Kaalo (2010)

Between the 11th and 18th century,
witchery/witchcraft was practiced heavily in
Europe, Africa and Asia
It has been found that
over 46 thousand witches...
...were killed during this period.
Every incident had a story...
One such incident had occurred in.
...Northern India in a village
named Kulbhata.
During 18th century, this village,
surrounded by a desert,
was tormented by a witch named Kaalo.
Kaalo wanted to sacrifice
nubile girls to satisfy...
...her greed for immortality.
One day she was stoned to death and buried by
angry villagers...
...but her fear lived on in
and around Kulbhata.
Years later some villagers spoke of
Kaalo's sightings yet again.
Kulbhata was vacated overnight
by scared villagers.
All roads leading to Kulbhata were sealed by
horrifying tales...
...of Kaalo killing anyone who dared to enter
It is said, Kaalo still roams in Kulbhata...
...in a more ferocious form than before.
And it is believed that
since that incident...
...no one has gone to Kulbhata.
Until a bus carrying some passenge
on its way to Kuldevi...
...had to pass through Kulbhata
Respected father,
I am coming back.
I id not reply to any of
your letters until now
because I myself didn't have any answers.
But I do now.
I am bringing joys for the village with me.
I have a whole lot of explosives.
We will dig a well in our village.
No one will lack water now, father.
We will have everything.
Your son, Sameer.
People love to live when they are old
and like to die when young
You are riding many lives along with yours.
At least take care of theirs.
Taking care of others lives,
my life has become dreadful.
Now get in.
Show me your ticket... Go take your seat.
Excuse me, that's my seat.
My father told me not to take
the window seat,
the sunlight will hurt my eyes.
Look how hot it has become.
Even the breeze comes in through the window.
She's calling you arrogant.
Why are you making her sit in the sun? Try to
He's too much. He's turned a deaf ear.
Let it be, aunty, he's a kid.
Conductor, how much longer
will you wait? Blow your whistle.
Driver, move.
Oh God, protect us.
Whatever hurdles may come our way,
may we never stop.
Everybody listen to
this important information.
You all are welcome on board.
No one remove your hands out of the window,
you may get hurt. I've warned you now.
And, it will take us 10 hours
to reach Kuldevi,
if the bus is not stopped every now and then.
Information over.
I'd given this information to everyone
already. This was for you
Formality. Understand?
Do you know why I brought you
to t Indian desert for this photo shoot
- Why? - Because I wanted
to use the sand dunes,
the camels, the humps,
the hounds, and the arcs.
Sit down, Hasmukh.
What is it?
You don't open your mouth, at least open your
Thank you.
What a pain he is!
Arrogant uncle.
What are you thinking? Missing your grandson?
I wish to fly and reach him,
and hug him.
It's just a matter of a few hours.
You can shower your love on him
as much as you want.
Ms. Aggressive, keep away
those needles of yours.
They're hurting me.
Thank God. At least something hurts you.
What was I saying? - I'll hit you!
Okay! Take it as a joke. - No.
Let people talk. Just relax.
What is this?
If you have finished keeping your
luggage, please take your sea
A family will board the bus ahead.
Those four seats are booked by the
What are you doing? Can't you
understand what I'm saying?
I asked you to take the seat behind.
Hey! Are you trying to threaten us
No no... I was only saying, will you
set everything here itsel
Leave something for the journey ahead.
Damn the driver! If he drives like this,
e'll miss Omi's weddin
Guddu, even Omi is getting married now.
Will my turn also come?
Will I also get married?
You will surely get married,
but the children will be mine.
What will this nincompoop do in life?
Where did the travelers go?
They must have gone to attend nature's call.
Are they going to finish everything today?
Come on, Hasmukh.
What are you doing? - Making a line.
At least do this job well.
Guddu is the perfect wooer.
If that photographer acts smart,
I'll kill him.
Amazing. - Very good.
Well, I'm a professional photographer.
Guddu, your...
babe. - Reminded me of her again?
Boss, how long will we wait
for them? Let's go.
Wait. If I'd gone to attend to nature's call,
would you leave me behind?
- Not at all. - Then wait.
Is this a ditch or a gorge?
Wonder how this gorge was formed over night.
What will we do now? - Just see.
When God shuts one door, he opens another.
Another door?
Don't worry, sir, there is another road.
Look, we will not take the other road.
We'll turn back. - Back? But why?
Because that road passes through Kulbhata.
It is said, whoever has taken
the Kulbhata route,
has never returned alive.
Now come. Think of the good
and bad in the bus.
Shall we go, boss? - Let's go.
The whole world worries about the hole.
Damn the hole!
Look, don't abuse the hole.
Hey Chhotu! Have you gone to sleep
again like a log on top of the bus
It's better if I put him to sleep for life.
Let it be. He's a kid.
Kid? He's a burden on earth.
Wake up, Chhotu. - Hey Chhotu! - Wake up!
Wake up!
Arrogant uncle, thank you.
It's okay.
Mr. Conductor, you must have come
on this route many times befo
Tell us some horror story.
Good idea. - I'll narrate a true incident.
Life is moving on
People are living in love and peac
Everyone here is unaware of death
No one knows when the journey may end'
But life is dear to everyone
Hey! Stop scaring everyone
with your nonsense.
Uncle, don't be afraid, it's just a story.
Only a story.
What happened? - I feel something amiss.
I feel something terrible is going to happen.
I'll have to do something.
You're impossible. Look, there are no ghosts.
It's just a fear of the mind.
Wrong! Spirits exist.
What is this lemon chilly?
Hey old man, what is that?
Uncle, we played with
those things in childhood.
Want to see the power of this string?
Until Goddess Kuldevi's blessings are here,
no trouble can enter this bus.
- It's fire proof! - See, we can
make a costume out of it.
And you can put me on fire. - Brilliant idea!
It will be a photo shoot on fire.
- Nikhil, what this old man
is saying... - Relax.
Chhotu, what happened?
Even I smoke, but it's
forbidden in a bus, right
Thank you.
What happened? - Great! - What was that hero
What happened? - We have a flat tyre.
Get down all of you, we have a flat tyre.
Damn this bus!
They should not leave the bus.
They shouldn't.
They don't know what a
big risk they are taking.
Chhotu, what's happened to you?
It's nothing, just a flat tyre.
Come, let's have a smoke. - Damn him.
Come on. Come! - He's such a sissy.
Why do you bring him along?
I told you not to bring him.
- Why are you always after him?
- Bury him alive.
Come on!
What? What are you up to?
That's the problem with me.
Whenever I see a girl dressed as a bride,
even I wish I had one.
Take, smoke.
This other girl in the shorts,
I think her trousers shrunk.
Or it must be today's fashion. I don't know.
Come close. - No.
Shall I tell you something?
We're on our honeymoon.
Oh, God.
Shona, you are travelling alone.
Aren't you scared?
I've been coming to my grandma's house since
Even you are travelling alone.
Don't you get scared?
I used to be scared earlier, not anymore.
You are with me, my grandma.
Brilliant. - Last one, huh. - Okay.
She's hot. Electrifying!
She may shock me.
There's none in this world who can shock you.
Want me to pick her for you?
Your sister-in-law?
No. - Hey, come on. - No. No. No.
Hey jerk! Look there,
behind those shrubs.
Go! You won't get a better chance.
Go, Chhotu. - If you insist.
Go. - Let it happen.
I'm tired now after all his hard work.
But that was some photo session.
The best one for me. Well, that's
how we do it in Hollywood.
But, there is some eeriness about this place.
Manoj Night Shyamlan,
you know. I can feel it.
I can feel it.
You puny! - You prankster.
'Puny'. That's a good one.
We'll use it somewhere.
Puny. Good. Yeah.
- Can I take a picture of yours?
- Don't take it.
Good. Let's go.
You fool!
What happened to him?
Chhotu! Where are you? Chhotu!
Damn! Chhotu!
Chhotu, I know that's you over there.
Bloody jerk!
Don't play games with me.
It's going to be evening.
Come out soon!
They are being very foolish.
Why don't they understand
that they'll only find death.
They don't know that this is
the beginning of our end.
I think we should leave. Even we may
get sacrificed because of them
True. - No.
We will all go together. We cannot
leave anyone behind.
Hey jerk! Come out!
It's the effect of the joint.
Why don't you understand? Know wha taking a
dead body with you means?
It means taking death along.
What do you mean, you rogue?
I should leave my friend here?
Chhotu is our responsibility.
Let's do one thing. We'll call an ambulance.
But my mobile is working here.
There's no network.
Then to save us from legal hassles we'll
have to leave the body here.
What nonsense are you talking?
This man was with us.
We cannot leave his body
behind in the jungle.
Sorry friend, I was only joking,
when I told you to die. But you really...
He's dead. Come.
You betrayer.
Guddu, why are you standing there?
Please come.
Get in. What had to happen is over with.
Who can avoid what is destined?
Come, let's go.
Come on! Guddu.
I'm on a high.
Come inside.
I've been driving since so many years...
...but such a thing has never happened.
'Destiny'; while getting this printed
on the bus, I never knew,
that no one can get anything before time...
...and more than one is destined to.
Then even if it is someone's life.
Where are you?
We have to go. We are getting late.
Why are you playing pranks?
Boss. Boss.
Conductor, why don't you
understan Get in the bus.
Boss! Boss.
Boss. Boss.
Damn the conductor! Let's go and check.
Stop them! - Why are you going out?
There's danger lurking outside. - Shut up!
Don't go out. - Let's go from here.
Cowards! - Come inside.
Come! Are you scared?
No, I'm not scared. But even
they are sitting inside.
Wait, I'm coming.
You guys go. I'm going up to my Chhotu.
He's been lying there alone since so long.
You don't understand, you always
insist on doing what you want.
What's going on here?
Let's go, or even we will die.
You are sleeping? Making me cry,
you are sleeping here?
Who will roll my joint? Huh?
Let's go. - Wait!
Where did the jerk go?
What have we got to do with the conductor?
Let's go back. Look at this blood.
It's only over here, nowhere else.
It seems like from here, straight up...
What happened?
Tell us what happened? What did you see? What
What happened? Why don't you tell us what
Conductor... his blood... - Blood?
Someone from above... - Shona?
You'll come to no harm, child.
Oh God. Kaalo has come for this child.
Oh, so this is the girl because of
whom all this is happening?
Throw her out!
Even I saw it. That witch looked at her.
Throw the girl out!
If we don't throw her out,
the witch will kill us all.
If the root of the problem is this girl,
let's throw her out.
- Throw her out! - She's not a kid,
she's death for all of us.
Throw her out!
Don't any of you dare to touch the girl!
Shona will not go anywhere.
And if anyone touches her,
remember, I will kill him before Kaalo does!
Kaalo! Listen, Kaalo has seen us.
And whoever she sees once, she doesn't spare
We must leave this place and
leave the borders of Kulbhata.
But she will never let that happen
My God! The witch has seen us!
Don't worry, it's going to be alright.
Sit tight. I will get everyone out of here.
- Damn Kaalo! I'll deal with
the witch! - Careful!
Damn you!
Damn you!
Damn you!
Damn you!
She's Kaalo! She went under the bus.
The tank of the bus is leaking.
Everyone get out.
Get out! Ouick! Hurry! Run!
Rukmini, run fast!
Run fast! Careful!
Run! Run!
Guddu, we have to get rid of this girl,
or we all will die.
Let's go.
Leave my hand.
She's somewhere here.
Run! Rukmini, run, run, run!
Faster. Faster.
Hasmukh, let's go!
Let's move. Fast! Fast! Fast!
Oh my God. Where's my hat?
I'll just get my hat.
No Hasmukh, where are you going?
Hasmukh, no. Hasmukh.
Hasmukh, come back! Hasmukh! Are you mad?
Hasmukh, please don't go.
Hasmukh. Hasmukh. Hasmukh.
Hasmukh, please. Hasmukh, please don't.
Hasmukh, please don't go.
Hasmukh, come back.
Hasmukh! Hasmukh!
Hasmukh! Hasmukh!
Hasmukh! Hasmukh!
Over here.
Relax. Relax.
What are you doing?
I'd brought explosives to dig
a well in my village.
But I guess it's required more over here now.
It's no use. - What do you mean?
There are some powers that can be
destroyed only with their power
Even Kaalo can be killed with her own weapon,
none else.
- Where can we get her weapon from?
- Then nothing can be done.
No power in the world can save us from dying.
There are some weapons that can
stall her death for some time,
but not finish her.
So what should we do? Just sit back and do
Sit here and wait for death to com
That is the truth, Sameer.
We cannot do anything.
Certain things are beyond mankind.
We have to kill her, then whether
she is a witch, or anyone else.
Then whether she dies with her weapon,
or with explosives.
There is one option.
What option?
There is a jeep over there.
If I reach there somehow,
we may not have to kill Kaalo.
No, you will not go there. You won't.
Sir, I don't know how ferocious Kaalo is.
But I will fight until I am alive.
We'll come to no harm, dear.
Sir, take care of Shona. - Yes.
He must be a dead man by now.
So what do we do now?
You take care of the old couple.
Oh God, what do we do?
Sameer is not to be seen.
Could Kaalo have... - No.
Until then, I'll get rid of that jinxed girl.
Uncle, send that girl here.
Come on.
Glory to Lord Hanuman, a sea of knowledge'
Glory to the Monkey God, the enlightened one"
A devotee of Lord Ram, he is very brave"
He's the son of Anjani and
Pawan, the God ofWind"
Ghosts and spirits cannot come near you"
When you chant his name
He can cure all illnesses,
eliminate all pain'
Just invoke him
Listen! Just listen!
Guddu! Guddu! Sameer, listen to me.
Guddu, help!
Someone stop them! - Uncle, help!
Sameer, leave him. - Uncle!
Sameer, leave him.
- Leave him! Why are you fighting?
- What are you two doing!
Move! Sameer, leave him.
Enough! Enough! Why are you
after each other's lif
If you have to fight each other and die,
why are you running away in fear from Kaalo?
Huh? Why are you running away from her?
If you have to fight,
don't fight to belittle each other
Fight to finish Kaalo.
Fight to finish Kaalo.
I trusted you, sir.
I trusted you!
I trusted you. - I got scared.
Let's run out of here.
Come. Come on!
Chandan, remove it.
Remove it!
Hey! Remove it fast!
Remove it, Chandan!
Chandan. Hey! Chandan!
Forgive me, friend.
I feel she is flying over us.
I don't want to die. I'm going.
Chandan! You rascal!
I survived! I survived!
Remove it, please.
Remove it, Sameer. Save me!
That bloody friend of mine!
Remove it.
Sameer, you leave.
Sameer, you leave.
Go, Sameer.
Guddu, I escaped!
I tried to save you.
I even extended my hand.
Don't come near me,
or I'll kill you! Go away!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you. Go away!
I'll kill you up there!
No one can kill me! Go and kill Guddu.
Guddu. At that tree...
A knife was stuck in his hand.
He must be in pain.
He must be in terrible pain.
Forgive me!
Forgive me, friend.
What could I do? It's not my fault.
I'll kill you. Go away!
Move back!
I'll kill you! Don't come near me.
I'm not scared. Hey! I'm not scare
I'm not scared.
Husband! Husband!
Where did you go away?
Where did my husband go?
Where did he go? We were walking together.
Husband! Husband!
Leave me!
Husband! No!
I'd trusted you, sir. I'd trusted you!
I'd trusted you.
Uncle, my wool. - Yes.
Mother. Mother.
Uncle. Arrogant uncle.
Arrogant uncle.
He brought the miracle herb and saved Laxman"
Lord Ram was very pleased
You give all the joys
When you are my saviour, why should I fear
anything? '
All troubles, all pain vanishes,
once you chant he name of Lord Han
Oh Lord, have mercy on me
Shona. Shona.
Shona, what happened, dear?
Let's go.
Arrogant uncle, I have to go to my grandma's
- I'll drop you to your grandma's house.
- And you?
- Where will you go?
- I'll go home. To my village.
But how will you dig a well now?
Your explosives are over.
I'll have to think of something.
- I'll make you dig it.
- Careful!