Jackie and Ryan (2014)

- Hey, man.
- Hey. How you doing, George?
Great to see you.
Did you have a good ride?
Did you get in touch with Cowboy?
Not yet, I'm gonna swing by later.
You found some good spots?
Yeah, man.
Thank you. Thank you, folks.
We take requests and we take bills.
We prefer one over the other.
You guess which.
Thank you, miss.
- You guys are really good.
- Thank you.
You play any of your own stuff?
Just the classics. You know,
give the people what they want.
Why, though?
You ain't got nothing to say?
No, ma'am, not really.
- Dance all night?
- Let's do it.
I'm thinking it needs a "D".
You got any kind of student discount?
You a student?
Hey, Ryan... you got your student ID?
He doesn't have his ID with him
and I left mine in the car...
but come on, could I be
a month shy of my junior year?
I'm gonna give you ten percent,
but I don't want you back here
asking for picks or rosin
or any of that.
- You're a saint, ma'am.
- No problem.
That'll be $7.95.
Got mahogany sides and neck...
rosewood fret board,
vintage open-back tuning.
And she's got that spruce top,
which is really nice, too.
- Hey, you mind if I...
- No, go ahead.
We just got her. We haven't put
the tag on yet. You want a price?
That's okay.
Just a sec.
Mama, will you turn that TV down?
- My goodness. Come here.
- Hi.
- God, it is good to see this face.
- Hey, how are you guys?
- Good.
- Where's Cowboy?
Oh, my God, he looks exactly like him.
- I know, a spittin' image?
- Hi.
Henry and I are just about to go
to the store. You want to come with?
- Is Cowboy gonna be back later, or...
- We'll take the truck.
Can you believe we got a truck?
It was all of our savings in one go.
Okay, Mom, I'm going to the store now!
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
So, where you been? What have you seen?
I heard the Highline
got flooded out this summer.
You didn't get caught
in that mess, did you?
Where's Cowboy?
Last time we spoke, he caught out from
New Orleans and was headed up to Missouri.
Hell, I'd be traveling right there
with him, just like we used to, if I could.
It's not safe for this little man?
I think it all might just be different
for a momma, you know?
I mean, this little guy,
whatever it takes, it's where I gotta be.
It's easy. It wasn't easy for Cowboy.
I don't know, he just...
he just got angry. You know?
Like everything made him angry.
He'd go to work, they'd have him work
a double on the fly. He'd get angry.
The hospital keep saying we didn't pay
some anesthesiologist bill
we know damn well we paid,
or the mechanic, charged $120 too much.
No time to be with Henry.
No time to play music.
No, it's like pretty soon
he was just this...
man looking up at all these
tall things, bigger than him.
And he kept talking about getting back
on the trains, traveling some.
I basically told him to go.
I mean, just for a week.
And how long has he been gone?
A month.
He hasn't called in a couple
of days, but he will.
He'll be happy to know
you're doing so good.
Hey, Cowboy, it's Ryan here.
Just saw Virginia and your critter.
Kid looks just like you...
eyes half asleep and seeing everything.
I came to see you,
but you've been gone, I guess.
Anyway, we're... we're here in Ogden.
I had a few ideas about a music thing...
a song thing.
Kind of wanted to maybe run past you...
just give me a call,
you know, when you can.
I'll talk to you soon, bro.
Take care of yourself. Bye.
I didn't even see you, lady.
I didn't even see you.
- What hurts? Can you tell?
- I'm all right, I'm... I'm fine.
It's my leg.
Okay, I'm gonna lift this up.
Can I look?
- Can you get her to a hospital, man?
- No, no. No hospitals.
I just lost my insurance.
I can't do that. Just...
- If someone could help me get to my car.
- You can't drive with that ankle.
Do you have...
do you have someone at home?
- My mom.
- Help me get her in, will you?
Reach up, hold on to my neck.
- Thank you.
- You'll come, right? To help get her out?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Let me just go get my pack.
What was in your pack?
I had some letters I wanted
to hang on to, but I got my guitar.
Phone with numbers in it.
I'll be all right.
- Just put up that one here.
- Thank you.
It's just there.
You play?
Used to.
You any good?
It used to be my living. I had a big,
old corporate record deal and everything.
Don't, however, know if that
makes me any good or not.
I better go find a mat,
supposed to head out tomorrow, so...
My mom'll be home in a minute.
She can give you a lift.
That's all right, that's all right.
I'll just... I'll just grab a ride.
Nice to meet you, Jackie.
You take care of yourself.
you want to at least stay for supper?
Let me make you supper.
You don't have to do that.
You had seventeen objects to your name
and you lost them all
because I couldn't wait to read a text
until after I'd crossed the street.
I might actually have to do that.
Roast chicken?
No, Georgie, I'm good, I'm fine.
I'm gonna stay here for supper
with this lady.
I don't know, some kind
of thank you or something.
You go on to Virginia's
and when Cowboy calls you tell him
we're headin' up to Portland and, you know,
but we want to play with him a bit first.
Yeah, I'll see you later.
Yes, like tonight later.
Okay. Yeah.
So, where's his house?
- I think he just travels, honey.
- Look, he's cute.
- He is?
- Mom.
Look, I'll give you he's cute.
But he is literally a homeless person,
Jacks... a wanderer.
- That's right.
- Who the hell lives like that anymore?
Apparently, the guy taking a shower
in your bathroom upstairs.
It's not the sixties.
So, is that bad? To wander around?
What do you think?
- I don't know yet.
- Good answer, honey.
- Carrots?
- Yeah.
Here's some right there.
That's enough, yeah.
So have you ever worked?
Yes, ma'am, since I was 14.
Construction, salmon fishing
up in Alaska.
- Ran a farm for a couple years.
- What kind of farm?
It was organic... co-op.
We had a program where we took
in at-risk youth from Nashville.
We gave them a piece of land,
taught 'em how to understand planting cycles,
the moon, seasons, things like that.
- Did it help?
- Shoulda seen the look in their eyes.
The end of summer, they'd come back
and look at their plot,
see the little buds coming up.
You could tell they felt just...
Yeah... yeah, proprietary
is a good word for it.
When are you planning on leaving?
I'm asking how long a person stays
when they're not so used to staying.
- Leaving after dinner.
- Really?
I gotta go meet up with my friend Georgie.
We're heading to Portland tomorrow morning.
There's a folk festival happening,
it's a good time to busk.
So, where do you keep
your shampoo and stuff?
Well, it was in my pack.
You want some of these?
But they didn't get your banjo?
- The guitar.
- That's right.
So, you just carry everything around
with you? Like a turtle?
You ever seen a turtle
with a backpack? Imagine that.
I already have this stupid
house on my back
and now I have to carry 'round
my shampoo in this thing?
I don't even need shampoo, I'm a turtle.
I don't have any hair.
- You think they have TVs in there?
- Yeah, absolutely.
Why else do you think they move so slow?
- It's good, Grandma.
- It's delicious, thank you.
No, we're not gonna come back
to New York for Christmas.
We're staying at my mother's.
For the first time in 9 years you were
going to tear yourself away from the office
and spend some quality time
with your kid during the holidays?
You want some chips, too?
Got some chips left.
No, really, I'm... I'm good. Really.
No, I don't want you to fly out...
Because, I don't want you...
Stop, Wes, stop it,
just stop it, please.
This is exactly why we left last week.
Okay, water, pop, soda,
what do you like?
- I got a leftover Mr. Pibb, you want that?
- No, honestly, this is fine.
I'll tell her you said goodbye.
I got this bag, would you mind taking out
the trash on your way past the cans?
Of course.
- Nice to meet you, Robert.
- It's Ryan.
Well, good luck in all
that you do, okay? There you go.
Thank you, ma'am.
- Jackie... Lia...
- Mom.
I gotta go, Wes, Lia is up. I gotta go.
I gotta go, Jesus! Hey, sweetheart.
- Where'd you go?
- Momma's right here, sweetheart.
Come on, sleepy head,
let's go back to bed, come on.
Hey, don't leave. I... found some stuff.
Is my mom having you take the trash out?
- Little bit.
- Jesus Christ, come on, sweetheart.
You get her back down?
She's not used to it here yet.
The quiet, you know, it's its own kind
of sound. Not like New York.
Useful? Not useful?
Well, you don't...
you really don't have to do any of this.
It's supposed to have matches in it.
No matches. I don't know.
And, as it turns out,
the flint doesn't work.
Compass works.
So you'll be able to tell precisely where
you are when the big emergency occurs.
Plus, I'll have this extra,
long piece of string.
Yeah, you can spell out 'SOS'
in tiny, little neon letters.
- I'm sure it'll come in handy. Thank you.
- Cool.
There's a flashlight in here, too.
And I found these, and these.
So where after Portland?
Probably take the low-line down
West through... through Texas.
I got a friend down there... got
an old time band, makes his own banjos.
- Yeah?
- Deer skin, just like the old time kind.
- Different sound?
- Yeah, deeper, kinda. Beautiful.
Too small. Thanks, though. You're sweet.
When did you start traveling?
After high school?
I didn't really get through high school.
I didn't get much past 7th grade.
- Home schooled?
- Not really.
My mom, she had us kids
and my stepdad... job.
Worked her fingers to the bone.
- When was the last time you were back?
- Stepdad's funeral.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I had one of those kind
of stepdads, too.
Can I take a drag of that?
Can I hear you play?
Sure. What do...
What do you want to hear?
That song.
No one's heard it?
It's nothing to hear, really.
It's like this, right?
Keep going.
That's all I got.
Now that ain't true.
There's a fold-out cot in the back
in the studio. Some blankets next to it.
I know, Georgie.
'Cause it was snowing and I'm not gonna
catch a ride in the middle of a corn field
in a damn snowstorm.
Yeah, I'm leaving to head
into town right now.
Hey, did Cowboy call yet?
There's no girl, Georgie.
No, no one is falling for anything
and there is no girl.
Yeah, I'm headed there this afternoon.
Yeah, I'll call you when I'm on my way.
Okay, bye.
Lia, Lia, hold on, wait!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
- No! No, Mom! No!
- Wait. Stop.
It's not even sunny, Mom.
Look, Mom, it's not even...
- Hi, what you doing?
- You got leaks.
- You a roofer?
- Sometimes.
Your Mom doesn't get this fixed
this whole left side of this porch
is gonna come down
first really heavy snow.
- Yeah, that's what the other guy told her.
- So she knows there's a problem?
We can't afford to fix it right now.
Jeopardizes the foundation
you let it rot out like this.
Probably get you patched up.
Take an afternoon. Couple hundred
for supplies. You guys do that?
- Mom!
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming. I'm coming.
- I'm gonna be late, let's go.
- What about you?
- What about me?
- The labor... we can't...
- Don't worry about it.
Besides, you seen this fancy,
new compass this nice lady gave me?
- Mom, come on, I gotta get to camp!
- Okay, I'm coming.
Who do you think you are, Ryan?
I'm sorry. Look at you.
You did not grow up around here.
State Road 26. Murdock Elementary.
- When'd you graduate?
- A lady never tells.
I like that answer.
I'm gonna use that answer.
So... when do you think Mr. Kooper
will actually be holding the interviews?
Well, of course,
there technically is no job.
Well, you put that ad up online,
'Music teacher', ' Experience preferred'.
I'll be honest with you, Jackie.
Mr. Kooper was kinda hoping we could
get into an intern-type situation.
Someone who just got their degree
from University State
and is looking to pick up hours
toward their certification.
Of course, we do have
some subbing coming up.
- That'd be great.
- We got a lady choir teacher.
Third pregnancy in four years.
I am like,
"Honey, shut the damn bedroom door,"
you know?
Right, well, I'm gonna leave
my resume with you, Darlene
because I'd be thrilled to subbing
or if you get the money for a position...
You know, I just have
to ask you one more question.
When you had the album out,
which I loved, by the way...
I used to listen to it all the time when
I'd take my Sunday afternoon lady baths.
- Thank you.
- So, on tour and stuff,
did you used to ride around in limos?
Every now and then, sure.
Is it true that they have
free candy cups in the back?
Someone told me about free candy cups,
M&Ms and Reese's and stuff,
- and you can eat what you want for free.
- It depended on the limo.
- You must have been so proud.
- It was just pop song stuff.
- Well, that's not nothin'.
- Actually, it is, Darlene.
How'd it go?
You drive. I should be
in charge of nothing.
What happened?
So, there's something wrong
with her card.
Why don't you go ahead and try it again.
And his attorney
will be on the call, too.
Yeah, well, we can discuss
that in mediation...
Hey, Jackie?
Says declined, I don't know
what that means, but...
It means my soon-to-be-ex-husband
is an asshole.
Thank you. All right, 20 minutes?
I can do that, yeah.
- Listen... I've got this...
- Conference call, is it here in town?
- Yeah.
- You want me to drive?
'Cause I said I'd fix the roof
and I'd like to do it.
What guy in Portland, Georgie?
He works at a recording studio, as what?
He... he said that?
For free, why?
well, he'll wait...
because he will.
Because I got a feeling that he will.
Well, yeah, you head on and I'll head out
tomorrow and just tell him I'm coming.
And just call me when you get there.
Did... did Virginia get a call
from Cowboy yet?
Yeah. Okay. All right, bye, bye.
Yeah, and thanks again
for the last minute.
We wanted to make sure we caught you all
before end of business there in New York.
So everyone is clear, so Wes is clear,
are you representing Jackie, Matt?
I'm just an old friend here
asking a few questions on her behalf.
- Gratis.
- Of course.
So Jackie still has no legal
representation at this time?
Jesus Christ, Jackie, it's like you can't
help but put yourself at a disadvantage.
Is it like a goddamn compulsion?
Matt, with all due respect to what I'm sure
is a tremendously successful business
you have going on there in Ogden.
And regardless of how much we
appreciate you giving Jackie counsel
I think what Wes and myself
want to make clear is at this point
Jackie should very seriously consider
getting herself some actual representation.
We understand, we're gonna need
a list of assets, Bill.
Things that Jackie brought
to the marriage, jewelry, art,
the condo in Manhattan obviously
is the biggest item.
You're aware, I'm assuming that Miss Laurel
took several loans on her Manhattan condo.
Yes, of course, and it will be
assessed at its current value.
Listen, we just need to assure you
that Jackie will be fully prepped
and in good shape for the mediation.
We're not mediating.
Maybe I misunderstood,
Jackie was under the impression
- that you had already...
- I changed my mind, I'm not doing it.
Not with my daughter's
well-being at stake.
What the hell did you just say?
Did I just hear you saying somehow that
I don't have Lia's best interest in mind?
- Where are you? Utah? Really?
- Her well-being is the only thing I think about.
It is the only thing I think about!
Fuck you!
Will you calm her down, please, Matt?
- Yes, we are fine. Everything is good.
- Let me put it to you this way, Matt.
The fact that I am the attorney
you're talking to on this phone call,
you're talking to me as Wes' representation
that needs to let you know
that Jackie's situation is well past the point
where mediation is even a possibility.
Take me off speaker. Jackie? Okay?
I'm sorry I yelled,
I'm sorry I said that about Lia.
Yes, I want this to stop, how?
I understand.
What did he say?
You guys are in my band now.
I gotta know the names of my band,
so what's your name?
- Alan.
- What's your name?
- Millie.
- What's your name?
- What's your name?
- Dylan.
- Are you gonna sing with me?
- Yeah.
Now you guys.
Comes in now.
So, you just run alongside and jump on?
Better if you wait in the yard.
Climb on and settle 'til it go.
Gotta wait for the right one, though.
Sometimes for days.
What makes it the right one?
It's going where you wanna go.
- They give you a hard time?
- Who, the train cops?
Some of 'em are real nice.
So you just wait.
- Just wait.
- Then you get on.
- Yeah.
- And you're gone.
My husband just told me
that if I don't go back to New York Monday
and stop divorce proceedings,
he's gonna sue for full custody of Lia.
What would you do?
Hey, Mom, listen.
- That's really great, honey. It's great.
- Hey, Mom, can we go to Fiddler's tonight?
- Yeah, sure, I don't see why not.
- Can we take Ryan, too?
Hey, Mom, can I have five bucks
for an elephant ear?
- Five bucks, really?
- Yeah.
- For an elephant ear?
- You don't have it?
Jesus Christ, okay, hold on.
- All right, get Mommy one, too, okay?
- Okay.
Where's the elephant... Where are they?
- They're down here, aren't they?
- Yeah.
When you gonna stop talking
to her in the third person?
What's third person mean?
Take Grandma with you,
have her explain third person.
- They're good, right?
- Real good.
Little guys been playing here
like that since I was a kid.
That's the way Ogden is.
Has its little secrets it never tells.
Ryan. Ryan!
Come meet Virginia.
- Hey.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Good.
- Who's this?
This is my friend, Jackie. This is Virginia,
this is my friend Cowboy's girl.
Taught me everything
I know about traveling.
- And who's this?
- This is Henry.
That one over there, that's mine.
- That one?
- Yeah.
She's beautiful.
I remember these days.
Changes everything.
Yeah, I'd a done it years earlier
if I'd known how much fun it was.
Ginny, you hear from him yet?
He worries.
Cowboy took you
under his wing, remember?
Little 16-year-old crustpunk runaway
messed up in all sorts of no-good nonsense.
Took care of you.
He can take care of himself.
Betcha he calls tonight.
Jackie! Jackie, is that you?
- Man, you're a sight. Come here, girl!
- Doc. It's good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- This is Ryan.
- Hey, Ryan.
- Hey.
- How's everything going this year?
- I'll tell you later. Come on.
- What's going on? What are we doing?
- Come on. Now come on.
- No, no, no. Doc, no.
- Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's go.
Folks, hey, folks,
how about they do something with a little
gal who was born and bred right here
in Ogden who's very first time
on stage was at this festival
our own... Jackie Laurel!
- Proud to have you back, hon.
- Thank you.
How are ya'll doin' tonight?
I'm gonna sing you something that I've been
thinking about a lot lately,
an old-time number because...
I don't know about you, but I been seein'
a lot of people I know,
good people, smart people,
hard-workin' people
havin' to make different kinds
of choices these days.
Tough choices.
The kinda choices you make when... you don't
feel you have much to choose from.
Lia, come on, come on.
I'm gonna have my daughter sing this song
with me 'cause she has the voice of an angel
and she knows this one.
- Come on, come on.
- What is it, Mom?
You're gonna know it when they
start playing. Please sing this with me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Two, three, four...
She always been able to do that?
I love you so much, sweetie.
More than anything in the entire world.
Jackie Laurel, folks!
And now an old favorite, folks.
Ferghis Daley.
What's wrong?
Hey, come here.
- He's not gonna take her from you.
- He's got money. He's got family money.
- He's got this attorney already...
- Hey.
He's not gonna take her from you.
How do you know?
Because you're not gonna let him.
Who told you not to sing?
No... no one... no one
told me not to sing.
A song is havin' something to say.
You got songs and you don't sing 'em. Why?
Someone tell you they didn't wanna hear?
Who told you not to sing?
- I sang.
- Like you did tonight?
You're right.
Of course, you're right.
You ask yourself,
"How'd I get here?" You know?
You chose to be here.
Chose this song, not that one, that city,
that condo, that loan, that man.
And here you are.
Here you are, you know?
You don't ever ask yourself
how you got here?
- No.
- Not ever?
Every day I say, where am I gonna go next?
How am I gonna get there?
There's this guy in Portland,
friend of a friend.
He has a sound studio there.
Says he wants to record Georgie and me.
It's good, do it.
Sing 'em that song,
the one that's about me, yeah?
- Wh... what song?
- It's about me, isn't it?
- What is?
- Your song.
You gonna take me back down?
You wanna go back down?
My dad's an asshole.
I'm sure he loves you.
Doesn't mean he's not an asshole.
How was your dad?
I had a stepdad.
How was he?
He was an asshole.
How long are you gonna stay?
Well, I gotta get done fixing
this roof first.
hard to say.
No, it isn't.
Hey, Cowboy, it's Ryan again.
Sorry I keep leavin' you
all these messages, man. I just...
I really want to talk to you
about this...
this music thing
I've been trying to work out.
Anyway, just... I don't know,
give me a call when you get a chance.
Talk to you soon.
All right, be safe. Bye.
So... how much?
- We can give you a student discount.
- Yeah?
Yeah, 10 percent...
with tax, about $1065.
I might be back. Thank you.
- You're up?
- Yeah.
You got a loop in one
of those velvet board things?
All right, let's see what we got here.
- Hey! Hey! No, you can't do that here.
- Sir, I'm just playing a song.
Come on, go now
before I call the police.
- Go! Come on!
- All right.
Come on, come on, come on. Go! Git! Git!
Why don't you calm down?
I'm picking up my guitar and then
I'm walking away, all right?
I will call the police.
Only a lawyer can afford
a goddamn family day.
How'd you know where to find me?
You said you bought from your Dad.
Senior year we TP'd your house.
- That was you guys?
- Couldn't be helped, dude.
Do you know how every girl
on the cheer team had a crush on you?
They wanted to know
where Matt Ridenour lived.
Hey, you want some hot chocolate
or something? Cheryl just put some on.
How much you need, Matt?
Of what?
To put you on retainer.
I've got about seven or eight thousand,
is that enough?
Wes's guy is huge.
We're talking major New York divorces.
I know, he's an old family friend of Wes's.
He went to my damn wedding.
- What's that mean?
- Lotta hours. Lotta, lotta hours.
What's that mean, Matt?
You know, my partners... well,
they'll kill me if I make it any less.
I mean, the firm's gonna need
a retainer of at least $30,000.
Okay. I'll call you.
Answer your damn phone this time.
- Jackie, what are you gonna do?
- Answer your damn phone!
- Lia!
- Hey, Mom, whatcha doin' here?
- You gotta second, honey?
- Yeah.
Actually, the girls and I were just about
to head over to the nature center apiary.
How about we do one more round, on me.
- Awesome!
- Cool.
So we'd never go back to New York?
I'm not movin' forward with this
unless you're okay with it.
You know that. We're a team, you and me.
Did you like growing up here?
Hated it. Couldn't wait
to get the hell out.
- That's great. Just great.
- Until I left. Then I liked it.
I liked bein' from here.
It's a good place to be from.
What do you say?
You wanna be from here, too?
Thank you.
Hello? Hi, Virginia?
Hey, hey, hey, did Cowboy call?
I have here a poem that Scott...
Everybody called him that... 'Cowboy'...
that Cowboy read
at his high school graduation.
It seemed like a real nice poem.
It's by E.E. Cummings.
"For whatever we lose, like you or me,
it's always ourselves
that we find at sea."
He didn't say much.
He never did say much.
He always did more than he said.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Listen, you want me to... help take care
of the baby for a sec, or something?
- No, I'm gonna hold him.
- Sure.
Yeah, I'm gonna hold him.
you gonna be all right?
It's not a gift,
and you don't owe me anything, either.
It's me, paying you back.
- I...
- Take it.
I'm gonna make...
good music on this.
I know you will.
For Lia, right?
Please leave a message.
Hey, Alfred, it's Jackie.
I got the documents that you sent over.
I'll be sure to look them over
before we meet.
It's really exciting that the condo
already has an offer.
I'll see you tomorrow morning
at the property.
Welcome aboard flight 967
to New York LaGuardia Airport.
We should arrive at about 1:40 AM...
Hi, how are you?
Can I just get a cup of coffee?
How are you?
Where am I gonna go next?
How am I gonna get there?
Where am I gonna go next?
How am I gonna get there?
Jackie, Jackie, hun?
Thank you for doing this so last minute.
You were so proud
when you bought this place.
I'm sorry to see it go.
The tenants kept it in real, nice shape,
though, so it should show well.
Though there were these twins that got
very creative with one of the bedroom walls.
But we'll just replace the appliances
and we should probably...
paint a little.
Did you talk to Wes, Alfred?
Yeah, Wes called and asked what time
we were meeting, so I told him...
- I'm sorry, I thought that he...
- It's okay.
Do you even know what you're doing?
I guess we'll find out.
How much can you do for say,
three rooms?
Knew you would.
Buyer's final inspection
is the end of next week
so we gotta get you guys
in there to start...
Lia, honey, it's almost time for supper.
- Hey, Mom?
- Yeah, honey.
Is it okay that he went?
Sometimes people just come through
to tell you something and...
then once you heard it, they go.
- Are you ever gonna go?
- From you?
I will be right here by you,
until you're ready to step away.
And then I'll be right there where I am
for you if you ever need to come back.
That's how that works, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Old German fiddle... Schweitzer?
- Where'd you get that shirt?
- Hey! Ryan!
- God.
- How are you?
Great. Hey, everybody, this is
my friend Ryan I was telling you about.
- Would you like some coffee?
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, a little rough?
Yeah, I could work
on my bowing a little bit.
One second and we'll be good to go.
Tanner, king of the drop thumb.
What's that?
That sounds really good.
Straight to F.
Now D.
So you got any more like that?
You want to hear them?