K-11 (2012)

Sick, killed, or injured?
No. No, he's just stoned.
Okay to book, charges?
All right.
Um, doesn't look great,
he'll be up for a while.
Put him to the process, then
we'll get him over to county.
Intercom: Next inmate, window 3.
Gentlemen, let's pump it up.
Keep the line moving.
Crash is ready for pick up.
Bring him in the K-11.
Johnson's here for pick up.
Police radio: Ninety six
days with the doctor.
Give me a few minutes.
I'll wait.
I don't like this.
Next inmate, window 7.
That's Saxx, Raymond.
Homicide 187.
Transferred over
from Beverly Hills.
Can't even question him
until he sobers up.
Beverly Hills.
Can we, uh, rush him through
classification for you?
Get him out of here?
Sweet dreams, sunshine.
Oh, oh.
I'm the Butterfly, supreme
symbol of change, silly.
Jeez, are you okay?
I need to fix...
I know.
Please, can you help me?
Mmm, uh-uh.
No, I can't help
you right now.
We're going to be
here all weekend.
Oh, but why is it so
fucking cold in here?
This will help.
What the fuck is K-11?
Well, if they kill
you on the mainline,
You get to go at K-11.
I like to think it's a
sanctuary for broken toys.
You know, a
away from home.
I wanna go home.
Not me.
I'm fucking dying.
Oh, Mark and Junior said to
tell you, that they will be
Back in next Thursday and
that they will have the kind.
Today, already!
Oh, no, you didn't!
You dare rush me?
You must be out of your
damn mind rushing me like, oh.
Whoo! This is
not my fault.
Your man, Johnson,
he'd never picked me up.
Wait around for a rookie.
Oh, what the fuck?
Yeah and I waited
the whole morning.
He fucked up, man!
I could've gotten pinched.
All right, man,
you're off the hook.
Fuck it.
Count time.
K-11, 10 minutes
to count time.
This rumor is just
excessively cruel.
I mean, chili sauce that is
so hot, you can actually burn
Away cancer cells.
The American Medical...
Show is over.
I'll take it from
here, lieutenant.
Don't get distracted
by the females in here.
There aren't any
females in here.
If you touch one of them and
your dick is gonna fall off.
Relax, Harris.
Every rookie does at
least four weeks here.
Most of them survive.
Let's do this.
Let's do it down here.
Harris, take the other aisle.
K-11, face down
and your arms out.
No talking.
Hey, come on,
face down, arms out.
I don't wanna touch you.
Yes, I'm sorry,
sir. Just napping.
Intercomm: Crowds
clears. Good night.
She'll want
these in red.
I like the
leather stripes.
Hold your horses!
[Knock on the door]
You almost
blew it, man!
You have to be
more careful.
And what the hell
are you talking about?
You're a bust.
I'll have
some of that.
But... no, you won't. I already
gave you a fold this morning.
Where did it go?
I bought someone.
Oh, great.
Great, great and
Precious almost got busted.
And you can't follow
a simple direction.
No, maybe it's time
that, uh, I cut your back.
Oh, no, no.
You can't do that.
Oh, yeah. I can.
All right, look. You're getting
sloppy and sloppy is dangerous.
I think you're forgetting
mister that I'm the one who's
In charge here not you.
I could have you
declassified right now
And take all your drugs.
What do you think of that?
I can have you
tested right now.
And your piss is toxic.
All right, so if
I lose, you lose.
Know this.
This is 58 car 17.
RTO patch in.
This is RTO, go ahead.
RTO, notify watch
commander, we have a 187
At 16324 Fordella Drive.
Suspect is in custody and
under the influence,
Barely conscious.
Witness states,
fight ensued, victim is DOA.
Requesting 5A homicide
detectives and coroner...
What the fuck!
Last night, you
fainted and hit your head.
I got scared because you bled.
So, I cleaned you up
and wrapped you up
And kept you
warm instead.
You've been asleep
for a quite some time.
You should just try to relax.
I promise to take care of you.
What's your name?
Raymond Saxx.
Relax, Mr. Saxx.
I have been taking care
of people for a long time.
I'm here because I
took care of my daddy.
Bad things come to bad people.
So, I think you'll be fine.
Here, you need to
change, hurry up.
Ian, I-I don't understand.
Come on, you don't
wanna walk out here
Dressed like that, do you?
You've got a bunk in the dorm.
Come on, get that crap off.
I... I just...
Yeah, whatever,
just get dressed.
Oh, and Bobby.
Your paperwork, uh,
misfiled but you'll be
Back in your
bunk soon.
Let's go!
Keep movin'.
Face the wall.
You'd never survive
in general population.
They'd put hands on you.
I'll keep you safe.
Gerald Is there a
problem out here?
No, ma'am.
Then give me the
boy's paperwork.
Mr. Saxx, you're
in bunk 36 Low.
You understand?
Okay, then.
What is wrong with you?
You know that you can't
be in there by yourself,
It's dangerous.
Get out!
[Singing from the shower]
Trouble here, trouble
there, follow me...
"I'm going crazy
for my liberty..."
Hey, get off my
driveway, fool.
Get back to
the freeway.
K-11. You get the baby blues,
that's some nasty shit.
[Indistinct conversations]
Mr. Saxx, are you homosexual?
To place a collect call,
please record your name.
Raymond Saxx.
[Phone line ringing]
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.
You have reached the
Los Angeles office.
The charges for this
call cannot be accepted.
Please hang up and try again.
Fuck! Fuck!
Hey, you only
get one call.
Back in line.
I missed you
so much, baby.
Yeah, I missed
you too.
I gotta tell you, it's just
not the same without you here.
I was gone for one week.
Take these off already.
Oh, you know I like it
when you're restrained.
Come into my office
and make love to me,
It's been so long.
No, I just got here
and I wanna clean up.
Streets are nasty.
That's fine, I can wait.
But I think you should know
that Crystal has been
Working Ben all week.
And she's the
new house mouse.
Well, I'm back now.
Besides, Ben is a man.
I wouldn't expect
him to go without.
I would never do
that, I love you.
Just come in to the
office for a minute.
Bully, touch me
now, give me my shit!
I took very good care
of that like you want.
Don't, don't
worry it's all there,
It's all there.
This was a quarter and now
it's less than an eighth.
You know, we always
got your fat sack,
But you steal from us anyway.
I'm watching you,
Gerald, and so is Ben.
Please don't get
mad at me, baby.
I don't wanna hear it!
Open the door.
This was all...
Close it, quietly.
Time for chow?
Mamma, go back to sleep. You
don't need to see this.
I said, wake up,
you motherfuckers.
[Screams in Spanish]
You fucking bitch.
[Cursing in Spanish]
I'm sorry!
I'm gone for one week.
Working, mind you and I come
back to find this in my bed.
Stay out of my shit.
You, stand by me
and hold my hand.
Yes, I am that bitch.
The mouse is back and I
run this dorm in and out.
Any of you got a
problem with that?
Step up.
Right fucking now!
That's my girl.
You play with me,
you get uglier.
Just like this bitch.
Any questions?
Intercomm: Lieutenant Johnson,
see the captain in his office.
I'll be right back.
Take your time.
Kay-Kay, Crystal...
Bring me that fish.
Train! Train!
New fish
Come on,
let's go.
Where, where
are we going?
To see Mousey.
No, no, I need
to use the phone.
Oh, shit, I'm
gonna be sick.
Am I ugly to you?
Do I make you
sick or something?
Girls, really, really, I need...
I need to lay down, I'm sick.
Look at his dirty ass.
He is disgusting.
Hands off
then, bitch.
Hey, what
the hell?
I said sit down.
I can't.
She said, sit
down, asshole.
Thank you, boys.
Listen, fish,
here are the rules.
You can slap a girl but
you can never hit her.
Boys are fair game.
You steal, you get
your ass beat... badly.
You want a
cigarette, you pay for it.
You want some
dope, you pay for it.
Got race issues?
Get rid of them but
don't play that in here.
I'm the queen and
this is my kingdom.
You're in my world now.
Mind your manners or
you'll answer to me.
Get it?
Sure, yeah.
Hey wait, before you
leave, I have to know.
Why are you here?
Oh, that's really none
of your fucking business.
The only thing
you need to know.
I don't belong here.
Somebody made a fucking
mistake and I'm not crazy.
Well, Huerto,
I am.
And you better
be careful.
You want some
of this?
Sure, yeah.
You got something
to trade?
That's a pity.
Don't you even think
about walking down here.
Gee, I... sorry.
I'm warning you, boy, don't
you ever step into my driveway
Without permission.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Look like this fish
is swimming up stream.
Yeah, I wonder who's fishin'?
Intercomm: K-11, line
up for mail call.
Don't forget the store.
That's it.
Sorry guys.
You know I love you.
I miss you too, Papi Chulo.
I'll be home soon.
Baby, I would
never cheat on you.
You wanna know a secret?
Promise you won't tell anyone?
I get hard when I
think about you.
We should hook up.
MMM - It's just been so long
since I've been with a real man.
Stop fucking with me, bitch!
You shouldn't have
done that, Papi.
To place a collect call,
please record your name.
Raymond Saxx.
Signal Hill Records.
Mr. Saxx's Office.
You have a collect
call from "Raymond Saxx."
Will you accept the charges?
Yes, of course.
Karen, Karen, it's me.
Oh, my god, Ray.
Where have you been?
You have like vanished.
Are you all right?
No, I'm not fucking all right.
I'm, I'm in some
kind of an institution.
I mean, look, you need
to get me out of there.
I need a fucking lawyer.
I fired C.R.
He's a fucking asshole.
Shame, shame!
I told ya, don't you
ever touch a girl.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
I didn't hit anybody.
He's lying!
Will you shut the fuck up?!
Can a nigger make a
phone call up in here,
Nobody hit nobody.
You bitch! You know
better than to lie to me!
And you better slow
your roll, Huerto.
Trust me, you don't
want him defending you.
Oh, baby.
Did you get it?
You know it.
I love you.
Oh, fuck!
Check this out, I'm
going crazy for my liberty,
And now my freedom's gone
away and got nothing to say.
And then like... [Humming]
What's that
last part?
That's the part
I gotta fill in.
Fill it in with
that crazy part.
- Yeah. I like that.
- Me too.
Get up!
Just give me a
second, brother.
Get up, sister.
Don't be playing on
the floor, sugar.
You know what goes
on up in here.
Aw man! You got no
respect for art.
You're all done.
We cool?
Hey, you know?
You can't let her put her
hands on you like that.
Gotta have
respect for yourself.
Trust me.
This here is Hollywood.
He was the lead singer
for Stainless Steel.
You know, I know that
guy from somewhere.
What do I have to do to
get a shower in here?
Well, you just have to wait,
sugar until 'till I'm
Done cleaning, that's all.
Here's a fish kit.
You come back in a
few minutes and don't
Forget your towel,
it's in your bedroll.
All right.
Oh, lookey here.
Who's here?
Oh, thank you so much darling.
It's all yours.
Bye-bye, Ray!
See you later, mate.
Raymond Saxx.
Oh, c'mon.
More, motherfuckers, more. Hold
it up, you're gonna drop it.
Precious, if you
drop your corner,
I'm gonna beat you.
Come on, come on!
Hey, hey, hey!
Butterfly loves Lifesavers.
Butterfly loves you.
She loves me...
Nobody ever loved me...
Mrs. Detroit.
Now you have curtains.
Thanks sweetie,
that's so nice.
Oh, Butterfly loves Snickers.
Here, we can trade.
Butterfly hates
Black Licorice.
Goodbye... Mr. Saxx.
See you at chow time.
No, silly.
I need to have a
nap right now.
Not now.
You love me.
Stop it!
Stop it!
I will, as soon as I'm done.
Be a good little girl.
No, I don't want to!
I'm HIV.
You want in on this?
No, I don't want to.
You don't have no choice!
No! No!
I'm HIV! I have HIV!
Good, so am I!
Turn your butt!
No! No!
No! No!
No, please!
Intercom: K-11,
line up for chow.
Intercom: K-11,
line up for chow.
Intercom: K-11,
line up for chow.
Intercom: K-11,
line up for chow.
Hey you, come here.
What's this?
It's only food.
Well, what's wrong with you?
You can't read?
Get rid of it.
Up against the wall.
No sitting on the floor.
Evening, ma'am
Hey, Lem.
All right.
Everything's in order,
But, uh, I think that
Johnson's asleep at his desk.
He must be fighting
with his Mama again.
What the hell are you doing?
Did I give you permission
to pass along another fold?
Since when do I
need your permission?
Since I think you're
giving away too much.
I'm not giving anything
away for free, all right?
You're the only
that doesn't pay.
This is a business, remember?
Well, I think I need a
bigger share of the business.
And I think you're
stealing me blind.
Look, a dope fiend and a
cop is a nasty combination.
You have a good
evening now.
All right,
you, too.
All right, line up
for pill call.
Pill call!
Come on people, let's go!
No way.
Hey, uh, ShyBoy. Got a
senior with an issue here.
Can she step up?
Goddamn it.
Alright, come on.
Move it!
Excuse me, honey. But this is
only Coumadin and Valium.
I needs my laxative, too.
I'm sorry, Mr. Robbin.
But the doctor didn't
prescribe laxative.
Well, that's a mistake.
I ain't ACLU's free homos like
these other girls.
I have a real problem
and that doctor knows it!
Look, there it's right there.
Just hand me some.
Now miss thing,
'Cause I ain't leavin'
here without my laxative.
I'm in pain, goddamn it!
Cover your face. And whatever
you do, keep your eyes closed.
Cover your face. And whatever
you do, keep your eyes closed.
Don't move.
Hands on the desk.
Spread 'em.
(Grunts) What are
you doing, man?
I didn't do
anything wrong.
What the fuck!
We can play nice or
we can play rough.
Oh, you're strong!
Oh, that' feels good.
I'm gonna fucking take you
right on my fucking desk!
[Radio]: Team Captain -
Johnson, what's your 20?
I'm in my office. What?
I'm just letting you know
that the Captain's coming
Down personally, to see you
about the upset at Coco.
Come here!
We will do this
again, trust me!
Trust me!
We will do this again.
Trust me!
[Echoing] We will do
this again. Trust me!
Hi. Kay-Kay said you can
use these for free.
You need to
cut your hair.
I don't want to
cut my hair.
Yes, you do.
Only girls wear
hair in here, silly.
There are no
girls in here.
I'm a girl.
Well, most of the time.
Stay away from him, huh?
What do you need, honey?
Cowboy, would you
mind helping us?
Ray needs some underwear.
And a full set of blues.
Raymond Saxx. OK.
Music fans worldwide are
gathering to bid farewell to
[Voice from TV]: Ian Scheffield,
it's latest rock sensation.
His body will be laid to
rest at the Hollywood Forever
Cemetery next Tuesday at noon
where throngs of fans have
Already gathered and
more are expected.
Producer Raymond Saxx of
Signal Hill Records is
Directly related to Ian's
rise to fame and to
His sudden, violent death.
Rumor suggests that Saxx's
young wife was openly having
An affair with the rockstar.
Jealousy and rage were
the fuel to Saxx's fire
Which seemingly burned
out of control.
Star View tonight's
insider's report that Saxx was
Unconscious at the time of
his arrest on the scene.
It is also reported that
drugs and alcohol played an
Important role in
this horrible tragedy.
At this time, producer Raymond
Saxx remains in custody,
Charged with the violent
murder of Ian Scheffield.
Ian has truly earned
his place alongside
Hollywood's most tragic deaths.
Congratulations man! You are
a celebrity killer, man.
I cannot believe
you have it in you.
This is awesome!
I... I didn't do it!
I never killed anyone!
I couldn't have hurt him!
I'm just here for drugs!
I don't belong here!
I'm innocent!
So am I.
So are they.
[Speaking Spanish]
You're a bad ass now.
Stop crying and get used to
it because it sounds like you
Ain't ever going home.
[Speaking Spanish]
I wanna go home!
I wanna go home!
You've heard of
the miracle worker?
That's me.
Just notice how I've
gotten it all shaped up.
Ray, you're gonna look
like a million bucks.
Six, seven.
Come on, dude.
Eight, nine.
Dude, get up!
No, I'm helping
ShyBoy right now.
ShyBoy's done here.
[Sobbing] No, no, no, no.
I don't want too.
You have no choice.
You're married.
You're Mrs. Detroit!
Help me!
No, no, no, no, no!
You run the dorms,
you call the shots.
Bullshit. Do something!
You have nothing but lip
service, you bitch!
Shut your mouth, you fool.
And give me some
fucking respect!
You cannot rehab
a child molester.
Be happy Detroit
didn't choose you.
He always chooses somebody.
[Detroit] Yeah! Mmmm!
[Detroit grunting]
Come, hey get in, get in.
Bad... bad things
happen to bad people.
Bad things
happen to bad people.
Bad things
happen to bad people.
Bad things happen...
Bad things
happen to bad people.
You're bad!
You're bad!
You're bad!
Bad things happen...
Bad things...
[Country music
plays on the radio]
[Prisoners groan]
Hey, that's my wine!
Not anymore!
I think, I might
make bail on Tuesday.
But I'm scared to go home.
I don't have to work the
streets anymore.
I'm a stylist to
the stars now.
Bitch, please!
Your man, Hollywood
ain't a rockstar no more.
He's a broke, drug
addict, like everybody here.
You just hate on me 'cause
I was born with talent
And I have dreams.
Broken dreams, girl!
Until you put that
pipe down,
This, here... is your life.
And I run it.
Now, shut the fuck up.
Um, Mousey?
Me and the couple of
the girls... well,
We have fashions to trade
if you're interested.
You want a line?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah.
Now, turn that
cowboy shit off.
We're having a fashion show.
We are having a trade show.
Now, it's gonna have attitude,
it's gonna have sense,
It's gonna have grace
and it will be fierce.
But first, let us all pay
tribute to the baddest bitch
On the block, our Queen.
Our Queen!
I love you for this, girl.
Now, hang on honey.
Because we are
falling into fabulous.
Come on, now.
My first call up to vogue.
Ms. Coco Delight... Only White.
Go on, show 'em
what you got, girl.
Shake it like you
mean it. Mm-hmm.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Did I say fierce?
Did I say fierce?
Yes, you did!
My next girl, Ms. Hedda Steam.
She got here for
you all you boys.
Go ahead! Show 'em what
you're working with!
That's right!
That's right!
Did I say fierce?
Hold on to your
knickers, girls.
Oh, Hollywood,
give me wood.
Give it up for Miss
Shelly Cunday. Woo!
Don't bring it out
unless you're gonna share it.
Mm, work it out,
work it out.
Go! Bring me some
mo', bring me some mo'.
That's right!
That's what I'm talking about.
I'm hungry tonight. Mm. K-11!
Alright, ladies.
That's enough! Real nice.
Show's over. Goodnight.
Oh, that's some
kick-ass pruno.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
We'll do this again, trust me.
[Humming] High
step, highs, down.
And I'm going
crazy, for my liberty
Bad things
happen to bad people.
Bad things
happen to bad people.
I ain't got no respect, I
got a final revolution.
Take a deep breath, Crystal.
Ready? Ready?
Oh! Ah!
I'm going crazy
for my liberty.
[Intercomm] Alright, court
line in five minutes.
Saxx, Raymond Jr. Line up.
You're late.
You're late. Gonna
miss your escort.
Turn around.
You smell nice...
Yo. The boy's gonna be
late for his court date.
I know.
Let's go.
Fuck you!
Don't fight me.
Yeah, come in.
Inmate 2714.
Saxx, Raymond Jr.
Okay, thank you. Now, close
the door on your way out.
Surprised to see me, huh?
Don't be.
Tia is paying me a lot of money
to clean up this mess of yours.
Let's just keep
things simple, shall we?
Sign these papers.
What are they?
That's a petition
for your divorce
And a quitclaim deed
for the house.
Stay away from my wife.
She's not your
wife anymore, Ray.
She's fucking me now.
You stupid piece of shit.
She doesn't care about you.
All she wants is
my fucking money.
Yeah, and I wanna
fucking give it to her.
Think again.
Okay, okay.
How about this?
If you don't sign the papers,
she'll witness you murder Ian.
If you do sign
the papers,
She'll witness a
complete accident.
You choose.
An accident?
The bitch is trying to
blackmail me and you know it.
Do I? Whoah! Ray, Ray.
I wasn't even there.
Come on. Wise up, Ray.
You're not in control anymore.
You haven't been
for a long time.
And you wanna go home,
sign the fucking papers.
No bullshit.
By the way, uh, Tia put
$30, 000 on your books.
She said she's
taking everything else.
Oh, except she
don't want your car.
She said it
smelled like you.
We got a deal.
He'll be released
sometime tomorrow.
What are you doing?!
I'm shutting
down your business.
What the hell?
What's wrong with you man,
you know better than this.
Don't you talk
to me like that.
I'm sick and tired
of your disrespect.
I run this office, not you.
You don't run shit, man.
And I am tired of
you in my face man,
Every time I try
to make a move.
That's too bad.
From now on I get my share
plus 10% of all of your folds.
You've been a real Jew when
it comes to distribution.
But, that's all gonna change
now that I'm taking over.
Now, what did you say?
I said, "You're a
little fucking snitch!"
I saved your life.
You wouldn't survive an
hour out on the line.
I saved your life!
Go fuck yourself!
Go fuck myself?
I think you know it
doesn't work that way.
Take down your pants, bitch.
No way man, never again.
Do it.
You're dead!
Prisoner Shapiro
is declassified!
No! No! No!
Open the door!
You're dead!
You're dead!
You motherfucker!
Open the fucking door!
My mind is evil. I can't
resist. I can't resist.
I can't resist...
I can't resist...
I got some good news.
I'm making some
changes around here.
Ben got himself declassified,
so you get to be my new bitch.
Kill yourself!
You're facing a murder beef.
I think we're gonna be seeing
each other for a long time.
I'm gonna have you every day.
Ben's fucking gone.
There's no more dope
and there's no more cash.
We are so fucked.
Any ideas?
I have an idea.
What do you say we
play, "Let's make a deal?"
I don't know.
What do you have in mind?
I have Ben's job now.
And a shitload of cash.
You wanna play now?
So if you can pull it off,
we both get what we want.
I have to admit, Junior.
It's a good fucking idea.
My mind is evil as it twists.
My mind is evil as it twists.
My mind is evil...
I can't resist...
I can't resist...
I can't resist...
Oh, yeah. This is
some good shit.
Oh, yeah Mrs. Detroit.
I know you was gonna
come around to Big Daddy.
I'm fucked up...
Now, it's my turn.
I'm fucked up.
Shh. Close your eyes.
Just relax.
Butterfly is going
to take care of you.
Mmm. [Laughs]
Just cause Daddy has it coming.
Give it to me, baby.
[Panting] I hate you...
You're going to try with
all your might.
I see you drowning
in despair.
You play rough,
You'll find that I
don't play fair.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Do you have any
blood on you?
I was careful.
It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.
Shh. Shh, shh.
Knock it off. Take a deep
breath and calm down.
Hey, go sit on the back
wall and don't talk to anyone.
Do you understand?
You got balls, girl.
We'll cover your ass,
nobody's saying nothing.
Your boy Detroit's
got quite a record.
Six convictions for
child molestation,
Two rape convictions,
drug abuse,
Ah hell.
He wouldn't have survived the
mainland up in Fulsom, anyway.
No family, no next of kin.
They ain't gonna find
no knife, are they?
It's about time
somebody did something.
This guy was just
waiting for sentencing.
Johnson, what was
he up to in here?
Nothing I know of.
They all try to stay
clear of him, huh?
Nothing sir, no
weapons of any kind.
Thank you.
Well, somebody in
here killed him.
Homicide will be back out here
tomorrow for more questioning.
But I tell you, I'm not
gonna change up my program
For that pile of shit.
Resume normal activity
until further notice.
Goddamn it! [Sighs]
You know, the Lord works
in mysterious ways
And I ain't one
to question him.
But what I do know is,
ever since you got here
Things ain't
been the same.
[Guard]: Saxx, Raymond Jr.
Roll it up for release.
You really are
straight, aren't you?
Yes, honey. I am.
And you've been straight with
me all along, haven't you?
Yes, I have.
So, we have a deal?
Now it's all on you,
baby. Make it happen.
You can count on it.
Call me!
It's his phone number!
There goes a real gangster.
You should be taking notes.
Saxx? Saxx!
Face the wall.
This is my dorm.
I'll take it from here.
Jerome, Captain Davis called
and said he don't want you
Going nowhere until this
dorm is back up and running.
Face the wall!
When?! When did
he call?!
When did he say that?!
I'll be waiting, Saxx.
Everybody comes back.
Everybody comes back!
Saxx! Do you hear me?
I'll see you again!
You know how
scandalous I can be.
And I ain't afraid of no pig.
May I come in?
You're the only man
I got left in here.
Are you
mad at me?
A little bit.
You got rid of
the competition.
Now, we're
all alone!
I can't believe
you're really here.
Why not?
Ben's gone,
Ray's gone.
Who's gonna run this
place with you, huh?
What? Well, now you know
they earned their position.
Well, I have no
problem with that.
I'm a working
girl, you know this.
Oh my god!
I've waited so
long for this.
Oh my god.
You taste so good,
just like a real woman.
Hold on. You wanna take
my breath away, Papi?
Ben didn't know
how to get down.
He was from
the West Side.
No. I...
No, honey. This
ain't no honeymoon.
I want a jailhouse
fuck, and I want it now!
I said harder!
I'll give it to
you harder.
You take it, you take
it, you do what I say.
I'll fuck you, I'm
gonna make you bleed!
I'm gonna make
you fucking bleed!
Tell me what to do, I'm
gonna make you bleed.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop that, what the...
I'm gonna split your
ass, you fucking cunt!
I'm gonna fuck you...
Don't make me hit you,
I'll choke you out,
You little fuckin' Medina.
Stop it, please! Stop it!
Oh hell no, this
shit ends right now.
Hey, do you hear this?
Do something!
I don't want it...
Don't you tell
me what, shut up.
You shut up!
You shut up!
She was, she was...
Someone really loves you.
Not anymore.
I'd like to put
some of this money
On another
inmate's account.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how
would you describe your pain?
Well, it comes in waves.
But, definitely a 10.
I would never hurt you!
You seduced me!
You seduced me!
You said you wanted a
jailhouse fuck, remember?
You said you wanted
a jailhouse fuck!
He raped me and then
he tried to kill me.
That, that is so
wrong. It's bullshit!
You tried to hang
me with your belt!
You told me to!
You told me to!
Look at my neck!
It's red and blue!
Alright, alright!
I'm a lady, goddamn it!
That's enough.
Mr. Ruiz, are you
gonna press charges?
For what?
Well, you really came out
of the closet on this one.
A murder in the
dorm, and now rape?
I can't ignore your actions
any longer, Gerald.
Lt. Villalobos, cuff him.
Book him with rape and
suspicion of murder.
Then dump his
ass in the hole.
We'll deal with
him later!
But this is outrageous!
You can't...
Now on your feet, face the
wall, hands behind your back.
Get them behind your back.
I didn't!
She's lying!
This is outrageous!
It's not right!
It's not right!
I gotta get out of
here before I get sick.
Theresa, I wouldn't object
to put you in charge here.
Are you up for that promotion?
Yes, sir.
I want a report on my
desk tomorrow morning.
Hernandez, let's go.
Oh, thank you.
You're ready to go
home, sweetheart?
Well, I would like to call
my Mom first if that's okay.
Okay, honey. I'll be
waiting for you outside.
Oh, uh, I'm gonna
be needing a clerk.
Are you interested?
All right,
five minutes.
Ola, Junior.
Where are you?
I just stepped
Wave at me, I'm
watching you.
So, um, Johnson's in the hole.
Um, Davis charged him with
rape and Detroit's murder.
He was so scared when
they dragged him away.
I bet he -he's crying
like a bitch right now.
Fuck, yeah!
Listen, Huerto.
You got your revenge, I
want my fucking money.
Check your
fucking books, okay?
Open 11!
Opening 11!
Here's your cell.
Get me the hell out of here!
Don't move, Gerald.
Just save your
strength, asshole.
Trust me. You're
gonna need it.
On your feet.
Come on. Get up!
Get in!
Close 11!
Closing 11!
No, wait!
Payback's a
bitch, hey Johnson?
No, no, I can't...
Hello, Washington?
It's good to see you.
It's nice to see you too, sir.
Hey, buddy.
Come here!
Hey, hey!
Hey, boy.
Do you think the
car smells like me?
I certainly hope not.
Where to? Tommy's?
I'll let you buy
me a burger.
I love you, Huerto!