n'c gone ...
and this is a disaster, right?
Want to see us right?
Use the zoom:
but if not then come back, or rather, that
you change? At the end you are alive, right?
My heart is
desperate you know
And drop for me
drops of honey.
It 'a sweeter taste of wine.
-Excuse me, but ...
Oh, sorry you ...
-I was wrong.
-No problem.
Oh my goodness, let me know
well. You know that man.
No, sweetie.
-Uh, me, me I got it for another.
-Excuse me. I was wrong.
-Do you want to fuck with me?
Because you know man
who cleans the pool?
Do not make things worse,
c'mon, this is strange people,
works badly, we go ...
I really do suck.
I will not listen.
You disgust me.
You're a cow, understand?
I believe that much better starr
with that salmon Patterson
because that kind stinks
Los Angeles from a distance
-And you do not smell at all too seriously.
-Hey, want to teach me to live?
You know I care
when my wife leaves me?
-Of course, pins ...
Plan-You are Mr. Let's go, Moss.
You will fill the mouth of certain judgments
delusional ... like that
thirsty people who live more than ever
twenty-seven minutes on the highway!
You know, I've just mashed
with your victimhood, blond.
All right. Many thanks. I'm leaving.
-Out of my way, moron.
But-fuck you, bitch.
You'll want to go or not?
Do me a favor
I do not talk about cinema
A bit 'fried chicken?
There are only two places in the world
where I found the simplicity.
Cemeteries ...
and the local strip-tease
Somehow, I
always live in the cemetery.
Yes, I understand.
Maybe because I have an
In what sense?
What do the gravedigger.
In short, I did,
first in England.
And why are you here?
I met a girl.
I left everything
behind, and I followed.
I wanted to become a
writer and live with her.
But things are not
going as expected.
You have downloaded?
Yes, I think yes.
The love?
I do not spend a minute
without thinking of her.
I ... I know how you feel.
Once, years ago ...
When I was broke ...
Iavoravo in Vancouver.
I'm going to BERMI something.
I put myself sitting at my table,
and relax.
And then boom!
One thing never seen.
The most beautiful girl on which has
never resting my eyes
crosses the stage slowly,
soft as a cat walks.
I knew it was love ...
then one day
we were in a restaurant
by the sea,
drank heavily.
And she gracefully
I reaches across the table,
Shooting grab the salt and pepper,
he sits down ...
and if it supports a
of each breast.
The rooms on the right ...
pepper on the left.
They did not move.
Not ranged.
He was there, sitting with those two contraptions
perfectly balanced on her tits.
And she smiled with those incredible eyes
as two cranes from the chair ...
I lifted up to the sky.
It was there, then that I became
realize how I loved her.
And she realized
I had to die.
So I killed him.
I leave for the owner
a polo team.
I loved her so much ...
And then is gone
from the face of the earth.
dissolved ...
I've been looking everywhere ...
I'm sorry.
If you get tired of cemeteries ...
try the local strip-tease.
-Yes, Bambillon, Michael Bambillon.
-Oh ... Disney.
Two. Yes. "Dangerous Curves" by
Johnny Depp, what a great movie ...
A great verve.
-A slice with whipped cream ...
-Yes, we put on quite a few 'cream
-Yes for me, and apart from a bit 'of milk, thank you.
-Hello, Julie. Sorry.
Have you seen Barbara?
-Here there is not.
-And you do not know where is?
Julie, please, I'm in despair.
I'm sorry, but it is
very angry with you.
I know.
Listen, tell me, if you were her
what would you have me do?
I wish I looked everywhere.
But I'm not Barbara ... Sadly ...
I'm sorry, I have to work.
Listen, you tell me
missing so much, please?
-Hello, Sandra.
-Hello, Richard ... Bonjour.
Ah, Jean Mimi. How are you?
Oh mon cher, committed,
busy, too much work.
Now we are preparing a
great party for Anouk Aimee,
There's gonna be half the world.
And you do here?
Uh, not here.
It 'a secret.
Well, wonderful.
Listen, my friend,
if I were you, I would leave alone.
It'll be more happy with that garon ...
Patterson, right?
He is so more, er ...
as saying,
more Los Angeles.
You're not Los Angeles ...
Sure ... But I have to be
absolutely safe.
Then you have to do
to restore
girl in your bed.
But if it does not
ACULTY your heart ...
uses the hard way.
Compel ... or kill her.
"Creepy connection ..."
I'm sorry, I
lost his head, Moss.
I've never heard
say no, blond?
You know, have a
who never says no.
-L 'invitation, please.
-Here ...
And 'the only sensible thing
I've ever done.
Hey, I also said
Hannibal The Cannibal.
We are ready. Hey, girls,
girls. Moss is here.
Try to calm down.
Can not hide, you have to
know that I have decided to leave,
Iascern this city.
With him?
He who?
With the American.
Yes, the American.
I go to America.
This is insane, then your story
Michael is not true, it was just a bluff!
Yes, as you say, it was just a bluff.
Yes, it is serious.
I do not know what to do.
I can not let go.
I'm shocked.
How nice to see you again,
do not know what a pleasure ...
Anouk Aimee?
You know, I I 'love in this film.
Goodbye. I wanted to thank you
for all that you told me
Other one day at the cemetery,
I've freed my head.
So thanks. There ... us
See you later, eh?
Who is that?
I do not know.
At least I think.
-Hey, doll ...
-Hello, I'm glad you came.
Hello-Julie ...
Hey ... quiet, I'm not here to
start over, but to end it.
Do not have a gun, right?
No, he is a serious one, is English,
does not do these things cowboy.
Thank goodness.
Oh, excuse me.
Sorry. Hey!
What are you doing here?
How did you get?
I have my means.
-What do you want from me?
-I had a brilliant idea.
-You must have done, understand?
No, no, no, listen:
you and me
in London together.
How many times do I have to repeat,
want to leave me alone, please?
Barbara, Barbara, Barbara,
Listen, listen, listen:
is not our fault, is Los Angeles.
He gave us the head, you know?
This is not reality!
That everything is real, but it is also false
like Judas, and has ruined our
report. We must move away from
Patterson, these ... crap!
It was not Los Angeles,
it was you.
In short, you can not
back to Patterson.
-And why not?
-Because ...
Iui just wants to come
in bed with you.
I love you!
What are you, hm?
Your beauty Californian
your beautiful surfer, hm?
You are you.
Only you, and I love you.
Have you ever wondered
at least once,
I feel like I?
What do I want?
-Like hell you did.
To say nothing of your jealousy. Oh ...
Richard, you're just a child.
A jealous and spoiled child.
Wow! Chloroform.
Did you know that
aphrodisiac properties?
Burn! -Help! - It is on fire!
Think of another way to have more.
We do also associate producer,
No, I understand, I'll call you later.
Congratulations Richard.
You are in for trespassing,
assault and attempted
Moreover, the woman who
claim has your wife,
Marital could accuse you of abuse,
agrressione and sexual harassment.
Uuuuf, is what
is called a conflict!
And that amazing film!
Listen, we returned
England for some time.
Meanwhile, here I fix things.
Congratulations, dear Richie.
You know what, the first time
I saw you I said ...
this man is a loser.
Ma .. there is something.
I do not know what.
I think I'm a genius.
e. .. Richard
Listen ...
no, um ... not accept
never candy from strangers.
You understand me, right?
The camera follows
Overview of the action.
This calls for a dolly,
field and the reverse shot.
And finally ... detachment.
Bellissmo. Perfect.
It was amazing how
was rapidly Takowsky.
That agent. I had
promised a sure success.
Well, he was right.
They say that love is an adventure.
Ia mine was over.
Failed ...
It was not like in the movies.
So here I am
back to Bradford.
Thanks to Billy I still had
to return to work.
The local paper even offered me
a weekly column of my own.
Me and Joy when we turn
the word, but it was only fair.
After all, the monotony
was not so bad.
Happy are those who die
in the faith of Christ.
Gentlemen, please
not to worry,
My colleague William
remit all right.
Never fear, ladies and gentlemen.
A small technical problem.
Takowsky sent you.
Congratulations, your
the first real success.
The good old
"Suicide bloody."
Fifty bucks.
So I did.
And you, how do you go?
You were right on Patterson.
So what?
View ...
I was so involved that I could not
to see things more important.
I wanted to see just what
that made me comfortable.
And who helped you, your father?
No. There are
come alone.
Here ... I
I was wrong.
I have not ever seen
as a real person.
I continued my life
as if I were in a movie.
I was not living:
I acted! What a flop!
And now?
What will you do?
Well, even in England
you turn the movie, right?
Yes, I think so.