Jackson (2016)

(birds singing)
- Do not remove the
ancient landmark
nor enter the fields
of the fatherless
for their redeemer is mighty,
He will plead their
cause against you.
Oh Lord yes.
- Look at there.
Look at that.
Here we go again.
I don't know if, oh
there's the truck there.
They're starting to come, okay.
Oh another day, another day.
A little child is
out there screaming.
That is unreal.
They have children saying
that you're a murderer.
They got a violin player.
So here we go again, another
day, another day with them.
- If you're pregnant please
take and read this information.
Mommy, Mommy please
don't kill me Mommy.
Mommy I have a dream Mommy.
- Why would I do that,
this way too easy Roy.
- [Child] Stop
killing your baby!
In the end there
will be judgment!
- [Shannon] Baby I'm
not, I'm not pregnant.
I'm not pregnant baby.
- [Child] Please
don't kill your baby!
- Miss the baby
doesn't want to die.
Please listen to the
word of the Lord.
- [Shannon] They teach
the little children.
They got these little
bitty children saying this.
- First thing we
want people to know,
it's bad for the women.
And then secondly,
and very importantly,
there are free centers that are
called Crisis Pregnancy Centers.
We help them, stay with
them, we assign people
to them like a mentor.
Ma'am do the right thing please.
Please do the right thing.
You talk to them while I
go talk to these people.
If you're about 10 weeks this is
the size of your little baby.
So y'all, y'all are pregnant
and decided not to abort right?
(contemplative music)
- [Dr. Parker] Good morning.
- [Patient Group]
Hi, how are you?
- I'm Dr. Parker.
I'm one of the doctors who
work here at the clinic.
The state requires us to do
some very specific things.
But I think some
of the information
I'm required to
tell you is designed
to kind of discourage from
deciding to have an abortion.
First of all the state
requires me to tell you
that there's a risk of bleeding,
there's a risk of infection,
there's a risk of damage
to any of your organs.
Now guess what all of
those complications
are also associated
with having childbirth.
The thing that I
have the most problem
with having to tell you but
I'm required to tell you
is that by having
an abortion it might
increase your risk
for breast cancer.
There's no scientific
evidence that abortion
increases your risk
for breast cancer.
I can't say enough
this is your decision.
This is not anything you
have to be ashamed of.
Disregard those
people out there.
They know nothing
about your life.
They know nothing about you.
This is healthcare and
we're here to make sure that
you can have safe, legal
access to abortion.
And that's your choice and
that's your right to do that.
- Yeah the police
jus told them that
they had to get those signs off,
because they gonna
tell me they don't have
to move the signs,
something about a line.
What does the ground have
to do with our fence?
This is our fence, you
cannot prop it on our fence.
- [Ms. Esther] Pride
goes before destruction,
and a haughty spirit
before a fall.
- Nope, nope, the police
just told them Ms. Esther
that they cannot, they have to
take everyone of
these signs down.
- [Ms. Esther] No it's
on public property.
- [Shannon] No it's not.
- [Ms. Esther] I know that the--
- Let me ask, why was nothing
said when the police were here?
- [Ms. Esther] We
had a few more.
- No no, the police made
them move every one of them.
They moved every sign I
was standing right out--
- No.
- Yes they did.
- I put them right here.
- No that was
afterwards Ms. Esther.
- No it was not.
- It was afterwards.
- When Major Mcgallen was there.
- When he was here they moved.
- You're just trying to--
- No I'm not, y'all
trying to, y'all,
well don't talk to me Ms. Esther
'cause y'all trying
to cause difficulty.
- I know what the
public sidewalk is
because the line
is right over here.
Come and look at the line.
- It's crazy ain't it?
Yeah, she'll be
out there all day.
But she's hungry, she's
tired, she's thirsty.
But she's not leaving.
She'll pass out before she
leave and miss something.
See that, you saw that truck?
Yeah that means they're
getting ready to come back in.
(contemplative music)
- [Radio] The Supreme Court
has made it very clear
that is not going to
overturn Roe versus Wade.
You're seeing efforts
in this state to see
how far they can
take it short of
restricting abortion outright.
- [Radio] The GOP is waging war
on women at the
grass roots level.
Five states have
only one clinic left.
These attacks are
creating a situation
where abortion is
legal in America,
and in some places
impossible to get.
(contemplative music)
- [Barbara] Hello there.
- [Man] Hello, how are you?
- I'm Barbara Beavers,
I'm the Director
at the Pregnancy Care
Center here in Jackson.
We love y'all, y'all
are doing good.
You're doing what you can do
and we're very very grateful.
I know, does that make sense?
Listen to what I, the
Lord told me this morning.
You know we go and we
do abstinence education,
and so we give these kids these
suckers that say Dum Dums.
And we say don't be a
dumb dumb, save sex.
We say don't be a dumb
dumb, save sex for marriage.
But I thought today I could
say don't be a dumb dumb,
you don't solve a problem
by killing a baby.
- Absolutely 100%
right, I agree with you.
- You hear me?
- I agree with you.
- Well good, who are you?
- I'm Randy Boyd, District 19.
- Randy Boyd,
- [Man] 28.
- 28, Cleveland.
Good, take a handful,
and don't be a dumb dumb.
We're not gonna solve it
by killing our babies.
- That's right.
- We're gonna
solve it by finding
positive ways to
deal with the issue.
- That's right.
- God together.
- We appreciate your efforts.
- Well thank you.
We appreciate y'all, we
appreciate, we got a great,
come on we gonna do
something in Mississippi now.
(contemplative music)
(phone ringing)
- CPC, how can I help you?
(contemplative music)
Okay, I can help you with that.
Could I make an
appointment for you?
- We're a life affirming agency.
We want to affirm
the choice for life.
And help them make
a choice for life.
There's nothing life
affirming about abortion.
You're deceiving
yourself if you say
you can kill your baby
and it be good for you.
That's just deception,
that's not true.
It doesn't, it doesn't
register with reality.
Mommas, women are
not made that way.
Women are made to protect
and to guard and to,
to die for their babies, not
their babies to die for them.
And I say that with
tears in my eyes
'cause one out of three
women have done that.
- Hey.
- [Receptionist]
Hey, how you doing?
- I'm doing okay, I had an
appointment at two o'clock.
- [Receptionist] Okay,
there's a pen right there.
- [April] I put my name?
Yes ma'am.
- [Receptionist] Okay, I need
you to put sonogram over here.
S-O-N-A, sona, that'll work.
- I'm undecided see I
want to deliver babies,
I want be a LP, a LPN,
or a Dental Associate.
See I got so much I want to be.
- You can just have a
seat right there please.
Now I'm not a nurse,
and I'm not a doctor
and so I don't diagnose or
confirm what I'm finding today.
You ready for me to turn
on the big screen for you?
This is your baby right here.
You're seven weeks
and three days.
Now I want to get you a picture
today, if you'd like one.
Would you like a picture?
You want one with hi Mom on it?
(contemplative music)
- Turn to this
building and prophecy!
You are fallen and you
will not rise up again
In the name of Jesus!
Oh innocent blood is
crying out from this ground
White babies, black
babies, here this Jackson!
God hates the hands
that shed innocent blood
No Jesus don't
love you for this.
God hates the hands
that shed innocent blood
- If hate is a sin, and
you're singing a song
that says God hates
the hands of a person
who sheds innocent
blood, God hates.
So you're calling God a hater.
I'm just trying to
see what the logic
in what they say and how does it
make sense to all
these adults out here.
Innocent blood
Innocent blood is
crying out from the ground
- Willy you have made it
where none of us are safe.
You have unleashed the
shedding of innocent blood
on our nation and now our school
children aren't even safe.
- You should have more
respect for those children
who died then to use their
name for your own ends.
- Just like the blood
of these children
you're gonna murder today.
You need to repent
before it's too late.
- Have a good day man.
- You won't be smiling
when you stand before God
and give an account
of the things
that you've done in this life.
- Good morning, good
morning, good morning.
That guy was giving
me the business.
I violated one of my own
rules again, I said that
I was not going to
respond or say anything to
those protestors but to me,
it's particularly
bothersome that
in order to make their point
there's nothing sacred for them
Every morning when
I turn that corner
and pull into that parking lot.
- [Shannon] It's there.
- My heart pumps a
little bit harder.
- [Shannon] It's there,
it's always there.
- Whenever I park that car,
whenever the security guy comes.
- Always, whenever I pull up,
I always kind of
sit for a second.
I never just jump out the car.
I always sit for a second,
I look back and forth.
I'm like (takes deep
breath) okay, you know.
But it's always there.
It's somewhere in the
back of your head,
you can't be inside
a facility like this
and it not be
there all the time.
It's always there.
- [Dr. Parker] What are you
doing your masters work in?
Doing the MSW, okay wonderful.
You know for a lot of women,
part of the decision is
taking care of your family
and furthering your
career goals so that
you can take care of
yourself and your family.
So I don't know
why that's so hard
for other folk to understand.
Some of the people who judge you
and try and stand in
you way from making
this very important
decision would have a fit
if someone tried to control
their lives in the same way.
So lots of pressure, relax,
try and relax that muscle.
(tube sucking air)
We're almost done hang
in there, you doing okay?
In the home stretch,
hang in there.
(tube sucking air)
(contemplative music)
On Tuesday the
Taliban deliberately
shot a 14 year
old Pakistani girl
on her way home
from school because
she was promoting
education for girls.
Education creates
life chances for you.
- [Shannon] That's right.
- Unplanned, unwanted pregnancy
diminishes life chances for you.
- [Shannon] That's right.
- You can kill a person,
or you can lock them
into circumstances you make
them wish that they were dead.
Unfortunately people
will hear that story,
and think that it is more tragic
than what happens to
women in Mississippi.
I've been asked do
you think it's racist?
It doesn't have to be racist
when the affect is the same,
doesn't matter what
their motives are.
The reality is
women of color are being
affected by the policies
that are being
legislated in this state.
- That's true.
- And somebody has to say that.
- That is true.
(contemplative music)
- What a great day it was to
allow the theology of Heaven
to become biography
in the streets
here in the city of
Jackson, Mississippi.
We can bring abortion to an end.
Now if we just look
at this place here
in Jackson, Mississippi
you see cracks all over
the outside of that edifice,
everything just appears
like it's break down and fall
and crumble to the ground.
Let's push it over the cliff.
Could it be possible that right
at that memorial, right there,
we could present to God the
first abortion free state.
It will send a
message to the church
of Jesus Christ
throughout this land.
And will become a
bright shining light
that will radiate from Jackson
into all of the other states
saying we can take care
of this issue ourselves.
But grace has taught
my heart to fear
And grace our fears relieved
How precious did
that grace appear
The hour I first believed
My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God my Savior
has ransomed me
And like a flood
his mercy reigns
Unending love amazing grace
- Hallelujah Lord, Jesus!
(cheering and applauding)
(contemplative music)
- I'll tell you another thing
that's happening around here.
I'm making a stump speech, I
have a stump speech you know.
I have to tell them why
we have to have CPC's.
You know I'm raising
money. (laughs)
Why do we need this?
So I have to tell them
why we need CPC's.
The enemy's become
bolder and louder.
He insists on trying to
remove the shame and guilt
from abortion by
denying that it exists.
These are our children,
our Mississippi babies
being destroyed and
what will our legacy be?
What'll we leave behind?
We will value all life as a gift
from a mighty and merciful God.
We're so thrilled to
have y'all here today.
We are so blessed
that y'all have come
to hear the governor and we're
so blessed with our governor.
- People say you need to leave
that abortion thing alone.
All the things that
I believe in they say
just leave alone and be
one of those moderate
middle of the road politicians
and never take a stand.
Just not me, I can't do that.
- That's right.
- Amen.
- So we're gonna
ask the legislature
again to help protect children.
Doesn't that child in the womb,
doesn't she have any rights?
Doesn't she have
a right to life?
To liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness?
So go into the pulpits
and spread the word.
I'm gonna do all I
can whenever I can,
in every way I can to
protect life in this state.
One day, I do believe, that
I will stand before you
and say there are no abortions
being performed in Mississippi.
Thank you and watch your
leaders, God bless you all.
- The Mississippi
legislature passed a law
that requires doctors
at abortion clinics,
that is the one abortion clinic,
to have admitting privileges
at a local hospital.
- New Republican
governor Phil Bryant
signed what's known
as a trap law,
specifically target,
specifically onerous regulations
for the state's
loan abortion clinic
that other kinds
of medical clinics
in Mississippi do
not have to follow.
Republicans have proposed
these anti-abortion trap laws
this session in Alabama,
Arizona, Florida,
Indiana, Minnesota,
North Carolina,
Oklahoma, Tennessee,
West Virginia.
Mississippi is different though.
In Mississippi officials
have been flat out
admitting what they
have been trying to do.
- What we simply say is that we
want Mississippi to
be abortion free.
(contemplative music)
- And there's a lot that's
happening here in Mississippi
particularly around
abortion care.
I think if people
knew the particulars
that they would understand
how important it is
for them to way in on the issue.
I think it's very
important that the whole
country and the
whole world knows
what's going on
here in Mississippi.
This is the letter
from a hospital,
this one of the
rejection letters.
It says this
hospital has received
your medical staff application.
After preliminary review
the hospital has determined
that your application
should be denied
for the following reasons,
the nature of your proposed
medical practice is inconsistent
with this hospital's
policies and practices
as concerned abortion and in
particular elective abortion.
Number two in light
of this hospital's
rules and regulations concerning
therapeutic abortions,
namely that privileges
for such procedures
are not considered within
the core privileges
for gynecology or obstetrics,
your application
does not comport
with a functional
practice at this hospital.
And number three, the nature of
your proposed medical practice
would lead to both an
internal and external
disruption of this
hospital's function
and business within
the community.
(contemplative music)
- [Protestor] Please
don't kill me!
Don't kill my fetus in me!
- Yep.
- [Dr. Parker] And
how many is that on?
- The only one I
was waiting on was
actually yours
Madison River Oaks.
It wasn't, it was at the?
- So how many hospitals turned
us down altogether exactly?
- We applied at seven, seven.
- For each of us?
- Yeah.
- And that's all so.
- Basically there was a
new law that was enacted.
Affectively this law has
been setup to shut us down.
Which means that the
state could come in
and see if we are in fact
still performing abortions.
And then they could
say hey you're
not in compliance
with state law.
And they could enact
us getting closed down.
We do have a legal
team and we are working
and other states are looking
and saying hey
Mississippi come on.
You guys have the highest
rate of teen pregnancy.
You have no sex
education anywhere.
This is an issue
that predominantly
affects poor black
women in this state.
- Our state is falling
tremendously in education.
You mean to tell
you you got this
much attention on
a woman's rights.
- I don't think you can withhold
sex education from people
and then also withhold
the option for abortion.
People need information
and access to care.
So will see, we'll
see what happens.
But the next days, weeks,
months are tentative.
(contemplative music)
- Y'all ready to eat?
I bet Jamar is gonna eat some
butter beans and some greens.
Jamar you gonna eat some butter
beans and some greens today?
I need to make you
some candied yams.
You want some candied yams?
- [Jamar] Yes ma'am.
- [Mother] I'll
bring it to you okay.
- [April] I pray it's a boy.
- Oh goodness.
Is this little one yours?
Alright how old is that one?
- She'll be one Tuesday.
- [Nurse] Oh my
gosh, are you crazy?
How old are the other ones?
- Let's just say one,
two, three, and four.
- No, oh my gosh.
(baby crying)
Alright, baby's head is down.
It's laying on it's belly.
Is this the last one?
Oh my gosh.
Second thoughts?
About what?
- My baby.
Be honest.
- Not more than three.
Awe now.
- Yep, it's a boy.
- [Nurse] It is a boy.
- See you.
- Have a good day.
- [April] Hey why
you in my stuff now?
- You know you called him.
You knew he was out.
I'm just telling you,
trying to help you.
How you gonna tell
me he was out?
I don't give a fuck
about him being out!
- Okay Momma.
- Jesus.
- Dang.
- Man fill you up
with kids and he don't
give a fuck about
a damn one of them.
But to come with some more
dick in you when you ask.
You know what my
children daddy tell me?
Don't look for no man
to take care of you.
Don't ever look for
no man to help you.
You don't need to
be worried about me,
worry about your kids, don't
worry about me, don't call me.
(dog barking)
Leave that dog alone boy.
Put that pizza down.
(dog barking)
(contemplative music)
- Yes ma'am, I was wondering
'cause she has been
inviting me to come to these
Momma's and Me classes.
Ain't it tomorrow?
- [JT] Yes, it's
tomorrow and at 11:15.
- Okay can you let her know that
I was gonna come to the
Mommy and Me class tomorrow.
- [JT] I will, what's your name?
- April Jackson.
- [JT] Okay April, I've got you
down for the class tomorrow.
- Okay thank you.
(contemplative music)
- Are you feeling bad April?
No, but they just
want you to be careful
'cause of your blood
pressure and stuff.
Listen you're gonna
have you a whole.
One of them's gonna have to be
a big old football player
and make Momma lots of money.
She wanted you to
sit over there.
And you get to know Ms. Sonya.
- Well before I kind of get into
what I had planned for today,
I want you to know
I'm a friend to you.
And I care for you, so tell me
a little bit about yourself.
- Well you know I'm
April Jackson anyway.
I'm 24, I'm on my fifth child.
My oldest child is four.
- So kind of taking a bunch
of prerequisite courses.
Okay, can you kind
of share with me
why you think you
have five kids?
So hold on, so help me.
So that first child
that was conceived,
you self aborted by
drinking Clorox and water?
- No he, I.
- When you said you bled through
I guess I took that as
the baby was aborted.
What, what's the take
on forgiveness, April?
The only way you
can survive in life,
the only way you
can go about life,
is by leaning and
depending on Him.
- I just stopped believing.
- April what do you need today?
Well let's go let you pick
out some stuff for her.
You can come right in here.
Here I'll let you
look through there.
Here I'll let you kind of
pick through those as well.
And see what you think will fit.
- Ma'am can I offer
you some info?
Can I pray with you?
You know God loves you
and He created you,
and He has a great
plan for you life.
You know God is good.
The scripture says
that Jesus came
to give us life and
life more abundantly.
You know there's a
Crisis Pregnancy Center
and they offer free sonograms?
They offer lots of free
help and counseling.
- The state is here,
for our annual.
You don't find out
they're coming.
You find out when they get here.
They're not allowed to tell
us when they're coming.
So that's the point of it
to catch you off guard.
That you're up on your stuff.
Need that log.
Timecards, timecards.
Sure, you can ask me now.
I'm saying you better
get it while you can.
- [Inspector] It
was good to see you.
- You too baby, you too.
- So today what, were we
deemed to be in compliance?
- [Shannon] We don't know until
they send us the paperwork.
- [Dr. Parker] Good for
you, you run a tight ship.
- Yeah, a very tight ship.
- You play like you practice.
That's what my coach
used to tell me.
- Yay coach (cheering)
fear fingers.
- [Shannon] Get out of here.
- Fear fingers.
- You know what you
get out of here too.
It's different
every day isn't it?
And it doesn't stop.
Getting old, I'm getting
too old for this girl.
Could of did this, probably
could have did it in my 20's.
Dang I been here that long
since my 20's ain't it.
(woman crying)
We don't think Momma don't
know nothing 'til it's to late.
And then we be like oh God.
Then we scared to tell Momma,
and scared to say anything.
Feel bad 'cause you feel
like you let Momma down.
You know all that stuff.
Your Momma love you, she gonna
love you regardless baby.
'Cause if it happened to my
baby, I would love regardless.
(contemplative music)
You tell that boy gone on
Monday he's busy somewhere.
Or whatever boy.
Like I tell girls
and I tell mommas.
I am not gonna say she not
gonna do nothing do more.
You not able to say she
not gonna do nothing 'cause
we don't never think they
gonna do it in the first place.
Make sure you okay.
If that's what you
decide to do one day,
if that's what, you
know without Momma
or anybody like
you did this time,
you make sure you okay.
You make sure you love yourself
more than anybody else okay.
And if they can't
do that then you
ain't got no business
with them no way.
And that's the truth.
- [Dr. Parker] What
time tomorrow does
have to be in
service of the Queen.
- Same time, same time,
you're dismissed too.
- [Dr. Parker] Which is
what My Lady, what time?
- 9:30.
- 9:30?
- Yes.
(rain falling)
(contemplative music)
Well the state came in today.
And of course they let
me know that they came
to check to see about
our admitting privileges.
Of which of course
everybody knows
that we don't have
and cannot acquire.
Of course we're
not in compliance
because none of
the hospitals will
allow our doctors to
have admitting privileges
because they for the most
part, the majority of them,
don't want to be affiliated
with the abortion facility.
Now I gotta figure
out what's next.
Where do we go from here?
I don't know, I hope not.
I can honestly say I don't know.
I think that is the
closest, this is the closest
since I've been here
that the clinic is
been close to closing.
- [Director] Are you there?
Alright now, next for him
and we'll be ready to go.
- [Cameraman] Okay
we're good thank you.
Cell phones to off.
- Tonight we travel to the last
abortion clinic in Mississippi,
which as we arrive
has only 72 hours left
before it appears the state
will shut it down forever.
- [Shannon] Okay here
we go, here we go.
- [Reporter] The last stand.
Only 72 hours left and
the clock is ticking.
It's Mississippi's
only abortion clinic.
- There are babies being killed
inside of this pink building.
- [Reporter] The
clinic on life support.
Which side wins?
- [Announcer] This special
edition of Nightline,
The Last Stand,
whose side is God on?
We'll be back.
- They said whose
side is God on.
Now that's--
- [Reporter] The clinic is
in violation of a state law.
With that hearing
fast approaching
the protestor believe they
are on the verge of triumph.
Barbara Beavers plays
a different role
in the anti-abortion
rights movement.
Beavers runs a Crisis
Pregnancy Center.
- [Barbara] We have
sanitized abortions.
We can't go back to
the coat hanger days.
So we don't call them
coat hangers anymore.
We call them cannulas.
That cannula does the same thing
to the baby that
the coat hanger did.
- Well but it doesn't
kill the mother--
- But it still kills the baby.
- [Reporter] And so
the battle continues,
each side claims a
high wall of purpose
in which there is no
room for compromise.
But for now, this
clinic stays open.
- They think life is just
what they do, that's life.
And they think that's
life for everybody.
They don't know
anything about the hood,
the ghetto, drugs
and all that stuff.
They don't know
anything about that.
The whole thing is
stop trying to convince
everybody else that what
they doing is the wrong thing
because there is no right
except what you know.
You don't want to be judged for
the way that you
raise your kids.
You don't want to be judged for
the way that you live your life.
Why are you judging
everybody for
the way that they
are living theirs?
They are the most judgemental
people I've ever met.
I'm 41 years old, those people
that stand out there
are more judgemental
than anybody I have
ever met in my life.
(somber music)
(April crying)
- Alright thank you.
(somber music)
(knocking on door)
(somber music)
(sirens blaring)
- This is not customary to
do this but JT just heard
mention she was probably
sleeping with the baby.
We don't always get that word.
We don't always realize
that's what's going on.
Is that grandma there?
No that's, that's
one of the boys.
Bringing presents.
Bringing presents for the baby,
got something for the baby.
You gonna let me in?
You want to come
see it, come on?
Hello there.
Hello there, we brought you one.
- [April] Well come on in.
- [Brother] You need
me to get that for you?
- You are fine looking boys.
Hey now Ty, we got you a bed.
We want that bed put up
and we want in that bed.
That'll be better for you.
Give you a little space
from these other children.
Well let's pray for your mama.
Father God thank you
for what you're doing
in our lives, it's
not easy Lord.
But you can enable
us and empower us
and I pray grace for April.
Okay well I need to scoot back,
Ms. Marlene's by herself
so I need to go back.
But keep us in touch.
We love you.
- We'll see y'all.
- We'll see you later.
I trust that that'll
be a blessing.
You come on when you can,
come on when you can April.
Oh my lands.
I think of where I been
this weekend with my grands.
It makes me sad.
It makes me sad.
I'm torn about that if you
want to know the truth.
I don't know, I don't
know about that.
I don't think birth
control is the answer.
I think ultimately what's gonna
work is gonna be self control.
And I think that's
our job moreso than
giving her birth control is to,
to encourage her
to assess herself
and her value and her worth in
such a way that she does not,
she doesn't give herself away.
The real issue with
abortion is our immorality,
our sexual immorality.
And who am I to say that?
I'm not, but God
says it in His word.
And I've seen it work positively
in my own life and in
the lives of others.
And I've seen it work negatively
when done in the world's ways.
God's ways work and that's
why don't give birth control
or all that kind of stuff
'cause God's ways work.
And they're 100%
affective and they're
good for you body,
soul, and spirit.
(contemplative music)
- [April] Hey guys.
- Could you sign in for me?
- [Ms. Sonya] Hey bundle of joy.
- [Counselor] I don't
think she had planned to.
- I trust myself a whole lot.
- Can we see the baby?
Are you showing off baby?
Monica's just dying
to see this baby.
I am being very rude aren't I?
But she's new and she
needs to. (laughing)
This is what she's
here for. (laughing)
(door shuts)
- I want my daughter
to be 10 times
a better mama, than I
a person than I was.
I want her to be better.
Don't go out and make
the mistakes I made.
Say I want to be better
than what my momma was.
Do what's right,
go to school baby.
I could be going to hair school.
- You just want to
not take a chance.
(baby crying)
- Here we go my darling,
here we go my darling.
(contemplative music)
- We've been traveling from
San Francisco and New York
and really shining a
light on nationwide
there's a state of emergency
for abortion rights.
I guess one thing
I want to ask you
that we would like to
learn more about too
is maybe you could
tell us a little
bit about the patients you see.
- I don't even
know where to start
as far as what type
of patients are there.
Of course the majority
of our patients
are African American patients.
I saw a lot of
patients who would come
for their first visit
and you know the come,
I've seen them come for their
first visit and be six weeks.
And come back at last day
that they can be here.
Trying to come up
with the money,
as you're trying to
come up with the money
with the fetus debt
increases and then.
So I've seen that a lot.
- I'm glad there's the funds
but that Hyde Amendment,
that's what's killing women
that you're on Medicaid,
you can't use that to
cover your abortion.
But it's outrageous that
there are these laws
saying you can get any
kind of medical procedure
covered, almost, but
not if you're pregnant
and you don't want to
be, you can't get that.
- Because I mean we
even have patients who
get funding and
still don't have,
can't come up with
the other part.
- I know because the funds they,
I know what they do
and it's a good thing.
But they say do you have,
can you collect cans?
Do you have any
jewelry you can sell?
- [Shannon] Or can
you pawn, yeah.
- [Activist] Can
you pawn something.
Women go through a lot of--
- It's like being
degraded almost.
- [Activist] Yeah it
is very degrading.
- Yeah.
- [Reporter] The Jackson
Women's Health Organization
is gearing up for a legal
fight to keep the doors open.
In a socially and religiously
conservative state,
some say political
pressure may be a reason
hospitals haven't signed
on to help the clinic.
- The question that the court
is really asking tomorrow
is can the state
constitutionally do,
indirectly and underhandedly,
what it very clearly
may not do directly which
is to outright ban abortion.
The real story here
is what's at stake
is the lives, and the health,
and the diginity of
women in Mississippi.
(cheering and applauding)
- [Activist] Is this
clinic gonna shut down?
- [Crowd] No!
- [Activist] Are you
gonna tell the women
of Mississippi and
around the country
that they can't have abortions?
- [Crowd] Hell no!
- Are we gonna tell
women they should
be ashamed of their abortions?
- [Crowd] Hell no!
- [Activist] This
clinic stays open.
- [Crowd] This
clinic stays open!
- [Activist] No more
lives of women broken.
- [Crowd] No more
lives of women broken!
- I am just overwhelmed.
(cheering and applauding)
I really am.
I have never experienced
this many people
just coming out for
us, for all clinics.
We have got to take shame
out of the word abortion.
And until we stop being
ashamed of who are
and what we believe in and
what we know to be right,
we're gonna continue
to have these issues.
It took me a long
time but when I found
what my reason and
my purpose was,
it's like a liberating feeling.
Just knowing that this is what
I'm supposed to be here to do.
(cheering and applauding)
- The world is watching.
The world is watching
in Mississippi.
This clinic stays open.
(contemplative music)
- Mississippi's only abortion
clinic can stay open tonight.
- [Shannon] Come on, come
on, come on, come on.
I want a picture with
the great Julie now.
Yeah come on, come
on, come on Dianne.
- [Reporter] The Fifth Circuit
of Appeals ruled a state law
forcing doctors to get
admitting privileges
at a local hospital
- I am so impressed with
you girl, I really am.
Y'all ready?
- Pink house.
- Pink house.
- We're not going anywhere,
this clinic stays open!
- [Jennifer] Live in Jackson,
Jennifer Ortega, 16 WABT News.
- I am so outdone.
Dianne was crying girl.
Oh my God and Nancy was crying.
Oh my God.
Girl I was grinning all the
way here, I swear to God.
Oh my God my nerves so bad.
I was smiling all the way here.
I swear to God I couldn't stop.
I was driving by myself like I
was with somebody in the car.
- I saw several
women who were crying
oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
- [Shannon] Ms.
Betty was screaming.
- [Dr. Parker] We
found out about this
just as we were walking
out of the clinic.
So now they have to
try and appeal it,
which they are gonna do.
- That's Instagram, I
know you don't know.
He said Jackson Women's
Health stays open, thank God.
I said yeah that's just what
the protestors love to hear.
Thank God what do
they mean by that?
Thank God, they believe in God?
- [Dr. Parker] You
might want to make sure
somebody takes a
good look around
tomorrow before
anybody goes in there.
Do we have like surveillance
cameras at night?
- Yeah Irene I'm telling you.
That's what I told her,
we need to call the FBI
and we need to
call the commander.
Because if something's
gonna happen
this is when something's
gonna happen.
- When they don't prevail
through legitimate means,
then kind of vigilante
activity picks up.
- You gonna be at the
clinic in the morning?
Dianne is gonna want
you to come up there.
That's what we discussing now,
to do a good walk around,
walk through and stuff.
(contemplative music)
- So here we are.
I'm gonna ask you
tonight to mourn.
As we pray, let's mourn.
We aught to cry.
Because unless we're
doing something about it,
- Come on now, come on.
- [Preacher] I
can't say that we're
pro-life until we
take action on it.
- Amen.
- Amen, yes.
- We've been to
the Supreme Court.
We've been to the
halls of Congress.
Father God we as a nation
have forgotten you.
We sing songs about you God
while the blood of our children
is running under the
sewers of our church.
Lord the Devil is
having a hay day.
It's not because our
government has failed.
It is because we have failed.
God forgive us.
Heir of salvation
purchase of God
Born of His spirit
washed in His blood
- Dorenda, get her to come a
little bit more over this way.
Come on sweetheart let's go
ahead and get you inside okay.
- [Protestor] Some
information with you please.
- Can I give you this card?
So you can go to a free clinic.
- [Shannon] Whenever y'all
ready we'll get you inside.
- [Protestor] Wonder if I could
share this with you please.
- [Shannon] Come on honey we'll
get you right over here okay
- We'd ask you in Jesus name to
please have mercy on the unborn.
Wonder if I could share
this with you please.
Won't you let that little baby
girl or boy be borned alive mom?
Ma'am we'd you to please
let us help if we can.
We got a Crisis
Pregnancy Center,
get you any kind of help
that you might need.
- [Keith] Ladies
please, my name's Keith.
I want to give you
some information.
- [Woman] We don't want it.
- [Keith] Ma'am are you
going to have an abortion?
- All--
- lives matter, you
damn right they do.
We are more than capable
of making decisions
for our bodies and our
lives and our future.
- One of my children I was
gonna give up for adoption.
Because I went to
abortion clinic.
I remember I came
home and I just cried,
cried, cried, 'cause
I was too far.
I was barely making it,
I was barely making it.
I had just moved
to my apartment.
I didn't have any furniture.
I had a matrass that I had
gotten from Salvation Army.
And that's what I
had in my house.
I had children at this time
and we slept on the mattress.
So when they brought
the baby to the room
and I picked the baby up
and I was hugging the baby.
And I just, I
decided I could not
do it right there at that point.
I couldn't have a
child come back to me
when they turn however
old and say why, why.
If you have an
abortion you don't
even know who this
would have been.
So that's totally
two different things
and that's what
people don't get.
It's harder to see your child,
and then just hand your
child away to somebody.
I believe in abortion because,
no woman should have to
feel the way that I feel.
No woman should have to do
that, they just shouldn't.
- He's such a fucking asshole.
Excuse my language.
(contemplative music)
- [Reporter] Mississippi's only
abortion clinic vandalized.
Security cameras ripped down,
power cords tampered with,
and their generator vandalized.
Surveillance video may just have
captured the prime
suspect on camera.
- Let me be clear, make
no mistake about it,
this is a form of
domestic terrorism.
- We're doing around
the clock security.
We have someone
watching at all times,
either on the facility of
somewhere close around.
(contemplative music)
- Number one cause
of death in America.
God hates the hands that
shed innocent blood sir,
and you're actually helping
them do that right now.
You're the part of the
system that kills children.
Half the black women
who get pregnant
will have an abortion sir.
- [Keith] You don't have
to come in here guys.
I'm not a protestor
I'm a peacemaker.
- And make no mistake about it.
What you are doing
here is wanton,
wilful, premeditated murder.
- It's the OSA, OSA which
is Operation Save America,
and AHA which is
Abolish Human Abortion,
which that's one of
the newer groups.
There are quite a few of them
from the dossier that are here.
T Russell, you have Toby.
Alright you too, bye bye.
She don't know shit.
Swear to God I hate
talking to the same people.
I'm like, she's asking
me who's gonna be here,
and I'm like is the fucking FBI?
That's why I know these people
are not gonna protect you.
These people are gonna come out
the wood works after
somebody gets killed.
Then they'll come
out the wood works
and everybody wants
to be the hero and say
oh I have all your
screening there was
a this on premise, man
please somebody's dead now.
I don't care nothing
about what you got now.
(Shannon sighs heavily)
(contemplative music)
The truth is out because I
know it's something going on.
Keith Dawson leads the Jackson,
Mississippi chapter of AHA.
He has targeted Willie
Parker as part of the AHA
Call Out the Killers campaign.
They have a Call Out
the Killers campaign?
Now tell me that
doesn't look scary.
- Okay but who was passing
through here early this morning?
On a day we supposed
to be closed, Keith.
- He was on his way to work.
- [Shannon] Right, see how you
keep justifying
Keith out of that.
- I'm not justifying Keith,
I'm funning with you.
The only thing that
I was serious about
was when she said do
you think it was Keith?
And I don't think
Keith did that.
And I don't think
Keith would do that.
All the other stuff I
was bullshitting about.
- But my thing is I
don't feel that way
about anybody from Ms.
Esther on, on the other side.
Because the fact,
but the fact that
you're on this side,
that bothers me.
You don't know nothing about
that man when he leaves here.
You know what he tells you,
what you read on Facebook.
You don't know what's in that,
that man could be building
a bomb in house right now,
and come up here smiling
in your face every day.
We don't know that.
- And now I see where
the root is of all this.
And I was not trying
to offend you,
upset you, or take
or make it seem
less serious than what it is.
- If anybody let's
their guard down,
something happens here,
something happens to this staff,
I feel responsible for all
this shit, you don't get that.
And for you to say
that and I'm thinking
she got them out there.
You not gonna be
able to tell me that.
You see what I'm saying?
You not gonna tell me
he wouldn't do that.
I'm sorry, because I
don't believe that.
I don't believe that he
won't do that, I just.
- [Guard] I apologize, I do.
(contemplative music)
- Alright here we are.
(contemplative music)
Not like, if you've
been there for a while
you already cautious
but you become,
you know you become
a little relaxed.
This kind of wakes
me back up you know?
Get it together now
Shannon, get it together.
You know it's some loonies
out here, get it together.
Right here.
- Oh alright.
My husband was
coaching that team.
- Mr. Waters?
- Yeah.
- Ow wow okay, my son's Jarvis.
- Oh no no no.
I'm the director at the
abortion facility here.
- [Mrs. Waters] So like are
you interested in staying here?
- Sure.
Wow, oh my God.
Wow, ain't that something?
Where are you?
Are you serious?
The one thing I don't
think dealing with
like the pro-life places,
and I don't know you as far
as I don't know a lot about
the place where you are.
But a lot of these places don't
give women the
resources they need.
It's something that's missing
that they're not getting
to put them there because
me as a woman I know.
I have six kids of my own.
I know that you can
get in these situations
and you don't know
what you're gonna do.
- What we do is we say
you have three options.
These are your three options.
What do you know about
each of these options?
- Got you.
- And then if someone would say
well I'm thinking about
having an abortion.
So then I say tell me everything
you know about abortion.
To see how much
they know about it.
- [Shannon] Oh J Boo up.
- [Mrs. Waters]
Oh is this yours?
- [Shannon] This is me yeah.
This is the thing when
I got pregnant with him,
his dad and I were friends.
I went to have an
abortion, I was too far.
I signed papers to have
an adoption to get,
for my baby to be
adopted and everything.
And when they brought
him to me to see him
I called the adoption people
and told them I couldn't do it.
But that's, and that's that one.
That's right, yeah
that's my fifth one.
Yep I got one under him.
And that's just basically what I
live everyday for is just
to make sure they're good.
'Cause my thing is if you,
I am pro-choice because I
don't feel the need to judge
the next person and tell
the next person what to do.
Because a lot of the
adults that we have,
including me, grew up lacking,
not materialistic
stuff, stuff from here.
And then you become, you're
lacking that as an adult.
And that changes
your whole world.
Oh it's wild, it is wild.
That's okay.
Yeah she's a pro-lifer.
It wasn't bad, we sat there
and talked for a long time.
She's pro-life yeah.
So it's a good thing.
Oh you always got to be so
negative about everything baby.
(contemplative music)
(phone ringing)
- How you doing today?
- [Barbara] I'm doing
good, how are you doing?
- I'm tired as ever.
Yeah I still do both of them.
- [Barbara] Oh my
goodness that's just.
- Today is, shut up girl.
(baby crying)
My check didn't come
Saturday so I'm hoping
it come today so I
can do something.
Yeah they here, they here now.
Okay, okay.
- [Barbara] Okay,
talk to you later.
- Okay.
- [Barbara] Bye, bye bye.
- [Brother] That
was Ms. Barbara?
- [April] Yes.
- [Brother] Is she coming?
- [April] Hi Ricky
this is April.
I was calling because I haven't
received a check
today or Saturday.
And I just was checking
on seeing why it didn't come.
(contemplative music)
(car approaching)
- Love your dress,
look this is Aunt Bevy.
I brought Aunt Bevy, this
is everybody's Aunt Bevy.
This is April.
We got enchiladas for you.
- Not yet.
- I'm sorry.
Come on Malikye, we
want to see you walk.
Get up boy.
(contemplative music)
- [Shannon] Thanks
for the enchiladas.
(contemplative music)
- Yep.
Yep, make me some mula.
Some more what?
- Candy.
- Why we always got to
buy candy with the money?
Let's buy some fish this time.
Wanna buy some fish?
- [April] Who?
- You.
- [April] Yep, little dude.
- You take your thing with you?
- [April] I love you too.
(contemplative music)
- She wanted to come
over last night.
Y'all I go to sleep at night.
She's up all night
probably kinda.
Because of the night shift yeah.
I think I'm afraid
she's gonna burn her,
I'm afraid she's
bitten off more than,
and that's youth, I
think that's youth.
You've got to learn
to pace a little bit.
You've got to learn to balance.
And my goodness, how
much does she have to do?
You know it's just,
so I'm gonna cry.
But sometimes you just need
something to keep you going.
And April's my call
to keep going now.
I've had the Lord just
intermittently, I'm weeping.
Just waiting for
it to get easier.
It doesn't get easier.
We're on the winning side.
And there's a glorious day.
- [Interviewer] Do
you think there's
a chance she could
get pregnant again?
- I'm sure there is,
I'm sure there is.
I see the solution
as self control,
as learning how to
control ourselves.
And plus condoms, they don't
prevent even used correctly.
There's like a 20% failure
rate, even used correctly.
There's a relatively high
failure rate of condoms.
- [Interviewer] I
thought if a condom's
used correctly
it's 98% affective.
- Oh I don't believe that.
I don't think that's, I
don't think that's correct.
I would question that.
I'll find some of
our data. (laughing)
Send you some of that,
you can look at that.
(contemplative music)
- 17 weeks and two days.
- [Mother] She's too far,
she can't do it can she?
(contemplative music)
- She was too far
for us to see her
because we only go to 16 weeks.
That's what they put
these laws in place for.
They don't put the laws
in place to protect women.
And she may not have
money to go out of town.
And I guess you could say
the antis feel like they won.
That's the point of it right?
So they feel like they
saved another one today.
But at the same time
what did you save?
You know what I'm saying?
What did you do?
You have made a
person's life harder.
You judged her and
you made it harder.
Judged all women as a whole,
and you made it harder.
(contemplative music)
- The Supreme Court
taking up it's biggest
abortion case in
nearly 25 years.
- Is agreeing to
review a Texas law
that could force more
than three quarters
of the states abortion to close.
- [Reporter] The Texas trap
law does the same thing
that Mississippi famously
tried to do last year,
endangering that state's
only remaining clinic.
(contemplative music)
- [Activist] The
fact of the matter
is that lives are at stake.
Individual lives are at stake.
Your lives are at stake.
- If they close all the
abortion clinics then
they think women are gonna
stop having abortions.
They were having abortions
before they made it legal.
What makes them think
they can stop it now?
(cheering and applauding)
- Somebody once said life is
not fair but the law should be.
(cheering and applauding)
And these trap laws are not fair
to the women of this country.
I flew in last evening
from Jackson, Mississippi.
(cheering and applauding)
Yesterday I saw a
woman from Louisiana.
Now that state will
only have one clinic
because of recent
changes in the law.
She told me that she works
as a health administrator
in an ER and that
they were seeing
women there with
complications from
do it yourself medications
on the internet.
And when I told her
I was gonna be here
she said you make sure that you
tell them up there what's
happening down here.
(cheering and applauding)
In November I want you to vote
as if women's lives depend
on it because they will.
(cheering and applauding)
(contemplative music)
- I think they'll be fair.
But at the same time
of course we know
that this won't be
the end of anything.
Soon as you're too happy and say
okay this is great, there
just come something else.
(contemplative music)
Have you been to Jesus
for his cleansing power
Are you washed in
the blood of the lamb
Are you fully trusting
in His grace this hour
Are you washed in
the blood of the lamb
- [Barbara] We understand
that, we're okay.
Are you washed are you washed
In the blood in the blood
In the soul cleansing
blood of the lamb
Are your garments spotless
are they white as snow
Are you washed in
the blood of the lamb
- Okay we're on go here.
I'm Barbara Beavers,
and we are just
so blessed to have
each of you here.
We have a part to play
in ending abortion.
The CPC can be there
when a young woman
finds out for the first
time that she's pregnant.
She's terrified, and she's
dead set on having an abortion.
And because of your investment
that mother can make a decision
to save the life of her child.
We want to offer
hope to more women
who are open to
receiving that hope.
And the closer you
can get the CPC to
the abortion clinic,
then the closer you can
get a woman to choose
life for her child.
Having a place just
walking distance is huge.
Because a lot of times
these women are dropped off.
That's the greatest
need for the CPC to be
as close as to that abortion
clinic as we can get it.
Please consider how you
might partner with us
so that hand in hand through
the power of Jesus Christ
we might walk through
those doors together.
You take a flower, from me.
- I was thinking
when you was talking.
I want to come to the center
and help since I don't--
- Okay, okay.
- Maybe tell my story too.
- Yeah, yeah, good, good.
Oh bless you.
Oh thank goodness, with that
all happening I was in favor.
(contemplative music)