Kaakkaa Muttai (2014)

Kaaka Muttai
(Crows egg)
What's that lawyer saying now?
Another thirty thousand just to get bail
Thirty thousand rupees
Then what about the money
we've already paid?
All gone, I guess
Eat your vegetables!
You could come, too...
He asked to see you the last time
I'm not coming
Have you got money to get there?
I have a hundred rupees
I'll hitch a ride with Sarasu's husband
Don't wander away, you two!
Hey, water lorry!
Wetting the mat every other day...
Why did you hide this?
Hey, don't run!
Wait till I catch you...
Ill chop your wee-wee
and feed it to the crows!
What a brilliant idea!
Why didn't you lock it up in a suitcase?
You sneak rice from home!
It's not the same thing
Shut up!
Hey, Crow's Egg!
Want to play cricket with us?
No thanks! Buzz off!
Is it there?
It's here!
How many?
Get all three!
No! One for you,
one for me and one for the crow
Boss, this Karna is a real fraud
Goes on demanding interest
over his money
Go on promising to pay him
Still drinking this?
Boss, drinking this will make you muscular!
Boss, the leader is here
Let's go
Greetings, leader! Greetings, brother!
Hello, Naina!
These are our boys, sir
They work in television
Call them if you need a local commercial...
...but they're frauds!
This doesn't look like
ten thousand square feet
It will be accurate, sir
It better be!
We're investing eighty million on this
Did you say eighty million?
Then our commission is
eight hundred thousand
But we agreed on four hundred thousand!
Sir, you first said it was forty million
...but your man says it's eighty!
So it's eight hundred thousand, right?
One percent!
It's just a slip of the tongue
Sir, some men you've got!
Hey, come here
It's impossible to find ten thousand
square feet of real estate these days
Everyone is breaking it
into little pieces and selling!
- Ask dad for the cell phone
- You ask him if you want it!
Don't you want it?
You won't give it to me anyway
I'll give you! Ask him!
Hey, did you drink crow's egg yolk?
Can't blame you
It's your Granny's fault
Give it to me
How are you?
I am okay
Are you taking your medicines on time?
Why have you become like this?
There's nothing wrong with me
What's up with the Old Lady?
She's okay! She wanted to come,
but I didn't bring her along
Where are the kids?
They're outside
They say kids are not
allowed inside the T.B ward
It's them, right?
It's Daddy!
What are you doing?
We are playing with the cat
Playing with the cat!
What are you yelling for?
My sons are outside
You can't talk to them
Daddy, can you get us a
cell phone when you come?
What are you doing?
Constable, ask them to be quiet
They are shouting at the outside
Time's up! You need to leave
Are they going to school regularly?
Didn't have money to run the house
So I pulled them out
They're picking coal now
Why did your dad go to prison?
Don't know
Why is your name 'Pazharasam(Fruit Juice)'?
I used to eat only fruits and juice
when I was a kid! That's why
What are you eating now?
Rice and vegetable stew
My name is 'Kaaka Muttai(Crow's Egg)'
'Fruit Juice' and 'Crow's Egg'
I'm 'Little Crows Egg',
he's 'Big Crows Egg'
Will you shut up?
Or should I tell mom?
We'll come here tomorrow, right?
We will, if you keep your mouth shut
What's in the bag?
What's that?
Char from goods train
We pick it from railway tracks
Oh, you mean coal!
What's it for?
Can get money for it in the shop
Three rupees for a kilo
Time up!
Okay, bye
You took so much time
for this tiny poster?
And the flags look like
horns over his head!
Change it before he arrives
And make your photos smaller! Go on!
Why so little today?
There's five kilos in this
Get your money from Sister
- Where did you get this?
- None of your business
Just cough up the money
Who'll bend over if there's an issue?
You've purchased the goods
You'll have to bend over, obviously
Yeah, right
It's always me
Look what he's saying!
There are two more lids
in that apartment
Why didn't you get those?
Mr. Greedy!
That's for tomorrow's drinks...
Careful, they'll rip you off
Sure, we'll be careful! You get
there before the shop shuts
Snacks for you
Sister, can I take this watch?
Take it!
Tamil, think about it
Even if he toils in the
field all year...
...he can't make so much money!
And Master said he'd keep his wife and
children happy for the rest of time!
- Is that what he said?
- Yeah!
- Shall I say something, then?
- Tell me, tell me, tell me!
I'll give you a hundred and
fifty thousand rupees...
What for?
To pour molten tar on your behind!
What? You'll pour molten
tar on my behind?
Don't worry, man! If I pour
molten tar on your bum...
...you can't go to the courts
...or to the toilet
...Or shake it like this
- Shall I say something, then?
- Tell me, tell me, tell me!
I'll give you a hundred and fifty
thousand rupees...
What for?
To pour molten tar on your behind!
What? You'll pour molten
tar on my behind?
Don't worry, man! If I pour
molten tar on your bum...
...You can't go to the courts
Or go to the toilet...or shake it like this
Listen to me, Lawyer
I'll keep your wife
and kids...
Keep them! What?
I'll keep them happy
So long, then!
Do they actually talk like
this in the movie?
Or are you making this up?
No, Granny! Simbhu said a lot more
He can't remember the dialogues
If you think you can do
better...come here!
Come here
- Such a big mouth!
- Mom?
- What's it, dear?
- Will You get me a TV?
First stop wetting the mat
And then I'll buy you a TV
Why do you keep
harping on about that?
When he grows he'll stop
Let it go!
Where is the money?
Five kilos
Will dad get us the cell phone
like he promised?
First let your dad come out
What did your husband say?
You've been down since the visit
He used to be so macho!
Doesn't look the same now
Aren't you angry with him?
Or are you pretending?
I'll get angry,
but after I bring him home
Just tell me, is there
a way to get him out?
You have to go and see that creep
I mean that area leader of ours
Shameless bald oaf!
Lawyer said, with just a word from
leader, I can bring my husband out
But the leader is busy, you can't just
meet him whenever it pleases you!
Is this your brother?
No, it's my son
Hey, he's calling you inside!
Here I come, sister! Okay,
come back later
Let's go
- What is it, leader?
- Get it from him
There are eight bundles
My boys told me...
It seems you own many shops?
We have branches in
every part of the city!
Then you must be a big shot!
Whats the total investment?
Must be quite a few Adyar,
Besant Nagar...
What are you doing?
Sir, he's my guy! Why don't
you come work for me?
Yes, come straight
Stop pushing the gate! Go away!
Know who you're talking to?
This is where we play
This is our area!
Your area, huh? It's been
sold off! Go away
- Are you building a talkies?
- What?
Oye! Pull the rope on the other side...
You're in the way!
Pull it! Pull the other way!
You can't drink crow's egg yolk anymore!
You can't play, either
Where will crow go at nights now?
Shut up and come!
Granny, it took only a minute,
They just chopped it off
So what if they chopped this tree off?
There's another tree near
the temple, right?
They have chopped it already
and built a statue
The crow there doesn't lay any
eggs...it only shits
First you finish shitting!
Won't you keep quiet?
With these two running
after crow eggs...
You know Sarasu? Even she
makes fun of me!
Can we afford to buy them
chicken eggs everyday?
So what if a crow is black?
It's also a bird, right?
And crows are always with us
You're always taking their side!
I don't want to see them climbing
any more trees! Or else...
Are you done?
Is she at the ration store?
Yes, she's waiting in the queue
- What?
- What's that, mom?
Come home, I'll show you
Tell us what it is, mom!
It's a TV! You wanted one, right?
Wow! TV!
Mom, you said you'll only get
it when he stops wetting the mat
They gave it for free at the
ration store!
- For free? You could have got a cell phone!
- They won't give all that
- Shut up! I want TV only!
- Hey, it's mine!
No! It's mine
Keep quiet!
There's another TV here!
How did you get it?
Kumar came and gave it
How did you get it?
With my ration card
We have two TVs at home now? Yay!
Didn't you get rice?
No stock, it seems! Hold steady!
They'll only get it next week
- Is it nice?
- It's awesome!
Long enough?
"Fly high with your wings"
Kid, is the wire long enough?
Not enough!
I need more length
Got it!
"Crows egg, it is your life now"
Mom, he has peed again!
Move your leg!
It's become a habit, now
"Stars depend on us"
"Path is crooked here
Go forward"
"Seek new pleasures"
"Think all you see as your own
Fly high"
I roped in that owner for them
I don't know when they registered it!
They cut me off without any commission!
Why do such terrible things
happen to you, Boss?
Who was the man of lower caste;
Who did not know politics?
Dedicating himself...
The great emperor Sivaji,
dedicated himself...
Look, I've got a new watch
Just like yours
This is a toy watch!
See, the original one
Brother, please make this watch work
Idiot! How can anyone make a
toy watch work?
Shut up
"Gunny bag is your umbrella
if it showers"
"Liquor scrap bottle is our lamp"
"Raw floor is our cushion bed"
"Petty fights is our routine"
"Back to affectionate hug in a jiffy"
"Have doors but no name plate
in our neigbourhood"
You'll break the roof!
Granny, we're not up here!
"Go Go
Fly away"
My dad bought this
- How much?
- 25,000 rupees
"Think as yours and move on"
Why do I have a belly button?
Everyone does
Babies come from belly buttons, right?
Will a baby come from mine?
Who teaches you all this?
My friend Fruitjuice!
Like my name is Crow's Egg
Crow's Egg?
Yes, my name is Crow Egg
Little Crow Egg and Big Crow Egg!
Hey, don't run!
Mum, Lokesh's puppy's face is so flat !
Twenty five thousand rupees, it seems
"Pocket Hole short pants
Stray dogs are our buddies"
"Just 5 rupees daily
make us a prince"
"Our experience speaks
than our education"
"People yuck to dirty drains"
"But they are our swimming pools"
"Beetles become Beatles for us"
"Pet dogs become our family members"
"Seek new pleasures"
So...what's your name?
Little Crow's Egg!
Why is the picture so grainy?
For an illegal thirty rupees
conection, that's all you get
"Climb breeze to reach the sky"
Why has Simbhu still not come?
Is he really coming?
He's started! He'll be here
in five minutes
Inauspicious time starts
in five minutes
Just kidding!
Sir, who is this guy?
My school friend
They fly it down in a plane, it seems
Foreigners eat it everyday
- What's it called?
- Pizza, granny
Look, look, look!
See how tasty it looks?
Looks like it'll be sweet
Mom, I want pizza
Behave yourself 'I want this,
I want that' This is the limit
Why are you yelling now?
You keep quiet!
It's all your doing
I'm running around here and there,
trying to bring him out
You're all pissing me off
Mom, I too want pizza
Not dad
Did you hear that?
I have a policy against hitting
But if you go on annoying me...
- What's your name?
- Little Crow Egg
My name is Big Crow Egg
Have your lunch and go!
How do I get to the main road?
Is there pizza inside?
Yes! Will this lead to the main road?
It's a dead end brother
How do I get to main road?
Going straight, take a turn, there is a
circle...go inside it and then take a left
- Right it is
- No, it's the left
What you showed was 'right'!
Is there a shortcut?
Yes, if you show us the pizza,
we'll tell you
Just once! Just once!
- Tell me, where's the shortcut?
- The shortcut?
Here it is
Little rascals!
Is this the pizza?
Actor Simbhu eats this?
Why? Won't he eat rice and stew?
Have you ever eaten pizza?
Oh god! It says 300 rupees!
And it's very small
We're going to eat it
Mr.Little Crow Egg...
To buy this...see that
goods train over there?
You'll have to pick an
entire coach of coal
It's a new place?
Have you eaten pizza?
Yes, I have
If you call this number,
they'll deliver it to your home
At home?
Yes They'll deliver and get the money
Will they come to our home?
Yeah! Do you have money?
We need to pick a coach full of coal
to make money for pizza
One whole coach?
How much do you earn in a day?
Ten rupees
Ten rupees...?
You can earn three hundred
rupees in a month!
Hey, who are you calling?
To Pizza shop?
We don't have money
The other day a brother came to
deliver pizza near our house, right?
Let's ask him!
We'll pay him in a month
Hello, Pizza Spot!
We want pizza
Address please?
Near the Maariyamman Temple
Tell us in detail
In detail?
If you ask for Crow Eggs
house everyone will know
That brother also knows
He's come to our area before
Ask your parents to call
What are they saying?
What's our house address, Granny?
Sudden Lane...Near the
Mariyamman Temple
That's what I said
But he said that's not enough
He said something about 'parnet'
That pizza guy
If we can give the right address,
they'll deliver it at home
How much is it?
Three hundred rupees!
Three hundred rupees?
If your mother finds out,
she'll beat you black and blue!
If we save up for a month, we
can make that much money, you know?
Why should we give money
to someone else?
Go to the shop and get
the things I say
Take it
Do you know how to make it?
Brother, tomatoes for 2 rupees
and onions for 2 rupees
Chillies for 2 rupees...
No, No, it's capsicum!
Hurry up, brother!
Wait, I'll give you
Take it
Is it ready?
Doesn't smell like it...
Don't sniff your food
This is not it, Granny!
It's stringy, like thread!
Only spoilt food gets stringy
It's not pizza if it's not stringy!
You said it'd be sweet?
How will a dosa be sweet?
Dosa? Yuck!
You're trying to fool us!
We'll save money and buy it
Come, let's go
So you won't eat rice and stew?
It's pizza that you want?
I'll show you a place
You shouldn't tell anyone
Swear on your mom?
Swear on my mom!
Why didn't you tell us sooner?
You never asked!
"Twine is dry
lost control "
"Kite is cut off
touches light house "
"Atom bomb is hot
tears in to pieces"
"out or in truimph is marked"
"He wins revels
fet'es makes merry"
"Does what he says "
"Permeats and is pervasive "
"Guys, do you eat
the cover also?"
Greet you, bro!
If you are caught
that's the end of you!
"In the marble game
we are the kings"
"If it is fire crackers
we propel like rockets"
"We walk with chest held high
like Undertaker "
"We are the swift fighters"
Wait wait
Bro ..have you seen
this cell phone?
Can take photos and videos
Other day you said
When your dad comes from jail
you would get a cell phone
No we'll not buy cell phone
Let's eat pizza
No petty lies
Like the pizza Simbhu ate?
He wins revels
fet'es makes merry
Permeats and is pervasive
"Does what he says"
"Permeats and is pervasive"
(Loud speaker blares a song)
Boss, are you in a wineshop?
Have you brought all ...
You shall never steal again
How much is a quarter bottle?
Catch hold of
the dwarf fellow
"When we amass money
would go to AC bar"
"and make merry"
"Would not misfield
Would toil hard and win"
"Would not panic man"
"Gale will you take away"
"If you have lung power
It is nothing"
"Flaunt.. pride is yours"
- 300 Rupees
- What you do with this?
We will have Pizza
- Does your mom know?
- Yes she knows
"Twine is dry
lost control"
"Kite is cut off
touches light house"
Wait wait
Where are you going?
- To get Pizza
- Pizza?
No more Pizza
It is all over
The other day,
Simbhu came and-
Get out of here!
Get out I say
It's nothing, sir
They're slum kids
They've come to
window shop; annoying me
I'll handle it
You don't bother yourself, sir
Go away!
I said, go!
He said we are slum kids
How does he know our house?
By seeing your clothes
Of course! Won't he know
if you wear such dirty clothes?
How do you know all this?
Once when they were
arranging my marriage...
Seeing my dirty clothes,
the girl rejected me
My mother said, any person will be
judged only by their clothes
Didn't even feed the boys
well this past month...
...I gave all our money to the lawyer
But now he says, it doesn't even
cover his fees till date
Parasite...makes his living
out of others' lives
Can't we find a new lawyer?
A new lawyer? Then the money
we've already spent goes to waste
Each time I go to visit him at
the jail, the way he looks at me...
...as if to say 'get me out of here'
But this moron lawyer is not
even talking about the bail yet
You are struggling all alone
I am not even able to
help in a small way
All I do is eat and sleep
Mother-in-law, stop talking like that
Only because you're here I'm able
to leave the kids and go around
What would I do without you?
We went to eat pizza today
They didn't let us in
Fruitjuice says, we need
good clothes to go in
Is it so, Granny?
It's not that
People in nice clothes
will have lot of money
While you won't
That's why they wouldn't
have let you in
But we did have the money!
I'll do the dishes
Let it be, I'll wash them
Go to sleep
He won't come
Hey, Crow Egg
Sorry for being late!
I've got you something
Wow, pizza!
Take it, I brought it for you
It's for us?
We don't want it
We'll buy it on our own
Why won't you take this?
Where did you buy this shirt?
This? City Center in Mylapore
- City Center - Mylapore
- Come, let's go
"Black Black Black"
"Did aversion
to black colour.."
"make crow change
its egg colour?"
"Mere appearance alone
Does not make a man"
"It's no more the bod
Attire counts"
"Struggle battle it out"
"toil day and night"
"Think mull over and when
the desire is expressed"
"Black Black Black"
"Did aversion
to black colour"
"make crow change
its egg colour?"
"Mere appearance alone
Does not mke a man"
"It's no more the bod
Attire counts"
He used to work here
That guy?
He stole coal from the go-down...
...and asked supervisor
where he could get more
He got busted
Don't know where he's run away now
But, is his name Fruitjuice?
Ledger shows some other name
Poor Fruitjuice
He just tried to help us
Where will he be now?
We can't take coal from there now
We should have
taken the pizza from Lokesh
You just over-reacted
Don't you want to
eat pizza like Simbhu?
"Charisma and attire
complement equally"
"Gosh! Who said this?"
"It's true, our diginity"
"flew off like a kite"
"Till yesterday we ate"
"to quench hunger"
"Who made the shift?"
"Now we have a
penchant for taste "
Why no money for 4 days?
Are you picking coal or not?
We went to play
What? You went to play?
We are visiting your
daddy day after tomorrow
Hope you remember
You only listen to him
We're not coming
What's your problem?
Don't speak like that, dear
You should also pitch in to
bail your dad out, right?
You shut up
All you can do is eat and sleep
Oye! Want to get bashed up?
Watch your tongue
Don't yell too much
We should have eaten
the pizza from Lokesh
He gave you his leftovers
Want to eat that?
A man of lower caste,
who didn't know politics
Who was it?
He was a mighty emperor,
Created a mighty empire
The great emperor Shivaji!
Sister was looking for him, right?
Not born of the ruling class...
With no ancestral rights...
The citizen with integrity,
who saved his kingdom's, too
Seeing the valiant Shivaji,
riding upon his horse...
Everyone acknowledged
him to be a wise man!
What's this?
He got drunk, sister
Okay, I'm off
Now he gets drunk and crashes
out on the street, huh?
Take this
Buy yourself something to eat
Do you even know
how to pick up customers?
What is this customer service?
Want to get beat up?
Get lost!
Disrespectful oafs!
Where's your house?
Why? For what?
Give us twenty bucks...
We'll drop you at your
house if you pass out
Come on, let's go
Someone's coming!
Run... Run... Run...
Shall we sell our dog?
Want a dog, sir?
Started selling dogs now?
Is this your new technique?
Want to buy a dog, brother?
Sister, want to buy a dog?
No, thanks
It's an amazing dog
It'll do everything you say
We have a dog at home
Want to buy a dog?
Brother, want to buy a dog?
It can bark so loud
It'll shake hands and everything
How much?
25,000 rupees
25,000 rupees!
Oye, buzz off
Brother, please, brother
Go away!
25,000 for a stray puppy... idiots!
How many?
Five including this one
We've got a hundred
and twenty rupees
If we make another ninety,
we can buy the clothes
Where are we buying it?
City Center, right?
Yeah, at City Center!
Why is he giving this to you?
It's done, brother
For yesterday and today... ten each
Will the pizza man accept this?
There's a hole in it, see!
He'll take it
Don't mind them
Hey, Crow's Egg!
Did you eat a pizza?
Just come, man!
How much will our new clothes cost?
I told you, around two hundred rupees
How much do we have now?
Around one fifty
Let's check
190... 200
210... 220...230
We have 230 rupees!
So we've got the money!
How to get to City Centre?
Take the 45-B bus
What for?
We're going to buy clothes
Ticket! Ticket!
Got it already
Please move
Where to?
We're going to buy new clothes
Good for you!
But which stop?
Know where it is?
City Center
City Center...Mylapore
That's twelve rupees
Brother, where is
the City Center here?
Way to City Center?
It's right here
They most definitely won't let us in
Pani Puris!
No no, it's not hygienic
You don't buy us anything we want!
I just bought you new clothes!
But we never asked for them!
Eat all the fruits we've got at home
Wait here, I'll be back
Do you want Pani Puri?
Ok Sir, I'll do that!
Hey, How did you buy it?
Where are the clothes?
We sold it!
Watch this!
You threw it away!
Hey you, stop there
I already told you
not to come, get out
But we're wearing new clothes now
If you wear new clothes, you think
you can barge in anywhere?
What a pest!
Go away!
Why so much noise here?
Same kids, sir
They keep causing trouble
It's not us
This guy is only causing trouble
Your granny has left us!
Where were you?
What's this?
Money for the pyre
This will cover the pyre
What about the rest?
This is all I have
How can you say there is no
money at a funeral house?
This will do!
Tell me the truth
How did you get this money?
We didn't go to play, mom
We went to pick coal
Found lots of coal
I liked these clothes...
...so we went and bought it
without telling you
Hey, Crows Egg!
To the pizza shop again?
What's up?
They got beaten up
at the pizza shop yesterday
Why did they go there?
To eat pizza
It was crazy!
Why did they hit them?
They didn't have the money?
They had money and
even wore new clothes!
Just check this out
- What is it?
- Just see it
It's awesome, right?
Kid, let me keep this phone
I'll return it later
It's my dad's cell phone
He'd get angry
That man in the train was your dad?
I'll tell your real dad, shoo away
Wish I hadn't showed it to you
Why the cell phone?
I'm gonna make some money with it
It's a bad model
Won't fetch you anything
Dumbo! Not the phone
Look at this video
The pizza owner would
get the chills seeing this
Oh, like that! Superb, Boss
But why would the pizza shop guy
be afraid of his own store?
Come closer
He's hit the kids?
He'll pay us money
if we show him this
What are you saying?
One pays for hitting?
So many people have beat us up
No one ever paid us
What's this?
Sir, my area kiddos
got beaten up by your man
It'll become a big problem if word gets out
especially if it reaches TV channels
You already said that over phone
What do you want now?
What can I say, sir?
We will take what you give us, sir
Okay, I'll let you know
Okay, sir!
Sir, here is my card
Call me when you decide
We'll wait
Leave it there
Bye, sir!
He can speak to
a camel face to face!
How tall he is!
He might be tall,
But he'll have to bend for us
His ponytail is in our hand now
Why can't we just give it
to Kumar and get money?
If we give it to Kumar,
he'll give it to Sun TV
He makes a lot of money
but gives us only 1000 bucks
But this guy will give us at least 5,000
We shall share 2,500 each
What say?
5000 is too much boss
Let's ask for 3000 first
You need to think big
if you want something!
Karna wanted his interest money, too
Don't delay any further
Call him immediately
I won't talk to those idiots
He was smart enough
to copy it on a DVD!
He's not an amateur
And this is not a small issue, either
Not just the supervisor,
even our shop is visible in the video
If they find some legal
point on human rights...
...or ill-treatment of slum children
Then they will lock and
seal all our branches
Not just that! They might even arrest you
for hiring a supervisor like him
At least don't grin
while saying such things
Whose side are you on?
Mine or theirs?
Definitely yours
I won't switch sides
Sir, in U.P. last year...
...a cop beat up a little girl very badly
for stealing sweets from a shop
That became huge issue when
someone took a video of that
We should not take
this problem so lightly
How about talking to that
slum's political leader?
That man is an even bigger fraud!
He will demand a commission
even to sneeze
We need to deal with this on our own
If I finish this deal successfully,
I will get more than 3 crores
Hello, who's this?
I'm calling from Pizza Spot
Sir? Tell me
This is a small issue
You can't expect too much out of this
Sir, why would we ask for more
if you give us a fair price?
Here's my final offer
One hundred thousand and no more
Boss, forget 3,000
Ask for 2,000
What is he saying?
Okay, sir
For you, we'll adjust
Come hand over the source video
and take the money
You're very lucky
He agreed
What's he saying, Boss?
What did you ask?
You asked if they will give 5,000, right?
Do you know
how much he is giving now?
How much?
Boss, you're the man!
You are such a genius!
You've made us a fortune
out of some penniless boys
So cool!
I'm proud to be your sidekick
He hasn't wet the bed today, mom
He's become a big boy, now!
"There's a shop on roadside
Shop has Vada as snack"
"Snack was prepared
by the white lady granny"
"Tricky fox sold the Vada to crows
Fox filled its coffers"
"Granny who prepared
it got only half of it"
"Fox shared the rest"
"Crow who owned the
shop was deceived"
Sorry sir, got a bit delayed
Source video?
Give the money
and take the video, sir
Here, sir
Thanks Sir!
- Boy...!
- Tell me, sir?
Having the talent to
make money is useless...
If you can't be alive to spend it
Don't ever come back here
No, sir
My dealings are
very straight-forward, sir
Bye, sir
Got any other source?
Nope, gave you all the copies, I promise
'Pizza Spot has a new outlet
in Chennai's Saidapet area...'
'An employee of the establishment has
brutally assaulted two children...'
'...who had gone to the shop'
'Our news correspondent has captured
this incident and brought it to light'
'Let's watch this horrifying incident'
Tell me
Boss, guess what I did!
What did you do?
Thinks he's some big shot,
that pizza shop guy
He said he'll only pay 6,000!
Sun TV Kumar put
7,000 hard cash in my hand
It must be on the news already
Boss, the booze is on me
...and the side-dish is on you
I'm waiting!
Why is he still not here?
Hasty moron!
Why did you have to rush in to it?
Why are you hitting me?
I've kept your share safe
You've sold it for 7,000, stupid!
Do you know
how much he offered?
How much?
How much, boss?
Hundred thousand
Now it's all gone
One hundred thousand
Wanted to fool me, huh?
Did they hit you?
They beat me black and blue!
He took me for a dunce!
I'll show him
If we'd paid him off the first time around,
this wouldn't have gotten so complicated
But you didn't listen
I enquired at the news channel
They've just used it as a filler
No chance!
Do you think channels are that stupid?
They've left it at that
because the kids' faces aren't seen clearly
Once the boys are identified,
they'll blow it up!
Sir, what about your friend in
police department?
Tried everything
They're all after money
If we give 10, they want 20,
If we give 20, they want 40
Is this the time to be stingy?
They might cancel our shop license
Get up!
Stay out for sometime
He's my school friend!
He's tensed about something.
- Coming for interview?
- Yes sir
Excuse me, sir
Saw the news this morning
I know the kids' house
I've been there once before
Why did you go there?
Lost my way when I went
for a delivery, sir
Do one thing...
Go and bring the kids here
Okay sir
You go with him!
Issues orders after screwing up...
Bring them here without
anyone's knowledge
Okay, sir!
How can we let it go, leader?
They've hit boys from our area!
And when I went to demand justice,
they hit me as well
And you went to demand justice...?
Yes, leader
He went all alone to
demand justice
They bashed him up!
We've applied turmeric on the
wounds on his back. See?
Show him!
Oh Jesus..
Organise our slum women
Okay, leader
We will do a protest
That will be great, leader
Just your presence is enough
I'll inform all the TV stations
and make it big!
Greetings, leader
See you, brother!
Leader, why let these petty guys
organise the protest?
Only if someone creates problems
can we politicians solve them!
Shall we talk to MLA?
Let's see what happens
Your phone is ringing
The pizza shop guy?
Yes, leader
Hello, sir!
How are you doing?
You must have heard everything
I did hear!
You could have come to me
when the issue was smaller...
The thing is..
Never mind!
We need to stop this immediately
Or they'll dig up everything
We won't allow that
It's all under my control
I'll make sure it ends
in your favour
This time, don't
pinch money, sir!
Be generous!
'Pizza Spot is a chain of
restaurants in Chennai'
'Footage of an employee of this
establishment assaulting two children...'
'...Who had come to buy pizza
has surfaced recently...'
Following this, this
incident has gained...
...a lot of attention
in the Internet
'It's is evident that the boys
had sufficient money to buy the pizza...'
'...And the reason for the attack
was that they were slum dwellers'
Sarasu, there's a protest tomorrow,
are you coming?
Only for a little while
They're giving 100 bucks
and a free meal
I've got work
What's it for?
Someone beat up our
slum kids it seems
Our area kids?
They must have done some
mischief, surely
When has she ever come for all this?
Carry on.
I'll come if I can.
Okay, give me a heads up!
Ignored by society, almost 400 families live
in this part of the city
Over 600 children live with parents
who have no permanent source of income
On a quest to taste something
that has become the symbol of the good life
The boy who was assaulted,
also belonged to these slums
Many such hopes and dreams are stuck in
these five acres of land
For New Generation Network,
this is Gayathri with cameraman Ganapathy
What's up?
Naina was looking for you
Werent you beaten up at the pizza shop?
It even came on TV, I heard...
What happened?
Hey wait, don't scare them away!
So tiny but they do so much!
I need to call Naina
This one's crazy
You need to stop
hanging around with that Naina
Where's my phone?
How did we come on TV?
I don't know
Come back!
Take your money and go
They've left?
Need to get them soon.
Go faster
Be patient, sir.
We can get them
We could have at least come by car
Keep quiet, sir.
Stop nagging
Even bikes can't go there
Look... Look... Look...
When did they take a video of us?
- Back already?
- Machine broke down..
They gave us the day off
What a surprise!
Not watching TV...?
Something seems fishy here...
- Is the water flowing today?
- Yeah, it is
I'll do my very best, sir
Ok Sir!
You're complicating it unnecessarily
It'll only become a problem if others
get hold of the kids
Leave it to me,
Let me handle it
There you are!
I went to the factory looking for you
You should stand right in front at
tomorrow's protest
Me? Why?
Don't you watch TV?
They've been showing your boys
on T.V since morning.
My boys?
You mean, you didn't know about the
pizza shop guy hitting your sons?
They hit them?
You've got two T.Vs at home.
Won't watch it?
The protest is for your boys!
Where are the kids?
They were right here.
Now they're gone...
I knew it!
It's all their doing.
What are you saying!
Whose doing?
You don't worry.
The T.V channels and
politicians are on our side
I'll handle this
Let's go
- Have you seen my boys?
- They went this way
Where are they?
We don't know.
I condemn this act!
Who is responsible?
When will the disparity between
rich and poor come to an end?
First of all, this is not
about being rich or poor.
Our friend is getting emotional
We need to really think about this issue
The boys didn't go there without money
Just a minute, sir. Let's watch the
footage once before continuing the debate
Tell us, sir?
Watching this makes my blood boil!
I'm reminded of Poet Bharathiyar's lines
"My heart can't take this"
Why call them "slum kids"?
Why not consider them as our own?
Rather than trying to
sensationalise this...
I think it's our responsibility to handle
the effects of globalisation well.
Like I said before, this is not
about rich- -One minute, sir.
Viewers, this heated debate will
continue after a short break.
I'm calling from New Generation
T.V channel, sir.
We wanted to interview
Mr. Sivachidhambaram.
Have you seen my boys?
They came here.
But before I could say
anything they ran away.
How heartless they must
be to hit such small boys!
Was it that bad?
Didn't you know?
Leader asked you to come
I know everything.
About your kids.. husband.
I have spoken to the lawyer.
Let them be!
I'll take care of everything.
You don't worry yourself.
They're just kids!
They must be roaming
somewhere here
They will be back
Something to drink? Tea, coffee?
No, thanks.
Don't want?
I've looked everywhere. Everyone is
saying something or the other.
Listen up!
I won't let go of the men who
made you are your boys cry!
But- as soon as you find your
sons, bring them to me.
Pizza selling oaf...
You don't deserve laurels.
Down with the... pizza owner!
Hey, Bush-head!
You've got the spelling wrong.
Here's the deal- you gather
some 10 women.
You should wreak such havoc that
they should shut the pizza shop.
We'll totally do that!
We're all with you.
I've borrowed this money
for interest!
We haven't even started the protest,
and the police are already here?
Greetings, sir.
You've come at the right time, sir
You're their mother?
Yes sir, she's the mother of those boys.
This is the Crow Egg's house.
What's the kids' names anyway?
Where are the boys?
I don't know, sir.
They've been missing since yesterday.
It's my fault, really.
Should have bought them a pizza
when they asked for it.
If I find that pizza shop guy...
I'll beat the crap out of him.
That's how you talk around a cop?
Why open a shop near a slum
and taunt those without money?
Fine. Where do we look
for them now?
How's that?
Have you ever eaten frog fry?
It's yummy!
Peel the skin out...
Add salt and spice, and heat it up!
It's so tasty.
You're bluffing.
Have you ever eaten that?
...just thinking about it now
Those boys who got beat up by pizza
guy? Have you seen them?
Don't tell them!
They're here!
Sir, those boys are here.
Hey, stop running!
It's mom!
Where did you go?
We went to eat pizza, right?
Everyone was looking
for us, right?
We got scared.
This is my friend Fruitjuice.
Come, let's go.
It's okay, sir
We'll manage on our own
There are some formalities
We've found the kids, sir.
They're with me.
Okay, sir!
Hey, Simbhu has come again, I think!
Start the music.
It's so cold in here, right?
Come inside, mom.
Are you well?
We should have opened the shop
at an auspicious time...
Bring that pizza.
We don't have money.
That's okay, son.
Whenever you come here,
pizzas are free for you.
Eat well.
Eat it.
You could feed them.
The lungi won't be in frame, right?
It's only till my chest?
That will won't come, sir.
This is not a news.
It's an achievement!
It's a victory for my people.
I already said I'm not dating anybody.
This is not about that, sir.
The boys getting hit at the
pizza shop...
They say it happened because
you opened the shop?
I knew this was coming
Happy to clarify
In my opinion, that's not true. But if you
feel that way, I'm very sorry.
I apologise for the incident.
These are gimmicks to save
your business, right?
Definitely not.
I don't discriminate between
rich or poor.
In fact, I opened this branch here
just to cater to all classes.
45 rupees.
We've even introduced a
pizza for 45 rupees.
What about your employee
who hit the boys?
I have fired him.
Are you sure it's this house?
This is it, I'm pretty sure.
It's empty.
They must have gone out
Have a seat
Let's wait here.
Why are you worrying sir?
Putting a temporary pause to an
issue that's growing day by day...
Mr.Siva Chidambaram, proprietor
of the Pizza Spot Chains..
...he has cleverly retained
his status as a humanitarian
Gayathiri for New Generation News,
with cameraman Ganapathy.
You said there's some protest.
There is nothing happening?
Yeah! Where's our money?
Why aren't you saying anything?
Another goof up?
Do you like pizza?
Yuck. No!
It tastes bad, right?
So sticky!
Granny's dosa was a
lot better, right ?
How do we finish this?
"We got what we aspired"
"If desires persist..."
"Then we realize the truth"
"We got what we aspired"
"If desires persist..."
"Then we realize the truth"
"Desires have no bounds"
"If desires persist
Life would be in trouble"
"No one has
truimphed over desires"
"I realised it today, dear"
"New desires would draw you"
"Would ruin your sleep daily"
"If one is receptive..."
"you will relish what you have"
"We got what we aspired "
"If desires persist..."
"Then we realize the truth"
"Riding on desires
reached the clouds"
"We turned as crows
incubating quail eggs"
"When you relish
dew on a grass blade"
"enchantment for lighning
flash would vanish"
"Lead a life of contentment"
"A new beam of life would
come through window"
"We got what we aspired "
"If desires persist..."
"Then we realize the truth"
"desires have no bounds"
"Life would be in trouble"