Jacquot de Nantes (1991)

I know the art
of evoking happy moments!
Those scents, those unending kisses,
will they be born again
from that unfathomable abyss,
like a rejuvenated sun
rises in the heaven
from the depths of the sea?
O scents, O unending kisses!
The night was growing
dense like a wall
and my eyes glimpsed yours
in the dark.
And I drank your breath
- O sweetness, O poison -
and your feet fell asleep
in my brotherly hands.
The night was growing dense
like a wall. "
Is it over?
No, it's not.
Come, Jacquot, it's the end.
Sometimes it starts again.
No, it doesn't. Let's go.
Papa's waiting...
It's not finished...
I'm staying.
Show us yours, Jacquot.
What, now?
Don't you worry...
They do it later in the Army
to measure and compare,
so they know.
Know what?
Look out, someone's coming!
Put it back.
It's nothing to write home about.
You three again!
Hello boy, homework done?
That's right. Is it done?
Not yet, Papa.
Do what your father says.
Hurry up, Madame Marilou...
5 litres exactly.
You're tops.
- Hurry! Only one side is curled...
- I'm coming!
I'm on stage in an hour.
Papa didn't want it,
Mama neither.
Good little children
Obey their parents.
- That's in Act 2.
- Yes. It's the donkey duet.
The curler is too hot.
Come down.
Stay away from that ladder.
Done your homework?
I left my bag in the garage.
- It's fixed?
- Yes.
It clunks when it's cold,
but that's normal.
Hello, Demy Garage here...
I want to order a new car.
A black Citron 7 CV.
The customer's in a hurry.
Damn kids...
Always blocking the stairs.
Jacquot! I hate being late.
I wanted an orange.
Goodnight, Papa.
You should've come with us.
I know "Les Saltimbanques"...
You know, the one Mama curls...
It is love
that consoles the poor...
In bed, "the poor".
Say your prayers.
Our Father who art in Heaven...
They are good boys.
Hail Mary full of grace...
Coming to give us a kiss, Mama?
A rich labourer,
knowing his death was imminent,
called his children in...
and addressed them without witness.
Be sure not to sell
what is ours, he said.
There is a treasure hidden within.
Jacques' childhood was his treasure
and a source of inspiration
for his films.
Now then...
let me write.
He was writing about his memories
and he talked about them a lot.
Anecdotes came back,
forgotten names
and suddenly remembered details.
He spoke of the little kitchen,
the focus of family life.
And above all of his mother,
who was the life and soul of it.
Do you remember our last date?
He liked remembering
Sunday outings,
when time passed slowly.
He had known what he called
"a happy childhood".
Jacques recalled
the arrival of a country cousin
that a Brazilian industrialist
had turned into an upmarket tart.
Wait here.
Hey, good-Iooking,
is this Raymond's garage?
Raymond's my father.
What do you want?
You don't know me,
but I'm your aunt from Rio.
Someone to see you, Boss.
That's him.
Oh, it's you.
You look terrific.
Come and meet the wife.
It's that cousin I told you about,
who went off to Brazil.
Don't touch, it's organza.
At last I know the whole family.
I'll take you all
to La Cigale tonight.
Come here, you.
You're invited too.
Now I can kiss you...
Oops! It's my lipstick.
Shall I sing you a song?
For God's sake, don't get up.
Go on, sing Papa.
You didn't miss our local wine?
Yes, I often think of "Gros Plant".
One day a producer said
I ought to be in the movies.
So I did tests.
But "Gros Plan" means "Close-up"...
I thought he was
offering white wine!
Let's drink to that!
Beautiful diamonds...
Yes. So extravagant...
I've been spoiled too.
You really shouldn't have...
Don't you criticise me...
No, I'm pleased with my present.
I adore casinos,
particularly roulette...
I had a run of good luck.
I just kept on winning.
That means presents for everyone...
me too.
You came on your own?
I'm joining Bill Schuster in Munich.
He's the right sort.
First, I'd like to visit
Grandpa's grave.
I wasn't here when he passed on.
I will wait for you
night and day
until your return...
I'm the one who laughs...
Who wants to please...
I'm Lola.
That's my name.
We gave you your Grandpa's name,
but for me you're my little Jacquot.
Seeing my name there
when I was so young
gave me a sense of the fragility
of our existence.
Ah, how lucky I am!
I saw a little old lady
and grabbed her handbag.
I'm as slippery as an eel.
- Guignol!
- He's stolen a bag!
I saw a policeman...
...so I've hidden it.
Here he comes!
Good day, Guignol.
Good day, Gnafron.
Good day, Brigadier.
I say, you wouldn't have seen
a suspicious individual?
A bag snatcher!
Did any of you children
see him around here?
He hid it under a bush!
Are you doing that for Reine?
It still smells of coffee in here.
What are you, a tortoise?
None of your business.
Can I keep this box?
Take it if you like.
I want to make a puppet theatre.
What I hear about Munich's
not good.
I wonder about that cousin from Rio.
Off to see her Mr Schuster...
Probably a spy.
Yet she seemed sweet and kind.
How could anything go well?
Why go at all? And where?
Madame de Saint-Clair is here.
I feel like tapering it at the neck.
Mr Cavalet is home.
Will that do?
I'll just give it one last comb...
You made a Negro policeman?
No, I didn't.
Why's he black then?
The potatoes go black.
I know...
I'll make the heads
out of cardboard.
Come along, everyone!
Hurry up, please!
Next show in 15 minutes!
Snow White is pretty.
I liked the witch.
I knew you would.
Grumpy's always grumpy.
He didn't stop sneezing.
That was Sneezy, dopey!
You must see the film.
It's terrific and scary.
My father promised to take me
if I get good marks.
I'm going again tomorrow.
Me too. I'm going on Sunday.
Hello. I've seen it too.
I like the witch best.
He's got a crush on Snow White.
Don't say that.
You said the other day
she was for you.
I didn't, but she's not bad.
She always sings
when she sweeps...
when she washes up...
and when she bakes cakes.
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
I met three lads from my hometown
I was kissed by the youngest
Who was also the handsomest
He took me to his room
To talk of our hometown...
A whole bowl
A whole bowl of milk
Nice and creamy
Nice and creamy, please
Some sifted sugar
And then you mix
You mix it well
Mama, they're outside!
Come see, there are giant dwarfs.
You've got them all, even Dopey.
A bit of chocolate?
Yes, please.
You're lucky to have them all.
Haven't you got Snow White?
No, I don't care
two hoots about her.
She can't do the splits.
I can.
You try.
Go on, clumsy, try again.
Push downwards...
Stretch your legs...
We could work up
an acrobatics act
and tour the world in a circus.
If you like.
Keep trying.
Keep it rolling with your stick...
The Three Musketeers!
I've got my pay...
Pass me a spanner.
Let me treat you
to a lakeside lunch...
Can you manage?
Caroline, Caroline!
Put your best shoes on...
It's war! Mobilisation!
That's all what we needed!
God knows where I'll be sent.
You with your bad leg,
you'll stay here.
Take those sacks to the cellars
for a shelter.
We need some in the attics too.
If my two sons go off to war...
They'll test gas masks
at school.
Reine will look like a fly.
Me, a fly?
You have a fly up your nose
and Jacquot too.
You'd be a beautiful fly.
I've given him a big moustache.
Look, will that do you?
Oh, yes.
It fits.
She's the one with the hair.
- You don't hit puppets.
- Just a bit.
You think it's here?
- Demy, Raymond Marcel?
- That's me.
It's your posting.
The arsenal isn't very far.
I'll be home every night.
Better to make shells
than be hit by them.
Do you think they're asleep? Check.
They're fine.
- Makes a change from a beret.
- Good luck, neighbour.
Your lunch bag...
can you make a cape
for my puppet?
Not black like that,
but with this shiny cloth?
Of course, Jacquot,
but I must finish this.
Look at these pearls...
The woman's coming
for it tomorrow.
Then you can do mine next.
Sing me another song.
I like your songs.
There was a king
who remained faithful
to his beloved
and left her a golden goblet...
- Do you know about witches?
- Not really.
They fly on broomsticks.
Do they wear Japanese kimonos?
You know all about costumes.
There's Grandma...
...and Jacquot!
Four for Cinderella.
Coming, my little ones,
my elephants...
150 francs. Fine.
In Germany
they've requisitioned cars.
My husband wrote to hide ours.
I can't decide.
- Where is he?
- The Maginot Line.
Mine's busy making shells.
But he does get home every night.
What is it?
My guests haven't come.
Go look.
Hang on, I've had an idea.
Ready, children and elephants?
Off we go. Open the curtains.
And here is Cinderella.
I'm so unhappy...
My wicked sisters
have gone to the ball
and I'm cleaning up the cinders.
Poor girl.
Here I am.
I am the Fairy.
The Lilac Fairy.
Want to go to the ball?
Just watch.
Don't forget to leave
at midnight.
First, I'll change your dress.
Here comes the stardust.
That's not stars, it's sand.
You're lice-ridden!
Look at the state of you!
Bend over the newspaper.
You know those Marchis kids
are full of lice.
They clapped, Mama,
and Ren and I bowed.
They're everywhere.
Let me see.
You can't. They're too small.
I'll put some lotion on later.
- I've only got 1 left.
- I won these.
- You stole them.
- Don't argue.
Mind your own business, Demy.
- Give them back.
- No, I won them. You're the cheat.
Don't argue.
We'd better go, or we'll be late.
See you later.
Look, Demy, a new poster!
Enemy ears are listening."
Are there enemies everywhere?
It's no joke...
Grandma and Mama read a book
called Mr Spy and His Daughter.
The spies were disguised as nuns.
You had to check
their shoes.
Hurry up, you lot!
Don't dawdle, Demy!
- This OK?
- Fine.
Mask on.
If there's a real alert,
I want no dawdling and no fuss.
Let's go check!
Come with me to the toilet.
Can't you go on your own?
I'm frightened.
I'm going to explore the cave...
There's a glow in the distance...
Jacquot, come back!
It's as dark as Hell in there.
What's Hell?
I want to go to the fair.
It's for soldiers on leave.
Let's go to the Guignol.
We'll take a quick look first.
Hitler's head for 5 francs!
- Now we go to the Guignol!
- Now?
You're good, Father dear,
but before I marry you,
I want the skin of that old donkey.
My banker donkey? Never!
I insist, Father dear.
I can't possibly refuse you.
I say there!
Kill my donkey
and bring me his skin.
They won't really kill it...
How dreadful!
It's disgusting.
Tell me, my fairy godmother,
what shall I do?
Disguise yourself...
You have bizarre ideas.
Come on, hurry.
- Put this skin on.
- Awful!
Just do as I tell you.
From now on, we'll call you:
Donkey Skin.
Mama, there's no more school!
Due to the war.
Watch out.
Is the garage open?
Not really...
Maybe the mechanic can help.
Can I have some water?
Been on the road long?
We've driven from Bruges.
Come in for a moment.
We ran for it.
People said they were raping women
and cutting off children's hands.
We left in a panic.
Too late, Madame Demy.
We're closing.
For good?
The Germans will soon be here.
They ransack. They kill.
We're leaving.
All of you?
We're going back to the farm.
Are you off too?
I don't know.
Do you want to leave?
I don't know.
The Germans are coming.
Are we going or not?
Where to?
I can't leave Grandma.
Can you help us?
Lend us some civilian clothes.
Sorry, we're leaving...
Over here, boys!
Get some overalls.
We don't even know
if we're still at war.
Thanks, boy.
- Isn't Reine here?
- No.
She's staying with my sister.
No news of your husband?
I'm still waiting.
I worry, but I go to work.
I'll translate for you...
German's a weird language.
Hush! Look at the poster...
You're taking them to the river?
Yes, I've got to pick up
some mattresses.
They'll keep the girl company.
Don't let them swim on their own!
Don't you worry.
Off we go!
You get in here.
Ren, you climb in the back.
She's a refugee,
from friends of friends.
She was a wonder
from Sainte-Genevive-des-Bois
and very pretty indeed.
No, not like that.
Like this.
What's your name?
Genevive from
You have to move your arms more.
Shall we show her the stairs?
Then, there's a little staircase.
You keep watch.
My turn.
The witch's door is open.
Maybe it was burglars.
Let's look inside.
Can I see?
Do you think she's dead?
It's him again.
The metallurgist.
It's him.
It's wonderful.
Hush, don't say a word.
Don't worry.
It'll be fun.
We won't be able
to play cars.
Then play cars now.
Off we go!
We're going for a drive.
Along the banks of the Loire.
Careful. I can't swim.
Put that down.
You mustn't touch everything.
They've got to have fun.
It's all new to them.
What's this for?
Pouring water on the grindstone
to sharpen the tools.
If you're thirsty, drink.
I've brought their things.
Old George told me
to take kids from Nantes.
He told me the clog-maker
is a good man.
Looks like he was right.
They seem pale.
The fresh air will do them good.
We don't see the war here.
Except there's no tobacco.
- I'll give you money.
- Later.
We'd better go.
I've never left them.
Don't fret. We'll look after them.
Come on.
Let's go feed the rabbits.
I want to feed the rabbits too.
- Bye, children.
- Bye.
You don't cut yourself
on that knife?
I've been making clogs
for 30 years.
Home we go, little fellow.
"My darlings,
"Here are some transfers
"...and a badge
of the arms of Nantes,
"since you said you wanted a badge.
"Say hello to Aunt La
"and the clog-maker.
"Big kiss from Papa and Mama,
Not bad, huh?
Your badge is great.
They don't have them in the country.
Where'd you get it?
Little Demy... You've grown!
The country air has done you good.
Here's the washing.
Thank you.
Goodbye, Madame Le Dentec.
It's nice to have you back.
take your beret off at table.
I've made a real feast:
Pasta with cheese and sausage,
from the sausage lady.
- Luce, who sings in church?
- Yes.
Glad to be home, boys?
Yes, Papa.
I want to go to the cinema
and the circus.
I'll take you, or your father will.
All Papa likes is boules!
It feels good. We're a family.
Back to catechism class.
First Communion in May.
Yes, Mama!
You're late...
Catechism went on for ever.
I know. So I hope you pass
your First Communion test.
- Your sister passed first time.
- He knows.
He knows his catechism.
At least, I hope so.
Can you help us fix up a trapeze?
I'd better ask your Papa,
or you ask Guy.
This beam?
"Lift up your souls,
yet remain modest",
as our priest says.
- Missed!
- Your turn!
You will do it, Robert?
Yes, later.
Look at Reine's shutters.
Is she not back?
We don't see much of her.
She's taken on airs.
Feldkommandant Holt
was shot in the back.
There's a curfew at 4 p.m.
There'll be reprisals.
It happened on Rue du Roi Albert.
- On your way to catechism...
- Yes, that's it.
"Cowardly criminals
working for England and Moscow...
"...shot the Nantes Feldkommandant
in the back...
"on 20 October.
"The murderers have not been caught.
"To punish this crime
"I have ordered that
50 hostages be shot. "
"Due to the gravity of the crime,
50 more hostages..."
- 15 million for informers!
- More than Judas got.
50 innocent people shot.?
It's true. My father said so.
The occupation:
A quiet war.
It's easy to lay down
the law with guns.
We mustn't see German films.
I know. My father told me.
It looks terrific though.
And it's in colour.
What a pity.
Prvert wrote it.
A sad love story.
Let's see it.
Three for Les Visiteurs du Soir.
Gluttony is a sin, my boy,
but it is your First Communion.
Roast pork...
You've saved our bacon!
If you put it there
it will get cooked.
No, I'm using petrol.
That'll fool them at the checkpoint.
- Thanks.
- See you tomorrow.
I'll come early to help your wife.
Radio Paris lies...
Radio Paris is German!
We'll take the tape off the windows.
We took the floor
and the sugar to the baker's.
It's magnificent.
It's like before the war.
A real tiered cake.
It's been so long.
- I can't eat any more
- I can.
Don't eat, Luce, sing.
Sing us a song!
I laugh to see myself so lovely
in the mirror!
Let's sing another.
"Little Lison".
It's going well.
She raises her bottom
like her mother
And with her glass,
she says "Bottoms up!"
You're as handsome as a prince!
What present did you get?
A gramophone.
Got any records?
I can lend you some.
Some water will do them good.
No water!
Water drinkers are nasty,
as was proved by the Flood.
Listen to this, Guy.
Music? Any time.
The clock goes tick-tock
The birds go cheep-cheep
The turkeys go gobble-gobble
And the bell goes ding-dong...
But when my heart goes boom
Everything else goes boom
As love wakes up.
I like ball bearings.
It's terrific.
You can see all the funnels.
You're lucky.
You can look again if you like.
Is it true you can see Le Normandie?
Let me see.
- I'll swap you.
- For what?
Some ball bearings.
Two sets.
Yes. Bye.
What you showed
Le Gerrec was film?
Yes, movie film.
- Where'd you find it?
- What'll you give me?
- Ball bearings.
- No.
Two sets.
I want the pencil-sharpener.
Then give me the film
and tell me where you found it.
- It's Le Normandie?
- Yes.
Watch out.
Gypsies are dangerous.
You mustn't go near them.
I don't care.
That's not why I came.
Mine's got a plane.
I think it's a Messerschmitt.
- I've got a tank.
- It's German newsreel.
We shouldn't have...
It must be forbidden.
Listen, we found it on a dump!
- We ought to take it back...
- Don't be silly.
These spoils of war,
a few feet of real film,
eagerly brought home by Jacquot,
had no time to become a fetish
and catalyze his passion.
Marilou swept them away as rubbish
or as "compromising documents".
Jacquot had lost Le Normandie
for nothing.
Hey, Aunt Nique!
Your stocking seam
looks like a snake!
Since I am asked to justify myself,
Monsieur Pitou
loves Mademoiselle Clairette
and she loves him too.
Yes, I tell you.
It's for her that Monsieur is here.
It's cold.
Those Krauts are ugly.
Jean Marais is handsome.
4:15. What are they waiting for?
They like making us wait.
They take their time.
Look: "Filming on a farm:
Jean Choux and his crew."
- Ducks too.
- Some crew!
Jean Gourget's new film, Malaria,
will take place
entirely in the tropics.
About time.
"I want Malaria to have
an atmosphere of fear", he says.
"Mireille Balin plays a colonial
wife suffering from malaria.
"Sessue Hayakawa
plays a native boy, a guitar player.
"Love erupts between
these two feverish beings."
- Mireille Balin's beautiful!
- Beautiful?
I know what I'm talking about.
That one doesn't look bad.
A guy falling from a tree.
There's blood everywhere!
He's sweet.
He blows up my tires.
Don't forget the valve.
You bike your mother around?
No. She's a neighbour.
She's going for her coupons.
Now you can go.
I'm going out
to get some biscottes.
I'm scared.
We've got a shelter.
- I want to go.
- We'll all go.
What a racket. It's Hell.
I'm frightened.
I feel sick.
It'll soon be over.
Look how calm Jacquot is.
Remember the cave
where it was as dark as Hell?
I'm frightened.
On September 16th, 1943
I discovered the full horror
of violence and destruction.
There were dead all over town,
people screaming, and dying
beneath the rubble.
It was the Apocalypse.
Ever since
I've hated violence.
My city kids...
I knew we'd see you.
We thought we'd just turn up.
There's no electricity.
It's all broken down.
A total disaster.
It was dreadful.
We heard it here.
Come see the rabbits.
Remember the white one?
Of course.
It was all craters and smoke...
people looking for each other...
I was in the street too.
People were trapped.
I heard them shouting.
- On your own?
- I was looking for Papa.
I was fixing a car
on the Avenue des Amricains.
I got under it just in time.
The Americans?
You brought them.
Don't be stupid.
It's hard to figure out:
Our allies bombing Nantes.
Destroying Nantes, you mean.
Filthy Germans!
It's all their fault.
We're no trouble?
None at all. We'll all squeeze in.
I won't be here long.
I'll go back to the garage
as soon as we get
the electricity back.
He always has his gramophone.
Hello, hello, James.
What's new?
Since my fortnight away?
I'm calling you to discover
What I'll find on my return...
All is well,
Madame la Marquise.
All is very well.
But we must tell you
that there's been
a slight problem...
Come on. Inside.
Come to bed, Jacquot.
I'm sleepy.
Go to sleep on your own.
Under the covers, boy.
Are your feet all right now?
You'll get used to them.
Finishing your clog today?
No, not that chisel.
I'm teaching you a trade,
but you'll never take it up.
You'll have better to do.
I'm going to make sets.
Theatre and cinema sets,
and puppet shows.
Don't walk over the bridge
at Mauves!
After you,
I'll never
love again...
After you,
my heart will be broken
for ever...
Enough reading. Home we go.
We'll swap over.
The past participle agrees with
gender and plural of the complement
when it is placed before.
For example:
La bille qu'il a prise est bleue.
What did he take? La bille.
Listen to me, boys.
Things are getting hot up there.
Bille is feminine
and before the verb
so the colour is feminine too.
Don't be scared.
Every time I hesitate
over a past participle agreeing,
I recall the school classroom
at Mauves
and that parachute
floating down over the Loire.
A late visitor.
Come in.
"Un Visiteur du Soir".
Here's our neighbour.
The Germans raided the caf
to get young men for forced labour.
They took Gaston and Paul.
The others
had made themselves scarce.
Damned Germans!
And Gilles too.
Gilles and Dominique,
Dominique and Gilles...
No, they didn't take Dominique.
It's from Les Visiteurs du Soir.
Films... That's all he thinks about.
You ought to go see
the old Gallon sisters,
the teachers.
They had a projector
and some Chaplin films.
Some shorts.
Good idea.
The boy's bored stiff.
You'll be careful?
Regularly and gently.
Not too gently, fairly gently.
Here are the films.
You'll bring it back, won't you?
This country lettuce...
It's delicious.
We eat it every day.
- Pleased to see your parents?
- Yes.
Papa gave me a present.
Presents always work.
- What do we do?
- Keep still.
Your bicycle!
Be quiet.
Come in, it's all ready.
Look, Mama, the projector.
Don't touch.
I'm the projectionist.
Look at the screen, Papa.
Sit down.
I've seen it.
It doesn't work.
Be patient. It will.
What is it?
Soap? It's bubble soup!
Jacquot was as delighted
as if he'd made the film himself.
Happily showing films,
he ended his days
at the clog-maker's.
The Loire had become dangerous,
with Americans on one bank,
and the Resistance on the other.
It was time to go home,
back to the sand,
the long porch,
and the garage courtyard.
When we sing
at cherry blossom time,
the nightingale
and the mockingbirds
all have a wonderful time...
But it doesn't last for ever,
cherry blossom time,
when some people go
to gather earrings in a dream...
The Americans are here!
White wine, Raymond!
It's Chopin. I recognise it.
I like it here.
Poor Chopin, all jazzed up.
It sounds fine.
But it's written for the piano.
Thanks, I'll take it.
I've been through this before,
except the other was lent
and this is a gift.
Don't thank me. It's worthless.
Papa will buy an electric one.
When you're fed up,
you can give it to me.
I'm your junk cousin.
Don't be silly!
Bye, old man.
Where am I going
to put all my things?
You need room for a cinema.
You're not fair.
I need cardboard boxes,
glue and fairy lights.
Will you give me money?
This Chaplin is funny.
It's for you. I've seen it
forwards and backwards.
Look at the screen:
Pillars just like at the Olympic.
He did it all himself
except for the curtain.
Come have some coffee.
Let him put it away.
I've only got one film.
If only I could rub it out
and change it.
Don't ask me.
You ought to buy me more.
It's not the time.
Will you fix my hairdo?
I don't do hair any more.
What with the boys
and the garage...
I even do the book-keeping, look.
Let's see your hair...
What are you up to?
I've had an idea
how to make a new film.
The saucepan will poison us.
Promise Mama
you'll rinse it well.
- I can't wait to see Part Two.
- Me neither.
I like her saying,
"a glimmer like everyone;"
and talking about her mother,
who was a laundress.
It's a fine love story.
It's a masterpiece.
You can't see.
You'll ruin your eyes.
"The bridge at Mauves."
You can see the crossbars.
It was hard to draw.
It's so tiny.
Mama, it's serious.
It's a cartoon newsreel.
It's very good.
"The planes are flying away."
Did you like it?
It was very good.
Look, bras!
- Straight to the ladies' underwear!
- Just looking.
The clean minds of today's youth...
You make your own way home,
Come see.
Women go into that shop
and then they disappear.
Who told you?
Someone. I just heard.
- Those two?
- Hard to tell.
- It's a fairy tale.
- No, a drama.
They're sold as slaves
to harems in Argentina.
Look, sheet music.
Aunt Nique has the same.
- What's what?
- Old junk...
- Let's go.
- No. This shop's amazing.
Something in particular?
Yes... What's that camera
with the handle in the window?
A movie camera.
For real films?
9.5 mm. For amateurs.
Does it work?
If you put film in.
I need it. I want to be an amateur.
But I haven't any money.
Have you nothing to swap?
Books or games?
Why are you rushing about?
- He's got ants in his pants!
- He'll get over it.
All right, Mr Dubuisson?
We fill the tank. We have a chat.
I was looking for you...
I didn't want you to go
knowing you were angry...
So I got the camera,
but I had no idea how to use it.
there was an instruction book.
I was in a hurry to learn
all those barbaric terms
like f-stop, orthochromatic film,
panchromatic vision filter,
film stock...
As soon as I'd read it,
I decided I wanted
to make the script
used as an example:
"Solange's Adventure".
There you are.
I've learned lots of words:
Emulsion speed, f-stop,
shutter, ortho, panchro,
depth of field.
Good for you.
But it's all Chinese to me.
What is it?
Is that what you learn at school?
"'Solange's Adventure'. Actors:
Solange (5),
her parents, a prowler. "
Off we go.
"Despite being forbidden to,
Solange plays in the street.
'A prowler promises her sweets
and kidnaps her. "
Hey, I'm making a film.
I need a big chap for the gypsy.
Can you come Thursday
to the garage?
On Quai des Tanneurs?
I know. I'll come.
- I'll be home late.
- Don't worry.
It'll be open.
"A gipsy makes her dance at fairs,
"but her mother recognises her
thanks to a locket.
"This film for all the family
will have more appeal than a reel
"of some young star
pointlessly posing..."
- You learn this at school?
- Yvon asked me that.
That's my fur.
- Will you lend it to me?
- What for?
For Yvon.
He's playing Solange's mother.
Ren's little brother is Solange.
- What's all this?
- Watch your cocoa!
- I don't like being a girl.
- I wouldn't mind!
We need a dress, make-up,
and a hat.
I'll go to Madame Bredin's.
- I've got it ready.
- Thanks.
It's an old dress of Reine's.
This circus of yours
is causing havoc.
Stop making faces.
You look pretty, Yvon.
Come out.
Yvon, explain to Solange
she mustn't go out alone.
Now, walk slowly toward me.
Good. That'll do.
Here, Lorca,
I'll show you where to go.
You hide here.
We'll do a full-face shot of him.
Solange, you play with your ball.
Drop it...
and turn right.
You're the kidnapper! Look.
"Soon after a
character offers her sweets,
"then wraps her in his cape."
So you stride after her
and offer her sweets.
- Do you like sweets, pretty girl?
- Yes, sir.
Then you'll get some!
Go on. Fight back!
"Six months later."
Want to be older?
No, it's for my film.
Today, there's good news:
Germany has surrendered.
Belly-dancing means moving
your belly without moving your feet.
You try. Move your head too.
Now we'll do it with the others.
I'll place you with your drum.
You, dance.
You, beat time on the drum.
We'll shoot. Get on with it.
Bang harder, Lorca.
Then, the mother arrives.
Now, listen!
We move back.
You come forward.
When you see her dancing,
you say, "Hey!"
Not now. Move back!
When we shoot.
Recognise your daughter.
But that's Solange's locket!
What are you doing?
I'm wrapping up
my first takes
to send them to the Path Lab
at Joinville-le-Pont.
Nothing for me?
Not today, my boy.
In the Far West, when night falls
Cowboys gather round the fire
And sing an old song
About beautiful Texas...
It's going to be a fine cardigan.
Knitting takes so long. Patience.
I'm the patient one.
I've been waiting two months.
The labs reopen,
but I still wait and wait.
It's no joke. I'm fed up.
And you only
knit for Papa!
Then one fine day
the film arrived.
What excitement.
I loaded it on to my projector.
Not a thing.
It was absolutely,
totally transparent.
I had forgotten
to adjust the f-stop.
It was clear
I had to learn the technique.
What's wrong?
I want to go to film school.
We'll ask your father.
I know what he'll say:
"Are you crazy?
Thinking about films at your age!"
Learn a trade in a technical school.
You'll be a mechanic.
I want to go to high school.
Whoopee, veal with prunes!
I want to graduate.
Tech gives you a trade.
High school, nothing.
Set your minds to it for once.
Go on. Turn it.
If he picks on me again,
I'm off.
- Where to?
- Who cares?
to teach mechanics to the Negroes.
That's it.
You clear off to Timbuktu!
Me, I'd head for Paris.
I'll load crates
or be an extra at the Opera.
They'll take anyone.
One of my mother's clients told me.
You don't have to sing,
just hammer it out at the back.
I'll be all right at the Opera then!
I won't spend my life teaching dance
I'll go to Paris, take a chance
Why teach plis and entrechats
When I want to dance at the Opera?
We are a pair of twins
Born in the sign of Gemini...
I absolutely must go to Paris.
I'm going too, but later.
Papa says I must finish tech.
Meanwhile, I make films.
With that?
As it happens,
I've had an idea for a film
and you'd be terrific in it.
Are you kidding?
You and your camera are too small.
I've got big projects.
Remember my aunt from Rio,
how flirtatious she was?
She batted her eyelashes.
She was fun.
- It's a great role.
- Wasn't she the casino gambler?
Yes, that's her.
With a scene
where you'd win lots of money.
Don't you want to?
Back to your dreams,
young Jacquot.
I've got my own.
How's it going?
I give up on actresses.
It's better to make cartoons.
The stars are cardboard
in cardboard sets.
I see. You want some cardboard?
- Can I have some?
- Of course you can.
Thanks, Mr Sweets.
Am I Mr Sweets for ever?
Can I come back for more?
Whenever you like, boy.
The boy had a project
and he needed space.
The attic next to the tires
was ideal and he made it his own.
A new life of peace and quiet began,
far from the noise of the tech,
a trifle less from
that of the garage.
What are you making?
- A ballerina.
- What's that?
A girl who dances.
Look at her with that blonde wig.
Viviane Romance.
She was in Carmen.
We saw that. It was good.
- Nice costumes...
- Yes.
It's a film by Marcel L'Herbier,
so you know it's good.
Show me.
Otherwise I don't get it.
Come on then, I'll explain.
You have a nice setup.
Don't touch. It's fragile.
Not by the camera...
It's exactly in place.
If I want the little dancer to move,
I move her leg and shoot a frame.
Got it?
It's continuous movement.
If you film an arm...
...you get continuous movement.
Now you can climb down.
I need all my concentration.
It's no damn good!
It's blurred, out of focus.
No good at all.
I've got patience.
If I had a new camera
I'd begin again.
It's nice being here with you.
I've been twice and talked to him.
He says it's a bargain.
It's that one.
It's more stable. Automatic
is better than cranking the handle.
If you say so.
Shall we go in?
It's your present.
I'm glad I have you.
This camera,
an Ercsam Camex,
was the one I used.
It shot frame by frame.
Car headlamps
are not the right thing
for lighting sets.
We're a bit short.
People are paying late.
Your chum, Mr Debuisson
owes me 2 months.
He's talking to Mama.
Hello, Mr Debuisson!
How's the tech?
My marks are O.K.,
but it's so dull.
Not again...
For an artist, it's hard
not getting your own way.
- You should see the attic.
- You've never seen it!
I can't stand heights!
- Can I see?
- Of course.
The cartoon was terrific.
That's what I want to do.
I need equipment.
Christ on a bike!
Every Sunday the same thing:
"I don't want to be a mechanic.
I want to study film making."
We got him a camera.
Now he wants lights, a tripod...
God knows what else!
- Calm down, Raymond.
- I wish he would!
You're tough on Jacquot.
He works hard.
Let him have fun.
A foreign girl arrived in Paris
Having crossed the globe
She settled in our fine country
But she had left
something behind in Chile
She had left something behind...
And I forgot to buy
a Madeira cake.
I'm not a baby.
Cake won't work.
Sweet things never hurt grouches.
You've been sitting there
for an hour fuming with rage.
You know why?
Papa drives me mad.
Don't say that. It's a sin.
So is sulking.
Laugh, you clown.
Even if you're sad!
Ask your Papa to tell you what
happened when he came to Nantes
from the country...
His "room in town"
in a drunk's house,
a Colonel's widow.
Thank you, Guilbaud.
Have a drink with me.
I'm sure it'll cheer you up.
You've drunk enough tonight.
No? Too bad for you.
You're already drunk as a skunk.
The way you speak amuses me.
As drunk as a skunk, indeed!
I'll just drink to your health.
And now the show begins...
Turn it on, Yvon.
His father agreed
to cut the door in half.
Projector noise.
The smallest cinema in the world.
I'm flattered to be invited.
You're our son's main supplier.
My supplier and friend.
Turn the light off, Yvon.
Open the curtains.
Lights, Yvon.
Short, but very sweet!
Sailors are fun.
Mountain-climbing's great.
The mountain can wait.
You must see Beauty and the Beast.
- Think so?
- You bet.
If you do, I'll go again with you.
You accept me if I draw,
but you never let me in your attic.
That's normal.
Demy, come tell us what to see.
He always knows.
We must see...
Duvivier's Untel Pre et Fils.
It's good.
I've seen Caprice
with Danile Darrieux.
We know what you think of her.
Let's see.
Edith Piaf.
I adore her.
She sings really well.
I'm making a film in my attic.
A bag snatcher escaping
over the roofs of Paris.
It's called "Attaque Nocturne".
I'll be tied up for months.
Four seasons had passed,
or a number, anyway...
Between fitting and welding,
Jacquot's French teacher
introduced him to classical music.
He bought a copy of this record,
but remained faithful to the waltzes
which suited 'Attaque Nocturne".
Jacquot had grown.
He had changed.
When he came down for meals,
he didn't say much,
which worried his mother.
All right, Yvon, Jacquot's here.
When his father
came up for a new tire,
he never looked at
the cardboard city his son lived in.
Yvon had become a sportsman.
Jacquot visited his grandmother
and went to the cinema a lot...
or walked towards the port.
He was pulling at his moorings.
Jacquot was becoming Jacques.
He still complained about the tech.
I hated that technical school.
Thumping my sheet metal
felt like hitting my father,
or letting off steam.
I had to get out of there,
find a solution.
While I made a mortise and tenon,
I was thinking of Hollywood.
Where's this going?
Round the client's neck?
Start again.
Fitting a tire
without the inner tube!
Hang on, I'll give you a hand.
It's not a champagne omelette.
What were you thinking of?
Hollywood, of course!
Some mechanic...
Rita has a terrific figure.
She was a G.I. Mascot.
They had her everywhere,
even on that awful Hiroshima bomb.
- You believe that?
- Yes, Rita was the bombshell.
We'll screen this film.
You'll see.
It's ages since I saw it,
it may be no good.
Let's take a look all the same.
- Can I switch it on?
- Wait...
This way, please.
I like the title:
"Le Port de I'Angoisse".
That's the French title.
Remember the scene where
Bogart picks his passengers up.
Yes, that's "day for night".
It was shot in daylight.
- And the moonlight?
- There isn't any.
It's the sun's reflection
through a red filter.
To shoot moonlight,
you need sunshine as backlighting
with, say, a reflection on water,
a shiny surface of some kind.
You need to have a precise angle
between the camera,
the backlit characters
and the sun.
How do you know?
I learnt it.
That dress is too tight.
At least they can see!
It's nothing to be proud of.
What do I say to people?
Who to? Friends, neighbours?
It's none of their business.
You never tell me anything.
Make it up.
Say I'm getting married.
- A good idea.
- Then I'll go find me a husband.
- What a business.
- As you can see.
What are you going to do?
Me, nothing,
but my mother wants me married.
Who with?
I don't know.
I don't know anyone who wants to
and you're far too young.
Coming out?
I hate carnivals.
I'm going back upstairs.
Are you going?
I'm going with my chums
to see Mr Obligi.
He films for the news.
- You say that, then go dancing.
- No, I don't.
Come back
for my baby's christening!
I'll just take a look...
What's your name?
How silly these people are!
I hate carnival time.
Don't be so bitter, darling.
Look how big you are.
You carry it in front.
It'll be a boy, or twins.
No, everything's fine.
I'm sick of operetta.
You see it all from one place.
At the movies, your eye moves.
You can see faces and details.
It's better.
Papa, quick!
My drawing teacher...
Hang on.
I told you, remember?
The one who likes me.
Let me finish.
I asked him to drop by.
He's with Mama.
Come talk to him.
It's not very reasonable
to think about the cinema.
He tinkers in the attic.
I've seen bits.
He's gifted.
No doubt,
but the cinema is another world.
Many are called,
few chosen.
I advise you to rid him
of his illusions.
- Has he gone?
- He was in a hurry.
Coffee, Raymond?
- Didn't he say anything?
- Not really.
Do you want coffee, or cocoa?
Why did he come then?
Come inside.
There's no love, Hlne.
Only proof of love.
If life's mysteries
add up to nothing
Don't think, don't think
about it too much.
Why does the rain come from above?
Don't think, don't think
about it too much.
Why does the moon
have an influence
On the tides of the Seven Seas?
Why do peacocks go "Lee-oo"
while cocks "Cockle-doo-doo"?
Don't think, don't think
about it too much.
Everything O. K?
- Yes, fine.
- What's this setup?
Roller-skating on the set?
To do voluptuous crane shots,
I had fixed the camera
on a roller skate.
I had a sort of sloping incline,
all marked out in millimetres
and centimetres.
I moved it down,
shot a frame,
moved it lower
and shot another.
Then I had to move my little man.
You make him come down the steps
and I'll move the camera down,
frame by frame.
We're trying it out speeded up.
I should finish up in close-up
on the thief
hiding down the manhole.
It ought to work,
except when it comes to it...
It required great patience,
but I had always had that.
You're always the first.
- We don't see each other much.
- I don't have time.
You have to finish your film...
It's slowed up
since we've been going out.
You do look like
Franoise Christophe.
I think you're very pretty.
It's good.
Last night was fun.
At last you're happy.
You're learning a trade.
You're doing well at tech.
You do your film. You're calm.
Everything's fine.
I'm calm but I'm not happy.
You understand nothing!
I've no choice.
Look how calm I am!
Manual workers
only receive a primary education,
but know all about their trade.
Manual workers are generally strong
with well-developed bodies.
Secondly, intellectual workers,
bureaucrats for example,
need exercise after work.
Intellectuals are not as strong
as manual workers.
To conclude,
the manual worker
and the intellectual worker
are totally different
from each other.
Write it down.
I feel as flat as my little men.
Now I've done my film,
I'm at a loose end.
I was happy making it,
sure of myself.
Now, there's only the tech,
the final exam in 2 or 3 months
and then...
I'm not even angry any more.
That's what's scary.
You're tired. It'll pass.
What I've seen of your film is ace.
That's what you say.
Only you come up here.
Your "Bag Snatcher" is good.
It's not "Bag Snatcher".
It's "Nocturnal Attack".
I said I had to make films
as I was sick
to death of the garage.
He kindly told me I should go see
Fernand Jean at the Apollo,
to find out what he thought.
Remain confident.
I'll talk to Fernand Jean.
So I went to the Apollo cinema
with my projector
and showed the film
from the Apollo's projection room
to the manager who said,
"It's good.
You ought to be making films."
I told him
my parents didn't agree...
Later, Christian-Jaque
came to Nantes
to present his film
D'homme hommes.
Where are you taking us?
To see D'homme hommes.
You'll like it.
What's it about?
The chap who founded the Red Cross
and Christian-Jaque will be there.
- We've seen several of his.
- He's made 40!
All right. Let's go.
I'm going on my bike.
At the intermission,
Christian-Jaque was kind enough
to look at my film.
He saw it and thought it wasn't bad.
"You ought to make films", he said.
And my father then said,
"Well, if you think the boy
can do any good,
"then he'll go to Paris."
I left for Paris
the following October.
First, I studied film-making
and I was out of work,
then a filmmaker.
I met a woman filmmaker,
we made a few films,
then she gave me a fine son
and now I paint.
Devils and wonders,
winds and tides,
far away
the sea has gone out.
And you, like a strand of seaweed
gently caressed by the wind,
you move as you dream
in the sands of the bed.
Devils and wonders,
winds and tides,
far away
the sea has gone out.
But in your half-open eyes
two tiny waves are still there.
Devils and wonders,
winds and tides,
two tiny tears,
two tiny waves
to drown myself in.