L.627 (1992)

To Nils...
If l ever catch one!
Skip it, it's not the first time.
Maybe, but the steam's bad enough.
Sure, we need a defroster.
But the garage won't listen.
They'll listen, once l'm retired.
The guy who made these trailers
never did a stakeout.
Hey, the 3 Graces! Coo-coo!
Say, Rambo...
the Paki's a bit overdue.
He's taking his time.
We've been here only 90 minutes.
We're good till midnight.
Time for a few more winks.
There he is.
The "cousin" is leaving his pad.
Heading forRue des Vignoles.
I'm off.
Fucking door codes!
He shows in an hour.
The Paki's not big on punctuality.
Changed his mind?
He's still cool
to front me the 50 g.
but if you pay in four days.
What d'you owe him?
$3000 maybe.
That makes... $60 a gram.
Listen, bud,
if we lose the tail,
you'll have to cough up.
Don't pull that shit on me!
I tell you you'll grab
at least 600 g on him!
Of which you get 50 g gratis.
Relax. It's as good as done.
Stay here. I'll go out first.
Hey, Lulu.
Got a few bucks for a beer?
So that's your new come-on.
What balls!
50 g free and you hit me for more.
Keep the change.
What a prick!
We're on.
It's cool.
The Paki shows in an hour.
Tulip 4's been paging eou
over Communications.
Did you acknowledge?
No, l plaeed dead.
Shit! Can't he count pencils
instead of bugging us?
Tulip 4 to Tulip 55l
Smashed again!
He started early today.
Can eou still shoot with eourpistil?
Watereour tulip
with Pastis?
Tulip 4. Come in.
Have eou got the trailer?
Yes. We're on a stakeout.
Pack up and report back to HQ.
I said we're on a stakeout.
It can wait. Pack it inl
The guy's a flake!
Tulip 55, read me?
Out! Out!
Here, for the bother!
We look like jerks with you howling
over the radio!
You didn't answerl
We're planning a bust
within the hour.
Fuck it! l want the trailer
so l can go home.
Without it, we've got no cover!
Take the metro, use your pass!
Shut up! l can't hear!
That trailer is assigned
to this Brigade,
which is under my orders.
I don't ride the metro
for some two-bit dealer!
You call 500 g two-bit?
Fuck eoul Do it tomorrownightl
Sure thing.
I'll leave him a subpoena.
Still here?
We had the wog on all fours.
For 2 hours. In the raw.
Here's your trailer.
You can shove it down your throat!
Pick it up!
There! Now climb up and get it.
In your state, you may be a while
coming down.
See that?
There's no more discipline.
Not since we began hiring
high school grads.
I'm gonna fix his wagon!
Kiss the Squad goodbye.
Behind a desk!
That's where you're going!
Don't bother.
It's worse than the Post Office.
Social Security's the worst.
Then comes the Post Office.
I'll have a coffee. Join me?
I'll lose my place.
Wait your turn, on the bench.
Sorry to disturb
spring cleaning,
but l work here now.
I've been transferred here.
You're alone?
The Commissioner's in.
And staff's on coffee break.
So it is you!
I didn't believe it when l heard.
Say, you've grown again.
This is Lulu: hard-ass, good dick.
We met in the 14th arrondissement...
15 years ago!
I taught him all he knows.
I was his "pointer,"
as we used to say.
My purse was stolen...
I know, the purse.
Mr Clean, see to the lady's purse.
Come meet the jailor.
How many today?
We'll finish by 2 p.m.
If the Rue Metra eviction goes well.
He threatened suicide.
Just talk.
- A problem?
- None, Chief.
This is investigator
Lucien Marguet. Just in from HQ.
Hi, Chief.
Ah yes, Marguet.
Sorry, fella, we're busy now.
Put him at the desk.
You're a thorn in my side, Marguet.
I don't run a dumping ground.
And it seems you're already trying
to slip out the back door.
The locksmith! We can go.
You're in charge.
No loafing this morning...
11 cases including 4 evictions.
How about "La Truffe" for lunch?
Good idea!
Yourjailer must double his pay.
What with seizures and evictions...
Triple, with the coffin taxes.
At least it keeps him off our backs.
So you got shafted,
despite your results.
Results don't mean a thing.
Claude, another shot of antifreeze.
Antifreeze in August?
It's always in season.
Two months here won't kill you.
You must have pulled strings...
No strings. I sawAdore.
Chief of the 11th.
He may get me into his division.
Smart move.
Drinks are on me.
And that's on me.
Can you take care of these?
My morning's work.
There you go, love.
You can take it easy.
For my husband too, please.
He has to come in person.
- Regulations.
- But he busy at restaurant.
We can't do anything.
That's his problem.
- He's right. Thanks.
- You're welcome. Watch it.
I'll fill it out,
but keep it to yourself.
What restaurant?
Cantonese. Very good.
You come eat today.
Very very good.
I'll bring the forms.
We didn't have
a proper introduction earlier.
Lucien Marguet. Call me Lulu.
Pierre Debanne. 39th class.
I'll have rank in 3 months.
Maybe l'll go into OCU...
Or a SWAT unit.
SWAT. That's for you. I feel it.
The Commissioner has to be here,
or the body can't leave Paris.
Here he is now.
You have the transport papers?
Ladies and gentlemen,
the coffin shall now be sealed.
And the fucking hound went at me.
"Fucking hound" yourself, you bitch.
I have a right to walk in the street.
The first time l was doing errands.
The next time, l was running.
And that beast jumps at my throat.
That's right, a beast!
Sir, please,
this is a police station.
The burglar may have used
a crowbar or an umbrella.
No traces...
For the insurance, it looks bad.
Their owners look like Nazis...
Listen here, you bitch!
He'll eat you raw!
Please! This is a police station.
He bit me 3 times...
on my arm and my leg.
Just look at my stocking.
Pure silk from Dior.
Obviously Dior is Greek
to this creep.
See the hole!
Can they wind up?
I'm doing what l can.
So, let's start over.
What was stolen?
All my silverware, an Empire desk,
and my TV - my sixth set.
Anything to add?
Yes, sir... I knowthe thieves.
You should've said so before.
It's not the same form.
If you identify them...
Identify them?
I can't.
Hold on. You knowthe thieves
but not their names.
Can you muzzle your dachshund?
He ain't a dachshund!
Let's start again slowly.
You knowwho your thieves are,
but not their names.
Still busy, Lulu?
l wanted to buy you a beer.
Inspector, l wanted to see you.
Sure, Mr Murat, but l'm very busy.
I gave your case to Mr Marguet.
He's a specialist.
You're in good hands.
There's "Ghostbusters"
on the tube tonight.
If the lnspector recommends you...
He's had my case for 3 years now.
The thieves come every night.
They get in through the walls,
rob me, and leave.
Through the walls.
The only way.
We checked...
It's the only way.
Some coffee?
You'll need it.
I have a feeling. Thanks.
Hello, Mr Murat.
He comes twice a month.
Imagine! He was head postmaster.
Then, one day
his mind went...
What can you do?
That's life.
Isn't it ringing?
I hear it.
But l have this principle:
Let it ring 7-8 times,
so they think we're busy.
Usually by then,
they've hung up.
But they haven't.
Mr Lucien, a lady for you.
Must be your wife.
Sounds like a redhead.
Yeah, l'm kind of down.
I'm back at the starting line.
Ccile, l'd love to lunch with you,
but l'm on duty at noon.
You could make an effort.
I haven't seen you since
the coke bust. Weren't you glad?
No more car?
They really stuck you
in the twilight zone.
No problem. I'll take a taxi.
OK, at Pre Lachaise.
I know, the side entrance,
not the main gate.
See you tomorrow.
To the memory ofthe victims
ofthe terrorist attack...
You once said all dealers
were terrorists.
Still believe it?
I still do. And they
should be treated like terrorists.
Like the one who sold you
your first fix.
Your terrorists get out
of the can real fast.
Not all of them.
Look at howyou're dressed.
My clients do the looking,
not me.
That's no outfit for a cemetery.
It won't disturb their sleep.
The dead get horny too.
Mom went crazy about the drugs.
And after the tests?
We're closer now
that l'm HIV positive.
She's scared to say
she loves me.
- Why'd you leave?
- The bread.
She just gets by alone.
When l'm home,
she spoils me with gifts and things.
Mom's more hopeful than l am.
- Eating your olives?
- You want them?
Still at the hotel?
I left 3 weeks ago.
I'm staying with an ex-client.
He's nice. He's 60,
and he leaves me alone, see?
I see.
And the dope?
I'm asking you, Ccile...
And the dope?
Don't be mad.
I'm still on a gram a day.
Even a bit more.
They only sell crap.
So it takes more.
No kidding.
You gave me your word.
Hooker's word orjunkie's word?
Tough luck, l'm both.
Don't get mad at me.
I have a present for you.
The taxi supplier's license plate
and schedule.
No phone?
You're a doll.
You're beautiful.
Really beautiful.
Eat. You're in a hurry, no?
- Two coffees and the check.
- It's my treat.
First l get shafted,
now l become a pimp?
Got any leftovers from a bust?
Even a bag.
I'm getting chills and all.
Please! l don't want
to have to go back now.
I've got nothing left, l swear.
I left it all behind
when l got shafted.
Are you angry?
Don't be ajerk.
Lay off the greasy food.
See you.
Next time lunch is on me.
Nowfor the hi-fi.
What equipment, and which brands?
Quality brands.
I need everything reimbursed.
I'll give you an affidavit,
but l need brand names,
VCR and TV serial numbers, etc...
What are serial numbers?
So we can identify the material
if it's found. Which is rare.
I haven't got them.
No one ever does.
Just sign this.
Read it over first.
Administration just called.
You're leaving us. Friday.
My God, l forgot the gold coins!
There were at least a dozen!
He's got a twitch.
That's what we're here for.
So...these gold coins.
Leave anything out?
Treasury bonds, things like that?
Mind if l go first? lt's urgent.
Thanks, it's most kind.
I'm coming.
I'm back in CID, Katy.
As of Monday.
So you bring me flowers?
Not so fresh.
I got them in the metro.
You must've been desperate!
For your info:
Car radios go back to their owners,
in working order.
This can't be fucking real!
He fucks up the hardware,
and l'll take the rap for sure!
Watch your mouth!
And pull your pants up!
Get it?
What is it?
Suicide by defenestration,
24 Rue Caumartin!
Suicides: always off-hours!
I know he's chairman
of a multinational.
But his sonny boy spray-painted
half a metro train.
A holding cell won't kill him.
He'll be out by 6 p.m.
No, he's still here.
We'll send him over with the file.
Don't worry.
The Prefect will be up in arms.
It's not the 11th anymore.
The 8th and 16th arrondissements
are mine fields.
Well now.
So you threw a tantrum?
It's been ages.
Glad to have you back aboard.
Me too.
The arrest report
on those two pushers.
What about your stiff?
It won't fly away!
That's just it.
Just what?
The suicide, Chief.
Tried to fly away.
Try tailing them next time,
instead of busting them like that.
Sure, chief,
but they were hard to follow.
I said "Try",
meaning: make an effort.
I need Bridoux's signature.
Finished the Renucci wrap-up report?
Since you're in a good mood,
you and Plantier
can handle that suicide.
On the double.
You'll meet the team.
Quantity's up, but not quality.
And equipment?
Just got a Moped.
Does it run?
Manu got you this time, eh?
Like it?
Is this Narcotics?
I'm Marguet. I'm on the team.
If it's OK.
Dominique Henriot. Dodo.
I manage these bozos.
Even Manuel.
Dodo, you're a real ass!
Meet Diop Mamadu.
Profession: dealer. A good kid.
If you talk nice to him.
Right, Mamadu?
Antoine Cantoni.
Call me "Looping" or "Tonio".
The boss is having his fit.
Now come clean.
We knowyou deal, bonehead.
Everybody says so.
Don't say no!
I swear, chief. I don't deal.
You got it wrong.
Cut the shit!
I'm never wrong. Never!
See? He hurt himself.
Thought it over?
You were dealing.
I told you, chief.
Me, work. Drugs, never.
No drugs.
You stinking liar.
Think of mamma
back home in the village
when they find out you sell drugs.
And your papa. Think of his shame.
Ever think of them?
And God?
Ever think about God?
He's watching you.
He sawyou dealing.
You can't fuck with God.
You're gonna catch hell.
You're gonna catch hell.
A coffee?
- Let's run.
- What for?
You'll find out.
Disgusting, as usual.
I've had worse.
A matter of taste.
Dodo's a riot.
Is he always like that?
He's still young at heart.
We share a prefab
with Vincent, a young grad.
You must be Marguet.
I have forms for you to fill out.
Got any change?
No, l don't.
Coffee's bad for his ulcer.
My gun and handcuff
serial numbers again?
Twice a year, like a swallow.
I'll go out for coffee.
Coffee with a shot. Come on...
Now l get it.
Welcome to the club.
Want the number of the bucket?
Funny, eh?
See what you did to my paper?
Hot off the press.
Manu! His strip-search report?
You blind? lt's under your nose.
Half a buck. A quarter for the paper,
a quarter for moral prejudice.
Or a quarter for the coffee.
Plus the tip.
Hi, gang!
Shit! Bad throw.
Marie, you're not nice.
Not you, you stink.
Take your bag.
My desk's not a dump.
That's twice in 3 days.
You're really not nice.
Hello, you.
Hail, Marie, full of grace.
Filthy kid. Hello, you.
Who's he?
One of us.
One more to take care of me.
New guys get 8 kisses.
Hey, there's work to do!
- Inspector?
- Investigator, 2nd Grade.
Under me. I'll work you good.
The trailer still stinks of gas.
He nearly puked.
It should've been checked
last week.
Last week l took in the Citroen.
Manu, you're goofing off.
Cut the bullshit.
You have the only prisoner.
I won't hold your hand.
I'm doing my lotto.
So basta.
I get the message.
It's for us. Thanks, guys.
- Who's "us"?
- "Us" is us.
Here we go again.
Another of your suitors.
She's moist.
You really take the cake!
Honk again and l'll shove
your licence down your throat!
Nowtake off, prick!
- I'll murder one some day.
- If that's your thing.
Cops who don't need cars
always have the most.
That's the least of it!
Do we pinch one?
He must be mole-eyed.
Blind as a bat, you mean.
I don't believe this shit.
Since when
does the division have Beetles?
And with radios.
This is a pal's car.
What's the problem?
Quick. It's time for my break.
Yeah, it does smell
of gas a bit.
A bit? Spend a night in it.
I was just being friendly.
Probablyjust a gas spill.
Air it out for half an hour.
We waited 20 minutes
just to hear that?
Take it easy.
Here's my replacement.
Gas or no gas, it's lunchtime.
Drop it.
Check out the trailer,
it smells of gas.
It stinks all right.
He checked below?.
He mostly checked his watch.
Take it over there.
You take this to the beach?
I'll be finding barnacles soon.
There's a huge leak
in the tank.
Leave the vehicle here.
Go check it in.
That's all we needed.
We're looking for the desk sergeant
to check in a vehicle.
If you haven't seen him,
he must be downstairs.
Come back in 45 minutes.
A desk sergeant is at his desk!
Skip it.
Too bad,
because it's for a chief.
He won't like this.
We'll explain.
Your name?
We'll make a note of it.
Will the desk sergeant
report to the office?
There we go!
What is it?
A chief's car to check in.
That's a chief's car?
He has modest tastes.
What's wrong with yourjalopy?
A gas leak.
Is the tank full?
When we detain vehicles
we fill them up.
In case of fires.
Fill a tank that leaks?
lt's not logical.
Logic's logic and rules are rules.
Rule says you fill the tank.
So fill the tank.
Thanks. Bon apptit.
Aslim Said!
My dear friends!
Great to see you!
Hello, Marie!
It was smart to reserve.
This table's free in a minute.
When he says "friends",
he wants something from us.
Lucien's from the 7th.
Have pals in the 7th?
I've got loads in the 7th.
Me too. One in particular.
The Arab knows too many cops.
Hold me back! You goddam French!
I wouldn't put a pig in my couscous.
It spoils the broth.
Some colleagues at the bar.
The super cops of the narc squad!
And with a new baby.
- They call me Pastis.
- I figured.
Are you the mom?
Bet your dad didn't drink milk.
That's for sure!
You always drink out of my glass.
I'll get you another bottle.
Remember a dick called Blondin?
Sure, he was in the 9th.
Took a cut in all the cases.
He got nabbed
by the scalp hunters last year.
- Knowwhat happened to him?
- He was fired.
No. He's back on the job
and suing for moral prejudice.
And he'll win.
The scalp hunters blewthat one.
The sausages are hot!
Parking tickets.
Fetch the bourrha.
Champagne, to celebrate.
A true recruit. Not like Vincent.
Had enough, no?
Much drink, never drunk!
And your transfer?
No luck...
Not even with my seniority.
You need a union card.
Apply as a social case.
It takes two suicide attempts
to qualify.
They ought to count
suicide by pastis.
They'd never keep up.
What are you working on now?.
I forgot the tape.
Don't look at me.
A criminal affair:
an OD in a bar.
I told you:
it's not a criminal affair.
Selling shit is criminal.
We can't work
without a trailer.
And the new one in '89?
In '92.
How about a metro raid?
lt'll keep us for the week.
Give me a chance to digest.
Let me get the mike on.
You're worse than a bitch in heat.
I'll team up with Lulu.
Forgot my stuff.
You never use it.
Brief us inside.
But we can't brief you from inside.
Heavy wine!
Looks promising.
That's youth, Madam!
We shouldn't do that!
Is this okay?
It's even better without.
We make a nice couple.
Could be.
You should hold hands.
I don't get what you're saying.
Tell Fatso and Vincent
to switch sides. It looks suspicious.
Vincent, Manu. Change sides!
Let's stand by the map.
Which one's the dealer?
We should have planned this.
Dodo really blends in, doesn't he?
The Rasta here just took the bread
from the junkies next to me.
When he delivers, we move.
Did you all see? The banker
took the bread. Got it, Manu?
The black on your side.
Read me, Manu?
Manu and Vincent take the banker.
Which one? The small black?
Bravo! You got it!
How many blacks in all?
Two! But only one on your side.
And the one crossing?
The cuffs!
Drop it, Manu!
Not in the tunnel!
Let's try it.
We lost him.
Besides, a black in a tunnel...
What do we do?
We pull in our cocks
and go to bed.
Good night.
Shit, an OD. Do we split?
Split? What a prick!
She's breathing.
Finish the ravioli,
while you're at it.
And this?
I never saw it before!
It was in your socks.
Giscard and Mitterrand
get pardoned for their dirt
and you bust my balls for 50 g.
What a prick!
I bet he'll beat me.
You're psychic.
Hand me the seals.
Like it?
No, not now.
You nabbed Dillinger?
When do we stop? At 9 p.m.?
Only my heater's waiting.
Don't mention heaters.
Okay. My freezer.
The guyjust coming, in blue...
I think it's him.
Are you sure?
He fits the description.
I've got him. Got him good.
I'll show it to the cousin,
just to be sure.
Howd you learn to film?
I studied for IDHEC.
The film school?
But l didn't get in.
That one's a wreck.
- That, l don't film.
- Why? lt's great!
A pastis, Vincent?
I prefer coffee.
At 10 a.m.! You have rank now,
you can drink.
Pour him one.
- Break him in.
- We've got work to do.
There are no free typewriters.
Go squat the night offices.
Enjoy your drink.
Page one...
Page two...
No...that comes after.
The last page's missing.
I'll take care of it.
More porno?
That's Rue Myrha.
No, the Champs-Elyses.
For your X-ray.
Go this year.
- Great shots!
- There he is.
A real dealer!
You like it?
You made this?
We should show it to cadets.
I'm sure Adore will want to see this.
You have a fan.
It's the first deal he ever saw...
and on film!
Recognize him?
We shot this yesterday.
The report's missing a page.
I'm on it.
All that?
I put down all the details.
That's howto do it.
Nobody reads the fucking things.
Come watch.
The carpet goes where?
You ordered a carpet?
Pure wool.
Grey chin to match the curtains.
Not here. Next door.
Does it look like our style?
Looks like rain.
Is the last page done?
Is it far?
By the five-and-ten.
You'll see.
We've got extra windowboxes.
Want a couple?
Sure. That's nice.
What are you on now?.
A forecast on Paris
suburban delinquency.
Then one on the projects near Lyon.
You go in there dressed like that?
And the inner cities?
Good luck!
Slow down! Oh shit!
I warned you.
Not loud enough.
You work the others too hard.
Shut the door behind you.
Your meeting Alimata
will give her another contact.
We don't get overtime.
Don't make me cry.
It's porn night on the tube.
Alimata's very wary.
Like all Africans.
She has to adopt you first.
I don't believe this!
lt stinks of shit!
A bit, maybe.
Fucking hole! She really lives here?
Who are you?
Friends of Alimata.
Hi. Howyou doing?
Lulu! You're here at last.
It smells of gas here.
It's dangerous.
If it was,
we'd have blown up long ago.
Hot maf, the way you like it.
So you bring a young man.
We work together.
If l'm not around
you can talk to him.
Let me showyou something.
Look in the viewfinder...
Does he look like that guy
you told me about?
Too small. Couldn't be him.
Looks like him.
Yes or no?
It's him.
That's perfect.
confuse me.
Now big, now small.
Magic, that's all.
You know my daughter Kuliba?
Sure, we've met.
'Evening, ladies gents.
Your pal likes my girl.
Tell him to go in.
Yes, yes.
He'll enjoy. Kuliba good girl.
I'm sure l would, but uh...
Say something.
You should do as you're asked,
and not vex Alimata.
It beats porn night. You'll see.
A quickie.
No, a goodie.
$20 for head.
$40 to fuck.
And a chat?
What ajerk!
On ajob here?
I'm off.
I like to get out at night.
Kiss me. I don't have rabies.
HIV positive. It's not the same.
Hop in.
I have a roommate.
It stinks of cigarettes here.
I owe three nights already.
And away we go.
I didn't ask anything.
And if l want to?
I like you to look at me.
Like what you see?
Tell me you like it.
I like it.
You're pretty.
Not too skinny for ajunkie.
Not my arms.
Had a good night?
Enough to buy two grams?
Just forget all that a minute.
Look at me.
I'm cold.
I'm looking.
I'm sick of lying!
You're a skeleton!
Stop it! Stop the shit!
Ccile, stop!
You know l can't.
You can, goddamit!
Move your ass!
It's a vicious circle.
Without drugs, l can't hustle.
I take drugs to hustle,
and l hustle for drugs. I'm stuck.
Then drop dead!
What a bore that sermon was.
But the priest's my wife's cousin...
Will you find the chteau?
I'll pay you the $400
after lunch there.
Please film my mother. She's 94.
They may be our last shots of her.
The cake too.
It was my wife's idea.
I'll do a close-up.
Isn't that a Panasonic 650 C?
Say, friend, may l ask you a favor?
Come film our table.
I'm trying to pick up this girl.
Tell her it's for Channel 3.
I record sound too.
Machines aren't my thing.
Move your stuff out of the way.
Move it!
Long time, no see.
Still work
for that party rental outfit?
Now and then.
But l'm freelancing today.
Hurry up. It's time for the cake.
- You get how much?
- $900.
That includes editing and music.
You work for TV?
Wedding cake in two minutes.
Shit, two minutes!
Take off the necklace.
The ring, too.
Forget about the ring.
Sign at the bottom.
Read it first.
Ah, it's you...
No, l'm busy with someone.
Hows the kid?
I'll call you back in a bit.
I promise.
What's Article L.627?
Public Health Code.
You get a checkup every 24 hours.
Narc cases can be held
for up to 4 days.
What's the doc do?
Nothing. He just examines you.
If you're ill, you get pills.
Give me half a fix at least.
It won't show.
I bought it with my own cash.
The black's the dealer, not me.
Just sign. We'll see later.
You're going to the hospital.
I don't believe this!
It's a barrel of laughs here.
Go dry out... Thanks, schmuck!
Shut the fuck up!
Your ginks drive us bananas!
I'm deaf myself.
Send 'em up fast.
I'm trying.
My balls are exploding!
So, Marguet?
Yes, Mr Longuet?
Fill out those forms?
No, Mr Longuet.
Nows the time.
Go on, don't shake the foundations.
Say, guys, be good sports.
Take a breather.
- I wanna piss.
- All in due time.
What was your nickname
at the 14th?
"Valium of Tears."
That's right.
"Valium of Tears."
He wore everyone's nerves out.
You sure wore them out.
Still investigator?
Take the exams.
I'm trying.
It helps for retirement.
Headquarters is asking
for a volunteer
for regional target practice,
week of the 17th.
We can't go asking around the units.
How about you, Marguet?
Sure. Though l did it
2 years ago.
You need me?
Doing the mail?
Pick up those badges on the way.
Sure thing, chief. Anything else?
So what are you waiting for?
I need a car.
I've got to pick up some seals too.
I did call this morning.
I'm not at all pleased.
All your statistics are off.
I don't have a car.
Try one of the squads.
That's right. All of them.
I can't ask the units.
They'll send me packing.
Can you drop this off at HQ?
Sure thing, but l've got no car.
Take mine.
The keys are on my desk.
I'll get them and then...
There's no hurry, Raymond.
So, Marguet?
The trailer sprung a leak?
Pass me some vacation forms.
We're all out.
I need about 20.
Not again!
You never stop taking vacations.
In any case,
you're on target practice.
Are you a good shot?
Not so hot.
No matter. You're going anyway.
Even sober.
Some checkup!
lt lasted 5 minutes.
Sit down.
This is for us...
and this...
is for you. That should do it.
What did l tell you!
This won't do anything. It's shit!
So's the stuff in your veins.
But at least it helps me forget
this fucking life!
Look at my arms!
No place left to stick a needle!
Not even in my fingers.
I do up to six fixes a day.
Your pills are ajoke.
All right... take that.
You'll feel better.
This is shit too.
It's all shit.
Got any cash to eat something?
Katy? lt's me.
Almost through... I'm coming.
The kid's better?
Sure. OK.
Take this... Hang on... Take this.
Don't worry. We'll get it back.
Our baby girl's asleep.
When Karine is 11,
promise me we'll leave Paris.
You promise?
What's wrong, Katy?
Sometimes, l'm scared.
I'm scared.
Me too.
Kiss me.
A half-hour already!
He won't come down.
Maybe not.
We're gonna blow it again.
You sure he took the bread?
No sweat.
From the guy in green.
No sweat.
I thought a coffee
would be nice.
You still haven't caught him?
Not yet.
I would have liked
to be in the police.
What degree do you need?
He's coming out.
The contact.
They've got it.
The dope's in his mouth.
Direction: Rue du Dpartement.
I'll tail the black on foot.
Manu's trailing.
We'll handle the junkies.
We've got thejunkies.
Manu, we'll nab him on the bridge.
Freeze, freeze!
He's swallowing it!
Watch your gun! Cover him!
Keep kicking! He's puking!
He's puking!
Spit the shit out!
It's coming! Again!
It's coming, Lulu!
Take him away.
I'll clean up the shit.
Wejust hang out here.
No one aroundl
Nothing to do around herel
Me brotherdid stupid things,
Iike everybode.
What can we do?
I knew this would happenl
Poor suburban cops!
Our Minister.
Turn it off, we knowthe routine.
I'll add a bit of curry.
It gives a taste of nut oil.
Nice, eh?
You put up with these maniacs?
Individually, they're okay.
But the bureaucracy warps them.
There we go. It's good now.
With Katy's headphones
it should work.
Let's give it a try.
But he loves his job,
especially street work.
Go on, Antoine.
Do eou read me?
Works like a dream.
Even in the kitchen.
Come make yourself useful here.
My first car when l entered service
was a pink Talbot Horizon.
Shocking pink.
We called them "Pinkies."
They stood out all over town.
Even two-bit punks used to rag us.
It was the big parade.
Mine was bile-green.
How could we work in those?
I remember doing a house call once.
The plaintiff's at her window,
and suddenly she says:
"Funny! Police towing police!"
My car was towed off!
Everyone knew except them!
It drags. Can't you cut it more?
Even the priest looks bored.
All right. I'll cut it here.
Hows the bride?
Not bad. But look at her gown.
Must have been made from curtains.
Nowadays brides wear curtains.
For the reception music
I picked out two Muzak pieces.
No way! For $900
they get Wagner.
There he is!
You're nuts!
They know me here!
Quit whining! You chose the spot.
I swear, Lulu!
Get a load of this car!
Honest truth!
Why not write "Police" on it?
The dirt?
- Who's that?
- Antoine.
Can l talk freely?
Go ahead!
Hi, Antoine!
Drive! They'll spot me!
Spill it or split!
Honest truth, it's a cinch!
A guy's due in town
tomorrowwith 50 grams.
With a phony l.D.
I sold it to him.
Knowwhere? When?
Sure l know!
7:30 a.m.
Place des Ftes metro exit.
Want me to come along?
- You bet.
- Then l will.
Antoine just called.
7:30 a.m. A 50 gram affair.
7:30 a.m.? Why so late?
Make an effort for once.
And who takes my kids to school?
Be like me. No family.
Stuff it!
Found the station wagon keys?
I might have known.
- Got my size?
- I've got all sizes.
Marc? lt's me.
You have the tapes?
I need them nowl
Find a wae to get theml
Marie, it's all in wop talk.
I can't find my cuffs!
Prairie 101 to 104.
Rendezvous at Tango point.
On ourwae.
Prairie 106 to 101.
Go on local.
What's going on?
The ltalian's expecting
a big delivery
from a contact in the park.
Set up a stakeout from the school.
- May l see your l.D. again?
- It'll be a pleasure.
Look, don't touch.
- You're local boys?
- Not really.
I have a nephew in the riot police.
He's from Auvergne.
No kidding! So we can go on up...
I'll ask the principal.
While we find a classroom.
Stay seated.
This is fine.
We have a great view of the park.
High school was such a drag.
I enjoyed it.
My first dates and parties....
Stop or l'll cry.
Criminal lnvestigations.
We need your view.
What's your business?
Some people in the park.
We won't be long.
Looping, l miss eou.
I was not notified.
This just came up.
We couldn't notify you.
A phone call never hurt anyone.
The wop's entering the park.
You've no business here!
Get out!
When we're good and ready.
Mr Martinot,
call the Precinct immediately!
You're a pain!
You pretend to look after kids,
but faced with reality,
you play the ostrich.
Your l.D.?
We showed it twice!
The way you dress...
We don't bust dealers in tuxedos.
See what it says?
"Free access".
So nowyou're going
to get off our backs!
I'm calling!
Go ahead!
Get lost!
Drop it! Dodo's got the wop!
Where's the other one?
He's not here.
You only went after the wop?
He's enough.
We wanted the supplier!
Dealer, supplier!
ln statistics it's the same thing!
Fuck your statistics!
We lost a kilo!
The Ministry only sees one thing!
A 5 gram bag or a kilo bag
is still a bag!
We're attracting attention.
He wouldn't have come in the rain.
Sure. Then l'll go snail hunting.
Why the excess of zeal?
I want to be rich, get on TV!
You coming?
Pick you up at six?
See that?
- See what, schmuck?
- I'm on time.
Honest truth, it's a first.
That's a scoop. Disappear.
I sawthe guy. Waiting in a bar.
We can nail them both in one go.
Are you crazy?
lf you do that l'm a dead man!
Calm down!
Just nab the delivery boy and basta.
Okay. Disappear.
Just the delivery boy.
Will this do here?
Prairie 101 to 105.
Roger. Are you on the scene?
Almost. Switch to local.
Hi, gang. There eou are...
Got the cousin?
Affirmative. He's here.
Antoine will go on foot.
We're taking up positions.
Got ants in your pants?
There he is! That's him!
The one in the jeans outfit.
Honest truth, it's him!
You're sure?
Attention, everyone.
It's the creep in the jean jacket,
moving away from the phone booth.
Coming toward us.
What are they up to?
Watch out for razors, Antoine.
He looks vicious.
Youjoin me. Don't fuck up.
Driver's license in the name of
Amrani. First name: Miloud.
Laminated l.D. Same name.
As for change...
Your l.D.'s a fake.
A fake?
The photo was added.
The photo wasn't added.
Nothing but hassles in France.
Who asked you to come?
You're the hassle.
So shut up and drop your pants.
Go on, go on!
Your shoes.
What's this?
That's my savings.
You said you didn't work.
How much?
About $2,500.
That's twice my pay!
I'll count again.
We don't have all day.
Shut up, Wonder Woman.
The briefs now!
Bend over and cough!
Don't play modest
because of her.
Now crouch down.
Lean over and cough.
You've got some funny beasties
tucked away. Get up.
Find the gentleman well hung?
Arab cocks don't turn me on.
You're a thrifty fellow.
We've got it all now.
So, Miloud, how about it?
The hell with your fake l.D.
Just give us your supplier.
I have nothing to say.
I didn't knowwhat it was.
I found it in the metro.
Found all this in the metro?
No, that's my savings.
Your savings?
Get up, Miloud! Take a look!
Look! You see her?
You see her? Look again!
What d'you see?
She's dying
while you count your bills.
Calm down!
Go have a coffee!
Did you hurt yourself?
Why the hysteria?
Beating an Arab like that...
There are no Arabs, only dealers!
Yellow, white, black,
only goddam dealers!
Go type your report.
See? Saving doesn't pay.
Get off my ass, Vincent!
I don't get it! When you arrived,
l thought we'd make a good team,
that l'd learn.
So learn! We bust a guy
carrying at least 50 grams...
and we try to get
his supplier's name.
- By beating him up.
- Why not?
What'd they teach you?
To ask politely?
Or threaten to expel him?
He'll just come back
with another fake l.D.
Like half our arrests!
It's not normal.
Not normal.
What's normal?
Nymphets hustling for a fix?
Dealers who sell plaster
as shit to clients
and get off scot-free
because "Plaster is non-toxic"?
The junkie who ODs - that's normal.
Bush patrol, girls?
Get lost!
So what do we book him for?
Lay off me with your rules!
Want results? Forget the law!
No cash, no equipment...
We just make do!
Anyway, that's enough.
We do what we have to.
You think l like beating Arabs?
Or that l vote Le Pen? Go ahead.
I just want to do myjob!
Me too.
But we don't see eye to eye.
I'm changing offices.
Change your profession.
- Can l piss now?.
- Sure, Lefort. Piss.
The pastis?
Just fine.
Who won the soccer game?
- Marseilles. 4-2.
- So life's beautiful.
I picked up the bike helmet.
Very discreet.
Who's the mug next door?
Some evildoer
with smack and fake papers.
I'll question him.
It's being handled!
Had a late night?
No, an early morning.
Unlike some.
Sure it was good...
But it's over now.
30 minus the bag...
That makes 28.
It's nothing to do with Albert.
It's just me.
I've had it.
We can stay friends.
Really! You guys are all alike!
You take it personally.
I've known Albert for 10 years.
Albert is Albert.
I can't answer that. I'm not alone.
I told you already.
Want me to say it in Chinese?
You have no rights on me.
But l'm not alone.
Seals, anyone?
It's positive.
Quit riding me.
We type the report first.
Someone have carbons?
Hang on.
Here are some new ones.
- My mom filched them.
- Thank your mom.
Thanks, mom.
We only ordered carbons
two months ago.
Only two.
Here's 60 grams minus the shit
for our cousins.
Take a break! You'll never change.
Oh, come on!
O.K. I'm wearing jeans
and a light blue shirt. Happy now?.
A lace G-string.
No, white.
Is that Longuet?
Secret liaison.
Cut it out.
I promise.
I broke up with Pierre.
- Congrats!
- No, that's tough!
It's good.
Lace G-strings?
And l'm real sexy in them.
It's true.
- Seeing is believing.
- I've seen.
The goddam line's always busy!
Why fuck around with his papers?
They're fake.
And lmmigration is always busy.
I'll try an outside line.
Still not a line free!
I do what l can.
I'll make you eat your shit spray.
Hands off! l'm your chief.
Your porn calls use up
our phone lines.
Did you siphon the tank
on my scooter?
My spray's a real stinker!
Thirdly... You're with me?
The sum of $2,500
in denominations of 50s.
Need a hand?
No, thanks. We're nearly done.
Floral arrangements?
You must want the Ministry.
We only grow pot here.
...$800 in 20s...
Not so fast!
Who's up for the lead
Ccile gave me?
Are you crazy?
We just wrapped up an affair.
It's just to tail him.
We knowyou.
We'll wind up with 15 arrests.
We can't blowthis chance.
I have a union meeting tonight.
Five of us will do.
We can have pasta
at my place first.
I'd like to, but Antoine and l
have a cousin to see.
Make an effort, Looping.
Tired of my pasta already?
Can l have a glass of wine?
We have complaints
about the barbecue.
I'll take two.
And the new car
we were promised?
Well, look...
We've been paying for a fax line
without a machine, so your car...
My dad always said:
"Stop showing off."
That's all l heard
when l was growing up.
So: l'm undercover.
Those barbecue cinders still burn.
- I warned you.
- Shut up!
You blew on 'em...
right into my eyes!
Think he'll show?.
It's already 1 a.m.
Well, Lulu?
Roger, Manu.
We wait until 3 a.m.
Dodo. A taxi's
coming your way.
That's not our plate number.
Roger. Over.
After high school, l took exams.
It was that or the electric company.
I'm anti-nuclear.
Still schmoosing?
I talk even when l give head.
Real nice.
It's Malika's 7th client!
You can't count. It's her 7th.
He must make 10 grand.
Maybe, but his hotel room
only costs a quarter.
This way he can fuck to Muzak.
How about some tear gas
for fun?
What's he up to?
Look at the cunt!
What the fuck?...
Cut the crap!
Lulu! A taxi is unloading a hooker.
That's our man! Take him.
I'll type so you can eat
your sandwich.
You ripped your client off
for $800.
He's making this shit up.
You didn't earn all that
in one night.
OK, so l fleeced him.
Call this number.
A colleague of yours.
At this hour?
Just try.
His home number's on the back.
He's signaling for a right turn.
Take over, Antoine.
Put your headlights on.
He's turning right.
I'll make a U-turn
and stay behind Dodo.
He's stopping.
The girl's getting out.
He supplies how many?
About twenty.
I'll tail him.
OK. Roger.
He's off again.
Hey, you bozos, don't lose him.
You're tailing him.
Right turn.
I go straight, mate.
Roger. I'll take him.
Shit, he's going left.
So he's not a Socialist.
He's stopping.
I'm parking.
I'll go ahead.
We've got it!
34 rue Ambroise Croizat.
Who's that?
My wife.
Is there a phone around here?
You again! You must like it.
There you are!
It's about time!
I'm not paid for this.
- I'm Marguet.
- Saintonge.
What kind of shit did she pull?
She ripped off a client for $800.
OK, l did.
But part of that's my earnings!
Calm down. This isn't my unit.
He can have his bread, not mine!
I took $500 off that prick!
Don't listen to the slut!
Let's do this
in a quiet orderly fashion.
First: you did enjoy
the slut in question.
He couldn't even get it up!
That's enough, Ccile!
Second: pending litigation,
the sum will be held under seal.
You'll be summoned.
Filing a complaint?
- Do l have to?
- Oh, yes.
- Because l'm married.
- So what?
The chief says it's okay.
I can transfer the file to you.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks for calling me.
Time for a coffee?
No, too much work, fella.
Let's go...
big girl.
Just a minute. I'm not finished.
Wear loafers.
Not in the cage!
Want me to invite you home?
Why not?
Look at that crowd!
Get off my back, Ccile!
Come on.
I bet on Marseilles but they lost.
Tough luck, Lefort.
Will this do?
Nice place.
You work here?
Even in my worst temp job,
l never typed on relics like these.
No electric typewriters?
Against regulations.
- Why?
- Because of the strikes.
You can strike?
Power strikes, dummy.
Aren't you wasting your time on me?
Who knows?
All l do is fuck up.
I make promises,
then l backslide.
Some day, you'll fuck up too bad
for me to help.
I never gave you a thing.
We never even made love.
Oh, that...
It's better this way.
I can't stop.
Maybe l'm too weak.
But l've seen so many croak.
I've been to more funerals
than weddings.
Remember when we first met?
I got busted and you saw me stash
my shit behind a radiator.
Why didn't you say anything?
So you'd take it on the way out.
With your phone number on the bag.
That's howwe get informers.
It wasn't just that, was it?
It wasn't just that.
I see.
Don't mind me.
Why not use the trailer?
It's roomier.
What time is it?
Almost nine, pops.
There was a message for you.
Get up, Ccile.
When was this?
How do l know?.
It's you?
I'm a pal of Willy's.
He hung up.
Try to trace it!
Three of us will go.
It's an emergency.
- A cousin?
- A good one.
Can l wash up?
We're no hotel.
I'm not talking to you.
What nerve!
You heard the chief.
Don't clean up too much.
Come on. You can't stay here.
It's not what you think.
I knowwhat l see.
You didn't see a thing!
"Where windows clean people".
Nine letters.
I knowthat one: "Racetrack".
Who's up for a game of Risk?
We've got an emergency.
So do we.
I get it, guys. Stick to routine.
I can't turn a trick with this face.
It can wait. I'll drop you off.
I feel like walking.
Got any bread?
I need a bit more.
Why? Up to 3 grams?
No, l swear. But l need more.
Cut the bullshit. I knowyou.
Anyway, l've got to run.
You've got no friends,
just stoolies!
We knowthey're here!
I told you, there's no Willy here!
I only take tourists.
Blacks are too risky.
No more blacks.
Show me.
Watch it. Selim may be around.
He's downstairs.
So, you bum, you forgot me?
You promised to come back.
Wasn't it good?
Oh sure, very good.
Have you seen two blacks?
Two Senegalese.
Mine are Zairian.
A couple.
Room 41.
For the past four days.
You're a doll.
And my papers?
In the works.
Weird owner.
- Who is it?
- The Pope.
This is Marie, a colleague.
I've looked for you for 3 months.
Since the Paki affair.
Some affair! Fucked me up good!
We've been lying low
in hotels since.
You lost the squat. I got fired.
So we're even.
Tie score. New game.
It's stuffy in here.
So, what's going on?
It's Philomene.
What's with Philomene?
Shit, who did this to you?
He did it to me!
He's crazy! He tried to kill me!
Are you cracked?
OK, l did it. But there's more.
Take a look!
She's been shooting up
on the sly!
I was really sick.
Smoking shit didn't work no more.
Tell him, Lulu!
That's what calms me.
Start up again
and l'll calm you my way!
Quiet! You'll rouse the whole place.
She's right, Willy. Shut up.
You're bad news, Philo!
Keep it up and Willy'll drop you
in no time.
And l won't pull you out
of the gutter.
I'll try and stop.
Try Marmottant.
Ever try to get a bed there?
We'll see what we can do today.
Cool it!
Call me later today.
OK, but if she starts again...
OK, OK...
Even strung out,
you're an ace shoplifter!
I manage pretty good.
Sell to the whores?
A $90 perfume goes for $35.
Take one for your wife.
You, too. Help yourself.
Let's get going, Marie.
Just watch yourself.
You turned her on to the stuff.
Try room 24.
It'll make your trip worthwhile.
He's biting me!
Little prick!
Let go of the cuffs!
You'll pay!
Seek and you find.
Right, pal?
I attack
Quebec with three armies.
Oh no, not Quebec! Shit!
I keep it!
You sure
we have nothing on today?
And l invade Greenland!
Move, prick! Sit down there!
Just when l was winning!
You're bleeding!
Thanks for the help!
No, it's ketchup!
We stopped Dodo's offensive!
A battle's brewing.
You just won the Rasta
from the metro.
See what he did?
Ccile called. Important.
Still mad?
Don't touch the mess.
And this, Mr Lulu?
For the trash?
What is it? Where're they from?
A batch of shoes the wop swiped.
You can have them.
I can take them?
Sure! For the whole tribe.
No cash in here?
Lift your arms.
Our monthly expenses
get paid after lunch!
About time!
Arrest report?
No, AIDS test form.
It's no joke. See a doctor.
I will, l will.
How much?
$260 each.
I have one bill left.
You blew it again!
- Speed it up!
- Hold on!
One guy's getting his money's worth.
That's it.
Not for the Missus.
How considerate.
There are two reams of top sheets
but only one of second sheets.
We've been telling you for years
that report forms use one top sheet
for several second sheets.
And for years l get them
in equal supply.
The supply room's overflowing
with top sheets.
So we gotta use them up.
Like these erasers.
Naturally you don't want any.
Sure. I'll take one.
You didn't tell us about the bust.
I came down to get you.
But not for a bust.
We didn't know.
So you say.
So l say.
The cousin's Willy?
I bet it's Willy.
I forgot.
There's a warrant out on him.
If l find him, l jail him.
Find him first.
You make a vocation
of busting our cousins?
My vocation is chemistry.
If we'd been there, you'd be OK.
If you'd been there...
For that,
you have to move your ass.
Ourjob's not behind a desk
or a bar.
I'm fed up with late risers
who take three-hour lunches,
and split early when there's work!
Relax, precious!
Who's going for an AIDS test
next month?
It's a morning off!
Yeah, right!
Here he comes now.
He's taking the money.
That's it. I'll replay it for you.
They eat you up.
You not only chase them,
you film them too.
It's an obsession.
I'm memorizing them.
I'm bad with faces.
Especially blacks.
I just busted a dealer
l nailed 3 years ago.
He recognized me.
I didn't recognize him.
You like being the voyeur.
Funny, eh?
But you have dozens of tapes of them
and hardly any of your daughter.
How often have you filmed her?
Or me?
Except on vacation.
- What are you doing?
- Filming you.
Not like this!
Stop it! Just like a kid!
I look awful tonight.
I think you look beautiful.
You knowthings better
by filming them?
I feel as if l knowthem better.
Get undressed.
So you can screen it
by mistake for your dad?
You really want me
to undress like that?
You never asked me before.
I wanted to, but l never dared.
Will you undress?
When l'm ready.
Will you ask again?
In ten minutes?
It's really late.
Once we've seen Ccile,
we go home. OK?
She tried to call me.
You see she's not here.
She must have a client.
I never saw a 45-minute trick.
Does she do specials?
Very funny.
She means a lot to you?
Do l drop you off,
or we spend the night here?
Janine must be hungry by now.
My turtle, Janine.
Ja-nine. Nin-ja. Get it?
I get it.
Not a sign of life for 2 hours.
The cousin said
things get going about 7 p.m.
You're going to get tagged.
We can see that.
Off-hours, she must be sexy.
She must give good head.
She'll get us towed off.
Police. We're on a stakeout.
It's not marked.
So l'm telling you.
That's all the more reason
to obey the law.
Get off our tits!
Listen, you! Tow us away,
and you'll be reading
the want ads tomorrow!
Let's get our asses in there!
Antoine said to wait.
I run this unit.
Let's not forget that.
Dodo saes we go in.
We get the message.
Someone's going to be mad.
What's with you?
Power check.
Any blacks in the building?
Two in the back on the right.
But we don't have electricity.
Break it down, Manu.
You're off your rocker!
He's mine! You can't take him!
We won't.
I'll kill him first!
She's loony!
Easy now.
We won't take your kid!
No foster home!
Where's the dealer?
- It was his idea!
- Just women here!
Shit! We could have waited!
That's enough!
I.D., papers, everything!
She's on crack!
We can't reason with her!
Give me the baby!
She's on crack!
You smoke crack?
I don't smoke.
Then what's this?
Don't smoke!
But you lie!
I don't lie!
Your papers?
That was quick.
Ready for promotion 1st Grade?
I left before the end. I've had it!
No instruction on street life,
just red tape.
Just howto type... Reports.
I've been typing for 14 years.
Police dog needed
at 72 Rue Stephenson.
Wasn't it for 7 p.m.?
He's ballbustin' again!
Step on it!
Calm down!
What a fuckup!
Listen to me!
We don't want your baby!
Don't take him!
I want my sister to take him!
Get up!
Just come and sit down.
Calm down. Where's your sister?
Come here.
What's his name?
Give it to her.
Calm down.
No foster home!
O.K. I promise!
No home!
You pack of morons!
She's just a user.
You weren't here!
l was told to go, so l went in.
But l said 7 p.m.
That's easy enough.
We do our best.
Stop it, Dodo!
And this isn't dope?
It's jail for you!
Not jail!
They'll take him away from me!
I can take the baby.
I work, l can take care of it.
Work? l bet you hustle.
Oh shut up!
I don't hustle! l do housework!
You see! She works.
Oh fuck! The kid!
What a mess here!
Cute kid. Maybe he's hungry.
Sure he is. I can hardly feed him.
I don't have enough money.
Enough to smoke crack!
I don't smoke!
Just once or twice a day.
See to that kid!
Shut him up, Vincent!
What am l supposed to do with him?
Let him do it.
I didn't become a cop for this.
And what are we doing here?
Let me go!
She's nailed good, for 2-3 years.
But she doesn't sell.
She'll take the rap.
And the baby?
Foster home.
Hold on. The sis wants him.
Who cares?
You realize what you're doing?
You wanted to learn.
You're learning.
Got four bucks?
- Price is up.
- But it's good.
Ccile Rousselin. Room 38.
Since when?
Never mind. I'll call back.
Nice! Have a glass of wine.
My salt pork's
less fatty this time, no?
That's salt pork.
Of 122 Sundays on duty,
it's my 115th salt pork.
About time l got here.
Let's drink to that.
Aussenac, still on your phone tap?
I think they're about to go to work.
Weekends are the best time for them.
There are only seven of us on duty.
The dealers say that too.
"Friday to Monday, we're cool."
A roach!
Doesn't it stink enough here?
The Prefect comes Monday.
Tidy your desks a bit.
He might come upstairs.
Got that, Aussenac?
Do we hang bows on the door?
Don't worry, chief.
We'll be out on ajob.
Give me some salt pork.
Why don't we get the same benefits
as Customs?
A percentage on our cases.
Or keep the vehicles we confiscate?
Since theyjust rot in the garage.
Lay off me about Customs.
In some ways,
they're as hard up as we are.
Try dealing with 4 airbuses
coming in from Africa.
You'd do like them:
Check the first 100 bags,
find dope in 10, then stop.
Plus the diplomats who object,
and the sub-prefect
who orders you to obey.
Result: 50 kilos of drugs
slip by with State blessings.
Nobody's taking real measures.
We're a patronizing police.
This isn't Groucho-land.
It's Grouchy-land. Always too late.
My son is 13.
I'm sure he's met his first dealer.
That's your new sign?
For narcs,
"The French Joint" is perfect.
So's the price.
Paid for out of my pocket.
Quit whining!
lt's not sacrifice, it's renovation.
You heard our Minister:
"Modernizing the police
can only succeed
if its members participate actively."
Cough up and you participate.
Anyone here?
What is it?
Is Ccile Rousselin
still in room 38?
I don't know. Doubt it.
Take a look.
What's the name again?
I have a man. For the past 4 days.
That's not it.
Mme Rousselin was here before.
No forwarding address?
Is it serious?
Marguet, Lucien.
Extension 791.
One request.
Name: Rousselin, Ccile.
Date of birth: 2/28/66.
In so early?
Quiet weekend?
See? For the cats.
Hold on.
It's Philomene.
Tell her to hold.
He's coming.
You have nothing?
Negative... All right. Thanks.
Oh shit.
When did this happen?
Don't panic. Stay where you are.
We're on our way.
Willy bashed her?
No, he caught it.
Philomene's here?
Berthe, my sis.
- Willy?
- In here.
You guys are really sick!
You gave us to the Senegalese!
And they're already sprung!
It can't be, it can't be!
I'm sure they were booked!
But it was them!
The two of them!
Look what they did to Willy,
with razor blades!
Might have been their pals.
I can tell blacks apart.
Can he sleep in this racket?
Turn it down, Berthe.
The doc gave him a sedative.
We can hospitalize him.
What more can they do?
Who squealed?
And they're both
You have to get out of town.
Fucking shit,
it's great working with you guys!
I'm coming!
The D.A.'s office misplaced the file.
It's lost.
I had nothing to do with it.
I still have our copy.
Expelled aliens with 65 g,
false papers, stolen credit cards,
and they let 'em go!
No file, no case.
I'm clean on this one.
It's not my boner.
Drop it, he's right.
But he pulled his own boner.
Squealing on
our informers.
Great, eh, Dodo?
Who gave Willy to the blacks?
Answer me!
Answer me for once, dammit!
You got water on the brain?
You've pulled this number before.
You get a guy to spill the beans
in exchange for our informers.
Result: Willy gets slashed.
We lose our informers while you
fill in your goddam statistics!
You can get new informers!
Like Willy, who brings us kilos?
Your notebook...
I hate your fucking notebook!
Your water pistol, your shit spray,
your dwarf....
You're a prick!
You're a prick.
We're all pricks! Zeros!
I just filched this wine
from that moron delivery boy.
Can you shut the door?
Who died?
- Hi.
- I only work in cars.
I know. I'm looking for Ccile.
She's been gone for a week.
Did she change strips?
Or get arrested?
Cut the questions! Try the cops.
You're sweet. Thanks.
Is this all you have?
We check this one?
I'll get her ready.
That was quite a sight.
But you could tell it wasn't her.
She must have been your flame
before Katy.
Get off my back.
Nice start for the day.
Morgue before breakfast,
and nowthis.
I'm getting old.
You'd better clean out
your head, or else...
Your mother's been expecting you
for two weeks.
I've had too much work.
I've heard that one before.
You didn't eat.
Some yoghurt?
Just try. I'll help you.
Don't be mad.
I couldn't make it until now.
We're overworked.
But l feel good.
The work's fine.
It's a good team, we get results.
Everything's fine... just fine.
Some more?
I need to walk.
There you are.
So this is where
your granddad lived.
Is it that bad?
I feel dirty, Katy.
I'm ajinx. Go away or l'll hurt you.
You already have.
Why stay with me?
I read that divorce and alcoholism
are highest among cops.
That's right.
Statistics aren't my thing.
It won't work, Katy.
So, it won't work.
Status quo.
Still at the bar.
What's that racket we hear?
I'm playing pinball.
Don't distract me.
I just lost the extra ball!
Save one for me, honey.
With the carriage.
You're crazy!
What are you doing here?
I've been looking for you
for a year.
- It's yours?
- Sure.
That's what l tried to tell you.
Meet mom. Careful:
She only knows about the dope.
Mom, this is Lulu.
Can you take him?
Isn't he sweet?
I don't knowthe father.
Guess his name.
Like my granddad.
You're crazy!
You know it's risky to keep it!
But for now, he's negative.
Yes, for now.
Sure, it can change.
It keeps me awake.
But it's my only chance to get out.
I stopped everything.
I'm moving to Auvergne.
Thee're leaving.
Same routine?
To Auvergne?
If l stay here l'd start again.
Here they deal everywhere.
Maybe there...
Will you write?
Sure. I'll even come to see you.
And your life?
What the hell are you doing, Lulu?
Let's go!
It's a ball.
Move it!
Shit, the address!
I didn't get her address!
Nina Bogin - Lenny Borger
Eclair Vido (Paris