Kaabil (2017)

'Hello, Rohan.
Good morning!'
Mrs. Mukherjee, good morning!
How're you?
- 'I'm fine. So, excited?'
Can't you hear
the excitement in my voice?
'Rohan, please be there
at 10:45 am, okay?'
I'll be there on time.
Please don't worry. - 'Okay.'
But Mrs. Mukherjee, it would
be nice to have you there too.
It was you who fixed this.
So, I was thinking if you could
meet, it would be really nice.
'Why so?
Are you scared of the girl?'
If I would deny it,
I'd be lying.
But to be honest,
I am a little..
Since it is the first time I am
doing this, I feel, that's why..
'Rohan, I hope someone
is accompanying you.'
Oh, yes! The one and only Zafar
will be coming.
'Oh, okay.. Good..'
'All the best, then.'
- Yes, Mrs. Mukherjee.
'Okay, Rohan.'
- Thank you.
I'll see you. Bye.
- 'Bye.'
Percy, what happened?
Did the chain link
slip out again? - Yes.
You will never get your old
bicycle repaired, will you?
You're right.
What do we do now?
- Fix it, please.
And tell your dad
to buy you a new one.
you know my father well.
He didn't even exchange
his father's vintage car
let alone my bicycle.
- Your dad is a typical Parsi.
Lift it..
- Okay.
Yes.. Good.
You should learn how I do it.
- Sure.
I have done it
so many times for you.
Okay, so..
Let's test.
All set!
- Yes..
Thanks, Rohan.
You're welcome.
- You're the best.
Tell me something. - What?
- How do you manage to ride it?
Trust and confidence!
When you have these two things,
you don't need anything else.
Remember that.
Oh, your dad is here.
Good morning, Mr. Cyrus!
- My dear
how do you realise that I have
come, despite not seeing me?
Is your sense
of smell that strong?
I can smell the meat you eat,
Mr. Cyrus.
That's my code.
See you, Percy.
- See you tonight.
- Yes.
What is it?
Did you see her?
Tell me.
Rohan, you are fair
but she is much fairer
than you.
Your children might look
like they are Irish.
Tell me when we're there.
- The coffee is good.
Hello. Hi.
- Hi.
I am Rohan Bhatnagar.
Sorry for being late.
It's all right. - This is
Supriya. Supriya Sharma.
Hi. - Hello.
- And I am Geeta Sandiyal.
- Hi.
It would be better if Rohan
joins Supriya here
while we both sit
at another table.
The 'Pav Bhaji' here
is very famous.
Rohan, should I order you one?
- No, I'm good.
I'm ordering one for you.
Please come with me.
Will you be fine?
- Yes.
I am so sorry.
Zafar is too much!
He always talks nonsense.
I hope you don't mind him.
- It's all right.
So.. Mrs. Mukherjee..
Whenever she talks about you
all she does is sing
praises of you.
Did she tell you
anything about me?
She told me so much that I
cannot even have a thought
about anyone else..
That is, if I actually wanted
to get married.
What do you mean?
- I owe a lot to Mrs. Mukherjee.
I came to see you
only because she insisted.
I never want to get married.
Please deny this proposal
for me.
You may give any reason.
- Like what?
You may say that you didn't
like me. - So, you want me
to lie to her
against my will.
Rohan, I am a working woman.
I earn well.
I am not dependant
on anyone.
But in real life, how can two
negatives make a positive?
It's funny, because I too
don't wish to get married.
So, then.. Why did you..
- The same!
Mrs. Mukherjee
and her pressures!
In this one meeting,
I have learnt
that you are very confident
and independent
and I think,
that's really amazing.
Thank you.
May I say something, Su?
A person's trust in himself,
is his strength.
We are not weak, you and I.
Then, why are you afraid
of being a companion?
Because darkness cannot bring
light in a dark room, Rohan.
In the dark,
if you have a partner
the void can be filled.
Am I right?
You have confused me,
Do you want to get married
or not?
I want to,
but not right now.
I want to give you some time.
Just to be sure, you know to
think about yourself, about me
and us.
So, you know
let's just see!
Would you like some tea?
My friend worked his magic.
Their smiles show
that they both will agree.
All hail..
- Lord Ganesha!
All hail..
- The all-blessing One!
All hail Lord Ganesha!
All hail..
- Lord Ganesha!
All hail..
- Lord Ganesha!
All hail..
- Lord Ganesha!
All hail Lord Ganesha!
So, see you tomorrow.
At what time and where?
We must meet every day
if we need to be sure.
I go for dance classes every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
You dance?
I play the piano there,
and the students there
learn their dance
on my music.
So, people dance to your tunes,
I get it now.
- Rohan!
Bye, Su.
Shall we?
- Handsome one!
Is it your birthday?
What is with the new clothes?
- Should I send some cake over?
I knew that love is blind.
But this is the first time I see
blind people falling in love.
That was nice.
- I know, it is simple
but I can't do it..
- Very simple! - Yes, please.
Is Supriya here?
- Yes, she's there.
Can you please..
- Yes, I will take you there.
Carry on, I'll join you.
- Okay, bye.
- Yes.
Your friend is here.
- Hi.
Are you surprised or shocked?
Pleasantly surprised.
- Thank God!
Please sit.
- Yes..
There is a stool here..
- Oh, thanks.
How are you?
- I'm good.
So, how much longer
will this dance class go on for?
I think,
this is the last session.
Coffee afterwards?
- Yes, sure.
Okay. - Let's take a
five-minute break.
- Don't you dance?
I dance.
Do you dance well?
- I think, I dance quite well.
- Yes. What about you?
Actually, I..
- Yes?
What must be the size
of this dance floor?
40 feet by 40 feet.
- So, it's a square.
Any levels?
- One
and why do you ask that?
Because I feel
like we should try.
- Yes.
Are you asking me
to dance with you? - Yes, I am.
Rohan, are you mad?
What will the people think?
If we think what people think,
what will the people think, Su?
Rohan, you are..
- Please come.
Where are you going?
- Oh, sorry.
Where is it? - Here.
I thought you were joking.
Hey, Supriya.
Where are you going?
That's my friend Rohan. He wants
to explore the dance floor.
Oh, cool!
Shall I play the track?
Yes, please.
Where does the level start?
- Just one more step. - Good.
"When your moves go together with
"that is when we both walk.."
"And when we walk together"
"we create memories."
"My love!"
"My love!"
"Let go of yourself
in my arms"
"just how a cloud
would be in the wind."
"My love!"
"Let go of yourself
in my arms"
"just how a cloud
would be in the wind."
"When your moves
go together with mine"
"that is when we both walk.."
"And when we walk together"
"we create memories."
"Everyone around only
cheers for our love!"
"My love!"
"Let us fulfil
all of our dreams, today!"
"Let us enjoy everything
that makes us happy, today."
"Let us fulfil
all of our dreams, today!"
"Let us enjoy everything
that makes us happy, today."
"Listen to me, my love."
"Let us not play by the rules,
just today."
"Say one, two three, four.."
"My love!"
"Let go of yourself
in my arms"
"just how a cloud
would be in the wind."
"When your moves
go together with mine"
"that is when we both walk.."
"And when we walk together"
"we create memories."
"Everyone around only
cheers for our love!"
"My love!"
"My love!"
"My love!"
"My love!"
"My love!"
"My love!"
Rohan, enough of this.
How many more shoes
do you want me to try?
Just one more, Su.
One more!
This is the one.
What is so different about this?
This sounds perfect.
When you walk wearing these,
I'll know how close you are.
Or how far!
Come on,
I think you should buy this one.
Come on.
- Yes, please!
Rohan, it's too crowded today,
isn't it?
Yes. - Right?
Just a minute.
What happened?
- It's very crowded.
Su. - What?
- You don't need this.
Ladies and gentlemen!
- I am with you.
Come on.
Su.. - Yes?
- I am hungry.
Me too.
- Let's go to the food court.
First floor?
- I don't know.
Sir. - Yes?
- Which way is the escalator?
That way?
- Yes.
Put your hands together
and please welcome
none other than
Mr. Vikram Khanna!
Thank you.
- One second!
Rohan! - Su..
- Rohan!
Just a minute, sir.
- R-Rohan!
Su! Why are you all pushing?
- What are you doing?
Just a second.
- What is it?
I need to go downstairs.
- You cannot go there now.
- R-Rohan..
Excuse me.
- Sir, is there a lady here?
She is blind, like me.
- Please approach the helpdesk.
Come on.. - Where will
I find the helpdesk?
Excuse me..
- Hurry!
Excuse me.. Sorry.
Excuse me!
Sir, can you help me? I..
I need to get to the helpdesk.
Sorry, buddy.
I have no idea. Sorry.
Excuse me.
- Yes, tell me.
Sir, I can't find my friend.
He is blind, like me.
Can you please help me?
He.. - I'm sorry, ma'am,
but there's no one here.
Can you please
ask the security?
- Please ask them.
His name is Rohan. Excuse me,
sir.. Sir..
Vikram! Vikram!
Vikram! Vikram!
Vikram! Vikram!
Action and emotion is found
in every love story
but in this love story,
there is a twist
that you all have
never seen before.
Excuse me.
Vikram! Vikram!
So, let's hear it
for 'Kahani Pyar Ki'!
Which way is the stage?
This way?
Vikram! Vikram!
Excuse me!
Excuse me.
Can you help me, please?
Vikram! Vikram!
Excuse me!
Can you help me, please?
Just a minute, guys.
I have been trying to find
my friend for a while now.
She is lost.
Can you help me?
You have a mic.
So, if you could..
If you could announce her name,
it'll help me.
Bring him on the stage.
Thank you.
- Please come.
Such passion! Is she your
friend or girlfriend?
Please call out for her
on the mic..
You do it. We'll complete your
love story first, then mine.
Here. Turn around.
Where are you, Su?
Can you hear me, Su?
I'm sorry, Su.
I don't know how I lost you.
I am at the stage
in the centre of the mall.
Excuse me.. Excuse me!
- Yes?
Can you please take me
to the stage?
Sure, please come.
Please come.
- Su!
Are you all right?
- Yes, I am.
I'm sorry, Su.
- Let us go.
Thank you!
All the best, buddy.
Have a good life.
Thank you.
Were you crying?
Not at all.
- Really?
Leave my hand already.
I won't leave again.
- Yes?
There was never any light
in my life
but for the first time,
I sensed
some darkness in life.
I have always been alone
but for the first time,
I felt lonely today.
What are you doing?
- Trying to picture your face.
I have pictured you already,
without even touching you.
- Yes. - When?
The other day,
at the restaurant.
To be honest,
it was love at first sight.
Tell me, please.
You're scaring me, now.
Where are we going?
- What?
Our new home.
We're here.
- Hey..
'Hello.' - Yes, darling.
- 'Where are you?'
Well, I am really high,
above ground
and just below the sky.
'What are you saying?'
- I'm here to show Ms. Supriya
her new home.
- 'But how will they see?'
That is what I want to see.
What happened?
- What are you doing?
- Where are you lost?
- Look down.
What happened?
What is this?
- It's where the lift will be.
The service lift
is 16 steps from there
and this is the hole.
Keep in mind.
It's a construction site!
Be careful.
Oh, my! I would not even
be found, had I fallen.
Thank you, pal.
You should wear this harness.
You'll be safe.
Su, this will be the main door.
Come on in, ma'am.
This is the living-room
which is bigger
than my entire apartment.
We won't overcrowd
the living-room with furniture.
Okay. - Okay?
- Sure. Done.
Just basics..
And a swing in the balcony.
- Isn't it?
And many candles!
- Candles?
Yes, the scented kind.
I love them!
Really? - Yes.
Come here. You'll love this.
Come. - What?
In the evening..
One second..
The sun sets here
in the evening.
And that is when,
the breeze is blissful here.
Oh, yes! - Do you feel it?
It's beautiful.
- What?
It feels, that two negatives
are going to become positive.
Is it?
You're using my line on me!
But actually, Rohan
I have never even dreamt
about such beautiful things
fearing they won't come true.
No, Su. You..
You must dream more.
Have bigger dreams.
Don't stop yourself.
Because that is the purpose
of my life now
to be capable enough
to fulfil every dream of yours.
"Your dreams and mine.."
"Your dreams and mine
are locked up in our minds."
"And the key to that is at
a place we cannot reach!"
"Yet, if I fulfil the dreams,
we will then be certain"
"if I am capable of your love
or not."
"I am capable of your love
or not."
"This mischief
and childish fun.."
"This is how I live my life."
"How do I explain to you"
"that this is the true meaning
of life?"
"When you feel your heartbeat"
"is when you realise
you are living."
"This is the start
of our lovely lives."
"Your dreams and mine
are locked up in our minds."
"And the key to that is at
a place we cannot reach!"
"Yet, if I fulfil the dreams,
we will then be certain"
"if I am capable of your love
or not."
"I am capable of your love
or not."
"I will write your name
on sand by the waters."
"I will then call out you!
You make me happy."
"You are so wonderful,
as the bliss of spring."
"We will never go away
from each other."
"Your dreams and mine
are locked up in our minds."
"And the key to that is at
a place we cannot reach!"
"Yet, if I fulfil the dreams,
we will then be certain"
"if I am capable of your love
or not."
"I am capable of your love
or not."
Parveen knows
all of these rituals.
She was the one who decorated
your bedroom.
Zafar. - Yes?
- Thanks. - Stop it. Listen..
- I have a special gift for you.
What is it?
You will need these..
This is protection for you.
How can you say that in front of
everyone? What's wrong with you?
There's no one here.
- Still..
Everyone is busy eating.
- Strange man!
Besides, everyone wants results
in the first year.
Don't worry about that,
There are many kids
in the colony already.
You take your time.
- You are crazy!
Oh, gosh!
Stop it. I am coming..
It seems, it is time.
You will leave now, right?
Where to?
- Amit has thrown a party.
Your special friend Amit
is the younger brother of the
the Municipal Corporator here.
While we are mere butchers.
We make a living
by butchery, son!
You must work with me
at my shop from tomorrow.
I will.
- No excuses!
I must get going now, Dad.
Where did brother go?
He is going out
with his best friend.
Tell me something, Wasim.
In this nuptial night
of that blind couple
will they keep
the lights on or off? Tell me.
I don't know about that
but they will surely
have the fan on.
Why? - Because that place
will be steaming!
- What?
How can these blind people..
- What?
I mean, without seeing,
how can they..
They touch and feel!
Candles! You remembered!
- No, I didn't.
Are these candles? I don't
know how they got here.
Really? Liar!
Su, you have completed
my incomplete life.
How could I have not fulfilled
your wish?
I can't see,
but I surely can feel
how beautiful everything is.
What are you doing?
It tickles!
'I will not let this happen!'
'Hands up!'
'Oh, who is that?'
'Don't worry, dear.
- Dad!'
'You cannot do this, Romeo.
This is a great sin.'
'If you do this, I will
have a heart attack, Romeo.'
'I'm having a heart attack,
'I'm having a heart attack,
control your emotions.'
'Heart attack..'
'This game'
'is over.'
How was it?
- Fantastic!
This is amazing. How can he
dub without seeing the show?
And that too,
in so many voices!
Are you sure, he's blind?
- He hears the English dialogues
and says it in Hindi.
You know..
- Brilliant!
- Su, hi!
Do you know who I have with me
at the studio?
How will I know,
if you don't tell me?
Who is it?
- Talk to him and guess.
Hello, Ms. Supriya.
How are you?
Who is speaking?
This is Amitabh Bachchan
speaking, Rohan's friend.
How are you?
Mr. Amit!
It's really you!
Since the time I met Rohan,
he has been praising you.
He never did that
in front of me.
That is how all men are.
They never compliment
their wives in front of them.
This is what my wife Jaya
complains about too.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Amit.
May God bless you
with a happy married life.
This is my blessing to you.
I must hang up now.
Rohan, did you hear that?
Mr. Amit gave me
such a lovely blessing!
Listen.. Does Aamir Khan
ever come to your studio?
I can bring all celebrities
to dinner tonight.
Okay? And listen..
We'll eat out tonight. Okay?
- Bye. - Bye. See you.
You know what, Su?
I realised today how one
can feel hot even in the AC.
You gave me
quite a love-bite last night.
Oh, my!
Though I am a dubbing artist,
I was dumbstruck.
Since Anup told me about it
I have buttoned my shirt
till the neck.
Can you imagine!
- Really?
Who started it?
- You did.
I did?
- You are such a liar!
You know, Ms. Dastoor took all
the details about last night.
No! - And then she told me
everything about the love-bite
she got 15 years ago.
- Ms. Dastoor?
Yes. - Love-bite?
Oh, God! - Imagine!
By the way, I have a dupatta
around my neck since morning.
Su, please give me your hand.
Your left hand.
'The time is 9:01 pm.'
I bought this
from my first salary.
I will be wearing both now.
One will show me the time
and the other, your love.
How much do I owe you?
- Rs. 80.
Rs. 80?
- Yes.
Here is Rs. 100.
- Thank you, sir.
Are you testing me?
- Is there a problem?
I owed you Rs. 80, right?
- Yes, sir.
You gave me Rs. 10.
Give me Rs. 20 back.
Sorry, sir. Actually,
I am in a rush, so.. - Good.
Hey, what happened?
- That's better. Let's go.
Actually, Ms. Su
the driver thought
we would not realise it.
And I knew that it was you,
my dubbing artist.
Oh, now you're using
my line on me.
Seriously, Su! You are so smart.
I must watch out.
Well, that is true..
Who is there?
Amit? Is that you?
Who is it, Rohan?
I'm scared. Let's go.
You don't have to be scared, Su.
I know him.
Why are you
playing hide-and-seek, Amit?
Say whatever you have to say.
I must commend, Rohan!
You always recognise everyone.
Your nose
has unmatchable powers.
Give us way.
- Decide what you want.
First, you asked me to say
whatever I wanted to
and now, to give way.
- Give us way to leave.
Okay, go.
Go on.
Listen to me.. I had
something important to ask.
Despite trying so hard,
we cannot even lure a maid.
But you, being blind,
hit just the right one..
Rohan.. - Mind your tongue!
She is my wife!
Do you understand?
- Rohan, let go of the collar.
Oh, my goodness!
What is this?
Wasim, look at this.
It seems this guy went
all the way, last night.
What are you saying?
- Rohan, tell me something.
Did you bite her too?
Tell me!
Where did you bite her?
No.. Don't tell me yet.
Let me personally check it..
Rohan! Rohan..
- Don't consider me weak.
I am saying it for the first
and last time.
Don't consider me weak!
- Ms. Shilu, Ms. Mahatre
Ms. Shidke..
Come on out, everyone.
What is it, Supriya?
Why did you scream?
- These boys are bothering us.
But there is no one here
except you two.
But they were right here.
Rohan, where are they?
- They left, Su.
They left.
Let's go home.
Look, I don't care about that.
While booking the flat,
you know what you had said?
'Yes, I do.' - You said, we'll
have possession by December.
'Right, I did say that.'
- Then, how can you postpone it?
'The papers are still..'
- What papers?
Raje.. - 'Yes, tell me.'
- Mr. Rajesh!
I don't care about that. Give
me the possession in a month
or give my money back.
'I'll look into it.
Let me talk to my boss.'
Okay. - 'Don't worry.
I'll handle it.'
- 'Don't worry. Bye.'
What are you doing, Su?
I am doing what I should
have done last night
when you slapped that guy.
Then why didn't you?
Sorry.. Sorry!
Supriya! Good morning!
- Good morning, ma'am.
What is this? - Actually,
my fridge isn't working.
Can you please keep this milk
in your fridge? - Sure.
Where are you?
I called you so many times!
You know
who was at the studio today?
Aamir Khan!
I wanted you to talk to him
but you never answered my calls.
You are too much!
You had such a good chance.
You missed it.
Answer me.
What is it?
Su, are you all right?
Su, tell me what happened!
What happened?
Tell me, Su!
Tell me what happened, Su!
We have taken Amit and Wasim
in custody
based on your
wife's statement.
But in such cases, we need the
medical report, Mr. Bhatnagar.
And it is crucial to get it done
at the earliest
within 24 hours.
We can hold them in remand
only on those grounds, else..
Please get her ready to go.
Does she have a family?
- No, it's just me.
I should get going.
There is no case, sir. She
cannot see them and identify.
And they were smart to not
talk during the molestation.
So she can't identify
their voices either.
The entire case is dependant
on her sense of smell, sir.
Is she supposed to smell
everyone in the courtroom?
And will the judge accept
just identification?
That is why I am sending her
for the medical.
Fine, okay.
I see, you got a call. Normally,
people get calls at such times..
What's the big deal?
I get calls all the time!
Pay more attention on your duty
than my calls.
Yes, sir. - Take her to
the hospital for the medical.
Yes, sir.
Listen, Mr. Chaube has sent
a car for you.
It just got a little late.
Let us go to the hospital now.
And sir has summoned you
to the police station.
Okay, sir.
Open this!
We need to get to the hospital!
Open up!
Is anyone there?
Who is it?
- Hey, you..
You've irritated me
with all the banging!
Look, you will be held here
for the next 24 hours.
Then, you may leave.
- But why? - Quiet!
If you bang the door again,
your wife will again be mo..
Are you all right?
I am fine.
- Supriya!
- Rohan..
The hospital is here.
- Thank you, sir.
Your report is ready.
The doctor will see you now.
Mr. Bhatnagar, do not expect
much from this report.
The 24 hours following
the molestation
are the most critical
for evidence.
You have showed up after
30 hours, that too, drenched.
All evidence seems
to have been washed away.
What! They kidnapped you
and locked you up?
And then left you in the sea?
Is that right?
- Do you have a witness?
Tell me!
- Witness?
Do you take me for a fool?
I understand everything.
You people are very cunning.
Are you really molested?
Or are you just making up..
- What are you saying?
You just don't understand!
- Watch it, mister.
You both can be imprisoned
for very long
for framing the corporater.
I will charge you
with defamation and fraud.
Where is Mr. Chaube?
I need to speak to him.
- Sir is busy.
And what do you want
to speak to him about?
Talk to me first.
Look at this!
'No clinical evidence of rape.'
It says here, clearly!
You guys are frauds.
You filed a complaint
of molestation
and then,
disappeared for 24 hours.
You must have thought of a
plan in the 24 hours, right?
What kind of a man are you?
You want to make money
off your wife! Have some shame..
How dare you..
- Hey!
If you were not an officer,
I'd rip your face off!
All of this is nonsense!
I refuse to believe this report.
I will get the medical test
done again.
Come, Su.
Let's go.
I don't want to go anywhere,
But Su..
- I don't want to go..
Su.. - Why don't you get it,
what they're doing to us?
- But..
I was molested, but they have
been ill-treating you too.
Please, Rohan.
Take me home!
I am tired, Rohan.
I.. I am disgusted
by this place.
Please, Rohan.
Take me home. - Yes, Su.
Okay.. Let's go home.
- I don't want.. - Let's go.
Rohan, the food is here.
Let's eat.
I'm not hungry, Su.
You.. You carry on.
if you don't want to eat
let us go to bed.
I just want to sit alone for
some time. You may go to bed.
I can understand
that I am not the same
for you, as I was.
If you want to separate
it's fine by me.
I have my job at the NGO. I..
I can go back to that.
I know that we will
never be the same
as we were before.
I will consider
whatever we had
before yesterday
was simply a dream.
Dinner is on the table,
Have a little
before going to bed.
'Your wife is so good
that she can starve for you..'
I'm sorry.
Rohan, I'm not forcing you,
but we have a deadline to meet.
Since you had dubbed these
voices, I had no other choice.
- Great!
Let's go again.
'Your wife is so good
that she can starve for you'
'but she can never
keep her mouth shut.'
'The time is 5:01 pm.'
I'm really sorry
for last night, Su.
I didn't talk to you
not because I didn't
know what to say
but because for the first time
I felt weak.
I was angry with myself.
So much, that I forgot
to console you.
I'm really sorry, Su.
But now..
Now, everything
will be fine, Su.
We will be just like we were.
You and..
Su! Su, what have you done?
Answer me, Su!
Answer me.
Say something, Su!
Say something.
Su! Su, you can't do this!
No.. No!
No, Supriya! No!
No, no, Supriya!
"In this pyre, with you"
"all my dreams
have burned down to ashes."
"Every moment I spent with you"
"has gone up in the smoke
of this fire."
"These ashes that are left"
"of my wishes, now ask me"
"if I am capable of your love"
"or not.."
"I am capable of your love"
"or not.."
Look, I should go
to the garage for some time.
But you must finish eating this,
before I am back.
Let's go.
Your wife looked beautiful.
I am Corporate Madhavrao Shellar
Amit's older brother.
I don't know why I feel
that you will not vote for me
in these elections.
Youth is like a derby horse.
It runs for the finish line
on hearing a gunshot.
They have only passion
in every vein.
I too was young at one point,
just like Amit is.
I too fell in love
with that guy Mahatre's wife.
But I couldn't act
since I didn't have
any support to back me up.
My father worked at the mills,
we were poor.
But Amit has support.
My support.
I mean, Amit can do
what I couldn't.
The police is in my pocket,
so they bailed Amit out.
Mr. Bhatnagar,
I am terribly sorry.
You were newlyweds.
Just married,
and she passed away so soon.
But you did get to enjoy
with her, first.
Amit didn't get much
of the action.
Do not speak with the media
or the colony folk.
The more you talk,
the more humiliated
Amit will get.
I need to send him to Delhi.
The people in the neighbourhood
will forget all this, soon.
You should too.
Delete this from your memory.
Mr. Bhatnagar..
I don't understand
one thing about your wife.
If she had to commit suicide,
why didn't she do it
after the first molestation?
Why did she do it
after the second one?
See you around.
'Rohan, neither you nor
your love for me is weak.'
'We would have been normal
in a few days'
'and continue living our lives
'But if, what happened today,
happened often'
'you would have shattered'
'and I would not be able
to tolerate it.'
'When you left for work today,
I was cooking.'
'Who is it?'
'I found the ball, ma'am.
- Good.'
'And don't worry about
the glass, I'll clean it up.'
'Ma'am, have you made
'Yes, of potatoes!
Would you like some?'
of cauliflower tomorrow?'
'Okay, done.
- Thank you, ma'am.'
'Okay, bye.
- Bye.'
'I would also like some of it.'
'The other day, you didn't
hear my voice, right?'
'No problem.
You can hear it now.'
'And get used to it'
'because we'll be visiting
often now.'
'We will come
whenever we want.'
'Come on,
let's try something new today.'
'I know how hard
this is for you'
'and I love you so much'
'but just so that you don't have
to face this suffering again'
'I must go.'
'The only thing I regret'
'is that I am
leaving you alone.'
'I have one last wish. I'm
leaving my two watches behind.'
'If you can, burn one'
'and bury the other.'
'With love, Supriya.'
These are the ashes.
These are not ashes.
This is Su.
We must bid her goodbye.
We need to put her ashes
in the river.
No, Zafar.
I bid her goodbye
when we cremated her.
There is no need
to put these in the river now.
Take these.
Do you plan to mourn your wife
in the police station?
I need to meet Mr. Chaube.
Sir is out.
He must have a cell phone.
Give me his number.
Do you think
he's free for you?
Do you know how many precincts
he looks after?
He has to handle so many cases.
You don't even have a case.
You're a fraud.
Never come here again.
Do you get it?
I will not come.
But I will not leave
until I meet Mr. Chaube.
Is it? Don't you
understand that he is out?
Mr. Chaube, I need to talk
to you.
- Mr. Chaube!
Get out.
I asked you to leave!
Enough of this! Out!
- You..
Tell me.
Everything happened
in quite a rush.
Su's demise
and the case being shut down
followed by their release..
Mr. Bhatnagar,
we had to release them
as we didn't have evidence
against them.
And your wife
committed suicide.
We fail to see things
that are right in front of us.
Every suicide is a murder.
Su was not a weak person,
She knew
that law and order
was darker than our world.
And she could have lived
with this fact.
But after the second time
she shattered.
What do you mean 'second time'?
They came again, sir.
They did it again with my Su..
- What!
What nonsense! - Don't worry,
Inspector Nalavde.
I will not make the mistake
of filing a complaint again.
I have no hopes
from you, neither does Su.
I was here to tell you
that had your system
helped us a little bit
I wouldn't have
to do anything.
But now, I will have to..
For my Su. - You'll have
to do something, is it?
What will you do?
Will you take revenge?
- Answer!
I will answer them.
You will neither need an FIR
nor a medical check-up.
You might need
a post-mortem, perhaps.
And you think, you'll escape it?
- Yes, sir.
Just the way they did.
- Perfect crime!
And do you think
we'll not look into it?
No, sir. You will
watch everything happen
yet, you'll not be able to see,
how it happened.
You will hear everything,
but won't figure anything out.
Your jaw will drop, and you will
not be able to say a word.
And the biggest thing, sir
is that you will
understand everything
but will not be able
to explain it to anyone.
Do you think this is a game?
With all of these options..
- They started this game
while you all watched it
but I will end it.
Another thing.
- Say it! Speak all you want!
No life will be spared
in this game.
I must get going.
- Yes.
Where to?
- I don't have a fix plan.
I will call up Wasim now.
- You know why Nalavde is here? - No.
Here I am, spending
Rs. 4 lakhs on such a matter!
The news reached
the party headquarters too.
You just don't seem to care.
You do all the misdeeds,
while I pay the price.
But that stops now.
Now, you must stop
going around with such friends.
Pay attention
to the campaign.
We have the election
in two months.
If I hear about another
issue involving you
I will send you to Pune
to sister, do you get it?
Yes. I get it. See you.
Do you think,
he'll listen to you?
Where do I begin, Nalavde?
After all, the same blood
runs through our veins.
He will not listen to me,
or understand this.
He will still go
to drink with Wasim.
"Some of them are fond of me"
"while the others crave for me."
"I am called youth"
"and the world loves me."
"Some of them wish for me"
"while the others savour me."
"There are some who pray
to have me."
"The whole world"
"is crazy for beautiful women."
"Then why does the world judge"
"the people who fall in love?"
"The whole world"
"is crazy for beautiful women."
"Then why does the world judge"
"the people who fall in love?"
"The whole world.."
"The girl is absolutely right,
she is like a dynamite."
"People fight over girls,
"Spend some time with me,
it won't be a crime."
"Sometimes, I find you bitter.
Are you a girl or wine?"
"The people want to know
when you will fall for someone."
"Everyone is spellbound by you,
and I am one of them."
"The whole world"
"is crazy for beautiful women."
"The world is crazy about
"The world is crazy about
"The world.."
"Who says"
"you have to fall in love
right now?"
"Just have never-ending"
"faith in someone."
"Who says"
"you have to fall in love
right now?"
"Just have never-ending"
"faith in someone."
"Some like me.
Some find me intoxicating."
"I'm what youth
is all about."
"My lovers are all around."
"Some desire me.
Some want to love me."
"People yearn"
"to have me."
"The world is crazy about
"Then, why do they say
it's wrong to fall in love?"
"The world.."
"The world.."
Wasim, I really had fun tonight!
"The world"
"is crazy about beauties!"
"Then, why do they say
it's wrong to fall in love?"
Did you see that, Wasim?
So what if the dance bar
is shut?
Our private bar is open
round the clock.
Let's have some drinks.
Come. - Come on!
How much will you drink?
How much more? - I will drink..
We'll have to stop
these meetings anyway. - Why?
He's really upset.
Yes, brother is very upset
with me.
He says..
'You make mistakes and I have
to pay a price for them.'
'Stop meeting Wasim now.
Concentrate on the campaign.'
If I concentrate on the campaign
then who'll look after
the alcohol! Right!
- Yes. - Let's go.
You've had enough. Come on.
- Shall we?
Really? So, let's go, then.
Let's go, Mr. Wasim.
You're too drunk!
"The world is crazy
about beauties."
Ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not showing off
but everyone's aware of how much
our party has helped this area.
Eradicating injustice
resulting in the welfare of all!
This is the slogan
of our party.
And this is the motive
of our party.
Long live Maharashtra!
'Eradicating injustice'
in the welfare of all!'
'This is..'
'So what if the dance bar
is shut?'
'Our private bar is open
round the clock.'
'Let's have some drinks.
'Let's have some drinks.
'Do you think we're
your servants?'
'Do you have any idea how vast
the area is, that he covers?'
'There are several cases.'
'Yours is not even a real case.
It's fraud.'
'Look, don't come back here.'
I hate to hear these people.
Why are you listening to them?
These voices made
our lives silent.
But very soon
these voices will be
silenced for good.
Hello. - Do something
about Wasim right now.
He's with Amit
all the time.
Tell me, sir.
What do I have to do?
Well.. You arrest people
for a couple of days..
During festivals..
- Yes. - What's that called?
Preventive arrest.
- Right..
What an idea, sir!
I'll arrest him today.
Sir.. I need some money..
Don't worry.
I'm here.
Come and meet me later.
- Yes, I'll come, sir. - Okay.
- Okay. Bye.
Hello, sir.
What have I done, sir?
- Nothing.
And we won't let you
do anything either. - What..
Get some rest in prison
for three days.
I'll let you go later.
But I..
- Get him. Come on. - Come on!
Come on!
- Listen to me..
Please, sir..
- Come on! - Sir..
Behave yourself, Amit!
- What happened?
Who is it?
Listen to me. Sweetheart,
don't think too much.
Nobody will come to know.
I'm not calling you for free.
I'll pay you for it.
Tell me.
Should I book a room?
Come on!
We'll have fun.
You're a dead man.
I'll kill you.
So what
if you're my friend's son?
I'll kill you.
This advertisement should
reach every house by tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
- Each and every house.
Brother's name should be
on everyone's minds.
Understand? - Yes.
- Go now.
Mr. Shakeel?
Why did you slap me?
What have I done?
- You're asking me!
You're asking me
what you've done!
Yes. - I'll kill you
if you call her again!
What? - I'll make you
handicapped for life!
- If you call her again!
Who did I..
- Stay away from my daughter!
He's lost his mind.
- I made a mistake.
I thought it was Payal.
Think about it. Did I ever talk
to you like that
in all these years?
No, right?
Just meet me once.
I want to meet you
and clear everything.
I don't want to meet you.
- Hey, Lubna..
Look, we're childhood friends.
Don't do this.
I just want to meet you
and apologise.
Just meet me once.
Please come.
Where do you want to meet?
Sorry for what?
Why did you lie to your dad?
When did I call you?
He slapped me publically
for no reason.
it was my college friend.
What if dad found out?
Can't you even bear a slap
for my sake?
Okay, I apologise.
I'll apologise to you personally
if you want.
Can we meet?
Mind your language!
She's my daughter!
Don't forget that I'm
a butcher!
Hey, you thief!
Don't scream.
Don't scream!
Look, your son
enjoys on Amit's money anyway.
Now, your daughter has
started wooing him too.
- Quiet! Don't scream.
Don't scream.
Now, go.
Go right now
behind the mosque,
and see it yourself.
Then you'll believe me.
You'll know who called whom.
Go now.
Hey, Lubna!
Come on, apologise now.
You sounded all excited
over the phone.
What are you staring at?
Apologise. - Shut up.
Are you done?
- What?
Are you crazy?
Will you never mend your ways?
What are you talking about?
You said you wanted
to apologise. And now you're..
Hey! What should I
apologise for?
Your family is crazy.
- Dad!
Not ours, your family is crazy.
And your brother
is the biggest fool! - Hey!
Lubna, leave!
I'll talk to you later.
Let me teach him
a lesson first.
D-Drop the knife.
Shakeel, you..
I didn't retaliate
when you slapped me.
You're trying to woo
my daughter!
Drop the knife, Shakeel!
Drop the knife!
How dare you file
an FIR!
Is he dead?
Mr. Shelar, Mr. Chaubey
is senior to me.
So what?
You're always the first one
to ask for money.
Am I right?
Then do your job.
Tear off the FIR.
I'll find out what's going on
between Amit and the butcher.
Send Wasim to me.
So, should I release him?
- Who?
Mr. Shelar, on your saying I
locked Wasim up for three days.
Are you drunk?
When did I tell you
to lock him up?
I don't own
your police station.
Do I?
- No, sir.
Listen to me.
Even a dog protects his owner's
home when offered a mere bone.
So, don't expect boneless meat
from me.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
- Go. Send Wasim.
Go right now!
'Rohan, that's enough.'
'How many more shoes
do I have to try?'
'This one seems perfect.'
'When you wear this,
I'll realise how close you are.'
'Or how far I am.'
You're up.
I didn't sleep at all.
What were you doing?
Waiting for you
to wake up.
Good morning,
Mrs. Bhatnagar.
Good morning..
- Good morning, Mr. Bhatnagar.
"Since a few days"
"I've gotten used to you."
"Since a few days"
"I've gotten used to you."
"Since a few days"
"you've become my habit."
"Your smile makes me smile."
"I want to get lost in you."
"I don't think"
"I can live without you now."
"My love for you"
"is in the air these days.."
"I want to follow
your footsteps"
"these days.."
"Nothing that's mine
belongs to me anymore."
"It's all yours."
"Since a few days"
"I've gotten used to you."
"Since a few days"
"you've become my habit."
You didn't get the time
to get used to it, Rohan.
They won't get the time either.
It's okay..
Have a seat.
What's going on, Wasim?
What's going on between
Amit and your father?
Amit misbehaved with Lubna..
Have you lost your mind?
Amit considers your sister
as his sister.
Do you think he'd do this?
Your father went to kill Amit
with a knife.
Chaubey has filed an FIR.
Listen to me.
I've sent Amit to Pune.
Now go and tell your father to
withdraw the FIR.
I hope you remember
that I got you out in the
blind woman's rape case.
Do you remember that?
I'll bear the expenses
of your father's treatment.
Withdraw the FIR.
- Go.
- Wasim, Amit speaking.
You're calling from Mumbai,
right? The number is local.
Your brother was saying that
you're in Pune.
Are you both
trying to fool me?
Look, Wasim,
I didn't call Lubna.
Just meet me once.
I want to clear everything
with you personally.
- Hey! Wasim! Come..
I've brought you
the best whiskey today.
I thought, I'll pacify you
with the best whiskey.
- You stabbed my father.
You misbehaved with Lubna.
You think
I'll sit with you
and drink here!
Hey! I don't care
about any of that!
You never behaved yourself
either, with that blind woman.
Hey! Lubna is my sister!
And both of us had fun
with that woman!
You're talking about
that blind woman today.
Who was she to you?
She was all I ever had.
How did you talk
in Amit's voice?
Tell me. You were the one
on the phone, weren't you?
I'm blind,
but I can hear.
I can talk too.
That's enough!
The lights are on! You're done!
'You may not be able to see him,
but he does exist.'
'There's a reason
why a person commits suicide.'
Sir, is this a new game?
Are you crazy? Look at this.
He's blind.
He couldn't have done this.
What's on his shoulder?
It's a handkerchief, sir.
Amit Shelar.
If the friendship is deep,
then the enmity is deep too.
Find out
where Amit Shelar is.
Yes, sir.
- This isn't suicide.
It's a murder case.
How are you, Chaubey?
Amit was in Pune
Do you have proof that Amit
was in Pune last night?
Are you questioning me
or suspecting me?
Look, Chaubey
I've been in power
for as long as
you've been an officer.
Do you think I'd ever
allow this?
Amit is a rascal.
But he's not foolish.
Why would be murder him and
leave his handkerchief behind
for you to suspect him?
But currently, the circumstances
and proofs
are against your brother,
And if my investigation
reaches your brother
then I won't step back.
- Did I ask you to step back?
Don't forget that I'm guarding
my brother.
I'm Madhavrao Shelar.
Everything begins with
the kind and merciful Lord.
All of you pray for
the deceased's soul.
Raise your hands.
Who is it?
Are you crying?
One day,
you'll have to cry too, sir.
The day you chop onions
at home.
Come, Mr. Chaubey.
Would you like something to eat?
What do you do for a living?
- I'm self-employed, sir.
I know some dubbing work.
So, I manage.
Where were you last night?
At home, sir.
Loud noises wake people up, and
silence doesn't let me sleep.
Still, I'm trying, sir.
Is there a witness that can say
that you were
at home last night?
What kind of
a question is that, sir?
Do people keep witnesses next
to them before going to sleep?
But why are you
asking me this, sir?
Because last night,
Wasim got killed.
And you think I did it?
I didn't think about it
but when I saw you
at his funeral today
I was forced to rethink.
I then remembered
your challenge. Did you forget?
Sir, I said that in anger.
Moreover, why would I
kill Wasim, sir?
Because he raped your wife.
But you said there was no proof
of it, sir.
Then why did
your wife commit suicide?
Sir, what are you here
to investigate?
Wasim's murder,
or my wife's suicide?
An eye for an eye
makes the whole world blind,
Mr. Bhatnagar.
Perfect world, sir!
If everyone's blind,
the police won't be needed.
Sir, have you ever arrested
a blind man
under charges of rape
or murder?
Perfect world, sir.
Everyone will be blind.
By placing Amit's handkerchief
on Wasim's shoulder
you tried to mislead
the police.
But the way ahead
won't be easy.
I know that now Amit..
- It'll burn, sir.
My dish, sir.
Please let go of my hand.
It'll burn.
Thank you, sir.
It wouldn't be right to use
third degree on a blind man.
But if need be,
I won't step back.
Next time, we'll meet
not in your kitchen
but in our interrogation room.
Remember that.
Only if you find evidence
against me, sir.
You called for me, sir?
Have you got Amit
and Wasim's call records?
They'll be ready
by tomorrow, sir.
Did you record
Shakeel's statement? - Yes, sir.
He's furious on Amit.
He said he'll avenge
his son's death soon.
Amit is going through
a tough time, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
- Hello.
It's me, Nalawde.
- Yes, tell me.
Are you in Pune?
- Yes. Where else would I be?
Your handkerchief was found
on Wasim's body.
Are you all crazy!
I didn't kill Wasim.
I know that..
And I know who killed him.
You're next.
- Tell me who it is.
He'll be next.
- Not on the phone.
Come here and meet me.
I hope you know
where you have to come.
I'll know
only if you tell me.
The warehouse where
you kept that blind woman.
In that warehouse? Why?
- Yes. Right there.
I want nobody there.
We have to meet secretly.
'Are you all right, Rohan?'
How did you talk in
Nalawde's voice?
You're a very talented guy,
Your plan was mind-blowing!
You blind man!
I'm not Wasim.
It's not easy to kill me.
Are you taking revenge on us!
You're taking revenge on me!
Do you have a plan B?
You want to play
the revenge game, right?
All right, let's play.
Pick it up.
Get up.
You'll attack once,
and then, I'll attack.
Come on, hit me.
Hit me!
Hit me!
My turn.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
I must say, although you're
blind, you're quite gutsy!
So, handsome!
Are you dead?
Your wife was mightier
than you.
It was very difficult
to control her.
Especially the second time.
Take this.
I'm giving you one last chance.
Pick it up.
Come on.
If you hadn't removed your shoes
you may have gotten away.
Even a dead man
could sniff your socks.
Now you tell me.
Do you have a plan B?
You were right.
This is my revenge.
You didn't kill Supriya.
- No..
So, I won't kill you.
Do you know who'll kill you?
- No.
I'll tell you.
Tell me.
- Brother.. It's me, Amit.
He's tied me up
in the warehouse in Madh.
Please come and save me.
I'll tell you everything,
Brother. - I'm coming, Amit.
I'm coming.
Yes, Brother.
I'm an artiste.
I know I'm talented.
I agree.
- Rohan..
I agree.
Please leave me, Rohan.
What are you doing, Rohan?
Rohan, don't do that.
I said I'm sorry, Rohan.
Please let me go, Rohan.
Rohan! What are you doing..
Amit, don't worry!
Don't worry!
I'm coming..
- Where's the body?
The body is charred, sir.
Someone burnt him.
Shakeel burnt him.
Shakeel is still in
the ICU.
Hey! Whatever it may be,
find out.
Or else, just like my brother
the entire city will burn.
Let's go.
I'm sure it's Rohan, sir.
I think we should
arrest him.
Are you crazy?
We don't have any evidence.
Moreover, he's blind.
The NGO and media
will harass us.
You've done what you had to,
Now stop.
Get back to work.
Get back to your life, Rohan.
No, Supriya.
There's something left
to be done.
The story is not over yet.
Hey, Rohan.
Who were you talking to?
How did you get hurt?
It's nothing.
Listen, you missed school again?
There's a football match
between our colony
and Navjeevan Society.
I'm going to practise
for it.
You're too much.
What do you want now?
- Talk to the principal.
Or else, I'll be scolded.
What if your dad finds out
Both of us will be..
Nothing will happen.
For the sake of
our colony's honour.
All right, I'll talk. But
this is the last time. - Okay.
This is Percy..
Percy Dastoor..
Hello, Father Rodriguez.
Good morning, Father.
This is Cyrus,
Percy Dastoor's father.
I'm so sorry, but Percy has
fallen sick again.
I always forbid him
but he just doesn't
take care of his eating habits.
I won't let him eat junk food
again even by mistake.
I won't let him miss
school again.
Yes, sir.
Of course, don't worry..
So, your voice has
all the secrets.
I kept wondering why Wasim went
to that theatre to meet Amit.
It was their drinking place
but Amit was in Pune.
How did he come to Mumbai
from Pune?
He was safer in Pune.
Who called him?
And how did he agree?
Whose voice did you imitate
to call him?
You're very talented,
Rohan Bhatnagar.
Remember, you told me that
this game has no lifeline.
But you gave me
a lifeline today.
24 hours,
and this case will be closed.
Thank you, sir.
For what?
For 24 hours.
Nalawde, get Rohan Bhatnagar's
call records. It's urgent.
Okay, sir.
- Amit and Wasim's too.
I'll check them myself.
How many officers
do we have right now?
Four, sir. - Bring all of them
to the gate of Gurukripa Colony.
Okay, sir. - We have to
keep an eye on someone.
Yes, sir.
- Right now.
I'm giving you 24 hours.
But you won't be out of our
sight for even a second.
Mr. Chaubey.
Can you answer
a question of mine?
If you were in my place
what would you have done
with Wasim and Amit?
I'm not in a hurry
to hear your answer, sir.
But the day you answer me
I won't lie to you.
Hey, phone club!
- Yes, sir.
Be alert. If we're not cautious,
then anything could happen.
Turn off your phones
and do your duty.
Yes, sir..
- Idiots!
'The time is 10:20 a.m.'
Sabalkar. - Sir. - I'm sending
you four landline numbers.
I need the addresses of those,
'The time is 09:00 p.m.'
- Yes, sir.
I gave you four numbers.
- Yes.
You've sent me just one address.
Where are the rest?
Sir, all those numbers
are from the same place.
- Yes.
I checked thoroughly.
All those numbers are
from the same place? - Yes, sir.
That's why I've sent
only one address.
Where are you going
so late in the night?
Sir, it isn't very late for
the people of Mumbai.
Anyway, do I need your
permission to go out?
Don't argue with me.
You're Bhatnagar's friend,
aren't you? - Yes.
Is that a problem?
Who's Rohan amongst these?
Sir, it's my family.
But I'll show you their faces
because you're mistaken.
Come on the side.
- Come.
Come there.
Are you satisfied?
May I go now?
When does this open
in the morning?
At 7:00 a.m., sir.
Hello, sir.
- Nalawde.
Is everything okay there?
- Yes, sir. Everything's okay.
Be alert.
This case will be closed
by morning. - Yes, sir.
Chaubey has come.
I'd have offered you
a drink
but you won't drink with me.
I will, today.
- Why?
Why are you being
so kind to me today?
That's not the case,
You won't understand.
But I've always helped you.
After that rape,
when you called me up
I handed those two over
to Nalawde.
I knew that he'd hand them
back to you.
I could have arrested your
brother in Pune
for Wasim's murder.
But I didn't.
- Why?
Because I show my cards only
when I have three aces.
Neither you,
nor this city will burn.
Because I know
who burnt your brother.
Tell me his name.
Tell me the price.
Take as much as you want.
Tell me his name.
I'll hand him over to you
in the morning.
Not in the morning!
Right now!
If I tell you right now,
you will not believe me.
I'll bring him tomorrow morning
with witness and evidence.
You see, I'll take the promotion
from the government
and money from you.
I'd have killed those two.
Amit and Wasim.
You asked me a question.
How did you kill them?
How did you get out
of that colony?
Zaffar. - Yes, Rohan.
- Listen.
I need Percy,
Sakharam and you.
The guy who spreads smoke.
Where are you going
so late in the night?
Tell me.
- Brother.
Brother, it's me.
It's me, Amit.
- Brother, we..
We made a big mistake, Brother.
I've been punished for it, but..
It's your turn, Brother..
- What rubbish!
It's not rubbish, Brother.
I'm telling the truth.
Who are you?
- The guy who called
your brother to the warehouse.
Tell me your name
if you have the guts.
Rohan Bhatnagar.
You stay there..
I'll kill you in your house.
It's futile going there.
The police are fielding it.
Where are you?
Tell me!
You'll come, won't you?
I hope you're not scared.
Note down the address.
Do you know why I
called you here?
This is the place Supriya and I
wanted to make our home.
But you didn't let that happen.
Hey, Bhatnagar!
I've had enough of this!
If you wanted to hide,
why did you call me?
Come out.
Anna, get him.
You're next.
- What now?
You've made this move already.
- I have a plan B for you.
Your brother asked me the same
that day.
I didn't have any, then.
But I do, today.
Let it go.
Your plan has failed,
One movement of my finger
will bring your life
to an end.
But not so soon, Bhatnagar.
You killed Amit in such a way
that I couldn't
even cremate him.
I'll kill you like that too.
Get up!
My Supriya didn't have
an easy death.
You won't have
an easy death either.
I won't fall alone.
Both of us will fall.
Both of us will fall,
but only one will die.
Supriya committed suicide,
but it was a murder.
This is a murder.
But it will look like suicide.
Amit killed Wasim,
and Shelar killed Amit.
In the guilt
of killing his brother
Shelar committed suicide.
Wow! That was an intelligent
plan, Rohan Bhatnagar.
But every criminal leaves
some evidence behind.
You left behind a witness.
Just one more hour.
Don't move from here.
Do you remember
the fourth option, sir?
What do you mean?
You'll know.
But you will not be able
to explain it to the others.
Is this the guy who used to call
from here, in different voices?
What, sir?
I'd tell you if I could see.
'Perfect world, sir.
Everyone is blind.'
I see you relaxed after
a very long time.
So what if I'm not with you?
I'll always be
around you, Rohan.
Go on now.