Jackpot (2019)

All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance
No birds or animals were harmed
during the making of this film
"O' cud-chewing beloved bovine"
"I came to sing this folk song of mine"
"Listening to my song, give me forever"
"Your milk, nectarous flavor
which I can distribute all over"
"My precious cow, this song is for you"
"With Goddess Saraswathi's blessings true"
"Listening to this sweet melody
Give me milk plenty from your body"
"Give me daily
pure milk abundantly"
Eat to your heart's content
You give only 1300 ml of milk daily
Not a drop more not a drop less!
With the present inflation, to dig a well
he is asking for a king's ransom!
'By the time I finish this
I'll be dead as a door nail'
Fat hopes to think it was gold!
Uncle, is milk ready?
Coming, dear
'Whether I milk my cows or not
you are here at the crack of dawn!'
'Bunny rabbit'
Uncle, will you give me a bunny?
You look like a bunny yourself
'No, I can't give'
Get lost then!
I used a new vessel just for you
Hold it tight
so it doesn't spill
Look over there!
The bunny has fallen into the pit
'Aiyaiyo! It has become
a habit for him'
I lied to you
Just like that
Get lost, madcap jenny!
'I milked only 1300 milliliter
It has flowed all the way here'
'Doesn't make sense at all'
'Milk is flowing nonstop!!'
'This bowl is generating milk
of its own accord continuously'
'Let me check this cauldron'
'If the bowl is held upside down
the magic doesn't work'
'Now it works, huh?'
'Few Years Later'
'How has the milkman
hit the jackpot all of a sudden?'
Are you sure no one is in there?
I know, because the owner has gone to
the next village to preside over a function
There's just 1 brass vessel
If he has this under lock and key
it may be a brass coated gold bowl
Let us take it
Just in case
'Who is that?'
- Thief!
- Nab him
'Catch hold of him'
'Get him'
'Hey, stop there'
'Get him'
[magic vessel]
Ragul, where did you get this plant?
What is it, son?
Sitting here with a plant
in the center of the hall?
Don't raise your voice
After 3 days 100 rupee notes
will bloom from this plant
In his dreams!
Have you lost your mind?
You think I'm loony?
When currency notes blossom
and you ask me to give you some
I'll have the last word then
I throw this out
you'll be fine
Don't throw it, pa
please tell him not to, ma
Let him admire this plant, just ignore
At least shift it to one corner
Aren't you my pet?
Shift it to a corner
No, the seer told me to keep it
in the center, right under the fan
'A seer told you?'
Yes, in 3 days, 100 rupee notes
will blossom for sure, he assured me
How can this happen?
I told you not to conceive in August
Did you trust my superstition?
Am I solely responsible?!
'Hey! Give me a glass of tea'
Rayappananna, you own a rice mill and
you're sitting here like an orphan
Owner of a rice mill is just a name tag!
Go and tell my son Manasthan
and daughter Manasthi right now
Somasundaram has kidnapped and killed me
I want to know
how much they love me
That's so simple, I'll make it
spread like wildfire
Inform them after 3 days
'Our bro will be dead after 3 days
Shut down the shop, I say'
He is quick to rush me to the cemetery!
Hey! What are you up to?
I learnt a new mantra
I'm trying that spell with this tea
Casting a spell, huh?
I am sitting here jobless
Try your spell on me
- Shall I see if this magic works?
- For sure, try your luck
Now what?
I shouldn't yell at him?
Now what?
You want to scold him?
Ragul, till your father calms down
get an earful from him
Okay, pa
Let out your fury
Keep your hands to yourself
Ragul is here
I was looking for him
It's day #2, money will
start blooming tomorrow
Don't be a pest
Come back to bed
Where does he keep disappearing?
He is into farming now
You'll be late for school
Go, take a shower
Only if I throw this out-
Ma, as if I was breeding pigs!
'It is just a plant'
'What are you searching now?'
'Only when he has to leave for school
he'll frantically hunt for something'
What are you doing?
If ants climb on to the leaves
they will eat up all the rupees
That's why I'm sprinkling
ant killer powder
My money...my money
Lie down, loony!
Amma! I told you, didn't I?
Both of you didn't believe me
Did you see this?
Open your eyes and see?
My money plant gave me 100 rupees!
'Is this a real 'money' plant?'
Don't be a nutcase I stuck it
so he doesn't get disappointed
You are truly great, dear
'Kabir Bhai Biriyani Stall'
What's so great about this?
I knew very well he would stick it
if I enacted this whole drama
I was the one who gave you the idea
How many times to tell you?
1st you must buy a token
How can you harp on a token
when she is so hungry?
Serve 'biriyani' first
Masha, we don't have money
How are you ordering?
We will deal with that later
Aren't you hungry?
1st let us quieten
the growls in your stomach
What is it?
I have to pay my school fees, Masha
My shoes are worn out completely
My teacher wants me to get new ones
We'll do that
Even my uniform is torn
Even that has to be bought
We'll do that too
- Masha, aren't you eating?
- You eat first
- 'Bhai...bhai'
- What, Iyer?
Rowdy Manasthan's father died it seems
Unruly elements are creating a ruckus
Our Joseph's shop has been damaged badly
Bring down the shutter at once
Hey! Go...go
Clear out
Bhai, close shop
Rayappan is dead
Clear out
Bhai, where is my 'biriyani'?
Rowdy Manasthan's father is dead
You want to eat 'biriyani'?!
Get up, God is great!
Madam, money
Manasthan's father is dead
How can you think of money?!
'Aiyo! God knows how he died'
'Ticket...show me your ticket'
Your limbs are fine
Hello! I'm not a beggar
Show me your ticket
Sir, ticket?
Hurrying to catch the ticket
I forgot to buy a train!
What are you blabbering?
Pay a fine of Rs 5000
Stand aside and wait
I have only 2000 with me
Take this and let me go, sir
Please, sir
You were so pissed off with me, I knew
you would've forgotten to buy the ticket
That's why I bought your ticket also
Here, sir
Both our tickets
Who are you, madam?
If you hadn't come I would've been
forced to pay 2000 to him
Thanks a ton
It's a legal offense
to travel without ticket
How could you grab
my money like that?
Wait, return my money
All this is atrocious
True, it is atrocious
But if I hadn't come there
you would've coughed up 5000
Or else you'll be behind bars, bro
- That's right
- Whichever way you see it
- You stand to gain
- What logic!
She paid 5 bucks and flicked my 2000!
Madam, can I work for you?
'Poor kiddo
He has fallen'
'Come, let us give him a hand'
'Is he hurt?'
Oh gawd! My eggs
My eggs are all broken
How will I face my owner?
Aiyo! My boss is short tempered
He'll beat me black and blue
and kill me today
It was an accident
How can he blame you?
Go and explain to him what happened
It's only 10 days
since I joined duty, akka
If he gets to know about this
'...he'll deduct this from my salary
and sack me, akka'
Keep this
No, akka
I have only this much
Try to convince him with this
If I had more cash on me
I would've definitely helped you
- Take care
- Thanks
'It is cruel; most oppressive curse
Poverty in childhood is even worse'
'Lakshmi Provision Store'
What is this?
Collection is even less than yesterday
People waiting in the bus stand
are not millionaires, Masha
'That's all I got'
Just 1150, whom are you
trying to hoodwink, eh?
So you don't trust me
That's all you'll get
for the rotten eggs you gave
I didn't get a single paisa
more than 1150 rupees
Trying to pull a fast one on me?
Yellow shirt 50
Blue shirt 100
Baldie 200
Red 'churidhar' 100
Violet sari 100
Black shirt 100
White 'dhoti' 50
Red sari 50
Silk sari 100
Black jeans 200
Red Tshirt girl 200
Floral 'churidhar' 100
Horn-rimmed specs female 100
Plus my contribution 100
'That's the way, Akshu'
You rob innocent people
for such rotten eggs
Don't you think it's wrong?
What is wrong?
When they gave you money
...lift your head a little
and think back on what they did
'This is the present plight of India'
If you share within 10 seconds
Lady Luck will smile on you
Top priority
Please share immediately
This is our beloved Land of Bharata!
Share if you are a true Indian
One who doesn't share this
is an anti-Indian
Wretched hypocrites!
We are cheating those who donate
for sheer self glorification
If we can give them the joy of
a few 'likes' and 'shares'
...whatever we did is not a crime at all
"Live it up, rock and roll
Play games, enjoy heart & soul"
"I'll slink away after playing silently
Lady star's games prudently"
"My money is in my pocket
Your cash in your wallet"
"It is 'yours truly'
if I pickpocket quietly"
"I'll cheat in my area boldly
and swagger swearing loudly"
"When I walk past
loss is all yours, alas!"
"When we rejoice
rockets light up the sky"
"Whole city will revel
with our sister special"
"Don't have many pockets on you
I'll flick your cash with your shirt too"
"She's a hero, so a shero
Shero is as good as a hero"
"Jo on the go, if shero shows up
To fun and frolic just no hiccup"
"Shero, she has a golden halo
No need hero, she'll ace the show"
"Jo on the go, if shero turns up
Larks and pranks swing to the top"
"My money is in my pocket
Your cash in your wallet"
"It is 'yours truly'
if I pickpocket quietly"
"I'll cheat in my area boldly
and swagger swearing loudly"
"When I walk past
loss is all yours, alas!"
"Even if you pile real high
pancakes up to the sky"
"You can eat in the end
only to your stomach's content"
"Even if you're a hero in films umpteen
you can't be in every shot and scene"
"She's a hero, so a shero
Shero is as good as a hero"
"Jo on the go, if shero shows up
To fun and frolic just no hiccup"
"Kick your heels"
"Rock & roll!"
"She's a mischievous birdie; tiny chilli
When she speaks delightfully spicy"
"Slippery as an eel, fast as a deer
if you miss, you can never catch her"
"Even the righteous when they see cash
they dive for it; their values crash"
"Really my head spins dizzy
Right and wrong confuse me"
"Why buy trouble is never our motto
Fortune favors us pronto"
"Even if you loot the whole town and hoard
you can't stash it; so don't go overboard"
"She's a hero, so a shero
Shero is as good as a hero"
"Jo on the go, if shero shows up
To fun and frolic just no hiccup"
"Shero, she has a golden halo
No need hero, she'll ace the show"
"Jo on the go, if shero turns up
Larks and pranks swing to the top"
"Have a blast!"
'Way to go, lass!'
Your daughter has already been
diagnosed as suffering from agelast
I am reiterating the same
Even a 2nd or 3rd opinion
will concur with this
'Only 1 in a million suffer from
this inability to smile'
'Such people won't laugh
even at the funniest joke'
This can't be treated immediately
It is a gradual long drawn process
Smile is the best jewel for a girl
I don't know what to do
if I can't adorn her with it
'I have never seen her smile'
I'm worried about her future
'Don't worry, in some incident
your daughter will definitely smile'
It will be the most beautiful smile
Thank you, doctor
Shall we go?
How is she to look at?
Will she be as pretty as my girl?
Don't joke
How can you even compare
your ugly girlfriend with my sweetheart?
I'm sparing you
because it's your birthday
My girl and I will look like
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
Virat Kohli!
My grandma always said
'a crow thinks its chick is a swan'
You are a crow for sure
But she is not a swan
Your girl is ugly duckling
of this world for sure
- Hey! Listen
- Happy birthday, Ragul
Do you know she's a medical miracle?
Who is this?
How do I know her?
My girlfriend
Is this why you called me
to surprise your friend?
He meant my 2nd girlfriend, not you
I'll buy your favorite candy, honey
I got a girlfriend online with difficulty
You disconnected us half way through
You'll rot in hell
for ruining my love, get lost!
You moron!
Ragul, happy birthday
'Where are you?'
Anitha, I'm bathing
'Good times await you'
'Goddess Lakshmi will walk in here'
My aunt will wake up for sure
if she hears this soothsayer
I've kept your birthday gift here
See you next month, bye
Anitha, 1 minute, I'm coming
'Good tidings await you'
'Oracle of Goddess Jakkamma
Your bride will walk through this door'
Bloody dog! Your ill-timed words
chased my bride-to-be
Don't malign me with cuss words
Even if she doesn't match up
to my personality
...you know how tough
it was to hook her!
You ruined my life, barging in
like a bear in Lord Shiva's penance
Take your hands off
You're committing a grave mistake
Apologize to me
What will you do if I don't?
If I shake this drum in front of my face
...how you'll wish you can
turn back the clock!
I'm asking you one last time
Beg Jakkamma's pardon
Then I'll be considerate and spare you
I'll consider how to be inconsiderate!
In another 2 minutes you'll come
looking for me panting like a dog
Praise be to Jakkamma
You scared me!
Hey! Get lost
Madcap! Thinks he is Oracle of Delphi!
'Bad tidings will torture you
Bad hair days ahead of you'
'Why is the pant so tight?'
'Did she buy the wrong size?'
'Let me at least try the tshirt'
'My head is stuck now'
Good lord!
My hair!!
'You'll come looking for me
panting like a dog'
I made my face bloat
stuffing my feet into my mouth
Where will I go looking for him?
Where the hell did you disappear?
I can't carry all these extra flabs!
'Shut up, you dog!'
'I am myself in such a tizzy
over my new image!'
'Where the hell are you?'
'Daddy, mummy'
My father's shirt
His shirt will fit me right
Beggar of the 1st order!
His shirts are all old
He has made me ridicule
even my own father!
How will I step out
with this ugly face?
Maybe all this is a dream?
'Let me see if I get my old face
when I wake up!'
- He said he was going to Bangalore
- Door is open
He forgot to lock the house
Your son is so irresponsible
[loud snore]
Who is he, dear?
Who is this sprawled in our hall-
- Thief!
- Let me check
Is this an exhibition?
- Call the police
- Go
That's the creature we told you about
Look how he's sleeping, sir
'Hey! Get up'
- Tired after stealing, huh?
- Good morning, sir
Look at my plight
I am your son Ragul
Hey! Who is he?
- Why are you asking me?
- Is he your son?
Why have you raised him like this?
You named him just 5 letters
and fed him 5 gallons of milk?
Does he resemble either of us?
Who are you?
How do you know my son's name?
I am your son, ma
Arrest him, sir, he has
helped himself to my shirt
'Wonder what else is missing!'
Appa, amma, listen to me
I swear I'm your son, Ragul
I derided a soothsayer, that too mildly
He cast a spell on me
You look like a soothsayer yourself
How can you call your own son that?
You look like their uncle
How can he be your father?
I am their son, sir
Get up, squatting like a tortoise!
- Take him away at once
- They are my parents
If you came to steal,
you should've left at once
Have the gall to sleep here
Push him into our jeep
This is my home and they are
my parents, let me go, sir
Which island are you from?
Sentinel in Andamans?
Before you ask me,
look at yourself in the mirror
I've seen my face
day in and day out
- Please listen to me, sir
- Why should I?
I know of thieves
who will beg to be released
You call them 'amma, appa' instead
Is this a new trend?
Take off that mask
This isn't a mask, sir
A wretched soothsayer changed my face
- Why that strange look?
- Did you look like hero Ajith earlier?
Carbon copy, sir
Spinning a ghost story to us, huh?
1st you stop spinning your wheels
'Looks like a higher official's car'
'Here she comes!'
Park the bike somewhere inside
Police bike, dismantle
all the parts immediately
Make it fast
- What do you think?
- Super!
What is this?
My heart
Take it
You and your silly heart!
'That's all'
Ready, boys
'My loving gift to Masha'
'Aiyo baldie!'
How is it?
What does he lack in life?
His voice gives me strife!
Hit you, quail head!
Listening to our threats today
Somasundaram should flee from this state
That's impossible, bro
Why jinx my wish
even before it gets fulfilled
3 is not our lucky #
Only 5 is lucky
Nothing will work out
if 3 of us travel with an aim
Even to the moon
only 3 astronauts went
3 in Tamil is 'moonu'
So # fits well
Did they bring back gold?
All they brought was sand
Bro, look a girl wants a lift
'We got the magic number 5'
Let's give the girl a lift, bro
How will that be 5?
We can find a 5th passenger, bro
Is this a share auto to pick up
passengers on the way?
Okay, fine
Stop the car
'Vanakkam', sir
We'll get down at the plains
Can you give us a lift?
How many are 'we'?
Me and my guru Babjima
- Babji?
- Yes, sir
Minister Sambasivam waiting
to see us secretly
Why is he waiting for you?
To ask Babjima if he will get
the chief minister's posting
I can myself tell him
he won't get that post
- Why do you bother?
- How can you say this?
If he can't even arrange a car for you
what will he achieve as CM?
He asked us to take a bus
without anyone's knowledge
But we had a minor problem in the bus
and the conductor asked us to get down
'We've been waiting for long
and no sight of any vehicle'
'Please help us, sir'
Okay, get in
Call your 'Bhajji'
- Seeress
- Babjima
'They offered us a lift
just as you prophesied'
Come on
'Get in'
Come, Babjima
Hurry up, slow coach!
'Look at the jug she's holding
and the golden halo'
Welcome, seeress
'Vanakkam', Babjima
Open the door for her
She's sanctifying our car
This 'Bhajji'ma must be very orthodox
Please get in
Drive on
Why is she sleeping
from when she got in?
She's meditating
' - Meditation?
- Tumbler, shut up'
Why did the bus driver ask you to get down?
Babjima in her enlightened state
shared a hidden truth
And what truth was that?
She told the conductor
'You've married the driver's sister'
'Then why are you drooling
behind Girija?' she asked
The driver heard that
and fought with the conductor
And forced to get down
in the middle of nowhere
She thinks so deeply, huh?
Looks like she'll dig out
a big pile of truth
We can ask Babjima if our threats on
Somasundaram will work out in our favor
Before you threaten him
he'll close your chapter
Bhajji-ma, you gave me a heart attack!
Halt near the forest
We'll get down here
She just said something important
Hey! Can't you wait?
He'll be so alert when least required!
'Bhajji'ma, you made my heart almost stop
Somasundaram tortured me too much
Tell me a way to teach him a lesson
I must make him stand 'new'
sometime in his life
As in first time?
With no clothes on him
- Oh! Nude, you mean?
- Yes, that's right
'This child wishes it
What shall we do?'
Tumbler, she has started her mantra
- For you
- Thank you
Will this neem be enough
to teach Somu a lesson?
Smell this and inhale
Look up at the sky
Spit it out with your head held high
How is that possible?
- Look up and spit
- Just obey her command
- Very good
- Your problems will be solved
Thank you very much, 'Bhajji'ma
Somu, I'll get you
I'll reduce you to this root
Spit, doesn't matter if your face
gets covered with saliva
But obey 'Bhajji'ma's words
Why do I feel so cold all of a sudden?
Why are you sitting like this?
'Bro, didn't you look at yourself?'
'Where is your gold chain?'
'Watch and ring also missing'
Babjima must have chanted the wrong mantra
Shut up! Let's get into the car
- Where's my car?
- Aiyo! Car is missing
'They have duped us'
'They ditched us in this forest
and whizzed away in my car'
We can't even hitch hike
Let's call and tell your sister, bro
That's right, bro
They stripped only our dress
My sister will skin us alive
What do we do now?
'Auto driver, collect your fare later'
What is this disguise?
Why are you dressed like this?
Bro met a seer to ensure
you give birth to a baby boy
He gave this herbal dress and
asked us to hang it like a festoon
- Which seer does he mean?
- Never heard of a herbal dress
5 is your lucky #
You could've taken 2 more people
I would've tied festoons
in all 5 doorways
'As if he listens!'
- She'll hang me with her blind faith
- Where are you off to?
'You must 1st go to our prayer room'
Why are you going
to the bathroom?
You ladies cry in the bedroom
when you have a problem
'We men go into the loo to cry
if we have a problem'
Why are you covered even more?
I usually wear full sleeve shirts, right?
If he wears a herbal dress
will I get a baby boy?
'Yes, organic dress'
- You bloody female
- 'Did you call me?'
She heard me, huh?
I can't even cry in peace
'I'll get even with you
wherever you are'
[scene from 'Petta']
If you stand and create such a ruckus
how can we watch the film?
You expect me to sit and
watch my hero's opening scene?
'What audacity!'
I didn't ask
- How dare you!
- Don't hit me
Trying to undermine me?
Who told you to ask?
Will you ask?
I won't ask hereafter
Get up
'I know what to do with you'
Just go die
Hey! Who asked you to come here?
Why are you glaring at me?
Who told you to come here?
Why aren't you in uniform?
Go and wear your uniform
'This isn't a theater
Get into your uniform'
Go inside
Come in
Hey! Why are you crowding here?
Clear out
What happened?
I slipped and fell
'Please knuckle crackle for me'
Isn't this also a new experience?
Being free birds
we should visit many new places
This is the only place
we never visited
Advocate, where the hell are you?
Come here
Make it fast
When everyone kept quiet and just watched
you saved me from that she-devil
You have a heart of gold
You come across as a good girl
How did you land up here?
'Don't ask me to share my sob story'
Sunderapandi is an inspector
in my hometown
He's a real bad cop who will
threaten everyone and grab their money
He will threaten even innocent children
'You go to school, right?
Pay my usual 'bata' then'
'He was torturing everyone'
I saw him harassing
a pregnant flower girl
That's why I hit him
And landed here
How dare you hit me,
inspector Sunderapandi?
Forget that
What crime did you commit?
I had an 'idli' shop of my own
Did they put you behind bars
for owning an 'idli' shop?
Not that, dear
Daily I used to clean the dishes
in the river nearby
'On one such occasion
I found a vessel'
I stored my 'idlis' in it and sold them
The 'idlis' didn't decrease at all
Don't you know to make good 'idlis'?
The workers in the rice mill next door
frequented only my shop
'I kept serving them 'idlis'
from the vessel I found in the river'
It kept increasing
Didn't lessen at all
'I was thoroughly baffled'
'If I turn the vessel upside down
it won't multiply'
Then what happened?
'I dropped a hundred rupee note inside'
'The notes started
multiplying continuously'
'I was so stunned, dear'
Oh my God!
Where is that vessel now?
I was scared someone might beat me up
and grab that magic vessel from me
'I dug a hole 3' deep and buried it in
the cattleshed of Mr Rayappan's rice mill'
'I took the money I got from the vessel'
And went to deposit it
in the bank like I usually do
The manager wanted to meet me
I went into his cabin
and I am in here now
He said the serial numbers are identical
on the notes and put me behind bars
A calf is tied in that shed
Near that post to our right
'I have buried it 3' deep over there'
I have only few more years to live
You are good hearted social workers
This vessel should reach
good hands like yours
Go and take that magic vessel
'Use it for your social service'
All that's fine
Why did that warden
beat you mercilessly?
Simple request, dear
All I asked her was
if she will iron my sari?
Is that wrong?
She beat me up so ruthlessly
for that simple request of mine, dear
I don't blame her for losing her temper
'She could have struck a few more blows'
'We beat up that poor soul
not knowing the facts of the case'
[sobbing loudly]
"Life is a disguise without question
Where is true affection?"
'Who is that bear-head?'
He has gone out of town
He'll be back after 10 days
Why haven't you gone
out of town too, honey?
This broom will speak
Get lost, scumbag
Mad female!
Sweeping in the middle of the night
'Who are you?'
We are veterinary doctors
We are here to check
if your cattle is disease free
Animal doctor, huh?
Our bull is fine, you can leave
A new disease called 'Gupsa'
is spreading now
We are here to vaccinate your bull
Will you take us to your cattle shed?
Don't bother me, madam
Let that damn bull die for all I care
I swear, such a pest!
Yov! How dare you say this?
I'll report you to Blue Cross
Come in then
I'll call the ambulance
You don't know about our Pinky
Pinky, huh?
Pinky is our bull
That is Pinky over there
It looks like a holy terror
'It is a wild beast'
'It has gored the intestines
of 75 people so far'
We won't even go near it
to fill its water trough
We don't know how it is still alive
Hey! All of you go and hide
You can witness an event
These 2 doctors want to meet Pinky
Why is he giving us the jitters?
Let's retrace our steps
I'm really terrified
We can't achieve anything
if we get scared easily
Our future lies under Pinky's hoof!
Do you have a shovel and crowbar?
Why do you want a shovel and crowbar
when you are here to inject our bull?
We need to do an urine test on Pinky
by shovelling the mud she has peed on
Only then we can check A+, B+,
cow boy + jersey milk = A1 B1 milk
Enough of your gibberish
You want a shovel and spade?
Over there
Help yourself
Do you want anything as your 'Last supper'?
'Last supper', huh?
- What will take time to prepare?
- Okay, bring that
But take your time
'Wonder what will happen!'
Will we land up in jail like that lady
who dropped notes into that magic vessel?
Only if we drop currency
we will get the same serial #
If we store gold and diamond
we won't have any problem, Masha
If a drunkard gets hold of this vessel
...he need not haunt
a wine shop for his spirits!
Bad timing for your poor jokes, Masha
- This chap?
- He owns this place?
Hey! Who is this?
What are you doing here?
They want to ensure our Pinky
doesn't have Gupsa, some new disease
They are naming diseases very creatively
after this Dengue epidemic
Their height and weight
look vaguely familiar
Let me see your faces
We are here to inject your bull
This bull shows scant respect
even to good lookers
Imagine the reaction
to your screwed up faces
As if he is Prince Charming!
Give me a prescription
I can do the needful
If he recognizes us
he will close our chapter!
Looks like a complicated medicine
Why have you written
'Amithabh Bachan'?
That isn't Amithabh Bachan
Cold relief balm
How can Pinky be calmed with a balm?
How are you, Babjima?
I am doing good
Are you fine?
Masha, will you zip your damn lips?
Bro, do you know who that lady is?
Babjima who grabbed our cars
and stripped us to our birthday suit
Run, Masha!
Close the gate
Grab them!
Shut the gate
Why are they posing like models?
Can't we get her
if she hides in the car?
Save my car, I say
Hurry up
Get the car...run
Bro, where are the doctors?
They left without drinking tea
I'm going in search of them
Pour it in a flask and bring it
- Right away, bro
- Son of a bloody buffalo!
'Wow! Masha is here'
Masha, my precious angel
Didn't Masha come with you?
Why are you bothered?
Pay me for the car
Dhilip, get me a glass of tea
This deal is not for money
I agreed only for Masha
Sit down
Masha is upset
My darling moppet is upset?
You sure have a silver tongue
But what is the use?
Tell me what I should do
I'll bend backwards for my Masha
Pinky that Masha's father reared
is the apple of her eye
Afflicted by poverty
her father sold Pinky
Masha saw Pinky
in Manasthan's house
Pinky shed a stream of tears
looking at Masha it seems
That's why Masha is thoroughly upset
Tell me where Pinky is
I will lift it with my left hand and
give it to Masha in my right
You'll lift Pinky
with your left hand?
Tar tin head!
Do you know who is Pinky?
Her pet doggy, right?
- No
- Meow!
Pet cat, right?
That's even more easy
Pinky isn't even a pet!
- Then?
- Bull from Kangeyam
Did I hear you right?
Masha is mine only if
I tame that bull, huh?
If you want to impress Masha
tomorrow is Masha's birthday
Somehow make sure
you give her Pinky as gift
Where will I get such a big box
to gift wrap that Pinky?
I don't know if you will stick it
inside a box or tie it altogether?
But if you bring Pinky to her
Masha's feelings for you
Masha's feelings for me-
Get her Pinky and I will
complete the sentence tomorrow
Oh my dear Maaaashaaa!
I love you
'I'll show you the real me tomorrow'
Just missed
But a successful miss!
Next try
- What is it?
- He is back
Masha darling, happy birthday to you
My dear Masha
'Baldie blockhead!'
How's that?
Massive love, huh?
"A bud sheltered and unloved"
"Has bloomed now, shyness dissolved"
"Continuous chit chat-"
Hey Tar can!
Kindly do not sing
Feels like a brick is
being scraped into my ear!
Please...happy birthday
Did you bring my Pinky?
I've brought a special gift
along with Pinky just for you
Come on
Pinky will cry as soon as he sees me
I can't bear to see him so upset
Most probably he will be sedated
He won't be able to see you
- Have you tied him up?
- Yes
Okay, then open the door
My special gift for you
You need someone to clean Pinky's dung
That's why I brought
a servant boy along!
Aiyo! Baldie
This isn't my Pinky, baldie
Oh my goodness!
I don't want this, baldie
I don't want it at all
I went to the right address
I meant A.Manasthan
This is E.Manasthan
FliEs make a bEEline to him!
Masha, wait for me
Masha, don't run away from me
I can even get you a dinosaur
Mashaaa, Baldie has
scored a double century!
Ready...let's rock!
What has happened?
Why are you lamenting now?
'My husband is missing
So also Pinky'
We've looked everywhere
No sign of them
Did you look properly?
We are here for you
Don't worry, he'll be safe
What to do now, Masha?
Shall we also go
and join the lament?
Kidnapping bro is easy
But he took our Pinky along!
He must be a wizard!
We won't see Pinky alive I'm sure
Dig a hole and cremate him
in the place he lived
I can see 2 faces in that hole
'Shoot them'
'Take that gun and shoot'
Your father is missing and I'm crying
You're playing a game so intently?
Pubg, ma!
Pubg is a game, huh?!
Did you think it's a bomb?
Hey Tomato rice!
It must be that devilish duo
Can't let them go scot-free
Masha, shall we scoot from here?
'Run...run for your life'
All of you here, run
Save your skin
'All of you, run for your lives
Save your skin'
'You'll only land in your grave otherwise'
- Get inside
- Run...run
Catch hold of my husband
before he falls down
He let that bull run loose?
Wretched fellow!
'Our bro is flying in mid air
Catch him before he falls'
My dear husband!!
How terrible!
We were ready to catch you
But you were in a hurry!
I was in a hurry? So be it!
I don't have much faith
in that old lady's magic vessel story
You are trying too hard
to get hold of it
How can anything multiply in it?
One day my teacher told us a story
about an 'Akshayapathiram'
It seems in Mahabharath times
Draupadi had one such magic vessel
Also Madhavis' daughter
Manimekalai had a similar cornucopia!
Whatever you store inside
that 'vessel of plenty'
...it will keep replenishing forever
Fine, even if there is
such a bountiful vessel
...Pinky is guarding it like
a spirit hovering over a treasure
We can even manage Pinky
How do we tackle that monkey?
We must find out
Manasthan's Achilles heels
'Bro, let us ask Babjima if our threats
on Somasundaram will bear fruit?'
'Bhajji'ma, Somasundaram has
tortured me to the highest degree'
'I want to make him stand 'new'
one day or the other'
None of these lazy louts
will pick up the phone?
Rayappan Rice Mill
'Sir, Somasundaram whom you've been
searching for a long time is in Madurai'
'If you come here
you can finish him'
This is the best news I'm hearing
Who are you, madam?
Somasundaram is in Madurai
Get ready for the trip
- Hello
- Hey!
'Hey! Your lifelong enemy Somasundaram
is having a blast in Miston hotel in Goa'
'If you go there
you can blast his head off'
Who are you?
Someone just called saying
he is in Madurai
And you're saying Goa?
Ma...Madurai in Goa
Taking a dig at me?
'If I get my hands on you-'
We messed up big time
- What, bro?
- Some 'bake' news
Fake news!
'That's exactly what I said'
One says Goa
Another says Madurai
Maybe he's a tourist agent?
Wait, bro
I'll take it
My dear Manastha
I believe you're contesting
the next election
I'll contest wherever I want
What do you want?
Doesn't matter who we are
or what we want
Your 'new' photo is with us
Good lord!
'You are that devilish duo!'
It is flashing in here also!
What do you intend
doing with that photo?
Stick it as posters all over
city walls during election
What did you say?
Madam, just give me that photo
How much should I pay you?
Rs 2000
Is my photo worth only 2000?
I'll give you 20,000
Please hand over that photo
Bloody fool!
As soon as I hang up
my countdown starts
That 2000 will multiply
every second till you land here
Come to Andhra border
Nemiliputhu temple
In Andhra?
It will go into a million
I don't have that kind of money
Ask if they will
accept your card
Madam, will you accept my credit card?
Hello? How long will it take
to reach Nemili?
- 2 hours
- Don't be mad
You can reach in 4 hours comfortably
Do you know how much it will cost
2000 per second for 4 hours?
1st start the car
Don't waste time
Fritter-nose fellow!
Somasundaram is in Trichy it seems
Bro is in a foul mood, man
What is all this?
Bro, better safe than sorry!
If they strip us again?
We packed 2 sets for you also
Don't irritate me, let's go
Let me also come with you
When did you come?
- 5 is your lucky #
- I've lost 12000 talking to you
Get into the car
Don't waste time
My watch is ticking faster than this car
Do you have a blister on
your foot? Drive fast
10 of you this side
Another 10 over there
I'll head for the cow-shed
If you head there
you'll arouse suspicion
Let's go in and then come here
50 of you, go in and SEARCH!
Only 2 of you are here
Why are you blabbering like a lunatic?
How dare you call me a lunatic!
Durai Dragon
Inspector of police
'When it hits, it will
release 3 ton weight'
'Want to see?
Take a look!'
He looks like a chameleon
Then you attend to it
We have come to search this house
They are converting
this house into a church!
I said 'search'
Not 'church'!
- Help me, God!
- Shut your gob!
Lock all the doors
Search the house thoroughly
Till I nod my head
no one can step out
No one can step in either
Lock everyone inside
10 of you that side
50 of you go this way
Come here, idiot
Call me 'inspector'!
Okay, idiot inspector
Look over there, inspector!
Manasthan is sitting here
copying our disguise!
That isn't Manasthan
Tea for you, akka
Who are you?
Which station?
'What is this drama?'
Who are you?
My sister-in-law wants to know
Sir...I mean, madam
Manasthan sir visits our orphanage
and donates frequently
This child is mentally challenged
She was adamant in wanting to
meet him in a police uniform
That's why we are here
[famous dialog from 'Nayagan']
Fine, 'margaya'
She's mentally challenged
and dressed like a cop
But why are you also in uniform?
We were told the head constable's uniform
is free if we rent an inspector's costume
We want to get sir's blessings
Can we meet him?
She can take my blessings instead
It's all the same, my brother or me
Come along, dear
Madam will bless you
Come, my dear
- She will bless you
- No need
Amma, Vu!
'Wild animal'
It won't hurt you
Take her blessings
Fall at her feet
Bless you, my child
I can't bless you
I'm younger than you
Now you are 'margaya'
We wanted sir's blessings
Can we at least see his photo?
Right there
I'll choot you!
Poor thing!
Her father is in Margaya it seems
'Must be somewhere abroad'
'Wedding Day :20.1.1986
Death :...?'
Married on...death...?!
'How mad can he get!'
Come along
Madam, we'll take leave
When you are free
visit our orphanage
10 of you who went this way
50 of you that side, let's go home
Come, they will follow us
'Baba margaya'
Enough, go home, dear
Come on
Ask him if we can stop for a cup of tea
Bro, let us halt for a glass of tea
You'll be more relaxed
- How much is a glass of tea?
- Rs 10
- How long will it take?
- Only 10 minutes
Know how much that duo will ask?
- How much?
- Goes in millions
- Bloody buffaloes!
- That's too much for tea
Shall we drink juice instead?
Shall I clobber you with my shoes?
I'm so tense and
you want tea and juice!
- How much longer?
- We are almost at Nemili
- You can see the board
- Where?
'Stop here'
Sir, I believe there's a temple nearby
- Puthu temple?
- Yes
If you go this way you'll find sign boards
I would've written with a chalk
- Whaaat?
- Someone has written
If you keep reading all the sign boards
you'll reach that temple
If you miss even a single sign board
You can't see a snake
or a snake pit, understand?
You look so smart
like an Income tax officer
- Thank you
- If I could take a puff
Yov! This is a piece of chalk
Doesn't matter, sir
My mouth is parched
- If you show some mercy
- He must be worse off than me!
Park your car over there
Cars not allowed beyond this point
You car has a hook for towing?
- We have all that
- That's more than enough!
We can't go further than this
'We have to walk the rest of the way'
You are yakking away to glory
- Thanks
- Is Pinky bold and beautiful?
I said your 'lungi' is beautiful, sir
This one?
I am in a hurry to go some place
Let my 'dhoti' be a 'lungi' in your eyes
If you walk leisurely I'll kill you
Their meter ticks by the minute
Here's the board he told me about
Read this, bro
'Thank you
Well done'
Must be 'Welcome'
We are in Andhra border
So Tamil is going for a toss!
Arrow points here
Go this way
- Hurry up
- Run, I say
There's another sign here
'Be aware
Pumps ten'
Shall we drink water then?
'Beware of snakes
Don't stamp them'
- Awww! Snake?
- Follow the arrow
'Something is written on that boulder'
'Look, someone has drawn a frog here'
That isn't a frog
It's a snake with fangs!
'Tells the way to Poothu Temple'
What does this mean?
'This is the way to Puthu Temple'
You read the clues with
spelling mistakes easily
How did you guess even the drawings right?
I'll pay their ransom
retrieve my photo and then explain
- Promise?
- Pick up that stone
Hurry up
'Don't thrash here'
'Don't throw trash here' is what he means!
Another sign board
'Liquor milking is bed
for cow's lactation'
- 'Liquor drinking bad for house & nation'
- Where did he learn Tamil?
Maybe in-between Andhra and Tamil Nadu?
'Poothu temple'
Someone is playing the fool, bro
'When will this game end?'
Break for their game!
Aiyo! Don't hit me
'Will you dare come here again?'
All this is child's play for my sister
Bro, don't get scared
'Will you lose something
and come back in here?'
He has fallen into her trap
- Don't, madam
- I'll skin you alive
What audacity to complain
asking me to find your bike, huh?
Is this how you waste hard earned money?
It was gifted by my father-in-law
as wedding trousseau!
Oh! So you accepted dowry
and complaining to me!
You should be thrashed
for accepting dowry
'Will you come here
with some excuse?'
I don't mind someone who cheats
But I can't stand someone
who gets cheated!
'Seems like a dig at me?'
- Great escape!
- Wait, bro
- Hello
- Goo...good noon
What brings you here?
I came just like that, akka
I am not your sister here
- Call me 'madam'
- Okay, akka
- What do you want?
- I want to find a groo...groom for you
- Groom for me?
- Yes, akka
Do you have any photo?
They forgot the photo
But the groom is
good looking like him
'Maybe I pointed at the wrong man'
I would rather be a virgin
Clear out now
You've come so far, tell her
about that duo without hesitating
- How do I tell?
- What now?
2 girls are making
a nuisance of themselves
One is a Lilliput
Another is a lovely lass
Does that mean she looks like me?
No way, not your kid of beauty!
'So-so compared to you'
If she can thrash a chap
who lost his bike
'Imagine the deadly blows
if she knows we lost 3 cars!'
1 foot in the grave!
- Why scare me with death now?
- Don't tell your sister
What do you want me to do?
You don't have to do anything
We are like this from school times
We will bicker, bump heads, snap,
squabble and play happily
'Now we are 2 hands short for our game'
Keep your games to yourselves
This isn't a playground
- Okay
- Binny mill Bhai is on the line
Tell me, Bhai
You'll go only if I say 'bye'?
Okay, bye, go
Bye, 'ka
Let's scoot
'Machan, you found my bike?'
My bike has been found
I'm leaving now, madam
How will your bike be found
through my phone?
'I spoke in the wrong phone, eh?'
Sorry, madam
That was a wrong call
You were in the wrong
the moment you took dowry
Tell me, bhai
Manastha, are you steeped in debts
to be selling your own car, huh?
Come to the point, bhai
I saw your car in the shed
Which mechanic shed, bhai?
Baldie's shed
- Baldie's mechanic shed?
- Yes, in Ennore road
Autopsy report, madam
My sister is inside
Sorry, sir, I thought
you were madam in mufti
Didn't you see this?
Attend to your work
I don't know what crap he's eating
That too on an auspicious Friday
I'll teach him a less-
Whether happiness, temper tantrum or tears
Postpone it for 5 minutes
Director Shankar's pearl of wisdom
- Who?
- 'Petta rap' lyricist Shankar
Get lost!
We are so tired
after 2 hours of travel
- So what?
- You've seen your car
Let's relax for 5 minutes
and then go blast him
Count 100 till bro's anger disappears
Will you count at snail's pace?
- Get down, bro
- Ready, bro
I'll come and get you
Come on, boys
Hey! Where's my car?
'I get a joy out of this
Supreme joy!'
The glass with tea broke!
You slowed down in a hurry, bro
- You mean I was slow?
- Yes, bro
Quoting guru and aunty
my car became 'chutney'
Hey baldie!
Hi 'cow dung' boy
What a surprise!
Come on, 1 selfie
You are as cool as 'kulfi'
to take a selfie!
Hey quail egg-head!
Who told you to steal this car?
Even if I die
I won't tell you that
My two love is truuuuuuuue!
You deserve this and more!
Pour that water on them
Come on, pour
It's getting late
Hey! Careful
She may gain consciousness!
Are you washing her face?
Splash it on her
You can't throw a whole bucketful of water
You have to go 1.5 km to get water
Bhai, I'll give you 2 buckets of water
Ask him to splash it on the face
Why do you want to revive them?
Very soon mosquito bites
will make them open their eyes
God help me!
The stress I go through as a don
Don't make me a don
in my next birth
You are not a don
even in this birth
Bhai, zip your lips
Ask them to splash water
Hey! Splash half a mug
on their faces
What do you both want?
Tea for me
Coffee for her
Without sugar for me
Very funny
All of you laugh
You find it funny?
Go ahead and laugh
In a few days this whole city
will have the last laugh at you
That's exactly why I'm asking
In what way did I betray you?
Why are you torturing me like this?
Can't you recognize us?
Can't you identify us?
- Don't you know us?
- Please wait
Why are you changing into
'Chandramukhi' mode now?
Put on your thinking cap
on recent events
Only then you'll know
'Aiyo! Akka'
What crime did I commit
for me to introspect?
My crime list is endless
Which one does she mean?
'Say something'
Banu, give me time to think, dear
Think of a plan
I don't remember anything
Please do the needful
Banu, what's the hurry?
Search in the photos, you'll find it
He's such a pain!
Bhai has given a soooper lead
Rack your brains properly now
What lead did he give?
January 20th
What is that date?
Making my head swirl
they are twirling here
He is getting Rs 350 as interest
Can't he be a bit patient?
'Don't I have to search
for the due-slip?'
- Is he such a big shot?
- Go out and talk, Bhai
- Bad timing
- Nothing
You carry on
I'm so tense I can't remember
these dates and days
Tell me what happened that day
'I must contest the election
Supervise the collection'
A film shooting is going on
I'll go to another room and talk
Tell me what it is
You got married that day
Oh! That's right
My wedding day, eh?
You forgot and they remember
From that day onwards
you wear a wig, right?
I'm adjusting a lot
Come to the point
You did a grave blunder on that day
- My wedding was a blunder
- I didn't mean that
- A more serious crime than that
- Don't keep harping on my wrongs
What I did is-
My fritter special Banu
When I come home, I'll buy you
2 packets of Dindigul special 'biriyani'
Don't say that, Banu
I'll be back soon
We have to tolerate
his antics, no other go
You want to watch a film?
I'll take you
Manastha, I came to this room
so as not to disturb you in that room
You've tied them up here also
This devilish duo and bhai
Triangular pest attack!
Tell me what I should see
Take out your wedding video
and watch, you'll find out
Fine, I'll do that
Bhai, keep an eye on them
I'll watch the video and get back
They gave me a root, they will
another route for you
You could've brought 2 pots
of water in your car
I'll send a lorry load of water
'Is little muffin asleep?'
He is a madcap
We can handle him
How can you play this song
for the wedding?
My father-in-law's favorite song
That's why we decide-
'Is that important?
Push it forward'
Faster...fast forward
'Pause the video'
'He will pick all this
quiet mischief spot on!'
Bro, I found out
You are pinching a girl's waist
That's why they are seeking revenge
Nothing of that sort
Fast forward
Let's rewind and look at that lady's face
We'll get some clue, bro
You won't find anything
Go forward
- Let's watch for my sake
- That's why I'm saying 'no'
Appu, rewind
We'll find come clue
'Hey! Stop it right there'
'Looks like he will ask now'
That is my wife, bro
You weren't married to her then
She was Somasundaram's girlfriend
What do you mean?
I didn't know then
she would become your wife
I pinched her to take revenge
I didn't do a good job in haste
Hereafter daily I'll pinch
Somasundaram's ex-love
She is your wife now, I say
That's true, right?
Hey bro!
What is this place?
Don't you know this, akka?
It's Binny mill
Many films are shot here
Stunt scene of 'Sivaji' was shot over there
'Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu' on top
'Gulebagavali' song on that side
Fight scene for 'Ayan' on this side, akka
If you untie me
I can also watch the shooting
You can see, akka
Bhai is in charge of Binny mills
They are tourists and you are their guide!
Get lost!
Shouldn't we get rent from Manasthan?
'He wants to take them on a tour it seems'
Fast forward
Nothing here
They made us watch this
while they were up to something fishy
Let's go
Don't you pray at this time?
How will you pray now?
Is your name Banu?
Yes, bhai, if you untie me
I will pray to our Allah
I can't do all that
Bhai is scared I think
Leave it, Banu
- What did you say?
- Then what, Bhai?
Being a Muslim boy
you are not helping a girl
'She asked you for a holy reason'
I'll untie only her, not you
That will do, Bhai
She will play her hand
I said she will pray with her hands
'Pray and take a short walk, akka'
'God is greatest
All praise is to God alone'
Save this duo
created by You!
What kind of prayer is this?
"A spark turned blast?
Fireworks from a fiery lass?"
"Is our flag flying in our fort at last?"
"Enlightened now?
Understood somehow?"
"Is it an earth shattering blow?"
'That's right, hey...hey!'
'Listen to me, sir
She got it goin' so good'
'This is her era, she's a holy terror!'
'All around (wo)man, beware!'
'So we makin' no error
She a real live wire'
"She spins a yarn so believable
Her eyes make the impossible possible"
'Spinning her dice with a chance in hell
Winning her jackpot game so swell'
'You think you know the game, huh?'
'Close ya eyes and roll the dice'
'We takin the jackpot so name ya price'
'Close ya eyes and roll the dice'
'We takin the jackpot so name your price'
This Bhai is as bad as Uncle Scrooge!
Sitting in darkness
worried he'll get a fat electricity bill
Switch on the main
- Don't switch it on
- Who is this?
Good lord!
Manastha, where did you bring
that deadly duo from?
Disgusting fellow! Did you strip
not to get your clothes dirty?
Don't take a dig at me
unaware of what happened
That girl dived like a fish
without holding a rope!
Caring two hoots
she tanned our hides
Aren't you ashamed to praise them
sitting here without a stitch on you?
Instead of sitting here shamelessly
we would've hung ourselves to death
Already we have experience-
Tumbler, zip your lips
I warned you to be alert around them
'They won't stop with this'
They will blackmail you
Your dignity will go for a toss
Doesn't matter if I lose
my dignity, Manastha
They took away my mosquito repellent
Coil + stand!
Specimens like you should be strang-
Dai! Go and look for them
Strip these knots out of my hands
They already stripped you!
'How can you befriend such a specimen?'
Even if I prayed wrong
Allah has saved us
That baldie tattletale let us down badly
We can't retrieve that now, Akshu
We need 1 more hand
I was looking for you
My dear friend!
Beggars earlier pleaded 'Ammaaa'
Now you're bonding as my friend?
Looks like you'll ask for a bride next
I'll punch your mouth
- I'm your Ragul
- Which Ragul?
Don't you recognize me, your Ragul?
If you're Ragul I'm Google!
Go and search over there
I'll jog your memory
with an incident, will you listen?
We claimed money can grow on a plant
and tricked my father to eat 'biriyani'
Do you remember that?
You had this same crook of an expression
'My idea of money
on a plant worked out, eh?'
Now do you remember?
Hundred rupee note blossom-
- Darling!
- Good lord...ghost!
Nicey, you had a decent face
Now it looks like a worn out handbag!
Who is he?'
Sir, wait in Kabir Bhai's shop
We'll discuss our constituency-
I'm starving
Get me some food
Sir, what do you want to ord-
Who let you in here?
Door was open
I walked in
Hey! Drive this tramp away
Clay stove nose fellow!
I contributed to this hotel's growth
Bhai, I'm your Ragul
Don't you feel ashamed to say
you're Ragul, with this ugly face?
- Listen to me
- Get up
Are you Arvind Swami or what?
He's my friend, go
Sathish, instead of a millionaire
how can you befriend a beggar?
1st I should cut my friendship
with you, get us 2 cups of tea
Go, dirty dish face!
Bhai can't recognize me
- Even I can't recognize you
- What?
Only Ragul and I know
about that money plant
- How do you know?
- You still don't believe me?
Nothing is believable if I look at you
Once when I maligned your girlfriend
you quoted this saying
'A crow thinks its chick is a swan'
- Stop it
- How yuck it sounds!
- The chick story
- Rack your brains
If you're really Ragul
what happened?
You are the main culprit
You smeared cake on my face last week
My trouble started then
What are you saying?
You went home that night
A soothsayer came to
my doorstep late at night
Aiyo! Unbearable!!
I can't bear to see my own face
Looks like you're fibbing
after watching Harry Potter in Tamil
I am speechless
When we were taking a short film,
we came across a soothsayer
...in the cemetery in Sendhil Nagar
performing some ritualistic prayer
Take offerings to God and meet him
- Okay?
- I'll go tonight
Careful, don't disturb
the ghosts resting there
Order 'biriyani'
'Babyma, I'm on the way for you'
'Lamb trotters stew, liver,
pan roasted mutton fry'
'Biriyani', chicken lollipop
Order these for me
Hey glutton! Lazy lout
Did you fib to get this feast?
Ragul's idea, huh?
If I bash you up
his face will become like yours
True that!
Don't try to fool me!
Shouldn't a man feel hungry
if his face changes?
I can't even get 1 square meal
No wonder 'Gaja' cyclone strikes!
We got the whale we wanted!
Hey! Even if the world
keeps saying 'you are dead'
If this town screams out loud
'you have been burnt to ashes'
...until I tell you
never ever give up!
- Give up
- 'Hey ultimate!'
Aiyo! Who are you?
You look like a half baked wild boar
Can we brag about our own self?!
Why are you telling a corpse
Ultimate star Ajith's dialogs?
I used to mimic celebrities
when I was jobless and bored
Now as an undertaker
I'm cremating corpses
Sir, when is the soothsayer expected?
Yov! Is today some special function?
He seems to be in high demand
Already there is a duo waiting for him
Who are they?
College students, huh?
Hello, excuse me
Hello, students
Masha, some creature is attacking us
Stay right there
'Don't pick that stone'
If you come closer
I'll stone you
Listen, I'm as human
as both of you
Listen to my history first
What is this bad habit?
Madam, do you know
how handsome I was?
I argued a bit
with a soothsayer
He made this beautiful swan
an ugly duckling
- Even you?
- What do you mean, 'even you'?
Even we were transformed
like this by a soothsayer
Is it so, madam?
If you are so beautiful
even after the transformation
...imagine what a stunner
you must have been earlier
But you look familiar to me
I've seem you somewhere
'Where have I seen you?'
It's a legal offense
to travel without ticket
Hey! Weren't you the one who tricked me
at the railway station 2 months ago?
- Am I not right?
- She got changed only 2 days ago
- This is confusing
- I'll show you how I was
- No need
- Take a look
- What is this?
- I looked like Revathi in 'Manvaasanai'
Checked for the fresh earth smell
as the title claims!
But I still feel I saw you
in the railway station
Don't keep harping on that
Only day before yesterday, the soothsayer
came to my house asking for some food
I went in to get food for him
My dog Akshya
went to bite him
The soothsayer transformed
my pet doggy like this
Very true
I was so shocked and I slapped him
He shoved his little drum
under my nose
And changed me from
a teenager to this 'me'
A prospective groom is
visiting me next week
'How sad
Is that so?'
Couldn't you concoct
any other story?
Is the groom Prabhu of
'Chinna Thambi' fame?
Maybe that thief of a girl
would have provoked the soothsayer
Irritated he would have transformed
your doggy into that girl, am I right?
You mean that wretched fellow
gave me a criminal's face?
I don't like this human form one bit
I wish to be only a pup
We are souls to be pitied
I am the most pathetic soul
Instead of feeling happy you are
such a beauty rather than a doggy
...you seem to be lamenting with us
'Look at her pranks'
But you know how handsome I was?
Now look at me
My hair is like a heap of hay!
My ears resemble terracotta lamps!
My nose is just like
a punctured foot ball
But your eyes are like that of a puppy
I'm pouring out my woes
and she is correcting my vision
'I'm unable to go anywhere during the day
with this face, I step out only at night'
- Wretched fellow!
- Soothsayer is here
Come along
'Bro, pick up our item'
We want to meet the soothsayer
Not the tea shop owner
Hey coir head!
This is the soothsayer
- Is he?
- Telling you it's me
I sell tea till 12 midnight
Then I wander around
shouting aloud my oracle!
- He'll go on his oracle rounds
- No...no
You didn't change my face
'How can I change your face?'
Thank God, he is not the one
Sir, a jinx mouthed soothsayer
changed all our faces and forms
He made them beautiful
but made me look like a folklore spirit
Can you use your magic
and restore our forms?
Aiyaiyo! From what you say
...you've got into the bad books
of a genuine soothsayer
Their curses cannot be retracted
Not possible to rewrite your fate
No point in living in this world
with this beastly face
I'll hang myself to death
in that house
- No one should stop me
- Don't run, stop
- Is there a rope?
- Rope is inside
- Stop
- Listen
He changed us too
Are we committing suicide?
No one will be scared seeing you
One look at me, thinking I'm a ghost
they run for their lives
If he can change a dog into a beauty
I would've been happy with half those looks
I don't like my face now
Isn't beauty skin deep?
Even if he's dark, Rajinikanth is
the one and only super star
Though they may look different, so many
have been successful in films you know?
'Vadakkupatti Ramasamy'!!
Look at my fate
A pup is advising me!
This is reason enough to hang myself
- I hate you
- Listen to me
I don't like people who run
I'll bite you
Nobody should stop me
Hey! Open the door
Drum is here
'Where is the damn rope?'
Let me listen to a nice song while dying
'Nice song being played'
Switch off that song
What are you doing?
There must be some way out
- Don't lose hope
- No, my dear
I can't think of any other option
I was very handsome as a kid
My mother used to ridicule others
bragging about me
If my mother sees my face now,
she will surely die
My last wish, my mother should hate me
Close the window and leave
Masha, run
'Wretched fellows!'
My house that even
Gaja cyclone couldn't touch
...that wild bison has destroyed
by trying to hang himself
Shame on you!
You can't even hang properly
Is it a regular habit of mine?
Even Lord of Death, Yama has rejected you
Madam, feed her in that corner
She isn't letting me eat in peace
Staring daggers at me
My poor Akshu darling
Madam, isn't it a waste to live
in this world with such a face?
After eating all this
I'll hang myself happily
I'll tie you with iron chains
Do you know how degrading
I feel about myself?
Yesterday a small boy fell off his bike
breaking the eggs and started crying
Passers-by gave him money
I couldn't even give him
10 rupees and help him
Why do I need this face?
Our kiddo seems to have
branched out on his own!
Why do you keep saying
you want to die?
That's all
If your face is your only problem
you can change it with plastic surgery
If you consult a Siddha doctor in USA
...he will operate on you
and make you Prince Charming
What are you saying?
Even Michael Jackson
transformed himself like that
Bloody thief!
If that's true let's go
Hey! Is it Ambattur?
You'll need lakhs
to go to America
So much, huh?
Then won't I get Michael Jackson's face?
You have to spend 50 million
to get Michael Jackson's face
50 million?
I don't even know what a dog knows!
Knowledgeable dog-
Let's rob somewhere and then go to USA
Robbery, huh?
'How can you suggest that?'
- God help us!
- What?
How can you get that idea
sitting in this house?
- Slip of the tongue
- 1st gargle your mouth
Okay, I will right away
Finally we have roped him in
He may become curious
if we mumble now
Come straight to the point
What is your dog saying?
Actually in the house
belonging to Manasthan
...endorsing the principles of 'Vastu'
a vessel has been buried in its cattle shed
- Okay
- If we dig it out and sell
...all our problems will be solved
Madam, advising me against stealing
you are nurturing a thieving dog!
1st you gargle your mouth
and get cleansed
Hold it
I'm not planning this for my sake
It is only for both your faces
As if we have a face to be proud of?
The damage has been done
Next week a prospective groom
is coming to meet me
Before that let us dig out that vessel
and bathe, all our sins will be washed
Are we going for Manasthan's funeral?
Our mission is to steal
You're blabbering about sins!
You are letting your tongue run
Eaten enough
Go to Manasthan's house
Can I eat the last course
of 'rasam' and rice?
If you touch 'rasam'
I'll kill you and pour curd
Usually milk is poured in a funeral
Is curd the new fermented milk?
Bro, look here
Somasundaram is standing
All he can do is stand
I'm sitting in style
Aiyo! I meant the election
Can every contestant win?
I'm wondering when and
how to tackle that deadly duo
'Clear out now...go'
'Who are you?'
Get out
Out, I say
'Clear out'
- Sir, do you own this place?
- No
- Then bloody well shut up!
- Hey...hey
- He was rude to me
- 'Vanakkam', sir
Wait, who are you?
Sir, I've come looking for a job
- Keep looking
- I'm not in a position to laugh
I've come seeking a job, sir
My workers are jobless as it is
What job will I give you?
Go away
Madam, that buffoon nose
is shooing me away
Shall I just leave?
Will you continue
with your bloated face?
Beg or fall at his feet
'Sir, please don't send me away'
I can even scoop cow dung
like these chaps
Who is scooping cow dung?
Are you an engineer then?
Shut up!
Sir, please say 'yes'
You'll scoop the dung
Who will scoop you?!
Madam, give me an idea double quick
Tell him you'll take good care of his bull
Sir, I'll take good care of your bull
Look at the bull and then tell me
I thought Pinky is a tame cow
'It looks like a rhinoceros'
'Am I your lamb for the slaughter?'
A wilder bull than this
has been tamed in 'Baahubali'
Didn't you watch?
That was computer graphics
Come and see this in person
'If that bull just sniffs
you'll be dead and gone'
'Why is he sniffing his nose?
Maybe a lunatic?'
What should I do now?
Do something and wave your magic wand!
- Hey!
- He's calling me, wait
What are you thinking?
You saw the animal? Now scoot
Sir, I'll at least sing and milk the cow
I don't even mind
falling at your feet
- Please take me in
- Hey, send him off
Go away
- I'll go, engineer
- Clear out
Madam, this face isn't fit to
even scoop dung, right?
I've lost, no?
'We won't get our original faces'
This plan also got messed up?
Pinky is untethered
Go in and be safe
- Run...run to safety
- Pinky is charging
Get up and run inside, bro
'If everyone runs,
who will get hold of Pinky?'
Hey you there!
Pinky is charging behind you
'Hey you! Run for your life
It will gore you to death'
Hey! Pinky will attack you
This is an ugly face, madam
'Hereafter who will respect me?'
We have lost
Don't be scared like a coward
Even if you fail 1000 times and fall down
try to stand up on your feet once more
Turn around and face it bravely
This is the right time for you!
Go, I say
What happened?
[famous dialog from 'Ezhumalai']
Hey, you are dismissed
Bro, it is 'apartment'
From today you are 'apartment'
"I am Miss Smart-aleck, if gutsy, face me
This world is in our hands undoubtedly"
"You're the boss
if you overcome loss"
"Chase your hurdles confidently
Assail and assault ardently"
"Dude, we hit a jackpot super
Life will be doooper hereafter"
"Wow! Too good, that's it
If played right, this plan also a hit"
"If any doubts in your head
trash and stride ahead"
"Announce for the world to hear
Live in comfort, my dear"
"Where is a road without a barricade, dude"
"Play your game safe,
showoff your attitude"
"If you use the talent sleeping in you"
"Heart will sing anew
You'll be all time favorite too"
"If shoulders don't droop
Nor do you stoop"
"You stand tall, head held proud
you'll be on the top of the world"
"If you don't panic, be at ease
Not go down on your knees"
"If you clash head on
you hit a jackpot lifelong"
"If shoulders don't droop
Nor do you stoop"
"You stand tall, head held proud
you'll be on the top of the world"
"If you don't panic, be at ease
Not go down on your knees"
"If you clash head on
you hit a jackpot lifelong"
"I am Miss Smart-aleck, if gutsy, face me
This world is in our hands undoubtedly"
"You're the boss
if you overcome loss"
"Chase your hurdles confidently
Assail and assault ardently"
"He let years fly, that lazy lout
Then went begging for every single vote"
"No need to be tricked from now on
Jackpot in our hands, let's enjoy the sun"
"Purse your goals with persistence always"
"After a wait when patience pays
you will enjoy life in a happy daze"
"If you use the talent sleeping in you"
"Heart will sing anew
You'll be all time favorite too"
"If shoulders don't droop
Nor do you stoop"
"You stand tall, head held proud
you'll be on the top of the world"
"If you don't panic, be at ease
Not go down on your knees"
"If you clash head on
you hit a jackpot lifelong"
"If shoulders don't droop
Nor do you stoop"
"You stand tall, head held proud
you'll be on the top of the world"
"If you don't panic, be at ease
Not go down on your knees"
"If you clash head on
you hit a jackpot lifelong"
"I am Miss Smart-aleck, if gutsy, face me
This world is in our hands undoubtedly"
"You're the boss
if you overcome loss"
"Chase your hurdles confidently
Assail and assault ardently"
'Imagine the lifestyle I was used to'
'And my present plight, huh?'
'What are you looking at?
A soothsayer's handiwork!'
'I'll somehow get Michael Jackson's face'
"Beat it...just beat it"
"Beat it...just beat it"
'Don't yell and get me caught'
"Just beat it"
Masha, what are you doing?
'They told me to dig just 2' deep?
I've dug almost 4 feet
Madam, I can't find anything in here
Dig deeper
Easier said than done!
Come and sweat it out
Can you get me some juice
while I keep digging?
Dig deeper
'Deeper than this?
I'm out of breath
Madam, in your hometown
is a boulder called a brass vessel?
All my beads of sweat
for this bloody boulder?
I told you so!
Don't trust that old hag
Keep quiet, Masha
'Don't worry
I'll dig again'
'Let's try our luck again'
'It is a wild beast'
'We won't even go near it
to fill its water trough'
'We don't know how it is still alive'
That's the one!
- Bingo!
- What?
Masha, we got it
Hey! Throw that water trough to us
- That one?
- Yes, throw it
'I can't believe it'
- Got it, Masha
- That one, right?
Throw it to us
Madam, brass vessel
- Throw it
- Throw, da
How can we go to America with this?
We can even buy America with that!
Throw it, da
Let me dig 1' more
and see what we get
- Hey! Listen
If I get my hands on a job
I won't leave it half done
Let me go
'Someone may come
Just throw it'
'Will you throw it or not?'
I told you it is just a brass vessel?
It won't even fetch you 1/4 kg of dates
Whatever you dig and get is all yours
But throw this to us
The treasure is mine, huh?
Lady Luck is smiling on me
'Then only I'll go to America'
'Where is it?'
Throw that vessel
Here you go
To hell with you!
'Akshu, pick it up'
Akshu, come out
- Sir, he is running, aim at his feet
- Go and nab him
Hey you there!
- Akshu, don't
- Masha, let go of my foot
'Gunny bags
Easy to jump!'
'Son of a gun!
He has erected a false wall!'
- Nab him
- I told you not to take him in
Why ask me now?
Go, get him
Whom else will I ask?
1st he should be shot
Masha, run fast
'I am so thirsty'
'All the pots are empty'
'How do they water the plants?'
'Why hoard so many books?'
'There's a fish bowl'
'No other go
I have to drink this'
Hey! Who are you?
Sir, please don't shout
I'm an innocent fellow
A whole battalion is looking for me
What's happening?'
Why are you dancing?
Nothing, sir
I felt thirsty, I drank water
from your fish bowl
That fish is dancing within me
'Why is this girl smiling at me?'
Don't laugh, dear
'I'm telling you not to laugh'
'Moving into awkward parts!'
My daughter...is laughing
You are laughing, darling
Is she your daughter?
- Acting?
- Sir
I swear the fish-dance is making me jiggle
Why should I lie to you?
Will you act in a movie?
- In a movie?
- My dad is a director
I'll give it a shot, sir
- Aren't you ashamed?
- Not at all
You snitched on us
as soon as they beat you up?
They beat me black and blue
I didn't utter a single word
'4 of them caught hold of me
and punched me to a paste'
They forced booze down my throat
I blabbered
But my love is true
'100% truth'
I'll do anything for my Masha
'Do you know who you are?'
You are a combo of 100 Kaala
500 Kabali and 1000 Baashha
Only then will you get your Masha!
Bring a vehicle as strong as you
'Is Masha next to you?'
My sweetie pie, my muffin, my honey tart!
I'm waiting
You're so cuuute!
You watching
I am fighting
My beloved Masha...muah!
"If you and I were locked up in a room"
[song from 'Bobby']
Why do we need a song
when you're rubbing it?
That's my ringtone, bhai
My wife loves calling me
My dear Bhai!
This is brass!
You jinxed-mouth rat!
What was that expression for then?
I found this vessel in Pinky's shed, sir
I fill it with water for Pinky
Are they on a warpath
to flick this brass bowl?
Shall we just call them
and hand it over?
If they are risking their lives for this
there's more to it than meets the eye
Maybe the water is cool if stored in it
Don't make a murderer out of me
They will definitely come back for this
Let them come
This gun missed its target last time
If they slink into my house, every bullet
will get embedded in them this time
Hey! Isn't that a car?
- Yes, bro
- That's it!
'They've come with a huge battalion!'
Why are you giving me a heart attack?
- Aiyo!
- What is this, Manastha?
Is this how you receive guests?
I wanted to show you my new second hand car
and get a keychain from you
You're pointing a gun at me
I'm in a soup as it is and
you're adding fuel to the fire!
What is your problem?
Is DCP Raghavan hassling you
or the new entrant Sethupathi?
Rugged old cop Walter Vetrivel?
Dare devil Anbu Selvan IPS?
Or our dear Durai Singam?
Name the cop
I'll handle him
None of them, bhai
The ones who stripped you
to your birthday suit
That devilish duo, huh?
I'm going home
See you later
Are you in a hurry to pee?
You manhandled me the other day
when I was a single fellow
If you have the courage
I'm here with 2 bravehearts
Let me see how you take me head on now!
We brought you here as our driver
Baldie blockhead!
Why do you have a radio
pinned to your mouth?
Go and get that vessel
Masha, you've changed beyond recognition
Hey! Who are you? Breaking my wall
when sand costs a king's ransom
Will this bowl make you a millionaire?
Get it into your head
you can't step out alive
If we can walk into your house
with grit and guts with all of you here
...haven't you understood us even now?
Bhai, tell him about us
Ye...yes, true
I can still visualize the striking avatar
you took the other day
Then why is he pointing that gun at us?
Come on, Bhai
'We can sort this out
Lower your gun'
I don't like this clichd count of 1-2-3
I prefer counting from ABC to Jo
Till J
Ask him to drop that gun by then, BHAI!
If I don't?
Bhai, whom are you very fond of?
My Banu!
I love Masha
Should Banu be safe and sound?
Or this brass vessel?
No need, Manastha
Whatever it is, let us talk it over
What if they have a bigger gun than this?
Hey you! Pick it up
Will you take another step?
- Don't
- Shut up!
Pick up that gun
'She has something behind her'
Come closer, rowdy
Get it, baldie!
Go and get it
'Baldie, I checked it already
It's just a brass vessel'
'What can you do with it?'
Lift up your hands, Manastha
She might shoot you
Don't worry, Bhai
I emptied all the bullets
There were just 2 left
She has exhausted those 2 also
Lower your hands and if we have
some more brass vessels, give those also
'Lower your hands I say'
What is this?
How come another bullet?
Watch it, my dear
You may shoot me by mistake
What is she doing now?
How did she get another gun?
- Hey!
- Oh gawd!
Hold it, wait
It's raining guns now
Your chapter
What's this, Manastha?
Don't shoot me
'Aiyaiyo! That's my car'
'Listen to me, sir
She got it goin' so good'
'She's driving away in my car
Get hold of them'
'So be makin' no error
She a real live wire'
Baldie, hurry up
'Not a single tale she spun
ever happened even'
Push the pedal to the metal
'Spinning her dice with a chance in hell
Winning her jackpot game so swell'
Aiyo! They are catching up
'Rate at which time flies in 5th gear
'Impossible' doesn't feature for her'
Take it out fast, shoot
'We takin the jackpot
So name ya price'
"A spark turned blast?
Fireworks from a fiery lass?"
- How is it multiplying?!
- Baldie, look at the road, drive
How do guns multiply in this?
'Why isn't any gun falling out?'
'Can't you keep your hands to yourself?'
- Wait, dear
- Dunderhead!
Drive fast
What happened?
Masha, get down
Baldie, run
Masha, I love you
Come on, boys
Aiyaiyo! My poor car
'Stuck in this mire'
'Nab them'
'Why do you come to school
if you can't pay the fees?'
'Will you pay the rent or vacate?'
'Why study in a convent
when you can't repay your debt?'
'Not capable of repaying your loan'
'But you can pay the fees
for her to study in a convent?'
"Is it a blast
from this lass?"
Mashaaa, catch this
Akshu, come
'Mashaaaa, train'
Masha, where are you?
Masha...where are you?
Masha! Where did you go?
What happened?
- What's wrong?
- Where did you go, Masha?
I am fine
You aren't hurt, right?
Hey look!
Run fast
Mashaaa, jump
Come, jump now
Get the vessel
Masha, give me your hand
Climb up
Hoist yourself
Stealing and cheating like this
'And then we run for our lives
to save our skin...why this plight?'
Fine, I had to choose such a life
I thought at least you'll study
and make it big in life
...you have overtaken me and
earned a PhD in scheming
As if I didn't want to study
How often I've been punished for not
paying the fees or buying my note books
'Ashamed but I would
stand outside my class'
My classmates used to ridicule me
as 'Rag doll Akshaya'
Money is the reason for all this, Masha?
If only we had the money
...we would've helped others
to the best of our ability
And led a happy life, no?
'No one should suffer like us'
Let there not be have-nots in our society
We should eradicate poverty
We can try
But our hands are empty!
Not my hand
But my foot has the magic wand!
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by krish
'Free notebooks for
under privileged students'
'Wedding chain for free
for the have-nots in Akshaya Mall'
They are giving wedding chain
for free in Akshaya Mall
'Free notebooks for
under privileged students'
They are distributing organic seeds
free of cost for poor farmers
Our country is sure to flourish
But I don't know who the owner is
She belongs to a well known zamindar family
She has won a case just now
That's why she is so generous
'Free seeds for farmers'
'Biriyani only Rs 5'
They might as well give it free
than sell it so cheap
They don't want people to become lazy
This is genuine social service
You go this way and search
- You take that path
- My go down that street
- Madcap! I'm coming from there
- Go and search again
- This is a dead end
- Is it so?
- Then run this side
- Shut your gob
- Which side shall I go?
- Wherever you want
Catch Somasundaram
Who is this?
Why are you lying like a ghost
in the middle of the road?
You had better apologize to me
for calling me a ghost
How dare you demand
an apology from Manasthan
Masha, have you become Baashha the don?
I haven't changed
This is for you to reform!
Don't get your hands dirty hereafter
dealing with stolen vehicles
Because you know our secret
Masha will give you an unpleasant surprise
Thank you very much
What temerity to steal
and sell vehicles, huh?
Get up
I said get up
Take your shirt off
Take your shir-
Are you a married person?
No, I am wild and single!
You, madam?
Get him 'biriyani'
'Owner of a rice mill is just a name tag!'
'Go and tell my son Manasthan
and daughter Manasthi right now'
'Somasundaram has kidnapped and killed me'
'That's so simple'
'I'll make it spread like wildfire'
'Hey! What are you up to?'
'I learnt a new mantra
I'm trying that spell with this tea'
'I am sitting here jobless
Try your spell on me'
'Why did you turn me into a cow?'
'Where are you off to?'
'Running Successfully 100th Day'
'Wretched fellow!
If he had changed me like him'
'I would have acted with Nayantara'
Hi girls
Hey! Hero
I am on top of the world
How are you?
Told your amma everything, eh?
Just the opposite
I'm adopting her as my amma
Okay, listen
This box has cash
Go straight to USA and
get back your original face
- What about you?
- Let this face be status quo
People have started appreciating this face
I'll make a mark till my last breath
as a comedian with this face and curly mop
All yours
No thanks, dear
We love our middle class lifestyle
'Oh! So goes the story, huh?'
Then don't change
your pet Akshaya
I'll take her as my wife
How's that?
Did I hear you right?
You want Akshu as your-
Don't show your filmy stunts on me
You can be hero to the world
But if you want to marry Akshu-
You're the heroine
for my next film, okay?