Jackals (2017)

It's you!
Where have you been?
We've been so worried about you.
You okay?
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
Zoey, hey.
What are you fussing about, huh?
How can such a little baby
make so much of noise huh?
Hey, it's okay.
Is there any sign of him?
He should be here by now.
Sure everything's fine.
Mom, why don't you just...
Sit down and relax.
They should've been here by now.
- Looks like someone wants Nana.
- Ohh.
Oh, god.
Look at you.
Look at you. Yeah.
Everybody likes you.
Ah, don't bother.
Reception up here is for shit.
Daddy's coming home soon.
I'm sorry, can I have her back?
I know I'm crazy.
Oh, no. You're a mom.
There you go.
- What's wrong?
- It's the tire.
What the fuck!
Get on the fucking ground now.
- What is this?
- Get on the fucking ground now.
On your stomach!
Get up. Come on. Get up.
You good?
It's time.
Hey, Campbell give us
a hand here will you.
- What happened to you?
- It's nothing.
Let's get him inside.
You grab his legs, okay.
Let's get him upstairs.
Mom, come on, let's go!
Ahh, okay.
Okay, right.
Alright, get the jacket off.
What the hell!
Tie him up.
- Mom.
- Hey.
Yes, it's me Justin.
I'm here baby.
I'm here, it's me.
Easy, Kathy.
Cam, what are you doing?
It's gonna be okay, Justin.
- What is this shit?
- -Justin.
- He's gonna break it.
- Take it easy, okay.
I'm sorry. The ropes
are a necessity right now.
- I'm sorry.
- Who the hell are you?
My name is Jimmy.
I'm here to help you.
We're all here to help you.
You should all think
about helping yourselves.
- Justin.
- My name is not Justin!
Your name's not Justin.
Alright. It's my mistake.
- You untie me now.
- You're not getting out
of that chair until you start
making some sense.
Calm down.
- Calm down, Justin!
- I'm not Justin!
You're not Justin?
Your family told me
- your name was Justin.
- They're not my family.
Well, I'm pretty sure
that's your father, Andrew.
This is your mother, Kathy.
Your brother, Campbell.
And your girlfriend, Samantha.
And this is your baby.
- Thanatos
- excuse me.
- Thanatos.
- Thanatos? Is that your name?
So, who named you that because
it wasn't your parents?
My real family.
Listen to me Justin. Your family
is very concerned about you.
They wanna talk to Justin.
What's going on, Justin?
Talk to me.
We were just talking here.
Come on man.
Open your eyes.
Look at these pigs.
Lined up for slaughter.
You greased hogs.
- Waiting for the knife.
- No.
Untie me now.
Or I will watch you suffer
and bleed.
Bleed out
like the fucking pigs you are!
I will bathe your blood
the whole fucking lot of you!
That's enough.
My son would never
talk to me like that.
- Here, piggy, piggy, piggy.
- You little piece of shit!
Get off of him!
Come get me, Campbell.
When was the last time
you ever protected anybody, huh?
Your window of opportunity
is closing piggies.
Untie me now or suffer the...
Why are you looking
at her like that?
This is your little girl.
Our little girl.
What the hell is wrong with you?
That's it! Everybody out.
Out! Out! Outta the room.
Jesus Christ,
Campbell. You gotta calm down.
Fuck off!
Look, I know what you're
going through.
- I've been there.
- Yeah, the hell you have.
Look, we got your brother
back alive. Alright?
So that's a start.
- Sorry about that.
- That's alright.
Let's focus on Justin now, okay?
What have they done to him?
That's not my boy.
They brain washed him.
And they've done
- a pretty good job on him.
- I don't even know who
that is up there.
That's not my son.
- It's some kind of animal.
- We've talked about this, okay?
He doesn't seem like himself,
but it is Justin up there.
Keep reminding yourself.
That is your son.
That's your brother.
Your boyfriend.
There's a lot I can do
to try and bring him back.
But I can't if you give up
on him.
He needs to know
that you still love him.
And you're going to accept him.
Once he let's go
all this bullshit
that monster put into his head.
It's not an easy task.
I'm gonna ask you to do some
of the hardest things
you've ever done
in your whole life.
And when I ask you to,
you're gonna do them.
No questions.
We need to reach inside
find Justin and bring him back.
And I can't do that without you.
Is that understood?
I gotta get back upstairs.
You guys just try and relax
for a while.
I'll let you know
when I need you.
- Well, I need a cigarette.
- When did you start smoking?
Right around the time you left.
Normal folks, they...
They don't understand do they?
Freedom. Power.
They're just stuck in there.
Your world, a nine to five job,
dealing with mortgages
and bills.
While you're just a kid.
Everybody's telling you don't
do this, don't do that, right?
Your new family.
They don't use that word don't,
do they?
It's not in their vocabulary.
They don't punish indulgence.
They applaud it.
Must be something.
You're gonna do
whatever you want.
Whenever you want.
Sin without consequence.
Took a hell of a time
getting your brother off you.
I don't think
he likes me very much.
Seems to be hiding
something to me. I don't know.
I have a brother like Campbell.
When we were growing up
I hated him, man.
I mean he was such a prick.
Always beating
the hell outta me.
I joined the marines
so one day I could take him on.
Give him a little payback,
you know?
Because I think
there are two kinds of brothers.
There are the ones
that back you up in a fight.
And then there are the ones
that throw you to the wolves
as they sit back,
laugh and point at you
while you're eating shit.
I bet I know
which kind Campbell is.
Do you have another one
of those?
Where's the baby?
Your mom's watching her for me.
Guess you're okay with her doing
that with a drink in her hand.
Why won't you lay off of her?
She just watched her son turn
into a complete lunatic.
He went and got himself
completely fucked up
in the head.
Yeah, mom and dad are insane
if they think g.I. Joe's
gonna pull him outta it.
'Cause that guy
- is a fucking asshole.
- We have to try.
- Okay, Zoey needs her father.
- Face it, Sam.
Justin is never going
to be dad material
even if this bullshit
actually works.
You have no idea how hard it is.
I had to drop out of school
to have Zoey.
We all want him back.
He used to love coming
to this place when we were kids.
As soon as we got here
every summer, he'd go off
into the woods on his own.
And we'd think he was lost.
Mom would panic.
But then we would find him
under a tree somewhere
playing weirdo games
with pine cones
and animals bones and shit.
Yeah that sounds like Justin.
There was an owl
that lived in this tree.
I would tell Justin that it was
the devil watching him
that if he didn't do everything
I told him it would kill him
in his sleep.
I thought it would scare
the shit out of him,
but he got a sleeping bag
and he spent the whole night
right here.
Just to prove me wrong.
You know they're
into that kind of stuff too.
Who is?
His family?
Deep dark forest.
Creatures of the night.
Come on. Let's head back.
We really let him down,
didn't we?
Speak for yourself.
There's only person responsible
for Justin.
Here you go.
Your leader
must be an amazing guy
to have you so devoted to him.
I mean, he says jump.
You say how high?
He told you
about the cataclysm, right?
The revolution he's got planned.
The war where he comes out
on top and kills everyone else
that's unworthy of being
in his club.
"The unworthy will know,
unimaginable suffering
and there will be a blood bath
that will cleanse the earth."
You read this I assume.
Of course, you have.
Your boss wrote it, right.
What makes you one
of the worthy?
Has it ever occurred
to you that you may be part
of that family
because they're using you?
I mean revolutions
ain't cheap, buddy.
They know you're a rich kid.
They know your dad's
well connected.
When do you think
they're gonna cash in on that?
Look, I know
they made you feel special.
Accepted you...
But you're a smart kid.
I can tell you're smart.
Why can't you see
you're just a tool to them?
They prey on the weak,
that's their gig!
Hey, I'm talking to you...
What did you do?
Bite your fucking tongue?
Here. We wouldn't want it
to get infected now, would we?
Open up your god damn mouth!
How about that?
There you go!
Now they'll know that at least
they gave you
a little first aid treatment
when you got injured.
Come here.
Let me clean you up.
There you go.
Yeah. There you go.
How could I ever
let this happen?
It's not your fault, Kath.
You always told me I babied
him too much.
I was too hard on him.
Justin's always
been the sensitive one.
I shouldn't have got so upset
with him when I found out that
he got her pregnant.
I should've just told him
to use rubbers years before.
Yeah as if it would've mattered.
I saw the pain attached
to his life.
He never recovered
from the divorce.
Yeah, I should've handled
that better too.
I'm the one that drove him
straight into their arms.
Andrew, I blame you for a lot
of things.
I don't blame you for this.
You're up, Samantha.
Leave the baby, just you.
- How's he doing?
- Look, there's a system to this.
We'll get through to him.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm just nervous.
There's nothing to be nervous
about, alright?
You're gonna go up there,
you're gonna talk to him
about the things we discussed.
Don't get too close to him.
There's some blood on his shirt,
but it's nothing.
- Okay, did he say anything or...
- No, so don't expect it.
- Okay.
- Just be strong.
Stick to what we talked about,
Hey, Justin.
I wanted to apologize
for the last time I saw you.
I told you Zoey would be
better off without you but...
I didn't mean that.
I was just upset and I'm sorry.
Your parents have been
really great to us.
Me and Zoey, I don't...
I don't know what
I would have done without them.
And I know
that they freaked out at first,
but they love her so much.
You know we're... we're living
with your mom now.
She has plenty of room
and a nice house.
We really want you
to live with us too.
Zoey has your eyes.
He's lashing out due
to feelings of guilt.
Even fear of what the cult
itself might be thinking
about him right now.
It's a normal reaction.
He's torn
between two father figures.
Come on. This is all
just a waste of time.
So helping your brother
is just a waste of time?
Oh, you're gonna
psychoanalyze me
now Mr. tough love?
Cam, that's enough out of you.
I'm already fighting
with your brother.
I'm not gonna fight
with you too.
I need your help.
- Someone's out there.
- What?
Where the swings at.
God dammit, Justin.
Why won't you talk to me?
Stop this, it's me. It's Sam.
You have to know
that I still love you.
Okay, all I care about
is our future.
- Together. You, me and Zoey.
- Where's the baby?
Zoey's downstairs sleeping.
Not for long.
Why would you say that?
That's your baby.
Your little girl.
- Don't you care?
- Of course, I care.
My brothers and sisters,
we need all the babies
we can get.
They are the future after all.
You're on private property.
It's time to move on.
Did you hear what I said?
why are you acting like this?
You're scaring me.
The hell are you doing?
What just happened?
Kathy, I need you
to call the police.
Tell them to get up here
as fast as they can.
You're not going out there.
- I'm going with you.
- Campbell, no.
- What was that?
- The cars.
Let's go.
You lock this door behind me.
What do you want?
Now, let's go. Go. Go!
- Mom, open the door.
- Shit.
- Where's Jimmy?
- There are people out there.
What people?
- Oh, my god.
- They've come for me.
My brothers and sisters,
they've come for me.
Did you get through
to the police?
The phone's dead.
Someone cut the line.
Andrew, who the hell
is out there?
Justin's cult.
He said they've come
to take him back.
Oh, god.
Right, Kathy.
You make sure
the kitchen windows are locked,
- Campbell, get my tool box.
- Okay.
there's some kerosene lanterns
- in the hallway.
- Okay.
We need to gather
everything that we can
- that can be used as a weapon.
- Well, how many of them
are there out there?
- I don't know.
- Are there three of them?
- Are there 30 of them?
- I don't know.
- Can we try talking to them?
- We tried that, mom.
Okay, these are crazy people.
You've heard about what they do.
- They already got Jimmy.
- What?
What do you mean?
What happened?
We don't know.
Oh, my god.
How far is the closest neighbor?
At least a mile away.
I need to change her diaper.
I'll go with you.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna go
- check on Justin.
- Yeah.
Hey, son.
You okay?
Just wanted
to bring you some light.
Remember when I brought
that lava lamp in here
for you and your brother?
I thought that maybe
you might be scared of the dark.
Turned out that your brother
was scared of the lava lamp.
- Anything?
- No, nothing.
I think if these assholes
were serious they would've done
something by now.
Well, they did
something to Jimmy, right.
Do you think...
It's Jimmy's tattoo.
What? No.
It's okay. It's okay.
Stay here.
- It's Jimmy.
- No, dad. Wait, wait.
It's Jimmy.
The door.
Let's get him to the bedroom.
Give me a towel.
Go check on the girls,
make sure they're safe.
And make sure the doors
are locked.
- Ahh, fuck!
- Jimmy, what happened?
- I underestimated them.
- Okay, I'll get you
- to a hospital, Jimmy.
- There's no time.
There's too many of them.
They're fucking everywhere.
- How many came in?
- Just one.
They're toying with you.
They want him to redeem himself.
Justin on his own.
They're not gonna stop.
- Fuck.
- Jimmy, Jimmy.
Oh, fuck!
How did Justin get involved
with these people?
He's never been violent.
He's a young man.
Young men need
to find their tribe.
He needs something
to believe in.
Well, then we failed him
as parents.
- What are they doing out there?
- Nothing.
- Can you still see them?
- No.
Maybe they've gone.
What are we gonna do?
I haven't figured that out yet.
What about the cars?
I don't think that's gonna work.
How'd these assholes
even find us here?
While we grabbed Justin,
there was another kid with him.
He must've known
about the cabin.
What if one of us...
By one of us, I mean me,
makes a run out of the backdoor
to try and get help.
- Campbell, no.
- But, I'm fast.
And I'll body check any lunatic
who tries to slow me down.
No, I can't risk you
getting caught.
What if we cause
some sort of distraction?
- A diversion.
- Yeah.
We could get all
of their attention
to the front of the cabin
- and send cam out the back.
- Yes.
- No!
- Well, do you have
any other ideas at all?
I know your usual solution
to problems is just throw money
at them, but the guy you paid
- this time is dead.
- We're not gonna risk
them catching you.
No, Campbell.
Why don't they
just get it over with, huh?
Why haven't they just smashed
the windows and killed us?
It's a show of force for them.
They want us to submit.
Well, then what about this?
Why don't we
just give him to them?
- What?
- They already killed one person.
They just tried
to kill you and me.
If all they want is Justin,
why don't we just hand
- the little shit over to them?
- That's your brother
- you're talking about...
- It's what they want!
- It's what he wants.
- How can you
- even think like that?
- Oh, come on.
- We're all thinking it.
- We are not giving
- your brother over.
- We can not give him back
- to them, cam. No.
- We need to stick together
as a family.
A family?
What family?
- You and mom split up.
- Campbell...
It's my fault your mother left.
I was cheating on her.
All those late nights.
Business meetings.
Okay, guys. This really is
not the time for this.
I felt sorry for you.
Defended you.
Dammit, I was on your side!
I was on your side!
I get it, dad.
It's that guilty conscience
of yours
that you're so disappointed
didn't get passed
on to your sons.
You really thought hiring Jimmy,
getting Justin back,
bringing all of us here
to the cabin. You actually
thought that it would
put things back together,
didn't you?
Saving Justin redeems you.
Well, I hate to break it to you,
but our best bet right now
is to go upstairs, untie him
and let him march out
that fucking front door
to rejoin the psycho brigade.
And who's to say
they wouldn't burn
the cabin down with us in it
after we give him back?
Campbell, no wait.
They're everywhere.
- He's back.
- What?
He wants us to turn Justin over.
So this is it!
We hand him over. Come on,
- this is our chance.
- Campbell, no.
- Get out of my way.
- No.
These people
are fucking wackos, Sam.
What do you think happens
when they get
their hands on Zoey?
Is it really worth
what they'll do to her if we
don't hand him over now?
- Move!
- No.
Samantha, I swear to god
if you don't get out of my way
- I will knock you on your ass.
- God dammit, what is this?
What are you doing, baby?
What are you talking?
- Oh, my god. What is that?
- Everything's locked, right?
Okay, we gotta go upstairs
and get your brother.
- Okay.
- I have to get Zoey.
That's him.
The kid who was with Justin.
You killed my brother.
Your brother? I'm your brother,
you little shit!
You're a monster.
Let's get him downstairs.
I want to do something that
we haven't done for a long time.
Just have a conversation.
- You're dead.
- Shut up.
He's gonna save me
and deliver me to my brothers
and sisters.
You and that tough guy, Jimmy.
Where is he by the way?
He's dead. They killed him.
I knew it.
How did they kill him?
Was it something spectacular?
I bet it was.
- Justin...
- My name is Thanatos!
Is there something we can
tell those people outside
to make them stop?
Let me go!
- No.
- I won't do that.
Well then we'll just sit here
and prolong the inevitable.
They'll come in here soon
and when they do...
Oh, they'll rape these two.
Make you watch before
they cut your fucking heads off.
- Campbell, no.
- No, that's enough.
Maybe you forgot all the times
I kicked your ass
over the years little man, huh?
It all just came back to me.
I'm gonna savor
watching you suffer.
They'll skin you alive.
- Yeah, I'd like to see that...
- Back off!
- I'll like to see them try!
- That's enough!
Back off!
- You hear the shit he's saying?
- Yeah, he doesn't know
- what's he's talking about.
- Jesus Christ, dad!
He's fucking faking it!
He's playing us.
Justin, can't you see
what we're trying to do for you?
We are all here for you
and we all love you.
Do you understand that?
We just want our Justin back.
That's all.
Stop this. Look at me.
Look at me.
Whatever you've done.
We love you.
We just want you to come back.
You're my baby.
You are my baby. Remember all
the wonderful times we had here.
All the promises we made
to each other.
You remember?
God damn you.
Fuck, god.
You gotta get it together!
You gotta get it together!
I can count on you, right?
You really think
you can make it to that cabin?
Yeah, yeah. I mean it's only
a mile and a half?
I know this forest, I can do it.
What are you going to do
to distract him?
I'm gonna give them
what they want.
Here he is!
Here's your Thanatos!
Come out.
Come out!
I know you're out there.
- Come out and get him.
- Oh, god!
You want him, you got him.
You win.
Do you think that's all of them?
I hope so.
- I think they're all up front.
- The second I'm out the door,
you close it and lock it.
You got it?
- Yeah.
- Don't stop and look,
just close it tight.
If you want him back.
I need to save the rest
of my family.
You hear me?
I'll get to the Russell's cabin
and call for help.
Cops will be here
in no time, okay.
- Please just be careful.
- Don't be scared, Sam.
We're all gonna make it
out of this, I promise.
You need to get
the hell outta here.
All of you go.
I'll give him back
- if all of you go.
- Oh, baby.
Do we have a deal?
Do we have a deal?
One, two, three.
Oh my god!
Get off of me!
Let me go!
Get off me!
Oh shit.
Let me go!
Get off!
Get outta here.
Get out! Goddammit!
- It's okay.
- Kathy!
Kathy, open up!
Stay back!
Get down! Get out!
It's okay, Zoey. It's okay.
What the fuck?
They're moving away.
- What?
- Campbell?
Oh, Jesus Christ!
- I gotta go help him.
- No.
Andrew, that's my son out there.
- Dad!
- That's my son out there!
That's our son!
Stop, please.
Dad, they only want Justin!
Please just give him to them!
They'll let us live
if we just give him to them.
Please, dad!
- No.
- We need to give them, Justin.
They told him to say that.
If we give him to them
then we're all dead.
- Samantha, get out of my way.
- No, stay away from him.
No, Mr. Powell. You're gonna
have to find another way.
If we give Justin back to them
then we're all dead!
Your wife
and your granddaughter.
Please help me!
No! Oh, god, no!
What is that?
Give it to me.
- No.
- Give it to me.
Oh, god!
Justin, you have
to do something. Help him.
That is your brother!
No. Please don't! Stop!
No! Oh god!
Stop! Please stop!
Please! Please!
Stop it! No!
Stop it!
Please! Please!
Baby... no.
No! No!
Mrs. Powell, no.
No! No! No!
Mrs. Powell,
you can't go out there!
Look at me.
I'm here.
I'm here
don't be afraid.
I'll always be with you.
Where's Kathy?
I tried to stop her.
I tried.
- No!
- Mr. Powell, please don't go.
I have to.
You lock that door behind me.
Campbell, I'm coming!
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
Please take this collar off me.
I have to go out there
and stop this.
How can I trust you?
It's me.
Sam, it's Justin.
Let me go before
they kill my parents.
What happens to me and Zoey
if I cut you loose?
Once I'm outside. I want you
to take Zoey,
go out the backdoor
and you run like hell.
There's another cabin about
a mile and a half north of here.
You don't stop
till you get there, okay?
I thought you were just going
to go talk to them.
Please just do it
before it's too late.
Justin, no.
Thank you.
I'm the father.
I'm the father.
It's okay, Zoey. We're gonna
make it I promise.
Please. Here.