Kaali (2018)

Son! Don't go to that side...
...there might be rodents, get to the other side and play
Please listen to Mom, don't go that side.
The bull is charging towards you! Run away!
This is my problem...
...not sure if this is a dream or reality!
There's a Snake,
and a bull and its charging towards me.
My name is Bharath,
I live in America.
My parents brought me here, when I was a child.
Now I'm the Managing Director of,
Bharath Multi-Specialty Hospital.
One of the finest Hospitals in New York.
I graduated from London Medical University.
Now I'm one of the leading Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon,
with a 98% success rate.
Thank you very much!
-Hi Bharath. -Hi Dad.
-How's it going? -Superb Dad.
In today's trading, our shares have gone up to 3%.
Wow, that's good.
If we continue this streak, we'll be the #1 Hospital this year.
Being a Doctor is not about saving lives,
or putting a price tag on your patients.
They trust you with their lives.
They will do anything you say.
To them you're a God.
Feel their pain and their loss.
I look at their faces,
and see hope.
And that hope is what makes me wake up everyday,
and do my job.
See them as your own family.
Be a compassionate Doctor.
Not a commercial Doctor.
I am living a life, that everyone envies.
I'm blessed with everything.
In spite of that,
it feels like I have nothing.
Something is missing.
...where are you rushing to? Come have breakfast.
I'm late.
I have an Emergency surgery, got to rush to the hospital.
He's been skipping breakfast daily.
Why don't you say something?
If you had wanted that, then you shouldn't have made me Doctor.
Ya , right!
I should get you married soon.
Only then you'll be under control.
I'm already having nightmares.
Don't you like it that I'm in peace.
What's it Bharath?
Did you have that nightmare again? -Yes Dad.
Get married then,
your dreams will become colorful.
Is that true Dad?
May be...
-Huh...!? -...or may be not.
Bye Dad, bye Mom.
-Just wait and watch. -Bye!
Dr.Bharath, your Mom had an emergency.
They brought her in an ambulance.
-Dad! -Tell me.
Mom's both the kidneys have given up.
We don't have any other choice.
We have to transplant her Kidney immediately.
Doctor, prep for the surgery.
-Ok. -I'll be the donor for my mother.
Not required Bharath, let your uncle come down.
Then we'll proceed for surgery.
His kidney will be a match.
How can you say that Dad?
You're a Doctor, don't you know...
...that one Kidney is enough for a human being to live.
I'll take care of my health.
She's my Mother and I'll donate.
you don't worry, we'll proceed with the surgery.
Your kidney won't be a match.
I don't understand.
We're not your biological parents.
We adopted you and brought you here.
I'm better now.
Mom, you forgot to take the tablets.
-Good Morning Dad. -Good Morning.
Your Father and I,
thought it's better that you dont know this truth.
That's why didn't tell you.
I understand mom.
Now I feel like calling you my mother more than ever!
I have to tell you something,
tell me dear!
I keep talking about this dream,
that a bull is charging towards a small child.
And a snake coming towards him.
I think, it has something to do with my past life.
I think some incident had occurred, when I was a child.
That's why I'm getting nightmares.
Let me go to India once,
and will find out what happened back then.
One week, that's it.
Just for the record.
Please Mom.
Excuse me Sir!
I'm Bharath.
I'm coming from America.
What so!?
On April 11th 1992,
Dr. Ramprasad had adopted a baby boy from this orphanage.
I need some information on that child.
Why do you want to know?
I want to know that.
I'm that child.
I'm not sure, why was I brought here.
I need to know about my biological parents.
There are rules pertaining to this Orphanage.
We can't just giveaway information.
Please leave.
Sir, I've come a long way for this.
Please tell me!
Sorry, I can't.
Why won't you?
I have every right to know.
I too have rights, not to tell.
Please understand, it's for your own good.
You look well educated.
Don't you know what sort of kids land up here.
Even your biological parents, couldn't have raised you in this manner.
If you had remained here, you would have ended up working in a stable.
Please leave, Sir.
Sir, please Sir.
It's better not to dig into the dirt.
Go and enjoy the life you are blessed with.
Sir, I need to meet your superior officer.
-Give me his number. -He's out of station.
He will be back after a week.
I don't care, if you use your influence.
You will not get any information!
Do what you can.
You're looking for an address right!?
Give me 2000, I'll get it in five minutes.
Make it fast, who knows they might demonetise it suddenly.
Kids enough of playtime.
-Dear get down... -Come on, leave...!
It's a silly matter.
If you had bribed him, he would've given it earlier.
-Sir. -Sir!?
-Please pull over. -Ok, Sir.
Who's that?
Hello Sir.
I'm coming from abroad.
Who are you looking for?
Around Twenty Eight years ago,
there used to be a woman and her child here.
That women, put that child at an Orphanage in Chennai and left.
I need to know about her.
Twenty Eight Years Ago!?
Are you talking about Parvathy?
Who are you?
I'm her Son.
If so...
...are you Kaali!?
-Are you Parvathy's son? -Kaali!?
Come here my son, sit down.
Where's my mother, sir?
Your mother passed away son.
Poor thing she came from Kanavkkarai...
She died even before she could see you grow up.
What happened to my mother?
I don't know which rascal betrayed her.
Claimed she was an orphan, when she got here.
Who are you? And what do you want?
Didn't have a heart to chase her away, 'cause she was pregnant.
You were born right here in this hut.
You were her life.
She won't let go of you even for a minute.
You were the apple of her eye.
She'll speak with pride on how you'll rule the world.
You must've been around two years old,
a scared bull from the fields came charging towards you.
She sacrificed herself to save you from that bull.
We took her to the hospital in this village.
In spite of all efforts, we couldn't save her.
"You bore me in your womb with love and care"
"You've stayed hungry, just to feed me"
"I slowly sucked your life out through the umbilical cord"
"You kept losing everyday, so that I could be a winner someday"
"You were my lifeline...Oh dear Mother!"
"Mother! I'm crying for you"
"Mother! I'm crying for you"
"Mother! I'm crying for you"
"Mother! I'm longing for you"
"When your water broke and I arrived"
"In all that pain, you welcomed me with a smile."
"When I held your finger and walked..."
"your heart quivered thinking my unstable feet would get me hurt."
"She turned her milk to blood and left this world.,"
"Even when she was dying, her heart ached for her child."
"In order to celebrate and worship, we have our mother's feet"
"Why do we need Temples for that?"
Do you know anything about my father?
She never uttered a word about him.
I had asked a million times.
I think he must be in Kanavkkarai.
Why is there a bike lying on the road?
There's just a bike, no one is around.
What happened?
TVS 50 bike is lying on the road.
Hey, there's someone fallen in to bushes too.
Please someone come down and save me.
Brother what have you been up to there?
Relaxing, 'cause I'm bored.
Hey, I tripped and fell. Come and help me.
I'm coming.
Be careful, don't trip on to me.
Hold my hands.
Be careful.
Oh no! Your shirt is torn.
Oh! Can't you see me bleed?
-Where did you go? -Who's that?
-Another...? -Come and help me.
It was him who pushed me in to this pit.
Help him too, go on.
Seems like they've teamed up and fell.
Why has he been stitching me up?
Sir, you seemed to behave like a Doctor.
-Are you a Doctor? -Yes, I'm a Doctor.
It was quite evident from the way you look.
-Hey! -Uh!?
Look here, there's a Doctor here to help us.
Come on partner let's leave.
It's better you die alone, don't call me too.
What can I do, if the gear got jammed.
When did that bike had gears? Get lost!
Annoying fellow, are you done Doctor?
-I'm done. -Thank you.
Shall I drop you somewhere?
It's been quite a while, what's he doing still?
Doctor, we're running late.
I'm really busy.
-Driver! -Sir!?
-Increase the AC temperature. -Ok Sir.
Sir, what's your name?
-Kaali! -Kaali...uh!?
I'm really sorry to hear about your story.
What are you going to do?
My mother's name is Parvathy.
and her hometown is Kanavukkarai.
Apart from this, I'm not aware of anything else.
I don't know who betrayed my mother.
I need to know the truth about what happened to her 28 years ago.
One can inquire about their own mother.
But if you inquire about who your father is,
it won't look right.
So, without anyone's knowledge...
...I need to find out who betrayed my mother.
Who am I?
And why I'm here in this village, no one should know.
I'll fill in the rest later.
If he comes to know, then my head will roll like that.
Wonder what's going to happen.
Sir, he's the Head of this village. Periyasamy.
I've said it repeatedly, I don't like being lied to!
How dare you try to cheat me!
Hey, what did he lie about?
He served chicken soup instead of mutton soup.
Why did I even come here!?
-Will you ever lie to me!? -I won't Boss.
-What's it Gopi? -Boss!
Hello Boss!
What story are you going to spin now?
Who's that? And what do you want?
We need soup boss.
I meant uncle has sent him from Madras.
He has done Medicine.
He wants to open a clinic in this village.
-What!? -Huh!
-Clinic uh!? -Yes Sir.
What's the use of opening a clinic in this village?
You can't make money here.
After treating, you might end up paying them.
This won't work out.
I didn't come here to make money.
Pertaining to my project, I have to service in villages like this.
Money is not going to be an issue.
Is that so.
A free service!
-Gopi! -Uh!?
That old Panchayat building is there...
-Show that to Sir. -Ok Boss.
It's vacant at the moment.
You can put up your clinic there.
-Thank you Sir. -You're welcome.
You're the reason, that it's vacant.
I'll skin you alive, how dare you lie to me.
Lets get out of here! He's crazy enough to slap himself if he cant find someone.
Doctor, this is the Panchayat Building.
Our future Clinic.
There's no key for it, for all you know someone might be inside.
Let's check who's inside.
No one seems to be inside.
Now I'm more eager to find out about your father than you.
What if it was my father who did this deed?
And this guy wants a share of my meagre inheritance
Doctor, give me a hand.
I think so...
...Periyasamy the head of our village...
-Yeah. -...I think he might be a suspect.
-Him!? -Yes.
He seems to be a decent person.
They all look decent, but they are the worst lot.
I've heard about him...
...he has a weakness for women and doesn't spare anyone.
Is it so?
What do you mean by that?
There are just 7-8 people who are fair like you in this village.
Periyasamy is one among them.
Everyone else will be pitch dark like a ball of coal.
What do you say? Come on Doctor, tell me.
We welcome you all! Come in for a free health check-up.
Don't watch Tv all day and become couch potatoes.
Come to our Clinic and cure your ailments.
We don't need any money.
Your good health is our utmost concern.
So, make sure to drop in to our Clinic tomorrow morning.
Why are you circling the same street! Get to the next one.
Today youre alive, tomorrow you be might death.
If you consult with our Doctor...
Sister, I'm thinking of taking the kids for a check-up.
How much do you think it'll cost?
-It's free service. -Is it so!
Hey, the fair ones come in the front.
-What's your name? -Muthu!
Go to that corner.
-What's your name? -Indian!
Are we from Pakistan then? Move to that side.
There's a new Doctor in our village.
Thank God, I'm saved.
Competition for this Valli!
I'll handle it.
Take this course day and night for three day you'll be fine.
-Thanks a lot. -You're welcome.
Come in Sir.
Hello Doctor.
Tell me what's wrong with you?
I puke every time I have it, wonder why it's happening?
Is it every time you eat?
Do you eat on time?
I eat sharp on time.
What did you have in the morning?
-A Quarter! -Quarter!?
What does Quarter mean?
No fish though, just the mutton and chicken.
Doctor, when he said Quarter, he meant alcohol.
Do you have it neat or mix it with water?
I mix it with water.
Neat will spoil my health.
Sir, from now on before you take your Quarter
...have your food first. You will not puke.
Thanks a lot, Doctor.
I'll have my food first and then you.
Lets see how you will come out hereafter.
Gopi, next!
-Hey Quarter!? -What?
-Tell me your name. -Mani!
-What's your father's name? -Durairaj.
Do you have only one father?
-Whats your doubt in that?! -Fine, let that go.
-Mother's name? -Krishnaveni!
I can smell an aroma suddenly in the breeze.
Hey Valli, can't you see us standing in a line?
We doctors have a lot to discuss.
Why don't you discuss with the compound-er too, hey don't go inside.
Didnt waste a minute once you heard it's free is it get lost!
Tell me, what's your problem?
You are the doctor why don't you find out yourself.
Can't you find a better place to put this?
Dont try to act smart with me.
Whatever it is, just see and diagnose.
So, you don't want me to touch.
Don't have to keep gawking at me.
-Why are you here? -Why would someone come to a Doctor?
Why are you taking a syringe now?
There's too much fat in your body...
...with one shot, everything will be fine.
Don't try to scare me with these antics.
I'm a Doctor too.
Are you that old hag who does Siddha treatments?
Granny uh!?
Just ask around in the village, then you'll come to know my reputation.
I'll prove it to everyone that you're a quack and chase you away.
Hey, Gopi!
Why are you taking me to this wedding?
Everyone in this village will attend this wedding.
We'll see who's the fairest and will find your father.
That sounds fine,
but how can we go without an invitation.
Who's going to invite me...!
Just have to go with the flow.
-Hello All! -Welcome Gopi!
-He doesn't miss a wedding. -I know!
Why are you giving me that look?
Do you or do you not want to find your Dad?
I have to find him, but not this way.
This is the only way, come on.
Hey what's your business among women? Move aside!
-Hello Sir! -Hello!
-Hope you're doing good? -I'm good, Sir.
Doctor, the entire village is gathered here.
You Father must be here.
But not sure who is it.
Doctor, do you have a family song?
You sing that song, and whoever reacts to it is your father.
Come on sing.
-Song!? -Huh!
Hey, I just asked you to sing...
...dont be dramatic, as if I asked you to compose one.
Hello Father, welcome.
Hello Mr.Groom!
Greetings to one and all.
A miracle which does not happen in other villages,
has happened in our village and I'm really glad about it.
Without any caste differences...
Only a little is left.
Finish it soon!
The sole reason for our unity is our Father, and I request him to bless the bride and groom.
I bless everyone with my heart to for their wishes to come true.
Just like Periasamy said,
caste is not important to us...
...but mankind is... That unity...
...should be cultivated in us for generations to come.
Look at our groom Xavier...
...I remember Lakshmis encounter with him outside the church.
I saw when he got bashed up.
Later they both came announcing their marriage.
You both,
should be together adjusting your differences...
...and I bless you to live a happy married life.
God Bless you all!
Same to you , Father.
Fine, let's get to our work.
-Hey! -Huh!
Are you going to eat?
How can you think such low of me?
I was going take you to the Ex-Village head to inquire about your mother.
-You misunderstood me. -Sorry buddy.
I misunderstood you.
Fine, let's have lunch at his place then.
-Hey! -Hmmm!?
Who's a Naatamai?
Naatamai is a VO.
What's a VO?
It's really hard to explain to you.
"Village Officer"
Didn't you say VO!?
Hey get lost, don't irritate.
Hey Gopi, come on.
Naatamai Alias VO, that's it right!?
-Alias! -Ok.
Come on.
Praying to the God, after committing all the sins, he's the EX-VO.
Hello, Sir.
-Hello! -Do you recognize me?
I do very well.
I'm at home after retirement. You're home jobless.
Why wouldn't I know you.
Didn't I say, he's a funny guy.
He doesn't sound funny.
That's how he is.
-Is he the Doctor? -Hello!
Sir, I have to ask you something important.
Ask me please.
If you don't mind,
years ago have you ever passed a verdict on a women named Parvathy?
-Think hard. -Parvathy...!
You must've have given a wrong verdict.
Yeah, it was for Malaisamy's wife.
Malaisamy's wife!?
Is that Parvathy still alive or dead?
Bloody Bobble head!
Sir, why are you mimicking?
-Turn around. -Where!?
-Morning Aunty! -What's it!?
I'm right here standing alive and you're asking if I'm dead?
I'll disfigure your face!
It already does look like that.
What's it?
-Let's inquire a bit. -Keep moving, she bites.
-What's it Gopi? -Hello Father.
-Seems like you had a great lunch. -You're right.
Unfortunately, it's vegetarian, I couldn't eat to my hearts content.
Father, his name is Kaali.
He has come to our village as a Doctor.
-Hello! -I did hear about you.
I'm really happy Son.
Many come down here to do service just like you.
But they don't last and leave soon.
-Will you stay long? -Sure Father I will.
It'll be great if you could stay and do some good to these people.
I'll do my best.
-Father! -Huh!
Years ago...
...do you remember anyone with name Parvathy?
Think harder Father, come on Father. You'll definitely know her.
Please...tell me.
Isn't Malaisamy's wife name is Parvathy?
You know her right!?
-"I'll disfigure your face!". -I do know, Father.
"Dear Vanmathy, you're my Parvathy..."
-I got him! -See you later Doctor.
Hey Doctor, I found your Father.
"Oh my lover, look in to my eyes"
Can't figure out where the sound is coming from.
"Dear Vanmathy, you're my Parvathy..."
Why is this fellow singing Parvathi's song?
Is he Doctor's father?
If so, it's better we call off the search!
Even the moon is confusing me, being half and not full.
Why did that man sing that song?
I have a hunch that, he might be your father.
Who are you talking about?
Valli's father.
But your faces don't match.
On the other hand, Valli is a Siddha Doctor
You're a Doctor from abroad.
What if Valli is your sister?
If so, then I'll be your brother in law.
Oh no!
What happened?
Doctor, someone has cursed us with black magic.
Black magic!? What's that?
Damn it, you and your questions!
Some people wish and pray for the downfall of others
Why would someone do that?
Well, thats mankind in its glory!
Oh no!
Someone who is jealous of my success has gone to all this trouble.
-I'm really scared. -Take that coconut.
Feels like someone is strangling my neck already.
What's your problem?
I think all the ghosts have surrounded us.
And this voodoo doll looks like my Dad.
-MUMMY! -Awesome sister, let's run.
What happened?
The ghost has possessed me.
Hey who are you?
Hey baldhead!
Do you expect me to reveal right away!?
You don't know, who you're messing with.
Damn you duffer, I'm sitting right in front of you, can't you see?
-Take out that whip. -Whip!?
Hey, it's me Parvathy...
...now you're talking, where are you from?
Really you don't know!? I'm from around here.
I don't know, tell me in detail.
Everyone one of you betrayed me, 28 years ago.
Who betrayed you?
I don't know, that's why I came to you.
If you dont know yourself, how would I?
Ask someone in the crowd.
Does anyone know?
-Do you guys know? -What about you people?
No one sees to know, open your mouth.
Get lost!
-Mom! -Ah...!
Were you able to find anything about your father?
Nothing yet Mom.
I'm searching for him with my mother as the clue.
Hey...come on, come on.
Be quick!
Hey, Doctor uses this to touch the women.
Hey, this is called Stethoscope.
They use this to check the heartbeat.
Check if there's anything else, come on look.
What are you guys doing there?
-Uh...we came to pick up the ball. -Ball!?
How can you take it from there, come here.
-Get in and take it. -Hey come on guys.
Hey, it's going to be fun.
What's happening?
My stomach is upset sister.
I'm a Doctor,
you should say "Stomach is upset Doctor".
Fine, my stomach is upset Doctor.
How many times did you poop?
Oh no! I never counted.
Then go count and get back.
What's your problem?
I have fever Doctor.
Fever uh!?
That'll cost you a lot.
If so, I have an headache Doctor.
-Take this course thrice a day, you'll be fine. -Ok Doctor.
Hey, run!
Oh no! The Englishmen is here.
I knew, that it must be your work!
No, it was them who asked for it.
If they ask, where is your sense.
Do you think these are play things?
A life can be lost, if not taken wisely...
They're not placebo medicines like yours.
Take this as well.
Try to be responsible.
Son, on my buttocks...
...there's a boil.
Somehow please cure me.
Let me examine you.
That's not required.
Just prescribe some medicines,
I'll take care of it myself.
I can only prescribe after looking at it.
You shouldn't hide anything from the doctor.
How can you say that?
If it was to be looked and treated...
...I would've done it last month.
Shouldn't hide anything from the Doctor, it seems!
How can we trust you with our wives and kids.
Did you see that Doctor?
How he spoke to you.
If at all you come again, I'll scrape it out myself.
-Hey, Sanjay! -Uh!
Go inside.
Leave your slippers here.
Who's that?
Valli! how come you're waiting in a line?
Are you looking to steal his underwear too?
I'm here as a patient.
What's it?
Tell me.
What I did the other day was wrong.
I won't repeat it again.
I dropped by to say that.
Fine, you can leave.
Won't you scold me for what I did?
You said it was a mistake.
I forgive you, please leave.
Hey, what do you want now?
Patients are waiting, please leave.
I'm not well.
Tell me, what happened?
My heart is palpitating,
I need consoling.
I'm not feeling hungry, I need to be fed.
I can't sleep either, make me sleep.
Do you have medicines for this?
Yes there is.
What's he writing?
Indigestion Problem.
Have this, you'll be fine.
Hey Doctor, what's happening inside?
Doesn't sound like treatment is going on.
I've given you the medicines. Now leave.
-Wonder how you became a doctor. -What did you say?
I said, "Thanks a lot".
Sir, your courier.
Please sign here.
Thank you Sir.
-Hey Gopi. -What?
I have a feeling, Periyasamy is my father.
'Cause, we both are lefthanders!
How do you know, that he's a lefthander?
You're right, he's a lefty.
I have to run a DNA test on him.
Is there a possibility to get his blood, hair, spit or a nail!?
You sound like you are ordering some extra meat at the butcher shop!
What's a DNA test?
I'll explain it later.
For now I need his spit, hair, nail or a towel.
If I get you his towel, you'll find your father?
Then ride straight to his house.
Oh no!
He slaps just for asking how he is.
And we're here to steal from him.
Where did he...?
Hey, Doctor!
Boss, it wasn't me.
Don't you have the slightest fear that you're here to steal?
Come let's hide behind this stack.
Have you ever committed robbery?
No I haven't, why?
I've robbed.
-Really!? -Have got beaten up too.
I'm the leader for this gang and robbers.
-Gang!? -Huh!
-not there right? -Nope.
Follow me!
That's his towel.
Wait for a second, I'll be back.
Be careful.
It looks like Sarathkumar's wig from Simha Rasi.
Now make sure to get it right.
No one's here.
Is he a crossdresser?
You've been taking out everything but the towel.
Hook it right and lift it.
Oh no! There's a thief inside the house.
Why did you stick it into a grinder! It's his wife! Come on, run!
-Hey! -What happened sister?
There's a thief inside the house.
-Hey you go this side and look. -Ok brother.
-Check near the well. -They're dead meat.
-Don't lose them. -I won't!
Hey Gopi!
Give me a better idea.
Do I look like a expert in this matter?
Doctor, stealing is risky.
Rather, let's get them drunk and confess.
What are you saying?
People here will lie even if you ask for their name.
But if you get them alcohol,
they'll spill the beans.
Who ever we think might be your father,
we'll get them drunk and get their confession.
-How's the idea? -It sounds good though...
How can we ask a stranger to have a drink, won't they take it wrong?
That's why you should've been in India.
If you offer someone tea, no one will be interested.
But if you offer them a drink, even in their sleep they will come forward.
-Really!? -Yes!
Come let's leave.
You are not even aware of our culture.
I asked you to get imported liquor. Why did you get a local brand?
I knew you'll ask.
In the history of Indian drinking,
for the first time...
...local liquor inside an imported bottle.
That's Boss's mother.
Hello Ma'am.
-Hello. -Hello Grandma
How come you're here so late?
We came to meet the Boss.
-Aren't you the Doctor? -Yes!
Is that medicine in your hand?
That's water.
Doctor is being cautious and carries boiled water is it?
Yes thats right, with caution.
Look, my son is here.
Oh no, Bigg Boss is here.
Fine, you carry on.
-Hello Boss. -Welcome Brother.
I was going to invite you myself for a feast.
But you beat me to it and treating me for your birthday instead.
Nowadays a celebration involves a drink party, doesnt it!
That's right!
If you don't like it, I'll take it back.
Oh no! You've got this with so much love.
Why would I say no to it?
-Come let's get in. -Thought as much.
Imported liquor is the best.
-Fix your drink. -I don't drink.
Brother, It's your birthday.
How can you not have a drink? Get one.
-Have a drink. -Hmmm.
Drink up, Cheers....!
Dont you know you have to say cheers?
I'm not in the habit.
-Cheers! -Cheers!
...what's your opinion about me?
Ummm, I think you're always looking for free drinks.
Brother, what's your age?
I'm 28 years old.
Twenty Eight!
Shall I tell you something?
If I had a son,
he would've been just like you.
This is not the life I had intended for.
My life...
...was over with her.
-With whom did you say? -He's getting to the point.
What are you saying?
You heard it right.
She was my treasure.
I can still hold her in my eyes.
Just like I saw her the first time.
No one was even close to being as beautiful as her in the college.
I was in my final year that time.
Damn it, can't imagine him as a student.
Let's imagine him in that frame.
It's better to get killed by them than keep living without your love.
What's that noise?
Your girl is rehearsing for a drama.
What happened?
Why are you wasting your time?
You've been stalking her for a year now.
Whats her response?
There's no use of running behind here on.
They'll make a fool out of you.
You shouldn't trust a girl who accepts your love instantly.
The girls who make you run behind them, test you and then accept your love,
they are the ones who will stay loyal forever.
We should always choose someone like that.
Then why don't you propose to her.
Just shut up.
I'm sure he still remembers what happened last time.
That's why he's scared.
Buddy, does that mean you're scared.
Hey, why did you irritate him!
What do you want?
I want to talk to her. It's personal.
Doesn't matter, you can tell me.
Idiot! Can I say "I Love You" to your face?
Kumar, what's your business with that rogue. Come on let's leave.
Buddy, where are you taking me now?
Did you ask the same, when I took you to the canteen earlier?
Why would I ask?
Then you shouldn't ask now either.
I got rid of him too.
Why has he come here?
Desperate fellow!
Can you step out, please.
Why are you asking her to leave, you stay right here.
I just need 5 minutes alone with her.
Please step outside.
I won't leave, I will stay right here.
...shall we talk for 5 minutes?
Damn, no ways!
What's this? Rowdyism!?
Spare me with your arrogance.
Wait, I'll complaint to the Principal about this.
Hey, just a minute.
I just have two words to say.
Two Words!?
You're going to say that you "Like Me" , right!?
If you want a girl to like you back, she should long to see you again.
But I regret every time I see you.
What's impressive about you, for me to consider?
Doesn't have any other business.
Acting is an Art.
That should reflect in your eyes.
Audience should stand up and applaud.
Shouldn't stand up and run away.
He must've made many run away.
Why is he here?
-Hello Sir. -What?
I want to act in this play.
You want to act!?
It's not some common street play from a village.
It's "Romeo & Juliet".
Let alone act,
but to even watch you need some knowledge.
Bunking college,
I'll call you when I'm about to make a play of that sort, you can act.
I'm an average actor.
-Oh! so you can act? -Yes Sir.
He can act it seems.
Take this.
Read out these lines and act.
Just once...!
Just once, tell me you love me.
I'll change my name.
From that moment I won't be Romeo.
Whatta Performance! Whatta Performance!
Applause everyone! It's Romeo!
Applaud well, he out did Shakespeare.
This story is set in the backdrop of Verona.
In that town, the enmity among the two families...
...exploded in to violence.
Two lovers from either families are in a state of committing suicide.
Their death puts an end to the enmity between the families.
We're going to witness their undying love that ended their families rivalry.
The name you bear is my enemy.
Even if you're not a Romeo...
...you'll remain the same.
Lose the name which doesn't suit you at all.
In return, you can take all of me.
What's it Juliet? Did Romeo runaway?
I trust in your words, Juliet!
Just once...
Just once tell me that I'm your lover, Juliet...
...I'll change my name.
From that moment on, I'm not Romeo.
How would I call you without a name?
My name is an enemy to me,
that's why I hate my name.
You've never spoken to me even for a while.
But I recognize this voice.
You're Romeo right!?
I'm not anything which you don't like.
Juliettes uncle opposes Romeo and Juliettes love.
Romeo dies thinking Juliet is dead.
Juliet taking her life for the sake of Romeo.
Look, this is your dagger.
Let it pierce through my body...
...and take my life.
"Centuries to come, I will be reborn just for you"
"Just like your eye lashes I will protect you"
"I'll be your unshakable support"
"For you, I will lay down my life."
"You're a blessing from God, who fell into my arms"
"My prayers were answered, when I met you."
"I have been blessed, what can I do for you in return?"
"Just take my life, which is all I've got"
"Centuries to come, I will be reborn just for you"
"Just like your eye lashes I will protect you"
"Just like a crevice fills, I will flood you with love, my dear."
"I'll embrace your arrogance with a tight hug"
"I'll bear all of you with my heart and soul, my dear"
"I'll be just thinking of you, when the world is about to end"
"In the secret corner of my heart..."
"......you sit there like a queen"
"All the happiness in this world..."
"...comes in the shape of you"
"You adopted me as I lay in your lap, my dear"
"I will refuse to turn and look, even if God descends"
"My heart just beats for you, Oh my dear"
"Even when I'm asleep my lips utter your name"
"Just to bury myself into you..."
"...I will be reborn again and again"
"Even if you're far away..."
"...I'll walk to the horizon"
"Centuries to come, I will be reborn just for you"
"Just like your eye lashes I will protect you"
"I'll be your unshakable support"
"For you, I will lay down my life."
"You're a blessing from God, who fell into my arms"
"My prayers were answered, when I met you."
"I have been blessed, what can I do for you in return?"
"Just take my life, which is all I got"
"Centuries to come, I will be reborn just for you"
"Just like your eye lashes I will protect you"
You won't cheat me right!?
Why would I cheat you?
What should I do now?
Take me along with you right away.
How can I take you with me now?
Then, when will you? After our child is born?
It's not that, give me sometime.
Let me speak to my parents.
By then my parents will commit suicide!
Look here...
...we're getting married at Palani tomorrow morning.
We'll elope tonight.
Are you happy now?
I sent you to study at the college.
But whats this about love and nonsense.
How can I face our relatives, if you drag in some other caste woman!
Caste is more important, than anything else.
Just like we had decided, you'll marry your uncle's daughter.
If you refuse to do that, then itll get rough for you.
I can't, you marry her if you want!
How dare you?
Your studies, food moreover your clothes, everything is provided by your uncle.
Do you think It was all for free?
It's a dowry, for you to marry their daughter.
Even last month I took 1 lakh from him.
How can I face him, when he asks?
Aren't you ashamed to take dowry, rather you beg on streets!
Bloody, lets see how you get out!
I'll get you married soon,
Youre being arrogant with me!?
Dad, open the door.
Look here, you're blindly trusting him.
He'll dump you for sure one day.
Dad, open the door.
What happened!?
Someone murdered our Gounder (Caste).
We shouldn't spare even a soul, come on brother.
I'm coming.
Please listen to what I have to say.
Your parents will never agree to this.
It's better you let him go.
You won't realize now, but later you will.
Forgive me Samy!
Please forgive me.
Romeo and Juliet is claimed to be the true love in this world.
That's how I always loved my Juliet.
I always bore her in my eyes.
She was my treasure...
...I was that unfortunate being who saw her die in front of my eyes.
She left her mother, father, relatives and everything...
...for me, trusting in me.
I lost my angel.
Somehow I'm holding on to this life.
She was carrying my child in her womb.
She thought I deceived her...
...but it was her who deceived me and left me to suffer.
I've been living this life with a heavy burden.
I tried to take my life, when she was gone.
But they saved me on that day.
Ever since Ive been living like a lifeless person.
Living like a walking dead.
What's her name?
When you go to the temple with your troubles, there is only more trouble jumping at you!
This is just like that.
-Since I've listened to Periyasamy's story... -Uh!?
-I'm really sad, Gopi. -Yeah right!
I know everything about the people of this village are up to.
I know how many hypocrites sit amongst us drinking and claim drinking is bad.
Alright Gopi, so why did you bring me here?
Instead of wasting our liquor for a story which could prove futile
We can listen to all the stories without spending a penny.
It's enough, if you ask them how are you? Then you'll regret asking.
They won't stop talking.
I thought your mood will change once we get here.
You still seem upset.
-It's not that Gopi. -Huh!?
My parents are in New York...
...but I've been roaming the streets like an orphan here.
You dont seem to do it alone, you tag me along too.
Your treatment is working wonders.
I stopped vomiting.
But I can only take a quarter a day.
Even you follow the same.
No problem!
Buy the original liquor.
Is that your customer?
-How much is it? -Rs.84/-
What's this 40 rupees for?
-It's for omelet. -Omelet!?
-Did you have omelet? -No I didn't.
-Did you? -No!
-What's that? -what about you?
I'm just drinking.
Brother, you did have an omelet.
We didn't have an omelet and you've charged us for it.
Damn you, trying to cheat at this young age.
Oh God!
Don't hit him, he's our guy.
He's just a small kid.
-Brother it's hurting. -He's a small brat.
Take what they owe you and keep the change.
Hey stop right there.
A crook supporting a crook!
Who are you to pay our bills?
Are you the father of that orphan?
Or is his mother your mistress?
Come on, kill him.
Come on quick.
Quick, kill him!
Hey, Dear!
Why dont you give me those boxes, Ill use it to store spices
Hey Old hag, better leave or else Ill skin you alive!
Its like that saying, The one who cant hold a knife, has 58 knives".
Just keep staring at those boxes.
Doctor it seems, really!?
Stay jobless!
Thank goodness, at least you're available.
What do you mean by that?
That Doctor has been hurt.
When I went there, he said can't consult today.
That's why I came to see you.
-Oh no! -Why is she getting emotional?
What happened?
I got hurt on this hand.
Not you sister, I was asking about the Doctor.
Not sure, he was wearing bandage on the hand.
-Is that so? -That's right.
-Poor thing right!? -Ya, poor thing.
-Which hand is it? -This hand dear.
Im not talking about you, which hand was the doctor hurt in?
Not sure which one...
...I'm the one whos suffering and you don't seem to bother.
-Fine, show that. -Have a look.
Ah...! The wound looks deep.
-For whom? -Obviously you.
-Who else? -Oh, something's fishy.
Open your month.
-Ah...! -You'll be fine, you can go.
How did you get hurt?
Well, I fell down.
Where did you fall?
-Near by... -Where exactly?
You came to apply medicine right!?
Get on with it!
What medicines are you applying?
Does anyone ask you, when you give them an injection?
My medicine is as good as yours, don't underestimate.
Open your mouth.
I should be thanking you.
It doesn't matter who says it.
That guy has been roaming in the forest like mad man for past month.
-Is it so? -Yes.
Stop brother.
Brother please stop.
If you don't stop, will throw a stone at you.
I've been screaming here, and you're ignoring me.
I'm not scared of these antics.
Who are you? And what's your name?
Thala Vettiyaan Maari!
Do you know him?
Everyone knows Thala Vettiyaan Maari, who lived in the village.
Who are you?
This is a mistake!
Why did you guys stop me?
Sir, my name is Kaali.
I run a clinic in this village.
You missed this last night in the fight.
I saw a tattoo on your arm that read Parvathy,
Who's that?
My mother's name is Parvathy too...
...but she's no more.
What happened to your Parvathy?
This scar,
is an identity, that Parvathy gave me.
A memory carved on to my forehead.
Just like this scar, shes inside of me, filling up all my senses...
Wait, I'm coming.
What are you going to do?
Hey, who are you? And why are you here?
I came to rob the house.
You're here to rob?
-Yes! -Leave, if not will stab you.
Really...you'll kill me!? I can't go empty handed.
Oh God!
Don't scream, just whisper.
Sit down.
Sit down...Sit down!
I said sit down.
I'll kill you, sit down.
Oh no, the jewels.
Hey take that watch.
What are you looking at? Take that watch.
Take it, if not will stab you.
Will tear you apart.
Damn you!
Bloody thief, you're trying to mess around with me.
Give me the money.
Hey, back off, I'll scream out loud.
Go on and scream.
If somebody comes, you'll be in trouble. Go on scream.
-Hey -Let go off my hand.
Listen to me, just let me go.
I'm being patient, 'cause you're a women. If not will slit your throat.
You can use your antics elsewhere.
Give me whatever you've taken, I'll let you live.
-If not... -Are you threatening?
Do you know who am I?
Do you know who am I?
Do you know who am I?
You're using your strength against a women,
is this your valour?
Women, really!? and that too you?
Who's in the forest?
-Tell me...Tell me damn it! -don't hit me.
-Don't hit me, it's hurting. -Tell me!
-Tell me...Tell me. -It's hurting!
-Tell me damn it! -It's hurting.
Speak up...speak up...Speak up!
Why didn't you turn up for work yesterday?
Sir, I did inform you that I'm going to my hometown.
How's that a thief got in, exactly when you were off duty.
Hey, stop! Where are you going?
Sir, you take care of me, youre my saviour.
I grew up under your mercy.
I have no intentions of betraying you.
I really have no idea, who stole from you.
Take him away!
Hey, take him away.
Sir, you don't have to worry.
Someone who does not know us has dared to do this.
He must be an outsider.
I'll find out who, will chop his head off and present it to you.
Come here.
What's she looking at?
Did you happen to see someone?
Damn! Someone has conveniently entered our house and stolen,
And you don't know!?
I'll strangle you!
How can you be so careless?
If youre irresponsible like this,
you will sleep through even when someone stabs me!
Should give you a sound thrashing.
Get lost! Get the lunch ready.
Who else could've done it?
I'm investigating, I'll catch him soon.
People are scared to walk into my house even during the day.
He had the nerve to walk in during the night, he shouldn't be alive.
I'll catch him.
I should see his dead body in two days.
-Ok!? -Sure!
-Go on, get him. -Sure, Sir!
Hey girl!
What are you looking for?
You're looking for your wedding chain right!?
Do you really need it?
What happened? Why are your cheeks red?
Get me my wedding chain, I have to go.
I asked what happened.
Do you think, he'll be calm after what you did last night?
Give me the chain, I have to go.
You were going to murder him...
...then why do you need this wedding chain?
That doesn't concern you.
Give me the wedding chain.
Tell me why you were going to kill that old hag, then I'll give you this.
Oh No!
You don't know my situation.
Are you going to give me that or not?
Tell me why were you going to kill him, I'll give you this.
How's everything?
Sir, with your grace, I'm managing.
I'll clear my debt by the next harvest.
Das, how much does Perumal owe us with interest?
It's 1 Lakh and Forty Thousand Rupees.
-A Lakh and forty Thousand!? -Did you hear that?
It's a Lakh and Forty Thousand.
And you think you can pay up by next harvest?
-Huh!? -Yes!
-I'll manage Sir. -He's really naughty.
Das tell him, I'm quite shy about this.
-Perumal! -Sir!
Consider that 1 lakh and forty thousand as gifts for your granddaughter.
Boss, likes your grand daughter,
if you give your blessing, we can have the wedding tomorrow.
Sir, she's too young.
I'll sell all the jewels I have and clear the debt by next month.
Perumal! Everything under the sky will sleep,
But an interest never sleeps!
Send your granddaughter with me, you idiot.
-Das, get her. -Ok.
Hey old man, he's not going to make her his mistress.
He's going to marry her.
Hey guys get her.
Let go off me.
Please don't sir, please don't.
Grand pa! Grand pa!
Please have mercy on us...
Let me go.
Grand pa!
Grand pa!
For god sake give me my chain.
Well, since I took it,
let me put it back in the same place.
-Hey dear! -Ah..!
What's your name?
Well, find out from my husband!
"My lovely! My sweetness!"
"Take me and go sweetheart"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you mischief-maker"
"I'm losing myself, without my knowledge"
"My heart beats for you with no control"
"Heart is melting with love, and longs for you"
"Mischief-maker! Mischief-maker!"
"Take me and go, mischief-maker"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you, sweetheart"
"My manhood that stood tall, leaps after seeing you."
"My protected pride has shattered into pieces"
"Wonder when was this art created, even the shadows are blushing"
"My ten fingers drew flowers in the sands of the dry jungle"
"Her dimples have caught me off guard "
"As I stand ashore, he washed me away as a wave"
"I'm that angel"
"Youve shown me the scent of love"
I can't live without you even for a moment.
You were born for me.
Don't you understand?
I'm married.
Who!? that old man!?
When two souls are drawn together, in this universe, thats called marriage.
This is our destiny.
Don't you understand?!
"My lovely! My lovely!"
"Take me and go sweetheart"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you mischief-maker"
"The lock of curls on the forehead teases me like a coiled snake "
"Like a naughty kid, you cant seem to keep your hands to yourself."
"Its like the shower of flowers that floats like the particles in the air."
"As the cupid lights the sky, your persona increases my desire."
"I've crossed many universes, don't restrict me"
"Im going to be yours, but dont intimidate me"
"The milky Moon, invites this couple"
"To live together."
"My lovely! My sweetness!"
"Take me and go sweetheart"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you mischief-maker"
"I'm losing myself, without my knowledge"
"My heart beats for you with no control"
"Heart is melting with love, and longs for you"
"Mischief-maker! Mischief-maker!"
"Take me and go, mischief-maker"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you, sweetheart"
-Parvathy! -What?
I'm very happy!
Ask me for something?
What do I ask?
Demand something huge.
Anything that is available in this world.
What else would I ask...
I just want a Jr.Maari just like you.
Beyond that I don't need anything else.
But I will never raise him a thief like you.
When are you going to take me away?
We will leave from here tomorrow.
-Tomorrow!? -Yes.
Hey, Idiot.
Come on!
Don't do anything to her.
Let me go....Maari!
Hey let him go.
Let go!
Bloody arrogant woman.
So, you desire for young men now?
Ah..!? You guys wanted to leave together right!?
I'll send you both together.
Is he still alive?
He's half dead,
we were waiting for you.
Finish him off. Hack them into pieces and feed them to the hawks.
Slay them!
"What harm did you do...?"
"Why were you born in this world?"
"Where are you leaving me and going? Youre leaving!"
"Bidding goodbye to this world, as there's no humanity left..."
"...you're leaving with a confusion...you're leaving!"
"Enough of suffering and to change the path,"
"you're on a quest in search of a new path"
"You're leaving!"
This is where Parvathy bled for me.
Do you know why I'm here after so many years?
The air in this forest...
...carries my Parvathy's life.
The sound which fills this forest...
...still echoes her existence.
I'm here to relive that feeling.
Everything went in vain.
Seems like no one knows about your mother in this village.
You've tested everyone who have been to our clinic.
No one seems to be a match.
Getting the rest to our clinic and testing them is just impossible.
-Where will Father be now? -Must be in Church.
Fantastic, that's a great idea.
Unaware that blood pressure can cause faint spells,
this is a lot which believes that its the work of spirits.
I know Father.
That's the reason thought of conducting a health camp and run tests on everyone.
But Im not sure if they'll turn up.
If you request, they'll come.
You're doing noble thing.
You carry on, it's my responsibility to bring everyone.
Thanks a lot father, I'll take leave.
-Ill leave too, Father. -Sure!
-Gopi! -Hmmm!
I need two additional nurses for this.
You don't have to worry about that.
I'll get 4 nurses from the Town Hospital.
Will you take care of the expenses?
-Huh!? -Sure come on.
But they'll be around 40 years old.
Welcome, welcome, welcome! Come to our clinic for a free health check-up
And along with it, collect your free sarees and dhotis!
Hey Govinda, you're diabetic right!? Come in tomorrow and get checked-up.
Come on, keep coming!
Come on, Come on...stop right there.
-Unload everything. -Ok partner.
I'm Doctor Gopi!
They all look so good, Doctor won't let me do anything.
Who is he? He looks so funny!
Sister have a look at this.
Sister, if we don't take control, that guy will take over our village.
Hey give some respect, if not I'll whack you.
So, the story has changed tracks
Well, well carry on!
You leave from here.
-I'm leaving! -Come on leave.
What happened to him?
What happened Kathaayi?
Hello Father!
He was coughing all night.
Im asking him to get checked up, but he's being stubborn.
Where's he? call him.
Why are you refusing?
It's not that father, what if they try to misguide...
As if they're going to do that and bill you.
Come on let's go.
Come on!
-What's your name? -Sivakarthikeyan!
-Sivakarthikeyan uh!? -Hmmm.
What is this, Sri Divya?
-Sign this. -I can't.
Obviously, place your fingerprint.
Sivakarthikeyan it seems.
The next one.
-What's your name? -Vijay Sethupathi.
-Vijay Sethupathi uh!? -Yes!
Did you see this Aishwarya? Sign this and leave.
Cartoon Figure!
Get lost!
Granny, where you going? come here.
-What's your name? -Ragasiya!
-What's your age? -85!
How is your health?
Let go!
Bloody Moron!
-How can you hold a girl's hand? -GIRL!?
Even my husband doesn't touch me without my permission.
Look at that face like a half-done potato! ...huh!
Hey, whom are you calling half-baked!
What! you spare an old lady, partner?
Hey, it's not what it seems.
Look here...
...I've been around for two hours...
-did I misbehave? -No you didn't.
Doctor is here continue to work.
-Notorious brat! -Father...Father...Father!
What have you been doing here?
I was just looking, please let me go.
Come in.
Father, Ive left something on the stove. Let me get back to it.
Your antics wont work with me.
Come inside.
I'm coming, let go off me.
-Hello! -Hello!
-Son! -Father.
Run tests on her.
Sure Father.
If not she'll run away.
Show me your hand.
Don't inject here, it will hurt.
Inject here dear!
An animal injection is the apt one for him.
Shall I inject?
-Inject... -Hmmm!
-Thank you. -Go sell it elsewhere.
Oh you!
This color will suit you better.
Is this your father?
Hey, I'm her husband.
Oh husband...we're out of Dhoti's. You too take a saree for yourself.
-I'll whack you. -Get lost!
As if you're the ideal husband.
You too take a saree and leave.
-Bye! -Bye.
It's really hard for me...
Let's meet up on Facebook and Whats App.
I'll call when the Doctor isn't around, come to the hospital.
"I'm on fire...I'm on fire"
How will you find your relatives through this test?
Every cell in our body consists of an DNA.
That's our Genetic Code.
Our father and mother...
...their parents.
The DNA will be transferred over the generations.
That's why we have similar qualities of our parents.
DNA which is passed over the generations,
in some category, will have an unique match.
If we test that DNA and compare...
...we can say who our parent are, and will have a substantial proof of it.
That's the reason, I'm running the blood test of these villagers,
I'm trying to figure out who my father is.
Who's that? Is that you Doctor!?
Yes grandma.
What's it?
-We ran tests the other day. -That's right...
-I've got medicines... -Come in.
Please come inside.
Be careful, don't bump your head.
Please sit down.
Thanks a lot for the Saree.
First time youve come home, let me get you something to drink.
-No need please, just get me water. -Ok!
-Who's in this picture? -That's my daughter.
She's no more.
What's her name?
It's "Poomayil".
She wasnt even married...
...left me like an orphan and died in a fire accident.
Where was this taken?
It was taken at the church.
She used to work there.
Who's this grandma?
That's our Father John!
-Is Father available? -He's in a Sermon.
Please wait inside, he'll be with you soon.
Great! Welcome Doctor.
-When did you get here? -Just now.
Come on take a seat.
Thanks a lot Father.
Everyone co-operated well during the medical camp.
That's why came in person to thank you.
There's nothing to thank, Son.
It's really hard to find someone like you.
This was a small gesture from my side.
I ran tests on everyone.
But didn't run test on you.
Oh yeah, that's right.
Parvathy is not my mother's name.
It's "Poomayil".
My grandmother thinks she lost her daughter in a fire accident.
What would've happened?
Why did your mother had to change the name and re-locate?
Also, she has made people believe she is dead!
I think my father must be the reason behind all this.
Were you able to find out who is he?
Not yet, Mom!
He's the Lord of the Sheep.
He's the one, who washed away sins of the world.
"I met a pure soul today"
"His name was Kaali"
"I take it that he was sent by the Lord to serve the people."
"In a year, I will become a Father and serve the Lord"
"I was welcomed with lightning and thunder on the first day to Kanavkkarai"
"I was sure that, my first duty to serve the lord will start in this Village"
"I was happy and went along with it"
"First day to Kanavkkarai..."
"...was welcomed by rain with lightning and thunder"
"I was sure that, my first duty to serve the lord will start in this Village"
"I was happy and went along with it"
The road is broken and flooded.
-I can't take it anymore. -We'll get there.
We can't go this way, it's logged heavily with water.
Brother come on soon.
I can't bear this pain.
We'll get there soon.
Don't know where to go? Theres water everywhere.
"In the name of caste..."
"...this village was divided in half"
"I came to know there were different customs for upper and lower caste."
Just a bit more, we'll be there. Please bear with me.
Oh God!
Who's coming so late in the night?
-Oh God! -Hey, who are you all?
Can't you hear?
Who are you?
Brother, theyre lower caste, they've entered our street.
Please forgive us, my wife is in labor.
I'm taking her to the Doctor.
Bloody dogs! Don't you know, that can't enter these streets?
Oh no, don't know what to do?
Fine, nothing's wrong. Just bear for a while.
I know!
The baby's neck is wrapped by umbilical cord.
If we dont treat them on time, both lives will be lost.
Please let us through.
What are they doing?
It was a mistake that you guys were born.
What's the purpose if your child is born too?
Go around.
Sir, that side the water is heavily logged.
It'll be of great deed, please let us through this one time.
Please show us mercy
Hey, let go off my hand.
They won't listen to us easily.
Unfasten the bulls.
-Hey! -Oh no!
Oh no, I'm not able to take it.
-Chase them... -It's hurting.
Hey beat him up.
Oh God!
-Oh God! -Don't, please don't.
-Don't! -It's hurting.
I came in a car, you can take that.
Hey who's that, beat him up.
Boss, last night someone new to the village...
...beat up Das and our men.
It's not an easy task, like you think.
Caste difference is deeply ingrained in these peoples blood
We can't eradicate it, with just anger.
But at the same time can't stay indifferent to injustice.
You've come to serve the God.
You're not God.
Who had the guts to touch my men?
-It's him. -Oh...Oh!
So he's that angry man.
Hello Sir, how are you?
Father, you're pretending as if nothing has happened.
I heard about the incident.
He's new to the church.
He's here to study the course.
I'll make him understand.
Boss, you just let me handle. Will break his bones.
Boss, you just let me handle. Ill break his bones.
Hey! Hold on!
-Father! -Tell me Sir.
I'm letting it go, for your sake.
Even our people visit the Church.
Our ancestors have set the ways to respect our caste.
It's a practice followed for generations.
Make him understand.
Or else, well have to make him understand.
I will chop your head off.
In village of Kanavukkarai,
people weren't united...
...and like Senior Father said, they lived with so much differences and hatred.
Welcome Father, please sit down. Have a cup of tea.
A cow does not produce milk differently because we are all the same in its eyes.
It is people like you,
Whove created these differences in the name of caste among mankind.
No matter how much you divide people...
...their mouth, their stomach, their hunger
And the taste on their tongue is no different.
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"Who says you are lowly by birth?"
"By dint of labor show them your worth"
Let these hard-times end with us,
we don't want our children to go through the same.
My child should get good education and become wise like you.
Please pick a name for this child who you saved.
"O dear man! To you belongs this Earth"
"Battered and bruised, of God theres dearth"
"No more a slave, no you are not!"
"Reading and writing will change your lot."
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"Admitted to school based on caste? Such a school, it should not last. "
"Got a job thanks to your caste? Then throw it out real fast!"
"Soul knows no colour or creed Every child is divine indeed"
Why do you say such things?
Whether its your child or hers, every childs first cry is "Mother"
"No one above you!"
"No one is below you!"
"No distance between me and you."
"Get up and stand I beseech And the sky is within reach"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
You are paying only 1 Rupee? Pay up the rightful amount.
How dare you question me?
-Hey! -Hey!
They're just the kites floating in the air,
someone else's is controlling them, cut that out.
"What is high and low in fire? Come light it, my dear"
"Drive away all the dark Bring, my dear, the lark."
"We breathe the same air"
"The Earth is our common lair
"To the rivers with their gushing water Our line and stock, do they matter?"
"A piece of rag you are not, to be torn"
"Poor or no, you are not born a coward"
"An eye for an eye is a meaningless lie"
"Get up and stand, I beseech you And the sky is surely within reach"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"O dear man, wipe away your tear"
"O dear man, lets march on without fear"
"Who says you are lowly by birth?"
"By dint of labour show them your worth"
Who do you think you're messing with?
Thrash him!
Break his bones.
How dare you!
Be careful.
-Oh no! he's hurt so badly. -Take him inside.
Poomayil, please take good care of him.
He's running temperature.
I've committed a sin.
To this divine life,
I'm no longer eligible.
Jesus never punishes one.
Sins and remorse are the crux of this world.
Come forward and confess what's troubling you.
...have been with a women...
The thought of it...
...puts me to shame.
Im looking for redemption.
I'm ready to accept any kind of punishment God wills.
The moment you seek salvation with the Lord,
right then all your sins are pardoned.
Christ will bless your decision on this matter.
Please forgive me Poomayil.
It did not mean to
I will marry you!
Oh no! please get up.
Please get up.
Please listen to me.
How can you be accountable for my mistakes?
That's not it Poomayil...
I'm responsible for what had happened.
I can't even face you right now.
Come on let's get married right away.
I've never seen my people this happy, in all these years.
For generations we've been living a life worse than a dog.
If you can see some happiness on their faces,
you're the sole reason for it.
That shouldn't get ruined 'cause of me.
What are you saying?
I can't live, hiding this truth.
Poomayil, I'm not eligible anymore for this divine life.
The change begun, only after you arrived.
The entire village looks up to you like a God.
My people have gained courage only because you're here.
Don't let that go in vain.
A brave man came,
But meekly went after a woman
Let that not be the impression you leave.
Please understand Poomayil.
Someone save us!
Hey Stop!
Let go! Oh God!
Let go of my Dad.
Let him go damn it!
Hey let go of my dad.
Come and hide inside that hut.
Please let me go.
Please don't harm him.
Oh no!...Hey!
Don't...please don't.
How dare you people defy us!
Spare no one, burn down all the huts.
Give me that.
Get out, come soon.
Oh no! Oh no!
My child!
Come on children.
Stop, I'll go.
Just wait right here.
Oh no!
Hey! Dont leave anyone, arrest all of them.
Hey, catch him.
Come on.
-Hey, catch him. -Damn it!
Your death will be in my hands
Oh God!
Oh God!
What happened!? Poomayil!?
Poomayil's hut burned down along with the other huts in the village.
In order to protect my name,
Poomayil died, bearing the burden of my love.
Just as Poomayil desired,
I'm going to stay and serve in this village.
For its people in her honour,
the words spoken by Poomayil, are still reverberating in my ears.
guided by that voice, I'm living here and serving these people.
From now on, this life is not mine to live.
My entire life is dedicated to these people.
"To the beloved brothers and sisters who love our Lord,"
"I wish you all a Merry Christmas"
His son was born in a poor family...
...but went on to serve people.
And sacrificed his life for sake of the people.
In order to relieve us from all our sins.
Is our Lord, who sacrificed his own son.
This is the world's atonement...
...this will wash away your sins.
People who would like to take communion, please come forward.
He stabbed Father.
Hey Ravi, call 108 for the Ambulance.
My child is dead.
The Ambulance has broke-down on the way!
They can't be here on time.
Don't know what to do now?
Doctor! Please save our Father.
Hello Bharath!
Dad, I need a favour.
Please connect me to Indian Embassy.
Hello, Indian Embassy office.
I'm Dr.Ramprasad calling from Bharath Multi-Speciality Hospital.
There's been an emergency in India.
Ok, yeah. We'll take care of it.
We have Dr.Bharath's location.
Please contact Chennai Airport.
We need clearance for Air Ambulance for an emergency.
He's fainted after giving blood to the Father.
Hey, the entire village is gathered there,
What are you doing here?
Please leave me alone,
I'm already irritated.
Son, I can never forget your help in my lifetime.
A person like you...
...should visit us more often.
I came to this Village as a stranger,
but now this Village has become my family.
The people of this village...
...I see them as my own.
Hereafter this Village is mine too.
-I'm leaving Father. -Sure!
God bless!
I'm leaving from here, without being able to call you Dad.
I have no regrets in leaving you,
in fact I'm proud.
The village looks up to you as a God,
So do I!
Twenty Eight Years ago,
Same my mother walked away from you for the sake of this village.
I'm leaving too for the same reason.
I see my mother in the happy faces of these people.
Did you forget anything?
Take this.
Give me room inside your clinic.
Dont think Ill cook and take care of you.
I'm a Doctor too, you know that right!
Fine, is your clinic as big as my Siddha Clinic?
Yeah, you wont be disappointed.
Why did you come down from America?
It's a long story, get inside the car I'll tell you.
Are we taking a flight to America?
"My lovely! My sweetness!"
"Take me and go sweetheart"
"The scars are speaking up"
Envelop me inside you mischief-maker
"I'm losing myself, without my knowledge"
"My heart beats for you with no control"
"Heart is melting with love, and longs for you"
"Mischief-maker! Mischief-maker!"
"Take me and go, mischief-maker"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you, sweetheart"
"My manhood that stood tall, leaps after seeing you."
"My protected pride has shattered into pieces"
"Wonder when this art was created, even the shadows are blushing"
"My ten fingers draw flower designs in the sands of the dry jungle"
"Her dimples have caught me off guard "
"As I stand ashore, he washed me away as a wave"
"I'm that angel"
"Youve shown me the scent of love"
"My lovely! My sweetness!"
"Take me and go sweetheart"
"The scars are speaking up"
"Envelop me inside you mischief-maker"