Jacquou Le Croquant (2007)

1815, a terrible year.
Waterloo cut short
the adventure of Napoleon.
In Paris,
Louis 18th took the throne.
The nobles
who had fled the Revolution
returned in triumph
to a broken France.
I was a soldier
in those dark, arrogant days
that brought hardship to all.
As a physician,
I saw all kinds of suffering
and many kinds of courage
but I met no finer,
more upstanding man
than a simple peasant boy,
a poor, low-bred "croquant".
I know he would not want my praise
but how can I, an old man,
tell a boy that I admire him?
Maybe simply by telling his story.
Gawd, what a start!
Round up the dogs!
Round them up
or we'll lose the stag!
Calm down, Mr. Prosecutor.
I know that dog.
It's a poacher's cur.
It deserves to be shot like a wolf.
They've lost the stag.
So they'll hunt a man.
Again! Come on!
Come on, hit!
Legs! Hands together!
Good, Jacquou!
Watch your legs.
Look up. Be bold!
And keep hitting!
Look who's here!
My dog!
Come here, boy!
Good dog.
He must have escaped.
His paws are bleeding.
Rub fat on them.
How did you get here?
Dirty dog! Keep off my apron.
Come here!
The dog has to go.
He'll only bring us trouble
from the steward.
The trouble is, it's you he wants.
Always poking his mustache in here.
I can handle a mustache.
I'm afraid for you.
I'm an innocent, free man.
You should cut those braids.
Good dog.
It's only skin deep.
All you need is a bandage.
Keep watch outside.
You see anything, don't shout.
Marti, you have to go.
Hide in the forest.
I'm not leaving you.
Those swine shot you.
I'll cope.
They'll make you pay.
The boy will pay too if you stay.
Papa, wait for me!
Stay here. You'll get in my way.
Be brave. Take care of yourself
and your mother.
Stop him!
Shoot him!
Beat it!
Mr. Prosecutor.
What's all this?
Let's see.
An edifying sight!
No venison, just dog food.
They lost the stag but killed a pig!
What a dirty boy!
Don't you want my flower?
What black eyes he has!
Tasteless little runt.
Let me see my mother!
Shove off!
It's the son.
Sir Count, it seems
your steward botched the job.
Shot the dog, hit the wife.
Husband killed him.
A fatal brawl of oafs.
The killer is one of your tenants.
If he acted from jealousy,
that would make it murder
in the first degree.
The victim was a known philanderer.
The old goat! Can you imagine?
Since we're on your land,
which charge should I pursue?
Father, there's the horn.
They've found the stag again
and I'm hungry.
He had these hidden.
A Legion medal and...
a colonel's commission.
Read the date and place.
June 18th, 1815.
I'll be damned! Two months ago!
He was commissioned
on the field of Waterloo
by Napoleon...
I mean
the usurper Bonaparte himself.
Take him to the castle.
Thank you
for solving the case so fast.
Enough time wasted. To horse!
So it was jealousy? We'll catch him!
I'll see to it.
Let's not detain
your lovely daughters any longer.
After you, ladies.
They'll arrest Papa.
Have faith.
They haven't caught him yet.
Your father has many friends
and God will protect him.
Lie down.
Lie still. Leave everything to me.
Don't worry.
My heartbeat's just a little fast.
Lie still.
You're right. He's safe.
He knows the forest inside out.
I'll bring him some ammunition.
Nothing can happen to him.
Oh, it's you.
For your dad.
But it's the last time.
Stay away. Times are hard.
Watch out in the village.
See how the perverted poison
of valueless ideas
spawned the Revolution!
Their venom
still infects us
through books!
The kingdom must be cleansed
of sickly theories
and usurpers!
May God help us protect the children
from evil influences.
France must be won back!
Go, each one of you
and bring the word of God
into your homes!
Kneel, devil's soldier!
His rebel ilk burned down my castle.
Thirty lashes.
You! Come here.
Wanna buy some drawers?
Feel 'em!
For your mother or sweetheart.
- I have no money.
- Got any grub?
- What's in there?
- Hands off!
It's goat dung, to make a potion
against hunger.
Gawd help us!
What's going on? Who are they?
Jesuits and Ultra-royalists.
They smell bad but hit hard.
C'mon, let's drown our sorrows.
There's free hot wine.
- What's your name?
- Jacquou.
They call me Cockeye.
You look beautiful.
I need to look persuasive.
The Count has the power
to call off the police
and the judge will be lenient.
Hurry up.
Hurry up!
Don't be scared.
Sir Count!
I beg your mercy
on this Christmas day.
My husband has been
on the run for months.
I know her.
She's the farmer's wife.
Her husband murdered your steward.
She has plenty of cheek. And breast!
My husband shot your steward
in self-defense.
I'm only a peasant
but my word is true.
This is not the time or place.
It's a police matter.
There's a reward
for catching this...
Barti? Varmi?
- I know how to talk to...
- I know how to listen.
Let's share her.
You are disturbing my friends
and even my family
but it's too late now
to come begging for favors.
All I want is justice
and a fair trial...
Stand up.
Don't try
to mollify or bargain with me.
- What's the reward?
- 20 gold louis.
Double it.
No, make it 100.
The price of 100 cows!
Satisfied, Madam?
Now justice will be done
even sooner, thanks to you.
Quiet! Or the reward
will be for his corpse.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Come, Mama.
We'll get no help from them.
Your father must leave at once.
He's at the forge in Fanlac
with some friends.
What's the matter?
Don't move.
Stay here.
Go away.
Go away!
Come, Jacquou.
I'll go to Fanlac and warn Papa.
I'll be there by dawn.
Tell him to meet us in Bordeaux.
Run, Papa! It's a trap!
There! By the barn.
They're like flies!
Behind you!
Run, Marti!
Don't move!
Go on.
Stop or I'll shoot!
Two men, follow me!
It's me you want?
Let my men go. Tell yours to stop.
You can't...
Stop! In the name of the King,
cease firing!
Cease firing!
They caught him.
Calm down.
Calm down, dear.
We must be strong.
Your father will need us.
God can't abandon us.
Wait here.
Hey, you.
What's your name?
Is that an owl or a hawk?
You're ignorant!
- It's a pigeon.
- Look who's talking!
Neat work, Tufty!
Stay here.
This is a town. You'll get lost.
Excuse me. Marti Ferral's trial?
You said Martin Ferral.
Do you know him?
Who are you, Sir?
Good Lord, you're his wife.
And you're Jacquou?
I'm the attorney
appointed to defend him.
You've seen him?
- How is he?
- Well.
He's well.
I only saw him for a minute, but...
- I have some money for you.
- Keep it.
His trial's about to start.
The times are against us.
The Ultras want to spread fear
and this court
is packed with Ultras.
Your husband
is everything they hate.
Bold, rebellious, pro-Napoleon.
But there's hope.
I'll ask for a deferment,
plead undue process,
anything to buy time
until the next court sits.
I'll call you as a witness.
Don't worry, I'll shield you.
Try to look plain.
Tuck in your hair,
cover up your chest.
The lady's with me.
Sorry. No children allowed.
But I'll tell him you're here.
Is it your first time?
Mine too.
After you.
Me first!
Give me a leg up.
Next case!
Martin Ferral, alias Le Croquant.
Bring in the prisoner!
I want to see my father!
- Let me up!
- How much?
- Move!
- Pay up, kid.
No money, no looky.
He's chained up like a mad dog.
Wake up!
It's all over, kid.
Your dad won't bully you no more.
He copped thirty years!
Thirty years hard labor!
He's paid. Pull him up.
This is intolerable! Scandalous!
Remove the prisoner!
Silence in court!
- I appeal the verdict!
- All in good time.
Clear the court.
Watch your arses!
Here come the thugs!
Come on.
Where can we go?
They took our house away.
We'll find a home.
Nobody will take that from us.
I'm worn out.
We'll fix up gutters tomorrow.
I'm ready to drop.
We can't complain.
It's worse
for your father in chains.
Don't forget to say your prayers.
- Are you in charge here?
- Only recently.
It's the big spring wash.
Can you take my son?
lt'll be a break from farm work
and less far for him to walk.
All right. On one condition.
Don't mention your name.
I'm nursing the Count's
youngest daughter, Galiote.
- Agreed?
- Yes.
Come along.
Thank you.
Help carry those baskets.
Ten minute break!
I saw what you did.
You were very brave.
This is for you.
I couldn't find a smaller one.
You have a funny voice.
What's your name?
I know!
I know everything!
You're Jacquou!
Shut up and keep moving.
- Mayor, about my son...
- I'll fix it.
There you are!
I have good and bad news.
Good news
from your father's attorney.
He obtained a retrial.
Bad news, your father's dead.
Shot the first day,
trying to escape.
Some people don't change.
You there!
Watch out for my clothes!
Damn it!
Stop! Stay out of this.
What's he doing here?
A murderer's son!
Would the Count of Nansac
like seeing him
next to his daughter?
- I didn't know.
- Now you do!
Beat it!
Any comments? Speak up.
It'll be your last time.
Back to work!
They killed him.
Swear, my son!
Swear to avenge your father
for as long as you and that thing
are still standing!
Swear to keep your word!
They couldn't break him down
so they killed him!
Let them fear him in death
as much as they feared him in life!
Curse you, vile creature!
Stone by stone!
One day you will crumble to dust!
Curse you for what you are!
Curse you!
Mama, can you hear me?
Come away or we'll freeze!
I'll take you home.
I'll be right back.
Leave everything to me.
I'm cold.
It's cold!
You'll be all right.
Stay, Jacquou.
Don't leave me.
I'll stay with you.
I'm cold.
That's better.
I feel better.
The storm has passed.
Tufty, do your eyes!
Charity, good people!
Charity for a soldier boy
slashed by an English sword.
For pity's sake! A crust
for my deaf and dumb brother,
a poor drummer boy
gelded by a Polish sword.
A penny for my brother, please!
No use.
They've all got hearts of stone.
There's no pity, only misery.
I'm sick of eating candles.
They bloat me up.
Got nothing to drink?
Come on.
Let's find a place to sleep.
I'll catch up. I'm tired.
You sure?
Let's go, Cockeye.
Papa, help me.
I've lost my strength.
I want to be with you two.
Strange! He's early.
Don't try to distract me.
Queen takes bishop, mate in five.
I'm doomed so easily?
And by a lady.
You don't say!
Let me see...
I'm going up, Father.
Good night, Sir Knight.
- See you tomorrow.
- Good night, Fantille.
Take him indoors, quick.
Rub him with snow,
away from the fire.
I'll get my medical bag!
Snow! More snow!
His pulse is fading. Camphor!
Fight, little fellow!
Keep rubbing. I'll look at his foot.
Fantille, hot water!
- Yes, Sir Knight.
- And a big sheet.
I'll try to save his leg.
Now we can see your nice dark eyes.
The Knight says you're much better.
Much better.
Time will do its work, he says.
He's never wrong.
But you must eat.
Build up your strength,
little mystery man.
Eat, dear boy.
I know you can hear.
I know you're not...
Lord, help him.
What's making you twitchy?
Nothing, Mama. Can I go for a walk?
You'll miss lunch.
I've got an apple.
Come back, Jacquou.
Come back.
I'm hungry!
What's your name?
Mathieu, Sir. I mean Father.
Where are you from?
You're far from home.
Which way did you come?
Through Auberoche or Sainte-Foy?
- Through Suzardie.
- You can read?
Here, only Protestants can read.
Is this your first time here?
You're lying!
I saw you when they caught
the Bonapartist.
You knelt in the snow
at the edge of the village.
I'm Jacquou Ferral.
My dad died in chains
and the grief killed my mother.
I set fire to the Count's forest.
If God exists,
he should have let me die.
He should care for the poor!
May I join you?
Man to man,
how do you like this bacon?
Too salty, right?
But I can't tell Fantille.
She swears by it.
It's the same with God.
I often think His world is hard
but I keep quiet
because I don't know if it's me
or the world that is faulty.
The smith gave them work.
He's too soft.
I need a plucky altar boy
to come with me at night to visit
the dying and women in labor,
to chop wood for the poor,
eat what I eat, see life as a gift
and not waste time on self-pity.
It's thankless work.
You'll stay thin.
Think about it.
I'll take it.
I know that man.
He scares me.
Don't be scared.
I'm the one he's watching.
Why you?
Because I signed.
During the Revolution,
I recognized the Republic.
Most priests did.
Now we're suspect.
The Count of Nansac dislikes me
and so does his Jesuit chaplain.
Some people see guilt everywhere.
Only forgiveness makes us great.
You did well for a beginner.
Now run along.
Be back for supper.
I could never leave here.
I feel like I'm part
of every plant and pebble.
Want to see a cave
with a river and bear skulls?
Want to see my trout lake?
My tree house?
Show me the tree
where fairies dance.
There's no such thing, Lina.
There is! Down there by the river.
Boys are so silly!
Wait for me!
Is the Curate in?
Give him this from the Bishop.
Go on in, I'll join you.
Bad news, Father?
As usual.
Don't tell Jacquou.
Let's eat.
One trouble at a time.
Supper, Jacquou.
Rumor says the King
wants to muzzle the press.
To keep control, the Ultras
want to set us back 100 years.
The King's an Ultra,
all the ministers and laws
are Ultra.
They're in power everywhere.
But they want more.
Every village, every church.
Their arrogance
blinds them completely.
He's having a revolutionary fit!
Don't be a fool. Look at me.
The Ultras are stupid
but not foolish.
The Count of Nansac is an Ultra.
He'll track down anyone
willing or able to lead a revolt...
and eliminate them
one by one.
He's left us alone too long.
He'll come to the village.
He has to.
So please...
be careful, Jacquou.
He's right. Protect yourself.
I'll be careful.
You beat me to it, Knight.
The boy's on the road to forgiveness.
Don't disappoint me.
Go to bed or sit down!
It's no time for dusting.
Thank you, Father.
How do you like my soup?
Rather rough.
But you get used to it.
Jeanne! Plates!
Bring plates!
Curate, the meat!
Nearly done!
Stop it.
It's Cockeye.
She's bursting for him!
He's no stunner
but he swells my tits!
Ladies, take my body and dance!
She's all twitchy.
Hold your breath.
I haven't finished!
Make yourself useful.
Put your finger there.
Only my finger?
Hold still, Bertille!
You're as soft as a feather bed.
When I get you,
I'll work off 20 pounds!
Can you get wine for the musicians?
The Count's coming.
Why? He never comes here.
Too scared of dung!
And mucking his clothes!
My itchy arse tells me he'll come.
Get a wash!
I'm going to help with the fire.
Quiet! Sit down!
Sit down! Quiet!
Will you ask me to dance?
Musicians, please...
Thank you.
As it's my honor to open the dance,
I put on my best suit.
He's out to get married!
For our annual dance contest...
The raffle!
Not forgetting the raffle...
and its splendid prize!
To pick the lucky winner,
I need a blameless hand.
No blameless hands?
You, little girl!
Come up here.
Pick a number.
- It's pretty!
- It's pretty and it's 138.
Who has the lucky number?
Who wins the piglet?
I have number 138.
Check it.
What's mine is mine.
Can I have it?
What should I do...
if I'm refused what is mine?
If I give it to you,
will you be happy?
Then have it.
Do I get a kiss?
There, now.
It was all a misunderstanding.
Please carry on.
I was about to open the dance.
Excellent idea, Knight.
- Stick close to him.
- If that's an order.
Have you announced the good news?
After the dance.
what's your stand on dances?
The same as on mushrooms.
Even the best ones are worthless.
No dances, no weddings.
More nunneries, more empty pews.
We're in for a witty evening.
Button your breeches.
Non-contestants, leave the stage.
This way.
Contestants, take the stage.
Hold still.
Get into position.
Boys and girls in separate lines,
face to face. Good.
These ladies are the jury.
Their decisions are final.
Count on us, Knight!
Thank you, Fantille.
Musicians, please.
Everybody ready?
Let the dance begin!
- Hello, Lina.
- Hello, Galiote.
May I?
Recognize me?
You saved my life long ago.
Who is this upstart?
You had his father killed in chains.
The grief killed his mother.
How these beasts cling to the past!
Yes, father.
Young lady!
My daughter took your partner.
It's my duty to replace him.
Now's your chance
to be queen of the ball.
Round dance!
Form a ring, please.
You're dancing, Count?
Why not?
It's only a clodhopper's minuet.
Pasquier, slow! Suzanne, clumsy!
Pasquier, out! Suzanne, out!
Green suit,
Green suit! Step down, please.
Mathieu and Jeanne, out.
- The Count dances well.
- He has enough time to!
Lina's down.
Lina fell!
Lina, out.
The Baron is down.
He's already out!
Hands off!
Stop the music!
Foul play. They tripped her.
I was tripped too.
What say the jury?
- I didn't see.
- Me neither.
Hard to say.
Caught her skirt?
It can happen.
Well, Fantille?
There's a doubt.
Start again.
Start again!
Have to start again.
Lina! Come.
I'm waiting!
Sir Count, would you mind?
Decidedly, this bumpkin
needs to learn a lesson.
The Count lost the beat!
The Count must step down.
But the contest is a tradition...
Enough, I said!
Can't we go on?
We'll win another day.
Give me your hand.
- There's no music.
- Your hand.
We can't!
Nobody dances like this.
Not in public!
Brace yourself. Hand on my shoulder.
You can't allow this fornication!
I feel like I just discovered you.
Now's the time!
Say the word, we'll cut them up.
The whole county wants him dead!
We're sick of waiting.
I'm waiting, aren't I?
Let them go.
Cockeye! Come here.
My uncle's a cardinal.
I'll fight this!
It's no use.
My successor's already on his way.
You would have to appeal to the Pope
and I'm only a parish priest.
The Count has a long arm.
My time is past.
They can't do this!
Your face is as white
as stale cheese.
They can't do it,
but they do.
We don't control our fate.
You'd fight the Bishop and King
with a sheep hook?
Sit down!
You too, Knight. You look no better.
I have some good pt
and one of Fantille's pies.
Help yourselves.
I even have
a decent bottle somewhere.
One more minute.
One more minute, Lord.
We'll petition the Bishop
and Rome, if we have to.
My best wine!
If they'd told me at the seminary
that I'd end up with a freethinker
and a Protestant,
I wouldn't have believed it.
We're your friends.
My friends...
fill me a plate.
Open his collar!
Give him air. Sit him up!
No need...
Standing up or lying down,
a priest always dies on his knees.
Jacquou, my boy.
Hang up the lantern. Don't forget.
Hang it in the window,
like every night.
You know why?
You shouldn't speak.
I wouldn't if he answered!
To think this rascal
was my altar boy!
I still have enough strength
to kick your behind.
Do we hang up the lantern to give
warmth and light to us alone?
No, it's like a beacon.
It guides the distant traveler.
It gives him hope.
He cannot feel its heat
but it warms his heart
because he knows it's there.
To you, Jacquou, its light
means life, word of honor,
a sense of freedom.
To me, it has only one name,
but that name embraces everything.
I'll stop.
But I won't stop trying to drum
some Christian feeling into you.
I've lost
the right to bear the name,
but I am still a priest.
I know. I'm your crown of thorns.
He's dead.
Lina's had an accident!
Recognize me?
That'll stop him dancing.
- What's that?
- Jacquou's horn.
Find him!
Go fetch!
They want to search the castle, Sir.
They have a piece of paper.
In my house, before prayers!
Like vultures!
How dare you?
Sorry, Sir. It's the Knight.
You have some nerve!
I could throw you out.
You can refuse a favor,
but denying a legitimate doubt
looks suspect.
Beware, Knight.
You're risking your honor and wealth
for a backward little peasant.
Little people in revolt
can cause a revolution
but the nobility's downfall
will be caused by nobles like you.
The smaller the dog,
the louder it barks.
Sorry, Sir
but it's standard practice.
- Quite banal.
- Banal!
Just like you!
Petty, small and dull!
Go on, then.
Take him and his trollop
wherever he wants.
But only them. The others, out!
Out, I said!
Make way for the Knight
and his morals.
We'll start with the cellars.
Follow me.
See? The Count has nothing to hide.
Only 32 more rooms to search!
Plus the stables and moat,
the attics...
and the dung heap.
Let's move on.
Come, Lina.
It can't be!
Everybody thinks you're dead!
Get me out, quick.
Bye, gorgeous!
Kiss me.
Lina, I'm hungry.
Look what I brought...
Stop it, Mario!
What are you doing?
He betrayed me to the Count!
Stop it!
Die, oaf! I'll finish you off.
Don't kill him.
Where the hell were you?
Buried under the castle.
They dared!
We have to strike now.
I know where the guns are
and how to get in.
Surprise and speed are the key.
Here's the castle.
We attack there, but we get in here.
Do you have to mumble?
Don't push me away.
I've felt cold for a week.
The only cold you know
is a chilly day's hunting.
Go back to your kin, Miss Nansac.
I've done you no wrong.
You're a Nansac.
From Nansac castle, Nansac lands,
a Nansac belly.
Don't look like that!
Go home, Galiote.
Come back.
Get undressed.
Don't be mean to me.
My father hates me.
I'm the one who killed his wife
by being born.
My sisters despise me
for shunning their debauchery.
I wear men's clothes
to be left alone.
Don't blame me
for protecting my father.
I defend him just as...
you defend your father's memory.
Dry now?
Get out.
No good will come of this.
Hand over your sword.
Hand it over.
I've no quarrel with you.
Stand back! Gang of swine!
Who is she?
Sit down.
Here it is!
- Hold this.
- The lantern!
lmpossible! It can't be him.
Raise the drawbridge!
Pull harder!
- What's up?
- Keep quiet and calm.
You're safe in the castle.
- To the Revolution!
- To Napoleon!
This way.
Heave, lads!
You should flee, Sir.
We'll let down ladders.
Take your family.
Fight, cowards!
Do flaming dolls and braggarts
scare you?
I'm no coward.
The castle can't be held.
We'll burn to death like rats!
Shut up, cretin!
Follow me.
Form up!
Hold your fire...
Get set...
Treachery! They're inside!
Faster, lads!
Everybody out!
Flee, Sir Count!
- Right buttock.
- Left!
Wretch! You unleashed your dogs
but you're still an oaf.
What do you know except mud
and your cow's turds?
You're nothing!
All you do is destroy!
You leave no trace
but a smear of shit!
Go back to your hovels
and pray for my mercy.
He's brave.
Wild boars are brave too,
but they're still pigs.
You'll end up like your father!
Kill him!
Let me through!
Out of my way!
Scared or tired?
Scared, right?
It's over, Nansac.
Finish him off.
I don't want his life.
Get up!
I want you to suffer
the fate that awaits most of us.
I want you to grow old in poverty,
alone and toothless,
clinging to your memories
to forget the hunger and cold
of your paltry life.
You're arrogant, Nansac.
But when you're chewing
chestnut husks,
there will be new life here
and I'll have forgotten you.
Get him out.
And burn everything!
Hurry up!
Ten men with the Knight!
Galiote's up there!
She locked herself in.
She won't come out!
Open the door!
I knew you would come.
Go home.
In the next few days,
some of us will be arrested.
Have faith!
All you did was obey.
I'm the only one responsible.
Thank you.
His first 'thank you' in 15 years!
I'll sleep in the woods tonight.
The evidence before the court
is damning.
It will reveal the ignominy,
the vileness and hypocrisy
of a man without scruples,
without shame.
A man hell-bent
on mindless, unjust vengeance!
A man who ruthlessly besmirched,
humiliated and raped
the Count's youngest daughter
during the raid.
Silence in court!
Bring in Miss Galienne de Nansac,
known as 'Galiote'.
It's make or break.
Your word against hers.
Stay seated.
Young lady, being under 18,
you need not take the oath,
but let me remind you
that your family's accusations
are extremely grave
and your statements or denials
will strongly affect the verdict.
Stand up.
Do you know the man
standing in the dock?
It's Jacquou.
Jacquou Ferral.
Very well. Mr. Prosecutor?
Young lady,
did that man assault you
on the night
of June 14th...
I said no.
Compose yourself.
Of all the people here,
I have the most reason to hate him.
I wounded him three times
on the night of the raid
but he did not touch me.
Not then or ever.
You told
your father and sisters...
Not true!
I said nothing.
The child is confused!
Sir Count, please!
Young lady,
I feel for your embarrassment
but even so,
after the raid,
you had his clothes on.
Your Honor, neither he
nor any man has ever touched me.
I can prove it.
Let a doctor examine me.
I am a virgin.
The only one here!
The King has abdicated.
The Ultras have lost power.
Those people,
baying for blood,
are the ones who should be there
in the dock!
Silence in court!
don't overstate your case.
This trial belongs to a history
of peasants' revolts
provoked by cruelty,
gross arrogance
and brutal oppression...
We're free!
The Marquis said he'd drive us home.
Forget it. You're ruined.
We'll have to walk.
We're dead, my friend.
Hello, Lina.
I've come on a rather odd errand.
Don't go, Lina.
Galiote has found
a housekeeping job in London.
She's taking the four o'clock boat.
She asked me...
She wants to see you one last time.
That's what I told her.
You owe her your freedom.
It's only fair. Go.
Go on!
He'll come back.
Should I go with him?
No family, friends, servants...
Nobody's here
except my worst enemy
who ruined my name and family.
I need to know if you still hate me.
Thank you for coming, anyway.
Won't you miss the forest?
The forest, no.
There are forests
all over the world.