Kaafila (2007)

The caravan was like many others
going abroad over the years.
The year was 2000
and this time there was an
accountant from gujrat, jesh patel
and a youngster from mumbai, robin.
They both think that their
dreams can only come true
only be by going abroad.
The third was rajnam
vankateshvaram from tamil nadu.
He was trying to end his days of poverty
by earning abroad.
The only son of calcutta's
professor probheer chatterji
took away all his retirement money.
And now he has to earn
for his daughters' wedding.
So on his friend's invitation,
he proceeded abroad to teach.
Delhi's vishal saxena.
Like thousands of other
young men of the country,
doesn't want to do anything living here
but is ready to do anything abroad.
Haryana's makhan singh
also joined them thinking
that is the chief's sons can go
and earn abroad, why can't he?
And an uncle and nephew
from u.p., banwari and prem,
who like everyone else see
solutions of their problems abroad.
Ardaman from punjab
had the same thinking,
just like rajhastan's deepuji
rathore who couldn't find
his future among the crags
and even he saw his dream
heaven across the seven seas.
Punjab's gurtej.
Educated but unemployed.
Like others, he too put everything
at risk and proceeded abroad.
Jammu's aman sahidev was weird.
He wanted not to gain by
going abroad, but lose.
Himself and his memories.
And the third passenger
from punjab was santok singh.
He needed money for treatment
of his son's funnel chest disease.
That is why he is also ready to go abroad.
By any route. At any price.
Hey santok! What happened?
What is after you?
- The plane!
- The plane is after him?
- I can't see it.
- I for india.
Airplane! Airplane!
Come on guddu, hurry up.
How can you just take
away the kid from school?
'J' forjahaz (airplane).
Hey guddu! Airplane!
What happened?
What happened?
Don'tjust laugh. Tell me something.
I am asking you what the matter is.
- I got the visa.
- What?
I got the visa. I got the visa!
- He got the visa. He will go abroad.
- Yes, he will.
- Brother got the visa.
- Yes, yes.
Now we will arrange a grand wedding
ceremony for you. Right, father?
Panjiri. It is good
for the mind and health.
Eat it yourself in england.
Don't offer it to others.
I will eat it alone after
going to england, mother.
Never leave your uncle's hand,
son. No matter what happens.
- You two are our only hope.
- Son, take care of yourself.
Bhayya, why are you being so sad?
Once we get to england,
we will pay off all debts.
The house and lands,
everything will be free.
Stop! Stop!
Now our dreams will come true too
tomorrow you people
will arrive in russia.
And there pakistan's
rasheed bhai will meet you.
He will further explain
everything to you.
Just two days stay there
and then to england.
Mr. Makhan singh,
the plane has left us and
gone. You leave it too.
Just look at these girls!
- We don't have such beauty in my village.
- Get a hold on yourself, village people.
Come on, come on. Get in.
- You are rasheed, right?
- No. I am clinton.
Who else would have come to receive you?
Now get in the bus.
These three are from pakistan.
They will live with you.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Everything is alright?
- Yes.
Come on in, friends. This is your home.
Light the fire when you feel cold.
And here is a three
storey bed for sleeping
the bathroom is right across.
Don't relieve yourselves elsewhere.
This is the room heater. The kitchen is
right there. Eat whatever you can cook.
The journey ahead for uk
will start after five days.
Hey! Why after five days? We
were told two days in delhi.
You want to go back? Is there
anyone else who wants to go with him?
- Not me.
- Shut up.
- After five days!
- Yes. Five days.
- What he say?
- After five days.
Five days!
Have you lost your mind? If you get
caught everyone of you will go to jail.
We are not free right now either!
We have been dying of hunger in
that room of yours for five months!
And hunger can compel a person
to commit murder too, mr. Rasheed.
Don't gawk at me like this! Those people
are in even worse condition than me.
And they can do anything!
What happened, brother? Gurtej?
He is not back with food!
He will come! He will come!
Shut up, nadari!
Everyone here is miserable and
you are talking like animals!
If you utter one more
word, i will beat you up!
Quiet, old man!
I wonder where gurtej is.
He went to get food.
Oh brother, i am afraid he
might have got in trouble.
If so, he will be picked up by
the police and lead them here.
How much more will we deal with?
The police? The agents? Who?
This is empty too.
Now there is nothing to eat at all.
You desi! You should be ashamed!
There is nothing to eat here
and you are hiding you panjiri!
Aman bhai, talk some sense into him.
What is there to talk about?
I will not give any of it.
I promised my mother i will only
eat it when i get to england.
Okay. Do one thing.
Put your panjiri in a glass
box and send it to the museum.
And label it saying this is the
panjiri for which we all died of hunger.
Nothing will happen, boy.
He will take care of everything.
That is all hearsay, mr. Santok singh.
The one above will remain uninterested
and days will continue to pass by.
The doctor gave you one year
time for your child's operation.
- Six months have already passed.
- Six more will pass.
Hey prem. What are you saying?
Think twice before you speak.
You were right, santok.
Nothing can happen without his will.
If it is night right now, there
will indeed be a morning tomorrow.
We are half dead waiting for the
morning, dada. God knows when it will be.
Mr. Santok singh, please forgive us.
Prem is a child. He did
not mean to hurt you.
But this is the truth of all of us.
We were confident that in five
or six months we will earn enough
to pay of all debts.
- Correct, man. Totally correct.
If i had known we
would end up like this,
why would i have quit my
business of motor parts in mumbai?
Had i given regular extortion
money to the police and mafia there
at least i would not have been
in this tension. Shame on us, man.
Why did i listen to my parents and
come abroad? For this? All this?
- That too without a fault.
- There is a fault!
The fault is going to uk
through various other countries.
Gurtej? He has come!
What is this, man? How long
do we have to stay here?
Why don't you just shoot
and end us once and for all?
- One minute.
- We spent five months here like this.
And back in our country our children
and ageing parents are depending on us.
- And we are here in this condition!
- Right! Have mercy!
We have given you our life's entire
earnings and this is what we get?
Just listen to me!
Nobody is listening to me!
I am not enjoying myself
either having you people here!
I am paying everyday
expenses out of my own pocket!
You are paying to keep us hungry?
When have i kept you hungry? You
have been feeding for five months.
This one time the food got
late and you start shouting!
And this place you live in,
doesn't this require expenses?
So don't keep us here. Get us out.
That's what was planned.
But our luck ran out.
The checking got strict that is why
we had to detain you here for so long.
But it is nothing to be sad
about. We leave tomorrow morning.
You have said the same
thing three time before.
But this time it is final. Listen
everyone, tonight is the last night here.
This is what i came to announce
but all of you just attacked me.
- Professor bannerji chatterji.
- Probheer chatterji.
Nice name.
You just make them
look presentable first.
They should look like educated tourists.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
You all have ten days visa
remaining. You can go anywhere.
Eat whatever you like. Enjoy yourselves.
Compensate for the last five months.
Dada, tell me one thing.
Dada, you don't seem so old to be called
dada by an old geyser like banwari.
Oh, this dada is not that kind of dada.
In our area, elder brother is called dada.
Then elder sisters must be called dadi.
That is why mr. Makhan
singh calls you desi.
Enough, enough!
Will you undress and dive in it now?
God! What a creature!
He is going to england all the
way from pakistan just to exorcise!
And look at his attire. He looks more like
a parrot than a human in green clothes.
- Have some shame.
- He will die of hunger if he does that.
We all have to die someday, baba.
Die of shame!
This is how the cow looks when
you play a flute before her.
You were given money
for what? To buy drinks?
For five months, we couldn't
even breathe without permission.
Today i want to live
freely like these white men.
You are right, chaudhry.
Today i will be free too.
You drank my wine!
So buy another one.
You will always remain a desi.
I don't have any money for more.
- Skinny won!
- And he will get a handsome amount too.
Hey skinny!
Just wait. Your dad is coming!
Dada, you take care of the panjiri.
Go from here.
Come on, fight with me.
Come on!
What happened, darling?
What? Any problem?
- There is a problem.
- What?
There are some of our indians...
that problem is nothing darling, but one
of our great problems has been solved.
That is why we have to leave
for rostok in the evening.
Come, lets celebrate it together.
That is fine but these
indians... let me...
but remember we have to
leave today, okay? Come fast.
By the way madam, do you know you
look stunning in this shalwar kameez?
Bye. Love you. Love you aman.
You stupid man! What are
you doing here? Go sit.
Nawab khan, didn't you listen?
It's a long trip. Go and sit.
What sit? You have been sitting
us down for the last five months!
You charged me airfare and use a truck!
I swear donkeys in my village
can run faster than this!
Sardarji, just look at its condition!
At least it is better than ours.
- He is right.
- I am worried too.
Why, rasheed, this truck
can go straight to england?
Yes, your highness.
Somebody do something about this guy.
He wasn't even fit to leave his village
and they sent him straight to moscow!
Brother, we are going to ukraine's
capital kiev, not england.
- Key?
- Yeah, key.
The key to england.
Is there some kind of door outside
england for which there is a key?
Oh just keep quiet.
- But they key...
- just shut up. You talk so much!
I was looking at our future.
Somebody put a leash on him!
- Have we reached england?
- Yes.
Prince charles has come
to receive us. Look.
This is our rasheed
chaudhry, not who you said.
Who else did you want?
Come on, get down.
Lets see how england looks like.
England looks like this? How can it be?
Oh shut up!
Everybody listen up. You have to
enter the jungle on foot from here.
And you have to cross the border
and enter ukraine before morning.
- On foot?
Yes. It will be cold ahead.
So wear as much clothing
you can right now.
- Right now?
- Yes, right now.
Because the route ahead is so
bad you can't carry your luggage.
I take responsibility of your
luggage. I'll see you ahead.
Listen. You have five minutes. Hurry up.
He has made us don so many clothes
as if we are going to the moon.
Hey, you people don't
know the onion's story?
- What onion, man?
- Onion!
Poor thing was like garlic clove.
It too went to england
once just like us.
Rasheed peeled it so much that
it finally became an onion.
Does your uncle have a
bungalow in the jungle?
Yes he does. But not here. In assam.
Move, move, move. It's
just a little water.
This old man can make it, why can't you?
Come on, move.
I can't walk anymore.
- I am tired.
- What?
Move. Dada, this stupid cannot
understand what you are saying.
You just keep a hand
on my shoulder and walk.
This jungle and it's fog!
What is a man supposed to do?
Don't panic. The fog will lift soon.
So many people have gone to england but
no one told me it would be this hard.
Dada, sit over there.
Be careful. Dada, are you alright?
If i could walk this much, why would have
been my visa rejected on health basis?
Don't worry, dada. Just rest.
We will continue after that
no, no more. I can die
but i cannot walk anymore.
Dada, not like this!
What happened to prem? Prem!
Son! What happened?
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Prem! Nothing will happen
to you! Nothing will happen to you!
- Stop!
- Pull him towards you slowly.
Be careful!
Move! Let me see what
happened to the child!
Rasheed bhai do something!
Rasheed bhai get a doctor!
Prem! Son!
Rasheed! You killed him! You swine!
- Shoot!
- I gave him an easy death.
Otherwise he would have died in agony.
There is no city or doctor for miles.
- Banwari, he is right.
- Of course.
Does anyone kill any innocent like this?
I couldn't bear the child's
pain so i killed him.
- I have been robbed!
- Banwari!
- No, banwari.
- I am destroyed!
Prem! Prem!
My son!
I was supposed to go
first! Why did he go?
How will i face his mother?
What will i tell my brother?
We had set off to earn money
but ended up losing everything!
Did i bring him up just
to see this damn day?
We have entered ukraine.
Come on. Be strong.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Make it fast. Hurry up.
No one can stop the departing.
Have courage, banwari.
By the way, banwari, don't you think
we needlessly praise the english?
- Such superb land but full of grass!
- Totally correct, mr. Santok.
If it was in our hands, it would have
been glistering with gold like our punjab.
You are right, gurtej.
Our punjab is beyond words.
If someone sees the fire,
all of you will get caught.
There has been man check. Five
people like you have been arrested.
Two of them are ours.
Now we will have to
change our route ahead.
Tomorrow morning we
will go back to russia
from where everyone will be
transported to malta in a streamer.
And after that all of you would
be sent to england in a big ship.
Come on. Just a little distance remains.
- It is so cold.
- Helicopter! A helicopter is approaching!
Lie down! Hide in the snow!
They will shoot you on sight!
Get in the snow! Cover yourself with it!
Get up. Hurry up. Everyone.
There is nothing there.
Where is the helicopter? Where is it?
It must have flown away.
Come on, get moving.
Uncle? Uncle?
Unfortunate. Very unfortunate.
Come on guys. We will
have to move anyways.
Come. Look there. Go
and sit in that truck.
From there we will go to the
streamer. Consider yourself in malta.
You may consider it as england itself.
- Big man, who are you?
- Me? Bengali.
- Bangladeshi.
- Oh, dhaka silk!
O lord, you have gathered so
many dreams on this one ship.
Now show us our destination too.
Boss, look. Look there.
Hey! Stop!
If you leave like this, what
will we do? We all will be killed!
- What happened?
- Look over there.
If you jump like this, you will
die. Take something with you.
Stop! Listen to me. Take
something to keep you afloat.
Listen! If there is
anything inside, bring it up.
- I don't want to die. Help me.
- Nothing will happen.
- Are you alright?
- I am fine.
Excuse me.
- Sister?
- Hey? Why are you following me?
Sister, you are the same woman, right?
You people?
Thank goodness you recognized us.
There were two hundred people!
- We are all that is left.
- And the rest?
- The rest...
- no one survived.
I am fine, niharika.
- I am fine.
- I thought that you too...
death is not so easy, niharika.
Who knows what else life will show us.
But look at his mercy too.
We were saved from such a great accident
and we found an acquaintance
in this strange place too.
You people come with me.
My house is nearby.
Me and my husband...
we will do everything we can.
Yes! It's amazing.
Finally, i made it possible for you.
Liquid plutonium! You
cannot gauge it's value.
Yes. But we are giving you much
more than any value you can get.
Yeah. But this whole thing
goes to russian mafia.
I only take a small share of this
and the rest goes to them.
- Yes, it's ours.
- Oh, it's a beautiful diamond!
Not like this. Smile!
Shooting? Come on!
- Hey stop!
- Aman!
Hey! Who are you?
Aman, this is liquid plutonium.
Get this into the right hands.
- My husband works with the wrong guys.
- Niharika!
You first need a doctor.
Doctor! Ambulance!
Aman, you were true.
- You were innocent. I...
- niharika!
I will have to go, aman.
Army, people, even my own father!
Everyone considers you a traitor!
And you, niharika?
What difference does
my opinion make, aman?
I'm so sorry. I have to go.
Niharika? Niharika!
Your thinking is correct.
What do you know about me
that you would have handed over
something important like plutonium to m?
- You are indian?
- Afghani...
but i stayed in india for
five years for studies.
Then how come you are here?
After the end of najeeb sarkar,
afghanistan was engulfed in civil war.
My whole family was destroyed in it.
After that, i joined
the northern alliance
so that i could fight
the enemies of my country.
Oh my god! We are being followed.
These are the same smugglers who
together with scientists and mafia
want to make a deal for
plutonium with the taliban.
But why are you trying to get it?
So that we can give
it to the uno and prove
that northern alliance is a responsible
force which can control afghanistan.
Those people went to the other side.
Come on. Hurry up. We have to
switch cars because they know.
From now on, they will never
stop for a girl. Right, desi?
The truck is leaving!
Santok, stop the truck!
We are here right now.
From here to ukraine,
then to czechoslovakia, then to germany,
and from germany...
- but sir these people...
i know they cannot go from here
because a lot of people are after them.
That is why we need a new
route. I have that too.
From here to tajikistan.
Tajikistan's capital dushanbe.
From dushanbe, you will be given visas
on your new passports and seen off.
Passports and visas so soon?
They will be fake. Only
to board from dushanbe.
As soon as you reach london airport, tear
your passports and surrender yourselves.
And then apply for political asylum.
- What?
- Shut up!
- But the price for this would be higher.
- Higher? Why higher?
This way is even more easy for you.
Forget what is easy or difficult for me.
It is easy for you. That
is why the price is higher.
You also seem to be from our side.
Or you may say we are
also from your side.
Can there be some discount?
- Here.
- I don't.
I also cannot give any
more discount than this.
By the way, i don't accept
tasks to form relationships.
Palwisha, what have you considered?
- It will be done, sir.
- It'll be done? It'll be done!
Then this job will be done too.
You are unable to forget her?
Carry on.
- Missed it.
- Here, give it to me.
Changed. So, you're ready to go?
Tell your friends to do the same.
Come on.
Take everyone out from there.
Hurry! Hurry!
Stop here. Right here.
Come on!
Palwisha, we have to go that way.
You and palwisha, give
us cover fire over there.
I will take the whole group from there.
- Come on palwisha.
- Lets go.
Come on palwisha.
Get in. Quick!
Gurtej has been shot!
Get back!
He is dead. Lets catch them. Come on.
May you flourish, son.
Come back soon, son. We will be waiting.
Now you are our only hope.
keep this.
I know it will be safe with you.
I know it.
The court martial proceedings have
found captain aman kumar sahidev
of the fifth armored regiment as
guilty of leaking military secrets
to the enemy. All his allegations on
his superiors have been proven baseless.
The court of inquiry headed
by major general v. K. Cahl
of western command therefore
decides under army act 17, 18 and 19
that his services are terminated and
he is awarded 3 years arrest in prison.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
The past should not be given
so much space in the heart
that it may reign on your today too.
Life and the people
around you need you.
- Yeah.
- Shall we?
We will be expected.
One should eat whatever he
gets in war and hard times.
You have been bearing it for so
many days. You haven't learnt yet?
Look, food is a necessity
and death an accident.
Why are you joining them both?
Why are you sad? What is
it? Everything all right?
Palwisha, good thing you
came. I can't do baby sitting.
Take care of these people.
Mr. Santok? What happened?
Khan bhai? Dada? What happened?
- Where is gurtej?
- Aman...
mr. Santok, where is gurtej?
During yesterday's firing, gurtej...
- what?
- Yes.
Palwisha, i am going
to the passport office.
You bring these people to kriya.
There is danger all around here.
Danger? Where isn't danger?
It has been five months that we have
been hiding like thieves and robbers.
I am going to the indian
embassy to apologize.
I will tell them i made a mistake
and they can do anything with me!
Brother, i don't want
to live such a life
where one is not allowed
to save a dying friend.
I don't want to see dreams which
grow in the shadow of death.
Where there is no one to lend
a shoulder, fire or even water!
I am going. I am going!
You are speaking because you are alive.
You wanted to give your life to
save few last breaths of your friend?
It would have been better
if i hadn't stopped you.
All of you listen up.
I am doing all this because i have accepted
responsibility to get you to england.
You are right, sir. But gurtej had been
living with us for the last five months.
- We are emotionally tied to him.
- To hell with your emotions!
We have to defend against
danger every moment.
It is stupidity to even talk about
emotions here. Control your emotions.
- What are you saying?
- He is right.
The deal was to get us to
england, not to save the dying.
Even if you are dying tomorrow,
do not expect even water from him!
I am sorry sir. I am sorry.
There will be no emotional
stupidity from now on.
Palwisha, where do we
have to go? Tell me.
They have not eaten since
morning. Get them something.
Emotions don't reduce by eating.
Sister palwisha, what
kind of a man is he?
Can we trust him?
- You'll find them.
- But i don't understand.
How could these people just disappear
with my plutonium and diamonds.
- What happen?
- It's not easy sir.
Sameer is helping them.
Sameer... who the hell is sameer?
I know him very well, infect
we used to work together.
But due to some reasons we
went on different routes.
He went his way and i came my way.
But i warn you he is
very claver and smart too.
He's the person who can
even save a sinking ship.
But... but chief...
what will happen now?
Don't worry just relax. Have a drink.
First of all we'll locate him down and once
he is located, i'll handle the rascal myself.
This is nonsense. I don't believe in this
my husband would have told me, he doesn't
keep any secrets from me. It's all lies.
Stop it... stop it... don't touch anything.
Come here.
Sameer i love you.
Hello... hello...
listen to me carefully, khalika.
Want speak that much loud then
what is the need of telephone.
Voice will reach
pakistan such like that.
- I'm coming.
- Don't come here.
You are going to suffer the fever
if you'll come to know my condition.
Bring back the money from them.
Hello... hello...
rashid khan is very fraud agent.
Hello... hello...
- everything is bad.
- What happen?
My cousin khalid is going
to england with rashid.
Then stop him.
How can i stop him that
phone isn't working.
If it works then the
voice isn't visible.
Swine don't want to listen anything, he
thinks that we are pulling the money from
the trees and having the cold breezes.
England isn't it the chacha-kahiro home.
I'm leaving for the prayers.
- Dial the dialing code of england, dada.
- Yes, i'm dialing it. (dada=brother).
Err! Brother how long?
Till the time i forget
my pain in theirjoy.
By the way sameer-ji, have
to do experiments sometimes.
Those who have to much
experiences swallow their pride.
Hello... hello.
Yes this is porbeel chater-ji.
Isn't this professor
stephen's from oxford.
Err! Connected to a uganda phone number.
Then i'll have to dial
haryana to talk at brodha.
What do you say chacha? (chacha=uncle).
So chaudry it means you frequently
travel between russia and england?
O'desi bhai-jaan. (desi=villager).
(bhai-jaan=big brother).
Down... down... come down.
Too much time left to fly, bhai-jaan.
Right now photographs has
been taken for the passport.
Thanks sameer paa-ji.
- Next.
- Me... me... me.
Sorry, santokh singh-ji
that isn't well.
What happened?
It's amazing if you
photographed after five minutes.
- But why?
- Your snap meets the poster print.
- Why paa-ji?
- Because it'll be 12 o'clock.
If it's 12 o'clock
then what will happen?
Whatever happen it occurs
with you not with us.
Whatever happen it's occurs with us.
It occurs to the same
sardars 250 years back.
Those who banged nadir shah and ahmed
shah abadli with their gorilla warfare.
They saved millions of
innocent girls from them.
listen the whole story
which you have started.
Do you hear he name
of hari singh nalwa?
Do you people heard the
name of hari singh nalwa?
He was the commander in in-chief
of maharaja ranjeet singh's army.
He felt the same.
He busted the khan's and
pathan's through the way of kabul.
He always attacked at
Enemies escaped due to his terror.
sardar's time is on.
The splendor of patriotism
was be seen at 12 o'clock.
The splendor of patriotism
was be seen at 12 o'clock.
Your kind of idiots
make fun out of them.
Your kind of idiots.
Now go for the photograph.
Looks innocent first time in the life.
Don't say sardar-ji such
like that at 12 o'clock.
Assault would have been made.
- Amala.
- Yes, pickles of amala.
Go and have it, santok
singh-ji is distributing it.
One photo please.
I love you...
you have done a good job palwasha.
But i'm sorry you'll have
to die because i love money.
I'm sorry.
Don't shoot, i surrender.
Palwasha please forgive me.
Sorry commander you'll have
to die because you love money.
This was our famous general of
northern alliance, with his help i
was wanted to handover the plutonium
to the chief then to the uno.
And for the sake of money he also...
they know that we are in this area.
That's why you are going
to be shifted from here.
Everyone will be shifted
to separate house because if
there will be an attack
then we can help each other.
You have this and you have that.
First time i'm seeing it
i don't know how to use it.
When somebody is
coming in front you while
shooting then it'll
starts automatically.
- Do you get it?
- No.
How can it be this isn't a thing
to play, it's a thing to drive.
It's empty.
Still fresh.
So then you, he made a deal with us.
- And still they have the plutonium.
- Chief we have to find them.
We'll and they are definitely
somewhere close by here.
- What is going on?
- I'm playing.
Keep playing.
Listen... listen... listen...
your passports has been arrived.
Okay... okay... now listen carefully.
Dushumbay is on 2 hours
drive from here from
there your flight of
england is after 5 hours.
Have the stool along with you.
- What happen?
- Why they 'kao'... 'kao'?
'Kao'... 'kao' because they are leaving
for england and sending you abroad.
I'm abroad and they are at
england, why it's such like that?
Why it's such like that?
- What anna?
- What?
You can speak and understand hindi
so you were fooling us from 5 months.
Come on guys surround them.
I'm here, my friends i'm here.
- Move forward, come on.
- Yeah, i'm here.
Who is next. You...
- may be you.
- No... no... no...
move... i said move.
Who is next. It's you.
No! Palwasha always willing
to die for his country.
Plutonium, otherwise...
- listen you'll get the plutonium but.
- But what?
Come on hurry up.
Run... run.
Spread all of you.
Forward... forward.
- Anan run.
- Run... run.
Bolay sonihaal...
lets run from here.
Hurry... hurry... hurry up.
There is no bullet in it.
Err! Khan-saab if there
are bullet in this pistol
then i should killed both
of them with this pistol.
Lets go.
- Where is kaka?
- Kaka...
- where is kaka?
- May be he's with sameer.
That's alright but
where we have to go now?
Look there... they are coming.
- Lets go.
- Go... go.
Lets go hurry up.
Hurry up. Fast.
Dada, get up.
Get up, dada.
Now my destination is somewhere else.
Don't be afraid, dada. Get up.
I'm not afraid. I'm afraid of that
i'm unable to fulfill my duties.
I have a credit of my land
i can't meet with my land
from which i was razed.
Look, such thing
wouldn't happen with them.
Get up, dada.
Palwasha, sameer-ji.
He's alright he's fainted due to bullet.
They are on our tail we'll
have to move from here.
- Lets go, move, fast.
- Move fast they have been arrived.
Palwasha which way we
choose from these two.
I don't know, sameer...
They are on our tail, sameer-ji is
wounded, have to go on one of them.
Okay we have to move
at least we get some help.
- Shall we move?
- Move.
Lets go.
Palwasha, what happen?
- We are in afghanistan.
- Afghanistan.
'Afghanistan' but how could you
know that we are in afghanistan?
It's my country.
I can feel the terror of its air.
Palwasha what is all this?
This the same fear which i was saying.
This is my northern alliance village.
To capture it they did all that.
God for how long my land and my
people suffers the tears of blood?
For how long?
Lets go.
Lord pay mercy on him because now he
isn't only yours love one he's ours too.
For how long he'll
be fine, khan brother?
I'll ask them...
palwasha behan, what
doctor say. (behan=sister).
Doctor said no need to worry, bullet
passed from one end
to another, thank god.
He'll be alright with
in two or three days.
Okay... okay.
What are you saying,
that was general masood.
Err! I heard a lot about him.
Why are you disturbing poor jaiesh?
Palwasha-behan if the
fear gold medal has been
award then jaiesh will
be the rightful owner.
I'll slap you.
Sameer-bhai i bring
this blanket for you.
And get well soon so we all...
don't worry i'll be fine with in two
or three days and then you all are...
by drinking milk you
are become a bull now
you'll have more to
become a elephant, khuriya?
It's not for me this is for sameer bhai.
Have this medicated milk, sameer-bhai.
Mother gave it to me when i fell sick you
have it then you'll be absolutely fine.
Sometimes life looks very beautiful.
Yes it's depends upon the mood of time.
Err! Sameer-ji now you
are looking perfectly fine.
Yes and looking at very fine changes.
Where they are heading, palwasha?
Nothing important, the village
near by has been attacked.
They are leaving for counter attack.
But children and old are among them.
Children and old all of them
are equal for the country.
And we are the one who
left their own country.
Your this song awakes
my sleeping valor, deepu.
Our country, our home and
the voices of children.
Ears are looking for those voices.
I feel that my village
is behind that mountain.
Yes, that's the truth.
And there mother shout
to call me, 'o'makhan'.
Come back to home.
I wish that i can fly back to home.
Yes why not, go back and hear
the same from which we escaped.
Early morning bell rang
at the door and the
creditor talk his rubbish
that noises of vehicles.
Should we go back and
listen all this again?
No... not at all.
We escaped from the
poor and miserable life
and it's impossible to
go back and live there.
You are absolutely right bhai.
Now sameer-bhai is healthy.
Visa has stamped on passport. Now
will have to reach dushambay and
go directly to england from there.
Real life is out there bhai. Isn't it?
We are seeing the outer world
from past six months, bhai.
And we come to this
condition and which we
haven't seen its may
be a little bit better.
Or may be too much good.
But i only know one thing
bhai-ji that the peace
of our land can't be
found anywhere else.
That's why, wouldn't you see the people
who migrated abroad they come back
every year in search of love and peace
and at the time of leaving they cry a lot.
If we stayed at our country
then we cry every year.
There they live in bungalows that's why
they like there village streets for few days.
For few days. The love to
see the pictures of misery.
- Understand.
- You think wrong.
Not for the picture of
misery. They come back
again and again to feel
their land and emotions.
And they cry on the
way back just because of
that they have to go
faraway from their own.
I can say that because
i have passed through
these kind of
circumstances so many times.
Palwasha is right.
And the question of
building big bungalows is
possible because they
work 20 hours in a day.
Just think among you, is anybody
work hard 5 hours in your country?
We didn't get a chance.
Chance is made by the hard work.
And you all want to have
everything without hard working.
We are doing effort to go abroad.
Wrong, this effort
and go abroad is wrong.
I'm not saying this
to go abroad is wrong.
But to go abroad with
an illegal way is wrong.
Go abroad by seeing others success
and walk on their foot prints is wrong.
Lord gifted every human with
some craftsmanship and ability.
If we can recognize it then
success can be achieved anywhere.
No need to go elsewhere.
Sameer-bhai says the total truth.
What else,,, due to ill fate we
are wondering here and their and
whatever is going to happen has
happened. Now we have to go back home.
What do you say?
Good bye all of you. I
don't want to go back.
Go back with empty hands
i'll see my child...
i worked 16 hours daily
on my fields, sameer-saab.
I can't save the money for
the treatment of my child.
All of these things are words to say.
Nothing will happen.
Your experience is different but all
of them situation are not like you.
And the question of your son treatment, i
think this is enough to fulfill your all needs.
Necessity isn't only with me sameer-ji.
All of them have their necessities.
And everybody necessities
are big at there place.
One minute, if all of them
needs will be fulfilled then?
I thought i'll use them
for the cause of my group.
But today i feel, the biggest
cause is to help humanity.
It's too much.
We get the success.
Now there is no objection
to go back, isn't it?
Now we'll have to go back.
- Amazing.
- That's great.
They wouldn't share the same fate
which has happened with so many, dada.
Due to bad luck it
has happened with you.
- What happen sameer-ji?
- I just remember dada's words.
We'll go back then none of us
have to pay the credit of our land.
Means you'll come with us.
Why not, i also have to
pay the credit of my land.
- What?
- Quite.
Everybody knows about you.
Desi, we win and we are going back,
now offer us panjiri. (panjiri=sweet)
- Panjiri.
- Yes.
I'll eat the pinjiri
when i get back to home.
Starts from qundas and bypassing the
jalalaabad, we'll cross the toorkhum border.
- Aman
- you were right sir.
Those who have too much
experiences they swallow the pride.
Do you come here to tell me this?
No sir: When you also
decide to go back home along
with them then my responsibility
is over here for them.
Means you aren't going
back to your country.
Sir these people decisions are concerned
with there needs, wishes and dreams.
And my motive is to break
every relation with my past.
That's why it's not
possible for me to leave.
Such like that your past will call you
and you'll turn back and look towards it.
The past has passed whatever it was.
Reality is this the aman who is standing
in front of me made by the same past.
Separate him from the present is like
stubbornness to cut the water with sword.
I also tried it a bit.
But today i'm heading back.
Aman my present will be your tomorrow.
That's why understand
my present right now.
I'm sorry sir.
Life isn't the thing to
understand with effort.
It taught me what it wants to teach me.
Will teach me what it wants to teach me.
Give me blessing, good bye.
Goodbye sir.
Why aman left without call?
How many times i told you
that if he meet you people
then your emotions
wouldn't allow him to leave.
But why it was necessary to leave?
I understand.
Sameer-ji, how can somebody burry
his live emotions for his past.
Why we came from that way?
Danger is all over here.
What are you talking? If we
travel with some country visa then
all of the diamonds has seized on
the airport and we'll go to jail.
That's why we all decided
that route with consideration.
Forget everything by seeing the gun.
Paa-ji is calling you, desi.
Yes bhai.
You acted like donkey.
Not like that, santok-ji.
He's our man.
He's the source of information.
Jeep has busted on right location.
The area of the drug-mafia
starts from here.
They have there own jurisdiction here.
Whatever be the government
is, king, russia, mujahidden
or the current government
they only earn from them.
They transport the drugs from
here to pakistan, india, nepal,
europe and america and earn
billions and trillions of money.
They are very dangerous people they
can do anything to protect there land.
Do you understand? Now start pushing.
What are you looking
at chaurdrio, i'll have
the pinjiri at home with
the hands of my mother.
Sir, shall we go, we have to go faraway.
I'll never forget his smiley face.
- Everything is alright.
- Lets go from here.
Move, hurry up.
If somebody will come
then we have no other way.
Move hurry up... move.
Lets go.
Grab the hands of each other.
Go back.
Be careful.
We don't do anything, bhai.
Bring the rocket-launcher.
- Oh god.
- Nothing will happen to you.
- Oh god.
- You'll fine.
You can't do such like that.
Everybody have to die one
day, everybody turn will come.
What are you doing pick him up.
- Lets pick him
up. - No sameer-ji.
Already ran a lot now wouldn't
run away from the death.
Have a heart santok,
look i bring the vehicle.
- Santok-ji.
- Medical box has been found...
...you just keep your strength.
- Lets go.
- I'm not worried about my self, aman.
- Yes santok-ji.
My son...
- goodbye.
- Santok-ji.
I come back after getting the
news of desi's accident...
...and when i reached here then
santok-ji. Why only santok-ji?
with their wishes and dreams...
...all of them had been dispersed.
Left one by one.
May be someone will live among
us tomorrow or may be not...
or may one will live...
he'll fulfill each
and everybody's dream.
If we'll promise this deed to each other
then if death will come it'll be in peace.
We have to pledge this.
Nobody will die among you. All
of you will go back to your home.
This is my promise.
This is rawalpindi after
crossing the toorkhum border.
We'll move towards the
sialkot from rawalpindi.
And from there we'll cross
the chowinda to india.
But first we'll have to teach
a lesson to those agents in
pindi. Who are going to send your
kind of group tomorrow evening.
We have to stop them.
Move fast...
we have to go to border.
Isn't it that much easy to
let you free for the border?
- Now what do you say?
- My brother is very sick, taliba.
Taliba he's in very bad
condition. (taliba=taliban).
My brother will die.
Look his condition.
They don't have beard and mustache,
looks towards their unlucky faces.
What's the matter, taliban?
What's the matter?
Commander messaged,
'some people are trying
to cross the border and
we have to stop them'.
- Our brother is dying.
- Quite... quite.
Permit us to leave.
You people have a mouth or
a radio which doesn't stops.
He'll die and their isn't
any treatment in kabul.
What is this matter?
They are asking to
permit them for pakistan.
If they create much problem
then put them behind the bars.
- Officer?
- What's the matter?
All of them are with me and
we all are on a secret mission.
You may proceed.
You people get down hurry up and come to
rawalpindi with any vehicle,
i'll you people their.
Major-saab, commander messenger
come with the message that
the people to whom you have to
arrest you leave them from here.
They will be more secure along with you.
Gullu, don't act like
waheed murad all the
time go and bring the
bus, children has arrived.
- Okay. -
...give me something to
eat, guests are arrived.
The whole bunch of balochies...
the way to england is not
here go in to the office.
- Khalid come here.
- Yes.
That man will spoil the
life of the boys, janab.
First you'll have to
take care of your life, okay.
Trust my words, janab.
Move from here.
Sameer-ji, i'm having the
juice. Police took them.
Okay, we already inform the military.
Military, they also
call the military, bhai.
Why sameer-bahi doesn't till now?
You all will die in the
jail and this girl... tell
me where are the diamonds.
I'll save all of you.
- Swear to god we don't know.
- Don't know.
- At least tell me where is sameer?
- We don't know about him bhai-ji.
This is nothing what you are
seeing in front of military.
They don't have anything, hanif-mian.
You information wasn't
correct. Yes i made them crazy.
There is a man name sameer
he took each and everything.
Check with your source.
Sameer-bhai escapes
from here with all the
stuff and we'll spend
our whole life here.
I inform the intelligence
to take them from here.
Who is in charge over here?
Who is in-charge over here?
He is sir.
Sir you come very soon.
Should i come late.
No sir i didn't mean this.
Where are they?
Sir they are behind the bars.
Sir this weapons has been found.
Put it in.
Unlawful activities in
an alien country, why?
- Sameer.
- Quite.
You'll be beaten here and your
voice will be audible in delhi.
- Along with you...
- shut your mouth.
Bring them out.
Get out everybody and make a queue.
- Lets go... go... go.
- Hands up.
Don't move.
Nobody move otherwise we'll shoot him.
Come on everyone, who is he...
that who was taking these foreigners
by disguising as a solider.
- Come forward.
- Who is he?
They seems to be original.
Wow! Police can't do anything of
army then you became a soldier.
Now see what we'll do with you.
- Habib.
- I can't believe this.
Sir, enough.
- Is he fake?
- In reality he's the original one.
Colonel sameer ahmed khan.
Medal of honor.
You may proceed sir.
- Sir... sir... sir.
- Enough.
- That's enough.
- Sir enough.
We thought that were
hindustani. You are pakistani.
Pakistani, hindustani
doesn't makes any difference.
- You people.
- We are alive till now.
Son of a fraud.
Smash him
- sir... sir these gangsters.
- And you?
I'm rahseed and they are hindustani.
I'm pakistani.
'Paksitani', do you know
the meaning of pakistani?
The meaning of its soil.
If you understand then you haven't brutally
murdered the dreams of these innocents.
You are claiming to be a pakistani.
This isn't anything,
here is your history.
Because of it you'll stay
in the jail through the life.
Lets go.
Listen, you people also move.
Your money will be return next time
don't try to go abroad unlawfully.
- Jamal.
- Sir.
Take them to the police station
and have there statements.
- Yes sir.
- Move.
You don't worry sir, i'll
personally supervise that case.
You have this and when
you'll get my signal within
half an hour you'll have
to cross them the border.
Habib, thank you isn't enough for the
help you made for me out of the way.
Why are you disgracing me sir?
I don't do anything sir
which you have done for them.
By the way are your criminals.
Whatever we have done
for you, isn't enough.
You have done a lot
for the country, sir.
This will be considered as
treachery with the country.
Yes, this will be considered
as treachery with the country.
Because my wife is tajik?
Sir, i cannot commit
treachery with my country.
And the soviet union is collapsing.
You didn't even tell this.
And you got three of your
fellow officers arrested!
My country is my faith! It is my mother!
This is your past credibility
that you were spared the court martial.
- But you will be under house arrest.
- Sir?
Till the time our investigations are not
over. And no more discussions about it.
I was put under house arrest and
a team was sent to investigate.
They found nothing.
But what i had...
the doctors could not
save my wife and child.
The investigation team
proved me innocent.
The army apologized and
asked me to resume services.
my whole world was destroyed.
Now everything appears to be a cheat.
And after that day,
life became purposeless.
And then i changed
in my voyage with you
and life started surfacing again.
Mr. Sameer... i am sorry sir,
in afghanistan you said we
would cross over chawanda.
Is that from the north or the south?
- Did you find them?
- No. Not here.
How long will you run?
News will surface
about your whereabouts.
No, no. You come with the
rest of the group to the north.
You don't know sameer. That's it.
- I think the border is over there.
- Mr. Sameer, we...
are in chawanda's north, right?
- What happened?
- He is a traitor!
You are from here and you
don't know where we are.
He is a bengali and
he knows where we are!
He has provided all information
that has been leaked so far.
He just told them where we are.
But he was always with
us. How did he inform them?
I am giving it. Here.
Through this.
Oh my god! But who was
he trying to inform?
No, i will tell you. Smugglers
for whom i worked earlier.
- But you are a bengali.
- But this is what i did.
Due to my negligence, their
large consignment was seized.
And i had to run for my life from them.
All arrangement for my stay
in london had been done.
That is why i proceeded like you.
But upon coming here i
realized that these diamonds
could get me back my position
if they made their way to them.
You said the pigeons
would fly in half an hour.
Don't shoot. This is the border area.
I have the indication.
Lets move from here.
Give me the diamond.
Give me the diamond.
Or else i will shoot.
I will shoot you.
Look, these all are indians.
You are a pakistani and so am i.
We both can distribute
the diamonds equally.
Whatever issue it is,
whether sports or politics,
you give it the wrong color.
It is about right and wrong.
And they are right and you are wrong.
Give me the diamonds
or i will shoot you!
Anyone who tries to pick
arms or run will be shot!
Don't move! Don't move!
I say surrender! Surrender!
Stay where you are or you will be shot!
Don't shoot! Stop it! Nobody will fire!
I am major habibullah. It's an order!
I say nobody shoots. Hold it!
- Everything is okay?
- Yes sir.
You are right, but don't bring
pak-india relationship in between this.
This is the criminal's nexus which
is playing with innocent lives.
It is because of these people
that we got to these people.
That is why you should let them go back
to their country for the sake of humanity.
Well, colonel sameer ahmed khan,
they will be sent to their country.
But you will be punished.
And the punishment is
that you will stay here
and rejoin the army
and serve your country.
Long live pakistan!
You see that wall of trees over there?
India's border lies just beyond it.
Our india starts!
You can go there easily
because of pakistan's military.
But will there be any
problem on that side?
I have been in the indian military.
It's time to use the experience.
Don't worry. I know
the when, where and how.
It was the love for their country
which made them realize that dreams
never come true without your loved ones.
This movie is dedicated to
all those unknown travellers
who lost their lives by
getting into these paths.
All members of the caravan upon return
did exactly what they
had promised each other.
Palwisha, you were correct.
Sometimes life really
looks so beautiful.
Not sometimes. Now it is forever!