Jade Dynasty (2019)

The universe is indifferent All creatures are considered straw dogs
Qingyun School owned old sword of Jade Dynasty
Became the leader of martial arts
There are seven peaks of
Tongtian, Longshou, Fenghui, Chaoyang, Luoxia, Dazhu, Xiaozhu
Forget to cook a meal
Meal is ready
Hurry up Meal is ready
Meal is ready
- What are you doing?
- I eat first
- meat
- It's mine.
- Don't rush
- Give me, give me
Big brother
Don't rush Don't rush
Hand it to me
It's mine
- You hand it to me
- Don't upset it
Be careful
It must be
It has been eaten up The master might scold me
- Greedy
- You
- Mum
- Still eating
Dazhu Peak raises a pack of wolves
We are practicing Kungfu, practicing Kungfu
To practice Kungfu I am accompanying you
Dad is coming
Delicious Meal is ready, hurry up!
Go! Go!
Luckily, I was prepared
Let's eat
Seven How about your Kungfu?
Master I...
have stayed on the mountain for many years
But I haven't practiced the first level well
Xiaofan has to cook every day
He has no time to practice Kungfu
Master I have almost practiced the first level well
Very good, Seven You are very good
I have originally thought that I am able to see that day until I have died
Come on! Let me test you
- Go! Go!
- Come on
Hurry up!
Your genuine qi is sufficient
Why are you lying down?
I'm feeling the aura of heaven and earth from Xiaofan
The second level of Yu Qing Jing
Practicing breathing techniques are very important
You must expel your distracting thoughts,
suppress your troubles,
and then run your large circle of vital energy,
through which you are able to breath with the heaven and earth,
and further feel the creatures of heaven and earth
Slowly, you enter the tranquility status
But you must remember that such bead is extremely harmful,
which can disorder your mind
I have felt that your body is very strange
Two kinds of genuine qis in your body collide with each other
I rushed to guide them then messed up
You had stayed on the mountain,
it's been a full decade
Today is also my parents' death day
Xiaofan Over the past decade,
I know you've been wanting to go to a place
Elder sister, according to the rules of Qingyun,
we are not allowed to leave mountain privately
Once the master knows the truth, the elder sister is certain to be punished
the elder sister is certain to be punished
Let us go back
Don't be afraid Count on me
Ten years ago today,
I and Jingyu after cutting firewood and returned,
saw the entire village has been wrapped by the thunder and lightning
Xiaofan, Look!
Nobody can seal the blood-sucking bead
I don't think so Are you out of control?
You'd better hand it over tamely
Forget it
Seven-tail centipede
Disciple of Demon Cult! So despicable!
Mystical Power from the Ninth Heaven, Converted into Powerful Thunder
Magnificent Heaven Power, Piloted by the Sword
Thunder-controlled Sword Secret
Who the hell are you?
Tianyin Kungfu
The next day when we went back to the village,
we found that all the villagers were died,
including my parents
- Mum
- Mum
Mum Mum
Who killed you?
I swear to avenge you
Mum Mum
Who are you?
Did you kill them?
Qingyun School conquers demons and safeguards morals Don't stain its prestige
Please take me back
I've heard of the prestige of Qingyun School
Teach me Kungfu for revenge
What about you?
I don't go anywhere I want to stay here with my parents
My Mum is waiting for me to return home for meal
Your parents have gone
From now on, I am your elder sister
Ten years have passed
Qingyun School has not yet found out the murderers of the villagers so far
Dad Mum
Forgive your son for coming here so long
Younger brother You are always so lazy
You have only received seven disciples over so many years
Dazhu Peak always focuses on quality rather than quantity
Each disciple is pretty good
I think you are really lazy So many excuses
Buyi, younger brother
Your favorite disciple, Zhang Xiaofan, How is he going recently?
In these days, Jingyu almost surpasses his elder brother
Cangsong, Then, you selected the best disciples, and left the worst one to me
Now you ask me this Do you want to laugh at me?
Just care about it
Your disciples are very hardworking
Frequently, they steal into Xiaozhu Peak at night
to secretly learn the Kungfu from my disciples
Please all of you here manage your disciples well,
for fear that the rule is broken
Shuiyue younger sister, if you count on them to manage their own disciples,
it seems to fish for the moon in the water
When you practiced Kungfu, none of them hasn't peeped
Master elder brother, as I recall,
in those years, the peepers also included you
All the disciples from Xiaozhu Peak have good Kungfu,
and the better memory
Well, The purpose we convene everyone this time is to discuss
the Kungfu Tournament of Qingyun School once every sixty years
Seven-branch Kungfu Tournament The Demon Cult was ready to start wriggling
It will be a good opportunity to train my disciples
Moreover, we shall select a leader
My disciple, Lu Xueqi also attending the Tournament
The first place certainly belongs to Xiaozhu Peak
Other six peaks have no chance to win
Shuiyue younger sister, you think too much
Follow me Follow me
Sixth elder brother why are you bringing me here
I want to bring you to enrich your experience To learn Kungfu
Follow me
Fenghui Peak, Zeng Shushu Nice to meet you
Dazhu Peak Zhang Xiaofan Nice to meet you
Longshou Peak nice to meet you nice to meet you
Luoxia Peak nice to meet you
Tongtian Peak nice to meet you
Chaoyang Peak nice to meet you
Learn Kungfu together
Please, please
Don't step on my foot
Don't squeeze
You don't push me
who stepped on me?
Did you see?
You shielded me
LU Xueqi
- Where is she?
- You don't squeeze
Don't squeeze Don't squeeze
Who pushed me
Not me
Who else?
Elder sister What do you want to eat?
I will cook it for you as my apology
Don't you say
No one knows how deep the abyss of Xiaozhu Peak is
Today I have to test you
How about cooking fish?
Elder sister, elder sister
Elder sister I say
I say
I say
Elder sister, you don't look nice when you're angry You'd better smile more
Less garrulous
Well Now that the hard way can't work, I have to use the soft way
Save the Seven or not?
Elder sister, you don't take off my clothes
- It seems very comfortable
- This is not good, elder sister
If I had known this result early, I will take the blame
Elder sister, so itchy, elder sister
It is Seven
Excited Streaking
I can't bear it
Seven All right How do you feel?
How do you feel? Have they gone yet?
- Whether comfortable or not?
- Itching
- Bad! It is the itching worm
- itching
Carry the Seven back
- Hurry up - Go Go Go
So small! How can I clamp it?
It may take for ever
Seven hold on
Lu Xueqi is too vicious
How dare she use the itching worms to the Seven
Seven, you have to hold on
Big brother When can finish clamping them?
Seven is almost itchy to death
Seven You slightly hold on
Otherwise, let's tell Master and Mum
How dare you?
I can't bear it I can't bear it
Big brother You have to think about other way otherwise Seven
We can't finish clamping them by this way
I have to continue clamping
I have no way
Alchemy stove
Burn the worms
Kill it with high temperature
- Have a try, have a try
- Go, go, go!
Where are you taking me?
You have to hold on
If not working, what shall we do?
- Throw him into the oil pan
- Frying
Will Xiaofan be fried into the cakes?
Yeah, that's true
- Can't control it
- Place him into it firstly
- Hot, hot
- Add firewood
Don't move, Seven
- Add firewood
- Hold on, Seven
- Hold on - Too hot
Seven, you hold on
Yeah, hold on
- Xiaofan?
- Burning!
No way You want to kill him!
Hurry up, lift him out of the pot
It will be becoming more and more
- Hurry up
- lift him out of the pot
Place him here
- A little lighter
- A little lighter
Let me see Feeling better?
I can't bear it I can't bear it
Are you feeling better?
You stole into Xiaozhu Peak, then have been found?
But only Xiaofan took the blame
If these worms can't be removed, I have to tell my Dad
Evryone will be punished
Our purpose is to bring him together for learning
Yeah, learning, learning
That's enough Go outside to guard now
Not afraid of being founded by my Dad?
- Go, go, go
- Let's go
Don't move
I went to the back mountain and ground the black bamboo powder
This can kill the itching worms
You have to hold on
Don't move Hold on
Elder sister, I have heard of the black bamboo It is hard to be found
Moreover, it grows in the miasmatic place
You must have endured hardship
You are already in trouble Don't worry about me
What a danger!
Fortunately, I have medicine on my hand These worms have suffocated to death
If the worms enter your ear, you will suffer disaster
Don't scratch it
The heavier you scratch it, the more serious it is
Thanks, elder sister
Be sure not to scratch it
Don't move Hold on
I need your help
This problem is absolutely different
It is a new problem Come out quickly
Could you please help me?
Piss me off
If you don't come out, I eat it myself
Lingzun You're here
I know you won't ignore me
Let's eat
Lingzun I feel annoyed myself
But I still want to ask you
This time, I must confess to my elder sister
But I don't dare
Could you please teach me?
Kiss her That's not good
Could I change the way?
You are bored
you are merely a god beast
A little patience, ok?
Is it necessary to be angry with a mortal?
Elder sister
Here you are
Xiaofan The Kungfu Tournament is to be held
You'd better learn more Kungfu so that you are able to overtake them
Yu Qing Jing Citta
- Elder Sister, Is this my master's book?
- If you and I don't say it out, no one knows
I must study hard I'll never disgrace Dazhu Peak
You shall guide the aura of heaven and earth into your body,
which integrates with the genuine qi inside your body,
and runs along with the Ren and Du channels
The genuine qi runs in your body ceaselessly
Your body seems like a bell Inhale qi and swallow it
Run the qi along with the eight extra channels
Throw off your obsessiveness
Where does the qi come from? Where do the channels come from?
Hold and regulate your breath
The Dantian becomes warm The qi rises up to the middle of the forehead
Forget your breath
Your mind settles as still water
Gather your kidney-yang
But you must remember that such bead is extremely harmful,
which can disorder your mind
Someday, you find the cliff with deep gully,
and then throw it down
Child I want to select you as my successor
Are you willing to call me master?
The thing happened today shall not be told the second person
You also can't speak of my name and alias
What I have taught you can't be practiced in front of others
Can you do it well?
Master The bead you gave me
has not been thrown off for many years
I have been worn the bead, but I feel uneasy increasingly
Today, it is time to throw it off
I know you also want it,
but I can't give it to you
What the hell is the treasure that can give out the soaring evil spirit?
In that year, the most treasure of Demon Cult the blood-sucking bead reappeared,
its astronomical phenomena were the same as that of today
Does the blood-sucking bead really reappear?
Demon King Cult has been searching for the whereabouts of the blood-sucking bead
With the advent of such astronomical phenomena, Demon King Cult will certainly appear
The disciples shall be quickly dispatched to find out the truth
The blood-sucking bead finally reappeared
Unexpectedly, the Soul-chasing Stick from the outer world is also lured out
The two treasures integrated into an integral whole
belong to the Demon King Cult
My bead?
This time, I saved you Next time, you don't rob me
You seem like a monkey
Return it to me
My younger brother is still controlled by her
I have my own arrangements
- Are you all right?
- um
Elder sister
Xiaofan Who is that masker?
Why did she kill you?
I do not know
I fell into the water, and just climbed out
The weather changed And then that masker appeared
Moreover, a monkey also appeared, and bit me
You see
Are you feeling better?
Feel better
Who are you? Why did you stay on my bed?
I also want to ask you this question
Why did I stay on your bed?
What did you do to me last night?
No, no
I don't care
I, as a young unmarried girl, slept with you all night without any reason
You have to compensate me
compensate, compensate, compensate
Preserved meats in my kitchen belong to you
How do I know if there is any poison inside?
This stick looks nice
You may compensate the stick to me
This stick?
Give me
Why are you coming back?
It's your stick that brought me back
The stick is not obedient to you
No, no, no It is not obedient to me
I also do not know who it is obedient to
You really don't know
What the hell is going on?
Blame you
I was inexplicably beaten
Say Have you insulted the girl last night?
Unexpectedly, you are able to understand human speech
This time, to participate in the Seven-branch Kungfu Tournament,
everybody must look lively
Don't disgrace Dazhu Peak
Especially you, Seven
Master I Must I go?
The number of members is not sufficient Only you can make up the number
Who is willing to test his Kungfu?
- I do, I do
- Seven, I do
Seven, be careful
Wow, Seven
good KungfuVery good, Seven
You are great, Seven
Seven Your Kungfu progresses very fast
Let me try
All of you in Dazhu Peak bully Xiaofan
Jingyu You misunderstood
Master and they are very good to me
Xiaofan Don't justify for their behaviors
At the beginning, you and I stayed on the mountain together
You have been practicing hard
But why do you have the poorest Kungfu?
Your master never has taught you well
- How can you say that?
- Do not be so rude
Jingyu is still young
If he has offended you, please uncle Tian and brothers forgive him
He is the first disciple of Cangsong Taoist from Longshou Peak Qi Hao
I have heard that his Kungfu has reached the eighth level
Elder brother Qi
Tian The master has issued an order
The Seven-branch Kungfu Tournament is to be held in advance
Please the uncle Tian prepares early
You again!
These flowers are in blossom Why did you pick the flower?
If I pick the flower, the flower is blessed
If I smell its fragrance,
it is the destiny that ties me with the flower
You are merely a mortal How can you know?
How can you know?
If you have broken the flower, the flower has lost its life
The flower couldn't be happy
You are not the flower, how could you know if the flower is unhappy?
You are also not the flower, how could you know if the flower is happy?
You see The flower is tearing
Possibly the flower is crying with pain
Flower's tears
It is the first time for me to have heard that a man
regarded the dewdrops as the flower's tears
You told me At that night,
what the hell have we done?
I don't know
- Let me go
- Shut up
Where is the stick?
- What do you want
- Where did you hide the stick?
the stick
I have brought it when I went out
As a man, you don't know that you shall carry the stick when going out
I didn't
I beg you You don't hurt me anymore, do you?
Xiaofan I want to ask you one question
You, For a man,
if you date with a girl to enjoy flowers,
whether or not you have placed her in your heart
- Um
- Oh
So If you often want to meet her with excuses,
and then concern about her every move,
What does this indicate?
This indicates that I love her very much
Elder sister Why did you ask me about this?
Nothing, nothing Continue, continue
I I love you
I love you
I love you
Who love me? Who love me?
Does anyone speak it out face to face?
All of us love you
Hurry up to practice Kungfu
What a shame! They all have heard
Stop Don't run away
I merely shouted out one word Why are so many people chasing me?
Don't run away Don't run away
- Why are you running?
- Don't follow me
I am not following you Some persons are chasing me
You don't follow me
Stop! Don't run away!
Find a place to hide
Follow me
Dahuang, guard this door
You tell me the truth Why did they chase you?
I am one of the master's maids
I have broken the rules, so I am going to escape
Now that you are the master's maid,
why are you appearing in Dazhu Peak?
I just heard that someone shouted "I love you" on the top of the mountain
Let me see who love you so much
You don't misunderstand
I already have loved someone
Un expectedly, she dated with other
How can this be explained?
She loves other
But she has been treating me well
When I was uncomfortable, she stayed with me
When I was injured, she stayed up late to boil medicine and feed me
When I was bullied by others,
she protected me
I remembered once
Where are you?
When did you sit here?
Listen to your speech I couldn't hear clearly over there
You told me,
Does she like me a little bit?
A little bit
Maybe I also think so She impossibly don't like you at all
Do you know
in my heart, I have been regarding her as my closest person
I feel that she is the same
You told me Is it because I have never been?
What are you doing now?
Could you please listen to me carefully?
I am practicing Kungfu
What kind of Kungfu?
Hama Kungfu
From a child to an adult, I have placed her in my heart
She never have minded my stupidity,
and also taught me Kungfu
Each time when was scolded by my master, she has protected me
She falls asleep while I am speaking
I am going to get some food
You stay right here
You wake up
I have brought you a lot of foods
You unexpectedly came back
From which animal is this meat?
in the wild countryside What kind of meat could you find
Dahuang Have you killed my Dahuang?
This is the meat of the rabbit
Rabbit should not be roasted in this way
Another rabbit roasted by you
The rabbit should not be roasted in your way
Otherwise, its outside is over-roasted,
and its inside is still raw
You roast the rabbit by this stick
This stick is cool
I add firewood by the stick Very proper
It is OK! Come on
Very good
How do you feel? Delicious
This taste is the same as that my Mum roasted
Once a time, my Mum and I fell into a deep cave,
and had been hungry for a long time
My Mum cut her meat for me
When I have saved,
my Mum has passed away
She die for me
If I could use my life,
to exchange with my parent's life,
he would have done the same for them
Therefore, I do believe that your Mum
also think so
What about your parents?
My parents have been killed ten years ago
Have you ever thought about revenge for them?
At the beginning when I have entered Qingyun School,
I have thought about the revenge
But now I has slowly put it down
Just like the fire, the fire can destroy everything,
and also can boil water and cook the meal
Everything is often just an idea away
Instead of hating an enemy I don't know his location,
it's better to cherish the people around you
What is your plan for the future?
I have not decided yet
What about you?
As for me, I want to go to a place where no one can find
When I practice Yu Qing Jing to the fourth level, I can go down the mountain
At that time, I will send you off
How can you trust others so easily?
Because you look like a good person
By the way My name is Zhang Xiaofan
What's your name?
- Biyao
- Biyao
Well Next time, I surely roast meat for you again
It's a deal
Fool Come here I won't beat you
It's a deal
Excuse me Excuse me
Nice to meet you Nice to meet you
I was miserable last time
I know
So I love people like you
who came out boldly to help the friends at the loss of your life
Look, Lu Xueqi
- Lu Xueqi - Lu Xueqi
Lu Xueqi
Elder sister Lu
You court death
The rivals of Kungfu Tournament are determined by the random draw
There are 63 rivals
Which disciple got the no 1 wax pill?
Such disciple can directly enter the second round
The random draw starts
Why don't you draw?
- He can't fly
- Yeah, yeah, he can't fly
I have drawn one
- No.22
- How about you?
- No.3
- Look
- No.7
- No.8
Which disciple has drawn the No.1
It turned out to be him
He has drawn the No 1
- This guy is too lucky
- He is directly promoted
Why didn't I have such luck?
In his first participation in Kungfu Tournament,
he can directly enter the second round
He will boast of such experience in the future
Elder sister Lu Elder sister Lu
Why do you give the No 1 to me
Winning by bye is a shame for me
Kungfu Tournament starts
The participants who fall
to the ground and can't stand up, or waiver actively,
are regarded as elimination
The winners are promoted to the next round,
till the first place is determined
Elder sister, where do you bring me?
This is the most important one which can broaden your vision
Something is wrongThe contest field of the sixth elder brother is over there
Watching the contest of the elder brother Qi
can really promote your Kungfu
Excuse me
Xiaofan, hurry up
I am not waiting for you
I am going firstly
Longshou Peak Qi Hao
Chaoyang Peak Bai Liang
Lu Xueqi is going to debut soon
Look, these people are so anxious
Extremely dirty Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up
Elder sister, come on
You are too high
I can't see anything
Come here you squat down
Let me ride on your neck
Stand up, stand up
How do you feel? How do you feel?
- It isn't worth seeing
- How have they gone?
Too bad
Lu Xueqi's sword has not been yet unsheathed
The contest is over
Dazhu Peak Du Bishu
Come on Come on Come on
Chaoyang Peak Lei Jun
Dazhu Peak is invincible
Come again
In the first round 31 participants have been eliminated
The rivals in the second round tomorrow are as follows
Dazhu Peak Zhang Xiaofan vs Chaoyang Peak Chu Yuhong
Xiaozhu Peak Lu Xueqi vs Tongtian Peak Duan Lei
You have been practicing too hard in these years
so that your heart has been hurt
the following contests You'd better give up
The disciple is willing to fight for Xiaozhu Peak
The master's Kungfu has retrogressed gradually
The outsides don't know,
but you know
Xiaozhu Peak urgently needs a leader
This Kungfu Tournament
Continue practicing
This medicine can save your life in a crisis
You must take it with you
Go on the stage
- Come on Zhang Xiaofan
- Come on
= Your youngest sister also will
participate in the Kungfu Tournament
- Yeah
- I have to watch the youngest sister's contest
- - I also watch
- go go go
Dazhu Peak Zhang Xiaofan learns from the elder brother Chu
Younger brother Zhang Today, our contest sets a record
Only one audience is under the stage
Xiaofan Your brothers of Dazhu Peak have gone
Now you know who are the true brothers
Let's fight
Zhang Xiaofan Come on Zhang Xiaofan Come on
Be careful, Universal Unrivaled
What shall I call it?
No stalling
Wait, wait
Zhang Xiaofan Come on Zhang Xiaofan Come on
I have thought it well
- Universal Unrivaled Soul chasing Demon killing Stick
- Let us make a quick battle
Brother, you really seem like a fool with a great wisdom
you really seem like a fool with a great wisdom
Master, master Master
The contest was over
Big brother What happened to this?
Except for the youngest sister, all of us have been overwhelmed
The master is being angry
We must admit our defeat
The defeat also can enrich our experience
However, I won
What did you say?
You won!
Master, Mum Just now, I won luckily
I had originally thought that all the
disciples of Dazhu Peak have been overwhelmed
one more will enter the next round
I have heard that Chu Yuhong is usually very powerful
Someone from Chaoyang Peak told me
that he was suffering from diarrhea recently
I had originally thought that it was a false news
Xiaofan, you are so lucky
- Eat more meat
- Seven
You talk to everyone How did you win?
When I just got on the stage, he rushed over me
Then I closed my eyes, picked up this stick and waved it
When I opened my eyes, he fell down to the ground
- Seven, great
- You're great, Seven
I have been telling all of you:
"Never look down on your rival"
Many of the strong are
all overturned in such a gutter
What the master said is correct
- Elder sister, Come on
- Come on
The contest between the two beauties is certainly wonderful
Jingyu I am sure I can't defeat you
Don't worry I will play the two rounds more
with you on the stage,
so that you won't lose face
Very good, Xiaofan You have made a big progress
Jingyu, you surely have fought with mercy
Come again
- Elder sister, Come on
- Come on
Next, I will fight without mercy
Come again
Lost What a shame! You said "fight with mercy" shamelessly
Go back to practice more
Stop! Stop!
Surprisingly, Zhang Xiaofan's ability in controlling things
in the air has reached such a realm
Xiaofan You have been cheating on me
before you showed your real Kungfu
When has he become so powerful?
Although I won the contest,
I lost a brother
You go away Don't follow me anymore
Elder sister, you are so great!
Come on
I've got used to my loses
Don't worry, Xiaofan
In my case, I have lost every gambling
As the years have passed, I'm still fine
Let us go back for cooking a meal
I I won again
He won, won!
Xiaofan won!
Come here! I give you a massage
Relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation
Come here, the younger brother, soak your feet
We serve you well Be sure to let us enter
Soak your feet
Out of the disciples of Dazhu Peak,
only you can stand on the stage
Serving you well is deserved
Most importantly there is still a fierce battle tomorrow
- Sure
- Lu Xueqi
Lu Xueqi is hard to be defeated
Seven Tell me the truth
How on earth did you practice your Kungfu to such a realm?
You must have known that learning Kungfu from other secretly is a taboo in Qingyun School
The lightest punishment is to
face the wall and meditate for ten years
The heaviest punishment is to abolish your Kungfu, and expel you from Qingyun School
Dad You don't blame Xiaofan
- Master
- It's my fault
Please punish me
- Xiaofan
- Seven
Xiaofan Are you all right?
Dad, it's me
Take the Seven away
Now that you have known that he was taught by Linger secretly,
Why did you punish Xiaofan?
Pretending for a long time, I made myself like a wicked person
By the palm that you gave out just now, you have transferred years of Kungfu to Xiaofan
Do you want him to lose the face of Dazhu Peak?
Where are you taking me?
This is the territory of Xiaozhu Peak I can't enter
You are the elder sister from Xiaozhu Peak
Could you please tell me your name?
The drug The drug shall be melted in the water
Give me
Hurry up
It's you
Don't look at me Turn over
Elder sister, are you sick? You look very weak.
Less nonsense
Elder sister Are you all right?
Elder sister Why don't you talk?
Why do you practice Kungfu?
In my childhood, I was picked up by my master and elder sisters,
and learned Kungfu from them
Open your eyes
Why do you practice Kungfu?
You can't understand what I say
Elder sister
Your surface mightiness is false
Elder sister I have told you
when you're angry you don't look nice
You'd better smile more
Less garrulous
Elder sister, are you all right?
Elder sister Otherwise, you no longer participate
in the Kungfu Tournament
I am afraid that you can't bear it
My life belongs to my master,
as well as to Xiaozhu Peak
Xiaofan if you can't defeat her, you hold her
Even if you lose, you still gain
- Seven it's a rare opportunity
- isn't it?
be sure to seize the opportunity
- All right, seize the opportunity
- Trust me, elder brother
- Master
- Master
Trust me, master I will try my best to contest
I'll never disgrace Dazhu Peak
Reaching this stage, you have brought honor to Dazhu Peak
Winning or losing is not important
Don't get hurt
I have got used to eat what you cook
Dazhu Peak Zhang Xiaofan Thanks
Elder sister is your injury recovered?
Shut up
In the Kungfu Tournament, I will go all out
Elder sister, be sure not to fight with mercy
Xiaofan, come on
Elder sister
The contest is not over yet
Something is wrong with Zhang Xiaofan
The weapon in his hand is
absolutely extraordinary
Go away
Aunt You
For a long time, you have contacted frequently with Zhang Xiaofan,
but you haven't yet
got the Blood-sucking Bead
Boss is already on his way
Bring Zhang Xiaofan to him
I know
Draw the sword
My hands are out of control
The disciple of Demon Cult unexpectedly has hidden in
Qingyun Mountain for so long
Younger brother Tian Why have you been unaware of?
Over the past years, Xiaofan has never gone out of Qingyun Mountain
How could he understand the Kungfu of Demon Cult?
Xiaofan's genuine qi is very pure
His Kungfu is not the same as that of Demon Cult
I am afraid that it is linked with this weapon
Xiaofan is impossibly the person of Demon Cult
I also can't drive it
Let me try
The weapons of Demon Cult are refined with the blood
and are only controlled by the owner of the blood;
therefore, no one can drive it
Zhang Xiaofan is surely linked with the Demon Cult
We must kill him
Xiaofan is not absolutely the person of Demon Cult
I would like to guarantee with my life
We also would like to guarantee with our lives
According to the rules of the Qingyun School, the disciple linked with the Demon Cult
shall be killed without mercy
Master, the traces of Demon Cult have been found under the mountain
In Tongtian Peak, several disciples have been killed
Zhang Xiaofan shall be guarded in the hills for strict guard
Why did you stay here?
- Leave the mountain with me
- I do not go
If I go out of this door, I can't clarify the fact that I am the person of Demon Cult
Are you afraid of death?
I don't be afraid
Don't beat me What I did this time is to save him
Let us go together
Demon King should appear
We have left Qingyun Mountain
Where are you taking me?
Go to see my Dad
Blood-sucking Bead and Soul-chasing Stick the two most valuable treasures
have been integrated into one by your blood
Please return the stick to me
Dad If you kill him, you can't get the blood-sucking bead
You may accept him as your disciple
It is only controlled by him
You have told me that you were the maid of Tongtian Peak
- You betray me
- Dad
Life or death it depends on you
Excuse me, wrong direction
I didn't want to ride on your head
You also didn't ride me
Demon King, welcome!
The Taoist has been waiting you for a long time
The disciples of the School have frequently been killed
They should be killed by you
If you enter into my Extinct Nether Array,
within a short time, your Kungfu will be melted
Sword Array
We firstly kill this witch
I beg you to let her go
Go away
Thunder-controlled Sword Secret
Mystical Power from the Ninth Heaven,
Converted into Powerful Thunder
Magnificent Heaven Power,
Piloted by the Sword
Mystical Power from the Ninth Heaven,
Converted into Powerful Thunder
Magnificent Heaven Power,
Piloted by the Sword
Master you are leaving here quickly
Hurry up to transfer Kungfu to Xiaofan;
otherwise, once the demon enters his body, he will be possessed by the demon
Zhang Xiaofan is the disciple of Qingyun School, who has practiced Tianyin Kungfu,
and has refined the weapon of Demon Cult with his blood
Unexpectedly, my palm power
helped him integrate the three Kungfus inside his body
Daoxuan Qingyun School Sooner or later will he destroy it
In that year,
have you killed all the villagers of Caomiao Village?
In that year, Caomiao Village Massacre, I have been tracking it
I have been suspecting that the murderer is one of us
Anyway, he has practiced Tianyin Kungfu, and possessed the weapon of Demon Cult
If we let him go, the world will be chaotic
For the sake of the common people, kill him
Do you also want to kill me?
We should go home
Later, I am your elder sister
Don't be afraid Count on me
- Master
- Xueqi
Zhang Xiaofan must be killed
Kill him
The thing happened today shall be born by myself
I beg you Let the Seven go
Sooner or later he will become the king of demons
Xueqi Kill him
You go away
Don't be my disciple in your next life
Kill him
Where can we go?
I had promised you
I will bring you to a place where no one can find
In fact, you don't look nice when you're angry
Why don't you smile?
If inescapable, appear quietly
Unexplained plot, lost in the years
Innocent face, childish eyes and brows
with stubborn temper, touched heart
Crazy in lifetime, mad in lifetime
At the young age, true love
just like sadness, can't be told
Willing to wait behind you